by Joe Vialls
11 September 1998 

from ViallsInvestigations Website



In 1905 physics genius Nikola Tesla submitted his US patent 787,412 which describes "The Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Mediums", and includes a design for a series of worldwide generators.


It is beyond doubt this patent led to the construction of the Omega network of radio transmitters erected around the world between 1963 and 1982, officially for the purpose of global navigation, though navigation is its least important function.





Tesla was eloquently misleading in some of his patents and this is probably the ultimate example. Although until recently Omega did offer very-low-frequency navigation services they were only a secondary function: a "security cover" for the network's real purpose of subtly manipulating the resonant frequency of the earth itself, and the resonant frequency of the earth-to-ionosphere gap.

Anyone able to manipulate resonant frequencies between five and fifteen cycles per second, to three decimal places of accuracy, can influence every dynamic electromagnetic activity on the face of the earth and beyond, including global weather patterns, human thought and thus human behavior. Put simply, Omega is the most powerful integrated global strike and C3i (Command, Control, Communications, intelligence) network ever constructed.


Part 1

In late 1968 a small group of men gathered in a rambling old house situated a few miles outside the German city of Munich. The weak afternoon sunlight was starting to fade as they sat down at the polished oak conference table, and despite a roaring log fire in the ornate fireplace there was a noticeable chill in the air. These men were of no particular religion, nor were they politicians, bankers, bureaucrats or mainstream military personnel.


To use their own self-effacing term they were "no-persons", just a group of intelligent men from all over the world deeply concerned about the looming probability of global thermonuclear war. The American Department of State, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the Russian Kremlin were brimming over with megalomaniacs quite capable of destroying all life on the planet in their blind quest for power, unless they could be persuaded not to do so.

Global thermonuclear war was not the only problem. Since the end of the First World War and the subsequent formation of the League of Nations, the same megalomaniacs had frequently expressed their determination to implement a "New Order", bureaucratic code for a one world government.


If left to run unchecked, within a single century the megalomaniacs would remove national borders entirely, destroy delightfully diverse national cultures developed over thousands of years, and replace them in-toto with hordes of multicultural drones willing to slave for endless hours in "worker's paradises" for the exclusive benefit of a tiny but immensely powerful global elite. The first successful phase of the New Order exercise was at that very moment in full swing, less than a thousand miles away in the worker's paradise known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Faced with a completely unacceptable Orwellian future, the Munich Group had two objectives:

  1. stop the megalomaniacs from destroying all life on the planet with thermonuclear weapons

  2. at the same time protect the myriad national cultures existing around the world from extinction

The critical question facing its members was how to achieve these awesome objectives with strictly limited resources.

The politicians and mainstream military controlled more than 90% of the conventional and nuclear weapons so their use was not an option. Besides, if the Munich Group resorted to such methods they would risk triggering a global thermonuclear exchange, the very event they were determined to prevent.


Many years later this and other groups would supplement their arsenals with micronized atomic weapons for use against specific targets, but the primary weapon system under discussion at the 1968 Munich meeting was quite different, and well beyond the comprehension of any professor of classical or quantum physics.

Rising from the table, each member of the group approached a small strong-room and removed a thick black file. The strong-room door remained open throughout the meeting. If the security perimeter of the house was breached the files would be placed back in the strong-room in less than ten seconds, and the strong-room's twelve inch-thick thermite filled walls would explode into searing white-hot flames, destroying the files, the safe and most of the old house in seconds.


Group members might or might not have time to escape the blazing inferno but none worried about the lethal possibility. Omega project security was far more important than personal safety.



Omega Tower



Each identical hand-typed file was titled "Omega - The Final Solution", and contained details of an advanced global electromagnetic system based on the work of Nikola Tesla, the little-known genius despised by physicists because he did not have the "correct" academic qualifications.


Despite this notional impediment, around the turn of the century Tesla managed to invent alternating current, the sort of electricity we still use in our homes today, and invented radio as well. Almost always working alone, this single man invented all of the basic electromagnetic devices which would later become essential to 20th Century civilization, from light bulbs and fluorescent tubes to computers and television sets.


