This chapter considers attempts by Reed and Gardner to prove the existence of large Polar Holes, particularly the controversial sledging speeds of Commander Peary in his trek to reach the North Pole. It also analyzes many photographs of the Earth taken by satellites trying to find visual evidence of Polar Holes.


My conclusion is really not surprising at all. The Reader probably came to this conclusion even before reading this chapter. But, there is one difference. I was open-minded enough to examine this strange possibility in detail before rejecting it. And that, I believe, is a better and more scientific approach than just rejecting the concept out of hand. I cannot find one ounce of credible evidence to suggest the existence of:

(a) Any gigantic Polar Holes here on Earth

(b) The existence of a small Polar Hole exactly at the geographic North Pole (or even South Pole for that matter)

Marshall Gardner and others said that the North Pole did not exist. According to them it was merely a mythical place in the middle of a hole centered on the geographical North Pole.

I may be gullible, but I also do want decent answers to my questions – no matter how stupid they may appear to others. As open-minded and gullible as I am, I truly think we can lay the gigantic holes idea to rest, at least as regards the Earth. A fool can ask more questions than a wise man can answer. But, I’m not just asking strange questions to try to befuddle the wise men. I have what I believe are valid reasons for asking these questions. Some good has come from all this nonsense of mine. We found ATS III images which nobody knew existed, and they were repatriated back to Goddard Space Flight centre. We also discovered the proper explanation for the mysterious feature seen in the ATS III images. We can also lay to rest all the nonsense produced by the NASA winter montages and show that NASA wasn’t hiding anything from anyone – at least not on these occasions.

This exercise, along with the astronomical observations mentioned earlier should demonstrate to people that we need to be more aware of the images which come back from space. We should pay more attention to detail. Important facts may be staring us in the face. The strangest and most interesting results however will never reach us because the computers will be automatically removing data which is believed to be erroneous. This raises the serious possibility that satellite probes also have their own short-comings. Currently, satellite data is always considered to be superior to telescopic data. However, since the satellites are designed with a built-in myopia, they only record things within the ranges expected of them. This raises the interesting possibility that certain telescopic observations might actually be more objective and closer to reality than the satellite data which is currently regarded as holy writ.

Having set ourselves free of the invalid ideas of the past regarding gigantic Polar Holes on Earth, let us now re-consider the problem of Polar Holes from other angles. Dr. Walter’s testimony does not exclude the existence of small Polar Holes existing beyond the Arctic and Antarctic circles.