The Karl Schappeller Device

Was the Schappeller device an engine used in German field propulsion saucers? This is a possibility. Because so little has been reported about this device in the English language, the following is a report describing Karl Schappeller and his device in some detail.

Karl Schappeller (1875-1947) literally went from being born in poor house to owning a castle during his lifetime. His economic success was mirrored in his experiments in energy as a lay-scientist, culminating in the invention of a free-energy device which attracted considerable attention around 1930. Schappeller made no secret of his invention and actively sought private financing to manufacture and distribute the results of his research. He was in touch with financial concerns and even spoke with a representative of the British Admiralty concerning the utilization of his device to power the Royal Navy's ships (1).

At this time, 1930, the device was somehow appropriated and further worked upon by a governmental organization of the German Weimar Republic, the Reichsarbeitsgemeinschaft or Reich Works Association (RAG). At least one aim of the RAG was to make Germany self-sufficient in energy production. Specifically, they published their intentions to utilize many Schappeller devices in a system of broadcast energy distribution throughout Germany which would result in the entire elimination of the electrical grid (2). As we know, Adolf Hitler assumed power three years later and was also very interested in making Germany independent of foreign sources of energy for strategic reasons. It is known that political and scientific structure was set up to work on the energy problem as evidenced later by the synthesizing of gasoline and oil products from coal by the 3rd Reich. One of these political and scientific structures was contained within the SS and it is known that Karl Schappeller actually met with SS Reichsfueher Heinrich Himmler in Vienna in 1933 (3).


Left: Inventor Karl Schappeller Right: Karl Schappeller's Device. A. Steel outer casing. B. Special ceramic lining in which tubes are embedded. C. Hollow center, filled by glowing magnetism when in operation. D. Tubes, circuit and earthling.

Fortunately, there are good descriptions of the Schappeller device in both German and English languages upon which to draw. Per Vril-Mythos is a complete discussion of Schappeller, his device, the history and the controversy surrounding it. "Vril"Die Kosmische Urkraft Wiedergeburt von Atlantis and Weltdynamismus Streifzuege durch technisches Neuland an Hand von biologischen Symbolen represent an attempt by the RAG to popularize their ideas in booklet form. Finally, British electrical and mechanical engineer, Cyril W. Davson, visited Karl Schappeller in Austria and spent three years learning of his device and his theory before the Second World War. Davson's descriptive book,The Physics of the Primary State of Matter, was written in 1955, after the war and the death of Schappeller.

Before describing the device itself it should be understood that Schappeller and all writing about his device do so believing that the energy-source being tapped is aether energy, sometimes called "Raumkraft" or "Raumenergie", that is space energy (4)(5)(6). This device was also said capable, perhaps with some tuning, of emitting aether as a radiant energy (7). The physics of aether energy is described by Davson as a primary physics as opposed toconventional physics which he believed could only be considered a secondary, derivative understanding.  

Aether Theory

For readers who have never heard of "aether", perhaps the simplest explanation for aether physics is that of the late Dr. Hans A. Nieper (7) titled Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society. aether could be thought of as an energy source emanating from everywhere equally at once. The universe could be considered, as often said, "a sea of energy". It forms a background of energy everywhere, and since it is everywhere all the time, it is difficult make independent measurement of it. This aether energy is in constant motion. All energy is radiant energy, according to this theory. This can easily be appreciated as to electromagnetic radiation but it is also true of that very elusive thing called gravity. Newton described the effects of gravity but he never told us exactly what it was. Dr. Niepertells us that gravity is really a push, not a pull. Gravity is acceleration and is caused by the aether field. Again, all energy is radiant energy whose fundamental basis is aether radiation.

From the aforementioned book by Dr. Nieper:

"In addition, Nieper established the axiom that all natural accelerations can be attributed to a single unified basic principle, namely, the interception (or braking) of a field energy penetrating from the outside (gravity acceleration, magnetic, electromagnetic, electrostatic and radiesthesic acceleration). "

In trying to explain aether, it might be thought of as an all pervasive liquid occupying all of space. This liquid concept is useful because a liquid can not be compressed but can only transfer the energy attempting to compress it from one location to another. This is how an automobile's brakes work. The driver pushes in the break pedal when he wants to stop. The plunger of the break pedal attempts to compress fluid in the master cylinder. The master cylinder is connected by metal tubes full of fluid to each wheel. When force is put on the master cylinder by the driver it is transmitted to each of the four wheel cylinders full of the same fluid which transmit the force, moving the break shoes or stopping the disc which stops the wheels of the car.

