Serpents of Wisdom

Part 1

"Seekers there are in plenty: but they are
almost all seekers of personal advantage.
I can find so very few Seekers after Truth.“


The imitator gives expression to a hundred proofs, but he speaks from discursive reasoning, not direct vision. He is musk-scented but not musk; he smells like musk but is only dung.


You have probably come to the realization that there are no listings of Masters and true Teachers in the Yellow Pages. It is possible to find psychics, astrologers, and other such flora and fauna, and you may even find advertisements in metaphysical-type magazines for birds of ill-omen who call themselves masters, but unless we have polyps for brains, we ought to know that the only thing they are masters of, is deceit of an expensive kind.


In this ‘New Age’ we are besieged by hordes of so-called shamans, gurus, channelers, high priests, clairvoyants, magicians, yogis, wizards, witches, necromancers, dream-interpreters, transcendentalists, spiritualists, diviners, and a variety of other dolts, all frantically waving wands, rods and pointed fingers; chanting mantras, developing chakras, burning candles and incense, drawing holy circles, squares and triangles; selling talismans and charms, raising the dead, astral traveling, reading fortunes from greasy Tarot cards and plastic runes; mouthing incantations, achieving cosmic awareness, reaching ecstacy through tantra, gaining power and healing by means of crystals; theorizing on the Cabala, practicing Norse magic, Celtic magic, Enochian magic, Teutonic magic, ceremonial magic, temple magic and herb magic.

The ill-advised followers of these self-appointed teachers, swallow wholesale the most absurd propositions put forward by these coolies of the Occult; these poachers on Spiritual grounds.

But is there a single Master among them? An Adept, perhaps? Or an Initiate? The sad but true answer is NO - not one. There is not even a good imitation of one.

So where will you find one?

Do you think you would recognize a Master if you did meet one? Are you under the impression that he would advertise his Mastership by wearing saffron robes? Flowing locks? Sandals? A halo? A crown of thorns? Or could it possibly be that he is so well hidden because he looks like any one of us, giving us no obvious signs to recognize him by, and, in this manner, throwing us back on our ability to tell Truth from falsehood?


How many of us are willing or able to know and welcome Mastership or Adeptship by listening to words of Truth? The majority seem to prefer personality, fame, and drivelers of ineptitude who reconfirms our preconceived opinions.

  • And what does a Master do with all his Wisdom and Power?

  • How come, if they are as wise and as powerful as they are cracked up to be, don’t they put an end to world hunger and injustice, and to wars?

How easy that would be for us! We could then carry on as our usual intolerant, greedy and unrespectable selves, and have the Masters die on an assortment of crosses on our behalf - pay the consequences for us, so to speak. Ah, what bliss! Heaven on Earth!

We could wallow in our smooth sinfulness without effort or care, until we turned into elemental dust and blew away. Holy Hades! There would be no need to learn anything at all and we could sit around in our recliners, like the dross of hell, moaning and griping about everything and everyone.

Is this what we would like? It seems to be what the majority would like, since it is what the majority does.

And anyway, to the ordinary man, all that stuff about Masters, Wisdom, Light and Love, has no meaning - it makes him yawn. What matters to him is profit in dollars, the latest football scores, fun, food, and lots of sleep. If you talk to this kind of plebeian about the more elevated things - things of the Spirit and of the Higher man, he will probably brush you aside with: ‘In my opinion, that’s a lot of bull.’ and it will be your own fault for thoughtlessly throwing your pearls before the swine. Your hard gained pearls of wisdom will be trampled underfoot, and neither you nor the plebeian you sought to enlighten will have gained a thing by your eagerness to share your new-found Light.

Regretfully, you will soon learn that most men shun the light like so many vampires hiding in their coffins as soon as the sun comes out.



Eliphas Levi said that :

“Fools are the people who kill men of genius”, and we might add that "they are also fond of killing the Messengers sent to us from God.”

We all know what crass humanity did to Jesus. Apollonius of Tyana was thrown into prison and later tortured to death; Daniel was thrown to the lions; Raymund Lully was stoned to death; Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake; Ibn Gebirol, the Kabalist, was murdered; Jaques Cazotte, the seer, was executed, and Socrates was condemned to death.

Pythagoras had to flee from the tyranny of Polycrates.

