What was Soma?


Historians have given this oft quoted word in the Vedas many philosophical bents which seem quite credulous for I think an important point has been missed here. Whatever it was, there were many battles over it and each time 'cows' are involved.


I cannot believe they would fight so over cattle and come to believe the milk holy. Women in these times were called cows often, not derogatory as today, but a reference to something most women fail to do today, breastfeed their babies. The big question here is were the men partaking of it too? In some parts of the world the unhealthy aspects of cows milk is well known and at the let-down reflex while feeding her baby a mother will take some of her own milk for her family to drink.


We will shortly get into the health benefits of mother's milk but let us first study the texts. In one section of the Veda there is the following statement,

"Your inexhaustible breast, Sarasvati. That flows with the food of life, that you use to nourish all that one could wish for, freely giving treasure and wealth and beautiful gifts - bring that here for us to suck."

Men are sometimes referred to as giving milk as well from the gynecomastic condition of many.


Women were certainly thought of as bringing life and not in strictly the parturition sense, called the "wives of immortality, and goddesses as well.


Another reference is,

"Three women, goddesses, wish to give food to the god so that he will not weaken. He has stretched forth in the waters; he sucks the new milk of those who have given birth for the first lime."


At the Fall, we saw how Indra's family was sought after by the enemy and we have the following, with a heart longing for cows they sot down while with their songs they made the rood to immortality.


This is their very seat, still often used now, the lowfid way by which they wished to win the months. Glancing about, they rejoiced in their possessions as they milked out the milk of the ancient seed. Their shout healed the two worlds. They arranged the offspring, dividing the cows among the men. He himself, Indra the killer of Vrtra, with songs released the rosy cows together with the offspring and the oblations.


Stretching jar, the cow was milked of the sweet honey-like butter that she had held for him.4

It may have been that Siva's mother could not nurse him as the following seems to imply,

"Because I was in desperate straits, I cooked the entrails of a dog, and I found no one among the gods to help me. I saw my woman dishonored. Then the eagle brought the honey to me."

To be unable to breastfeed a baby was considered a disgrace of the genetic stability of mother and child.


The other "Mothers of the World" had said to Indra,

"You are our son. We hold the world. Welcome us all, we are yielding milk, overcome with love.'' 6

Indeed, they helped "hold the world," for the time at the breast is the most crucial time physically and mentally for an infant.


If it was used as such and was considered a source of life, those women untouched by radiation must have become invaluable for breasts are most affected by it.

"Where the inextinguishable light shines, the world where the sun was placed, in that immortal, unfading world, O Purifier, place me. O drop of Soma, flow for Indra." 7

Some historians state it was a plant, not recognizing what it truly was as naturopaths have recognized its healing aspects for centuries.


It was called the Elixir of Immortality and the "honeyed drink of immortality" and healthy mother's milk has a sweet, honey color. It is not to be confused with the Elixir which was fuel.


The many battles over it was to regain health and obtain "perpetual youth,"

"A mortal who drinks its sweet milk, slim-waisted queen, will live ten thousand years without losing his youth."

Women would through the ages with androgyny bearing down on them, neglect their duties as they left the home in Sumer and Egypt for the business places, the working mom very much alive back then, and these civilizations fell as flat as an ancient pancake for extremely obvious reasons. Breastfeeding was then done by wet nurses as mothers left on their out-of-home activities in pursuit of andric pleasures.


The more prolactin and oxytocin women lack, the more feminine virtues look abhorrent to them.


You might call the lack of breastfeeding the prodrome to extinction for no one thing a mother does in the first years of life is so tantamount to an offspring's health as this. Here, the first lessons of familia bonding and nurturing are learned and the life's-blood of the mother given the child, for milk is actually reconstituted blood, cow or human (enjoy your milkshake!)


Through oral mechanisms, the neuronal growth and organ development by the sucking reflex is set. Here the facial nerve activates the automatic nervous system which activates the submandibular and sublingual glands which in turn stimulate lymph actions and nerves which reach into a vital area of the brain the pons.


Here is a relay station linking other parts of the brain from the medulla to the high cortical center. In other words, every brain and body activity is stimulated by the sucking. Through the pons, midbrain and medulla are numerous neurons related to one another that constitute reticular formation. Often it is found they are not connected into distinct nuclei.


