Great are those families in which neither conduct nor womb is deficient, which practice the Law by the grace of good habits, which aspire to distinguished renown in their lineages, and which give up all falsehood.

Families lose rank by failing to sacrifice, by bad marriages, by neglect of the Veda, and by transgression of the Law. Families lose rank by despoiling what is owed to the Gods...

"Verily a good son is of the gifts of God"...

-The Egyptian Book of the Dead






Cleopatra was born in this manner whose birth is portrayed with the gods attending, as were all the Pharaohs, Amerindians also practiced it, as did the ancient Hawaiian women until the turn of the century and some African and other primitives yet do and women who follow naturopathy.


What I speak of is birth in the squatting position as we saw Bhadrasakha do in the beginning. There is no baby born healthy upon the earth unless born in this position. Woman is actually built better than the apes, who have to usually lie down because their legs are too short, to give birth in the safest and easiest way any animal has yet devised.


Disregarding what the evolutionists and the church says, we were not meant to bring forth children in pain.


So what happened? For a nation that is supposed to be the most progressive on earth, more people die in the U.S. within twenty-eight days than any other after birth. So much for progress. Much of this is due to poor diet and much to birth trauma; the former is the problem with the latter in great part, so we cannot totally blame the medical profession but those surviving pre harboring physical and mental ailments.


Although our mortality rate has improved from 47 per 1,000 deaths in 1947 to 10.9 in 1983, this is still bad for unfortunately technology is keeping alive those whom nature would have taken and if you are wondering at the crime and disease rates today you needn't look too much farther.

During the ages as civilizations tetered in healthy states, the women were less able to squat and the birth stool was introduced as far back as the last days of Egypt but royalty seems to still have required the correct position up until the time of the Ptolomies as this was the way of the goddesses.


Every Pharaoh portrayed the two most important things in his life, his birth and breastfeeding.


They seemed to know what civilization is realizing today that the two combinations can make or break a person as far as the total physical and mental well being is concerned. The long-legged Goddesses found squatting easy but women short tighted and fat had great difficulty (there goes our fertility goddesses again!).


This position is most important for two reasons.

  • First, she works with gravity rather than against it, it is pure common sense but our western doctors insist on horizontal births to make it easier for them. Or, they have a new contraption that makes the women totally vertical but it too is impossible as the uterus and spine cannot manipulate properly (it would be like having to relieve yourself standing up.'), and the vaginal passage cannot open correctly.

  • Second, blood is lessened to the heart from the extremities in the squatting position, putting less strain on the former at a time the woman needs it most.

Today, we hook women up to monitors, fill her with drugs and place her in an atmosphere strictly out of a Nazi death camp which is not the place for something as imperative and sensitive as a birth and looking at the average western person any trained physiologist can see degeneration written all over them.


Of course, the women are getting just what they ask for.


Why would it not occur to anyone that if there is one time in a woman's life pain and misery should not be attending is during birth and when two lives are at stake and both depending on as healthy a delivery as possible? There is no such thing as pain in childbirth for it is just as the fabrications women have been handed in menstruation.


We were always told that first time mothers have the longest and hardest deliveries but a study in Brazil showed first timers had no longer deliveries when the correct birth position was done and allowed to assume whatever comfortable position they wanted and not geared their birth to the convenience of the doctor where today it is even delayed until he comes! (Sounds like something straight out of Dachau!)


Even our domesticated animals deliver nothing like those in the wild as a calf takes several minutes to rise.


If it were in the wild it would soon be dead. It is not hard to see that down through history as refined foods became more abundant women developed more pain as they lost the very nutrients that combat it, calcium, vitamin E, B-complex. And, as in our ancient times, alcohol robbed a great deal.


Louis the XIV has been attributed to instigating the horizontal position so he could watch the birth of one of his bantling offspring but this is ridiculous as women were having to lie in this manner a long time before this, particularly amongst royalty who had more access to the "better' foods as sugar which was not as prevalent amongst the "rabble' who still used the birth stool.


Actually. Louis just did what many fathers are today doing, experiencing and enjoying the suffering of their wives.


They actually subconsciously enjoy this because no one could honestly say this is right or natural to see a woman suffer so, but they, like the medical profession, has duped themselves into believing it is. It has always been the custom amongst 'primitives' to let the women give birth themselves which shows the great health of women but there is also another point some doctors who have allowed husbands to watch that many people are missing.


