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Is the Earth Hollow?

This intriguing question has attracted the attention of free thinkers, scientists and a wide assortment of crackpots back through the ages.

The most ancient of stories of modern mankind can be found written on the clay tablets of Mesopotamia. Two, "Gilgamesh" (Table XII) and "The Descent of Ishtar to the Underworld", are about adventures among different kinds of creatures inside the earth. 1

Plato wrote of enormous subterranean tunnels both broad and narrow that made up the earth’s interior.


Dr. Edmond Halley, of comet fame, believed that all heavenly bodies were hollow and in a speech before the members of the Royal Society of London stated,

"Beneath the crust of the Earth, which is 500 feet thick, is a hollow void". Then there was Leonard Euler (1707-1783), noted mathematician and one of the founders of higher mathematics. He stated that, "mathematically the Earth has to be hollow". He also believed there "was a center sun inside the Earth’s interior, which provided daylight to a splendid subterranean civilization." 2

Next came Captain John Cleves Symmes, war hero of the War of 1812.


Once his studies led him to believe in a Hollow Earth, he used his knowledge to convince James McBride, a Miami Ohio millionaire. Mr. McBride used his political connections to Rep. Richard M. Johnson (D) of Kentucky [later vice-president under Van Buren 1837-18411] to petition congress to finance an expedition to claim the lands inside the earth for the U.S. The petition, by a vote of 56-46 was tabled. 3

The Hollow Earth was next theorized by William Reed in his 1906 book "The Phantom of The Poles". Based on his studies of early Arctic explorations and scientific evidence, he states that the Earth is not solid as widely believed, but hollow with openings at both ends.


In the summary of his revolutionary theory, Reed states:

"The Earth is hollow. The Poles, so long sought, are phantoms. There are openings at the northern and southern extremities. In the interior are vast continents, oceans, mountains and rivers. Vegetable and animal life are evident in this New World and it is probably peopled by races unknown to dwellers on the Earth’s surface". 4

Marshall B. Gardner reached the same conclusions after 20 years of researched and published his finding in "A Journey to the Earth’s Interior, or, Have the Poles Really Been Discovered" in 1913, revised 1920.


He was unaware of Reed or his theory at the time.


Mr. Gardner puts forth the argument that neither Cook nor Peary reached the True North Pole since, according to the theory, it does not exist. Mr. Gardner states:

"Scientific societies that considered Cook’s and Peary’s claims concluded that in neither case could it be said authoritatively that the explorer had reached the pole". 5

This controversy still exists today.

Science fiction writers have had a field day with the theory. Jules Verne’s "Journey to the Center of the Earth, Edgar Rice Borrough’s "Tarzan at the Earth’s Core" and scores of other authors have let their talents run wild in the Inner World. Grade-B film makers know a good theme when they find one also.

Then there are those people who claim to have visited the interior of our planet. Olaf Janson’s "The Smoky God", is one such story that comes to mind.

Another is "EDIDORPHA or The End Of The Earth" by John Uri Lloyd published in 1895.

Ray Palmer was one of the first researchers and reporters on the UFO scene during the 50s and 60s. In his ground breaking publications "Flying Saucers" and Search Magazine he speculated that, because UFOs have been seen in earth’s sky throughout history , they may very well be from our earth, in fact, evidence seemed to indicate that UFOs could very well come from a subterranean world inside our earth.

Then on the cover of "Flying Saucers" magazine issue #69 - June 1970 and in issue #92 of "Search Magazine" published in July of 1970, the late Mr. Palmer published a photo that is still a controversy.


Excerpts from his Editorial in the above mentioned "Flying Saucers" magazine tell it best:

"On the cover this month we reproduce the most remarkable photo ever made. It was taken by the ESSA-7 satellite on November 23, 1968 the North Pole photo lacking clouds in the polar area, therefore reveals the surface of the planet.


Although, surrounding the polar area, and north of such areas as the North American continent and Greenland and the Asian continent, we can see the ice-fields 8-foot thick ice we do not see any ice fields in a large circular area directly at the geographic pole.


Instead we see THE HOLE!" 6


The ESSA-3 Photograph
The first photograph referred to by McElwaine was taken by ESSA-3 on January 6, 1967:



The caption includes the words "clearly showing the hole at the North Pole." If this is indeed the case, then it is nothing short of remarkable, as the North Pole is in complete darkness at this time of year!

