by Timothy J. Hanley

November 2014

from Exopolitics Website





In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Tom Clearwater, the philanthropist and lawyer who funded the Citizen Hearing on ET Disclosure with a grant of $1 million, describes his model of Scalar Humanity, derived from the insight that the human being is a walking Tesla coil whose dual (polarized) configuration allows individualized access to creative power.



Human being as a Tesla coil - Scalar Humanity

Tom Clearwater states,

Essentially what I'm saying here is that Tesla coil architecture maps (is derived from) human architecture, where the Tesla coil "primary," itself a closed circuit, is the closed, heart-circulatory circuit that drives the necessary harmonic and energetic circular pulsing to drive the "secondary" open circuit, comprising the human gut inductor (and head capacitor).


The secondary quantum-amplifies the primary energies, giving true creative power.

If you look at the actual development of the physical organ of the mind, which is the brain, you will see that at in utero, the neuronal mass that becomes the child's brain splits off from a larger neuronal mass whose other half then develops as the intestine.


The full human brain, in other words, is brain + intestine.

The intestinal brain, for its part, is structured very differently from the head brain. Whereas intestinal is a single coiled tube, the head is something of a L-R divided sphere whose two hemispheres, like the centre point of an infinite-8, meets in the pineal gland.


The coiled intestinal tube, for its part, carries it own version of this "split" by way of its interior-exterior duality. These two also have very different functional qualities. The intestine is the home of feeling, whereas the head is the home of thinking.

Unpacking these differences, it quickly comes apparent that these two brains, which emerged from a single neuronal mass, are true polar opposites.


Thus whereas,

  • head is associated with sphere-information-thinking-electricity-light

  • intestine is associated with tube-energy-feeling-magnetism-gravity

Alas, human duality is not heart-mind, but head-gut.

The operation of Tesla-tech over-unity devices can be described as scalar.


What is meant by scalar is in essence this:

Where in a single space is vibrated two electromagnetic (EM) opposite-phase waves, that opposite-phase vibration, in that space, will self-cancel at the electro-magnetic level, and operate at the quantum-leap level of light-gravity, accordingly producing what has been called an etheric stress wave in that spatial-temporal location.

Vibrate in that location two opposed etheric stress waves, and you've hit the magic button to create or destroy physical matter in any way you care.

The secret of Tesla tech is therefore DUAL OPPOSITION. A tesla coil, for its part, operates using the dual opposition of coil + sphere, where coil is magnetic, sphere electric.

Where have we seen that before? In the human being! The human being, viewed correctly, is a walking Tesla coil.


Where a human being configures him or herself non-linearly - in other words becomes free from externalizing reactivity - its energies, rather than being wasted entropically in social-Newtonian action-reaction, are available to be configured the way energies are configured in a Tesla coil, non-linearly, which then unlocks the secrets of the ether.


Notice, though, the requirement that there be two etheric stress waves implies the need, at the human level, for two humans oppositely configured, each generating a single etheric stress wave.


Those opposites are male-female, which gives a renewed meaning to twin flame.

  • 'Primary' = heart circuit (closed)

  • 'Secondary' = head-gut polarity (open)

Notice that, in electrical terms, what is in the schematic called a 'winding' is an inductor which uses magnetic energy; what is called the 'Torus' is a capacitor which uses electrical energy.


Electrical and magnetic are 'polar opposites' which, like any true polar opposition, is asymmetric. Symmetric polar opposition exists as the interior of each asymmetric opposite poles as, for instance, '+' and '-' electricity, and '+' and '-' magnetism.








Introducing Scalar Humanity
by Tom Clearwater

In my long time study of things human, including study of myself, the study of conceptuality, duality and polarity, and study of such disciplines as physics, psychology, linguistics and philosophy, I slowly grew into the realization that anything named as a thing - which is to say anything at all - carries two aspects as being both particular and universal, or in other words as being closed unto itself and in that closedness ALSO open to that which it is not, in reality and by necessary implication and feeling.

Each and every person, place and thing, therefore, for me came to comprise both a closed system and an open system simultaneously.

I saw this reality from many angles including from those of the various disciplines I studied, like for instance physics. In my own personal progression up the chain of subtlety from Newtonian to Einsteinian to quantum then Tesla physics, I observed this notion of the dual open-closed nature of reality come into sharp relief, and clearly, and transitionally, with the emergence historically of quantum physics.


Quantum physics, for its part, is a fully polarized physical conceptuality where the so-called closed world of manifest or experimental reality, the realm of observable particular physical form, takes its form by collapse of something called the Schrodinger waveform in what is called infinite Hilbert space.


