Only a few of the Jews, as with everyone else, can lay claim to the above statement for not many people harbor the genetic strains of the small group of people rescued at Exodus, and the Nibiru lineages that survived around the world are quickly dying out.


The 'chosen' then lived in many areas of the world. Not too many people are tall, high-cheek boned with straight, black hair anymore with the straight nose. The Chosen People were always those who not only possessed the Nibiruian features but lived up to their expectations.


I do not believe the Gods would appreciate the fact the one God is their mentor, having lost the familial aspect of devotion, although some isolated sects through the centuries still knew the difference. It must be remembered that many nomadic peoples adopted the Hebraic traditions, creating a religion by them, and took concrete reasoning and turned it into religious ritual as so many have done.


The Talmud wrenches back and forth between observing something because it is sound biologically, or appeals to superstitious ritual, but at least they debate it which is more than Christians do, forever lost in their dogmatic mental handicaps. The difference between a Hebrew and a Jew was always known, the former came from the royal courts of Egypt, the latter was a nomad who adopted their ways.


If you asked the latter why he did not venture out Friday nights and Saturday it was because Yahweh told him not to; if you asked the former who was still intuned to the wisdom of nature, and as his lineages went back to the Gods, he would have said he did so because his ancestors as Yahweh always did so to avoid the magnetic fluxes at these times of the week and was only doing what his family always observed.


Also, no Hebrew claimed the ten tribes as his people, but direct lineage to the Gods themselves, the primal beings, as they knew the others were lines of the families who had changed. They claimed the House of Judah as their family link, the Lion, which would be seen in many parts of the world, from the rampant Lion of Scotland to Japan's lion emblem in royalty, all lines that branched from these people as they evacuated when Egypt fell and the outposts around the world.

There were many Hebrews through the ages who debated the Bible, hence the birth of the Talmud.

  • Is it a coincidence that a great deal of the Ancient Astronaut research is done by Hebraic authors?

  • Or that so many of the world's finest scientists as Einstein, were Hebrew?

  • Or, that Hollywood's science fiction hits come from people of Hebrew descent?

  • Genetic memory?

Going by the accounts of long ago, so many of them were eye-witnesses to the great battles of the sky and at the forefront of the events as they unfolded.


We also have to figure that many of these people today may no longer resemble their forebearers from the conditions of the havoc and the holocaust that occurred. There are still though, some isolated sects of them in Islamic people's and in India castes, that still retain the height and other noted features, and are resembling of those people in Europe and around the world who still retain them.

It is surprising however, how many severe genetic disorders there are among the Jewish peoples. Now, all you bigots, do not jump to conclusions, I say this because of the fact that many have good dietary laws and health habits compared to other peoples and despite this, they still pop up with horrendous pathologies.


Disorders as,

...are not common among them as they are amongst so many other castes, as in Europe.


We have to figure also that as they were caught in these wars that many of these peoples were affected genetically by it.

However, many sects have cousin marriages and it could be as with the Amish, that refined foods are catching up with them which will definitely affect inbreeding. Moses' Laws may point to the injuries they picked up in the wars for it is an excellent regimen to build up the endocrine system and certainly tells us of their radiation problems.


Miscegenation has also affected these lines as well, and the many wars they have gone through that affected their lineages. The Oriental Jews, those who remained in Israel, are supposed to be the original gene pool, while the Ashkenazi Jews are the German Jews who accompanied the Roman legions there.


Today, many Jews still wear the long grisly beards which in the Middle Ages was a law enforced to distinguish them from Gentiles which is a long way from their clean-shaven looks in the days of Egypt, where most did not even have to shave.


Being a real Hebrew has never been a religious adaptation but a genetic state of mind, and there are Hebrews all over the world, even in Japan, whose many peoples have many parallels to their culture, all branching from the Nibiru Empire.


Hebraic Laws come hard to many, even to most of the Jews, who have lost the natural instincts which makes these laws or ritual, not part of daily life like breathing. I am not of Hebrew origins but I have so many 'customs' they follow that I might just as well be, but then my 'customs' come from the same sources theirs did.


My grandfather was 'accused' by his neighbors of being a Jew because he killed his animals 'kosher' style, but there is no religious significance here, this is the only natural way, the instinctive way, to properly slaughter animals.