Cagliostro died while confined in prison; Giordano Bruno was burnt alive; Sendivogius was imprisoned and tortured; Paracelsus and Agrippa were forced to spend their lives as wretched wanderers......... and the list goes on.

You may argue that all this took place a long time ago, that we are civilized these days and would never tolerate such barbaric behaviour. Don’t believe it! Human nature does not change much, and however arrogant and self-satisfied modern man is concerning his latest achievements and so-called progress, he is still as stupid and as cruel as ever. Fools are still persecuting and killing messengers, whether physically or by ridicule, who irritate them, or who hold views considered threatening.

This is one of the reasons why the Wise keep silent as to who, what and where they are - and maybe - to a lesser extent, so should you. It is also wrong to foist your beliefs on others who may be at a different stage on the Path than yourself; or who may simply be going by a different route. Since it is only possible for us to understand something up to our own level, how would we know if we were foisting ourselves and our beliefs on those who have far surpassed us in knowledge and Wisdom? And yet, people do all the time, unaware of the pitying and gentle smiles of those who can see through them.

And although you should always protect the fellow traveler lower than yourself on the ladder to the Light, you must at all times guard against being preached at or dictated to by them. As for the majority, those who care not, let them go on their merry way, without judging them, but at the same time make sure that you see them for what they are, freeing you from the danger of falling for outward trappings.

Do not be like the “false prophet”, spoken of by Levi,

“who must slay if he cannot pervert. For he clamours for tolerance towards himself but takes good care in what sense it shall be extended to others”.

We pray to the Higher Powers to show tolerance towards our own failings and yet we forget to be tolerant towards our fellow man, persecuting them in the name of religion, country, race and political system not the same as our own.


The largest part of humanity suffer from intolerance, and the remainder tends to be apathetic and indifferent where it concerns the rights of other humans, being utterly disinterested concerning anyone’s welfare but their own. Apathy is a disease more deadly than either cancer or AIDS, both of which only kills the body, whereas apathy kills the Soul.

By observing the fool, we can learn how not to be; but talking to them is as futile as trying to tan during a total eclipse of the Sun. This is one of the reasons why the secrets of the mystic should not be divulged to fools, who would not understand them, and would ridicule the divulger, and drag the Sacred Teachings through the mud of their imbecility.

But if the opportunity to plant a seed in their barren soils presents itself, you should do so. A good seed may lay dormant until the experiences of their lives has watered their soil with tears and enriched it with the ashes of their dreams, sprouting into a beautiful flower of wisdom, years - or lifetimes hence.

It is possible that you yourself is on the Path because someone, at some time, planted a seed in you. A kind soul did the work of the Master on your behalf and you are now reaping the benefits of that kindly act. This is the Way of Service and it is the only Path you can take if you want to reach one of the Masters.

If you are sincere about reaching one of the Masters, you may have to work alone, and very likely in obscurity, for a long time. There will be nobody to cheer you on and the only evidence of the usefulness of your Quest, will be your faith. You will be sorely tested as to courage and strength of purpose, and these tests will sometimes present themselves to you in subtle ways, forcing you to dig deep into your purse of faithfulness and stamina. Only those in possession of an unshakable conviction - those who have to go on because they must - will reach the Goal. Half-heartedness will get you nowhere, and laziness, either of the body or the Spirit, will make you an easy catch for the false teacher who promises mastery in three short months.

There are no short-cuts, no part-time positions, and no bargains to be had on the Path to the Light. We all have to travel the same road and overcome the same obstacles in order to obtain our Goal, and only the strong and steadfast, the loving and faithful, will be crowned with success. Let us at all times remember that even the Masters had to travel along this Path in times gone by, and for this reason they understand fully our aching hearts and our yearnings, but they also know that the Reward is well worth striving for.


They know that it is necessary for man to live through material darkness, for we can only be born into the Light from this darkness. But before we start longing for this Birth, we must reach a point where we feel the limitations and the powerlessness of the darkness. We must long, with our whole hearts and minds, to live within the rays of the Light, and we must fearlessly face the Truth. If the Truth hurts, we must have the ability to look within ourselves for the fault, rather than change the Truth in order to spare ourselves.

Then, and only then, can we hope to be noticed by the Masters who live within the Light.

