Common Sense IV

The lines have been clearly drawn between those who promote the Draco-Reptilian New World Order and those who have shown by word and deed that they are part of the Resistance. This treatise is dedicated to those stalwart individuals who have made the commitment to resist the draco-reptilian overlordship. I believe within one generation a small percentage of Humans will have broken free from the Reptilian Yoke.

Since the release of my last treatise "Astral Dreamscape Manipulation" several people have contacted me and have provided graphic details of the sexual manipulation and exploitation they endured from the reptilians. They didn't allow personal embarrassment or shame to prevent them from admitting to me that they too had endured the very things which I described in Astral Dreamscape Manipulation. They even shared things which were NOT included in the Astral Dreamscape Manipulation treatise. I wish to thank each and every one of you BRAVE SOULS who have shared your experiences with me. You know who you are.

Before we can even think about defeating the draco-reptilian overlords we must first make an honest assessment of how the reptilian overlordship has negatively impacted each one of our lives. Second and just as important we must develop a better understanding of the Reptilian Mind.


An understanding of the Reptilian Mind brings into sharp focus just how the human race has been led to its present state of Physical and Spiritual Degradation and Bondage. This treatise will go from the General to the Specific and back to the General in an attempt to make the reader understand just how far the reptilian overlordship has crept into our personal lives.



The reptilians are the Controlling Factor. One cannot understand why there is constant strife, tragedy and turmoil in the world without first realizing that the human race is under the control and domination of a Cruel and Remorseless Intelligence.

David Icke made an invaluable contribution with his book "The Biggest Secret."

I will elaborate on some themes that Icke had brought up. The draco-reptilians ARE in control. Despite Icke's information exposing the ruling reptilian bloodlines, there persists this feeling amongst many that the reptilian overlordship doesn't have any direct impact in their own lives.

Some people are willing to believe that the British Royal Family and the so called Eastern Establishment are reptilian-human hybrids but they are unable or unwilling to see how their quality of life has been eroded by these same reptilian-human hybrids. Policies are initiated by these reptilians which are then passed down through successive lower echelon underlings who take the necessary actions.


The end result is all around us: The quality of life (QOL) has been severely degraded for the vast majority of humans on the surface. This was entirely predictable. And these lizard creatures leave their phallic symbols all over the place just to rub it in our collective face. I'm seeing more and more Obelisk at SHOPPING MALLS these days.

I will say this more than once during this treatise: 98% of all Americans are dead or broke by the age of 65 and even that wasn't good enough for the Illuminati. The minimum retirement age in America is now 70. This is why you see senior citizens working in Fast Food Restaurants. Its not because they are "bored and have nothing better to do." Its because they enjoy having things like a roof over their heads and food to eat. Virtually every decision people make is predicated on Time and Money or rather, the lack thereof. It is absolutely essential for the reader to understand this.


This was all planned and it was planned by an inhuman intelligence that thinks ahead in terms of decades and centuries unlike most Americans who can see no further than the next paycheck. People are too busy trying to eke out a subsistence existence and consequently lack the time or the intellectual capacity to ponder the truly important questions in life like... why is it so hard to get ahead in this world?


As Henry David Thoreau once said: "People are living lives of quiet desperation." And they don't even know it.

Television shows like "Leave it to Beaver" and the "Ozzie and Harriet Show" accurately portrayed the lifestyle of an American family in the 1950's and early 1960's. Ward Cleaver was the sole breadwinner in the family while his June wife stayed home and raised two well adjusted kids. Everything in the home was bought and paid for.


Back then people paid for Goods and Services IN CASH. Contrast that with what is happening today. Americans are up to their eyeballs in consumer debt. Business Journals are now describing "The Four Income Family" with both parents holding two jobs. This is already happening in places like Hawaii where the cost of living is outrageous. Meanwhile what is happening to the young children of the working parents?


Often as not they are shunted off to day care centers to be raised by strangers. Business journals have stated for the record that in order to retire with any sort of dignity and quality of life, we must each have saved a minimum of ONE MILLION DOLLARS unencumbered by debt. How's everyone doing so far?

The # 1 cause of Divorce in this country is the STRESS and UNHAPPINESS generated within the relationship by DEBT and the Lack of Money. One of the major causes of illnesses in this country is STRESS created by DEBT and the Lack of Money. But mere statistics can never tell the real story.


People in Customer Service Related jobs will tell you it is absolutely normal for customers to call up and make a payment arrangement for a $15 Bill. "I get paid on the 1st and the 15th of the month so I'll send in a payment on the 16th." Bank Tellers will tell you just how low the balance is on the average customers bank account.

Just ask them. You will be amazed.

Now multiply all those anecdotal stories by the 200 million plus population of America and you start to get the picture. Remember that one tenth of one per cent of America's population enjoys the top lifestyle on the planet. And yet it is many of these same elitist who coined the war cry "Money isn't everything."


If that is the case why are Americans slowly but surely being WORKED TO DEATH? People are literally DYING ON THE JOB. Its amazing how tossing $50,000 into the equation can solve most family problems. I've tried being broke and miserable. I'd like to try being rich and miserable for a change.

Keep in mind that this poverty consciousness really gained momentum a scant eighty eight years ago with the creation of the Federal Reserve Banking System in 1913.

  • Thirteen is an occulted number.

  • 1933 was the year the "Eye in the Triangle" symbol first appeared on the Federal Reserve Notes.

  • Thirty three is likewise an occultic number.

  • 1933 marked the first appearance of the Latin inscription "Annuit Coeptus: Novus Ordo Seclorum."

The translation?

"Our Enterprise is Crowned With Success: A New World Order."


We will look at the Educational System of America in a way that most have not.

We will see how the lives of countless Americans are strictly regimented and how literally every county, state and federal agency is thoroughly controlled by the reptilians. This fact has severely degraded the quality of life of countless Americans.

Later in this treatise I will go into great detail about the Reptilian Mind and how the reptilian's perception of themselves as the dominant species on this planet makes it impossible for them to treat the Human Race as anything other than Domesticated Livestock.


Let us first look at how the draco-reptilian overlords have manipulated the Educational system for the express purpose of turning our country from one that favored FREE ENTERPRISE and PRIVATE OWNERSHIP to one which practices COMMUNISM and COLLECTIVISM.


The reader MUST understand this aspect of the reptilian agenda. I ask the reader to take the time to read this section carefully because everything else hinges upon it.

The American Historical Society was created by the Royal Institute for Foreign Affairs which was itself descended from Cecil Rhodes' Round Table. The best (or the worst depending on your point of view) and the brightest from the Poison Ivy League schools were recruited and sent to England to be indoctrinated in Fabian Socialist beliefs and returned to America for the express purpose of RE-WRITING AMERICAN HISTORY.


You read that correctly: The American Historical Society was set up for the express purpose of re-writing American history and promoting a Fabian Sociolist-Globalist mindset within the academic community.

