"Thou wos perfect in thy ways from the day thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee."
Ezekiel on the subject of Lucifer

(xxviii, 11-19)

Sargon, the mighty king, king of Agode, om I. My mother was a changeling, my father I knew not...My changeling mother conceived me, in secret she bore me.
The Legend of Sargon.



Whatever Indra tried to do, he was not successful at it for a thick canopy of vapors surrounded the earth, blotting out the sun...

When you gods took your places there in the water wilh your hands joined together, a thick cloud of mist arose from you like dust from dancers.

When you gods like magicians caused the worlds to swell, you drew forth the sun that was hidden in the ocean.

An excellent account of what occurred is from the following excerpt of a Babylonian creation story from a monk in Constantinople, Syncellus (or Synkellos) 8 A.C.E., which came from the lost CHRONICLE of the church historian Eusebius of Caesarea (ca. A.C.E. 260-340) who derived it from the works of Alexander Polyhistor (last century B.C.E.)

He says there was a time in which all was darkness and water, wherein strange and peculiarly shaped creatures came into being; that there were born men with two wings, some also with four wings and two faces; some also having one body but two heads, the one of a man, the other of a woman, being likewise in their genitals both male and female; and that there were other human beings with legs and horns of goats; that some had horses feet: that others had the limbs of a horse behind, but before were fashioned like men, resembling hippacenlaurs; that, likewise, bulls with the heads of men bred there; and dogs with four bodies and the tails of fish; also horses with the heads of dogs; and men and other creatures with the heads and bodies of species of animals; that besides these there were fishes, and reptiles, and serpents, and still other wondrous creatures, which had appearances derived from one another; that of these are set up images in the temple of Bel; and that over all these creatures ruled a woman named Omorka.


This in Chaldean is thamte, meaning in Greek "the sea," but in numerical value it is equal to "moon."

He says that all things being in this condition, Bel came and clove the woman in two; and that out of one half of her he formed the earth, but with the other half the sky; and that he destroyed the creatures within her; but that this was an allegorical description of nature; for while the whole universe consisted of moisture and such living creatures had been born therein.


Bel, who is identified with Zeus, divided the darkness in two, separated heaven and earth from one another, and reduced the universe to order; but that the living things, not being able to bear the strength of the light, perished; that this Bel, upon perceiving that lite land was desolate and bearing no fruit, commanded one of the gods to cut off this head that he also commanded the other gods to mix the blood which flowed forth with earth, and to form men and animals capable of bearing air; that this Bel also formed the stars, the sun, the moon, and the five planets.


These things, according to Alexander Polyhistor, Berossus told in his first book: that this god cut off his own head, and that the other gods mixed the blood which flowed forth wilh earth and formed men; that on this account they are rational and partake of divine understanding.

What we have recorded here is a superb example of congenital pathocrine disorders.


Androgyny would be expected and what a serious impact this would have will be discussed in detail in a chapter study. Fibromas, the goat horns; talipes equinus, horse-like feet where the foot is extended and the person walks on his toes; either leg baker (genu valgum-knock knee) or leg bayonent (backward displacement of knee bones with ankylosis) probably the latter which gives a horse-hocked like leg; the wings are the displacement of scapula, probably winged scapula a disorder in which the medial border of the bone is prominent from paralysis of the serratus anterior or trapezius muscles, known as 'angel's wings'.


Two-headed beings in both man and animal would not be uncommon.


Both soon found their common biochemistries in one another when their indigenous environment ended. The world may have been in total darkness until Indra managed to break the veil somewhat, yet those creatures unable to bear it, perished. The air had to be made more livable as the text states. We often read of the gods cutting off their heads.


May not this be in reference to the splitting of a missile of some sorts that may have helped correct the environment? What was it though about them that they could not take this change in environment? Was this mutation from a nuclear holocaust? It reads as such, but even more dire consequences would occur also.

As a student of biochemistry, when I first started researching the ancient texts, I did not realize they would be a forensic pathologist's treasure trove! If we can use all the sciences in a mosaic process the roots of man and his mysterious past will come clearly before our blurry eyes. Then perhaps we can eliminate religious dogma and scientific haughtiness which seems to be eliminated from the same uncatholic peoples.

One of the basic prejudices that every religious book rests on and unfortunately, nearly all western histories, is that the good gods were white skinned. Obviously, they never researched the ancient texts nor are eclectic in studies of dermatology, climatology, biomagnetism, endocrinology, etc.


This is a shame for one of the first points to hit you in these researches is that the Gods who were white were the last stage of a severe pathological condition from their original natural skin tone. They will be seen throughout these pages to be the worst in depravity and savagery. Now, you are, if you are white, quite upset and saying the author is not white.


But you would be very wrong, I am very white and believe me it was extremely difficult to transcend my own biological prejudices and report the facts as they surfaced. We cannot, as researchers, allow personal convictions to guide us and create history to our own liking.


If you are white, please do not stop reading for you may discover something about yourself your own biochemistries are hiding from you, and you might find this a great adventure as well as an enlightenment. Heaven knows history has been blindly 'Caucasian' influenced for over 2,000 years. But we shall encounter time and again how the gods altered in color in progressive pathological stages.


Now, for all of you who are prejudiced to whatever color you are and believe yours is the superior one you are very wrong if you look at the ancient scriptures. This the church hid very well and you will find it in gnostic texts only, however the Egyptian and Veda come right out and tell us. I also advise those who may be squeamish along these lines to perhaps stop reading for what we became would be called today teratologic features.


This is not a sensational come-on to make you read further. I merely point out if you are sensitive or religiously prejudiced to Gods with white faces, long hair and white robes you will be disturbed by this as the idyllic picture is going to be shattered. Homer told us that if we were to see the primal Gods it would drive us mad because we have changed so.


Well, there is nothing like jumping headlong into things; according to Egyptian and Veda histories, the Gods of the primal family, the Ennead or Pandava had... green skin.


Immediately this brings to mind our green skinned little Martian stories but the texts are very clear and biochemically it stands up. At the great disaster, environmental forces caused a change in metabolism. Egyptian sources state they had a turquoise skin and why that stone was held sacred. Osiris, the only God shown, is always portrayed with a green face and hands.


Most Egyptian statuary of royalty is done in green schist or malachite.


Of Isis it was said:

Bestower of life. Lady of life. Creatress of green things. Bestower of life. Giver of her goods to the gods, and giver of offerings to the spirits. Green goddess, whose green color is like unto the greenness of the earth.

In the Veda, Draupadi, daughter of the Gods, has skin the,

"sheen of beryl stone"5 and it shone, "with the sheen of a lotus calyx."6

Ester of the Bible had skin,

"greenish like the skin of a myrtle."

Adam was said to have had olive skin.


There were five skin types written of in the Egyptian and Veda texts, green, red, yellow, black and white and this would indeed be progressive stages of chromatism as they obviously lost a molecule of magnesium from their melatonin cells and iron took its place creating red blood.


But this is just part of the explanation we will have to delve more into. But when these families are placed in a precarious environment through their misadventures on earth they pray their skin will not change. Many tried to reverse the process through "austerities."


When the gods had established their Edins and were protected from the environment and the sun which they could not tolerate, they boasted of their acumen:

The sun does not illumine it, neither cold nor heat is felt there, nor fatigue; there is no dust, mud, or darkness, nor old age, O king. No grief or misery or pallor is ever observed with the celestials, great king, tamer of your enemies, nor lassitude.

Whitened skin was to them the worse thing that could happen. In an esoteric passage of the "Life of Adam and Eve," it is stated,

"Now when Eve heard this she believed and came out of the water of the river and her flesh was as grass from the cold of the water. O The only problem here, was that she was 'green' before she went in!"

White Gods as goodness par excellence does not enter the picture until the time of Christ and after for before then everyone hoped to return to their natural olive green or turquoise color.


If this is all true, the puzzle pieces do start falling into place quite nicely. Everything points to a dramatic change in the magnetic field which would have altered everything. Yet, we also have radioactive pathological evidence for as we saw the war brought on a drastic change in environment. Differentiating the two is harrowing but if we stick to the texts and read them for what they are, sans all the philosophical dribbling that have been applied to them, we will get a clearer picture.

It seems according to the Veda, one man named Kapila who had charge of the "Wheel" was at fault and Indra tried to stop him.

This warrior king, a great bowman and o Turner-of-the-Wheel, became the joy of the hearts and the eyes of all the world. The strong-armed prince heard that the Great-spirited Kapila had brought about that terrible end of his forebears, and that they had failed to go to heaven. The king of men entrusted the kingdom to his minister and with burning heart went to the slope of the Himalaya to do austerities there, wishing to propitiate the Ganges.

The Wheel is quite well represented in all old texts and world mythologies.


The magnetosphei e of the earth is sectioned with different, complex fields - the magnetopause, geomagnetic equator with a shock wave layer, a trapped radiation region, a neutral layer, zone of auroras and magnetic field lines. In fact, the same resonances the earth has, our own cells seem to possess. But around the earth is a field, a circle as there is around the sun. of negative and positive magnetic elements.


In Egyptian history the God Osiris, when he takes command of Egypt after the flood, is given control of the 'wheel' and his body is shown as a circle with his feet touching his mouth.


In the Veda's it was a matter of great pride to be a parent of sons who were intelligent enough to become a "Turner-of-the-Wheel. 3 The Veda tells us seasons are one sig^n that the Wheel has been changed and that all life is dependent on it, as we saw. The Vedic, "Book of the Beginning" tells much along these lines.


We see something very similar in this Egyptian history by Plutarch:

By Anubis they understand the horizontal circle, which divides the invisible part of the world, which they call Nephthys, from the visible, to which they give the name of Isis; and as this circle equally touches upon the confines of both light and darkness, it may be looked upon as-common to them both - and from this circumstance arose that resemblance, which they imagine between Anubis and the Dog, it being observed of this animal, that he is equally watchful as well by day as night.15

The Egyptians tell us the sky of the earth is of magnetic iron but of a rectangular shape, each corner resting on a pillar.


They were right! This field extends approximately 4,000 miles above the earth falling inversely as a cube.16 They also stated there were three major regions therein. There is!


The E region about 50 miles above the earth, the F, about 130 miles and the F2 about 185 miles: electromagnetic fields being in these three ionospheres.


The Egyptians gave us a description of an actual field but by the time of Christ we get the following, both fact and silly fiction, much as the passages of Plutarch just viewed:

Our Lord replies,

"The outer darkness is a great serpent, the tail of which is in its mouth, and it is outside the whole world, and surroundeth the whole world; in it there are many places of punishment, and it containeth twelve halls wherein severe punishment is inflicted. In each hall is a governor, but the face of each governor differs from that of his neighbor.


The governor of the first hall hath the face of a crocodile, with its tail in its mouth. From the mouth of the serpent proceed all ice, and all dust, and all cold, and every kind of disease and sickness; and the true name by which they call him in his place is Enklithonin." 18

Blending fact and fiction, they have described the magnetic field and the stratosphere where it is believed diseases do manage to drift from space to earth according to eminent scientist, Sir Fred Hoyle, as micrometeorites are pulled down from their electromagnetic area of space.

One definite observance is that the sky was covered by a thick veil of moisture just as the Bible and many other writings convey. One odd point in particular is that the Veda tells us the ocean was nearly or completely evaporated at the fall. I found this most interesting as some researchers are debating if in our past there was a "runaway greenhouse effect. O What does make this intriguing is that they say this occurred in the earth's early atmosphere and persisted for several million years.


This event corresponds to the accounts in the Veda which occurred roughly 450,000 years ago; has our dating just been upset as many believe?


Fossilization would have occurred very rapidly and bones 10,000 years old would look millions. The study believes that no oceans nor seas existed, that all moisture receded to the atmosphere as vapor because of a high CO2 content and a loss of hydrogen to space.


Of course, the researchers give no explanation for this, despite the fact life could never have arisen from such an environment which does not seem to bother them and are so blind they state it could not have had any effect on evolution(!) Venus is believed to have lost her oceans in such a manner (what was it like before!?).


It was the duty of Indra to return these waters to the earth. Sunlight otherwise, would have been deflected back into space.

We know many people were hidden in their 'Edins,' self-contained environmental enclosures listed in both the Veda and Sumerian literature, the latter is from which the name derives. However, as we saw they were often attacked and the people no doubt left helplessly to the disturbed climate. Rainbows appeared in the sky, Christians to this day foolishly believing that it is a portent of God but when we start seeing them in numbers again we are approaching another green house effect.


Volcanoes and earthquakes appeared throwing even more dust and debris upwards.


As we will come to see, the ancients tell us global wars caused this as nature rebelled against the actions of the gods. In this day in age we know how artillery shelling and bombs can upset the weather patterns. Sumerian texts state an ice age followed which we do see in the Pleistocene and then total global destruction with a flood.


These particular thoughts concerning the canopy effect are not new for Isaac N. Vail (1840-1912) created his theory of the cloud cover by reading the ancient passages and mythologies from around the world which all report the same, a canopy, a glacial era, a flood, in that order. He pointed out that many of the canopy's cloud formations inspired the patterns we see in early man's artwork.

What is very definite and one of the most fascinating areas of this study from the archaic literature in descriptions of ante-flood and post-flood, is the condition that there were two, three or more suns which shone upon the earth. The following Veda passage describes the three electromagnetic spheres just discussed and of the Asuras, probably Kapila, who lost something most important -

There are three skies: two are the lap of Savin; ad the last is the one that controls men, in the world of Yama.


Immoral things rest on him like a chariot wheel on a lynch-pin. Let him who understands this proclaim it here. The eagle has looked over the middle realms of space; he is the Asura who leads well and is spoken of in secret. Where is the sun now? Who knows? To what sky has this ray stretched?21

An ancient Amui story of the Nanai peoples tell us that in the beginning of the earth, three suns graced the sky. Could this have been sun dogs skipping off the canopy?


The more we will read the more this will be doubted. If you will look at the picture in plate no. 1, we have here an old Japanese depiction of the three suns that appeared in the skies. Most legends tell us the opposite about the sun that science relates, that it was much larger and closer then, rather than farther away.


If I had no training in biochemistry I would say this is rubbish, but I was surprised by the countless pathologies described and environmental conditions that gives substance to our own biological mysteries. As it stands, we lost either one or more companions to our sun and life suffered immeasurably for it. Perhaps our moon was once a sun. It certainly shows a great deal of damage.

One interesting facet here is that this may be a tie in to the extinction of the dinosaurs.


Researchers Frank Kyte and John T. Wasson in investigating iridium levels to support the comet theory found none other than a large accumulation near the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary but found no strong evidence of a comet storm as theorized by many except if there were a companion star to the sun which they named Nemesis, which would have triggered them according to their model.


A latest finding reported in the February 14, 1987 issue of Science News ("Signs of Nemesis: Meteors, Magnetism") states these comets triggered by Nemesis, would cause magnetic reversals. This "comet winter" they said would cause an increase in glaciation and then sudden drops in the sea level, all recorded in the Veda.


This is believed to have caused an alteration in the rotation of earth, by which then the Egyptians were right, saying the sun changed its course. This would disrupt the magnetic fields and a possible total reverse of the poles.


An automated telescope is now patrolling the skies in search of Nemesis.

If you are still skeptical of green skin and other color changes, we will encounter it often in the pages to follow. I firmly believe it, for it clarifies many oddities in our own biochemistries. These people had to have an excellent balance of zinc, copper, magnesium and iron. We are just learning how important copper is despite the fact too much is hazardous to us, but most people do not even have the proper amounts due to refined foods.


But to have a green skin this mineral would have been in abundance. In other words, their blood was more like chlorophyll, probably even a gold color, and they would not have been able to take a heavy CO2 atmosphere.


Copper is an excellent oxidation reduction element as it synthesizes enzymes towards this end. We know chlorophyll and human blood are nearly identical but only one major factor keeps us from being as efficient as plants in oxygen turn-over, iron, which makes us lose our magnesium molecule. Plants when exposed to light use carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is the opposite to our respiration.


But, what would also be to our great benefit is that a green skin, like plants, would react to the orange-short red and blue green areas of the sun's spectrum-rather than the green and yellow spectrums which produces intense radiation thru heat. This is rather revealing for the ancient literature tells us that the people the worse for the calamity were white skinned and today we know that UV light destroys the vitamin

A content in fight skins. Plants, because of their coloring, have an even better DNA turnover than we as they synthesize some of their own proteins, something we cannot always do and have to get them from other sources.

It has been found that vitamin A and thyroxin, the thyroid hormone, work in tandem. the loss of which predisposes one to illness which explains why light skinned peoples suffer from more diseases than any skin color and suffer from more thyroid problems. The loss of a most vital companion of the sun would have radically changed those life-forms that depended on it.


In these histories we see exactly what occurs to copper deficient plants - a change of external color, hair, skin, texture, as in Noah's woolly white hair, when black and straight hair seems to have been the norm. And, a problem in fertility which is certainly substantiated in the Bible as well as the other texts.


Scientists have found that an unusual blue-copper binding occurs on some proteins which exhibits "unusual properties''15 unlike ordinary copper complexes and assists in intense coloration because of its reaction to light and sulfur to copper charge transfer, which is why people as Noah had woolly hair.


This is known as Menke's kinky hair syndrome' when there is a sulfur/copper imbalance or deficiency and contributes to any slight wave or curl to hair.

They may have had azurin, found in certain bacteria, a substance similar to that found in malachite which the Egyptians used in much of their statuary, and of a blue-green color, and in the blood would have been a carbonate of copper. It's best job is that it mediates the flow of electrons and helps bind copper and would work with zinc and iron for metal binding sites thereby establishing a copper/zinc/iron ratio rather than an iron/zinc/copper ratio as we have.


Iron only metabolizes in the presence of copper, vitamin C, B12 and folic acid. Strangely, although copper is needed to synthesize hemoglobin there is none in the hemoglobin molecule.


This may be our biggest problem. If we lost an affinity for better copper binding we lost better production of RNA which is a nucleic acid which controls protein syntheses and the very essence of cell stability. No wonder we see such remarkable longevity accounts in the Bible and many other literatures.

Copper is imperative for brain, nerve cells and bone. Absorption of iron is poor in a copper deficiency, shortening the life of erythrocytes (red blood cells) which carry oxygen and CO2.


In a heavy CO2 environment however, copper and iron must become less abundant in blood to keep it from causing hypercapnia although the organism will eventually expire.


This may explain the oddity of why, despite our massive lung area, we do not fill our lungs to capacity. To do so would be very harmful. If you were to breathe heavily as you do at exercising more than one-half hour the effects would start to noticeably take place. It is also strange that erythrocytes in nearly all mammals (not all) have no nucleus as other cells.


The body must produce 2,400,000 red blood cells per second which is a ridiculous amount and a terrible drain on the body. I have doubts about most textbooks on cell physiology because we have found that cells supposedly nucleated in some people are not in others.


Also, this idea about red blood cells being replaced is skeptical as these metabolic processes have never been witnessed in vivo.


We have only just seen the first red blood cell (in vivo) as such, no one saw it do anything. All this information about cell duplication, shape, is mere speculation. When you injure yourself there is always a loss of cells and tissues grown back are often unnucleated with a loss of tissue strength. However, these erythrocytes are disc shaped but assume many shapes as they pass through capillaries (so it is said).


It is claimed these disc shapes make them able to better carry oxygen but this is redundant as they change into a multitude of forms as they pass thru the capillaries. One would think, if this is the case, a nucleus would be beneficial and help it carry oxygen and other constituents, and it would thus remain stable. Even when they go thru the spleen they lose oxygen.


