The Veda has told us of what had happened to the earth, and the Egyptian fills in as well. But our best evidence is the physical aspects of many areas that follow the equatorial lines from Egypt itself.


Look at the Middle East with its deserts and wastelands, the Valley of the Kings where it was said beautiful rivers and a magnificent falls once was and geology has substantiated. All of this area looks as if a great catastrophe occurred. Why would Nature create a vast expanse of treeless land where the suns rays bounce back creating radiation hazards, upsetting the earth's thermal regulation?


There was never anything 'natural' about a desert, and it is not conducive to the earth as a living organism.


And of the strangest of things, there are areas in the Negev desert where absolutely no life exists, not in the sands, nor in the water! Look at the Dead Sea, one of the most peculiar 'natural' aspects of this land.


What was nature thinking when it created this? Known as Ihe Salt Sea up until the Christian era of the second century when it was appropriately called the "Dead Sew" although many microorganisms and smaller animal forms have come to adapt to the caustic water. It contains the most corrosive properties to organisms, sodium chloride - salt, and nothing can live in it, or will, as it comprises 27 to 32% of its whole.


To Hebrews whose ancestors bore the great brunt of the holocaust it was a total wasteland with great horror attached,

"a scorched wasteland, where nothing is sown, nothing sprouts, and no vegetation grows".


And, they knew who caused it. the same people who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, the sins of those particular cities laid to waste.


Many spas and hot springs have appeared in the last years to promote the use of these 'healthful' waters that may bring relief to arthritis and other ailments but like radiation therapy the effects are only temporary but may cause long range damage of cellular injury as the minerals will be transmitting through the ages as well as the salt.


The latter is itself the result of radioactive decay - the sodium will draw radiation out but the chloride will cause other damage, which is why nature can fool us. This is very similar to radium treatments which give relief but are only causing further damage. This is also why salt fools us, we need the sodium but get hooked on the cell-destroying chloride.

Most of the Middle East looks like areas off a moonscape.


But what of other areas of the world as the Gobi desert which legend says a vast city once was and falls in the equatorial line? Another enigma is the Grand Canyon where Indian legends state great cities were and the Aztec and Inca stated their people came from the north. The Hawaiian Islands and the entire chain of Pacific islands are another mystery.

One interesting archaeological find dating from 3300-2050 B.C. is the cemetery of Bab edh-Dhra.1


Is it a cemetery?


These are most curious round structures of clay and stone in which are the bones of men, women and children. The bones are detached and stacked neatly in underground chambers according to the archaeologists report. Jewelry is buried with the women and tools or weapons with the males. The people are believed to have been disturbed in their rest by later nomadic tribes.


These bee-hive houses or burial chambers are most peculiar in a most unusual area and were placed in slopes partly below ground. It is the largest 'burial' place known. The buildings of the seemingly temporary establishment were stoutly built with wide walls. Many structures showed signs of burning. The burned debris covering all the area has archaeologists calling it earthquake caused or from attacks.


One male body was found embedded in the burnt debris next to one of the tombs. The houses appeared abruptly abandoned, doorways still had sockets in place and pottery, through broken, still fixable. An entire cluster of grapes was still preserved and a sickle found with soil yet on it. Many other areas of the Dead Sea have burial sites and nothing more as far as permanent residences.


Deposits of heavy ash were found in the tombs which puzzled everyone and they believed the tombs were purposely set on Fire. The bricks had turned pinkish orange and white through oxidation. Oxidation? Radiation would be more likely.


Were these really tombs, or bunkers? If what the Veda is telling us is true, a great many of these so-called burial sites were of people who were caught in the "holocaust" either Siva or the Pandava caused.


I am inclined to believe the former did it for in the BOOK OF THE BEGINNING of the Veda, when the events of these times are told briefly before the story begins, they state that after the Pandava emerged from the forest,

"a War ensued that destroyed the earth."

So they consider the earth as still emerging from these awful times, and taking the great transmutation of minerals we see which make no sense, it would seem to me once the motion of this is set in action there can be no return and the earth is "destroyed" as they state.


Nonetheless, these people huddled themselves in their 'tombs' and there they died. The tombs had deep shafts in them which it seems is rather extreme unless they were protecting both the living and dead from someone or something else.

