The black horses with while feet have looked at the people, pulling ihe chariot with the golden shafts in front. All tribes, all worlds; rest always in the lap of the divine Savitr.

Do not show an Arab the sea nor a Sidonian the desert, for their work is different.
Aramaic Proverbs and Precepts-frora the Words of Ahiqar





The ancients texts tell us that what we are calling 'races' are really pathologies.


Both the Veda and Egyptian as we saw in the front titles and elsewhere, proscribed the origins of the many peoples to Savitr, or Indra or Amen-Ra, and the loss of the disc from the sky. If they or something did cause the biochemistries of man to go askew we are living on very false ideas of our history but it fills in nicely many of the questions those in the fields of the biological sciences have.


Those of us in the fields of biochemistry and sitology know that for some reason all of us are suffering metabolic problems that cause our ailments and decline. The four prime classes of people began at the original Fall and again at the second, which, given a monomorphic origin to us, would be the same outcome in a changed environment.


Negroes were held in the highest regard by the Egyptians as their children, while one Egyptian picture shows an 'Aryan,' white, blonde woman in chains. In sitology, when you start to see that dietary changes can make or change to what we call race distinctions, then flags start going up that something has happened somewhere along the long lines of history.


The Pandava themselves went from their green complexions to dark as even Arjuna had a "dozzling black complexion," stating: "my coloring is rare, on this four cornered earth, and I do white deeds."1


White skin was most frowned upon and here was satirically meant. It was considered dirty and unclean, which does have great biological credence behind this, as their decided lack of vitamin A and other nutrients, makes for skin prone to blackheads and other skin eruptions as acne, leprosy, and a myriad other ailments which in turn invites much bacteria and disease much as I hate to say it as I sit here in my white skin.


In the Veda a rather derogatory remark is said of a hermit who had gone mad saying,

"though black of complexion is white in his acts".2

It seemed that those who had white skin were least prone to groom themselves, brush their teeth and bathe and going by whites through the ages to today, they have never been known for their cleanliness unlike the blacks, which most people fail to see in their bigotries. But their 'huts' in Africa, are often, if they have not become too westernized, of the cleanest anywhere.


And, hating to use this equation, but southerners liked their slave labor for house servants kept their homes much cleaner than they would normally do. But, there is one thing this chapter will show is that no one walks the earth in perfection but the white part of this globe is going to have to face the fact they are not the pinnacle of Gods creation much as we all like to think we are all special, but are only so if we can look at our faults and do something about them.

Negroes for instance, in Egypt were held in highest regard in Pharaonic courts and Moses often tried to reach them with his dietary laws.


A good case in point is the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia who claim a direct descent from the Hebrews and by following Deuteronomy they do not have the exaggerated features which we call 'Negroid.' Actually, these features can be induced in anyone as we know many people introduced to refined foods for the first time will create offspring with these features.


Inverted lips can be seen on any people as the digestive processes are impaired which also can cause what is known as Menkes 'kinky-hair syndrome' from a copper and folic acid imbalance.


But the Veda tells us that no one is trapped by their misfortune of the past, that by practicing dietary regimens and moral standards they will surmount their problems,

"The sages have laid down tasks for the four classes of society, by which they prosper and by the doing of which they do not go wrong."

Deuteronomy was a part of it and wherever the other edicts are, but by which can be surmised from a biochemical view, they were hidden from us, the divine foods and herbs everyone sought in these ages as we have seen.


When he was forced from his kingdom Yudhisthira longed to let his people know that he did not forget them and had a sage tell them he would return to them saying very profoundly,

"Don't be frightened by life's miseries, which is no doubt due to evil of yore! After taming my foes and helping my friends, I shall give you support with housing and food."

Another passage in the Veda states,

"Ail four classes hcnv sprung from a single body, beautiful maiden, but their law varies ond their purity varies. '*

This would be so if we all sprang from a monomorphic people and varied biochemistries are certainly going to bring a great variation in behaviors as each will see their world differently just as we know every behavior has a chemical function.


But the big problem was when people lose so much of their cognizance they destroy themselves and until we become aware of ourselves we are fodder for the earth with lives tortured and tearful. Amongst whites, approximately 30% have kept the sound bloodlines having high cheek bones, straight noses, tall, dark-haired and as we have already seen a good deal more are just affected by poor diets for this number was more say 300 years ago. Everyone is different and each show plus's and minus's and when we can elevate the latter problem we will crawl out from the dark.

One Frederick Hulse, an anthropologist, demonstrated with a reflectance spectrophotometer that the upper classes of Japanese did have genetically lighter pigmented skin, the middle class intermediate and the lower, the darkest. What he failed to do was a little study in dietary patterns. The upper classes often ate white rice and sugared foods being wealthy, the middle class only got minimums and the lower classes rarely got any refined foods at all much less alcohol.


There was not genetic rules here, only proof of who was really the lower class, the upper! Sugar, milk, white flour and white rice strips all the minerals that contribute to skin tone, and apparently did something to the brain of the anthropologist for not doing his research as well.

We now approach one of the most difficult, and indeed hazardous, areas of this history, the issue of race and the concept of the biologies of the "four classes" as pertains to the backdrop of the world. It stands to reason if an organism suffers from the vast amount of physical and mental diseases we do, logic tells us that it is not normal, it is a fall from a more perfect, healthy state, from whatever cause. You would never realize this in western medicine which only treats the illness and does not seek to treat the cause.

Whether you believe in spontaneous generation or evolution, from either side one has to admit that man with all his pathologies has certainly fallen from grace somewhere. The major reason against evolution is the situation man is in today. Look about and see the physical and mental deterioration from poor genetic strains and nutritional states.


There is nothing to be highly evolved from this, only devolution. Our beetle-browed 'ancestors' could have done no better being a motley group of degenerates themselves. We have many Neanderthals in the world today for he is a degeneration and nothing more, as well as Homo erectus* and Peking men. When conditions are right, these beings develop as well as many other different forms.


Man lacks a complete genetic harmony of mind and body to accomplish his nobility over the earth which he cannot become a part of until he does.


We struggle as we do through life in an endless, blind attempt to return to our primal form whether we are always aware of it or not, usually losing in the process. If we were spontaneously developed this means there has to be a set of specific rules by which we must live to return back to the genetic matrix, laws that conform to those of Nature. We must remember, that there is a destructive side to Nature, entropy, and if we fail as we have, we only get the reward of death. Death is a failure of the mind and body to overcome that which is not normal to higher states of mental being. The more intelligent an animal the less likely it will lose its homeostasis.


The more instincts man possesses the more in control he has of himself.


Man's major failing and shame is that he knows where he wants to go but has few instinctual assets to get him there. The Titanic sunk and the Challenger exploded because his mind took him to challenge Nature but he had no instinctual qualities to rationalize the whole and like a babe in arms, he just was not prepared. He forgot he too was a part of Nature, not something created to the side like a machine. He has not achieved a holistic body.


Like the explanation of a member of a group of mountain climbers that met death and disaster by an avalanche on Mount Hood in May of 1986, one member stated they were just not prepared for it. There is man's problem in a nutshell, they go off not mentally skillful enough to anticipate Nature and her forces. When disaster hits, they just prove what fools they truly are. When should man climb a mountain and reach the heavens?


When he can reach the mountains without climbing and see the stars without a spaceship, then he is prepared to physically leave.


The mind is a composite of the total universe. Some Eastern mytics have for centuries stated that they can see in their minds the elusive planet X which until last year was thought to be just bunkum, but now we know there is another planet in our solar system, perhaps the very planet the Nibiru were said to have gone to live. Amerindians used to laugh at the pioneers who were continually getting themselves into trouble with the environment unlike they who were physically and mentally aware of it all the time and anticipated its every move.


Unfortunately, they could not anticipate the white man because he is not natural(!) The concept of race is a difficult subject for people, mainly because the less traveled one is the easier it is to place people in the so called three major racial types, Caucasian, Mongoloid, Negroid, their parallels being in the Bible the three sons of Noah-Shem, Japheth, and Ham.


Ham usually being attributed to being the progenitor of the cursed Canaanites, black with inequity as they are usually described, but were no doubt the most near the Nibiru lines.


(It should be stated "Rama" in Sanskrit means "dark complexion," believed to mean "black." Was he too affected by the First Fall's atmosphere? He mysteriously disappeared after a famous battle (too long to include in the narrative) and rarely came to earth until after the flood.)


They are to be slaves to Shem and Japheth and many slave owners in the American South pleaded the Bible's recognizing Negroids as such to excuse their shameful habit. So much has been corrupted from these passages of Noah from whence "came the people who were scattered over the earth," that many ideologies have been used by peoples to subjugate minorities.


Many base the three remaining sons as the sole propagators of mankind after the flood but surely there were other peoples who survived it. Nonetheless, if you are well read or well traveled it does not take you long if you are observant at all, to see that race is a folly, it is more of many, many castes or families which inhabit the earth. Race is merely a simplification. For instance, dark skin; instantly one normally, if you are a typical westerner, thinks of a Negro. Period. Or, if your hair is woolly or with a flattened nose you are Negroid.


How do you explain the very dark skinned people in various areas such as in parts of eastern Asia, or the Andamon Islands, Malay Peninsula, southern China and the many in India? Or in New Guinea, the Philippines, Australia and Melanesian Islands?


A Klu Kluxer would have apoplexy trying to find out who to be bigoted about! Many with these black skins have the high cheek bones, straight noses and are very tall, especially in India, with the mesocephalic heads, more refined in features than most other peoples. Then there are some white skinned people who have these features. How does one explain the particular sect of peoples in Sweden who have very flattened noses and kinky hair? If their skins were black they would have a very hard time.


The blood of the Nibiru has been diffused all over the world in some people more than others, but no one is totally handicapped (hat they cannot return if they have not gone too far to not realize their faults. Going by the ancient texts, our problem stretches back some 450,000 years and Rama must have thought someone was capable of returning if he rebuilt Egypt after the Flood.

By far the most controversial subject is skin color.

"You cannot judge anyone by the color of their skin," is a droll saying never to be said to a biologist for it actually says everything about a person and by sugar-coating our problem is the reason we shall always have it, namely racism.

No one can degrade the other for if whites are the last stages, but not necessarily as we will see, but certainly a harbinger in most cases, of a dying lineage, the other colored skins of people of the world are seeing their future and as pointed out in the beginning of the book a great many people introduced to western culture are producing 'Caucasian' looking offspring with light skin.


If we do not come to realize why we are all different we will eternally be placing ourselves in compromising positions. We would all like to be one family, indeed this hope is universal, but is it wishful thinking, a genetic throwback telling us, yes, we were once one?


But when we get together, we fight as we have done all through history, or one rules over the other. Why? Our heart is in the right place but our varied chemistries tell us different, for the very reason we are all different and as the Veda stated we have to live by different rules to reach the one set of Laws which makes it confusing and hard.


European tribes like Amerindians have done nothing but fight one another through the ages because although the skin may be the same color, slight differences here and there clash with another who is different. We really have more of a caste problem, a difference of families within the similar type peoples as well. My family is certainly different than the readers and I dare say you would say your family lineage is better than mine and I would plead the same.


Bigotry? No, healthy respect for ones bloodlines and the respect to treat them as such. I never believe those who say they are not bigoted. We like to believe we are not, it is a noble virtue. But is it true? It is when we do not realize why we are different that we lose all respect as when the Mormon tried to tell me all about (he racial significance behind the Tower of Babel, blindness in the extreme.


The best example I can give is the Titanic.


The rich elite were placed in the upper decks the peasants in the lower. When the boat started to sink, who was given priority? The rich. Let us look at the Titanic another way. The entire upper deck is filled with all the people who sang the song on the Coke commercial with all the ethnic groups who wanted to sing in "peaceful harmony." hand in hand.


That was wonderful and admirable. But let us picture it, there they are saying 'Bon-voyage' as they sail off in perfect harmony. All are on an equal basis, no one down below. There is only a minimum number of lifeboats, only one-half could get in. They hit an iceberg, the ship starts sinking, who is going to get in? Well, blood will out.


The Irish group looks at the English and fights them to the boats and vice versa, the lovable couple from Kenya are now dirty 'niggers,' the Catholics pounce on the Hebrews and they are none too friendly to the Arabs and vice versa, the Germans attack the Italians and the list goes on, even the Mid westerner of the United States beats it to the boat before the couple from California does.


Everyone will look out for their own blood, their own genetic lines going past what we call race down to regional differences as well, which was done on the original Titanic also. Our racial problems will be endless unless we come to the fact that our differences are forever and as much philosophizing we wish to apply to it is no compensation for the blatant fact that we are trapped in our differences from one another.


The more people become reliant on others through trade, commerce, etc., the more we are apt to come to war with each other because we do not share the same values; our outlooks and feelings are all different.


China was closed to the world as was Japan for centuries for they were able to live without outside help and wanted nothing to do with the west, but being a failure more or less like all the other countries, they have to rely now on others. America is a good example for we now have a situation where the lawless are in power and are not doing what is for the good of the country or its people.


Why? Because we are such a diverse people that no one is related so why should anyone in government care about the other, all anyone in America cares about is how much one can make off the other, it is no skin off their back, unlike say countries as Austria or Germany where everyone is basically related to some extant and national pride is better there although with the mass miscegenation that too is changing but not to the extant as in America which has always had the problem of too much diversity.


Hitler is another good example. If he thought his people were so superior he would never have built an offensive nation but a defensive one. When a people have to conquer others outside their own country they only prove how inferior they truly are. If he had played his cards right he would have sealed his master race off from the entire world to be reliant on no one, the proof of great strength, and they would have probably grown to be a tremendous power, feared and respected. There always has to be someone better than someone else for one could certainly not state that AI Capone was a better man than Einstein.


But people truly superior keep it to themselves and seek to take no advantages for they do not have to. There is nothing wrong in 'healthy bigotry,' but when used as a weapon it is very wrong. Everyone hates somebody, I challenge anyone who says they do not.


But we should know better than the people on the Titanic example not to place ourselves in compromising situations that could escalate into something tragic. It is unfair to both parties. I come from a very diversified family, being Scottish, Irish, English, Cherokee Indian, Italian, German and Austrian, and I know what trouble the Indian part of me brought having a grandmother who totally disliked me, as well as people who found out giving me a difficult time, particularly one individual who went into the Biblical harangue that after three or four generations the bad blood would be wrenched from me!


Everyone has basically been taught that races are different because either God made them that way out of spite or reward, or it is evolutionary. Sitting amongst some Protestants, they were remarking on Negroes and their hair, stating of course being unnatural. I just added, yes, that it was because they lacked endogenous copper and that any hair that curls suffers from this.


They all just looked at me, rather stymied, for no one ever presented this reason to them, it was always in a religiously racial context. I also told them their white skin destroyed most of their vitamin A content which was one of the reasons one of them present was having such a wretched cold.


Somehow, every bit of bigotry in the air left because the issue of race was no longer religious, political or even biological, it was now pathological which created an equalization, everyone had to retreat to a neutral corner. Evolutionist's explain Negroid kinky hair because we came from the jungle supposedly, but I wish someone would show me a primate with that type hair! It seems they think kinky hair does not catch in underbrush, but there is no animal in glen or glade with anything but straight hair.


Here again, evolution is racism for Negroes are looked upon as atavisms. The first thing to hit the discoverers of King Tutankhamen's tomb was a statue of one of his famous black guards, apparently he did not think of them as atavisms! People who claim to not be bigoted soon become so if a life affecting situation occurs from simple grade scaling in school to a jump in rank on the job. It all comes out when the situation presents itself.

Everyone has their ideal of the perfect type and as the Veda taught it is not how we look, but how we conduct and train ourselves to be like an Aryan, to reach back to that behavior type. The term Aryan is probably the most confused of terms, but as the Veda states it was the primal family, the Ennead of the Egyptian. Hitler's blonde-haired, blue-eyed, white skinned type is so far removed from the original mold it is rather pathetic.


Their height was their only resemblance.


We always attribute the term Aryan to Hitler, as we do the swastika, but the term has been used and the symbol for millennia. Hitler was most diabolic for he waved the very symbol of the original primal stock, the swastika, before the people and reached down deep and awakened their Nibiru souls, but despite all the resemblance of the flags and uniforms he used it all to evil purposes.


There was never evil attributed to the swastika until Hitler. Nearly all civilizations trace their lineages from the Aryans. The Indo-Europeans comprising the Hindoos, Persians, Celts, Germans, Romans, Greeks, Slavs and of course the Egyptians and Amerindians too must be counted. The Celts claimed Mercury was their great ruler, Plato spoke of Poseidon's intermarriage with earth born peoples.


The Anunnaki as we saw bred widespread over the earth, leaving genetic structures that could, under the proper conditions, manifest back to the original mold. That the Egyptian, Sumerian and Veda texts are all similar, speaks of these people coming from one people at one time. And, according to their texts, only those who had gained back their perfections were allowed above again.


They did not play with life as we do with our contraceptives and test-tube babies and promiscuisity for they knew that perfection began in the womb, which is hard to explain to a world today that bases all that it does on erotism. The worst criminals are not in our prisons but those who create these aberrant offspring. If we ever learn to control our impulses, prisons will be no longer.

The only way we can approach this topic is by looking at each of the major skin types in the world, white, yellow and black, and to explain those in between would take volumes. We cannot claim that white is superior as in ages past, much less now, considering that Noah was referred to as a "white drop," the ancients name for them.


He had "Demdema," which is Ethiopian for kinky hair and had white skin, showing what we call Negroid hair.


If you will remember how the Gods were upset that Arjuna smelled so because his skin had turned white or some light color. In ancient Greece and Rome, to be white was considered horrendous and the true whitening of skin has only been in the majority since the medieval times when refined foods started to be eaten more basically by the upper classes for the peasants, as in Japan, retained darker complexions.


This would soon change also.

Skin is our most external telltale organ. It has considerable to tell us about another person's health and ancestry. Whether one is aware of it or not, our biological computations are always taking score of others and your environment.


Our skin is an organ which protects us from bacteria and releases through the multitude of pores, toxins within. Whatever environment you were in today, whoever you were with, part of it and them are now in your bloodstream. Skin communicates with the autonomic nervous system to register humidity, temperature and conducts electricity over the body.


This electrical conduction is important between male and female as well as to communication between offspring. Women have smoother, more sensitive skin, to allow proper maternal stimulation to create healthier babies. In studies of animals in labs those not petted or handled are found to die or recover less adequately. Caucasians suffer from typical dysfunction of organs lacking vitamin A.


You will find more skin blemishes among them as stated than any other people. Acne seems to be mainly a disorder of white skinned peoples worsened by refined sugar and fats and androgyny which is particularly heavy with them.



(The reason breast cancer is on the rise is not just poor diets but lack of estrogen which needs vitamin A to metabolize. At menopause, or before, when progesterone is in excess, vitamin A is lost as progesterone devours it. Androgyny is catching up to whites now in full swing as germ plasms are lacking in A and younger women are getting cancer.


Physicians made a big mistake giving just estrogen to breast cancer patients as it is vitamin A they lack also, and hence the women end up with ovary or uterine cancer as the problem was not stopped. They also must give glutamic acid, paba, vitamin E and C, all estrogen producers, as well as vital potassium and vitamin D.


Androgyny is catching up to western women, whereas in the Orient, where women are more gynic, breast cancer is virtually unknown, but this will soon change as they take to western diet and lifestyles for the affects of androgyny are very noted in generations since the 1950's.)



Acne Vulgaris is most common now. The severity of colds and flu is worsened by the lack of vitamin A or its precursor, beta-carotene, which a lack of will affect the mucous membranes of the nose, throat, sinus, ears, lungs. The gall bladder and urinary bladder suffer most in whites.


Longevity is shorter with them compared with other skin colors. When they hit forty they think it is ancient, whereas with Orientals and some Europeans, it is still considered young. Their lack of membrane mucous allows bacteria to penetrate and they cannot cleanse their cells or remove old tissue as well. Cell life depends drastically on this daily removal and why free radicals damage and cause DNA breakage causing them to age quickly.


This is one of the reasons geromorphism is more common in white-babies. Whites find the bulging head of their babies cute and funny, but it only reveals a lack of vitamin D which must work with A. Because of this, the classic heart-shaped face we see in ancient sculpture is very rare today amongst whites especially.

Dolichocephalic and brachycephalic faces are the norm in whites. Vitamin E if lost, cannot prevent destruction of A in the body nor store the latter in the liver, again hastening aging and why through the ages the refining of bread which lost the vitamin E content made these people lose their darker skin color. Bones and teeth are inadequate if A is lost and D not functioning.


One of the reasons lactation has become abhorrent to white females is she is so depleted of nutrients by her malnutrition, that she cannot waste her strength on a baby. Her selfishness only belies here biological weakness. Unfortunately, the white strain has spread more contagious disease throughout history than any other. Because of the multitude of bacteria their skin and blood contains, body odor has always been a problem.


Heavy perfumes through the ages masked this fact and that few like to take bathes.


By turning on any western TV with its barrage of soap, toothpaste, mouth wash, deodorants, skin medications not to mention medicines, someone new to this world would wonder just what happened to make us so sickly for all of this can be done away with on a holistic diet. Yeast diseases of the vagina are more common in white women.


Diseases of reproductive tracts are more common because of the lack of anti-enzymes of the mucous tract to rid the system of bacteria.


Also, whites heralded vaginismus through the ages to its popularity today known by that infamous word that gives it legitimacy to the morbid masses, but it has always been a pathology with remedies for it all through the ages from the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus to 'primitives' yet today. Any lack of vitamin A, potassium, and calcium, will cause it and the heavy androgyny of the white castes worsens it.

Many whites do not lose vitamin A as much as it's precursor beta-carotene, which converts to A.


One study (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition - Vol. 47 - Number 5) found beta-carotene loss considerable under UV light, but no vitamin A loss in plasma levels. I question this as they only checked plasma levels, not the nucleus of cells where UV light affects most. Sugar does not allow vitamin A to penetrate the cell as thoroughly.


Being fat soluble, unlike beta-carotene, UV light hitting it will destroy its matrix in the molecule, but not its shell, hence it appears not to lower in blood plasma. Sugar in the system will keep it in the plasma, not in cells and this study group was given a 'control' diet of everything from chocolate pudding to shortbread cookies. Shameful.

One reason Johnny cannot read in school and why we practically have to push people to read is they are white and their loss of A is affecting the eyes and reading is unpleasant. In the eyes a form of vitamin A called visual purple breaks down every time light hits it and if vitamin A is lacking your vision is distorted and close vision work such as reading becomes just that, work, instead of a pleasure and learning is thus a stress.


Johnny's natural instincts tell him to stop and he gets an F in reading and goes to special reading classes thinking he is a number one dummy which all could have been eliminated if mother had stayed home and cooked him the proper foods.


There are many Johnny's in this world. When he grows up he finally develops night blindness and kills himself on the highway or worst yet, someone else. Dark glasses in a society are a clear indication of a people whose vitamin A metabolism is bad as bright light cannot be tolerated.


Another dent in the evolutionary theory of adapted racial types is that sunlight bouncing off snow is very depleting of visual purple. If the whites evolved in Europe as a consequence of the glaciers and snows of the seasons, it is indeed a funny sort of evolving that would deplete an organisms system of vital A, hoping to develop a better strain! (Now, let's hear the one about the tooth fairy!)

Because vitamin A must combine with bile salts in the small intestine to enter the bloodstream, this lack of A causes the whites to consume an over abundance of saturated fats to compensate the loss which can be over 90% in the feces.


Only unsaturated fats as the essential fatty acids and a little saturated fat can provide this conversion as fats also keep vitamin E in the blood to keep the cells from oxidizing. Vitamin D too must have fat to be absorbed, hence another reason fast-chain restaurants with their fatty burgers, ice cream and sugar products are so popular among whites. But by bolstering the fat to help the A, they are blocking production of vitamin D with the saturated fat.


We are tricked by fatty meat because it is suppose to be an excellent source of polyunsaturated fats and little saturated. Red blood cells are thus suffering from very short life spans. Because of the increase in oil from the fat and the too little circulating A, vitamin E which works with A, D, and K is under-supplied to the system. Without E, iron literally rusts cells and cannot be eliminated from the body. Hydrochloric acid then cannot dissolve the iron through intestinal walls. Iron carries oxygen to the cells of hemoglobin but if not filtered, the cells die.


Vitamin E is a very special nutrient - if under-supplied, oxygen is wasted from the cells and another source must be found. Oxygen of course is very important to life but it has a serious after effect, it oxidizes and thereby destroys cells.


Apollo 10 astronauts lost 20 - 30% of their red blood cells in their oxygen rich compartments which depleted what little E they had. They returned very anemic as this lack also destroyed the unsaturated fatty acids of their cells when the bodies could not handle an oxygen rich environment. Vitamin E keeps the oxygen in cells in check, by not letting them destroy themselves if too little or too much oxygen enters.


Animals supplied with little oxygen outlived those deficient in E.


Athletes find they have more stamina if vitamin E is taken. However, the key to a sound body is not to reach the "panting level." Because whites seem to have the most trouble keeping oxygen in their cells they turn to maniacal behaviors called 'sports' where working up a good sweat, they believe, is actually beneficial. They are only telling how badly their cells need oxygen and will jump and jog and do anything their body commands. If their minds were working they would step up their vitamin E and other nutrients to a level where they do not have to tax the body through such grueling, injurious contortions.


All the bad backs, displaced uterus's, injured ovum, muscle sprains and foot disorders are a sad reward for what is a pure dietary disorder, adding only insult to injury. Feet were made for walking only and when you want to get there faster you have a brain that will figure that out too. Animals only exert themselves when they have too for they know the danger, keeping their bodies at an even pace for anything else is a shock.


Vitamin E decreases the need for oxygen thus counteracting the poisons of this planet by keeping the universe inside you at a steady state of operation. Childbirth is so difficult for whites because their organs are so weak from a lack of E hence their offspring are more prone to mental disorders right from birth. Here is another reason Johnny cannot read. Period.


It is no historical exaggeration to say that the reason the sciences and literature begun and flourished in the Middle East and Far East, more than in Europe, was because of the latter's poorer biological structures.

They have merely borrowed from the Arabs and Hebrews as Greece and Rome did, and of course everyone borrowed from Egypt. And, because of their problem more with androgyny, whites read left to right.

There is a campaign today to boost the intake of calcium for women. This is so beneficial but they refrain from telling the women they must eat a balanced diet for it to be effective and cut out all refined foods or they might as well swallow air. They leave out the one other catch, if you are white skinned you will not metabolize it as well which is why a balanced diet is so important.


Whites have always been at a handicap with vitamin D which absorbs calcium when obtained from the sun but is not enough to curb the malnutrition we have which we call aging.


The standard dolichocephalic and brachycephalic faces of most whites is caused from this vitamin and, E, and C malfunction and why osteoporosis is so common. White women in the subtropics usually have adequate vitamin D from sunshine but a group of Michigan women were found from being indoors throughout the summer to have none at all! But it only takes about five minutes of sun a day so these women must have been extremely dietary poor or genetically mutated against metabolizing it.


White women suffer most from menopause because of this vitamin D shortage as estrogen metabolizes from it. Tooth decay also is a direct cause of this. Vitamin D protects, with calcium, the teeth against acid assault when fructose is broken down. In the study of a group of isolated Swiss they had a little or no dental caries.


Being white they could not be expected to be caries free throughout life, but a mouth full of fillings before age 10 as is common in the U.S., was no where to be found. But they also drank milk which invites bacteria and could have been the reason also.

Why are whites, white? Because of their A, D and E dysfunction, iron cannot produce healthy red corpuscles or hemoglobin and corrodes the cells which cannot carry enough oxygen and pigment is thus lost.


Whites only absorb about fifty percent of the iron they consume, if that. Whites actually suffer from benign forms of iron anemia and rickets. It seems rather ironic that the color extreme of 'Caucasians' and 'Negroes' centers mainly on two agents, their serum blood distribution of iron and copper. In fact, the two peoples have much in common in that they are the extreme opposite of one another.


The black skin of the Negroes absorbs too much vitamin D with the sun's gamma rays. Like the whites, they too must consume an abundance of fats to stimulate metabolism but with them it is an over abundance of A and D they accumulate in their systems.