“Where do the Masters live?“
“Quite near the Sun.“
“Because they can stand it.“


When the Disciple is ready the Master appears.

This is a true saying, but when is a Disciple ready?

It is not enough to have read a few metaphysical books written by brazen-faced ink-slingers; nor is it enough to attend a variety of meetings held by some New-Age-style group, led by people who are as much in the dark about things as you are yourself, for that will only lead to confusion and eventual disillusionment.

The Master reflects:

“How many can be said to be truly ready for the Master? It is a well-known fact that most seekers prefer to live in a dream within a dream of illusion. Is it not true also that most of those who profess to have a longing for probing into and learning the Divine Secrets prefer to solve them in their own ignorant and fantastic manner, rather than having them explained by the chosen Adept - appointed to this task by the Gods themselves? And how difficult it is to find such an Adept and to KNOW him!”

The purpose is self-enlightenment, not self-delusion, so let us set to and pluck the weeds of ignorance out of our soil. Ignorance is the great stumbling block on the Path to the Light; the great mountain which is conceit and it is the first business of a Student of the Mysteries to do away with it, for it is not possible to learn what we think we already know.


The purpose of our studies, after all, is not to have our prejudices confirmed, but to gain wisdom at any cost to our preconceived ideas.

No one religion, philosophy, cult, coven, doctrine, sect, or book is going to give you all the answers. We witness today the sad spectacle of souls leeching on to unorthodox and exotic religions and belief systems. These folks wear their various religions as they would wear the latest fashions - for the image it gives to others. I am tempted to call it Designer Religion.

These wind-bags who follow this trend stand before you with heads full of imaginary knowledge and pretense, crystals and pentagrams at the ready, and shamelessly claim:

“I’m a Zen Buddhist”, “I practice Enochian magic”, “I’m into Shamanism”, and so on and so forth ad nauseam.

If you are stupid or unfortunate enough to lend them an ear for a while, they will prate and babble deliriously, without drawing life-giving breath, in an infantile and superficial manner, about things of which they have no more understanding than the pig has about the pearls.

Arrests all forward movement; the Veil separating you from the Truth. One of the symptoms of ignorance

These cockalorums will tell you in no uncertain manner what to do, when to do it, what to eat, what not to eat, what to wear, what not to wear, which religion to believe in, which music to listen to, which psychic to consult, how to save the whales and the world, which quartz crystal will cure your ills in order to end up becoming as smug and as half-witted as they have managed to become.

Their speeches are invariably spiced like a cheap Mexican dinner, with spices hot enough to mask the bland taste of the re-hashed, refried beans. It is truly a matter of wonder what a tablespoon of Karma, half a cup of cabala, a few yin-yangs, some slices of Kundalini, and a couple of drops of Yoga can do to poor ingredients. This whole concoction will be stewed and brewed over their feeble alchemical fires until all goodness and original flavour has evaporated. What a cauldron! What poor cooks! Is it any wonder that food such as this will not fatten their lean spirits?

On the other hand we have the Christians, sitting in their pews like mutton on a skewer, and filled with the fear at the prospect of losing sheep to the New Age or to ‘heathen’ religions. These are the so-called friends of Jesus who, without too much prompting from the Devil, will send a Jew, a Hindu, or a Muslim straight to Hell for not believing as they do. In return, the Jew, Hindu or Muslim, will send the Christian to hell. It was probably this kind of intolerant ass Job had in mind when he said:

“Miserable comforters are ye all”.

Arthur Machen also seemed to be unimpressed with the behaviour of those who call themselves Christians:

“The New Testament for all these people has been written in vain; they will still believe that a good Christian is one who drinks a cup of cocoa at 9:30 and is in bed by ten sharp. And to such persons, of course, the texts which assert the necessity of becoming like little children if we would enter the Kingdom of Heaven are clear enough; it is merely a matter of early hours and plenty of cocoa - or, perhaps, of warm bread and milk.”

Respectability, rather than love and mercy, is the yardstick used by our Christian brothers and sisters in these ‘enlightened’ days of our Lord. And it was Pinero who said that:

“The vainest are those who like to be thought respectable”.

All is, indeed, vanity and vexation of spirit, and we come to discover that the worst man is usually him who sees himself as the best.


There are many who pretend that they seek real knowledge, when in reality they seek social gatherings and attention, recognition and admiration from other owls with opinions.