Likewise, aether serves to transmit energy through this "non- compressibility" quality. In a primary electric coil and secondary electric coil, for instance, induction in the secondary does not take place directly from the primary as is new held by physics, but though and between the two via the aether field. This concept, that of the stimulation of the aether field as means of energy transport, is also expressed by Davson.

Using this perspective, that all energy is radiation, the braking of aether radiation, that is the slowing down or stopping of this radiation, can cause or generate other forms of energy. This word "energy" means the entire electromagnetic spectrum. This means electric, magnetic and electrostatic fields. This means heat. This also means gravity. Again, gravity is the primary radiation of the aether field. It radiates from every point in the universe equally.

This concept seems ridiculous until it is given some thought-One might ask: How can gravity be a push when we know better? After all, things fall to earth don't they? The answer is that the effects we feel and call gravity are due to gravity shielding. aether radiation can be braked, that is slowed down and absorbed by mass. It is then re-radiated or turned into mass. It is re-emitted as slower aether radiation or even as heat. Some of it can is converted into mass inside a planet. If there is a loss of aether radiation, then there is shielding. Thus, a planet would shield from this radiation in one direction. That direction is always toward its center which is the direction of greatest mass and that is what we describe as "down". This is simply the area which contains the maximum amount of shielding. In all other directions the aether radiation continues to exert its push on us. The area of minimum shielding is directly opposite the area of maximum shielding, so things fall (or more correctly are accelerated or "pushed") to earth.

Think about this for a minute. Being in deep space is a little like being underwater. Underwater, all pressure from all points are so similar that we feel weightless. We are weightless in deep space because the aether field exerts a push on us from all directions equally. In space, the nearer one gets to a large body the stronger the push is from the opposite direction since the body shields or converts the aether radiation. The result of this thinking is a mechanism totally different from "gravity" as we know it but appearing as exactly the same observed phenomena.

The beauty of this aether theory of gravity is that gravity functions like every other form of radiation. Its underlying cause, aether radiation, can be converted to mass or, in certain circumstances, re-radiated or converted to other forms of energy. No Unified Field Theory is necessary. The aether field is the unified field. Further, there is no need to look for something separate called "anti-gravity". If gravity is a push then it is all anti-gravity. All we have to do to make a UFO is to find this particular gravity frequency and find out how to generate it.

aether physics was a lost physics. Physics was hijacked early in the 20th Century by alleged results of the Michelson-Morley experiment. The Michelson-Morley experiment assumed "aether" was matter. There is some confusion here. We know now that particles moving near the speed of light are measured as waves, that is energy, rather than as matter. Nevertheless, aether theory has been discredited among physicists who, in turn, discredit others who raise the subject. It is only through the efforts of "free energy devices" and free energy researchers that this knowledge is being returned to us. Without this aether theory, the reason these devices work cannot be explained at all. Rejection of aether theory allows these devices to be dismissed as" theoretically impossible" and so fraudulent by simple deduction. They are marginalized and dismissed as "perpetual motion devices". According to established physics, perpetual motion devices violate physical laws of conservation of energy. Without an aether theory as an explanation, they do violate laws of conservation of energy and so their detractors are able to simply dismiss them out of hand. The simple fact that some of these free energy devices actually work does not seem to bother these scientists in the least. Rather than change the theory to accommodate the observed facts, the facts are ignored and substituted by dogma. Whether we like it or not, we are living in an energy Dark Age.

Instead of aether theory, we have all been led to focus upon Einstein and his Theories of Relativity. Two or three generations of scientists have wasted themselves on "trying to prove Einstein right". This misguided thinking has resulted in stagnation. One need go no further than the many "free energy" devices which have arisen to the level of notice in spite of accepted scientific theory to see that this statement is true.

Needless to say, German scientists of the Nazi period labored under no such illusions. They never abandoned aether physics. This was the fundamental reason why field propulsion UFOs were first developed in Germany. After the Second World War two different sciences developed called "Physics". One was the relativism taught in schools. The second more esoteric type was utilized only secretly, by the secret government, for deep black projects.

Structure of the Schappeller Device

According to Davson's description upon which we will rely, the Schappeller device is really composed of two separate units, the rotor and the stator. The stator is constructed as follows: Its surface is round or ball-shaped, being composed of two half-shells of steel. These half-shells contain the internal structure and are air tight. Attached at each "pole" of each half-shell is an iron bar magnet, most of whose structure is internal. This means that the bulk of the magnet is inside the steel ball, one opposite the other. There is a space between the two bar magnets at the very center of the sphere.

