We shall never know perhaps all the circumstances that led up to the final destruction of the Nibiruian peoples who had yet remained in the great Middle Eastern kingdom.


We only know of the event so explicitly related in the Veda and Sumerian and Egyptian texts. Up to this point the people had been only partially handicapped by the malfunctions of the disc and the hazards of the wars. now. an entire people would be laid to waste. People in the world who bear resemblances to these people have only scattered traces of their physiologies.


The earth before On's fall had enjoyed the controlled environment, now the life-giving beam of the 'Eye' reached only as far as the borders of Egypt.


The white-skinned populaces from the First Fall had in swarms scattered throughout the lands with their mutated forms, just as the Anunnaki had hoped. By Ramses IV, it was all over and it is upon his tomb wall that we get the Egyptian view of this tragedy. But before we enter into this we must have a basis for the deed, and this finding is easy.


There was a great rivalry between Hatsheput and Tiy their androgynous forms taking the place of Isis in the political duplicity. Both continually vied for power by wearing the heavy Pharaonic headgear and being sculpted into sphinxes. The following however, sounds like Tiy.


She had reason enough to eliminate Siva or even Indra. and was always trying to take the crown as she was not truly entitled to royal privileges as Hatsheput, being the 'commoner.'


She begins in the story of the Poisoning of Ra,

"Cannot I by means of the sacred name of God make myself mistress of the earth and, become a goddess of like rank and power la Ra in heaven and upon earth?"

It was said here that she "possessed the words of power."


Each day she watched him as he entered the temple before his "holy mariners" after they flew in. She had watched him carefully for she knew he was deteriorating quickly in the poor atmosphere,

"but the divine one had grown old, he dribbled at the mouth, his spittle fell upon the earth, and his slobbering drooped upon the ground."

A superb diagnosis of advanced acromegaly when the tongue enlarges (hyperglossia) and saliva cannot be retained.


This "Ra" is probably Indra, who has the same problem as Enki in Sumerian texts. The text states she "kneaded" some of it and formed it into a "sacred serpent in the form of a dart." Whether she used it to retain a smear of the fluid with an electrical device to trip when it encountered the same scent we will never know. Nonetheless, when Ra and his retinue went on their daily stroll, she lie in wait.


The text states he acts "as though he were Pharaoh" so apparently the people knew he was not as grand as the real thing. When he came near the device it hit him with a poison,

"The flame of his life departed from him; and he who dwelt among the cedars was overcome. The holy god opened his mouth, and the cry of his majesty reached into heaven; his company of the gods said, 'What hath happened?' and his gods exclaimed, "What is it?" But Ra could not answer, for his jaws trembled and all his members quaked, the poison spread swiftly through his flesh just as Nile rusheth through all his land."

He managed to gain control and "established his heart" and ordered his men to get Khepera who was his brother.

"My heart perceiveth it, but my eyes see it not; my hand hath not caused it, nor do I know who hath done this unto me. Never have I fell such pain, neither can sickness cause more woe than this."

He then proclaimed he had to give the "sacred words" to someone before he died. What these words were we may never know, or their exact meaning.

"Let there be brought into me my children, the gods who possess the words of power and magical speech, and mouths which know how lo utter them, and also powers which reach even unto the heaven."

We know the auditory waves of certain sounds can cause a reaction, a field of study an entire volume would have to be devoted to, but in this case I cannot help but feel that they must have been place-names of military positions, strategies, etc.


As his family surrounded him, Isis approached,

"bringing with her her words of magical power, and her mouth was full of the breath of life; far her talismans vanquish the pains of sickness, and her wards make to live again the throats of those who are dead. And she spoke, saying, 'What hath come to pass, O holy Father? What hath happened?' Is it that a serpent hath bitten thee, and that a thing which thou hast created hath lifted up his head against thee? Verily it shall be cost down by my effective wards of power, and I will drive ii away from before the sight of thy sunbeams."

Ra spoke of his abilities to control the earth and she tried to take advantage of his delirium, "to obtain the sacred name."

"O tell me thy name, holy Father, for whosoever shall be delivered by thy name shall live."

But he only mumbled incoherently, just what she did not want.

"What thou hast said is not thy name. O tell it unto me, and the poison shall depart: for he shall live whose name shall be revealed."