There are other extremely suspicious things about this photograph. Not just the "hole", but the entire visible hemisphere of the Earth is in sunlight - clearly impossible unless the pole is oriented directly toward the sun. This is not, of course, the case. At no time during January 1967 was the entire Northern Hemisphere simultaneously bathed in sunlight.

Oh, and another thing. If the interior of the Earth is illuminated by "a glowing ball of plasma, about 600 miles in diameter", why don't we see a bright disk instead of a dark hole?

Answer: it's a composite photo. ESSA-3 was a polar-orbiting satellite, and this image is a clearly a montage produced by NASA from a number of separate half-lit images to give a measure of global cloud cover.

The ESSA-7 Photograph
Here is McElwaine's second photograph, taken by ESSA-7 on November 23, 1968:




The photograph taken by the satellite Essa-7, with the "hole" that has so alarmed the American public.
It is the "hole" that would lead to the center of the earth, to cities and fabulous "bases" of UFOs!
In fact this "hole" comes from the limit of the photographic coverage of the satellite,

which, since its orbit does not see to the pole ...



Again, the same observations about lighting apply to this photograph. January 6 is as close to midwinter as makes no odds, and everything within the Arctic Circle should be completely hidden from view.

It's a composite image again. Long, straight lines radiate from the edge of the "hole" at around 7 o'clock and 9 o'clock, reaching the the Equator, and in the case of the 7 o'clock line, considerably further, indicating that this is stuck together from several smaller images. The bright rim is almost certainly and edge-of-frame artifact from the camera rather than any physical effect.

If there were indeed holes at the poles, why do we not see them in pictures taken from the ESSA satellites in July, for example?


In 1981 I came into possession of another group of NASA photos showing earth from deep in space which, not only substantiates the ESSA-7 photos, but adds weight to another feature of the hollow earth theory.

At this point any practical person will start to ask themselves, if this is all true why isn’t it common and accepted knowledge. As Ray Palmer said in one of his articles:

" A government that will not tell you what they know about UFOs would certainly keep the origin of then a secret".

Then there are those researchers who say some of us spend entirely too much time looking at the poles.

"Certain researchers swear the earth is shaped like a giant doughnut and that holes at the poles provide an entrance into the inner lands. "Not so!" shouts another group. "Entrance to the interior world can be gained only by entering a cave and discovering the subterranean tunnels.""

Most of the people who claim to have visited the inner lands arrive there through old mine shafts, caves and subterranean tunnels.


Others claim to have traveled through extent volcanoes. There is good solid evidence supporting all these theories. Evidence also supports the possibility of other hidden entrances to the inner realms in The Bermuda Triangle and other strange areas around the world. 7

One of these areas of interest in the Pacific Northwestern area of the United States. It was in this area that the name "Flying Saucers" was first heard.

"On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold, a businessman and commercial pilot from Boise, Idaho, was flying past Mount Rainier, in Mount Rainier National Park, State of Washington, when he sighted a strange formation of nine luminous saucer-shaped objects. He related this unusual experience to newsmen and news of the mysterious objects dubbed "flying saucers" was spread nationwide". 8

UFOs are quite common in the area. In fact the thousands of miles of untrodden land that makes up the extreme Northwestern part of America hides many unexplained mysteries.


This is the land of "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch" as the local Native Americans call him.


In connection with our research into different possibilities we offer the following interesting story which was reported in the January 1975 issue of "Saga" by B. Ann Slate:

"In April 1974, Psychic Joyce Partise of Southern California held a sealed envelope in her hands. Unknown to her, that envelope contained a photograph of a Sasquatch footprint {Ms Partise said] "These things are coming from outer space - it’s an outer space war! The first area will be Portland, Oregon. There’s a mountain with a hole in it.


Someone should investigate this mountain because they’re down in there already. You know those hairy things that run around, the ape man? He’s not an ape. They’re underground, in contact with outer space and their intentions toward mankind is total destruction!.. this gorilla man - there’s a civilization of thousands of them their eyes are extremely light sensitive from being underground.


These tunnels I’m seeing is part of their habitation. They’ve dug them. I think it may even go into California" 9

Just south of the Oregon - California border the snow-capped peak of mysterious Mt. Shasta keeps her secrets.


Locally there are whispers of certain merchants quietly doing business, for gold, with strange young looking men with piercing blue eyes wearing unusual clothing and footwear, who mysteriously, upon completing their business fade away into the wilderness. Are these mysterious consumers from the legendary underground city of "Telos" said to exist under Mt. Shasta?


