The constant report of children born by the sun at the agency of God gives credence to two things.


One, there was no or little sunlight and two. the women were androgynous. The veiled canopy affect had kept the sun at bay. We constantly read in the Veda and Bible that women are having trouble conceiving but God always lends a helping hand. Radiation seems to have been the trouble with the goddesses of Indra and others seem to have suffered from hormonal problems, but the lack of sun would have definitely caused a problem too.


To an endocrinologist this is very obvious. We are now entering into another reason the sun is not beneficial.


However, if the women were not getting pregnant around the world it was because there was none and no doubt the men suffered some sort of impotency as well. But, if women are androgynous they can become pregnant without a man. This will take a lot of explaining.


But let us first state that the sun's rays cause melatonin to pour from the pineal gland and affects many organs, in particular the gonads. There has been controversy as to melatonin flow due to the inability to obtain people biochemically sound and on natural diets. Researchers have found that persistent estrous occurs in rats when light is constant.


Our "silent ovulation" evolutionists love to talk about as our sexual crowning glory, is merely a biochemical mistake as our circadian clocks become acyclic and ovulation occurs erratically rather than the male initiating it as in most animals.


The suprachiasmatic nucleus of the brain is said to regulate melatonin. Many feel it is a major cause of precocious puberty of which I sincerely concur. It is said to be at a maximum at night which is cited as the reason coition is better in the dark, but on the other hand in the same texts they will tell you it inhibits gonandal function as it depletes pituitary hormones.


Here, like in all medical research, I am suspicious of the subjects used.


Other women around the world are known from the past to have avoided the sun such as the Hawaiian women of royalty who emerged only late in the day. Eskimo women are yet well known for the stoppage of menstruation in the long months of no sunshine. Is it that mongoloid women have a different biochemical structure?


It could be, but I am inclined to think that as quickly as we mature and with the preoccupation with eroticism, the sun affects everyone in this respect. Hawaiian women and Eskimo knew that it would cause ovulation.


Melatonin has been found by some to have a 24 hour rhythm but this may be sugar talking which will cause the same thing. It raises after dark because sugar levels are highest then and not because of the dark which would tend to lower sexual activity. If you believed what the anthropologists say that you are more libidinous after dark, you either have a vivid imagination or you had better put your Hershey bar down.


It is not like nature to make an animal libidinous, but on the contrary to play it down so injury does not occur. I was very pleased to find the following Hebrew passage on the affect of light on man and how they knew that far back how it causes abnormal libido:

'I fear,' said Rachel, 'that he will order Leah to take my place in the darkness at the nuptial chamber; which can easily be done here in the East, where no man enjoys his wife by either sunlight at lamplight. I have heard that it is otherwise in the sinful West.' 3

Harranian, Persian and Medes followed the same rule.


Both Jacob and Absalom were accused of violating the rule. Even most wild animals will avoid coitus in the sun and even apes will crawl off in peace somewhere. This brings us again to the issue of "silent ovulation".


If you have the sun and abnormal food causing ovulation at incorrect times this is disastrous to the female. In all animal species ovulation occurs by stimulation by the male.


This has a very important significance. When an egg erupts it goes on a very hazardous journey, itself very fragile and to have an upright, much less a four legged animal, bouncing about while it lays there is most hazardous for the egg and it is susceptible to much injury. It is only alive for approximately 24 hours, not too long, and it weakens the first few minutes after exiting.


This is one of the biggest failings of human biochemistries.


Animals have a far superior reproductive technique than we. Women bounce around and forget that the sun, stress, even falling down, or the scent of another male's pheromones will cause an egg to erupt, or if fertilized, even another male's scent will make it abort. Most married and promiscuous women today abort many times in their life not realizing that an unusually heavy period is this. We are finding out things today that have been known for thousands of years by empiricism.


It is the basis of Islamic Purdah and why some women yet gynic, who are not of that religion, prefer to remain sedentary. The veiling of women is in part an attempt to defray any scent that may disrupt the hormonal cycle but only seclusion guarantees it.


When a women passes an egg the body spontaneously prepares to have a baby, it is an automatic reflex that only a sound mind is supposed to control by anticipation. When this is not done the body goes into a remission, it has aborted. We call it menstruation but it is a hemorrhage.


The woman loses not only her vital life's blood, but a great deal of nutrients and sadly the lining of her uterus is stripped down each time. This is a guarantee that her next baby will not be as healthy and she will not be strong herself to nourish one. We have taken for granted one of the worst mishaps in women.


Primitive women yet today do the wisest thing as they have special places built, often not large enough to stand in. where they remain horizontal until it is over and they also avoid the sun to inhibit it as much as possible. Whites have ridiculed this considerably but it only shows their ignorance; they are the only people who seem to disregard its severity.


And, also, primitive women only get periods three or four rimes a year, which should be the norm, if at all, because they abstain sunlight. But, when civilization arrived with a change in diet, they bleed like white women. This 28 day following the moon is more anthropological garbage they have devised to fit their sordid little theories and is only revealing their own susceptibility to the 27-8 magnetic monthly flux when organisms become weak and cannot fight the adverse effects of nature which primitives have done.


Women anthropologists have wrongly criticized Islamic women, trying to liberate them, trying to make them like their androgynous selves; they forget that ovulation is very hard on a woman. You can menstruate without ovulation, the lesser of two evils.


There is less blood which is good and the lining is not always stripped which is what Purdah tries to accomplish. These laws were handed down by Mohammed who was very cognizant of women's problems and I am surprised he knew as much as he did but on the other hand he may have been more than we think. I must mention that some Hindu women, healthier than the sugar fed Islamics, practice seclusion and diet as the Islamics used to and which only a small minority still do, and have no period, the ultimate goal.


Western women are doing untold damage to themselves and future born by entering the world and its stresses which cause blood to spill into the uterus.


There are actually few 28 day periods, they vary from 12 to 45 days; women who are active suffer more frequent and/or heavy periods like their prostitute counterparts who are notorious for severe periods. (Do you know prostitution is suffering in America today because business is so slow? She has competition now because so many women will do it for free now as it is a status symbol.)


Exercise has caused more gynecological problems than one could imagine and the doctors are in seventh heaven.


Too bad they don't tell the little darlings that the uterus and ovaries are attached to the abdomen by fascia and the ovaries directly to each side of the pelvis by a suspensory ligament and that every twist and turn, bump and jar, tears these organs terribly. Of course one certainly cannot blame the doctors for andric women will not listen anyway, which is why the medical profession is a good one to be in.


At no time in American history has there been such an enormous amount of pathologies and mental illness. However, nature made women this way so that in labor your uterus can flex to expel the baby, stomach muscles do not, and only hormones come into play then to help. Each time we stretch or flex the stomach muscles we injure these organs which are meant to ride relaxed and content until the day you really need them.


Gynics really have no strong striated stomach muscles there is only fascia, unlike a man or an andric female, the ones you see exercising. If you have exercised yourself into a flat stomach, you should see the inside! Gynecological problems are epidemic now.

Man and woman will do anything for eroticism and stuff down pills and use devices and other gadgets that only injure more. One researcher is developing "sperm antibody" a woman can take to strengthen the zona pellucida to protect the eggs as in rabbits and monkeys, humans are next. "The whole field is in a very exciting stage," said the researcher.


I'll bet, but it upsets estrogen levels, and lord knows what the after effects will be. All IUD's have been found to cause infertility by damaging reproductive organs with pelvic inflammation which any one with any common horse sense of physiology and biochemistry, not to mention your old aged grandmother, could have predicted but the market is so lucrative, who cares?


Also, a study in Birmingham, England has associated the IUD with endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart which is often fatal. The Egyptian medical text, Ebers does not contain a contraceptive but one was in use in later dynasties, using acidic properties to kill sperm.


As now, the people had lost sense of body awareness.

There are classic descriptions in the Veda of hermaphroditism although all seeming to be the son(s) of either Indra or Siva described.

Now he becomes a barren female, now one who gives birth: he takes whatever body he wishes. The mother receives the milk of the father: with it the father increases and prospers, and with it the son thrives. All worlds rest on him - the triple skies and the triple flowing waters. The three vats that drench pour forth in all directions the overflowing honey,7

...and a parallel:

Adbhula had a wife Piyia; her son was Vidurotha. There are as many Soma rites as there ore fires. They were born in the lineage of Atri as the well-born sons of Brahma. Wishing to beget sons, Atri bore them in himself, then the fires issued from Brahma's body.

The classic parallel to both is the Egyptian god Shu who was a hermaphrodite and was stated to have onanisted and created two beings.


The god Arum too did the same and very interestingly the seed was stated to come from the kidneys, which we now know today the adrenals, sitting atop the kidneys, produce testosterone! Hermaphrodites can in some cases impregnate themselves.


The goddess Mut was also one with a phallus and woman's head shown.

If Indra, or whomever, was playing his cards right, he knew his female population could be stimulated into reproduction by a UV light source or some other agent resembling the sun. In areas where the sun peaked through they had probably observed how it stimulated the women to ovulation and periods, and an idea was thus born.


But before we get to it, let us see if you can deduce more.

The following is our first glimpse that an androgynous woman has prevailed over an impotent husband thanks to Indra:

There the sun has risen, and here my good fortune has risen. Being a cleaver woman, and able to triumph, I have triumphed over my husband.
I am the banner; I am the head. I am the formidable one who has the deciding word.


My husband will obey my will alone, as I emerge triumphant.

