The creation of the mentality that produces chemical and biological weapons owes its source to alien influence. The appearance of global disease is also there. Between 540AD and 592AD the bubonic plague ravaged the East Roman Empire. Records show frequent aerial phenomena in conjunctions with outbreaks. Very often, plagues would be preceded by mysterious foul smelling mists, humanoids dressed in black, and 'COMETS' in the sky.


A small list of plagues that were preceded by the above events:

Year Description

  • 1298-1314 Large 'comets' seen over Europe

  • 1333 Plague commenced after a vile mist appeared

  • 1347 Plague epidemic in Europe. 40 million dead in 4 years [Note: this scenario happened every 10-20 years until the 1700's, resulting in the death of over 100 million people.]

  • 1500-1543 26 'comets' recorded

  • 1556-1597 15 'comets' recorded

  • 1568 'comet' preceded plague in Vienna

  • 1582 'comet' preceded plague

  • 1618 9 'comets' recorded

  • 1606 'comet' preceded general worldwide plague

Through recorded history, there are also references to humanoids dressed in black. Their presence would signal an almost immediate outbreak of the plague. In 1559 men dressed in black were seen spraying an oat field just before an outbreak of the plague in Brandenburg, Germany.

(Interjection: One source, Steven Gibbs, claims that some of the 'Men In Black' are human agents under the control of the Greys who have the ability to travel through time-space. Also, sources who were involved with the 'Montauk' projects suggest that it is possible to travel forward and backward in time. Reverse time travel being possible yet one must be very careful not to try to alter a historical event, for THEIR OWN sake, not histories' sake. It would seem that all 'events' within the 'eternal NOW' are the products of all past-present-future influences which are brought to bear on each particular event. When all past-present-future influences have decided the outcome of that event then that event it SET in the Timeline. Unless recorded history has been tampered with to cover up manipulations by time travelers, any attempt to alter an event that is set in time would proceed as follows, for example: An agent of a European secret society is sent back in time to kill George Washington as a child. He completes his mission and returns to the future. Absolutely nothing has changed. He goes back and takes Washington's life as a teenager and 'succeeds', and returns to the future only to find that nothing has changed. So he goes back and takes Washington's life a little later on -- say during his trials at Valley Forge.


To the time-traveler it might seem as if he succeeded. At that point in 'time' General Washington might experience a nightmare of someone trying to kill him and wake up on a cold sweat. So from the time-traveler's perspective the General is dead, but this time he stays around to see what happens. Well at first things seem to go along normally, but the assassin will if he is attentive notice that 'reality' is no longer what it should be. Events and objects slowly start to become somewhat more 'fluid' and dreamlike, until his state of reality is seemingly somewhere between reality and a dreamscape. The time traveler in his attempts to alter an established event has simply been phase-shifted by the timeline into a parallel dimension, possibly a 4th dimension, as nature's simple method of dealing with a potential 'paradox'. He has become trapped-in-time within a localized quantum quasi-reality field. In this strange new dimension he encounters other time-travelers and other quantum-reality fields. As these various fields compete with each other, events and objects become more 'fluid' or more 'solid' depending on the combined psychic energy maintaining these particular 'fields' and the degree by which these quasi or virtual reality-fields are 'competing' with each other.


The dominant thought form fields become more 'solid' whereas the weaker ones become less so. He has entered into an insane chaotic realm where multi-density thought-forms battle each other for dominance. Having been phase-shifted from the TIMELINE, he has become trapped in a THOUGHT-LINE composed of quasi-solid psionic energy forms which are out-of-phase with the solid and tangible 3rd dimensional Timeline. In so doing he or the others 'trapped' within this alternate reality may encounter quasi-physical entities or denizens that are native to this etherial realm. Now the question is, could the 'Men In Black' who were spraying the fields as described above be time travelers trying to alter the past, or in this case 'establishing' a past event that already exists? The question would have to be asked: Just where is the line between MAKING the past and BREAKING the past, or that point where one has interfered with the timeline to the point that they are 'kicked-out' of the 3rd dimension and into a parallel 4th[?] dimensional existence? Is it possible for aliens or whoever -- who have been phase shifted from the Timeline -- to re-materialize themselves in the 3rd dimension? If they were able to 'establish' events in the past the Greys for instance might see a person in power and travel into his past, not to CHANGE his past but to MAKE his past.