Insulation, a ceramic material, is placed on the inside of the steel ball leaving a hollow central area. Within this hollow area and around the space between the magnets are wound two internal coils. These originate at the bar magnet poles and each terminates at the center of the sphere with a connection leadingout of the sphere to the rotor. These coils are composed of a hollow copper tube filled with a special and secret substance called the "electret". Upon leaving the sphere the electret filled copper tubes are replaced by conventional copper wire. An electrical connection is made from the outside surface of one pole to one pole of a special type of battery which is grounded at the other pole or, as an alternative, to a special device called an "Ur-machine" which will be discussed.

This electret is a permanent magnet within the sphere. This type of magnetism is not identical with ferro-magnetism or electromagnetism, it is much stronger (8). The actual composition of Schappeller's electret remains a secret but another electrethas been made by Professor Mototaro Eguchi. It consists of carnauba wax and resin, perhaps also containing some beeswax. It was kept in a strong electric field while baking slowly until it solidified. For purposes of production of Schappeller spheres, a complete electret manufacturing plant would have to be set up which had no parallel in present science (9).

Before being set into operation, all the air is pumped from the hollow core of the sphere. This whole ball is mounted on a swivel mechanism so that the poles can be moved from the vertical to the horizontal. The stator is completely unattached from the rotor. The stator can function without the rotor and the stator is capable of producing electrical energy without the rotor. The rotor could also be used to generate additional electrical energy.

The rotor consists of: A steel wheel of special design fixed on the shaft to be driven and surrounded on its outer surface by magnets which are attracted and repelled by the force of the stator. The copper wire attached to the internal copper tubing filled with electret runs through this wheel and supplies electric power to the magnets. The magnets are hollow and filled with the same electret. There are always an odd number of magnets.

A variant of this rotor comes to us from Taeufer, who refers tothis further development as the "Ur-Machine". This machine is composed of six sphere units as described above, five revolving around a sixth set above or below the plane of the other revolving spheres. A seventh unit would be employed to rotate the rotating five spheres and so would be offset, and not attached to the others. The five rotating spheres would charge the sixth stationary sphere. The sixth and seventh spheres would function as an anode and cathode and so ground the unit. The Ur-machine could be used to activate other spheres instead of a battery-earthing procedure (10).

As a prime mover, an engine, the rotor would be employed turning a driven shaft. The stator would be offset, that is, moved off center in relation to the rotor. Schappeller worked out various angles of efficiency (11). The driven shaft could be used to power any number of machine applications such as, for instance, the propellers of a ship.

Means of Operation

The device is started through totally unique battery and a connection to the earth (12). A specific excitation impulse mustbe given to the device (13). This electric impulse was conducted through the iron magnet and jumped the gap in the center of the sphere to the other iron magnet.

What occurred then sets this device apart from all others. In the vacuum of the sphere, in the center space between the two bar magnets a field of "glowing magnetism" was set up. This glowing magnetism was something entirely unique. It is recognized as a magnetic field but much more powerful and unlike any magnetic field of an iron bar or an electric coil. Once the initial input had been made to start the device, the battery and ground could be disconnected. The device would continue of operate on its own (14).

For an understanding of what is really happening here we have to consider the bar magnet. We think of a bar of iron with two poles, one positive and one negative or perhaps one north and one south pole. But there are really three components to the bar magnet. There are the two poles and the neutral zone between the poles If we cut the magnet in half we get two new poles. For the Schappeller this neutral area is very important. Imagine a bar magnet running through the vertical axis of the ball. Then imagine the center section cut out. We now have a north pole at the top of the ball, a south pole at the bottom of the ball just as we do with the planet Earth. In the center we have a missing section with a south pole, opposing the north pole at the top of the ball and, likewise, a north pole opposite the south pole at the bottom of the ball. We have now four poles and a split bar magnet with a gap in its center section.

It is this gap in the center where Schappeller's "glowing magnetism" is generated by grounding, that is, charging the device via a special battery and an earth connection. This glowing magnetism is the mystery. Davson cites Schappeller's calculations and gives this form of magnetism as being one thousand times more powerful than that produced by present magnetism (15). He also states that in this form of magnetism the electricity is stationary while the magnetism is radiated (16).

To repeat again, Davson contends throughout his book that this glowing magnetism is not found in secondary physics, that is, in modern physics, and that this glowing magnetism is a manifestation of primary physics. As a phenomenon of primary physics, it is responsible for and can generate heat, electricity and magnetism.

After initial stimulation and in a state of glowing magnetism, no further input of energy is needed from the battery. The device is able to draw in energy to it directly from the surrounding aether, bind this energy though its magnetic electret material, that is the filling in the hollow copper coils of the internal coil, and then re-radiate energy producing heat, electricity, magnetism or mechanical work depending upon the application.

Stated another way, this is an implosion device and it is described as such (17) (18). Unlike the Schauberger device which is associated with the word implosion, the Schappeller device operates purely at the energetic level. Energy is drawn towards the center, through the magnets, into the field of glowing magnetism, and then radiated outward.