Dying, he consented to give her his power, for he then realized that it was a game of deception she was playing and it was only she who had the antidote.

"I consent that Isis shall search into me, and that my name shall pass from me into her." She responded. "The god hath bound himself by oath ta deliver up his two Eyes. "

The disc would be hers and if she is the mother of Akhenaten, much could be explained here. All of the satellites would be theirs.


She then gave Ra the antidote and he left in shame,

"then the god hid himself from the gods, and his place in the Boat of Millions of Years was empty."

The people were aware that Ra was changing and the gods sought to keep the loss of the disc from the people who would panic when they knew it was in others hands.

"Behold now, his Majesty, life, strength, and health to him! hath become old. his bones are like silver, his limbs are like gold and his hair is like unto real lapis-lazuli. Now his majesty heard the words which mankind spoke concerning him, and he said into those who were following him. "Cry out, and bring ye unto me mine Eye, and Shu, and Tefnut, and Seb, and Nut, and the fathers and the mothers who were with me when I was in Nu, together with my god Nu. Let him bring his ministers with him, and let them be brought silently, so that mankind may not perceive it and lake to flight with their hearts."

They knew the people would no doubt notice the gathering of gods at the assemblies who tried to surmount the problem.


Everyone gathered at the "Great House" with Indra (Ra here is Siva) presiding and Ra bowed before him,

"O thou firstborn god, from whom I came into being, O ye gods my ancestors, behold ye what mankind is doing, they who were created by mine Eye are uttering murmurs against me. Give me your attention, and seek ye out a plan for me, and I will not slay them until ye shall say what I am to do concerning it."

Then Nu, the son of Ra, said,

"thy throne is set. and the fear of thee is great; let then thine Eye be upon those who have uttered blasphemies against thee." Ra then spoke, "Behold ye how they have taken flight into the mountain! Their hearts are afraid because of what they have said."

The people had evacuated as quickly as possible.


Another Egyptian story of the destruction of mankind states.

"Then Ra said to Nun: "O eldest god. in whom I came into being, O ancestor gods, behold mankind, which came into being from my Eye - they have plotted things against me. Tell me what ye would do about it. Behold, I am seeking; I would not slay them until I had heard what ye might say about it."

Then the majesty of Nun said:

"My son Ra, the god greater than he who made him and mightier than they who created him, sitting upon thy throne, the fear of thee is great when thy Eye is directed against them who scheme against thee!"

Then they said in the presence of his majesty:

"May thy Eye be sent, that it may catch for thee them who scheme with evil things. But the Eye is not sufficiently prominent therein lo smite them for thee. Il should go down as Hot-Hor." 2

It could be that we have Tiy all wrong here and Akhenaten as they may have tried to wrench the disc away to save mankind only to be caught in the doing for if this is Siva who is Ra he would have been most upset in the rivalry he and Akhenaten had. the latter trying to gain power for his father who could run the disc more efficiently, and which he could too, losing it to Siva who used wrongful tactics to gain it.


We just do not know all the details.


This further Egyptian story collaborates the latter.

"Then the gods spoke before his Majesty, saying. 'Make thine Eye to go forth, and let it destroy for thee those who utter evil words of blasphemy against thee,"

Obviously, these satellites could be used destructively.


When they hastened to destroy the high officials and prominent families in the mountains. Tiy was already there and was on it seems, a wholesale slaughter, if this were her. as her ships sailed through the heavens raining down terror. Sumer renditions of this state it was in the desert, which it probably was as well. Ra tried to get her back.

"Come, come in peace, Hathor, the work is accomplished." But she replied. "Thou lives! for me. When I had gained the mastery aver men if was well pleasing lo my heart."

It further states she,

"waded about in the night season in their blood, beginning at Sulen-henen."

The following then tells us just what it was the disc did for Ra ordered his men to go to Elephantine and to bring "mandrakes in great number."


He did one of the best examples of holistic medicine for radiation poison! If the Red Cross had been so smart at Hiroshima, many would not have had the dire problems they did. He had the couriers instruct women to crush barley and make a beer, filling 7.000 vessels. Inside he placed mandrakes.


Tiy had in the meantime sailed up the Nile wreaking havoc and at daylight Ra and his officers gathered the beer.

