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From the Garden

The subject of "good" vs. "bad" reptilians is such a broad issue but I feel it is necessary to make some sense of this confusion so we each know where we stand on these issues.


More and more people are beginning to "wake up" and become aware that we have been infiltrated by beings that are not quite "human". These "para-humans" which are part human and part... something else... walk amongst us in human forms yet are perceived as spiritually altered hybrid humans by many people.


There are many explanations I could go into here but I will make it as simple as possible.

The reptoid/dragon like species referred to here are very old, older than the human race... and they have probably walked among us since the beginnings of history. The Sumerian myths of origin... as well as creation myths of most of our cultures around the world exemplify this belief.

Somewhere down the line, they have interbred with humans and continue to do so to produce humans with reptilian DNA in varying degrees. What I am saying is that we are all part reptilian. Some people have more of the reptilian characteristics and instincts than others.


These human/reptilian beings are hybrids... which make up most of the humans on our planet.

I have noticed several processes by which the reptilian essence incorporates into humans, other than breeding. None of this has to do with soul quality... which is what most of the disagreement on "good" vs. "evil" reptilians is all about and which I will get into later.

The first group are self proclaimed reptilians who feel they are reincarnated or born into human bodies but are reptilians in spirit. These individuals, out of the ones I have come into contact with are very aware of who they are.


They are highly intelligent generally, yet exhibit many of the instinctual reptilian characteristics. This group possesses an insight into their nature and most are on a personal mission to find their nitch in the human world.


Many suffer from existential angst or depression... deep feelings of inferiority... but just as humans use this depression to grow emotionally, so do these reptilians. I have actually found this particular group to be the most advanced and fun to interact with. I have learned a lot about them and their nature from this group.


I will refer to this group as "Group A".

The second group is a much broader group as they don't really have an assigned "human" form. These manifest themselves sometimes as actual humanoid reptilians or Reptiods but have a prime interdimensional core to them. These guys look for vulnerable human hybrid bodies or "Hosts" to inhabit and try to live a somewhat normal existence through the host.


This process in itself is an invasive activity, but at the same time is looked upon as SURVIVAL which they feel is the norm.


They do not inhabit the human bodies all the time but linger about for waiting for opportune moments when the host has breaks in their spirit bodies which allow for the reptilians to enter. Human's who have these reptilian "handlers" hanging about may experience them in nocturnal attacks, incubus experiences or even channeled "guides" sometimes friendly and sometimes not so friendly.


I'll call this group "Group B" reptilians. It is my personal belief that these particular reptilians when not inhabiting their "hosts" are living underground where survival is easier for them.


Unless of course they find residing within human bodies serves their personal agendas of the moment.



When describing reptilians by herpetologist definitions, one can see the instinct driven natures of this species, their ambitions to excel regardless of the consequences, their lack of normal human emotion or values, their mating habits or gender confusion using a human body.


Their adrenaline-based reactions seem to take place of emotions as we know them. These reptilians can be the highest of achievers... or the darkest of deceivers.

The reptilian's values differ from men at the deepest core level, in that the superficial achievements, their attainment of materials things, their conquests and their dominance are what they strive for. They are great egotists as well, looking down on humans as inferior. The reptilians do not play by the same rules that we do... they have different boundaries or social mores and therefore fewer self imposed restrictions on their behaviors.


They have little use for such things as love relationships, admiration based on integrity, morals or philanthropic endeavors. They look at those human values as weaknesses. These differences in themselves do not make reptilians "evil" or humans "good".


There is another element involved here.

One might question why the herpetic imaging... why the dragons, snakes and alligator images to depict these creatures?


This motif was carefully chosen probably around the same time the Garden of Eden was created. Out of all the beasts and creatures of the time, the one who was most suited to depict lower base natures of darker forces was the reptile.

Satan chose the reptile to act out his wishes and manipulations upon mankind in order to work against God. Satan's point was to show God that mankind was nothing more than a mere instinctual animal, not made in His image as God intended.


The snake was "hosted" by one of the "fallen angels" that led to the Fall of Man and Adam and Eve's expulsion from Eden.