During gestation the spleen and lymph produces the cells and at birth they are formed in the bone marrow, particularly the long bones, but by adolescence these bones become so fatty, erythropoiesis can only occur in the sternum, pelvis, vertebrae and ribs which is a shame because these all ossify at midlife, or before, and we progressively age and die. This may be why copper is lacking in bone.


The heart also loses its strength because as has been found the heart releases very strong magnetic emissions as does the brain.


Copper acts as a shield to keep these resonances from being affected by outside sources. Many heart attack victims have an enormous amount of copper in the heart which the body has robbed from the system to try and remedy the problem.


The problem is the more copper/iron lost, the less these can bind to the hemoglobin molecule, a problem everyone on earth has to one extent or the other.


'Caucasians' seem to have a problem of reducing heme iron to the ferrous state to carry oxygen thus their color while negroes have a greater affinity to bind too much heme iron with a great loss of copper, which is why heart disease is prevalent with them.

In radiated exposed animals, promegaloblasts and normoblasts, the first and next state of nucleated erythrocytes before they lose the nucleus (we all have such nucleated erythrocytes which are lost when the cell matures and carries the hemoglobin molecule) were restructured in radiation. In another experiment on dogs, erythrocytes were reduced and life-span reduced and iron depressed.

A curious thing occurred in the last century among some young Caucasian women. They turned green. It was termed a chlorosis (anemia) from iron deficiency but it may have been a freak instance where they developed a stronger copper binding but in our CO2 environment, iron attracts the latter two hundred times more than oxygen and they became sick as the copper made what little iron there had more binding to the hemoglobin.


We carry iron more to accommodate CO, but we suffer the dire consequences.

Copper helps keep pigment in hair, a lack of turns it gray. We are still a great deal away from understanding blue/copper as well as copper and its mysteries which may be contingent on the study of paleopathology as it pertains to our problems today.

The earth's magnetism has been found to affect the blood profoundly which is understandable if an organism has lost copper and allowed iron to predominate. Increases in leukocytes, neutrophils and hemoglobin content have been seen. Miotic activity has slowed in bone marrow cells and corneal epithelium cells in mice.

Blood pressure in man has been altered while in shielded rooms, mice and hamster cells nuclei have enlarged with a reduction of the miotic index when in an artificial field. In another shielded experiment mitosis slowed again as compared to an unshielded control. This leads me to believe cell division may not be a normal process but a stress reaction, as we find so many supposedly 'normal' cells are 'abnormal' in other people.


We generalize too much in biology, assuming everyone is the same which is why physicians make so many mistakes. It takes a great deal of energy from a body trying to retain homeostasis when cells are constantly dividing. And, just because they are dividing does not mean they produce the same healthy cells as before, for if this were true we would never age.


The successive stages in cell division are complex and leaves the cells open to injury so it is odd it is called a 'normal' process.

Through all the ancient literature, there is always a great adverse reaction to losing even a meagerly amount of blood. When Yudhisthira, a son of the Gods in the Veda, loses blood when one of his cousins strikes him in the mouth, his wife and brothers look aghast and the wife grabs a bowl to catch the blood. Losing even a little blood is very hard on the body as homeostasis is lost, and we really do not take blood loss seriously anymore, but I believe they had a greater fear, for to lose a single cell was to lose part of one's whole.


Even though we have millions of cells they all work together. This all leads me to believe they had nucleated erythrocytes. Everyone knows someone who faints at the site of blood, or are squeamish, when they actually may have some nucleated erythrocytes themselves.


But one of the most telltale signs throughout these histories are those people who have the stigmata known as idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, which is a lack of clotting abilities. We know from a study on rabbits that when subjected to a magnetic field of 10,000y for 1-1.5 months, they obtained better blood clotting. In the Veda, when the children of the primal family are thrown into an unnatural environment, whenever they anger or are emotional, they bleed.


This is easy to understand as hypercapnia causes copper, vitamins K, C and beta carotene to be less able to do their job at clotting and in such a crisis, blood flow, which is heavy in the temples, hands, and feet, will burst thru which gives the look of crucifixion which saints and other psychotics attributed to Christ having reached to them to become an apostle.

Another reason I doubt any cell division is a normal process is that this is a very hazardous process.


The cell is most vulnerable to breakage and mutation as it is weak to any radiation, normal or abnormal. There is nothing to protect them. The sun we know catches cells off guard when they divide and the chances of a healthy cell developing is unlikely. The red blood cells, for instance, receive a great brunt of external forces first, so one would think they would be nucleated to put up a better fight against toxins.

I am truly wondering if bleeding is natural for us. If our own endogenous magnetic flow were better it would hold the cells to us which has been shown to improve just by the better clotting in experiments described. Indeed, have not eastern mystics trained themselves to ease blood flow to the heart? In the ancient texts people are loath to bleed as if it were a great assault, whereas today we line screaming children up to get shots, shaming them into not being such sissies but they have more nucleated cells than adults, perhaps their bodies are reacting quite normally after all.


They seem to intimate that the loss of man's senses predisposed him to allow harm and injury and that the loss of a single cell was adamant to a loss of power. Being capable of immortality would certainly change one's attitude on this. We have as I have said, millions, neigh billions, of cells all conducive to our whole being given us at birth and just the loss of one affects the whole. I will never subscribe that mitosis is normal for us.

Most people have "seasonal feelings" as spring fever which is actually telling how susceptible one is to magnetic fluxes.


People who are not on refined foods do not suffer as much from weather and magnetic sensitivities. It has been found that people with cardiovascular diseases have a great deal of magnetic properties in their blood but little copper and they are more climatically and magnetically sensitive. Cobalt is another element that must be present to metabolize copper.


It can only be gotten through B1, obtained from meat which vegetarians miss and lose a cobalt/iron balance which would actually 'under sensitize' them to the environment and one may not perceive the world accordingly, hence they are known for mystical visions. Also, nickel, which is found in DNA and RNA, has magnetic properties and assists with stabilizing nucleic acids.

The ideal state would be to have a good copper flow as copper retards too much external magnetism from upsetting the body's own harmony. Zinc and iron together has been found to. create a ground state with a high electron transfer over long ranges within the body. This would create a copper balance as well and thus a better galvanized skin. The mark of a successful organism would be to have only a few susceptible body areas to external magnetism and others as the brain and heart not so, to guide it and retain total homeostasis.

One puzzle is that, ostensibly, because of a heavy CO2 atmosphere, copper competes with zinc and iron.


However, it is believed a better arginine metabolism would help copper and zinc to work harmoniously as it provides a better electron charge to cells. A guideline perhaps to those people who have retained more of the primal bloodlines would be, strangely, to have an affinity for foodstuffs as peanuts or peanut butter, the highest source for arginine, for they would have retained an ability to bind copper/zinc and thus crave such nutrients as our CO2 environment would inhibit in metabolism.


This would be a good guideline for light skinned peoples for as we shall see, not all white skins are really white but a dietary effect on genes.


Unfortunately, people with an arginine problem through the centuries are quickly dying from these lineages as a switch to refined diets over 800+ years ago is straining their fragile bloodlines.


Often, in the past 200 years, sterility is common in the men as sperm becomes weak because of the copper/zinc imbalance from lack of arginine which gives sperm its electrical stimulus. This is a shame because these people are usually very outstanding people. Interestingly, most children cannot produce enough arginine to grow uniformly and, sadly, life-spans and good health wane.

As we know, excess copper is harmful to us but it is believed that with better blood enymes this would be different, and I might add CO, is doing this. It is no coincidence that even in healthy people, the gas volume to pulmonary capillary blood flow is never equal. Inspired air is never equally distributed to all the capillaries in all alveoli.


(Here is another shot at evolution - why did we not develop a better lung if we ran as Australopithecus all over the African savannah? If we are from Pan troglodyte (chimpanzee) as evolutionists state, he has a worse respiratory mechanism for the lungs are shorter. Better we should come from Papio (baboon) for his lungs are longer and closer to ours in shape, able to process oxygen better).


But since iron pulls in so much CO2 we have double-trouble.


The body eliminates CO2 through the lungs, urine and perspiration. And the latter is another excellent key to this research. Sweating is mentioned so constantly (particularly in Egyptian) in all these texts, that we must believe, given all the other evidence, that it was something unexpected and looked upon adversely. Sweating is probably the worse thing one could do for it is a great loss of zinc, iron, copper, potassium, sodium, and other elements.


The loss of the latter two in a warm climate is serious for they assist cells in regulating heat and they relax the heart and other body muscles. The loss of creates heat stroke so sweating cannot be conducive to our health but is an abnormal reaction to an abnormal atmosphere. It should be mentioned that people on whole foods, no sugar or salt, sweat very little even in the worst heat and tolerate it much better. Salt has chloride which the body cannot use, only sodium, which we get from most foods, and sweating expels it.


Adam and Eve were said to have sweated which was said to be a mark of their inferiority.


When the hypothalamus is affected from sodium loss it cannot regulate body heat. Surely, if sweating were normal, the ancient scribes would have found no need to mention it. And, if you believe it was because of the smell, forget it, for Adam and Eve, though they sweated, did not pass the toxins people do today. It was a pure mineral and vitamin content they lost.


On unrefined foods and abstaining from sugar and salt one notices the smell being very negligible. Every deodorant company would go out of business if people only would catch on.

Everyone on this earth suffers from carbonemia. We do not have enough foliage to compensate the heavy amount of CO2 which eats it up and at the rate forests and jungles are disappearing we are getting more all the time. An acre of trees eats 4½ tons of it a year but not enough despite the air content is 0.03%, 0.05% at sea level. We have lost the ability to cope with it.


The so-called 'runners high' or exuberance after exercising is in part from carbonemia and merely a giddiness for if one had to do rational thinking it could not be done thoroughly. It is actually the 'Bohr Effect'; our hemoglobin holds less oxygen when CO2 is increased because of its iron content which draws CO2 to it.


We must not believe iron is a boon to us for oxygen is a detriment to us as well. There is no one element good for us but when placed with others it is balanced. This you might say is the essence of life, balance. Nitrogen must have played a large part as well.


In 1801, Huber and Senebier grew more heartier grains in an atmosphere of three parts nitrogen and one part oxygen rather than three parts oxygen and one part nitrogen as we have. Other studies have shown plants other than grains grow remarkably as well. Oxygen toxicity is well known for its creation of free radicals which affect DNA and RNA, lowering life-spans and inviting disease.

Copper may be an even better oxygen transporter than iron despite one test that found nickel and copper incapable of binding oxygen as iron and cobalt just because of the atmosphere. However, another study showed vitamin C and copper to be excellent cancer inhibitors which may give some insight to copper/oxygen affinities as cancers develop rapidly the higher the CO2. (We do not have much of a future do we?)


Oxygen is used in tumor therapy where radiation has failed called hyperbaric oxygen where oxygen under greater then normal atmospheric pressure is used. Gangrene, CO2 poisoning and surgery of congenital cyanotic heart disease has been helped by it. This makes one wonder how we would perceive our world if we could better expel CO2.


Brain functions would be quicker and more accurate as nerve cells would have developed better from more copper as electron levels rose. Our senses would be super keen, to put it mildly.

One of our major faults is that we excrete vitamin C. However, some oriental peoples have been found not to and again, let it be emphasized, biologists generalize too much for they cannot test everyone in this world. Vitamin C has so many valuable functions but top of the list is that it helps DNA and RNA functions, guards against and can cure some cancers in massive doses along with beta carotene which Harvard Medical School has had excellent results with.


(I have had excellent success with both vitamins myself, particularly on a mass cell tumor on my cocker spaniel, and if any of you are acquainted with this type tumor you know it is the worst possible. I have seen excellent results against cancer on two and four legged creatures).


Primates, guinea pigs, Indian fruit bats, most dogs and other animals as ourselves all require vitamin C intake but cannot retain it while all other vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, mold and bacteria store it for use.


Our brain tissue requires a great deal and it helps copper and iron to metabolize. If only we could retain it, for cells would be healthier rather than straining to pump excess out again. Again, is this the result of CO2 and a lack of nitrogen? In excess, with some people, it can affect mitosis and beta cells of the pancreas but I am inclined to think this is a clash with refined sugars. It would take a great deal to be toxic. Nonetheless, it is an excellent CO2 inhibitor to cell destruction.

Copper confers color to hair and skin and as we see in people today, the less they have the paler and more yellow and gray hair, as well as alopecia from this progressive allochromasia just as our people in the past. Copper is the main constituent of melanin, the hair and skin pigment.


It also helps collagen and elastin production thus helping to retard aging and the pull of gravity. It also helps eliminate toxins as they enter skin and hair.

One important topic we should discuss is Superoxide dismutase (SOD). Here the copper, arginine and zinc in it helps destroy the highly toxic substance, superoxide, a free radical that destroys cell lipids and proteins. This is a very reactive form of oxygen as it has a reduced single electron. It occurs during 'normal' catalytic function of certain enzymes. It is caused by a lack of proper skin pigmentation, namely green, when the ionizations of the sun causes hemoglobin to change to methemoglobin where there is a loss of binding ferrous iron to ferric.


The lighter the skin then, the less SOD. Cells are destroyed in the presence of superoxide and it is suspected to be the major criteria in many chronic diseases as arthritis, epileptic seizures and cancer. Without SOD, tyrosine cannot help melanin to form nor folic acid or vitamin C to metabolize.


A green skin would then turn to shades of brown, black, yellow and white, the latter a Final state, and just as one would suspect given all the above, with a preponderance of arthritis and other chronic diseases. Also, prostaglandins cannot form and this is a great loss with a copper deficiency resulting in weakened cardiovascular strength and respiratory loss.


SOD protects us from oxygen toxicity as oxygen, like CO2, is toxic to us Our need is little but as we have lost the ability to create suitable buffers, we should curb anything that elevates our respiratory rate. If we had an all oxygen environment we would suffer, all CO2, we would suffer which leads us to that magical arcanum, balance, for the watchword is homeostasis to retain the body's own internal universe and keep it functioning to the body as a whole. If an organism falls to the negative forces of nature, it loses.


There are very few animals who live with nature, a good organism is an antagonist to it.


Geese fly north in the summer to avoid extreme direct sunlight as even they know instinctively the adverse effects of UV light and other radiations and avoid the northern climates in winter as cold is very damaging to the thyroid.


They do not live with nature totally, they would be dead, they know how to react to it. They have retained their instincts to repel natures hazards. Instinct is not programmed. Animals are always surprising us. It is not blind automatism, but the full functioning of all body senses and a conscious awareness of same to make the proper decisions to safeguard the organism.


Apparently, in our deep dark past we lost our natural instincts which means we lost reactions to all earth and cosmic stimuli. .Both the Veda and Egyptian histories tell us constantly that it was the loss of instincts that led to our downfall. If people were affected by a magnetic reversal it was because something else also happened to cause their cellular downfall and magnetism would affect them even more as well as other forces upsetting their reactions.


One reason astrology seems to have been frowned upon was not so much the study of it but for the fact people were supposed to learn by it and not allow adversity to occur but after they fall prey to believing in planned destiny they could not believe otherwise. They had lost the ability to change negative destinies, they accepted fate, the negative side to the forces.


But was radioactive fallout, as the ancients insinuate, from things such as the "Gandiva weapon" described in the Veda?

Before our own nuclear age. carbon-14 was decaying and being replenished at a balanced rate but after nuclear testing we went from 280 million curies of carbon-14 to 6.2 million more which in our atmosphere is 6.2 million too much. It will be thousands of years before our biosphere returns to equilibrium. (This is really impossible anyway because of our growing green-house affect and also, some nation is always testing.)


You can imagine what would occur in a global nuclear war as carbon-14 unites with oxygen to form CO2 .


Plants would love the latter but soon water would have to yield its oxygen and the waters of the earth would recede and a canopy of water would hover over the earth. The sun would be blocked and plant life would lose photosynthesis.


As for animal life, the First and most susceptible organ affected would be the thyroid. Because of its very active metabolism, radiation is drawn to it. Also, iodine in the soils and subsequently in the foods is highly radiated as radionuclides produce iodine-131. We are all suffering from this more or less since the First drop of a nuclear bomb.


Thyroid cancers developed in the Marshall Islands from fallout; all but two of nineteen Rongelap Island Children below ten developed thyroid abnormalities. Leukemia increased in survivors of Hiroshima and Nagaski. Cancers of this order can be spontaneous or have a long latency as in two Japan cities where tumors are now rising. We do not know yet the long term affects of those fetuses that survived at the time of these bombings and the Marshall Islands. Genetic effects are the same fickleness, it could be the next generation or later that feels the affects.


The thyroid is the main regulator of all body processes and we are just learning how important.


It is part of a mosaic of the powerful endocrine system containing the pituitary, the parathyroid glands, adrenals, islands of Langerhans of the pancreas, gonads and of course, the thyroid. From these organs mighty rivers of hormones flow affecting our every movement, perception, and even every word and thought.


When just one is off balance the entire is out of harmony. Whatever hopes and aspirations, travails and triumphs a person experiences are from the multitudes of chemicals drawing from this complex system.

Medical science found out to their dismay of the thyroids' susceptibility to radiation exposure years ago when young people given radiation treatment for acne, (all they really had to do was to get them off of refined foods, but that sounds too easy to dogmatic minds) enlarged tonsils, (same treatment) adenoids, etc., and years later cancer of the thyroid developed.


Actually, common sense, instinct, would tell you this would happen but western medicine has never been known for this. (I will be giving the medical establishment a hard time in this study, but I would like to mention that there are a few doctors in this country who have 'seen the light' and turned to the practice of holistic medicine, the treatment of the cause and not the symptoms of disorders.


Many have banded together in the AMERICAN HOLISTIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION of which I am proud to be a member, composed of men and women who are realizing what the true art of medicine is.


My criticism also does not include the medical trauma units of hospitals, the great unsung doctors and nurses who brave so much! Also, being an army soldiers daughter I know of many dedicated military career doctors whose interests are in people and not money.) It is ironic that the people who invent x-ray equipment, radiation and diagnostic machinery seldom ever want to have them used on themselves.


These are medical researchers who know the hazards but their business is to sell products and help others make money. Ask any one who studies radioactivity and cellular response if they would allow a dentist to x-ray them and they would say no! Why? The dentist only knows teeth and falls for the latest high tech gadgets just as his patients do and despite the lead bib they give you the room is still alive with radiation.


And, oh, I forgot to tell you, your teeth are ladened with zinc so radiation is drawn to them and also your jaw, sublingual and mandibular glands which are radiated as well. (Frankly, I would rather take chances with Doc Holliday and his TB if I had to!)


If the dentist knew how to read body signs, teeth, gums and even eyes he would not need the equipment. It scares me when a doctor of any kind needs machinery to tell him how to read body signs he does not know himself such as iridiology, skin tone, texture, pulse diagnosis, etc. Looks impressive though, when they wheel out that machinery.


High tech always means a lack of grey matter and worse, no instincts, of which medicine is 90% comprised. Holistic practitioners only use it if someone insists on x-ray or if it is definitely needed. And then, proper measures are given to protect them as much as possible with high levels of zinc, pectin, rutin, and vitamins E, C, and beta carotene.

When the thyroid goes amiss, copper, iron, vitamins A, C, E, and zinc are the major nutrients gone awry not to mention many enzymes.


The hypothalamus may send a thyroid releasing hormone to the thyroid to release hormones but if any of the above nutrients are missing the cells will not respond and the body will expel it which is perhaps why most of us cannot retain vitamin C. Copper draws from the tissues and this would set matachrosis in motion as the generations progressively lose biochemical stability which could be caused by radioactivity and/or magnetic fluctuation^.


One thing we do know is that copper prevents damage from ionization radiation but in fallout, the latter would affect copper.