We are not certain why. but when men watch the birth they can become impotent for up to a year or more. Something about it triggers a neurological response. Being impotent means not so much that they cannot mate, he can't, but that his testosterone and androgen levels have dropped which are going to hurt him physically just the same, as I explained the other functions of these organs that are involved.


Birthing has always been woman's business for they are meant to do it alone and present the gift to the husband who kept her healthy enough to do it. I have known dogs who will actually hold back on delivery until the owner leaves the room. I believe this must have something to do with bioelectricity for the newborn could not tolerate right away other resonances which is why it is pertinent the baby is delivered into the mother's hands and the baby actually is delivered in that position.


In hospital births the woman is usually so doped or pretty numb she is impervious to all around her and when they hold up whatever it was she gave birth to (today they should hand out cigars that say not boy or girl, but 'it's an it!') then whisk it off to some strange room and people. (By the way, one in ten thousand of you have the wrong parents!)


The true men are those who say no to this and see that their wives' are kept healthy enough to give birth in the home where it belongs instead of an environment wrought with bacteria and a cold, lifeless cave and people.


Of course if he has married an androgyne with an android pelvis, which is the norm today, all this is unavoidable. Very few women can calmly go off to another room while the husband waits as she does as Egyptian women did and many others yet do in the world, and receive the baby into her own hands which is why the squatting position is so advantageous as this is less of a shock to the newborn.


Doctors however, can bless their lucky bankbooks that women are so stupid and have diets that would knock over King Kong and lifestyles to boot, as such misery has been known for many years. It is believed 20% or more of U.S. citizens born in a hospital have very severe mental derangements while the rest are mildly to moderately affected.


The church has done more to subject woman to this than any other influence, and they ignore the dietary laws that would help get them on the right track. If the Bible reference to women bringing forth in pain is related to the events of the Fall it is the same reason as today, a disturbed endocrine system where agents such as oxytocin.

a pituitary hormone, is not released properly and pain prevails. Add a poor thyroid and parathyroid and you have less calcium, zinc, vitamin E etc., and thus more pain. A loss of B-complex and you have a woman stuck on her back screaming in agony.


Add an android pelvis and a lack of natural pain killing endorphins and man is indeed of few days and full of many troubles.

There are many hormones that must come into play to affect the most serious stages of birth, but a woman drugged and placed in an impossible position cannot do this. It has been proven that more babies die in the hospital than in home births as Holland has the lowest death rate for both mother and child because they have more births in the homes for healthy women with midwives attending.


Britain has one birth in 80 that is stillborn and one in forty has a gross abnormality. Out of one million births a year, over 20,000 stillbirths and neonatal deaths occur.

How horrible it is that right from the moment of conception they poke and prod at something that definitely shouldn't be.


Amniocentesis is a test where a needle is actually passed through the mother's abdominal wall to collect cells of the amniotic fluid to check the chromosome count for so-called heredity defects as Downs Syndrome, which is more from dietary and toxins, overindulgence, injury, etc.. rather than hereditary. Common sense would tell you such a procedure is most irregular.


As one woman I knew, scared to death like so many when she had to have it done, said,

"you, know the technician told me for some reason some women will abort because of this"(!)

How often I have heard this, it makes one wonder what is wrong with such narrow-minded people!


There is no safe time amniocentesis can be done as it is a shock to the mother and baby. If you had a healthy baby when you went in, there is no way it would be healthy afterwards. And aborted fetus' are not uncommon. Other injuries are guaranteed because of feto-maternal bleeding.


The umbilical cord is often punctured and even late in pregnancy there is death or premature labor from hyaline membrane disease. What it does on down the road of life no one knows. Another is ultrasound in the medical chamber of horrors, which stresses the fetus terribly. How often I have heard praise from the average Archie Bunkers who waltz into the clinics, pawns to the high tech machines which in their little minds make them believe the ones using them are quite responsible.


I wish I had a dollar for every time they shoot the ultrasound and the proud parents say,

"Boy is he healthy, he jumped and bounced all around; going to be a football player when he grows up!"

Well, they are like the doctors who cannot seem to put two and two together for this is the stress response of the poor little fetus who does not like being zapped.