This latter, according to quantum conceptuality, is a space of infinite potential in what must be considered an infinitely nonlocal superconductive actual potential space. Infinite Hilbert space, in other words, gives expression to the open system aspect that anything considered to be observed is in its necessarily implied closed-system formation.

Having viewed this open-closed duality from many angles, I then turned to question how the human being or more clearly how the human architecture might reflect that fundamental duality.


It was not until I immersed myself in the study of Tesla electromagnetics, which I like to call nonlinear electromagnetics, that an answer to this question came clear. What occurred to me through this latter study was that the basic device for which Tesla is known, the common Tesla coil, took its form as if archetypically given from the human architecture itself.


Explaining this will require that I dip into electronics theory, but bear with me in doing so, as the result is worth the work.

Below you will see a basic schematic of a Tesla coil. On the left side of the schematic, one can see drawn a simple circuit called the "primary" and which, as a circuit, is in a closed state. A closed circuit is circular - is closed - with energy flows accordingly tracing a closed circular pathway.


This "primary" aspect of the circuit is the energy-input and activating part of the circuit.


On the right-hand side of the schematic is the "secondary" aspect of the Tesla coil circuit.


This aspect is oppositely configured to the primary as it is in an open-circuit configuration. Notice that this secondary comprises but a squiggly line and a circle on top, these respectively denoting an inductor and a capacitor.


The inductor, for its part, is grounded whereas the capacitor is not. There is accordingly no connection completing a circle between the capacitor and the inductor, rendering this configuration linear or ~open.~

In its most basic characterization, then, a Tesla coil is a closed circuit interfaced to an open circuit.


When all elements of the circuit are in harmonic (resonant) relation to each other, meaning that all capacitances and inductances, etc. are in a certain mathematical relationship one to the other and each to all, and when energy is inputted to the primary side, the Tesla coil then operates in a manner entirely different from a closed-only configuration (i.e., all regular electronics).


The coil, in other words, escapes confines of closed-only operating, including so-called laws of the conservation of matter and energy, the second law of thermodynamics (entropy), Newtonian action-reaction locality, etc. As if by magic, this harmonized and dual-interfaced relation between open and closed electromagnetic configurations renders an entirely different electromagnetic universe.

So much for the basics of Tesla nonlinear electromagnetic configuration and operation.


What I find interesting is that this insight grew from a previous insight that the human being is similarly structured. And though I had the insight about human architecture before I perceived the similarity between human and Tesla-device configurations, it took understanding the latter to clarify my insight regarding the former.

Looking now to the human architecture, one can first note that what is called the human brain develops, in utero, by splitting off from a larger neuronal mass.


One part of that mass develops upward into the human brain, the other part downward into the human intestine. Both are made of the very same neuronal matter.


What is equally interesting is that each of these two brains develops into opposite configurations. The head brain develops into a sphere with a polarized hemispherical structure meeting as an infinite 8 in that mid-point between them called the pineal gland. The intestine, by comparison, develops into a tubular coil whose dual aspect is carried by the in-out character of such a configuration.


These two are intimately connected by the spinal column, giving a direct and precise analogy to the secondary side of the Tesla coil circuit. The two - human and Tesla coil - are the precise same configuration.

The brain-intestine circuit thus forms a direct analogy to the Tesla coil secondary. Where in the human configuration is the primary? It is in the heart. The heart is a closed circuit whose considerable energy flows flow circularly. It is also the human energy generator, or energy inputter, informing what is thought (head brain) and felt (intestinal brain).


So the human being is a walking Tesla coil! Or rather, a Tesla coil is but a facsimile of the more subtle, complex human architecture.


The human being, to express this more clearly, is a dual-interfaced open-closed biological system.

Seeing that the human architecture is a system so described, I then had some questions about human development, including human development personally and on this planet generally, and including the character of human self-conceptions and conceptions of the Universe within that overall developmental context.


Here we leave a more technical description for foray through experience, meaning and implication. I will also give some understanding how this open-closed human configuration works.

One question that arose to me was, given the dual open-closed nature of the human being, how could our self-conception, for so many people and for so long on this planet, continuing to the present day, ever have settled for the closed-only understanding it was and remains?


A closed system, by its nature, is shorn of all connections outside itself. In its function and operating, everything taken to comprise a closed system is accordingly taken to refer always to anything only ever within that system's closed and separated little bubble.


Life, accordingly, and per closed-system evolutionary theory, emerged from its own closed-system operations - from some primordial pond - which for its part emerged from processes given in the one-time energetic gift - the gift creating a Universal energetic closed system - and which has been called the theory of the Big Bang.


Who gave the gift of those initial opening conditions nobody can say, but as can be seen this entire conception of the emergence and evolution of our cosmos, including any process or appearance within it including human self-conception itself, refers only to those processes and appearances within that posited so-called emergence and evolution for its meaning and sustainment.