'It is doubly good, but I must protect mankind against her.' And Ra spoke, saying, 'Let them take up the vases and carry them to the place where men and women are being slaughtered.' Then the Majesty of the king of the South and North, Ra, commanded them lo pour out from the vessels during the lime of the beauty of the night the beer which made men wish to lie down."

Mandrakes are an excellent cathartic which would be imperative here to rid the bowels of the radiation before it absorbed into the skeletal tissue.


It is also an excellent cholagogue, as by increasing bile the system would be thoroughly rid of the poison. It also is an emetic by which vomiting could cleanse the system and a diaphoretic, and I need not mention how important that would be in a radiation case. That barley was chosen over wheat is obvious as it has a better cleansing action to the tissues and rids it of all poison and is well known for its ability to purify the lymphatic system.


The alcohol would be buffered by the barley and get it through the system quickly. If Ra were here I would bow down to him. he was a genius! On top of this, he waits and gives it at night when the digestive processes are at full hilt and the body can rest and let the action begin.

Tiy came upon the beer and in her defiance drank of it herself becoming roaring drunk "and she took no further heed of mankind."


Ra was pleased and enticed her to him.

"Come, came in peace. O fair and gracious goddess: and henceforth there were young and beautiful women in the city of Amen."

He was upset that her deviltry had affected everyone, including himself,

"Behold, the pain of the burning heat of sickness hath come upon me; whence cometh this pain?"

Ra then commented on man.

"I am alone, but my heart hath become exceedingly weary of being with them (i.e. men): I have slain some of them, but there is a remnant of worthless ones, and the destruction which I wrought among them was not commensurate with my power.' And the gods who were in his train said unto him, 'Tarry not in thy weariness, for thy might is in proportion to thine own will. "'

He also added, quite candidly, as to give us an idea as to what had happened here,

"For the first time my limbs have lost their power, and I will never permit this thing la happen a second time.'"

She may have been upset that the Pandava sons were placed into power with Ay and tried to get the rule for her son.


I would like to add that our former Egyptian text states that ochre was added to the ingredients also, the blood of the slain, so she could have not walked in their blood, but this was merely a reference to ochre, (see how you have to be careful!) Nonetheless, ochre would have drawn the magnetic radiations from them.


There seems to be more to this story for Ra (Siva, here called Marduk) was not so complacent according to an Akkadian text. Tiy receives a more bloody outcome at the hands of her relative.


The two battle it out in the sky which sounds more logical as she had already been in the air during the raid, or this was a second battle.

When the gods, his fathers, saw the fruit of his word,
Joyfully they did homage: "Marduk is king!"
They conferred on him scepter, throne, and vestments;
They gave him matchless weapons that ward off the foes:
"Go and cut off the life of Tiamat.
May the winds bear her blood to places undisclosed.
Bel's destiny thus fixed, the gods, his fathers,
caused him to go the way of success and attainment.

If Indra was willing to forgive, Siva was not.


And the familiar net of arrows was used to try and ensure her ship, and the battle was on:

Then the lord raised up the flood-storm, his mighty weapon.
He mounted the storm chariot irresistible and terrifying.
He harnessed and yoked to it a team-of-four,
The Killer, the Relentless, the Tampler, the Swift.
Sharp were their teeth, bearing poison.
They were versed in ravage, in destruction skilled.
On his right he posted the Smiler, fearsome in battle,
On the left the Combat, which repels all the zealous.
For a cloak he was wrapped in an armor of terror;
With his fearsome halo his head was turbaned,
The lord went forth and followed his course,
Towards the raging Tiamat he set his face.
In his lips he held a spell...

This time however, he went well prepared, "A plant to put out poison was grasped in his hand."


We may now have why there is a relation here between she and Akhenaten and why Siva was so mad.

"Why art thou risen, art haughtily exalted,
Thou host charged thine own heart to stir up conflict,

sons reject their own fathers.

Whilst thou, who host born them, has foresworn love!
Thou has appointed Kingu as thy consort,
Conferring upon him the rank of Ann, not rightfully his. "

"Ann" is Rama's name in Sumerian (Anu is the name of On in Egyptian but is also a rank title). It looks like the master of the Saubha. Akhenaten. was flying the ship!


