from COHRA Website

Greetings All,

Question everything, no matter how secure it might seem upon first inspection. The older history gets, the less you should trust it as scientific fact (not the other way around). [snip] Adapt! Know that corporations (and banks) control the governments of the world and you're closest to the SOURCE of the problem. More and more: money.


Follow the money, the chain of control, and you end up at the same place every time: the same handful of family names...


How interesting is that? Why are certain bloodlines always in control over all others?

How does this relate to UFOs throughout all time, from Sumerian texts to present day? ETs were here before we were - do you really think they'd ever leave their research behind them after putting so much work into "us"? Yes, WE are "it", man - we are their project. And they are NOT Gods: they are less than perfect and make mistakes constantly...


We are more like them than they would like to admit, and vice versa.


Isn't it time for full disclosure and peace yet? No, we WON'T like what the unadulterated, complete truth is - we're pets, livestock, entertainment, research rats, "containers" for souls, a prison colony, living libraries and their "children"... their extended family. But I ask you, is that such a terrible thing to bear? Can we not adapt? I believe we were created to be as adaptive as possible; not just to this world, but at the very least a MULTITUDE of open-ended possibilities and ideas.


I discovered all this data, and I didn't "go mad" - quite the opposite. Discovering this data at the age of 7 years might have shocked me initially but I adapted and grew as a person. Again, making contact at 13 years of age, I wanted nothing more in this entire universe than to "go home" to be with them and abandon my own Earth family - I was that "impressed" by their very existence.


Evil ETs? Yeah, just as many "evil Humans" it seems too - it's just the law of numbers in DNA throughout the entire universe. Again I refer you to my opening paragraph regarding government and corporate control by just a few bloodlines.

We are all hybrids... we are therefore partly ETs ourselves.


Look in the mirror... You will see them staring right back at you. There's your full disclosure... to yourself, which has to happen first before global (RE)-contact. Self-acceptance that we are NOT what we've been told or taught ourselves to think we are - we are in fact much more.


We are both darker and lighter than we can bear to admit, and we are only hiding from ourselves and our true natures. We are their children... They are OUR family.


I strongly suggest we at least agree to shake hands and write the occasional letter home before the end of civilization, because we also know that this is IT, we've only got a few more 'days' left on this lease without MASSIVE intervention.

  • Are we going to die as the rebellious teenagers that we are, hiding from ourselves and our home families?

  • Or are we going to GROW UP and accept that our family is no more "perfect" than we are and get past all this hiding and mucking about?

I for one feel no need to throw stones at my cousins as long as they are respectful towards my home family here on Earth. It's not about race, it's about intent and individuality.


By their own natures ALL races have to evolve and grow up along with us. This fact should place a small or large smile on your faces as you read my words. Parents can grow too - give them a chance and HEAL the past mistakes on ALL sides, by ALL efforts.


What do those who die, travel through the tunnel of light to spirit/source/home and back again always say is 'MOST' important to each and every soul's development? Forgiveness and unconditional love.


Know this is just a game, and play it well, but know most of all that we are all ONE spirit above all else. Be safe, be real, be-YOU-tiful, explore limited perception for whatever pleasure you find in this temporary life, and GROW from it. End the delusions of the past and grow to meet our extended families today and every day.


They live, and they walk amongst us.

This is the philosophy know as "ZON", the way of the WISEST of spiritual Reptoids.

Reptoid bows in mutual respect for ALL races and dematerializes.