The last chapter of every authors book is always where he or she reflects on what was written and just sits back, relaxes, and writes!


And I shall do that here. We have journeyed a long way in the story of the Ennead, not as far as I would have liked to have gone for I would have liked to have covered the stories of Homer and a history of Christ but I feel that future books would best be devoted to this. However, as a student of physical anthropology I have found these histories most fascinating as they searched for the archetypal men and women through the ages.


Each civilization as we saw in the selections from Cicero's THE NATURE OF THE GODS had their versions of them, but basically they all resembled one another in the fine features that Michelangelo would emulate centuries later. Basically, the noses were always shown straight with no curvature, the cheekbones high and wide and the classic jaw lines of the men.


It is very hard today to find anyone who fills all the criteria of what Aristotle called the "Divine Child," those whose genetic lineages harkened from the blood of the Gods. It is very hard today to pick up a book on psychology, physiology, etc., without someone making comment on those people in our society whom we place on pedestals as the epitome of the classic man or woman.


When Greece and Rome, for instance, started to crumble, the images of the Gods fit the peoples own degraded morphologies and lifestyles as we saw was the complaint in Cicero's book. Zeus who was more upright as the Egyptian Ra was turned into a drunken licentious debauchery of the Gods, thereby man could excuse his own indiscretions and the rest of theogony fell as well.


Today, movie stars fill the same roles the Gods once did. In the old days of Hollywood the studios took care to see as little scandal as possible surrounded their "stars" for whether they knew it or not consciously, since they emulated archetypes, they would set the trend for lifestyles and behavior before a people who have little control over their thinking and emotions because of their inborn weaknesses.


We have seen through the years the glamour of Hollywood change as the people of America changed and as society degenerated more, we, like the Greeks and Romans, like our "Cods" slovenly, licentious, crude and immoral to fit the declining lifestyles. Now, when they live together, take drugs, have illegitimate babies, everyone has someone to look up to as a model to condone their own misconducts.


Movie actresses get on TV and tell of all their 'romantic' encounters when all they are are the best examples of biological malformations and instead of seeing they are the lowest of organisms, everyone condones it, because they are just like them. Or, they tell of using drugs which is the bottom of the scale of life on the way to extinction, and no one tells them what refuse of biology they truly are.


We have a local commercial, from a hospital of course, where a man gets on the TV and states that despite his cocaine habit and losing his wife, car, kids, despite all this he did not lose his health! That was the first thing he lost for he lost so many cells the first time he took it that there is no possible way he would have regained his total mental and physical being again and if he ever breeds more like him, lord help us, for the offspring are absolutely of no worth whatsoever and you and I will foot the bill when they do the same, if not worse than the father, for these people have no respect for themselves or life.

Acting was always basically a male action to test his abilities to remain in control of his physical and mental processes and through the ages it was frowned upon for women to pursue the role. I refer the reader back through the book as to why men are more attuned for it.


It was just a matter of time before the women entered the theater as androgyny hit them and they were at the time considered those particular teratisms of nature we have in abundance today and Hollywood is very full of them where the androgynous woman found her niche and today the screen is full of tough, aggressive women.


However, a very small minority of gynics find acting fulfilling for they are playing out roles that match genetic engrams of their ancestors.


Men do this also. Many men and women have found acting to their liking if they have an androgyne problem as well for they can fulfill through acting roles in life they might not be able to pursue. It has been a long time since this true art form was used by man in a therapeutic way to keep his senses in keen shape and one can tell where the play-actors leave and the true actors come in for the latters are natural actors.


There are also few actors who can live up to the role models they portray even though they show the fine traits, for as we have seen, diet and environment plays a great role here. Aristotle knew his "Divine Child" suffered greatly if not treated properly and these "lions among the cattle" as they were also referred to as. could find life most hard because of their genetic purity which was not always fed right, should we say.