They would have to be very careful not to try and 'create' a past event that does not already exist. Just how they would know one from the other would be a major problem. They might manipulate that person on an unconscious level and prepare him or her for whatever purpose they had planned. Or in other words, 'plant a seed' in the past that would manifest in the future, yet without interfering the timeline. Montauk investigators have stated that it was discovered that in order to alter history one would have to alter the 'parallel' realities that were discovered as well. Could some of these parallel realities be other density realms where objects and events become fluid thought forms rather than concrete matter forms? If this is the case then trying to alter THOSE realities might be about as difficult as trying to build a sand-castle with wet mud. It just can't be done. However, could manipulation of someone's past -- even if the Greys had to phase in and out of the 3rd dimension repeatedly in order to 'claim' what little "quantum territory" they could find in the past that had not been 'claimed', 'set' or 'solidified' -- explain why many members of MJ-12 and other influential people have experienced alien abductions and indoctrination from childhood?


If the Greys or some other time-traveling force attempted to take control of or posses 'time' space along the timeline that is not 'occupied' or 'claimed' -- because THAT 'time space' is already generally being occupied in an other-planetary, subterranean or phase-shifted setting. -- then in so doing they would not necessarily stand in the way of the mighty flow of the event-chain and as a result might not be pushed off into another dimension by trying to get in its way. Or if they were they might find ways of re-phasing back into the 3rd dimension. Instead, they might accept those events as being set and instead of changing them attempt to work with them, around them and through them to their advantage or for whatever purpose. They might try to change their 'future' by altering the past. For instance they could 'bury' something in the past and return to THEIR PRESENT and un-bury it. In this case they would not risk creating a paradox and thus phase-shift themselves into some other dimension, however they might use what they buried in the past to influence their present and future. So, regardless of the various ways by which the past might be 'manipulated' [as opposed to 'altered'], we in essence would not have a "TIMECOP" scenario of an infinite number of solid timelines, which would put an infinite strain on 'space' itself; but a "12-MONKEYS" type of scenario involving time-travelers MAKING the past rather than CHANGING the past through some type of multi-linear reality or the so-called 'eternal-now' quantum cause-and-effect type of scenario. - Branton)

During the plague years, there was tremendous ethical decay among humans. There were attempts by various religious factions to eliminate others. There was an attempt by the [Roman] Catholics to eliminate the Jews. There was more genocide during this period than during the second world war. Genocide's during this period were often incited by GERMAN trade guilds, who were 'Brotherhood' [fraternal] organizations.


The effect of the plagues were:

Plague + Inquisition + Genocide = Religious Apocalyptic Prophecy Fulfilled.

The Bavarian Illuminati and the Rosicrucian's were behind MANY of the new [cultic] movements which appeared at this time...




There is absolutely no doubt that replication of humans is an ongoing process that has a part to play in the manipulation of events on this planet. Hundreds of individuals over the last twenty years have attested to what they have seen, both on alien craft and in underground installations... the synchronicity and sheer weight of corroboration from vastly unconnected sources is damning evidence that this is occurring.

A lot of evidence started to surface in the 1970's. A lot of it seemed to tie-in the idea that political figures have been undergoing a process of duplication. During this process, the individual's responses, memories, and habit patterns are copied from the human to be duplicated. The original can then be preserved or processed into basic biological components. The clone will then function as the original, except that the entity is under alien control. There is also an apparent minority of cases where the synthetic duplicate's consciousness is directly replaced by an alien consciousness -- the walk-in...