Could they actually be descendants of the lost continent of "Lemuria". Could the strange men seen in the small communities of the area be on a "munchies run" for their underground friends?


Anything is possible in the realm of the underground.

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What Waits Below?

Anytime I tell someone about the Hollow Earth Theory the inevitable question is ‘how can I get there?


Hopefully this issue of THEI will help to answer this question.

Of course, the first thought when seeking to enter the interior of our planet is to plan a trip through one of the two pole-holes which are alleged to be located at the north and south poles. I disagree with this idea. First, for those who would try to go over the lip into the interior by land the hardships would be unbearable. I lived in Alaska for six years and I found, operating in the cold without proper clothing etc. to be impossible. The amount of equipment and cold weather gear needed to make such a trip would be staggering.

For this reason, most people who would try to gain entrance to the inner lands feel that an airplane would be the answer. Those who feel this is the best avenue of exploration should get in touch with "The Society for a Complete Earth.". This group is currently planning a trip to re-create Admiral Byrd’s alleged 1947 flight to the lands beyond the pole. For more information you can contact the director of the society, Danny Weiss, P.O. Box 890, Felton, CA 95018, 1(408)335-9329.

However, I believe that these much-talked-about pole-holes, if they exist, have been hidden from view through the use of advanced technology which would prevent us from detecting their hole. It could be through the use of holograms, mind blocks, a space-time curve, or methods not even imagined by our limited knowledge.


Of course, I could be wrong. At any rate, the north and south pole are probably the best protected areas of the world. Another "plane down" is a realistic scenario for any "unauthorized " travel in these controlled areas.

The best route to the interior of our earth is to be invited. Of course there’s being invited and there’s BEING INVITED! There are many documented cases of people being taken into areas of the interior of our planet, unfortunately, most are taken against their will. One such person was Kaye Kizziar who was abducted from her home and taken to "magnificent caverns beneath Fish Creek" in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains. (See accompanying newspaper clipping in Volume III #5).

Another person who was kidnapped and taken by a "UFO" into the inner world was Katharina Wilson. Her experiences are accepted as one of the best documented abduction cases and can be read about in her excellent book The Alien Jigsaw (1993).

In his "must read" book Alien Update (1995), British UFO Researcher Extraordinaire Timothy Good reports on UFO phenomena from around the world. On page 27, "They Took Me To Their Base" he tells of an interview with Carlos Manuel Mencado in Puerto Rico.


Mr. Mencado was abducted by the Aliens commonly called the little grays who escorted him aboard a "flying saucer".


"The craft shot up, and I believed we would go far away, but instead, it seemed to veer to the left and descended toward the Sierra Benmeja. I was afraid we would crash, but a hole appeared in a depression to the side of El Cayul mountain and the craft went all the way down it through a tunnel and came out in a big place that seemed to be like a long, large cavern".

Those of us who are patient can wait till we’re invited (hopefully not abducted). However, I know there are those people out there who can’t wait.

They are action people! For them, probably the best way to get to the inner earth is through one of the thousands of natural cavern entrances. With a lot of research and cave searching, plus a little luck, you just might find a "backdoor" into the subterranean lands.

Probably the best written account of a trip through the subterranean lands into the inner kingdom was reported in the 1895 book "Etidorpha".

Secret Societies, conspiracy, a strange alien guide, suppressed earth sciences - it’s hard to believe that this book is a hundred years old! Yet, is it fact or fiction?

A few years ago long time inner earth researcher Bruce Walton made some startling discoveries. With his kind permission I am happy to re-print his complete and important research report, "Is William Morgan The Man" in this issue of THEI.

After making the decision to seek out an entrance to the inner realms through one of the many cavern entrances it might be a good idea to go to one of the commercial caves around the country to get an idea what it will be like underground. These "open to the public" caves can be found in almost any state including, believe it or not, Florida. With a little research, and a weekend get-a-way, I’m sure you can locate one near you. The newspaper clipping, "Caves Not Far From Interstates", included with this issue should help you start your search.

While many of these well known caves contain connecting passages to the inner lands, unless you "know someone", it’s doubtful that you could use them.

However, by studying and understanding the known caves, you just might find the clue you need to find your own entrance. One man who may well have found a entrance to the lands inside the earth was Jack Mitchell, discoverer of Mitchell’s Caverns, now a California State Park.

Mitchell’s Caverns is located 18 miles north of the small town of Essex which is 28 miles west of Needles California and 111 miles East of Barstow California on Route 66. The report, "The Cave Of The Winding Stairs", was filed by Hollow Earth researcher Ollie Mork.