I do not intend to go into actresses for as stated they are mostly quite androgynous although there are exceptions, but few. The 'tough girl' image today with the advent of the 'liberated" woman is well portrayed on the screen where today the men are getting 'whimpier' and shorter while the women are taller, stronger and more aggressive; androgyny has swept Hollywood.

The ancients looked for in a man a physiology which showed a composite of the world as they had, the famous "lion's face," with the straight nose, mesocephalic face, well-proportioned body and strong jaw lines.


The Lions' Face is the true mesocephalic face, and very pyramidal in shape which is why the strong, prominent jaw was important to the males and the small, pointed chin, the heart-shape face of the females. If you will recall back to the quotes of the Ayurveda concerning the features of the 'lion' it will help here rather than quoting it again.


Today it seems the movies have no concept what the prototype is anymore as most actors today are guttural examples of the decayed man.


The "Divine Children" are hard to find. There are still a few who fit this ideal in the movies and a few more around the world. I would like to point out four men especially first here, for if you bear any resemblances to them it may help you as well. Anytime physical anthropologists or physiologists gather socially it seems there are the first in conversations about the cinema.


But before we go on this little tour I would like to state I make no claims as to what these people are in real life, I. like so many, only know them from the screen. I know by looking at them what they should be like and the roles they play would never have been successful had they not fit the role physically. But people as this, as the Ayurveda and the ancients warned us, have to have the proper diets and care through life or people's conceptions of them would be off no matter what their genetic constitutions read.


The people about to be reviewed have never, to my knowledge, been in any scandal or anything derogatory said about them which does add to the validity of their genetic make-ups.


Also, we must figure that their looks may not be truly genetic but a response to something ingested or done by the mother in gestation or they could be atavisms as well, but the latter would be genetic unlike the former condition. I also do not know if cosmetic surgery is involved.


I personally did not want to write about these people for I have people in my lineages who resemble them but I had gotten so many requests by people to include them in the research because of the attraction that I could not resist writing of a few of these 'lions' that are dying out today. But this is no boast on my part, for everyone has had such somatypes in their heritage at one time or another which contributes to their great popularity, especially amongst intellectual peoples.


When people find you are studying physiology or psychology it seems that movie stars are the favorite topic, but for me these people always meant a little something more for their features are unique and from the golden ages of time.


They are 'dinosaurs' now, the 'lions among the cattle' as we were told who are leaving the genetic strains of man. People all over the world seem fascinated by these four men because of the fact they are archetypes, namely, Charlton Heston, Jack Lord, Roger Moore and James Garner. Both men and women find them fascinating because the men see in them the prototype figure of man and for the women they represent the type of man who rarely walks the earth anymore for these are the composite features spoken of by the ancients, the eclectic or Renaissance Man.


They have all played men of action, but unlike the Sylvester Stallone's and Chuck Norris' they had intelligence for their character's displayed all that was expected in a man with Roger Moore's James Bond so successful for he, like the others, had these worldly features.


You could take anyone of them and put them in the Orient, on top of the Alps, on an African Savannah before the Pyramids, in the great wild west, in the South Seas and they would always look at home for they have the universal features that the 'Gods' looked for and as the medical treatise as the Ayurveda states. They are all the basic somatypes, with of course variations, but their physiques are quite unique because we seldom see people with a uniform figure. Their faces have very archaic features seldom seen.


The placing of Jack Lord, a perfect archetype, in an archetypal place, Hawaii, was an excellent maneuver on someone's part for he fits perfectly like a puzzle piece in paradise.


If Nahi'Ena'Ena was around she would have fallen in love with him for he looks very much like the ancient Hawaiian peoples as they once looked. I have had people claim he is part Amerindian with his high cheek bones and straight 'lion's' walk, others claim he is part Hawaiian, or Scottish, others that he is from an India heritage, others Oriental, but actually he is all these for his features are a composite of all the prototypal features.


I have also had people say all this about Charlton Heston, James Garner and Roger Moore as well. I believe I heard that James Garner is part Cherokee, which I can believe for he looks very much (we all have the same straight noses!) like those of us who are of Cherokee blood.