Archaeologists are going to have to be careful what they dig into. Even today we are trying to devise ways of how to tell future generations of archaeologists where not to dig with our deposits of nuclear waste. Indeed, many of the ancient sties around the world may be telling us of dangerous areas of radiation or other hazards.


I have, since reading the Veda and Egyptian texts, been leery that wherever snakes are shown, electromagnetic hazards are there as in the Egyptian tombs and other places of the earth such as the Serpent Mound in Ohio which shows a serpent with the traditional oval at its mouth, the sign of the magnetic flow of earth, and which can be discerned by air only.


Geodesically, something to be cautious of may be under here, and later generations of people forgot and took it as a mark of the 'Gods,' to be holy.


Archaeologists claim the meaning here is lost, but I am wondering if the archaeologists are not themselves who are lost, for they have very little knowledge in the natural sciences. They are a very reckless and foolish set of peoples who go digging into tombs and other places they do not belong when we have all the information in these books as the Veda that were left us to know of these times.


However, as I have said, all this may explain why many people in these fields appear with the most unusual diseases and whatever else(!)

They are finding more and more ancient sites in areas of Egypt they never fathomed were there as it is so barren and desolate. But they forget that Egypt was not always like this. In our movies and in our minds we envision the area of the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings to be just as it is today, but lush flora and fauna as I have stated covered the area and I hope I showed that the people's physiologies did not match the environment as anthropologists have mistaken concerning desert people.


A nuclear blast would totally escalate the decay rate of every bone and rock in the area.


The Sphinx lay in sand up to its head until the 19th century which makes one wonder what is underneath. But the Sphinx does tell us, for on its side is a picture of it sitting on a huge pedestal, and if scientists ever start digging they will find present-day Egypt is sitting atop a vast city, laid waste by a nuclear blast.


I would make a very poor Egyptologist as I have no desire to venture there because of what I believe is very hazardous territory and I certainly would not risk my life for what I already know, there is vast cities under the sands. Satellite photos, as I have said, show vast roadways and cities and this is the best and only way to find out.

They are finding that the dates of domestication of animals and cereals and other developments have to keep being lowered as each new site is found between the Nile Valley in the Central Sudan and the hills of Eritrea on the western border of Ethiopia known as the Atbai Culture dated to 5.000 BCE. Their pottery-ware is most advanced, sorghum and millet were used.


But they are still not as advanced as the Egyptian cultures that leapt into history from pastoral people(!)


Really, people, you do not develop much intellectually following bellowing sheep around! The point, however, is that a great deal of people are being found to have been careering about this area of the world in a most 'desolate' area which certainly seems to not have been. The Mousterian and Acheulean levels of stone tools we find are of people before the flood, mute testimony as to where we are headed.

The Egyptian text of Ipuwer gives us the best Egyptian account of the catastrophe. This text has been attributed to events at Exodus by Velikovsky because of the similar events of bloodied waters and pests rising, but we have to take into accord that if the same weapons were being used we would often see the same results as we have seen already.


This is one of the things that makes this history so difficult to interpret. The text describes a complete breakdown of the Egyptian world by some agency. Ipuwer is a citizen who records all this and states that while everyone is suffering, those within palace walls are safe which is logical as the palaces were more or less stone bunkers. You might call all this the end of the Third Reich, Egyptian style!


The text has been dated at 2300-2050 BCE and is very broken.


In it he states that "Forsooth, the land turns round as does a potter's wheel.

"Now, like the famous 'shot heard round the world' how are we going to take this? Either it is just symbolic as our revolutionary statement here, or something did happen.


If thousands of years from now someone digs up a text with that statement in it they will regard it as symbolic, but what is the trouble in these times is as I have shown, we see corresponding pathologies which no 'shot heard around the world' caused. He further states that "the towiis are destroyed. Upper Egypt has become dry (waste?)...


All is ruin!... The residence is overturned in a minute... Years of noise. There is no end to noise."

An Earthquake? I doubt if an Egyptian would get excited about that when the Pyramid itself has withstood a great deal and whoever built it had every manner of disaster in mind.

"Plague is throughout the land. Blood is everywhere."

Remember in the Veda, the fights with radiation that left people stripped of their skin and masses of blood? "The river is blood" he also states, again if the river Nile had a great deal of iron sediments it would rise attracted to the radiation.