The heavy fatted 'soul foods' of fatback, pork, chitterlings, etc., of American blacks; milk, meat and blood diets of African blacks, attest to this.

Hemoglobin structure and function is a difficult area of study, but even to an untrained eye it is not hard to realize the fact that both these peoples have serious hemoglobin disorders. Both suffer their separate problems and I might add that Mongoloids have milder forms of white disorders and both show jaundice conditions; a fact well known that newborns are born quite yellow and white skin, like yellow, is from a poor liver as well. However, let us concentrate on the whites and blacks for they are at the far ends of the scale.


The iron/copper ratio here is off, throwing other agents as zinc, folic and hydrochloric acid off as well: Although the latter may be the causative agent of all the trouble. With a loss of vitamin A, which restricts the amount of internal and external bacteria, hydrochloric acid is greatly reduced as it is a derivative of this nutrient performing the same functions.


Putrefactive fermentation, lactic acid and pathogens are very severe in whites because of the lack of this acid. Flatuance, digestive disorders, their great inability to digest properly, is the main reason the white man's eyes see the refining of foods so beneficial to help a very poor digestive tract. But it is Peter robbing Paul, for he is catering to his genetic flaws by making it worse by refining foods.


By doing so, his brain is fooled by his body which wants very much to decay and his blocked senses find white bread more enticing than whole wheat. White bread is easier on his digestive tract but he does not get enough nutrients and his system suffers. Wheat break takes longer to digest with his hydrochloric acid weakness but he will get more nutrients here by compensating for his inadequacy.


But for many, once they get off sugar and alcohol they find how appetizing whole wheat flour is and will actually become sick if they attempt to put other poisons in their mouth again. In blacks, hydrochloric acid is too much, they actually suffer from a slowly manifesting hemochromatosis, iron overload. This creates copper deficiency and the iron releases too much melanin, hence their dark skin, and makes copper to become exogenous.


With this super abundance of exogenous iron they cannot absorb it as well because of the copper imbalance and can be as anemic as whites if they have a very poor diet. In fact, unless particular organs and cells are examined, their tests will show no differently than a whites. Because of this copper problem high blood pressure and heart disease is common with Negroes.


They too can have an alcoholic problem as they need to absorb the iron.


Blacks mature quickly, menarche has usually been in the 9 - 12 range, as with whites, while boys develop robustly, but by age 30 - 35 they start deteriorating, although whites start to by 25 - 30. Their athletic ability is tremendous, but short lived, as they peak in this growth spurt as calcium levels are very high because of their heavy hydrochloric acid and high iron rations.


Negroes abstaining from refined foods live to be centurions as their ancient Egyptian forbearers did, for their dark skin is a bonus to them. Whites seem to suffer a slow pernicious anemia and by age 30, collagen begins to fail from the lack of A and hydrochloric acid and the skin is more loose.


In blacks, too much hydrochloric acid causes the same, which is why you see the breasts of even young African women so lose, not just because they have had many children of whom they have nursed. This condition for the same reason, hits white women at about 35, bra or no bra.

The problem in whites seems to be that they have no reverse in oxygen binding. A non-aqueous environment around the iron atom allows it to remain in a ferrous state, even with oxygen present, but there is no intermediate bond, nothing to protect it and instead of it being fully bonded, it is allowed to oxidize the cell. Without this bonding, it cannot be leached through the system as waste, thus, cell damage.


We need iron to carry vital oxygen, but we also have to expel it in the system because it is a poison also. Because of the lack of hydrochloric acid there is also a lack of vitamin C absorption crucial to iron assimilation. Inorganic iron in vegetables and cereals is easily absorbed but the crucial heme iron is not so easily metabolized.


Heme is that derived from meat. Whites look 'white' because heme lack is causing anemia. Protein synthesis is thus troubled as heme is important to the hemoglobin molecule. Heme iron does not oxidize cells as inorganic iron does, which is why very strict vegetarians age so rapidly as only heme stimulates RNA synthesis.

Whites on the whole are only surviving on inorganic iron, deteriorating from the loss of vital heme because of red cell chain a-+b imbalance. The lifespan of the erythrocyte is shortened from hemolytic anemias and thus is the organism.

Whites, and wherever they introduced it to darker races, became enraptured with refined sugar over honey because their lack of hydrochloric acid in whites means a lack of hydrolysis in sugars. In darker races there is too much acid (remember now, we are speaking of the intermediate colors also, for they suffer all these ailments to some extant or the other, to take the mongoloids and study them separately would take another volume) but too much iron also, and a balance of absorption cannot be kept at a happy medium.


Refined sugar reaches the lower intestines almost immediately giving enzymes that great kick of energy which leaves you in a heap and reaching for another Coke an hour later as it steals nutrients. Honey or fruit sugars take longer to process, releasing the energy as you need it.


Again, you do not need all the hydrochloric acid for refined sugar, but the body suffers tremendously for its default.


Better slow and easy, than fast and dead before your time, and our time is not too long as 70 or 80 was considered middle life until about 600 years ago and still in remote parts of our world today. Because of whites lack of iron, alcohol is a must for them to assimilate their little iron. In darker races the same is needed for their overload of iron which they cannot assimilate because of the lack of copper which metabolizes iron.

Because of the hydrochloric acid problem, vitamins A and D loss causes lighter skin people to have a much thinner skull than the darker peoples who because of their heavy hydrochloric acid causes calcium to be laid down in the soft tissues and their iron anemia increases the thickness of their skulls. Mostly this is purely from a dietary problem rather than a mutation of genetic structure. Darker peoples usually have very large and beautifully white teeth because of their heavy vitamin D and calcium, as their darker skin attracts the gamma rays of the sun which triggers metabolism of vitamin D.


The whiter skinned peoples have dollishly small jaws because of their lack of D and calcium. Whiter peoples cannot properly masticate their food which only contributes to their digestive problems.


Another reason he refines his food, easier to chew. So we have two major castes at very similar, but opposite ends of the biological spectrum, like everyone else, heading towards their destruction due to their biochemical malfunctions. They are just the extreme ends of this broad 'color' spectrum with a great deal of variation in between of world peoples who do not fit into the three largest breeding types.


The broad splayed nose of the blacker peoples (also to be found in whites) with their enlarged alar cartilages means they inhale more oxygen to an anemic body and expel more carbon dioxide; by doing so to an iron overloaded body, oxidation is more rampant. Again, this is more the fault of diet than anything else for very dark races abstaining from sugar and alcohol as in India and the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia do not all show this common characteristic of the further stages of these dysfunctions.


White peoples tend to have more pinched nostrils and septums to keep as much oxygen as possible from reaching the little iron they have to keep from oxidizing cells, but the cells suffer from the oxygen loss.


A good example of what imbalance does. Darker castes too can have the pinched nostrils. There are no set 'racial' rules. Also, the nasal septum in Negro noses can be small as compared to the enlarged alar.

There has always been rivalries between these two opposing factions as to their odors. All peoples around the world say others have smells for everyone varies so in their chemistry. Whites have to be more odoriferous for they lack intrinsic factor, an enzyme from hydrochloric acid which absorbs very vital B, one of the nutrients that inhibits body odor.


They also, because of low hydrochloric acid, cannot absorb chlorophyll well, hence more body odor and why they complain after eating Chinese food they are hungry an hour later as it just goes right through the system which made no use of all the vegetable's nutrients.


The older a white person, the more pallor from the progressive anemia and they attain the characteristic body odor which offends even those most closest to them. Folic acid lack is another problem which like hydrochloric acid, which it works with, is causing a problem of anemia and body repair. Folic acid is imperative for DNA and RNA divisions and repair and for the substances which carry our hereditary patterns.


One reason there is so much diversity in whiter skinned peoples in particular is this substance is so erratic and weak. The heavy skin pigmentation in blacker peoples may be because they are producing too much, again attributing to early and strong maturation rates. Healing is slower in the white races, which is why western medicine frowns so on holistic and naturopathic medicines because of their own genetic degeneracy.


What heals a Hindoo or Arab will not heal an Englishman. Skin absorbs the agent, but the blood too must work with it to do the rest and a skin lacking in vitamin A and D with weak cell response will not respond.


You have to be natural to heal natural. One reason the lighter skinned peoples are horrendously algolagniac is sperm is much retarded by folic acid lack and the average white male has to tax his body tremendously to release millions of sperm of which one in two are defective. This injures both himself and his partner who suffers her amount of gynecologic disorders. This overstimulation only robs his body of nutrients and damages cells.


One reason he goes bald so fast nowadays is testosterone and nutrients are robbed from the system. It is a fallacy that bald men have more testosterone; if they do, it is only exogenous and useless to him for it cannot penetrate the cell nuclei, hence his baldness.

There are to our knowledge 11 sterols active in vitamin D, so to discern the reasons for the varied skin colors is not easy. If darker skin is taking in a superabundance of 7-dehydrocholesterol, or D3, the problem is indeed frightening.


D2 is converted by the sun from a plant and animal tissue sterol called egosterol and an abundance of that is a biochemical trigger too. With such variation of blood chemistry an enormous amount of fat must be needed by black people to produce enough bile to absorb D into the system. It is understandable why we see cannibalism among such people and whites as well, for the opposite purposes, but again for the fat, but tribes as the Masai have changed eating their fellowman to drinking the milk and blood of their cattle, while whites drink milk and eat heavily fatted foods.


But, all this influx of fats creates a much lower lifespan. Whereas whites must depend on fats and sugar, that is, heat and energy, the blacks must concentrate mainly more on fats to achieve the same ends, their bodies cannot metabolize nutrients from the foods they eat sufficiently to sustain daily body repair, but can only take the carbohydrates and fats which sustain life as their bodies wear down.


One has too much vitamin A and D, the other too little, and both must consume a great deal of fat.


Looking objectively at castes (and believe me this is hard with someone of my descent!) the whites are in a perpetual state of mild rickets and osteomalacia. They manifest themselves into various forms when the body is further under supplied, with a progression until death. That we all die is proof of all of our genetic inadequacies. If you want a criteria to genetic superiority, death is it.

We must discuss an element we have called bilirubin, for if you have given up thinking you are a complete genetic disaster with no hope, forget it, for as the gods told you, you only have to wake up to those assets nature left you in times of trouble. Bilirubin is one of those elements, but it can be a curse too, but let us look. Bilirubin is derived from hemoglobin to color intestinal contents and feces. It is an orange-colored or yellow pigment.


The blood carries it to the liver as it is produced from bone marrow, the spleen and elsewhere where blood is manufactured. As it passes through the intestines it is changed into urobilinogen by bacteria and or intrinsic factor (better the latter), most, but not all being passed through the feces and distributed through the circulation.


Bilirubin is present in everyone's blood in certain amounts. The liver passes the final products of digestion to the bloodstream from this action of bile, our skin color is then also a reflection of our digestive qualities. The color is thus a key to our total metabolic efficiency. The darker races with their influx of fat produce too much cholesterol, saturated fat then destroys vitamin E.


The bile and liver cannot clean up the system and the darker pigment from the iron/copper excess colors the skin. In whites the problem is more involved because of their lack of hydrochloric acid, intrinsic factor and vitamin B^ , the later stored in the liver is lost, bacteria is more prevalent causing urobilinogen, a colorless derivative of bilirubin, to be formed from this bacteria to pass through the system.


Another reason whites have much trouble with diseases. Skin is white because the blood lacks nutrients to keep the cycle in check, as in iron. It has to keep recycling bilirubin to draw out as much nutrients as possible. Darker skinned peoples have different enzymes for glucose because of their heavy loss of vitamin E,


The body compensates by storing glucose as glycogen in the gluteus maximus where muscle movement is least but this storage of fat is a haven for carbon dioxide and fatty acids, again just energy/heat use and not nutrient. The same occurs in whites, particularly women. The evolutionary theory that fat storage is for severe famine and drought is terribly wrong.


During a famine the obese people, white or black, are the first to go because they have to expend energy to carry and store this useless matter around. In women, when they become pregnant their body immediately tries to strip away any excess fat which will only harm and retard growth of the fetus. Again, these are not evolved characteristics in man, but degenerative features.


Remember our Venus women pages back?

Now for the goods news and the bad as concerns us in our oxygen filled world. For years it was thought that bilirubin was only the end product of heme catabolism in mammals, a waste product. But according to the latest study, at micromolar concentrations in vitro, it has been shown to have great antioxidant qualities if the oxygen is decreased from 20% of normal air to 2%.


And, it has been found to suppress oxidation more than vitamin E which is of course regarded as the best antioxidant of lipid peroxidation. Like vitamins E, C, b-carotene, and enzymes as superoxide dismutase and catalase, it joins their ranks as one of our finest protectorants and proves again that the environment we are in is not normal to us but nature has provided these buffers and watch-dogs to help us.


But we have to help too. It was found here that it may protect vitamin A and linoleic acid from oxidative destruction in the intestines. It also is the reason for the lighter skins of whites and mongoloids and why we are jaundiced as it is a protectorant. It also states why, for better or worse, we love the sun as it reacts to sunlight, particularly in the brain. It also keeps, heme iron from oxidizing the cells.


I would like to add though the reason it is not doing its job however, as in the laboratory, is that refined foods, alcohol and demon sugar are keeping its protective elements down and why we are seeing more and more jaundiced babies in hospitals with the lower levels of beta-carotene, vitamins E and C with our poor diets.


Orientals have profited by it by having correct diets through the ages and this is one of the principal reasons they do not age as much, however, the new generations now are consuming western food and lighter skins are appearing with the same ailments as in the west. It is however, elements as this in us that are there for our benefit but as the ancients told us we must treat our bodies well to receive the rewards.


This also tells us that the environment we are in is not conducive for any evolutionary past to have existed or any change now; something happened to a monomorphic group of peoples eons ago and here we are. Bilirubin also accounts for the great diversity of skin types depending on the genetic constitution and diet.


If whites have urobilinogen coursing through their systems because of their lack of heme iron bonding it is because bilirubin, which is formed by selective cleavage of the heme ring at the a-methane bridge and consisting of four pyrrole rings linked by three carbon bridges, cannot bond as bilirubin is water insoluble, water being more prominent because bile has not enough vitamin D and iron to carry the pigmented hemoglobin throughout the blood.


Its COOH and -NH groups are involved in strong intramolecular hydrogen bonds, therefore it cannot react with water. The lighter skins have too much bacteria and not enough nutrient rich blood and this is so because of their extremely poor diets.


Blacks, because glucose metabolism is thrown off by the lack of E, has an abundance of glucuronic acid which enhances too much the aqueous solubility of the molecule and alters its biologic properties and it cannot diffuse the heavy load of vitamin D and iron as it passes through the circulation, again diet is antagonistic to this. The whites have a further problem in that their bilirubin cannot be passed through the bile, it must be diffused through the skin and hair (another reason they have so much more body hair and pungent odor) and, unfortunately, it also crosses the blood-brain barrier, the placenta, gallbladder and bladder.


All people suffer from this bile 'backup' that tries to refilter lost nutrients through the system by keeping them locked in bile and blood. Light skin is a reaction to this water solubility problem as sunlight exposure to the bilirubin in blood actually creates water insolubility and bonding which is good, but bad if you are on a refined foods diet for the nutrients remain exogenous to your cells, and your skin pales further.


This is why it can keep jaundice's ill-effects down. Isomers are then better handled by the liver and excretion is better. And, so, the waste from the fecal (bilirubin) matter must be pumped back into your system if your diet is poor.


Most blue eyes are a reflection of this fecal matter which turns the iris blue upon light hitting it.


(Somehow, I feel avenged, I live in Minnesota where since a child I have been told by blue-eyed Scandinavians that the reason my eyes are brown is I have fecal matter - put to me more bluntly - running through my eyes, but it rather backfired on them!).


The little fellow who depends on all this nutrient complex is the erythrocyte cells or red blood cells. Its body consists of a spongelike area where the respiratory pigment of hemoglobin is.


Many of the miseries of the world can be blamed because this little fellow has either too much or too little nutrients, for it forms the bile pigments. If the blood is strong and not full of decomposition, it need not refilter bilirubin.


The hemoglobin consists of hematin, the iron color portion and the protein globin. Combining with oxygen, it forms the unstable compound oxyhemoglobin. Since whites cannot bind heme iron their white skin reflects their loss of oxygen. Because blacks have too much, there is unbalance causing anisocytosis and poikilocytosis, they actually suffer from hyperchromia. The broad noses of darker peoples is the giveaway for their respiratory rate has to match their oxygen influx yet their lack of E causes them to age rapidly.


Erythrocytes have a supposed lifespan of 120 days hence, 2,400,000 red blood cells per second have to be created for an average 5 liters of blood which needs 5,000,000 red blood cells/cu. mm. of blood which is a ridiculous amount and a drain on the system.


With such a low volume of oxygen in whites, their narrow pinched nostrils and open mouths give evidence of the body's need to cut down on air through the nose and draws it through the mouth where a bigger volume is reached but for wrong purposes as the air is not purified and bacteria is drawn to the system, a perfect autocytolysic example, to compensate for the little oxygen turnover they have.


Also, carbon dioxide is not thoroughly taken from the system in either peoples because of their poor vitamin E content (the lord warned you not to eat of fat and blood!) from their heavy amounts of fat, and add to this sugar. The prevalence of open mouths and enlarged tongues is typical of peoples today with a shiny, strawberry appearance, uncoated.

We should be looking at cobalt too which depends on the gastric mucosa of which whites are most lacking of. Cobalt needs this to be absorbed with B1 . The latter is a mystery for in white people it is known, like cobalt, to be poorly absorbed. Most cobalt excretes in the urine and small amounts in the bile. Plants and other animals do not seem to need B^ 2, indeed cannot even synthesize it, only organisms in the animals gut (we are speaking of herbivores).


Yet humans can only get it from animal sources. Plant sources cannot be absorbed. If darker skinned peoples have an outpouring of hydrochloric acid they are at the other end of the spectrum, too much B^ 2 and cobalt, and hyperchromia is again understandable. Polycythemia is the white disorder when an excess of fats goes beyond the body level of control; our obese men and Venus like women among white society has been induced by malnutrition.


(This is why textbook descriptions of the extraordinary amounts of erythrocytes (2,400,000 cells per second) is reported, they do not realize this is a pathology. Another example of our reaction to a poor atmosphere of which all peoples suffer to one degree or the other.)


Ruddy complexions are common and/or cynanosis. This is interesting for the blood cells so enlarge trying to speed the nutrients through, causing a slate-like, grayish or dark purple caste to the skin as in some blacks, in the need for oxygen to the cells but, because of the whites lack of hemoglobin anyway, these are the best colors they can generate, just paler shades of white or yellow.


When there is a deficiency of oxygen there is an increase of carbon dioxide, the whites show this because of a lack of hemoglobin, the blacks because of the lack of vitamin E. Anemia is a nuisance more so to whites because they are 'naturally' anemic, to the black this can be a killer, such as in sickle-cell because they are so reliant on a heavy dose of hemoglobin rich nutrients in their high metabolism. We are now approaching why salt is so craved by the world's peoples. The chloride. Chloride is a noxious substance to cells, but, in a body heavy with carbon dioxide it is a blessing yet a curse.


Chloride filters carbon dioxide (and monoxide) out of the cells, but it raises the blood pressure and injures the cells in the process. Sodium is not the enemy and is only so if in the presence of refined sugar. Chloride is an inorganic substance which is indigestible and harms cells. Sodium is one of our major cells constituents.


(Science is just realizing what Naturopaths have known through the ages that sodium is not the demon, but chloride. Food researchers erred and duped the big food monopolies who have the public clamoring for low-sodium products which will eventually kill them, causing heart attacks especially.)


Again, we are only living a perpetual death when our confused biochemistries trick us. The Gods, recall, wanted their food unsalted during Exodus, but the lineages of Indra liked the "salts of the earth," man, the degenerative form. Malaria and other infestations would never manifest if man's blood was not so impure from a nutritional standpoint and having sickled-cells which retards the mosquito is no compensation but just an exchange of one evil for another. (The mosquito, like all vermin, love a low-alkaline blood which means a poor organism. Refined foods create a low-alkaline blood.)


To build a theory such as evolution around it is so idiotic if not being downright hypnotized by a fairy tale.


How could one evolve a better strain of man from one so encumbered in health? I wish people would stop making a mint off this sensationalism and open some books for people have been returned back to health from sickle-cell when given a sound diet. Sickle cell people are susceptible to many infections due to opsonization.


What the evolutionist's do not tell you (I doubt they know) is that sickle-cell is also caused by being in unpressurized aircraft and is common wherever darker skinned peoples are, as in the Mediterranean, because their copper and iron ratios are off when western diets are consumed, causing a folic acid lack. Absurd statements like this are literally killing people who could easily get help because it is supposedly a genetic programmed response from our evolutionary days.


Rubbish! Our American women are so low in vitamin E at this point, retarded and sickly babies are at a height never known before and infertility a serious problem, and they are going to tell me a sickled cell is capable of producing more sound biological beings, or that this condition has persisted for thousands of years?


You have to stop and remember the folks making these statements have a head full of urobilinogen!


They are quickly drawing mankind back for if he can be convinced that his sickly ways, poor appendix, bad backs and mental disorders are genetic throwbacks, he will never be able to help himself. Genetic soundness means an organism that can cope with its world which man cannot and the signals should be going up that this lack is not generic but something he is personally doing wrong, he is responsible, but you are just going to have to have more brains than an evolutionist who is living a fantasy.


Sickled-cells are caused by a folic acid deficiency, just what we find in areas of darker skinned peoples who need a very high folic acid content. Refined foods lower these levels. Hopefully, one day we will see these disorders disappear and the evolutionists with them. Nature never plays tricks on its lifeforms, people play tricks on themselves.

This sickle-cell discussion reminds me of hemochromatosis which is common in blacks when their folic acid and copper levels cannot meet the demands of iron flow from their ingestions of refined foods.


Because they have difficulty with glycogen metabolism, refined sugar makes it worse for them as it weakens these elements. Their smart prevalence for liver in the 'primitive' communities is understandable for it gives the highest amount of folic acid, but the whites abhorrence of it is that the extra iron and B1 in it requires more hydrochloric acid which they do not have to absorb it which is too bad because their systems cry out for it but they can only metabolize so much of it. The vitamin A content is vital to them.


The lumen of the mucosal lining of the small intestine when folic acid is lost is disastrous to black skinned peoples. In South African blacks hemochromatosis erupts when they consume too much alcoholic brew, sugar-laced, from iron containers. Western food having robbed their systems makes this added overflow of iron recede from their massive red cell mass and it is then stored in various organs instead of in the skin layers.


The recticular layer of the dermis, beneath the papillary layer can safely retain whatever deposits are laid there, the blacks are fortunate in this respect as their condition would lay iron in parenchymal deposits as in hemachromatosis where trouble then begins. Actually, nature has, like with lighter skins, been very kind on one hand by protecting them but like everyone else they abuse their bodies with poor foods that destroy these helping agencies. In whites, iron is deposited more in various organs and drawn from the reticular layer of skin.


For some reason diabetes and hemochromatosis is high in whites which may be telling us that our very white skin and refined sugar intakes are affecting the mineral metabolism of our bodies and so drawing folic acid, creating an even more anemic looking skin. As people age they get "age-spots' where spent iron lays down, having been useless to the body.


The iron problem of both whites and blacks makes them consume alcohol more which may account for the lesser troubled peoples as in Islamic countries who are able to refrain from it. Amerindians have a horrible alcoholic problem for they had a near perfect copper/iron level but the whiteman's diet has done more to destroy him through the ages than any bullet ever did, and once they realize this and get back to their true biological diet they will return to the great people they once were.


They too are much lighter skinned than a hundred years ago as the iron in their bodies lowers and alcohol is needed to help them assimilate what little they have. In whites, idiopathic hemochromatosis can develop between 40 and 60 giving pigmentation to the skin by the excess iron as it accumulates through the years from an improper diet.


Here we have a clear case where so called 'racial features' are merely metabolic imbalances. A white will definitely show 'Negroid' characteristics the older they become if nutrition is off. Conversely, blacks lose their skin color and actually start showing white features!


Cells are too plastic, easily influenced by poor living habits. Race is just a folly, we generalize too much by the tricks nature plays on us.

That whites and blacks show an opposite end of the same spectrum is evidenced in albinism which is equally common in both, affecting 1 in 34.000. It is said to be one of the heterogeneous groups of disorders resulting in a deficient melanin production by affecting tyrosine metabolism. I do not believe it is totally genetic, though we must in all these accounts accept that mutation has happened in many disorders, but many are maternally or paternally created by the lack of proper diet creating the conditions favorable to producing these defects during gestation.


Or, we must also figure that a great deal of all these disorders have manifested themselves after centuries of poor diets and the effects on the germ plasms of people, coupled with the mass degree of outbreeding.


One would think in albinism that these two skin color factions would trip it because of their copper/iron problem. My judgment is because tyrosine is an amino acid and serves as a precursor of epinphrine, thyroxine and melanin, but, if ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and folic acid are missing, especially during the crucial timing of gestation, a problem like this and similar disorders are going to arise because epinephrine is noxious to cells, rising due to a lack of tyrosine, vitamin C and folic acid. Stress to the mother would also cause this.

The adrenals in whites are weak because of their lack of iron binding.


But, their white skin is a bonus as epinephrine will not react to light or heat; a real plus here for epinephrine (adrenaline) is caustic to cells; raises blood pressure, constricts vessels, etc., so white skin again-has an attribute. However, refined foods ruin this as sugar especially makes adrenaline run wild. Thyroxine is produced by the thyroid and its relation to melanin will have to come later, let us say here the thyroid is the key also to many 'racial' features so, too much or too little thyroxine is the problem here.


But it is the folic acid and vitamin C that is pertinent. All of the four types of albinism are inborn. Calcium must be present in order for vitamin C to work and here is where the white loses out because of the lack of vitamin D. It also explains why vitamin C is needed more by whites and perhaps not by blacks who may be able to metabolize it to excess because of their more calcium overload.


Whites have a more sensitive skin, susceptible to bruising and tearing and why they harbor more bacterial deposits in the connective tissues. Capillaries are weaker and heart disease of the vessels and other related disease more prevalent in whites. Blacks robust teeth show their overflow of C and calcium while whites have weaker enamel and osteomalacia and bone degeneration.


Although vitamin C cannot be stored in most bodies the tissues do retain some, the excess expelled in the urine. High blood pressure common of blacks in the west, and those in Africa on poor diets, lack C and they start losing calcium which is an excellent element that keeps our blood pressures down. You seldom see buck teeth or irregular teeth in blacks unless they switch to refined diets and the same for whites which in the latter lowers their vitamin D and calcium and the same problems with blacks.


Protruding or receding chins and foreheads and too deep set eyes are also a problem with these skin colors to extremes and in other peoples in between to lesser extents. Nature has, however, given us elements such as bilirubin and the ability to control our mutations, capable of letting us return to our original matrix. All colors are beautiful, so it seems, but not if we abuse our bodies for then we are truly ugly.

Apparently in albinism these imbalances in whites draws the melanin further from the tissues and stores it which means it can be helped whereas in blacks the same occurs as tyrosine is underdeveloped in both. I believe it is reversible for in tyrosinase - positive oculocutaneous albinism, found mainly in blacks, it is with age that the skin slowly loses pigmentation turning them from black to yellow skin to an almost white.


Obviously diet is the chemical bugaboo here. Other evidence of this is Amish albinism where melanocyte maturation is defective. The Amish are an inbreeding group but they use refined foods and because inbreeding demands the most stringent of diets to produce the most healthy offspring, just a taint as this will cause sever deformities.


Diet is the main reason people have to outbreed. Folic acid is much disturbed by refined foods, sugar the main demon. Xanthous albinism in black people is the same type as this, only with a cream rather than white color, hair dark yellow to red-brown. What we are seeing is the manifestation of genetic defects through diet, nothing more. The blood just starts wearing out to put it bluntly.


The problem is, where there is one defect, there is always a parallel defect as in cutaneous albinism where skin, hair or eyes are congenitally hypopigmented and deafness is always present.


