The god who had insight the moment he was born, the first who protected the gods with his power of thought, before whose hot breath the two world-halves tremble at the greatness of his manly powers - he, my people, is Indra.

He who made fast the tottering earth, who made still the quaking mountains, who measured out and extended the expanse of the air, who propped up the sky - he, my people, is Indra.
- Veda





In the beginning - this is our first quandary, as everyone has his own version.


Science, the primordial soup; Creationists, a single benevolent god. One would logically assume that the farther back in time one goes, before man's own neuroses and monomania added to it, the closer we would come to the concreteness of these histories.


The Bible is a very late bloomer in historical account and as we shall see is but a moulage of jumbled facts for according to Egyptian, Sumer and Vedic texts, the Bible is considerably ignorant of the truth and is hiding a very major component of our history.


Actually, Genesis is a compilation of many events and by separating them we will realize an entirely new history. For instance, in the Egyptian "Book of Overthrowing Apepi," two distinct versions of Genesis are given and to this query we shall endeavor.

The ancients theory of the origin of the cosmos fits well with the Big Bang theory purported by science but refutes them in the area of evolution. According to the Bible, it took six days for god to create the earth, something any good Egyptian and Sumerian would highly dispute in their early days for they believed in spontaneous generation-abiogenesis.


The Bible actually describes up until the rest on the seventh day, the restructuring of the earth after the Flood according to Egyptian texts, except for the part about creating man. This is why the Bible is so hard to decipher as much older texts all are concurring and paralleling one another, obviously from the same source, but then in man's dark age up pops a book of obvious scrutability and a conglomeration of all the ancient texts strewn into an impossible lump sum which is why the book is so contradictory.


Actually, its structure and chronology so keeps the reader utterly confused that he is more apt to agree with it because he is loath to admit he can't explain it, our Professor Cory syndrome again.

According to the Veda, man's present history accounts from the time after the Flood, some 12,000 years ago, which seems to parallel those of other ancient scribes.


According to the Veda, note the reference to the 'Big Bang' having already occurred (was it caused by nature or the Gods?):

In the Beginning, after the destruction of the entire universe, O, tiger among men there is the Krta age, which, they say, lasts four thousand years, preceded by a dawn and followed by a dusk of four hundred.


The Treta age is said, to last for three thousand years, preceded by a dawn and followed by a dusk of three hundred each.


The Dvapara lasts two thousand years, with a dawn and dusk of two hundred., each, the Kali age is taught to be one thousand years long, with a hundred years each of dawn and dusk; (note that dawns and dusks are equal in length)


When the Kali age has been spent the Krta comes around again. This total period of twelve thousand years is called, the Eon. The unit of a thousand such eons is cited as a Day of Brahma.


When the entire universe reverts to its home in Brahma, O tiger among men, the wise know this as the reabsorption of the worlds.

Were dawns and dusks three hundred years between one another at one time? There is a long discourse on the telltale signs that all this is true of which I will present in full later, but one excerpt to tempt skeptics is the following:

At the end of the Eon the population increases, tiger among men, and odor becomes stench, and flavors putrid. When the Eon perishes women will have too many children, O king, be short of stature, cast off all morals, and have intercourse through the mouth. At the end of the Eon the countryside will bristle with towers, the crossroads with jackals, the women with hair.

How much is true here.


People can no longer discern good food, their biological food, from bad, and we are far into the age of refined foods and artificial. This loss of food sensitivity they will remind us of often, as it has slowly digressed for the last two thousand years or so. People now are odoriferous because of their poor diets attested by our perfumed and deodorant society.


World population is increasing interminably as more than one child less than 20-30 years apart is considered too many gauging by even the Ayurveda, the medical Veda treatise, written approximately 200 A.D., when people were yet living to 120 years, with middle age at 60. Western peoples, in particular, are now so lax in morals in areas of health and sexual values that the very core of mankind is finally breaking.


Diseases of concubitus, destroying germ plasms, brings the final stages. Androgyny is in full swing and woman, as we will see, once hairless, now has body hair as hormonal imbalances go awry.

The Bible's supposed monotheistic content is contradicted right from the start,

"Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.'' 3

The Hebraic, "Elohim" serves the same purpose, translated it means "one god of many."


The Bible gives other references,

"I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; before the gods" and "I know that the Lord is great that our Lord is greater than all the gods" and "Give thanks to the God of gods", "God presides in the great assembly: he gives judgment among the gods."

There is more than one god just at the Hebrews proclaimed in their early histories as "Yahweh" originally meant "gods" and why it took on a singular meaning shall be a major objective of this book.


From roughly 1500 B.C., Egyptians began reciting the same thing. There was in fact a great uprising in Egypt when a particular person made such bombastic claims and the Veda, thankfully substantiates all this. It is the prime issue of these texts.

For a long time however, people yet held onto the belief of abiogenesis.


Diordorus Siculus (last century, BCE) tells us that,

"the Chaldeans say that the substance of the world is eternal arid that it neither had a first beginning nor that it will at a later time suffer destruction".

As we usually find in ancient texts, and as yet in myths from around the world, it was a force, or forces, no deity is implied.