The Battle For Your Soul

In today's world, Satan continues to spit in the face of God with lies, deceptions, and manipulations of humans using the less evolved reptilians.


It is Satan's legions that take on the images of the dinosaur which speaks to men and manipulates him into being "less than" who he truly is, forcing men to lose sight of their inner light.


This becomes a "Battle for the Soul" which is acted out by well meaning righteous individuals fighting both sides of this issue. As we all have elements of both man and animal/reptilian within our genes, we still have free will to create our lifestyles so they are not so open to demonic attack.

Those who are in Group A, the reincarnated reptilians in human bodies will need to fight harder against the demonic manipulation. Demons look for weaknesses within our spirit... and they will surely use Group A's feelings of dislocation and isolation against them.


Group A has a great advantage that most humans do not. They have the awareness of who they truly are and an innate understanding of both sides of the issues at hand. They also have the drive and the intellect to overcome the trickery at hand. This group will be essential in our planet's survival.


The only hindrance might be the ego factor... the same trick pulled on Eve in the Garden.

As for Group B, there will be heroic scenarios acted out battling these demonic ones, and there will be great evil acted out as well. The outcome depends upon the soul quality of the individual who is used as a host... and the faith he/she holds.


Those with certain personality disorders will have a worse time and be more predisposed to being hosted.


The most common personality disorders associated with the "bad reptilians" are,

...or a combination of any of these.


The following descriptions of these personality disorders came from the DSM-IV, 4th edition.

  • 'Dependent Personality Disorder' usually manifests itself in today's culture with substance abuse such as meth-amphetamine addiction or alcoholism.


  • 'Narcissism' usually displays a pattern of grandiosity and entitlement, a preoccupation of fantasies of unlimited success, power or brilliance, exhibits interpersonal exploitative behavior to others to meet own ends, and believes he is "special" and only understood by other special high-status people, and shows a lack of empathy for others.


    He will also display arrogance, with beliefs that others are envious of him while he is in truth envious of them.

  • 'Anti-social Personalities' usually display deceitfulness, repeated lying, conning others, extreme aggressiveness, reckless disregard for the safety of others, irresponsibility and lack of remorse demonstrated by indifference to or rationalization of hurting, mistreating or stealing from another.

  • 'Borderline Personality Disorder' is exhibited by a pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by extremes of devaluation and idealization. Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment, identity disturbance, unstable self image, impulsivity in at least two areas that are self damaging (spending, sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating). Recurrent suicidal behavior or self mutilating behaviors. Chronic feelings of emptiness, inappropriate, intense anger with displays of temper and or physical fights, paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms. Also, affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood.

There are medications that can lessen the severity of these symptoms as well as counseling for "reality" checks.


A personality disorder is not easily cured by either as it is a lifelong pattern of reacting and becomes a component of the personality. These are the ones that seem most predisposed to hosting though.

Unfortunately, no one is immune to the hosting process. We all have times of troubles and ill health. I would bet every one of you who read this have a family member who is hosting a demon dressed in reptilian clothing. That is why we cannot abandon our 'hosty' fellow humans. To abandon them is like allowing weeds to take over the garden.


We must fight for them with our love. All beings can fight the negative forces that be.


The first step is in awareness of the process to reduce mankind to animals. The second step is to know that no matter how lost you might feel you are, there is always hope.


These beings (demons) have made fools of us all, but not for long. We have the power within us to rise above the manipulations... the dragon games. We have been made in God's image to walk in His path with Him.


We have only to look upward, rise off our bellies and fly to the Father.


The Birth of a Host

Read it HERE...

"The Lie"

I don't view our plight as being so futile and disparaging.


While we may have been somehow intermingled with reptilian essence at one point in our evolution... we are still unique in our abilities to choose our behaviors. I don't believe it is our destiny to be enslaved by the reptilians and used as cattle... especially when that same cattle are awake and aware of the reps around them.


We are aggressive ourselves as a race of beings... and we will not be enslaved without a fight.