My first explanation for this output of radiant energy involves the concept of the Bloch Wall. A Bloch Wall is defined by Van Norstrand's Scientific Encyclopedia, 1958 edition, pages 201 and 202, as follows:

"This is a transition layer between adjacent ferromagnetic domains magnetized in different directions. The wall has a finite thickness of a few hundred lattice constants, as it is energetically preferable for the spin directions to change slowly from one orientation to another, going through the wall rather than to have an abrupt discontinuity" (18).

In electromagnetics the Bloch Wall is external to the hardware itself. It is the point of division of the circling vortex, or spin, of the electronic magnetic energies of the north and south poles. The negative north pole magnetism spins to the left while the positive south pole spins to the right. Energy is being conducted into the Schappeller device through the un-insulated poles and being conducted and spun on its way to the center of the unit. The point of zero magnetism, no spin and magnetic reversal, where the two spin fields join, is the Bloch Wall (19).

Bloch Wall And Oscillating Circuit

Top: Bloch Wall, a gravity wave source as a function of the electromagnetic spectrum? (Dr. Richard LeFors Clark)Bottom: Oscillating circuit. Charged capacitor (electric field) discharges, current carried through insulated wire to charge coil (magnetic field) which discharges, charging capacitor. Oscillating electric and magnetic fields yield electromagnetic waves.

The Block Wall radiates energy. Remember, if energy is coming in then it must be going out. The Bloch Wall may generate radio, radar and other electromagnet frequencies but what is most interesting is that it is actually able to radiate gravity as according to Dr. Richard Lefores Clark. According to this interpretation, the conjunction of two dipolar generated force field vectors, a quadropole force field or gravity is generated according to Dr. Clark. Gravity being a quadropole source, radiates in a circular, 360 degree, pattern of two cycles. Dr.Clark has fixed the point of emission as below that of radar and above infrared at 10 to the twelfth power Hertz (20). Dr.Richard Lefors Clark believes gravity is a radiation (21) and so a "push".

Another Opinion

In late 2001, I wrote a magazine article on the Schappeller device (22) which contained most of the material described above. In that article a request for alternative explanations for the Schappeller device was made. I received a letter from Mr.Michael Watson, BSc, Charted Physicist and Member of the Institute of Physics in the United Kingdom. But there was something in Mr. Watson's background even more impressive than his professional credentials. Cyril W. Davson was a family friend whom Mr. Watson knew well in his youth and with whom he had discussed Schappeller and his ideas at length, many times. In Mr. Watson's letter was a brief summary of Schappeller's theory in which he cut through most of the confusing terminology.

This summary is important for a couple of reasons. Mr. Watson's summary of Schappeller's aether theory as described by Davson dovetails nicely into the ideas of Schauberger yet seems to allow for Tesla's experimental results on aether as explained by Bill Lyne. The following is what I learned from Mr. Watson's letter:

Most of us have heard of the two Thermodynamic Laws. These are laws of heat. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy is conserved, meaning that the total amount of energy in the universe always remains the same. This is no surprise for most of us and it is not the real concern here.

What is of concern is the Second Law of Thermodynamics which discusses heat and entropy. The word entropy might be thought of as a state of randomness or chaos. Negative entropy would then mean movement toward the less random or the more ordered in any particular thing. If we apply this to a system, then entropy tends to increase until the system breaks down in utter chaos

This will occur unless the system is re-charged with additional outside energy. A concrete example is less confusing.

Imagine a new automobile just coming off the assembly line. It has taken a great deal of energy to find, refine, forge, weld, and paint the metal parts of this car alone. This same concept also applies to all the other components of the car. This energy and organization constitute a highly organized state, or, said another way, a state of negative entropy.

What happens next illustrates entropy. The car is purchased. Whether it is driven hard or just sits in the garage does not matter in the long run because what happens to the car is that it starts to fall apart. This change may be small at first and may only occur at the molecular level, but it occurs nevertheless. The engine, transmission, paint, rubber, electronics, etc. all will fail with time. Even it the car just sits in the garage, in a thousand years the metal will eventually oxidize. Finally, the car rusts away forming a reddish brown heap. This is exactly the opposite of the organization and energy used to put the car together. This disorganization is entropy. The only thing which will reverse this, as we all know, are additional inputs of energy by the owner in the form of maintenance and repairs.

All things in a relative state of relative order move toward a state of disorder. In terms of heat, heat will always flow into a colder place from a warmer place. When something is heated there is a rise in its entropy. With increasing heat its molecules move faster and faster in random chaos as a bomb does when it explodes. Increasing heat means increasing randomness and chaos which is entropy. Cold, then, can be seen in terms of negative entropy. Any cold object is simply more organized and less random than the same object once it is heated.