My sons kill their enemies and my daughter is an empress, and I am completely victorious. My voice is supreme in my husband's ears. The oblation that Indra made and so become glorious arid supreme, this is what I have made for you, O gods.


I have become truly without rival wives.

Without rival wives, killer of rival wives, victorious and pre-eminent, I have grabbed for myself the attraction of the other women as if it were the wealth of flighty women.

I have conquered and become pre-eminent over these rival wives, so that I may rule as empress over this hero and over the people.

She sounds like today's andric working mothers having triumphed over a gynic husband - her money is hers!


The next passage from the Veda reveals several things. A young woman wishes to have a son but does not know how to "summon the celestials" and Brahmin tells her the "spell" by which to attract one:

"Whichever God you call with this spell shall have to fall under your power, good woman. Whether willing or unwilling, that God is bound to be in your power and, controlled by your spell, to bow to your word like a servant."

He gave her spells from the Atharvasiras and then promptly disappeared before everyone's eye's as Gods were wont to do, Star Trek style!


While she pondered nervously over the spells, something happened she did not wish to,

"she noticed that her period had happened, and the young woman was ashamed having her flow while she still was a spinster."

As written many times in the Veda, menstruation is caused by stress or diet, it was never considered normal.


The "thousand-rayed sun" then arose and,

"she saw the God of divine aspect, accoutered with armor and adorned with earrings.


And a curiosity arose in her concerning her spell, O lord of the people, and the radiant woman cast forth a summons to the God. She rinsed her vital airs and called the sun; and there he came, the Sun, hastening, O king.


His complexion was honey-yellow, his arms were large, his neck grooved like a conch shell. He seemed to laugh, he wore upper arm bracelets, and appeared to set fire to space. By his wizardry he had split himself in two, and thus came there and went on shining in the sky.


Then he spoke lo Kunli coaxingly, and exceedingly sweetly,

"I have come into your power, good woman, by the force of your spell. What shall I do, helplessly, queen? Speak, I shall accomplish it for you!"

Well, you have to watch honey skinned gods, and she begged him to return as it was only curiosity that she called him,

"Go I shall, as you tell me, small-waisted woman. But surely it is not fitting lo summon a God and send him away pointlessly! Your intention, lovable girl, was to have a son by the sun, peerless in the world for his prowess, and wearing armor and earrings. So woman who strides like an elephant, give yourself lo me, for I shall father a son such as you desire.


Or I shall go, good woman of the lovely smile, without having lain with you, and I shall be angry and curse you, the brahmin, and your father. On your account I shall set fire lo them all, no doubt of that, and lo your foolish father who does not know of your misconduct; and on that brahmin who gave you the spell without knowing your character and behavior I shall heap extreme discipline.


All these Gods in heaven headed by Indra now see how I am deceived by you, and they seem to be smiling, radiant woman - look at those throngs of Gods, for you have divine eyesight: I gave it to you, so that you could see me."

In the Veda, a woman who strode like an elephant was androgynous, for the reference was always meant to men, but this was the only way the sun could father a child.


It was her andric curiosity that summoned him, while her gynic side cowed:

And the princess saw the Thirty Gods,

All comfortable in their proper sphere,

And that mighty luminous God Who gave forth Light like the sun itself.
Upon seeing them the young woman, a goddess,

Grew bashful and fearful, and said to the Sun,

'Go, Lord of the cows, to thy own domain,

Your wooing spells grief to my maidenhood.

My father and mother and other elders

Have the power to give this body away.

I shan't in this world infringe the Law

To guard her body is a woman's glory.

But she could not discourage this "Dispeller of Darkness", as he was called, another hint the earth was absent of light.

"God my father is alive, and my mother and other relatives. No such breach of the rules should occur while they are alive. If I lie with thee, God, against the rules, then the good name of my family in the world will perish on my account.


But if thou thinkest this is the Law, O chief of the fiery ones, I shall do thy wish without being given away by my relatives. Having made the gift myself, irresistible one, I shall remain virtuous - in thee are the Law, renown, fame, and life of the embodied!"

The sun God then told her she would be a virgin after the act with a remarkable baby promised and she acquiesced.

"So be it!" said the ranger of the skies, and he, the enemy of Svarbhanu, entered Kunti in his yogic person, and he touched her to the navel.


And the power of the Sun well-nigh unnerved the royal maiden, and she fell on her bed stupefied.


"You shall give birth to a son who shall be the first of all bearers of arms, and you shall be a virgin," declared the sun-God, "and the Sun, confounding her with his splendor, with his wizardry entered and made her pregnant but the day star did not despoil her at all, and the young woman again returned to her senses."

At no time did he actually touch her but this "day star" made her pregnant.


She was so ashamed she hid her pregnancy. The story then follows the exact pattern of Moses.


At the birth she had her nurse, as Moses' sister did for her mother, put the baby in a basket sealed with beeswax and put it in the river,

"Fortunate is your begetter, son, the God Sun who shines wide, for he will see you going down the river with his divine eye."

A noble lady, Radha, who was childless like Pharaoh's daughter, found the basket, her husband retrieving it from the river.


He was stated to be a friend of Dhartarastra which would be Indra. Was this Moses? I doubt it, it sounds more like the ruler Sargon who was installed by the gods and who claimed the same divinity and boyhood, having been rescued by a noblewoman in a basket in the river. And, Sargon's story as told in the Sumerian predated Moses by many, many years.

The Race of the Sun soon inhabited a great deal of the earth, all sprung from androgynous women.


But this was a problem,

"Know, sire, that the warlike Dhrstadyunma was a portion of the Fire, and the male-female Sikhandin of a Raksasa...


Thus many other particles of celestials, O king among men, were born in the house of Vasudeva, furthering his lineage. I have already cited the group of the Apsaras; a part of them was born on earth at Indra's behest, and they became sixteen thousand queens, O overlord of men, in this world of men, the wives of Narayana.'


They were all androgynous and some were hermaphrodites, with a preponderance of what we call 'females'. The offspring from Indra's sons and daughter were those that had "sprang from the group of All-lhe-Gods".

This all corresponds with the Egyptian's ruling empire which were sons of the sun god Amen-Ra as all claimed divine lineage and their offspring followed suit.


Even cattle like the Apis bull were said to have, come from a cow whom "lightning" visited upon. But the women always remained virgins, but so did the women of the Ennead. To us a virgin means one who has had the hymen broken, but the hymen seems to be an error caused by formation of the clitoris and skin left over instead of developing into a scrotum as it would if fully male.


The Ennead woman when penetrated of course were no longer virgins technically, but they did not suffer the pain from this or the risk of infection as with 'honeymooners disease' often encountered, giving weight to the hymen being a supernumerary structure. It serves no purpose although some believe it protects against infection but a married woman on a natural diet and with good habits rarely, if ever, suffers gynecological problems as a healthy vagina cleanses itself, something holistic doctors have tried to tell traditional practitioners who advocate douches which only cause more injury.


We are however, on the subject of parthenogenesis, self-impregnation, here with a little help from the gods above.


It is found in all higher mammals and birds. Chicken and turkey farmers know full well of the little chicks who had no fathers, the turkey, however, showing more promise. Maslow W. Olson in 1952 of the U.S. department of Agriculture noticed a high propagation and began raising eggs that showed promise and live young were produced from same.


In 20 years he produced 1120 fatherless turkeys. They were basically males as the birds have two identical gender chromosomes, unlike man. This leads me to believe men had two YY chromosomes in ancient rimes, at least there were more male births.


However, the sun children were mostly female with only few males, all considered androgynous. Today, virgin births would be expected to be androgynous females but males would also be among them and others quite in between. Many insects reproduce virginally or gamically depending on the environment. But one thing is certain, the offspring are not normal for the biochemical and electromagnetic potentials of the highly radiated sperm is lost.


Healthy sperm will actually glow in the dark. Even cats and rabbits will spontaneously ovulate if electrically stimulated and rabbits have been made to have virgin births.

There has been a great deal of parthenogenesis discussions by women libbers and the church but both fail to mention, or do not know, the mental and physical deficiencies of the offspring as well as the hormonal structures which are in error. What it takes to accomplish this is a stimulus as the sun, electricity or onanism to release an egg.


A gynic woman could not do it but an andric woman could-for the very reason that her ovaries are releasing testosterone and can thus fertilize her own egg.


There would be today virgin births right and left if women were on better diets because dermoid cysts, a nonmalignant cystic tumor, containing elements of skin, teeth, and hair in the ovaries, are very common today now that andric women are so numerous. In Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST these cysts were called a "Moon calf."


When a child resembles the mother it may be the male stimulated the release of the egg but she herself fertilized it. Sperm, called the 'aura seminalis' because of its radiation, is such a strong element that there isn't any way a female egg can do anything but be its matrix but if the sperm is unhealthy and the woman andric she can do it herself.


We do know many women produce ovarian tumors called arrhenoblastomas which actually secrets male hormones causing virilism in mother and offspring which she may have fertilized herself. Women have two strange organs in her reproductive area anyway called the parovarium and par oophoron and both produce living spermatozoa just as in a arrhenoblastomata.


The parovarium is in the mesosalpinx between the ovary and the fallopian tube and is said to be vestigial remains of the mesonephric tubules.


But there is no 'vestigial' (evolutionist's favorite word) to it, it is a product of androgyny, this corresponding to the efferent ductules of the testis. The paroophoron lies here too in the mesosalpinx between the uterus and ovary and it too is a 'vestigial' organ, representing the paradidymis of the male. Arrhenoblastomas are actually testicular tissue. Sperm ovules are common in fish and amphibians who can produce virginally but offspring are defective.