What I have noticed with the reptilian entities that have become a problem for me... is their ability to twist any goodness and virtue to create some baseness and lower order to make humans feel they are "less than" and align them with all that is base and vile. They want us to believe that we are base creatures and destroy our spirit and any hope that we can become better people.

The propagandists have launched an all out campaign to indoctrinate our children and the masses and to desensitize the people to keep them unaware of the existence of these entities.


They use manipulative techniques to argue points to cause confusion amongst people and the bottom line is to keep us in the dark about the true nature of our spirit... and our potential as humans.

They use techniques such as:

  1. Teaching through the media that reptilians have human-like qualities... showing these reps having emotions, families, friends... schools and everyday human experiences.

  2. Promote the idea that we (humans) are actually part reptilian genetically... therefore... we are all the same... .I call this the "We are all in the same boat" technique.. which certain researchers who believe this theory... "Reptoids"... (so what do we have to lose?...)

  3. Promoting the "Love and Light" New Age thinking that Love is all we need and "we are all God's creatures"... so let's hold hands and sing... ."We are the World"... and we can all co-exist in love and light... and la dee dah technique.


    This is clouding the issues and misleading because we are not alike... and in this technique they rope in not just Newagers but those in denial, those who want to believe that love is the answer, and those who are not so well informed... and this is very misleading and can create complacency which is exactly what the reptilians want.

  4. The shaming technique... calling those of us who discuss the reptilians and their agendas "negative" or just "Christian fundamentalists"... or paranoid... or psychotic or delusional... if we are delusional, there are a heck of a lot of us sharing that same delusion!

  5. Clouding the issue... with this technique, they can cause so much confusion and chaos that people in a group do not know what happened or why... but suddenly over a period of a week, the whole purpose behind a gathering has changed as well as their goals and objectives.


    This is done in the workplace, in society, even on a mailing list. Where there is confusion or chaos, know that a reptilian is not far away. The confusion should be a cue... it is the "scent" of a reptile.

  6. Catch 22... here an idea is promoted and infiltrated into society, then a subgroup will raise an opposing campaign, pass a law against the first idea... then prosecute those who adhered to the first campaign.


    Drugs, alcohol, guns and freedoms or rights all fall under this category and you can be sure that both campaigns were started and promoted by reptilians. You are given something to have it later taken away.

So many of these techniques are used by the reptilians, one might ask,

"Why would they even want to do these things?"

Their agenda is to turn our souls into a "sleep mode"... or to turn us into them.


They want us addicted, tired, spiritually bankrupt and hopeless. They want to weaken our reserve so we are more easily controlled. This is not a new event... this story is very old... as old as Adam and Eve... and the apple. They want us to become as them... and act out vicious heartless behaviors, so we have no belief in ourselves or our own redemption.


This is not unlike some of the techniques used before a country changes it's type of government... or has it changed for them... hmmmm... that is food for thought!

I want to believe that we have the ability to overcome this manipulation. People have the ability to be better and to regain sight of their own light within. We are not like the reptilians... we have something more that they see and find quite unsettling... and that is another dimension which they do not possess.


We have a soul and free will. We can choose to be "hosted" or to not be. Those that have become hosted by these entities can fight back and regain control through faith in their own beings.


All the other is a manipulated lie... an endurance test... which mankind can and will win.


Snakes at the Water cooler - The Reptilian Presence at the Office


Some of you will read this with no understanding of what I am speaking of.


Others will assume I am talking of certain groups and may be on target or way off. With so many opposing opinions and viewpoints on the theories mentioned, I will clarify some of the terms I will use so there is a clearer understanding so I donít offend certain subgroups.


I will be using the terms "reptilian, Drac, Rep, and Snakes" to describe negative reptilian and inter-dimensional entities. Now I am not speaking of the reptilians who are spoken of by the inner earth groups or the ones who mean us no harm I am speaking of the darker entities that have found it necessary to attack and host humans to thwart their path to spirituality and have their own agenda to rule this world.

The other point I want to make is in reference to my statements on Christianity.


I am a christian but so as not to offend those who hold prejudices against so called "Christians", I want you to know that they are not all the same judgmental "down your throat" types that have alienated so many.