What we are seeing through our history is that once these mistakes are made in biochemistry, which draws people to the wrong diets and lifestyles, they just keep making the same life expending mistakes. All of our so-called 'genetic-defects' are just a whitewash for what they truly are, ignorance. Man talks of a Golden Age because his genetic memory, those few intact brain cells some yet retain, tell him that this cannot be what life is about, sickness, mental disorders, etc.


Let us run from the test tube babies and genetic splicing and the rest of these Dr. Jeckyl horrors and get back to the basics.


Man is going to have to remember that along with a head he has a heart too.

In vitiligo, whites obtain darker pigments and blacks whiter. This all centers around Paba (para-amino benzoic acid) and pantothenic acid and copper also. The metabolic deficiency of these three nutrients is very evident in whites whose reticular tissues, because they lack mineral retention, makes them suffer excessive sunburn from the lack of Paba.


People who burned easily when on refined sugars find it negligible when they are 100% free of it in their system. In vitiligo, whites retain their 'normal' color as do blacks when given Paba, so we can assume if other correct nutrients were present, this natural sunburn protectorant in gestation would produce a different individual. The infestation of fleas, ticks and lice would be unknown if Paba was well supplied in the system.


The Black Plague would never have reached traumatic proportions if refined diets had not taken this valuable B-vitamin and others. Whites and blacks lose their hair color to gray because of a lack of Paba, biotin, folic acid and pantothenic acid.


Graying and balding was practically unknown among Negroes and Mongoloids until the introduction of refined foods. Inositol is lost more readily in whites as well and males lose their hair much earlier now and women are experiencing graying earlier even in their teens. Testosterone imbalances also trigger this loss and androgynous women are losing their hair like men.


Looking back at the pictures of our ancestors just one hundred years ago you will find your great-grandfather probably had more hair than you.

When we look at any peoples in the world we should be treating each person or family as a distinct breeding group rather than pigeon-holing them into this ridiculous distinction of three types. A preponderance of a certain caste lives in a particular area of the world but next door to them is someone completely different. Even among Amerindians the use of hand language had to be employed because tribes next door to one another could not speak the other's tongue. Everyone thinks an Indian is the stereo-typed hawk-nosed, red-skinned, tall person.


That is true, some are, but in the tribe I come from, Cherokee, they have like many Indians, the small straight nose, tall, but light skinned, in fact people to the New World mistook some for Europeans. Indians vary so in their physiologies you cannot class all of them the same.


There is no where in the world where abruptly the stereotyped Negro begins or the Mongoloid. The British in their narrow-minded ways called the Indians of India 'niggers' because they have dark to black skins.


They too suffer from the same problems the African do, but have through the millennia stuck to strict diets in many castes and although they have the slightly waved hair' their copper problem is not so severe but will be, and has become, when they leave their natural diets.


There is nothing like food that alienates people from others, and so it should, for it says everything and is everything about a people. If Indians persist in following the west their future generations will develop more kinky hair and broadened or pinched noses. In the land of India you will find some of the most near-perfect Aryan types and a few of these are in Europe and among Africans, as well as the Falashas, and others can be seen especially in old daguerreotypes before the whites influenced them.


You can see in so many colored peoples where they have retained excellent features.


The Norwegian caste with its white kinky hair mentioned, like Noah, is telling us of another peculiar problem where they cannot absorb heme iron, like all whites, and have not been able to keep their copper and maganese ratios in balance since folic acid has been disturbed. Any curl or wave to hair shows a copper imbalance.


The 'pug-nose' of many Norwegian castes is an attempt to work more oxygen into the systems, but not so much to help the inorganic iron as the little heme they have. Too much phosphorus in a body poor at calcium metabolizing contributes to these type conditions also. Their splayed noses are more probably poison retention rather than an attempt to get more air in for the septums are not large, the same with many blacks.

Iron absorption is a much debated issue in biology. Ferritin is an iron-phosphorus protein containing 23% iron. As it is formed in the intestinal mucosa by union of ferric iron with a protein called apoferritin we can approach the problem of the varied skin problems.


Because of the over abundance of hydrochloric acid there is a tremendous turnover of both ferritin and ferrous iron, the two principle constituents of iron of darker skinned peoples, and is laid in the reticuloendothelial tissues as mucoproteins are overwhelmed. Heme iron absorbed from meat in the ferrous form carries the pigmentation and is the essential oxygen transport to cells, too much heme makes skin dark brown to black, robbing the system of copper and manganese causing hair to become woolly as folic acid is stripped from the system.


White skin develops from a lack of intestinal mucosa and hydrochloric acid which then cannot take ferric iron (as from organic sources as vegetables, cereals, etc.) and transform it to ferrous, nor can they take ferrous iron and properly use it to transport oxygen. It is very weak and the lack of pigmentation reveals this and they obtain worse pallor the more anemic they become, a mild form of the lack of the enzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide diaphorase is evident.


Myoglobin, a respiratory pigment in muscle tissue is a repository for oxygen which in healthy black skinned men creates sound muscle strength whereas a white skinned man is deficient in it and tries to create oxygen rich muscles with exercise which only ruins an already oxygen lacked cell system as he loses what little oxygen he has. Arnold Schwarzenegger has developed the fine muscle mass he has because he is a rare individual who has through diet and exercise and good genetic soundness has been able to transcend his body weaknesses.


As long as he, and those like him, keeps lifting weights and does not jog or do exercise that will rob his body of oxygen, he will live to be 110+. He has let his head rule his body, but males do not have to go to these extremes if they do not wish, for a good diet will build very good muscle mass. Lactoferrin is lacking in lighter skinned peoples which, as an iron-binding protein, plays a vital role in keeping iron from binding to bacteria, inhibiting infection.


Another reason for their many plagues through the ages. Cells distort from this lack of erythropoiesis in light skinned peoples, lowering lifespans tremendously whereas in darker skins the reverse of white's hypochromia, polycythemia makes cells develop prematurely with a short lifespan also. (Can't win for losing can we?)


But, again let me state that diet has a great deal to say here.


This makes the practice of medicine a game of chance for everyone is so different. This is where again those who follow naturopathic or holistic medicine differ from allopathic for the latter works on the dire misconception that all people are the same and it is backfiring on them and why they need such heavy malpractice insurance. In holistic medicine everyone is an individual and are studies against the backdrop of their own personal environment.

We must discuss the various iron enzymes because we must understand that just a ferrous/ferrin or hydrochloric or copper imbalance is not enough (there is a never-ending cycle once the chemistry is disturbed). Let us begin with the cytochromes derived from heme-proteins. The cytochromes are a, a , b, b5 , c p-450.


The latter the most interesting. It is important in catalyzing the metabolism of fatty acids and detoxicates many chemical substances. It is present in the ovaries, placenta, testes and adrenals and thereby hangs a great tale. If cytochrome p-450 is too much as in darker skinned people, or too little as in the lighter, it is going to produce the same effect which we have already discussed, poor adrenals.


Black skinned peoples must eat an abundance of fat to compensate for their lack of sugar storage from folic acid deficiency from too much hydrochloric acid to create energy. Whites must do the same to bolster their lack of A and D. Both are also missing a vital substance the body cannot make itself but which only comes from vegetable sources - three essential fatty, acids called linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acid.


Of the three, linoleic is most important to the adrenals. The adrenals of both people suffer from this p-450/linoleic acid malfunction.


Whatever linoleic acid they get they cannot metabolize appropriately. Another serious part is that p-450 stabilizes the steroid hormones produced by the ovaries, adrenals, testes and placenta. We are now approaching one reason why amoralia is so common with peoples. One has an enormous amount of steroids the other not enough. Vitamin D is a steroid, again contributing to this malady.


So much mental anxiety is caused from this tangled mess, I would not know where to begin. Since the adrenals are weak to react, they must pump out an over supply of adrenaline to speed the change of glycogen to sugar. Because they have trouble metabolizing sugar in an emergency, darker skinned peoples are slower to respond, whereas lighter skinned overreacts because sugar storage is no problem to them. White caste males (and androgynous females) need to seek ways to burn up their sugar storage, thus physical excitement, and it comes through the three ancient hallmarks of the enigma called man, erotism, sports and war.


That the male of the lighter castes needs an adrenaline high almost daily is the result of this imbalance. It is getting worse as their diets deteriorate and adrenals are more exhausted. The fight or flight syndrome, common theory of evolutionary perfection, is thus very false. It is a body's drastic reaction to something it cannot prepare itself for and when the action is before it the body runs or Fights in wild agitation.


None of earth's inhabitants are more aggressive through history than the lighter skinned castes because, unlike others, they actively seek it and will journey to the four corners of the world to satisfy a craving which is a biological mishap. When Cortez disrupted the great Indian empires it was his adrenals causing excitement that Filled his ships sails and their extermination the final fulfillment.


The Mayan, and certainly the Hawaiians, had the vessels to sail around the world but they were content where they were and if they did sail other worlds it was to home they wished to return. The heavy influx of androgynous women is caused from this as well, for she used to refrain from sports, alcohol, arguing and stayed home with her needlepoint, all the more healthy for it, but now she actively seeks these masculine outlets to feed the same adrenals laced by a system heavy in testosterone.


Actually the fight or flight syndrome is a gynic response which shows how the males are degenerating. Because the testes and ovaries are producing too much of the opposing hormones, the placenta harboring this engorgement affects the embryo which cannot handle this from the moment of conception, its developing steroids actually being drowned by the influences of two instead of one steroid and in a no win situation accepts both.


The cycle goes on.

Cytochromes are the pigments which give color to animals and plants, but because p-450 is weak in dark and lighter skinned peoples, the lack of iron in the latter and abundance in the former disturbs the electron flow to the cytochromes creating not enough oxygen in whites to too much in blacks. In rats, p-450 accounts for 60-70% of heme vitalization.


Cytochrome oxidase suffers the same and cannot bind to iron in whites while too much in blacks. Myopathy is common in whites, a dire result of abnormalities of the cytochromes which plays a crucial role in respiration to muscles. Recall back to the birth of one of Indra's children who died.

Catalase is another heme protein which as an enzyme helps hydrogen, present in all organic compounds, convert to oxygen. This can tell us a great deal why for instance head hair is less and of a light color in most light skinned peoples for if p-450 is a problem, so is catalase, for the latter helps protein synthesize. It also metabolizes fats and carbohydrates and with the fat imbalances in both factions of peoples their adipose tissue is an obvious outcome.


Peroxidase, another enzyme that takes oxygen to tissue once again leads to a light or darker skin according to the iron and copper levels.

Tryptophan pyrrolase cannot function to retard colloidal cells from the bile pigments of bilirubin as iron is too heavy, and dark skins are even darker the more that is lost. In lighter skins this lack causes another problem of tryptophan's ability to conduct nerve impulses across nerve cell connections. Tryptophan can cause pain sensitivity if lacking and can mentally cause everything from compulsive shop-lifting to, if there is a hormonal imbalance, deviations. Also the inability to regulate food intake, sleep is often restless and aggression common. Women bear children in pain as sensitivity is elevated.


The protein problem of lighter skins rings true as tryptophan cannot be diffused through the blood as well or tyrosine (recall our albinos).


The great problem is, it is inhibiting brain neurons so great quantities of carbohydrates must be eaten, but further blocking protein and other amino acids to the brain. A balanced meal must be protein followed by carbohydrates, but lighter skinned peoples find this impossible because they need an energy/heat boost first, and reach for sugared coffee or rolls, or Cokes in the morning.


Here lies the problem for tryptophan converts to serotonin which creates aggression and sleeplessness without appropriate levels of protein and carbohydrates. This is another reason lighter skinned people need the drug of refined sugar to energize them by bombarding the system which is then their downfall. Because of the high levels of testosterone in women, estrogen is blocked which needs Bfi , but the latter must have an equal amount of tryptophan and serotonin to counteract depression which is so prevalent amongst women today.


One of the main curses of the lighter skinned peoples is that the true feelings of the vitality of life will never be a part of them and they will never appreciate, or understand, the living things about them which is why they laugh at holistic peoples, eastern philosophy, naturopaths, etc. They are a poor organism, entirely at odds with every atom in their confused bodies and wherever they go in the world they will always wreak havoc. People always destroy that which they cannot understand and call it progress, when it should be termed catagenesis.


They are the poorest at handling the sun as melatonin, a hormone released from the pineal gland, cannot raise enough serotonin because of the lack of tryptophan. In winter areas such as where I live where you are indoors for six mouths of the year this has an adverse affect on the populace. There are plenty of rays bouncing off the snow but their seclusion is the cause of depression for the sun is not always out and its cold(!).


Illness rises because the immune system is weakened from the lack of sun and when spring does arise everyone goes crazy but, winter or summer, light skin still cannot get all the stimuli from the sun as it should because of the poor metabolism. The sleek tanned girls of today are the obese prunes of tomorrow because their systems are fooling them, like a moth to the flame.


Oh, nuts, why did we ever leave the Underworld?!

The lack of B-complex vitamins in people is a great problem today which leads to family discord, psychosis; particularly of B6 and B12. It is sad that people cannot realize this, but the very fact of these losses is the reason they cannot become cognizant. Enough oxygen is just not reaching the brain.

Cytochrome C reductase, an iron flavoprotein, is an enzyme which reduces chemical compounds which is too strong in lighter skinned peoples and too weak in darker. Whites have gone beyond the bilirubin content of pigment with this compound while darker skins cannot retard the iron pigment because of not enough of it. Flavoprotein is that which gives yellow or tan color in an oxygen/carbon environment in response to respiration.


Oxygen is the triggering device to what color you will be as biochemistry reacts with it, and why the Gods turned various colors and we can as well.


Succinate dehydrogenase, acyl CoA dehydrogenase, aconitase, ate all essential iron metabolizers which are critical in electron acceptors, weak in lighter skins. In no other peoples is acratia and abalienation so rampant although we surely cannot deny it in many others.


The empires of Egypt, Greece and Rome, of India and the Far East kept the barbarous whites from encroaching for centuries until their attacks were so heavy they lost to them and hence the stigma of miscegenation. The Orientals invented gunpowder but never dreamed of using it to injure as it was too loud, and being a people most in order with their bodies, and the earth around them, disregarded it as a toy.


When the whites discovered it. being of lesser biological wholeness, they liked the power and noise combined and put it to a warring usage. The Romans had invented the power steam engine but the noise made them forget it. Why would Henry Ford invent a noisy, smelly, machine like a car when electric, solar or even crystal power would have done just as well if not better?


No one seemed to mind the noise and stench and despite today's effort to produce a quieter car, man still likes the roar of the engine and still has done nothing about the fumes even though they fill the environment with poisons that are killing him.


No progress here, just a race to oblivion. What is wrong when a organism dislikes the solitude of nature and fails to respect it and himself? The fault lies in the very construction of the being. First, the nervous system of most peoples is so lacking in vitamin A from the lighter skins that blood cells are incapable of carrying the B-complex vitamins.


This has so damaged the auditory system, as the nerves are always at tender-hooks, that noises must be loud. Peoples of the Middle and Far East are perplexed with the loudness of our noise and music. In no other people are ear problems so extant as in the lighter skinned. But why is loud sound so appealing to them as they equate it with power? Again, look to the B-vitamins.


The spinal cord and nerves are most effected, because oxygen is not being properly carried to them, and like their iron problem, they must bring more into the system which has. an adverse affect on those cells which must now loose the oxygen. It is a cytocidal process. Loud noises raise blood pressure, which heightens adrenaline.


By this roundabout action an attempt is made to elevate all hormonal weaknesses of their system to no avail as the balances are off anyway and the body literally eats itself.


Glucose rises, but is thwarted by the malfunctioning carbohydrates, another reason for the fight or flight syndrome. Electrolytes tune in to raise sodium and potassium, bowel systems cease, or release by diarrhea, in the fight or flight, and to lesser extent by the other stimulants. This is not too good for another reason that mucoproteins, enzymes etc., will be lost at a crucial time when mind and body needs extra energy and perfect coordination. Oxygen to the brain is at a slow-up, very obvious in rock and roll musicians when they go through their erratic moves and are totally hypnotized by the music.


Blood flow decreases, evolutionists claiming this is to thwart the body from further injury if one is cut which is rather silly as you are most liable to injury because your blood is not carrying oxygen properly to the body, opening yourself up to further cellular injury. They also claim the bowl restriction or loss is an evolutionary adaption too.


But again this is harmful to the system either way and you then have one of two choices - if a cave-bear is before you, you can darken the color of your loincloth or fight wildly with compulsive actions and with a little luck your club just might hit the bear's head!


Fight or flight, or the milder symptoms from loud noises, stress, etc., are all pathological conditions that set cytocidal actions into play, the organism can no longer handle itself.


The problem being that the lack of the B-complex's are not acting as adrenergic neuronal blocking agents, and inhibiting transmissions of sympathetic nerve stimuli and epinephrine (adrenaline) which cannot be diffused from the adrenals as they pump it as an nerve excitor in an attempt to boost neuronal conduction loss of neurotransmitters.


That is, as the cave bear stood before Neanderthal Man, adrenaline would work against his nervous system as a chemical compensation for what he lacked, for without adrenaline he would be more aware of the situation and deal with it accordingly. The heavy influx of estrogen prohibits this in most males and has been lost through the ages which is why we read of more stronger men in times past which sounds like boasting to us today. It wasn't. The men just did not get excited in adversity.


There are still a few around left today, these are men who do not have to prove their courage or masculinity by loud guns and voices and noisy cars as those who have to compensate for their own weaknesses within. Amerindians have always looked at the white man as a child, he needs his toys, his fast cars and loud sports, he just cannot do without a rumble and a roar or knocking one another around on a football field. (And he calls the Indians wild!)


Just think what a quieter and cleaner world it would have been if Henry Ford did not have white skin!

Lighter skinned peoples suffer more erotomania, delusions and neuroses and feelings of paranoia because of their lack of choline, a part of lecithin prominent in eggs and milk, which he cannot metabolize to their full extant. Another reason he cannot be a part of the world about him. The heavy amount of bilirubin re-filtered in his brain does much too cause this, again all this could be eliminated on a more biological diet.


He has borrowed all his arts and sciences from all over the world and has, because of his inept biomorphology, corrupted them all. He accuses the darker skinned peoples of having 'natural rhythm,' which means a nervous system which, like his noise and power problems, must get a chemistry high. Whenever music moves the body and not the mind in erratic uncontrolled moves, that is when the nervous system is stimulated by auditory emanations, it brings the same reaction on the adrenals producing body impairment as in the fight or flight syndrome.


Music by far tells of an organism's health than anything else. From ragtime to rock it does the same thing, produces a situation whereby the body literally destroys itself, piece by piece, note by note, by raising the chemical reactions so much at odds with one another. Poison for a poisoned system. It is not hard to see through history that the rise of ragtime in the 1890's coincided with the heavy influx of refined foods and a change in birthing habits which demanded of beings another form of stimulation to compensate for a natural loss of cell generation through development.


(Infants banging their heads just as rockers to move in epileptic contortions tells us the same thing, a brain that was pinched and punched at birth and thus lacks, often from the asphyxia as well, complete neural conjunctions and thus searches for the correct stimuli they will never find.)


Like religion, they need music to control them, the idols of rock today are no different than the disciples of old. Like the Pied Piper they lead the stricken to their ruin. Music as we see it from Ancient Egypt to the sylvan melodies of the Far East, is made to bring creative imagination to minds; this is lost when the music robs elements from the body to the mind thus the latter has lost control over the nervous system.


I have often heard people who dislike classical or even incidental music (music soundtracks) and who love their rock say they cannot move with it because their minds go blank. That is the problem in a nutshell, for they have a body that has taken over their minds completely and the mind cannot be moved to emotional imagination and creativity by natural music and their rock and fast, frantic music brings impulsive agitation with a total loss of the mind to control the nervous system and they twist and turn to the beat, the music controls them when it is they who should control the music.


You can always tell the fall of a civilization by the music it plays. When people cannot control themselves they must search for other means of releasing their anxieties which comes forth in their music, loud cars, sports, erotism, the old standbys, by which the organisms reach a speedy end.


That loud music, drugs and erotism are all related is not surprising in this cytocidal process, as they are all dependent on the sympathetic nervous system which if not properly nourished by nutrients or lacking in development since gestation, (and add to this a poor adrenal system) they will have to search out other stimuli. Music cannot be loud or wild enough, nor erotism or sports, as their bodies race to a climatic, collective end.


Because of our poor dietary habits, nine out of ten people today would never have made it past childhood save for the 'wonder' drugs of penicillin, aspirin, antibiotics, which has stopped nature form doing her job and now they can die through drugs, alcohol and Michael Jackson and Purple Rain.


In fact, drugs are a contributor to these disorders as well; if mother had not have left home, and seen to it her children were properly fed, most of this would have been eliminated. One reason rock music is so loud is drugs have marred their hearing. But don't just ridicule the teens for nearly every drug your family doctor prescribes, harms the auditory system.


Most parents set their children up for this right at gestation for poor food will do the same. When 'rockers' are on stage, they are actually showing epileptiform seizures brought on photogenically by the wild lights and auditory stimuli. They have to actively seek their destruction. Do not believe it is only they for everyone does it in milder forms as square dancers do it, ball room dancers, anytime the body succumbs to auditory stimuli by moving erratically to the normal body processes, it is always telling of some neuronal malfunction.


People you see at classical concerts may look dull and lifeless, but they are reaching into the universe of their minds and seeing through natural means for they have control of their world, and music is nature and life, but if that nature lias gone awry it is a hell. The church tells us rock music is the working of the devil (well, in a way!), but here again instead of finding the cause, they pray it will go away and burn the record albums, never stopping to think that (heir own music through the ages has contributed to this as well with their spirituals.


And let us not forget the wild rumblings and contortions of the preachers who incite all manner of chemical caustics as does the rocker on the stage. If you listen to the latest church radio shows, they have now gone rock! None of thein are as pure as the driven turntables for their tent-prayer meetings and bellowing evangelists take the place of the rockers.


They all do the same, raising a person's sympathetic nervous system to a fever pitch, the adrenalin pumps, the religion is so cheap they have to peddle it like side-show barkers. Most of this is before an elderly audience who reach for religion in this late time of life to try and unload their anxieties with built up visions of hell that waits before them incited by this circus of performers before them. And they call Indians wild!


When is the last time you saw an Indian rock-group? Or a Hebrew one?


The only times the Indians got up a stomp dance was to raise himself to a fever pitch to obliterate the white man and it still could not compare to Elvis' twitchings or Madonna! And then, he only started to dance when he got the whiteman's liquor and sugar, another fallacy of our historians; Indians are docile and used music to stimulate their minds or in healing to trigger endorphins and other brain chemical as dopamines.


Because of their folate lack, whites cannot possibly, from the minute of conception till death, produce enough neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine nor catcholamines, derived from tyrosine to keep them healthy. This adds to make a very nervous, high-strung organism of whom cardiovascular and neuronal trouble is most highest in and when worsened by a poor diet they are to he leery of. Metabolic rates are slowed considerably, again contributing to their need to expand by force and feeling of continual unrest.


They sail the seas and fly the skies, not to attain wisdom, but in search of that part of them they will never know. Neural transmissions to muscle tissue is erratic because it is so weak and they must search out compensations in which other stimuli tries to satisfy their natural wonts, weak as they are. All this is easily controlled when a proper diet is observed and man did not start reaching out from Europe for conquests until the advent of refined foods upset his lineages.


Although the Chinese and Japanese, and probably Hawaiians and many others, had sailed all around the world long before Columbus, they had no reason to conquer anyone but merely to explore and learn of other worlds for they were content and happy with their own for they were more stable beings. Any place whites have gone they have destroyed or set the motions into action as with the terrible problems of starvation in the Third World countries who had survived for thousands of years before the whiteman changed their ways of life for the worse.


Like Indians, blacks in Africa never jumped and twisted in their tribal dances until sugar was introduced to them, their 'natural rhythm' like everyone else is because of a neurotransmitter overload, the least auditory stimuli sets them in motion and the explorers who found them in such straits forgot that sugar has been used by them for ages, since its first appearance many centuries ago, and assumed they were naturally 'born' like this.


I know many blacks on whole food who have divorced themselves from this, again let me point out also the Falashas Jews. If blacks are slow or lazy, as whites erroneously claim, it is because their diets, influenced by whites, is killing them, and they suffer many neurological disorders and heart troubles evidenced by this, which many of their Africans relatives do not who have not been fully enculturated by the west.

The need for nerve growth factor (NGF) is evident in most peoples particularly in lighter skinned peoples.


If cholinergic brain neurons are weak right from embrological development, later neuronal handicaps are guaranteed. Lighter skinned peoples are more prone to degenerate in mental powers sooner than other peoples, although again diet steps in here and others are suffering just as they in a switch to western diet, with a loss of acetylcholine and by middle age mental prowess begins to wane with disorders such as Alzheimer's disease that creeps in.


Memory retention has always been a problem with lighter skinned peoples while the darker races have always displayed a better retention of things learned and which is how their histories were passed down, taking great pride that they retained information as told. The whites weakness in this area has prompted the invention of the computer which anyone with biological acumen could have predicted as the germ plasms gradually deteriorate.


The human brain is the most perfect computer the universe has ever created, yet poor genetics and nutrition is making people toss it away with the appendix and I am waiting for the day the evolutionists tell us the brain is vestigial! This is all having a disastrous affect on man, for when the brain stops functioning properly in all areas, the body will follow.


Science has, on the whole, been reluctant to admit that food does affect the mind, but more researchers are discovering this right along and many so-called diseases as Alzheimer's has been found to be a nutritional lack, as well as depression, and a score of other mental disorders. Behind every one of our behaviors is a chemical and what we eat tells everything about us. We used to be able to tell what herbs were best to use for different ailments for unlike drugs they help the body to heal itself and do no harm as drugs do.


Drugs are broken down chemicals and herbs stripped of their whole content, which is needed to keep them from harming the body.


All the chemicals in an herb are synergists to one another, unlike a drug which is a raw chemical. Orthomolecular medicine is just an out growth of herbalogy, for instance the latest use of beta-carotene comes from the old use of carrots for the body and can heal such dire afflictions as cancer.


We use to be able to in an emergency if someone had a fever, to recognize those herbs and roots best for it just by the uncomplicated strategy of just looking about you at nature's pharmacy, plants for instance, that live where it is hot and arid which are good for fever, etc. The computer generation is just the cherry on top of the sundae, the mindless generation as they no longer can rely on their own brains; using a machine as a crutch for a much crippled mind, what a shame. Lighter skinned peoples have always been better candidates for psychiatric problems because of their B-complex lack.


Bfi was found to be the lowest of the nutrients lacking in one group of patients. In Britain a similar test was given and B, loss was common. Depression, confusion, PMS are just a sampling of the many disorders prevalent among them to varying degrees. They have a difficult time of equating things about them and for this reason history always repeats itself with them for no one is interested in their ancestry and must race ahead for they are incapable of equating their present problems from roots in their past.


This is why they fall to dogma so easily. An old Amerindian proverb states that change is good if it benefits, but never forget your past. To forget ones ancestry means an organism runs haphazardly into the future, and like a ball in a pinball machines, bounces from one disaster to another.


Our problems with rebellious youth on drugs and delinquency are no one's fault other than the parents for their children never received the proper tactile and verbal stimulation and they must then search for other stimuli as rock music, drugs, erotism.


The statement by working mothers that it is not the quantity of time, but the quality, is ridiculous and a cover-up for their own incompetency for they have organisms before them that demand her attention continuously in the rapid and long growth process that is supposed to make one of the most glorious beings ever created, a human, but all the family seems to produce today is a being a orangutan mother and father would not even accept.


The offspring will seek to destroy itself and to disrupt the parents who failed him and through drugs and other self-destroying activities seek to gain their attention as he commits a slow suicide. Society is not to blame for there is no such thing for society is a collection of the same morons doing the same demented things. It seems to be the fashion in these times to shift blame and responsibility to someone or something else, it is either the gene, society of the will of God!


We have seen the best of family unity amongst the so-called primitives but again we watch it erode when refined foods are brought them and this is what is for the most part the trouble with families today, but they are the climax of centuries of slow decaying germ plasms and so many have mutated to these behaviors I doubt that things will ever be changed.