Fortunately for the Munich Group that gloomy winter evening, Nikola Tesla also invented a great many other devices, some of them so advanced they had escaped meaningful scrutiny.

The introduction to each file focused on specific sections of Tesla's patent 787,412 dated 18th April 1905, titled "The Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through The Natural Mediums". During many thousands of hours of work the group had selected this patent as the core of its work, because it had allowed them to develop a global navigation network so advanced it had already proved irresistible to politicians and mainstream military alike.


What the politicians and mainstream military would never be told, however, was that the "navigation network" was in reality dual-purpose, with its primary electromagnetic functions designed to be accessed by the Munich group using undetectable remote control.


Several passages from Tesla's patent 787,412 were included verbatim in the introduction for special attention:

"In the course of certain investigations which I carried out for the purpose of studying the effects of lightning discharges upon the electrical condition of the earth ... attained in the displays of electrical forces in nature and which seemed at first unrealizable by any human agencies; but by gradual and continuous improvements of a generator of electrical oscillations, which I have described in my Patents Nos. 645,576 and 649,621, I finally succeeded in reaching electrical movements or rates of delivery of electrical energy not only approximating , but, as shown in many comparative tests and measurements, actually surpassing lightning discharges, and by means of this apparatus I have reproduced whenever desired phenomena in the earth, the same or similar to those discharges.


With the knowledge discovered by me and the means at command for accomplishing these results I am enabled not only to carry out many operations by the use of known instruments, but also to offer a solution for many important problems involving the operation or control of remote devices which for want of this knowledge and the absence of these means have hitherto been entirely impossible.

"... For example, by the use of a generator [transmitter] of stationary waves and receiving apparatus properly placed and adjusted in any other location, however remote, it is practicable to transmit intelligible signals or to control or actuate at will any one or all of such apparatus for many other important and valuable purposes... [or] other features or property of disturbances of this character.

"... If several such generators [transmitters] of stationary waves, preferably of different length, were installed in judiciously-selected localities, the entire globe could be subdivided in definite zones of electrical activity, and such and other important data could at once be obtained by simple calculations or readings from suitably graduated instruments."

"... For the present it will be sufficient to state that the planet behaves like a perfectly smooth or polished conductor of inappreciable resistance, with capacity and self induction uniformly distributed along the axis of symmetry of wave propagation and transmitting slow electrical oscillations without distortion and attenuation [without loss of clarity and power].

"... three requirements are essential to the establishment of the resonating condition... The earth's diameter passing through the pole should be an odd multiple of the quarter wave length - that is, of the ratio between the velocity of light, and four times the frequency of the currents... the frequency [of the transmitter] should be smaller than twenty thousand cycles per second ...


The most essential requirement is that irrespective of frequency the wave or wave-train should continue for a certain period of time, which I have estimated to be not less than one-twelfth or probably 0.08484 of a second and which is taken in passing to and returning from the region diametrically opposite the pole over the earth's surface with a mean velocity of about 471,240 kilometers per second [292,822 miles per second, a velocity equal to one and a half times the "official" speed of light].

The rest of each file contained details of other Tesla patents and research work, carefully prepared and combined to enable the construction of the dual-purpose navigation network and global electromagnetic control system.


When completed worldwide, to the viewing public the Omega network would appear as a series of rather boring radio-navigation masts situated at strategic points around the globe with aerial wires radiating out from the upper part of each mast, giving the appearance of a circus big top, though one of the group repeatedly insisted, with more than a little scientific justification, that the network should be called "Tesla's Electromagnetic Pyramids".



Omega Schematic



Publicity material already widely circulated claimed the Omega network capable of providing radio-navigation of such high quality that it would significantly enhance the safety of ships and aircraft.


This was quite true. In its "security cover" role as a radio navigation network Omega could do this with ease, and with such overwhelming accuracy for submerged submarines that the group had swiftly sold the concept to the American and Soviet defense agencies, though in subtly different ways, because the two sides were bitter enemies busily engaged in a cold war.



Part 2

As evening turned to night and group members were served dinner by a trusted retainer they discussed this initial strategy, for without the unwitting assistance already received from governments in arranging and building the huge aerial arrays, they would not have been able to use Omega for its primary though hidden purpose.


