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This Report does not address the existence of a hollow globe with entrances at both ends. Nor will we be looking for proof that Admiral Richard E. Byrd discovered or explored unknown lands in the interior of our planet. This report is looking into only two questions.

(1) Did Admiral Byrd make a flight to the North Pole in February of 1947?

(2) Is the so-called “secret diary” of Admiral Byrd that has been circulating amongst those of us who are interested in the Hollow Earth Theory since the late 70s in fact a true account of that alleged flight?

As a youngster in the late 50s I became very interest in the exploits of the world’s last great explorer Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd. I read everything I could get my hands on regarding the Arctic and Antarctic explorations of this great hero of the time. To my surprise and delight ten years later, when my research into the origin of UFOs led me to the study of The Hollow Earth, I again ran into my childhood hero, The Admiral. Once again I studied the exploits of this extraordinary man. A few years ago I decided to compile and bring up to date everything I could having to do with The Admirals involvement in the HollowEarth/Subterranean story. However, I found one think that disturbed me.


Somewhere along the way there had been added an expedition that no history book had even mentioned … a 1947 Arctic expedition. By this time I was aware of the cover-up of the real reasons for the Admirals Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. I was also aware of Admiral Byrd’s connections to the Illuminati and their plans for a New World Order and of his early Arctic and Antarctic explorations having been financed by their paymaster, John D. Rockefeller and his pals. I’ll be coving these aspects in future reports in this series.

I also realized that in the massive cover-up about the Admiral’s true reasons for his trips north and south it could be possible that he went to the Arctic in February of 1947, but for what purpose? He had already, as they say today, “been there – done that.” Another problem: February is the dead of winter in the Arctic with it’s well known 24 hours of darkness and unpredictable flying weather. However, the biggest negative ruling out a February 1947 Arctic expedition by Admiral Byrd was the indisputable fact that he was smack dab in the middle of the command of his life – “Operation Highjump,” the most extensive Antarctic expedition in the world.


The operation made front-page headlines around the world with reports about the Admirals personal movements broadcast around the world daily from January 2nd until his return to America on April 14th 1947. This would have made a North Polar flight during this time damn near impossible. So, the question we need to answer is: Where did the story of a February 1947 Arctic expedition actually come from?

The first mention of a 1947 North Polar flight by the Admiral can be found in the book Worlds beyond the Poles: Physical Continuity of the Universe (1959) by a controversial self-proclaimed scientist, F. Amadeo Giannini. On page 13 of his book under the heading “The Changing Scene 1927-1947” he presents a list of things that happened during those years to support his theory. One of the entries is:

“1947: February “I’d like to see that land beyond the pole. The area beyond the pole is the center of the great unknown.” – Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd before his seven-hour flight over land beyond the North Pole.”

Not only was this the first time a 1947 flight ever mentioned, but this also seems to be the origin of this often used quote attributed to Admiral Byrd and used by Hollow Earthers constantly to prove their point. The actual source of this quote was probably an article that appeared in the October 1947 National Geography Magazine titled “Our Navy Explores Antarctica,” in which the Admiral refers several times to the “Mystery Land beyond The Pole” although not in the sequence of words presented by Mr. Giannini. And most importantly of all … Byrd was talking about Antarctica.

Contrary to popular belief, Giannini was not a believer in the Hollow Earth. Nor is his book, Worlds beyond the Poles, a Hollow Earth book. As Walter Kafton-Minkel reported in his excellent book on the history of the belief in a Hollow/Subterranean world Subterranean Worlds (1989):

“As a young man in 1926, Giannini had been wandering through a New England forest when he had a vision. Guided by “his extrasensory perception” he suddenly realized that the earth was not round, but sort of spindle-shaped, and that the North and South Poles were illusory points. The earth’s surface, he perceived did not end at the points of the spindle but continued into space and curved back over our heads. What looked like stars, planets, galaxies and comets were actually “globular and isolated areas of a continuous and unbroken outer sky surface.”


This meant that these seemingly “heavenly” bodies weren’t heavenly at all, but points of the vast land surface of the universe, part of which was the earth’s surface. There was no need to develop rockets to explore space, wrote Giannini for “space” was an illusion created by the refraction of the lenses of our eyes, telescopes and cameras. All we needed to do to reach Mars or Venus was to climb into an airplane (or amphibious vehicle) with a very large tank of gas and fly (or drive) there. When Admiral Byrd flew beyond the poles he had proven Giannini correct – the earth did not end at the poles, but continued into “vast new lands.”

(Page 195)

Immediately following the publication of Giannini’s book the heated debates about a February 1947 North Polar Flight began and the argument has continued until today.


It’s all in The New York Times

By 1961 the controversy had reached the point, particularly in the pages of Ray Palmer’s Flying Saucer magazine, that in the February 1961 issue of that magazine in an article titled,

“Byrd Did Make North Pole Flight In Feb. 1947 – Giannini,” editor Ray Palmer made a challenge to Mr. Giannini.