These people also have a bad habit of saying their offspring got into the wrong crowd when they take to delinquency, drugs, etc., but a" well developed organism distinguishes between right and wrong and is not influenced and drawn into the 'crowd' and knows how to use that wonderful word-no! Like always gathers with like.

The facial contours of the darker skinned and light peoples are a mixture of features, but a basic biological pattern can be seen pertaining to their particular biochemistries. In darker populations they retain exaggerated genetic morphologies (american blacks for instance, are appearing more with white characteristics because of the same diet) with high malar and zygomatic processes, wide dental arches with high palatine process, lack of mental prominence, heavy sub-orbital margin and glabella vs. the whites with little or no zygomatic or malar processes, small dental arch, medium mental prominence, little sub-orbital margin and glabella.


There are very few whites in the past fifty years who have retained the high cheek bones and we are seeing a great decline in their fine features as they are eating themselves into genetic oblivion.


The whites have attained a smaller nasal area than the blacks to lessen the amount of air to cells. The nasal bone is often curved upwards giving a pug-nosed or ski-nose like appearance to allow a minimum amount of air in to help lessen oxygen to the iron poor cells. This however retards normal growth of remaining cells and heavy physical activity fools them into committing further physical abuse.


The nose of darker skinned peoples tries to promote more air flow by its splayed appearance, however, when on refined diets this can also be splayed with a pinched septum. Because of their wide dental-arch and high palate, the nose must compensate like this as the hard palate is butted up against the nasal septum. This must in effect, push the frontal sinus and the supraorbital and glabella giving the beetle brow effect. Let me point out though, we see this in whites as well and other peoples, remember, these are not truly genetically caused.


American blacks seem to just have exaggerated features unlike some other African tribes, and again I state the Falashas when the diet is good. The zygomatic arch has to spread considerably in blacks to accommodate the bulbous ramus and keep the masseter muscle taunt as the pterygoids struggle to keep the heavy mandible functioning.


The temporomandibular ligament has to be attached to a protruding heavy zygomatic arch. Whites have a very small dental arch which is usually crowded by deformed teeth, caused by poor diets. Their problems with this small mouth area and mandible/maxillary atrophy is the cause of wisdom tooth problems and not as the evolutionists have told us because the brain area is getting larger (we need computers if our brains are getting larger?)


We know from maxillary and mandibular corrections on the mentally handicapped, that they can, practically overnight, change from a total imbecile to a person of much more intelligence. In one study, the maxillary arch of a sixteen year old boy was drastically smaller than his mandible, giving him a decided bulldog appearance (an underbite), much as we seen in many lighter skinned peoples to a lesser degree and those suffering from pituitary disorders.


His nose and facial characteristics were of course much pronounced with an open-mouth much as we see in lesser degrees among the general population. (Actually, mental retardation is in everyone to some degree or the other.)


The boy had a complete physical turnabout, in four months he grew three inches, a mustache grew, and in 12 weeks developed gamically. His mental abilities developed more keenly and he was able to do more things. Still retarded, yet a vast improvement, this tells us that with a little brainwork in biochemistry, we could help these people more and even cure some in certain cases. The instrument which helped his mouth retain its 'normal' shape became dislodged one day and the bones resettled and he returned to his old self. When replaced, he changed again.


What happened? What we are seeing is a good example of what the wrong physiologies can do, and giving all the disorders in the world, and our past history, no one is morphologically perfect and how much this affects biomechanics upon biochemistry is beyond words!


This retarded individual whose underbite caused pressure on his upper palate produced severe retardation if gone unchecked. When corrected, he suddenly went into maturity. What happened was lateral pressure on the maxillary bones placed pressure on the temporal bones thus placing a downward tension on the floor of the brains anterior, stimulating the pituitary.


Precocious puberty, accelerated by a poor diet in youth, makes the reproductive organs precede the brain in neuronal development, and if the facial bones and head are not correctly formed this too will cause the problem as the hypophysis (pituitary) is a main director of body metabolism; as an endocrine gland its health is vital to the organism. Called the 'master gland' because it regulates growth and reproduction, its functions are then many.


The anterior, or adenohypophysis, produces soinatotrophic or growth hormone, gonadotrophin hormone for follicle stimulation of the ovaries and spermatogenesis in the testis. Lutinizing hormone secretes estrogen, ovulation and progesterone. But most interestingly, thyrotropin hormone, which regulates the thyroid, presents problems if the latter is not functioning properly. In whites, the infundibulum, (pituitary stalk) is receiving too much pressure because the palate is too low, the stimulation when eating and grinding of teeth is causing a tremendous feedback here.


The thyroid is not functioning right and as such the palate has lowered tremendously to seek stimulation by other means upon the pituitary, A cause and effect situation.


This causes the pituitary to pour out an imbalance of gonadotrophic hormone and the organism suffers from precocious puberty. Growth rates excels, but the mind does not follow, and teens find themselves in a maturity conflict. The body is mature but the mind is not. (And to think they let them drive and drink before 21!) We then have a bevy of gangly, out of balance bodies, from the very skinny to the obese. If you ever wonder about this pituitary stimulation just look at commercials on TV.


We are a 'crunch' society - foods that munch and crunch sell the most.


Gum is actually a pituitary stimulant from the constant pressure. Grinding of teeth is a common disorder. Hard candy, caramel, etc. What an odd bunch everyone is, they have to refine their foods to make it more palatable to the stomach but harden others to get that 'crunch kick'. All this also accounts for the overeating done to satisfy a mind that needs the stimulation.


This is also contributing to women's gynecologic disorders. The posterior lobe produces oxytocin which helps the smooth muscle of the uterus during labor and why she suffers more from period severity than other peoples because of a lack. Morals will definitely be very lax in such a people so bombarded by this heavy influx of gonadotrophic hormone.


Women are also indifferent to breastfeeding and will find it abhorrent because of a lack of luteotropic hormone after birth to stimulate milk flow. Blood vessel problems are common because vasopressin which produces contraction of smooth muscles of blood vessels is weak. To expect that natural medicines would work on such people is not too good in bodies so disrupted which is another reason the faster acting drugs had to come into play, but they only harm them in the long run. The problem also arises if the pituitary stalk is pressured as surrounding tissues will be thus affected.


The internal carotid artery could not possibly function with an even flow, especially during meals, when the heart is taxed by digestion and the entire arterial supply is hampered.


Stroke would occur sooner or later. The "dog-eyes" of whites so spoken of in antiquity is when the internal carotids are weak producing a smaller iris and pupil, less conjunctiva, and as the nose is on the same blood supply channel, it will pinch giving them their common abrupt speech patterns. Once again, this can all be helped for there are many of light skins who through diet have avoided all this.


True we will always be stuck with some mutations, but as the Gods tried to tell us as with all peoples, we can compensate and must learn to deal with our weaknesses, meeting them head-on. Bulbous alar cartilage is common in whites and others, indicative of a lack of water loss through tissues as the kidneys suffer from the vasopressin lack which is a natural antidiuretic.


Whites are prone, because of their low palates, to suffer a total cranium pressure load.


Strokes, tumors, dental caries are then common if they cannot learn to handle their handicaps. The biomechanics of jaw movement should be such that with each chew of food a minimum amount of pressure reaches the floor of the forebrain for the inferior cerebral veins, as well as the carotid artery and nerve pathways, are being affected.


It must be remembered the brain is a soft piece of gel actually, with no supporting structures other than bone and arterial and venal flow which puffs it up like a balloon. The ideal is a wide manible and maxilla to accommodate all the teeth, wisdom too, but a minim urn amount of dental arch to keep from affecting the brain. In whites, the jaw is too narrow, dropping the palatine down and the brain feels the pressure as the forebrain tilts forward, down.


The occipital region should be flat, missing in so many lighter skinned peoples, as this gives enough pressure to the temporal region to lift it above and off the palatine creating a broad, high forehead, again absent in so many.


A flat occipital also makes the foremen magnum lie directly even with the hard palate where the nose, and mouth fall horizontally with it. In our beetle-browed 'ancestors' we see a good example of this imbalance to extremes. The frontal sinus' have enlarged to such an extant to combat the brain pressure from the bulbous jaws and too high a palatine. The sinus acts as pressure valves but can only do so much.


The foramen magnum is displaced farther back, giving the 'apeish' stance, with the head jutted forward. When we start investigating biomechanically the structural problems of peoples, their behaviors through history are understandable. As the white population is suffering from such a cranial pressure problem, the hippocampus is indeed their weakest point as the internal carotid artery feeds this important memory system. Both short term memory and long term are housed here.


Short term does not require, it seems, as drastic chemical or structural changes of the nervous system as in remembering a phone number, unless purposely planted in the mind.


Research has, to my knowledge only been done on whites on short term memory and it has been found to be poor. Memory, going by their cultural habits, seems much more efficient in other peoples. It is protein synthesis that brings memory to synaptic terminals which programs it into the brain. As the carotid arteries and protein fluid are weak in whites, it is easy to see again why they must form an alternative to thinking, the computer.


It also may be why they have no feeling for natural things or the past, the latter because they lack the engrams of old. Genetic memory is a blessing to an organism to keep it from disasters and keep it on a steady course if those people from the past are lost to them. The whites have a very peculiar manner of having to be taught everything, unable to figure things out for themselves, as with herbalogy just discussed, and must follow others, right or wrong. They totally lack instinct and foresight.


They always reach for something or go to the ever popular seminars and group therapy and clubs to do for them what the family has failed to do. All the great leaders of the world have played on their inability to think for themselves.


With this pressure problem on the brain, the malar bone is small and the zygomatic processes narrow and flat, the apple cheeks of many is only adipose tissues fed by the pyterygoid venous plexus to stimulate a balance of sorts (they also suffer from enlarged toxin filled parotid glands as we see in babies.)

The thalamus suffers as well, this paired structure of gray matter fed by the internal carotid is a relay station for all manner of sensory, (except olafactory) pain, temperature and touch, is registered here. It also functions with the major motor areas as it lies between the cerebral motor cortex and the cerebellum and the basal ganglia and relays different impulses from here to the motor cortex.


If these centers are malfunctioning, then the entire limbic system suffers, the ring-like border around the top of the brain stem where resides emotional behaviors. That western peoples cannot understand naturopathic ways nor the duties of living and scoff at Middle Eastern and Oriental medicine is no wonder because if these key senses are not working, how in the world can one appreciate the wonders of life nor ever come to remotely understand them? Now, if you have come to hate the author for what I have said about whites, let me remind you of one big thing.


This was not always so, for Europe went through a big transition where once they did practice holistic medicine and their appearances, going by old paintings, were very extraordinary and fine, and this was during the medieval ages when science as we know it today started to come into being as man lost touch with his world and the Enlightenment of the 18th century brought it into full swing.


This happened in the Middle ages when people fought the widespread use of refined sugar and wheat and even hung people for the use of it for they knew what it would do and it has hit us as all peoples very hard. If we do not look back on our history and recognize this, we surely are all lost to the ages. It is bad enough we Fight an environment antagonistic to us without this too.


But never mind, just grab the Bible or fake some more pills, the answer has to be there somewhere!


There is the problem, search as he has, the whiteman is incapable of ever finding himself and has had to inflict himself on the world for all his faults. He will never be pleased where he is. Our westward expansion in America had to be for the people so despoiled and overpopulated the east, each progressive age had to keep moving west. That erotism and pain means all to them is easy to figure as pain sensors are not operating properly with their mishappened pituitary. Touch means hit and scratch, punch and prod in their conjugations and sports and they are just as aggressive in their business.


Temperature malfunctions and hormonal disorders means they cannot tolerate a temperature above 70 or 75 before they are uncomfortable an the shorts seem to get shorter every year with outfits so skimpy the term 'primitives' has certainly been used on the wrong people.


If a woman walked around like that where I am sitting 150 years ago when the Indians lived here, they would have thrown her in the Mississippi and good riddance. But look who is 'savage' now.


It is not to be wondered in anthropological circles why 'Mongoloid' and Middle and Far Eastern children are more mild-mannered compared to their wild western white counterparts. Amerindians were always perplexed why the whiteman would greet a friend with a slap on the back which hurt the friend, thinking it most disrespectful, but they did not realize they did it because of their lack of touch sensors and equation of pain and joy. Their religion reflected this as well. We are also getting an excellent glimpse as to why they are so enamored with exercise again.


You would never find a woman in Islamic or Oriental societies or Hindoo working out as they are too smart, the men also, the whites again doing so because of the direct lack of pain and touch sensory, registering correctly between body and mind.


After they eat a heavy dinner or desert, they say, "well I have to go to work this off," like it was a punishment for their transgression.


If they ate the right food they would have to work nothing off and only do more damage to their bodies by doing so. With exercise, gynecologic problems are rampant not to mention total organ, bone and muscle disorders as a result of the mind not listening to what the body is telling it. The postcentral gyrus is obviously suffering where kinesthesia and pain perception are most keen and where stimuli is registered from every part of the body.


Many malformed and unhealthy offspring are the result of these exercising and jogging women. Importantly, the thalamus is the principle protophathic sense area where cognition of sensation, pleasant or unpleasant, is located, while discriminating sensory action is discerned in the cerebral cortex. All of this is part of what is called the 'somesthetic sensation.'


This sends impulses through the body, via the spinothalamic tracts, and the trigeminal nerve is the first to suffer from the pressure on this crushed brain. Man will jog, jump, fight, hit, simply because his brain cannot register what his body tells him is bad. Common instincts, horse sense is absent. A good, simple, example is touching the toes. It hurts! Of course it does, nature supplied us with a sound pair of knees to avoid tearing our muscles, and supposedly a sound brain to know when to use them.


We all have little 'brains' in every part of our bodies, the Golgi corpuscle is such a sensory nerve receptor, found only in tendons or aponeuroses, called literally an organ of muscle sense. So why do not people listen to this proprioceptive sense organ when it tells us to stop straining? When the brain cannot register it properly it is simple.


This is why particularly in Christian circles down through the ages, pain and redemption went hand in hand. You have to work the devil out of you, which is only the body and brain not recognizing the signals given. By withstanding the pain, the mind tricks itself that it has made some sort of triumph, which is exactly what we see in people who exercise. the exact same actions occurring. Erotism too serves the same outlet.


Religious people often say it is evil because the body has gained control over the mind and they cannot control it. Another problem is that poor nutrition has actually clogged the lymph systems of most white castes and the need to stretch and pull the muscles helps the flow of poisons exit. The only problem is they have such terrible diets all they do is make the poison exit to another area of the body and they have to jump and bounce more to try aud evacuate it as it collects.


People 'Gotta Dance' because they are so structurally malformed and filled with poisons, this practice they call 'art' is only telling us of their many problems. (All dancers end up with traumatic arthritis.) This all contributes to the false 'high' people receive from physical movement for it all dissolves when the system corrodes again having moved some of their poisons to other parts of the body and exercising becomes like a drug addiction.


Stretch and strain and the lymph nodes get relief but the adjacent muscles and bones suffer and it is permanent injury.


When you have to devise special shoes and equipment and 'running bras' (hat is when nature is trying to tell you that you should have the brains enough to know better, Touching the toes tears innumerable muscles, nerves and vessels in the back, so the next time you say 'ouch' from doing it, don't! Other little body brains are the pacinian corpuseles and Ruffini's end organs.


Even when there is an adaptation to pain as when touching the toes no longer hurts, the leg muscles have given way to punishment, cells are busted, giving an elusion that one is in shape. Stopping makes the muscle fibers return to their normal order again as they try to repair and why it hurts when you later resume it. Limbering up means rebreaking the tissue again so that it cannot register pain. A great deal of the pain is from a terrific lactic acid build-up. so again, quite logically, exercise is Nature's way of finishing off a mentally incompetent organism.


Beware of any school of 'higher learning' which has sports in its curriculum.


How wise the people in the Orient who have for centuries practiced isometric type exercises. Most people are not aware of the fact that when a muscle is stretched the cells bust with it and are never replaced, which is another reason athletes do not last long.


With proper diet and sound physical workout as weight lifting, fencing, etc., that builds the body and does not tear it down, they will have an excellently well-toned body with a brain that relates to it. People who 'strive to win' and beat their bodies are so full of pent up mental anxieties and malnourished bodies this is the only way they can burn off the nervous energy they have. Even Hippocrates tried to get men from exercising and sports, for even he knew how short-lived they were as they ruined their bodies.


Anyone could have predicted the sudden rise in sports and exercise today as the germ plasms start reaching their ends, for even Hippocrates' civilization, as he well knew, was on the road to extinction.

We see such poor posture among white castes, again a reflection of their poor cranium structure. A computer the size of a New York skyscraper or more would have to be made to collect all that the three pound mass of our brains contains, yet he continually strives to destroy it by replacing it with artificial devices. If nature had wanted a useless piece of machinery, it would have devised as such. I know computer people who cannot even do arithmetic, they are mental cripples! What happens gentlemen when the power goes off?

The trigeminal nerve and the pons area of the brain gives us wonderful clues of the problems here, The trigeminal sends stimuli to the pons which, as it lies behind the spenoidal sinus, receives a double bruising from the pituitary and the sinus as they are affected by the pressure. We can again understand why poor tooth development and alignment is in whites for nerve centers from the trigeminal rest in every tooth.


The supra-orbital area is usually too enlarged or not enough. The trigeminal is the largest of the cranial nerves which have both sensory and motor responses like spinal nerves. We are now entering the twilight zone of why the white castes are so often insensitive to themselves and their world and their many weaknesses not experienced by other castes.


Pons is Latin for 'bridge' which is exactly what it does, serves as a bridge to receive sensors from the trigeminal and channels to the rest of the brain. The pons, so butted up against the sphenoidal sinus from the pressure on the vomer, cannot properly send the stimuli along, like holding back water in a hose. No one could respond properly to any stimuli. As the master sensory organ of the face, nose, forehead, mouth and top of the head, it is a key point of many behavioral abnormalities. Efferent fibers (carrying away) are conducted to the mastication muscles.


Afferent (toward) fibers affect the facial skin and anterior scalp, the mucous membranes of the mouth, nasal cavities and meninges.


Temperature and tactile sensation on the face is lost if injured, yet it is obvious sensory stimuli is abnormal. Again food must be crunchy, fingernails are chewed, pencils in mouths.


Apples used to be as soft as oranges in antiquity, it is only in the last 200 years that man had to (notice, had to) develop harder apples to bring as much stimulation to his oral cavity and brain as possible for he is suffering from an underload of stimulation that cries out for more to try and coordinate the myriad sensory and hormonal systems fighting one another, using food much like the device put on our mentally retarded victim to restructure the head and thus brain.


Everyone suffers from this on the face of the earth to one extant or the other from these biomechanical maladjustments, and which is self-destructing to the being. In whites, the pituitary is too pressured, sending out much of its hormones erratically while the hippocampus and thalamus try to keep up with this overload of stimulus, like a drug user they need more and more to appease them.


Exercise, erotism, eating cannot be enough until the system overloads and busts, in this case, dies from what we call old age. Life and its true meaning will never be evident to them, as their world is a fog to them which religion then has as their best supporters, or sports, or physical indiscretions. People bang their heads against the wall to pressure the supra-orbital nerve to stimulate the brain or to jar brain cells that did not receive the proper stimulation during birth or development as with breast-feeding, or during the teen years which sees an enormous spurt again of growth.


Taste has to be too sweet and too salty to stimulate a sense so dulled that it needs more and more to appease it and a carbon-riddled system. Because they cannot diffuse carbon as well because of the lack of heme iron, salt consumption is highest amongst them.


The parotid glands need stimulation to activate the digestive juices and cleanse the system but are so small because of the small jaws and weak from the glossopharyngeal nerve it takes more stimulation through mastication.


Refined foods again are necessary to help the parotid work easier, but unfortunately, chemically, not as thoroughly, and the body suffers while the mouth mucous membranes are unable to taste the difference between white and wheat bread, preferring the former whose nutrients have been split asunder as taste receptors are weak.


(If the white bread is enriched with vitamins they are not metabolized because the body cannot register or divide the unnatural chemicals from the natural in the bread, and the body anyway is so busy trying to burn the bread which is stripped of its natural elements it robs these nutrients from the body making the enriched part equal to zero nutrition).


Two-thirds of the tongue is affected as well, preferring heavy sweets to protein, chloride in salt to sodium in fruits and vegetables. Speech is often nasal and always loud for the tongue is always too large for the palate and the nasal septum too crowded for proper air passage-the 'speech of the dog' as the ancients called it.


Tic douloureux is a painful disorder of the trigeminal nerve and is experienced to some degree by all the white castes, more common in women, where stabbing pains shoot about the face where the nerve branches are. Neuraliga or sinus is often mistaken for it which is a favorite excuse for dentists when they cannot find tooth problems.


Unfortunately, the optic chiasms and optic nerve bears the brunt of these problems as well and if you walk through any American food market you can see the problem.


Fruits and vegetables colored into horrible oranges and greens and reds for the eyes of whites need as much color stimuli as possible as they are incapable of recognizing the natural colors as beneficial to them. Nature's colors cannot register upon their weakened optic tracts to the pons which cannot discern good from bad, so when the organism has ingested enough food dye that a tumor develops, then it may register. Walk into any furniture store and see the wild color of fabric and carpet and notice the appeal they have to people deprived of color sensory.


People who like the classic styles of subtle colors do not suffer such deprivation. People in advertising play on this by the colored packages of products by over stimulating the opthalmic pathways and playing on the weakened auditory channels as well. Ever notice how they cannot sell you anything on a TV commercial without jumping and loud music, (and erotism) to appeal to your every weakened sense response? (Instead of being intellectually insulted, people love it!)


Those catchy tunes and snappy phrases merely trick the sensory system into deceiving the other areas of the brain either efferently or afferently. Smell is the same, for women and men reach for the worse conconctions of perfumes instead of the natural scents.


They lack ornamentation in decorations as the classic Egyptian, Greek, Rome, Victorian which brought nature into the home and used its designs to bring harmony and attract the natural resonances from the earth and cosmos. The pillars of the buildings of the ancients, emulated by mansions of the old South, were a symbol of purity and this was so for the geometric pattern of them drew favorable emanations as did so much of their architecture.


You can tell how dead western people are today with their square, unimaginative, high-tech buildings that leave one cold, and feeling alone, for they do nothing for the body and mind that reacts to nature. Architects forgot that the true architect was a naturalist, as well as physician, for here was another area that man had to incorporate into his thinking if he was to live according to nature's laws. Eyesight in whites is not keen, this we know for so many primitives can see star systems with an unaided eye, more than we, for due to the position of the oculomotor nerve, reaction to stimuli is slowed.


The pons cannot fully appreciate the sensory information from the ciliary ganglion which activates the iris, smooth muscles of the blood vessels of these areas and the cornea. Eyes are often blue from a loss of visual purple, a loss of vitamin A is constant, which again contributes to their transparent, white skin as nerve strength is lost.


The choroid, a membranous lining of the sclera, loses its dark pigmentation which makes whites eyes look transparent instead of very white with a small iris again contributing to their 'dog-eye' appearance. The cornea, which acts like a photographic lens, is the principal refracting action of the eye, bending light rays to focus them into the retina. Distant objects are thusly appropriately focused.


Oxyopia has never been a hallmark with whites as it has in other castes. Glasses are in profusion now as vitamin A has a severe impact on prenatal development if weak as the eye develops in the first stages. Because of the thinness of eye tissue, blue eyes, etc., they cannot hold vitamin A and lose it to light. Whites have a preponderous of eyesight problems from night blindness to cataracts. In studies of animals, vitamin A deficiency causes degeneration of both central and peripheral nervous systems and affects cochlear and vestibular division, both hearing and balance than recede as eyesight does.


The organ of Corti and basilar membrane loss of power is very evident as whites lose their hearing and vision quite soon in life with a general decline now starting between 18-25, although the problem is right from birth. Special reading classes are needed in schools to help those having trouble which is rather a farce for 80% of most graduating high-school teens cannot read anyway! Eye problems are much worse than suspected, for most people are not aware they have a problem or ignore it, not wanting to wear glasses, but the many car accidents and job related accidents bear witness to a lack of depth and perception.


The Maori of New Zealand can tell when an eclipse of one of the stars occurs unaided by telescope; Australian aborigines are another example of a people who can see clearly animals a mile away when a whiteman needs a telescope.


This does not mean these people were necessarily visited by the Gods as Ancient Astronaut proponents like to point out, but they certainly share a genetic affiliation with them! Among physical anthropologists, the Maori are stated to have some of the finest morphologies of any caste, but they too are degenerating terribly from the whiteman's diet. They are well-known for their intelligence in government execution and development but this will all change.


Considered the most physically perfect people on the face of the earth this is sadly changing.

In anatomical dissection, it is not unusual to find gross errors of structure among whites more than any other peoples because of their great diversity, however, let me state emphatically that other peoples are catching up to them in all areas of digression as they ingest western food. The whites are an organism suffering from total amoralia and the rest of the world is close at their heels.


Their wars, their lack of family unity, has torn them apart as they go to every corner of the earth. And other light-skinned peoples as the Japanese are following suit as their once stable society joins the ranks of the declining man. Histology and gross anatomy studies keep telling people facts they seem incapable of registering. There are so many specialists in the medical fields it reminds one of Egypt at her last days when man lost the ability of eclectic wisdom.


Orthodontists correct crippled teeth but the poor jaw and skull structure only brings further pressure points out of play and the teeth still crack and chip, corrode and fall out.


Gingivitis is rampant in western peoples. Our mental victim, though other areas were corrected, would soon have had problems elsewhere, for as we are sadly finding when one area is off, the entire system is askew and if a person cannot learn to live with it and let the body gradually correct itself by employing 'austerities' as the Veda says, it will never recover. Anatomists often find the cricoid cartilage of the larynx lying higher than normal, a tribute to our Neanderthal proclivites as the neck and head are becoming more imbalanced, which is of course affecting the thyroid. Many times the first cervical nerve has the dorsal root missing.


The coccyx is not always fused with the sacral, causing abnormal walking from faulty metabolism during gestation which is a step towards a tail-like appendage from the nerve tissue failing to perform which we are seeing more of today. Not a functional tail, although some can be, but definitely no vestigial organ from evolution, just a continual loss of our intended genetic matrix, caused by poor nutrition, uterine degeneration, etc.


The basilic vein of the arm can be malformed or the palmaris longus or brevis of the hand is often times missing, important to manipulation. Cubitus of the forearm is becoming rarer in women and they can throw baseballs, etc., just like a man; again androgyny, of which the whites suffer most, comes into play. The supra-orbital-artery is often absent on one side or the other while the other is quite weak.


The list of these stigmas of degeneration is endless, which gives us such a varied somatypic people and why diet is so varied. People have to search for themselves the answers to their problems for only they know inside what is right for diem and why the "College of Ra" in Egypt was not one of teachers, but consisted of books for man to search out for himself.


And the Gods brought every manner of people here black, white, yellow, red to let them discover where their roots really lie and allowed no contests, no personal scaling between them for that is when people clash.


Each had to find themselves and by doing so understand one another. No one ruled anyone, they just went back home and the families in their appointed areas lived and prospered to that day when they could look upon one another with no bias or prejudice for they would have returned to their monomorphic wholeness.

Americans in particular dislike the issues of genetic purity while in Europe it is a matter of pride to belong to a particular caste, which is understandable as Americans, sad as we hate to admit it, were those cast out of Europe for the most part because of their impurity. The dregs, thrown out looking for a place of hiding. Europeans look down on Americans as the former have tighter biological bonds.

We must discuss those who do interbreed, caste within caste even if it is German with French, Englishman with Comanche Indian for there are many instances where people of opposing biological systems find one another attractive which can be both good or bad. Many people accentuate and improve their bloodlines by intermarriage while in others it is a source of further ruination.


This is surely for nature to decide, and people should choose with whom they wish to be with and not be ridiculed.


Being part Indian and the daughter of a soldier where I have always been around people from all over the world, I appreciate the world's peoples more and was thankfully, taught to treat people as individuals and understand their ways and if I disagreed with anyone's culture, to accept it as it is and not degrade them.


