In studying the body there is much variation particularly in areas of the head - some specimens have the supra-orbital artery absent on one side, but present on the other: the dorsal roots of the cervical nerves are gone, etc., all with corresponding body impairments.


This is going to change all habits and customs as pertains to diet, education, walking, talking, etc., just as we see in the world's population. One eats pork, others shun it, another relishes snake; some suckle their young to six years, while others slap bottles in their mouths the minute they are born. It has. however, taken science a long time to finally admit diet can effect the brain as was done at a meeting of Bristol-Meyers in Washington D.C., but most still do not acknowledge it.


Rats given a heavily saturated fat diet, made their cell membranes less flexible, distorting vectors for neurotransmitters that control cell-to-cell communication. This is another reason for our early maturation rates, with teen-age bodies developing long before the brain does, the latter being further hampered from any further normal development. (And to think they let they drive at 16!)


Did not Shakespeare say that, the "fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves," for at the rate America is going, it is estimated in 50-100 years almost all will be totally sterile, and with the high rate of gamically communicable diseases, this is guaranteed.


This is why life is so autocytolysic, as people are then driven to give birth as soon as possible in their teens to late 20's. at a time the body and mind are not fully developed. They are incapable of giving birth and raising a healthy child, while the latter will grow and do the same thing. This cycle goes on until they just become extinct.


The ancients were quite aware of this, and sought to reach the people with the laws supposedly handed down from the gods, but which gods was the trick.


The Sin Offerings of the Bible are clearly from the ideologies of Siva, no sin can be purged by burning a piece of meat at an alter, any more than going to church and putting your money in the collection plate or at confession. The best purge has always been the conscience, which will destroy you one way or the other if sins go uncorrected.

The dietary laws of Moses was one effort to generate a people back to healthful conditions. Only animals without flaws were used, and no fat and blood consumed. The latter two were mandatory.


The effects of this are so revealing to a sitologist. When meat is cooked in open air. it exudes a substance from the oxidized fat which enhances aging, destroys cellular structure and disrupts gestation progression and quality, causing the young to mature too fast. Today we cook with fat, make frostings (have you had your Twinkie today? It's whipped lard) and put it in gravy and soups.


When fat is thusly cooked out of meat it is supposed to occur to the cook that it is poison, but seldom does she, (or he, chefs are notorious for unhealthful cooking; when Julia Childs cooks she should not say 'Bon apetit' but 'Bon chance!') realize this nor the people who relish it purely from a biochemical imbalance.


Ravenous meat eaters and blood lusters through history must get an over supply of fat for hyperthyroidism creates subnormal functions of the pancreas which reduces lipase, a major enzyme to metabolize fats.


This reduction of protealytic enzymes, retards protein from metabolizing into amino acids, the building blocks of life. And because of their loss of vitamin A. whites are most notorious for the eating of fat. which A needs to metabolize. Arteriosclerosis, so common today, is now found already begun in infants because their mother's ingest too many fatty foods as well as demon milk and why her son succumbs to fat embolism on the battlefield when he would have probably survived.


Her ice cream binges, so common at pregnancy, is no worse than her forebearers who lusted on blood. Fat consumption has aged everyone of us right
from conception and is the major reason we cannot regenerate all of our tissues nor fight off illness.

The ordinance against eating of blood is so revealing too. The magical properties and power attributed to it is certainly no exaggeration for its quality can kill or enhance life. It is the fluid of nourishment, with hormones, electrolytes, vitamins, antibodies, heat, oxygen as well as red and white corpuscles, carbohydrates, proteins, carbon dioxide and nitrogen; But it is the protein element we are concerned here with.


We believe memory retrieval is locked in by protein in the brain and each memory you have is a molecular accounting of an episode. Fish given a training session in a tank, failed to remember anything at all when puromycin is given, a protein growth inhibitor. This is another of man's many reasons he needs computers to do his thinking. Right from his very beginning, man is not developing a brain or body to its utmost, for amino acids are blocked or hampered.


A machine must record the world for him. Quick, eclectic thinking is impossible. But back to our fish.


Protein to be ingested, must be cooked. When the Laws of Moses were enacted, looking at Egyptians at this time, they had begun eating raw meat and perhaps others had now picked up on this.


We must now mention the little Planarian flatworm, who has a simple central nervous system which, if you cut these little darlings up. will regenerate into another new worm. In one test, some were shown a bright light, followed by a shock, which logically made them curl up. After about 200 times they would curl up with just the light and no shock. Many of them were cut up and the cut pieces did the same, proving other cells of the body retained the memory which the little worm's tiny brain had signaled out.


In fact, some of the cut portions did better and faster at remembering!


But the real test came when they fed portions of these worms parts to other untested worms, and the latter curled up at the light! This is why blood and raw meat was such a dire taboo. You can indeed exhibit some of the emotional aspects from the protein parts of another's blood, or meat, if some of the properties are not cooked out of them.


Protein reaches and controls all body parts and it circulates to ovum and sperm, again proof of genetic memory. When a memory is created and kept by protein metabolism in the brain, all body parts receive a portion of its findings.