Why? Is it because a lack of breastfeeding fails to serve as the stimuli to connect these nerve fibers?


When a baby comes into the world it has many instincts (however, not many if the mother was not on a holistic diet for instinct remember is the proper development of cells and thus organs to react to the environment and this begins at the moment of conception) but there are many more to be developed as the years pass. It is obvious, without a full command of these neurons, the mind is not fully conscious or aware of itself or surroundings. Babies born to mothers on whole diets are well known to be more receptive.


Breastfeeding must be done by the one who gave birth to you to also receive the same electromagnetic resonances. Having a stranger hold your baby is like putting an AC switch into a DC plug, for it confuses the development. The first English pediatrician book warned against feeding cow or goat milk or using a wet nurse or the baby would lend to look like them, which is not so far-fetched, as the baby's cell electrical conduction will develop abnormally as the milk of each species has a different electrical charge.


The milk, since it is a form of blood, also carries your personal metabolism which a stranger would not have, Artificial feeding vessels have been found as far back as the days of Egypt and Plutarch in 100 CE, urged mothers to feed their own babies and forget wet nurses.


The Code of Hammurabi slates that if a son dies in the care of a wet nurse, and she has contracted to work elsewhere without consulting the parents, her breast would be cut off. There are so many benefits to breastfeeding and the values of the milk, it would take another volume to do it justice. But let us see why the "Soma" was so good for baby and adult.

The world is a pretty scary place for a little baby whose full development will really not come until 35-40 years of age.


This is actually when women should have babies and males to impregnate them as it is detrimental to their health, and the baby, if the body is not fully developed. The skeletal system is not fully developed until this time and mating is not beneficial before at least 35 years of age. Much has been written stating a female's prime years to give birth are 20-30 but this is only because the gonads have developed precociously, speeding far too ahead of skeletal, neuronal and mental systems.


This is another reason why osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases strike her more because gestation drains too much calcium and other nutrients from a body unprepared to spare them.


Babies are no more healthy of a mother at 18 than at 30. However, women tear themselves down by alcohol and refined diets and too many periods so that by 30 she is more or less unable to produce a healthy child anyway and such things as Down's syndrome creeps in although we see it in the unhealthy teenage mothers too.


A woman on a holistic diet should be able to have healthy children up into her fifties (there are records of them having them up to age 100 - yes, 100). Breast fed babies brought up on holistic diets do not go through the precocious puberty state, awkward and confused, developing much slower instead of every cell racing to oblivion.

It has been known for years that nursing women seem to be more relaxed and loving towards the baby than mother's who don't. One reason is the release of the hormone prolactin.


Given to virgin animals the maternal instinct pops out and as for women she is the not postpartum blued person most are today. One advantage is she does not have a crying baby on her hands if she is doing it right for there is supposed to be no such thing as a crying baby, it is a sign of failure on the part of the mother, as it is most destructive to the developing cell structures releasing such caustic elements as histamine.


Nursing women do not have to get up and walk the floor with' the new baby as this is not only hard on a growing baby but the mother is in no condition to do so, and if she would listen to her own body she would not find motherhood so difficult. Yet, in western minds the baby is immediately put in a cage which in our word modification society we call a crib.


One of the worst devices ever made, for the baby cries and longs for the warmth and assurance of security mother gives, and father.


Babies were meant to stay in bed with the mother, cuddled in her arms, and her own instinctive kinesthesia, if she has any, will not let her lie on it, especially if held on the chest, or to die side.

Isis would hold her 'wings' over a child and breastfeed it. but actually she was doing something all breastfeeding mothers should do. cloister the baby and herself. There have been working mothers dragging the offspring to public places and breastfeeding which is a very big mistake.


Or, in the 'hippie' oriented books on the subject they always show some young girl swinging the baby on her hip with the breast slung in its mouth as she struts about with the shopping chores. Mother's milk is very sensitive to her emotional state and it is important that a rapidly growing baby get a good and ample supply. Any distraction or upset 'spoils the milk' as stress hormones are released into the milk.


The Egyptian women would nurse as they sat on their knees for good reasons. This shunts off excess blood to the heart from the lower extremities, giving the heart a rest' and more power and a richer and stronger flow of milk comes and the action is less of a drain on her. Also, the baby is used to a home environment and its body is "not ready for the bacterial and viral barrage of the air and strange people and places.