Being of many different nationalities, I can look upon them all and find their faults and assets, and thereby be less prejudiced. If I have come down particularly hard on the white castes it is because, as one myself, I can accept my failings and meet them head on, I am aware and can thus do something about them. It is those who do not that are a menace, and this goes for whatever color you are.


I used to think it a stigma to be of so many castes, but now I realize how I can look upon my ancestry and see its good and bad faults and appreciate them. The Olympics is a silly concept for all it does is test genetic prowess which should never be done for all of us are suffering from our biologies. And, athletes are the biological dregs of any society.


The true test of any genetic prowess is that of whom will return from their peaceful slumbers if this history is ringing true. The only mark of a true people also is that they are totally self-reliant for the trouble begins when you have to rely on someone else be it a neighbor or someone across the world.

There is a latest craze of allowing men to cry in the western countries where in most areas of the world it is still looked upon as shameful. A biologically sound male should react to adversity in an unemotional state because he is the one who must keep his head and deal with whatever situation arises while his female counterpart may be having a rough time.


Crying seems to be totally absent in most genetically and nutritionally stable castes and to do so is another branch of male androgyny, Male actors often find it hard to do so, trying to do something they really are not biologically capable of doing.


The lacrimal gland is an interesting organ within the upper and outer angle of the orbit with 12 ducts leading to the conjuctiva where anti-bacterial fluid is deposited.


Crying is thus a serious affair, much more than people are aware of, particularly the white castes as they allow babies to do so without any emotional response at all, believing crying babies are 'normal' which shows to what insensitive straights they have digressed to, as this fluid is part of the lymph system. Crying is actually another self-destructive mechanism as this vital fluid is lost by the body.


Pioneers were always stumped as to why Indian babies did not cry, or very little, but their mothers realized how harmful it was for them as do many other peoples around the world. Anyone who says you need a good cry is very ignorant.


That you feel better afterwards is a fooler, you are also exhausted and have lost this important fluid likened to blood. Men are supposed to keep women from crying which is why they are supposed to be mentally and physically sound. If you have done something bad and cry and then feel better, you have just experienced a mind/body imbalance of one part trying to destroy the other.


To cry is to die a little each time. Your body is just relieved when your mind has regained control of the body. We take psychogenic lacrimation all to lightly, particularly when we assume babies do this as part of their maturation process. This is totally wrong. A baby is stressed when it cries and during this crucial development the last thing they need is a loss of this anti-bacterial fluid. This is another reason babies are ill so much. Every cell is experiencing damage. You can also deduct five years off of every one minute of crying you did as a baby and child.


Ashley Montagu reasoned that crying babies were favored by evolution (here we go again!) because lysozyme, the one anti-bacterial agent of tears, would reduce upper respiratory infections. I wonder if he ever spent a day in a doctors office and saw how many babies come in with respiratory ailments! Tears are considered to be a loss of harmful waste the body accumulates from the stress it encounters, comparing it to urine, perspiration, defecating.


But here again we have a typical western scientific approach to unnatural processes.


Perspiration is not a normal process, sodium and B-vitamins and many other nutrients are lost from the body and causes it to lose homeostasis; urinating is less when the kidneys are functioning properly and is odorless and sterile when the body's organs are healthy and doing their jobs. Fecal matter the same, an excess of food matter, drained of its nutrients, again if the organs are healthy, odorless.


Everyone seems to presume the body is naturally incapable of being incorrupt. There is no evolution in this, nothing higher to climb up on that glorious ladder to perfection from a crying baby. I wish people like Montagu would become more interested in biochemistry for people are going to let poor babies continue to cry (they were always too lazy to stop them and too ignorant anyway, now they have an excuse) because it is 'evolutionary adaptive'(!).


More research tells us lysozyme, also known as muramidase, is one of those biological barometers that cause the body to suffer when the mind is allowed to be stressed. I wonder if Montagu has seen how common leukemia is amongst our babies today and young people if he believes it is so good and the myriad other ailments.


How Montagu figures losing lysozyme, an anti-bacterial, is healthy when its loss is the one main reason we have so many colds and tonsillitis in children, is beyond me! Muramidase is a hydrolytic enzyme, present in the primary granlocyte and monocyte precursor cells, It is one of the important reactions to cell life, converting protein to amino acids. However, in leukemia it is elevated in the blood and urine, it makes the cells run amuck.


As one of the constituents of crying, it raises to a level to where the cells are drowned in it, stymieing them to desist from normal functioning. Leukemia, like so many other diseases, is from an unhealthy lymphatic system. Anemia, cell destruction, etc., occur each time one cries no matter what your age, and to allow it during developing years is just a little less than murder.


This opens the body up to a shortened lifespan and vulnerable to any pathogen as organs lose cells during development or anytime during life. B6 anemia is common in babies and women, as is iron, and if Montagu had looked further he would have seen that magnesium, which is a major part of tears, is lost during crying and magnesium/B6 and iron go hand in hand in metabolism.


There stands mother however, when baby is crying, getting tense and upset because she herself is low in B6 and the other elements and calcium as well, and then thinks that motherhood is terrible and she will be so glad when this thing is married and out the door someday. But, because people have decided that this is 'normal', little babies are not even given a chance in life and then she says the heck with it and its the career life for her, and then wonders why he grows up to be a drug addict or hooked on liquor.


Other vital tear chemicals are calcium, lipids, cholesterol, urea, glucose and vitamin C, the latter an excellent clue that crying is an autocytolysic action. If a developing organism like a baby is going to lose vitamin C, it is losing a most vital chemical and again why they are most sickly. It is no wonder we see such old looking babies today and people age so as vitamin C is a constituent of collagen, the element that keeps skin elastic.


This connective tissue in the cell walls keeps poisons from leaking in and fights those that do so and it is no wonder people are as sickly as they are. Bone formation is also poor from a loss of C which again is why whites have such poor posture. Healing of tissue is slow, so a market of miracle salves is needed to help their weaknesses.


Tears are also found to have a very important hormone, prolactin, which helps cell formation tremendously.

In man, the lacrimal gland is of course bigger, but we are finding it atrophied to the size of woman's now and is supposed to help man fight bacteria to the eyes since they are supposed to be less sedentary. Women cry more than men because they are more sensitive to the world and her every life response is conducive on how powerful and successful her counterpart is.


Her actions rely on his strengths and weaknesses with a feedback to the biologic value of the offspring. Every cry is an injury to her and her germ plasm. Women who are nutritionally sound are less apt to cry emotionally from PMS and tension, and usually have the good sense to avoid sad movies, books, music, unneeded stress which only harms the body while a undernourished women, especially an androgyne, will actively seek tear-jerker movies and other stressors to further break themselves down.


Music such as country-western or religious attracts the people as it does, just as rock, to create a melancholy stress to the body, again bringing self-destruction. Gynics are meant to be emotional, but the action should never be allowed to manifest itself. Women who do cry habitually, have an imbalance of estrogen/prolactin and testosterone which makes them unstable as it does in men.


Prolactin is one of the basic reasons of feminine behavior but can only react to endogenous estrogen. It is calorigenic (heat and energy producer) which in andric women makes them don shorts in the summer as they cannot tolerate heat. (No wonder they can't stand the kitchen!)


It is also anti-diabetogenic, that is it regulates insulin and keeps it from becoming cytocidal. Cartilage needs it and this is another reason androgens age faster and why crying is so bad for you. During coition, prolactin is supposed to be an inhibitor of cellular breakdown as the act is so hard on man and woman, especially the latter.


Women who have coition as an emotional outlet, men as well, instead of as a procreative act, allow lactic acid to enter from the stressor and if they have hormonal imbalances, prolactin cannot do its job. This is another reason prostitutes and promiscuous men and women age so, balding in men quite regular, while wrinkles hit women especially hard.


Also during coition, histidine, necessary for tissue repair, hydrolosizes into histamine causing cell injury. The coition flush is a sign of histamine release.

We could go into many volumes of the troubles that a low or too high palate involves. It goes in effect, if the palate is too low in lighter skinned peoples and too high in the darker, there are variations in between of peoples, as we have seen the pituitary in particular is affected.


But we have neglected another important part of the brain, the hypothalamus. This regulates the peripheral automatic nervous system, controlling behavior and emotions and manufactures hormones for the pituitary, regulating endocrine functions and also controls gamic behavior and reproduction.


Black Africans, contrary to what the missionaries and anthropologists tell you, did not, until the whiteman's arrival and those who had access to sugar, have gamic or reproductive problems, and if so, they were quite negligible compared to other peoples. Refined foods has made them like so many who lost control of their instinctual behaviors. We see the Rung!


San, once a stable hunter/gathering people, now a bevy of depressed drinkers because of the change to the whiteman's lifestyles. Like everyone, they suffer from biochemical dysfunctions, which has, as with everyone else, made them concentrate their energies on satisfying nutritional cravings rather than retaining a stable level of reactions which magnifies when off their biological diets.


As in whites, the hypothalamus is pushing too much hormonal secretions into the blood as in everyone, to more or less degrees. Part of the limbic system, the hypothalamus and thalamus helps control the amygdala, the major aggression center, and the strategic centers for sensory output and input. Blood pressure, heart rate, body temp, feeding behaviors, digestive processes, are all reliant on this system running smoothly. On the whole, the blacks of Africa for instance, show a much more sound diet than the west when untouched by the latter, although still are heavy on the fats, but no sugar, or sometimes salt, and some still refrain from alcohol.


You cannot generalize on the castes of Africa no more than you can whites or Amerindians, as they are all different. This brain area also governs the pleasure center in the medial forebrain bundle, particularly in the ventromedial nuclei of the hypothalamus, where if irritated by too much or too little stimuli, it must search out other means of gratification to feed it more as it disrupts the entire body as it tries to stimulate it into a proper balance.


"Natural rhythm" is thus an absurdity as it is a pathology all peoples have when they suffer from these deprivations. When the foot moves to the beat, you can bet the automatic nervous system is lacking limbic control. The mind/body has lost homeostasis. Like a universe to itself, entropy moves to a beat and sooner or later comes the Big Bang - death.


Whether it is a Strauss Waltz (considered in its day, the waltz was very daring and comparable to rock and roll today which shows you how mental areas have degenerated; it was not so much the music, but that people moved their bodies with it rather than letting the music represent nature in its slyvan movements) or a Zulu tribal dance, it is all the same. It is interesting in studies on rats when levers were given to the animals by which electrical stimulation of pleasure or food would be given by implanting electrodes in their brains, they pressed as high as 5,000 times per hour to satisfy those areas of the brain controlling pleasure, food itself would not be taken.


The hypothalamus and amygdala gives excellent stimulation for the organism to correlate past and present information to appreciate emotional experience. This means if you had a bus load of people from the city and took them to the country and they could see the immensity of the heavens for the first time, maybe one or two would be awed enough to blossom this experience into a life pursuit.


Or, taking them through a museum, only a few would appreciate the creative mind of man while the rest would rather go home and turn on the soaps or listen to the Grateful Dead. Has anyone wondered why coprolalia is so widespread?


Listen to children even who use every word in the book as loosely as the Little Rascals used to say 'jeepers'. We know when the prefrontal cortex is disrupted of the limbic system, individuals will use the most morbid profanities. People, women especially, as they get older profane most terribly. Women nowadays can out swear most men in a most vile way as their androgyny surfaces. Profane graffiti is found in ancient archaeological finds to today, all the signs of neuropathology dementia in a civilization on the brink of destruction.


This hypothalamic degeneration makes the brain less apt to store information and retain it without flaws, again a brain capable of doing more than a computer. The software in computers is the result of the software of the person who devised it. People with phenomenal memories have been able to recall everything throughout their entire life, one man was able on his job as maitre d' to remember everyone by name and what they ate through the years, yet the common complaints of these people is that they cannot turn it off.


This tells us that somewhere between those without photographic minds and those with, important components are either missing or dormant. Something has to be wrong with the protein synthesis at synaptic terminals and chances are it begins right at conception.

The hypothalamus so compressed by skull malformations is causing too much secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine by the adrenal medulla, hence many peoples, black, white and in between, suffer from adrenal exhaustion, showing in nearly everyone's face to one extreme or the other, as fibers pass down the spinal cord and synapse with preganglionic neurons whose fibers lead straight to the adrenal medulla. Again, this contributes to aggressive behavior and pursuits in abnormal behavior in many life situations.

We see many ailments attributed to the biochemical weaknesses of each caste and in whites many are seen as with Down's syndrome. Because of their vitamin D lack, rickets becomes full-blown as age progresses and/or osteomalacia when the wrong diet and too much sun finally strikes them. Many suffer mild forms of osteitis deformans, a bulging forehead. Because of their calcium and vitamin D problem, whites also suffer more from backaches, headaches, arthritis, hearing problems and neurological disorders because of their skeletal disorders.


They can be erratic and nervous because of their problem of losing Vitamin A to ultraviolet light, as well as riboflavin to the sun. Anemia is a constant problem with pernicious anemia common to northern Europeans, highest in Scandinavia, while generally all suffer from megaloblastic anemia because of their folate deficiency.


Again, let me stress that diet is at fault in a great deal of this. If we closed up every hospital and doctors office to all the whites, much less anyone else, most would have died before 10, now they last to 70 at best, suffering heart attacks, stroke, etc., which would have finished them. Fetus' have always suffered from this lack in white castes leaving the mother incapable of producing any others near a healthy being as the fetus has to rob from the mother. Spontaneous abortion is quite common with white women because of these nutritional lacks.


Where diets are depleted more in one nutrient or the other, we see these various disorders as in hemolytic diseases such as thalassemia in Greeks and Italians.

We shall now discuss those of red skin found in many areas of the world, the Middle and Far East and the Amerindians, although because the latter are falling to the whiteman's diet they are now losing what copper/iron balances they had and showing lighter skins.


Red skinned peoples include also Arabs, Hebrews, Pakistanis, Polynesians and many others and shows they have been able to keep some semblance to near stable copper and Paba. Their hair is usually black and straight, but if sugar is consumed it can lose some of its copper and start to wave. Also folic acid is lost, and the skin can start turning more brown.


They seem to be midway in the sun's rays, neither deflecting too much or absorbing too much, but they suffer from C02 problems because of their copper. Yellow skin too shows an affinity to metabolize copper well, but they can suffer many of the ills whites do because of the bilirubin if their diets are off for yellow skin is the next digression from red.


With red skin, flavoproteins, a conjugated protein which constitutes the yellow enzymes essential to cellular respiration, are metabolizing properly. Red skin is obtained by adrenochrome utilizing copper and Paba by oxidizing epinephrine, hence the very red pigment of these peoples. Now, here is where we can all see that every color is suffering from something, for if you noted epinephrine, which is a by product of the adrenal medulla caused by stress, means these people if they are not on a biological diet, can be 'wild as Indians', and there you have it.


That is when the Indians became wild when the rum and the sugar of the whiteman made this shaky balance go askew as well as the erratic behaviors of Arabs and others; no one is going scot free on this one either.


Sympathetic nerves can be at a fever pitch. In whites and blacks this excess is excreted by the kidneys, lucky them, but in red skinned peoples, and yellow too, it is being metabolized by oxidation thus nerve pathways are quite 'sensitive' to say the least. In other words, during excitement they are pushing a great deal of epinephrine through the system, some being metabolized by the liver and lungs, the rest through the kidneys.


The red face whites show is the adrenal rush which they loose when the fight is over, but red skinned peoples are continually in a mild state of epinephrine overdose if they cannot learn to control it and alcohol and refined foods are their worst enemy.


Otherwise they are in complete control, the stoic Indian is very true, but not when he touches abiological foods. (That means whiteman's food!)


In whites and blacks, it should be mentioned if they are not on their biological diets this epinephrine oxidizes in them as well, and released through the liver, lungs and kidneys, is concentrated in plasma there, exciting the sympathetic nervous system. However, it is among the red-skinned peoples in particular that the fight or flight syndrome is rare if they are not raised on refined foods, Amerindians in days of old could be most brave in battle, and a few still are, as it was only when they were all 'liquored up' that they whooped and hollered in battle, where basically, at home or on the battlefield, they were austere and serious. Hollywood has given us a bad example of the 'noble savage'.

Red-skinned peoples can also suffer from a lack of zinc which attributes to their short statures, although there are yet many castes among Egyptians, Arabs and Indians of India (more among Amerindians) who have retained the genetic soundness for height.


In white castes there are but a few who have retained features which seem more Indian or from the Middle or Far East and have retained the height, high cheek bones, etc., which if these histories are right are remainders of the few people who lived in Europe at the Fall of On and we will later discuss those today who are well known who show these traits and you can compare yourself to them.


The problem is so many peoples with these good traits degenerated rapidly among the white castes during the Dark Ages, which were not dark for nothing, for many 'whites' were not so then.


It is among the people of red and yellow skins that we see the near perfected mesocephalic face, rare in whites, but closer in blacks. It would not be so rare in whites if they would abstain from their poor food. As said, these red and yellow peoples suffer much from our heavy CO2 environment but flavoprotein aids in respiration of their ceil structure and is conducive to a longer life and with adrenochrome, their cellular structure is more tougher but again, if they pursue refined foods as the Arabs and Hebrews would later do, this is their greatest downfall.


Among these people we do find the least amount of genetic abnormalities. However, their great problem is the CO2 which reacts to their copper/iron metabolism which is built for a mainly nitrogen/oxygen balance but luckily adrenochrome helps them.


These people have the biggest hallmarks in pride and principle, but westernization is destroying this. Here among these peoples are the last vestiges of those closest to the Nibiru peoples while sadly, those in Europe among the whites and Africans coming to a climax, however, the latter still have many who are fighting the whiteman's ways.


The red and yellow castes though suffer as all but perhaps more so from carbonemia and are more sensitive to it which may be why the Gods took advantage of them. With them also, bilirubin is a great assets. As a cleavage of the heme ring at the a-methane bridge, if iron/copper/zinc ratios are stable and the liver operating well, bilirubin passes to the liver and then through the bile, or you would have a storage, and it is then passed to the feces, but when diets are lacking this is off.


Excrement is then less likely to attract bacteria which is why they can, if healthy, use their own to fertilize their crops. If these people show such a balance of copper/iron/zinc, they can handle glucose efficiently and tolerate a hot climate but sugar destroys this. CO is less tolerated, and they will also start reaching for salt to make-up for the sodium they lose through sweat although the Bedouin do not even have a word for salt as they do not use it. Nonetheless, like everyone else, tempers flair in Cairo as fast as they do in Berlin.

What has always intrigued me however, is that since these people can metabolize nutrients so efficiently, and as their problems seem more aerobic, what color is their skin supposed to be? In an environment lacking in CO2, sodium would function much better, as well as all the other nutrients upon metabolism, osmotic pressure and muscular action.


Is this why ancient Egyptians were so tall and their counterparts today around the world are rather short on the most part? However in many sects they still have the height and features, and Polynesian peoples are often six foot high or more, but we must remember Hawaii is still new to the degeneration of refined foods having been brought to them some 300-400 years ago, while most whites and red-skinned peoples of the Middle and Far East have seen it for over 1,000 years.


Their skins should all be olive green, for in a low CO2 atmosphere sodium for instance would react to oxygen much better as with plants in photosynthesis. We know they process protein and minerals better by their long, black hair, very evident in Hawaiian peoples. Such people in a better atmosphere would be better in carbohydrate production and they could fix CO2 much better because of this and turn it into a stronger cell enhancer instead of it Deing a detriment. In other words, whatever CO2 in the atmosphere would come from respiration and not decay, and by that it would be a stable carbon.


We do see in people substances called bile biliverdin, and a similar pigment, biliprasin, which is in very small amounts that has no real explanation biochemically, other than it is the remainder or dormant part of our blood that would arise to produce the green skin if our atmosphere were better. It should be mentioned that they can retain chlorophyll better than white skins who lose it to the sun because they do not have enough carotene.


With all of us, if chlorine were better utilized by our gastric juices, we would transfer the chlorophyll we eat to help copper and iron find even better metabolic routes in a proper nitrogen/oxygen environment.

As carbon exists in glucogen, starches, dextrins, and cellulose, it must all be diffused by the body yet cellulose carbohydrates cannot be metabolized by man and most vertebrates except herbivores who have bacteria to do the job. With some peoples, stomach acids are able to accomplish the job as with Orientals, while whites prefer energy derived from sugar more than through vegetables, grains, etc.


This is another reason whites often complain of being hungry an hour later after eating Oriental food.


This is also why whites will eat sugared food before protein, a big no-no amongst many red and yellow-skinned peoples. Cellulose in most peoples, when ingested, is not chemically changed or absorbed and merely acts as fiber for elimination. In red and yellow skinned peoples, CO2 seems to be released through the urine rather than through sweat and lungs as urobilin, a pigment derived from bilirubin, does not have to refilter through the blood as in whites which is why mongoloids no doubt have less sweat glands or seem to.


As mentioned, flavoprotein is well metabolized by these people, in particular xanthine oxidase which works with molybdenum to synthesize ferritin iron, again adding to their good copper/zinc levels. The other key may be zinc and why they suffer in this atmosphere. As a co-enzyme, zinc is a component of carbon anhydrase, lactic dehydrogenase, alcohol dehydrogenase, alkaline phosphatase and other metalloenzymes.


Carbonic anhydrase, is an enzyme which catalyzes union of H2O and CO2 to form carbonic acid and better remove it from the system. Carbonxypeptidase removes the carboxl group from peptides to form amino acids.


Lactic dehydrogenase is essential for the lactic acid and pyruvic acid interconversion in the glycolytic pathway for glucose oxidation, but this is the brunt of the problem for the lactic acid is only an aberrant by-product, because of the CO2. Zinc we should mention is with iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese very important in RNA metabolism and it must be stressed that lifespans are lowered if the body must fight heavy concentrations of C02 as welt. Zinc will just not respond well in its presence.


This brings on chain reactions of other problems as with the whites and blacks.


The aquiline nose, common from the Berber to the Sioux Indian, again we see as an effort in their case to shunt off respiration of CO2, but cells are damaged by the lack of oxygen. All in all, no one can boast of a better genetic stability unless they come to control their weaknesses.


With the heavy CO2, the legends of Amerindians possessing far greater technological skills may be true, as the Arabs once did and all these peoples, for this element which causes carbonemia will affect more mentally these people with the near-perfect nutrient levels, and they will not be as good at equating mathematical skills for they lack the natural awareness to apply it safely and to their benefit, so here we have man's great dilemma for no one seems to have the full compliments of mental and physical acumen. Each trips and stumbles through life.

We can see this ventilation problem in the aquiline nose so common in many of the desert tribes, and some Amerindians, in an attempt to reduce CO2.


However, reducing oxygen concentrations in the blood stimulates chemo-receptors in the carotid and aortic bodies, thereby sending impulses to the medulla to increase ventilation as CO2 increases. Here again we have the classic example of cells trying to both survive and committing biological 'cell-a-cide' at the same time.


An ideal nose would be one which we still find amongst the red/yellow peoples of the small nose with straight nasal bone to allow an even flow, and is still visible in whites and many blacks as the Falashas. Noses are the most touchy part of peoples anatomy, being quite cognizant of them.

Chemoreceptors are sense organs or nerves which react to chemical stimuli and are in the large arteries of the thorax and neck (carotid and arotic bodies), taste buds and the olfactory cells of the nose. This is why men should have a large chest cavity and neck as compared to women yet we see less robust men today in the Middle East and Orient as in the past, probably trying to shunt down an increase in CO2, hence the small statures.


This opens an entire new set of biological rules and problems and why I state all peoples of the world have their own particular problems. Since these people are suffering from low oxygen concentration and CO2 accumulation, they are also suffering from vasoconstriction, that is constriction of blood vessels as CO2 accumulates from oxygen-deficiency states.


This means muscular strength, particularly among men, is greatly reduced, the splanchnic nerves leading to viscera are not conducting as well, leading to improper digestion as these nerves control the organs here. The heavy use of curry and pepper through the ages, as well as other spices, reveal their troubles in this area but most, as these two, are very caustic to the stomach, such as curry which seems relaxing to this area but is very harmful as your stomach has no way of telling you because of lack of nerve perception here.


The internal combustion of these people needs the heavy use of curry especially. They have to reach for milk, cheeses, yogurts, to cushion these heavy, hot spices.


Many Middle Eastern peoples have rather bulbous, some inverted lips, because of their poor digestion. The splanchnic nerve is part of the thoracolumbar outflow arid leads to the eyes, lips, nose, liver, kidneys, gonads, parotid, sublingual, and submandibular glands, heart, lungs, and the face of everyone reveals just how good the metabolism is of each in this world.


The sympathetic nervous system seems quite strong, unlike the rather unstable white castes, and they seem to show a smoother bioelectrical flow (although remember everyone suffers to some degree) as music is more natural sounding in the Middle East but more so in the Oriental whose music is closer to nature. The parasympathetic system is indeed finer tuned in these people and another reason the red/yellow castes can relate to the vibrations of the earth much better.

All peoples suffer from a lack of sympathetic innervation to the head, neck and upper extremities from preganglionic fibers in the white rami communicans of thoracic fibers which has to pass up to cervical paravertebral ganglia by which there is a division of the sympathetic trunk at a level between T-l and C-8 vertebrae, which unfortunately, results in a flow of sympathetic electrical conduction of the head and neck.


Because the sympathetic and parasympathetic is so strong in red/yellow peoples, this causes their palpebral fissures and muscles to either become thick and/or slanted; they do not suffer from, but have benefited and compensated for their lack, as this protects the zinc in their eyelids and helps it from being affected by radiation as well as other elements in the eye itself as visual purple and vitamin A.


Down's syndrome babies were called 'Mongoloid' because to the white physicians in their prejudice they appeared Oriental but it is from a loss of parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve control. Oriental people who have Downs syndrome babies say they look white! It is the same reason here, nerve loss, but there is no true genetic overtones here, just as with everyone else, for no one has the true lotus eyes of the Gods, although as stated, the epicanthic fold and the thick eyelids of people does show they have these genetic responses to only a different environment.


We should mention that if the magnetism of the world did change we could write volumes on the iron/copper ratios of each people as a reaction to these fields.


Whites, though I have given them a hard time, are merely suffering from a normal retraction of the minerals to an abnormal situation in the hopes they will follow a diet to counteract the recession, so you see we are all superior, but if we are not cognizant of the fact, we lose. The biggest loss to the whites was their falling from their true abiological diet, and refraining from those things as the sun, which can be their enemy, as their ancestors did so long ago.

The postganglionic fibers arising from the cervical paravertebral ganglia, innervates the smooth muscles of the eye and thus controls the convexity of the lens, the iris and the pupil which is why the pupil is often so large and black in red/yellow peoples and the iris normally brown to black. This of course, keeps visual purple from being destroyed by a lack of vitamin A, or destroyed by the sun's rays and other light sources.


It is why the 'natives' of the world and Amerindians were said to see at very long distances and why the art of the Middle and Far East is so vibrant with natural color and detail. Up until the Edwardian era, the west still had strong eye control revealed in their relationship to nature to some extents in their artwork, dress and styles.

We must mention again the pineal gland which the west has laughed about for years stating it has no special powers while eastern and other 'primitives' as the Africans and Amerindians have always spoken of its effect.


The white peoples cannot be helped, for they lack response in this organ as compared to others. Because they also suffer from a pressured cranial cavity, they have a dormancy here as well. Mystics always told of it, but science laughed, calling it again in their famous terminology, 'vestigial', until 1963 melatonin was discovered in it and its reaction to light via a most complex pathway to the retina, the brain and sympathetic neurons to and from the superior cervical ganglia. It basically translates nerve language to gland language as it acts upon the endocrine system.


The problem is the pineal responds to lighting conditions to activate circadian rhythms in the body but, and this is the problem, it is terribly disturbed if the sympathetic input is awry as in whites.


Whites cannot stand the light and have very poor nerve conduction because of their vitamin A loss. No wonder they will never grasp orthomolecular medicine nor the 'cosmic conscious'; they are totally out of harmony with their world. Poor eyesight is again a tribute as to why writing and the sciences did not begin with the white people, or if it did, they are now sad remnants of those who altered further in the degeneration. It is also related to the adrenal medulla and as a neuroendocrine transducer, it converts a neural input to an endocrine output again giving credence to those who have the fight or flight response.