The beliefs of these people are no more than superficial ideas voiced in the current terminology of their circle, to be dropped and replaced by other, equally superficial ideas as they move on to the next social gathering. Their professed beliefs appear to be dependent upon whom they befriend or socialize with, and are used as keys which open the door to the coveted club of the moment.

But the person of wisdom is always alone. I did not say lonely....... I said alone. There is a great difference. To a wise person the crowd is never company; the faces are undistinguished and the conversation is no more than a string of trite phrases; the laughter is hollow, and false friendship is easily obtained and lost. Yet, out of the need for outward show (for such it is), the inept person inevitably resorts to this kind of self-important posturing, being dependent on the opinions and admiration of their haw-humming cronies.

Such a person would probably not want to hear that the Path has to be trodden alone, and that their only companions along the way will be the truth and the belief that they will be heard and answered when they are ready. It takes great courage to stand alone and be faithful even when life tests you; but adversity, when cheerfully overcome, builds character, which is invaluable to the Aspirant.

A timid person will give up at the first hurdle, like a gray mouse startled by discovery. For such the Light will be too strong: only the brave warrior will gain Mastery and eventual Liberation.

In the words of the Master:

“Once you have trained yourself to live and serve in such a way that you become worthy of that holy and most intimate contact with the Master within, and once you have learned to listen to his kindly voice, and to act according to the way he guides you so lovingly, you will be found worthy to come into contact with other Masters, and they will show you the way of service to those brothers and sisters who have not yet found the Path, but will inevitably do so in God’s good time.”

And who can take their pleasure in the cacophony of the hypocritical crowd once that One Master has been found? It would be akin to sleeping in a bed infested with bed-bugs, or having your teeth drilled down to the nerves.

Most of us have, at times, indulged our curiosity by going to talks given by ‘experts’ or ‘authorities’ on various metaphysical subjects, and having quickly come to the conclusion that the only things they are authorities or experts on, are their own feverish imaginations. No proposition is too absurd for belief, for most men are incapable of knitting two consecutive thoughts together in order to arrive at a right conclusion.


The only thing the false teacher has to do, is throw an incomprehensible statement at them, which will act as a wrench in the works of their brains, rendering it useless for further discrimination. And human conceit, being what it is, will not admit to its own stupidity, but will sit there listening to endless drivel with a contrived and holy look on its bland face, for fear of appearing not to have comprehended the deep and secret gas works being wafted at them.

I urge you to beware of the noxious souls who pretend to teach the mysteries; even of those who pretend to be deliverers of ‘new’ gospel truths; for of the truth they have no more idea than a cockroach has of fine dining.

Most of the sacred writings and great minds of this world, warn us (if we take the trouble to consult them), about the false teachers. The Third Book of the Pistis Sophia says:

“Renounce the doctrines of error, that ye may be worthy of the mysteries of the Light and saved from all the chastisements of the great dragon of the outer darkness.”

And in John 5:1 it says:

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they be of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”


“Abiding in the midst of ignorance, thinking themselves wise and learned, fools go aimlessly hither and thither, like the blind led by the blind”.

So states the Katha Upanishad, and it goes on to say:

“This sacred knowledge is not attained by reasoning; but it can be given by a true Teacher. Not many hear of him; and of those not many reach him; and he cannot be reached by much thinking. Wonderful is he who can teach about him; and wise is he who can be taught. Wonderful is he who knows him when taught.”

But the majority of students mistake the false teacher for the true and spend their lives chasing after these knaves; engaged on a quest of utter futility, they waste their time and money on moronic books, psychic readings, and New Age workshops... all to no avail!!

The cloud of darkness hangs about them thicker than ever. The crude and oily exudations of the false teacher burns like any other oil well, with lots of show, little benefit, and a certain amount of danger. Before the self appointed victims know it, the black cloud of smoke shuts out the Light and leaves them, scared and confused, groping about in the dark.

False doctrines can only be preached to men who do not think; to those with cerebral congestion and an immune system weakened by repeated bouts of hallucination. Once their defenses are down, they catch every spiritual plague of every disease carrying rat they lay themselves open to. Not yet satisfied, they want others to catch it too, they proceed to cough their infested coagulum into the faces of any person who do not know how to take to his heels.