One of the best know areas where entrances to one of the inner realms is unarguably located somewhere in the vicinity of Mt. Shasta in northern California. Long know as the location of the subterranean city of Telos, Mt. Shasta is the best bet for serious searchers. Recently Michael Theroux director of Borderland Sciences and writer Michael P. Elsey conducted an expedition to the famous mountain in search of some answers.


Their findings were published in Volume L1, Number 4 of BORDERLANDS which was issued during the fourth quarter of 1995.


With Mr. Theroux’s permission I am proud to reprint their report on the 1995 Mt. Shasta Expedition in Volume 3 #5 of The Hollow Earth Insider.


The Down Side

Of course if you do decide to venture along a long, lonely, dark path leading to uncharted subterranean kingdoms it will not be a stroll in the park.

There are many dangers underground. If one of your party should fall and, say, break a leg, - there are no doctors handy. Many times just moving forward will seem to be impossible. I highly recommend to anyone planning such an adventure to make it a point to read Subterranean Climbers (1951) by Pierre Chevalier. (Subterranean Climbers is available from: Cave Books, 756 Harvard Av., St. Louis MO 63130). Written from the famous mountain climber and speleologist.


Pierre Chevalier’s on site journal. It tells of his groups twelve years spent exploring the Trou du Glaz cave system in France. Not only does this book walk you through many of the problems these brave men met, but it also tells you what equipment you’ll need for all kinds of situations. These gentlemen invented many of the caving solutions and special equipment used by professional cavers worldwide.

There is one major problem that you will have right from the start...

Unknown by most people as of November 18, 1988 both the Senate and House of Representatives passed Public Law 100-691 commonly referred to as the "Federal Cave Resources Protection Act of 1988".


According to a copy of this law supplied by Hollow Earth researcher Tal LeVesque , the government has decided that caves located on "Federal Lands" are a natural resource and must be protected from you and I, America’s citizens.

The laws defines a cave as,

"any naturally occurring void, cavity, recess, or system of interconnecting passages which occurs beneath the surface of the earth or within a cliff or ledge (including any vug, mine, tunnel, aqueduct, or other manmade excavation) and which is large enough to permit an individual to enter, whether or not the entrance is naturally formed or manmade. Such term shall include any natural pit, sinkhole, or other feature which is an extension of the entrance".

This translates into - any hole in the ground, natural or manmade.

Another interesting provision, under Section 5, "Confidentiality Of Information Concerning Nature and Location of Significant Caves" states:

"Information concerning the specific location of any significant cave may not be made available to the public under section 552 of title, United States Code"

The law states further:

"Any person who, without prior authorization from the Secretary knowingly destroys, disturbs, defaces, mars, alters, removes or harms any significant cave or alters the free movement of any animal or plant life into or out of cave(s) located on Federal Land shall be punished".

The use of the word "disturbs" disturbs me. Is leaving foot prints a disturbance? What about yanking one of those slimy reptilians out of their lair? Does that constitute "altering the free movement of any animal" or do reptiles count?

Which brings us to the most important danger of all. Be aware that all creatures which inhabit the inner lands are not neighborly towards humans. Enter the subterranean realms at your own risk. And please do it cautiously.


I also strongly suggest that before making any serious attempts at locating and entering a passageway into the subterranean depths you read the conclusion of John Rhodes report "The Human-Reptilian Connection".

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The Hollow Earth Insider Statement of Purpose

The Hollow Earth Insider Research Report was not started for the purpose of presenting the evidence thereby proving the theory.


The major problem with trying to understand the Hollow Earth Theory is the material available up until now has been rehashed and watered down. It seems that every twenty years or so a new "Hollow Earth Researcher", using the works of Ray Palmer and Raymond Bernard of the 50s and 60s, tries to "prove" that the earth is hollow. This is the 90s!


If this is a real possibility then a close look at our knowledge of today should at least bring forth new evidence; either in support of the theory or in positive proof that the whole idea is ridiculous.

To start with, if you are really interested in examining the theory you should start with the following books.

"A Journey to the Earth’s Interior" (1920) by Marshall B. Gardner and "The Phantom of the Poles" (1906) by William Reed. Both of these books have been in print since first published and can be found in inexpensive paperback issues. Most large bookstores can locate a copy for you.

