For the womb is a great world, there is no world greater or more powerful than IT.

- from 'The Creation of the World and the Alien Man'

Gnostic Text





As a science researcher, as many through the years, one of the most clear revelations is that menstruation is not a normal process.


It is caused by a "violation of natural laws" as renowned researcher Dr. Bernard put it and I would have to heartily agree. We are the only animals which do it. Among apes and monkeys, although menstruation has never been seen in the wild, they do have it when domesticated and for the same basic reason women do, stress and diet.


Our cattle, dogs, rabbits, etc., all menstruate unlike their natural living sisters and stock breeders are all aware how overfeeding and unnatural feeds causes reproduction "flushing" (continuous estrous; just like our evolutionary friends say woman is normally libidinally active everyday of every year of her life-oh brother!) Cats in the wild have but one estrous a year but domesticated cats have three or four.


Many women through the ages have been aware of special diets which keep it at bay such as the famous Frenchwoman, Ninon de L'Euclos who was so youthful at ninety she still had snitors for her hand in marriage. But let me stress, many of the diets are vegetarian which lowers B-complex and body fat which stops all reproductive and activity of the organs involved.


What I speak of is stopping the flooding of the uterus with blood. On special diets many women will stop menstruating merely because they have risen their male hormones.


Exercise rises testosterone tremendously which is why female athletes often have amenorrhea. Some women of the Andes have no periods but some are as strong as men and look like them.

It used to be males that far advanced female babies in growth but this has been steadily declining in the last three hundred years but there is record of it in gnostic texts making it two-thousand years ago, and there is great disgust attended to it as with androgyny. Again, a result of the males demand for a higher nutritive matrix from which to grow and without a flood of female hormones.


The Amazons were said not to menstruate and their reputation as freaks are well known in the Veda especially, products of the mistakes of the gods. Among ancient Gauls the women fought with the men and some of their skeletons are over seven feet tall.


Other androgynous women are,

  • the Watista of East Africa

  • the Andombis of the Congo

  • the Papuans

Hawaiian women grew to immensity, over six feet and very androgynous after the arrival of the whites, again due to refined foods.


The worse for androgyny are the western women who have seen a progression downward since the Middle Ages.


Thus, we have to be careful when studying the loss of menstruation in some women because of hormonal imbalances. Many researchers claim a vegetation diet will stop it and say this is what primitive women do. This in nonsense, for as Dr. Price remarked, he never found vegetarians among so-called primitives.


All are meat-eaters and before civilization came the women menstruated perhaps three or four times a year at the most. But then, they knew the tricks so to speak. They eat no refined foods and avoid heavy fat such as Hawaiian royalty who avoided pig, coconuts and bananas. (See, Moses' laws reached halfway around the world!)


'Primitives' usually have exceptionally balanced diets. Among Indians of British Columbia and Alaska, seclusion from the sun was imperative at puberty.


The Statas made their maturing girls wear a large hat, painted green. Even in the Eskimo summer the girls were made to spend forty days in a corner of a hut with a hood on her head and hair over the eyes and could only go out at night. The Takelina Indian girls of Oregon wore a group of feathers on her head and could not look at the sky.


Islanders of Mabuiog in the Torres Straits piled bushes over the girl in the parents hut and remained three months without sun. Australian girls on the Cape York Peninsula could not leave the hut for four to six weeks and came out at night or evening much like ancient Hawaiian royalty women did. Most Amerindian women had light or infrequent periods. This universal isolation seems to stem right from the days of the final fall as we will encounter.


How bizarre it is they knew something science researchers in only a very small minority know today.

It has always been a big mystery why nature would make a being expend such a precious fluid when they are the nourishers of life. The body goes through many undesired changes; the temperature rises, mental confusion, even the field of vision is limited as well as nerves on edge. Certainly this is not a condition conducive to having or raising children.


The flow varies from half a pint to a pint depending on the woman. It is a myth that it purifies the system unless you want to say one has lost the poison built up. Dr. Novak, a John Hopkins gynecologist, pointed out that it is a hemorrhage and nothing more or less. Any time the body bleeds it is serious as all systems of the body are thrown into a panic. Our bodies are constantly fighting the environment and the last thing it needs is to bleed. The blood filling the uterus comes right from the system, it is not especially produced.


The lining of the uterus when the egg is erupted is richer than the blood and is often lost as a mucous discharge prior to menstruation called leucorrhea. This causes the blood vessels to burst if there is too much blood and no fertilization. Menstruation has often been called a "mistaken labor" as the uterus rebels against the loss of blood. To become pregnant does not require the blood, the leucorrhea is a nutrient base from the blood vessels, but environmental factors and the death of an ovum, with the shed lining, causes it.


An unfertilized ovum is thus just as a fertilized one, an abortion, as the uterus is stripped each time and the woman is weaker and less able to bear strong offspring.