"Men shrink from tasting - Imman beings, and thirst after water."

The water is there but they cannot drink it as we saw the water became most contaminated through the years from the radiation as water is the first element affected because of the zinc.

"That is our water! That is our happiness! What shall we do in respect thereof? All is ruin!"

The text tells of what led up to it - a total breakdown of the government which we saw in the Veda.


Either this event is of events culminating then or the big 'drop.' The text states that fire nearly exterminated mankind much as the Veda tells us, and that the land went dark.

"Forsooth, gales, columns and walls are consumed by fire."

All the fruit and herbs were gone. Whatever happened did so very quickly.

"Forsooth, grain has perished on every side... Forsooth, that has perished which yesterday was seen. The land is left over to its weariness like the culling of flax."

The animals wander about aimlessly, "cattle groan."


AH this is reminiscent of Hiroshima. I am afraid someone finally let go the mighty weapon they all feared.

If there is one major remorse by the people of both the Veda and the Egyptian texts, is that the Pandava, the Ennead. had left the earth. It must have been a sorrowful sight to see the only people capable of helping fly off. It seems though that they left with the Anunnaki fast on their heels. Either this, or everyone was trying to escape the blast.


Ra attempted to gather his family together and according to a very early Egyptian legend. Osiris was the last to arrive.


They took off from a mountain taking advantage of course of the magnetic flow to ascend into space. Osiris had trouble getting onto the "iron plate," so the story goes, and Ra had to drop the famous ladder by which he barely made it with the help of the twin Gods which corresponds to the Pandava twin brothers in the Veda.


A collaborating story in the Veda tells us why he was late. It seems the entire family barely made it to the mountain top with Draupadi fainting. The Veda claims their lives were ended and they had to ascend now to the heavens but the Egyptian certainly contradicts this, and we must remember later peoples equated dying to going above as the Gods did. but not to die.


Here Rama helps his family to ascend. But why had Yudhisthira barely made it? Because of a dog.


Yes, Draupadi's little pet dog had been distracted and had fallen into the rocks. And. as brothers will do, after Draupadi begged her brother to retrieve him, he did so. Rama was most upset and did not want an "unclean animal," boarding his ship in his haste to leave, but his son insisted on rescuing him as the others struggled on board, waiting for the big blast.


What a scene that must have been! Here a bomb is about to be dropped. Draupadi in tears because her little dog is lost and Rama shouting at all of them to get up the bloody ladder!


But the little dog had been a "loyal and devoted friend" and Yudhisthira shouted to Rama.

"No!", that the "happiness of heaven would be gone to him should he have to remember that he had cast away a true friend."

He just refused until the dog was found, which he did, and the Ennead left the earth.

Now. this leaves us with more questions - are they still alive - will they come back - where did Indra go, did he go back where the goblins go, below? Is this where the UFO's are coming from? The questions are endless, and perhaps someday, someone may tell us but I don't think so until we deserve to be told, then we will find out, for only those who practice "austerities." as the Veda tells us. will be able to accept it.


Whatever occurred, we have been left with a biological legacy by the gods and our ancestors that we may not be able to surpass if we remain in ignorance and I hope we will not be burdened with the following from a BABYLONIAN THEODICY, for the one true god has got us finally as his pawn in this whole affair:

Though it is possible to find out what the will of the god is,

people do not know how to do it...
Norm, king of the gods, who created mankind,
And majestic Zultimmor, who pinched off the cloy for them.
And the goddess Mami, the queen who fashioned them.
Cave twisted speech to the tut man race.
With lies, and not truth, they endowed them forever...

The Veda states that in the end of the final Eon, the Eon of Discord, that "only one quarter of the Law survives," the last remaining Instinctive qualities of man are now diluted, played out, and he is a stranger in his own world.

"Crop failures, diseases, sloth, vices tike anger and so forth, calamities, sickness, and ailments prevail. As the Eons follow one on the other, the Law deteriorates every time. And with the Law the people deteriorate. With the degeneration of people, the forces that prosper the world decline, and the Laws produced by the decline of the world ore perverted to prayers. Thus is described the Kaliyuga that will be shortly at hand: those who live long conform to the Eons they live in." 6

As today, people will be totally submerged in immorality and religion will rise as more and more in their ignorance they must turn to prayer, away from themselves, and place their trust in something that will not cure the problem but is only catering to it, and here you also have the basis of allopathic medicine which is an outgrowth of this kind of reasoning.