Schappeller had something to say about the Second Law of Thermodynamics. He said there was another and unknown thermodynamic cycle which runs opposite the Second Law. To name this idea we will call it "Reverse Thermodynamics". It is the reverse of the Second Law of Thermodynamics in that it leads to an increase in entropy. Not only is there an increase in order but there is an increase in cold! Schappeller, according to Mr. Watson's letter, built his spherical device primarily to demonstrate the principles behind this Reverse Thermodynamics. It was not designed as a practical machine.

To demonstrate the difference between the Second Law of Thermodynamics and Reverse Thermodynamics two theoretical machines shall be examined. Actually, a machine running according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics is not theoretical at all. Combustion machines are of this type. For simplicity sake we will use a wood burning stove such as the type invented by Benjamin Franklin for the heating of a house.

Wood is put in a hollow iron vessel with an adjustable hole at one end. The adjustable hole admits atmospheric oxygen. An initial small input of heat is added to the wood and oxygen until burning occurs. A great deal of heat is produced once the wood begins to burn. We know heat expands. Carbon, carbon dioxide and water vapor are also produced as byproducts of the combustion. Entropy is increased. Since entropy is increased, so is pollution so perhaps we all can agree that this is a good example of the destructive technology so characteristic of the world in which we live.

In our example of a theoretical Reverse Thermodynamic machine the byproducts of the previous example can be used as fuel. But Schappeller's machine has the additional property of being creative, that is, negatively entropic. Schappeller believed this creative process to be individualistic, so we need a specific template to use as a pattern for this creation. Heat, water, and carbon dioxide are imputed into this machine. Quite amazingly, oxygen is yielded as a byproduct of this reaction!The heat is also absorbed in Schappeller's Reverse Thermodynamic machine! This absorption of heat is another way of saying that the machine is implosive in nature rather than expansive or explosive as was the heat producing machine. What is most amazing, however, is that entropy is actually reduced yielding, something which has been created -wood!

Actually, this machine is not theoretical either. It exists and works as we speak. These machines are all around us. We call these machine "life". In this case our machine is a tree. In the tree, energy, sunlight, is absorbed and combined in a cold process with water and carbon dioxide to form wood. The template used as a pattern for this seemingly intelligent, creative, process is simply a seed. In this type of reaction the "cold" force is something other than the absence of heat. This cold is an active cold. It is a "densifying", implosive cold. It is a life-giving cold. This is a cold, life giving force. To quote Watson:

"This process is life force and the reverse of the second law of thermodynamics; it is the vital force: Vril."

This is one huge difference between the physics of Schappeller and Schauberger and the physics of the Nineteenth Century. The physics of the Nineteenth Century explain everything in terms of the inanimate. Laws of physics are written using inanimate examples. Chemical reactions are described which stem from inanimate models. Animate models are simply made to conform with the inanimate assuming that life is just a special case which eventually will be shown to be nothing but chemistry and so subject to the same Second Thermodynamic Law as the inanimate. Schappeller and Schauberger both say in their own ways that this is not so. They say, each in their own ways, that a new and different law of thermodynamics applies to living forces. They say that this more akin to a life process than previous theories allow. They say this force is creative. Those that subscribed to these new ideas claim it was not only a new physical law but anew science and that Germany would lead the way to this new science. Let us take a closer look at what is claimed to be the physics behind this new science.

The first concept to be considered is cold. Cold in this sense does not mean the mere absence of heat. This is interstellar cold, the cold found in the vacuum of space. In this relative vacuum, matter is not found in sufficient quantity to use to measure this cold. Think about how we measure cold. We measure matter which is cold. We measure the heat in air or water for instance. In the absence of matter how would cold be measured? There is no doubt that if we could, for instance, place a thermometer in a glass of water in deep space, the temperature recorded would be at or very near absolute zero, 0 Kelvin or -273degrees Centigrade or -460 degrees Fahrenheit.

The presence or absence of matter in deep space may be the subject of conjecture. The presence or absence of energy in deep space is something universally accepted. For instance, we all know that light passes through interstellar space. We see the proof when we look up at the stars, planets or the moon. Besides visible light, other electromagnetic radiations freely pass through space. These include x-ray, gamma and cosmic rays. Yet besides electromagnetic radiation many people now believe that in the depths of space there resides another form of energy with is found there as well as everywhere else all around us. This energy sometime goes by the name of "zero point energy" but for our purposes we can simply call it "aether energy". It is sometimes argued that this energy is really the result of aether rather than aether itself and that aether really is matter. For a moment, let us postpone this discussion and focus on the vast, stretches of interstellar space which are filled with aether energy, near or at absolute zero.