This is, among other things, a Derriderean circularity without end, and apart from the self-contradiction, here, that such a conception refers to assumptions to prove realities those assumptions postulate - postulates proving postulates, which is the very thing Kurt Gödel successfully crosshaired in his mathematical theorems - the whole dissonant, self-contradicting view but again repeats closed-system systematics so prevalent in our experience.


So even the conceptual grid through which we look and have looked has conformed to closed-system pseudoreality, so-called as there can be no closed-only-system per se.

Looking to factors internal to the human being to explain this state of affairs, I can perceive why any given individual might hold the view of being a closed-only being. When a human comes into internal alignment, or in other words activates harmonically and resonantly as a Tesla coil, that human then has access to Tesla open-system information and energy, which is non-local. It is well known that one ideal Tesla wanted to manifest in his life was worldwide wireless communications.


Those communications, had he succeeded, would have been carried non-locally on the superconductive nonlocal aether accessed by his coil, ostensibly giving instantaneous or near-instantaneous access to communications throughout the universe, not just on earth… a true Matrix buster.


Tesla himself claims to have been in communication with beings on Mars using his device.


Well, so too, then, for the human who activates internal Tesla potential. That human is then able to access nonlocal realities including nonlocal communications with whomever at whatever distance.


The so-called human veil, where all or substantially all access to "Tesla" open-system realities is negated, would quite naturally correlate with human inner non-alignment. This non-alignment is evidently given at birth, or soon thereafter, and thereby renders the human's nonlinear Tesla architecture interiorly inactive.


The human would accordingly experience 3-D closed-only shutdown, and necessarily given that human's inability to function in any self-directed nonlocal non-linear manner.

So much for internal factors, which seem plain enough, but they do not constitute the entire story. What of external factors?


It seems to me that any definitive human knowing of the reality of ET presence in the Universe and on Earth, of the reality of open-system energetics (like over-unity energy), or of anything definitively contradicting a closed-only self-conception would in some fundamental way pierce the veil of human closed-reality confinement.


Looking into each of these matters, it is patently clear to me that knowing along any of these lines has been actively suppressed. What is the purpose of that suppression?


For my part, I have heard the usual answers to this question that these realities would overturn certain powerful business interests, that negative beings suppress us to enslave us, etc. etc., but those answers do not ring true to me.


They seem circumstantial, and yes, necessarily at play, but do not for me give a true answer to why we experience this heavy suppression in view of keeping a quarantined self-conception alive and well on this planet.

To answer this question, I found myself again looking more deeply into the nature of quarantine asking,

  • What purpose could be served by generating and maintaining a mutated duality comprising a single pole (the closed pole) of a necessarily two-pole reality (open-closed)?

  • A question immediately relating to this concerns, 'who' is doing the suppressing?

To answer this second question first, it seems to me that those who are suppressing true human duality, or those having the greatest interest in that suppression, would be those having the most power and the most responsible insight into and oversight over earthly affairs.


Yes, one can posit that some rogue or pirate ET group has entrapped this planet in their own design.


But it seems to me that this viewpoint cannot be sustained in light of the fact that beings bearing such intention could be overpowered by more responsible, non-rogue beings concerned about the welfare of this planet and its inhabitants.

Thus consider the following. Any form of science is but the specification of perceived relations.


To specify a relation, the person specifying must be sufficiently developed to perceive the kind of relation specified, then, as real. We know from child development, among other developmental insights, that children cannot conceive of certain realities, and being unable to do so cannot perceive them.


So, too, for any given scientist who, if that scientist has not developed perceptual abilities in a given realm for a given type of relation, that scientist will not perceive that relation and will consider it nonexistent. Einstein, to illustrate, felt the open system reality of non-locality was simply false, calling it "spooky action at a distance."


This shows Einstein's inability to perceive beyond the veil of a closed-system view, rendering his science "classical" in that it perceives only local realities within a local-causal framework.

To progress up the chain of subtlety of scientific conceptuality, the scientist must therefore develop. This development is precisely in the sense of becoming ever more related in an ever broader set of relations specifiable, then, by him or her. To be more related means necessarily to be more related harmonically or resonantly with that or with whom one thereby relates.


In this sense, scientific progress is progress into ever greater forms of responsibility and care for that to which one accordingly relates in one's scientific conceptuality.

Also note that the subtler the scientific conceptuality, the more powerful the science.


This can be seen in the progression of scientific power through the chain of increasing subtlety in the scientific conceptions of Newton to Einstein to Bohr (quantum physics) to the latest and most recent - and most suppressed given its overwhelming power - Tesla nonlinear electromagnetics.