If there was the loss of a companion to the sun, people would be left even more to the mercy of the sun's rays without it. Also, food chains were drastically upset and, women especially, would not get proper nutrition. Poor nutrition is any organisms Achilles tendon. If they could not help themselves many variables would come into play here. But the largest problem is they would fall victim to various magnetic forces.

The study of copper has revealed one very important factor and gives weight to man's loss of homeostasis. The human body is electrically fired, and as with every electrical force there is also generated a magnetic force.


The brain, heart, liver and sciatic-nerve of the thigh are the highest electromagnetic resonances of the body. 44/45/46


The body must protect itself from outside, harmful, influences as much as possible. One of our natural shielding devices against such forces is copper which repels magnetism. We have hair on our heads because the brain has such a strong magnetic flow it would be adversely affected by external forces.


Black or dark brown head hair is composed (that is with a medulla which is absent in thin hair shafts) mostly of copper and zinc, keeping the head well protected. If the cranium had a layer of thick fat we would probably be bald as fat protects the body from many forms of radiation and magnetism.


Also, men who have strong, thick muscular chests and eating no refined foods, milk, or alcohol lay down a layer of fat here as well and will lose their chest hair. Monogloids have no chest hair over the heart because they have retained strong electromagnetic resonances and copper/zinc ratios, however, switching to western diets is changing this. Body hair is mainly of iron as the body's electromagnetic resonances weaken.


With electromagnetic flow the body is made aware of areas to avoid or modes of behavior to have as a reaction.


The story of blondes being rather stupid may have validity to it as they have lost a great deal of copper and if the brain cannot keep its electrical charges going, the thought processes are slowed. So much for Hitler's master blonde Aryan race. Hair follicles in areas other than the head are really not actually hair as found on the head.


Invagination of the epidermis is for the release of toxins thru sebaceous glands. When the body is full of toxins the minerals and nutrients build up, melatonin from the skin coagulates and what we call hair, develops. People on health diets, free of sugar in particular notice one of the first signs of recovery is that body hair starts thinning while head hair usually thickens, or grows longer.


The growing of body hair is really then autocytolysic as more than normal radiation is attracted to its excess iron.


Beards attract radiation because of the same reason. The parotid glands have enough fat over them to protect them and do not have enough electromagnetism to stimulate a copper filled hair. (Ever notice how beards and head hair differ in color on a man? If it is all the same color he has poorer copper metabolism.) Women have less head hair than a man for the reason she is more sedentary (supposed to be) and the mental reactions are slower as they have less binding copper.

It has been found that the cell nucleus is grounded by the presence of copper in the cell, thereby SOD can let copper bridge to zinc thus histidine, an amino acid which forms tissue and repair, aids growth, allowing stability.


This will inhibit harmful forces from altering the form and structure of an organism. If man were created spontaneously, this would say a great deal about his susceptibility to forces, good or bad, and would answer why the ancients believed they fell from natures grace because of a weakness procured from a traumatic event.


They were susceptible to any radiation as copper levels fell.

The body is its own magnetic force, the water content throughout the body carries the charges. Copper keeps the body 'grounded* from outside influences, and creates an antiferromagnetic field, however, our iron predominance prevents this. Actually, we mimic this in copper shielding rooms with a copper covered box with a wood interior to act as the water to retain the subjects natural magnetic flow.


Organisms are actually their own enclosed universes which travel and function in the fluid of air. Homeostasis is the antagonist then of entropy. It would be a perfect organism that is totally aware of its environment and not affected by it. Galen (130-200 C.E.) called this type man a sanquinie, the ideal eucrasiac who never fell ill as he responded favorably to his environment.


Simple organisms as bacteria are at the mercy of the geomagnetic fields but other higher organisms know instinctively to orient themselves to the poles in the absence of external forces.


With the proper harmony of minerals, an organism could be aware of and respond to the world without becoming ill. In cardiovascular disease it has been found that their blood erythrocytes have been "magnetized," affected by external fields. A loss of copper, calcium and vitamin C, would create more iron to be exposed. It is maddening how in most books on biomagnetism no one ever discusses how our diets are making us more susceptible to all types of forces, terrestrial and extraterrestrial.

We must also figure the "Kervan Effect," the transmutation of elements thought to be caused by "cold" and "hot" neutrinos. Magnetism has been found to cause transmutations in dry matter, plants, and animals, the latter pertinent to us for copper, zinc and iron has been found to change into other elements, iron to manganese, magnesium to calcium, etc.


Obviously, an iron box is an excellent shielding against magnetism, however, put it in a water medium, as in cells, and it becomes electromagnetically charged. If the iron is mutated by other forces, there can be a loss of shielding power.


Also, plants have a high chlorophyll content to be able to react to radiation not with it. Seeds orientated to the south magnetic pole produced greater growth and more chlorophyll. In organisms, senses should be alert to magnetism but somatically unchanged in plant or animal.

The study of magnetism, or whatever force this is, (even Einstein could not explain it) was already known in antiquity.


Anthero, a freedman of Emperor Tiberius, said that stepping on a live torpedo fish would alleviate gout while Dilseorides, a medical herbalist and army surgeon under Nero used electric fish to treat prolapsus ani, gout and migraines, They worked as they do today with electrical therapy.

Until the 1950's, a cell was considered just a substance of fluid and organelles but electron scanning microscopes showed us much more in that they are semi-conductors just as crystal of which they bear so much resemblance and respond to temperature, electric and magnetic fields and ionizing radiation. To their surprise, some cells were found to have a double-outer membrane that actually serves as a "leaky dielectric."50


It was also found that the less healthy an organism, the more susceptible to adverse radiation. The earth carries a negative magnetic charge and space, positive. (Discovered first in 1752).


It has been advised that as this positive charge affects earth, surgeons abstain from operations with bleeders when the moon is full and on the last quarter (3rd) of the moon phases as this charge reaches a maximum at this time and metabolic processes increase. The earth averages 0.5 gauss with pulsations of low magnitude ranging from 0.1 to 100Hz peaking around 10Hz (the Schumann resonance) which corresponds to our alpha brain waves for sleeping and dreaming at 8 to 14Hz.


A stable biological system is one that is a generator and receptor of different forms of energy. It is believed by one researcher that DNA is itself an electromagnetic generator with RNA as an amplifier, the cell wall a noise filter and amino acids and enzymes as effectors of signals.

The archaic literatures tell us the heavens and the gods were created spontaneously. Evolutionists of course say no, stating Millers recreation of life whereby amino acids developed proves that cells may have then proliferated. However, they cannot get the cells to reproduce. And that may be because of the lack of electromagnetism.


They are just missing the prime ingredients to achieve complete poly-peptide synthesis. It is too fantastic and too much to ask that a gill could develop over eons when life is so precarious and fragile.


If life-forms did not develop spontaneously from the great "cosmic egg" of Egyptian literature, the show was surely off. In some magnetic fields metabolism is improved, life-spans increased, bacteria subsides. There seems to be negative and positive forces to it and to believe we have ridden on the right track for millions of years is silly with evolution.


You have to have an organism already prepared to discern the right and wrong forces, the classic struggle of good and evil in Nature itself. What happens when an animal loses sense of that? I think they call him man. The Sumerians called the being slightly lower than the gods a Nam-lulu, even lower than that, a lulu, man. Homo sapiens is a term better described as wishful thinking if you look about the world today.


There is not too much wisdom in being who burns a liquid that pollutes the air and hits his newborns in the posterior to get them breathing; both come under the heading of ignorance for they are not needed if he knows himself and his world.

Whatever this force we call electromagnetism is, it is believed it resides in every cell and guides the organism along. Russians believe this force capable of allowing organisms to signal to others. The biochemistry of man may be conducive to his having what we call supernatural powers which if true then we are actually mentally and physically retarded.


This ability would transcend many obstacles and it is believed protein molecular function is an ultrasensitive transceiver of ELF radiation.


The problem is to have an organism that is receptive to the positive fields and repels the negative. By using a 10Hz eigen frequency on subjects makes their muscles more vibrant with a feeling of total cenesthia, enhanced perception, biorhythms more in tune as proteins respond properly to these forces57 so this tells us man is missing something pertinent to his health and life-span as the entire system has been affected.


K is also surmised that (he weaker the organism the more it will fall under cosmic influences, thus astrology is born rather than reading these as natures signs and reacting accordingly instead of being frightened or mystical about it. I guess you would call it biological astronomy or bioastronomy.


This experiment also proves that there can be only one correct force or forces acting together, as anything else is detrimental and evolution goes down the drain especially when you think how the earth's many magnetic fluxs vary in one spot in a 24 hour period. And, I hate to think magnetism was that stable in the days of the hominids and that was the best nature could produce. No, thank you!


Experiments on animals show that irradiated animals did show high performance levels but it was irregular and the animals dropped back to original levels much as we see the rise of great civilizations, then a sudden collapse. Another of our problems is that in a magnetic flux, calcium ions which fire nerve cells of brain and body change drastically as they retreat. This is quite a bit of neuronal sensitivity lost.

It has always been claimed that our blood carries constituents of the primal sea from our evolutionary past which seems silly as blood has a great deal of elements not in seawater as the chloride in salt which our bodies cannot use, it is poisonous to us.


Later, we will look into the reasons and how this is an excellent example where very unhealthy bodies have allowed that to influence their outlook on life, Rather, blood appears more similar to clay from which science is finally admitting that the ancient myths of all cultures may be true after all, for a watery medium, does not have the radiation charges that clay has.


It is known amongst naturopaths to be an excellent healing agent so its affects on cells is tremendous, another element missing in Miller's experiment. Blood is also thicker (as the saying goes) because intra-cellular wafer exists in a semi-solid form. Ferrohemoglobin was found to be strongly paramagnetic (Linus Pauling and CD. Coryell-1936) with four unpaired electrons.


This creates a positive electron spin and as the earth is negative the organism should be able to respond appropriately.


However, O2 combines with ferrohemoglobin to form oxyferrohemoglobin and iron and 02 become paired and this creates a diamagnetic flow which is negative. If an organism such as we who have little (light skins to the extreme) or too much (very dark skins) heme iron the organism reacts irrationally to its environment. Confusion, helplessness reigns. We know blood can become magnetized in experiments of blood flow from fingertips to arms by using generators.


If these primal people had a good copper/zinc/iron balance to create a green complexion they would have literally been able to magnetize metal themselves without injury as they generated enough electricity.


The distal veins of the hands carry impulses to the brachial artery and if they were holding an iron object they would magnetize it. I have always wondered if the ancient staff was not as these flowmeters used today to enhance magnetism in the arm of the subject. Quite a manipulating power could be established if we were not so biochemically and magnetically weak.


What of Moses? And, what of Egyptians and Sumerians who held the Staff of Life as it was first called (the relation to bread came much later at the time of the Bible) in their left hand where the impulse is strongest from the heart?

This may also explain the so-called 'aura' ancient peoples described the gods as possessing as the head especially has a halo type resonance of magnetism over it.

One of the saddest aspects of science research into the question of man's so-called evolution is that they are not eclectic enough in their studies. They jump to too many impulsive conclusions. Not once (or if there is, a passing remark. Gould does delve lightly into magnetism, but still, surprisingly, sticks to evolution.) in any of the studies by these paragons, Leakey, Johanson, Gould, Sagan, is there any mention of ionization, magnetism, heliobiology, pathology, sitology, embryology, etc.


Their studies are remarkably amateurish.


Those who study air ionization are quite aware that this alone will affect the radioactive clock if major fluctuations disturbed the magnetic field. Carbon dating much less fission-track dating would be completely useless. Lucy, instead of being nearly 4 million years old (some say 2 million) could be no more than 400 thousand years old or even 40,000 years if that. An abrupt drop of a million or so volts would drastically affect the earth.


Lucy did not become extinct for nothing. The part I get a kick out of is they admit a mammoth reversal of the earth's magnetic field occurred at the time of Lucy, 3.1 - 38- 0 millions years ago and another, the Gilbert reversal 3.6-3.4 million years ago. That is all they say.


You would think they would put two and two together and think what a monstrosity as Lucy developed at the reversal. No, she is still a part of our evolutionary past! Well, I think the Egyptians and Sumerians were right. 3.6-3.4 million years ago but more likely 450,000 years ago the earth's magnetism flipped, about a million years later, or rather only a few years, it was returned. Time is decay.


The slower you decay, thus is time, stop decay, and you stop time. In a group of isolated people screened from the earth's electromagnetic impulses, their 24 hour activity period lengthened to 26.6 hours. There are just too many variables to jump to conclusions and say evolution is the key to our past. We are in the midst of a 'devolution,' just as the ancient peoples are telling us through their literature.


No one has ever seen evolution in the making. You will find scientists with more rounded educations finding faults in it. And, the faults outweigh its merits. My goodness, a second gravitational field has just been found and unknown forms of radiation are being studied of which no one can explain. Everyday we find something new that is pushing evolution into the class of spats and the Edsel - both ugly dead-ends in the lineages of shoes and cars.


One instance they always bring up is the English moths that years ago changed from white to black in an industrial town and this was a genetic response and white ones were soon eliminated by the birds as they shown against the sooty trees. No one thought to look into the fact the poor little things were suffering from a form of pneumonconiosis, in other words, coal dust.


As in people, collagen and insoluble proteins form black macules and changes the color structure of the lungs or skin and our moths suffered from chromotoxemia only. No evolution here, only very poor research.

The study of geomagnetobiology is very new, only in the last 20 years has attention been given it, with greater emphasis today, as many scientists had denied that magnetic fields could influence life-forms which shows how naive they can be. It was the advent of the space age that everyone's eyes opened to it as ships had to be designed to protect the astronauts. They still have a great deal to learn for a little known advertised fact, only in science journals, was that when the shuttle exploded (January 1986) there was a massive magnetic disturbance beforehand.


But, scientists only like to report their hits, never their misses, something Carl Sagan criticizes the paranormal researchers for. However, since the space age, more emphasis has been given to magnetic affects on life-forms.


Most of the research though is still in Europe with Russia in the lead.


Scientists here have great trouble in obtaining grants because there is no quick dollar to be made in the medical and industrial monopolies as most still do not accept the fact the human body creates its own magnetic fields despite the fact technology has proved just such a thing.


One researcher stated:

There are two separate ways to consider this question. The first can be explained by relating a conversation I had recently with a leading biomagnetic researcher in Europe.


He asked me how things were going, and I replied that I was a bit worried because the funding situation in the U.S. was moving toward the support of more practical projects, and perhaps biomagnetism work would not produce practical results in a short time.


He then said that the situation in most of Europe was quite different; science was being supported for its own sake and not particularly because of practical application. He therefore thought that the biomagnetic work in Europe was in good shape, in the sense there were many scientific questions to answer in biomagnetism.61

More "practical projects" means if a shekal cannot be made American scientists want no part of it, just as they worked for the "bigger blast for a buck" when the nuclear age came into being. (That is an actual, heartless statement they used -that is power in the hands of a Neanderthal.)


When we discuss magnetism a universe of other things come into play; temperature, climate, sun. cosmic forces, the latter with new forces found all the time such as Z radiation and F radiation, the X agent and many others, and it has been found where they do affect organisms. There are anomalies in every area of the earth where tectonics, structural and rock formations are created from different emanations from the center of the earth where the magnetic core is.


And all of this has a profound affect on the endocrine system which relies on proper nutrients and forces.


Every living entity is affected by magnetism, and non-living also, all responding differently, depending upon their present conditions. Cucumber and radish were found to accelerate in growth or reduced while barley and corn were inhibited while after two weeks of hypomagnetic forces, more buds and roots were formed in others. Orientation of subjects is being very well studied now.


Seed embryos placed toward the south geomagnetic pole had their roots orientate themselves in different ways and growth rates altered. Which brings us to another mystery. Egyptians called northern Egypt, lower or South, and southern Egypt, upper or north. Why? Is it because they knew, as we do now, that the geomagnetic south pole is in the northern hemisphere and the geomagnetic north pole is in the southern?!

How interesting it is that the sound produced by a doctors thumping of a patients chest alters when the body is in a different relation to the poles and the vascular system changes as well as muscle tone and the electrical emanations of tissues. Research by Czech scientists found brain waves changed depending on the body's orientation to the fields. Tumors, heart problems even accidents increased during days of heavily magnetic fluxes in a study in India.

It seems when an organism is weak or does not take the proper precautions, it will not perceive some or all forms of magnetic forces and it is then susceptible to any variations however slight. The Veda seems to give us a clear indication as to what was happening as the magnetic fluxes played havoc with life-forms. The teller is one whose body has changed to a monkey like form and he describes what he once looked like:

The splendid monkey began to laugh and said,

"Neither you nor anyone can see that form, for that was in another age that is no more. Time is different in the Eon of the Winning Throw, different in the Trey and the Deuce: this is the age of deterioration and I no longer possess that form.


Earth, rivers, trees, and mountains, Siddhas, Gods, and great seers adjust to time from eon to eon, as do the creatures; for strength, size, and capacity decrease and rise again.


Therefore enough of your seeing that form, scion of Kuru's line! J too conform to the eon, for Time is inescapable."

The Veda even describes the sagittal crest as the Australopithecines had.


The "monkeys" became a faction of people who had been genetically malformed by the Fall, often helping the Pandava.

According to researchers there have been five major GMF reversals in antiquity all with extinctions. (Will they never catch on!) Since no cyclicities have been found these pole reversals could not have been produced by nature. It seems odd that if the earth is a living organism, Gaia as the Greeks called it, it would intentionally produce such havoc.


It makes no sense that if all of the earth's life-forms were acclimated to a specific magnetic flow that life would survive after a reversal. Although many in the study of biomagnetics are trying to imply some "good" mutations occur from reversals, still clinging to evolution. No animal could escape the new fields and even if some suspected a change they could not alter their own biochemistries.


Again, evolution falls flat on Darwin's face. When the sooty town in England finally cleaned up their air the moths went back to their normal color.


They, like people, would not have lived long nor produced viable offspring with those toxins soaked in them. We are much like those little moths, when will our air clear? Researchers must remember that different layers of magnetic rock will occur in different areas of the world and I think these five reversals are a result of this and different species of animals in various areas reacted accordingly. Giants and dwarfs are an excellent example.


Not only is this variety found in dinosaurs, from chicken sized to Diplodicus, but anthropologists have to now reckon with Lucy and her breed at roughly four feet in height to the latest hominid find estimated to be six feet or more!


This find was discovered in 1984 in northwest Kenya by a member of Richard Leakey's 'Hominid Gang'. It was a nearly complete skeleton of a twelve year old male Homo Erectus. He stood at an estimated height of five feet, five inches, one-hundred and fifty pounds, and would have grown to six feet or more. There were giants in those days!


The dinosaur obviously died out because, for among other things, they grew abominably in proportions. It never has made sense how the earth's ecology could tolerate such enormous animals. Arthritis has been found in many dinosaur bones, a very revealing artifact that something disturbed their copper levels. You cannot get evolution from any animal suffering such a chronic disease.


Even Lucy showed signs of arthritis. No evolution here. Arthritis is a decided weakness in the organism and strikes at any age. Also, with arthritic pain there is too much epinephrine pouring into the system and the adrenals are exhausted.


This therefore speeds uterine development. Rats so radiated showed the same.

The geometrical shape of the body relates how it will cope with nature and the myriad forces acting upon it. Each configuration of head and body deflects or attracts certain fields which is why a person's morphology is a barometer of its healthy relationship to the environment. Looks in this case are everything. Just what those primal looks are we will attempt to explore.


Studies have shown by shielding subjects from the GMP increases body length while an increase reduces it. It was also found in Baltic elk that the smaller the magnetic moment the larger the elk's bones.


Of course, temperature, food, etc. are all variables.