The problem with ultrasound is it has been found to cause chromosomal breakage frequency but most doctors yet claim it does not harm the mother and child, but these gentlemen do not realize of the later complications or just ignore it (it is not their wife and child).


This is the simpleton thinking now, if it does not kill you now, what is the worry? No one has foresight anymore because that is an instinctive process. Chicken embryos with ultrasound used had clumping of red blood cells which slowed down oxygen flow, here again logical if you will remember that ultrasound is an unstable element as we discussed earlier in radiation descriptions. In Japan, their use has stopped before the first three months because of tragically deformed babies with thalidomide-like defects.


What must it be doing then to an older fetus?


Tests in mice have caused miscarriages and still births. Bone abnormalities are also suspected by Japanese researchers. Many researchers are concerned about ultrasound and its bad effects. One researcher who is very cruel, actually sounds a buzzer outside the womb to see the blink and clench of the fetus' eyelids as a diagnostic tool using ultrasound for neuronal control research.


All women know a fetus will jump or move at a sound because it is disturbed if only research would listen to her.

Noise affects on the fetus has been found to retard auditory development in the fetus in recent experiments and another reason women should not be allowed to work on the job when pregnant. Another researcher states long term research has not been done to warrant saying ultrasound is safe as the sound creates cavities in blood and other body fluids.


But this is all how problems snowball, if people would take care of themselves these little shop of horrors would not be needed which only create more problems and are robbing mother nature of her clean job. And, of course we have the test-tube monstrosities they call babies and other maniacal deeds. If nature intended babies to have been developed thusly it would have done so, but every electromagnetic and biochemical reaction is not there. Then there is the quote by the mother who gave birth to the worlds first frozen twin egg babies.


Two eggs were taken from her, frozen, thawed (sounds like a Morton's TV dinner!) and fertilized with her husbands sperm and replanted in her womb. Dr. Mengele could not have done better! They are two ghastly little things that look old and unhealthy.

Geromorphism had definitely taken place in a strong way as with most babies today, only to extremes. She gave birth to two biological mishaps that come from, she hit it right "ordinary folk," whom nature would not have awarded offspring in its wisdom.


The doctor pronounced them as healthy but don't car salesmen have the same line? Babies are big business today. They were fortunate to have fallen into the hands of a Dr. Clinquant; whether this is fortunate for you and me is another question. I guess you could say they had a miracle from god, as she put it, but which one?


In the Veda, Indra gloried when he created freaks of nature, but Rama would not condone it, and as for Moses' laws, they would not tolerate such things.

In the Veda, people who did not have the special marks were shunned, ,they would not even allow anyone to be king if his legs were gone as this was considered a flaw in the individual's mentality. No one could enter Hebrew temples unless they were unblemished, clean.

Unfortunately, every drug given the mother goes right to the fetus. A mother than weighs 140 pounds, a baby 7, the latter gets 20 times more dosage. This means the drugs given the mother to calm her, make her go into labor or anesthesia, etc., cause the baby to be unable to react to the initial stages of labor both functional and chemical.


Oh! Oh! More painkiller, grab the baby with some Medieval instrument and the baby comes out like it had been on an all night binge, till someone slaps some life into its numb body.


Most babies today have very weak muscle tone and reflexes with one eye going one way and the other one the other way because of diet and trauma. The anesthesia lowers the babies heart rate, respiration and muscle-tone. With all the struggles of birth, with head squeezed and banged, someone using forceps, lack of oxygen, there has been considerable brain injury in all hospital born infants.


Asphyxia can be directly related to neurological disorders, psychosis, learning disorders, retardation, phobias.


A study in England by the Unit for Research on the Medical Application of Psychology in Cambridge, England shows a dramatic difference in behavior of children from birth to school age if the labor was drugged. Naturally born babies can see at birth, do not cry, and some smile a few hours afterwards which is astounding if you go by the western rendering of what is suppose to occur.


This may be why the babies of the people of renowned birth in the ancient literatures are given mature attributes of speech, which is ridiculous, but compared to other babies there was no comparison as today between a hospital and natural birth. It is most important the baby see its mother and all its senses of smell and touch be acute to form this most vital bond.


More armies have been forced to march, more murders and corruption and family discord because simple biological processes were not allowed to proceed. If one breaks natures laws we have a life sentence of misery. Artificially induced labor and forceps delivery have done more to ruin American youth than can be imagined. The U.S. ranks biggest in fetal deaths from medicine given to the mothers.