I would hazard the glial cells (supporting cells) are quite inadequate in a white's pineal gland and as stated in an earlier chapter, it depends on a good vascular system, as the cardiac output received by the pineal is the highest of any other body organ making it not a vestigial organ as many evolutionists suppose. (The only thing vestigial in this world is evolutionists!)


Middle Eastern peoples, Orientals, Amerindians and Africans have usually excellent postures revealing not only good bone and skeletal muscles resulting from a good nerve conduction but a good pineal gland which they all show as cerebral spinal fluid surrounds the pineal. Whites have been found to have a calcification from calcium hydroxyapatite of the pineal starting very early in childhood.


We can believe this to be attributed to their very poor nerve degeneration and refined foods for many whites centuries ago did not seem to have this problem as they still practiced naturopathic ways and were closer to the earth until we see the advent of refined foods in excess.

The pineal gland can be seen in the fetus at the second month and to have it deteriorate after birth makes no sense. The fetus does not rely on it as heavily as when born. Autopsies of children before ten find it much calcified. Again, it is absurdly attributed as another vestigial organ and doctors still declare they do not understand it, but they have little training in biochemistry.



(A headline in the ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS for June 27, 1986 read, "Minnesota Doctors Know Cocaine is a KiIler" - This is news? People in the naturopathic sciences and those with just plain horse sense have known this for millennia as it is a toxin to the body and destroys cells immediately - wake up gentlemen!)



We may be seeing also why the skin pigments vary if white's nervous systems are improperly conducting, as they may be like the 'blanched' frogs and tadpoles when fed bovine pineals they turned a lighter color as melatonin was found to effect skin pigmentation in these animals. And, again the people of earlier ages were much darker than now, but they did not have the heavy influx of refined foods.


Science claims they can find no use for this organ in humans, yet it has a direct influence on the splanchnic nerve pathway, digestion and skin blood vessels, and it may be the influencing factor as copper/iron levels give rise to skin cells and thus helps skin pigmentation to arise as the sun's rays enter eyes and skin.


The harderian gland is believed to be, as stated, another vestigial organ, yet it too is fed by melatonin from the pineal.


You cannot even find anything of the harderian in the Bible of the medical dictionary's, Tabors and information is hard to find, but it plays a role in bacterial control and contributes to better depth perception. Again, it too lacks in function among most whites.

The "third eye" as the pineal is called, has been found in all animals to date studied for the pineal in frog and dogfish contains cells that resemble retinal photoreceptors. In mammals, biosynthesis is strong in this gland. One very important activity is it stimulates in mammals tryptophan release, which is very important here. In lack of photo input (light) as with blue eyes and/or a weak nerve conduction, as in whites, tryptophan increases tremendously; this is an amino acid for normal growth and development but too much or too little, stimulates the gonads which react to pineal influence.


Sufficient light allowed to enter allows a normal electrical impulse as it decreases the chemical output if the sympathetic nervous system is good and eyes brown to black or some very dark blue eyes. (Which would have been brown if the mother had not ingested refined foods.)


Norepinephrine levels are lowered as well, which as a vasocontrictor keeps the body in harmony with ephinephrine levels. Again we see why red/yellow peoples are not as excitable (work in a public place and see how placid for the most part black, yellow and red babies are compared to white!).


We are also seeing why whites have puberty hit so young, while today's Middle Eastern Muslim women for instance, have menarche at 17-21 and in the Orient the same, but poor food is lowering this in many to 9-12 as in the white castes. Depression and obesity is also triggered in whites more because tryptophan is a precursor of serotonin which triggers these problems.


It also is a cause of the androgyny problem in whites especially, as testosterone acts postnatally on the brain to cause long-term pineal modification. This is contributing to a great deal of the erotism we see today. Behavior patterns in women showing male patterns are then stimulated to heights at particular light stimuli while males many times show a lack of confidence in situations.


Precocious development shows everywhere from this lack of nerve control and the latter also contributes to listening to rock music and other fast paced tunes and the bright lights to try and trip nerve conduction through their weakened nerve pathways in the retina to try and stop a hormonal onslaught to no avail. All in all, how can we expect any sort of logical response to natural responses in a people so handicapped?


It is no wonder western medicine is so numb to the body's dual relationship to nature, using toxic medicines, instead of allowing the body to heal itself with natural medicines. It is also ho wonder that honor, duty and respect has been losing ground with these people for years whose Manifest Destiny is to try and find something they never will and unfortunately, they are dragging the entire world down with them.


Present day medicine is stemmed from the teachings of a German physician named William Bombast von Hohemhein, who was instrumental in changing the curing of peoples from herbs, roots and bark to chemicals as he introduced mercury and chemistry entered medicine.


As we saw, the Egyptians when they used it gave buffers to protect the system, but he gave his patients any dosage with none and though the cures were fast, his patients did not live long which in the late fifteenth century when he was practicing made no imprint on people who were already dying from the refined foods they were consuming which was bringing many illnesses.


He was reported to publicly burn the works of Galen and Hippocrates and like refined sugar he was the last straw to a people who could no longer react to natural cures, which allowed the body to heal itself. The doctor himself only lived to 50 or 51. My how things have changed through the centuries for now we have a group of people who hold power over us as to how to handle our bodies when it was just natural and part of living to be able to know how to cure oneself. All men were physicians, all women knew the use of food for prevention and everyone knew the use of herbs.


If you had a body, you had to know how to take care to it, now, only a few are afforded the 'privilege'. It is sad that no one is recognized as having intelligence unless one has gone to a college with degrees behind or in front of their names when the most ironic thing is that there is absolutely nothing helpful to mankind to be learned from these institutions.


It is only a collection of people who cannot think for themselves and would not dream of picking up books unless there was some monetary or label to be gotten out of it for prestige, none do so for personal advancement for learning never stops and one does not know all there is with degrees. We have actually taken a natural living habit, conducive to life, and made it to be something that you have to go away to learn or can only do so under 'official' auspices.


That is truly sad.

It is the CO, and hydrogen that is the problem with everyone as it acts primarily upon the medulla and surroundings, one of the reason's ancients say we are in a 'sleep'. One of our biggest questions in biology is whether CO? itself stimulates respiration or whether It is the hydrogen ions responsible for it.


Nonetheless, brain mechanisms are more depressed in individuals whose bodies, though built more soundly, are still laboring and being genetically affected by an overload of CO?


The red/yellow castes are prone to erratic behavior just as the blacks and whites in different manners, as the latter two have cranial problems also and the others to varied extents (everyone does on this earth).


The medulla oblongata is immediately affected by this atmospheric imbalance. Responsible for involuntary reflexes vital to the maintenance of life, we can see why these people are sensitive to the fine tunings of nature and yet perhaps at times too passive about life as well. It is here many sense receptors branch afferently and efferently. Here we can deduce why whiter castes suffer hypoesthesia and hypogeusia, attributing to their world passions for physical play and lack of body awareness and their extremely poor dietary habits.


The pons, the mesencephalon and diencephalon, thalamus and hypothalamus are all part of this cerebral matrix. The hypoglossal nerve is the motor nerve of the tongue which is commonly large in whites giving rise to their guttural manner of speech patterns, as well as aberrations. You can blame many eropathologies on old mom a great deal when she refused to breastfeed, as well as the open-mouth kissing which is spreading considerable virus and bacteria.


Sticking the tongue out for instance when upset with someone is a reflex of the hypothalamus in whites who do this more than any other castes, to stimulate a lack of nerve response by bringing forth epinephrine and norepinephrine which in turn elevates vasopressin, elevating blood pressure. In other words, the body tricked the mind, upset that the mind let it fall victim to stress and was duly punished. The spinal accessory nerve contains fibers that terminate in proprioceptors in the muscles of the neck which because of vasoparesis in whites, contributes to their 'no-neck*, Neanderthal neck as the pituitary is affected. The red/yellow peoples seem to have necks more graceful and less bulbous, in uniform with their bodies.


Poor thyroids and musculature creates weakness of visceral efferent fibers traveling through the neck and terminating in the sternomastoid and trapezius muscles, again here, strong in the yellow/red castes and only a few of whites, but many blacks, which contributes to upright stance and square shoulders in the men.


Through the ages, only the whites have shown more of a prediliction for sports as the others have no need to build up what they have genentically. Others, as American blacks, follow suit when diet degrades. Red, yellow and black peoples show a strong vagus nerve which controls the pharynx, larynx, trachea, esophagus and thoracic and abdominal viscera which contributes to their pleasant, harmonious tongues and in the men resonant voices and pleasant ones in females. Many black actors show this with their masculine voices while only a few white actors are able to come up to their level as some have retained the strong genetic patterns.


Taste buds in the area of the epiglottis also enter into the interior ganglion of the vagus, again we can see a food preference more conducive to health in these peoples except for the whites where only a few still do. Many taste buds of the Orient have degraded for many eat pork, rats, monkey brains (live!) octopi, which are considered delicacies, which are all definitely not wholesome.


Many Japanese have used salt for ages to greater extremes than whites and are suffering heart disease which shows what a C02 environment can do despite their relatively sound biochemistry which is quickly eroding from this.


Because of the Orientals better nerve conduction to the smooth muscle of the abdominal viscera and splanchnic flexure of the colon, cancer is not as rife with them because of their sound diets which is all changing now that they are shifting to more western.

I do not think there is anything more revealing that our belief in 'races' is misleading by seeing how people taken off their biological diets as western life infringes are now developing degenerate diseases and are also taking on the look of western people with a lightening of the skin and facial and body features. Body hair is now appearing amongst the Orientals who had little or none at all.


Amerindians were first shocked at the filthy body hair of the whites and when they started eating their foods, they too started developing body hair or with miscegenation, the varied chemistries allowing poisons to evolve. Hypertrichophobia is a common disorder for many peoples who believe it should not be there. Even Hitler had all his body hair removed. It is also a direct consequence of adrenal and gonadal disturbances. Hair is of two types, vellous and terminal. The former is the 'peach-fuzz' type on children and women.


Terminal hair is more pigmented, stiff and thicker as on men. When on women it is caused by male hormones floating in the body or in males, female hormones clashing with theirs as they cannot rid any poisons. Solomon looked down upon Sheba with her hairy legs because of her hormonal problems, but this can also be caused by liver disorders, so if you are gynic with terminal hair your system merely needs cleansing. There are many moustached women today from the epicene problems.


As discussed, body hair attracts radiation as does beard hair, only the head hair is different. Bacteria and mites are attracted to all hair which is why straight hair is the safest as it does not entrap this all so easily. This brings more disease states.


The pictures of primitive man with beards is again ridiculous if we are to expect evolution here as bacteria would be consumed from the beard and so many pathogens developed that to expect healthy offspring would be very wishful thinking, not to mention the radiation he attracted to his parotid glands. Hirsutism is so widespread today in androgynous women that it is almost considered a disease. 3% of them have hair growth on the sternum although this was taken about 20 years ago, so you can more than triple that amount now.


I hate to think what it will be like in another 20 years! Virilism in women is causing enlarged thyroid cartilage, android pelvis, androgenic obesity with muscle mass comparable to males, and general muscle mass which is why we are seeing more women involved in sports. Another problem is elevated plasma protein bound testosterone concentrations and excessive secretion of its precursor androsterone. There are many reasons for this in the whites whose loss of neural and cerebral control from poor skeletal structure causes the sudden influx of andric women.


Their main problem is whites cannot, in their general lack of pinocytosis, generate above mild oligergasia which has been a total paroxysm for them which if they do not realize this soon, the balance of the world will be totally lost, however, it seems to be at this point now. Looking back at European history, women were very feminine, men very masculine, until about the Middle Ages when a general decline began. Western science, because of this, is totally anempeiric due to these aberrations.


When historians start placing Madame Curie, Amelia Earhart, Clara Barton, and others on a pedestal who were the worst of aberrations instead of the unsung hero, the wife and mother, you know there are indeed problems.


These people are not role models for any female unless she too is suffering from these disorders. They need only look at the world's people of today and study them in the past to see that cenesthesia is the norm for man and not senescence and degeneration. It is a failure of medical schools and education in general that they do not concentrate on the patterns of history or no correlations can be made to problems today.

Androgyny has caused the problem of Cortisol during coition stress when it is used as a nervous outlet and energy releaser which only produces very death-dealing results especially to offspring. Cortisol being lost during such stress makes it unable to block hormonal influx as it pours around the egg and enters andromimetically to the ovum or developing fetus. If it is a female fetus we get just that a female, not a gynic, and if a male predominance, estrogen is involved.


Cortisol because of this and the poor diets, cannot act as an anahormone; you might call it the great catabolic prohibitor which is supposed to keep the hormones from fusing and creating imbalances as we see in people today, with all the attending mental and physical disorders.


It is interesting to see family pictures of people's great-great grandmothers in the 1860's with their offspring, then women who lived during the women's liberation of the 1890's and then to the roaring 20's when skirts went up, morals down with smoking and drinking which women usually shunned because they were more genetically stable, as well as sports, and the bloomers then turned to pants and shorts.


Women of the 19th century looked more feminine than by today's standards, the Edwardian Age saw the last of them and now they are few. By the 1940's because of mother's bathtub gin and blackbottoni, the offspring start taking on a most peculiar and definite look, the girls are masculine and the boys feminine. I remember reading an article on some Civil War veterans from a 1920's paper who stated that in their days youth were stronger and complained how soft they were now in those times.


Sound familiar? Obviously, the germ plasm is getting weaker and weaker.


At the turn of the century refined foods were making a bigger influence and later more so when mom left the house for the factories as in the second World War; Hitler never realized it but he did win. Now, meals are out of a box or can. When she found she loved money more than the art of living and they waved that red meat under the female hyena's nose, an entire people was on its final and last road to oblivion.


The hand that rocked the cradle left it and ruined the world. Now, as I type, the government is giving leave to working (pregnant) mothers but their jobs will be secured when they return. Wake up, America, when she gets pregnant and gives birth it is then a lifetime job. You have come a long way baby, but you are dragging mankind down with you. Scientifically, a beautiful example of genetic genocide, but morally a crime of heinous proportions.


A warning to the rest of the world - forgive the whites, for they know not what they do, and that is the sad shame of it because they are so biologically corrupt they have no awareness. They have for the most part gone past analepsis. Let us hope we can stay out of their way as they destroy themselves for they are the great immoral majority.

A sparcity of head hair in male whites is often hypoandrogenemia.


All hair follicles have one or more sebaceous glands, but hair only erupts in most places as a consequence of releasing body poison, the better the body at filtering them the less hair. There should be light vellous hair around the lips in both male and female to catch any bacteria which are lubricated by buccal glands here. Many females find out how much male hormones they have when they get on the pill which confuses their estrogen and prolactin levels.


Pregnancy can do this as well, as does of course menopause, when the male in them comes out. In a study of women students at a medical clinic, 84% had terminal arm and leg hair, 26% had facial and lip hair, 17% had hair on the chest and 35% abdominal hair on the linea alba, but again this was done many years ago and why today hair removal services are blossoming. Again, if a woman shows gynic proclivities it could merely be the wrong diet, heavy spices, salt and pepper which will also elevate male hormones.

Another 'atavism' is the claim of the lanugo hair of the fetus, evolutionist's again claiming we are going through our ape stages while developing. But paleogenetics is a poor excuse for inborn errors of metabolism. Lanugo hair usually, but not always, covers 20 week old fetuses. This is down-like hair which makes the fetus look like the offspring of Jo-Jo the Dog face boy and is stated to help hold the vernix caseosa, a cheesy-like substance the newborn is covered with to protect its sensitive skin while in the embryonic fluid and from the sudden air influx when born.


This makes no sense as sebaceous glands cover the body to keep the skin well oiled, hair robs the oil to keep it nourished and would take it from the skin. Other components of vernix caseosa are exfoliated squamous cells from the periderm and desquamated cells from the amnion, At the three month gestation period vibrissae appear on the upper lip, eyebrows and oddly the palms and soles (what ape has hairy palms and soles?!).


All this leaves and turns to soft, lanugo hair all over the body with coarser hairs developing. In anorexia nervosa in females we see an eruption of this lanugo hair as gonadotropins from testosterone activity from their hormonal problems arise and this may be what is happening in the fetus as well. In a watery medium why would hair be needed? One would think they would need it after birth as it hits the cold environment, but it is shed leaving the vernix caseosa. However, we are seeing it persist in many babies after birth today as well as associated disorders as tails, webbed hands and feet, etc.


But the development of the fetus is the proving ground for the health patterns developed by the mother and the father.


The hair diminishes and is usually gone by the time of parturition perhaps as the fetus has stopped its in-utero growth and now relies on external influences until puberty turns on gonadal activity. We may be seeing at the same time the fetus' own personal protection against impurities in the amniotic fluid which is why the soles and palms are covered as well.


It must be remembered that whatever is in the amniotic fluid soaks through the skin and into the fetus' system. If pure, no hair would be needed, only the vernix caseosa to guard against the skin becoming 'water-logged'.


The placenta is definitely not the only source the fetus receives nourishment from. Interestingly, potassium is a major constituent of amniotic fluid, and indeed it should be. It monitors just how smart the mother is. Does she allow herself to sit through stress filled things as horror movies, soap operas? Does she work, drive, where sudden events, emotions, loud noises, other people, occur? Each time she is stressed, so is the baby, and there is a dramatic loss in amniotic fluid potassium levels.


This means developing adrenals are already stressed and life is already shortened tremendously as the baby's blood pressure rises, Is she eating table salt?


Potassium is lost as well, and chloride reeks havoc with cellular growth. Stress and poor diet combine to cause a breakdown in her and the fetus' ability to metabolize food as stomach muscles become lax from low potassium. She complains of heartburn, edema, morning sickness, while the baby kicks like crazy as it suffers too. Colicky babies are often a result of potassium deficiency started right from conception.


Glucose levels drop, as do amino acids, which the fetus needs to develop. If the mother is on sugar this makes the amino acids excrete more which must make way for this heat and energy producer rather than the slow and steady growth from life-giving proteins. We know from unhealthy, Caesarean births the amino acid content of the amniotic fluid is very low. In so-called hereditary diseases such as phenylketonuria, the body's inability to oxidize the amino acid tyrosine, it is not genetic, but a case where abiological diets have produced this where proper enzymes were not produced.


When you say hereditary this absolves the person from all responsibility, it is a pacifier for his or her own incompetence and their ancestors who often caused it, everyone contributing to the next one's disorders. There are no bad genes, only bad brains behind them. Ascorbic acid metabolism is ruined in the fetus if the woman allows herself into a stressful situation and tyrosine cannot be created during fetal development as ascorbic acid is scanty or lost. Whites have anyway, a difficult time with vitamin C absorption rates because of their poorer pituitary/hypothalamus system from adrenal exhaustion.


Folic acid is needed by tyrosine as well, very much in low quantities in whites, although there are a few still who can transcend these problems as they still have the genetic qualities. Pheynlketonuria is basically a white disorder, but all suffer mild forms of this tyrosine lack as they have an offensive odor of urine and sweat, most detectable by Orientals and blacks. All this also contributes to the hyperactivity we see most in white children.


One day women will learn that fetal development is most dependent on the right stimuli at the right time, or else adverse effects as we are seeing arise when she leaves the home for the job which is only producing individuals which will be a detriment to society later. This is another reason why our schools are nothing more than proving grounds for tomorrows penitentiaries and why someone is going to have to wake up before it is too late.


Right from conception to the last trimester, the period of rapid growth, each and every cell depends on the wisdom of the mother and father, and for many years thereafter in a body that demands the best.

The lanugo hair is often left after birth in tufts down the back.


We can reason it leaves prior to parturition as the central nervous system, heart, eyes, palate, teeth, external genitalia and ears drain the protein content from the body and hair then disappears in the fast spurts of growth. In individuals where there is just the opposite, that is less development in these areas, we get our so-called avatisms, chimp-looking people, covered with hair, or this can be an endocrine problem. Evolutionists just jump to too many conclusions.


Remember, Darwin flunked medical school, easy to see why. He did come close on one point which I will ponder on now. When the lanugo develops, it takes protein from the fetus for this and structures such as the ear are left with a notch on the helix. Darwin stated this was proof that our ancestors had pointed ears.


Close Darwin, but what we are seeing is the product of this protein robbery for the ear does attempt to point, but cannot do so because of the deficiency. The later spurt of growth at the last stage before birth as the lanugo thins makes the ears develop round as the growth cycle was inhibited before and the partition comes together. In women with good protein synthesis, we do see rather pointed ears in individuals, but to be truly 'genetic' other features must be present.


One of the tell-tale signs of those who have a genetic propensity to our ancient ancestors is the lack of an ear lobe. The lobule is the last part to develop and cannot get proper stimulus from the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve and -as the mandible develops the ears move to the side of the head and ascend the level of the eye, but leave a 'residue' of flesh.


In men with the true archaic features of the strong jaw with the indention in the chin and with a mesocephalic face, we see a very clear indication of a strong trigeminal nerve as it branches to the mental protuberances and we should then often see a Jack of ear lobes. The genetic propensity was there, but nutritional and atmospheric conditions caused an incomplete helix to develop. We have already studied benefits of the pointed ear, but again it would help us not to turn our heads and shunt off blood flow, as this makes us lose cells to the body and brain in particular, and also their ability to pick up auditory and electromagnetic resonances as well.


Nonetheless, lord help us if evolutionists ever dig up an ichthyoid baby (a person with no limbs and/or scaly skin) or adult, for then we shall have them saying we were really fish who developed into apes, but of course they are saying that, but they had better learn some biochemistry before they drift into these fantasies.

We still must remember that the yellow/red castes are suffering from hypercapnia problems which brings in a myriad of physical aud mental disorders. As the left and right carotid have the highest blood flow per unit mass of tissue of any structure in the body, we can see why bulbous necks are not often seen in them but more in whites, as the latter must pump as much blood as possible to keep the brain and body going because of poor metabolism.


The arotic and carotid chemoreceptors monitor the arterial blood and are extremely sensitive to the pressure of oxygen (PO2) and carbon dioxide (PCOz) and to a lesser degree of hydrogen.


The problem lies (and another hint of our descent from a purer environment) that these receptors respond more to oxygen lack than to elevated C02: there is just no good structure that we know of to deal with CO. As such, everyone is poor at CO2 release from the cells as waste, and everyone suffers from hypercapnia to some extent. Blood flow is not what it should be in everyone.


This is causing, particularly in the red/yellow castes, CO2 to effect the medullary vasomotor center, causing peripheral vasoconstriction of blood vessels, again accounting for their small size on the whole.


Lack of protein is not the only thing that keeps Orientals short. But the hypothalamus is being depressed by the vessel construction and a lower blood pressure is often found. We know the hypothalamus controls much behavioral and emotional expression and accounts for the stoic behavior of many of these peoples as well as their penchant for torture.


Eastern Amerindians used lo take prisoners and (they had a very sound knowledge of anatomy - especially after the arrival of the whiteman!) to prolong their suffering they would cut the linea alba and remove the small intestine (9 ft. 10 inches long approximately) and wound a captive around a tree with it. You lived for quite awhile, through quite in shock, and thought twice before taking an Indian's laud again if you lived, which of course you didn't.


The Turks have been known for centuries for their cruel forms of torture. Chinese are well known for theirs, but everyone has some form of barbarity. The problem is we seldom see such behavior in the red/yellow castes unless they are on refined foods, alcohol, drugs, otherwise they are rather passive, and show more moral restraints when compared to the white castes who used to be as they.


The Amerindian is probably our saddest representation of what can happen to a people when stripped of their biological diets as their civilization dissolved overnight. Like the Hawaiians, they soon fell to the diseases they normally had an immunity to. No whiteman brought smallpox or typhus, it was always there, but they weakened and fell to these and many other ailments.


Like all red skinned peoples, they depend on a good supply of protein consumption and the loss of the deer and buffalo meant a great loss of essential fatty acids and minerals in their particular biochemistry that they depended upon. Refined sugar and molasses was always a staple of trading from the first white men and the Indians soon got their share and the 'noble savage' soon began acting and looking like one and their many fine features began leaving.


Loss of iron, copper and folic acid makes him seek alcohol which they became addicted to, just as with the whites, to help absorb what little iron they had left. It was more nutritional geneocide than anything else, as they began losing battle after battle for they were better horsemen and fighters than the white soldiers but their weakened states soon made them lose the west.


We see rarely anymore the true red skin of the Indians in George Catlin's paintings and as described in the journals of pioneers as refined sugar has stripped them of Paba levels and other nutrients. They were once as red as Ancient Egyptians.


I would now like to discuss something that shamefully no one has ever written of, for I guess no one can make the biological equation. Has not anyone ever wondered why the pioneers reported that they could not believe how drunk an Indian could get on just a thimble full of liquor? I guess no one has ever believed it because they knew nothing of biochemistry, but it is an excellent example here of the differences between whites and red skinned peoples although some whites still carry this very tell-tale genetic trait.


If you are Indian, or part Indian, you may know what I am talking about, or as I said, those who retain this trait. Whites would become instantly drunk too if they did not have so much bilirubin which filters through their submandibular and sublingual glands in the mouth.


What happens is that Indians do not have this problem as these glands are normal, but here is his great problem. Whatever they eat or drink is raced to the brain, which is good for the brain gets an instant boost from particular chemicals, but if it is a toxic substance like alcohol, they get drunk in a matter of seconds. The white man's glands are so clogged with toxins and bilirubin their food goes directly to the stomach where the alcohol takes time to hit him in the brain. It was this genetic pristine perfection of the Indians that was their big downfall once he was driven to alcoholism.


Sugar does the same thing to him and since alcohol has sugar in it it is a double dose of poison which can give him very erratic behavior. If you want to know if you are one of the 'chosen,' one good rule is to get completely of refined foods and about a year later (it takes that long or longer to be rid of sugar from your system) take a spoonful of honey.


For one brief split second, you will feel an 'electric* like jolt to your brain which is harmless, and very good, as your brain is receiving the food nutrients and energy.


The nice part of this is that many whites would find the same thing if they improved their diets for some still retain this trait. Indians will awaken to their true selves once they get off the whiteman's diet which is easily done. I still eat buffalo! So many Indian peoples are suffering from diabetes which is not genetic with them, but again refined sugar and other foods for it must be remembered the finer the genetic constitution, the worse one will suffer on these foods and the Indian has gotten a reputation in this country which is not their true genetic selves.

People really do not know what normal behavior is until they get off of refined sugar.


We are attracted to anything sweet because of our high mental processes, but sugar is a real fooler which leaves the thought process dulled. People often exclaim how an entire new world is opened up to them when they get completely off of it. We see people change drastically from their old selves in looks and behavior. Sugar has always been treated as a narcotic among Islamic and Indian practitioners.


The problem is that the brain is composed basically of glucose, the most vital carbohydrate in the body, and relies on a constant, stable blood sugar level. Refined sugar is stripped of all its proteins, minerals and vitamins, not to mention the chemicals it needs to break down further in our systems.


This, as in all refined foods, presents a problem to the body which was developed whole and complete to be able to process this on its own according to its basic metabolism. Incomplete carbohydrates from this refinement results in poisons developing as pyruvic acid and other metabolite toxins including five unstable carbon atoms which is why when people get off this drug they look 10 to 20 years younger as they were harboring very radioactive material.


Proper glucose metabolism is one of the main basic constituents affecting our behavior. Because of its being stripped so, sugar rushes quickly through the body being already digested, giving you a sugar high but it tricks your body which cannot handle its processing. Your body tries to maintain a glucose/oxygen level but sugar absorbs through the blood almost instantly, the balance is gone and chances are you screamed at your kids today who themselves could not think straight in school and became fatigued by mid-class and the husband came home in a terrible mood.


Sugar leaves the mind and body in terrible mood swings and pyruvic acid becomes stored in the brain and nervous system and destroys red blood cells throughout the body as oxygen is retarded to cells. Susceptibility to disease is then a logical follow-up.


Refined flour and rice does the exact same thing because these all inhibit natural chemical activities of the body to utilize food as a whole life-giving and retaining substance. The high received by sugar is soon lost when, like a drug, it wears off and the body is left all the worse for it.