By thirty-five, most women start developing myomas and by fifty nearly all have them with accompanying disorders. One interesting study in 1916, and pertinent here, is that excess carbon dioxide or any unstable carbon would cause it for it was found women exhale less than men and the uterus would try to rid the poison as it does with refined foods and other toxins.


Women not on refined sugar and salt find their PMS suddenly gone and blood flow much less. Calcium levels are allowed to rise as well as B-complex and the pain is negligible. It seems it is a cleansing but not to the benefit of the woman nor her future offspring.

Menstruation is a very bad time even in a 'healthy' woman (no one is 100% healthy) as she is more apt to contract a disease as we all know colds and flu always come at those times. Even epileptic fits are triggered by it. Thirty more times calcium is lost which will later terminate in osteoporosis and mental degeneration.


The thyroid enlarges from a loss of iodine and the vital organs buckle under the strain in time, which we call menopause. Crime, assault, suicide, is more likely to occur at this time as the brain loses control from a lack of nutrients.

As one researcher wrote:

As the medical world has never seen a normal male or female, it knows so little about how o healthy body should function, that when the body begins to return lo its normal function, medical doctors view the condition with alarm.

Menstrual blood has always been looked upon as 'unclean' as Moses even told us, and indeed it is.


Even in 1934 a researcher noted many physicians would not touch a menstruating woman. Many women were not allowed to milk cows or make butter as it was said they would spoil it. The electrical flow of the body rises tremendously. Phosphorus and lactic acid has been found in it and the latter cellulotoxic agent is certainly not conducive to life. It has been found lacking fibrin to clot it.


The entire body tries to slough off the toxin it has accumulated as a substance called 'menstrual toxin' is released through the skin. For these reasons she should not handle food. It is well known cut flowers will wilt in her hands.


Women actually die a little with each period and her nutrient supply cannot possibly be renewed in thirty days but would take two to three months on a pure diet.

Menstruation is the culmination of many things, all preventable. Excitement, stress, exercise, constipation, salt, refined foods, coffee, alcohol, top the list. Every woman has experienced heavier than usual flows from stress, etc. But one of the biggest offenders is eroticism. We are not just talking of promiscuousness or watching a torrid love scene but just watching two people kiss on a toothpaste commercial releases blood to the uterus.


This is again a good example that sexual arousal needs to rely on a series of biochemical steps to keep it from injuring the system. You cannot dive in and watch someone go through the motion, it is like getting in on the middle of a movie, your body cannot register it as it should and is confused.


Wrote one researcher:

According to Rouget, the menstrual process is similar to the sexual act, both being accompanied by an erectile accumulation of blood in the uterine blood-vessels. This hyperemia, he believes is due to the nervous stimulation produced by distended follicles in the ovaries.


He writes:

"This irritation is sufficiently intense to determine a true erection of all the organs of generation... until, finally, under the increased pressure, the blood-vessels of the uterine mucous membrane ore ruptured. Hence the menstrual hemorrhage." 5

Not many women will face up to the fact that menstruation may be the result of her own lack of character.


But there is more. Just being around other men other than her husband or relations will, by default, cause arousal because of the differing pheromones of a strange male whether she is aware or acknowledges him or not.

Women feel most libidinous right before, and unfortunately, during the menses as the vessels have engorged and give her this false impression, but it is then an autocytolysic act as this solicits infection and nature does her job to get rid of both couples for they will always harbor the impurities in their system. Moses certainly knew his business!

Nuns and prostitutes are our best examples at the opposite ends of life. The former are secluded and the lack of male contact makes their menstruation scanty or not an all. Their periods often last only a day. When they return to the 'real' world, it returns. Prostitutes see more red in their lifetimes than the boys did at Normandy, often having periods every one to two weeks. Unmarried women who do not play the Field have small hemorrhages.

There has been a great deal of silliness among andric women who say they need no man to be able to survive, especially among those who do not menstruate and that women would be more healthier and intelligent without a period.


On the latter two scores they are definitely right, but andric women have so much male hormones their periods are little or none at all. Actually, I would rather see a woman bleed every three or four months on this premise than not at all. But a gynic woman has to have a good man to achieve her freedom from menstruation.


One who keeps her safe and secluded and free of anxiety. Men are built to handle stress (however, their poor diets often make them unable to, they would be surprised at what a change there would he in them when off sugar) and the world. The true mark of a man's success is how healthy his wife and children are and that of a woman how healthy her husband and children are. They are the best teammates in the world!


Take one or the other away in a marriage and their world dissolves. The earth needs the sun for strength and the sun needs someone to shine down upon.

