The underworld, the earth and another planet?


The three worlds are spoken of in every ancient history. Of course, traditional science tells us the hollow earth is fictitious but many scientists are not so sure anymore.


Recently, geologists at MIT using computerized axial tomography and CAT scans were able to look inside the earth obtaining, to their surprise, profiles of,

"massive, mobile structures roughly similar to the continents on the surface".

There are actually continents inside the earth just as the ancients told us! They appear to be thousands of kilometers across, believing to lie between the earth's liquid-iron core and the mantle.


Said the researcher,

"I'm sure the earth will have some surprises for us."

That is putting it mildly, considering science has refuted the Hollow Earth theory for years even though no one has ever been there, we have merely guessed as to what it is like!

We have already spoken of the possible planets that existed and still exist that the ancients told us about, and we shall return to more on this subject and the Hollow Earth in various areas, but as to the lore of the Underworld, it is much spoken of. Going by what we have seen, Indra made his home there by necessity.


The Underworld of Egypt was divided into districts such as one called Anruft. It was collectively called the Tuat. In Greek, Amenthes was the Underworld.


The world below was, as we have seen, a heaven of sorts, considering the color of one's skin, for it was here the Anunnaki were forced to live away from the heavy rays of the sun where lighter skins could better survive. Like the "devil" they all turned red upon coming before its rays. Many fiendish monsters were said to dwell here perhaps denoting mutant species.


A great valley and river was said to have run through it which, according to the Egyptians, was the true source of the Nile. The Tuat is depicted on a sarcophagus of Seti I and is round, designating the magnetic wheel of the earth extended below, which may be very true given the latest scans of the earth at MIT.


It was a semi-dark area where ferns and lichens abounded and other lightless flora, sounding like a chapter out of "Lord of the Rings" for it may be here where our fantasies of gnomes and giants emerge from in genetic memory. Egyptians priests compiled a book which gave names and descriptions of all the bizarre creatures.


The God Seb was said to have made an opening in the earth through which the gods passed.

Herodotus sought to find the source of the "winged serpents" so often spoken of that were said to emanate from the earth just as UFO's are believed to come from there yet today.


He went to a place in Arabia and,

"saw the back-bones and ribs of serpents in such numbers as it is impossible to describe; of the ribs there were a multitude of heaps, some great, some small, some middle-sized.


The place where the bones lie is at the entrance of a narrow gorge between steep mountains, which there open upon a spacious plain communicating with the great plain of Egypt.


The story goes, that with the spring, the winged snakes come flying from Arabia towards Egypt, but are met in this gorge by the birds called ibises, who forbid their entrance and destroy them all." 2

Did he only see a missile 'junkyard'?


The ibis may be a slang term for a group of people with certain abilities, who like the bird, devoured the 'snakes' that were either radiation and/or missiles, as the Veda tells us. The serpents wings were said to resemble bats and similar bat-winged airships are shown in Sumerian pictographs.


It was from the earth that the witch told Saul she,

"saw gods ascending out of the earth."

(Sam l-xxviii-13)

Hebrew tradition tells us this Underworld, or "Gehenna", was created on the second day of creation (which one?).


If the Hollow Earth theory is right, that may be true, as centrifugal force is believed to have caused it. To the Egyptians there was a Celestial Nile and one in the Underworld just as there was a river in Gehenna and one in heaven while in the Veda it is the Ganges that is in the sky.


And as Egyptians, Hebraic tradition designated seven divisions or Mansions of hell which were meted out for punishment from fiery lions and other beasties but this may be an allusion to passages or locks to escape the atmosphere as we will see in both Sumerian and Veda texts.

Probably our best references to the Underworld are from the Veda. When the sons and daughter of Rama are banished to the Underworld they see for themselves the deformed people who live there. Here the people seek to attain heaven by the right "austerities" hoping to correct their conditions.


There are many references to this:

"Then one should proceed to superb Phaloklvano, where the Gods always seek recourse and far many thousands of years have performed many austerities".3

When one bathes there after a three-night fast, he is absolved from brahmin murder and finds the fruit of a Land-of-the-Fire and Overnight Sacrifice, and purifies his lineage to seven generations."

" ... It is here that Brahma, the Gods, the seers and ascetics anointed Guha general of the Gods. East of Aujasa is the Ford-of-the-Kurus: o man who bothes there, chaste and master of his senses, is cleansed of all evil and goes to the world of the Kurus. Thereafter one should journey, restrained and of meager diet, to the Gate-of-Heaven: he goes lo the world of heaven and that of Brahma."

"By bathing in the Ganges and worshiping the Great Lord, a man attains to the rank of a Ganapoli and rescues his family. Then one should go lo Sthannvala, formed in the three worlds; by bathing there and staying overnight, one will attain to the world of Rudra.

"There too is the famous Gate-of-the-Womb; by approaching it o man is freed from any miscegenation. If one dwells for both the dark and light fortnights at Gaya, he doubtlessly purifies his lineage to seven generations. Many sons should be wished for, if one goes to Gaya alone or sacrifices with the Horse Sacrifice, or sets free o dark bull."

Like a forbidden lepers colony many lived there and suffered, trying to cure themselves by water, diet and moral restraint.


A vegetarian diet was pursued briefly by some which will rid the system of impurities as will fasting. They desired lo get their lineages back on the road to life. Riding in a "celestial chariot", so says the Veda, one could see all the abodes of days of yore so apparently the Hollow Earth was from the beginning as legends tell us.


The trident staff was used here as a symbol meaning Indra was the ruler, the true 'Prince of Darkness'. It was also the world of many malformed peoples such as the "warlocks" the Raksasas, who dwelled in darkness.


Many cannibalistic factions lived here as well whom the Egyptians would later come to greatly fear.





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