The Egyptian BOOK OF THE DEAD, written by the priests of the College of Anu at the time of this great theological upheaval, went through an entire rewriting of additions and subtractions as the ages passed with very little of the original remaining. Later generations of Egyptians could not themselves decipher what we seek to discover today.


Most of the original versions have passed on, lost to antiquity and perhaps for an unfortunate reason.


They tell us black days on the earth when the people cried:

may I not be shut in the tomb, may I not be turned back, may the limbs of my body be made new again when I view thy beauties even as do all thy favored ones because I am one of those who worshiped thee whilst they lived upon earth.

The basics of the text of the BOOK OF THE DEAD purportedly predates the period of King Menes, first historical monarch, at roughly 5867 B.C. that is almost 8,000 years ago.


According to the Egyptian scriptures, the gods possessed the "World Body",10 the sum total of the constituents of the universe of which fallen man tried to return.


The Veda tells us at the time of man's fall thousands of years ago, the basic primal instinctive laws of man changed progressively, altering his genetic makeup.

Some people know four Vedas, others three or two or one, while some have no hymns at all. While the Scriptures are thus broken up. the ritual becomes multitudinous; and bent upon austerities and gifts, the creatures fall under the sway of the Constituent of Passion. Because the single Veda is no longer known, the Vedas multiply; and because there is now a collapse of truthfulness, few abide by truth.


Many diseases strike those who have lapsed from the truth, and lusts and disasters caused by fate arise, afflicted by which some men perform very severe austerities, while others, motivated by desires or the wish for heaven, hold sacrifices. Thus, having come to the Dvapaiayuga, the creatures perish from lawlessness.11

What they are telling us, as they always do in every archaic text, is that when the primal instincts left, so entered the crutch of religion.

In many cultures around the world, people yet believe the heavens and earth are created from an egg. The Egyptians believed everything evolved spontaneously out of a boundless, watery mass, a huge germ plasm as such, and they too stated it was in the form of an egg, called the Paut. The Primeval Beings created from this were the Neteru which corresponds to the Sumerian name of Nibiru.


They have met science halfway, but science will not accept that cosmos, earth and man were so abruptly created.


I cannot pass judgment in this respect as to the events occurring at the "Big Bang," for we do not know all there is to life, but I do intend to draw, attention by the use of the biological sciences as to its great possibility and the very shaky foundation of evolution which gives enormous weight to its credibility.


Having never been proven in (he field or laboratory, it is as much a theory as spontaneous generation. Evolutionists speak so of it being mentioned in antiquity, but legends, folklore, and more substantial literature in Egyptian. Sumer and VeoV texts, speak of no such thing. Evolutionists just do what they are good at -twisting words.


The Veda speaks of the "Golden Embryo":

When all this was without light and unillumined. and on all its sides coveted by darkness, there arose one large Egg, the inexhaustible seed of all creatures.


They say that this was the great inexhaustible seed of all creatures. They say that this was the great divine cause, in the beginning of the Eon; and that on which it rests is revealed as the true light, the everlasting Brahman. Wondrous it is revealed as the true Light, the everlasting Brahman. Wondrous it was and beyond imagining, in perfect balance in all its parts, this unmanifest subtle cause that is that which is and that which is not.


Water, Heaven and Earth, Wind, Atmosphere, and Space, the year, the seasons, the months, the fortnights, and days and nights in turn, and whatever else, has all come forth as witnessed by the world. Whatever is found to exist, moving and unmoving, it is all again thrown together, all this world, when the destruction of the Eon has struck. Just as with the change of the season all the various signs of the season appear, so also these beings at the beginning of each Eon.


Thus, without beginning and without end. rolls the wheel of existence around this world, causing origin aid destruction, beginningless and endless.

All texts speak of a Fall from a purer form.


Whether this is quixotic or has a concrete basis we will endeavor to find out, but to do so means putting evolution in a back seat for awhile. As a medical researcher, I wish we could, as it is hampering serious study and crippling the help people could be receiving. I think it is time we listened to the ancients and at least give them a sound test.

The Veda is much like the Egyptian texts, and in one of its passages proclaims that they do not know of what matter the universe came into being, but the gods were created from 'it' and not by a 'Him'; the last line stating that even the gods themselves do not know:

There was neither non-existence nor existence then, there was neither the realm of space nor the sky which is beyond. What stirred? Where? In whose protection? Was there water, bottomlessly deep?


There was neither death nor immortality then. There was no distinguishing sign of night nor of day. That one breathes, windless, by its own impulse. Other than that there was nothing beyond. Darkness was hidden by darkness in the beginning; with no distinguishing sign, all this was water. The life force that was covered with emptiness, that one arose through the power of heat.


Desire came upon that one in the beginning; that was the first seed of mind. Poets seeking in their heart with wisdom found the bond of existence in non-existence. Their cord was extended across. Was there below? Was there above? There were seed-placers: there were powers.


There was impulse beneath, there was giving forth above. Who really knows? Who will here proclaim it? Whence was it produced? Whence is this creation. The gods came afterwards, with the creation of this universe? Who then knows whence it has arisen?


Whence this creation has arisen-perhaps it formed itself, or perhaps it did not - the one who^ looks down on it in the highest heaven, only he knows - or perhaps he does not know.

Even the gods themselves did not know if they were in somebody else's fishbowl.