Mr. Watson points out Dawson's words on page 83 of The Physics Of The Primary State Of Matter where he says:

"Cold is not therefore the absence of heat, primary heat and cold having nothing to do with molecular action (in the cosmos) there are no molecules available".

The reader may recall that something strange happens to electrical energy at absolute zero. For instance, if a disc of conducting material is held at absolute zero and the disc is given an electric charge, the electric current will circulate around and around the disc forever, never loosing its energy a sit would if the disc were sitting on an office desk at room temperature. This property of cold is instrumental in the storage of at least one form of energy. The vast stretches of cold interstellar vacuum must be seen as a vast energy storage sea in a state of heightened negative entropy. Schappeller called this undirected matter-energy reserve potential "latent magnetism.

Out of this latent magnetism, both energy and matter could be produced with the corresponding stimulation. The non-excited electromagnetic field was viewed by Schappeller as simply latent magnetism. Matter is a condensation out of bipolar aether. Therefore, electromagnetism is a product of matter and is nothing more than bipolar aether in a different condition. Latent magnetism could be, then, excited into matter. Latent magnetism could be influenced by either of the thermodynamic principles discussed, the Second Law of Thermodynamics or by Reverse Thermodynamics. This vast aether field, whose most notable characteristic is the property of cold, latent and awaiting stimulus, is the progenitor of both energy, as we know it, and of matter.

Since primary cold, this vast reserve of negative entropy potential, is responsible for both matter and energy and since all energy eventually degenerates into heat, it follows that, asnavson puts it, again on page 83:

"Primary heat, as may now be understood, is composed of cold energy".

This is seems like a surprising play on words, especially from a man of science, but this statement follows perfectly from Schappeller's reasoning nevertheless.

We turn now to Schappeller's concept of "stress". Both heat stress and cold stress can be applied to an electromagnetic field. Heat stress is the usual type of stress applied to electromagnetic fields in secondary physics. Secondary physics is the physics of our everyday world according to Schappeller.Primary physics is the physics dealing with the cold force and aether yielding matter and energy, which constitute the secondary reactions and so Schappeller uses the term "secondary physics" to describe our world as we know it.

An example of heat stressing of the electromagnetic field is the condenser and the coil. A charged condenser results in an electric field and a charged coil results in a magnetic field. A charged condenser and coil, connected by a wire circuit alternately charge and discharge each other, producing electromagnetic radiation unit the heat caused by the resistance of the wire degrades the whole process into heat. Heat stress on the electromagnetism is +/-.

Cold stress on the electromagnetic field is something totally new to our science and technology. It is also seen in terms of +/-but the machines used to produce it are not known in our world.Mr. Watson did not say this but if we return to our examples of heat stressed machines, the condemn or and the coil, the corresponding cold stressed machines might be the Schappeller sphere and the Schappeller coil electret. The sphere collects the charge through the magnets, holds and condenses it in its glowing center corresponding to the electric field of the condenser. The internal coils filled with electret produce a magnetic field in the presence of the intense and pulsing electric field. According to my interpretation, the whole Schappeller sphere is a combined condenser/coil combined into one machine made possible through an initial input of cold stress.

As in our example of the condenser/coil interaction producing an electromagnetic wave, so an attraction exists between a machine obeying the Second Law of Thermodynamics and one obeying the law of Reverse Thermodynamics. This attraction can lead to interaction. For instance, an imploding or centripetal vortex can couple with an exploding or centrifugal vortex. The centripetal vortex is an example of a system following the law of Reverse Thermodynamics while the centrifugal vortex represents system following the Second Law of Thermodynamics. We have all seen these two systems working togaether in everyday life. The common toilet is such a machine although the centrifugal side forms inside the drain pipe which is out of sight.

Perhaps there is another example which is more germane to our discussion. It is the diagram of the Vril power plant. (This engine diagram is used here as an example for discussion and is not a blind endorsement of the diagram's existence or accuracy.) In this interpretation of this diagram, we are really dealing with two separate devices. First, is the central spherical device which may be a refined version of the Schappeller sphere.An initial charge would be imputed into the sphere to start it after which the unit would continue to gather up the surrounding energy. This is a Reverse Thermodynamic machine. The sphere generates a magnetic field which could be offset by rotating basin the Schappeller device. The offset field would feed and so rotate the arms of the electric generator surrounding the sphere. The electric generator would gather electric energy, feeding the four large broadcasting fixtures on the walls of the saucer.These fixtures might be, for instance, Tesla pancake coils. The electric generator is an example of a machine complying with the Second Thermodynamic Law.

