I would like to take some time here and discuss the Hawaiians whose features are quite remarkable and who show lineages that extend back to these ancient times.


They were always a tall people, with high cheek bones, straight, black hair, the straight noses, all the classic features, and whose culture parallels those of the Egyptians and ancient Hebrews as well as other peoples of these lineages.


In 1878, a Swedish historian, Abraham Fornander, compiled the largest collection of history and mythology of the Hawaiians and tried to prove they were Aryans, having been influenced by Cushites, Chaldeo-Arabic and "Davidian civilizations."


Of course, modern historians debunked this, but any paleontologist who will admit it (that is the problem right there) can only look at Hawaiian features and Egyptian art and see their heart is there as well as many of their customs which are of Egyptian and Hebraic origins.


Now, the question is, were they a group of people who escaped the Fall of Egypt and made their way eastward to the Pacific, or were they already on the Hawaiian islands and during the turmoil and the shift of the magnetic flows and other environmental upheavals, left there? One thing, why would any people blindly venture out to supposedly the unknown, on an ocean so vast?


Historians claim they are so 'childish' in their ritual and superstitions, but I just cannot see their doing this, It is only conjecture that some people ventured on boats there. The recent finding in the volcano Mauna Kea revealed permafrost which means that Hawaii existed probably, going by Sumerian history, right after the original Fall some 450,000 years ago, the ancient Lemuria, and that the islands survived the glacier age that the havoc brought and also survived the Flood.


We know that Alaska, as well as the North Pole, was a tropical area due to the palm trees and elephants found. It was at this time that the Eskimo say they "flew" to their homeland.


Hawaiians certainly had the skill and boats to sail the ocean, but with their extraordinary features, one is apt to believe they were already there thousand of years before traditional history claims they were. Perhaps they did sail there after the breakup of Lemuria right after the Flood, when the islands of this vast land broke apart while Atlantis sunk to the oceans floor.


If this is so, genetic memory would have taken them there for it would have been very foolish for people to sail with no knowledge of what they would come to at distances so far.


I do know that, like the Australians and so many people, the Hawaiians were not as we see them from 200-300 years ago for the refined foods of the whites hit them as the others extremely hard. I do not believe Cook was the first voyager there as Spain was said to have been there at least 100 years before. The British, as usual, just took the credit (just as Columbus had the old maps of the ancient voyagers before he took off).


The rum and other abiological food soon hit the islands and by the time Cook saw them there were quite 'primitive' the same reactions we see in just one or two generations when the 'white-plague' hits those unaccustomed to it.


Legend says they, like the Amerindians and Eskimo, had a very high technological empire, combining nature with this as their forebearers did. If this is so, as Hawaii lies on the same magnetic flow that stretches from Egypt to Japan to these islands and Meso-America, they like everyone, were immediately affected by the great upheaval and lost the powers of particular mental cognizance that made them great.


Later, with the advent of the whites it tore them down further.


Reading the journals of the Hawaiians by the whites, you always get the same morbid details they blamed on all other 'primitive' peoples, Libidinous, drunkards, obese, etc., etc. In Hawaii, particularly among royalty, they received the most of the 'best' of food from the whites, and were hit exceptionally hardest for they inbred more to keep their purer blood.


We saw as with Nahi'Ena'Ena what happened.

Hawaiians had taboos on many foods much as the Egyptians and Hebrews, but more for the women. No pig, of course, shark and other fish, some dog-meat, only certain coconuts, no bananas. All this makes sense for pig, coconuts, and bananas have the highest saturated fat content and will affect hormonal rates on the fetus, as well as put unwanted fat on both mother and child. I do not know about shark, but fish have the nasty habit of upsetting the ovulation rate.


When the Hawaiian women broke the taboos, androgyny rose terrifically and fetal malformations, as well as disease, erupted.

Like Amerindians and Hebrews, they burned particular animals, grains and vegetables in sacrifices to the Gods and as white historians tell us this was all so silly ritual and I think if I pick up one more so-called scholarly book on the Hawaiians which says it was a religious custom of these 'charmingly childish heathens,' I think I shall disgorge.


They are going to have to stop and realize, as we have seen, that these people were mainly playing out actual events, for there was a time when their forebears burned these articles and the Gods did come.


This 'ritual' was performed as we saw at a particular rough time for these people when in the wars the people could not be kept track of by the Gods who also employed this at times between themselves as a thermal indicator. It was a crude device, but it worked, but like so much ritual in other religions it became something Hawaiians could no longer explain.

The Hawaiians wear the garlands or leis, as the Gods of the Veda and in Egypt deemed were important for aromathy and the power of flower scents helped them through crucial times for flowers have wonderful healing powers. The Hawaiian royalty wore the large Greek-looking hats, a remnant of the helmets worn at those times.