This may explain the enormous antlers of the extinct Irish elk. It was no doubt difficult to carry such a seven to nine foot rack and flee from predators and feed. Here the pituitary would definitely have been affected as it sent too much hormone releasers to the parathyroids, releasing too much calcium. This is probably why the dinosaurs show arthritis, too much calcium and not enough copper.


Our giants of the Bible and Veda were growth anomalies, out of proportion because of pituitary imbalances as copper and calcium were upset. We have to take into consideration also, that these people at the Fall were also under a great deal of stress and lack of protein in particular as well as the stress itself causes somatotropin or human growth hormone to reduce glucose uptake and releases free fatty acids that affects amino acids which on a developing fetus would have produced giants and dwarfs.


The neuroendocrine system thus is a mighty one.


This is also one of the basic reasons against man's evolution for a horn in id with poor physical powers with a background as the fierce African savannah with an equally less mental acumen could never stand the rigors and produce viable offspring. The hypothalamic-adrenocortical interplay cannot withstand stress of any kind and creates little biochemical bungaboos as histamine and lactic acid which causes cylocide.


As for female hominids, procreating healthy offspring in such an environment is ludicrous. If all of them were loping around in the midst of saber tooth tigers and leopards trying to chip tools, running for the trees, etc.. they have not the biological time to adapt and learn by mistakes. There can be no mistakes in nature or you lose and so does your lineages.

I do not think it can be emphasized enough that these forces also depend on what the organism is consuming, particularly the effect on gestation. This is another reason for the diversity of sizes in the fossil record.

We have to remember also that if the sun were blocked and/or if another planetary body(s) was missing they were receiving ionizing radiation they were not prepared for. We know that hydromagnetic waves emitting from the sun. affects the magnetosphere and that solar activity does affect it with sunspots. chromospheric flares, faculae, etc. Some activity causes momentary or monthly, or yearly cycles of magnetic fluxes.


Cyclones, barometric pressure and other weather formations are most affected by magnetism. And, unfortunately, (he sun's ionizing rays are suspected as being heightened during a pole reversal which would further dampen and evolutionary theory.


We know from studies that positive ions can inhibit growth, increases respiratory rates, blood pressure, alpha brain waves are altered, fatigue and a general hyperactive rate. I must add too, that all this baloney about mankind evolving by the use of fire, using it for energy with the hominid family cozily surrounding the primal hearth, is totally ridiculous.


Fire emits very damaging positive ions that affect, even mutate, cells, and to expect evolution here is absurd!


No wonder Prometheus angered the Gods when he gave man the use of fire!

A clear, cloudless day produces more UV and infrared light and studies of the morphodynamics of the neuroendocrine system of baby animals has shown that there is a hyperplasia of the parathyroid glands followed by the light or C cells of the thyroid releasing too much calcium.


In rabbits solar radiation has shown to stimulate the hyperplasia and pineal glands which affected of course the gonads to premature growth while the brain lagged behind, a problem man too has, but we call it precocious puberty today, worsened by poor diets. The sun actually has more destructive qualities than good, which we are just realizing, and as for life originating under it is out of the question.


With its mosaic radiations and effects on our magnetic fields it is no wonder one Veda passage cried:

The ancient goddess, borne again and again dressed in the same color, causes the mortal to age and wears away his life-span, as a cunning gambler carries off the stakes. She has awakened, uncovering the very edges of the sky; she pushes aside the sister. Shrinking human generation, the young woman shines under her lovers gaze.

Is the 'sister' our lost companion to the sun or is this the moon?


This would certainly answer much of our questions concerning the perplexities or our biochemistries. The sun causes aging as it depletes nutrients in everyone or causes hypervitaminosis as we will see depending on skin tone. When you start studying heliobiology you start asking yourself a great many questions, particularly about the feasibility of evolution and the question of life having arisen from a "primeval soup."


Studies have shown that just low doses of solar radiation on a variety or microorganisms, killed them.


Can you not just picture pristine organisms trying to develop under such a blazing sun? Even if there were some vapor cover, UV-CandUV-B rays would kill them, particularly UV-3, the most lethal component of the sun which alters DNA. In both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, DNA breakage, disruption of hydrogen bonds and changes in RNA as well occurs, when exposed to UV light.


Enzyme activity has been shown to be decreased as well.


Decarboxlationic deaminations, ring breakage and amino acids, particularly tryptophan, have been broken. Breaking tryptophan opens mankind up to painful birth, psychosis, pain sensitivity, depression and inability to be fully aware of the environment. UV radiation of tryptophan has produced photoproducts that are toxic for both bacteria and mammalian cells. It seems the only organisms on this planet that come out unscathed are reptiles and amphibians.


They have a photo-activated enzyme that helps restore DNA.


But, they also have green skin! Take heart, a photo-reactivating enzyme has been found in human leukocytes but it is dormant.76 (See, we have a chance yet!) If magnetism affects leukocytes, which has been found, this may be another reason, just as in copper, why these cells have receded. Again, we must observe that diet would definitely have influence here too.


We are however a very odd mixture, our hemoglobin has the same composition as chlorophyll, however unlike the latter we have replaced the central atom of magnesium with iron which makes it bind with probably too much oxygen even though we don't fill our lungs to capacity (a reflex to stop it no doubt) and, quite actually, our cells literally rust in time. For all its capability at holding oxygen iron does so to our demise.

UV light also induces skin cancers, more in light skin as this type absorbs the UV spectrum that destroys vitamin A and thus DNA repair is affected. It is no coincidence that as refined food consumption has been at its highest since the turn of the century, skin cancers are epidemic now. Hawaiians are a good example who never suffered from diseases of civilization such as skin cancer until their cane sugar became refined and they were stripped of their excellent copper/zinc/iron levels further lowering their vitamin A and beta-carotene content.


(They also used to instinctively cover their bodies in coconut oil to deflect the sun but the ever 'wise' missionaries forbid them to do it. Skin cancers became most prevalent then as well as other illnesses.)

With the canopy effect, sunlight was still a problem but the greenhouse affect was too.


CO2 has positive ions and dyspnea would follow in people quite unused to it. We must consider that these people were of a more pristine type, to us such responses are taken for granted by our bodies. In a more oxygen/nitrogen balanced atmosphere there would be the beneficial negative ions and a better CO2 combining power of plasma and a general state of cenesthesia, decreased blood pressure, better resistance to disease; wherever there is positive ions, an increased blood pressure and respiratory rate occurs, nasal congestion, alpha brain waves alter, inhibition of cell strength and a total disturbance in neuroendocrine stability.


Probably one of the best indicators of a magnetic reversal and/or loss of a sun and fallout is the famous Venus art portrayed in most anthropological books which in their great wisdom they tell us are our evolutionary progenitors. (See plate no. 2)


They treat these figures of grossly obese women as if they were the picture of feminine health which they are not by any means.


Stated one researcher:

"We are now beginning to see a great deal more diversity and complexity in Upper Paleolithic art," says Randal White of New York, University. "And this affects the way we envisage what was going on during this important stage of human evolution. "

Complexity? Rather, teratology!


If this was human evolution it started and ended there. This is adipose cell hyperplasia at its worst and to an endocrinologist this is all too evident. This is one of the final stages of a lineages extinction and what we are seeing among people today. Venus' are epidemic in the U.S. today if anthropologists would only open their eyes; a harbinger of our end? These are endocrine disorders at their worst.


If the canopy affect was bringing dypsnea with an increased respiratory rate, like today, we are beholding images of impending doom.


More CO lowers body heat production (and proneness to tumors by the way) and less oxygen with a decrease in metabolism which caused the women to eat more and more for a system, unable to process the nutrients. So, fat stores for energy were laid down. To think evolution could spawn from a Venus much less your typical western woman is ridiculous. We have the added problems of refined foods complicating our systems.


Anthropologists state that these statutes were fertility goddesses: well, they would have had to do a lot of praying for these type women suffer from irregular periods and amenorrhea and many sometimes think they are pregnant. Alveolar hypoventilation makes them retain CO2 . Cardiovascular problems are numerous and sudden death common.


Their offspring, if they have them, are always physically as well as mentally deficient. The best remark is that of Richard Leakey on the Venus 'cult':

The best-known representations of the human form from prehistory, however, ore the so-called Venuses, statuettes with bulbous buttocks and breasts which supposedly embody a fertility or mother-god image. Statuettes of this type are certainly very striking in their emphatic sexuality.

This is 'human'? No "mother goddess" here and we won't go into whatever problems Leakey has when he sees game to genesis here.


One other researcher makes further comment on prehistoric art of the European Ice Age:

"What is it about a particular society that leads it la produce a material culture such as we see in Europe in the Upper Paleolithic?"

I can sum this up quite abruptly - all this is flanatognomonic.


Every bit of the cave art of Europe is indicative of subnormal mental processes; very little shows true artistic ability, it mostly looks like Ding Dong school level. If this inferior art talent is indicative of how they fared in nature with fifteen foot high cave bear and other monstrous beasties, to expect a higher life-form is blindness in the mental extreme.


It should be mentioned that the thyroid cannot stand cool or cold climates so no one could have made it much past the ice age or if so are yet in a declining state, as disease and morbidity would have gripped them sooner or later as well as the lowered oxygen rate to the brain as the thyroid tries to keep the body warmed.

These people were much like us. a weakened metabolism made them susceptible to environmental forces. There are few people in our populations who have artistic abilities as most paint and sculpt as cave-dwellers; only a handful of people have the talents of a Michelangelo or da Vinci in the world.

One of the best perimeters that something was affecting these people is that in both Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon (the latter is stated to be our direct forebear because of their so-called modern type skeleton, which believe me is no credit to Cro-Magnon!), the largest number of remains is that of neonates and young children.


This is remarkable and may point to the fact there were probably an even greater number as children's bones are less likely to be preserved than adult. (I guess the fertility goddesses were not doing so good!)


One skull of a child was found in Magdalenian layers of the Rochereil cave in the Dordogne.


The very wide skull showed evidence of hydrocephaly. This is quite serious, finding such a malady in a supposedly sylvan peoples. (Trepanning was also done at the top of the skull to alleviate pain. This alone is rather remarkable for a so-called primitive people.)


We expect it today with women and their poor diets, smoking, drugs and active lifestyles.


It can also be caused by neoplasms, congenital malformations, post traumatic and post inflammatory lesions from birth trauma. The latter in particular says nothing good about evolutionary prospects if female pelvis' were so android they caused fetal cranial problems.


To find neoplasms in natural living peoples is exceptionally rare, as would such a severe congenital malformation. Bacterial meningitis often causes this from lesions. Again, something very severe had to happen to them directly to affect them and their food chain. Interestingly, a nine year old child was found at Lozaret Cave near Nice, dated 120,000 B.C.E., showing signs of meningitis as the cause of death. Lack of copper and vitamin C also causes hydrocephaly. Magnetism which can deplete vitamin C and strips copper, can make women produce androgynous offspring which causes android pelvis'.


Or, the offspring were just malnourished to cause this. Another peculiarity is the great evidence of arthritic conditions we find in Lucy to Cro-Magnon. You just cannot evolve any higher life-form from a people suffering from a copper depletion which also means vitamin C and B-complex is missing and other essential elements. Either they were suffering from UV light exposure, fall-out or a magnetic flux, or all of the above.


Our so called primitive ancestors were a morbid lot. It is too bad they still do not have the TV show 'It Pays to Be Ignorant' for evolutionists would make excellent panelists.

It would literally drive one insane if you were to spend your entire life trying to piece together all the puzzle parts of fossils to derive an impossible lineage that leads to us, although a great many Neanderthals and their gender yet abound today and many are certainly on the road. We have very modern fossil remains preceding Neanderthal. This makes no sense.


All of these diverse forms of supposedly early man do make sense if we accept them as being what ancient texts tell us they are; not races nor castes or lineages but pathological conditions and sad remnants of a once monomorphic past.


Evolutionists would catch on to this if they blended forensic pathology and sitology together. Neanderthal man has been developing again (if they ever left) and since roughly 3,000 years ago are making a strong return today. Sadly, anthropologists will not accept the fact he is an excellent acromegalic specimen. And, for something so severe as this to occur that far back calls for drastic environmental problems.


Now, acromegaly is a very broad term, most people believe it is merely a pituitary neoplasm which causes it but it can be from many things; environmental, nutrition, even a trauma can bring it on in a very quick manner, making one appear as in a horror film.


Neanderthals merely passed on the behavioral traits which cause the problem much as we see today.


The Shanidar Neanderthals are good examples of this, where very 'modern' traits are found in the diverse remains. Magnetism for one effects the pituitary. When we speak of Neanderthals we are also speaking of the giants and dwarfs thru history for their conditions are based on somatotropin or growth hormone, a secretion of the pituitary.


Whether it goes into acromegaly or gigantism, or both, depends on how much or little prolactin, adrenocorticotropic or thyrotropic hormones there is which regulates the thyroid, not to mention gonadotrophs hormone and oxytocin which may account for the hydrocephaly as the uterus cannot contract properly and birth trauma exists. It can work the other way with hypersecretion of the anterior lobe which can cause dwarfism which accounts for our legends of the 'little people' and the disparity of finding short little Lucy and another hominid which would have been six feet.


This too could have produced our Venus; as growth hormone (GH) antagonizes insulin and it inhibits uptake of glucose causing diabetes which causes the release of free fatty acids, all symptoms of hyperplasia of adipose tissue.


Twenty-five percent of acromegalics today have diabetes while another twenty-five percent have a decrease in glucose tolerance. Many physical and psychological stress factors can cause this while microwaves administered to rats greatly altered their GH. It was also found that increased adrenocorticotropic secretion decreased thyrotropic secretion and decreased GH while long term exposure decreased thyroxine.


People actually take on a very 'ape-ish' appearance with acromegaly having prognathous jaws, coarser features with diastema of the teeth as in apes; the calvorium thickens, the supraorbital torus or "bettle brow," the trademark of the Neanderthal develops, with 'tufting' of the fingertips with great enlargement of hands and feet.


What causes today's acromegalic people to worsen is refined sugar which aggravates the endocrine system, particularly the pituitary, and is affecting 95% of the worlds people, particularly among western people whose facial planes have lost the high cheek bones creating prognathous or orthognathous, underdeveloped jaws, with 'cod fish' open mouths and enlarged tongues and out of proportion bodies.


The thyroid, parathyroid, spleen and pancreas are of coarse affected as well.


Neanderthals, like our acromegalic and subtle acromegalics today, have 'ape-ish' characteristics and to imply they OT even the Australopithecines are an intermediate step to us is quite silly. The latter hominid is a very severe form. When you see people suffering from pituitary problems today and compare them to these fossils there is no doubting.


Even the famous 'Neanderthal bun', a protuberance of the occipital is very common. The long bones become thick and massive, hyperostosis of the cranium, the humerus and femur bow in deformity as hypercalcemia causes vitamin D to be lacking; slightly kyphotic, the latter causing a rolling, ape like, rickets stricken gait; heavy facial wrinkles as in an ape. hairy body, wide thoracic cage; the weight and size of the brain is considerably larger as in Neanderthal.


What these ape-like features tell us is of our intimacy with the fine workings of nature and how they can be disturbed. For instance, the enormous sagittal crest of Australopithecus is compared to the gorilla.


This means that the pituitary of the hominid has altered to produce a hyperostosis aggravated by anemia to enlarge the calcium content and permeable bones of the cranium as the fluids that feed the sutures hypertrophy from a lack of this essential element drawn away. We are seeing sagittal crests develop in Eskimos for example because of their switch to western diets causing anemia to develop.


Are we to assume Eskimos are the missing link? I think not.


Just because the gorilla has it does not mean it is normal, for him or man. It seems to serve no purpose in either one but is a pathology as the brain case would suffer from pressure as it is a hypertrophy of bone from a disturbance in the cranial fluid. Your cranium has to give and pulsate some if you have a high-energy, heavily convoluted brain as we do. (That is, if you are not an evolutionist!)


Take a good look at your hominid fossils boys, for in your hands you hold your future, not your past. Evolutionists seem to never study teratology nor take lessons from it or pathology. They forget we have yet 'Lucy's' born today which are hidden from the public. Prehensile feet are not hard to find among the populace, all a degeneration from improper diet and lifestyles.


They forget unfortunates like Krao, "Darwin's Missing Link," a small, very ape-like, hairy girl from Thailand, (see plate no. 3) who was with Ringling Brothers and the famous Jo-Jo the Dogface Boy (see plate no. 4) who suffered from hypertrochosis and looked very much like a dog and Lon Chaney at midnight.


You will find any manner of animal types among the congenially malformed in the terrible world of teratology and the horror is sometimes they will reproduce the same. How about the Ostrich people whose feet are so deformed they actually do look like a birds foot? This African tribe has passed this deformity down through the ages.


Another 2,000 years or so from now and Bonzo the chimp is going to look good to us and we will have forgotten what we used to look like. We are slowly degenerating into the Lucy's, Homo Erectus' and Neanderthals of tomorrow.


There are no true genetic mutations here, at least not evolutionary, merely people who are losing the strength of their germ plasms and producing more ape-like offspring. Look at the tin-types of your forebears of one-hundred years ago and you will see a great change in somatypes.


Caucasians for one instance, had higher malar bones and zygomatic processes, the teeth a little less prognathous; today we even see diastema as in apes. Tails are appearing more in newborns and hair covered bodies. (To be discussed later in detail)


Caucasians are losing more contour to their faces and it is more flat like an apes and although they do not have inverted lips they do have prognathism as any good orthodontist will admit. If you look at any 19th century photos of African negroes, many did not have the heavy prognathous jaws until after the white man brought his refined foods and they stopped their natural diets.


In the 1930's one Dr. Price showed the world what refined foods were doing to the 'primitive' peoples of the world as the white men and missionaries influenced them. Evolution falls flat on its Darwin when you see people degenerate to 'ape-types' after just the first generation until they become the stereotyped 'savages'; snarled toothed, stupid, lazy, wild and corrupt, just as their white counterparts.


Anthropologists so foolishly claim that Australian aborigines are so primitive, but they became so after influences from the white-man for over a hundred years. It has always been a mystery why very old skulls found of them have more finer traits than those today. Price showed how in the 1930's those yet untouched were remarkably handsome and beautiful with straight, black hair and very fine features.


You would not recognize them today, yet anthropologists class them as some ancient, distinct race, but they were entirely duped because of their narrow-mindedness.


Today, many Aborigines look like Homo erectus. (More on this in "The Lost Races")

The ancients tell us the apes are a degenerated form of man. This I cannot answer, but Dr. Price showed us a very peculiar thing, a group of African negro children from two and three generations of parents on refined foods, who had degenerated so they scooted on the ground like apes and with such swiftness he could not properly study them. The problem throughout the world is that when these children are born the parents often abandon them and they grow in the wilds.


There are fertile children found yet today being raised by apes, wolves, etc., and are too well known to repeat here. _j

As a student of anatomy, one finds how people have changed so drastically internally just since the turn of the century and differ so today there are no true rules or guidelines so that surgeons have to be prepared for any sort of diversity.


Mentally retarded individuals have many ape characteristics particularly the simian crease, the palm crease similar to the transverse flexion crease of apes. It appears in Downs syndrome, Turner's syndrome, Klinefelters syndrome and gonadal dysgenics. the latter three from endocrine dysfunctions which is what hominids appear to be.


Could man degenerate to the level of apes? What of poor Krao?

One thing I have always suspected the Austrolopithecines of and other hominids, as well as the apes, is that they suffer from a lack of Bios IIB, protective factor X, vitamin H, better known as biotin. This is a very little recognized nutrient in man despite the fact we are showing more deficiencies of it as time rolls on. We are seeing a great deal in our new croppings of children and teenagers with suicidal tendencies, poor posture, somatalgia, hyperesthesia and alopecia as well as allophasis.


