The Start of EndGame, Equality and Polaric Racism


If you are body ID oriented, you should definitely not read this segment.

It is too Advanced for you to handle!

The first public thread of EndGame and sequential alien tampering with Earth came in the American Declaration of Independence with the phrase: all men are created equal. This just is not so unless you are on a sequential, alien planet where they are all created equal.


Those who wrote that declaration were not your average people, but several had very strong ties to the planetary power structure, including Benjamin Franklin, who was one of the ringleaders. It was the creation of the idea of the United States' illusion of equality that heralded the beginning of EndGame, even though the 'equality' written in this document did not exist. That it was publicly acknowledged started the ball rolling. The setup was with the US declaring this while still a slave owning, Native American persecuting political unit. This equality was, and still is, an illusion - to move the Earth to a sequential path.

First of all, refer back to Matrix V Gold Edition and segments dealing with who created Earthers of today. These are your physical body creators. As written in M5, these genetic scientists created specific races for specific reasons. One of the reasons was not equality. The black African race, for example, was created as a manual, heavy work labor force (primarily for mining). Other races were created for other purposes which were further modified by still other alien genetic scientists in ancient history. 'Equality' was never the intent of the creators.

On a simultaneous path planet, as Earth is for this galaxy at this time, the ways of equality are suspended to allow for maximum experiences and freedom of path expression. On sequential path planets in the rest of the galaxy, equality is standard in most respects since the planet progresses as a whole rather than as individuals. Even in the Orion Empire, those on Mintaka will say the reptilians are equal in stature when compared to any other race or planet. Yes, the females rule, but the males are still Orion reptilians and second only to their females.

Other sequential planets have the males and the females as roughly par in abilities and positions, but then they progress as a unit/planet and individuality is discouraged unless it can be applied to the planet as a whole.

Earth, however, requires individual Advancement. Progressing as a planet is not permitted since it is not simultaneous. The 'no one left behind' attitude moving through American liberal circles is also sequential in idea. IF one wants to progress as one of a group, stay on the excruciatingly slow sequential path. The aliens set it up here with different races. The simultaneous path took advantage of that and, hence, Earth became the simultaneous path planet after the last simultaneous path planet's spirits spiraled out of the Game.

The sequential aliens found there was not anything serious that they could do after Earth was marked as simultaneous path planet until EndGame was opened. EndGame signaled the beginning of the spiraling out process after thousands of years of simultaneous, very varied experiences. When 'all men are created equal' became public, it was the signal that the simultaneous Higher Selves were waiting for - the start of the breakdown of individuality and the need to look to spiraling out of the Game as this session was coming to an end.


The introduction of alien technologies and 'equality of genders' were major parts of the dismantling of the simultaneous path on Earth. Again, refer back to Matrix V Gold Edition for more details.

On Earth, not only are the physical bodies not created equal, the spirits that inhabit these bodies are not equal EXCEPT in the case of minion incarnations. The fact of minion incarnations on Earth existing are also part of EndGame and alien technological interference. Since we, as simultaneous incarnating Higher Selves, do incarnate at different time periods in non-linear progression, our spirits are not equal in the time periods chosen.


A Very Advanced living in ancient Greece is not equal to a Low incarnation of another Higher Self living at the same time. This is NEVER an issue among the Higher Selves. This, however, IS an issue among sequential incarnates who envy the simultaneous pathers, but do not have the courage, at this time, to join that path.

The joy of simultaneous incarnations is to be a female with unique female traits and duties that are vastly different than experience the joys of one race and then another different one without the experiences being the same. During EndGame, these joys are rapidly being eliminated by the artificial status of "equality". Notice how much has been taken away under the sequential path guise of 'equality' and how rapidly the planetary rulers are attempting to force a one planet attitude by combining Europe as one to copy the American experiment. There is MUCH more to this than I've covered in this and other M5 segments.

One other point I want to make here is about the polarity sides of racism. If you don't like anyone or have prejudices against a race ONLY because that person belongs to the target race, you are a racist and have racist experiences. Dark polarity racism is prejudice/dislike/hatred to those of a race other than yours.


Light polarity racism is prejudice/ dislike/hatred of the race you currently are incarnated in. Dark polarity racism examples: white hates black, black hates white, yellow hates red, red hates brown and so on. Light polarity racism examples: white hates white, black hates black and so on. This polarity is sadistic/masochistic. Adept Matrix 5 readers can connect the dots. Light polarity racism is most common today with whites prejudiced against their own race and cater to others at their own expense.


The Very Advanced and higher know that they are in all races as different times. The Very Advanced do not look down on their race or others and do take people as individuals regardless of race. It is spirit connection to spirit that is most important.

It is important to realize how the polarities are manipulating Earth into a sequential path to eliminate Earth as the simultaneous path planet of this galaxy.


Think about these matters and see what conclusions you can draw.