(Some abductees claim that in some cases the reptiloids will 'clone' a human body through time-space acceleration and transfer the conscious memory-matrix from the original body and into the replicated body for the sole purpose of 'consuming' the original body along with the emotional-chemical residue or vital energy contained therein -- emotional energies which have accumulated through a life-time of emotional expression. This 'emotional juices' within the physical body is considered a delicacy by these 'energy vampires' in a similar manner as was depicted in regards to the draconian gargoyle-like 'aliens' in the movie 'LIFEFORCE', although this movie admittedly took this concept to the extreme, however the concept of stolen vital-energies giving aliens power to shape-shift their molecular structure like one of the legendary 'wer' creatures did NOT originate from that movie. Also there is evidence of the post-mortem continuation of the "emotional bodies" of some people who have died under extreme emotional circumstances, where these emotional bodies linger around in the physical area where the traumatic death occurred as emotional 'shadows' imprinted on the atmosphere as 'ghosts' or 'specters'. These forms of emotional residue seem to also attract various types of malevolent alien and/or astral forms... explaining the often numerous connections which have been found between 'aliens' and 'poltergeist' or 'haunting' episodes. The aliens involved in such scenarios may be physical, nonphysical or as with the case of many of the 'Greys' -- malevolent nonphysical entities incarnating or inhabiting physical 'alien' bodies, whether these bodies are equivalent to biogenetically altered reptilians, or synthetic humanoids. - Branton)

In a walk-in situation, the alien consciousness could be 'used to' a biological matrix that provided three fingers on each hand, for instance. Having an organic body with five fingers could mean that there would be two fingers on each hand that would not be used normally, if at all. This idea was once expressed in the 'INVADERS' series on television, which was pulled off the air prematurely


(I would suggest that aside from INVADERS... THE OUTER LIMITS and DARK SKIES are two other series' which are remarkably close to the truth, as some of 'us' perceive it. - Branton).


Roy Thiness, the main character in the show, has had some experiences of his own relative to the theme of the program.

There are other factors that should be looked for. One of them is the EYES. There are three aspects of the eyes that have been mentioned:

  • [In some cases] one eye is different [darker] than the other

  • the eyes are bulging [like cow eyes]

  • the eyes depict a blank expression

This is not to say that people who have this appearance are synthetics, but these are said to be [possible] indicators. Another factor that is said to apply to synthetics is that they do not have a long life span. It is said that they do not function well beyond a couple years; some political figures have been said to have been replaced several times...




ON SYNTHETICS AND CLONES [Apparently the researcher that Valerian interviewed has remained anonymous]

Q. - In your opinion, do you think any of the material about the use of clones, synthetics and androids is valid?

A. - Yes, there is plenty of evidence that these and other processes are carried out universally in order to permit the housing [or trapping] of consciousness. As far as western culture is concerned, there have been examples that have been shown to the public. For example, on the TV series "The Invaders", the title role was played by Roy Thinnes. Shortly after Roy had finished reading for the series, two weeks before he was to start filming, he had a UFO encounter himself. It made the whole thing he was doing for the series a lot more real for him. As a result, he began to examine the different ideas presented in the series a little more closely, such as ways that the government eventually forced the series off the air.

These beings that are coming from other frequencies that don't use a physical body but need a physical presence have other beings that have a physical presence generate biological structures that function as containers for them. Biological humanoids.

Through these, their energy fields are manifested. The internal organs would not matter, since they are just energy transitional containers. A lot of what is going on is like super science fiction. The only way a lot of humans can deal with it is through science fiction, because if they have to continually confront that it is real, or what they may have to think or do about it, knowing that it is a fact, it would evoke too much stress.


