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In 1961 it was discovered what appeared to be an unusual nebula.


We normally understand nebula as a vast cloud-like mass of gas or dust. This one, was named the Golden Nebula. An important statement of astronomical and historical significance. In 1980s a announcement was made that our solar system was, going to collide with an 'electromagnetic cloud' in the not too distant future.

What is this electromagnetic cloud, this Golden Nebula, sometimes referred to as the radiant nebula? Its more universal designation is 'photon belt' or 'photon band', consisting of many bands, and any encounter with this belt is recognized by extraterrestrials as of great importance.

The whole universe is held together by means of vortices within vortices of centripetal energy with their associated electromagnetic fields, like whirlpools on water, within larger whirlpools. The same theory behind Einstein's general relativity.

These spiraling energies give rise to natural space-time orbits, satellites around planets, planets around stars, solar systems around other more major vortex centers, and so on. Our planet Earth orbits the Sun once a year but our solar system as a whole also traverses an orbit in this section of the galaxy with a period of about 24,000 years. There are many other solar star systems in this cyclic motion.


The Pleiades, which is encircled by the photon belt, is about 400 light years from us, and is part of this system. Our solar system orbits the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone.


The belt consists of many photon bands emanating from the centre of the galaxy, and associated with the spiral arms of the galaxy.

The photon belt is an immense region of space radiating intense electromagnetic radiation throughout the visible spectrum and beyond, into high-frequency invisible light, including some x-ray spectra. The magnetic flow of light throughout the galaxy.


Huge increases in intensity of 'dangerous' radiation enters through the holes in the ozone layer in certain regions of our planet.

It is also described as an amoeba-like cloud of particles but most of its frequencies are invisible. This is the photon belt, or photon band. Our solar system, and planet Earth, takes some 24,000 years to come back to its same point in this particular orbit. This means our solar system goes through the belt twice each cycle of 24,000 years, that is, every half cycle.


The thickness of the photon cloud is such that it takes about 2000 years for our solar system to pass through, and therefore about 10,000 years between each encounter with this belt 2 x 10,000 plus 2 x 2000 = 24,000 years.

Some state that the period in the band could be much less, depending on man's resistance to change. This is difficult to relate to our fixed cyclic picture but, in addition, this same source points out that Earth was in trouble from the damage incurred by our civilization and called for the photon belt, a typical emergency call procedure for planets.


This "call" occurred in 1947 and manifested as a signal.

In 1992 Scientists around the globe predicted that the encounter would occur within months to a year. A particular source of Pleiadian extraterrestrials indicated that it would not occur until just after 2010 and that it was difficult to predict since the belt was oscillating randomly.

On this planet the photon belt encounter will be a spiritual experience. This really depends on man.

The real benefits of this phenomenon is from what is actually causing the photons. It is linked with the so-called convergences. If we are sufficiently evolved at the time, great advancements will occur in our consciousness as we attune to the higher-frequencies.


If we are negative, that is, possess too many lower vibrations, the result of selfish actions, we are not expected to survive the frequency incompatibility.

  • The convergence is the end of a stellar activation cycle.

  • These activations have already begun and will continue through 2012 to 2017.

  • The principle time cycle is 26,556 years, which is the precession of the equinoxes

  • This is caused by a slow wobble of the Earth as it spins and orbits around the Sun.

To understand the alignment, one could think of circles within circles, cycles within cycles, turning at different rates to which are attached magnets. Clearly, periodically they could line up, forming one long and powerful magnet. This would act like a powerful current.


It is called a holographic beam containing the fundamental energy of these systems.