Gynic women are more aware of the need to cloister like an animal mother but andrics either abandon the baby to a daycare center or stick a bottle in its mouth. The pons region of the brain is also the area where muscular activity is made sharp and one reason you see children sucking their thumbs or crying is to try and enhance the stimuli it lost.


Pacifiers are an andric woman's badge of biological failure she pins into her child's mouth. Smoking, and the biting of the lining of the inside of the mouth is another reflection of frustrated neurological development which will persist through life as well as gamic aberrations. Overeating is a classic example of the inability to feel secure for many eat more when nervous.


Studies have shown in both animal and human subjects that the bonding between mother and child lowers the levels of Cortisol (changes to cortisone) one of the most cytoclastic causing hormones from stress and another reason breastfeeding must be done cloistered. But babies are whisked away by nurses in hospitals at one of the most traumatic times. It has been found this lack of maternal bonding causes lifelong complications.

The length of breastfeeding for a child has always been a controversy.


Less than a year is definitely not enough. In earlier times the child chose the time of weaning, for when the child feels secure about itself it will leave the maternal breast, the decision should not be the mothers, which is usually for convenience of the latter. When you see children thumb-sucking up to 5 and 6 years it is not hard to tell how long they should be breastfed. This has been the standard time among most 'primitive' mothers through the ages.


Some Hebrew women of old prided themselves on feeding their children for five years, a leftover from their Egyptian days where the minimum was three years at later periods and five at the earliest. Horus is often shown being breastfed looking to appear at least our equivalent of six years.


Eskimo women will feed until 7, so it does vary according to biochemistries and environment.

Gerber Baby food was invented by a woman who was tired of preparing formulas and one day threw the whole mess into her husbands lap and asked him if he would like to do that day in and day out.


For her stupidity and millions like her who buy that sugar, salt and additive filled gruel, little babies are denied the right to the best nutrition nature can provide. If the husband had been smart he would have thrown the whole mess back at her and started looking for another wife for he was married to an andric who will be nothing but trouble for him as a gynic finds it a source of great pride that her baby does not cry and she and her child are no burden to the husband.


Breastfeeding mothers have none of the mess and bother others do as the milk is warm and ready made, all it takes is love, which unfortunately few mothers have and everything else close to maternal love is just going through the motion, loosely caring, nothing comes from the heart. Andrics are famous for pacifying children with material rewards, rather than love which later develops a child who has little respect for them.


Then they complain how disrespectful teens are, and how they are going through a 'stage.' Breastfeeding means she can sit down and love her baby during the day instead of throwing it a bottle or pacifier like a caged animal in the zoo. Plastic and glass are poor substitutes for bodily contact. Andric women are many times just afraid of the baby because of the lack of maternal hormones and become confused.


Breastfeeding women suffer less from problems after birth as suckling stimulates oxytocin to reduce bleeding in the uterus and it also makes the organ return quickly to normal.

It has been a falsehood that just because a baby may start taking some solids anywhere from 6 months to 3 years that that is a sign of weaning time for in the third year babies demand even more milk as the growth process hits another spurt at this time and then starts winding down to six years.


The "terrible threes" as they are called surface in an anxiety ridden child because he is not getting the nutrition and stimuli that breastfeeding provides.


There is no such thing in breastfed babies, only in those mothers foolish to read Dr. Spock, instead of her own basic instincts. It is also hard to tell how any baby will react unless both mother and infant are totally off sugar, salt and refined foods which all will affect the timing of these processes. Menstruation can resume when you do not want it which means a drain on the mother's system and milk.


It's loss is not a natural invitation for coition as already stated, which wrenches just as much from her system.


Most primitive tribes have proscribed to coition only for procreation and the excuse of polygamy lies as this basis by libidinous men. Solid food is only a supplement to breastfeeding but never a replacement. As most babies suffer from geromorphism and grow too quickly it is not unlikely they will want to wean at one year which is one big reason we see such a discrepancy in weaning ages over the ages when refined goods did not interrupt germ plasms and give us the precocious maturations we see in full bloom today.


A mother not on a totally holistic diet has very poor milk and it is not even worth the effort.