James Garner has very classic facial features seldom seen anymore. But then many Cherokees believe Jack Lord is part Indian, since I do not follow the movie magazines, I do not know. Jack Lord has an excellent jaw-line as do all the others, which I refer the reader back to the chapter on physiology as to why this is important for these type jaws are very rare now.


Roger Moore does not have the high cheek bones of the others but his other facial hallmarks make up for it. We have already spoken of Jack Lord's hallmark of the hair tuft which was considered a prime mark of distinction and all the others seem to have slight reminisces of it. Jack Lord even has the large lobeless Egyptian ears if you will remember the statements on them.


He has the perfect mesocephalic face which if you will notice the next time you see HAWAII FIVE-0 he also has the small neck they looked for. All these men have the thick torsos and small necks to fit the broader shoulders which contributes to their 'lion-strides.' Jack Lord, Charlton Heston and James Garner have the unusual feature of the large iris' which is rare around the world and Mr. Lord has the rather thickened eyelids which are a biological bonus, for reasons already stated concerning zinc.


His character of Steven McGarrett was a plus for him as his features matched the character of an ultra-andric man, non-smoking, non-drinking, upright and honest. How much he lives up to the features on his face that reveal this I have no idea.


All the others show this too for these are the few men left who have the true andric features that are quickly dying out. They should all be very talented men who would also be good in the sciences and Jack Lord's face especially reveals that he would be good in sculpture or painting as do the others, but his in more degree.


All would make very good business people as well, in fact there are few things in this world they could not do if they applied themselves, for people who have an art talent that they have through acting are good at other things as well. I believe Jack Lord lives in Hawaii which would figure, for people like this usually go back 'home.' He is something of an enigma since his show went off the air but it still shows daily everywhere it seems around the world.


People going to Hawaii come back with the wildest rumors about him, he is a mystery like a living Rosetta stone, people just find his features most intriguing.

These men as described usually marry very gynic women, there is none of this -that is my money and this is hers, business, for the marriages are usually for life with an equal sharing in all things. I always was fascinated by these people for they resembled people in my lineages particularly Jack Lord, resembling so I am told by my parents, my great-grandfather and his sons, even down to his famous smile.


But I point this out because it does not necessarily mean relatedness for in our world of peoples where cross-mating is done people often pop up with the same genetic features and also food consumption as stated can influence this too, something I wish the evolutionists would learn.


I think this is why I found Mr. Lord more interesting for as a little girl it was not hard to find me on the night his show, STONEY BURKE was on for there I sat in my braids and cowgirl skirt and boots equating him with my father who grew up on a ranch in Oklahoma and later became a horse soldier, having made the army his career and later was a policeman. In the back of my mind I probably saw my own people on my father's side who, being part Cherokee, looked very much like him and James Garner as well.


I was always in front of the TV when "Maverick" was on! I was never much for being movie star struck and people only interest me if they have good features I can relate to.


Movie stars that are 'real hunks,' as they call them, are only biological disasters! I remember when a local program was going to show a study of whales which Mr. Lord was going to narrate. I heard on the science 'grapevine' that he would narrate only and when I happened to mention it I heard a resounding 'Oh, no!,' but I encouraged everyone to watch and perhaps learn something about these noble creatures.


Reluctantly they did, and when they did they were hooked to the cause of the whales! Again, when you have an archetype involved with such important issues as the whales, people will listen and take heart. I think that special did more to win the people to the cause of the whales than any environmental group has ever done.


Animals have a very serious problem for they cannot always help themselves from the misfortunes we place them in. Just the same I would personally like to thank Jack Lord and James Garner for the many hours of entertainment but mostly for letting me see some of those in my own lineages who have passed away "come alive" again.

Well, like the others, I think someone could devote an entire book just on the features of Charlton Heston who did not play Ben-Hur and Moses for nothing! He fit into these characterizations for his features are like all the others, straight out of those times.