Undoubtedly this [article] will lead to still further action on the part of Mr. Giannini, whose place in this weird question of the mystery surrounding both Poles must certainly be settled in the pages of this magazine. Thus we invite Mr. Giannini to use all the space he needs in our pages to present his case – which as we see it is to produce the proof with which he backed up his book and the information concerning Byrd that he has presented.”

(Page 4)

However, Giannini never took Mr. Palmer up on his challenge. In fact Mr. Giannini never presented his proof anywhere. His stock answer to any inquiries was “You can find all the information in The New York Times.”

I have spent many hours at the Jacksonville Public Library reading through the microfilm files of The New York Times, carefully studying every account having to do with Admiral Byrd, the Arctic and Antarctica for the years surrounding 1947. While I do believe there is an important connection to what was taking place in the Northern Polar area during 1947 and The Admiral’s “Operation Highjump” at the South Pole, nowhere can I find any indication that Admiral Byrd was personally involved in the secret Arctic missions of 1947. (I’m still researching the 1947 missions of both poles during 1947 and will report on them in due time.)


However, I will say that for Admiral Byrd to have gone to the North Pole in February of 1947 would have been like Eisenhower leaving the European front to check on General MacArthur’s doings in the Philippines. Then why did Giannini insist that Byrd made this fictional trip? A fact which, when studied closely, could discredit his whole book – even his theory. Walter-Kafton-Minkel explained it away as simply shoddy research. My research indicates there could be a more sinister reason.

Giannini and the One Worlder Connection

As I’ve reported in the series regarding Admiral Byrd’s exploits of 1925-1935, he had definite ties to the One Worlders, i.e. John D. and his pals. (THEI Volume 1.) Giannini claims to have been encouraged in his work by such well known people of his time as William Cardinal O’Connell, Archbishop of Boston; Dr. Robert Andrews Millikan, President, California Institute of Technology (Pasadina California); The Rev. Professor Jerome S. Riccard, S.J., Physicist & Seismologist, Santa Clara University (California), among others. He also claims that he was instrumental in causing the 1928 Expedition to the North Pole of the famous explorer Capt. Sir George Hubert Wilkins.


The question arises, how could a man with the ideas of F.Amadeo Giannini have any influence over men of this statute? The following sentence taken from one of Giannini’s own letters to a Mr. Ogden who was challenging the 1947 North Polar flight might say more that he planed. The letter from Giannini to Ogden was published in the February 1961 issue of Flying Saucer magazine.


“This author [Giannini] cares not a little how you, or Palmer, or Palmer’s magazine, use the name, Giannini. But inasmuch as the name has been known and respected for more than 60 years, from Vancouver to San Diego – due to the activity of the late Amadeo Peter Giannini of bank of Italy and Bank of America fame…”

His family owned the Bank of Italy and the Bank of America! If, as my research seems to indicate, it is the One Worlders plan to hide what is going on at the earth’s poles, what better way to cloud the water, so to speak, than to have one of their own, an admitted member of an international banking family toss in a controversy, such as this phony trip by Byrd, to make Hollow Earthers look ridiculous. And it seems to have worked … The 1947 Byrd “secret” flight has kept anyone from looking into what was really going on in 1947.

Any time that I have approached the question of this impossible flight and the lack of evidence supporting it, those diehard believers have pointed at the “Missing Diary of Admiral Byrd” as “proof” that he did indeed make such a flight. It is time we look closely at this so-called “document.”

I had long known that there was a missing Admiral Byrd diary, but everything I had read said it was the diary of his 1926 polar flight, not the alleged ’47 flight. Recently this lost 1926 diary was uncovered amongst the Admiral’s papers at the Ohio State University. (See THEI Volume III #2.) Even the late Jimmy the Greek wouldn’t have given you good odds on the possibility of there being two “lost” diaries. Thanks to Hollow earth artist, writer and researcher Max Fyfield, who sent me his original copy of this purported diary I was able to see the original evidence.


Having read almost everything that was ever published by The Admiral I knew as soon as I started the first page that this was not the writing of Admiral Byrd. Admiral Byrd, an educated man, wrote very eloquently. The cover of this diary, presented in mimeograph booklet form, contains the crest adopted by the German secret Thule Society – a swastika and a sword surrounded by oak leaves. As Walter Kafton-Minkel wrote in Subterranean Worlds:

“The diary itself, written in comic-book prose worthy of Michael X or Guy Ballard, describes Byrd’s awe building as he draws nearer to the Pole. He looks down and sees vegetation instead of ice: There should be no green valley below! We should be over ice and snow! … Our navigation instruments are still spinning, the gyroscope is oscillating back and forth…”
(Page 238)

The date indicated in this diary is “Feb. 19, 1947. How fortunate for Giannini, this substantiates his claim. Of course, this was the dead of winter. How was the crew able to see snow below? Or green fields for that matter.

Other passages should be noted.

(Page 3) “---Hours: Vast snow ice and snow below, note coloration of yellowish nature…”
(Page 4) “---Hours: In the distance is what appears to be mountains!”