A Dutch scientist, Zwoardemaker, showed that our blood potassium ions are radioactive omitting detectable rays and which could trigger fertilization in an andric. This is another reason for Purdah as the electrochemical agents of another man can make any woman ovulate. He also suggested that agents like the sun could trigger fertilization, but only semen in a gynic will actually fertilize an egg, while an andric could do it herself.


UV light was shown by scientists, Lillie and Hinrichs, to fertilize sea-urchin eggs and if Indra had the same know how, concentrated forms of it could induce these births from his "day star".


A solution has been used to fertilize a rabbit egg which was then transplanted. Even higher temperatures to 113 degree F. did the trick. There has always been a fight back and forth through the ages that has culminated today that the female is a rudimentary male and vice versa, when both are right. The prostate, however, is often said to be a rudimentary womb but it is a gland.


Galen said women had the same organs as men but were more cold and apathetic but in his time androgynous women were leading the people to their fall for that is what he described. Vesalius taught that the organs of both genders were similar, but like Galen and today, androgynous specimens are the only ones studied.


There are so many variables, even bones are yet found in male phallus' as found in animals.


This loss is why men must expend so much energy in mating. But without amphimixis, the blending of plus and minus cells and genes, plus the electromagnetic charges of the egg and sperm and a myriad other chemical reactions, normal offspring today are almost impossible.

The best study on parthenogenesis was that given in Britain's leading medical journal THE LANCET by Doctor Balfour-Lynn in 1956. This was the famous case of Mrs. Emmi Marie Jones.


She claimed to have become pregnant in 1944 in Germany when Allied bombing was most severe. She had not been with her husband for a great while and the doctors would not believe her yet Monica was born.


A team of doctors researched her and nineteen others who were found to be fraudulent in London several years later. She was the only one who passed. Most of the women had assumed it meant an unbroken hymen which is not impossible during conception or birth. The blood types of Mrs. Jones and baby were identified and other blood elements as well, and both could taste certain chemicals.


However, when skin was grafted it was shed about four weeks later. It was not a parthenogenic birth so they then figured. But this may have had something to do with dietary faults. So we still do not know.


However in 1935, one Garufi observed young human ova segments without fertilization so the possibility certainly exists.


Anthropologist, E.S. Hartland, found several cases of parthenogenesis among primitives. It has been a real joke on anthropologists who claim to have found certain tribes that cannot equate coition with conception; people of nature are not that stupid. Hartland found they not only do know this but also speak of virgin births. Men returning from a long journey did not suspect the wife of infidelity if she was pregnant and the medicine men gave instructions to them to achieve (we're back to Indra!) it.


The Russian anthropologist, Malinowski, found the Trobianders recognized these two forms of reproduction also. But, as is expected, when the virgin mothers were brought to him they were extraordinarily ugly - they were androgynous.

It seems many people believed in the solar birth. A Chinese Emperor claimed descent from the Sun. The Siamese God, Sommonocodon claimed as such and Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar. Alexander the Great claimed he was but according to Arrian who wrote of the Macedonian campaign, said he lied saying he was the son of Amen as a political gesture.


An account from an Egyptian text may speak of a virgin birth:

'My beautiful one!' said his mother; 'My heir!' said his father of him whom the sky conceived and the dawn-light born, O King, the sky conceives you with Orion, the dawn-light bears you with Orion. He who lives, lives by the command of the gods, and you live...

A Fijian story tells of a Tonga chief who hid his beautiful daughter from men and built an enclosure on the beach where she lay in the sun often bathing and in due time she became pregnant.


The first lord of Lakembo was the son of a sky-king and a Tonga woman it is said. Among the Samoans there is a similar tale and among the Admiralty Islanders as well as the Kwanuitl whose ancestors came from Seulae, the Sun. The Bellan Cooia Indians relate a woman sent to earth was their ancestress. And the Crow Indians told how the Creator married an earth woman.


The Navajo relate how a woman lay on a flat rock and the sun impregnated her and a war god was born. The Zuni too tell of a woman who remained in seclusion and was visited by the sun and gave birth to twin sons. Twins figure prominently; the god Shu already referred to had a girl and boy, although this was another form of conception, the point is that when beings are unhealthy they often give birth to twins.


Another peculiarity is that they are usually of ten month gestations, again a result of androgyny.


The Ennead was said to have had six month births, which early Egyptian texts seem to collaborate, as does the Veda. There has always been a controversy as to the normal gestation length for man. Many great men were born in six months, such as Napoleon. Nine months seems like a long gestation; elephants are two years while apes 8-9 months.


Six month babies are very unhealthy today, however Napoleon came through all right, but most of our premature babies are caused by dietary problems.

And, of course the most famous, Danae, who was said to be impregnated by a stream of gold while Apollo begot Plato and Pythagoras and Augustus. The Parsees believed the sun helped married couples as did peoples of Iran and the Tartars of Central Asia. Shades of melatonin! In some Hindu marriages the bride must look towards the sun the day before the wedding and it is called the "Impregnation Rite."


Some Hindu women will stand before the sun to induce fertility. And of course, the most famous sun conception, Mary and the birth of Christ. Mary was one of the famous, or infamous, vestal virgins given by her parents to Zacharias, high priest of the temple of Jerusalem. There she remained with other women until pregnant and then given to Joseph, who took care of her and who was most enraged to find later she was pregnant.


And no wonder.


We can dismiss the angelic qualities of Mary the Virgin for to accomplish this she had to be androgynous. (Of course, there is always the story she was impregnated by a Roman soldier, which would make her something else!)


The point here is, if this were a sun-birth, then she was extraordinarily homely. No wonder Joseph hit the roof, he like so many of gnostic texts declarations was enraged he was given a teratogen. It was said by the Christian sect, the Collyridians, that her mother gave birth to her in the same manner. If so. she was andric also and her daughter would have been too.


This is hard for most people to except today for it has always been with us. however, since World War I women have become exceedingly andric. There are so many now that few can see the trees for the forest. But at this ancient time in history this was a great problem among both genders.


Joseph knew the son of god like all the others would be a 'lucus naturae' as the mother, and long hair and robes, as we will see, were much scorned on a man,

"the strange apparel".

The final tragedy is for people to actually celebrate the "involulate birth" each year of a biological teratism. We will find that the original glorification of mother and child was someone else completely different.

The whole idea was to get a woman to ovulate and let her male hormones do the rest. It should be stated that if women were on special diets today they could effect this and it is well known the virgins of the temples received special diets much like the medicine men prescribe yet in some tribes.


It is interesting that early Egyptian women cloistered themselves and regarded temple women as degenerates. It is said of the Nusaireyeh Canaanites, that the priests to make their wives pregnant, merely passed their hands over them. The magnetic force of a male will make a women ovulate, (as will different pheromones) again why many are having gynecological problems and why andric husbands with andric wives cannot always get the latter to remain at home and are suspicious of them having affairs or just wanting to be around other men.


There is also a chance, if he does impregnate her, the child will not have his full complement of hereditary strength (it is not that that child will look like the other man, but will have lost some of the genetic strengths because of the other's electromagnetic resonances) for it takes more than just genes to create the fetus as we are very much learning.


Most gynic women hope the husband will produce children that look like him for his genetic structure is supposed to be stronger and produce further healthy offspring. The egg should be merely the matrix, the soil from which the seed grows.


But andric women will bear genetic material in their eggs of which they often will fertilize.

Many people attested to different forces causing a woman to become fertile as putting a boy on the brides lap at a wedding as among ancient Aryans and is practiced yet in parts of the world. Even the eyes of men are said to do it as the Virgin Siva became pregnant by the eyes of a hermit according to Bharkman belief. Many people believe this and again it is the glare of the male that can cause ovulation by magnetic resonances and/or the visual contact by imagery alone.


Remembering the sexual responses of the body is an automatic process, this is not to be doubted. But stress of any kind will also trip ovulation.


The body is always the recipient of the weaknesses of the mind. Even the wind and rain can do so from the ionic activity, so again the ancients were not wrong. Unmarried Bush-women must hide from the rain.


The vulture of Egypt was believed capable of parthenogenesis which is certainly possible, as with the turkey, but again the offspring are defective. The Amazons spoken of in all cultures were no doubt capable of it and became extinct for it. Only the male genetic structure, if healthy, can produce viable offspring. The Veda speaks of Amazons disparagingly and we are seeing more of this today as women are now becoming even taller than the men and more robust but they are headed for disaster as their sisters before them.


The gynic does not enlist enough electromagnetic force to literally fuse cells together and today, I believe, because of so many andric women, a great deal of pathologies and mysteries of cell aberrations and malformations from individual to individual is because of this. I also believe there are more "virgin births" than suspected.


Whenever children look like the mother this is to be suspected. Pythagoras certainly hit it right when he said that an emanation or radiation coming from the brain and the nervous system activated the egg, in other words caused ovulation, as the pituitary stimulates the ovaries. He could have added the heart too as this and the brain are the most electromagnetic resonating areas and the thigh. The sperm carries the genetic material, but as we know from biomagnetism, something has to bind the cells to a formation.


Pythagoras was also smart in another area, saying emphatically that there should be no coitus during pregnancy and lactation. It is hard today in a libidinous society to say this, but it is very damaging to the fetus at any stage of development.


First there is the danger of brain injury. It has been found that the water environment the little fetus lives in is quite hazardous and not as portrayed by some researchers. AH that water surrounding a small being is like putting you fifty feet below the ocean with no diving suit on. Every bounce and jar can cause injury.