They also practiced aquaculture, the making of artificial ponds to stock fish in so that they could be eaten fresh which goes back to Egypt whose people knew this was the only way fish could be eaten. China too practiced it.


How did the Hawaiians learn of it, or did they develop it on their own? We know Amerindians practiced it as well.

I also do not believe that when they saw Cook they thought he was one of the gods, Lono, come back. That sounds like white's talking. If anything, they looked at his huge ships and in genetic memory were in awe because they too once had ships that size. Hawaiian royalty fell into wearing the finest of silk and velvets of the best European styles and why not, for they once did dress like this themselves in ages past. Their Gods were very much like out of the Veda and other ancient literatures.


The God Kuulakai meant the "red sacred one of the sea" which sounds very familiar! They also had the God Manu, ring a bell?


The Aumakua are a group of gods, sounding much like the Anunnaki, who can appear in human form. The God Lono is half man, half pig as Seth of Egypt who was equated with the pig. The gods as in the Veda have 'kino lau,' "myriad bodies." Even their creation stories parallel the Veda and Sumerian where jealousy and hatred are created from a son and his mother's transgressions from which all people evolve.


Like Egyptians and others, they believed in the power of the spoken word which we are now believing to be true because of vibration. Royalty married brother to sister called 'pi'o', the highest of perfection, for they had 'ali'i', the sacred blood of the Gods in their veins. Hawaiians circumcised, they also had "mana" which no whiteman has successfully translated other than it is power from the Gods; I am surprised they got that far!


Pele, Goddess of volcanoes, seems equated with the Goddesses of old we have seen. They also used the famous sandalwood as was used in ancient times as we saw from the Almug tree for personal use and sacrifice.

When Cook arrived the Hawaiians were deep in tribal war. When Vancouver arrived in 1778, he too found the same and the degeneration of the royal family. If these people had fought all through the ages as they did at this time, there would never have been any Hawaiians left and the first voyagers would have met deserted islands, but sugar and other foods hit them hard bringing all the typical patterns which occurs.


Their features were soon lost as the straight noses turned to splayed, straight hair to wavy and kinky and with the loss of nutrients, disease and great epidemics took many. Like many of their lineages before, they could commit to memory and repeat word for word everything taught them, but this ability soon diminished. The coming of the missionaries was their finish as they saw an island of 'sinners' they and their culture had created and religion saw to it they never returned.


The Spanish, Dutch, French and the British ended a way of life they could never come to understand and left their legacy of sugar, alcohol, tea and all the immorality it would bring. It is a shame that Hawaiian children will never really know their history.


Forensically, we have the same situation Price found with Amerindians, Australians and others, for their ancient skulls do not compare with the skulls from the time of Cook and slightly before which have a strange asymmetry, the kind we see in people's when their diets are wrong. Our ideas of what Hawaiians truly are are only accounted from these very troubled times.


When Cook found them they were often on a narcotic called 'awa,' as well as on alcohol, while women gave themselves freely to the sailors, all the characteristics of years of degeneration from refined foods of which they had plenty from the traders.


Cannibalism naturally broke out as well. The fall of the Hawaiians was one of the biggest culture shocks in history but following the same pattern all over the world that whites touched. Cook complained that they were terrible thieves; of course, if you have people as they with a well balanced copper/iron level, sugar will alter their tryptophan levels and often brings people to be the worst of thieves, who will feel no compunctions against it. It is rather sad to see those commercials of Hawaiian sugar and then they show those beautiful little Hawaiian children eating the very thing that brought their people to their knees.


When they made the famous statue of King Kamehameha in 1878, King Kalakaua could not let them sculpture it from present Hawaiian royal features in the direct lineage of the great King because they had changed in their features so, so he picked the handsomest man in his court as the model.


The King Kamehameha we see today is an actual representation of what the old Hawaiians looked like, his high cheekbones, straight nose, he is more a sad tribute to a people who were lost to the ages, although a few still have these archaic and stable features that seem to endure.


King Kamehameha by an old engraving in 1816 showed what traits his descendants would have, the eyes lowered at the edges, Menkes kinky hair syndrome, inflamed lips, squared nasal cartilage, all because of the 'pure' can sugar from Hawaii.


Before his death he bought 16 kegs of rum and a box of tea, enough sugar and alcohol and tannic acid here to erupt a volcano. He was very fond of sweets, hooked as most who tasted them. An attempt was made in 1878 by King Kalakaua to bring better health to the people and published a pamphlet to try and rejuvenate an ailing people; no, make that dying.

Queen Kapiolani in the 1880's threw sacred berries into the volcano Kilauea and when she so tempted the Goddess Pele and found nothing happened, she became a Christian.


Three hundred years before if her ancestors thought sacred berries would have disturbed the so-called Goddess in the volcano they would have declared themselves quite insane.


Wonderful things that sugar can do if you want to destroy a people.


This was just the blind leading the blind.

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