In an account of an Initiation from the book ‘Egyptian Mysteries’, the Hierophant says to the candidate:

“Learn to see clearly, learn to wish for what is just, learn to dare what your conscience dictates, learn to keep your intentions secret, and if, despite all your efforts, today brings no more than yesterday, do not lose courage, but continue steadfastly, keeping your goal before you with determination. Onward!”


“The root matter of this great knowledge (the wisdom of the Masters) is not to be found in books,” says Plato, but that “we must seek it in ourselves by means of deep meditation.”

This is perfectly true, for the Sacred Writings are heavily veiled in their esoteric parts, and unless a person has the keys, it is a near impossibility to open the Door to the Temple of Wisdom. These Keys are in the keeping of the Masters, and unless we can live in such a way as to become worthy of their attention, we shall have to live in the darkness of the outer court where all is confusion.

Meditate, by all means, but let your meditation be an attunement with Light and with Love.

Wait for the True Master in peace and secrecy; for how can a Master contact a person full of turmoil and one who continuously seeks out the friendless and envious crowd? To the person who is deemed ready, and who has been chosen, the Holy Laws will be revealed only under solemn vows of silence. The reason for this is simple: Were the false teachers to get wind of the Secret Laws, they would do to them that which they have done to everything else - use them for their own glory and their own financial gain. The Holy Laws would fall prey to man’s first instinct - the lower self - which is only interested in earthly appetites, selfishness and greed, and the True Messenger would be ridiculed and persecuted.

In this manner would the Saviour of Mankind, the Truth of the Most High, be dragged through the mud and lost forever to the True Seeker on earth. Darkness would reign supreme and the hope of the genuine disciple would go unfulfilled and unmet.

For these reasons will the Adept keep the Holy Laws out of the hands of the unscrupulous and the unready. It is to be kept safe, as a Pearl of Great Price for those whose earthly skin is wearing thin; for the battle-scarred Warrior who has come through lifetimes of tests and trials, and whose whole being longs for Peace and Mercy. To such the Truth is given with tenderness and love by the Masters of Wisdom, and there is no greater gift for the weary traveler.

How far removed this is from the smelly gatherings of sniveling fanatics who have the audacity to call themselves masters and adepts! The difference is as great as between heaven and hell, and the choice is yours.

If you align yourself with the latter, your head will be full of imaginary knowledge and pretense and the wise will flee from you. They know that outward show and vain posturings are the marks by which they can recognize the inept - the slaves of ignorance of this world. Of the mighty simplicity of the works of the Hidden Deity, they know nothing; humble worship from the heart is alien to them; and the true Teacher is hidden from them by God’s splendour, that they may not know him.

Let us listen to the Master again:

“We are either negative and destructive in our thinking and acting, thus associating ourselves with the black side of everything in the Universe - or we think positive and constructive thoughts - building in the full blaze of the Cosmic Light and goodness, instead of cowering like cravens in dark corners, together with all the devils of hell.


“There is no middle way - unless we call aimlessly drifting along without even attempting to turn to either light or darkness a third way. But to imagine such an existence as another way or Path is unthinkable. We are - or should be - either dwellers in the murky dark, forever hating, moaning, and destroying, or we are the Children of Light - glorified in the union of all that is good and God-like. There is no middle way.”


From Ignorance springs all the world’s evils. It is the parent of materialism and greed, of pride and envy, and of cruelty and hatred. An ignorant person is one who bases his opinions on lies, and who is utterly unaware of the Holy Universal Laws - of things that ARE, thus making his opinions worthless, as any opinion based on a lie must be.

We are all more or less ignorant, it is true, but there is a difference between the person who is oblivious to their own ignorance, thinking they know it all and who dishes it out to all and sundry in a sanctimonious manner, and the Wise who are painfully aware of their own ignorance, for they have discovered that the more we know, the more we know how little we know.

While the former are beating their chests and blowing their discordant trumpets, the latter goes about his life calmly and quietly, trusting in the Lords of Life to show him the way, being all the while careful to avoid dogmatism, for he knows that life on Earth is an Illusion and other men’s opinions are based on shifting and illusive foundations. Dean W.R. Inge said of opinion:

“Public opinion, a vulgar, impertinent, anonymous tyrant who deliberately makes life unpleasant for anyone who is not content to be the average man.”