There have been women who have given birth without menstruation. Again, how much is attributed to hormonal imbalances or not is not known. There is also a question as to whether upright posture, again from our evolutionary stages, causes it, but I believe it is poor posture in general, exercise, gamic overindulgence, etc. In particular, there is emphasis today to totally flatten the stomach.


The vena cava cannot return blood to the heart if abdominal muscles are too tight and as this type of posture makes breathing occur in the chest rather than the diaphragm, blood presses down on the pelvic blood vessels.


Tight clothing, such as jeans, will cause the same problem, another reason skins are so healthy. Gynic women really have no stomach muscles only fascia, while the women who do develop strong stomach muscles had better take a good look in the mirror. Set-ups are a death-knell for a gynic for it tears up this layer of tissue and does irreparable damage to the reproductive organs which are attached to it.


Also, being overweight can cause the inability of this artery to return blood from the uterus to the heart.

Unlike primitive people, in civilization women do not rest, which is imperative during a period. In nearly every Amerindian, African and South Sea island peoples, special low huts are built making one unable to stand up in to keep the girl horizontal to ease the flow. Among 'primitives' menstruation is not considered normal.


One of the worse things that has come out of women's liberation idiocy is that we are losing the fact boys and girls are quite different, because of widespread androgyny, and that girls do not need special care. True gynics are having a difficult time. People seem to lose the fact that because a being has breasts and a mons pubis, that is a 100% criteria as to what is behind it. Look at our armed services with its fatigued, combat-booted aberrations.


One time I almost ran into one that was pregnant at an army PX. Can you believe it, she actually had a 'pregnant' uniform on?


Everything this country was ever founded on when andric men and gynic women were alive went right down the drain. Washington must be rolling over in his grave, elks teeth and all. I love these following passages from Havelock Ellis. Women's liberation and anthropologists are so mistaken in their ideas for nearly all they have reported to us about 'primitive's' is after western intervention and they added their own baser neuroses to it.


Let us look at what Ellis has to say:

"The very leaders of the woman s movement have often betrayed the cause of women. They have adapted the ideals of men; they have urged women lo become second-rate men; they have declared that the healthy natural woman should disregard the presence of her menstrual functions.


This is the very reverse of the Truth.

'They claim.' says Englemann, 'that woman in her natural stale is the physical equal of man, and constantly point out the primitive woman, the female of savage peoples, as an example of this supposed axiom. Do they know how well this same savage is aware of the weakness of woman and her susceptibility at certain periods of her life? I believe not.


The importance of surrounding women with certain precautions during the height of these great functional waves of her existence was appreciated by all races at all limes; and among their comparatively few religious customs, this one. affording rest to women, was most persistently adhered to.'

It is among the white races along that the sexual invalidism of women prevails, and it is the white races alone which, outgrowing the religious ideas with which the menstrual seclusion of women was associated, have filing away that beneficial seclusion itself, throwing away the baby with the bath."

Another problem is that of leucorrhea.


Everyone concentrates on menstruation so they forget that this is just as serious. This is the mucous discharge that appears before menstruation and is the harbinger (hat something is wrong. Diet does play a great deal here also, for a lack of vitamin A brings it on as well as sugar, too much fatty meat and milk, the latter a big miscreant and all the same factors as menstruation.


Also, a great deal of vitamin E and calcium loss which adds to hypertrophy of reproductive organs which we so fondly refer to as puberty.


A great deal of female hormones are lost and lecithin and phosphorus which as it comprises brain and nerve tissue answers why women are so nervous and distraught at the time before a period. Disease is again, a risk at this time.

Because of a lack of proper cloistering, poor diet and activity, women have "silent ovulation."


The mucous discharge is supposed to be a indication of ovulation which is very shaky to time however, as ovulation is triggered by the same agents which cause leucorrhea and menstruation and women thus lose spontaneous ovulation which opens the egg to injury already elaborated on.


Of course in Helen Fisher's THE SEX CONTRACT we are told evolution brought us to like continuous coition and no one knows why she does so and that the female, more than the male, can do it non-stop, pointing out that the female chimps have regular orgies.


My dear, that is why they are apes and we surely seem to be headed that way ourselves! Go ask the girls in the red-light districts (or better yet the average western woman) how much she bleeds and (he gynecological problems she has. I get a kick out of Fisher stating that coition gets better with every new child for a mother has new capillaries develop in the pelvis which collect in the genitals and vaginismus is better.


She forgets that women do not give birth in the proper position and these 'new capillaries' are only expansions of the old as they are stretched and distorted from the strain of birth and like erotism at menstruation it is a false feeling by structural default.


She also states that close births are a "uniquely human problem" and another evolutionary twist to make erotism a hobby for women. What is evolutionary about that when primitives are known for their low birth rates before western influences? Poor diets with a subsequent loss of control is what causes close births.