The legs eventually become spastic, painful, weak in animal or man. If you envision an apes weak lower legs and powerful arms to compensate you are getting a picture of what can happen in progressive stages. It is caused by refined foods, lack of nuts and grains and fiver. Without enough intrinsic factor the body cannot metabolize it, hut here is the big mystery.


Biotin transmutizes in the presence of CO2. That is, it reacts with CO2 and ATP, the energy rich compound, to form a carbon biotin and it becomes in our bodies activated CO2 an unstable carbon, just what we do not want.


Now, if there was a greenhouse effect eons ago, the myriad forms of hominids we are digging up are remnants of this environmental hazard as generations suffered the effects and the lineages just ended. I disagree that intestinal bacteria is good for metabolizing this nutrient for this creates an even worse problem as more CO2 would be produced in the body.


Gut flora can not produce a stable biotin and doubtless its deficiency does contribute in part to the pallor of Caucasians. Intrinsic factor would be sufficient but an improper diet will not allow it to work efficiently.


Biotin is taken from the Greek word for 'life'. Studies show a lack of it in rats caused avoidance learning which seems to have a parallel in man and another hit for devolution not evolution. You take organisms use to a nitrogen/oxygen/CO2 balance, make more of the latter and you have got problems.


This also causes a great susceptibility to respiratory infection which the apes are in particularly vulnerable to both in the wild and in captivity. The great apes as a whole are exceptionally unhealthy animals. Avidin from egg white combines with biotin which then does not break down in the intestines and if hominids were not cooking the eggs they gathered this would have brought a biotin problem on too.


Apes seem to have a decided lack of it; consuming raw eggs only worsens the problem. If primitive man did not have a cast iron pan in one hand and a copy of Adelle Davis' "Let's Eat Right" in the other, lie was not evolving anywhere but down! If it were possible I would take 100 generations of chimps and by giving them the proper nutrients, by the end I would have them looking like Charles Darwin, and give me another 10 and I would have them looking like today's top Evolutionists!

One Homo erectus was found to have suffered from hypervitaminosis A as the long bones were spongy with ossified irregularities. They say he ate too much liver. Perhaps he did which says nothing for the feeding instincts of Homo erectus as most animals have the instincts to eat so much of anything such as wolves when compared to our domestic dogs.


Primitive peoples have the instincts also. It would seem strange he would receive liver everyday and would take a great deal to get an overdose. Artie explorers and their dogs ate raw polar bear which is the highest.


500.000 IU of A per 4 oz. and developed an infliction, but this was daily. Eskimo eat the same thing but limit intake. I doubt Homo erectus' hunting skills were that good to eat it daily. Rather, what could have happened is that somatotrophin and thyroxine, antagonists of vitamin A. were in such quantity it caused ossification from too much calcium. Many of our lower limbs prematurely ossify because of an imbalance of zinc and magnesium.


Also, a copper and biotin problem could have added a ring of bone on the shaft. It was probably either this endocrine problem and/or a loss of nutritive instincts; both would reflect on the other.

There is among most Neanderthal finds such a motley mixture of types, not unlike known varieties of peoples today, that makes the species of Neanderthal spurious as Cro-Magnon features are mixed with them which has made many researchers believe this was miscegenation. They just have a great deal of various somatypes within the same groups as in any group today and miscegenation certainly would confuse this.


Either anthropologists are not getting out of their ivory towers or are just blind but Neanderthal features are with us today. If they died out, they are back again.


The basic, characteristic features of Neanderthal resemble Caucasian to Negroid features, with retreating zygomatic profiles, slight to heavy prognathism, nasal bones often project considerably from the nasion, often horizontally, designating a very large, parrot nose, although splayed nose types have been found also and are just as common in some areas.


There is such a variation really that to peg racial types that far back is ridiculous for what we are seeing, as today, is pathological conditions. Many black peoples have as straight a spine than their lighter skinned, kyphotic counterparts while the latter is always trying to elaborate on the black's ape-like qualities, but I have never seen an ape with inverted lips!


It should be noted that contemporary western white infants have cranial vault bones as thick as Pleistocene Neanderthal infants. Neanderthals, like the great many of white peoples today, are either dolichocephalic or brachycephalic with over or under developed jaws, so who is really a 'Caucasian'?


It is rather interesting that one study in archaemagnetobiology found that a reduction in the GMF leads to an increase of body length while an increase in reduction of length. In the Ukraine, remains were found with dolichocephalic and brachycephalic features each coinciding with magnetic fluxes. Evolutionists waste much time trying to catalogue early man into distinct lines when there is no such thing; they merely have a great many pathological conditions as one would expect from magnetic fluxes and a possible loss of a major planetary body(s).


In the study of the major finds of Neanderthal at Shanidar, Iraq, no evolutionary processes could be discerned. The Neanderthals show every trait mankind is racing to today. They show a greatly accelerated growth rate as their dental morphologies tell us, similar to our conditions today.

A scenario-Dateline, the African Savannah-four million years ago.


From the jungle onto the plain emerges a creature whose form is little changed from his ape-parents although he is capable of being upright for awhile. He is the grande experiment of that mysterious and magnificent force called evolution which will bring him from the dust of Africa to walk upon the craters of the moon. There he is, look quick, he starts to straighten up, as he puts his evolving foot on the savannah steppe he starts to strain a little.


Don't worry, evolution will take care of the kinks and four million years later his ancestors will say from this little Australopithecine mighty humans have grown. But, oh, he is having a terrible time. His complete neurological and muscular system has been aggravated to extremes, the bonham corpuscles which help direct electro-magnetic fluid to all body parts are blocked and cramped affecting every organ.


His supraspinatous muscle, the main muscle that holds us upright, in his case could not he fully developed (evolutionary time will take care of that-never fear!) placing a tremendous strain on his spinal fluid causing brain fatigue and anxiety. This in turn causes his neck muscles to strain causing blockage of the jugular vein that effects first the parotid gland making the immune system weak.


Next, blood to the brain is slowed and at times makes him dizzy as brain cells are destroyed from lack of oxygen because it impairs blood flow of the subclavian artery which will not make it easy for him to have bursts of energy like running as there are few trees to climb up on in the savannah.


This muscle weakness will bring insomnia and nervous tension.


Because he strains so. his lastissimus dorst is irritating his spleen and pancreas, weakening the organ functions causing hypoglycemia and diabetes. (It is no wonder he left the jungle, he could not eat the fruit anymore!) This will also tend to throw his triceps, sartorious, gracilis and pectoralis major off and thus his ability to hurl rocks, spears or anything else at the saber-tooth getting ready to pounce upon him is pretty poor. (Maybe he grinned him down like Davy Crockett!)


As for his climbing up trees, if he does it often he will find his quadriceps quite weak which has affected his ilium so that every time he stands up after dinner, he will experience indigestion. If he is a she her transverse abdominus is much stretched and will cause a weakness in delivery. Both will develop sagging bellies.


The upper trapezius is affecting their vision and hearing with a low 500 to 2.000 cycle which is hardly adequate to hear the lion sneaking up behind them. Their gluteus medius is causing them to how their legs which is giving her menstrual cramps and prostate trouble in him, causing impotency. Her abductor muscles are under such a strain that the hormonal balance is off and menopause sets in early.


With the gluteus maximus under tension, it throws their gender hormones out of sequence. Well, I could go on. but the saber-tooth and lion just won out on these darlings of man's past. Biology cannot work like this, forms have to be fully developed before they meet the rigors of an environment.


There is no time for development in the harshness of such an environment and to believe on "chance mutations" occurring over and over to produce a superior animal is like waiting for the pumpkin to turn into a coach.


Charles Darwin was a medical school drop out. Given his lack of formal education he would today be scoffed at just as academia does at any independent researcher. It is not hard to believe he did not get a sound education in whatever manner in the field of physiology, for his research is childishly weak.

The most embarrassing part of all this is that we have very modern skulls found at the same time levels (what are the correct time levels?) of Homo erectus up to Neanderthal.


These 'misses' are seldom remarked upon but there are four:

  • Swanscombe

  • Steinheim

  • Fontechevade

  • Vertesszallos

The first was. extraordinarily, a mesocephalic skull, very rare today, 1325 to 1350 cc. dated at 250,000 years.


Steinheim was dolichocephalic, 1150cc. dated roughly the same. Fontechevade. dated at 130.000, with definite Homo features.


Vertesszallos dates to 350,000 along with other specimens which showed one with wormian bones in the skull, a telltale sign he was horn of an andric mother whose narrow pelvis caused cranial pressure. Most Neanderthal women were built as the men, it often being hard to tell the difference. Fontechevade's brain however was 1485 to 1516ccwhileNeanderthal has 1500 to 1700 cc, mainly in the occipital region. This is very extraordinary that we have someone with the right brainsizes in the wrong timescale, but it must be remembered this is certainly unreliable as the acromegalic brain is so hypertrophied.

Many anthropologists refuse to believe that the Neanderthals suffered from an endocrine dysfunction. That is fine. But, why do they never look to the other life-forms at this time, the animals? Should we not be finding acromegalic animals?


The saber tooth is an excellent example whose grossly enlarged canines led it to extinction. Hypermegasoma is prevalent in a great deal of the animals from the dinosaurs to the woolly mammoths. When animals lose balanced body proportions they become extinct.


A very interesting find where acromegaly is suspected is in a group of Pleistocene-Holocene Iberian Peninsula bears who showed a great deal of acromegalic pathologies of the bone. Where are the six foot beaver, dire wolves, seven feet at the shoulder, and a menagerie of other physically impossible animals? To dodge all these type beasties took more than nettle-browed Lucy, Homo erectus or Neanderthal.


An enlarged supraorbital torus denotes an atrophy of brain where bone has taken its place and in a pituitary condition the brain enlarges outward or occipitally or retracts completely depending on the degree of the position of the palantine, mandible and maxilla. The shape of the brain is most pertinent as the electromagnetic force produced by it is a variant on how well the brain is functioning.

Our bodies are very complex and as stated capable of retaining homeostasis, but if we Jose that we are susceptible to external forces. Each and every organ, every body contour and hair responds to magnetic fields. If we came from a spontaneous genesis, any loss, even minor, would have had serious repercussions. Many believe evolution is based on these fields but that is the point, organisms are at the mercy of these fields, and the sun's deadly rays, and the fact studies show most magnetic forces on man are a detriment as compared to simple plants makes no sense.


Magnetic fields are produced in two ways in the body, by steady currents from mainly the brain and heart and what you eat or inhale as the air is even magnetized, filled with charged dirt particles.


Refined food, for instance, is stripped of its molecules and thus electric properties and disburbs our own body fields.


Whole wheat is negatively charged and will not harm the body but refine it and it is a harmful positive. The skin generates a large field of electricity from organs, each with a different given force giving credence to the meridian lines of acupuncture and pressure.


Each and every facial and body form relays how healthy we are internally from our self-generating magnetic fields. Skin itself does not seem to produce a field, it merely seems to be a "radar" which brings information in for evaluation and radiates it as well. One of the major detractions of our field is stress. Even drinking cold liquid affects the abdomen behind the naval where mystics tell us there is a great deal of radiating force, the solar plexus.


Only the skin of the scalp radiants strong electromangetic energy. Animals have a magnetic sense organ in the ethmoid bone, the organ of Jacobson, which has been found in some people and here deposits of iron lay, so the nose is more than something to smell with.


The nasion would pass this energy over the scalp to the inion to the pineal gland where a great deal of power and instinct lies. Without cheekbones this energy passes to the sides and is ineffective. Neanderthal had a horizontal nasion, no high zygomatic or malar arches and this loss of energy flow enlarged the occipital creating the Neanderthal 'bun.'

The flatter the occipital region the better conduction over the entire brain core. It was found when the scalp is pressed this energy is released even more, so it can be understood why. when perplexed, we scratch our heads. Men with thick, dark hair who have a predominant hair roeche (cowlick) were deemed ..very highly as direct descendants of the Primal family as the hair and cowlick serves as a strong field inducer and you would rarely find them scratching their heads! Scars, loss of musculature or organ strength, etc., loses these fields.


Hair follicles follow the flow of the fields on the scalp so hair on men, or women, that is straight and falling back over the head were deemed very wise. Women had a part down the middle while men at the side or not at all.


The cowlick, if it is a true one. is curved back under the forehead. The best example 1 can give is the most perfect one on the actor Jack Lord. It would be interesting to know if it is actually his or cosmetically induced. (Given all his other facial traits I would say it is natural.)


Curly hair is caused by a copper imbalance and iron sets down drawing too many external forces in. The "Jack Lord Cowlick" pulls the electromagnetic fields of the head back to the skin meridian, homeostasis at its best. The Egyptians took great pains to artificially emulate what the 'Gods* had: their children are shone with sidelocks where nature failed to generate it, A uniform polarized layer of this force lines the hair follicles in healthy hair or lies outside it.

Sweating is another area we must explore, which we will encounter numerously, and already touched upon as a factor of CO.


Why nature " evolved" a mechanism is a mystery. Just when your body is suffering from heat, stress or exhaustion, it loses precious nutrients especially those the heart needs most, potassium, sodium, calcium, copper and magnesium. White and black skinned peoples have the most sweat glands while Oriental and Amerindians have the least which may not be only genetic but just the fact they have the same amount but their diets have not always been as the others; I am sure the westernized Japanese is just as odiferous.


Also, the skin loses its electric charge in sweating.

The beetle brow of hominids and apes is a classic example of a loss in homeostasis; Some anthropologists believe it actually evolved as a sun-visor(!), but why do chimps and gorillas have it in the jungle? And. how do you explain, if it were a boon to hominids. finding it in some and not others at the same site as at the Shanidar, Iraq Neanderthals?


It would not be a boon to an animal looking down to drink when his field of vision is cut off. This is another reason chimps and gorillas live in the jungles where the big prey is less apt to get them. You cannot say brow-ridges predominate in negro peoples, as your average Ku-Kluxer would like to say, for if you removed the hoodsyou would see a preponderance among Caucasians too. Charles Darwin and Thomas Huxley had very large brow-ridges. Race is a very dubious thing. We always attribute round eye orbits to Neanderthals while we have subrectangular.


But this is not always true as hypertelorism, a cogenital malady, is causing the same thing from poor gestation today. There is a popular picture shown (see plate no. 5) which states that this is Neanderthal still alive, implicating all negroids are avatisms, lower than whites.


(This picture seems a bit 'staged' and I would not doubt it was retouched to some degree if you will notice the straight cuttings around the head; true or not, he is not a prototype for the negroid peoples or anyone with black skin.)


But let me point out in this picture this man has retained in his "race' something the Neanderthals, like most whites, do not have, the high cheek bones, which is a plus, not a minus (to be explained in full later.)


Though whites do not have as bad a prognathous jaw it is too narrow and often underdeveloped. (More on this later.) Another photo that has made the rounds is the picture of a Russian delicate at the Cairo Conference, 1958, which is compared to Pithecanthropus erectus. The joke is on the people who say this for they only let their eyes deceive them. If this man had a degenerative quality he only is part of a world group for we all have them to varying degrees.


There are plenty of Americans with this particular look and this man's real problem was mostly dietary looking at the bald pate he had. I would like to point out that one reason we find hominid's mostly in caves in our so-called halcyon days, is because caligo often accompanies acromegaly and other endocrine disorders as Cushings disease.


Mighty hunters they were not which may be why we find the remains of rodents in their fossilized feces and bone middens. They even ate coprolites. With Neanderthal's short arms and legs they could not have been good at throwing spears or running.

For the brain to be highly charged, the skull has to be fairly thin to conduct the currents more efficiently. The primary force is right at the edge of the grey matter which carries the field via the pia mater, arachnoid and durameter. with the piezoelectric field of the skull. Neither a brow-ridge nor a sagittal crest would allow much brain conductivity in favor of the thick bone because it has no or little of a blood or fluid cavity when so thick.


Today, it is believed that character reading by the bumps on ones head is foolish, but actually the contours of the skull reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the brain convolutions as electromagnetic charges affect the structure. Magnetocephalograms reveal distinct areas all over the head. ^ We know alpha brain waves change when the eyes are open or closed. We also know that in everybody there are areas of much weakness. This is from poor gestation, diet, lifestyles and environment.


We know the cell is a powerhouse of electromagnetic activity but very fragile. If the nucleus is destroyed the cell dies.

The shape of the nose is most important as already stated, as it conducts these forces while the organ of Jacobson is yet in some people. Some of the Neanderthals must have lost this because of the horizontal nasion indicating the cartilage was large and humped. A straight nose is a better conductor to keep the flow going up and over to the inion.


The discovery of these endogenous Fields on the head was an amazing discovery called contingent negative variations (CNV) and is a negative electrical field over the frontal and central scalp which responds to external stimuli and has been found to affect decision making for one thing.


If our hominid friend was overdosing on liver it was because he could not deduce the amount to eat as his own body could not react with the liver's color, shape, smell, and yes, its own field. His body could not react to the stimuli and judge its use.


This is how our senses respond to the radiations of the environment and all that is in it, organic and inorganic. Color, heat, are all electromagnetic emanations, the material content of all things animal, vegetable or mineral and every contour of the body is built to respond. These CNV fields are most important as they ground external forces from adversely affecting homeostasis while at the same time allowing the organism to respond favorably.


The scalp has what is termed a N200 slow wave, a negative potential with a latency of 200-275 ms. It is maximum from the forehead to coronal to the occipital region, the latter in extreme for visual clarity. Here is the pineal gland as well where great amounts of force flows.


There is also a strong temporal field for auditory perception. Over the parietal areas of the scalp is the P300 slow wave, a positive force which merges with the negative frontal. P300 has been studied in its ability to hasten subjects response to anticipated stimuli as it picks up external stimuli. Even reading a book was found to alter these positive and negative currents to the brain.


Electrophysiology has not determined the exact source of these two emanations but the limbic system is suspected for P300, including major seats of aggression and people hitting or banging their heads when upset may be an attempt to redistribute the waves. Just touching the skull as we saw does this.


Epileptics were found to have emanations from the hippocampus and amygdala. A strong magnetic field is thus generated over the head and its configurations are most important to the health of the individual. If a loss of copper to ground cells occurs and the organism retains more iron the body weakens as heme iron (the better used by the body) is lost to ferritin which is highly magnetic and stays in the cell cytoplasms and serum of the blood. Here is where homeostasis is lost, resulting in a great deal of misery for the organism. One of the good points to man is he is omnivorous, able to partake of all mineral forms, both from animal and vegetable.


A vegetarian loses out (there is no mention of any vegetarianism in any ancient text, they cease only to eat meat temporarily if there is a particular problem) on heme iron for instance, gotten only from meat. Ferric iron is poorly absorbed.


There are actually ten known iron compounds which animals and man use. The mystic reports of so-called out of body experiences and hearing voices, more common among vegetarians, is merely not enough oxygen reaching the brain from poor mineral distribution.


Heme iron for instance works with copper to help keep a steady, homogenous field of electromagnetism. (Ferritin creates an erratic pattern.) It is interesting that vegetarians state the wisdom of the ancients forbade meat eating but as many texts as I have read, no one does so on a permanent basis. There has never been found a vegetarian among primitive peoples.


Texts of the Veda warn against fasting too much or allowing the diet to become faulty as one will lose control of one's senses and be more susceptible to the wiles of the gods and hallucinations.


Today, a great deal of psychosis is from malnutrition of which the United Slates ranks number one in the world. We have more food but it is poorly grown and refined. We have quantity, not quality and doctor's and psychiatrists offices all over the country to prove it.