But try and explain this to andric women that the reason gynics were given a gentle gait, sedentary habits and a soft speech was for a reason, and not to do exercises of heavy work nor shout like a stevedore; of course, they will all smirk. Another problem is that coitus is a terrible drain on the mother who is trying to feed for two only to lower vital nutrients during the act.


Coitus robs the system of a great deal which is why nature tries to keep it as quiet as possible for both parties are under a strain.


It can be a mini-epileptic fit if not done properly and everyone loses if it isn't. But a pregnant woman has none of the cellular protectors she did when not and all defense mechanisms are down. She is most susceptible to disease at this time as during menstruation. Today, when the doctors declare a baby to be healthy there is no such thing, it is a matter of degree.


No one ever figures on what will go wrong down the line from organ and tissue errors during gestation because many do not manifest until years later.


Pythagoras was also a proponent of prenatal influences, again an old wives tale that is holding to be true, as our tape recorder subconscious picks up sound waves while a fetus and later we come to understand those recordings when we learn speech and discern sound. The Elephant Man's mother was knocked down by an elephant at the circus. What happened was that the shock caused the defect to occur which masks as neurofibromastosis, not a genetic disorder, but caused by a sudden release of epinephrine at the wrong time of development.


He really did not look like an elephant, only his skin was of that texture.

The rabbit and cat ovulate only when mounted as the hypothalamus releases leutinizing hormone to the pituitary. Some endocrinologists do not know why humans do not do likewise, but I believe we can call it the '3-s syndrome'; sugar, sun, and stress blues. One reason gynic women refrain from erotic candid material is this releases more blood into the uterus and/or releases an egg. We must remember our bodies are impulsive and we were given a brain to control just that.


Andric women are never chaste or modest because they retain andric responses and think nothing of scurrying around in skimpy clothing.


Libido in women is from male hormones as gynics are passive and nonaggressive. Walk down any American street or go to the beach and you will see more andric women than you could believe or open Playboy, which they named correctly, as it is immature boys revealing themselves and gynic men who look. This is why lesbianism and its proclivities are so rife in these women and prostitutes.

One reason gynics are modest as in Islamic countries where she covers herself is out of respect for men.


Since men are supposed to be the instigators of procreation and, as it is an automatic reflex, they fall easily to the sight of a body of the opposite gender which causes arousal. One day men will realize as they do in other countries how damaging this is to them as arousal is a very serious event in the body which must go through many correct, timed chemical adjustments to keep it from being a cytocidal event.


As the old saying goes, a proper time for everything.


It is very disrespectful of a woman to take advantage of this but gynic men love it and are as bad as the andric women. It should be stated here that when men are doing intellectual work such as arithmetic their automatic system is not under their control and they are unprepared for the gender markers of women coming around them.


We know blood flows are lower during study as in arithmetic which means they are absorbed with what they are doing, thus losing control over their automatic reflex, (coition is meant to be a controlled reaction) while women's pulses race ahead because math is harder for her, and any disturbment could have very serious biochemical results for him.


Most people do not take mental thoughts and imagery seriously (even Jimmy Carter who lusted in his heart!) but even the minutest is harmful if geared in this direction. No one takes scopophilia and voyeurism seriously but it is a major problem not recognized in western countries as in others where in many places death sentences are given for exposure.


As in the Middle East, veils are only removed when the males are not preoccupied out of regard for them.


In America no one thinks anything of a woman walking down the street with the shortest of shorts and tight sweaters but this is exactly what you would expect in a necrotic society. Even our president's are affected.

There has always been a controversy about mating during lactation and everyone seems to miss the mark in western culture especially. Everyone believes that because a woman stops menstruating during lactation it is permitted and is a sign from nature to do so. Ridiculous. Menses are stopped, ovulation is stopped, to be less of a drain on the mother for the next 5-6 years she must nurse.


This requires an extra 500 - 800 calories a day and the last thing she needs is to expend energy during intercourse for the milk demands so much. It is unbelievable how people will grasp any reason to have sex, to even robbing the milk for the baby.


Procreation is thinking far beyond them. There is but only one time to have coitus and that is when there is a wish to have a baby. If you could bring back many of the ancients and show them how people today go to such pains to deter conception just to have coition they would think we had all gone totally mad and they would not be wrong.


This was preached upon in nearly every ancient text. Many 'primitive' peoples have always practiced such and Hebrew and Islamic peoples have done so in their hoaried past but with miscegenation not as many do so today for also diets of sugar and salt are catching up with them. There was even a time when Christian sects espoused it, my, have they changed, rhythm method and all! Many primitive peoples yet have coition but 5 or 6 times in their life, only to produce a child. It's normal to them as it is to most earth's life forms.


To us sleeping together means you have coitus, but to them it means a mutual sharing of bodily resonances between husband and wife and they do not feel the need for coition if a baby is not wanted.


One day, male and female will wake up and realize that instead of having their brains in their gonads it should be in their skulls. Today they use condoms, IUD's, the pill, douches and every other maniacal thing that sounds like it came out of a chamber of horrors when all it has ever taken is one simple, foolproof method - no coitus. But people have no control over their bodies, the latter has control over them.


They cannot fathom a life without eroticism for it rules them like alcohol or sugar. People cannot seem to see through the popular junk science books and venery manuals as Masters and Johnson and Dr. Ruth who play on the baseness of man and are getting rich over it.


There is actually more to our reproductive organs from a biological and biomechanical viewpoint other than for eroticism and perform jobs for us 24 hours a day but you will never hear this from your Dr. Ruth's of the world because they are so miserably ill-trained in the sciences and have their eyes on the dollar.


A "Dr." in front of one's name is a long way from being a mark of perfection.


Men should be interested to know the testes supply testosterone which has more than just a reproductive value and which gives him his intellect, by that I mean cellular impetus and physical stamina and prowess. It stimulates blood flow and it helps protein and DNA and RNA turnover with great and fast metabolism which is why a man can afford to be more active and his thought processes quicker than a woman's.


All in all, without it, you boys would be dead.


For an animal like man who radiates a great deal of heat to keep homeostasis going, to place the testes inside would destroy the testosterone as it must keep the blood flow even. A woman's ovaries are kept inside to create a warm incubator effect. Because he is active he must have an exceptionally strong lymphatic system and the phallus seems to be a reserve for a large dense network of lymphatic drainage and conveys lymph to the inguinal region.


Through biomechanics, the actual function of this organ keeps lymph going completely through the channels to the legs from the inguinal and helps the testosterone remain strong in the testis as the blood flows evenly.


If there were nothing there between the scrotum the blood would putrefy as the lymphatic system has to have as straight a flow as possible as it moves in only one direction, it cannot curve tortuously as blood vessels and arteries as there is no really pumping action as from the heart, it must rely on gravity and osmotic tension from force.


Actually, the phallus is a large version of a lymph vessel which because of the narrowness more easily filters impurities; because of this, osmotic pressure is greater to push the fluid back up through the body and in an active, intellectual man the best lymphatic system is needed and this is it. Nature did an excellent job. The phallus is also the most efficient way to evacuate waste.


Now to women.


Because she is a positive-radiating body, heat is most important to her as she cannot stand to lose too much internally.


Her vagina is more than a receptacle for a phallus or to lose blood from. In fact, lets look at the medical description of it.

"A passage for the intromission of the penis, for the reception of semen, and for the discharge of the menstrual flow; and the passageway through which the fetus is delivered".15

Well, this is the opinion of 'experts', let us see if we can get above this mentality.


Lets start with the uterus first and of course, it is only for impregnation and menstruation just as the vagina, right? Wrong. It menstruates because it is ill (to be discussed more fully in a separate chapter) and it does not live just to get pregnant, and it just may wish you never would today, but did you know it is your main area of amino acids, thus DNA and RNA synthesis?


No one really knows the extent of this because everyone has their minds preoccupied with eroticism instead of looking beyond to see these organs do have other purposes. It is also the site of lipid and glycogen production all induced by the ovaries sending its estrogen to it. It keeps your metabolism in prime condition and when you have trouble it gives you the boost you need by triggering the energy to help.


Thus, because it is a nourishing powerhouse, it does the same for you by taking blood through its vessels and giving a rapid turnover of nutrients to the blood. Blood from the uterus has always had mysterious powers because it is exceptionally nutrient packed. It is also highly charged and keeps the electromagnetic system stable. Remove the uterus from a woman and she is sickly and will eventually die unless she is artificially kept alive through drugs. An andric will really not miss it.


DNA is 8% of its dry weight, 80% is protein and the rest fat and other constituents so it is a very metabolic organ and very fragile because of this. Like the phallus (please no more parallels, I am speaking biochemically) it too is filled with a lymph drainage system and receives blood from the uterine artery, again to act to filter the blood and pass it back to your system pure.


Also, because the system is so active the vagina acts to keep it from overheating since, unlike the phallus (see I got you!) it is hollow and allows air flow like the wind pipe, otherwise, you would have a grade A uterine infection. (This is another reason you should not sit on it.)


The best friend a woman has is her uterus which sends a steady stream of purified lymph and blood, highly energized and concentrated through her body, yet she does everything to ruin it, running, exercise, stress, which ruptures these vessels. Nature made an excellent place to have a baby but also to first keep you alive and well and for you to use your judgment when you think conditions are proper to procreate.


Forget what the Masters and Johnson's and the Dr. Ruth's of the world say, live long and prosper! We will cover more of the biochemistry of this later.


