Pink Chemtrail Sunsets


From Ken Adachi

October 2003


When your skyscape is composed of chemtrails trying to masquerade as real clouds, they usually appear pink for just a few critical minutes at sunset when the angle of the setting sun is just right. Analysis of chemtrail fallout samples by Chris Carnicom, William Thomas, and others have almost always included the presence of desiccated red blood cells which are laced with pathogenic organisms. I'm going to make an educated guess and speculate that the pink color is due to the red blood cells dispersed throughout the chemtrail "clouds".


October 23, 2003 5:18PM

Irvine, California


October 23, 2004 5:49PM

Irvine, California


Chemtrail "clouds" with HAARP created banding pattern

Irvine, California March 9, 2003 4:08PM


Checker board pattern of sunset chemtrails

posted at Rumor Mill News on July 27, 2003 (location unknown)



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