Many head and neck injuries are from forcep deliveries, sometimes not erupting until later life. Many people suffer from weak sternocleidomastoids because the forceps blocked blood flow, disrupting these two strong neck muscles.


A baby, like the mother, produces its own endorphins to kill pain, but they cannot come into play and everyone is harmed. Another serious problem is the umbilical cord which should not be cut until several minutes later to keep oxygen flow coming to the infant but in a hospital where they love to whack things off, it is taken right after delivery and another error, so is the baby. It comes into a frightening world and is tortured and then taken away from the one person it needs most.


The postpartum blues are basically because the lack of proper stages in delivery and this lack of bonding and the great horror she fails to perform, breastfeeding, for prolactin must flow, or she is morbidly depressed at a time when the baby needs her most.


How could anyone believe the postpartum blues are normal?

Evolutionists tell us that the hominids went through stages of pelvic development to reach our blustering heights. This is very unlikely if not downright impossible. A chimps skull has the fontanels fused at birth where as they are open in us to help with easement of birth. If we came from apes, how could the narrow pelvis of a chimp accommodate a larger head (the chimp mother is lucky her baby's hard head is so small)?


Brain development would have to precede first to enable him to pick up those rocks and chisel them into tools.


If a baby chimps head started getting softer, he could never stand the jarring and bouncing his mother would put him through.


So, which came first the unfused head, or the wider pelvis? This is so silly for out on the savanna you could not be giving birth to weakened children while attempting to adopt finer childbirth processes, where such a severe environment would demand perfection.


There should be very minimal compression of the head which may be why the Veda speaks so of a man being lucky to have a wide hipped wife so they must have been scarce back then as trying to find an hour-glass figure today. Of course, maybe our hominids were having caesareans as this is the most growing birth technique in America today as andric women multiply and cannot give birth properly with their malformed pelvis'.


There was never a more harmful way to have a baby and more danger to the mothers. Both have forfeited all the natural processes that get the baby prepared to breathe properly to meet the new world. Postpartum blues are guaranteed as the mother always feels she has missed the physical and psychological effects important to both.


Caesareans are known far back in time (it is not named for Cleopatra's son by Caesar as he was born in the proper 'godlike' manner as she herself was born, however Caesar was said to have been born in this way) whenever women are unhealthy to give birth themselves. An entire book could be devoted to the objections of this but the worst problems are the after effects spanning throughout life.


We are only beginning to realize how people are being affected by birth trauma of any soil and whether you were born at the birthing stool 3,000 years ago or in a hospital, each and every one suffers from some form of birth trauma.


Many neurosis and phobias, allergies and ailments are a direct response from this and they have multiplied since the turn of the century and will continue to do so the weaker germ plasms become, hastened further by poor diets, habits and high tech medicine.


The latter would be alright if you were giving birth to R2D2, but not flesh and blood, which needs flesh and blood to give it life and sustain it.


The Journal of the American Medical Association even admitted:

The hazards confronting the fetus mount to a climax during the hours or labor. Birth is the most endangering experience to which most individuals ore ever exposed. The birth process, even under optimal, controlled conditions, is o traumatic, potentially crippling event for the fetus.

Endorphins or no, everyone will remember their birth for better or for worse, consciously or subconsciously as one Dr. Arthur Janov, Ph.D pointed out in his excellent study, IMPRINTS - THE LIFELONG EFFECTS OF THE BIRTH EXPERIENCE:

Many of its believe that a newborn infant is little more than o blob of protoplasm feeling very little, understanding less, reacting hardly at oil to its surroundings. Yet the opposite is true.


The newborn infant is more fully feeling thon he may ever be again; he is o wide open "sensory window" which allows him to reoci wholly as he may never again: and he is born experiencing his new life without an illusory veil of ideas, "which almost undoubtedly will never be the case again.10

The problem is the cells of a newborn are highly sensitive to stimuli; every sound (yes, ultra-sound on a fetus will cause mental aberration in later life as well as someone who shouted at you or the rock music your mother played) and sensation is registered in the cell as it is supposed to be, so that the baby can react to normal stimuli as it will encounter in life; the organism can thus react to situations to its best advantage.


But, if we allow abnormal stimuli this is registered too and certain other stimuli will trigger adverse responses.