I am hoping that many realize that not all christians are the same... just as everything else, there are good ones and bad ones... and make their judgments from that.


This paper is not about religion or UFO theories... it is about spiritual warfare and what is happening in our daily life which is ever changing. I am hoping that this helps you know that you are not alone should you find yourself in such a work situation... and that we are fighting a domestic battle of free will, love of humanity and the truth.

In todayís corporate world we are seeing more and more changes in structure such as growing trends to eliminate the human element and streamline the organization to a money generating system with no thought to employee welfare.


Part of this is due to poor economy and necessity, but there is a darker force lurking in the shadows that many are not seeing.

Businesses are being taken over by a different breed of workers. They infiltrate corporations at all levels and once established in a position, they contaminate the others around them. These beings or entities slip into human hybrid bodies that serve as hosts for the dwelling entity. The ones who have the most effect are the higher order Dracs who are usually found at the top of the corporate ladder or in positions where they have the most power.


It must be remembered that these entities are not new to the planet by any means.


They have been with us since the dawn of mankind, maybe before. They have been present at every major event in history, every social change, every war and every great achievement mankind had made.


Understanding these beings and the dynamics involved empowers us to make better choices when working in situations such as these.


Inner workings of the Drac/Boss mind or why they do the things they do

In looking at the point of reference that a Drac/Boss operates on a daily basis, you must remember the main driving forces at work here:

inner shame, the need for power and control, and the need to spread grief and destruction.

If you look at the upbringing of most of these beings they are traumatized at a very early age, which produces the core of shame that becomes a driving force for them later in life.


The trauma mixed with their altered DNA from birth creates a perfect abode for the entity to reside.


These people become vehicles for the entities to spread their hate and discontent

  • First of all, the inner discomfort the entity goes through adjusting to the human body explains why many times these people are maladjusted.


    They often exhibit gender confusion by living a bisexual or gay lifestyle, but in most cases this choice is due to the genetics of the human body. It canít be helped and really shouldnít be judged.


    The alienation/disorientation the entities feel in a "foreign" human body can result in alcoholism and drug abuse as well as out of control anger tirades and mood swings. As this issue is a dual one, you must look at both the human host adjusting to the entity as well as the entity adjusting to the human body... to see the result of a working host/drac union.


  • Secondly, the inner core of shame that is established early on drives them to climb the corporate ladder in order to have more power with larger groups of people.


    The drive itself is not a negative thing, but mixed with the inner core of shame of the host and the maladaptive perceptions of the entity, this can be disastrous for a corporation and it productiveness.

    The drac/host boss has an intense drive to control and change their environment so that it has their stamp of ownership attached to every tiny detail in the workings. They have a need to establish dominance with each individual in their hierarchal system.


    This means every departmental structure, every employee, every piece of work or template, even the letterhead design will have the drac/bossís stamp of ownership and personal signature to it.


    This unnecessary expenditure of energy, time, money and change takes away from the overall productivity and wellbeing of the unit itself.


  • The third component to what drives the drac/boss is the need to spread grief to others and their innate self-destructiveness which damages companies known for running as "well-oiled machines" and brings them down in fragments much as the shattered mirror they see themselves in.

    The workers under a drac/boss cannot spontaneously show joy or contentment unless it is directly related to an act by the drac/boss. Happiness outside the control of the drac/boss threatens the entity and triggers jealousy, as they are not the center of things at that moment.


    You must remember they must be the shining star at all times as they are so easily threatened by various things such as external or spontaneous happiness.


These Draconian Reptilian bosses have both strengths and weaknesses



  • Aggression and drive- relentless pursuit of goals

  • Lack of human moral boundaries or respect of others, which frees them to do more or go the extra step

  • Expansive creative thinking abilities, although limited by their vision



  • Lack of the ability to empathize with others, judging others by what they would do in a given situation

  • Poor judgment based on own wants, needs and desires at the moment.

  • Assuming all have an agenda for their own personal needs

  • Lack of understanding of the human emotions of love or the concept of giving without personal gain


Roles in the Organization

Just as in dysfunctional families, certain roles are identified; it is the same for dysfunctional and reptilian run organizations.