However, reproductive organs are like the mouth, I can eat with the latter, but I can also talk and hum, it also has buccal glands that helps fight bacteria and taste food; or the ears with which I hear but also balance myself, or my eyes through which I see but they also help metabolize many nutrients from reactions to the sun.


All of our organs have multiple uses to be used accordingly, none have a specific function really.

Mankind is such a failure, they take one of the most beautiful feelings between a man and wife and totally make a horror of it. And do not say they are as animals when they act so horribly for there are no animals so stupid as they have their instincts and can wait to breed when conditions are favorable; they do not always do it every season.


All wild animals respect the seasons unless affected by toxins such as our domesticated animals who like their masters run non-stop erotically. I wish I had a nickel for every time I have heard a couple say their baby was a 'mistake' or an 'oops' because the pill or other Nazi death camp device erred or they were negligent or drunk. How can they take the creation of life so lightly?


No wonder they pray their little hearts out in the churches or run to 'seminars' and group therapy when they are so stupid and blind they cannot cope with life.


This may come as a shock, but through history there have been married couples who never consummated the marriage merely because they did not feel it right to bring a child into this world. When you think about it, it is a rather cruel thing to do but we let our aberrated biologies talk us into it. All we do is die in the end and I think that is what the ancients were trying to tell us that we must conquer ourselves first and then proceed with the giving of life. Young people actually believe today you have to 'make-it' to be in.


They are nothing, they just fell for one of man's most degenerative weaknesses which occurs when his intelligence wanes. For all his possibilities at achieving greatness, man is the biggest biological failure the world has ever seen.

Mating has always been known to be a catabolic even. Man loses his testosterone and nutrients and their so called climateric in life is when he has spent all he had through overindulgence while women lose estrogen and nutrients also. If they play the game right the worse that will happen to them both, if healthy, is the loss of cytoplasm in various areas of the body which can be replaced, but this is hazardous too.


However, so much has been lost if done incorrectly it strikes at the cell nucleus, hence deterioration, death to the body. The fly in the ointment is it takes approximately 5-6 years to correct the cytoplasm lost or the cell nuclei will be destroyed.


The female is at a greater hardship for she has lost cell strength plus she has a growing conceptus.


However, it must be stated the male has given over his very life-force, semen, of which takes several years to recover this radiating substance. He has actually lost a part of his very life essence. If she cannot keep her body healthy and fee of stress, she will lose more to cytoclasm and it is questionable whether it takes 5-6 or 14-16 years to recover fully to the point where cell nuclei are no longer straining.


This loss of hormonal strength is another reason for androgyny for if babies are less than, five years apart neither partner can keep from hormonal influx on the conceptus and problems are born. This is why it is frightening to see large families for they are never healthy and very androgynous. Mortals were Indra's going commodity for they bred constantly which caused degeneration as the lineages were not as pristine as the original.

Among most animals ovulation occurs at coitus and according to Egyptians they intimate it did with there wives also, but they were cloistered and married to their own relations which makes a big difference and would definitely be so in the health of the offspring as the egg deteriorates minutes after leaving the Graafian follicle.


Interestingly, men on pure biological diets find their libido slackened markedly and they then pursue more intellectual and body building activities as they have gained control of their gonads which are doing him a favor by releasing more and a stronger testosterone to enhance mental functions as well as body. Mind and body are now one. Women find the same thing with estrogen, more feminine and command of themselves, able to read their body responses.


Great men of antiquity, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Isaac Newton, Beethoven, were all continent.


The basic problem is semen, which is composed of lecithin, a major brain and nerve chemical in the cerebral cortex and myelin sheaths of nerves, is lost in scopophilia and coitus. In the ancient times a newly married man in the army was not allowed to do active service for men in dangerous or strenuous occupations cannot afford to work with drawbacks as this.


Quick and clear thinking can never be done after coition and for several years later.


Soldiers have always been well known through history to lose their nerve after getting married often blamed on the fact they have responsibility, but this is ridiculous as he should have created even more nerve to protect his family.


The problem is he is overindulging which is robbing him of the testosterone which allows quick and clear thinking to make him confident. Fighter pilots after numerous coitus, often find they lose their nerve very quickly as testosterone makes a man less afraid of heights and gives him the abilities to keep him at his fighting peak and intellectual best.


Women have every right to expect the Cinderella Complex, but when men are so poorly maturated and fed abiologically, we cannot expect the men from the days of old for the knights in shining armor have rusted, but there are a few men left who observe the rules of nature and are still the exact patterns of these men.


It should be stated that many men who have very high levels of testosterone are sterile as the hormone is exogenous in their system, usually due to a poor diet. If anything, coitus is for a man a major releaser (if you will harkens back to the description of the phallus as part of the lymph system) of toxins, the female thus becomes the device by which to release them into.


Enter the venereal diseases which are natures attempts to rid those not fit to be part of life's pattern. Any doctor treating such people were considered murderers in the highest degree by the very persons oath they take today, Hippocrates, who like Galen, knew what we are sadly discovering today. These diseases spawn into other virulent forms not requiring coition.


AIDS is our latest and by far worst yet to come. Syhphilis now has over thirty different forms, all not requiring coition, having all transmutated from the 'original sin'.


Nonetheless, men who refrain from sugar, alcohol and other poisons, and if not genetically malfunctioning or mentally handicapped, soon see the great difference between eroticism and procreation as their testosterone rises and the blood is once more pure and clean. Many women today are experiencing sterility and many gynecological and physical disorders from what is termed "spermatotoxin".


Sperm is always absorbed directly into the bloodstream and every chemical, virus, disease, the man carries, whatever he has eaten even, is placed in her. This is good if your husband is healthy for you are very much a part of him for this never leaves you because of the highly radiative qualities of sperm and you are then 'spiritually bonded.'


This is why if he is having other encounters she is going to pick up a great deal more of the other women's chemistry for this process works vice versa from her vaginal glands.


This is why a marriage must be wrought in honesty and commitment as each shares the others biochemical processes and, ('experts' like Dr. Ruth should tell the young kids she encourages to have sex this, but she probably does not know herself) at the first encounter, whoever it is done with, the chemical bond is for life and they may find the experiences will haunt them for years to come, not to mention these chemicals require the constant electromagnetic contact to keep them from going dormant and transmutating into toxic substances.


This is why men (used to) prefer virgins because as semen is highly radiated with potassium there will always be a considerable amount in her system and womb which will alter his own sperm charge if she has had other encounters. Divorced or promiscuous women, when having another child by the new mate, the latter often is leery of the offspring as they sometimes do not look 'just right' as her former mate(s) will always be with her. Here is your double standard.


But, if a man is promiscuous he is ruining her germ plasm and no healthy offspring can be expected and he also fills his wife with bacteria giving her many gynecological problems as cervical cancer and other ailments.


So, it is really a 'double-double standard' is it not? Everyone loses in infidelity. As everyone has their own unique biomagnetic and electrical charges and biochemistries, the contact with another male by a female alters her system and opens to such diseases as cancer and a host of others.


Spermatotoxin also injures the ovaries and menopause is also hastened by this assault.


Today, we have women experiencing it at 35! Prostitutes owe their sterility to the fact that they encounter poisoned sperm and unfortunately so have many promiscuous women today who become infertile or have unhealthy babies. Poor food, drugs, tobacco, coffee, alcohol in sperm seriously injure the female organs. Many primitive tribes upon marriage observe very strict diets when procreation is to be achieved. (I am beginning to wonder just who is really 'primitive'.)


Aging and coitus have always gone hand in hand as researchers in animal studies know full well, as it robs the body of so many nutrients and why so many women are burned out by 40.


It is not the same as walking up a flight of stairs which is often quoted, it is more like running up to the top of the Empire State Building.


Many of the people of Russia and China found to live to 100+ years are claimed by sensationalists to still have coitus. Well, they do, but they forgot to tell you it is only every five years or so, the secret of their success. Many people who live to be centurions are often celibate. You can today, especially, tell a woman after marriage and how 'active' she is for she loses her youthful appearance.


The Veda was surely very explicit as to this:

Is it known that age means the age of the body?

Like cancerous growths on the salmoli tree?

No, short, small bodied, and fruitful it ages,

The tree that is fruitless is not even old! 16

Indra played a very smart game. If he were around today the baby-makers, would abandon their test tube monsters they create and together would have an entire new business to dupe the gullible public with.


Any educated look at test tube babies tells one they are unhealthy and wanting much like Indra's "Unborn Ones" who will create more disasters. You can only get disasters from disasters and there is only one way to make a baby. With so many variables to conception, to play with it in a lab is total imperceptive necromania.


Man is so hard on himself and that is the sad part, the answers are so simple and right before his eyes but he insists on keeping them closed for the fact his own biological ineptness keeps him in bondage.


People headed for extinction will just keep substituting for the real answers until the questions snowball and suffocate him.

Moses forbade coition during menstruation for the simple reason it causes infection and is the main source of gonorrhea. This is so often overlooked that if either partner comes up with it, they quickly accuse the other of infidelity when their own nasty habits often caused it.

Probably one of the silliest things to come from medicine in the last year was the release in the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE which cleared the pill of its breast cancer role from a fifteen year study of a group of women. Unfortunately, they forgot to add, if they even knew, that andric women will probably not suffer because they have less estrogen and not be affected by artificial as the latter totally upsets a gynic's system.


Natural estrogen is not a cancer causer, on the contrary, but it does clash with heavy fat and sugar and low iodine levels. The pill drains B-complex, vitamin A, C and E from the system, also iron and zinc which opens a woman to problems like cancer. Andric's on the pill are more likely to suffer other effects, for they cannot tolerate added estrogen in any form with heart attacks, strokes, epilepsy.