People of antiquity debated as now as to this void from which we sprang. Today, we theorize how something as the Big Bang could have come from 'nothing,' as they did in this gnostic text:

Since everyone - the gods of the world and men - says that nothing existed prior to Chaos, I shall demonstrate that they all erred, since they do not know the structure of Chaos and its root. Here is the Demonstration: If it is agreed by all men concerning Chaos that it is a darkness, then it is something derived from a shadow. It was called darkness. But the shadow is something derived from work, existing from the beginning. So it is obvious that the first work existed before Chaos came into being.14

I guess you just cannot expect something from nothing: there is really no such thing as nothingness for when we say a box is empty we disregard the chaotic play of molecules going on inside and that air itself is a substance as water.

The gods were said to have gone so far as to borrow this cosmic egg shape and used its geometrical shape to form some of their airships:

Now concerning that night of bottle, when they enter it is into the eastern port of the sky, there straightway taketh place o battle in heaven and on the earth to its whole extent. Hail in his egg, shining from his disk, rising from his horizon, glittering above sky without his second among the gods, sailing over the pillars of Shu, giving winds of fire of his mouth, moking bright the two earths with his radiance...15

We saw here a reference to the titanic war that was to erupt in Egypt.


The Egyptians could not however, have been more right. Not until we ventured into space did we discover that the earth is actually egg shaped, not round at all. but narrow on one end and rather bulging at the other. The earth is in macrocosm, an atomic polarization, with the magnetic core like the yoke of an egg. the positive part of an atom with electric polarization in the albumin or waters of the earth.

Both the Egyptian and Vedas speak of the "unborn generations." In the Veda. Krishna is the "Unborn." one of the highest gods. These were all the primal gods, unlike those who were born, known to the Egyptians as the Henmemet or "unborn generations."


To the Greeks they were the di majores and the di minores, the higher and lesser of the gods. Of course, science will refute the possibility that organisms can be spontaneously generated even though seeds do the same and the fact man himself was once a germ seed of the same cosmic properties in a substance called amniotic fluid.


If you will look through a microscope at all the myriad cells and structures, they bear an amazing resemblance to the stars in the heavens, and one begins to wonder. But modern science cannot accept the wonder for (he ways to monetarily manipulate them. All the same mineral and chemical properties of space we carry within our bodies.


Ancients called the knowledge and cognizance of ones body against the background of earth and heavens, "Cosmic conscience." They felt it was the loss of instincts that had been a proper combination of biochemicals and tissue throughout gestation, maturation, nutrition, and learning that had caused the. "Divine" or "Supreme Being" to fall.


The first nature/nurture controversy! Something occurred which broke this homeostasis and destroyed the divine lineages called the 'Ennead' by Egyptian, 'Nibiru' by Sumerians, later translated to 'Nefelim' in the Bible where it was mistranslated as the name means "Fallen Ones."


We will find the Bible has totally (purposely?) misconstrued the good people from the bad.

The purpose of this writing is not to prove some idealistic "Golden Age" once existed. There was no such thing. Life must be challenged and tested, the scourge of an organism, but by which it is kept strong and alert, and as will be seen, capable of stupendous life spans if not immortality. There is really no such thing as immortality without a fight.


Life was as long as they made it but they had the possibility thereby of being immortal, as the Veda tells us. because they were "masters of their senses."

What did exist and from which we so sorely suffer, was the perfection of biological chemistry and physiological structure to combat stress and environmental assault and survive. The idea of Heaven where cares and woes are forgotten is childish for the mind and body would atrophy.


And what pray tell does a "spirit" do all day? Revel in its ecotoplasm? Why though, in our minds do many feel that life is incomplete, that there should be more as if there are pieces to our body missing or dormant?


One knows what or how something should occur, but our bodies and minds, the ever holistic unit, falls short of our expectations. Deep within our minds are there diagrams, genetic memory, telling us of a past we've forgotten and may have had hidden from us?


Voltaire said,

"Antiquity is full of praises of another antiquity still more remote."

If Voltaire were a biochemist, he might have found why for if we are speaking of a fall from monophyletic organisms, it would be a domino effect in degenerations.


Here is where I stick to the basic precepts of the ancient tests which tell us the gods are from earth and thereby I differ from most proponents of the Ancient Astronaut histories, who say they arrived on earth 450,000 years ago,16 again basing their theory on evolution and genetic engineering. We are told by the ancients, that man's body is unique, quite apart from the ape's, and any resemblance is superfluous as to any animal and shows if anything, man's success was his rare composite of all the beings in the universe but degeneration brings a resemblance to lower forms.


Goodness, I hope the evolutionists decide one day to incorporate the study of teratology to their work, they will see people resembling fish, dogs, birds, snakes, worms, apes, and elephants, in their physiologies and physiognomies.


Are we to assume we are derived from the cocker spaniel or the chimpanzee? Or how about the cuttlefish since so many people today walk about with their mouths open from a decided nutritional lack?


Walk into any doctors or psychiatrists office, stroll up and down any street, and you do not have to be a mathematician to add up the fact that man's suffering is mostly auto-genetically caused and he is quite capable of changing same. Man's pathology and mental degradation is the biggest strike against evolution I know of and which we will delve headlong into throughout this book.


Similarity does not imply relatedness, a precept evolutionists have been duped by.

