by Stewart Swerdlow

As you read the following article, I ask that you keep some specific information in your mind. First, I can only describe the person that I am writing about as nothing but an obviously well-trained and professional programmer; one of the best that I have ever met. What happened to me is something that I would not ordinarily respond to. This person managed to trigger programming that was deep within my visceral self that I thought was gone, activating and opening programming that made me especially vulnerable and susceptible to her. She knew how to fragment and compartmentalize my personality to her benefit and my detriment. Anyone that could activate my leftover Montaukian programming could only have been schooled in these same techniques by the same people. In fact, she eventually admitted to me that she was in the Montauk program, and I in turn recognized her frequency from there.

While everything will be discussed in more detail in my forthcoming book, “Walking Between Worlds,” for the purpose of this article, the main mind-control technique she used is called “psychic driving.” This is a combination of drugs and repetitive words, threats, and triggers, coupled with isolation, sleep and food deprivation, and sex. Anyone who knows anything about programming will know that sexual programs and sexual responses are more powerful than any pill or drug. What I went through did not in any way damage or destroy my abilities, but were only an effort to redirect them during the time that I spent with her. I have spent the last couple of years of my career trying not to talk badly about people who I knew were lying, giving false information, or were known government/Illuminati agents or supporters. I was trying to be professional and “nice.” But, proving that “nice guys finish last,” I decided that I am naming names and spilling my guts so that others do not fall into the same deception trap as I foolishly did.

In June of 1998, I lectured at my first seminar in Orlando, FL. One of the attendees was a woman who claimed her name to be “Rosie Adamson.” She said she was of Cherokee, Black Foot, and Irish descent, or as I now know, indecent. She latched onto me like interest on a loan. That evening, after the seminar, she insisted on rubbing my head (I had a migraine) and then she stuck her hands down my shirt and began rubbing my chest and pinched my nipples. This was one of the ways that I had been programmed at Montauk. I believe that it was at that instant she was able to trigger some connection that we had.

After I returned home and was at work, she began leaving messages for me to call her. I did. She said that she was fascinated with me and wanted to see me at my next Orlando seminar in September 1998. At the time, my sponsor was an East Indian man who was Rosie’s friend. She claimed that she was the one who really got all the people together. I met the East Indian guy when he called me in March of 1998, shortly after the release of my book, “Montauk: The Alien Connection,” asking for a phone consultation. He told me that he had bankrupted his parents by using all of their credit cards, then using one to pay off the other in his own version of a revolving credit scheme. He also claimed to be a 27 year old virgin.

One night during my weekend stay in Orlando, Rosie came to my room and we had sex all night. She claimed to be 36 years old, but her hands and face belied her true age, which was closer to 50. She had to leave at 4:00AM to do “something.” She claimed to run houses in the area that were for people in need of a second chance. She said it was non-profit and she refused to take any state or federal aid. I thought that was strange. I found out two years later that her houses were reputed to be revolving doors for sex and drugs which supplied her with both, and earned her a lot of unreported cash. I came to Florida every two-three months. She was always there and we always had wild, incessant sex. In my mind, I knew it was wrong. I loved my wife, Janet. I had no intentions of leaving her. But, I couldn’t stop the sexual activity with Rosie. She knew all of the trigger words that activated destructive programmed behavior in me that I never knew existed. I drank and smoked more, and wanted sex all of the time. I felt like she had taken control over my mind and body. It was if I had two distinct personalities, and simply being with her or hearing her voice activated a part of me. Over a year’s time, she gradually took over the Florida seminars and told me I would become “Emperor of the Planet.” She said that she was a Reptilian and proud of it. I personally saw her shape-shift several times into a reptile, a cat-like being, and an old hag. I was shocked, but not afraid.

She was flattering to me, always telling me how beautiful my body was. She was also capable of multiple orgasms, and it was common for her to have six or seven in one session. These sessions seemed to be designed to keep me under control. Sometimes, she even claimed to have left her body and saw me as a lion. Eventually, I even felt and saw myself shape-shift into a winged lion. I continued to have terrible migraines when I was with her, so out of desperation I started taking some pills that she told me would help them. Then, when I couldn’t sleep, she gave me something for that. Soon, it seemed that she was popping pills in my mouth several times during the day and eventually throughout the night while I was sleeping. I always asked her what they were and she would never tell me. She only said that she had a doctor in Florida that gave her prescription drugs to help her clients. She said that she told him about me, and based on that, he gave her things to help me. I wonder if she said trigger words that produced the migraines in the first place.

In the summer of 1999, Janet and I took six boys to Disney World. It was to be a wonderful family trip with my children that would probably never happen again. Rosie arranged for our airport transportation, hotel, and my lecture. As usual, the hotel air-conditioning broke down after I got there and was in the process of being renovated. The outside temperature was 100 degrees with equal humidity. The boys were ready to mutiny. Then, Rosie came to the rescue with her supposed husband, and moved us to a better hotel with airconditioning. This was the modus operandi for my entire relationship with her. She would create horrendous circumstances, then “rescue” me from it, always looking like a heroine. She never wanted money for her efforts, so she said. During our stay, she told Janet that Janet and I would get a divorce, but that Janet should not worry about my relationship with Rosie, as Rosie had no interest whatsoever in me except in my healing work.

She told Janet that if she wanted me she would have me. Janet was stunned by the conversation, but was soon won over by Rosie’s apparent support of my work. After we returned home, she befriended Janet via phone calls and email, promising to help enhance my career, and help re-establish Janet, since her sabbatical five years prior to have our children. Janet relied on her since she appeared to be helping with the business, and I continued to react to her threats and demands, unbeknownst to Janet. She started visiting my home and decided that she would call herself an equal business partner. Because Janet could not travel due to our small children, Rosie began to travel with me. She told Janet that she would increase sales, find new sponsors, canvas bookstores, arrange events, manage product sales, and generally increase business. Even though it was a financial strain, we expected to see an increase in revenue to justify the additional spending. Janet was still unaware that Rosie was threatening and drugging me while pretending to be Janet’s friend.

Continued in Volume Two
Piercing the Veils of Deception