They still said the benefits out-weighted the costs!


It is to laugh as the JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION reported that the pill increased the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease as it causes the vagina to expose more surface area to bacteria^n the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries causing infection and sterility. What about all the birth defects they are known to cause?


Oh, I forgot, we are not suppose to think about creating healthy babies just as long as mom and pop are satisfied. Right? Children, there is no good erotism, only good procreation no matter what Dr. Ruth says.


I would be rich today if I told the lies these researchers do but unfortunately I have what is considered a handicap today, a conscious, and as researchers we cannot be influenced by our own weaknesses and neuroses.


There are so many new venereal diseases since the 'sexual revolution' that many researchers are ready to hoist the white flag. It is estimated that in 50 years nearly all Americans will be sterile. Chlamydia is another new venereal disease of the 80's from rising promiscuousness affecting an estimated 3-10 million men and women in the U.S., each year, more than syphilis, gonorrhea or herpes.


It often has no symptoms other than infertility in women while painful urination and mucous discharge in men. One out of five men harbor the disease, how many women is not known. You can thank your wonder drug, the 'pill' which gave everyone free rein to fulfill their wretched lack of character.


When they think they don't have to pay they play, but Mother Nature always catches up to them.

It seems to be the style today, but few realize the hazards of condoms in that they ruin the vagina as the mucous from the cervical glands cannot react to artificial material and harmful bacteria always forms. There is just as much damage to the male as he cannot receive the vagina's lubrication and infection is most likely.


The thermal balance is thrown off as well in both partners. They are also made of rubber which is an unstable, radioactive element which disrupts the cells. Sheep intestines used to be used in the good ole' days but bacteria is prevalent there also. There is only one way and nature made it the best.

We see many references through the ancient literature of men growing long hair and those who do not, their inference being that men did not have growing head hair at one time, being much like an animals, which grows so long, sheds, and is replaced.


In the EPIC OF GILGAMESH, the degenerated man is described as having been thrown into the wilds of nature with all his senses stripped who gives the gods trouble as they try to work, hunt and trap. (Is this our hominid?):

Offspring of... , essence of Ninurta,
Shaggy with hair is his whole body,
He is endowed with head hair like a woman.
The locks of his hair sprout like Nisasbo
He knows neither people nor land;
Garbed is he like Sumuqan.
With the gazelles he feeds on grass,
With the wild beasts he jostles a! the watering-place
With the teeming creatures his heart delights in water.

We know the pituitary determines hair growth patterns as it controls androgen production by the gonads and adrenals.


Men have to cut their hair for they have circulating female hormones (often sugar causes hair growth on the body as well as myriad other toxins, so don't panic). Women always seem to like the very hirsute men but most have too much female hormones, coupled with poor diet.


Long head hair to the ancients was considered a female trait, definitely not seen in Egyptian art where the hair on men is very short. Absalom revealed his hormonal imbalances in having over five pounds on his head that had to be cut regularly, the same nonentity who laid in the sun with his women which does not say much for his biochemistry!


Samson felt his strength gone if his were cut but he only revealed his hormonal imbalances also as today's women who cut their hair for this reveals the latters andric side.


Many gynic women feel it a virtual trauma if their hair is cut for long hair has several biological advantages. Number one is a women can draw on the high mineral content in times of need; hair is her best insurance for this. And, top of the list is one thing everyone has forgotten, particularly in the field of evolution. Little babies, so the latter scholars tell us, clinch their fists because when we were apes our babies held onto our body hair so this is a vestigial reflect. Baloney!


Our little babies are trying in vain to clinch for security to what every andric woman cuts off or cannot grow, long hair! Watch a real gynic mother breastfeed her baby and the delight in each ones face when the little baby clings to his mother's long hair. He cannot grab on and hold her with those little hands but hair is an excellent medium for him.


You will quickly forget all this evolution nonsense if you ever see this. Hair is also excellent to cover a baby's tender skin when nursing as it defrays any harmful radiation. Do as Isis did. Give a baby some heart and a handful of hair and you would cut down on many troubles in the world today.


Hirsutism in women includes body hair and the common 'mustache' seen often today attributed to protein bound and unbound testosterone. Most women have plasma testosterone concentration levels of about 8NG per deciliter, bound, which was an attempt to create a male in gestation. Women athletes are the extremes of bound testosterone having it mostly endogenous.


Any woman who has suffered acne as a youth has considerable bound. Also, no gynic can stand lifting heavy objects or build muscles which is why the andrics like weight lifting, bowling, etc.

It was a priority to see that little boys were raised according to the original prototype; said an ancient Hebrew gnostic text:

If a child is a boy do not let locks grow on his head.
Do not braid his crown nor the cross knots at the top of his head.
Long hair is not fit for boys, but for voluptuous women.
Guard the youthful prime of life of a comely boy,
because many rage for intercourse with a man.21

Deviation was a dire problem and they tried to quell those growing traits yin' young people, but unfortunately clothing the boy properly will not always stop the flow of female hormones nor vice versa for girls.


Children will even at very young ages prefer either pants or skirts. I have often seen little girls cry when their mothers put pants on them and the latter in her own andric degeneracy, cannot figure out why. Most little girls do not have endogenous testosterone until puberty but this is changing.

We do not take clothes seriously enough. We dress for vanity, fad, fashion, rather than for health. Most of western culture dresses like they are going to slop hogs and have no respect for the body nature gave them. Even people in the so called 'health movement' are still remnants of the hippie cult. Or, you have those who dress for the business office in dressy suits, get home and its back to Tobacco Road.


They then show their true colors. They dress not for pride in themselves but to impress. They have a very classic, biological name, however, they are called 'mules in horse harness'.(!)


Then you have the Archie Bunker league and their dusky blue jeans and Andy Gump racing shoes that not only look silly but are most unhealthy as they misalign the spine and the rubber is highly radioactive as plastics and synthetic rubbers are. (In the 1920's, it was said that if you looked at rubber you would go cross-eyed. Well, it won't do that - I don't think! - but it will harm the skin.)

In the ancient days, men and women wore different colors. Men wore basically, black, blues, reds, browns or greens while women only white, lilac, purple, reds, yellow, greens, browns. The Hebrew peoples kept these laws alive up to quite late times. It has very sound biological reasoning for black attracts for instance, particular radiations conducive to a man and the same for white in women. Any other wrong color detracts from the electromagnetic flow.

The style of clothing throughout history is our best perimeter to the health state of peoples.


As warm blooded animals, both men and women must keep a steady flow of bodily warmth. This is needed in both warm and cold climates and particular clothing must be worn to retain homeostasis. Testosterone and estrogen are those particular agents that keep that warmth going each in different manners. First, testosterone cannot tolerate too much internal heat.


A man is very adaptable to any climate because he can generate his own body heat with little help by clothing, although like every living thing he has to wear clothing, like fur on an animal, because of natural radiations.


They prefer tighter fitting clothing, as this helps dissipate the extra load of thermal heat he produces, such as pants and suit type clothing. Estrogen on the other hand, has to have help to generate heat by wearing loser closing, skirts help the adipose tissue in the thighs and posterior to hold the heat. In cold or hot weather, skirts are always preferred over pants by gynics, rather than shorts or pants, if their supply of estrogen is strong.


Women usually like, but this has changed so since World War I. tight bodices, loose at the bust, as heat is generated by the lungs, and stomach in excess. Puffed shoulder sleeves trap heat being lost there where there is adipose tissue, and tighter towards the wrist where adipose tissue is less. Adipose tissue does not hold the heat of the tissue if it has been generated from a natural, low fat diet which does not create brown fat but yellow which is better at opposing radiation but not so good at thermal heat.


Estrogen content will do the same thing, create yellow fat.


Skirts are very beneficial for women as they hold the heat, as does a fan blouse with the breasts, and at the same time circulates air which pants cannot do which is most important to keep bacteria, yeast infections, etc.. from forming. The best example is the Gibson girl blouse and the fan bodices of the 1850's. Many breast cancers have erupted because of sweaters, "tanktops", tight bras (they must only be made of cotton or some other natural fiber to allow airflow), bathing suits, etc.. as they cut oxygen flow to cells here.


Gynecological disorders have risen dramatically since the 1920's when pants wearing began.


Heat is important to both man and woman as it helps fight cancers if they cannot regulate their homeostasis. Pants are certainly a contributor to pelvic inflammations and cancers in women. Men through history who prefer the flowing robes as in the various church denominations and Near East today where zinc is low, do show particular problems.


Gynic males will normally have adipose instead of muscle tissue and will find the ecclesiastical habits to their liking whereas andric males will find them abhorrent.


The priests in the church have more problems than you could imagine, those robes hide a multitude of sins, with a tradition that goes back to these times as we will see. Many Arabs during the Crusades fought to keep their trousers and many today prefer the western dress. But as refined foods rose so did androgyny. It does not take too long to realize why women at the turn of the century forgot the skirts and ladylike behavior and chastity went out the window.


All feminine instincts left. Women have gone the gamut in the world of fashion from the flat boyish figure of the 20's to its revival in the 60's and its return today. With their deep, nasal voices from Marlene Deitrich to Rosie the Riveter of the Second World War who showed women the glory of leaving the kitchen and family for the dollar.


The mini skirt of the 60's showed us how andric and foolish women really could become, and today most do not even know what a skirt is. Unabashedly, they show their bodies because they are hormonally confused.