One of the first things the American Historical Society set out to do was change America from a country that promoted FREE ENTERPRISE and ENTREPRENUERALISM into a country that embraced BIG BUSINESS and favored the multi-national corporations and banks. This occurred during one of the most under-appreciated and misunderstood periods of American history, the Reconstruction period.

If you look back in America's history, you will find that the further you go back into time, the more likely you will find that Americans owned and operated their own businesses. Whether these businesses were Farms, Mills, Tanneries or Shops, often as not the businesses were family owned and passed down from generation to generation.


For those who didn't inherit a family run business, an entrepreneur would often set up his own business in whatever trade that best suited his skills and temperament. Again, the readers can test this for themselves. Find out what your grandfathers and great-grandfathers did for a living and you will find that most of them were SELF EMPLOYED.

This is an important distinction to make.


The pilgrims didn't come here because they heard that IBM was hiring. They came here to practice religious and ECONOMIC FREEDOM. They and their successors wanted to own and operate their own businesses and reap the harvest of their own labors just as their ancestors did. This business mindset has largely been removed from the human consciousness.


The world is rushing towards a Collectivist-Communist super state because private ownership and free enterprise is being stamped out. The Starship U.S.S.. Enterprise of Star Trek fame has tremendous personal and metaphorical meaning for me. One of the greatest aircraft carriers in history was named after free Enterprise. Free Enterprise allowed average business owners the opportunity to make as much or as little money as required to finance their particular lifestyles. I said LIFESTYLES not subsistence existence.

The dangers that FREE ENTERPRISE presented for the drac-reptilian overlords i.e. the Illuminati during the Reconstruction period was two-fold. First of all, many of the Entrepreneurs and Businessmen were not taking loans from banks. This was a situation that was simply intolerable for the drac controlled money changers and money lenders. Secondly America was largely an agricultural society back then.


Most of the population lived in the country. Citizens tended to stay in the countryside and work in their family's farms, ranches and artisan shops. The Illuminati had to find a way to get these people away from the family run businesses in the countryside and into the Illuminati controlled factories in the cities. Again, this was a process that spanned decades.

The Illuminati resolved this problem by first ensuring that legislation would be passed that would make it increasingly difficult for Americans to run their own businesses. Today we see this in the form of endless licensing restrictions, zoning regulations, punitive taxation and the like.


Secondly the American Historical Society, having returned from England as trained cadres imbued with the beliefs of COMMUNISM and COLLECTIVISM than began to indoctrinate their academic colleagues with these same beliefs. It wasn't long before the tenets of Communism and Collectivism began to creep into school curriculums. I will give short shrift to this because once again, the Truth is all around us in society.

Have you ever heard the following statement?

"If you go to school, study hard and get good grades, you will be successful."

Has anyone heard that statement besides me? What is happening is that CONSUMERISM instead of FREE ENTERPRISE and ENTREPRENEURIALISM is being taught in today's high schools and colleges.

Small privately owned businesses have always been the backbone of this country yet countless American students are paying good money to be taught how to become someone's employee. The goal for many college graduates is to obtain a position with a large corporation because they equate large corporations with stability. One look at how many employees have been left out of the equation after corporate mergers should disabuse most people of that erroneous belief.

Free Enterprise ensures FREEDOM. Isn't it curious that immigrants come to this country, barely able to speak English and within months establish their own businesses often as not HIRING Americans to sweep their floors and operate their cash registers? Why is it that immigrants know that FREE ENTERPRISE is the fundamental basis for the "American Dream " and Americans born and bred here study for years merely to become someone else's employee?


We are never paid what we are worth, we are only paid what the job is worth. Bottom line, if you are trading hours for dollars, you will NEVER overcome inflation and will probably have to rely on CREDIT which is just a euphemism for DEBT, to make ends meet.

This is absolutely essential to understand because Americans have been brainwashed into believing that we are FREE simply because we live in America. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are only as FREE as we allow ourselves to be and freedom whether or not anyone wants to admit it, and this is where I'll lose the New Age metaphysical crowd, HAS A DOLLAR SIGN NEXT TO IT.


Financial Independence means being debt free and having enough money saved to enjoy a particular lifestyle. It means being in total control of ones own clock and calendar. Often as not it means somehow developing a RESIDUAL INCOME i.e. capitalizing on an existing income stream that never runs out.. And not have to work yourself to death in the process. But American students are not taught any of these things.


They are told that upon graduation they can become "professionals" and accept the fact that they may have to work extremely long hours just to get themselves "established." I see right through "professionals" There is nothing appealing or ego boosting to me about working extremely long hours for so little return just to maintain the facade of the "professional lifestyle.".


Many people have the trappings of "success" i.e. big comfortable houses and nice shiny cars but in reality they are just BROKE AT A HIGHER LEVEL. They still aren't Financially Independent. Once again: 98% of all Americans are dead or broke by the age of 65. The manipulation of the educational and financial systems ensured that millions of Americans would live in a state of ECONOMIC BONDAGE. Americans are running out of money before they run out of month.

Americans are fed the deceit that if they go to school and study hard, then somehow some way, at the end of the rainbow, they will find financial security. Again this flies in the face of the facts. 98% per cent of all Americans are dead or broke by the age of 65. Many Americans who WILL become dead or broke by the age of 65 are college graduates... And yet most self made millionaires in this country never went to college. A significant percentage of them never even went to HIGH SCHOOL. So why is so much emphasis placed on GOING TO SCHOOL and earning a degree?

No one has yet to explain to me, how a broke business professor who has never owned and operated his own business, can ever TEACH others how to be successful business owners.

I'm different from most people. I'd raise my hand in class and ask this professor if he has ever done what he is teaching the class. If his answer is no, than I'm walking out. Better yet, I'm following him out to the parking lot and checking out what kind of car he drives. Does he care enough about his family to put them in safe cars which are usually expensive? I'd follow him home and see what kind of neighborhood he makes his family live in. I'd find out what kind of relationship he has with his wife and children. I WOULD CHECK THE FRUIT ON THE TREE.

Is this broke business professor really QUALIFIED to provide advice and counsel about something as critical as your financial future? Ask any college student what they are majoring in. The common denominator that all their answers will have is that after they graduate they will become someone's employee.


And it really doesn't matter what they majored in. Business Journals and independent studies have pointed out that the majority of college graduates eventually work in professions that have nothing to do with their field of study in college. Your average American switches jobs every 3 1/2 years. People are becoming UNDER-EMPLOYED. There is nothing wrong with working a cash register somewhere but you don't need a college degree to learn how to operate one.


Again you can conduct your own private poll and discover countless people in your own community that are OVER-EDUCATED AND UNDER-EMPLOYED. And these people will NEVER understand that Shapeshifting Reptilian-Human hybrids were ultimately responsible for their predicament. Indeed, most people will never even realize that their quality of life has been gradually eroded at all. Why is that? Because they are comparing their lives to their friends and relatives who are in the same financial straights that they are.