You crave more because you are hooked on it because you need the energy and you constantly try to make up for the endless supply of vitamins and minerals it saps from your system as it tries to digest in the body which has to give up its own supplies to do it. Many of the so-called arthritis and rheumatism pains, growing pains, etc., are actually from this process of thievery by sugar and when one gets back to a natural diet, they leave. When we speak of glucose imbalances we might as well be discussing the Big Bank theory for the mind literally blows.


Many diabetes cases are from sugar, not truly genetic in origin, but what caused them?


Some people, or should I say many, are stuck with their genetic defects for what their ancestors did. We have degenerated so much through our history, one look at our past in the arts and literature, there is no comparison to today. Looking at the literature just from Shakespeare's time, our speech and thought patterns have become almost simpleton in nature.


Because hormones of the anterior lobe of the hypophysis, the adrenal gland, thyroid and gonads play a role in this carbohydrate metabolism, it is easy to deduct why this degeneration of disease and mental disorders have only worsened. (You can certainly tell this is the Pepsi generation!)


The hypophysis Opituitary gland) of all the body's processes registers the most harm done by refined foods, especially sugar, which is proved in every gonadal precocious and promiscuous person. It used to be at the turn of the century, before this extra heavy onslaught of the effects of sugar and the greatest consumption of it, that onanism developed by age 6-10, now we see infants in cribs doing same from the disturbed pituitaries wrought by sugar affecting the fetus from the wretched formulas and baby food fed them. Even breast milk will carry it.


Like I pointed out before, it is rare not to find a medical book or psychology book today which does not frown on onanism, rather, they recommend it! Whites in particular are suffering from a bioelectrical problem, but sugar has made it much worse through the years. It is truly unbelievable doctors would condone this most disastrous practice.


In Ancient Egypt, as we saw, it was considered akin to suicide and as I have mentioned women would sit only on their knees or legs as still practiced in the Orient and some Middle and Far Eastern castes. Islamic women in prayer services or at home, will only sit in this fashion while her Christian counterpart sits in a pew every Sunday before her God and usually with pants on.


The problem with onanism is, when you trip the switch, so to speak, without the proper stimuli, that is a man and woman together, the proper chemical reactions cannot take place such as Cortisol and prolactin. Any gamic stimulation whether through visual or self, cannot awaken these vital chemicals and many others to protect the body from the terrific drain this brings to the system (remember what happens to the salmon!) that without these protectorants, the cells weaken and die, producing most unhealthy people and worse, poor offspring, to the extremes of teratosis.


This is another reason we have such an onslaught of deformed babies today. The March of Dimes, like a bunch of children, whine and cry against birth defects, but if they would start pointing fingers at parents whose fault this is, they would stop needing dimes. The problem is that these people are themselves so blind to the reasons, like allopathic practitioners, they are looking for a gene to manipulate or organ to replace instead of putting a stop to it.


For instance, one of our famous First Lady's had a deformed baby which died but no mention was made of the fact she was a horsewoman and this is to be expected of women who are physically active as the uterus is always damaged and there is nothing worse for a woman than horseback riding. When the brain cannot operate properly by sending the correct nerve impulses, it will turn to things as onanism to try and get rid of pent up energy.


Of all the peoples, whites have always had a tough time controlling erotism and their society is filled with it from simple toothpaste ads, to their every emotion which seems based on it.

This mania has spread into all the sciences. For instance, for years it was thought the female praying mantis devoured the male after copulation, but has since been found to do no such thing! It was merely the observer who jumped the gun and did not look closely enough and in his erotic mental fixations just deduced this.


In a study of over 3,000 college students in California and Canada, 35% stated they would very happily rape a woman if they knew they would not be detected! That is higher education for you!


When statements as this are made, these are people definitely on the decline as rape is cellular suicide for the rapist commits this against himself and the woman whose life is finished for she can never give birth to any viable offspring under normal circumstances for the correct chemicals were not brought into play. Rape in Islamic countries is death as it should be, where genetic mental stability to life processes is still strong.


However, in America, no man will or can take effective measures because unfortunately we are suffering from androgyny more than these other countries and there are less stable men. In America you can get away with the most heinous crimes because of this. When America got the tired and the poor, she got what she asked for, the biochemically weak!

Adrenal glands are very weak in whites and undergo rapid involution during the first few months of life from poor genetic and dietary stimuli with no breast feeding. As the pituitary is especially troubled by refined sugar, ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) is released too much, exciting the adrenal cortex and coition becomes a bioelectric frenzy to pacify this great overflow, hence why erotism is so prominent among everything in their society and why pornography and onanism is so prevalent.


In the latter two problems, this is a great problem for the adrenal cortex has to have the proper pituitary stimuli through visual and olafactory responses, as well as bioelectric, to keep the harmful releasers away.


These are inhibited during normal stimuli where visual, tactile and olfactory processes work together during conjugation. Without Cortisol, cortisone makes cells lose water and nutrients as ions are lost with the potassium. Cortisone is a cytocidal chemical which in iconolagny and too vigorous coition, arises as one of nature's little eliminators. So many promiscuous women today have the 'prostitute's countenance' that old, haggard look from all the 'energy' they have, while men are experiencing acomia, and by 35 most people are now looking like 45 or 50.


Every organ suffers when ions are lost, heart foremost, lungs, kidneys, etc. So, next time you open Playboy or watch a suggestive movie or even just a mild love scene in the movies, your automatic system knows no different and responds in this way, but this is why you were given a brain to avoid all this.


This is why monks of the Far East when going out into the world cover their eyes and have someone lead them, for they do not want to look at the degeneration of the world with its androgyny and all the other ills. The world has only seen the first stages of the biological breakdowns from venereal diseases and other illnesses which are going to ravage the earth.


For years the Pharisees were laughed at because they would avoid looking at an unveiled woman and would run into a wall, bloodying their faces, but they knew instinctively what this would do to their system, as bleeding faces heal, cells damaged by cortisone or histamine and the many other agents, are gone. Would only such be done today whenever scantily dressed women and men appear in the movies and on the streets.


It is the people who laugh who have lost command of their senses; the laugh is upon them when they produce morbid young and spend their lives in sickness. The strengths of the parents is proven through the offspring, only they are to blame for their ills and misfortunes in life.

The Bible warns that those "who cast their seed upon the ground" will meet with destruction and nothing could be more true. Children of primitive societies seem not to take notice of their organs other than like a nose and finger, it is there, yet most 'civilized' children begin onanising right from the crib which is very injurious at any age. Primitive tribes do the same when given refined foods.


Most doctors claim damage is none, but unfortunately, they are not schooled in sitology nor biochemistry. It does not make sense that a growing body would start draining its system of electrolytes and nutrients. One of the most vital nutrients lost is zinc, and (hat old trite joke about going blind if you do it is very true, for it does affect eyesight as zinc is such a vital element to it. In poor diets of refined sugar, insulin is too excessive as too much glucose is converted to glycogen and blood glucose is low (marijuana does this also) bringing nervous irritability.


Zinc which is crystallized by insulin is lost by this and worsened by onanism which again is the body's response to unstable physical chemistry. The best pinpoint to this is that zinc activates RNA metabolism which is ruined for further cell rejuvenation and growth.


This is particularly hard on boy's who develop 3-4 years behind girls for this one reason and because diets are so very poor any way when they should be ahead of females in body growth. I cannot stress enough how important zinc is to the total well-being of the body. Known better as carbonic anhydrase, it converts CO, to carbonic acid in cells and blood plasma and releases this poison from the lungs which is important in our CO2 laden environment for whatever reason.


Pyruvic acid raises during any stress such as onanism and the Krebs cycle, a very complicated series of body reactions to oxidate pyruvic acid, liberates energy lost with cell erosion. Pyruvic acid being a waste product of carbohydrate, fats and amino acids, like CO2, it is our body's engine exhaust and is another one of our hidden self-destructing mechanisms, to come into play to rid the body from the life scene when senses fail.


And, again, that old wife's tale of one going blind from onanism is true, for the lens, retina, cornea and iris are loaded with zinc, and the very poor eyesight in western cultures can be attributed from this as well.


Cells are then retarded from growth and repair and eye problems such as blindness are certainly a problem and the older one gets the more trouble one will have. You have to Figure whatever cells you lose in early life will sooner or later give you trouble. In ancient Egypt and later with Hebrews, Hindu, Islamic peoples, chastity was their biggest hallmark, and considered a divine attribute, and to reveal the body before one's mate at an inopportune time was considered a sin and disrespectful of the mate and their health.


In western culture, modesty is considered silly, old fashioned, but so is pathology, teratology and venereal diseases. There should be no shame in chastity. In fact, it is only in the west it is considered a phobia, which figures!


The old fashioned dressing panel was done for a purpose, as is purdah, and long dresses on women, and in the 'old days' men never allowed the seat of their pants to show and wore the long coats and the opening on pants was on the side. After the Civil war, it was a big scandal when the opening was put in front. I think the question of morality is probably one of the biggest reasons for a split between whites and yellow/red castes as there is no difficulty usually explaining morals to the latter if they have stayed with their old ways.


It is no wonder Islamic peoples are so afraid of western peoples for they are a very ill people who are spreading their madness around the world. Moral instincts comes naturally to most red and yellow castes as they are more stable, but the whites laugh at it. To laugh at one's own death is truly sad. One book I have seen even recommends onanism during pregnancy!


Well, that's another baby with a poor kidney, liver, or without a spine or legs, or slow in school, mentally disturbed, ad infinitum! This is ail thanatognomonic, and a classic in biological history, and if I were an alien watching all this I might get a good laugh, but we have to live with people who have degenerated in d\eir thinking as this. Whenever one suffers a scopophilia attack you have lost some of your life force through autocytolysis just as the Egyptians said.


We are so worried about smog and pollution and other evils of society, we forget one of the great precursors of it all, which is hard for whites to acknowledge from their insensitivities which brings perpetual hyperfunction. We have no better thanatoid examples than among the peoples of the earth. Another problem from zinc loss is hypogeusia. which again contributes to their love of refined foods.


Hyperactive children are added to the list when zinc is lost. Retarded individuals often improve when given zinc. Zinc and vitamin A must work together, another failing of whites, and why skin problems arise as this loss of both these nutrients causes enlargement of (he sebaceous glands. Stress or exercise brings a loss of zinc.


Another reason even minute amounts of alcohol can barm a fetus is because this chemical flushes out zinc. Also, the most important, folic acid, is robbed from the system with its loss and copper and iron then disappear and the curly hair of whites and others shows.

People have a bad habit of saying when someone acts crude they are just like an animal. Animals never commit onanism, murder, create bantling children, rape, take drugs or drink themselves to death or any of the other vile habits of man. Only among domesticated animals do we see this and among those in the wild whose environments have been disturbed.


Dian Fossey observed onanising gorilla youth, and an entire evolutionary scenario has been built, equating it as being a trait continued from our days as apes so it is correct for us.


These apes are in environments not their own, as the gorillas have been very harassed and as a sound specimen of animal they are on (he bottom of the list for whatever has happened; they are most unhealthy as are the chimpanzees. Animals will actually avoid scopophilia, which is why they mate but once or twice a year to avoid undue stress to their bodies.


Zinc loss loses a number of T cells, reducing immunity, which is quite evident today. Zinc helps vitamin A convert to its active form, retinaldehyde in the retina, or vision is off as is depth perception, again the old wives tale holds true. And, as usual in a biological snowballing effect, if zinc is lost, so is vitamin E and free radicals get their way in our bodies. And also magnesium is not synthesizing either, so body odors erupt and sweating is profuse.


Cancer of the throat and liver is related to low zinc, as well as magnesium in leukemia one of the leading causes of death in children today. Cortisone from either improper habits or taken as medicine, robs the body of zinc. Abnormal cravings in pregnant women is often a sign of zinc deficiency, often a direct cause of onanism.


Zinc also is a main constituent in allowing toxic wastes to pass through the system and protects cells from injury. Sickle cell (listen to this all you evolutionist's!) is often from a loss of zinc. Because blacks metabolize so much calcium, they loose zinc when on sugar and the cells sickle from the loss of folic acid and cannot squeeze through capillaries, trying to pick up more oxygen in a vain attempt.

Another dangerous self-destruct mechanism hidden in our bodies is histamine, a local hormone that lays dormant in mast and basil cells within their granules where it lies. It seems to act as a kinetic and emotional barometer and works in conjunction with heparin, found in the same cells, but triggers the latter to affect the liver, lungs and many other organs.


During coition stress, exercise, anything the body is not biologically attuned to, histamine rushes through the system from its previous inert position and heparin, which normally prevents blood clotting and cell destruction, allows histamine to do its dirty work of cell destruction. Histamine is a non-essential amino acid produced from an essential amino acid histidine and its conversion in the body stumps biologists but they forget that the body retains its own self-destruct mechanisms in compliance with nature's rules to keep the higher and better fitted organisms living.


A plus suddenly turns to a poison, histamine. When you harm or cut yourself, histamine rushes to the scene to fight cells trying to combat the injury, like a referee it tries to determine just how strong you are after letting yourself fall ignorantly to injury. One of its hazards is that it stimulates gastric acid secretion and too much hydrochloric acid robs the body of zinc which contributes to ulcers as lysosomes, tiny sacks of enzymes in the cells of the stomach lining, are broken open and injure cells.


People with stomach disorders often are guilty of either too much coition or too much stress - same thing! Moses probably had the best answer for moral offenders and needed no senate committees or panels to see what should be done, for he judged that if you do not know you are surely flawed yourself, and going by Deuteronomy the answer for him was simple. If anyone was caught walking around with suggestive materials or had venereal disease or whatever offense, it was all quite simple for he killed them and everyone who had a hand in the matter for he knew once people had reached these aberrant forms of behavior, there is no returning them back and they pass degeneration down through the lineages who will only suffer disease and early death.


There are only a few areas of the world that yet practice this in their stability.

Just when refined sugar, or flours, were introduced is not really known, but it does go back to before the time of Christ (who may have been behind the scandals at this time to get people on it.) Sweet cane is a very natural and healthy food and is found in the Middle east to the South Sea Islands. People pressed the cane and drank the juice fresh before it fermented or some did drink it fermented.


The Indus Valley seems to have been the forerunner of it soon after whites invaded from the areas of Europe which also brought miscegenation and further genetic problems. We saw how whites were brought in swarms from the Underworld by Indra.


This was another reason Moses refrained peoples from intermarriage as they would lose their natural inhibitions to foods. It came to be known as 'Indian salt' or 'honey without bees,' Herodotus called it "manufactured honey" and Pliny, "honey from the cane" and Dioscorides called it, "like salt and brittle between the teeth."


It has been known roughly from 500-800 BCE, but it may have been used long before this.


Caesar's legions did not carry sugar, but whole grains and vegetables, particularly cabbage, and on this they marched halfway around the world with only surgeons to administer to wounds. In Vietnam our army, like all previous ones, carried K-rations that you would not give a dog and the usual Hershey bar and they expected men to fight on this while the enemy had brown rice, salted fish, pickled plums and seaweed and could outfight our men for logical reasons.


Persia became the leading importer of sugar after 600 CE, and China's sick partook of the new so-called 'miracle drug' as it came to be known. Probably one of the best examples of sugar madness comes from the Islamic Empires which overran Persia and the sugar trade was then theirs. The once noble empires that led the world in the arts, sciences and medicine soon decayed when sugar got the best of them.


Observers to their armies could not believe how slovenly they had become and had lost all fighting prowess and the empire broke apart, Every civilization that had it did not last long. Disease and immorality were at their highest. Female births rose dramatically letting polygamy get a firmer edge, with direct insult to the germ plasma as androgyny struck hard.


Many saw the evils and cut down on consumption or quit altogether. In Europe, where many darker castes yet lived, they were not weaned from their natural diets as yet. but soon would be. And, one of the big pushers of this drug was none other than the Church and one of the primary reasons behind the Crusades. Sugar was the major business in the world at this time as peoples got hooked on it. It was soon imported to European royal courts and ambassadors in Egypt and elsewhere had to be withdrawn because of bribes in the sugar trade.


Once the people had tasted this noble delight the Crusades were on! More wars and corruption has come from the over-stimulated pons and pituitary than there are sands in the desert, and the tide now turned to the Europeans who fought anywhere and anyone in one of the biggest bloodlusts in history.


Both sides fought with barbarity. If you took all peoples right now off of sugar for a week, there would be total chaos as peoples have to have it and it is the only reason why dieting is so hard for they have to get this drug out of their system. People can literally go through mental depressions and anxiety, even heart palpitations, until they get over it.


The Church however, was behind a great deal of this, which leads me to believe there was always some conspiracy to corrupt the people with this poison for it weakens people to fall for their policies which is why there was a total uprising among many peoples in Europe against its use. Europe was populated mostly by whites, but there was a great element of those who presumably were direct descendants from the Fall of On, and their ancestors today are few.


They are found in clusters about Europe from the enigmatic Basques to the British Isles.


King Arthur may have been one of them as I have said, and many peoples hid themselves as much as possible from the white oppressors that came up from you know where! They had all the physical features of the red and yellow peoples and some still do today and these are the people of whom I speak who have changed to a lighter skin because of dietary influences.

To state that all white peoples are phylogenetically wretched would be a very narrow minded opinion, and very wrong given these histories, for many have retained more than other peoples the height and features of their original forebears, they are like others, the last of these lines.


Sugar can give the appearance of a total genetic breakdown, but when we see the features of such peoples as these (to be discussed in the last chapter of such examples) some other agents are at work. We have already discussed this in the beginning of the book, but it is a gestation assault and the use of refined foods through maturation.


Even those born with black or auburn hair can turn to white or yellow hair by 5 or 6 years of age. If what you have in your 'gut' is good you will have what that old saying is, 'gut instincts,' and the earlier good food is introduced, the more instincts you will have. If you have dark brown or auburn hair and blue eyes that are rather dark, chances are your eyes are really genetically brown or black.


We have seen how the upper classes of the Japanese have lost their dark skins as compared to the lower classes who received very little or no sugar, and have retained more of the classic, noble features. Abnormal cytohistogenesis has hit many 'whites' from their forebearers use of sugar, as well as their own usage, as they are getting paler all the time. We can induce color reduction even in plants. In one study of pea plants, different members of genetic families responded differently to environmental factors.


It was thought only chlorophyll containing tissue could express color, but the roots (analogy in man, germ plasm) stimulated tissues that are not green to become so under a particular stimulus.


One experiment showed how a herbicide blocked biosynthesis and photo-oxidized the chlorophyll, turning the plant white. I had to rather laugh however, when they could not explain why other plants responded differently to red or blue light conditions for the expression of genes changed so erratically, it could only be attributed to a different light stimuli they reckoned. Leaves, stems, sepals, stigma (a green structure in tobacco), stumped the researchers because of this dramatic change of color.


Studies by other researchers produced the same results. I kept reading this until it hit me what the problem was - they were using sucrose (sugar!) as a medium for growing the plants! It comes as a sad fact that most researchers are not educated in sitology and give their plants and animals what they themselves eat.


This makes most research very dubious. Science always looks so hard and makes things so tough, when the answers are always right in front of them, but if eyes are biologically weak themselves how can they see? How many millions of dollars are wasted, how many lives are lost?


There is too much research and not enough instinct because by the time they complete their experiments, those who needed help are worse or dead. It is no wonder we had to change to another form of medicine, having to use more caustic and quicker acting chemicals rather than nature's whole elements for as we depleted our bodies of its natural nutrients, altering metabolism and changed its electromagnetic charges, we no longer responded to natural cures and had to employ ones that cannot help the body to heal but only mask the symptoms.


You cannot expect the same results on someone off sugar as on, the natural remedies just will not work. Sugar is sometimes used in natural medicines, but just a few grains, as it is treated as a narcotic as it will make remedies quicken into the system. True Naturopaths do not use it, only in dire cases, as there is always cell damage and protectorants must be given with it as the Egyptians used in their medicines, that is how potent it is. If Egyptians used it I cannot find any sign.


If used it would be in a most unusual case and used with great caution, for as stated before, it is kept under lock and key in most areas of the world where Ayurveda and Islamic practices are still used with success.

When the upper classes of Dark Age Europe were extolling its fine use in food the rural classes and those in the know were banding together against it. They were termed 'heretics' for the Church found much profit in the sugar trade and condoned the use of blacks in slavery for it. Women who refused to use it were branded witches and who still practiced naturopathic medicine. There were outbreaks of scurvy never or rarely seen before, teeth began to rot away, TB and other degenerative diseases arose dramatically (TB is on the rise again in the U.S.).


People found their offspring were being born of lighter colors and appearing quite different looking. Looking at old paintings women were taking on the anemic pallor of a porcelain white skin. There were riots in the streets as even beer was being laced with it. It hit everyone quite hard as their systems were pristine to any foreign chemistries. Sugar was used in fermentation and it was a serious offense for brewers to be caught doing it with one 11th century English brewer who was taken around in a cartload of human dung for doing such. Up until the 19th century it was against the law to "sophisticate," as it was called, your beer.


One brewer was declared to be threatening the health of his race, while a wine "sophisticator" in 1482 in Germany was forced to drink six quarts of his sugared brew; he died, Today we have sugar in nearly all food stuffs, as well as still in the brewing and fermentation process, even some milk has it added.


People are hooked on it whether they are aware of it or not, but they would find out if they completely abstained, which is hard to do for you have to go totally to natural foods, cooked from scratch. You will appreciate life once you divorce yourself from this drug. For the first time in your life, you will feel alive and food will taste completely different.


People on sugar find wheat flour offensive because their taste buds have been desensitized. They also find they cannot eat fruit often until off sugar, as it causes gas from fermentation, Everyone loses who eats if, except the food industry, doctors and the mortician who was not even needed 500 years ago. It has been at the forefront of every civilizations downfall. It was not so much the tax on tea that bothered the Colonists so, but the tax on rum with the Molasses Act of 1733 with four gallons consumed annually between every man, woman and child.


French philosopher Claude Adrien Helnetius in 18th century France condemned sugar but the Sorbonne and Church claimed he was wrong, and be barely escaped hanging.


Going by all these histories down through the ages, I cannot help but think that sugar, since the Church was so behind it, was used as a device by those who wanted to keep mankind on its knees for it surely does that. Since Christ, who told the people to forget all their food restrictions and other living habits as circumcision, there has been a regular conspiracy to wrench people from their natural instincts.


Things just seem to fall into place here. One of the biggest after effects of ridding oneself of sugar is the oft heard declaration that one can finally 'see' again, the world becomes clearer, which it certainly should for you are no longer under this drug. It is all too clear how the Christian Church in particular was behind the sugar trade and against any natural remedies or dietary laws, in complete opposition to Deuteronomy and Talmud. Christianity has spread all this around the world and everyone they have touched has fallen to ruin.


How many 'primitives' have fallen from worshiping the Gods to God? Look how the Bible skipped over so much of man's history.


The Church is certainly no example of physical and mental purity, healthy ministers, priests and nuns are very hard to find. Between the holy wine and sugared wafers, there is enough there to tempt one to stay on sugar by letting them taste the poison fruit, and with their bazaars and charities of food giving, all the unnatural, one looks twice at to what the real Plan of the Ages was, and is.


People on this drug are easily reduced into thinking that a benevolent force will take care of them because their bodies are wasting and their minds are weakened and they lose confidence in themselves and the belief that they are not the commanders of their lives.


Allopathic medicine falls into these leagues when the Church was getting everyone hooked on it for they forbade people to learn natural healing as doctors were not needed for everyone was a doctor. But they made it illegal and the healing profession fell to only those who studied under the Church. Medicine was now a political faction under the auspices of God.


Today those in orthomolecular medicine and naturopathy still fight the same thing, the dogma of allopathic medicine which cannot help mankind, only bring it further down to its knees.


The Church seemed set through the ages on creating this hyposensitive biochemical lack of response in peoples and they suffer severe panphobia because of it, and people no longer trust their own bodies for everything is an act of God or the will of God. Well, they are right on that point, but remember there is more than one 'God.'


They will either pray like whimpering children before a God who wants nothing to do with them and seems to be merely using them, or they become scientists still thinking some great panacea of their own concoction will cure all ills when the answers have always been before them. Who could have told Jonas Salk that polio was a degenerative disease, caused by refined foods and mainly from a lack of vitamin C and easily cured as it is still cured hi countries which practice naturopathic medicine.


But whites, in particular, believe they have to go about everything the hard way and everything is complicated because they themselves are so complicated in their biochemistries that they are like hound dogs in meat houses, confused and scared, not knowing what to use or how unless they suffer long hours in laboratories while people die right before them. Man was supposed to have been given a mind that just reacted accordingly and opening his eyes he would find the cures all about him.


Heavy doses of vitamin C have successfully been given to cases of polio by physiatric doctors (like Hippocrates), and there are many other natural cures for it. Polio did not just 'pop up' in the 1960's, it has been around for thousands of years and people use to be able to keep it under control and if it struck, to keep it as a mild virus, Salk was not interested in letting autarcesis tell him he was not God's gift to medicine.


Like so many others, he forgot that we are products of nature, and so is God, and these are the laws we must abide by or perish and the most 'godlike' people are the ones who read natures warnings and react, they have instinct.


But we inject a substance of which we know nothing of its long range effects (although we believe many forms of virus and cancer may result from it in cases today) because medical doctors broke their pact with Hippocrates and only mumble the words of the oath for they have no inkling what it means.


Salk would have been better if he had used his needles to prod more mothers into seeing their children ate right. Sugar has a great deal to do with polio as it effect the nervous system and decays it. Remember how we used to take polio in sugar cubes - the very thing that causes it! Talk about your doctor Jeckyl's between advising people to onanise and their sugar coated medicines, we will never return to our true selves.

The wedded bliss between the Church and medical profession started in the Dark Ages when natural healing methods were forbidden with a declaration in the 14th century that any man or woman practicing it would be put to death. The white castes had already weaned themselves from life and sugar drove them over the brink.


They were no longer the composite of the universal matrix and life was a sin to them, wrought from conception in evil as the Church pronounced.


Religious groups rose from the branches of Christianity, merely a collection of similar biotypologies all suffering from the same ailments and all seeking the same goal. So well planned, this species annihilation, so the Veda tells us in its remonstrations as we saw, and to beware those who tell us to change our diets as Christ and his evil cohorts did.


They also knew when people come together and are not closely related, they will only cause havoc.


Organized religion is the most dangerous concept in the world just as governments which have the same problems in our miscegenated populace. Members of churches calling themselves 'sisters' and 'brothers' under God is false, for brothers and sisters are a biological unit, not symbolic.


Anything else is Utopian. Sometimes people find others of whom they are related, but municipal churches are certainly not like this. But religion for the whites especially, had a deeper meaning for them now as they had an excuse for their biological weaknesses - God.


Whenever adversity strikes it is always God's will and like medicine today, it is a gene or hereditary, or some other silly nonsense, when the truth of the matter is they are to blame. It is not the will of Zeus or God, for Rome fell too when they started blaming everything on Zeus instead of picking themselves up.


Zeus could care less as we saw. For instance, on one of America's most nauseating religious programs, they showed a couple who had Siamese twin girls, the ultimate in morbid germination. Well, I calmly waited for the punch line and sure enough it came. The babies were God's gift to them! The height of dementia! This was a warning from nature, meant to tell them to change their health habits, yet they were totally blind to it which shows how hypnotic this religion can be.


Why would a beneficent God want deformities?


The God or Gods had no compunction when they allowed the Flood to rid the world of undesirables, Moses quickly disposed of people who produced such morbidities.


The parents of these so-called 'gifts of God' were typical, she was terribly androgynous, typically Christian, wearing pants, hair cut off and of very low mentality, and he looked like an Ame-de-boue, so you could only expect defective children from unions as this. I am still laughing over another of these programs when some Boeotian got on and said he played football for Jesus Christ. Well, I guess that is just what Christ wanted, for nothing destroys the body more than this game, he merely played into God's hand.

Whites, in particular, will drown in their blind compassion which they merely do for monetary and personal aggrandizement, at the same time contributing to the world's woes. Unrelated people do not help each other without reward. When the rockers got together in the "We Are the World," which should have had an end title, "Boy, Are We in Trouble," to help fund the crisis in Africa, do you really think anyone would have done it with no publicity?