She refers to primitive tribes who resort to birth preventatives, abortion, but her poor research forgets to add this is post western-culture and the primitives are now down to the white man's level. Do they really think primitives could have lasted as long as they have with white values? Another joke is evolutionists stating a woman's lips are big and red to emulate the labia major and minora.


Apparently in physiology class they were staring at the walls or something, for there are no neurological connections from the lips to the reproductive organs only to the stomach and intestines. (This certainly tells us where their minds are!)


These type of books are good evidence as to why serious science books have to be subsidy published in this country as the public now has academia to excuse their vices and they gobble books like this and THE NAKED APE, another total disaster, up. If we could get people above a READER'S DIGEST level of mentality these books would disappear.

Leucorrhea, like menstruation, was to the Egyptians an abhorrence.


According to their medical text, The Papyrus Ebers, to stop it (ever see a commercial today to do this? they are too busy selling women harmful pills to ram down their throats to stop the pain rather than getting to the source) the hearts, trunk and limbs were smeared with dried liver of a swallow in sour milk.


Don't laugh, the high vitamin A would be absorbed directly into the system and would have done it, just as taking a vitamin pill, and was probably better metabolized as western medicine is finally discovering today with 'patches' of medicine placed on the skin, although it is well known to naturopaths with their 'primitive' poultices, used for centuries. (Boy, all that high-tech medicine sure slows them up!)


Menstruation was stopped by a douche of garlic, wine or Fennel, Wonderfruit, honey and sweet beer. All these ingredients are anti-spasmodic (the Wonderfruit I do not know), especially honey which slows bleeding and retards bacteria as does garlic, a natural antibiotic.

It is not known how the following from the Ebers Papyrus is to be taken:

When Thou examinest a woman who has lived many years without her menstruation having appeared; she vomits something like foam and her body is as though o fire were under it, but she recovers after the vomiting; then say thou to her: This is a rising of Blood to the Womb.


So soon as she has spoken the Magic Formula, and has had coitus, make thou for her:

Beny-of-the-uon-tree 1/32

Caraway 1/64

Incense 1/64

Uoh-grain 1/16

Put Cow's Milk to the Fire with Thigh-tallow. Ad Milk thereto and let her toke for four days.6

Has she never had a period and they want to stop the rise of blood or is it they want to induce it?


It seems to read,

'here is what we do with a non-menstruating woman who is vomiting a foam-like substance and how to stop the period.'

Whether 'coitus' was meant may be a fault of the translator as we are coming to find the phallic symbol also meant power and strength, so the doctor might have meant she 'had regained strength.'


One thing that gives it away is that caraway is an anti-spasmodic, it would have stopped or eased the flow. What the other ingredients are I do not know but they must have been synergists with the milk if I know my Egyptians as we will come to see. They coagulated it to a yogurt which would not have caused leucorrhea nor menstruation as cows milk does as it helps the stomach and intestines and does not cause pressure on the vena cava.

Let us leave here stating that if our so-called hominid forebearers were having sex as we do today and the women menstruating we would not be here today but still ambling about the good ole' savannah.

Women have suffered needlessly with periods and when they do come the pain should , be mild and brief, no longer than an hour in duration. PMS is easily cured unless the woman is extremely andric who can suffer form the hormonal imbalances as they run the gamut between scant periods to very heavy. Western medicine is only worsening a bad problem by giving drugs that only create more.


One researcher wants to actually stop the function of the ovaries! This is total madness; watch the body hair grow then and the impurities build up as well as losing her every feminine sensibility. The article went on to say that osteoporosis "could be" one of the problems incurred but there is no "could be," there is.


You cannot stop ovary function for it would throw her into a physical and mental heap. Female athletes and other andric women have no periods or scant during exercise because of rising testosterone and with little estrogen they also have osteoporosis and why their careers are short lived (ballerinas also).


They push the use of more calcium intake today but they forget to add that it depends on how andric a woman is as to how she will metabolize it.


Estrogen must work with calcium to bind it to bones while men have testosterone and other elements. Women who lose their periods through poor diets as vegetarians are at a risk also as their ovaries shut down. Amenorrheic female athletes have been found to lose bone mineral mass, particularly in the spine and are prone to fractures.


One group was found to have the bone mass of fifty-two year old women. Thus the added problem for gynics is that estrogen is disturbed during exercise or any stress by lactic acid and does not lay down in the bones either. It all comes down to the fact that only men were meant to be active.

Girls, if you want to have mild periods get rid of the three taboos, sugar, salt and stress, drop the Medal and get back with the living.


It is not as impressive as some 'high-toned sounding' drug, but big words come from little people.


People as this came into this world with a struggle and they think that is how all things must be approached. They are always preaching Occam's razor (the theory that the simplest is the best) in science but they rarely follow it.


You just cannot write up too many impressive research papers and monographs where simplicity and common horse sense is involved.




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