Siva then rages on in earnest and transmits his desire for single aerial combat:

Against Anshar, king of the gods, thou seekest evil;
Against the gods, my fathers, thou hast confirmed thy wickedness.
Though drawn up ye thy farces, gird on thy weapons.
Stand thou up, that I and thou meet in single combat!"
When Tiamat heard this.
She was like one possessed: she took leave of her senses.
In fury Tiamat cried out aloud.
To the roots her legs shook both together.
She recites a charm, keeps casting her spell,
While the gods of battle sharpen their weapons.
Then joined issue Tiamat and Marduk, wisest of gods.
They strove in single combat, locked in battle.

Siva succeeded in hitting her ship, having "spread out his net to enfold her," and "released the arrow, it tore her belly," and "having thus subdued her, he extinguished her life."


The text further states:

He cast down her carcass to stand upon it.
After he had slain Timal, the leader,
Her band was shattered, her troupe broken up;
And the gods, her helpers who marched at her side.
Trembling with terror, turned their backs about,
in order to save and preserve their lives.
Tightly encircled, they could not escape.
He made them captives and he smashed their weapons.
Thrown into the net. they found themselves ensnared;
Placed in cells, they were filled with wailing:
Bearing his wrath, they were held imprisoned.
And the eleven creatures which she had charged with awe.
The bond of demons that marched... before her.
He cast into fetters, their hands . . .
For all their resistance, he trampled them underfoot.

The ship apparently crashed to the ground and the survivors taken prisoner. According to the story of Oedipus and the Egyptian text.


Akhenaten was taken a prisoner; here we learn he was taken from the ship:

And Kingu, who hod been made chief among them,

He bound and accounted him to Uggoe,

He took from him the Tablets of Fate, not rightfully his.

Sealed them with a seal and fastened them on his breast.

The tablets again! Throughout all these histories much Fighting incurred because of them. Again, they were probably technical manuals as well as medical information

In another Sumerian text where she is called Inanna, we get more glimpses of her trouble with her royal family and her wish to ascend, the woman who "loves the life-giving tiara, fit for en-ship" 3 and who "grasps in her hand, the seven me," the Sumerian version of the divine tablets.


She too is blamed for bringing destruction to the people.

"You have filled the land with venom, like a dragon, vegetation ceases, when you thunder like Ishkur, you who bring down the Flood from the mountain."

And, who rains, "flaming fire over the land."


Here as in the Egyptian she takes from her father,

"against the city that said not "yours is the land," That said not "it belongs to the father who begot you." You promised your holy word, turned away from it... "

Apparently her wrath spread all over the lands,

"The kingship of heaven has been seized by the woman Inanna, at whose feet lies the flood-land." and had "changed altogether the rites of holy An." and her "boat of lamentations," has "landed in an inimical land ..."

It states she was forced to flee and,

"The life-giving tiara of en-ship was taken from me, Eunuchs were assigned to me - "These are becoming lo you," it was told me."

I don't blame her for being mad!


It goes on to say,

"the Anunna have prostrated themselves before you. Although at birth you were the younger sister, how much greater you have become than the Anunna, the great gods! The Anunna kiss the ground before you."

It also says that she caused trouble "because of your captive spouse, your captive son" which again would parallel Tiy and Akhenaten, and whatever happened here, her "wrath is so great, your heart so unappeased," so there is obviously much more we do not know.


We do not know all the details here, but it points very much at the problem the androgynous women gave and the Sphinx was a tribute to what would basically be the fall of man, woman, for the gynic was dying out. for they had to beware the man with the womb who would bring destruction, and eat at the nucleus of the family of man.


Today we call her the liberated woman... The Egyptians knew her as the "imitation woman who has no vagina," or it should read imitation gynic, who today forgets her feminine sensibilities because her body is not receptive and neither is her mind. They have brought down every civilization in a ball that started rolling millennia ago and is now snowballing to a magnitude of problems I doubt many will overcome.

Siva then stepped up his EMR campaign and calling Seb to him he said, that the "snakes" should be risen at full strength at the people, adding,

"May they fear me as long as I am olive."

He told him to go to his father, Nu and tell him "about what was on the earth and in the water," and to be careful.


He instructs Seb to keep watch on the "serpents" and see that their radiations are not disturbed as he is leaving to the heavens but his "light" will Find their holes and watch them.