I had heard that he was of Scottish origins which would certainly prove much of what I have said through these pages. If you will recall what Dr. Price said of the certain clans in Scotland who were complaining in the 1920's and 30's that their lineages were losing their noble looks, their height and fine features, Mr. Heston's features were the type they worried about losing from the refined foods.


He seems to have busted his nasal septum but his other features transcend this blemish. He has been so successful for he is very versatile in his features and acting. As stated Ben-Hur was a real person and seems to be a take-off of Yudhisthira of the Veda. Mr. Heston's 'divine' presence is because his features are so archaic and like the other's his genetic constitution is so strong.


These people age very slowly because of this, but refined foods are their biggest downfall and if any ever get face lifts it is not so much old age as sugar and alcohol which is very poisonous to these fine structures. People like this are very quick to lose up to 20 years in their features when they return to their biological diets, I have seen this often.


They are prone to degenerative diseases like everyone else but if they are taken by such things as cancer they are more apt to subdue it on a holistic diet and live to very ripe old ages, and I am speaking 100+.


One of the things in their profession that is against them, but can be easily helped, is that those heavy lights drain all the vitamin A from their systems and they appear to age very rapidly, despite their very youthful facial structures, but all they usually need is a good deal of beta-carotene and no face lifts are ever needed.


These people do not decay as others though they can show malnutrition which is taken for aging. Their skins are white and, like all of us, they do have difficulty with ultra-violet light. I do not know, I believe they all have children, but if you will recall my statement about the element arginine in our systems which in people who show these features can be a great problem for they often do not have children as the men need extraordinary amounts of it because of their nutritional demand for a more soundly structured genetic matrix.


And, as I said, silly as it sounds, they will often crave peanuts and other foods which have arginine in it but if they are on sugar this will dull its affects.


This is the main reason these genotypes are dying out today, and as we saw it may be the well-layed plans of Gods and men for these people are often of the most sterling, make that golden, characters, who are an asset to mankind rather than a detriment. They also are known to have rather unusually strong hearts, the so-called "Lion-Heart," but smoking, alcohol, refined foods, will break it down.


I owe Mr. Heston a personal thank you for like Jack Lord's and James Garner's movies, I grew up with his also, as it was my brother who inspired me to watch them as he was an historian.


There were no other movies save the ones with Mr. Heston whom he had as a role model who brought history to life. He was particularly fond of his role as Andy Jackson in THE PRESIDENT'S LADY and THE BUCCANEER, as he looked a great deal like him, and in fact "Old Hickory" bore many of these characteristics we speak of.


EL CID, BEN-HUR were all his favorites and inspiration. But the movie that most changed his life was his portrayal of General Charles Gordon in the spectacular KHARTOUM.


My brother was a military historian specializing in Scottish history but after seeing the film he included the history of these times in his studies and even became an Arabic interpreter for the Army. He was completely absorbed in his portrayal of Chinese Gordon and was totally taken by the country of Egypt. 1 was about 13 at the time it was released and I remember doing a charcoal sketch of Mr. Heston as Gordon and one of Laurence Olivier as the Mahdi and presenting them to him.


My favorite scene was when he entered Khartoum, although I never found such in any of Gordon's journals, it was merely symbolic, but as I read the Veda's it seems whenever Rama or Yudhisthira would enter a city as Gordon did in Khartoum, I always thought of Mr. Heston. My brother loved Scottish history and I really grew up in a 'Scottish' atmosphere with the bagpipes that I love.


My brother always said when he died he wanted SCOTLAND THE BRAVE and the theme from KHARTOUM played at his funeral. We did not know this would come so soon in his very short life of 24 years and we were so upset we never could fulfill this. I think if I had heard KHARTOUM at that time I would have died too.


Just the same, I do thank Mr. Heston, for when I watch his movies now I remember my brother with fondest of memories. He, Jack Lord, and James Garner are also the only three men who can 'almost' sit a horse as good as my father!