(I would add that it would probably be closer to a combination of science fiction AND sword and sorcery, or a fusion of the physical with the metaphysical -- since the reptil-insectoid Greys especially seem to manifest not only technological powers but supernatural powers as well, or what some refer to as "occult-technology". In this case it is occult technology utilized by "alien sorcerers" capable of attacking human beings on all three levels of their nature -- or the spiritual, psychological and physical levels - Branton)

It is easier for most humans to negate reality to a science fiction format so they can manipulate the concepts while at the same time equating the fantasy as a sort of 'protection' against the true nature of reality, which is suppressed by cultural forces in order to maintain organization and pacification in an artificially maintained cultural process of "Be Silent, Consume and Die" in the midst of massive intentional suppression of awareness.

There is consciousness which has manipulated human beings for a long time according to what is, to humans, an alien agenda. The 'game' is deeper and more complex than most humans can imagine; a lot deeper than a few humans having a little disk hardware at S-4...

A lot of the technology discovered since the 1940's has been actively suppressed. There are all sorts of things that can be done to adjust a living being to look like something or someone else. Many hints of the technology have been seen in the media in old [and new] television programs like "Outer Limits" and in films.

There is a lot of truth in many of the old programs. Gene Roddenberry, Trek series ran out. One of them was "GENESIS II", which portrayed United States Government underground genetics laboratories that were connected by tube shuttles. The pilot was never permitted to develop into a series, for obvious reasons.

There are other films that deal with biogenetic clones and still others that portray remotely piloted spherical surveillance objects that are controlled from underground laboratories. All these portray aspects of what has been actually happening.

The early programs in the "Time Tunnel" series portrayed the government having an underground lab that housed the time tunnel equipment. Access was by way of a piece of desert road that dropped down and allowed vehicles to drive underground in tunnels.


Fantasy is coming from reality, not the other way around...





1934 -- The first 'deal' or interaction with the Grey entities occurred on July 11, 1934 on board a naval ship in Balboa. It was here that the agreement was initially made [between aliens and representatives of the 'Bavarian' Illuminati operating within U.S. Intelligence 'fraternities'] that let the greys proceed unhindered with the abductions and cattle mutilations.

1950 -- In December of 1950, a unit called IPU, "Interplanetary Phenomena Unit", was established. It was an operational unit to deal with the ever-increasing scenarios of crashed disks and aliens. That same month a disk crashed in the El Indio-Guerrero area of Mexico and was taken to the AEC facility at Sandia in New Mexico. Also in 1950, the revised edition of "The Effects of Atomic Weapons" prepared by the AEC advises "complete underground placement of bases is desirable" and "there are apparently no fundamental difficulties in construction and operating underground in various types of important facilities".

1958 -- In 1958, International Geophysical Year, expeditions were made to the poles in order to again assess the problem of the Germans, as well as the threat from aliens of different character that were detected as coming from inside the Earth. Work continued on Alternatives 2 and 3. Use of the 'Orion' method of hypnosis, used on government workers in high security areas, begins.

1959 -- In 1959, the RAND Corporation held several conferences on Deep Underground Construction. These conferences were attended by the various military services as well as large corporate construction firms like Bechtal. Underground construction projects began within a year. Existing underground facilities were beefed-up and new ones were started. Funding for government underground facilities comes from "Presidential Shelter" funds, as well as covert drug operations conducted by the CIA under the orders of MJ-12. This procedure appears to be still in effect as of July 1989. Over 75 underground facilities have been constructed under various programs.

1963 -- In 1963, John F. Kennedy evidently issued an ultimatum to MJ-12, and they decided that Kennedy should be subject to an expediency -- killed. This was the era when the United States first started having its own operational disks. 1963 is the date of one of the earliest visits to an underground joint base by an abductee that came back and lived to tell about it. It is the first hint of the underground breeding facilities that are described in the Dulce Papers, events surrounding Paul Bennewitz and Thunder Scientific Corporation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and other insidious experiences that have been reported by scores of people from 1963 to 1989.