This is just a few of the things that financially independent people can do: They can provide the best health care for themselves and their loved ones and not have to choose a so called "Health Maintenance Organization" if they don't want to. Financially independent people can buy comfortable homes in safe neighborhoods so their families can live in relative peace and quiet. They won't have to stuff themselves into apartments.


Financially Independent people can purchase the safest automobiles to transport their families in. And last but certainly not least, Financially Independent people can send their children to Private Schools of their own choosing. The alternative of sending your children to a private school is MORE OF THE AFOREMENTIONED BRAINWASHING.


There is even a name for it: Its called OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION and GLOBAL EDUCATION 2000 . Look them both up on the internet. Its just more brainwashing but now its starting at the grade school level. This process has already begun in some states.

"Non-Governmental Organizations" or NGOs such as the Carnegie Endowment and the Ford Foundation pour BILLIONS OF DOLLARS into America's educational system every year. Is it any wonder that Americans are so ignorant about the history of this country? Most college textbooks these days pay scant attention to such subjects such as the Revolutionary War or the Mexican-American War.


The Constitutional Convention is barely mentioned. The development of the American railroad system is completely downplayed. Even when important subjects are briefly mentioned it is routinely presented in a dry uninformative manner thereby giving students the impression that its not worthy of further study. Most college students would be unable to give you an adequate definition of MONEY. Likewise they would be hard-pressed to provide an adequate definition of INFLATION.

Americans are so brainwashed that they may make an immediate mental association between RETIREMENT and AGE. This is preposterous. A person doesn't need AGE to retire. All he or she needs is MONEY.

Is it any wonder that Private Ownership is largely being replaced by State Ownership of the means of Production? The latter is the very definition of COMMUNISM. Private Ownership and the ability to benefit from ones own labors will soon become a thing of the past because of a consumer mentality that is being inculcated within countless students.

I mentally flushed this so called Educational System the morning after a consciously remembered abduction experience in September of 1990. I REASONED that after spending countless hours studying in college and paying exorbitant tuition fees, that somewhere along the line I would have been warned about non-human beings that abduct people at night. Alas that wasn't the case. I had to find out the hard way. Thereafter I used school for MY OWN PURPOSES. I used their libraries to study subjects which I felt compelled to study and didn't waste my time studying for their mid-terms and finals. I grew up.

Earning a College Degree is fine for people who want to learn a particular skill in order to enter a particular field or if they believe it would give them a better position and more income within a given field. What I am against is the false creed that Education is the be all and the end all and a guarantor of financial security because all the facts say otherwise.

This indifference and ignorance displayed by Americans was set in motion by the draco overlords working through reptilian-human bloodlines that control virtually every aspect of human life.

The Medical System is controlled by the dracos through the vehicle of the American Medical Association which uses Gestapo like methods to squelch any efforts at using SUCCESSFUL alternative medical treatments, especially as they apply to supposedly "incurable diseases." The World Health Organization metes out the same treatment to the rest of the planet especially to the so-called Third World.

The Cruel and Inhuman Intelligence that is responsible for this horrendous state of affairs needs to be studied and understood. Otherwise we stand no chance of ever rising above this Drac controlled society. We stand the very real risk of becoming "environmentalized" like animals, doing just enough to survive and nothing more. What a sad ending for a species that has so much potential. The next part of this treatise deals with an inquiry into the Reptilian Mind which is responsible for our present predicament.


David Icke pointed out in The Biggest Secret that the actual rulers of this planet are Reptilians who reside in the lower fourth dimension and who work through their reptilian-human hybrids that have attained positions of power on Earth. These reptilian-human hybrids are the driving force behind most of the systemic cruelty and wickedness on Earth.


The use of,

  • Mind Controlled Sex Slaves

  • the International Child Prostitution business

  • Sexual Slavery and Torture

  • International Drug Trafficking with its concomitant miseries

  • Genocide

  • Human Experimentation

  • ChemTrail spraying ad nauseum,

...are all spawned from the Reptilian Mind.

When one studies the Reptilian Mind, horrors such as Occultic Rituals involving human sacrifice and the horrendous and systematic sexual exploitation of women and children becomes understandable. These wicked attributes are imbued into their manipulated humans the world over at all strata of society. The result is a worldwide smorgasbord of human misery and suffering.


Why does a cruel and remorseless muppet dictator need to see the bigger picture and even know shapeshfiting reptilian exist? His job (and overwhelmingly muppet dictators are male) is to ensure the humans in "his" own country lead miserable lives.

What I have done to gain better insight into the Reptilian Mind has been to study, for comparison purposes, the work of the FBI's leading profilers for Serial Sex Offenders. At this point I haven't the means to play the role of "The Crocodile Hunter." I wish I could go out and capture a draco anytime I want to but for now I'm going to have work with the next best thing.

We can study the operational methods and state of mind of manipulated and often HOSTED HUMANS controlled by the reptilian and demonic element. I believe that many serial sex offenders are actually controlled by reptilians and demonic forces.

The white adult males of European descent who overwhelmingly make up the serial sex offender/murderer population, use reptilian operational methods such as sadistic control, the use of restraints, ritual, rape and sodomy upon their victims. But that is not the only similarity.


Many of the complex "fantasies" that Serial Sex Offenders/Killers see in their MIND is no different than what many reptilian manipulated Male Abductees see in their MIND or in the Astral Dreamscape. DEMONIC HARASSMENT and mixed REPTILIAN-HUMAN Heritage generates impulses that the Human side of the individual must overcome.


I've said this before and I'll say it again: The Struggle is within.


That is one thing that jumped out at me from the research of Roy Hazelwood, the FBI's # 1 profiler of Serial Sex Offenders/Killers. The Serial Sex Offender was almost always a white male of European descent. This dovetails so much with David Icke's conclusion that,

...the Royal Bloodlines of Europe and the Eastern Establishment are actually Shapeshifting Ritualistic and Sadistic Reptilians that a knowledgeable person needs no further explanation...

The Serial Sex Offender may not be a Shapeshifter but the Reptilian Consciousness will be the driving force behind his heinous atrocities none the less. But just to show that the Reptilians are equal opportunity possessors I will also devote a considerable portion of this treatise towards describing the unbelievable cruelty of the Japanese Army during the RAPE OF NANKING CHINA in December 1937.

Iris Chang wrote the "Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust" which is the definitive history of this horrifying six week long event. Much of her information came from eyewitnesses among the Chinese survivors as well as the testimony of foreign nationals and missionaries. Again, the reader can decide for himself or herself if the sadistic and methodical methods of mass rape and murder the Japanese army used in Nanking have any similarity to the known operational methods of the ruling reptilian-human hybrids and the serial sex offenders.