Now, from a horse soldiers daughter that is a good compliment! But this is another thing about these people, they are usually excellent equestrians as it comes natural as it appears to these men or else they are the best actors in the world!

Did you ever notice Roger Moore's mole at the side of his nose? I have got one there too, and 1 am pointing this out because it is a blessing and a curse. Prominent moles were highly regarded by the ancients for they denote an organ that has extra-special strength (however, many are from poor working organs) as they are the endings of nerve impulses that lead to them. If you have a mole tike this it means your kidneys are sound but the mole can enlarge, or even go cancerous, if you are on refined foods and your gall-bladder will also suffer the effects and what was a hallmark turns out to destroy us if we do not care for it.


People with these features on refined foods are often restless, suffering from sleeplessness, and with such genetic features they are hit very hard, and what could be a very long life is often short. Mr. Moore, like James Garner, probably has the most perfect nose and their features remind me of Pharaoh Chephren if you will look back to the plate.


My favorite Bond movie was THE SPY WHO LOVED ME because of his fight with "Jaws" in front of the pyramid. I had to kind of chuckle for there has not been a fight like that since Marduk took on Enlil in a fight in front of the Great Pyramid (see Chapter 8 of The Wars of Gods and Men) as the Sumerian tales seem to relate!


It was a little foolish however, for them to portray James Bond as a man of action and yet drinking and very promiscuous for the two vices would have lowered his testosterone levels so and made him terribly afraid of heights and loud noises as well as a lack of quick reaction and thought.


In MOONRAKER, they would have had to have 'Q' supply him with a drug just to get him up there! Sugar and alcohol are very detrimental to men in jobs that demand derring-do.


They should have made Bond celibate for it to be believable, as men in the past have been so in such positions. I think one of the major reasons I am pointing these people out is because several years ago a major health magazine adorned it's cover with an actor, who shall remain anonymous, but whose show replaced Jack Lord's Hawaii Five-O, and represented him as the epitome of good health.


This was ridiculous and very dangerous for it would have men believing if they had thick eyebrows and a hirsute body they were healthy. But all this spells a liver disorder with hormonal problems, which his high voice proved and any man with these features should see a doctor immediately.

All in all, I hate to say it, but if these gentlemen were starting out today I do not think they would gain the popularity they have because the andric look in men is fading and good, classic features are not looked upon by the masses who like the doggerel looks. I personally cannot think of any other actor in the last few years who comes close in mystique save one, and it was very wise of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to use him.


We have for the major part of this book sat through the real 'Star Wars' of which the movie by that name seems to be an example of George Lucas' own genetic memories as it bore many resemblances from the laser swords, as we saw, to the death star and the double suns in the sky. And, Indra parallels Darth Vader exactly, the physically maimed soldier whose mind is disrupted by his deformity.


I remember when I first saw STAR WARS I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I was getting rather tired of Luke Skywalker and the highly androgynous Princess, however, she certainly fit the roles of the Anunnaki women, but when Harrison Ford appeared on the screen I had to take a better look for he too has the archaic features.


If you will look back at Pharaoh Smekhare as a young man and compare the jaw lines you will see the resemblance.


He actually has a young version of these features which were slow to mature, and as stated these people do mature slowly and often find they have difficulties in school for while those about them are racing to their decay with precocious puberty, they are lagging behind which can be most difficult for^the boys especially, as they can be regarded as 'sissies' often.


But as stated before, these people really start maturing and coming into their own by the late thirties and forties when the body's maturation process has slowed, not by 20-30 as we see in most people who figure they are over the hill by 40. They are really not middle aged until 60-70.


Mr. Ford too will find he will, as he has proven, not be restricted to his 'duty in space,' but able to act in many roles. He shows the same body conformations in being uniform (sounds like I am talking about horses - that's what happens when you are a horse soldier's daughter!)