It is really silly that people in the west will think it is wrong that a baby is still nursing past one, yet give him one of the worst foods next to refined sugar, cow's milk. Whatever possessed mankind to give the substance cattle use to nurse their own young is inconceivable when common sense tells one that it is formulated for baby cows not human babies much less adults. It has all the chemicals needed for a healthy calf not a baby.


First on its long list of deadly ingredients is gram negative anaerobes as bacterioid's. We are carnivores, we are not like cattle who need bacteria to create enzymes to break down vegetable matter. We have a chemical called intrinsic factor which is scant or absent in many people and may be the reason we are given cows milk, introducing our systems to bacteria only good for cattle. In us, this bacteria consumes a great deal of our nutrients.


People on milk are always pale and prone to more illness for they have to rob from their own systems to feed these little things. As discussed, I am not a believer that vitamin B^2 or any other nutrient needs bacteria to create it as we have intrinsic factor in us. Milk was not consumed by early Egyptians and was taboo for the Pharaohs and Orientals who carried this tradition with them and drink no milk having no chemical affinity for it which may be because they do not need a heavy fat diet as whites do given the latters extra need for fat to metabolize what little vitamin A they have.


Many Negroid peoples cannot tolerate milk for the reason they are breastfed for lengthy periods which makes the stomach sensitive to bacteria. It is not an evolutionary adaptation.


Negroes in America are much like whites in their milk drinking as they have abandoned traditional values. They also have more intrinsic factor so some do still have a reaction to milk. The Egyptians had a totally-sterile body inside with the garlic and honey, and the taboo on milk drinking is another reason peoples refraining from it live to longer ages. You cannot live long on something robbing your system. Bottle fed babies have a characteristic pungent odor because they harbor putrefactive bacteria which causes bad stomachs and flatulence.


Breastfed babies however, have no trouble as they have no lactobacillus in their intestinal flora (and if the mother is totally holistic, no intestinal flora but pure intrinsic factor) but if the mother is on cows milk herself they will get it.


If babies die shortly after birth before cows milk passes their lips they are well-known to preserve much better than one fed it for the organisms eat the tissue at death, another reason this was so important to Egyptians as we will see. Lactobacillus is a very injurious bacteria and produces a very toxic substance to us, lactic acid, which is further enhanced by sugar and the organisms require more as well.


This is another reason why so many western people need heavy sugared foods while Orientals eat very little.


The bacteria loves sugar for it can create lactic acid quickly for the body does not have to go through digestive processes which would herald caustic agents to it. People have to feed these growing fires that lazy mothers put into their stomachs. Anytime refined sugar is consumed, lactic acid builds which is why just a milkshake creates so strong a buildup that it can become spermicidal!


Another good point to the rise of androgyny, as sperm becomes weak in the ovum and cannot fight the testosterone of the mother. If anyone wants to speak of longevity it starts right from gestation. Cow's milk also causes the smelly stools and diaper rash of babies from the ammonia created which breastfed babies do not suffer from.


Another big reason for breastfeeding is that the mother's trips to the doctor with children for colds and flu. particularly tonsillitis, is very rare. Breast milk has natural antibodies and immune factors. Until five days after birth, the highest amount of I9A antibodies are found in colostrum, a yellow milk that precedes true milk. It is a special substance that has more nutrients and less fat and lactose.


Babies have numerous digestive problems, staphylococcus infections, etc. which mother's milk protects against.

Because we are more highly developed than animals and have more complicated neuronal structures, carbohydrates are in more demand and mother's milk has more lactose than cow's. Human milk has more vitamin E. twice as much A, more C and B-complex. Another problem is that cow's milk has 85% casein and 15% why, which in human it is 40% casein and 60% whey.


This makes the cow's milk content of this too unbalanced and the casein forms curds in the stomach which makes a smelly, crying, unhappy baby. Cows can digest the casein with four stomachs as they have rennin which digests this and we do not.


There is also more amino acid composition as we are a more complicated animal, and a baby will use 100% of mother's milk but maybe 50% at best of cows being lost through the kidneys at a considerable burden to the infant and why there is so many cases of kidney disease today. Breastfeeding really started losing popularity around the turn of the century (ever notice how the rise of androgyny and women's liberation always run hand in hand with a loss of maternal instincts?) although had been waning for many centuries and was completely lost to the upper classes.