The Rape of Nanking will provide a classic example of the HIVE REPTILIAN CONSCIOUSNESS in action. I will also use a contemporary example with the GENOCIDAL RAPE WARFARE that is occurring today in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and elsewhere in the former Yugoslavia. I affirm that the conclusions I have drawn about the Reptilian Influence upon the serial rapist and murderers especially those that participated in the Rape of Nanking and The Genocidal Rape Warfare in the Balkans, are my own. In both cases, rape and murder were a matter of political and military POLICY.

It is doubtful if someone even as intelligent as Roy Hazelwood, the FBI's # 1 Serial Rapist Profiler has ever heard of the Reptilians or has ever seriously considered the demonic element that is fundamental to serial rape and serial murder.

I warn the readers that the descriptions I will provide of the countless mass rapes, mutilations, wholesale slaughter and "Entertainment" and "Competitions" the Japanese perpetrated in Nanking China are very graphic. Low end estimates of the number of Chinese who died during the Rape of Nanking START around Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand (250,000) with high end estimates as high as Three Hundred and Sixty Thousand (360,000). Many of them were defiled and mutilated in the most horrible ways imaginable. No one, infants, the infirm nor the elderly, were spared the brutal and INHUMAN violence perpetrated by the Japanese Army.

A number of brave souls have contacted me after reading my paper "Astral Dreamscape Manipulation" and have confided to me graphic details of the imagery that was being sent into their minds by beings THEY KNEW TO BE REPTILIANS.

I ask the reader to compare the methods and the mindset utilized by the Serial Sex Offenders-Killers that FBI profilers like Roy Hazelwood and John Douglas have studied, with the sexual sadism and genocide practiced by the Japanese in Nanking China and the Serbian practitioners of Rape Warfare today.


Then compare the latter with what has been beamed into the minds of Male Abductees who have been subjected to sadistic sexual mental imagery and thoughts... Compare all three and then ask yourself if there is any connection. And then remember that eye-witness testimony describing the behavior and characteristics of those promoting the NEW WORLD ORDER almost invariably describe involvement in Pedophilism, sadism towards female sex slaves and Ritual Murder.

The reader of this paper will find that again and again, Sexual Aggression towards innocent women, children and men and Ritual Murder make up a part of the reptilian character. These characteristics were then imbued into millions of humans under reptilian control. These manipulated humans then turned their ferocity and savagery upon countless innocent victims.


This will be seen on an individual basis with serial rapist-killers and on a mass scale as in Nanking or Bosnia-Herzegovina. Eyewitness testimony even describes Japanese Soldiers dismembering Chinese civilians and eating them. This is a historical fact.



One of the men who contacted me after reading "Astral Dreamscape Manipulation" was in his mid forties and had endured his own fair share of reptilian sexual manipulation. I've always said that one of the biggest problems in this world is that there are not enough REAL MEN on it. This MAN described to me hardcore reptilian mind control in the form of murderous thoughts and sado-masochistic mental imagery. It is so rare to obtain this caliber of Intelligence from male abductees.

The vast majority of male abductees are unable or unwilling to allow themselves to be thoroughly debriefed about their reptilian experiences. They worry that dwelling on the subject of reptilian harassment makes them weaker and more vulnerable so they go into Denial about their experiences. They usually wind up researching aspects of the UFO Subject that have little or no Intelligence Value where abductees are concerned.

"David" told me that the reptilians began to work on him when he was in the midst of a deep depression. He was at a low spiritual ebb for having lost a job and was psychologically, physically and spiritually vulnerable to Reptilian mind control. David made it very clear to me that the reptilians set out to take control of his MIND.

First he began to have thoughts about harming his own beloved cat. Different methods of killing and maiming the cat went through his mind including flushing it down the toilet and breaking its legs and mutilating it. He was shocked by these feelings because he loved the cat. The reader must understand that reptilians detest CATS. CATS are the best reptilian detectors and reptilian busters known to mankind. They have been known to wake up female abductees moments before the onset of a reptilian abduction or rape.

Many abductees "hear" beeps, clicks, radio transmissions, tones, high pitched whines and other assorted sounds inside their heads. So it is with David. During this deep depression he began to hear a loud ringing in his LEFT EAR. Shortly after the ringing in his left ear he was besieged by "a flood" of sadistic mental imagery.


At first he began having fantasies about clawing his girlfriend during sex. He said he actually felt as if HE HAD CLAWS. He would fantasize about slashing women with "his" own claws or with broken glass. Later he imagined and thought constantly about harming and killing women in horrible ways.

He described to me one of the ways the reptilians sexually manipulated him. He said he would find himself in a dreamscape scenario where he was just about to engage in sexual intercourse with what he perceived to be a human female. Just as he initiates sexual intercourse, a large broad shouldered dark skinned "man" would come up behind him and would attempt and sometimes succeed, in sodomizing him. Other times he'd see through the operational illusion and see that the sodomizing entity that came up from behind him was actually a reptilian..

This sort of "bait and switch" tactic was used against him for SEVERAL MONTHS until he eventually developed a sexual dysfunction with his girlfriend. No surprise there if you are familiar with Reptilian operational methods. Sexual Dysfunction with his girlfriend was never a problem before. He and his girlfriend have always had a passionate and robust sex life.

The are variants of the bait and switch tactic. David said there have been times he was having sexual intercourse with a woman in the astral dreamscape and during intercourse the woman would shapeshift into his sister or his daughter. He would become revolted and lose his erection.

While he and his girlfriend were trying to work through his problem, he began to have sadistic thoughts and mental imagery both in the dreamscape as well as in waking consciousness. As time went by these thoughts became more and more sadistic. He became consumed with the desire to bite, claw and kill his girlfriend during the sex act.

It is important to understand that biting, clawing, kidnapping, restraining, ritualistic sex torture and murder are behaviors which reptilians and reptilian controlled serial sex offenders mentally confuse with what we call SEX. To them all of these heinous crimes are part and parcel of sexual activity.

There was an undercurrent of anger and frustration within David due to his sexual dysfunction which seemed to increase whenever he tried and failed to have sex with his girlfriend.

The thoughts and mental imagery played on his Mind even when he wasn't attempting sexual intercourse with his girlfriend who by now had developed a very adversarial and confrontational attitude towards him. They no longer slept together. This engendered even more anger towards his girlfriend and women in general. He would wake up after these astral dreamscape manipulations and actually feel the reptilian entity attached to his back. He would sometimes feel the entity touching him with its claws. He felt the "leathery and scaly" skin of the creature brush up against him.

The male abductee then began to have mental imagery of things that can only be described as horrifying. He began to fantasize about violently inserting sharp and jagged objects into women's vaginas. He just COULD NOT prevent these images from coming into his Mind.

The readers must understand that this form of sadistic abuse is unfortunately a common feature in many serial sex offender cases. Untold numbers of women and young girls in Nanking were raped and mutilated in just this fashion in broad daylight, their defiled bodies left unburied for days. Some of the female corpses defiled in this manner were positioned into pornographic poses for camera toting Japanese soldiers.