Of course, no one need be entirely sexually aberrated but merely have lost all natural instincts to remain healthy and develop healthy offspring. (The gods criticize man because he has lost sensitivities to the world for with androgyny, instincts in all areas, leave.)


These are the women who cannot figure why little Johnny cries all the time, has colic, is hyperactive, falls to drugs and booze and fornicates himself into oblivion. Then she blames society for it. Many Middle Eastern women coming to America, to fit in, adopt the typical American pants and shirts only to scurry back home after discovering they are in the midst of the 'unclean' because they cannot stand to wear them as they are so uncomfortable to a gynic.


Not only do pants upset the thermal flows of the body but they rub against the leg and gynic women cannot stand this. (If you think I am going to draw a picture on this one, forget it!)


Foreign women especially will not allow doctors to examine them which American doctors, particularly women, don't understand. However, most women physicians are so andric themselves they would not have been doctors without the imbalance as gynic women are better at preventive medicine at home and loath the idea of looking at pain and suffering, blood and trauma.


Women physicians are not as good in diagnosis because the men can out think them quickly and who have more of a propensity for it and in an emergency they are more stable, while menstruating doctors have no business at the surgery table where brain power is needed at its highest and quick nerve conduction is imperative.


However, Middle Eastern women are more aware of their bodies because they are more gynic and their senses tell them that to have a strange man (or woman, which his even worse because they are quick to notice they are andrics) approach them may make them ovulate and the uterine fill with blood. It is a known fact that most medical exams for women do more damage then good.


Whatever possessed a people that they can open a woman so and go digging? More gynecological problems have started on the examining table than anyone could believe from cancer to aborted fetus' and injury to1 the latter. Holistic or naturopathic medicine does not go through all this mania as the body tells everything externally.


Of course, many women enjoy the examination by man or woman and the physicians have their own problems or they would not be doing these Murder in the Rue Morgue techniques. Holistic medicine finds everything well defined in the eyes, skin, pulse, etc., there is no need for all this by doctors who are actually considered quite perverted by them.


They seem to forget they damage cells in the process. You know, you can take an ovum from a frog for instance, and squeeze it flat on a petrie dish and it will bounce back just like a human one. Researchers comment on its marvelous flexibility but they do not look to what has happened. As all cooks know, the yolk is more sensitive than the white, and it is the nucleus that is easily injured, it doesn't always bounce back and the least little thing injures it.


This goes for any body cell. Cells are not rubber balls, they are each a living entity that affects the whole no matter how many million we have, they all work in concert and because of this fragility they are given something very special to guide and protect them, it is called a brain.

In Egyptian pictographs of the earlier dynasties, women are often shown with pleated long dresses and they are always careful to show them away from the limbs as if to emphasize a point while other women wore very tight fitting dresses. This is very remindful of the debate amongst women in Sumer as the andrics who wanted to wear the short skirts while the gynics long, all very reminiscent of such debates when the mini skirt came out and at the turn of the century when skirts began rising.

It is interesting that since the Flood, so the Veda says, some 12,000 years will pass until the next destruction and as each eon culminates each will harbor the same behavior traits but with more people who will contribute to the final collapse.


In the end, women' will have too many children and,

"odor becomes stench, and flavors putrid. When the Eon perishes women will have too many children, O king, be short of stature, cast off oil morals, and have intercourse through the mouth. At the end of the Eon the*countryside will bristle with towers, the cross roods with Jackals, the women with hair."

The only point they missed was there will be a mixture of chemistries causing hyperplastic tissue creating tall, ungainly people as well as short. Too many children refers to children born less than 5-6 years apart.

As we know today sodomy is profuse, in thirty years it will no doubt be the norm just as onanism and promiscuousness are condoned today even by the medical profession.


Women have ambosexual hair to extremes today on their lips and legs, public and axilla hair which is all androgynous.

"The cows will yield little milk, and the tress, teeming with crows, will yield few flowers and fruits. Brahmins will accept the gifts of kings who are tainted with brahmin-murder and accuse falsely, O king. Brahmins, wrapped up in greed and folly, falsely flaunting their Law, will plunder the land bare for alms.

Householders, out of fear of the burden of taxes, will become thieves, and others hiding under the guise of hermits will live off trade; and men will let their hair and nails grow under false pretenses. Vedic students will be false, because of their greed for possession, tiger among men, misbehave in: the hermitages, drink liquor, swive their teachers' wives, pursue the goals of this world, and pander to their flesh and blood." 23

Women have ceased to nurse which will bring unhealthy and mentally disturbed children and adults as they forfeit the family for the pocketbook. And, men are no different than women in androgyny and will have women's features as many do now.


It was very interesting to see how man took to perming their hair throughout the country as men of Rome did at their end when androgyny struck full force, and the long hair of the 60's.

"Vedic students will be false, because of their greed for possessions, tiger among men, misbehave in the hermitages, drink liquor, swive their teachers' wives, pursue the goals of this world, and pander to their flesh and blood."

Sounds like College Campus, U.S.A.!

"The blessed lord, the Punisher of Poka, will no more roin in the right season; none of the seeds that ore sown will grow right, Bhorola, and the harvest of lawlessness will be right, prince sans blome. The one who observes the Law con be reckoned to live but briefly, for no Law survives then, king.


People trade their wares mostly with false measures, and the merchants abound with tricks.


The Law minded dwindle, the evil prosper, the Law loses strength, and lawlessness gains it. The Law-minded become short-lived and impoverished, and the lawless long-lived and rich, 01 the close of the Eon. Creatures carry on their affairs with means that fail wholly short of the Law, and with even small copilot the arrogant grow rich.


Men ore widely resolved to plunder the funds that had been placed confidently in their trust, king, as they plot their deceitful procedures. Man-eating creatures, birds, and game lurk in the cities, parks and their very sanctuaries.'' 25

People trading their wares with "false measures" - credit cards?


Look in our own land how the criminal and worthless people are catered to as they tear the country apart. We actually fund women to have illegitimate babies as they turn around and do it again, when we should be letting nature take its course.


We cater to drug addicts and alcoholics when they will never be capable of bringing forth healthy offspring; they do what they do because their bodies want to die. The reference to the poor crops is prophetic as well.


The next passage is the most profound as,

"Girls get pregnant at the age of seven and eight, king and boys of ten and twelve become fathers.


Men turn gray in their sixteenth year, and quickly live out their lives. When the Eon is spent, great king, the young have the habits of the old, and the aged behave like children.


The women are corrupt and, secretly deceiving their husbands, lasciviously fornicate with slaves and even cattle. We have girls at 9 and 10 becoming pregnant now, in Fifteen years, or less, it will probably be seven.


Puberty has steadily declined stupendously since World War I from around 19 and boys are fathers now at ten as precocious puberty lowers with refined foods; they are 30 year olds in little boy bodies.


The women will at all times be harsh and rough spoken and quick to cry, and they will fail to obey their husbands. Sons will kill their fathers and mothers at the end of the Eon, women will kill their husbands and rely on their sons."27

Androgyny is then rife, the foundation of man's demise.


It ends in what appears to be a nuclear war, as "wondrous-looking huge clouds rise up in the sky." The mortals will then have triumphed over the "Twice Born" and will take over once again.

One reason males find themselves in an identity crisis often is because their estrogen levels reduce plasma testosterone as it then reduces interstitial cell stimulating hormone secreted by the adenohypophysis as influenced by the hypothalamus. Testosterone has a very strong influence on cellular strength and makes the blood of a more higher specific gravity in men than women except in the latter when andric.


A good criteria of andric women is if they like sports, and other male activities and are aggressive. Because of this affect on blood it answers the question why men like to do such things as flying while many gynic women will not.


Amelia Earhart did not get around the world with estrogen which she had little of. They certainly had it pegged right when they sent the first womb-man into space, for it was not a feminine, you would have heard screams galore as they strapped her to the seat.


Often the latter will not even go up a flight of stairs as estrogen is a positive charged element which must hug the negative earth. These are not phobias, though often stated as such in our androgynous society.


In the Veda, Draupadi, like all Nibiruian women, was afraid to fly which the Anunnaki women of course were not.


A great many andric stewardesses are deviants, as would be biologically predicted. However, women who are very gynic and on a healthful diet are more aware of their natural instincts, the reason being that their blood constituents are different as already stated, but they also have less red blood cells per cubic centimeter of blood than a man and thus, unlike the latter, are more prone to height sensitivity and cold fluctuations, pressure change, etc., being more weather sensitive as well.


Since their blood requires more of a pull of gravity this keeps their systems more stable and makes them feel more sedentary. All for a very good reason.


The ovum she carries requires a stability only the magnetic pull of earth and gravity can give them as her body requires more homeostasis than a man and cannot stand fluctuations. Even going up a flight of stairs can be frightening all because those little ovum demand sufficient and stable oxygen and nutrient flow to keep them healthy and when pregnant her instincts are even more keen.


A gynic has to keep what is known as a hydrostatic equilibrium when fluid and pressure coincide with a balance of gravity and pressure force. We not only live with gravity and magnetism but pressure gradient forces called Pressure Belts of high and low pressure which varies around the world. Women are very sensitive to magnetic pulls and may climb one hill but buck with another.


It is no coincidence in the early dynasties of Egypt most buildings lived in were one storied or, if multi-leveled, the men lived upstairs, while the women below. Men who are proportionately more andric usually love to fly (or if scared, would not be so if they did it themselves) and find they need to get this 'high' weekly as men have to receive the positive forces of space for their negative testosterone which beckons them to the heavens.