Even epilepsy is being attributed to birth trauma and has risen tremendously in the last 20 years.

Because the birth trauma has only recently been recognized, almost everyone (except for o lucky few born in "primitive" ways) has suffered from some pain and the same unconsciousness...


One cannot imagine what it is like to be squeezed for hours by massive contractions; to be blocked in an unyielding canal or pushed back up the canal by a nurse's hands; to be suffocated by an overdose of anesthetic; to be drowned in viscous fluid to be fighting for air; to be squeezed by o doctor's metal forceps around the head and yanked out unceremoniously - and then to be held upside down in a cold room, spanked sharply by a stronger and removed from the only person a baby knows.


What must it feel like to be in a new world, isolated from human contact in a metallic contraption offer almost dying; where every sight and sound is totally new and often assaultive; where blinding lights prevent one's perception of this new and strange environment?


Indeed these early experiences become the most memorable - or should I say immemorable - of our lives, for no baby can integrate traumatic pain and keep it in consciousness.


That is why the entire birth process, from conception and pregnancy to delivery and post-delivery, can lay the foundation for later mental and physical disease.

How does this happen? What are the mechanisms?


We now know that the traumas surrounding birth are engraved as imprints in the developing nervous system of the fetus and newborn. The birth imprint thus determines physiological and neurological response tendencies, shapes later personality and physiatype, arid directs the type of pathology we eventually develop.


Whether we will be constant travelers, compulsive workers, heavy smokers, overeaters, alcoholics, asthmatics; whether we will be aggressive and ambitious "upbeat" types or depressed and pessimistic "downbeat" types; whether we will be prone to cancer, epilepsy, psychosis or even suicide - may all be predetermined by those first precious hours of birth.


Gestation and birth experiences can and do dictate how we act and react far the rest of our lives. Indeed giving birth in today's world usually means giving birth to neurosis.

This is the Egyptian hieroglyphic for birth , and this is the only way a baby should be born.


Nephthys and Isis were said to receive their children into their own hands so that the baby is not shocked by the touch of someone else whose sensitive body is trying to regulate to a new world. Janus is a bold person for he has come to the forefront and revealed from his practice what western doctors cannot fathom but many people in the world have known instinctively.


The problem is that once a people lose the 'mastery of the senses' as the Veda tells us, they keep repeating the same mistakes through history until you have them snowball and a culture is soon engulfed in moral depravity, crime and disease from which it will never turn back. At the first loss of these senses people start eating the wrong foods, pursuing wrong lifestyles and then cry to the heavens when the answers are right before them.


They will grasp either religion or science in a desperate struggle.


Janov actually studied persons reliving their birth traumas during sessions though at first he could not believe it:

We found still more evidence for the validity of the birth Primal.


During birth re-experiences patients would not tear or cry; in fact, they could not tear or cry - nor could they talk, scream or move about in the way that babies do:

We could only deduce from their fishtailing, salamander-like movements that their whole bodies were being directed by the primitive nervous system of the newborn - a system not yet equipped for the sounds, coordinated movements or the crying typical of a six-month-old baby. Newborns do not cry in the same way that infants cry.

That first gasp and wail for life is, indeed, utterly unique, and it remains utterly unique as it is relived.

It seems everyone has to go to some kind of class nowadays particularly to have babies and how to handle them which shows there is quite a bit of ignorance out there.


We are a 'seminar society,' a people who cannot think for themselves and who crave the atmosphere of other people because their own home-life is so corrupt. Nonetheless, birth trauma is the curse of even rock music. It is no coincidence that as the birth process became more traumatic since the turn of the century the music has gotten louder and more erratic as these neurological mishaps in birth cause brain synapses and body nerves to strive for a violent rhythm to emulate that of the wrong contractions from the womb.


Every beat and scream matches a corresponding response in their cells that did not complete growth and were injured. It should be stated that children born the natural way and raised on sound diets do not go through a harrowing puberty, listen to maniacal music or have 'identity problems'.


In fact, you would not recognize these people compared to the decadent western youth who spend their entire lives in pursuit of something they will never find-peace of mind. As to our rockers, their great grandparents did ragtime, their grandparents the black-bottom and their parents the varsity drag and now the last dance is coming up.


There is no stopping germ plasms once they go awry.