Both components of the power plant are bonded togaether in a single system since the output energy of the broadcasting fixtures on the walls of the saucer constitute additional input energy for the sphere. The two components attract one another and use and depend upon one another as they circulate and recirculate energy. As the energy level of one component increases so does the energy level of the other. Indeed, the biggest problem facing the use of such an engine may be employing means to stop it.

The actual levitation might be the particular electromagnetic radiation coming out of the sphere. In this interpretation, the broadcast fixtures are used to steer the saucer. Davson gives output frequencies for the sphere as 10 to the sixth power (22).

Mr. Watson points out in his letter that one reason machines utilizing the Reverse Thermodynamic principle have not been recognized is that a cold stressed magnetic field is a cold machine. Even a centripetal vortex cools rather than heats. Al lour devices of measurement ultimately measure heat in some form.Measurement of cold is more difficult. The example already given, the problem of measuring temperature in interstellar space in the absence of matter is an example of this problem.

Finally, the reader will recall that Mr. Watson points out that electromagnetism manifests itself bipolarity, yielding four components in all. These are +/- hot electromagnetism and +/-cold electromagnetism. The reader will recall that two hot electromagnetic components can be joined (the condenser and the coil) and set into a cycle producing an electromagnetic wave. I sit possible that two complementary hot electromagnetic and cold electromagnetic machines could be set into cycle producing not a bi-polar but a quadropolar, 360 degree radiation, such as the one described by Dr. Richard Lefores Clark, to produce gravity?

Planned Uses For The Schappeller Device

If the above discussion has any meaning at all in the quest for an answer to the UFO question, one use for which the Schappeller device must have been destined was that of a power plant for a flying machine. Was this so? The Schappeller device had many planned uses. In 1930 this device was planned as a source of broadcast energy, reminiscent of Tesla, for both German homes and industry. The device could also be used as a generator, battery,transformer, or antenna (23). It is reported that toward the end of the war the SS researched the possibility of using this device in the form of a death ray (24). But additionally, and in answer to our question, the Schappeller device was envisioned as a levitation device for a flying machine. Here is some of that discussion from our sources:

"The new dynamic technology will, in the future, be able to drive electric locomotives and automobiles without the manufacture of costly armatures and everywhere through connection to the atmospheric voltage network. Hypothetically, is certainly the installation of a sufficient number of central amplification facilities which transports from the Ur-Machine the specific magnetic impulse from the dynamic spherical element. New types of aircraft with magneto-static power devices and steering, which are completely crash and collision proof, could be built for a fraction of the cost of today's aircrafts€”and without the lengthy training of everyone who will be servicing these aircraft".

From "Vril" Die Kosmische Urkraft Wiedergeburt von Atlantis by Johannes Taeufer, page 48.

"Our problem must be to drive toward the space ship problem to new understanding of a realization! Here a definite postulate can be established: "Spherical space ship with its own atmosphere€”also technical creation of small planets with world dynamic propulsion and buoyancy!".

Will this be possible? --

Major powers in the world prepare themselves in any case presently, especially in Germany."

The above from Weltdynamismus Streifzuege durch technisches Neuland an Hand von biologischen Symbolen. pages 11 and 12.Please note the use of the words "spherical space ship"(Kugelraumschiff).

From Davson in The Physics Of The Primary State Of Matter, page 240:

"The Rotor is laminated to prevent eddying and the magnets do not project; the Rotor periphery is thus entirely equiradial.The Rotor is fixed to the shaft to be driven and the Stator is fixed about a metre above the earth's surface. The latter is, of course, flexible because the earth can include the sea or even the floor of an aether-ship."

From Davson, page 199:

"As has already been explained, the new Technique will not concern itself with the air as a supporting medium, but directly with the aether. Therefore, the body may be a vertical sealed cylinder with conic ends or any other suitable form. Such a body is obviously rigid and inelastic, and it must contain an aether stress of sufficient intensity to support its mass against thither stress of the earth's stress field, which means that the glowing magnetism core in the Stator, provided in the body to be lifted, must be able to vary its intensity according to the height at which the aether-ship is to be raised and supported whilst in transit, as the aether stress or field, itself, varies inversely as the square of the distance from the earth's surface.The actual design and solution of all the various problems in the production of such ships, the choice of methods of propulsion,whaether independent or directional, belong to the new Technique,whereas here we are only interested in the principle as applied to the problem of Gravitation."

Finally, from Davson, page 177:

"Now the reason that an unsupported body falls to the ground is primarily because it has "no hold" on the medium. It was previously explained that any inert mass or body has only a latent stress field which functions merely as the force of cohesion and has no mobility and thus only a latent internal stressfield and no external stress field. This means that it has no "hold" on any elastic medium such as the aether or the air,therefore it must fall, and it falls towards the greater inductive energy.