Cannibal's claim that by eating a friend or enemy, it makes them retain their 'spirit,' which seems to be true.

Modern civilization regards people as the Masai tribe, who for eons have consumed raw blood from their cattle, as savage, but they too are cannibals for they consume cows milk and milk is nothing but a different form of blood. It is a fatty food meant for calves only, heavy in saturated fat to speed their development, not a human baby's.


The Orientals think the west is insane for consuming it, but they are starved for fat because of their faulty systems. If this nation ever faces a crisis, cannibalism will arise tenfold.


In Bible days, in times of war, it rose as in other civilizations. But our systems today are more so in need of saturated fat because of the refined sugar we consume which breaks down amino acids, and would throw man into bloodlust if conditions were right. Moses' Laws, most likely, were meant to also end cannibalism which arose.


The Church has exchanged the cup of blood for wine. The Masai who (used to) abstain from alcohol, are better off with their blood, at least they are getting more nutrients.

It must have been confusing for the people then, as now, to discern what god was steering them right and which wrong. Look at all the religions in the world!


In Ur, during the Third Dynasty, the god Lugalbanda and Goddess Ninsum were worshiped, but later would change as did the people. Hammurabi instigated some of the first codes based on the 'Divine Law's,' but he also claimed Marduk for his father (!)


There would be no need of a Bible, or Talmud study, if we could have only been assured whose God was ours.


Man's search for his past seems to have been kept a confusion to him. Profoundly a Talmud Sage remarked,

"The laws of the Torah were handed down that men should live by them and not die because of them."

But how many have died over the contradictory words of the Bible?


Hebrew physicians/Rabbis were constantly in pursuit in the perfection of human biology, unlike Christians, as it reflected from the scriptures which the latter sect is loath to even discern. But by studying the Bible and other laws, we should be able to determine who the villains were and who were not.


Codes of law older than Hammurabi were drawn up by Dungi, king of Ur in the Third Dynasty, and yet before this, the Codes of Urakagina. At Nippur and at Erech. were found the law codes of Nisaba and Hani.


The famous Laws of Hammurabi were drawn up around 1900 B.C.E., by a Semetic ruler after the destruction of Sumer. Hammurabi seems to have been guided in his wars by the gods and around 1800 B.C.E. he established his laws, becoming king of Babylon in 1750 B.C.E.

When Assyrians finally overthrew Sumer, the codes of Hammurabi changed as night into day. Just a casual look at Sumerian writings tell us how morally they had fallen. Lasciviousness was then the ruling passion in all they did. Their short, fat. bulbous bodies, no necked statures, reveal an unhealthy people who lived on too much beer, and fats from meat and milk.


Sumerian art reveals the typical examples of under developed, almost dwarf like features, the big bulging eyes so indicative of malfunctioning thyroids, with a lack of molar bones and atrophy of facial nerves.


Their eyebrows are often extended over the entire glabella, spelling liver disorders.


Sumerians had become very lax in their justice, and inequity was quick to creep in. Most offenses in Sumer were paid in monetary fines, mutilation for some, but justice lost all its logical reckonings. Each civilization would start out with very strict rules, only to regress to a lax in laws as culture replaced empiricism. Intermarriage with outsiders was the main contributor to this for instincts are soon lost through miscegenation.

The Semites once brought death to a man who caused the miscarriage of a woman, but like Sumer. would later only charge so many shekels for it. Adultery was once met by death of the ones involved.


There are many sound biological reasonings for this, one being that if the woman is pregnant by her husband, she will abort if she lies with another. Even mice, when fertilized, will abort by just the presence of a foreign male.


In Deuteronomy, it was death for both adulterer and adulteress.

"Yon must purge the evil from Israel," (Deut 22:22) which is an excellent idea, for both have caused disease and have shown their lack of moral restraint, for if they are lax in this, they are in everything.

They have also toyed with the health of a possible conceptus, and any future offspring will be unhealthy because of the radiations from another mans sperm which alters the uterus.


But the gods would take care of their own, which they had in the past, and would do so with the Hebrews:

Blessings for Obedience. If you pay attention to these laws and are careful lo follow them, then the Lord your God will keep his covenant of love with you, as he swore to your forefathers.


He will love you and bless you and increase your numbers. He will bless the fruit of your womb, the crops of your land - your grain, new wine and oil - the calves of your forefathers lo give you.


You will be blessed more than any other people: none of your men or women will be childless, nor only of your livestock without young. The Lord will keep you free from every disease. He will not inflict on you the horrible diseases you knew in Egypt, but he will inflict them on oil who hale you.


You must destroy all the peoples the Lord your God gives over to you. Do not look on them with pity and do not serve their gods, for that will be a snare to you.

(Deut. 7:12-16)

They knew the bloodlines were weak from all that had happened in Egypt. (He was not fooling about the "diseases" they knew in Egypt!)


Deuteronomy has excellent dietary and character laws, all aimed towards lengthening life and creating healthy offspring. But like a selfish cook, the recipe lacks the main ingredients often because of the dualism of the Gods the people had to contend with. The general populace of church folk, especially today, never seem to have acknowledged these dietary Jaws because it is beyond their comprehension for they try to awaken dormant, genetic, instinctive processes.