Babies cannot digest any sugar but lactose because they have not developed the proper enzymes and why smart women through the ages when they introduced solid foods, they masticated it before giving it to the infant, as animals do, to use their own saliva juices to break it down for the baby.


Would you like to masticate Gerber baby food? Most enzymes are not created until at least three years, anylase being the last. The lack of enzymes is the main reason of allergic reactions through life from this poor development.

A study by an Oregon dentist found that breastfed babies had less tooth decay as suckling stimulates the nerves and vessels which feed the teeth with normal tongue and lip development. Orthodontists make a fortune from the lack of breastfeeding which helps create crooked teeth as the mouth is malformed.

Although both kinds of milk contain 4% fat, mother's milk has more long-chain fatty acids rather than the short as in cow's milk which makes it more easy for baby to digest. Baby calves can digest it, babies cannot and mother is walking the floor with a sick baby with diaper rash or other digestive problems. Mother's milk also has 7% linoleic acid while cows milk has 3% which means babies will keep a healthy fat ratio instead of being obese as most western babies are.


There was never anything healthy about baby fat. Even homogenized cows milk or low fat cannot help the baby break down these fat globules.

Mother's milk also contains more iron, although if a mother is on sugar it may not be enough in later months and the baby's natural reserves melts away. But transferrin is in mother's milk which improves iron metabolism so the need for additional iron is not sure.

We know approximately 30% or more of the population cannot breastfeed at all while just as many can only for a little while, accountable to the high andric rate and poor diets for many complications arise in hormonally confused biochemistries.

It has been observed that in the first ten years of life when most children are racked with tonsillitis, colds and flu, the breast fed child suffers least or not at all, being most resistant to infections.


It has been found that bottle-fed babies have four times the respiratory infections, 20 times the diarrhea, 22 times the miscellaneous infections, 8 times the eczema, 21 times the asthma (a direct result of poor neuronal junctions the sucking has on lung development) 27 times the hay-fever, 11 more times the tonsillectomies, 4 times the ear infections and 11 times more hospital admission and 8 times more house calls, also obesity, staph germs, etc.


It seems colostrum and milk itself has its own antibodies which will remain with the body indefinitely barring no other chemical intruders as cows milk or sugar, etc., is introduced. Here have been found the natural antibodies against, measles, polio, mumps and other catastrophic illnesses.


Maramus and Kwashiokor rose in Jamaica after the intrusion of western life when the bottle replaced the breast.


Allergies are rampant with people today because solids were introduced too soon. Mothers milk has many antibodies which come from the passage of white blood cells directly from her intestines to the breast which has been discovered in the last decade from an area of lymphatic tissue called Peyer's, patches and circulates according to how much prolactin she has which counts on how much gynic hormones she has which so many women do not.


Estrogen is inhibited in lactation in women who have too much testosterone as the male hormone diffuses it. At the fourth month of lactation .5 grams of this antibacterial agent can pass into her milk. Cows milk cannot of course fulfill this necessity. It is always a shame to see women with-children under six years old who has just had another for the other is robbed of so much it needs for mental and physical development and then they wonder why it is so wild and acting 'just like a kid' and grows to hate her and then it does nothing but produce more of the same.


There develops such a bond between mother and child at this time as she shares her very life's-blood with the infant and her only big remorse is the day when the baby will draw himself away from her, now prepared to take on the world, strong and confident in its development which her maternal instincts wrought.


These babies and children grow to be exceptionally stable adults. Prolactin in women has been found to actually sensitize cells of the baby to have a stronger electrical current on the calcium ions which creates this very special bond and helps nerve and cell growth. Parents through this have made the growing process easy and comfortable, not the struggle it is so many times made to be. Parents are made to guide not push, which causes rebellious youth.


This is why the Veda speaks so of the eclectic person able to react to all situations and why they and the Egyptians put such a value on breastfeeding, and based it as one reason for their immortality.


Suckling stimulates every nerve of the brain and thus body growth was complete. The families of the Pharoanic lines, as in the Veda, were very close as the bonding of the mother and father was relayed to the child, and when the offspring is secure in its home-life it is more competent to meet the world.


Everyone works as a team for men have always been a good investment for a woman for only through him can she attain the proper food and shelter she demands to be able to succeed at her job and as our bodies demand so much with no skimping, this is important to achieve what life demands and to make that life as long as possible.


