Post Publication Segments on EndGame Events & Reality 


Aliens/Wild Cards, Hard Decisions/Questions in EndGame

The Orion Empire intends to return to Earth with a massive display of power. What do you think that you will do? One or more alien groups come to Earth to say they want to save Earthers from either the Orion Empire or a natural disaster of massive proportions. What do you think that you will do? These are just a few of the Wild Cards possible to play during EndGame. Refer to Matrix V Gold Edition for more on that.

Those who have read Matrix V Gold Edition have the information needed to understand where the aliens are coming from. They know why Earth has been 'quaranteened' which is in itself laughable since the aliens have been coming and going from here since before the Ancient Earthers were split into genders. They know the significant differences between alien incarnating Higher Selves and Earther incarnating Higher Selves.


They know some of the major Game intents of BOTH Light and Dark polarity aliens and how they BOTH seek to deceive Earthers. Matrix V Gold Edition readers know these answers plus much more related to both the aliens and why we are here on Earth. Matrix V Gold Edition gives you the answers to the most asked questions that Earthers have had for ages.

You readers now have the vital information that you need to assist you in making the hard decisions that will be required during EndGame. For example, IF an alien group should arrive with their ark to 'save us'. Will you go with them or remain here? IF the Orion Empire succeeds in their intention to overtly rule Earth, how will this change your outlook on the galaxy, the Earth and your Higher Self's path for this current incarnation? IF you know that a meteor or other global cataclysm will hit the Earth in 3 days, what will you do?

Of course your current level of spiritual Advancement and the number of experiential loops that still ensnare you come into consideration. You cannot alter 1 event in your Higher Self's path set by you before you entered this incarnation. Not 1 event in your Higher Self's path can be changed by ANY external sources, including even another Higher Self.

If you have read Matrix V Gold Edition only once, you have not yet gotten everything out of it that will be invaluable to you. M5 opens your understanding in layers according to your level of Advancement. However reading just once is the minimum needed to speed up your spiral out of the Game and the return to your Higher Self.


Read it again to reap more of the gold from the Gold Edition.