However, once the global network of stations was complete, the group would access Omega by undetectable remote means during carefully designed "passive" time windows when navigation-transmitter power was not being applied to the aerial arrays.


Each Omega station would limit its navigation pulses to a strict staggered format controlled by dual cesium atomic clocks, ensuring that the "passive" time windows were always available to the group. This would enable them to communicate with each other at will, and issue warnings or initiate punitive strikes against recalcitrant individuals and nations, right under the noses of the two most powerful nations on earth, using their equipment without their knowledge.

As coffee and brandy were served after dinner, the American member of the group brought the others up to date on progress. His government had enthusiastically embraced the chance to gain an edge over the "Commies", and had quickly arranged covert funding for the construction of a global network of eight Omega stations.


Plans had been completed for eight stations located in America, Argentina, Japan, Liberia, New Zealand, Norway, Hawaii, and on the French island of La Reunion, of which three were already operating. All eight were needed to justify Omega's cover navigation role in the western world, but two locations, Norway and Hawaii, were inappropriate for full global coverage in the electromagnetic control role, which would require a further three stations built on Soviet territory, providing a network comprised of nine "real" Omega stations.


The two stations to be built in Norway and Hawaii would therefore be smaller, less powerful and of an entirely different design, ensuring that their use in the western navigation role would not cause inadvertent jamming during periods when the nine "real" Omega stations were in use by the group.

The Russian member explained that as soon as was decently possible after the American plans were originally approved, he had leaked selected diagrams and other details to the Soviet Government, pointing out they could beat the Americans at their own game if his government was prepared to increase Omega's navigational accuracy by quietly building three more stations to exactly the same design at Riga, Irkutsk, and Sakhalin. His government thought this was a wonderful joke.


Soviet submarines using an American system but with even greater accuracy! Funding was immediately approved, and all three Soviet stations were already on-air and operational.

Each "real" Omega station was sited on highly conductive soil, with multiple buried heavy-duty ground aerials 1115.5 feet long, radiating out every ten degrees of the compass from the central point. Tuning was accomplished by the primary helix, wound with special litz wire two and a half inches thick, capable of conducting colossal quantities of electromagnetic energy many thousands of times greater than that required for Omega's stated navigational role.


There were six smaller variometers for fine tuning. For the navigational role the main helix would be connected to the above-ground aerial array via a sulphur flouride-filled bush. The above-ground aerial array was very conspicuous, with a central mast standing 1,400 feet high, draped with sixteen aluminium and steel aerial cables radiating out to anchor points around the edge of the site, thus giving the characteristic "circus big top" appearance to the station as a whole.

Though the mast and above-ground aerials were essential for Omega's navigational role, they were not needed for its discrete electromagnetic control role. If at a later date one of the participating host nations wished to remove its Omega station and could not be prevented from doing so, the circus big top could be effectively "turned upside down", with a tuned steel-lined oil well substituting for the central mast, and shallower tuned steel-lined water wells at sixteen points around the edge of the site replacing the aluminium and steel aerial cables.

The "inverted" Omega station would still operate perfectly in the electromagnetic control role, but would be completely invisible to the human eye. All that was needed was a powerful oil drilling rig for the central well and a less powerful water drilling rig for the shallow radial wells, a cable laying machine for the underground aerials, discreet drilling crews, and local government permission to drill exploration wells in search of oil reserves "believed" to exist in the area.


Because every government on earth wants to believe it has oil reserves, and because the group would offer to drill the exploration wells free of charge as a goodwill joint-venture, success was assured. Promises of free expertise and free crude oil would prove an irresistible temptation to every politician on earth. When the rigs eventually failed to find the promised oil reserves and the crews apologetically departed the host country, they would leave behind them a buried but fully operational Omega station.

During the long hours of night that followed, the Munich Group earnestly discussed the fine details of Omega's electromagnetic control function, before eating a leisurely breakfast as the first hint of dawn lit the eastern horizon. Then they rose from the conference table and discreetly left the old house at five minute intervals, stopping only to deposit their files in the strong-room on the way out.