A man is always like a good horse, feed him right girls and rub him down at night and he will carry you and your offspring far!

If the Gods were drinking this 'Soma' which was pressed in bowls, so the Veda says, it was mother's milk and it was doing them much good with its high nutrient content and we know it is used for healing purposes which in their calamities were many. Mother's milk has EPA/GLA which are very important constituents that help metabolism and make cells more stable.


For adults it would help to keep cells primed and regenerated and was the Elixir of Life as a gift of life the mother gave her husband in return for that which he gave her as it is also to be figured that his body resonances contribute also to the quality of the milk.

It seems that if either breast is not relieved of milk it can cause cancer. It has always been questioned if twins were the natural state of birth but this is too much of a drain during gestation. In days of old women were fondly called cows in honorary terms and it was because of the service she gave her family of providing a healthy foodstuff that made their blood strong throughout life.


By giving cows milk we are retarding brain growth and development for there seems to be other constituents as well in it yet being studied. When we see more alert, active, stable babies that are breastfed rather than colicky, crying and nervous energy filled children, then something is definitely here. Even in the Egyptian texts the "milk cows" avoid the noise of the Gods when they ascend, wisely knowing noise disturbs milk flow. One direct relation to the degeneration of the pineal gland may come from lack of breastfeeding which stimulates brain cells enormously.


One important chemical released by the pineal is serontonin which stimulates sleep and most importantly our sensory perceptions. Why is it 'primitive' peoples are so in tuned to the environment? Is it because they breastfeed and longer?


Unless breastfeeding is done and done properly, male babies suffer for life as testosterone levels in the brain decrease during crucial development and can cause many mental and physical disorders, particularly impotency. Males in most societies have always struggled with the male identity, the macho-phase, trying to cling to a role that should come naturally but they end up making fools of themselves with rough sports and erratic behavior for something their mothers did not do. The bodies of people today are so hyperplastic and unbalanced with minds to match due to another area called Maternal Deprivation Syndrome.


Even if a child is well-nourished, which in American society today is maybe I in 50,000, direct contact with the mother as an infant until full maturation late into the teens is imperative to release various hormones to act with the nutrients ingested. This is one reason the female of the species has the nutritional instincts (or is supposed to) for along with the serving of the proper diet must come the love, or as science would say, direct bodily bioelectrical exchange to promote cellular growth.


Low plasma GH (growth hormone) will not stimulate both the male and female version of prolactin, a vital hormone which causes cells growth. It is a highly electrical substance, negative in man, positive in women. In women who have plenty of estrogen it creates an easier birth. Growth hormone is activated by the positive field of the mother and boosts protein metabolism which says enough right there as far as the building blocks of life are concerned.


Without this bonding, hepatic RNA synthesis falls and a decrease in the number of ribosomes and the amount of messenger and transfer RNA. This is one basic reason more men (prior to World War I more men died after women, the opposite of today) die before females today as they require more protein metabolism due to the heavier cell demand for their organs and muscles which are of stronger cellular fiber.


Adrenal activity is lowered as well, and a man is less able to take stress and a snowball effect of illnesses occur. An overly macho image may compensate in his mind for something his body is lacking. Bullies spring from this type of maternal loss as well as the so-called pangs and turmoils of puberty.


A hug and a kiss with a meal does more to save the world than anyone could ever imagine.

"What a lioness was your mother among the lions! She lay down among the young lions and reared her cubs, she brought up one of her cubs, and he became a strong lion."

(Ezk. 19:1-9).

One major effect of a degraded pineal gland is premature gonadal development for the gonads are affected by melatonin.


Aging is then rapid. And as stated, lutenizing hormone is activated by intense sunlight and why women around the world avoid it. Delayed and scant menstruation may be a direct cause from breastfeeding as with the "primitives'.


Looking at the macrosomic bodies of young and old in America, for instance, it is not too hard to see that it is the laud of andric women who are not doing their job. Christian ways have done quite well in quelling the great spirit of man for they have always looked upon breastfeeding as the work of the devil, like animals: if this is so let me sit beside Satan and live with the animals for even Indra knew the value of it to return his people back to the normalcy deserved them.


It was the one major contributor to their immortality and the ability to live life as it should be instead of constantly knocking their heads against the wall as we who should know better, do.





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