I am a consultant in the computer industry in Johannesburg, South Africa. Some years ago I became interested in a very strange old scientific idea first proposed by Sir Edmund Halley - the Hollow Earth Theory. I was fascinated by this bizarre old idea and read through various literature regarding it - most of it being rubbish. Nevertheless, there was a certain underlying logic to it all, and it was this which I set out to explore. I decided to do my own feasibility study of this old idea using modern-day science as my basis. Is it possible that planets could be hollow and that scientists might have somehow missed it? This was a question I posed myself. My 5 year obsession with this idea resulted in me writing a book of almost 600 pages examining every aspect of science imaginable and seeing if any of this might mean that the planets of our Solar System are hollow.

I interviewed a large number of scientists from many fields and consulted many authoritative journals such as Nature, Journal of Geophysical Research, The Strolling Astronomer, Science, Discovery, New Scientist, Eos, Science News, etc. Take a look at some of what I found, and decide for yourself whether perhaps this old idea has some merits.



The "Reader's Digest" version of Hollow Planets.
Here is a booklet, which summarizes many (but definitely not all) of the issues raised in my book Hollow Planets. This booklet was put together by one of the Readers. I wanted to get this booklet online in time for my interview with Jeff Rense in August 2000, and so I have not had a chance to edit it properly or to put some comments of my own in the front. I hope to do so in the very near future. Anyway, here it is, to titillate your taste buds, hope you like it