Another thing you will notice about the men we have spoken of is that their voices match their physiques, another rarity today. I heard that Mr. Ford is good with woodworking which rather sells his real bloodlines for me right there. These people probably think I have gone off the deep end, but I have really given them all the best compliments they may ever get for whoever their ancestors were they did an excellent job!

I have only seen a picture of Steven Spielberg, which going by this, it is not hard to figure why he has such an imagination, or rather, such a genetic memory. Placing Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones chasing the Lost Ark of the Covenant was inspiration, for he was of the lineages that took charge of it.


Like Charlton Heston, Jack Lord, James Garner and Roger Moore, they all would have fit the role. All of them could have played James Bond or Sherlock Holmes and done an excellent job. Gene Roddenberry with his STAR TREK is another person with an excellent memory, the program's success was also because archetypal peoples were in it.


Leonard Nimoy was the first man in history to play a Nibiruian and even without the pointed ears he has most interesting features and plays his character to perfection the Gods would be pleased!


William Shatner has marked features as well and if any of you have seen him ride his beautiful saddle horses you will get an excellent example of horsemanship that comes natural, he looks like he was born and bred in the saddle so my horse soldier father states who taught equetation in the last years of the United States Cavalry. But the Gods tell us that a true man is as good in his "celestial chariots" as he is on a horse, both were the marks of a man.


I have heard Leonard Nimoy enjoys flying which if you will recall as to why men like to fly is certainly evident my Mr. Nimoy's looks. He even has the Nibiruian movable eyebrows!


I think someone was truly looking down when they cast this program! Nichelle Nichols with her pretty-shaped face with the beautiful Egyptian eyes has always been one of the few actresses with redeeming features. George Takei with his very superbly sculptured features with his famous resonant voice to match; DeForest Kelly with his excellent facial features of which his flexible eyebrows are quite notable when he acts considered a hallmark for reasons already stated, and even old 'Scotty,' James Doohan, despite he has gotten a little overweight, he does have very good facial features.


I know many young people who have gone into aeronautics and technical careers because of George Takei's and James Doohan's portrayal of their famous characters.


DeForest Kelly should be quite proud that he has inspired many to go into the fields of medicine. The charisma of STAR TREK and the other films is that they have awakened in people a genetic memory of these very ancient and hidden times from us. These are the only movies I have ever been to where the people actually stood up and applauded at the end.


They also prove Hollywood can make a clean movie without all the erotism and undue violence to be good. All these people we have spoken of influenced many people, even Jack Lord's Steven McGarrett character influences many young people to go into law enforcement because he was a 'straight shooting cop' with his 'gut instincts' and is someone to pattern after.


Another 'lion actor' who merits attention is Clint Walker whose physiology draws comment for as a muscular man he is rather unique.


That is because his body is in proportion -the typical lion physique with no over-bulbous muscles in the neck as in most muscular men which is unhealthy as already discussed in past chapters. His facial features are leonine as well; he also has the hair cowlick. He has the Egyptian physique - compare him to Pharaoh Chephren, muscular but not to extremes; the body is balanced.

If any of you have any of these characteristics you are most fortunate but a warning tag comes with them for being of such a different biochemical make-up, if good diet is not observed, you are most prone to very serious ailments.


But as stated, the good news is that they are often easily remedied when the person returns to their true biological diet, for their fine genetic structures demand a natural diet free of sugar and alcohol and refined flours. Take a good look at these people for they are the last of their lineages and when they are gone very few will be able to fill their shoes.


Other actors who must be mentioned are Omar Sharif with his superb Leonine head, excellent Nibiruian features here, his bloodlines are as old as the Sphinx. His eyes even have the unusually large iris'. Gregory Peck has the strong looks and height to match. Michael Rennie (deceased) had excellent sculpted features. Very coordinated features here.


English actor Peter Cushing has unique features also, unaffected by the whites. Price examined fossil Aborigine skulls and compared them to Peking Man and chimps and found them decidedly unlike the latter two! What he found showed the primal skull shape of a flattened occipital region and broad, high frontal skull with perfect dentition just as he found in his native food eaters with straight noses.