This form of female torture was often used as a prelude to execution in the Serbian Rape Camps. These types of "Violent Insertion" fantasies are had by serial sex offenders, some Reptilian-Human hybrids and by Crank and Crystal Methedrine users who are undergoing the Reptilian-Demonic hosting process. Former crank users have told me they would fantasize about tying up and restraining women in physically compromising positions and likewise torturing them with sharp objects.

Eventually David overcame his problem. He gets along much better with his girlfriend and is able to engage in sexual intercourse again. He was able to overcome these demonic impulses because the human side of him won out in this internal conflict. That much being said, we must not forget what he went through.


He was unable to have normal thoughts prior to and during sexual intercourse. Indeed when he would attempt lovemaking with his girlfriend his mind would be flooded by thoughts of biting, clawing and murdering his girlfriend.

  • Due to this and the reptilian sexual manipulation he endured is it any wonder that he was unable to perform sexually?

  • And is it any wonder that his thoughts of sex were replaced by thoughts of cruelty and sadism not only towards his girlfriend but towards women in general?

This is an absolutely key point to remember and which I will point out again and again during this treatise. Ideations such as cruelty, sadism, sexual torture and ritual serial murder are entirely typical of the reptilian mindset despite whatever propaganda the Reptilian hive consciousness would have you believe.



Vemin is just one reptilian propagandist but take note of how many problems he's caused in the lives of Humans. I have spent considerable time around other reptilian host as well. The penetration and control of the UFO Research Community by the reptilians is complete. I will now describe the methods of another reptilian host I will refer to as "Effluvia."

Effluvia is not only a reptilian host but a COLLECTIVE i.e. she has numerous entities inside of her under the command of a dominant male reptilian. Effluvia is not her real name. She changed her name to Effluvia at the behest of a channelled entity. According to Effluvia's own mother, Effluvia had joined a number of cults over the years including the Hare Krishna sect in Washington State. In order to better understand the mode of operation of this particular entity, its important to understand how someone like her could be valuable as a reptilian asset.

In the world of Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence the term "Disruption" has a specific meaning. A "Mole" can disrupt a hostile secret service from within. The Mole can conduct his or her affairs so as to ensure that a permanent state of chaos, confusion, demoralization, suspicion and uncertainty exist within the enemy secret service for years on end. At the same time, the penetrated secret service will find that its operations for one reason or another, always fail. Deep cover agents are "blown." Lives are lost. People lose hope.

Such is the effectiveness of practicing DISRUPTION upon an enemy secret service.

Keep all this in mind as I describe the activities of Effluvia within the abductee and the "wanna be" abductee: community. Like the others Effluvia had the best cover possible and a quite believable one. She really believes that her purpose is to help others. Effluvia wants to help others better understand their "contactee" experiences. The dominant entity within her would target different people for different purposes.


The ones who often faired the worst were needy and codependent women. Effluvia would keep them up till 2:30 in the morning talking on the telephone and prevailing upon them to tell her every miserable detail in their lives. Often as not, the conversations had NOTHING to do with abduction experiences. It was just a means to compel the women to pour out their hearts to what they felt was a sympathetic listener, instead of a reptilian collective.


Effluvia would "feed" off the women's emotional anguish. And the women would thus become locked in a vibrational frequency of dysfunction and victimization.

She did this to a number of women. Effluvia had a knack for "getting into someone's kitchen" i.e. she had a way of ingratiating herself into the lives of others. She would obtain loans from people, bum rides from them and generally obtain favors from certain individuals.

This is what I mean by "getting into someone's kitchen" which is an old baseball term describing a pitcher working the inner part of the plate against the batter: She had a women's abductee group. She had a men's abductee group. She had a "Coed" abductee group of men and women. She had a teen's abductee group and she even had a children's group for abductees.

I used to joke that she had a "fetal group" for fetuses. Even that wasn't enough. She would organize late night Sky Watches with numerous people. She would hold pot lucks at the recreation room of the apartment complex she lived in and sometimes a hundred and fifty or more people would show up. I attended one such pot luck when there were at least eighty people. There was an Effluvium related event six days out of the week. This is what I mean by getting into someone's kitchen.

I will give the reader just one example of how this entity can create so much chaos and disruption in the lives of so many people. I first met Effluvia at a UFO Conference in the southwest. I recognized her immediately for what she was... a reptilian hybrid. Unlike many abductees especially male abductees I have no qualms about discussing some of my experiences when I am at a UFO conference. Its a great way to break the ice, so to speak, and put other abductees at ease.. Effluvia and I sat down and had breakfast with one another.

The first question that Effluvia asked me was "did I consider my experiences to be positive or negative." On the face of it, this is an absurd question. Anyone with any insight and self worth who has taken the time to study factual information about the subject of alien abductions cannot help but come away with the feeling that a monstrous evil is being perpetrated on countless humans. That question told me a lot about Effluvia.

I told her that I felt that most of my experiences were "positive" for no other reason than that I regulate how I feel about the subject. I mentioned to her that my main area of interest concerned the reptilians and the military connection with abductees. In order to put her at ease about the subject I mentioned various things I knew about the reptilians including their rapaciousness towards women.

Effluvia was quite surprised at my familiarity with the subject. She mentioned that she had a women's abductee group in her hometown and several women had reported not only having reptilian encounters but also abduction experiences involving the military. I mentioned that I'd like to meet some of the women in her group and discuss the reptilian and military aspect of their experiences. She peppered her conversation with constant references to her "Guides" as in "My Guides told me this" and "My guides told me that...."


She must have said that about six or seven times.

Soon the long holiday weekend was over and we went our separate ways. A couple of days later I received a telephone call from Effluvia. Here is where all the problems started since I didn't realize at the time that Effluvia was hosted by a number of entities including a dominant male reptilian.

Out of the blue, Effluvia mentioned that during the UFO Conference where she and I had met, she had sex with an ex-boyfriend of one of the gals in her women's abductee group. She explained that she and this guy "Monty" were in a hotel room at the conference when she, Effluvia, was overcome with a fit of passion and basically threw herself at Monty. Later I was to learn that this kind of behavior was entirely typical of Effluvia. Effluvia has been known to oust pretty women from her coed abductee support group if she felt they were too attractive and thus a potential rival for the affections of the males in the group.

After telling me about her latest sexcapade, Effluvia swore me to secrecy. Remember, I barely knew this "women." I had only met her during the previous weekend and quite frankly I thought I'd never see her again. And now here she was calling me up out of the blue and within minutes of answering the telephone, she was telling me about her latest sexual conquest.

She swore me to secrecy because she was concerned lest the gal in her support group "Betty" would discover that Effluvia had sex with her ex-boyfriend Monty.

I could have cared less who or what Effluvia was having sex with. It was the furthest thing from my mind. But what was done was done. She had "confided" in me and had sworn me to secrecy thus turning me by default into one of her co-conspirators.