He will instruct his priests with "words of power" to distract the spirits from them. Those that know will have "dominion over them."

"And there thou shall write down for punishment among the dwellers therein those who have committed deeds of rebellion, and those whom my heart hateth. And thou shall be in my place and thou shall be called Asti that is to say, the deputy of Ra."

In Egypt, the many seasons would return and the moon would affect people as well as the sun without the disc.


Even the Sumerian texts speak of it:

He constructed stations far the great gods,
Fixing their astral likenesses as constellations.
He determined the year by designating the zones:
He set up three constellations for each of the twelve months.
After defining the days of the year by means of heavenly figures.
He founded the station of Nibiru (the planet or a satellite they made - A.N.)
to determine their heavenly bands,
Thai none might transgress or fall short.

Without the disc, bodies now decayed and time became a material object to be counted against man whose genetic structure was now at the mercy of the cosmos.

The next problem was what to do with Kingsu, and a tribunal of sorts was held as Siva questioned the Igigi, those who were, or had been, masters of the sky:

Do now the truth on oath by me declare!
Who was it that contrived the uprising.
And made Tiamat rebel, and joined battle?
Let him be handed over who contrived the uprising.
His guilt I will make him bear. You shall dwell in peace!"
The Igigi, the great gods replied lo him.
To Lugaldimmerankia, counselor of the gods, their lord:
"It was Kingu who contrived the uprising,
and made Tiamat rebel, and joined battle."

His punishment was severe, quick and painless:

They bound him, holding him before Ea.
They imposed on him his guilt and severed his blood vessels.

Was this the end of Akhenaten, dead by his brother Siva's hand?

Siva established stations both above the earth and on it, in his last great push to bring forth the prophesy his drugged mind had told him would happen. Something had happened to trip the magnetic fields of the earth, enough to send everyone's systems in a panic.


I should like to mention that an old Arab map was found that no one can understand as it shows not the twenty-four or thirty-six parts we divide the equator up into, but in forty-four! It has equal arcs of 8.18 degrees each.


Which brings us to another interesting equation here for all the famous empires of the world and the people whose physical characteristics most match these people are those of Egypt, India. Japan, southwestern United States, the Incas. Aztecs, all the Polynesian peoples. All follow the equator. It should be noted that only at the equator is it best to launch spaceships as they found today from landings on the moon.


Many peoples started developing, what we call races today, from the myriad biochemistries that were changing which is why we find so many 'nationalities' portrayed in Egyptian artwork.

Babylonia would be Siva's new area and he created many new temples and shrines:

Marduk, the king of the gods divided

All the Anunnaki above and below,

He assigned them to Anu to guard his instructions.

Three hundred in the heavens he stationed as o guard,

In like manner the ways of the earth he defined.

In heaven and on earth six hundred thus he settled.

After he had ordered all the instructions,

To the Anunnaki of heaven and earth had allotted their portions,

The Anunnaki opened their mouths

And said to Marduk, their lord:

"Now, O lord, thou who hast caused our deliverance,

What shall be our homage to thee?

Let us build o shrine whose name shall be called

'Lo, a chamber of our nightly rest'; let us repose in it!

Let us build o throne, a recess for his abode!

On the day that we arrive we shall repose in it.

When Marduk heard this,

Brightly glowed his features, like the day:

"Like that of lofty Babylon, whose building you have requested,

Let its brickwork be fashioned.

You shall name it "The Sanctuary."

Babylon would be their new station, the "Sanctuary."


Here a tower would be built and ziggurat, and in the second year, they,

"built a siege-tower as high as Apsu. They set up in it an abode for Marduk, Enlil, and Ea," and "all the gods apportioned the stations of heaven and earth. The fifty great gods took their seats. The seven gods of destiny set up the three hundred in heaven."

The 'arrows' were shown again that created the net.


And, a beautiful "bow" had been made, meaning missile, and in insulting reference to Tiy. in the Assembly,

"raising it. Ann spoke up in the Assembly of the gods, as he kissed the bow: 'This is my daughter'!"

(She could have been Indra's own daughter, as one Sumerian tale states Enki married his one daughter.)


