Long Delayed Radio Echoes

One of the mysteries of radio is a phenomenon which has come to be know as the LDELong Delayed Radio Echo. Radio waves move at the speed of light. The Earth is slightly less than 8,000 miles in diameter. Thus a radio wave can move virtually instantaneously around the world (approximately 1/7th of a second). Back in the late 1920s European scientists first discovered the existence of LDEs. These are transmissions which are echoes of earlier transmissions. Some bounce off the Moon, some 240,000 miles away.


These echoes take 2.6 seconds to travel to the Moon and back. Hence scientists and radio amateurs are familiar with these two echoes – 1/7th second and 2.6 seconds. It was thus something of a surprise when echoes occurred of 8 seconds, 11 seconds and so on. These LDEs are extremely rare. Some estimates put them as one occurring in every two million transmissions. Most LDEs have echo times of under 30 seconds, but some have been recorded with times of up to 5 minutes. They normally occur in the frequency range of 810 KHz to 144 MHz. On rare occasions there are multiple echoes from the original signal. LDEs may of course be caused by several different factors.

One possibility which no one has ever examined is whether these radio waves might be bouncing around inside the Earth! This is an idea which has occurred to me while doing my feasibility study. This idea is of course only valid if a planet actually has gigantic holes in it which would allow radio waves to bounce into and out of the planet. I was struck by the strange nature of the LDE problem. It seemed very consistent with the idea of radio waves bouncing around inside a gigantic hollow ball.


The curvature of a Hollow Planet would be such that radio waves could bounce around it almost ad infinitum until they lose their strength. The fact that time delays varied so much seemed to be extremely strong evidence suggesting that these waves were bouncing around inside a hollow cavity. One does not know whether there would be an ionosphere inside the Earth too, and the exact path such waves might take. Since one is also considering the existence of some kind of nuclear central Sun inside the Earth – as an integral part of this overall idea - it seems to me to be theoretically possible that it might produce an ionosphere inside the Earth.

Could a radio signal be ‘stored’ inside the Inner Earth by having it bounce around therein? This could only happen if the Earth’s crust contains one or more gigantic holes in it. A signal could enter via the north or south Polar Holes. Exiting from the Polar Holes should be extremely difficult since they surely only cove a small fraction of the Earth’s surface area. A signal could bounce around inside the Earth until it loses all its energy, never to emerge.


But on rare occasions when the conditions are right, it might just be able to emerge again over the same area from where it was transmitted. The Hollow Earth model could also produce the multiple echoes which have been noted by some scientists. Some radio waves may move around the outside of the Earth while some go inside and later emerge. All manner of variations could result from radio waves bouncing around the outside and inside of a Hollow Planet.