Effluvia had similarly "confided" to all the other men and women in her various support groups about her latest sexual adventure. Everyone that is except Betty. In the meantime, oblivious to any of this, I had arranged to travel to the city that Effluvia lived in and attend a meeting of her "women's contactee group." I decided to take the opportunity to meet with and debrief some of these women because it was clear to me that Effluvia hadn't even obtained the most basic facts from them regarding their reptilian and military experiences..

I had a very personal reason for going because a close friend of mine was undergoing very traumatic and frightening reptilian and military experiences in a place that was not too far from where Effluvia lived. Effluvia introduced me to the women in her group. We chatted for a short while.


Unfortunately, the meeting was cut short because Effluvia wanted to attend a channelling session. Naturally I was disappointed at not being able to chat with these gals longer. Effluvia scheduled a Pot Luck later on that evening. During this pot luck I took the opportunity to introduce myself to several people I thought were legitimate abductees. These abductees gave me their phone numbers.

The fact that these people gave me their phone numbers became an endless source of acrimony and dissension after I had returned to my home. Distraught women from Effluvia's support group began calling me up because Effluvia had started bringing one of her new boyfriends to the meetings.


This male continually invalidated the women's accounts of alien abduction and consequently, some of the women began calling me because they knew I would lend a sympathetic ear to them. The women complained that this guy never shut up during the meetings and routinely downplayed and marginalized everything these women said about their own abduction experiences. It seemed to me that bringing a skeptic into an abductee support group environment was at variance with the notion of providing a safe place for these people to share their experiences.

Meanwhile, rumors of Effluvia's dalliance with Monty inevitably found their way to Betty. This created a row between Betty and those women who sympathized with her vis a vis Effluvia.

It was at this point that Effluvia began leaving me long blistering voice messages accusing me of spreading innuendo and gossip about her tryst with Monty. She also told me I was no longer welcome in her city and that it was entirely her own business who she invited to her meetings, never mind the fact that it was the women in her group that were calling me up and complaining about her new boyfriend.


Effluvia would leave phone messages fifteen minutes long haranguing me about how I had told all the women whose phone numbers I'd obtained at the pot luck, about her affair with Monty. Of course I never did any such thing. I could care less about her mating habits. It wasn't just me that Effluvia was accusing of betraying her. She systematically accused every single person she had "confided" in about her fling with Monty.

Looking back now, I can see that the dominant male reptilian entity inside of her had set this whole thing up so that it could bring about the maximum amount of acrimony and chaos in as many peoples lives as possible. By "confiding" her secret to so many people in her huge phone list, she/it ensured that eventually word would reach Betty and create an unpleasant row.


This provided the dominant male reptilian entity within Effluvia the opportunity to accuse everyone of wrongdoing. Women would call me up in tears, complaining how Effluvia had turned everyone's lives upside down by her constant accusations and insinuations.

This is what I mean by DISRUPTION.


Its also important to note out how Effluvia's long diatribes on my voice message machine would literally drain me of energy. The phone is an electromagnetic conduit. Experienced abduction researchers know that hosted or manipulated abductees can drain them of energy merely by talking to them at length on the telephone. And this is what happened to me.


The 15 minute tape on my voice machine would literally run out while Effluvia was ranting and raving at me. And here I am, 320 some odd miles from the city where Effluvia lives and I was being pulled right into a maelstrom of controversy and dissension. And all I did was answer the phone when Effluvia called me after the weekend conference where we had met. And then I compounded that mistake by giving out my phone number to some of "her" abductees and obtaining their phone numbers in return.

Eventually I learned that Effluvia was a full fledged Collective. Not just a host but a collective. I found eyewitnesses who had seen black cartoonlike "noodles" coming out of the top of Effluvia's head whilst she was in a trance state. Eyewitnesses have also described an entity speaking through her in an extremely malevolent fashion.


Through certain sources close to her, I learned that Effluvia is periodically summoned by her "guides" to Sedona Arizona where she takes part in "Re-Birthing" sessions which are actually Re-Infestation sessions. Eventually this came up in a private discussion I had with her years later after we had "buried the hatchet."


I have an audiotape of Effluvia describing in her own words how she had taken part in one of these re-birthing sessions and became "possessed" and began growling and hissing. Eyewitnesses who were present then described seeing brown smoky astral reptilian "pods" floating in and out of Effluvia's abdomen whilst she lay on the ground hissing and growling.

This then, is the sort of creature abductees may turn to when they want to understand more about their own experiences. They unwittingly allow Effluvia into their lives under the mistaken notion that this reptilian collective, under the guise of a ditzy new ager, can help them when in actual fact, the entities inside of Effluvia do everything in their power to ruin these peoples lives.


I have had women beg me, in tears, to never reveal to Effluvia where they are moving to or what their new phone number is. Effluvia has left scores of emotionally, physically and spiritually devastated people in her wake.


This segment of this treatise was the most difficult part for me to write. Up till now I've discussed how the reptilian consciousness has worked through individual perpetrators such as serial sex offenders and certain reptilian host. Now I'm going to discuss how the reptilian mindset has worked through hundreds and thousands of humans to create an orgy of violence aimed at innocent men, women and children.


The two examples I will use are the infamous Rape of Nanking China in December 1937 and the ongoing Genocidal Rape Warfare being perpetrated against women today in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.

To understand what happened in Nanking China for six weeks beginning on December 13th 1937, we must first understand the type of culture which spawned the Japanese soldiers who perpetrated these atrocities. It will become clear in the case of the Japanese that it was not GENETICS that was responsible for their behavior in Nanking. The primary causes for the Japanese Atrocities in China were due to a belief in their own Racial Purity and the implicit belief of the inferiority and sub-human nature of all other races on Earth.

Here is the inevitable disclaimer and I encourage the reader to read this part twice so there is no misunderstanding. I am pointing out how the inherently Reptilian Creed of Racial Superiority and the Demonization of other races led to the Japanese Military's Brutal treatment of captured soldiers and innocent civilians.


This has NOTHING to do with the Japanese as a Race of people per se. It has EVERYTHING to do with the manner in which the average Japanese prior to and during the Second World War was conditioned by Shintoism and the Martial Tenets of Bushido to view themselves as Racially Superior. This led inevitably to their brutal treatment of non-Japanese.


First let us look at how Americans of Japanese descent fighting for the United States of America comported themselves during World War Two so that we can later draw a comparison between the latter and the troops who fought for the Imperial Japanese Military. The reader will note a stark contrast between the two which I believe has everything to do with the reptilian mindset which was inculcated into the Native Japanese for centuries.

The Nisei Americans i.e. second generation Japanese Americans who fought for America during the Second World War whilst their own relatives were interned in concentration camps represented the best of American culture and manhood.
The 100th Battalion and later the 442nd Regimental Combat Team whose motto was "Go For Broke" won more decorations for bravery and earned more "Purple Hearts" for wounds suffered in combat than any other unit in American Military History.