I think Russian writer Maxim Gorky, a non-Jew put it well when he said,

"I believe that Jewish wisdom is more all-human and universal than any other; and this not only because it is the firstborn; not only because of its immemorial age, but also because of the powerful humaneness that saturates it, because of its high estimate of man.''1

It was a shame that many had to become mixed with white for the Jerusalem today is very evident of this and Yiddish is very remote from their natural roots as so many have adopted the ways of Europeans, although a few still retain the good features and have stuck to their traditions despite living amongst the Europeans.


However, many may have already been there before the latter came.

Some disorders as described in Talmudic treatises sound very peculiar as the family members of one who used to die at around 18 of familial cardiac conduction defects, the Talmud stating (order Nashim, tractate Yevamot, 105a) that it stemmed from a,

"curse inflicted on their great-grandfather, the son of Eli the High-Priest."

This sounds suspiciously like all the priests who dealt with the ark and other radiating devices who may have picked up a mutated gene and passed it on.


Remember in the beginning of the book when Indra inflicted people so that they did not live past 20 years of age?

The Northern African Jewish communities have the largest amounts of congenital adrenal hyperplasia as Siva and others suffered perhaps for similar reasons. But as every one on earth suffers from this, to one degree or the other, it is silly to point them out in particular, just that one sect may suffer more than the other, and as we are all products of these times we will see common ailments.


Diet certainly has something to do with it. We find, as one would expect if my theory is correct, that similar genetic disorders such as hyperphenylalaninemia is common among Arabs, Jews, and Scots!


I believe it is brought on by generations of refined foods and when people share similar biochemistries it occurs for their bodies are not genetically geared for this food.


Remember the people Price found in Scotland who were bemoaning the fact the pure, fine Scottish lines were diminishing as refined foods became more available? Other disorders as myopia is common in Jews, Amerindians and Japanese.

It need not be said that wherever the Jews have gone, the sciences and arts have flourished and with the Arabs they developed the great "Golden Age" from the 9th to the 13th centuries CE, two peoples so high on the intelligent scale that the Europeans could not come close except for the lines from which they sprung forth as they.


Hitler made his biggest mistake when he rid Europe of a great part of these people. He was also a very curious figure when it came to the Jews. He was said to be of Hebraic stock himself and his cook was Jewish and he followed many patterns of their traditions going a little too far with the Laws of Moses.


Whom did he hate down deep, the Hebrews or the Jews and which was he? He loved Amerindians and if he had come to power he would have probably made them first class citizens over the Americans. He was a very perplexing person.

It is also no coincidence that the great studies in holistic medicine are being done by many of Jewish origins, many returning to their ancient roots. When you said rabbi centuries ago you also said doctor and you also said man, for this is the ultimate goal of a male to be able to physically care for the family he has brought into the world and this sect of people exceeds in this profession more than any others.


Talmudic teachings, unlike Christian, which wants nothing to do with it, included all the sciences with medicine at the top for this was the world of Yahweh, Rama, or by whatever word you wish to call him, and with his people since the Flood tried to indoctrinate them to their rightful places in the world.

The Torah has always been debated by those of Hebraic following for, unlike the Christians who take everything face value, they knew that the Bible was a mixture of legends and stories. Torah actually is not translated "Laws," this is a Greek interpretation, but meant "guide" being not so profound in its statement, but meant to serve as just that, open to debate by the people.


As many had pointed out through the centuries in the flaws of the Bible, how could Moses have written his own death if he wrote the Five Books? The Torah seems to me in part a translation from a guide to survive a nuclear war and what not to do and to remind the people of their natural living habits that may have been lost in the turmoil.


Much of the Bible was taken from the BOOK OF THE WARS OF THE LORD as it states in Numbers 21:14 but I think the Veda fills in nicely here.


There are many other sources claimed in the Bible that are now lost as well, as the BOOK OF YASHAR II - Sam. 1:18. We have certainly missed much of our true history because a few fanatics through history had the power to cloud everyone's minds.


The Bible is a good example of not to believe everything you read without finding out all sides to issues of which, in these chaotic times, there were many! When we reclaim our natural instincts again we can one day throw the books away.


We will no longer need a guide, but once again will be "master's of our senses, "




THE BOOK OF JEWISH KNOWLEDGE - Nathan Ausubel - Crown Publishers, Inc., New York - 1964

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