By the time the first bus rattled along the street they had all vanished completely, which was entirely appropriate behavior for no-persons.


As Nietzsche once wrote:

"We are unknown to ourselves, we men of knowledge."

As their files and discussions showed, Nikola Tesla alone had provided the core knowledge and experiments which allowed them to design Omega's hidden electromagnetic control function, for only Tesla had discovered and written about the true nature of physics.


While academics sat in their ivory towers fiddling with theoretical equations which made sense only to themselves and their dedicated students, Tesla was continually out in the field, bucking the academic system by using hard physical equipment to create or evoke hard physical events and responses.

When Einstein "proved" theoretically that travel beyond the speed of light was impossible, Tesla proved that travel beyond the speed of light was possible, by the simple expedient of physically directing longitudinal waves of electromagnetic energy through and around the earth, later accurately measuring their velocity at one and a half times the speed of light.


Nikola Tesla continually made the theoretical academic boffins feel acutely uncomfortable, and they hated and shunned him for it.




Part 3

The theoretical boffins had carved the physical universe up into specialties controlled by several of their unconnected academic disciplines, and by so doing had succeeded in completely obscuring reality.


For example, a man visiting his local university and asking for an explanation of exactly how he was able to see a hill five miles away, would be told that this was a very complex scientific matter.


The poor fellow would first be directed to the neuro-scientists and psychologists who would explain how his eyes worked, before being passed on to the physicists (and perhaps meterologists) who would explain about photons and the atmosphere between his eyes and the hill.


Eventually he would probably be handed on to the geographers and geologists who would explain the physical appearance and composition of the hill itself. Thus the simple problem of seeing a hill five miles away had been converted into several different packages of irrelevant academic rubbish, capable of providing a living for at least five theoretical boffins and their families.

Nikola Tesla knew it was rubbish, because he knew that everything in the universe is connected to everything else by an endless loop of electromagnetic particles, also known as energy, which Tesla proved resonated (vibrated naturally) within identical frequency ranges.


If you hook a man up to a piece of medical equipment called an electroencephalograph or EEG, its chart will display Delta, Alpha, Theta and Beta "brain" waves vibrating through a range of frequencies from about one to twenty-five cycles per second, with most of the meaningful activity in a central band between five and fifteen cycles per second. But if you then remove the electroencephalograph sensors from the man and push them deep into damp conductive earth instead, you will find the EEG chart faithfully displays Delta, Alpha, Theta and Beta waves in identical frequency ranges.

Indeed, if the medical sensors could be suitably adapted they would detect identical vibrations in air and "outer space" as well. Thus man is merely an integral part of an electromagnetic whole which embraces his eyes, the apparently empty space between his eyes and the hill, the hill itself, and the universe. Remove or even deflect any of the billions of particles comprising this electromagnetic whole, and man would be rendered incapable of seeing anything at all.

The source for all of this electromagnetic activity is the universe itself, with billions of stars emitting incalculable amounts of energy, in turn used or replicated by the planets.


Planet earth is a gigantic electrical generator spinning around two magnetic poles from which limitless energy can be tapped at will, provided appropriate tuning is used, which in the case of Omega means magnifying and applying appropriate resonant frequencies. When the Munich Group designed the aerials for Omega's cover navigational role, they used Tesla's 787,412 which stated the frequency "should be less than twenty thousand [cycles]".

So the group designed aerial arrays perfectly suited to transmitting at frequencies between five and fifteen thousand cycles per second. Man-made electrical generators provided power for Omega's navigation transmitters, which worked perfectly, allowing pinpoint accuracy for submerged submarines monitoring the standing waves emitted by at least three of the Omega stations, known to navigators as a "position fix".

What the group did not tell the politicians and the military was that aerials which can transmit at five to fifteen thousand cycles per second can also transmit on all other frequencies with direct mathematical relationships, known as harmonics. The secret of Omega's hidden electromagnetic control role was its ability to simultaneously or sequentially transmit on even numbered sub-harmonic frequencies between five and fifteen cycles per second, a range embracing the resonant frequencies of the earth itself and the earth to ionospheric gap.