Gardner’s book concentrates on the scientific evidence more than the arctic explorers observations, and I recommend that you read it first. However, Reed’s book is just as important as it covers the all important arctic/Antarctic aspects of the theory beautifully. I cannot stress the importance of reading these books if you really want to understand the full significance of the Hollow Earth Theory.

The Hollow Earth Insider Research Report’s purpose is to take the study of the theory into the twenty-first century and to keep the questions alive until they are answered one way or the other.


As an inter-action Research Report THEI has grown into a worldwide network of serious researchers and subscribers. We exchange information on all phases of our investigation searching for clues possibly connecting all "earthly" mysteries to the theory; examine who is behind the conspiracy; and explore the reasons these true facts are being hidden from the peoples of the world.


Join us as we leave no rock unturned exploring all possibilities!

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Hollow Moon?
...or From Where The Bells Toll

Another piece of evidence pointing towards the theory that all heavenly bodies are hollow is that, as you would expect with a hollow sphere, both the Earth and our moon are known to "ring like a bell" when hit with a shock wave.

In "Moongate: Suppressed findings of The US Space Program" (1982), Nuclear Engineer and researcher/writer William L. Brian II presents evidence proving that the moon, as any hollow sphere would, "rings" when hit by asteroids or heavy space junk. And that’s not all. According to Dr. Brian,

"the evidence provided by Apollo seismic experiments also points to the conclusion that the moon is hollow and relatively rigid." (1)

He also reports:

"It is not commonly known that the Earth displays the same bell-like ringing or reverberations as the moon. Since the Earth is 81.56 times more massive than the moon, it takes a much larger explosion or shock wave to generate this effect."

Joseph Goodavage referenced such occurrences in his book, "Astrology: The Space Age Science". He mentioned that the ringing effect was recorded during the May 22, 1960 Chilean earthquake.


This was supposedly the most violent earthquake that had been recorded since the establishment of official world records in 1881. Goodavage provided a description of the effect which was given at the 1961 World Earthquake Conference, held at Helsinki, Finland.

The description stated that the shock was so severe that the "entire planet rang like a bell". The ringing continued for a considerable length of time in a regular series of slow impulses which were recorded at various independent seismic stations. Goodavage also noted that the planet rang again as a result of the Anchorage, Alaska earthquake of March 27, 1964.


It seems hard to believe that scientists were so appalled in finding that the moon rang like a bell. After all, the Earth displays the same characteristic". (2)

Proof that the "ringing" of the moon is common knowledge in the scientific and NASA communities is presented in communications between Mission Control and the men aboard the Apollo 17 moon mission on December 29, 1972.

"LUNAR MODULE PILOT (LMP): Was there any indication on the seismometers on the impact about the time I saw a light flash on the surface?

CAPCOM: Stand by. We’ll check on that.
LMP: A UFO perhaps, don’t worry about it. It could have been one of the other flashes of light
CAPCOM: Jack, just some words from the back room for you. There may have been an impact at the time you called, but . So it would mask any other impact." (3)

Research/Writer Don Wilson presents other well-documented evidence supporting the Hollow Moon Theory.

"The moon has only 60% of the density of Earth. The improbable fact that an equal amount of earth material seemed to weigh almost twice as much as moon matter mystified everyone. Why the difference? The actual answer, some scientists felt, pointed to the possibility that part or all of the moon’s interior was hollow!" (4)

Then there’s a report in the July 1962 issue of Astronautics by Dr. Gordon McDonald, a leading scientist at the Nation Aeronautics and Space Administration in which he states that,

"according to an analysis of the moon’s motion, it appears that the moon is hollow: if the astronomical data are reduced, it is found that the data require that the interior of the moon is less dense than the outer parts. Indeed, it would seem that the moon is more like a hollow than a homogeneous sphere.’" (5)

In 1959 eminent scientist Professor Iosif Shklovsky put forth his findings in relation to the "moons" circling Mars.

"After carefully weighing up the evidence he concludes that they are both hollow" (6)

While some "orthodox" scientists will quietly admit that some earthly bodies are probably hollow, they steadfastly refuse to accept the fact that ALL planets and moons are NATURALLY hollow and hurry to add they must be "artificial" satellites.

For instance:

"The moon seems to be a comparatively light world in contrast with the planet Earth. The fact that the moon is only about 60% as dense as our planet has led scientists to two theories: that the moon is without an iron core, and/or, that it is partially hollow.