Only one prone to this will grasp them.


People often criticize those on health foods, asking how could they pass up all the cakes and cokes, but when you explain that there are other foods much better, once they drop foods that intoxicate body and mind, and that they will promote a healthier and longer life, it falls on deaf ears.


They often state life is too short not to partake of these so-called 'good things of life,' but that is the point, life is so short because of them. Moses could have written his laws in solid gold and risen them a thousand feet high, but you can never relate to mankind the power he has of charming life from death. Man only gives in to the latter for he exists like a spinning top that soon winds itself down.


His cells exist on energy only, just for the moment, not for a lifetime, and how long that is is up to him. Life begins when you are no longer subservient to food. It is things as this which made Talmud study come into being for. unlike the Christian who dogmatically accepts literally everything in the Bible, the Hebrews knew it was derived from other mixed sources and debate was needed to discern the truth.


It is a good thing not everyone on earth has believed all the Bible relates, or there would be no one left.

The food was restricted only for the elite as:

'No one outside a priest's family may eat the sacred offering, nor may the guest of a priest or his hired worker eat it. But if a priest buys a slave with money, for if a slave is born in his household, that slave may eat his food.


If a priest's daughter marries anyone other thon a priest, she may not eat any of the sacred contributions.


But if a priest's daughter becomes a widow or is divorced, yet has no children, and she returns to live in her father's house as in her youth, she may eat of her father's food. No unauthorized person, however, may eat any of it."

(Lev 22:10-16)

That the food was strictly a panacea to promote health and life is no doubt. Intermarriage of the priest's daughter with one who does not believe in the powers of food, met with ostracism.


The husband would change his wife's believes to her detriment and the bloodlines would be lost.

There are very direct rules for meat eating, The fat is trimmed and the meat eaten that same day, "leave none of it till morning" (Lev. 22:29,30). The same is in the Passover Rites, which is sound advice for after even an hour bacteria starts brooding on any meat cooked or raw. Broken tissue and cell fluid such as in ground meat is very noted for this, which is why a good steak is better.


Also, vitamins and minerals quickly are lost from the rancidity.


Vegetable oils will do the same and vitamin E in particular is destroyed. Oil rancidity in both are very cardiogenic and the Lord hastens his priests to eat the meat lest cellular damage occurs.


This is why mother should get back in the kitchen and cook from scratch as cracked nuts, potato chips, cake mixes, etc. are most unhealthy.

"This is a lasting ordinance for the generations to come, wherever you live. You must not eat any fat or any blood"

(Lev. 3:12-17)

Both factors we have touched upon already, but I would like to emphasize more, as there were never more appropriate health rules.


More of our young are showing up with arteriosclerosis. The Louisiana State University found that of 35 youths from 7-24, all but 6 had it, while 46% of all U.S. men at age 22 have the start of coronary heart disease.


We are seeing a barrage of very young people with heart ailments, dying abruptly after physical activity due to agenesis plus poor diets. The dietary laws concerning fat stripped from meat is pertinent to the beginning of life itself. As we saw through Moses' restriction on fat consumption this may have been because, unlike temple cattle, free-ranging cattle were poisoned by radiation.


You should be able to eat both the fat and meat, if it is baked in an air-tight oven for you need all of what is in the piece of meat and the meat balanced with more unsaturated to saturated fat. We cannot safely eat the fats from our cattle today because of the chemicals they feed them.


The body must have both saturated and unsaturated fats to survive. Saturated fats are found heavily in meat, dairy products and nuts and to smaller extents in beans, cereals, etc.


There are other oils the body cannot make which are derived from vegetable sources such as linoleic acid, without which you would crumble to dust and arachidonic acid which aids growth. Animal fats derived from dairy products, milk, cheese, meat and eggs, carry cholesterol one needs also, as it is an important part of the cell. Milk contains the chemicals meant for a growing baby cow, the saturated vs. unsaturated fat balance is off, while eggs have all nutrients and fats in balance and is a perfect food.


However, without saturated fat, vitamins D and A cannot process, and adrenal and gender hormones cannot then function, nor bile salts be made.


Nerve and brain conduction would stop. All natural oils supply lecithin also, an important homogenizing agent which breaks down fat and cholesterol. Eggs have a great deal. Lecithin also supplies choline and inositol which helps the arteries stay clean of cholesterol.


The body needs a complimentary of all food chains, an omnivorous diet has been our key to life. A well rounded diet also comprises all of the amino acids. Thousands of proteins are constructed from various combinations of the 26 amino acids. Every part of our body needs the different proteins. From gestation onward, amino acids are the key to a long and healthy life.

Aging is nothing more than the body's lack of amino acids. Eggs, muscle meats, and glandular meats are the most complete protein sources. Vegetable protein is very low, but nuts, wheat germ, beans, lentils, have a good compliment. Cooking destroys some nutrients always, but that loss is usually made up in a rounded diet.


The key is to keep a balanced diet so that the fats do not overwhelm the arteries, adrenal and gender glands and keeps obesity out of the picture.