They then set the destiny of mankind:

When the great gods had assembled,
And had... the fate which Marduk had exalted.
They pronounced among themselves a curse,
Swearing by water and oil to place life in jeopardy.
When they had granted him the exercise of kingship of the gods,
They confirmed him in domination over the gods of heaven and earth.
Anshar pronounced supreme his name Asaruluhi:
"Let us make humble obedience at the mention of his name:
When he speaks, the gads shall pay heed to him.
Let his utterance be supreme above and below!"
"Most exalted be the Son, our avenger;
Lei his sovereignty be surpassing, having no rival.
May he shepherd the black-headed ones, his creatures.
Ta the end of days, without forgetting, let them acclaim his ways.
May he establish for his fathers the great food-offerings:
Their support they shall furnish, shall lend their sanctuaries.
May he cause incense to be smelled,... their spells.
A likeness on earth of what he has wrought in heaven.
May he order the black-headed to revere him.
May the subjects ever bear in mind their god.
And may they at his word pay heed to the goddess.
May food-offerings be borne for their gods and goddesses.
Without fail lei them support their gods!
Their lands let them improve, build their shrines.
Lei the black-headed wail on their gods.
As for us, by however many names we pronounce,

he is our god!

Let us then proclaim his fifty names...

It would be the same old story as in Egypt, the people would be duped by the one true God into subservience and their minds taken away from the real world and his men would appear amongst the people to dissuade them in their physical weaknesses from returning to their true selves.


They would all proclaim his many names, Amen-Ra, Allah, God, YHWH, and his apostles through the ages as Jesus Christ, who fell into his very alluring trap of ingratiating schemes.


It was here that "The Tablet of Destinies which he had taken from Kingu he carried," and gave them to his father, Indra.

"He brought it as the first gift of greeting, he gave it to Anu."

Other collaborators of the uprising were brought before him.

"The gods who had done battle and been scattered he led bound into the presence of his fathers. Now the eleven creatures which Tiamat had made..., whose weapons he had shattered, which he had tied to his foot: Of these he made statues and set them up at the Gate of Apsu saying: "Let it be a token that this may never be forgotten!"


When the gods saw this they were exceedingly glad, Lahmu, Lahamu, and all of his fathers crossed over to him, and Anshar, the king, made manifest his greeting. "

They would forever have hatred for Tiy who caused, presumably, such an outrageous act that had affected all.


Apparently, these were fragments of shell cases he had made statues of to remind all, and people would later take them as religious objects. (This is also a warning to archaeologists to beware of what they pick up for the radioactivity that still must be here.)


Egypt was now off limits as the fallout had affected the lands, the heart of the Nibiru was lost to the sands...

Siva was established once again as king which elated his mother.

"With a gift Damkina. his mother, made him joyous, she sent offerings, his face brightened."

Somehow I doubt it was a new tie she sent him!

"To Usmi who brought her. gift to a secret place He entrusted the chancellorship of Apsu and the stewardship af the shrines."

He now had Enlilship. and his people cowed before him,

"being assembled, all the Igigi bowed down, while everyone of the Anunnaki kissed his feel, their assembly lo do obeisance, they stood before him. bowed and said: 'He is the king!' After the gods, his fathers, were satiated with his charms."

What deadly 'charms' they were!


The command of the Underworld was his again, the Apsu, where more recruits were brought from: "Lugaldimmerankia" meant the king of the gods of the heavens and underworld.

"Formerly Marduk was merely our beloved son. now he is your king, proclaim his title!"

In the temple he would "spend the night therein, it is there lo receive all of you.


When yon descend from heaven far assembly, you will spend the night therein it is there lo receive all of you.


I will call its name 'Babylon' which means 'the houses of the great gods,'

"I shall build it with the skill of craftsmen."

And, Marduk, the "firstborn" was in power again. Not everyone was for his type 'religion' and soon anarchy appeared and "the inhabitants of the urban centers of Babylonia acted evil, careless and even sinned against his great divine powers."


And, as they feared the disc, it was called another name, here,

"having not yet experienced the awfulness of the wrath of the Divine Crescent, the king of all gods; they disregarded his text and there was much irreligious and disloyal talk. They devoured one another like dogs, caused disease and hunger to appear among them. '*

This was from the story of Nabonidus who was given power to rule by the Gods and who was forced to leave the city by them to avoid all that was happening here, so the "Divine Crescent" must have had the same powers as the disc.