"Data and computations – among them, Dr. McDonald’s motion studies, – point to the conclusion that our moon is internally hollow to a great extent. Since most scientists claim there is no natural explanation for such peculiar phenomenon (because satellite worlds are not naturally hollow), the inevitable conclusion indicates that the moon is artificially hollow." (7)

Once again, the "establishment" scientists are trying to "fit" the facts to their "sacred cow" theory. In no way will they "buck" the system and admit the obvious.


The facts, once again, support the theory laid out by Gardner and Reed all heavenly bodies are hollow.



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A Look at The Polar "Mystery"

If our world is solid as we are told common since tells us that the "magnetic" Poles would be where they belong – at the same spot as the "geographical" poles.


However, as we know that is not the case.

"The Magnetic Poles are not fixed spots, but are constantly traveling onwards, executing an unknown path and apparently completing a circle in a period of many hundreds of years. In addition to this onward movement of a few miles a year, there is a lesser daily oscillation". (1)

What do Gardner and Reed, the presenters of The Hollow Earth Theory have to say on this subject?

"In gravitational pull it is not the geometrical position that counts. Center, in the geometrical sense of the word, does not apply. It is the mass that attracts. And if the great mass of the earth is in its thick shell, it is the mass of that shell that will attract, and not a mere geometrical point which is not in the shell but 2900 miles away from it, as that is the approximate distance between the center sun and the inner surface of the earth.


As a matter of fact it is the equal distribution of the force of gravity all through the shell. When we are on the outside of the shell it is the mass of the shell that attracts us to the surface. When we go over to the inside of the shell the same force will still keep our feet solidly planted on the inner side". (2)

So, according to Gardner, it’s not some action deep within our Earth which causes gravity and the Earth’s magnetism but the rotation of the mass which makes up the crust.


To understand where a "magnetic" pole would be if the world were made-up as envisioned by the two fathers of the Hollow Earth Theory we turn to William Reed:

" if the center of the walls of the earth is the center of gravity, then the greatest attraction would be at the poles.[the place where the magnetic pull would be the strongest] "must have been about halfway around the curve, entering the introit of the earth and, if so, was in perfect accordance with the laws of the universe that the center of gravity is strongest at this point". (3)

Gardner agrees with Reed. The magnetic poles would actually form a circle around the pole-hole. Not a "moving" pole as in the accepted theory, but a permanent "ring" around the alleged entrance into the inner lands.



One Pole-Two Poles-Three Poles-More?
On July 19, 1947 a group of scientists left Ottawa Canada aboard a plane with the mission of finding the exact position of the North Magnetic Pole.

Included in the tons of equipment they loaded aboard was "a new instrument that is expected to be helpful in taking magnetic soundings and establishing the northern magnetic field" (4)

On August 17, 1947 The New York Times reported:


Polar Shift Confirmed
Canadian Scientists Report a Movement 200 Miles North
Ottawa, Aug. 16, 1947


The North Magnetic Pole seems to have moved 200 miles north since the year 1909 according to the first findings of four scientists of the Canadian Department of Mines and Resources, who left here by air July 19 in quest of the poles present position." (5)

This seems to fit the accepted theory OK. No surprises here.


But then the United States Air Force tried to slide one by us. on Monday, October 20, 1947 the following front page story was carried by The New York Times:

All Arctic Is Open To The Air Force; 2 New Poles Found

Tests show 3 Magnetic Poles Instead of 1, With Center on Prince Wales Island by Anthony Leviero

Washington, Oct. 19, 1947 – ". The Air Force disclosed that it had discovered two new magnetic poles, in addition to correcting the position of the one recognized by science the three poles constitute an elliptical magnetic field" (6)

Upon finding this article in the Jacksonville Florida Public Library microfilm files I had to rush to a dictionary.


Just as I suspected, Webster’s Seventh defined elliptical as being a "deviation of an ellipse or a spheroid from the form of a circle or a sphere. Ellipse is defined as "an oval". Of course, this is never talked about.


As could be expected the article goes on to state,

"the exact location in latitude and longitude of these important discoveries in terrestrial magnetism were withheld for security reasons, a spokesman said"

Under the rug!

However a little bit more of what was found out did slip through the net. In a scientific editorial in The New York Times published on October 21, 1947 we learn:

Magnetic Trinity

" This military study of the polar regions has unexpectedly supplied us with new information on terrestrial magnetism. Observers of the Royal Air Force found that the North Magnetic Poles lies 300 miles north-northwest of its charted position.