The males and females of these lineages were known for their thick hair, the women had babies up until very old. ages past 90. lactation was done for 5-6 years, all of which could not be accomplished without a balanced diet. Moses brought his Egyptian diet with him which had whole flours, wheat, barley, rye, which supplied plenty of B vitamins to keep the fats in order, the manganese in it also utilizes fats and helps choline do same.


All this also supplied plenty of vitamin E which cannot work unless fat and bile are present in the intestine.


Its fighting properties to retard aging are well-known, but before you go and grab all the bottles of E off the drugstore wall, it does not work alone, it must have vitamins A, D. K, and C. It retards cellular breakdown from the oxygen we breathe and promotes healthy babies, strong muscles and more: it is vital for the nucleus of every cell. It prevents blood clotting and helps the liver detoxify harmful substances.


The thyroid is kept healthy, as well as the pituitary and other glands. In the good old days, before refining of cereals and oils, we received 150 units of E a day. it is now 7.4 units, or less. In meat with a balance of saturated and unsaturated fats, cholesterol is no problem as it metabolizes even better.


Cholesterol is important to brain functions and without which can make one prone to seeing illusions, again where vegetarians lose out and why Hitler was so irrational.

Hormonal problems can arise which result from too much fat in an unbalanced diet, and was just as serious in Moses' day. as now. when they fought the androgyne problem.; The pituitary contains 200 more times the vitamin E than any other part of the body and stimulates the thyroid and gender hormones. Our lack of it. but our rise of saturated fats, has created our greater problem of androgyny we see today.


Doctors as Dr. Price warned of this happening today many years ago. Diet during pregnancy, as stated, is a great factor here. Estrogen levels in women are kept high and testosterone levels in men where fats are kept in balance. It sort of makes one shiver with fright to see pregnant women eating things as ice cream which abounds in androgyne making little molecules as the fat swamps her system.


The wild cravings of pregnant women would not be so if their diets were properly balanced and the bloating you see so common, would not occur if they would get off salt and sugar. Naturopathic women have no such cravings or morning sickness, which is not normal as it is terribly hard on mother and child. Our fast-food chains are dens of 'faturated' foods as they cater to those who crave fats from unbalanced meals.


Even the most healthy body would have difficulty eliminating all the fats in their version of a hamburger.


Fast food chicken sandwiches have 42 grams of fat which would be as eating a pint and a half of Sealtest ice cream. With so much fat. LDL receptors cannot channel cholesterol throughout the blood as the bread they serve is from refined flour, but even whole would not be enough to counter this flood of fats! Add to this the sugar in the ketchup and drinks, and you have a meal you would only like to see Heinrich Himmler eat.


The Gods were immortal because they knew what the body needed to regenerate its cells and did not tax their bodies. (There is however, nothing golden about McDonald's arches!)

Women need a complete course in the management and cooking of meat, yet everyday she creates more poison than Lucrezia Borgia ever dreamed of. If she wants a career in chemistry, she will find the kitchen has more opportunities for exploration than she could ever imagine.


Moses and his lineages were all tall, strong, intelligent people, the women with the normal hour glass figure, artificially produced in the last century with corsets, while today, few know what it is, all lost to androgyny.


I am always amazed how Nostradamus predicted that perversion would arise tenfold in the 1970's, but anyone with insight and knowledge could have predicted that each lineage is as worse as the other.


How ironic and sad it is that on Sundays everyone sits in front of the very book that has the soundest of dietary rules, which they proceed to break the minute they leave. These edicts are meant to give a long and happy life instead of down on your knees.

Holistic agriculture was well promoted in the Bible:

Do not plain two kinds of seed in you vineyard; if you do, not only the crops you plant but also the fruit of the vineyard will be defiled.

(Lev 19:19b)

Soil can only bear one type of seed growth, not a mixture, for healthy bounties.


Chemical fertilizers have upset the balance of soil today which has stripped it of manganese which, among many things, its lack of causes abnormal growth, deformities and impotency in man. Farmers fight bugs and other critters and disease in their crops because once the soil cannot properly nourish the plant, the latter cannot produce their natural toxins to fight off the invaders.


Animals raised on experimental farms and grazed on rich, normal soils, when injected with hoof and mouth and Barig's disease, fought them completely off. The meat of such animals is lean and healthy as animals in the wild. Saturated fats are lowered even more.


Our fear of red meats is not so much the meat itself, but the ghastly ways they use to fatten beef with drugs they ingest and inject. We used to obtain beef from slowly maturing animals whose meat was lean, the fat soft, and very unsaturated with a yellow color, but enter the synthetic feeds. They even give them plastic for roughage, also wood and ground up newspaper.


Stilbestrol is a drug used to increase weight but it also causes leukemia, breast cancer and fibroid tumors and excess menstrual bleeding and sterility. Antibiotics, tranquilizers, female hormones, DDT, are all in our meats which cannot be cooked out.


The Gods would make the earth tremble if they had to eat this!

The proper growing, preparation and eating of food is vital to a peoples growth and success. Talmudic teaching was devoted to the search for the Kosher life. There is no ambrosia of eternal youth, it will take only sound knowledge and by partaking of all of earth's riches. Our bodies, like the earth, are whole, so must be our ingestion of food with no refinement, and from every source, animal and plant life.