An andric woman can scale the highest mountain, swim the deepest sea. trek to the North Pole and give birth to the most unhealthy babies that become thus in adult life, who do the same. Most gynics like to be cloistered for their bodies instinctively fear the unpredictable and people with its danger and unhealthy areas.


This is not agoraphobia, but common sense as in Purdah, for even gynics like a lovely ride in the country and are well known for their love of walking.

Suttee is a very misunderstood biological phenomena. This is where the widowed woman follows her husband to his death and is yet practiced in India. Even Draupadi expected to follow her brothers if death came to all. With andric women when their husband dies, they go on with-their lives but it has always been a curiosity why other women will develop catastrophic diseases as cancer or heart problems, which if not for medical intervention, they would die.


It comes as a fact that very gynic women will die if their husbands do for they were bound together biologically in life. A woman just as the song says, draws her life from man and gives it back again for she is a part of him. Even divorced women will always feel a part of their husbands even if mistreated for she has a part of him always with her.


Man and woman are such compliments to one another that to lose one or the other is a tragedy for them.


They are complete opposites and attract, as one compliments the other and the two becomes one. Androgynous people fight like cats and dogs for their opposing genders antagonize each other. They see no beauty in life for they are not beautiful, they are ugly and deformed, just as the ancients tell us. When you see couples that stay together until death it is because they are harmonious, and they are becoming rarer today to see true andric and gynic beings. Suttee does for women what would happen naturally.


In Hinduism, to live on was considered morally wrong and often the women shaved their heads, wore white or black and ate once a day.


The British tried to put a stop to Suttee in India in 1829. Recent famous cases on record are of a woman who killed herself on her husbands funeral pyre in 1946, he was a retired army officer. The most venerated of this century was a virgin who became a widow and killed herself. A Rajastha palace has the handprints of those who walked the final steps in red ochre which were later carved in relief as a memorial.


Suttee occurs mostly in the higher classes while women of the lower will join communals until they die.

When you review the ancient texts one finds that many had excellent morals just instinctively that are being proved scientifically today to be true. Today, we need seminars and classes to teach people how to do everything, even how to have and hold babies, and when you have to learn to do this no one has any business having them!


Despite the fact these people saw the whole world coming down around them, all the empires succumbing to the final stages of degeneration with broken families, disease and corruption, some managed to remain pure, with many sound ethics:

Do not lay your hand upon your wife when she is pregnant.
Do not cut a youth's masculine procreative faculty.
Do not seek sexual union with irrational animals.
Do not outrage your wife by shameful ways of intercourse.
Do not transgress with unlawful sex the limits set by nature.
For even animals are not pleased by intercourse of male with male.
And let women not imitate the sexual role of men.
Do not surrender wholly to unbridled sensuality toward your wife.
For eros is not a god, but a passion destructive of all.
Love your wife, for what is sweeter and better
than whenever a wife is kindly disposed toward her husband and a husband
toward his wife till old age, without strife divisively interfering?
Let no one violently have intercourse with a girl not yet betrothed.
Do not bring as a wife into your home a bad and wealthy woman,
for you will be a slave of your wife because of the ruinous dowry.
We seek noble horses and strong-necked bulls,
plowers of the earth, and the very best of dogs;
yet we faals do not strive to marry a good wife,
nor does a woman reject a bad man when he is rich.
Do not add marriage to marriage, calamity to calamity.
Nor permit yourself strife with your kinsfolk about possessions.

So much here holds true yet today.


In those days babies were fed to dogs and vultures, today all you have to do in America is go to your wonderful neighborhood baby disposal where doctors forget everything about ethics and women have all the heart of an Elsa Cox and the brains of a donkey; no I take that back the donkey would not do it either, they do not let themselves get in those predicaments.


However, this is a typical Jewish writing of the period where, like the Egyptians, they analyzed every aspect of life. The Greeks picked up on Hebrew tradition and felt a life not studied was not worth living.


Another line is most relevant here pertaining to what I said about children looking like the mate, the mother has had other than the husband:

Do not prostitute your wife, defiling your children
For the adulterous bed brings not sons in your likeness ...

Another reference is just as graphic:

The children a woman bears resemble the man who loves her. If her husband loves her, then they resemble her husband. If it is an adulterer, then they resemble the adulterer. Frequently, if a woman sleeps with her husband out of necessity, while her heart is with the adulterer with whom she usually has intercourse, the child she will bear is born resembling the adulterer.

The androgyny of the people was a pressing issue and clear to many who escaped to the folds of Judaism, Islam later in its early days, before they themselves became mixed with the tainted blood while later the Christians were under the spell of Christ.


In a Jewish Haggadah text, woman is compared to a stickle-back fish, the androgen of fishdom, which can change its gender at will. Women's libbers have entered the realm of history telling by saying the enslavement of women through the ages is man's fault when it has been her own androgyny that has caused it.


Women are enslaved when their andric sides are a threat to themselves as they cannot cope in the true biological role. If they have a man picking on them it is because he is gynic and neither can respond to each ones sensitivities.


A man who enslaves a woman fears his own androgyny because he cannot react.


Gynic women never feel the need to be 'liberated' they are content and happy that they can raise healthy families and this is possible only because they normally marry very andric men who appreciate their intelligence and instincts and benefit by them for they realize they are compliments to them and vice versa. You will thus always find andric women enslaved, or gynics if they find they have married an insecure male.


The only reason andric women are coming into power is because the males are becoming more gynic. The same pattern occurred in all the ancient empires as men fell to the backseat.


Crime and injustice triumphed and the evil doer won as they do in American judicial systems.-You can commit the most heinous crime and get very light punishment where in earlier ages death would have been the verdict, naturally and logically. It is very clear that because of their gynic sides, men today can no longer take the responsibility and like gynics will not take a life even if it would be right to do so in saving others.


Nature was supposed to have endowed him with the ability to take command and get the job done or everyone loses. When men are secure, the taking of a life for moral purposes has no affect other than the feeling of gratification that justice was done. They certainly have changed. They have lost their strengths and leadership qualities, their masculine logic.


They are illogical like a gynic, which is well in a world of raising children, but not in the outside world where man dwells. Men used to be able to look upon the evils of life and handle the situation, his family was utmost.

The Sumerian texts give us an excellent example of the androgynous women who were the major reasons of its collapse as in all cultures.


Moaned one Sumerian husband:

My wife is in church,
My mother is down by the river, (religious rite implied in text - AN.)

And here am I starving of hunger.

Women wanted equality with men and forsook the lifes - blood of the family as they lost their sensitivities.


Her body chemistry was changing rapidly for as male hormone levels rose, so did her temperament as she was quick to anger, impatient and irritable:

A restless woman in the house

Adds ache to poin.

The happy outlook on marriage was beginning to wane and divorce was common as men found no more pleasure in what they thought was a gynic as their mothers had been:

For his pleasure; marriage,

On his thinking it over: divorce

A joyful heart: the bride

A sorrowful heart: the groom
More and more women gave birth to children

who became worthless to the family:
A perverse son - his mother should not have given birth to him,

His god should not have fashioned him'

And of course, God was behind it all much as the Bible taunts that man was born in sin, diverting blame off themselves to the ways of God.


"Unclean persons" soon evolved and "unisex" cults practicing travestism sprang up with pederasty in this collision of gender confusion. This was all quite a contrast to the earlier days of Sumer when the mother was a focal point of a man's life, the tradition being carried on in Hebrew and Islamic cultures and others in the world.


In a poem to his mother, the following loving description is to be had of a son who has heard his mother is worried about him as he travels:

Royal courier, ever on the rood,
I would send you to Nippur, deliver this message.
I have traveled a long way.
My mother is troubled, unable to sleep.
She, in whose chamber there is never on angry word,
Keeps asking ail travelers after my welfare.
Put my letters of greeting info her hand,
Into the hand of my rejoicing mother who will haw adorned herself for you.

If you know not my mother, let me give you her signs of identification.
Her name is Shat-Ishtar ...
A figure that is radiant...
A goddess fair, a daughter-in-law delightful
Blessed is she from the days of the youth,
By her energy she has managed well the house of her father-in-law.
She who serves the god of her husband, '
Who knows to tend "the place of the goddess Inanna."
Does not put to naught the words of the king.
Vigilant, she multiplied possessions,
She who is beloved, cherished, full of life.
Lambs, good cream, honey, flowing butter of the heart."
Let me give you my mother's second sign:
My mother is a bright light of the horizon, a mountain deer.
The morning star shining bright...,
Precious carnelion, Marhasi topaz,
A jewel of a princess, full of allure,
Cornelian jewels, joy-creating,
A ring of tin, a bracelet of iron,
A staff of gold and bright silver,
A perfect ivory figurine, full of charm.
An angel of alabaster, set on a lapis lazuli pedestal.

This is quite a contrast from later ages which remonstrated against mother whom they hoped would "not strike the son" nor a mother that "scolded not the son, that the son spoke not disrespectfully to his mother."


They gave birth it seems to offspring who bear a very modern ring:

Why do you behave thus!
Why do you push, curse, hurl insults!
Why do you cause commotion in the school!
Who knows much more about the scribal art than you...
Disobey him, curse, and hurl insults!
The ummia, the all-knowing...

There were laws set up to protect the people by one Gudea of the city of Lagash for familial squabbles.


When instincts leave, laws must be made. Did not Oliver Wendell Holmes tell us that courts of law were just that, do not expect justice to be done. We have no justice for we have gynic men who have to squabble like old women before reaching a judgment which today is usually not done properly, and from which everyone suffers.

All in all, the ancients were indeed right, androgyny is death.





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