"The body of man is a microcosm, - the whole world in miniature and the world in turn is o reflex of man." 17

How healthy the earth is is a reflection of man. Unfortunately, it is not too healthy.


Man wants to guide his destiny, indeed the gods had (still do?) control of the cosmos which would become entropic, say the ancients, without them and their perfection prohibited this, but man's inherent quality is falling short for he has lost his primary senses. The Veda is composed on this precept. The Greeks, as did the Egyptians, Sumerians and Indians, believed firmly that the gods did not create the world but were a consequence of it and managed it. like a garden, from falling to decay.


Man has the latent potential to guide Nature and shows the tendency through his penchant for science but has lost his instincts. According to entropy the amount of energy in the universe is always the same but is forever trying to return to its original state.


Scientists tell us the cosmos is racing to its ultimate demise as it collapses in upon itself. Is this true, or are they merely reflecting upon what is happening in their own bodies as cells decay giving us an entropic process we call aging?


But we are learning thru sitology and gerontology that it can be slowed down and if this is so then it most certainly can be stopped.


The hoaried texts tell us when man again regains his primal knowledge, decay will end. Is not evolution then not a permanent state but a progressive degeneration, a de-evolution-molecular structures trying to return to their original states but blindly, endlessly grasping, seemingly, as punishment for indiscretions until the lineages are no more?

It is dangerous how one word or words, mistranslated, can transform entire meanings to literature. With the first account of the Creation we have, "Now the earth was formless and empty." However, "was" is the King James Version as it actually translates "became" and that gives us another clue. If "became" is correct, the earth was already formed and somehow digressed from its former state.


God intervened then and returned it hack to normal. Was the world fully developed technologically as compared to our own say 450,000 years ago and before when these events occurred, do we have any material proof? Yes, some footprints and a hammer, much taunted by some scientists but by no means all. The hammer in question was found in June of 1934 in London, Texas in rock 400 million years old.


The Batelle Laboratories have made an extensive research of it concluding it was formed by no known process of steel production, the head of iron, the handle, wood. However, the iron has no silicon or carbon that are used to process steel.


A scanning electron microscope revealed it is 96.9% iron, 2.61/2 chlorine and 0.74% sulphur which is rather extraordinary for without carbon it isn't steel and with no silica could have been furnace forged, but why the high amount of chlorine which results from that type of production? It is a non-carbon steel and its strength is from the heavy concentration of iron.


This would make it corrode very little. The handle is partially turned to coal signifying burial under water-drenched sediment. Creationists claim the latter is a good enough reason to claim its existence prior to the flood. The shell fossils around it date to 400 million years ago. However, as well will see, dating techniques may be way off because of atmospheric conditions and I believe as one author that eons may be merely thousands of years.

Our ancient footprints lend much to the imagination and are a strong argument yet. Mary Leakey can find bipedal, ape-like footprints in Africa and the world cheers but when we find the possibility that man may he greater than what he thinks, everyone shouts fraud.


Evolution, where is thy sting? William J. Meister, Sr. in June of 1968, uncovered a human sandal print embedded with triolobites in Antelope Springs, Utah.


Also, in Texas they have been found alongside dinosaur tracks. The footprints here were 15" long, there were indeed giants in those days as so many ancient texts tell us. These footprints have been found all around the world, so they are no coincidence or geological deformity. It is in the Veda and Japanese literature that we find mention of them.


Let us look at two Veda verses:

One should go to Mount Udyanta, which is noisy with song: there one may see the Footprint-of-Savitar. A meat who visits the Lotus-Pond-of-the-Celestials suffers no reverses and finds a Horse Race Sacrifice. Chaste and attentive, he should go to the Footprint-of-the-Great-Lord and by bathing there obtain the fruit of a Horse Sacrifice.22

Just how they got there is in the Japanese. A CHRONICLE OF GODS AND SOVEREIGNS, a complete geneological treatise on man's relationship with the gods which states:

In early times when heaven and earth had divided but the wet mud below had not yet coagulated, people could only^move about on the mountains. The traces they left at that time were called yama-ato.23

There must have been something peculiar about the sledge and atmosphere to have left footprints around the globe.


This puts an entire new perspective on dating and the reliability of any attempts to judge earth history. We cannot make rash assumptions. I would like to draw attention to something I read through a very reliable source (it was in a major science journal but I have lost the copy so this is only by rote) that Mary Leakey, very farsighted, did not have her glasses on when she made the discovery of the footprints and there really were just two hominids instead of three.


By the time the error had been discovered it was too late, like all Leakey discoveries it was a shot heard around the world.



(ADDENDUM: I did find an Associated Press article on it (ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS, February 3, 1985) where anthropologist Ronald Clarke, senior researcher of anatomy at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, stated that an "artificial heel" had been chiseled into the rock-bed as her eyesight was so poor while trying to excavate it and instead of three hominids, there were only two, which gives credence to my thoughts as a student biochemist and anatomist that these people have never known what it is they are looking at.

Their idea of what is a pathogen and truly genetic leaves much to be desired. I hope thousands of years from now someone does not pick up the fossilized footprints of the ostrich people of Africa, a tribe who has a mutation that makes their feet appear just as an ostrich's. I am afraid they are duping the public through their own incompetencies and lord knows how much of this has been faked.