The reptilian run organization is pyramidic in structure with a figurehead at the top and tiers of supervisors beneath. The function is supposed to allow the organization to work more efficiently and to ensure that information is passed down to all parts and people in the structure.


What happens though is when you have a Host at the top or one in the second or third tier that negative destructive energy trickles down as well and contaminates all that is beneath the control of the Drac.

Due to the ensuing dysfunction that follows a Dracís wake, certain roles are established that exhibit elements of the drac/bossís core of shame. The drac/boss is not aware that these roles actually expose his/her innermost soul damage or even exhibits his/her agenda.


These roles give us some insight into the dark cavernous subconscious core of the rep/boss.


The Head or Queen Bee

This person may not always be the CEO of a company. He/she maybe a ladder-climbing reptilian or drac hosted human on his/her way to the top.

This person/being is the Queen Bee... the one controlling the puppet strings of others under her. She/he may also be considered the "Golden Child who can do no wrong" in an organization for a short time while she/he transitions to the top.

The Henchmen

The head lizard usually has a close-knit inner circle of confidents that they stay in close communication with at all times.


They carry out the orders, wishes and desires of the drac/boss. They are very protective of the drac/boss much as soldier ants are of the Queen ant. These henchmen are also hosting lower order entities, which help act out the agenda of the drac/boss.


These creatures enjoy their power, which is their reward for being Henchmen.

The Spies

These are all over the pyramidic structure of the organization.


They befriend the common workers and gain their trust, then report back any information they get on other people to either the Henchmen or the Drac/Boss. They report on the goings on of other departments, others personal lives and anything they feel is valuable information on others.


These "spies" will eavesdrop on phone calls, private conversations, read mail or email and examine workers desks after hours and the paperwork. Spies are often called "pot stirrers" as they thrive off of the chaos, drama, pain and misery of others just as the Henchmen and the Head Drac/Boss.


They will create a drama to start the chain reaction of the assigned roles to keep the chaos rolling. They are "fan flamers", agitators and are integral to the whole reptilian organization.

The Golden Child

There is always one of these in the organization.


This role is usually especially chosen by the Drac/Boss as the "anointed one" who doesnít have to follow the same rules as the others. This person usually has a sexual relationship with the Drac/Boss or knows some information on the Drac/Boss that if exposed would sabotage his/her agenda.


The Golden Child is usually allowed to have quite a lot of power in the organization, with very few credentials or merits. This person rarely has a degree or any expertise in the field of the job they are performing. They are often placed in positions they are not qualified for just to please the Drac/boss.


In meetings, the Golden Child is often held up as an example of what the others should aspire to be. This is very demoralizing to the workers who come in and stay out of office politics and do their job seriously. The Golden Child is often resented and is not respected but this too pleases the Drac/Boss as it is perceived as jealousy of the workers over the Bossís attentions.


This puts the Drac/Boss back in center stage and all the conflict and chaos that ensues is under the control of the boss.

The Threats

These are people who are perceived by the Drac/Boss for various reasons as being threats to their own existence.


This is a serious life-endangering situation to the Dracís belief system. They feel threatened with exposure or being upstaged. The Drac/Boss systematically weeds out those they perceive as Threats by scapegoating them and draining their energies until they quit or are fired.


Here are some examples of people who would be cited as "Threats" by the Drac/Boss:

  • Those who see and recognize the entity within them. The entity has a need to protect and preserve its cover to not risk exposure.

  • Those who recognize the shame core within.

  • Those who are not of their kind. These beings recognize others who are like them and cleave to their own. I am speaking of the soul makeup.

  • Those who seem to possess the skills to excel and shine independently unless the Drac/Boss is able to take responsibility for their successes in some way.

This is a terrible situation to have to be in, being hated for doing a good job. In situations such as this, the workers if they are "players" will set things up so that the drac/boss can take the credit.

Interestingly enough... they are threatened by people who are closely connected to 'God' or 'Christ'. Now, I donít mean people who merely go to church each time the doors are open. Many churchgoers are not necessarily connected to God. The truly spiritual person emits a soul light or aura that actually makes the entity ill although they do not understand why.