Just as submerged submarines could fix their positions with pinpoint accuracy by monitoring the standing waves emitted by at least three of the Omega stations, the Munich Group could use the Omega network to direct sub-harmonic standing waves and thus resonant effects of virtually any magnitude to literally any point on earth, with equal centimetric accuracy. Exactly which effect was produced at that point on earth would be determined by the precise resonant frequency used, accurate to three decimal places.

Every material in the universe, organic or inorganic, has its own unique resonant frequency, allowing Omega extreme accuracy in its electromagnetic control role.

The best known example of natural resonance is the soprano who shattered a wine glass twenty feet away by singing a particular note. She was singing a note at the unique resonant frequency of the glass itself, which vibrated in sympathy until it exceeded its stress tolerance, then shattered into hundreds of pieces.


Using exactly the same principle, if Omega directed the resonant frequency of, say, basalt rock, at a precise point on the earth's surface at vastly increased magnitude, the effect would be identical in that the basalt rock would vibrate naturally with increasing force, until eventually a tremor or earthquake occurred at that precise point.

Destroying entire regions by earthquake or tempest would be a complete overkill for a network designed from the outset by the Munich Group to "persuade" a bunch of megalomaniacs to cease and desist from violence, threatened against whichever small sovereign nation was the chosen "Terrorist State of The Month", so the Omega network would normally be used to demonstrate the likely catastrophic punitive response if the megalomaniacs refused to heed warnings from the Munich Group.


Say, for example, that the American megalomaniacs were planning to bomb another hundred thousand Iraqis into instant bloody oblivion, the Munich Group might send a telex or facsimile to an unlisted number deep within the US Department of State, suggesting such action would be considered extremely bad manners, and if it was not cancelled immediately, the electrical supply to the entire eastern seaboard of America would be disrupted, causing incalculable damage to property and commerce in the megalomaniacs' own back yard.

Believing such a threat to be impossible, this first warning would normally be ignored by the megalomaniacs, in which case the Munich Group might send another cryptic message two or three days later: "Watch Auckland, New Zealand, very carefully". Exactly one hour after this message rolled off the facsimile machine Omega might direct a standing wave at the exact resonant frequency of copper, across the underground cables connecting the major power stations to the business districts of Auckland.


With the exact level of invisible resonant energy calculated in advance, the electromagnetic properties of the particles in the copper cables would change immediately, creating infinite resistance and blocking the flow of electricity to the city.

Chaos would reign supreme. Weeks later when the world's top electrical engineers examined huge sections of the cable in the laboratory they would find nothing wrong with it, simply because there was nothing wrong with it. The resonant blocking effect used locally in New Zealand would leave no visible signs of damage. In this way the American Department of State might be convinced, solely by the grim demonstration in New Zealand, that it should spare a hundred thousand innocent Iraqi lives.

The two most crucial aspects of the Omega network are how the resonant frequencies are magnified to the point where they can cause incalculable damage up to and including earthquake and tempest, and the remote technology used to access the network itself. Both are extremely dangerous subjects to write about, even as fiction. In 1985, not long after the Omega network started transmitting in its electromagnetic role, four very real Australians stumbled across a portable remote control facility at Cape Leveque, north of Broome in Western Australia.


They asked the two no-persons manning the facility a lot of inquisitive questions about the pair of cesium atomic clocks and other specialized equipment they were operating, and the two no-persons in turn asked a lot of seemingly friendly questions about them, such as their names, occupations, where they lived and so on.

Within seven days of leaving Cape Leveque three of the four Australians had unusual fatal accidents, and the fourth, sensing her own possibly imminent death, changed names and went underground. To this day the surviving member of the group lives in constant fear, though she has no idea exactly what she is afraid of. No matter. In the view of the author living with a limited amount of fear is preferable to being dead.


Nowadays this sole survivor says nothing about what she saw at Cape Leveque, which is very good. She may yet live to a ripe old age.



Part 4

Long before this incident, the Munich Group encountered several delays in the construction of its nine "real" Omega stations. Though supposed to be on-air and operational by the early nineteen seventies, two stations in particular posed almost insurmountable problems.