The most food seems to be to many people is as a perverted appeasement to satisfy neurotic tendencies and anxiety. To the ancients it was a basis of life, but there is not much life in a hot fudge Sunday. It was forbidden to eat in Gentile homes or even before them (many Indian tribes are like this and will often cover their mouths if eating in public).


Joseph, when at the house of Pharaoh Pentephres, ate alone for to eat before this Pharaoh "was an abomination to him."


Some sources state it was because the food came in contact with idols but that was not so as Joseph would not eat with this particular party for if people do not share your feelings about food you eat, it is most disturbing. Food will not process if the system is stressed, as many a gaseous, indigestible stomach will attest to.

Alcohol has been a falling of man because of his faulty endocrine system caused by his poor eating habits and genetics. That wine and blood were equated is no myth; both feed a cannibalistic desire for fat metabolism. Alcohol destroys essential fatty acids and promotes fat formation, an attempt to thwart an agenetic need for excess sugar (glucose).


Sumerian peoples, as shown in their art. are very overweight revealing their love of beer and wine and the many types of fat they ate. The Egyptians in the early Dynasties were slim and trim, the men powerfully built and tall, but this did not last long, and they lived to ancient ages. Longevity today is no longer that of many years ago, despite the propaganda, but many pass the danger of childhood diseases they succumbed to in antiquity.


But, they live no longer, dying in their 70's. while more people lived to 90-100+ up until the turn of the century. At the time of the Bible, to give you an example of age reflections, charioteers had to be no younger than 30. horsemen, 40. men of the line, 40, in camp 50, officers. 40. anyone younger than these ages was considered a child. Puberty at this time was around 30 while we take men for service before 21.


But of the branches of Hebrews whose lineages were cast from the Nibiru, (despite the emphasis of wine in the Bible which was written by those who indulged, the offshoots of the nomads who would claim to be of true Hebrew extraction) they kept to their strict food regulation as the Egyptians.


Kashrut, which was more strict than kosher, means Tit" or "proper." Kashrut means also 'forbidden' as does Terefah.


Today, it is hard to .find one who sticks to the ancient Talmudic codes, even among Hebrews. An April issue of the JERUSALEM POST for Passover advocates that a name brand baking soda is kosher to use for ritual cooking and cleaning, but I am afraid Moses would not approve as it is, like most baking sodas, filled with aluminum which is a cell toxin and contributes to such disorders as Alzheimers disease. Kosher even permits the drinking of milk and eating of butter, as well as wine, which are forbidden foods.

During World War I in Denmark and World War II in Britain, when flour was left whole with the germ intact, heart attacks even at these critical times, decreased promptly.


The Jews of Kashrut sects always have known it seems that the Bible is a debatable issue and each eats and drinks different things as other religions do. The Nazarites refrained from alcohol as does wise Islamic law. Some Talmud teachers promoted that a little wine, like a little yeast, is good, while others abstain completely.


Control of drinking habits, was always a hallmark among Jews as compared to Gentiles, but in the last 50 years with intermarriage, it no longer holds true as they become more involved with Gentiles in business and social affairs. Most have fallen into the ways of western culture.

Hillel taught us to believe our mind and senses in his Hebrew wisdom. The fall of man was the meat of the Midrash. Why. they asked, must man suffer? Holistic thought is certainly not new. Mind and body as a whole are tantamount to life, the united fight against death.


Saadia Gaon, rector of the Rabbinic Academy in Sura, Babylonia, 10th century, pointed out that in contrast to the neurotic Christians,

"We declare that there is nothing impure about the human body!"

But he followed Kashrut, while his opponents were giving wine as blood in sacraments and cakes made of white flour and sugar. Centuries before, Gaon's God was having his people burn that garbage at the alter!


As the Talmud taught,

"they who preach beautifully but do not act beautifully. When the rules come as instinct, life is complete.


The Laws of Moses seem to have tried to promote this. But it takes a veiy special people to adhere to these disciplines which is why all religions, like political parties, are a state of mind. Those of the same genetic similarities will band together.

"Do not cook a young goat in its mother's milk."

(Dent. 14:21b)

I always have to chuckle at this line, forgive me!


But the very illustrious journal, BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY REVIEW, carried a lengthy article on it, a debate between varying theological philosophies of its grave importance and meaning to man. They even equated it with incest! The answer is so simple and well-meaning to a sitologist without all this philosophical claptrap. You cannot put fat with fat. Period.


Like veal, young goat meat is a delicacy, but despite its low fat content, do not cook it in the mother's super-fatted milk. This is why there are separate meat and milk dishes in kosher homes, as well as separate cooking pots.


Strict Jews wait six hours between the eating of meat and milk. If you must drink the latter however, sounder dietary strategies were never given. The heavy influx of all this saturated fat is too much for the body together at one time and overwhelms digestion as with the young goat and milk.


Just how dangerous some foods were to them and their ultra-pure bodies, it was said that just,

"the taste of forbidden food is as forbidden as the food itself," warned the Talmud.