Even Archaeoptyrx. the first bird shown with fossilized feathers in his rock matrix, is believed now to be a fake as Sir Frederick Hoyle has debated on its being contrived. I would not be surprised to find these footprints were really an apes, although these foot formations, prehensile toe and all, are quite common today in teratology and prehensile toes are in general making a comeback in our devolution through degeneration.

I think these people should get out of the Savannah and see something of the world.) So before anyone attacks anybody else, how do we really know these scientists are not feeding the gullible public? I took great pains to follow other issues to find more on the subject but just as would be expected it was quickly hushed from the public. The public would be surprised if they took the science journals just how much is hidden from them).


As to the dinosaurs being contemporary with man, perhaps the Bible is right:

"Look at the behemoth, which I made along with you and which feeds on grass like an ox. What strength he has in his loins, what power in his belly! His tail sways like a cedar; the sinews of his thighs are close knit. His bones are tubes of bronze, his limbs like rods of iron. He ranks first among the works of God." 24

This is from Job and I must tell the reader that the origin of Job is found in Sumerian literature 4,000 years ago.


Some have stated this is a reference to elephants and hippos, but tales swinging like cedars they have not, but imagine Brachiosaurus or Diplodicus, and you have got it. I particularly like the reference to the bones as "tubes of bronze" for many dinosaurs have been found to have a pneumatic osteology.


Esoteric literature seems to have a reference to a pterodactyl:

flying creatures, wonderful and strange in appearance, with the feet and tails of lions, and the heads of crocodiles; their appearance is of a purple color like the rainbow; their size nine hundred measures.25

The reference to the skin is enlightening, as we have found fossilized skin with the colors of the "rainbow" as on today's many reptiles.

We need not go far back in ancient literature to Find what the downfall of the Nibiruians was-war. With whom exactly, we may never know. All accounts lead to a tumultuous, tragic war, of very cosmic proportions, and as the Vedas seem to reveal, with the use of nuclear-type weaponry. Whatever occurred left its people in a morbid condition and much less than what they had once been.


The story of the Nibiruians is complicated and long, and many volumes could be written about it. It is sad and valiant, it is the story of a people desperately struggling to retain biological stability, and to return to their people the ability to achieve the possibility of immortality. One point all the texts seem to be clear on is that after the Fall, members of the same family opposed one another. Something had resulted from the war by which two principal characters, Rama and Indra, were brought to loggerheads on.


Despite the fact they seem to have won the war, and for awhile were on friendly terms, this soon deteriorated.


The main family of the story centers around it seems, seven sons and one daughter. It seems the earth suffered from some sort of magnetic reversal and the Nibiruians were able with others to escape however there seems to have been those that did not. According to the Egyptians, the sun rose twice in the west on two occasions and was then corrected by the gods, once at the Fall and then at the time of the Flood.


If this is so, we can explain a great deal from the giants of the Bible to the bizarre animal and human forms who became extinct. The hominids? - That is a question we will later discuss.

It seems at the Fall a restoration project was effected and the duty was given to Indra of the Veda whose name is Enki in the Sumerian texts.


Indra joined forces with a group called the Asuras, presumably close relatives, however discord soon arose:

Between the Gods and the Asuras there arose a great feud over the sovereignty of the universe with all its moving and standing creatures.26

However, before this, they seemed to have been quite a mighty force against a mutual oppressor and a thunderous war was commenced which sounds as if missiles were employed:

Hereupon the Gods went to Mount Mandara, adorned with soaring peaks like towering cloud, most eminent of mountains, which, overgrown with thickets of creepers and echoing with the songs of all manner of birds and bristling with tusky beasts (saber tooth tigers? - A.N.) of prey, is the playground of Kimnaras, Apsaras, and the Gods alike.


Eleven thousand leagues it rises into the sky, and for as many thousands do its foundations stretch into earth.


Indeed, the Gods with all their host could not uproot it then: and they repaired together to where Visnu and Brahma. (Indra-ankhor) were sitting and said to them:

"Ye lords, set your minds on our ultimate welfare. Let there be an effort, for the sake of all of us to uproot Mount Mandara."

"So be it," said Visnu, aid so did Brahman, O Bharogava. Ananta arose at Brahmas summons, and the mighty serpent was ordered to the task by Narayana. And the powerful Ananta with all his might pulled out the sovereign of mountains, with all its forests and forest game. Then the Gods marched with the mountain to the Ocean and they said to him:

"For the sake of the Elixir we shall chum your water."

The Lord of the Rivers replied, "Spare me a portion of it, then I will endure the mighty paunding from the churning of Mount Mandara."


Then the Gods and Asuras spoke to the King of Tortoises Akupara:

"Pray be thou the foundation for Maunt Mandara," the tortoise consented and lent its back to the mountain: and Indra squeezed dawn the tap of the mountain with his tool. Thus the Gods made Mount Mandara the churning staff: and using the Snake Vasuki as the twirling rope, started to chum the ocean, treasury of the waters. So for the sake of the Elixir the Asuras and all Danavas took hold of one end of the King of snakes, and the Gods stood together at the tail.