So you, as a Student on the Path to the Light, and who is not the average man or woman, should dismiss all opinionated men as if they are of no consequence and value. In this manner can you make these boors as impotent as eunuchs in a Harem.

The persons most vulnerable to ridicule are those filled with pride and pretensions. We find these pride-filled scabs in all walks of life. There is the prude who is proud of his purity; the prig who is proud of his own behaviour; the racist who is proud of his own race; the fool who is proud of his littleness. I am sure we all know such a person, group of persons, race or nation, for these are not hard to find in this world of ours. These fools advertise their folly by self-congratulation, self-righteousness, flag-waving, and by a sorry lack of humour where it concerns themselves, their possessions, or their station in life.

All (and the majority of mankind are guilty) forget that the Gods giveth and the Gods taketh away.

Nothing, either good or bad, can be achieved without their intervention and assistance.

H.P. Blavatsky says:

“Self-congratulation is like unto a lofty tower, up which a haughty fool has climbed. Thereon he sits in prideful solitude and is unperceived by any but himself.”

The only one such a person impresses is himself, for people, on the whole, are only interested in themselves, caring nothing for, or being envious of other people’s vain dreams.

You can recognize the truly great persons by their quiet dignity and their lack of empty boasts, for they have no need of pretense, being already in possession of that which the stupid person pretend to be in possession of - perfect accomplishment - and perfect accomplishment in any field of endeavor is always to be admired. One must stand in awe of a spider spinning his incomparable web, or the artist who presents us with his peerless creations.


Care and devotion to any task or undertaking is always worthy of commendation, and to be admired. By their works shall ye know them! Not by their fair show (which Shakespeare claimed meant the most deceit)), nor by their riches, family name or university degrees; for greatness can only be achieved by, and should only be admired because of perfect accomplishment.

“Whatever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.”

(Ecclesiastes ix.10).

The fool knows nothing of perfect accomplishment but basks in empty glory while rolling the stone of Sisyphus along the Broad Path of the Mediocre. Their dream is to be admired and applauded - and perhaps even envied - by other fools. The easiest way of achieving this, as the sly fool has discovered, is by lowering yourself far enough, by crawling in the dirt if you have to.


That there are many who are willing to pay this price for fame can be witnessed in our world of entertainment where, for a burst of applause and their image to appear on TV, they are willing to degrade themselves to appeal to the very basest emotions of their audience.

It is probably a good thing that they are oblivious to the indulgent smiles of the Wise, who behold their prancings with patience and tolerance, much in the same manner a teacher of the deaf and blind would behold his students. He knows that after a long night of hard work, trials and bitter tears, dawn will come.

Eventually even the lowest and coarsest human must evolve; the lashes of experience will see to it. The Higher nature, which has up to then been willfully suppressed, will stir and make itself known. Tenderness will flower in the once brutish heart and it will ache with longing for its lost inheritance.

Cruelty and fear, which are the signs of a brute, will be replaced by compassion and faith.

Evolution is inevitable, and even if the process seems endless to our limited understanding, the day must and will come when the presently foolish will stop climbing trees to seek for fish.

With Ignorance wage eternal war, to know
thy self for ever strain,
Thine ignorance of thine ignorance is thy
fiercest foe, thy deadliest bane;

That blunts thy sense, and dulls thy taste; that
deafs thine ears, and blinds thine eyes;
Creates the thing that never was, the Thing
that ever is defies.
Sir Richard Burton.

The Kasidah

The critical time in which the search for the True Master begins, is once we become aware of the stirrings of the Higher Mind. Of such awakened souls there are very few at all times and strength is needed for such in order to withstand the mis-applied encouragement of the multitude who would dearly want these souls to join them in their pit of manifold deceptions.

This is why I encourage you to stand alone; to hold fast to your inner urgings, and not allow yourself to be sidetracked by the gaudy swagger and the vulgar sideshows of the high-plumed fool.


Place not your aching heart in the care of scoundrels who would have you pay for the ‘privilege’ of having your intelligence insulted.

Away, away, from men and towns,
To the wild wood and the downs To
the silent wilderness
Where the soul need not repress
Its music, lest it should not find
An echo in another mind,
While the touch of Nature’s art
Harmonizes heart to heart.


An Invitation

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