These findings have not only been confirmed by American Army pilots but have been supplemented with the information there are three magnetic poles in the area 450 miles long by nearly 200 miles wide." (7)



The Poles Explained
Is it just a coincidence that these documented findings fits exactly the description of what the founders of the Hollow Earth Theory said would be found? As with most of the earthly mysteries, the "mysteries" of the poles are easily understood when looked at using the concept of a hollow globe.

The poles do not from spot to spot and there are not three separate poles. This is a classic example of the results of the establishment scientists trying to "fit" the know facts to their "sacred cow" of a theory.


The actual explanation is simple. As different explorers start over the edge of the lip into the interior lands they think they have "discover" that the pole has moved or that they have "found" a new magnetic pole. It’s also possible that they are taking readings from different areas of the circle which surrounds the pole-hole exactly where Reed and Gardner said the magnetic field is located.


In the words of the author of the Oct.21, 1947 New York Times scientific editorial quoted above:

"We begin to understand why explorers have reported that the Magnetic North Pole is elusive and that it shifts its position. But is it shifting? If the three magnetic poles remain fixed, if other poles are found, which is not improbable, we shall have to think of an ellipse-shaped magnetic region. (8)

Another scientific fact which supports the Hollow Earth Theory, yet totally ignored by the "experts".




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Plasma Guns & Sub-riders

Erich von Daniken in his 1973 photo-journal In Search of Ancient Gods included two color photos of the inside of two subterranean corridor on pages 79-80 along with this observation:

"Did extra-terrestrial beings give our early ancestors sophisticated tools? When you walk through the caves in Ecuador and other South American countries, you can’t help asking the question.


The caves were certainly not the work of nature, which does not produce right-angled curves, polished surface areas, extremely accurate grooves and straight corridors. These gigantic caves on this and the following page must have been cut out of the solid rock by tools that are quite unknown to us."

Across the Yucatan Peninsula, throughout Belize and Guatemala; as far south as Northern Honduras, and as far north as the Chiapas of Mexico.


This was the land sf the Olmec and Maya. Here, just as in South America, we find mysterious abandoned stone cities and stories of strange underground chambers and tunnels.

Fifty miles north of Mexico City in the province of Hidalgo is the town of Tula. Writing in Lost Cities of North and Central America (1992) David Hatcher Childress tells of the French explorer-historian Claude Joseph Desire Charney who, with the help of the locals, cleared the jungle away from some overgrown mounds near the town.

Mr Childress wrote:

"Charney soon came across huge basalt blocks more than seven feet long that appeared to him to be giant feet of statues. Indeed, they were, the incredible Atlanteans, as they are known today, huge figures designed as columns to hold up a gigantic temple. ( page 254)

He then tells of his own observations:

"Peter and I walked around the site, and were most impressed by the gigantic Atlantean figures that had been erected on top of one of the pyramids. They were indeed huge, more than 30 feet high in four sections with stone plugs neatly fitting into corresponding contacts. Each holds a strange weapon on his side.


Zecharia Sitchin in The Lost Realms claims that these devices are plasma guns, used for melting rock in the mining operations that were the main reason for the construction of many of the early cities in North and South America."

A closer look at The Lost Realms is called for.


On page 105 Mr Sitchin tells us:

"Experts in earthworks, masters of stonework, diggers of trenches, channelers of water, users of mirrors-- what, thus endowed, were the Olmecs doing in Mesoamerica?


Stelae show them emerging from "Alters that represent entrances into the depths of the earth (fig 58), or inside caves holding a puzzling array of tools, as on the stela from La Venta (top illustration) in which it is possible to discern the enigmatic mirrors being attached to the tool holders helmets.

All in all, the capabilities, the scenes, the tools appear to us to lead to one conclusion; the Olmecs were miners, come to the new world to extract some precious metals-- probably gold, perhaps other rare minerals too."

(While I agree with Mr. Sitchin, the Olmecs were probably miners, I also believe that they had something to do with the worldwide system of tunnels. There was more to this than just mining. - DGC)

Mr Sitchin continues;

"The legends of Votan, which speak of tunneling through mountains, support this conclusion. So does the fact that among the Olden Gods whose worship was adopted from the Olmecs by the Nahautl people were the god Tepeyolloti, meaning, 'Heart of the Mountain.'


He was a bearded God of caves; his temple had to be made of stone, preferably built inside a mountain. His glyph-symbol was a pierced mountain; he was depicted holding as his tool a flamethrower - just as we had seen at Tula! "

Our suggestion that the flame thrower seen there (both held by the Atlanteans and depicted on a column) was probably used to cut through stone, not just carving on stone, is manifestly supported by a stone relief known as Daiza No. 40 after the site in Mexico’s Oaxaca Valley where it was discovered.