Nothing can stop. I believe, misbegotten biologies once they start running amuck for they cannot see or deal with the problem and those who are aware are going to have to deal with the horrific diseases, crime, and pollution that are going to engulf the world if they do not blow it apart first.


If you noticed in the Veda passages of Arjuna and his mighty weapon it stated that those strong enough would be able to bear its impact, and if they meant fallout, this can be done by proper nutrition.


You have to be able to beat the Neanderthals at their, own game, and the worst of the lot have white skins and between they and the cancers of politics and religion which all together are causing more trouble that Ghenghis Khan, Attila the Hun and Hitler all wrapped together, it is going to be quite a struggle.


All of western ideals are based on the loose teachings of the Bible which is drummed from birth into everyone's heads to accept all the misery about them for the Lord will's it.


We are in the last 1,000 years so the Veda tells us when,

"all men in general become speakers of untruth. Substitute persons perform the sacrifices. Portha, substitutes give the gifts, substitutes observe the vows in that age. Brahmins do the work of serfs, as the Eon expires, serfs become gatherers of wealth or practice the Law of the boronoge. In the Kali age brahmins will cease sacrificing and studying and neglect the offerings to the fathers, and fall to eating any food."

Look how law has usurped justice in our land, how corruption has entered government politics and the sciences.


This morning I heard that a survey was taken if we should know if people running for office have committed adultery or not with the majority stating it did not matter which tells us quite much right here for if they do not care, most are doing it themselves.


But adultery or any gamic offenses tells us everything about a person as to just how much they respect life and the healthy pursuit of seeing the finest of people enjoying life to its utmost for adultery breeds disease and poor offspring not to mention distrust and dishonor, but this does not seem to mean much in politics.


And, most importantly, when people can no longer discern healthy food from bad the final chapter is written for this is the major reason promiscuousness is done as poor nutrition creates most unhealthy bodies that must seek another outlet for its deranged systems.


Every working mother, fast-food restaurant and TV dinner tells us where America is going. We have children now killing other children, involved in adult crime with erotism quite known to them, which is not hard to figure when you tally all of the above for the family is breaking tip and are more like breeding gangs.


And, the Veda tells us the consequence of all this,

"People are short-lived, enfeebled, of little vigor arid valor, weak-bodied, short on substance, and rarely speaking the truth."

Most children now have 50% more body fat than their parents and are going to create even worse creatures than they, and despite what medical science is telling us of their gains, people are living less in years than: they did fifty years ago, and those who make it to old age are senile rejects.


The American Cancer Society was recently criticized for their telling the American people the war on cancer is being won but it was totally false for only minor cancers such as of the skin can be successfully tackled by them while catastrophic cancers are increasing in devastation all the more.


I am glad holistic medicine does not have such problems for their survival rate is three times traditional medicine's rate. No longer do we live to over 100 as they did in the days of Egypt to the first centuries of this millennia. I am afraid we have a lot of "speakers of untruth" these days, but you should see how rich they are!


One thing about holistic doctors is that there are not many Cadillac in the driveway: they do not like patients that have to come back for that is a failure on the doctors part. The Veda says that people will come to be weakened in their speech habits and "the serfs will say 'Hey you!'" which parallel's our "all right" and other dreary sayings when the brain cannot find the right word, having lost pattern and thought because of a lack of synaptic conjunctions.


A long time ago the 'God' said as he got into his 'boar' shaped craft.

"Assuming the form of a boar I once with my might pulled out this earth, when it had sunk in the water," which of course refers to Indra's turning back the waters at the first Fall, but it would take much more to raise us from the murky waters we have fallen into.

We may not be able to undo what has been done, but perhaps Rama will keep his promise for death is finality while life is supposed to be immortal and that is the facts of life. You only get one life and we were given a brain to meet life on it's terms and if we have failed on that we deserve nothing better.


Let us hope we all can get on that ladder and climb from the decaying earth we were given in a war that the Veda tells us yet goes on before we cannot recover at all.





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