Let me state clearly that this chapter is by no means a comprehensive report of any kind on legends or scriptures. There is much more out there than I am going to mention here. In this book I have concentrated my efforts upon science. However, I want to show the Reader that there may be a few gems of truth hidden in folklore and religion which may assist us in our quest. The question I pose here is whether some religious scriptures and folklore could be based partly on physical fact?

(Numerous examples are given from mythology, religion, folk tales, cryptozoology, and supposedly actual accounts from all over the world of animals and people thought to live within the Earth.)


I wished to show the Reader that there is a considerable amount of human testimony out there which suggests that someone else inhabits this Earth besides us. We have conditioned ourselves to believe that we are alone in the universe, but we may be in for one heck of a surprise. We might not even be alone on our own planet. A deeper question arises: Is this our planet? Science fiction writers have depicted hardy earthlings valiantly defending this planet against superior alien invaders. But what if the truth is far stranger? Could we be squatters on the outside of a strange planet which is very fruitful and which may harbor life both inside and out? What if an older civilization exists inside the Earth? Does that make them the real owners of this planet? Have they participated in the development of humanity? Did they assist our religions from before the time of Plato? Did they play a role in the development of Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions?

Is an advanced civilization living quietly inside our planet and watching us from right beneath our feet? Do they have space craft moving in and out of a ‘hole-in-the-sea’? Have they learnt to overcome inertia? Do their vehicles accelerate at rates beyond our wildest dreams, and do they flash through this solar system at faster than light speed? I pose the question:

If a civilization is advanced enough, could its air and space vehicles remain largely undetected?

Why not? If the nations of the Earth can already produce stealth aircraft, then imagine what a super civilization might be capable of.

Regardless of where you live, I am sure your leaders have lied to you about many things (e.g. inflation, crime rate, sex scandals, etc.). Political leaders lie to us about the smallest of things. Do you disagree? What about electioneering lies and false promises? Politicians are not known for being profound, deep, or able to face up to great truths. Many of them are highly superficial. What if we are not the sole title deed holders of the very planet on which we reside? Would they lie about that? I think so. Politicians in democratic countries are very insecure. They are always thinking of their careers and of how they are going to get themselves re-elected. They are very sensitive to changes in public opinion, and they fear getting thrown out of office. They pretend to be in a strong position even when they are not, and will lie through their teeth if need be. This is especially true in military matters. Now what if these insecure little men have to face a potentially older and stronger civilization inside the Earth? How can they possibly pretend that we are in a position of strength when it would be obvious to all that this is not so? As if that is not unpleasant enough, consider how many of them will feel belittled if they had to admit that there was a greater power than them? As the Reader should appreciate, facing up to a stronger civilization only magnifies our own insecurity. Hiding it does not change the reality, but it does still enable our leaders to maintain an aura of superficial authority over us. For them, this may be good enough.

If a North Polar Hole exists, then Arctic nations would surely know about it. They may already have tried to make contact with a civilization inside the Earth. Perhaps they found them to be indifferent. Maybe the leaders of another civilization already know that agreements with our leaders are not worth the paper they’re written on. Perhaps they ignore us out of choice. Such inter-civilization diplomatic failures would only serve to increase the determination of our leaders to keep this from us until they know more. They might not like the idea of admitting to the public that they are not only powerless against such a civilization, but also ignorant of its inner workings and unable to engage in a dialogue with it.

Does the idea of an Inner Earth civilization shock you? Perhaps you cannot believe for one second that such a civilization and its entrance could have remained hidden from us for so long. The Tibetan lamas stated that the entrance to Agharta lay in the far north across an ocean in the vicinity of the aurora. This corresponds to the Arctic where the Hollow Earth theory dictates there should be a hole. The Eskimos whet our appetite by suggesting that there is a ‘hole-in-the-sea’. Could this hole in the sea be the entrance to Agharta? We have established that there are no gigantic holes here on Earth. But what if a much smaller hole lies hidden in the Arctic? Let us now begin the search for the hidden entrance to Agharta.