It clearly depicts a person inside a confined area, using the flame thrower against a wall in front of him.

The travels of Votan sometimes called Pacal Yotan or just Lord Pacal by the Maya was covered in Irene Nicholson’s book Mexican and Central American Mythology (1967).


Ms. Nicholson tells us:

From some unknown origin he was ordered by the gods to go to America to found a culture. So he departed from his home, called Valum Chivim and unidentified, and by the way of the ’dwelling of the thirteen snakes’ he arrived at Valum Votan. (Snakes are known to live in the underworld. -DGC)

The story continues:

"From there he travelled up the Usumacinta river and founded Palenque. Afterward he made several visits to his native home, on one of which he came upon a tower which was originally planned to reach the heavens but which was destroyed because of a ’confusion of tongues’ among its architects. Votan was, however allowed to use a subterranean passage in order to reach ’the rock of heaven’."

The December 1975 issue of National Geographic’s cover story "The Maya, Children of Time" by Howard LaFay tells of his visit to the ruins of Palenque in Mexico’s state of Chipas.


He explains how,

"in 1949, Dr. Alberto Ruz Lhuiler - then in charge of the excavations at Palenque" discovered the "most elaborate pyramid tomb in the New World."

He then tells us of his trip into Pacal’s tomb.

"... I descended the stairway found by Ruz. The limestone passage glistened moistly. You go down, steeply and deeply, through a series of brilliantly engineered corbeled vaults. The awesome passage drops away before you like the nave of a cathedral plunging into the depths.


"What impresses you when you enter the tomb of mighty Pacal? The silence. The void that comes with time, too dies. For 1,300 years Pacal had reposed here in absolute silence, in total darkness."

(page 761)

David Hatcher Childress tells of his trip into Pacal’s tomb in Lost Cities of North & Central America.


He describes the lid of the sarcophagus, which is our main concern.




"The monolithic sarcophagus is 5 feet 5 inches high, 6 feet 10 inches wide and 9 feet 9 inches long. The massive, 5 ton cover slab is 12 and one half feet long by 7 feet inches wide and 8 inches thick..."


"The sarcophagus lid has attracted a great deal of attention because of its fascinating detail of a rather odd scene. A man apparently Lord Pacal, is in a seated position, and has an intricate, decorated scene around him."


"Erich von Daniken popularized the nation in the late 1960s that this sarcophagus lid showed the portrait of an ancient astronaut taking off or landing in his spaceship, a stylized rocket. Von Daniken is worth quoting,

"Although the tombstone forms a frame in the middle of which a being is sitting and leaning forwards (like an astronaut in his command module.) This strange being wears a helmet from which twin tubes run backwards. In front of his nose is an oxygen apparatus. The figure is manipulating some kind of controls with both hands.


The fingers of the upper hand are arranged as if the being was making a delicate adjustment to a knob in front of him. We can see four fingers of the lower hand which has its back to us. The little finger is crooked. Doesn’t it look as if the being was working a control such as the hand-throttle of a motorbike?


The heel of the left foot rests on a pedal with several steps."

(pages 197-l98)

However, for reasons that make a lot of sense, Childress explains in his well researched book, Von Daniken’s explanation is highly unlikely. He then goes on to say:

"A more credible, and in fact, as interesting an explanation for the sarcophagus lid of Lord Pacal is that the engraved relief represents a division of the universe in three layers; the Upper World, the Middle World, and the Underworld."

( page 199)

Howard LaFay in the December Issue of National Geographic’s, "The Maya, Children of Time" gave another interpretation:

"Frozen in a perpetual fall, Pacal, the great ruler of Palenque, drops at the instant of death into the jaws sf an underworld monster, just as the sun sinks each day in the west. This interpretation holds that, again, like the sun, he will ascend into the heavens, thus fulfilling a cosmic cycle."

(page 760)

What do Maya legends say about the relief? It is a vessel returning Lord Pacal (Pacal Votan to the underworld.) I believe the Maya, the descendents of Lord Pacal, told us in their legends exactly what the scene represents.

Once again our research proves that the real answer backs up our theory.

I submit that Lord Pacal is shown sitting in a tunnel car used to travel the 800 miles of subterranean passages (the ’dwelling of the thirteen snakes’) to the land of the underworld and his home, Valum Chivim.

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