He found those living near the coast had straighter hair as kelp is an excellent source of copper as well as iodine. Price bemoaned the fact that they were dying out on refined foods, especially those on reservation foods. And this is the wool everyone has had pulled over their eyes by evolutionists who do not look into the records of these people and force their 'science' upon the gullible public. I think we have finally found the missing link, it is called an evolutionist whose links are not operating in their heads!


Price also studied Papuans, New Guinea, Mobuiags, Arakuni, Kendali and Yonkas north of Australia, and found the exact same situations, beautiful people, definitely not primitive or some evolutionary branch of the tree until refined foods struck.


Again this proves that our 'race' types are nothing more than pathologies, cells that are struggling to return to their natural matrix. When the church forced their new polices on many of these people, Price reported they refused it and continued their old ways and were strong and healthy. Price found that the whites living there had rampant tooth decay compared to them, as well as diseases.


He criticized them that they were in an area of the world with the finest food but did not take advantage of it, "a typical characteristic of modem whites," so he said. Price pointed out that parents often lay faulty breathing habits on thumb sucking, posture or sleeping habits of children while not stating the real source - poor diet.


The Maori of New Zealand were the most splendid physiques he had seen with men over six feet but were quickJy dying out when he saw them, as they obtained that 'savage' look.


Degenerative diseases were rampant here too. Again, ancient Maori skulls show strong, well developed jaws, flat supraorbital ridges and occipital. Price was quick to point out that refined foods gave the illusion that many of these people were of mixed blood. This is a much quoted mistake of anthropologists of peoples around the globe.


He also pointed this out in his study of African peoples where we really see how food can change a people as in one classic photo of a black man with very fine features whose son was on refined foods, the latter had the splayed nose, prognathous face, which the father did not have. (Mother not shown.)


The people also then took to the next 'natural' responses, they turned to smoking toxic weeds and herbs, drank alcohol and morals sunk to the lowest levels. We need only look at the peoples of ancient Egypt to see how much we have changed for these people once looked as they. Here we see all the rules of evolutionary games go right down the Nile without a paddle. Here were the most near-perfect to the Gods who eventually disappeared with hypogenesis.

I have never debated the long chronologies of the Bible and other writings, for it would be the height of ignorance for anyone well read in the biological sciences.


Legends tell us that the Maoris, Eskimos, Hawaiians and the Amerindians, all had much higher civilizations with technology. If what occurred, as I believe, you can imagine how a magnetic jerk and a heavy influx of CO2 would suddenly knock these people down from an awareness in the fields of mathematics and physics and why these legends may not be just tales.


The Eskimo's claim they "flew" from an island that had gone under when the Deluge sunk it.


Lemuria, Hawaii, or the lost Atlantis? Amerindians tales tell of when the Gods flew on elephant's ears, which sounds like our flying saucers.


The Bible, as well as Inca hieroglyphics, tell of dinosaurs living with man. (I still wish someone would explain to me how an animal as big as a brontosaurus with such a small head ate enough to fill such a large body - that is probably why they are extinct and why they were some sort of biological mishap).


We have so many odd bits and pieces of man's history that traditional history (that means the white man's version) just does not make sense and when you get into the biological sciences the puzzle pieces start to merge.


Just how much can we believe of a people who are so biologically ill-structured as the whites whose history we have to listen to and live by? I think the entire meaning and purpose of life is going right past us because of their blindness.


I think I will close this chapter with a quote by Devasena when she spoke of the madness Siva had brought to the earth while she was being held by him in On,

"for one is an Aryan by what he does not by knowledge or wealth."15

What she meant was that being Aryan must come naturally, any knowledge is in the blood.


But let us remember what the Veda tells us, that the end of the Eon will be at the hands of the whites with a holocaust, then the cycle will begin again - unless the 'ultimate weapon' of the Gods does something about it...





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