"These are the regulations concerning animals, birds, every living thing that moves in the water and every creature that moves about on the ground. You must distinguish between the unclean and the clean, between living creatures that may be eaten and those that may not be eaten."

(Lev. 11:46.47)

Each of the animals listed offered nutrients and benefits not found in others because each has a different feeding pattern.


One basic difference is that wild meat contains five times more polyunsaturated fats and cholesterol. Our domestic animals today would contain more except for the horrid manner in which we feed them.


Studies are being conducted on cicosapent-aenoic acid which is a polyunsaturated fat in wild game which actually inhibits arteriosclerosis! Meat possesses excellent digestive qualities when it is properly nurtured as in the wild, and has even been found to contain anti-cancer chemicals which are masked by poor feed and drugs.


The egg, like meat, has taken a beating for its cholesterol, but it is a whole food, the best source of protein as meat, and it contains lecithin which, like the polyunsaturated fats in meat, curbs cholesterol and fats and allows them to do their jobs.


The deer feeds, for example, on rhododendrons here in the states which are poisonous to sheep and cattle because deer and only a few other herbivores have no gal! bladder, yet they can break down the fats of favorite foods like acorns. But, all this makes their meat different and boast other agents the others do not have.


Wild goats eat shoots and grasses found only in the mountains as do mountain sheep.

"Do not eat any detestable thing. These are the animals you may eat: the ox, the sheep, the goat, the deer, the gazelle, the roe deer, the goal, the ibex, the antelope and the mountain sheep."

(Deut. 14:3-5)

Antelope, ibex and gazelle are plains feeders and their meat is lean and nutritious.


Most of these people were proficient hunters, and like the Pharaohs, put a compliment of these foods on the tables. Grain fed animals produce a meat high in mineral content (you would never know it today) with little fat.

Hunting is an art for it is the procurement of healthy foods, not a sport. When Pharaoh forgot this, hunting became a bloody free-for-all as tomb paintings show. A clean kill is the code of the true hunter.


I grew up amidst people who hunted and one quickly comes to the fact that hunting, like coition, is a release of tension and hostilities for man. They love to kill. But. the most vicious were the young hunters who took all their family and personal troubles to the woods. I have heard horror stories of sadism done to deer and squirrel, even bear, that would make even Nimrod blush.


Our young people love to see killing, which is why violent movies are so popular for they actually laugh at it! I come from a family of hunters, my father is a skillful hunter, who was particular of what he shot and how, striving to do it as humanely as possible, being an expert marksman on foot and horse.


You can always tell in Minnesota when hunting season is on for the men are such poor shots you see all these mutilated animals about. The Shechitah was one area the Bible left out (it does that a lot!) which is so very important.


The manner in which an animal is slaughtered is as vital as the way it is fed. The Egyptians practiced Shechitah (ritual slaughtering); it has roots that must go back to the gods.


Said Maimonides (12th century),

"Since the need of procuring food necessitates the slaying of animals, the law enjoins that the death of an animal should be the easiest."

The basic reasons are so often misunderstood in this matter.


Hebrews were as Egyptians, known for their respect of animals, and when it came to killing, they knew instinctively the most humane way and biology certainly bears out the issue of the purity, of this meat. Stress to an animal, like man, creates an excess of lactic and pyruvic acids which invade the heart and tissues.


Glygogen stores are thus used up. B-complexes, especially thiamine, is leached from the over abundance of pyruvic acid which normally oxidizes.


An animal waiting for slaughter, in strange surroundings, only builds up more and more tension. If the blood is not thoroughly drained from the animal, "dark-cuttings" occur from this acid buildup which remains there and is ingested by us.


The meat spoils much quicker and invites more bacterial growth. Killing animals with electric shocks, or blows to the head, are not quick enough and are cruel if the animal is not killed immediately, all the worse for the consumer.


Only one-half of the blood is removed this way. where by ritual slaughter it is almost total. Protein content is also lowered in the meat if not done properly and rigor mortis sets in faster.


The job of the schochet is to see the animals are in the calmest of spirits before the slaughter. In the wilds, the cunning and skill of beast or hunter brings his prey down quickly and death is immediate. It is not to be wondered why carnivorous animals instinctively strike at the jugular vein after a stealthy maneuver. Shechitah merely emulates these beasts of prey.


The soft parts of the neck, including the trachea, esophagus, carotid arteries and jugular veins are severed. Death is then very swift.


Hebrew law forbids hunting, which seems to contradict Egyptian. One basic problem we have today is our meat is not fresh as additives, preservatives and coloration must be added or you could not stand to walk by the grocery meat counter. This is where Shechitah is best applied for in one cut of the shochet's knife, it is all over.


The stroke of his hand must be swift with no hesitation, the knife cannot be moved back and forth, the cut must be downward, not upward. The knife must be long and broad and the backbone and spinal cord left intact to allow complete bleeding.


This completely drains most of the blood (ever noticed all the blood in the packages in the meat market?), thereby bacteria as ptomaine, which lowers protein and amino acids, cannot form.


Putrefaction is at a minimum and digestion is complete. The schochet. the man responsible for this, was considered highly and had to be in the peak of health and of exceptionally high morals. Animal pathology and disease were well studied by him. A branding iron is used by him to insure his customers the meat is. as the Egyptians would have termed it, maat-pure, clean.