The 442nd suffered appalling casualties. Yet every member of this legendary unit showed by personal example that they were loyal dedicated Americans despite the overt bigotry and prejudice they experienced from their Caucasian counterparts in the U.S. Army.

Likewise Nisei American translators working for the Central Bureau, the U.S. Army's SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) communications intercept agency in Australia during the Second World War, provided invaluable service. (Its a pity the bigotry of the U.S. Navy precluded the utilization of Nisei Americans from taking part in the translation of intercepted Japanese Imperial Navy message traffic.)


Last but certainly not least, the Nisei interpreters working with U.S. Army infantry units in New Guinea and Burma deserve recognition and credit for the dangerous work they were involved in... It doesn't take too much imagination to realize what would have happened to these Nisei Interpreters serving in the U.S. Army if they had been captured by troops of the Imperial Japanese Military.

I'm pointing out the accomplishments of second generation Japanese Americans during the Second World War to underscore the fundamental difference between Nisei raised in America and Imperial Japanese soldiers raised in Japan. The Japanese military was notorious for perpetrating atrocities upon captured allied troops and civilians.


The "Greater East Asia Co-Property Sphere" was the name the Japanese Imperialist gave to their newly won empire during World War Two. Over THIRTY MILLION ASIANS were killed by the Japanese during the Second World War. Clearly the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" was of no benefit whatsoever to Asians, the Anti-European, Anti-Colonialist rhetoric of Imperial Japan notwithstanding.

Prior to the Second World War, all Japanese were taught that the Japanese Royal Family were direct lineal descendants of the mythical Emperor Jimmu who lived 2,600 years ago. It was from the locale of this mythical Emperor's Court, Yamato, that the Japanese called themselves the "Yamato Race." Furthermore the Japanese were taught that Emperor Jimmu was descended from the Sun Goddess and that he was created from droplets from the sword of the Sun Goddess.

Emperor Hirohito, who reigned as Japan's Emperor prior to, during and after the Second World War, was considered to be the one hundred twenty fourth direct descendant of Emperor Jimmu. Because of the extreme isolation of the Japanese People, a mythos developed which held that the Japanese were racially pure, unsullied by the blood of impure "Barbarian" races. This belief manifested itself again and again in Literature and Official Propaganda.


They identified with the color WHITE as symbolic of their racial purity. Symbolic images such as White Chrysanthemums and White Cherry Blossoms became identified with the Purity of their Heritage. The symbol of the White Cherry Blossoms and White Chrysanthemums would later be used by soldiers as well as Kamikaze Suicide Pilots.

Shintoism became adopted as an official state religion... During the Shinto Purification Rites the Priest wear White Robes. Historian John W. Dower wrote "War Without Mercy: Race and Power In The Pacific War" which is the definitive work describing the racial origins of the War between Imperial Japan and the United States.

Dower made the following observation regarding the Japanese obsession with Purity and the color White:

"Evidence that the Japanese continued to indulge in the "Caucasianization" of themselves vis a vis other Asians during World War Two even in the midst of all the rhetoric about Pan-Asianism, is available in numerous forms. Japanese servicemen dispatched to the southern theater, for example were known to be reluctant to acknowledge that their skin color was the same as that of natives in the occupied territories; it is said, they fell into the habit of repeatedly emphasizing how sunburned they are."

To the Japanese imbued with such concepts of racial purity the natives of "the Southern Lands" including China were historically regarded as dark skinned barbarians. These barbarians were frequently reduced by Japanese Scholars as being nothing more than wild animals or even demons.

In January 1942 the Japanese monthly periodical Bungei Shunju , published an article entitled "Establishing A Japanese Racial Worldview" in which the importance of the purity of the race symbolized by the color of White and the act of Purifying the Spirit during wartime symbolized by the color Red is emphasized.

"The conception of purity associated with Shinto has been thought of hitherto as something pure white, as if it were something that had been thoroughly washed clean, like the white robes of Shinto Priest... The Color of purification is faint red, tinged with the pinkness of blood, it is the color of life itself. Is in this very warmth of life which has made the cherry blossom the symbol of the Yamato spirit."

The above mentality justified all manner of cruel and inhuman behavior towards humans viewed as subhuman and demonic. Implicit in the belief of the racial and moral superiority of the Japanese was the inferiority and barbarism of other races. This resulted in demonization of "The Other" i.e. all other races.

For thousands of years, the Japanese Worldview was regulated by their perception of themselves and their perception of the demonic "other." According to a Japanese scholar named Professor Yanaguchi Masao, Japanese villagers until the mid-nineteenth century only believed there were two kinds of people: The Insider and the Outsider.

"Outsiders" were viewed ambiguously by Japanese. They were understood to possess both beneficent and malevolent supernatural powers. According to Dower, Outsiders were often equated with animal spirits or demonic forces. They were the harbingers of calamity or misfortune.

Moreover there was a rigid class system within Japan itself. Those within the royal family claimed descent from Emperor Jimmu and the Sun Goddess whilst other Japanese were considered useful insofar as they may one day purify themselves by sacrificing their life in battle for the Emperor.


Indeed, for the Japanese commoner, sacrificing oneself in battle is the best thing a Japanese could ever do. If this is how the common Japanese thought of themselves i.e. that they are expendable, what must they have thought of other races?


The following is a short poem called "Umi Yukaba" which perfectly encapsulates this mindset:

Across the sea,
Corpses in the water.
Across the mountain
Corpses heaped upon the field,
I shall die only for the Emperor,
I shall never look back

From a more personal standpoint, note the preoccupation with both self sacrifice and the ever present symbolic importance of the color White in this letter written by a Japanese Suicide Pilot to his parents.


This excerpt, just one of countless examples, is taken from the book "The Divine Wind" co-written by Captain Rikihei Inoguchi and Commander Tadashi Nakajima:

Dear Parents,

Please congratulate me. I have been given a splendid opportunity to die. This is my last day. The destiny of our homeland hinges on the decisive day of battle in the seas to the south where I shall fall like a blossom from a radiant cherry tree.

I shall be a shield for His Majesty and cleanly along with my squadron leader and other friends. I wish that I could be born seven times, each time to smite the enemy.

Again we have the metaphor of the White cherry blossom. Mass attacks of Kamikaze suicide pilots became known as "Floating Chrysanthemums."

This concept of Shintoism in conjunction with the martial tenet known as "Bushido" or "The Way of the Warrior" inculcated in the Japanese a strict obedience and need for conformity. Beginning in school, youngsters quickly learned that being beaten and slapped by their teachers is a normal part of school routine.


Obedience and an ingrained need to conform to societal mores and standards ensured that the parents of the children thus abused would never complain to the school administrators. Children were often beaten for no reason at all.

The 20th Century Japanese identity was largely the result of this unusual combination of Shintoism and the Samurai Credo of Bushido. For centuries private Feudal Armies battled each other for supremacy. As Iris Chang pointed out in Rape of Nanking, the social structure and hierarchy of Japan was established and sustained through Martial Competition.