There are those who would argue that he was seeing by the light of the inner Sun, yet…

(Page 5) “---I cannot see the sun anymore…”

How could he have seen the sun anyway? February is a period of total darkness!

I propose that the only reason that this diary was produced was to back up the claim of Giannini that such a flight happened. And we know the source of the diary!

Captain Tawani Wakawa Shoush and The Society for a Complete Earth

The alleged diary first became available from an organization based in rural Missouri, which called itself “The Society for a Complete Earth” in the 1970s. The head of this organization was a Native American, Captain Tawani Wakawa Shoush. As Walter Kafton-Minkel explains:

“The society used as it’s emblem the crest of the Thule Society … Shush said he was a retired U.S. Marine and a pilot whose goal was to fly a dirigible into one of the polar openings and establish contact with the Arianni, (his spelling) the “tall blond, blue-eyed super-race” that rules the inner world. The Arianni, he wrote, spoke “a language very much like German” and lived in “cities built of shimmering crystal” and used their saucers – again called flugelrads – to patrol the skies of the surface world and keep an eye on us … Shoush sold copies of what he claimed was a suppressed diary kept by Admiral Byrd during his North Pole flight of 1947.”

(Page 238)

When I first received the copy of this “diary” from Max Fyfield I wrote a report concerning the forward of the booklet which was written by a “Dr. William Bernard.” (See THEI Vol. 1#6, “The Two Bernards,” page 30).

In that article I accused Mr. Susch of being an opportunist out to make money and challenged him to prove me wrong. Although I had no proof, I felt strongly about it at that time. Those of us who are serious about these studies do not need false information seeded around. I feel even stronger about it now. And I believe that I now have the proof that this piece of trash is a phony.

The Proof

In 1928 Admiral Byrd published his account of the 1926 North polar flight in a book titled Skyward. On page 196 Byrd reveals the following information:

“When our calculations showed us to be about an hour from the Pole, I noticed through the cabin window a bad leak in the oil tank of the starboard motor. When I took the wheel again I kept my eyes glued on the oil leak and the oil pressure indicator.”

Compare this information to the following passage from the so-called “secret diary.”

(Page 2) “--- Hours: Slight oil leak in starboard engine, oil pressure indicator seems normal, however.”

Once again, the odds of Admiral Byrd having the exact same problem with the same engine on two different flights 11 years apart would probably be about the same chance of you winning the next lottery. And it gets better, or worse, depending on your point of view. I mentioned my research into the diary to my friend, and colleague artist Robert Van Aulen and he responded by sending me a video copy of the 1937 MGM motion picture “Lost Horizon,” drawing my attention to a scene where the star, Ronald Coleman has an audience with the Dali Lama in Shangra-La, a lost city in Tibet.


The Master tells him that there “is a dark time coming” but that:

“You, my son, (said the Master), “will live through the storm. You will preserve the fragrance of our history and add to it a touch of your own mind. Beyond that, my vision weakens … but I see in the great distance a new world starting in the ruins … But in hopefulness, seeking it’s lost and legendary treasures, and they will all be here, my son, hidden behind the mountains under the blue moon, preserved as if by a miracle…”

Now, lets compare that with what, according to “The Secret Diary of Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd,” was a meeting between The Admiral and the “Master” of the Arianni:

“Yes, my son,” replied the Master, “the dark ages that will come for your race will cover the Earth like a pall, but I believe that some of your race will live through the storm, beyond that I cannot say. We see a great distance a new world stirring from the ruins of your race, seeking its lost and legendary treasures, and they will be here my son, safe in our keeping…”

It appears to me that the “Master” of the Arianni was either a great Ronald Coleman fan that spent his time watching old surface world movies or … this is a blatant case of plagiarism. You decide.

As Editor of THEI I, like Ray Palmer am seeking the truth. And in our quest I believe we should not only shout out about anything positive we find, but also, just as loudly expose anything we find to be false. Therefore. Like Palmer, I am offering the pages of The Hollow Earth Insider.com to anyone who can offer proof that the 1947 North Polar flight ever happened or that this diary is authentic.


But, to be honest with you … I don’t believe there will be any takes. I believe I have proven my case. On the cover of the original propertied diary is the question: “Is This “The Missing Secret Diary of Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd?” I say NO!

Read the diary in question HERE.

Note: Capt. Shush’s organization The Society For a Complete Earth is in no way associated with the Society of the same name located in California and headed by my personal friend and colleague Danny Weiss. Danny and his group are truth-seekers just like you and I. Nor am I in anyway discouraging anyone from participating with him and his groups in their plans to one day make a flight ‘beyond the pole.’


Admiral Byrd did make a flight beyond the pole… it just wasn’t in February of 1947. It is unfortunate that Danny and his group picked the name of Shoush’s defunct organization, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from supporting him and his group in their endeavors. Danny Weiss and The (modern) Society For a Complete Earth have my full support and the support of this publication.