Today, we slaughter cattle and other animals most inhumanely and the meat is very poor. I think anyone who knows meat cut right off the farm versus store bought, knows the difference.


Talmudic sages warned that,

"all these things (that are terefoh) are forbidden because they deprave the blood and make it susceptible to many diseases. They pollute the body and soul."

How true this is!


The less your cells have to fight, the longer you will live and have healthy offspring. Many have accused Hebrew laws as being merely ritual, founded on totemism, but ritual founded on hygiene is instinct personified. People always like witch-hunts.


The lion was the escutcheon of the Nibiru and Hebrews for his bravery and strength and in the art of the kill he is very clean for his massive jaws snap the jugular and wind-pipe of his prey as his two legged counterpart is supposed to do with the arrow, bullet or knife, but often does a terrible job of it. The lion has fallen from grace in the last few years with women's liberation, have you heard? They tell us the lion is lazy and the females do all the work.


Well, that's fine. What they do not tell you is when the going is tough for them the males snuff out the prey and kills it himself or makes it easier for the females to do so.


Leaving one part out of a story sure destroys the entire message. Why would the lion have such strong muscles?


They would atrophy if he never used them, and compared to the female, he has her out-weighted in the muscle department.

"There are some that only chew the cud or only have a split hoof, but you must not eat them. The cornel, though it chews the cud, does not have a split hoof; it is ceremonially unclean for you. The coney (hyrax or rock badger A.N.) though it chews the cud, does not have a split hoof; it is unclean for you.


The rabbit, though it chews the cud, does not have a split hoof; it is unclean for you. And the pig, though it has a split hoof completely divided, does not chew the cud; it is unclean for you. You must not eat their meat or touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you."

(Deui. 14:6-8)

Animals with split hooves who chew their cud are called ruminates and show they are efficient in nutrient metabolism for they have horns or antlers as well.


Just as a healthy head of hair and fingernails says the same of us. A pig is almost bald, indicative of a poor system. Pigs do not ruminate and have only split hooves, no horns or antlers, which means their tissues lack all the nutrients and enzymes the others have.


Horns and antlers are not the same. Horns are found on sheep, bison, antelope, cattle, goats, whereas deer have antlers. Horns are never shed, antlers are, and are fed by blood vessels whereas antlers (only in the Cervidae family) are actual bone composed of calcium and phosphorus.


Keratin, like our fingernails, is the composition of horns and hooves and are composed of protein and minerals such as iron, and is actually solidified hair.


Horned animals ruminate which means there are four sections to the stomach, the rumen, the reticulum, the omasum and the aboniasum. It is a superb digesting set-up, meaning clean meat. This is why horses, dogs, cats, etc., are taboo for people, their meat is not meant for consumption.


The more intelligent the animal, the more its brain relies on cholesterol and fats making their meat unfit as a total food stuff for another species.


In the rumen, food which is missed by chewing, is fermented there. A symbiotic relationship of billions of organisms and metabolites such as short chain volatile fatty acids like acetic, valeric, propionic and butyric acids says why their meat is so lean and nutritious.


They regurgitate food from the rumen, and gullet, and digestive juices and through chewing, further break it down by at least 40-50 chews per lemon-sized ball of cud.

"These are the birds you are lo detest and not eat because they are detestable: the eagle, the vulture, the black vulture, the red kite, any kind of black kite, any kind of raven, the horned owl, the screech owl, the gull, any kind of hawk, the little owl, the cormorant, the great owl, the white owl, the desert owl, the osprey, the stork, any kind of heron, the hoopoe and the bot."

(Deut. 14:11-18)

These birds eat nothing but meat, nothing else to draw out the impurities, so. no pure meat as the ruminants.


Animals, as the lion and dog. need no other vegetable sources, for they are really omnivorous like us. obtaining their vegetable matter in another form by eating the organs of ruminants.


Vitamin C is procured for them by eating the adrenals, the highest source of it. Veterinarians should take notice of this fact, as our dogs are succumbing to cancer and other disorders because they are not getting what they would in the wild. Vultures are scavengers, as are ravens, and will eat any putrefied flesh which makes them diseased.

Now, lets get to the peccary, or pig. He is a topic I could take pages on.


An Iowa farmer stated:

"The swine in Iowa are principally fed on corn, but they will eat anything we give them. If anything dies, we throw it to the hogs. I have actually seen hogs chewing on the cancer of other hogs and these ore shipped to market... If swine are raised in a lot with other animals such as the horse, the cow, etc.. they will eat and drink the very refuse of animals."

In the wilds, he does no different for he is a scavenger, he cleans up. but he is not meant for consumption.


The pig will literally eat anything, and farmers falling with heart attacks in troughs have been eaten by them just as wild hogs will do to someone stranded. Easter hams are a tribute to stupidity. The pig is thus the most unhealthy animal in the wild and on the farm, and parallels the hyena in consumption of decayed foodstuffs.


The pig's digestive system has no purifying qualities and very limited excretory organs.