1964 -- In April 1964, Cape Kennedy radar technicians track disks in pursuit of the Gemini capsule. On April 15, two intelligence personnel meet under Project Plato with aliens in the New Mexico desert to arrange a meeting on April 25 at Hollaman AFB, New Mexico in order to 'renew' the treaty in a psychological bid to buy time in order to solve the problem of the Greys.

1972 -- Scientist Rene Hardy, also a prominent Ufologist, is found dead; an 'apparent' suicide... In December, astronaut Edgar Mitchell admits that NASA has provisions for encounters with alien lifeforms.

1978 -- In September 1978, scientist Paul Bennewitz discovers the activities of alien craft at Manzano Weapons Storage area outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bennewitz submits a report called "Project Beta" to the government and is put under observation. He was allegedly subjected to three bouts with electroshock treatment starting in 1979, then was left to be observed by both the government and the aliens with whom he had been communicating through his computer equipment.

1979 -- In 1979, a conference on animal mutilations was organized by Senator Harrison "Last Man on the Moon" Schmitt and attended by Scientist Henry Montieth, who had just completed ten years of research on the subject. According to Schmitt's figures, economic losses from the mutilations totaled over 2.5 million ANNUALLY. "Men In Black" are also in attendance. In October 1979, an altercation takes place between government scientists and military personnel and the resident aliens in the Dulce base. Sixty-six special forces personnel were killed.

1980 -- In May, 1980, disks intrude again into the Manzano Weapons Storage Area in New Mexico. On August 8th, a disk was discovered by a Sandia guard next to a building containing HQ CR44 [nuclear materials]. On August 9th, a security officer checks down Coyote Canyon Road and discovers a disk. By November 1980, researcher Paul Bennewitz was still being monitored by the NSA.

1983 -- FEMA implements standby legislation in a bill innocuously titled the "Defense Resources Act". The bill would SUSPEND the Bill of Rights, ABOLISH free enterprise, ELIMINATE privately owned property, and generally CLAMP the American people in a totalitarian vise.

  • Section 202 of the bill, for example, allows the President to instantly confiscate any real estate or personal property "that shall be deemed necessary for national defense purposes"

  • Section 501 authorizes the takeover of any industry the White House authorizes

  • Section 1213 outlaws all strikes

The standby legislation also includes "Censorship of Communications," which allows the president, whenever he "shall deem that the public safety demands it," to censor "communications by mail, cable, radio, television, or other means of transmission." The 'COG' [Continuity of Government] also exists. It is a secretive shadow government that is in place and ready to run the country. See below report.

(From underground bases like the Mt. Weather facility near Bluemont, Virginia. In reference to the 'Executive Orders' authorizing FEMA to violate Constitutional law in time of 'Emergency', we must ask: are these Executive Orders legal? True, many of these E.O.'s were written by presidents who were duly elected by U.S. citizens who trusted the media slant concerning these presidents who came after John F. Kennedy, in spite of the fact that most of these were members of one-world economic organizations like the Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and BILDEBERGERS. However WHAT IF the death of John F. Kennedy was part of a coup d'etat of the Executive branch of U.S. government as many, including the late Louisiana district attorney James Garrison, claimed?


If this were the case then the entire Executive branch might be filled with ILLEGAL appointees, who may have been instrumental in authorizing illegal intelligence agencies, may have illegally given power that was not meant to be theirs over to the military-industrialists, and these elected "Chief Executives" -- many of whom happened to be the hirelings of corporacratic elitists who financed their political and media campaigns -- have violated the very foundations of the United States by establishing Executive Orders which violate the U.S. CONSTITUTION, THE BILL OF RIGHTS, and THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. I'm sure that there are still many Americans who see these three documents as being the essence of AMERICA, and they fully believe in the words penned within the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE to the effect that military force is justified, if necessary, to defend from all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC the form of government that is patterned after the sacred contents of these documents. - Branton).

1985 -- ON August 5th, Scientists Paul Bennewitz observes the crash site of a US Black Delta ship in New Mexico.