Ananta stayed with the blessed Narayana and kept on raising the Snake s head and hurling it down again. And as Vasuki was forcefully pulled up an dawn by the Gods, puffs of fire and smoke belched forth from his mouth. The clouds of smoke became massive clouds with lightning flashes and rained down on the troops of the Gods, who were weakening with the heal and fatigue. From the mountaintop showers of flowers were loosened and garlands were scattered all around on the hosts of Gods and Asuras.


Then as Gods and Asuras churned the ocean with Mount Mandara, a might roar raise from it like rumbling thunder in the clouds. All kinds of creatures that inhabit the deep were crushed asunder by the big mountain and by the hundreds went to their perdition in the salty ocean; and the mountain drove sea animals of ail sorts, such as dwell in submarine abysses, to their destruction.


While Mount Mandara was being driven around, large trees crashed into one another and tumbled down from the peak with their nestling birds. The friction of the trees started fire after fire, covering the mountain wilh flames like a black monsoon cloud with lightning streaks. The fire drove out the elephants and lions and burned them, and all creatures of many kinds found their death.


Then Indra the Lord of the Immortals flooded the fire that was raging everywhere with rain pouring from the clouds. The many juices af herbs and the manifold resins of the trees flowed into the water of the ocean. And with the milk of these juices that had the power of the Elixir, and with the exudation of the molten gold, the Gods attained immortality.


The water of the ocean now turned into milk and from this milk butter floated up, mingled with the finest essences. Then the Gods spoke to Brahma Granter of Boons, who had remained seated.


"We are very weary, O Brahma - still the Elixir has not appeared - and so are the Daityas and great Snakes. Without the aid of God Narayana, all the Gods and Danavas are powerless. And this churning of the ocean has been going on Jar a long time ..."

Brahma then spoke to God Narayana:

"Give them strength, Visnu. Thou art in this the last resort."

And a battle ensued more gruesome than any before and huge, between the Gods and the Asuras, close by the ocean shore.


Broad-lamed honed halberds struck home by the thousands, and sharply lipped Javelins and all kinds of side arms. Cut up by the discus and vomiting much blood, wounded by swords, spears, and the clubs, the Asuras fell on the battlefield. Like nuggets of melted gold, heads severed by three-bladed lances rolled ceaselessly in the merciless battle.


The grand Asuras, their limbs anointed with their blood, lay felled like mineral-colored mountain peaks. Screams burst forth by the thousands everywhere. They cut up one another with their swords and the sun shone bloodied. The noise of them killing one another with copper-spiked bludgeons or with their fists if they were close by seemed to reach up to heaven.


"Cut them! Slob them! Rush on, you! Throw them down! Press forward! such were the horrendous cries that were heard all around. Thus the terrifying tumult of war was rampant when the Cods Nara and Narayana joined the battle. The blessed Lord Visnu, upon seeing the divine bow in Naro's hand, called up with his mind his Donava destroying discus.


No sooner thought of then the enemy-burning discus appeared from the sky in a blaze of light matching the sun's with its razor-sharp circular edge, discus Sudarsana, terrible, invincible, supreme. And when the fiercely blazing, terror - spreading weapon had come to hand, God Acyuta (Visnu-author) with arms like elephant trunks loosed it, and it zigzagged fast as o flash in a blur of light razing the enemy's strongholds.


Effulgent like the Fire of Doomsday, it felled foe after foe. impetuously tearing asunder thousands of Donavas and Daityas as the hand of the greatest men let go of it in the battle. Here it was ablaze licking like a fire, there it cut down with a vehemence the forces of the Asuras. Now it was hurled into the sky, then into the ground, and like a ghoul it drank blood in that war.

Undiscouraged, the Asuras hammered blows on the host of Gods with mountains and the mighty warriors, their luster jading like shredded clouds, took by the thousands to the sky. Then tike iridescent clouds, giant wooded mountains with truncated peaks came down sowing terror and crashed roaring into another. Earth with its forests was pounded on all sides by the fall of the big mountains and began to shake as the battlefield of the warriors, who thundered upon one another, raged furiously.


Now Nara darkened the pathways of the sky with his gold-tipped arrows, cleaving with feathered shafts the flying mountain peaks in the horrifying onslaught of the Asura armies. Pressed by the Gods, the grand Asuras dug into the earth and plunged into the salty sea, when they heard in the sky the raging Sudarsana discus that shone like a roaring fire.

And, having won the day, the Gods returned Mount Mandara along skies and heaven, the clouds went as they had come. The Gods hid the Elixir securely and gave themselves to the most exultant joy. And the Slayer of Vala with the other Immortals-gave the treasury of the Elixir to the diademed God for safe keeping.


It seems the battle was over the fuel they held so precious, the 'Elixir'. It also sounds as if nuclear weapons were used. The discus sounds more than a simple hand weapon if it could annihilate thousands. Was this the writer getting carried away in the narrative? I do not think so. But there was also more to the story for if they had control of the 'Elixir', the 'Soma' was safe:

It is through your own fault, Lord of the Gods, and your own negligence, yon of the hundred sacrifices, that the Valahilyas have armed themselves with the power of their austerities and engendered a marvelous creature. ft is o Bird, son of Kosyapa the sage and Vinata, powerful and of many disguises; and he has now come to steal the Soma.


This Bird, strongest of the strong, has the power to steal the Soma: I believe anything of him; he'd accomplish the impossible.