Because of this, disease is prevalent among them, particularly a fungus condition which oozes out between their toes from the sudoriferous glands as the main artery here becomes blocked and green growths sprout on his body. His hooves are always a tell-tale sign of body toxins.


These growths are usually cut off at the packing plant before the inspector comes. Actually, the pig is very much like man, his digestive system is simple and even his teeth are so much like ours that a famous 'hominid' discovery was thought to have been made out west years ago, showing how easily evolutionists can be fooled. They make excellent lab specimen's for their systems are most like ours.


The piggy-bank was a natural thought for it is money in the bank for a farmer to raise pigs as they can convert corn to meat five times as fast than with cattle. A cow needs nine months of gestation, a pig only four, while after six months a piglet can weigh four hundred pounds or more. Their love of grain has often been blamed for the Hebrews hatred of them, but this is not so.


They will even gain weight on alfalfa. But this rapid metabolizing is what should be abhorrent to people when they see an animal so susceptible to gaining flubber. The animal is somatopathically flawed with all the evidence of a malfunctioning thyroid.


It is all hyperplastic tissue. He has no sweat glands, whereas cattle have them on the noses and preorbital areas, and must wallow in mud to cool itself which brings another problem as the organisms here enter the skin and are encrusted there after he arises. Trichonosis is quite mild compared to all the other things pigs cause.


Meat produced from the pig has 45% fat compared to 22% for beef, 28% for lamb and with very negligible amounts of polyunsaturated fats.

The law against camels is much the same as pigs, it has split toes and its hump here that renders it inedible as it is a storage of fat. acquired because fats must be taken from the system to gather there in quantity so the balance of nutrients is gone.

The hare is ostracized because they can only digest by eating their feces which is reason enough, for they cannot have meat pure enough from such a system. Domesticated rabbits get enormously big because their feces fall through the wire cages they are kept in. The coney, or shaphan, is the dassie or rock badger, a cute little rascal, but not kosher, he does not chew his cud. He is just good for hugging!

Moses tells us not to touch the carcasses of the unclean dead which is elementary. Skin is an organ and like any other organ which emits poisons, lets them in as well because it breathes.


Every air particle you came in contact with today is now a part of you and if your system is weak it is even harder on you. With unclean flesh, alive or dead, microorganisms are absorbed like magnets. Poisons emitted by people around you, those you met in the market today, are now a part of you, which if they are contrary to your system, are trying on your cells.


The ancients always stayed away from those 'unclean' to them, for they seemed to know instinctively that diseased or perverted peoples have differing electromagnetic patterns and chemicals which intrudes on the systems of others, often to the latter s detriment.

"Of all the creatures living in the water of the seas and the streams, you may eat any that haw fins and scales. But all creatures in the seas or streams that do not have fins and scales - whether among all the swarming things or among all the other living creatures in the water - you are to detest.


And since you are to detest them, you must not eat their meat and you must detest their carcasses. Anything living in the water that does not have fins and scales is to be detestable to you. "

Fish were forbidden to Egyptians, perhaps for the reasons I have stated.


But many had aqua-pools that stocked fresh fish, perhaps because of radiation. However, they seem to have relished it in much earlier times. Fish without scales fall into the same category as pigs for they are scavengers.


This means lobster and shrimp too. but for another reason as well for they pick up mercury in the waters which is very injurious to our cells. Bad breath, rapid heartbeat, is sometimes experience by people who ingest them. Probably one of the biggest chuckles is that Catholics permit fish eating on Friday's, but then expect women to practice the rhythm method of birth control when fish have an enzyme which causes ovum to act erratically and upsets the system!


It seems the fish eating once done in Egypt was a food only for men, as other foods and spices, such as pepper and the 'hot' spices, but still must be eaten in moderation.

"All flying insects that walk on all fours are lo be detestable to you. There are, however, same winged creatures that walk on all fours that you may eat: those that have jointed legs for happing on the ground. Of these you may eat any kind of locust, katydid, cricket or grosshopper. But all other winged creatures that have four legs you ore to detest."

(Deut. 14:19,20)

Beware of the Gods bearing foods!


The Lord tells us the most healthful laws and then throws a monkey wrench into the whole matter. The problem with insects is the chitin, a white horny material composing their exoskeleton.


It serves two primary functions, as a repository of fungi which is why many insects can be carriers of disease. It is a symbiotic relationship. It also staves off radiation. Chitin is another reason lobster and shrimp cannot be eaten. The apes termite fish with sticks and eat lice as many societies do which are from filthy habits.


Aristotle enjoyed cicados in the nymph state. Romans enjoyed a grub called cossus. Chinese have enjoyed silkworms, crickets, water beetles and grasshoppers are enjoyed around the world. Protein and fat content are high in insects but cannot reach the level of meat and the chitin would restrict metabolism. As stated, I believe they may have used the insects for another reason for as with clay, chitin would be an excellent chelating substance to rid the body of poisons such as radiation.


But, we must remember, this may be another tell-tale sign here for in a nuclear war, insects would be our only edible food for they are the only living thing that radiation will not harm because of their plate of chitin about them.


This may have been the only "clean" food in many areas.




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