So just as their energies make most humans ill, the energy of a spiritual person will make the rep/drac ill. Even the sight of a Bible or a religious photo or the mention of Jesus or prayer causes a negative reaction.


On a bigger scale this is demonstrated by the increasing lack of prayer in the workplace and in schools.

The Scapegoat

The Scapegoat often starts out as one of the "Threats" to the drac/boss and if the symbiotic relationship with a Threat is rewarding enough or energy producing enough to the Drac/boss, he/she will promote the Threat to the Scapegoat position.


The Drac/Boss must have a Scapegoat at all times to target and focus his/her frustrations on.


This target is very important because the drac/boss can then externalize their own feelings of self-loathing (inner shame) and at the same time intensifies the bond with the Henchmen by having a common enemy. They can systematically setup the Scapegoat for failure, then verbally abuse and humiliate him/her.


This is almost always done in front of others. Also, the Drac/Boss sets up a hostile environment so that it is an unspoken rule that the Scapegoat can be talked about, made the butt of jokes and false rumors and lies.

This serves three purposes:

  1. It intensifies the hurt and discomfort of the Scapegoat

  2. It lets others see what can happen to them if they donít conform to the precise demands of the Drac/Boss.

  3. Finally, it gives the Drac/boss and Henchmen a sadistic high-like euphoric drug by which the energy of the Scapegoat is siphoned away and absorbed by the lizards.

It is not uncommon for the Scapegoat to end up with physical ailments or major depression if they choose to stay in this environment.


As this symbiotic relationship is based on power and the downward spiral of power-based relationships, the Scapegoats usually come and go as they are used up by the organization like tampons: discarded and replaced with a new Scapegoat or "Fresh Blood".


The Dance of Deception

When the drac/boss has his/her eyes set on an underling as a source of "new blood", a symbiotic interaction occurs between the two, which is not so obvious to the average onlooker.


The boss likes to set the stage so that everyone operates under pressure or in a state of fear of job loss. This is due to the bossís beliefs that production is increased in this type of work environment but it also serves as an excuse to create great emotional pain in the workforce and set up individual symbiotic work relationships.


There might be a real factor of loss of general revenue that actually becomes a convenient playground for the drac boss to spread pain and misery in the name of efficient management.

In a situation very common in todayís economic depression where layoffs are an everyday occurrence, it becomes a tool of torture for the drac/boss. He canít just come in and tell the workforce there is a lack of funds and impending job cuts. No, that would be too HUMAN!


Like a cat playing with his prey before the kill, He must first tell his "elite" close group of confidents the truth, then let each of the others know they might lose their jobs and allow them to "prove" themselves as a worthy "blood source" to him.

This action serves many purposes:

  1. Plays out time to show how the snake/boss has given the prey time to prove him/her self worthy of the corporation.

  2. Shows how "fair" the snake/boss is to his superiors.

  3. Creates an energy field that flows between the snake and its prey, creating at one moment a sense of well being, then the next minute total terror within the prey. This enhances and increases the adrenaline flow in the prey, which the snake then feeds off of.

  4. This amuses the snake/boss and reinforces that he/she is in Total Control.

This interaction can go on for months but usually not years, until the snake is ready for the kill or until the prey is totally drained of energy or health.

Sometimes the snake will go to great dramatic lengths to charm his/her prey. Phone calls and special visits to the preys office to personally thank him/her, praise him/her for a job well done, feeding him/her candy, joking, smiling and special lunches. THIS IS A RED FLAG AND NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

This special treatment is usually followed by a major assault. The snake/boss loves the element of surprise in his attacks, especially when sugarcoated as it uplifts the prey into a euphoric false sense of wellbeing so that when the assault is delivered it is more devastating and has a more disastrous effect.

One must never lose sight of what they are dealing with when working for a rep/boss.

Remember also that there is a rhythm to the flow of energy between Drac/boss and subject. The Boss sets the energy flow though, so if you have one with mood swings or bi-polar tendencies, your work environment will be quite a roller coaster ride.


