Mediaís Reptilian Connection?

by Ignatius Graffeo
from UFOSeek Website

October 30, 1998


Truth is stranger than fiction. For the past several monthís Iíve noticed a radically different Peacock logo in NBC TVís program lineup promos. I call it the "Demonís Eye." This is not a Halloween story, unless NBC-TV started celebrating Halloween last spring. No, this is serious stuff here. Its implications are paradigm shattering. The media is controlled by sinister dark forces. You laugh. You think this is a Halloween joke or that this is another one of those conspiracy theories gone over the edge. I ask you to hear me out before you rush to judgment.


The world has been taken over and this is your wake-up call. It did not happen overnight. The deception has been going on since the dawn of man. I believe we are about to undergo a radical change in the way the world perceives itself. It will happen very soon. Soon means sometime before the year 2000. There will be subtle signs and hints in the media. Pay attention. This is not paranoia, but recognition of the larger reality. It hit home when I saw and recognized the NBC-TV program logo and its subtle message.

Take a good look at it. No, not the innocent rainbow-hued peacock that you see more often than not between NBC programs and commercial breaks. This was shown during the "Law and Order" series last Wednesday evening, when I finally captured the elusive logo on my old and dusty VCR. The "Demon Eye" is very obvious. The image is shaped like an eye, a serpent or reptile eye. It even has the suggestion of a scaly outline or eye-line folds below it. The coloring and shape of the iris and pupil is vertical.


The pupil is elongated and slit-like. The iris is the colored part of the eye formed by the peacockís rays. Rather convincingly wouldnít you say? It is not an illusion or seeing something that isnít there. Itís there alright and doesnít take too much imagination to see the Demonís eye. Of course, there are always those who will scoff at this suggestion.


Some people just will not see. Whether it be out of fear or psychological dysfunction, they will not see. But, there are also those who will ridicule this story as debunkers or disinformation agents. This is to be expected, since the "controllers" do not want the general populace to know the truth.

No other paranormal subject is more intentionally ridiculed than the UFO. Our government doesnít want us to know the truth, and for good reason, they are scared. They at the very least do not want to make enemies of the people they govern. On the contrary, their mission is to protect us. To "insure the domestic tranquility."


But the UFO issue is a very serious subject. Itís not really a question of whether they exist or not. The world is not the way we were taught to believe. There are forces and principalities at work here that would make our daily routines seem like a fantasy world, and to some extent it is. One lives in fantasy when one does not see his true place in the whole scheme of things and behaves according to a preconditioned reality and the role society lays out for him.

So, why does the NBC peacock, a bird of paradise, have a darker, seemingly sinister side, the "Demon Eye" and its Reptilian implications? Are we slowly being told the truth about the larger reality or are we being teased by something that treats mankind as we would our pets or our children. Maybe we, as human beings, cannot really grasp the meaning or the nature of this world. Our world contains a hierarchy of intelligent life forms, likewise the universe.

The truth is out there and there may be a larger truth making its presence known. And like all great mysteries there are subtle clues interspersed throughout our everyday accepted reality that hint at who the culprit is.


Reptilian Eyes and Symbols

from StarGods Website

The Identity of the FNORDS

When I first saw the NBC reptilian eye picture, I thought that someone was trying too hard to see this eye thing. But a few weeks later I happened to see an IDT long distance commercial on TV and I noticed that their symbol is quite similar to NBCís eye. Both ovals were between 45 and 66 degrees, and made of two rings.

I noted that part of the oval is thin and one end is thick. Both have black slits too. This is when I realized that the NBC eye was very real. So I kept my eyes open for other companies who might be using the same symbol, and I was not long in looking for it. In fact, they are every where. But all one needs to do is walk through any store (i.e. Wal*Mart) and look at the various product logos. After seeing the many, many examples, I began to notice that there were other things these symbols had in common. In fact they donít have to be made of two rings, but can often be seen as two parts, i.e. two crescents, or just an oval.

The ovals sometimes cross through the letter " i " insinuating "eye". You will often see only part of the ovals. I finally figured out what these eyes were... Not only is this eye the eye of Satan a.k.a. red dragon, but this is the infamous (fnord). In much after thought the name "fnord" says it all. The "Ford" symbol "N" everything, and by the same token only more so, it means: the inner circle of the elite, or whoís in the "elite circle."


Below are just a few examples of the fnord:

The Oval office... which by the way is 13 letters. Iím sure that there is some relevance to this oval fnord business and the oval office.

Ignore the fnord and it wonít eat you: I understand how this fnord stuff is supposed to subconsciously cause distress because this fnord junk is sometimes shown in negative ways. i.e. The Chicago dish logo from pizza hut, which has the fnord depicted with a fork where the letter "i" is supposed to be. Pitch fork?... note how the letter "i" in "Chicago" is directly over the fork. With fnords the letter "i" is often highlighted.