One of Janov's most astonishing finds is that which many of the archaic people seem to have known instinctively, and few today, that conception does influence later life. It has been found that mothers unhappy about their pregnancy produce more hyperactive, crying, vomiting and poorly eating babies.


For one thing epinephrine and Cortisol pours into the fetus from the mother if she is stressed (and why the primitives have as quiet a coition as possible) and causes cells to develop poorly and they often retain an imprint of the stressor. We know too that not only sound but light also affects a fetus.

Janus found that a myriad of personality types and disorders derived from birth traumas and their effects on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Impulsive people, vertigo, hyperventilation, migraines, heart problems, colitus, rheumatoid arthritis.


Particular stimuli will trigger them and may even later lead to drug and alcohol addiction to release the trauma much to the users fright, but they will take more as a compulsion driven by cells pent up with energy wanting a releaser which will never be satisfied. It was also found that often promiscuousness is derived from the baby being taken from the mother.

The Lancet carried an interesting article stating that many babies that survive birth trauma are committing suicide during adolescence in the U.S. where teen suicide is up 300% in the past 25 years. Add to this a poor diet with precocious puberty and we have only seen the first of a wave of suicides as parents abandon their children for outside activities which is also a major contributor.


But many babies who are not fit to survive and would die at birth are being pulled through by high tech medicine only to die tragically later.

"We tend - and this is not an ethical judgment - to favor the weak," said a researcher of this study, and that there are "natural checks and balances" at work.


"Mother nature meant it not to be this way."

That is putting it mildly.


This is one of the major flows in medicine that the ancients seem to know how to handle as Hippocrates. They knew when someone was worth treating and often refused treatment more than helped. It is only logical, as they thought, that if someone walked in with syphilis, for instance, it was hands off, for two reasons.


Number one, why treat someone who is so lax in their moral habits, so unappreciative of the meaning of life that they court danger, allowing a pathogen that would never allow them to create healthy offspring?


Even if they had penicillin (actually they had many herbs that treat it better than penicillin as well as clay and garlic, far superior to penicillin) or some other medicine they would probably not have used it on principal alone for the person would go back to his fallen ways, or do other things, for it is a definite mental flaw. The disease cannot be cured by any medicine however, only masked, the germ is always there ready to transmutate much to all of man's sorrow.


Second, the physician's body is no different than anyone else's and he has to Tight off every germ he crimes in contact with, even syphilis has other forms, over 30. In those days, people as this were eliminated on the spot. Today we have so many numerous forms of venereal diseases that do not have to be contracted gamically that we all daily fight them. The old swords have gotten rusty through the ages.

It seems mother's instinctively like to kiss their infants from the moment of birth which has the same analogy to the licking of animal babies by their mothers. It may have more than a cleaning effect.


One researcher says that the chemical bonds in sebum from the sebaceous gland at the corners of the mouth are secreted through the skin of the one kissed. Kissing was always a private affair among Egyptians and many Amerindians and Orientals. The act of kissing passed sebum from your chemistry into the receiver and this will enter the plasma and never leave. When something is sealed with a kiss they are not kidding!


Egyptians would never kiss in public which made people believe, like with Amerindians, they did not at all.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is becoming more prevalent, with approximately 6.000 babies dying each year in the U.S. There are many things causing this today for we are dealing with a little organism developing at rapid speeds with too many variables involved. Lack of maternal bonding tops the list, especially when women do not breastfeed and do not take their babies to bed with them.


High levels of dopamine were found by one researcher in the carotid bodies next to the carotid arteries where blood is carried to the brain which could be birth trauma induced particularly from forcep delivery which blocks blood flow here.


Another researcher believes the ammonia from diapers can cause it as sleep lowers the exhalation rate, but here again babies on cows milk or formula are more susceptible for ammonia formation because of putrefaction. Breast milk does not cause this.


Another researcher believes wisely that the baby in the womb is used to the mothers breathing pattern and at birth still needs this rhythmic cuing. Most babies obviously develop without it but the breathing habits of most people are off especially in sleep when the process is more automatic. This would also induce many other respiratory problems which would influence other errors.

The problem is there are a myriad of things causing crib death since a baby is a delicate, developing, being. It is not coincidence that crib deaths have markedly risen with the advent of working mothers/ Stressed on the job. this right here floods the womb with epinephrine which is well-known to lessen fetal-cell development and this tops the list as the major cause.