The water content of our cells works with our copper content and decreases outside influences by maintaining a closed universal body of sorts. The liver is highly ferrimagnetic because of iron storage there. If the blood and cells cannot ground it the organ is subject to outside injury, being negative, and opposes any positive paramagnetic material in the body and the latter is influenced by the outside magnetic field.


Iron is taken up when ill and this is what acupuncture is based on as the force weakens.


Tumors can be detected in this way by amagnetogram. Studies have shown that geomagnetic storms alter the electricity of the skin and the field becomes asymmetric. This can be caused days before, during or after the storm. It has been found that the skin has receptor zones where if affected by radiation it affects corresponding organs. (Shades of Chinese acupuncture again!)

Dubrov pointed out in his study that no one could deny these zones as it is a fact that an electric current and a magnetic field have interactions; the galvanomagnetic effect. The GMF affects the electric currents of neurons thru the central and peripheral nervous system.

All atoms in a steady field generate a magnetic one. Wherever there is electricity there is a magnetic field. The coming together of atoms and molecules makes fields as no single atom is believed to be magnetized. Natural radiation we were born from and it is unnatural radioactivity we must avoid. Radiation is harmful when it transmutates to radioactivity.


Each body dimension is involved in polarization such as the long axis of the body which absorbs a great deal of radiation and E-Fields, (electric fields) which does not look good for any hominind if their legs and arms were as an apes, covered with hair, as this attracts more positive ionizing radiation than a hairless appendage.


It should be stated that most of the earth's organisms are not inversely affected by a hypomagnetic field whereas man shows a very rapid change in his central nervous system. Shielding most animals usually adversely affects them whereas with us it often helps, while microorganisms are injured and produce mutants. (How could we possible dream up a theory like evolution today?)


If hominids walked upright this makes evolution even more improbable. These strong radiations from the earth and sun are attracted to the legs and side torso. In a four-footed mammal the fields are generated up the leg and out. Studies on fur and radiation are not completed to attest to furs ability to distract these fields but it should be remarked that animals have a thinner skin layer so quite probably they do.


However, an upright animal like man receives the full jolt which would be alright as he would be more in tune to his environment, the senses registering this.


But, if his body has hair, he is affected by them for body hair means he has lost his galvanized skin. The thigh alone is a horrendous radiation attractant because of the highly charged sciatic nerve. So, unless Homo erectus was hairless and wearing linen or some other natural fiber (plant fibers help diffuse fields, depending on the radiation, our version of fur for further protection) clothing, pantaloons, or his Oshkosh B'kosh, he was suffering a great deal of cellular damage.


If he had fur he would have deflected the fields but the ears, hands and face would have received the end charges which is probably why animals are totally covered with hair except for the ends of their noses.


Man is given, when healthy, a sound, hairless skin but also the common sense to wear a hat and clothes, which he seldom does when outside for skin does not protect against ionizing rays. No doubt the organ of Jacobson with its magnetism helps defray these charges.


But a completely hairy leg, foot and hand on a hominid would have made him uncoordinated and unskillful, and no advancement in tool making could have been expected. Apes and monkeys have hairless hands and feet but they also live in the jungle which protects from these radiations. Baboons live in the open but have developed thick, calloused hands and although their motor skills are good, you will never see one making arrowheads.

One problem is that DNA has a delicate frequency which is very fragile and like all tissue contains its own charges which are all dependant on the other. And, they are all dependant on the state of the organism and the fields of magnetism exposed to - continental, regional and local eddy fields of exposure.

Hair is always stated to be dead tissue and often it is denied that hair turns white overnight with a traumatic shock. Hair is often overlooked as an electromagnetic conductor which binds the atoms together.


A shock disrupts the B-complex nutrients of the body and hair which disturbs in turn the copper and iron thus the effect can often be immediate. I know from personal experience that hair starts returning to its natural color when nutrients such as PABA are taken and it occurred in two to three months almost to the tips of the hair which is well below my waist.


General Gordon of Khartoum's hair turned white overnight during the siege and my veteran combat soldier father tells me of the same instances he saw.

We have to consider that in any major (or minor) pole reversal the soil itself will be affected with a loss of iron and nitrogen as well as other nutrients. We know with the seasons there is a difference in soil composition because fields of radiation vary from season to season. If pole reversals are a normal process of earth it is much to its disadvantage as it alters the entire composition of floral and fauna upon which she relies.


If the theory of Gaia, going back to the Greeks, is true, that the earth is a living entity, an organism itself, reversals then are a detriment. Man seems built for only a particular type of field and the energy density and power flux of today's GMF are several times greater than man's threshold can bear as studies have shown.


The latter is based on visual and auditory organs and their cellular response to fields. Our hearts are very susceptible to thunderstorm activity which has a high radiation potential and of course the many recorded correlations between accidents and magnetic fluxes of weekly, monthly and yearly fluctuations.


Short period fluctuations vary from a few seconds to several hours and amplitude varies from tenths of a gamma to tens of gammas! And of course the eleven year cycle of sun-spot activity with its chromospheric flares. All in all, to expect evolution from us is too ludicrous when medical studies as well as scientific research definitely doubt the body's ability to handle these fields.


It also tells us another thing.


Life had to be abiogenetically (spontaneously generated) generated. How could we dare consider anything else? Man seems to have come from a state of perfection which is hard for us in our inequities to comprehend. Most animals are fortunate in having their own steady electric fields and emit electromagnetic oscillations, but man has lost his.


Domestic animals as dogs, who suffer every illness of their masters, return back to health with stronger endogenous magnetic flow when returned to their natural diet of raw meat, grains and greens (they are really not carnivorous but omnivorous as they eat the stomach contents of ruminants).


I learned this when after losing two cocker spaniels to cancer and after studying holistic medicine I saved (with the kindest help of noted holistic veterinarian Dr. William G. Winter of Minneapolis) my third one whose recovery was remarkable.


Every pathology of the typical cocker spaniel which is supposed to be genetically programmed, unchangeable: runny eyes, bad ears, cancer, epilepsy, was totally corrected thru diet and by getting her off commercial dog food which is in itself highly carcinogenic (animal by-products are gotten from the cancerous organs of slaughter - house animals - did you know most of your own meat is from diseased animals?)


I have found genetics is a fancy term for stupidity, for many of our problems are naturally solved from MS to cancer.

Man is a very odd organism, there seems to be no circumstance in which he is totally safe unless precautions are taken. Our green-skinned forebears were more fortunate than we. All this had a great difference on body metabolism. The genetic code has been shown to be based on a pentameric symmetry and the RNA coding has a specific arrangement in the form of an icosahedron.


If changes occur in the amino-acids there is a change in the position of the codon. The question is, whose DNA configurations are right or come close? With all the pathologies today surely we are not. How could these codes change without being a detriment to the organism, that is the big question?


For instance each time there is a flux in a magnetic field even the healthiest of us have the fibrinolytic system of our blood altered which presupposes us to thrombosis. This also leads us as to how our personal biology reflects upon research. Darwin was a very weather sensitive person, that is, his blood was so grossly lacking in sound elements as copper and iron that just the ionizations of the sun itself would adversely affect him which accounts for his chronic depression.


Just how sound was he in his science when he could not even 'weather the storm'?


He was always sickly, so his ability to evaluate nature was nil. Darwin was also very homely and you will always notice that people who have such gross physical defects, poor health, etc., usually adhere to one of two crutches, God or evolution. Somehow the apes look good to Evolutionists because of their inability to equate the difference between sound thinking and a poor liver as the old saying goes. I always have to laugh at the strongest proponents of evolution today.


It is logical they should expose it, as they are Neanderthals personified and from a medical point of view I have never seen faces with a better predilection for degenerative diseases as cancer and they are the last ones who should be spokesmen for the world to tell them of their 'roots'!


The health of a person is always reflected in his or her work and vice versa.


The apes have replaced god for Evolutionists. Too much of this evolution silliness has bred the "It's in my genes," nonsense, that what our so-called ancestors did on the African savannah is permanently fixed in our gene matrix. If we keep on with this type of thinking, that impulsive ape instincts have not left us, nuclear war is around the corner. Why don't they look into why man is really aggressive?


Lorentz and his popular book, "On Aggression," would have done well to study sitology for most of man's hostility and woe Jie right in the sugar bowl and if they would read their ancient history and the story of this narcotic they would not make such foolish assertions. Studies of peaceful tribes have shown us that when they switch to western refined foods they are no longer peaceful.


If the bomb is ever dropped, one need look no farther than the dinner table to find out why.


Oh. and to the side will be a shadowy figure whose crime this will really be. They left a great monument in Egypt to this person as a warning to us, but this will come in time in future chapters.

The archaic scribes tell us the gods were metachrosic. In the Veda there is the "dappled one," who was some tyrant of some sort. That leukoderma was in the process is obvious, (or, this is an excellent example of radiation burns) The "dappled one" suffered from the classic thyroid condition of vitiligo which has a copper problem at its source.


There is a loss of melanin which can cause people to appear "dappled" and this is an excellent example of pantocrines. Today, it is becoming more prevalent in negroes and mongoloids where changing to a western diet is also causing very light-skinned offspring from dark parents.


Diseases associated with it are acromegaly and Simmonds'disease and other pituitary disorders which are denied by some sources. However, if the pituitary is dysfunctioning so is the thyroid and the entire endocrine system. You can be hyperpigmented with white, red, or black dappling. It is easy to see why we see such effects, as skin is a mixture of red, blue, yellow and brown pigments.


A yellow hue to skin means cartenoids are not being diffused properly in the system while red means hemoglobin is highly oxygenated and blue is by a reduction in hemoglobin.


Our green gods were, like plants, very well in metabolizing carotenoids and having no doubt nucleated red blood cells which did not require as much oxygen, binding them better and when sunlight (or sunlights!) hit them the radiations from their skin was green or turquoise. Our skin today would turn blue if we did not have an imbalance, with iron predominating given this environment, and we would also be dead, so our present biochemical response has kept us living but only for a handful of years.


We do turn blue when suffocated but if our red cells were nucleated we would probably turn yellow like a withered plant.

The amount of melanin you have depends on the copper content. Dark skinned people have more in their skin than circulating, thus the hair tends to be wavy or kinky with more iron in hair and blood. They also have more eumelanin, a brown-black pigment of skin and hair which some whites have also if dark haired, but refined foods and milk during gestation and youth keep it dormant. This is an important constituent of melanin which in a poor diet causes the copper to loose binding properties.


Eumelanin is still rather a mystery, it is a high molecular weight polymer (all the more why refined foods alter it), the exact structure is unknown although it seems to fight free radicals which can be easily deduced from Caucasians susceptibility to UV-light. The molecular upset of refined foods ruins the electric potentials of skin.


Whites have little heme iron and very low copper, very little in the skin which presupposes them to more ailments. Albinos are the end of the color spectrum; a total absence of melanin. Melanin is also formed by the process of the amino acid tyrosine. A specific copper enzyme is in tyrosinase of which several forms have been found in animal tissue.


Studies have shown different amino acid contents in study animals but as usual this is caused by the unhealthy food given them often with sugar which makes most scientific studies invalid.


Mice can breed different colored offspring from the amino acids being altered much as in the way of people. Spotted or piebald animals were considered abnormal by Egyptians who saw the biological implications in solid colored animals and those not. There were only a few marks on animal and man they considered normal such as the 'tinka' or mole on the forehead of a person still recognized among Indian castes as it signifies the strong emanations of electromagnetic flow from the nose to the pineal gland signifying great wisdom.

Premelanin granulation of skin occurs at the 8-10th month of gestation and pigmentation at 11-14 weeks. However, if there is a genetic basis for eumelanin and refined foods are eaten there is no binding and the skin is light. Often in old European paintings going as far back as the 10th and 11th centuries or before, farm women are portrayed with dark skin while the upper classes had white as the latter had access to refined food. In Japan, older prints show us the same.


Of course, we cannot blame everything on food, although it definitely does cause permanent mutations. If there is a mutation, for any reason on the melanobiasts, the skin will

be very white with blonde or red hair. In Caucasians, the melanosomes are surrounded by membranes while mongoloids and negroids have much larger cells with little membrane. This opens the Caucasians to more radiation injury and disease. One reason skin cancer is so prevalent is that UV light induces autophagocytosis.


Caucasians are rather like white leg-horn chickens that mutated from their natural state and who lack tyrosinase bonding, causing less melanocytes than their normally pigmented cousins.


They developed this because they were domesticated and developed mutations from a change in feeding habits much like holsteins or white-faced cattle who were bred from poor strains and would be impossible in the wild with those colors. Their melanocytes are fewer and shorter. Caucasians usually get paler the older they get as their hypomelanoses causes complete destruction of the melanocytes.

There are four basic reasons for our skin colors, a blending of light, hormones, nutrition and genetics. One reason I told you who are of white skin not to panic is because, as you probably have asserted, about 50% of you are not around the world. In many, there is merely a lack of tyrosine to produce a fully melanated cell, caused by riboflavin or pantothenic acid deficiency; refined foods depleting the germ plasms thru the ages, and keratin cannot lay down in cells.


This is why all people show the same amount of melanosomes but the size and clustering is different.


As we saw, prostagladins are lost or are few by UV light exposure and prostaglandin E2 influences the epidermis along with hormones. All this is also a good indication we all came from a common source. Evolutionists are playing the racial game with hominids, the more prognathous face, the more likely it diverged to negroids and mongoloids, the less so, Caucasians, when the latter is the most pathological specimen of them all hate to say.


Often people turning back to their biological diets regain in measure a more healthy complexion if the genes have not mutated and they return then from their depolymerizative state.


We have just the opposite in diseases such as kwashiorkor, observed in primitive people who are giving birth to light colored offspring as they consume refined foods due to a loss of riboflavin and interbreeding with white, but often it is merely the loss of their genetic stability thru degeneration. In the early days of Amerindians on the reservations, people often remarked how odd it was they lost their dark skin as the generations passed, this being a direct result of white man's food.


Even red hair can develop in negro people from a loss of nutrients. We are seeing premature graying in black-haired primitive peoples once they are influenced by western diet through a loss of B-complex.


Graying is common in blonde and blue eyed people for they lack metabolic power and have poor thyroids. Absence of thyroid hormone has been found to cause depigmentation in tadpoles and they were once green! Another check-mark against the Aryan elite of Hitler and the Church. High levels of Cortisol also produces depigmentation in offspring when the mother is stressed and/or on a poor diet by suppressing melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH).


May I also add this is another reason why white color is not normal in many Caucasians and can be gradually reversed. An absolute number of melanocytes peak at birth and then the number of dopa-positive melanocytes decreases thru life, often from mutation by the sun and diet.

Ancient literature tells us we are not the color we should be; this is called fuculative or inducible skin- color caused by factors which alter the original color and there is no one on this earth who can escape it. If you think red, yellow, white or black is beautiful, forget it, we are all in the same boat at different degrees. What the ancients were trying to tell us is that what we call racism is merely a disorder; there will be much more discussion on this later.


Apparently, we have lost the ability to have neural control over pigmentation and this could only come from a loss in the endocrine system.


Really, there is such a variety of colors in the world that it is ridiculous to generalize by the words, Caucasian, Negro, Mongoloid. In India the caste system is based on the degree of .pigmentation. Not all dark skinned peoples have 'negro' features and the latter do not when consuming a proper diet, often losing prognathism as the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia show by following dietary laws.


I wish we could congregate all the pious souls who send their Christian charity to 'primitive' peoples and show them before and after pictures when they feed these poor people their poisonous food.


Then the gnarled toothed, prognathous, benighted heathen appears, destroyed from their more sound genetic constitutions, more precious than those who sit in a church pew ever dreamed of having. These people only became 'savage' after the arrival of the white man. If they were as sickly as they are now ages ago, they would never have made it. We have seen the Amerindian, the Negro, the Polynesian peoples destroyed and now the Orientals. All these people were much healthier and self sufficient until their environments were destroyed; now they are just like the white-man.

Hypopigmentation and a lack of copper and zinc are well known in animals and humans. Copper is important to tyrosinase, the amount, as stated, determines pigmentation. Pantothenic acid, para-amino benzoic acid and most importantly here, biotin, a great deal lost in a CO2 environment, are all a cause of depigmentation.


No one can claim supremacy and if so, only to a matter of degree because everyone's lineages are headed in the same direction unless it is stopped so in essence everyone belongs in a neutral corner.


A pole reversal, lack of a planetary body, and/or radioactive fallout could have caused any of this. However, if there was a loss of a companion star to the sun, as already touched upon, a great many inconsistencies in biology and earth history could be enlightened upon. How ironic that the sun, the planetary body so lauded in science and song to give life is actually the taker of it. In us, it produces vitamin D3 and simultaneously destroys DNA by its photons.


White skin does not absorb what few good rays it has while dark skin absorbs too much. The sun is an excellent germicidal on one-celled organisms but kills our cells at the same time. Long term exposure contributes to that "natural" process called aging.


Tanning is merely radiation burns, not taken seriously by most people, but a great deal of cellular damage is done. If Cro-Magnon man evolved to a higher form in the Ice Age this would indeed be a miracle as just a day in the snow, which reflects 80% of UV light, is enough to cause mutations. If there has been an evolutionary process at work under the present sun, my goodness, I cannot figure it.


If anything, our skin types have produced a very necrocytosic organism as melanin is a strong light absorber. And, when you think the the great apes are light to dark skinned, evolution is truly the farce of the 19th and 20th centuries.


TJV light inactivates enzymes, peptide bonds split, sulfides and disulfide bonds alter, photochemical oxydation and DNA is disrupted. UV-B is the most lethal of the sun's rays. UV-C, like UV-B, kills bacteria by altering their DNA and it does the same to us and every other living thing beneath it.


The Veda verse quoted was certainly right! Carotenoid deficient organisms have been found to suffer much and when you think copper needs this vital element and as a precursor of vitamin A, a green skin would certainly be more advantageous. Caucasians lose an enormous amount of vitamin A in UV-light.


Oxygen is needed to metabolize it and it is no wonder why Caucasians have always been enamored with sports and exercise for this brings more oxygen to what little circulating A they have but the body fools the mind and both suffer from the irreversible damage of oxygen, CO2, and energy loss.


The stratum corneum of white skin absorbs 50% of UV-A radiation down to the basal cells which means there is a photobiologic effect on the blood as well as lymphocytes and those supposed 'normal' erythrocytes that are renewed by the minute. For cells to go under any division would be exceptionally hazardous and to believe in evolution takes more blind faith than you could muster in a Baptist tent meeting on a hot July afternoon.


No one can produce a healthy baby today much less a hominid a million years ago.


Only five to fifteen percent of UV-A has been found to reach negro skin so darker skins have an advantage but they suffer from hypervitaminoses in varying doses with vitamin D metabolism and other nutrients as A. If they want to keep implying DNA as a source of evolution they would do well to take note that DNA and the heart of the cell, the nucleus, absorbs UV-A like a magnet.


Some cell nuclei shield themselves by thickening the cytoplasm as protection against UV-C, but this does not hinder the strongest radiation of UV-A. If Caucasians keep their carotene levels up this helps but does not deter damage completely. And no doubt because of nutrition and solar response the UV-A transmission bond is reduced to less than 0 by age twenty-two in the eye lens.


People with aphobia (loss of the crystalline lens of the eye) can perceive UV-A radiation much to their mental frustration.

Actinic damage and sun induced aging seems to have been known to the ancients and as we know today it affects everyone, with Caucasians least resistant. Tryptophan is lost in UV-light whether eyes are brown, black, or blue, however the latter is the worse for loss.


Pigmentation of the iris is believed to protect DNA from radiation by energy transfer mechanisms with triplet energy transfer from nucleic acid bases to the lower triplet level of tryptophan, however, the fatter is mostly lost in the UV-light. For all the talk of evolution, the human eye absorbs too much radiation and cataracts are common, more so in blue-eyed people with a tryptophan, carotene and vitamin A deficiency.