Indra, hearing this, said to the guardians of the Elixir,

"A bird of great power and strength stands ready to steal the Soma here. I give you warning so that he will foil to take it by force. For incomparable is his strength, Brhaspati has told me."

On hearing this the Gods were astounded and painstakingly took station around the Elixir, and so did the majestic Indra of the hundred sacrifices.


Wisely they wore golden armor, preciously patterned and encrusted with beryl, and among their multitudes brandished multitudes of terrible arms, the edges and points honed razor-sharp, throwing sparks and flames in o cloud of smoke-discuses, bludgeons, tridents, battle-axes, sharp javelins of oil kinds, and spotless scimitars, arms that fitted their bodies and ugly looking clubs and splendid with their resplendent weapons, and sparkling with divine gems, the hosts of the Gods, pure of heart, stood guard.


Strength and might and glow unequaled, minds bent upon the guarding of the Elixir...28

The 'Soma' were women which we shall see in a chapter devoted to it.


Reading by this account, it seems our Satan of the Bible was actually on a mission of mercy to rescue stranded women. He would be known by many names as we will find. The names, like most we encounter in all the archaic tests, seem to be more titles for Indra was a rank of commander just as Bhrama was.


The Asuras were as the Gods once, so the Veda tells us:

Those ancient men were never frustrated in strength and resolve, they observed good vows, they spoke the truth, they were holy and as Brahma, O joy of the Kurus. They all forgathered in heaven with the gods as it pleased them, then went back to earth again as the fancy took them.


Those men died oppressed, free from pain, fulfilled, and unobstructed.


They saw clearly before themselves the throngs of the Gods, the great-spirited seers, and oil the Lows, they had self-control ond knew no enemy. They lived for thousands of years and had thousands of sons.

But, as with everyone else, something occurred that altered their biochemistries.


From the Asuras were thus born many mortals all because of a 'fire':

The fire Gavampati begot the terrible Asuras, and the mortals of various sorts.30

It seems everyone soon suffered from the wrath of the Asuras and their subsequent offspring:

Now some of them were born kings, filled with great strength, sons of Dili arid Danu who had now fallen from their world to earth. Powerful, insolent, bearing many shapes, they swarmed over this seo-girt earth, crushing their enemies.


They oppressed the Brahmins, the barons, the formers, even the serfs, and other creatures they oppressed with their power. Sowing fear and slaughtering oil the races of creation, they roamed all over earth, O king, by the hundreds of thousands, menacing everywhere the great seers in their hermitages, impious, drunk with power, insensate with drink.

When she was thus tyrannized by the grand Asuras, bloated with power arid strength, Earth came to Brahma as a supplicant. Neither the wind, nor the elephants, nor the mountains, O king were able to support Earth so forcefully overrun by the Danavas.30

Germ plasms altered with miscegenation, creating a myriad of peoples, all doomed to mortality.


Whatever occurred affected Indra as well as he became in time, 'wan, yellow, wasted' 31 which as we will see soon is one of the several excellent forensic guides as to what had happened.


Apparently, Indra con Id not accomplish what he had been sent to do, restore the earth and bring light to a world in a greenhouse atmosphere, (Lucifer, actually means "Bringer of Light" which is quite profound here) the Prince of Darkness was literally that and it is thus not hard to understand why the 'Daughters of Darkness' lost fetuses as Hebrew texts assert when thrown into an impossible environment and those thus born were aberrations:

Now hear of the awesome and wondrously shaped companions of Skanda, the lesser Kumaras, who were born from the thunderbolt's impact on Skanda, and who cruelly rob babies, both newborn and still in the womb. From the impact of the thunderbolt powerful maidens were born of him.


The Kumaras made Visakha their father. The blessed lord, having become goat-faced, stands guard in battle surrounded by the multitudes of the maidens and all his own sons, and a Bhadrasakha gives help while the Mothers look on.


So people on earth call Skanda the father of boys: people who want sons or have sons always worship in different regions Rudra, Agni, and the powerful Uma as Svaha... 'Ye shall be of different kinds, propitious and unpropitious.

Skanda is another name for India and it was the Asuras who had tried to take the women.


These passages however, tell us a great deal, that radiation blasts were harming fetuses and newborns which terrified the populace. But. one of the most striking and telltale lines here is that Skanda became 'goat-faced.' We shall see this from the Vedas to the goat-lined sphinx's at Karnak and in every ancient text, always the mark of the evil-one, just as mythology has told us.


The lineages from India were all dolichocephalic while the original Nibiruians were lion-faced, or mesocephalic. Our Satan of the Bible, or Indra, is suffering from an acute pathocrine disorder, probably acute acromegaly. His thyroid and pituitary has either been in contact with radioactive properties and/or affected by the magnetic reversal.


Always he is represented with misshapened horns like a goat, no doubt firbromas and the most identifying trademark, his offspring are androgynous. To these people, whatwe take for granted, was a disaster to them.

These 'mothers' spoken of may have been women returned to earth to give birth only to have the Kumaras attack them and from which acromegalic and other pathocrine affected children were born.


The fight to defend these 'goddesses' seems to be all Skanda wanted to achieve but like the Asuras their corroding metabolisms were disturbing their thought processes.