The destruction of Agade was a sorrowful one for the Nibiru and was one of their last major battles on the earth. In the kingdom of Akkad (Agade) long ago Enlil had brought Sargon to power. One by one all the old cities were being destroyed, everything that reminded the people of the Nibiru. In its better days, "its people had eaten "dependable food," and "drink dependable water.


It also stated that "giant elephant, and the abzam, the beasts of distant land," roamed the area. But even those who observed the food taboos were harassed, "although they were not among those who ate that which is taboo, Naram-Sin cast into the fire."


Again this was the perfect way to get people to degenerate by making them change their eating habits and they would be subservient to the God's wishes.


Warring factions of Caucasians were brought into the area to put the finishing touches on the havoc Siva had wrought,

"the unsubmissive people, the land whose people is without number, Gutium, the land brooks no control, whose understanding is human, but whose form and stuttering words are that of a dog,"

...which is very indicative of the speech patterns of the English tongue, often referred to around the world as dog-like, abrupt and halting because of their particular poor oxygen metabolism and lack of vitamin A in particular that causes the muscles to be weak and the speech lax and unflowing.


Because of their worsened metabolism they breed most then any other peoples.


As usual the bad triumphed here as,

"the valiant lay on top of the valiant, the blood of the treacherous flowed over the blood of the faithful," everyone was lost. "Agade is destroyed! Praise Inanna."

Many would try to protect themselves from the gods with herbs and potions as in the following which sounds like ochre in use again, and note it is placed in the right place, over the thyroid,

"If you smear your face, your hands, or your throats with red paste which is like sapuhru in the eyes of the gods, or tie it to the hem of your garments in order to avert the consequences of the oath."

People were threatened as we saw in the "Vassal-Treaties of Esarhaddon" not to break the rules of the gods or the consequences would be horrendous and our friend here wanted protection against them, the "god Ashur, king of the gods, and the great gods, my lords ..."


Back to those old inflictions that God wrought on the people, the 'leprosy.' It should be remarked that members of Akhenaten's family as Meketaten, his second child, died suddenly, as a 'plague' hit the land, and it is believed all his offspring died. It was then it seems that Meritaten was installed in the "House of the Favorite," and if so, she had succumbed to the plague and was not killed by Akhenaten who may have let her spend her final days in the rock pit.


However, this could have been another daughter, we just do not know for it is said as stated, that Meritaten eventually took her own life. Anyone so affected would have been shunned by those who could not handle the situation of radiation poison and unless you have the appropriate clothing no one can which is why Moses put the affected off limits to anyone.


Before we start pointing fingers let me state that there are just too many variables and people often had to resort to tactics that may seem cruel to keep others from being affected, as Akhenaten might have done here. In her madness that would surely ensue without help, this might have led her to commit suicide.

In 1908-1918, The German Oriental Society unearthed Babylon and a mound which marked its site was called Babil by local Arabs, the old Akkadian name.


Bab-Ili meant "Gate of God."


Babel of course is where we get our word of the same to mean confused speech. Whether this is the Tower of Babel location seems most likely but there were certainly other ziggurats around as this was believed to be. A tower is there, the Birs Nimrud, but lies outside of the actual city of Babylon.


In Sumerian it is "Etemenanki," "House of the Foundation of Heaven and Earth" and stood in a temple complex called "Esagela" or "House that Lifts Up the Head" which could tell us this latter was either a missile housing or a launch site or even observatory.


It is stated that from the Tower came the "races" but this may only mean that radiation affected these people as it did others with the same affects as the primal body types would react. It is stated that another ziggurat lies uncompleted.


The Mormons, and many christians, state that God punished those for building the tower in impertinence and, try to figure ignorance as this - the negroes were the worse so they offended God the most so He burnt them black, next the Indians who were not as bad so they were burnt less and then the Orientals and then creations best who were the whites of course, whom God loved so they retained the noble color!


Well, there is some truth here, people trying to escape in mass confusion must have scaled up the launching pads, as we know people tried to escape the bomb when it was finally dropped, and if there was anyone who was affected most it was the whites for they are the most mutated of the lot as we will go into further detail later, although already elaborated on, in the chapter, THE LOST RACES.


The Gods were never proud of their white skin, although they knew how to handle it and on that score they had reason to be proud as they transcended their marred biological bonds.




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