By Medieval times, a distinctly warrior class evolved. During the Twelfth Century the leader of the ruling family known as the Shogun (significantly translated as barbarian-quelling great generalissimo) offered the Emperor military protection in exchange for Divine Sanction.

Henceforth the conditioning and indoctrination of Japanese took on a decidedly militaristic aspect and yet still retained the trappings of Shintoism.


Dower writes:

"The nationalism of the Rising Sun and the graceful falling of the cherry blossoms are fairly straightforward symbols, but to many observers, certainly in the West, the color connotations of the symbols - the whiteness of purity and redness of blood and sincerity - may not have been so readily apparent."

The poem Companion Cherry Blossoms written in 1944 perfectly encapsulates this concept:

You and I, companion cherry blossoms,
Flowered in the garden of the same military school
Just as the blossoms calmly scatter,
We too are ready to fall for our country.

And what exactly happened in those military schools?


Individual spirit was ruthlessly stamped out of recruits. Vicious hazing and a relentless pecking order were the order of the day. Recruits were given to understand that they were merely a small cog in a vast machine and that non-conformity of any sort would not be tolerated. This encouraged a hive consciousness within the soldiers and lowered their impulse control vis a vis innocent civilians and captured prisoners of war.


Recruits were often savagely beaten for no reason at all. Japanese author Iritani Toshio states that officers frequently justified unauthorized beatings by saying the following:

"I do not beat you because I hate you. I beat you because I care for you. Do you think I perform these acts with hands swollen and bloody in a state of madness?"

Regarding the indoctrination of the Japanese soldiers Iris Chang wrote:

"Here is what we learn. The Japanese soldier was not simply hardened for battle in China; he was hardened for the task of murdering Chinese combatants and noncombatants alike. Indeed various games and exercises were set up by the Japanese military to numb its men to the human instinct against killing people who are not attacking."

It is difficult for people to conceive of such brutality since in our Western Culture this sort of behavior is not encouraged within the military. During the march to Nanking Japanese soldiers were encouraged to take part in killing competitions which were enthusiastically covered by the Japanese media as if they were sporting events.


The headline of the December 7th issue of the Japan Advertiser is a case in point:

"Sub-Lieutenants in Race to fell 100 Chinese Running Close Contest."

The article went on to describe how the two officers Mukai Toshiaki and Noda Takeshi, were engaged in a competition to see which one would be the first to behead 100 Chinese with their samurai swords. In a later article one of the officers described how his blade was slightly damaged by "cutting a Chinese in half, helmet and all." The contest, he declared, "was fun."

Iris Chang has amassed a wealth of documentation in the form of journals and diary entries written by Japanese soldiers. The diary entries are filled with references of these sorts of murder contest and "training exercises."


The testimony of Private Tajima is typical:

"One day the Second Lieutenant Ono said to us, "you have never killed anyone yet, so today we shall have some killing practice. You must not consider the Chinese as a human being but only as something of rather less value than a dog or a cat. Be brave!"

New officers also received this kind of indoctrination. A veteran officer named Tominaga Shozo recalled his first meeting with the troops of a unit that he was to command. This unit had already spent some time in China and was inured to the continuous mayhem and torture of innocents.


Shozo was shocked at the appearance of his bloodthirsty troops.

"They had evil eyes. They weren't human eyes but the eyes of leopards or tigers."

It is significant that many people who have encountered Reptilians have stated for the record that the reptilian's eyes reminded them of the eyes of either Snakes or Cats since both types of animals have vertical slit pupils. I contend that the more a human being indulges in this sort of violence and mayhem, the more likely he is to be possessed by a reptilian entity. The last quote by that officer underscores what I have been writing about since I started this treatise. It wasn't long before this same officer began to view the mass murder and mutilation of innocent Chinese as an everyday occurrence.

Reminiscing about his experiences Shozo noted how,

"We made them like this. Good sons, good daddies, good elder brothers at home were brought to the front to kill each other. Human beings turned into murdering demons. Everyone became a demon within three months."

A former soldier wrote to Iris Chang explaining the actions of himself and his comrades. He pointed out that the highest honor a soldier could achieve was to die for his Emperor in combat.

"If my life was not important, an enemy's life became inevitably much less important... This philosophy led us to look down on the enemy and eventually the mass murder and ill treatment of the captives."

This then was what was meant by "purifying ones spirit." These soldiers purified themselves at the expense of hundreds of thousands of helpless Chinese.


This was Shintoism (purity of a hereditary bloodline) and Bushido ("The Way Of The Warrior") in action.


Again and again, the reptilian concepts of Pure Bloodlines and the murder and torture of innocent humans plays itself out with a vengeance. Throughout history, these essentially reptilian concepts were drummed into cultures and societies under reptilian control and the tragic consequences were always the same. The horrible and agonizing deaths of innocent men, women and children.

Another diary entry of the period records the following statement by a Japanese instructor: "These are the raw materials for your trial of courage" he said referring to a group of captive Chinese. Day after day the troops were given instruction in beheading and bayoneting them usually while the victims were still alive.

Since the Bushido ethic forbids a soldier to surrender the very act of the Chinese soldiers surrendering enraged the Japanese even further. In the Samurai code, if a soldier dishonors himself or his Emperor he must purify himself by committing Seppeku also known as Hara Kiri. The blade of the samurai sword would be wrapped in a white cloth (the purity concept again) and the person committing suicide would then disembowel himself. To the Japanese soldier, surrender would bring shame and dishonor not only upon himself and his family but also upon his ANCESTORS..

Mass executions of captive Chinese soldiers bound together by ropes began in earnest. The Japanese would execute tens of thousands of Chinese a day by machine gunning them as they stood at the banks of the Yangzte River. Dead bodies clogged the river and the river ran red with blood for days. Mass executions of soldiers or even just young males the Japanese thought were soldiers was not enough.


Once again, many Japanese soldiers invented games. Photographs were smuggled out of China showing Chinese being buried alive. Others were buried up to their necks and were then run over by Tanks. Chinese of all ages were huddled together in large groups, sprayed with gasoline and set on fire. Infants were dropped into boiling water. Young boys were sliced in half with swords. German Shepherds were set loose on Chinese and ripped them apart whilst crowds of Japanese enjoyed the spectacle.

Chinese were thrown into the icy river where they would instantly be frozen solid whereupon their bodies would be riddled with machine gun bullets. There are many photographs that have survived which show Japanese soldiers beheading captives or conducting bayonet practice upon them oftentimes with smiling or laughing Japanese soldiers in the background.

Mutilations of Chinese were a routine occurrence. In their bloodlust and reptilian madness many Japanese soldiers actually ATE the intestines and genitals from Chinese they had slain. This was observed by European missionaries and members of the International settlement.


It was believed by many Japanese that eating the penises of their fallen enemy would increase their virility.


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