Kaki, Halima, Rudra, and Brhan, Arya, Paiala, and Mitra became the evenmothers of newborn sons, they had each a most terrifying, red-eyed, and frightening son by the grace of Skanda, named the Newborn; the Eight Heroes are called they who were born from the bond of the Mothers of Skanda; and are called the Nine together with the Goat-face-know that the sixth face, king, and it is worshiped by the band of the Mothers. The foremost among his six headsets the one called Bhadrasakha trough which he created the divine Sakti.

These seven goddesses are going to become quite prominent now.


A gnostic text states the following as to the trouble they were having in births:

Those Daughters of Darkness became pregnant here before, by virtue of their own nature. As a result of the beauty of the forms of the emissary, whom they had seen, they had abortions, and the fruits of their body fell upon earth and consumed the blossoms of the trees.34

A "fierce war" 35 ensued that lasted until the sixth day and on the seventh, (sounds familiar, does it not?) and Skanda beat back the Asuras. He is the "golden-colored one,"36 his skin yellow from the first effects of carbon dioxide exposure for he was Nibiruian.


Note the color of his skin and clothing in the next passages:

To this Skanda, who was sitting in his golden coat of mail, with a golden crest jewel and diadem, golden eyes and great luster, dressed in red clothes, sharp of tusk, and charming, endowed with all the marks of excellence and held dear by all three worlds.37

Everyone was pleased the women had been rescued and the "great seers" assigned to him the task of restoring the earth:

"Golden-colored One, hail to thee! Become thou the savior of the subdued, and thou hast restored to them freedom from fear, greatest of Gods. Therefore thou shouldst become Indra, freeing the three worlds from fear."

Replied Indra:

"What does the Indra of all the worlds do, ascetics? How does the lord of all the Gods always protect the hosts of the Gods?"

Said the Seers:

"Indra assigns to the creatures their strength, splendor, offspring, and happiness. When satisfied, the lord of the Gods bestows all the shares from evil-doers he withdraws them, to the good he renders them. The Slayer of Vala enjoins upon the creatures their tasks were there no sun he would become sun, were there no moon he would become moon. He becomes fire, wind, earth, and water with their causes. This is Indra's task, for great strength resides in Indra: you, hero, are the greatest in strength, therefore be you our Indra. "

Said another Seer, named Sakra:

"Be you, strong-armed bringer of happiness, the indra of us all. You shall be anointed at present, for you are fit for the task, great one."

Said Indra:

"You yourself shall reign over the three worlds, single-mindedly bent upon victory. I am your servitor, Sakra, I do not aspire to Idrahood."

Replied Sakra:

"Your might is a marvel, hero, smile the foes of the Cods! Amazed by your prowess the worlds will despise me, though I am incumbent as Indra, since I am of lesser strength and vanquished, champion. And unwearied, they will strive to bring about a split between us.


When you have been split off, O lord, people wilt separate into two parties, and when the people have broken apart in their decisions about the two of us, there will result strife in consequence of the splitting of the people, powerful one. 'Hum you will defeat me in battle, believe me. my son, therefore you must now become Indra, do not hesitate!"

Said Indra:

"You are the king-hail to thee-of the three worlds and of me. What can I do for you. Sakra? State your command of me!"

Said Sakra:

"If you have spoken the truth by your own decision, and if you wish to obey my command, Skanda, then listen to me: be anointed to the captaincy of the Gods, powerful champion, and at your behest I shall be Indra."

Said Indra:

"Then, for the destruction of the Danm'as, for the advancement of the cause of the Gods, for the protections of cows (women-A.N.) and brahmins, anoint me to the captaincy!

Well, there is good and bad here.


The bad is they schemed to separate the people into two opposing factions and they would take advantage of this. The good, I guess, was that the women were saved.

So he was anointed by Maghavat and all the hosts of the Gods, and while the great seers worshiped him he shone beyond measure. The golden umbrella he held sparkled like the nimbus of a well-kindled fire.

I would like interject something concerning the "umbrella." This is very pertinent as we see the use of it by the men throughout the Veda, despite their dislike of feminine articles, and even into Egyptian texts where it is an actual hieroglyphic sign. Since these people always borrowed from nature are we seeing more evidence for radioactivity? Sound silly?


Were they taking the hint from umbrella shaped flowers such as the yarrow whose shape actually helps stave off excessive radioactivity as the latter travels at the same unusual angles as the flower and is thus dispersed upon meeting a similar field? This is just a hint to events of these times. The "golden coat of mail" seems to mean Indra's skin was ichthyoid either from his pathocrine or post-radiation edema which looks very much like "mail. "


The diverse collections of people then bailed him as the one true Indra:

"Thereupon alt the armies of the Gods came to him by the thousands, saying on all sides, 'Thou art our master!'. Surrounded by all the races of creatures the blessed lord received them and, when he had been worshipped and praised, gave comfort to them. 39

The earth had a new lord.

Indra, you became a hair of a horse's tail when Vrtra struck you on the comer of the mouth. You, the one god, the brave one, you won the cows; you won the Soma; you released the seven streams so that they could flow, (breastmilk - to be explained later. A.N.) No use was the lightning and thunder and hail that he had scattered about, when the dragon and Indra fought. Indra the Generous remained victorious for all time to come.40




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