This is why 'primitives' always kept their pregnant women confined and as quiet as possible. Even pregnant animals go into seclusion. Working women are on their feet too much, bump and jar themselves expending too many nutrients (lost during stress also) and as most are on refined foods you are creating an environment in the womb you would not wish on Adolph Hitler.


Exercising too rips the uterine lining and the conceptus is not properly nourished. Veins and arteries are also always injured during exercise. What we can see here is pure acid simple dysgenics, the improper development of fetal cells and soon you have a newborn that just suddenly dies, no mystery here, just poor neurological, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.


People may someday learn how precious life is and that babies must come into this world physically and mentally sound as they have to adapt from the womb to a harsh world and having a working mother who then abandons them to day-care or someone else, even a near relative, will only bring dire consequences.


There is a TV commercial that states that no one knows what causes it, but the upshot of the commercial is that they say that it is not the parents fault.


It is every parents fault when they cannot confront and handle maturely the development of healthy, precious life. Any parent experiencing crib death has committed blatant murder and telling them we do not know why or that famous line, 'it was god's way,' is not confronting or stopping the problem but only catering to its major cause, ignorance.


This only sets people up to repeat the same mistakes.


People, especially newlyweds, often say they have to have the pregnant wife work because they need the money, but there is the shame for if they are in such monetary straits they have no business having babies. It is an excellent example where marriages are purely for gamic attraction, procreation never enters the picture, the baby is just a consequence or something they have to do to prove they can have children, typical Neanderthal thinking, but again all it does is hasten an end to their lineages.


Women never would have to work if they would get back to basics and cook from scratch instead of spending a fortune on processed foods and restaurants and spending money on $40 jogging shoes, designer jeans, ceramic fingernails, and all their other material madness. (Of all the women I have known, I only knew of one who had to work, because of misfortune. Here again, we have the old story, androgyny means death. You will never get androgens to see the light, they want to be men too badly.)


This is your civilization, this is ignorance at its highest when people can no longer cope with the facts of life and react to the living world which will quickly alleviate them when they transgress against the Laws of Nature.

One of the silliest things I have yet heard is that some researcher found that in 141 countries the infant mortality rates drop when national funds are used for military spending, as health services for pregnant women are dropped.


Said one researcher,

"Militarism is deleterious to health even in the absence of overt hostilities" and that military spending is responsible for two million deaths per year!

Now, let us review this.


Women who are pregnant that are so stupid they do not know how to care for themselves or baby, which is probably illegitimate (or she is married to something that crawled out of the swamps), she probably smokes and drinks, is promiscuous, and they are going to tell me because a nation ups its military strength and forfeits them, it is the nation's fault?


These babies would go to the wayside anyway because these people are so wretched and if the world would not support them we might not have to be going to war with each other from over-population and a crime rate that would put Al Capone to shame.


If military spending lets nature take its course, by all means let us spend more. Sadly, our President Ronald Reagan was viciously attacked for this in a most prestigious science journal. Anyone who asks for assistance for prenatal care has no business having a baby and if they cannot refrain from intercourse they have no right bringing more of their kind into a world that cannot tolerate it.


These babies deaths are on no one's head but their own. We have a very bad habit of helping miscreants and letting the good suffer for it. It is ridiculous to help pain and suffering which is why there is such a dichotomy between doctors and researchers. The former uses no logic, they only see a dollar going down the drain, but the latter cannot abide ceaseless death and misery.


Who is the most cruel? The one who ends one death or the one who creates many?


Think back to what Indra was doing. It is difficult for me to write, for I am a nurturer of life and if you think it does not pain me to know how many little babies are suffering you are wrong, but how, many more babies will these produce who will repeat the same mistakes? This is why man has to take the initiative in these logical manners and why women have no business in government.


Here is where we really differ from the so-called 'primitives' Dr. Price found that in most cultures when the parents produced a sickly or malformed baby they were ostracized and rightly blamed for it. These things do not happen out of the blue but occur because of ignorance which nature abhors.


Of course society is always to blame, the common scapegoat, but the fact is the culprits are the parents, particularly the mother, for health values are supposed to stem from her, but she is so androgynous she seldom cannot see beyond her selfish nose, she wants to do her 'own thing'.


Once again, the ancients were right, androgyny is death.





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