True altruism is done anonymously.


They were certainly correct in calling this conglomeration "We Are the World" for they were representative of the biotypologies and morbidity which has digressed to this point from ages past. The crisis in Africa needs only two things to be eliminated, westerners and missionaries who caused it all. We are only seeing replays through history of what happened to Amerindians and Hawaiians and so many others whom the white man has touched.


Their cancerous ways have eaten away the living habits of these African peoples and they cannot cope with their environment as they formerly did for millennia. Whites have so charmed the world with their technologies, that everyone believes falsely that they know about everything in the world. Gee whiz, if you can fly you must know all the secrets of the universe, but flying on a fuel that poisons everyone below it, and with planes that crash and pilots on marijuana and alcohol, is hardly what one would call 'superior intellect.'


Researchers are trying to tell pilots and others, that even though they smoke marijuana a few days before flight, it still is in their systems. Whites could learn a great deal from the 'primitives' by applying their natural senses to their technology.


If Henry Ford were an Amerindian or a Zulu, you would have had cars that run on solar power or electricity or even crystal! Everyone can compliment one another.


I heartily recommend to anyone in the sciences, the book by Doctor Weston Price written in 1938, NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL DEGENERATION which took this gentleman around the world where he was able to study many of the tribal peoples and saw firsthand the transitions they went through when influenced by western diets.


Basically concerned as a dentist with the poor quality of civilized teeth, he soon found himself embroiled in all aspects of body health. He was one western doctor who soon learned, to his amazement, how mind and body work together.


Price pointed out in the 1930's, what is very much wrong yet today, that the soil of the last 200 years in America has degenerated and pointed out correctly that this was the main reason for westward expansion as a result of poor farm management. Progress is a poor excuse for poor genetic structures and Manifest Destiny another name for ignorance.


The Egyptians survived for more the 5,000 years (30,000 + ?) in one spot because they took care of Khemit Egypt - black Egypt, the soil extraordinarily rich. For one thing they seeded their soils very differently. They would scatter the seed and then entice livestock to walk on it, thereby planting the seed as would be done in nature where there are no neat rows of anything.


It was planted and fertilized all in one step. Crop rotation was known. In the 1930's, as now, artificial fertilizer, high in nitrogen, has allowed bumper crops, but the land cannot lie fallow to allow organisms to multiply and release nutrients to the plants. Pesticides, herbecides and machinery has reduced crop quality. Moses, as all Egyptians, deemed the oxen sacred because only hoofed animals can plant the seed and help cultivate it through plowing as the split hooves have oil secretions which help bind the seed in the soil and help it to grow for as with such sebaceous secretions the oil helps fight harmful bacteria.


Tires and metal are very poor substitutes because hooves, and our feet, are the substance of soil. But you say if we planted today like the ancients, or like the Amish in this country, our large population would suffer. We did not have over-population until this so-called progressive farming and the refined foods which despoiled the natural abilities of man to regulate birth.


Actually, refined foods, which upset our reproduction stability, drove us to 'modern' farming as we need more food.


There was no need for contraceptives in Egypt until the later kingdom. People then had the foods that prohibited ovulation until the male instigated it (eat your fish on Friday's ladies, for the church does not know that it upsets ovulation from the enzymes in it, but the ancients knew this! Good luck with your rhythm methods, you will need it!) and women were more aware of their cycles and able to read their body signs as women discover when off refined foods.


The early Egyptians suffered not from locusts and pests which was why the plagues at Exodus were such a shock, for well-nourished plants to not fall prey to vermine and disease. They are completely resistant to fungi and insects as they have natural secretions of their own pesticides. That there is a farm crisis today is nothing new, their forebearers had the same thing years ago and just moved west, now there is no place else to go and man is stuck in his dilemma.


Their Amish counterparts are an exception today as they adhere to the natural ways of farming and should be a model for them. $50,000 tractors will never ever replace a good team of horses or mules or better yet, oxen.

Price coined the phrase, "Life in all its fullness is Mother Nature obeyed," and truer words were never written. He too saw that inheritance was merely "biochemical individuality" and that genetic failings were more a poor metabolism from the wrong foods than anything else.


Since nutrition is still not taught in medical schools, they will continually make the same mistakes. One of Price's biggest concerns was the deterioration of American youth in the 1930's and saw that the exact same problems arose in primitive peoples when western diets affected them. Drugs too were a problem then, as well as alcohol which was easier to get.


Many parents are literally stupefied upon learning of their children's drug habits today as what little instincts they have are telling them their blood lines are destroyed. No one ever returned to normalcy from any drug habit, for as Naturopaths have known for ages, these drugs do great harm just the first time with long ranging consequences. Price was concerned also with the androgyny that had developed to such extents even back then.


He would be most shocked at the turn it took today. Not everyone was thrilled to see Amelia Earhart soar around the world, for they knew she was hormonally aberrated and to praise her was blindness in the extremes much as with Marie Curie, for women have no business subjecting themselves to harmful chemicals which will ruin germ plasms and bodies. People who are more hormonally secure avoid such dangers.

Modern medicine has deluded itself into believing they have conquered infectious diseases in the past 40 years, but bacteria is only dormant until newer strains can develop to beat the vaccines. Even new malaria strains have developed to counteract medicines and it is a never ending fight in pathology as all these new strains surface continuously.


Polio shots are now proving ineffective as new resistant strains have developed hitting those already inoculated. Only a healthy body can fight and stop pathogens and with the advent of newer venereal diseases as AIDS, many transmutations will erupt and affect those whether they practice deviantcy or not. Remember what the Torah said! Sodom was entirely destroyed because of diseases as this.


As with syphilis and gonorrhea, we will start seeing more virulent forms of many diseases just as with herpes, which like the others, has over 20 various forms and growing. We really cannot keep up with all the new strains of diseases developing.

Syphilis can be lessened by penicillin, never completely halted, as the damage is already done the moment it develops, hitting the nervous system and then attending organs, and the entire body goes into regression with no way to stop it for cells have been killed at the nucleus.


AIDS is blamed on monkeys who contracted it a few years ago but this is ridiculous as it is the result of the wrong bacteria entering the wrong place, the monkeys only finally helped identify this pathogen. Whenever the improper organs are used we will always see a development of new diseases. Cells are always shocked when the wrong organs are used.


AIDS has always been around, but no one could identify an odd virus, or track it down but it has enabled us to see many people suffering from a germ that manifests itself within a few days to several years depending on the person. People who suffered colds and flu frequently are discovering what they did years ago is finally catching up with them as the immune system deteriorates. This includes heterosexuals also.


And, like syphilis, even if a vaccine is developed, the damage is done. This is ridiculous anyway, for every vaccine that has been developed virus' have mutated to counteract it as the latest has with the venereal diseases, and even malaria, and now they must find another alternative. It is the Never-ending Story until people realize they are the cause of this not some monkey or black in Africa as they are now blaming too (whenever will they stop these equations?)


If people do not observe Nature's laws, they will just run around in circles until it closes in on them. We are seeing many infections and disorders arise from the use of condoms which everyone in their narrow-mindedness believes will keep them from other venereal diseases but these are very hazardous too, causing cancer in women and infection with attending pathogens in man as the sperm, being very radioactive (stable) harms the protecting fluids of the glands of Littre's and the smegma of the glands, which feeds back through the many blood vessels and into the system, producing infection to any part of the body.

A good case in point here is syphilis for instance.


If caught in time, penicillin can only halt further progression, damage is always done, (although penicillin will not work on most strains of venereal diseases as they have become resistant to them) but we have committed a very foolish act, for this was nature's way of eliminating the miscreant who is so lax in moral fiber, so disregarding of life and the development of a future of healthy offspring, and a world free of misery and disease.


What has happened is these people do not change their lifestyles and new venereal and other infectious diseases have erupted, in fact we cannot count them all they are developing so fast.


They only produce very unhealthy and morbid offspring which is again why we are seeing such an eruption of teratology in births. We cannot halt Nature from doing its job or we all suffer, and the problems only snowball. One day man will realize that the best judge and jury in the world is Nature.

It is truly said that 'racial' anthropology has entered the scene for white anthropologists have such underdeveloped jaws themselves when they look at hominlds they believe theirs is the superior form. It is only amongst the red/yellow/black peoples, and few whites anymore, that we see anything near the correct shapes.


The hominids with the sagittal crests have been very mistaken, for as mentioned, this is seen in peoples who suffer nutritional deficiencies as the Eskimo which is a direct result of a lack of vitamin D and seems to develop more during the long dark winters causing, as with many anemias, hyperplasia. It recedes of course when the sun returns. The blood flow of the sagittal sinus causes this.


This sinus serves to help the nose filter air through warmth and moistening and this condition can also be caused from an environment heavy with atmospheric dust and pollution. Which brings us to an interesting note. If we find beings with as massive a sagittal crest as the Australopithecines, what was it in their environment, a lack of considerable sunlight, or heavy pollution, or what? Gorillas are certainly no criteria as they are metabolically the poorest of animals, a profusion of infestation and sickness in the wilds.


When evolutionists hold up hominid skulls and proclaim in such assured and glowing histrionics that this was man's part, he is making a big mistake, for he is beholding a very morbid creature who suffered from something that went wrong in its world. (Barnum was right, there is a one born every minute.)


Do we not have enough problems in this world without such nearsighted people as this proclaiming this is our genetic past? People then believe, as with religion, that they are stuck with whatever faults they collected on that long climb up the great evolutionary ladder.


There is a genetic norm for us and is attainable by all peoples. Our different castes are merely differing biochemistries from one extreme to the other, all searching for the perfections they know are there.


Some will make it, most will not, if we keep thinking like the religions and scientific crepe-hangers, I always think of the words of noted Harvard physical anthropologist, Hooten, who said,

"l am entirely serious when I suggest that it is a very myopic medical science which works backward from the morgue rather than forward from the cradle."

We will always keep making the same mistakes through history unless we open our eyes and stop making excuses.


There would be no need of a Bible or Koran, or Democracy or Communism, or any political organization if people could handle themselves with their instincts rather in their blindness, falling victims to those claiming to know the answers when each of us must find the answers for ourselves. When people are not closely related and organize - watch out.


Egyptians had no Bible, no codes of life to live by, they needed none, it was in their blood.

Price's studies took him around the world. The first group visited were the isolated people of Loetschental Valley in Switzerland. Having lived there for centuries, it was an interesting note that although through the ages many tried to conquer them, they never succeeded. Here was an excellent example where a truly superior people were capable of subsisting by themselves without help from outsiders.


They were a very healthy people and a rarity among lighter skinned peoples who have to traverse the world from one destructive phase to another in their mass degeneration and have to keep moving as they destroy each place. A legend said the high mountains the people lived in were the "parapets of the universe" and the Rhone Valley, the end of the universe.


Logically, Price found they had no doctor or dentist nor policeman or jail, The people he said had the "finest physiques in ail Europe," Many of them were used as guards at the Vatican in Rome, they were so admired and characteristically tall. There were no horses, or wagons, or tractors, all loads were lifted by hand.


Dairy products and rye were their main subsistence, giving a special sacred significance to the life-giving qualities of the butter made in June when the cows were pastured on nature's best. Here butter would have the highest content of vitamin A.


Cheese was a staple and meat eaten once a week. It must be noted that milk too will take dark skin and turn it whiter in many peoples who have a stronger iron content and endogenous copper. Price was amazed that the children played bareheaded and barefooted in the glacier waters, even in the chilly evenings. In America, tonsillitis and colds would have resulted. Children examined between 7-16 had 0.3 cavities!


Sadly, he reported that western progress was seeping in and he saw that refined flour was being introduced and sugar and the good statistics would not last long. Today, they are no different than anyone else in western culture. In nearby villages, dental caries were abominably low while practicing the same basic diets.


Price conjectured that refined flours were causing also a chemical imbalance in the saliva which we know today to be true. An enzyme called ptyalin, a salivary amylase, breaks down a starch or carbohydrate to sugars, digestion actually begins right in the mouth. Refined flours do not have all the chemical ingredients to match your mouth's chemical composition, and no stable reactions can take place.


Your stomach then cannot break down the nutrients either and finish the job. Price found that when these people left for the big city, eating the refined diets, their teeth decayed and when they returned, it ceased and often healed, another thing we see on whole food diets; teeth do mend themselves. He would find this peculiarity in every people he studied. We also have cases of people pass one-hundred, regenerating teeth they have lost.


But, we cannot get too overly excited, for despite their better health than most, we do see the large, splayed alar of the noses, a sign of improper fat metabolism from the milk the drank and probably the many organisms they harbored from same. They also did not have the proper balance of fruit and vegetables. Price kept speaking of how manly the males were and feminine the females, so androgyny was not too much of a problem with them and he elaborated on how in the 1930's it was hard to tell male and female apart then!


When Price visited the modernized villages he found tooth decay rampant and hyperglossia and pinched nasal bones, causing the most typical look in western cultures, the open mouth breathers. This is a classic attempt to shunt off oxygen supplies to the brain through the nasal sinus, the organism destroying itself.


The open mouth cannot defuse bacteria which gathers in the system, bringing various ailments and fungi as Candida albicans. He found chocolate used in profusion which contains oxalic acid which the body cannot metabolize and to get rid of it it needs calcium which you lose when you eat it, hence dental caries and bone ailments are common in chocolate eating peoples.


What Price found happening was that right from gestation palates were being developed too small with a crowding of teeth. Wisdom teeth cannot develop and the so-called atavism theory of evolutionists is thus a farce. They tell us if you have wisdom teeth, you have retained an apish feature! Again, their poor white anemic features influence's their writing.


The narrow, flat, palates caused a buttressing against the inner nasal passages causing the mouth to take on the brunt of breathing much to the detriment of the organism. Gee, I am glad my Cherokee ancestors gave me my wisdom teeth but to this day when I see a tree I have no compunctions to swing in it, despite what the evolutionists say!

Price next went to the Islands of the Outer Hebrides off the northwest coast of Scotland. The islands had virtually no trees as there was so little lime and if there was one place you would expect unhealthy people this was it. But peat was abundant and made bacterial growth practically nil, so vegetable decay was exceedingly slow. This is a plus to people and proves again why Egyptians frowned on yeast and to keep objects and material that would collect fungi out of reach of food and breathing.


This only collects in the gut and you are a host to these little critters who rob you of your nutrients all through life. Cattle could not be pastured here, so they relied on fish and grains, oat in particular, with a little barley.


Lobster, clams and oysters were profuse with cod's head stuffed with chopped cod's liver and oatmeal a favorite dish. Price was amazed with their dental perfection and again commented on the distinction between genders so markedly healthy. These people received no milk and still had very sound teeth. Only 1.3 children had been attacked by dental caries. At a nearby 'civilized' seaport, people between 20 - 40, 25% already had false dentures; here white bread and sugar prevailed.


One family he found during this transition had two brothers who were classic examples of a clash of biochemical weaknesses and strengths. One brother refused to eat the "city-folks" poison while the other wanted the modern ways and ate the sugared jams and coffee, white bread, etc. The former boy had no dental caries, while the latter had very poor dentition of decay with two front teeth missing.


The father complained how he was hard to get up in the morning and make work for he was always tired, a typical sugar reaction. When on whole foods you want to get up with the sun and go to bed with it. The Islanders called the modern food the "white plague" and were ashamed when the younger generations took to it. TB was accelerating where it had been a rarity before.


These Gaelic peoples had many fine features, notably the straight nasal septums, mainly because of no sugar and milk, and sound genetics, as well as the high cheek bones and mesocephalic faces with wide mandible and maxilla and the men prominent jaws and chins, a pattern from the original ancestors of this world. They looked more like they were from the Middle or Far East.


Their skins were rather dark, but they used yeast which is another reason why skin can lighten and again why Egyptians forbade it.


Again Price encountered the pinched nose, open mouth of those peoples who partook of the "while plague." Price examined many peoples here in their 70's and 80's, and except for minor gingival infections with some loose teeth, all the teeth were present and no evidence of previous caries.


One interesting note was that they complained to Price that the new generations did not have the health of former ones. He asked them why they thought so and they pointed to two stone grinding mills which now sat dormant which had been used for hundreds of years. Price bought them as an educational tool for Americans. It did not work and neither did his book, but at least he tried, but his book is still in print today for those who still have the wisdom to discover; a classic in holistic fields.

In various parts of northern Scotland people complained that their fame for large, tall men was declining in the past fifty years to as much as four inches when on the refined foods, Price found. Those strong Nibiru lines were losing ground fast in their genetic stability which demanded the finest of foods. Like the Gaelic Island peoples they had retained the well-coordinated height and noble facial features.

Probably the best example of white enculturation and the harm it can do was in his study of Eskimos. He found those who ate the "white plague" now succumbed to small pox, measles or TB when molasses, sugar, and refined flours were used and the people lost their natural immunities.


Since the fifth century, Europe, which coincides beautifully with the influx of sugar, was smallpox ravaged. The Middle East and Europe seems not to have been affected as other parts of the world until sugar and refined foods were introduced. These virus' can be anywhere, brought by birds, animals, airborne, and if we go by eminent researcher Sir Frederick Hoyle, they also may come from space itself which seems to be a garden of lifeforms as we are finding as these spores deposit on meteorites or clouds, escaping earth's fiery entry, just as we are finding lifeforms deep within geysers and other hot areas.


Egypt probably had smallpox in its late stages as well, and the Rig Veda speaks of inoculation for what seems to be symptoms of smallpox. Even China at this time spoke of it in the Tsche-U Dynasty (1122-249 BCE) coinciding with their introduction to sugar.


We would see these same patterns all over the world, even central and south America in the 16th century. Red and yellow peoples are hit very hard for they have such a finer-tuned system and the degeneration is fast as with black skinned peoples for the same reasons. Soon, Europe would have to find other areas of the world to colonize as populations exploded and the land became wasted and people changed in their sound wisdoms.


Among the Eskimos living on Stony River, a very isolated area, Price found in 288 teeth only one attacked by tooth decay. Two who had been to a town and eaten western food each had 27% dental caries. He found the same situation in other villages. When he found people of mixed white, tooth decay was very prominent. Reservation Indians living on government food, 21.1 % of their 1,094 teeth were decayed.


TB was again widespread among them. Among women who ate the native foods they would have healthy children to very late in life and no dental caries and looked like they were in their 30's by American standards. He was amazed by the strength of their jaws for the men could carry 100 pounds in each hand and 100 pounds in their teeth for considerable distance. Here again, we see the straight noses and mesochephalic faces most similar to the Gaelics, in fact you have to look twice, the skin color only has really changed.


Looking back on the fish diets of the Gaelics we have to consider too that they probably were not getting enough Paba in their diets accounting also for their lighter skin than Eskimos. If you go by evolutionary theory, they should have white skin due to the cold environment, but the Eskimos would soon attain this from refined food.


The Gaelics tended to have slightly curled hair, signifying a copper loss, but the Eskimo made up for this with seal and whale meat. Today many Eskimo are as light as whites. Price found the Eskimo teeth worn from excessive use of them as tools such as the women chewing leather, but in most the worn crowns would have exposed pulp but in them they were filled with secondary dentine! Markedly, Price found that in all the Eskimo contacts he never heard an Eskimo baby cry except when hungry or frightened by strangers.


Price also noted the babies had no difficulty cutting teeth, which would of course be a great stress to a growing body. He also found how their beautiful cherub faces changed when modern food was adopted. Many acquired the so-called, ape-like face, the criteria evolutionists go by to record their pseudo-histories.


They always state that 'Negroids' have more ape-qualities but they never seem to see they look like orangutans, for it is all an illusion. (Winston Churchill looked like a bull-dog, was he from the Clan of the Canine?)


Every caste in the world blames the other for looking like an ape or monkey, when it is all biological delusion and when we let ourselves decay we take on these features for the ancients surely did not resemble apes and thought them very aberrant lifeforms; now we have the ears of chimps, remember what they used to be like?

The Eskimo also ate caribou (lots of Paba here) nuts, kelp, which produced iodine helping the thyroid keep blood levels of CO2 as stable as possible, also berries, flower blossoms, sorrel grass preserved in seal oil, frozen fish, whale, the large organs from the latter, rich in vitamins A, C, and D.


However, when they left their biological diets, Price found in the 1930's that already 50% had declined in 75 years as disorders as TB and other epidemics had destroyed them. The flu epidemic of 1914 had hit them very hard, which ravaged much of the world.


His next trek was to Canada and the Indian populations there.


Many people from my area go fishing to Canada and always return with the same sickening story about the Indians on the reservations there and how they are a disgrace to the human race (look who is talking!) and they speak of the dirty shacks, wrecked cars and the same trite old joke,

"Well, when we got there we tied a squaw to a tree and when she got to lookin' good, we left!"

Well, they went home to obese, nasal sounding, moronic American women of whom more than half are epicenes.


But who turned the Indians into such? They do not look anything like they truly did years ago, the fine features are fading, but even still their women can surpass the beauty of most white women any day.


Most of the whites are trapped in their genetic mutations while the Indians, if they do not pick themselves up now, will suffer the same. It was the Indians who taught the 'intelligent' Europeans how to use the adrenal glands of animals for the vitamin C it contains when they fell to scurvy.


They always retained their natural instincts until diet changed them and responded automatically to every problem with no need for test tubes and torturing animals to discern what you should empirically know. Reductionism is stupidity at its highest form. The Egyptians seemed to know everything about the human body, but they did not need to cut it up to find out.

Price noted how arthritis was totally absent except in those areas in contact with western food. Wisdom teeth erupted normally with native foods when eaten but lost on refined, with crooked teeth and deformed dental arches. This only gave them the so-called 'savage look.' missionaries and others would apply the same descriptions to blacks in Africa. And, as usual, children raised on refined foods look very different than their parents who had not been and these photos are most shocking.

Where Price started really hitting the mark was in his observance of the drastic changes in parturition. Speaking to one of the local doctors he stated that the demand for more beds in the hospital could never be met. He saw three generations of mothers.


The grandmothers used to take a shawl and alone, or with a member of the family, go to the bush and give birth and return to the cabin, no one was concerned about anything going wrong as it was extremely rare. But the mothers of the last generation had to be brought to the hospital in labor for many days with surgical interference needed.


These, were the generations raised on refined foods. Their pelvis' were android as well, contributing to their problems, so androgyny was already setting in. A lack of B-complex and calcium brings pain to childbirth and the screaming women in the western movies and their counterparts of today are all a tribute to very poor nutrition.


Why would nature, which demands superior structured beings, cause pain at the very beginning of an organism's life and then expect the mother to be well enough to care for it? Indian women were also famous for the use of herbs to make labor even more easier and painless in those who experienced slight discomfort.

Price found ancient Indian skulls with perfect dentition and dental arches.


Before white man's food, cancers, gallbladder trouble, as well as kidney and stomach disorders were unknown. Price commented that peoples with both white and Indian blood with similar characteristics produced the most beautiful offspring; often people of similar genetic constitutions find they compliment one another. Analyzing skulls of pre-Columbian Indians of Florida, he found dental caries nearly non-existent.


Like all Amerindians unaffected by modernization, these skulls had full sets of teeth with no prognathism or narrowness, and nearly all 100% free of caries. With also high cheek bones, strong frontal prominences and low incidences of supra-orbital arch. The skulls were thick compared to the paper thin ones of modern peoples.


Pictures of Seminole Indians he studied are classic for they had very handsome features and the women beautiful, but the pictures of those on refined foods were like night and day! They take on a 'savage' look as they call it. Jaws became prognathous or under developed. This was also brought out by him in his study of Australian aborigines, claimed by anthropologists to be the most primitive peoples on earth.


Price's before and after pictures of those on refined foods and those off kills all those theories! Those on their native foods did not have the splayed nose but the primal straight looking like our Gaelic and Indians, nor the curly to kinky hair, common now. but very straight, their resemblance to Polynesians unmistakable!


But now they look like hominids with heavy brow ridges, undershot jaw. splayed noses, prognathous faces, little mental protuberance, buck teeth like the Australopithecines. In fact, there is a whole gamut of degenerative features which are nothing like they were many years ago when Price saw the last remnants of those unaffected by the whites.


Price examined fossil Aborigine skulls and compared them to Peking Man and chimps and found them decidedly unlike the latter two! What he found showed the primal skull shape of a flattened occipital region and broad, high frontal skull with perfect dentition just as he found in his native food eaters with straight noses. He found those living near the coast had straighter hair as kelp is an excellent source of copper as well as iodine.


Price bemoaned the fact that they were dying out on refined foods, especially those on reservation foods. And this is the wool everyone has had pulled over their eyes by evolutionists who do not look into the records of these people and force their 'science' upon the gullible public. I think we have finally found the missing link, it is called an evolutionist whose links are not operating in their heads!


Price also studied Papuans, New Guinea, Mobuiags, Arakuni, Kendali and Yonkas north of Australia, and found the exact same situations, beautiful people, definitely not primitive or some evolutionary branch of the tree until refined foods struck.


Again this proves that our 'race' types are nothing more than pathologies, cells that are struggling to return to their natural matrix. When the church forced their new polices on many of these people, Price reported they refused it and continued their old ways and were strong and healthy. Price found that the whites living there had rampant tooth decay compared to them, as well as diseases.


He criticized them that they were in an area of the world with the finest food but did not take advantage of it, "a typical characteristic of modem whites," so he said. Price pointed out that parents often lay faulty breathing habits on thumb sucking, posture or sleeping habits of children while not stating the real source - poor diet.


The Maori of New Zealand were the most splendid physiques he had seen with men over six feet but were quickly dying out when he saw them, as they obtained that 'savage' look. Degenerative diseases were rampant here too. Again, ancient Maori skulls show strong, well developed jaws, flat supraorbital ridges and occipital. Price was quick to point out that refined foods gave the illusion that many of these people were of mixed blood.


This is a much quoted mistake of anthropologists of peoples around the globe. He also pointed this out in his study of African peoples where we really see how food can change a people as in one classic photo of a black man with very fine features whose son was on refined foods, the latter had the splayed nose, prognathous face, which the father did not have. (Mother not shown.)


The people also then took to the next 'natural' responses, they turned to smoking toxic weeds and herbs, drank alcohol and morals sunk to the lowest levels. We need only look at the peoples of ancient Egypt to see how much we have changed for these people once looked as they. Here we see all the rules of evolutionary games go right down the Nile without a paddle.


Here were the most near-perfect to the Gods who eventually disappeared with hypogenesis.

I have never debated the long chronologies of the Bible and other writings, for it would be the height of ignorance for anyone well read in the biological sciences. Legends tell us that the Maoris, Eskimos, Hawaiians and the Amerindians, all had much higher civilizations with technology. If what occurred, as I believe, you can imagine how a magnetic jerk and a heavy influx of CO2 would suddenly knock these people down from an awareness in the fields of mathematics and physics and why these legends may not be just tales.


The Eskimo's claim they "flew" from an island that had gone under when the Deluge sunk it.


Lemuria, Hawaii, or the lost Atlantis?


Amerindians tales tell of when the Gods flew on elephant's ears, which sounds like our flying saucers. The Bible, as well as Inca hieroglyphics, tell of dinosaurs living with man. (I still wish someone would explain to me how an animal as big as a brontosaurus with such a small head ate enough to fill such a large body - that is probably why they are extinct and why they were some sort of biological mishap).


We have so many odd bits and pieces of man's history that traditional history (that means the white man's version) just does not make sense and when you get into the biological sciences the puzzle pieces start to merge.


Just how much can we believe of a people who are so biologically ill-structured as the whites whose history we have to listen to and live by? I think the entire meaning and purpose of life is going right past us because of their blindness.


I think I will close this chapter with a quote by Devasena when she spoke of the madness Siva had brought to the earth while she was being held by him in On,

"for one is an Aryan by what he does not by knowledge or wealth."

What she meant was that being Aryan must come naturally, any knowledge is in the blood.


But let us remember what the Veda tells us, that the end of the Eon will be at the hands of the whites with a holocaust, then the cycle will begin again - unless the 'ultimate weapon' of the Gods does something about it...





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