I accordingly take from this viewpoint that the most powerful beings in the universe are the most integrated and most related, and are those who accordingly have the most powerful science, if they even use science in what we understand that term to mean, and are therefore the ones to whom we can refer this matter of the suppression of open-system realities in the human self-concept and experience.

But what would be the purpose of a responsible suppression of open-system realities?


Again, looking to the nature of the quarantine or Truman Show bubble we experience as the veil of forgetfulness on this planet, that veil is a negating of connections.


Connections, for their part, comprise relations, whose complementary aspect is knowledge - or in other words comprise a behavioral program of knowing and being "this is the way we and things are."


Look to any human culture. Those existing in a given culture operate in a particular manner, which means that any given individual in a culture is individually constrained by the connections that individual holds with all others forming part of that culture - in effect by the individual's knowing that,

"this is how we are and this is how we have done things" and so on.

It seems to me, looking into the universe in its most general developmental aspect, and to put this matter in a linear framework for the moment, that in universal development more general (older) entities appear first, followed by ever more particularized entities bearing a more particularized self-definition.


Thus in a space of nothing I can imagine there first appearing sparks of what later become galactic cores.


Those sparks would develop, and in necessarily fewer numbers than what would follow as the development of stars around that core. Then would similarly develop, in branching increasing numbers, planets, and on those planets life - all a march toward greater particularity, away from that first most-general division of something from nothing.


The self-conception of a being inhabiting or otherwise representing a galactic core would accordingly be much more general than the self-identity of a being inhabiting or representing a star, a planet, a nation, a tribe, a family, etc. down the chain of individualizing self-identity.

It thus appears to me that in this developmental chain, more particularized forms of self identity emerge from those more general. We see this progression even on Earth, that more developed cultures are more individualistic, with less-developed cultures having self-identities of a more generalized group nature, whether tribe, race, nation, etc.


Those more general forms of self-identity have generally, in developed countries, fallen under criticism of being "isms" to be "grown" out of in that wave of development pressing ever more to the individual end of the self-identity scale.

People's experiences with ETs, including channeled reports of almost every variety, suggest a universe of beings appearing to reflect some form of group identity.


Whether in the hive mind of the Grays, the group consensus mind of the 'Pleiadians', etc., each appears to be a group-based or extra-individual self-identified culture.


Our uniqueness on this planet appears to be that we are being birthed out of group-based into individual-based identification.

But this raises the question:

How does the universe transition from group-based identities into individual self-identification, passing all the powers of the group, and more, including the power of self-sustainment, etc. into the individual?

It appears to me that to perform this feat, one must forget all those previous connections. One must negate them entirely.


Forget and negate them and set a sampling of beings into such a forgetting-vibrated context to work out a new reality in that realm where all they have by way of guidance for how to live and be is that thing internal to each individual called how they feel. Such a context, such a working-out program, will be chaotic at the least, as people will not know how to behave in respect of each other.


But over time, people will internalize in realizing the trust they otherwise naturally give externally is not sustainable or returned in the Earth vibration.


They will, in other words, and over time, stop demanding that others provide their sustainment and happiness, and learn to self-sustain by activating their own inner alignment, by activating their Tesla-coil open-system architecture.


They will thereby become truly dual as a self-sustaining individual connected in even greater measure than any other type of identified being experiencing less-individualized, less particulated forms of connection in this Universe.


Welcome to a new order of being, where it's all about you more deeply and more subtly, and all about The All more deeply and more subtly.


About Tom Clearwater

"I have been a longtime student of humanity and human processes and conceptions, including scientific conceptions, of humanity's role in what we have variously called and conceived to be this Universe.


I began this inquiry in earnest through many years' study in university studying a range of disciplines relevant to the question who and what are we. If I felt it was relevant, I studied it.

"Regarding qualifications, I spent three years in a theological college, another three completing a B.A., three more pursuing an M.A., then three in law school.


During pre-law studies I investigated all that concerned me on the question of our who and what - theology, philosophy, physics, psychology, archaeology, cosmology, anthropology, ecology, evolutionary theory, history, linguistics, systems and complexity theory, etc.


I wrote my M.A. thesis on Otto Rank, Freud's closest and longtime associate (thesis found here I graduated law school summa cum laude and gold medalist, then worked at the top of the legal field here in Canada for 10 years.

"After experiencing a significant reorientation of myself internally, I ventured the direction of again pursuing my early university interests, which I have for a decade now.

"I am a generalist, with an eye for detail and a feel for relevance. In my studies of humanity, I have inevitably wandered off-planet to our cosmological context, so far as that is perceptible by us. In this understanding, ETs play a considerable role."

"Otto Rank's theory of cultural transition"

by Thomas James Clearwater