The lens of our eyes suffer from a gradual or rapid deterioration depending on the person. (If aging is a normal process, you would think, if evolution were natures way, it would never occur for organisms deteriorating from the moment of birth can in no way give birth to superior offspring.)


The loss of vitamin C also creates a problem in the eye. Dogfish exposed to UV-light were given ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and vision improved. Again, our loss of ability to store vitamin C may be one of our biggest detriments as it is needed 24 hours a day but if you take 1000 mgs. this morning it is lost roughly 3-4 hours later if not a little sooner.

People of the Middle East have been battling Iepoderma for centuries. In Egypt the plant Ammi majus has been used to treat people with a 75% recovery. Diets of salt and sugar are behind most of this.

White skinned peoples whose color is dietarily caused rather than a genetic mutation, find if they stop eating sugar they cease to tan from the sun as cells grow stronger as a loss of copper and Paba is restored. Lack of Paba is a contributor to many lepodermas such as vitiligo.

There are many photosensitive diseases where people spontaneously have skin lesions erupt. None so bizarre as porphyria, or erythropoietic protoporphyria first diagnosed in the 19th century. Science has finally admitted that tales of werewolves and vampires have a biologic basis to them.


The Veda hints that those suffering from these disorders sought the sunless underworld because they are photophobic. The Egyptians too hinted at them. If this study is correct, we should expect to see this for porphyrin is a nitrogen compound in protoplasm that forms the basic animal and respiratory pigments obtained from blood and chlorophyll. In a heavy CO2 environment, those who cannot adapt have a tendency not to metabolize heme iron.


When sunlight hits them it adversely affects the blood as it loses vitamin A, carotene and vitamin C and like a Lon Chaney movie they literally, spontaneously change.


Their hair grows, the body disfigures, in some cases the teeth even gnarl. The skin reddens and the upper lip recedes. I hate to see this treated so lightly in the horror movies as it is a serious problem. Massive doses of vitamin C have been tried in treatment centers and abstinence from the sun. In desperation they will turn to drinking blood, the main source for heme iron.


Said one researcher at an American Association for the Advancement of Science:

"It is our contention that blood-drinking vampires were in fact victims of porphyria trying to alleviate the symptoms of their dreadful disease".105

Being bitten by one could trigger the same response if the victim shared the same 'defective gene' but then only the loss of blood, it is said, would trigger it. And, true to legend, garlic would be feared as it contains a chemical that reacts to porphyrin.


Here is a good example where a legend bore much truth.


There seemed to be a great deal of these sufferers up until the Middle Ages as the defect seems to be killing off its carriers. Many people of noble birth were porphyric, as the infamous Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bafhory who killed virgins to bathe in their blood and in 1611 was put to trial and locked in a castle room until her death four years later.


One other accompanying symptom is stigmata, already described, so these people were if anything, showing adversely their true blood lines with pain and mania. That is, they were of the primal stock whose lineages could not adapt to the atmospheric change. When first diagnosed in the 19th century they were locked up and given blood to replace what they had lost.

All in all, we have described processes that would be detrimental to a species capable of immortality. Immortality has to be worked at however, no organism is immortal without observing the rules of life. With a more negative ion environment death would surely not come upon them. In one study of mice placed in a high negative ion environment and inoculated with cancer it was suppressed as they received this and supercharged oxygen atoms.


Some even had a greater life-span, while others had no effects at all. Effects of positive air ions depresses embryonic cell tissue, tracheal ciliary activity (again, why we do not inhale our lungs completely), mental functions are decreased, reaction time slowed, pain threshold lowered, vitamin metabolism also, Just a slight imbalance of O2 and CO2 would bring on paranoia, neurosis, disease.

A very curious cultural addition was primitive man's use of ochre found in Neanderthal graves. They were placed in beds of ochre or the skin or bones painted. The "Red Lady of Paviland" is encrusted with red ochre at Oxford. Mines in Africa show iron ores to have been mined there 40,000 years ago. Today, ochre is called bloodstone or hematite.


Were they actually melting down an element harder than gold or copper? We will not go into the obvious fact that there were more brains hopping about than Homo erectus could muster at this time, however, more interesting is that of Olduvai gorge in Africa.


Here, in a bed of ochre was found at or near the (e.g. of Homo erectus, (and a find in France 300,000 years ago) ochre 'sticks,' in colors from yellow (limonite) to purple showing abrasion, hinting at their use as a coloring.


As well as using it for art it is believed they used it cosmetically as a paste. It is still used today by Australian Aborigines and Africans who paint their bodies with it for art and medicine.


As a student of pyschobiology and sitology get leery when people employ particular metals, ointments, etc., for it tells us what they are missing or trying to compensate for what was lost. We know that iron exposed to oxygen creates ozone, just what was missing in their atmosphere, and which even promotes healing and is used internally as well.


It has been shown that cancer is inhibited by enriching the air with one part per million of ozone. Iron salts are wonderful at inhibiting hemorrhages and have antiseptic properties. It can be used for everything from burns to internal problems. Used in a burial it would certainly preserve the body.


Egyptian, Sumer and Veda all praise ochre:

It would certainly deter particular forms of radiation as we know today from shielding experiments.

Today, too much copper can be poisonous to us, however, copper levels are so low because of poor diets that it is seldom diagnosed as a problem except in so-called genetic diseases as Wilson's disease.


But an element called ceruloplasmin is not binding to copper as fully as it should be. The loss of copper retention means the loss of power in the immune system. As you read, millions of bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites and toxins are entering your body thru respiration and through the skin and eyes and it is a constant battle of the body to keep them at bay.


We can answer also that this would eventually cause a breakdown in all the cells and what we call aging would appear.

The sun is definitely no help to us and encourages DNA breakdown. Longevity would cease if organisms were used to a particular force. Mice treated with a 3000-4200 gauss magnetic field gained weight, became active and appeared 6-8 months old despite the nearness to total life-span. Another mouse a little over a year old lived for a year more.


Depending on the field and the magnetic resistance of a bacteria it will either grow or die in an induced field. We know these fields can affect behavior, oxygen consumption and a myriad of pathological and behavioral patterns. One basic problem is that the entire neuroendocrine system was altered, this mission control base of our bodies that regulates our every function and behavior.


Any abnormal radiation will disturb it. If an organism loses (he mental acumen to keep this system from a harmful environment or situations, the body loses its chemical balances and stress ensues; this releases corticotropin which stimulates release of adrenocorticotropic hormone, a most cytocidal substance. This means other harmful steriods are being released as well.


Our traditional view of the 'fight or flight syndrome' where the body supposedly (this is another oft repeated 'science fact' with no scientific basis to it, espoused so by evolutionists who have no training in biochemistry) prepares itself in an emergency is a sham for steroids penetrate the cell membrane right to the nucleus affecting gene expression, hence destruction, acting also like barbiturates with an excitable false illusion of euphoria followed by a crashing depression as they cross the blood brain barrier in a rush.


This is another reason the body tricks itself into exercising and the so-called 'joggers high.' It is another self-destructive mechanism. It lures you into a very cytocidal maneuver like a fly to a web. The Veda texts tell us that men in control of their senses did not have what we call today the 'fight or flight syndrome.' Only men are capable of it and occasionally a very stable man under enormous pressure is found, usually only-when he is on a totally natural diet. (More on this later)

It was the loss of the thyroid functions that seem to hurt most. As an integral part of basal metabolism, it retains command of all the other organs of the endocrine system. Unfortunately, because of its high energy turnover it is most susceptible to radiation of all forms. Because it regulates growth hormone its influence on both gestation and maturation is paramount.


It's powerpack is the pituitary gland which stimulates release of thyroxin and growth hormone and any disturbance to the endocrine system is long lasting and often permanent if the accompanying behavior pattern cannot be changed to regain what was lost; being cognizant therefore is the difference from knowing right from wrong.


From what the ancient texts tell us, with their food taboos and harangues on lifestyle, this was the beginning of a prophylaxis we call religion.


Depending on which of the gods were advising the people, they could have them firmly in their hands by diet alone as every mental thought and action you have in part rests on your food and eating habits.


Here, from your very conception, the biochemistry of food decides your many fates. Religion should be labeled the 'regimen,' for like Alice In Wonderland, we search about for the right wafer to eat to make us tall or small. Most religions have food preferences and the reasons for same we will try to discover. Experimental animals when we disturb their endocrine systems, or their bodies are irradiated doing the same, lose all their natural instincts for food selection and will choose that most harmful to them as if nature wishes to end the lineages that have gone wrong.

In such an environment we have described, and are ourselves living amidst, vitamin and mineral absorption would be lowered. We know that the body acts in concert as a whole, from a electromagnetic viewpoint, as stimuli activates other cells which carry the message or 'whisper' to other cells, all activated by electromagnetic energy.


If this charge is weak or interrupted, enzymes and metabolism are disturbed and energy is lost.


Food has its own electromagnetic principles as we know the stomach and intestine have strong magnetic resonances depending on the foods eaten. Wheat flour, as described, has a negative charge but, when refined becomes positive or loses any field whatsoever, and the body's electromagnetic flow is upset.


The gods would not eat meat when going to fly in their "celestial chariots," Egyptian texts are explicit on this. Only wheat and other grain products would be eaten upon 'going up.' Meat was forbidden only then.


How enlightening this is for meat adds a great deal of magnetic strength to the body but this would not be needed in space where the positive atmosphere does not require it since there is no terrestrial stimuli. In fact, such a force there might be very hazardous.

No one can figure why we cannot just live on natural organic and wholesome foods and get 100% of the appropriate nutrients without supplements but I am sure this results from the atmosphere for whatever reason. Even the gorillas have been observed to eat dirt which is rich in nutrients for them and essentially they do as we do in taking vitamin supplements.


Just to obtain enough iron for us daily would require eating over 50.000 calories! If man is such a paragon of evolution, how did he ever make it on the Savannah where he was overdosing on vitamin A and showing arthritic bones? In rabbits subjected to a magnetic field there was an increase of blood clotting power and a reduced consumption of food and an increase in water.


Their weight reduced, some lived, some died. Also, if our forebears were having a problem with the sun and/or radioactive fallout, carbon 14 would have been in food and air, as a radioactive carbon is created by cosmic ray interaction and nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants. It is unstable unlike its more beneficial counterparts as C and C which being non-radioactive helps to metabolize protein, carbohydrates and fats.


Carbon 14 lays down in fat and hemoglobin which is why bodies decay and we age so. Now that the nuclear age is here we will decay even more. Bones have more carbon and especially so if it is radioactive. As it has a half-life of 5,760 years (sources vary from 5600-8000) any dating beyond this is ridiculous, although evolutionists yet use it.


One reason we may not be absorbing all our nutrients, such as fats, proteins and carbohydrates is because of elevated levels of CO2, which is changed into a carboxylation of pyruvic acid, a well known cell toxin.


Pyruvic acid is well known for its changing of brain chemistry (it is one of the by-products of refined sugar). Chocolate and grapes contain it also which may be one of the reasons the latter was forbidden in archaic literature. It is thru ingestion that C02 creates so many problems. If what occurred in our archaic past is true, this means our hominid fossils are not millions but rather thousands of years old.


As a by-product of certain cosmic rays it still should not really be showing as heavily as it does in fossils unless its other source was from nuclear weaponry or a general large scale decay of the earth from quite unnatural reasons. Since 1900, combustion of fossil fuel (the Suess effect) and after 1950, we have had a heavy influx of carbon 14 thanks to the all-knowing scientists and politicians. Thanks to their unnecessary testing to secure their countries they have subjected every living thing to a slow death.


This all lays down in our bones and causes blood cells to weaken and each successive generation suffers. (How could anybody supposedly with such responsible positions, be so naive not to think these tests could not disrupt the entire globe?)


Another problem is that our fat reserves are a major concentration of suitable carbon but attracts the evil CO, also. (Just how this affects us will be discussed in an area no one has dreamt or later.)


Fat is an excellent detractor in some radioactive emanations as we find less injury to radioactive victims who have a great deal of adipose tissue. This is no reason to go out and consume everything in sight for it does attract other radioactive elements and has other complications. However, it is one reason fat people do not wrinkle as much.


The ideal body seems to be one not too fat and not too skinny, women needing more fat because of more delicate skin and organs while muscular men seem to be excellent at retarding harmful radiations and strong electromagnetism.


There seems to be a normalization in wave peaks of radiation in muscle when there is a thin fat layer over it. Strong, striated muscle, as in a man. where the cells are large and thick is a great determent to radiations.

I have always wondered what carbon-14, an unstable radioactive isotope, is doing on the earth. Carbon conies in two stable forms C12 and C13 and four radioactive, C10, C11, C14, and C15. Stable carbon is an integral part of all living, healthy tissue, the unstable cannot be. C is caused by cosmic rays but even this may not be normal with our atmosphere and the possible absence of a planetary body.


It lays down in all plants and water ingested by animal life particularly in meat, plants and milk. This is suspicious for the gods forbade meat before the Flood and recommended it afterwards, when the earth was new again. Carbon also combines with oxygen to form CO2 . another toxin. How could life have arisen from such a highly unstable substance?


Another curious element is uranium which is radioactive. It is rare in the cosmos, so how did it figure in the Big Bang? But, just what is radioactivity? It is the disintegration of the nucleus of an atom with radiation emission. It is not to be confused with radiation which is stable energy whereas radioactivity is entropy, decay, with a poisonous emission compared to healthy radiation forms. (It is the same thing your dentist lovingly shoots at you.)


 X-rays are commonly called radiation but it is a by-product, and radioactive and decaying, which is why life-forms are injured from it. Then there are the "foolers.' as UV-light which is both radiation and radioactive, again implying the sun is missing a companion.


Nonetheless, what are any radioactive substances doing on the earth if life was supposed to have begun here? Life, a radiation principle, cannot evolve in a radioactive atmosphere nor retain the ability to evolve into a higher state if you believe in evolution. In other words, there is no such thing as 'natural' radioactivity. Stable isotopes find it difficult to exist among unstable isotopes.


Even tin which has ten stable isotopes has an many radioactive ones. Something has caused certain elements to decay quickly or slowly. Radioactive elements are all the half-lifes or remnants of once stable elements. Many of the agents we have on earth are poisonous to man and are transmutations.


This is certainly a point I would like to make to western health practitioners in the 'what is natural' controversy.


Strontium for example is produced from biomine. also radioactive from another substance, from what, like uranium, we do not know. They tell us nuclear reactions in hot stars created all the radioactive elements on earth from the primal beginning. Sans the primal beginning, for there could not have been one that included life-forms.


Our own nuclear age can tell us how radioactive elements bump into every fragile cell and we cannot brave the storm successfully. How in the world did a tiny amoeba do it in the so-called primal soup?


Much to our horror, we are discovering it kills cells outright or alters their functions. Many anthropologists turn up with peculiar disease states, weak kidneys and livers, as the very fossils they handle may be radioactive. It is clear that on this earth something happened to cause such a radioactive state at one time, that many substances are transmutations.


Alchemists seemed to know in their ancient wisdom what nuclear physics does today, that lead mercury can be changed to gold by using radioactivity to change the protons of the original element transmutating it to a lower atomic weight.


Obviously, the alchemist had knowledge, or emulated those who did, for they used powerful radioactive emitters with uranium and other radioactive sources from European mountains. From what is recorded of the 'natural' ailments of alchemists they suffered from radioactivity sickness with nausea, bleeding, sores, etc.

Well, as the Austrians say, there is always good even in the very worst of things, and when a certain President dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and other maniacs followed, one did learn one significant thing, evolution was impossible, even under 'natural' radioactivity. If radioactive waves hit reproductive organs (which it always does) then lineages suffer. Chromosomes may be injured and some repaired, but their strength is never as before. Can you not see Homo erectus careering about the Savannah in puris naluralibus with his upright, hairy body soaking up every terrestrial and cosmic radioactivity? Today, there is no where we can hide from it.


The more contamination we get, say of uranium 235, in our lifetimes, the faster we decay but our bones, because they are slower in turning over tissue, will leave behind some. We will leave our bones to the elements, like hominids, where the ground and natural biosphere will hide them from the air. Then, one day, they are exposed and decay is very rapid giving the bone a 'fossilized' and ancient appearance. Evolutionists forget that uranium, stable or not, cannot tolerate the atmosphere, even the metal itself will tarnish on exposure. 15,000 years from now our bones will look millions of years old if someone should dig them up.

Evolutionists also forget, or never learned, what biomagnetism has shown us.


The stability of ferromagnetic minerals pertains to rock as well as tissue and the fixity of the crystal structure of either pertains to magnetic fields. Any instability is known as being superparamagnetic. This is because even a weak magnetic field causes a rotation of a particle movement toward a force and then causes a parmagnetic susceptibility. In other words, if an organism has an established magnetic pattern, if it is weakened by whatever agency, it loses its stability.


We can glean two things here, the ancients belief in spontaneous generation gets another plus while evolution gets a very big red checkmark. One thing that was found is that a change in size of a few nanometers of these particles and the superparamagnetic force changes the rotation of the moment vector and time changes organisms. That is, the crystal structure of a so-called fossil would be enough to change it from 100 seconds at death to a seemingly decay rate of 4 billion years.


How old is Lucy, Homo erectus? They could be anywhere from 2.000 to 200.000.000 years old depending on this and a myriad other constituents, as well as the magnetism of the area in which they lay.


With a changing environment in a magnetic reversal, there could be no possible way of telling the age of any fossil. Even fossil bacteria is questioned as the small grain size of the crystal gives them a large ratio of surface to volume which attracts other minerals to it after death, a further complication as to age.

In 1975, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences issued a report by an eight man committee that if one-half of earths 10,000 megatons of nuclear weapons were exploded, effects on the ecosystem would be small and only noticeable in 30 years!


Only those directly in contact would be disturbed. Tell that to all the unstable strontium everyone has in their bodies!


This is what happens when physicists and other nuclear scientists and not biologists and ecologists have a hand in these sordid affairs. How could life be precious to them when all they know is numbers? Remember the good old days when a man would not even smoke in front of a lady? Maybe that is the problem here, the latter has degraded to an andric and we have found that just one puff of smoke in someone's face is enough to injure DNA.


Everyone is forgetting how fragile life is. We do not even retrieve one-half of the nutrients in food we did fifty years ago because our soils are so stripped and polluted with chemicals.


The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has never been known for good old common horse sense I am afraid.

All dating is tentative, particularly since the experiments of Ernst Beil in 1940 when he developed a process for converting carbohydrate-containing material to coal and oil in one hour, thus contradicting that the coal beds took millions of years to complete but can be done in thousands of years. This is another of many experiments disproving evolution the scientists just happen to overlook in their game of monopoly they are playing.


Again, to paraphrase Sagan who criticizes anyone against Saint Darwin, scientists never record misses, only hits, which he said against researchers in the paranormal who, so he claims, never record their misses.


Another fact they overlooked was when scientists found shells of living snails in freshwater Nevada pools and dated the living specimens at 27,000 years as the snails were merely using ancient limestone to build their shells. I was glad to see it reported in the April 6, 1984 issue of Science, the major United States science journal which admitted the shakiness of carbon-dating.


They should also have mentioned the shakiness of most scientists. There has been a gigantic crackdown in the fraudulency of scientific papers where many have flawed in their research either intentionally, or by mistake.