This energy flow between Boss and subject often has a sadomasochistic element to it and in very sick situations can go on for years, while all co-workers are subject to the daily dramas and high stress within the office. It has a ripple effect with the workers around them, where many take sides and at times become an all out war especially in company meetings.


The energies expended during these "bleeding sessions" also feed the drac/boss and energize her/him with resulting periods of ultra-creative bursts or quaint ideas that are implemented upon the employees who are used as valuable lab rats.

I want to give you some things to look for in defining what a rep/Drac run organization might exhibit, if you ever had a doubt:

  • Consistent criticism, faultfinding and accusations that seem part truth/part lie.

  • Refusal to acknowledge you or your contributions

  • Attempts to undermine you, your position, status, worth, value or potential as an employee

  • Being singled out and treated differently. (Others can get away with murder but you make one tiny mistake however trivial-action is taken against you)

  • Isolation from colleagues- being excluded from what is going on in general and in particular being excluded from meetings, decisions that include you and your area of work

  • Being belittled, patronized and verbally abused especially in front of an audience

  • Overloaded with menial tasks while tasks that are vital to your position being taken away yet expected to be responsible for the outcome of all areas of your job description

  • Your work is plagiarized and others take credit for it with no repercussions

  • Responsibilities increased while your authority is taken away

  • Annual leave and sick leave refused (or forced to make up time missed in areas not in your job description)

  • Being pushed or coerced into situations that result in your getting fired or quitting (such as being forced into early retirement)

  • Having unrealistic goals set which change as you approach them

  • Being written up for trivial things (to have something negative in your personnel file in the event you should sue the company)

  • Deadlines are changed at short notice setting you up for failure

  • Everything you say or do is viewed as having a slant or agenda of its own

  • Being verbally asked to do things that are against Fair labor Standards such as working over 40 hours but not putting it on your timesheet

  • Feeling overwhelmed and drained of energy when in the presence of certain people

  • Becoming ill frequently, exhausted with little or disrupted sleep

  • Your work environment becomes more and more chaotic with more no-win situations, which prevent you from doing your work

  • Your boss asks you to do complex and meaningless tasks without a good reason, the reason being they just want it that way (in other words, you find yourself doing your same job while juggling the jobs of five other people and all the while standing on your head to amuse the boss)

The end results of this dance with not just the subjects but with the company overall are excessive stress, grief, discord amongst co-workers, loss of productivity, loss of revenue for trivial reasons, unhappy workers which eventually bleeds out to unhappy consumers and business associates.


A drac/boss such as this will promise the higher-ups in the organization great and wonderful things, but in the end they bring the whole ship down around their ears and take everyone with them. The innate need for destruction and misery wins out in the end.

I cannot stress to you enough the power of this darkness within the psyche of the Drac/Boss... it is probably the strongest element of their makeup.


They are not aware of this either or why everything they touch goes down in such a large way. This is the drac entityís agenda... maybe this is their purpose on this earth, to torment mankind to remind man that he is nothing more than an animal with free will.


Maybe they want to destroy any hope mankind might have for freedom or happiness or love. The workplace is a great vessel to destroy human dignity and self-worth. We spend one third of each day in the work environment.

One last thing to remember, if you find yourself in such an environment the best thing to do is find another job. You will find your world becoming smaller and smaller, where there are more of these lizard-types than of you. Your energy ad health will dwindle or you will become just as aggressive and agenda oriented as they are.


Take a personal inventory of why you want to stay at that workplace... and ask yourself if their praise and esteem are important. It is healthier to not care if they see your true worth because you wonít be disappointed and they cannot hurt you as deeply. Know you cannot stop them and it is best to not expend your energy fighting them.


If you choose to fight them, you must be very clever, have lots of friends in very high places and a clear agenda of your own that you must never reveal to anyone. Trust no one in this environment.


A reptilian controlled environment brings the worst out in everyone involved.

My best advice is to tell you to get out and at some point you will see this on your own. This bloodthirsty arena is just a small cog in a giant industrial wheel that is taking place all over the country.


Donít let this damage your self-worth.


Hopefully the future will show more human trends but for now just open your eyes and be watchful.