1987 -- In 1987, the "Dulce Papers" are first released. Data on five entrances to the Dulce lab is leaked, and the [secret-fraternal-corporate] government takes care of the leaks by destroying buildings and building new ones in odd locations for apparently no perceivable reason. On the 27th of November, groups of US Army rangers attempt and apparently bungle an attempt to enter a joint alien facility in New Mexico [apparently a continuation of the Dulce Wars which began in 1979]. In December, the CIA begins to contact everyone who was ever in its employ that ever had anything to do with the alien problem. A woman draws a picture of a black-mirrored spherical craft she says belongs to the National Security Agency. On the 14th of December, John Lear offers to host the MUFON Convention that would be held in Las Vegas in July of 1989.

1988 -- Word comes from New Mexico to researchers that Los Alamos has developed an antimatter weapon, which allegedly will be used as a last resort "if the Greys cannot be pried away from the planet". The number of Greys on [inside] Earth is estimated at 20 million. In December, Steven White [President of Bechtel Investments] dies. Bechtel has been heavily involved in underground construction and is the world's largest construction firm. Information comes forth that the intelligence agencies are distributing drugs to finance alien-related projects, which demand phenomenal amounts of money.


1989 -- Data on Project Excalibur is released. The project is involved in developing a warhead that will penetrate 1000 meters of earth and then detonate. Useful for destroying underground bases.

On May 14, 1989, Las Vegas channel 8 TV televises an interview with a government scientist [Robert Lazar] working at Groom Lake and Dreamland. The scientist openly tells of nine disks on the Nellis range; three of them are operational; the craft use antimatter engines; the Soviets were involved only up to a point. He won't talk about the aliens. Subsequently, the government scientist discovered that he has been the victim of a method of hypnosis known as "Orion Hypnosis". His life is threatened and his car is shot up in Las Vegas.

On June 30, July 1st and 2nd, the MUFON Conference occurs in Las Vegas, Nevada. William Cooper, John Lear, William English, and Don Ecker speak to an enthusiastic crowd. The day before, on July 1st, William Moore and a disgruntled audience have a shouting match with each other. The audience is astounded when instead of the issues at hand, Moore uses his time to attack other researchers, specifically Paul Bennewitz. William Moore publicly admits he works for a government intelligence agency.

On August 7th, US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT publishes material on "Americas Doomsday Project", detailing over 50 underground facilities that are for use during time of crisis.

In September 1989, SEVERAL west coast radio talk shows begin avid discussion of UFO's, aliens and interaction with the US Government. The public discussion is now out of control!!!

On September 23, 1989, a two-hour documentary is screened on Japanese television. Viewers are treated to the full spectrum of recent investigations, including underground labs, MJ-12, genetic facilities, the Kennedy murder, the voices of the astronauts on the shuttle talking about observing alien spacecraft, and EG&G scientist Robert Lazar talking about the disks at Groom Lake, and a visit to Dulce, where residents tell of visits from the CIA. A CIA or MIB type is photographed following the Japanese team. His Colorado license plate is readable.

On October 16th, word comes from researchers that the United States and the Soviet Union had a disagreement on the base on the far side of the Moon in which several US scientists were machine-gunned. This disagreement reflects the split between the US and Soviets detailed in the May '89 disclosure by a government scientist working at the
S-4/DREAMland facility in Nevada [during which time the Soviets were kicked off the super-technology projects in Nevada and sent packing]. It is thought that this disagreement occurred in 1986 or 1987. [It is uncertain what connection if any this 'altercation' may have had with an alleged Reptilian/Grey take-over of an 'Alternative-2' base on Mars two years earlier in 1985, according to contactee Alex Collier].