Peace groups in Norway and New Zealand, incorrectly identifying the Omega network solely as a command and control network for American nuclear ballistic missile submarines, mounted campaigns to block construction in both countries. Because the Munich Group did not at that time have sufficient funds or access to either country enabling it to drill inverted Omega stations in their place, its members could do little more than seethe with impatience.


The Norwegian station was of no real importance because it was only a dummy in the electromagnetic role, but the New Zealand station was critical to operations in the southern hemisphere. The Omega network would work without it, but not at 100% efficiency.

One year after the meeting in Munich the group decided that New Zealand was simply too hard, and opted for the critical southern station to be built instead in the Australian state of Victoria. Unfortunately there was now opposition from Australian peaceniks equally determined to stop this "dedicated ballistic missile guidance system" from being built. Several frustrating years followed and then in in the early seventies two things happened.


The Australian Government set up an inquiry into the control of Omega under the initial guidance of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Gough Whitlam, QC, MP. In turn this sudden use of a dreaded committee, likely to cause extreme delays simply because it was a committee, alarmed the Munich Group to the point where it later decided to send a no-person project engineer to Australia to examine the feasibility of building an "inverted" Omega station if all else failed.

That no-person was an engineer using a passport in the name of John Friedrich, though he was known to the Munich Group only as "Iago". Over the years that followed Friedrich visited several potential sites across outback Australia, earmarking three for future development, but then in 1977 confidential advice was received that the official Omega station to be sited at Darriman in Victoria would definitely get the green light.


Friedrich was then quietly infiltrated into a little known organization called The National Safety Council of Australia (Victorian Division), as its engineer for emergency services.

By late 1981 the Omega project was well under way and John Friedrich was kept busy ensuring that it did not come under attack from a bunch of well-meaning peaceniks.


During the same year three other no-persons, experts in oilfield and security operations, were quietly relocated to Sale and Port Welshpool, sites in Victoria that bracketed the Omega station and which would shortly become the two principal operational bases for the miraculously expanded emergency services section of the NSCA (Victorian Division).

The choice of oilfield and security experts was no accident. Over recent years the Munich Group had quietly acquired significant funding and was no longer prepared to run the risk of losing global Omega capability at the whim of any single national government.


To counter this, five inverted Omega stations were to be built (drilled) to ensure global integrity. One inverted Omega would be drilled in Australia, another in America and three more elsewhere. The level of drilling expertise would need to be extremely high, as would security, hence the three extra no-persons relocated to Sale and Port Welshpool.

The Australian Omega station started transmitting in 1982 and the momentum of the peaceniks slowed considerably, until a few years later Omega was effectively forgotten by the demonstrators, who turned their energetic attention back towards more obvious and visually menacing threats such as Pine Gap and Nurrungar, harmless American bases used for electronic eavesdropping and missile surveillance.

Unfortunately John Friedrich had the bit between his teeth and managed to upgrade the emergency services section of the NSCA (Victorian Division) from a low-profile security facility desired by the Munich Group to protect Omega from attack, to a very high-profile organization beloved by several branches of the Australian Government, many of whom found uses for the extraordinary skills of the NSCA emergency personnel, whose abilities, not surprisingly, surpassed those of the military.

This increased profile disturbed the Munich Group, and it also puzzled them. Although the group had discreetly arranged certain monies in the late seventies to allow the emergency services section to be suitably expanded, they had certainly not arranged the vast sums of money needed to expand the organization to the point where, by the mid-eighties, Friedrich alone controlled more than 400 personnel.


It later transpired that John Friedrich had exceeded his duties by borrowing vast sums of money from the banks, secured only by fictional sea containers filled with imaginary safety equipment. Whether he did this for reasons of personal aggrandizement, or because he genuinely thought that Omega was in need of vastly enhanced security, will probably never be known.

The bubble finally burst in early 1989 when the deception was discovered and the NSCA (Victorian Division) was disbanded, and along with it, Omega's discreet security cover. A year later someone fired several bullets into Friedrich's family home at Seaton from close range and this seemed to be a turning point for him.