The earth daily loses kinetic energy through rotation; it is decaying and this allows cosmic rays to penetrate even more. The latter are found even in the bottoms of lakes. One of the purposes of a magnetic field is to deflect these rays. Since we know there were magnetic reversals at the time of Lucy, there had to be a barrage of cosmic rays, so again we speak of dysgenics, not evolution. Today, this magnetic field is decaying at an alarming rate. According to one source the earth's magnetic field will disappear by 3991 C.E.114


There is more commotion about losing other natural resources except for the most important which is triggering all the rest.


For life to evolve, there had to be a steady, unchanging magnetic field and that life would be dependant on it, any deviations would mean degeneration. The difficult problem is, the more cosmic rays allowed in. the more radiocarbon dates alter. Something very young will look very old. According to these calculations, the earth's present magnetic core dates back 10,000 years. The ancients tell us this was the correction after the flood at roughly 14,000 years ago. That is pretty close.

Well, here we are thus far; oxygen is bad; CO2 and a world of other things we touch, taste and breathe.


Oxygen has always been known to be toxic so does Huber and Senebeir's experiments mean we had more nitrogen at one time? In the mid-1940's, other scientists confirmed that enzymes are indeed inactivated by oxygen excesses. In the 1960's and 70's it was found oxygen produces free radicals, those elements that destroy cells such as superoxide. Something, is obviously missing.

You will never see animals or 'primitive' man exerting themselves wastefully in exercise the way western peoples do as they are instinctively cognizant of the toxicity of oxygen. In Oriental philosophy, exercises are without strain being much like isometrics so as not to disrupt the body's equilibrium. They would laugh at aerobics the biggest autocytolysic foolishness there is. White skinned peoples pursue it so vigorously as they have little heme iron and poor biochemistry that drives them to self-destruction.


Rats exercised till exhausted to mimic aerobic exercise showed increased oxidative damage from free radicals to the heart, muscles and liver cells, and the sad part was, not only was the mitochondria, the energy source of the cells, damaged but the nucleus as well, which means no or poor cell recovery. 115


When trained to become accustomed to it, and given vitamin E. they released superoxide dismutase, a cell protectorant, but not enough to give total cell protection, it was so slight.


This is another reason why athletes do not last long physically. As in many things, the body becomes accustomed, but that does not mean it likes it. Primitive man just knows what every animal, except most western people, knows. Another problem with humans during exercise is that the so called 'oxygen debt' creates lactic acid which accumulates in muscles and liver.


Lactic acid is a notorious cell destroyer. It is what makes muscles pain during and after exercise. Nitrogen, if we only had more, on the other hand, slows respiration and thus cellular damage. Oxygen is so damaging because, for one thing, it has radioactive isotopes, 14Q , 15Q , 19Q, with half-fifes of seconds and minutes.


Oxygen is a paramagnetic element but there is the pale-blue 04 which is nonmagnetic. Cancer develops when oxygen is not well circulated thru the body, which I am sure is true, but I have always wondered about the radioactive isotopes.


Exercise and any stress causes auto-oxidation of epinephrine and norepinephrine which produces free radicals and lipid peroxidation and a further loss of oxygen which cells cannot stand either. They need it, but not too much or little, but a balance. When excitement gets your old adrenaline going, you have lost the ability to retain self-control, as acidosis takes command. Even in a 'pure' environment, one would have had to handle the body according to the elements and keep a balance.


There has never been a Garden of Eden, no organism could survive without challenge, but we seem to live in a biological chamber of horrors. Nearly everything has become toxic to us and we are contributing more and more.


Since World War II, a half million synthetic substances have been introduced. All people alive since the 1940's, and those born since, have unstable strontium in their bones and teeth. A bomb dropped to end one war merely began another as no one won-we all lost. We have polluted the environment with radioactivity since the bomb over Hiroshima.


Our telephones, TV's, radiowaves, appliances, are disturbing what little natural fields are left and causing distress and disease. We refine our foods by altering their electron configurations so that our own bodies cannot even recognize it and allows free radicals to attack our cells and cause physical and mental degeneration.


There was an 'Eden' at one time, or we would not be here, but we are but the remnants. We have come a long way since green skin and golden blood.

Iron may be our worst enemy as it binds oxygen. There are only a few organisms such as the lacto-baccilli family of bacteria that do not require it. One trigger that it may not be an integral part of us is that much of the iron on earth is present in the oxidized, EE state, and so not readily available which is something of a puzzle despite its abundance in organisms.


Here iron rather than non-heme, seems to be the more stable which nearly everyone lacks; whites to extremes for it is involved in respiration and oxygen binding and has a free radical detoxification process and also is a part of tryptophan.

There has always been a fascination that early man ran down his prey. Man is a good runner, but he can also knock his head against the wall, is that normal too? I would like to know how they weathered 'sports anemia' which is a condition found in exercisers and runners by which there is a drop in iron-rich red blood cells in significant amounts to cause anemia.


It was found in 10-15% of running competitors but it must be in all to varying degrees.


Two elements cause it, jarring of internal organs and if the runner is stressed. The blood is then shunt from the gut to muscles which breaks down the intestine lining. Quite a bit can be elaborated here whether you are a hominid or a man. Being upright puts a drain on the organs from gravity as it is, and being on top of one another, unlike a dog or horse, makes further hindrance.


Now, if running is so beneficial, why does the body lose its life fluid at a crucial time? And why is blood shut off from gut and muscles that will ruin cells from lack of oxygen? Oh, but man is really evolved from the apes because he has so many back problems he has not reached perfection yet. This is probably one of the worse errors of evolutionists.


There is nothing wrong with man's spine only a lack of calcium, B12 , etc. in gestation and after and the fact he does foolish things like jogging, sports, etc., which tears the body up. This is not the ape in our past, just the idiots. Here we have a hominid bleeding eternally, losing vital nutrients there and through sweat, (the bleeding goes on for several days until the intestine heals and, by the way, you don't feel this as there is no pain receptors there).


And someone is going to tell me he was producing healthy little hominids that sprang forth into man? That is so laughable I can barely keep my fingers on the typewriter keys!


A study was recently done where high amounts of vitamins and minerals were given athletes and none to a placebo group. After the study, the athletes blood levels of these nutrients had not risen. Why? Exercise depletes body nutrients and they lost any they took as exercise is not normal to man, but the big companies that sell you all the accoutrements will tell you otherwise!

Quest for Fire was the story of the superior Cro-Magnon and crude Neanderthals as they all frolicked and stumbled through Ice Age Europe learning the hardships of cave-bears and gametogenesis. The movie which followed was a credit to man's blindness. Once acted out, evolution looked even more improbable with these Little Rascals of the Stone Age.


The book and movie were a hit as most degrading things are nowadays, with a sequel, "Clan of the Cave Bear", especially among young people who identified with the loose gamic mores.


As I overheard one day a young man say who had seen the movie, Quest for Fire,

"heck, yea, man, now I know I am only genetically geared in my sex hang-ups, my ancestors were already doin' it. Man, I'm normal!"

Whatever his problem was, I was glad not to hear it, but it did not take much guessing to figure it going by the values most people have today.


This is really sad, but I have seen so much of this, that I think it is time someone spoke up. Books and movies of this type merely recreate a stage of man's degenerative past he is repeating again.


Evolutionists tell us we are genetically structured for aggression and football players are merely replaying their ancestors roles from the savannah of Africa and forests of Europe. If men were that stupid back then to abuse their bodies as they do on football fields today, there was never any evolution. Take the poor diets from mankind and all this dribble about evolutionary behavior would soon disappear.


They would have more respect for their bodies which nature gave them. 'Quest for Fire' should have been entitled, 'Quest for Fools'.

It seems to be a pet-peeve with evolutionists and the medic establishment to state that when an organ cannot be explained because it goes bad, it is a useless appendage we no longer need on our step up the ladder of evolution. It has been claimed the fornix and hippocampus, which are more highly developed in us than in animals, must be useless since our sense of smell is so bad, so saith them.


You would think these jackals could see the engine is all equipped but is missing the high octane fuel.


If they would lay off the refined foods, step up such vitamins as zinc and ascorbic acid, they would not be making such ridiculous statements. We have the same situation with the appendix. It is not a worthless organ and the reason it goes bad so often is western diets, which lack fiber and then bacteria grows in this organ that is one of our best detoxicates, but like all our organs, it must be fed properly. It is a matter of record wherever western diets come to primitives they start having appendicitis attacks.


Remember years ago when doctors were yanking tonsils out right and left?


Now these children are adults and they have found the tonsils are a vital part of the lymphatic system and these people are developing infection, even cancer, they cannot fight, all because sugar and junk foods caused a dysfunction as a youth. Children on health foods rarely have such serious problems. We have a bad habit of removing something we cannot conquer through intelligence.


I am waiting for them to tell us our hearts are an evolutionary leftover because they go awry so often!

As in the idyllic days of King Arthur it was said to rain only in the evening, and some studies are wondering if this may be more natural to earth as it still does so in some parts of the world and at short duration. It has been shown that evening rains during the growing season, with the onset of darkness, allows moisture to soak in and better growing occurs without the spread of fungus and parasites that would attend early morning to late afternoon. They would be free from humidity and heat that would subside at evening.


Plants, instead of expending energy to fight a sun, would be able to concentrate on combating disease. Worm movement is also better after rain and they clean up the ground. More photosynthesis occurs at night as more carbohydrate synthesis is possible then.


Cloud cover looks so beautiful to us but we are learning that it mainly is a reposit for pollutants from the earth, especially large thunderstorm clouds.

In 1985, the U.S. Naval Observatory found a "wobble" in the motion of a star named Van Biesbroeck 8 which is believed to be a companion to the sun more massive than Jupiter. Other planets are suspected as well.


The ancients tell us they are there, we need only look. They also state that there is a planet the Nibiruians live on (see Sitchin The 12th Planet).


Another planet is suspected beyond the orbit of Pluto and will pas^close enough in our solar system to cause comet showers every 56 million years. According to the archaic texts, roughly 450,000 years ago, a titanic war changed the orbits of the planets. Is all of the above related if we lost a planetary body(s) eons ago?

The cell is a structure of great mystery and our best electron microscope cannot even see into the very heart of it. We are just beginning to decipher some of its secrets and are too immature to make any judgments on them which is why genetic manipulation is madness. (Must be the same boys from the National Academy of Sciences!)


But it is a lucrative business and man will go to that like pride before a fall.


They already are trying to put a growth hormone on the market, "cosmetic endocrinology", for people to take if dissatisfied with their height despite the known hazards of tumors, etc., instead of telling people the best way to have tall offspring is to serve decent, well-balanced meals, and have mother induce harmonic activity which we know her attention does as Maternal Deprivation Syndrome actually makes children hold back on growth hormone when a loving hand is not there.


Also, if we could get people to stop drinking and smoking they would have well-proportioned, tall children, instead of the gamut between short and hyperplastic tall.

We have so much to learn in biology. Prions, an infective agent of disease, has just been found, which although it contains proteins and reproduces cells, it has no DNA or RNA (J). Anew genome? Who knows! But tampering with DNA is tantamount to murder for even pipetting, pouring and mixing by hydrodynamic forces always breaks the molecules of the six feet of DNA within each chromosome.


This is why test-tube babies are a disaster and anyone who sees them can tell that they will never be normal and what numerous hidden problems they must have makes one rather ill to think of. Damage always occurs from the handling of any culture. I know of no instance where the natural environment of the organism is emulated in the laboratory and this is certainly so in artificial breeding of humans much less animals.


Nature is where Nature does.


(And to think they called Hitler crazy; he was a piker compared to what goes on in labs today. They now allow sperm of man and ovum of animals to come together after the zona pallucida has been removed. Do you know what they get? No, you don't want to know, but you will never see it. Doctor Mengele, step aside!)

It was with great surprise the single celled algae Chlainydomonas was found to have an eyespot that has a membrane containing 100,000 pigment molecules which focus in light. With this it produces physiological changes and rotates itself accordingly. This pigment is the same eye pigment called rhodopsin used by mammals!

We are becoming aware that the earth's volcanic activity is actually a method by which current-handling properties of earth's organic crystals store information about heat, pressure and light. Using its own electromagnetic fields, (just as we use our neurological system) like self replicating DNA, earth restores itself. Is the earth, like us, trying to return to its original structure? Does it have a genetic memory of its own?


Which brings us to a subject beyond instinct.


Can an organism's cells store memory to be able to pass it on to offspring for their benefit as well? It would certainly prolong an organisms life, especially if circumstances brought it to decay to cling to a past memory and endeavor to restore itself. Having the somatic structures is not enough, a memory of that life or event must push the mind towards restoration of the body.

Some of sciences greatest insights stem from just this. There is a picture from antiquity (the magazine Science, used it as a cover) which is a representation of DNA. It is a Roman bas relief from the third century C.E. In the fifth century, B.C.E., Leukippos and Democritos postulated the atom although the Egyptians already wrote of it thousands of years before. Bacteria as a cause of disease was intuitively thought by Marcus Terantias Vaso of Rome in the first century B.C.E. but Moses knew it long before if we go by Deuteronomy.


Black Holes were a theory in the 1920's but not proven until 1973.


Our scientists today must continually tear everything down, reductionism is the term. No thought of using the best computer available, the mind. They forget Kepler and Newton discovered their laws solely on the basis of observation and description with not one single bit of experimentation.


Kepler revealed much of what he knew intuitively through mysticism and he would have been an avid Star Trekkie for he wrote science fiction. However, the universe and its mysteries are in they eyes of the beholder and if those eyes and the body that has them is not healthy, how can one perceive the world about tbem with any rationality? No one is perfect, but surely Einstein was a better man than Hitler.


One researcher, heralded as a brilliant science writer, is so juvenile in his research most serious science researchers scoff at him and he also has a line of porno books, so it is not hard to realize the narrow scope of his mental capabilities.


Another young researcher strives to find the answers to the Universe but he is physically handicapped with Lou Gehrig's disease and, unkind as it is to say, to believe he could have anything relevant to contribute to research is unlikely. Researchers are like doctors, before you put your faith in them you had better see what they are like before they start prescribing.


Darwin was said to be a masturbator, which definitely puts him out of the intelligence league, he was also a stutterer and suffered illnesses supposedly from his South American tour but he already had a heart condition before he left on the Beagle which is understandable if he did the former nasty practice.

Pavlov's famous experiment with dogs which has been a model for behaviorists has been a sham. Here, the dogs would salivate every time a bell was rung when food was given and when the latter was taken away.


This was called Behaviorism and was said to prove that man was born in a blank state. This was eaten up by the Christians for it proved Christs statement that believing in him would fix everything in life.


Don't eat the right food, don't worry about your body and mind, just believe, But there was one other experiment Pavlov did not advertise - when the dogs were not hungry, like any animal with instincts enough to know that the body requires only so much, with bells ringing all day they would not salivate or eat! Here is another miss someone forgot to record!


The only thing it proves is why there are so many obese Christians. As for evolution, contrary to Sagan's glittering statement in 'Cosmos' that it is no theory but fact, is a gross untruth. Good grief, we have just found a fifth force in physics! We do not really know enough about anything to make a sound judgment on something so ambiguous as evolution.


Socrates roamed the streets grabbing everyone and saying,

"Do you really mink you're right? Think about it, suppose you are mistaken!"

We are not a stable species, we cannot be because our biochemistries are not, for whatever reason you believe.


No one is holistic enough to know the ultimate truths, we can only come close, if that in many areas. But to be so confident in so shaky a field as evolution is insolence in the extreme and to teach it in the schools is even more blasphemous on principle alone because it has never been proven.


Evolution is like allopathic medicine, let's not get at the source of our problems, lets mask them with something else. Sagan is so busy criticizing the Ancient Astronaut proponents by saying people are forgetting their troubles here and relying on spacemen to help them when a fairy tale like evolution is causing more to promote world disaster by being a crutch for our ills than anything else.


Maybe we should start looking up in the hopes someone will save us for mankind is drowning in his own inequities and outside intervention may be our only hope.


If we leave it to the Saganifes and the Goulds of this world, we may be back on the Savannah again for even Einstein predicted after the next war we would all be throwing rocks again. This was already done once and we are the last of those who managed to rise again. If we only listen to what the ancients tell us for once, maybe we can then meet our problems and regain the humanity we have lost.


Laplace, the 18th century astronomer believed the entire universe could be predicted if we had all the information about the present. Mankind did and can if they would only return to building (hat microcosm of the universe called the brain.


We are still in the grips of the 18th century Enlightment which discouraged eclectic research.


A doctor is a doctor, a dentist a dentist, a chemist a chemist when they are supposed to be all rolled into one. The Renaissance man is over. Einstein was an advocate of "gedanken experiments" meaning "thought experiments", tackling a problem entirely in your head rather than in a laboratory. The more gadgets and paraphernalia needed shows how man mistrusts his own instincts.

Genetic memory is another field of thought. Archaeologists have found themselves following these memories.


Heinrich Schliemann was called a fool for following his instincts and listening to old legends concerning the ancient city of Troy - but he found it!


Bible proponents have been scoffed at by scientists trying to locate cities and places described in the book but it seems everyday one turns up. Professor Herman Voltrafh Helprecht, the great Assyriologist, dreamt that a Babylonian priest gave him (he key to decipher cryptic inscriptions and he was able to break them! Many people believe in past lives but this is not reincarnation, but genetic memory.


The cell is capable of carrying an engram of events. But can it pass them on? Remember the earth's ability to store information in its crystallized structure of rock and crystal? The same molecules of crystal are in wood, flesh, bones and genes. Seismic conduction of crystals occurs if we go by inorganic elements like silicon which has electrons that react with earth's electromagnetic field and continue their original structures through replacement atoms.


Going by this, gametes would be able, through transference of electron process from brain to body, (o retain and pass on genetic memory. Evidence is mounting that nerve cells secrete a substance allowing them to connect with others and like a telephone switchboard when connected, information flows. With our lack of proper nutrients and poor gestation this could be explaining our inability to retrieve forgotten instincts and memories although hypnosis can bring some of these out.


Of all the strange stories of reincarnation is the story of Dorothy Eady.


Born in 1903 of a wealthy London family she fell down a stairway and was pronounced dead. When she was to be laid out she was found to be quite alive. However, the experience triggered something in her brain. She kept hiding from her parents and demanded to be "taken home."


Upon visiting the Egyptian galleries at the British Museum one day she went berserk kissing the feet of statues, hugging mummy cases and speaking in a "strange and old" voice her mother recalled and wanted to be left there with "my people."


Shown a photo of the temple built by Seti I she told her father that was her real home, claiming she had known Seti I as a kind man.


She sincerely believed she was the reincarnation of an Egyptian Princess from Seti I's court. She learned to read hieroglyphics at the British Museum and surprised her teachers in her ease of reading them claiming she was only relearning a language she had forgotten. She called herself Urn Seti and married an Egyptian, giving birth to her only child, a son whom she called Seti.


She worked as an archaeological research assistant at the museum and traveled to Abydos in 1952 to Seti's temple and the tomb of Osiris.


It was a rekindling of a past life and she returned in 1954 and lived out her life there, helping with upkeep on the temple and praying daily to Osiris. She intends to be buried there having obtained permission in 1973.


Genetic memory? It seems terribly idiotic to believe spooks and spirits hover over every pregnant woman waiting for a chance to hop in!


We know people during gestation can pick up what the mother or someone said and years later, repeat it word for word. The cell is like a tape recorder, every sound and vibration has influence upon it.


It would certainly explain why some people take to language, etc. Just remember Nietzches' remark,

"there is more reason in your body than in your highest wisdom."

Feelings as Déjà vu may just be that your own ancestors once walked that same lane or looked at the same temple of Rameses.


Unfortunately, someone hundreds of years from now will think they were once Alice Kramden who had gone to the moon just because one of their forebears watched "The Honeymooners!"


Don't laugh, many people have picked up on things their mother read or heard while they were fetuses.





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