If the inductive energy, through some exterior cause, could be made suddenly to increase enormously, there would come a point when the body would be supported, or rather suspended, before it reached the earth's surface.

The new Technique could accomplish this by placing a Schappeller Stator in the body in question, where the body is suitably constructed, thus setting up a glowing magnetic stressfield which would hold or keep the weight or mass of the unit body suspended, not in the air€”the stress field would have no reaction on the air€”but only on the earth's magnetic stress field.

This is the basis of the new principle for "aether ships""

Employing the Schappeller mechanism is only half the total explanation. In a field propulsion saucer there are possible two types of "drive" needed. The first is the "Auftrieb" or levitation. Employment of levitation makes the craft buoyant.It weighs nothing. If it weighs nothing it can be moved very easily. "Antrieb", impulse or motive power is the second drive involved. It moves the craft directionally. Levitation only would be supplied by the Schappeller system. Directional movement is so far best explained, in my mind, using the Tesla pancake coils as explained by Bill Lyne.

Concluding Thoughts on the Schappeller Device

In the end, what can be said of the Schappeller device? certainly, it did exist. It drew attention and funding from people within the German government of the time. It was studied by a qualified outsider, a British engineer, for a period of three years and was judged to be genuine.

There are some obvious problems, however. Exotic energies have been evoked which have not been explained satisfactorily.Therefore, the facts are not in evidence yet. Certainly more proof is required before the claims made for this device or the energies involved can be wholly accepted. For the time being we must put this discussion aside, awaiting further correlations.

There are some solutions connected with this device also. If we accept the idea that both the Schauberger and the Schappeller devices worked on the theory of implosion, then one explanation will serve to explain them both. It also allows for an aether-as- matter explanation. This may fit into the evidence gathered by Nikola Tesla. The commonality of these devices could then besought and perhaps a more efficient device built as a result. We will pick up this theme again in the discussion section of this book.

It should be pointed out that the quest for this "new science" is not specific to Schappeller or Schauberger. Mr. Watson passed on these words from Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, a scientist who collaborated with Dr. Rudolf Steiner around 1920. Although he is not happy with the translation he sent it as he found it which is as it is presented here:

"...the method of science, in a materialistic sense, is based on analysis splitting apart, disintegration, separation, dissecting and all the procedures which have to destroy and take apart, to work on the corpse rather than to grow, to develop, to synthesize. That the human mind was captured by these methods of braking apart: in that I saw the source of our present situation.My question therefore was: (to Rudolf Steiner) is it possible to find another force or energy in nature, with does not have in itself the ductus of atomizing and analysis but builds up, synthesizes. Would we discover that constructive force, which makes things alive and grow, develop adequate building up of methods investigation, eventually use this force for another type of technic, applied to drive machines, than because of the inner nature of this force or energy we might be able to create another technology, social structure, constructive thinking of man rather than destructive thinking. This force must have the impulse of life, of organization within itself as the so-called physical energies have the splitting, separating trend within themselves.

My question to Rudolf Steiner October 1920 and spring 1921 therefore was: does such a force or source of energy exist? Can it be demonstrated? Could an altruistic technic be build upon it?".

My questions were answered as follows:

"Yes, such a force exists, but is not yet discovered. It is what is generally known the aether (not the physical aether) but the force which makes things grow, lives for instance in the seed as Samenkraft. Before you can work with this force you must demonstrate its presence. As we have reagents in chemistry, so you must find a reagent for the aetheric force. It is also called formative aether force because it is the force which relates the form, shape, pattern of a living thing, growth. You might try crystallization processes to which organic substrata are added. It is possible then to develop machines, which react upon and are driven by this force. Rudolf Steiner than outlined the principles of the application of this force as source of a new energy..."

Since this quest for a new science with the accompanying new machines had a relatively long history in Germany, certainly pre- dating the 3rd Reich, it is almost certain that the Schappeller device or others built along a similar understanding were further developed during the Nazi period. What became of it after the war is unknown. It can be assumed that this device did not escape the scrutiny of the numerous Allied intelligence units tasked with combing Germany for examples of German science. Perhaps someday a government report will be de-classified explaining all this as it was in the case of another free-energy machine, that being the Hans Coler device, which was declassified by the British in 1978 (25) and which worked, according to Mr. Watson, using the same principles of cold magnetism. Until that final reckoning comes aspects of the Schappeller device will still remain a mystery. And until a more final reckoning comes, the question of if the Schappeller device was used as a source of field propulsion in German flying saucers must be deferred.

The Karl Schappeller Device

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