On October 25, Congress works on legislation to make radio talk shows liable for statements made by callers in an effort to shut down talk radio programs, where UFO/Alien data is being avidly discussed. On October 26th, William Cooper goes on a radio station in Los Angeles and tells the listening public that President Bush is involved in the drug scene. The FCC attacks the talk show host the next day for "saying a bad word". Researchers speculate that the Secret Service, who allegedly terminated Sal Mineo during Reagan's administration because of an alleged homosexual tape they were concerned about, will seek to eliminate Cooper, that for some reason Cooper has now made himself expendable with this material involving the [former] President.

On November 3rd, researchers announce their discovery that a security team code-named "Yellow Fruit" was started back during the Carter Presidency, and was part of the NSA. It has been periodically disbanded and has existed in one form or another since the Carter administration. Los Angeles radio talk show host Ken Hudnell announces his intention take a group to visit one of the ancient underground cities, which he says has an entrance 60 miles from Anaheim. Researchers discover the passive security frequencies at Groom Lake; 138.306 and 407.550 and that a group codenamed Seaspray is involved with primary security in the area. Security forces then change the frequencies.

On November 6th, Channel 8 in Las Vegas starts a two-week series on Area 51, animal mutilations, and the UFO coverup. On November 10, EG&G scientist Robert Lazar goes on television and tells what he knows about US disk technology at S-4 in Area 51, including information about 9 US disks, antimatter reactors, and mind control for S-4 scientists.

On November 19th, an electrical worker at Mercury, Nevada, calls the Billy Goodman radio talk show and describes tunnels 3000 feet under the test site that have stainless steel walls and elevators. He also describes small Grey bodies on gurneys being wheeled down the tunnels.

On November 20th, a security guard on the
Nevada Test Site describes his contact with a man in black that describes the whole alien scenario to him. The man has transparent eyelids.

On November 20 and 21st, the national program HARD COPY televises two programs on UFOs. EG&G scientist Robert Lazar goes on radio on KVEG for three hours and answers questions over the 50,000 watt station. Another three hour session takes place Nov. 24th and 25th. Robert Lazar publicizes the name of his boss at Area S-4, tells that 22 people work at S-4, and how antimatter reactors work. Indications are that more people will be coming out of the woodwork to tell what they know up at Area 51.

On November 25th, television station Channel 8 in Las Vegas televises a two hour special on UFOs, Area 51, S-4 and the UFO coverup. It is revealed that some people who contacted Channel 8 had had their homes broken into in Las Vegas.

During the week of Christmas, 1989, it was reported that there were a series of very large underground explosions in the area of the base at Dulce, New Mexico. A month EARLIER, animal mutilations began to pick up significantly. The last time these two events occurred in this order was when the government first discovered what the Greys were up to and they tried to go in and stop them. Over 60 Delta troops were killed in the process [in the initial military attempt against the base].

1990 -- On February 17, a Ukranian astronomer detects radio emissions near Altair [Aquila], which in ancient times was associated with reptilian creatures.


(Note: Some contactees speak of an 'unstable' alliance between 'Nordics' and 'Greys' which has existed for a long period of time in the Altair system, as well as references to a large faction of collectist Greys who were in the process of arguing against the continued existence of humans in that and other systems, which would apparently also include the sovereigntist humans in the Andromeda and Pleiadean constellations. It is stated that some fascist human elements operating within the Montauk base at the northern tip of Long Island -- who have an established an agreement with the Greys to bring about a global dictatorship on earth -- were given the 'stargate' coordinates to generate a time-space window using Montauk technology, directly to a particular planet in the Altair system in order to assist in the suppression of a resistance movement among some of the 'Nordic' type humanoids there. - Branton).


On March 3rd, Las Vegas UFOCCI chairman Stacy Borland and her brother were brutally murdered while at home. [Stacy was attempting to get information out about a group of Mercury, Nevada construction workers and electricians who claimed that some of their fellow workers had been abducted and were being held captive in a vast underground systems there].


On March 8th, the final destruction of the 4th amendment of the U.S. Constitution takes effect very quietly behind the scenes. Now the authorities need no warrant or probable cause to break into a persons home and perform any action they think fit. Suspicion is sufficient.