Under acute stress from the near misses on his wife and children he visited clinical psychologist Ian Joblin, but a year after that, on 26 July 1991, five days before he would be forced into open court in Victoria to give evidence under oath, John Friedrich alias Iago and several other names, was found dead with gunshot wounds to the head. A pistol was found nearby but John Friedrich, no-person project engineer, did not leave a suicide note.

In the years following 1981 the five "inverted" Omega stations were drilled as planned, and sit there to this day in the event that certain national governments decide to tear down any of the original nine "real" Omega stations. As late as 1986 contingency plans existed to drill another three inverted Omegas, so that the cover navigational role could be dispensed with entirely if required. Outside of the Munich Group itself, only a handful of people know where the invisible inverted Omega stations are located, and it is likely to stay that way.

In reality it is extremely unlikely that the mainstream military of each host country will ever allow its Omega station to be dismantled, because the mainstream military is acutely aware that in the event of thermonuclear war, the electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) emitted by the weapons will have a devastating effect on all medium and high radio frequencies, and burn out the transistor junctions in every satellite in orbit around the earth.


Under those conditions the only reliable form of communication left would be ground waves at very low frequencies, which in effect means Omega and a handful of other less powerful VLF transmitters. In fact the Australian Omega station was recently stripped of its navigation title but the mast was not derigged, nor were its personnel dispersed.


Instead, as the Omega website advises, the station was handed across to the Australian Navy and is now controlled from Canberra. Well, yes, a small part of the Australian Omega station is now controlled from Canberra.

The morality of whether or not the Munich Group should have the right to use such brute power to bring entire governments to heel is debatable, but perhaps no more debatable than the identical "right" of dictatorships sometimes masquerading as "representative democracies" to engage in wholesale murder across the globe to achieve their own geopolitical ends.


When the Soviet Government decided to use crop spraying planes to slaughter five thousand Afghans with binary angel dust it did not first seek approval from the Soviet people. When the Iranian Government decided to murder several hundred civilians in the Iraqi town of Halabja with phosgene gas, it likewise did not first seek the approval of the Iranian people.


There are hundreds of other similar examples.



Part 5

The essential difference between the Munich Group and the murderous megalomaniacs who constitute a substantial part of elected and unelected governments around the world, is that the latter are subject to direction from forces far more powerful than themselves.


If politicians wish to be re- elected and thus retain their lavish perks of office, they are reliant not only on the people, but also on those who fund their advertising, and on the media who polish their images on national and international television.


On their proven track records the latter groups are dedicated to "globalism", another bureaucratic code word meaning a one world government, controlled by and for the sole benefit of a tiny global elite.


Over the years the power base shifts backwards and forwards like the sands in a desert, but the core objective remains the same. Thirty years ago the global elite used communism as a cover and Moscow as their base. Nowadays exactly the same global elite use representative democracy as a cover and New York as their base. The more things change the more they stay the same.

In contrast the Munich Group is subject to no such pressures or objectives, and simply tries to check this headlong rush into cultural oblivion by use of threat alone, supplemented when absolutely necessary by punitive action against those individuals or nations perceived as being totally out of control.


It requires, for example, completely unbiased and unemotional judgment to direct Omega to spin up a twenty trillion horsepower hurricane as a threat, and it requires equally unemotional judgment and a very steady hand to finally guide the awesome destructive power of that twenty trillion horsepower hurricane to its target, if all other subtle warnings are not heeded.

With the wishes of most inhabitants of this planet completely ignored by the global elite, it might reasonably be argued that the Munich Group and Omega are indeed "The Final Solution", the only mechanism left which can invisibly but inexorably bring irresistible pressure to bear on the global elite, and thus prevent enslavement of the world.


If this is the case, then there is one man to whom we all owe an enormous vote of thanks, a giant of a man who, at the end, died penniless and alone: Nikola Tesla.

The will to truth, which is still going to tempt us to many a hazardous enterprise
That celebrated veracity of which all philosophers have hitherto spoken with reverence
What questions this will to truth has already set before us!

What strange, wicked, questionable questions!
It is already a long story, yet does it not seem as if it has only just begun?


Beyond Good and Evil