Do not laugh at a blind man nor tease a dwarf Nor injure the affairs of the lame. Do not tease a man who is in the hand of the god, Nor be fierce of face against him if he errs.

Instructions of Amen-em-opet, son of Ka-nakfit-Thebes (?) 7-6 centuries (?)





Amen-em-opet may have had the official designation - Amen - to his name, but he, like many forced to submission under Amen-Ra, knew that it was not the gods who perpetrated the crimes but 'the god,' and saw his people suffer from the morbidity of god's reign.


As far as disease is concerned, before 1500 B.C.E., mummies show us little or none at all. In fact, the cause of death cannot be found for the early Dynasty mummies, whereas infection and trauma are rife in later times. No evidence of the three common scourges of mankind are found, TB, syphilis or tumors. This tells us that their diets and lifestyles were excellent and their morals uncommonly supreme.


An alteration of this, and you have pathergasia which sets the ball rolling for a decaying of generations. Rob the body and mind of the nutrients it demands, and moral promiscuity follows, the final stage until the lineages become wasted and expire. Even early mummies that did show severe fractures, showed no sepsis as later Dynasties did.


This is utterly remarkable, if not a little exasperating. You could not make that claim today where poor diets cannot heal bones properly and often surgery is needed. I do have to smile at one pathologists remark that the viruses back then must have been of "lower virulence "(I)


There they go again, with western medical rationality, that it is the terrible germ that we fear, never that man becomes ignorant of his world and self. These people had ultra-superior immune systems from the wheat, barley, meat, fruit, oils, meat, seeds and nuts. The germs were the same then as now. (Ever get the feeling that medicine is influenced by religion but instead of the devil, it is the germ, something to blame their own weaknesses on?)

The people knew where their dire ills came form, as Amen-em-opet and the Ebers tells us.


One of the most logical outcomes of these disasters of Egypt was what we have already spoken of, but must now elaborate more upon, that of blindness. The blind were numerous in Egypt and as Ainen-em-opet tells us with dwarfs, they were from the hand of god. Blind singers and musicians are often depicted. One would think paleopathologists would have picked up on this as an indicator of some general trauma, but not being sitologists, I guess we can expect this.


When pictures of blind harpists tugged the heartstrings of the 19th century Egyptian enthusiasts, someone should have done some research. Obviously, they could not have understood the idea of radiation. Whether they were blind from birth or struck down by the gods, no one can tell, (plate no. 18)

Egyptians needed no written music but played totally by extinct (a fact Egyptologists never elaborate), a great indicator of their cerebral and neurological strengths. Music is nothing more than the body's relationship with the forces of sound in the universe. Once one has strummed a guitar, or struck keys on a piano, the notes should respond equally to the right and left brain hemispheres whose neuronal junctions are musical in their electrical workings and this relates back to the sounds of the music.


The rhythms of the mind. Music always reflects how healthy the body is and why rock music describes unconnected neural junctions, the body out of balance, yearning to 'make connection,' while classical music relates a body in harmony with itself and the world.


Women were never shown in Dynastic periods playing instruments, but merely enjoying what the men performed as a gynic does not have total hemisphere interplay because the corpus callosum is too weak. Also, the hands are too sensitive as each finger stimulates a corresponding organ and irritation of them can do injury.


They would not have dreamt of letting a woman blow a horn as it is too draining on her system, for a woman cannot lose oxygen flow without harm. Music and dancing seemed more a test of masculine neurological control, and if there was any dancing done it was the men who did it, for the same reasons as in Amerindian societies and even the Highland Fling which was once only done by men.


As men became more androgynous they relied on musical notes and few people today have the instincts to play without them. Sherlock Holmes as a boy (so the story goes) was upset with himself because he could not learn the violin quickly despite the fact he had just gotten it a few days before. He was just upset, as many people are, that his brain hemispheres could not work mutually with his sense of touch and hearing.


Helen Keller stated she could "feel" music which is just what you have to do to play automatically.


Dermo-auditory perception is keenly lacking in Caucasians however many Indian, African and Oriental peoples still play without written music. Many Middle East and Oriental peoples do not beat time to the music with their foot as a white or black would, which is purely an example of the latter two's need for music to compensate for a neurological imbalance while the former people play music to reflect smoother mental functioning. The darker the skin, the better vitamin A content which makes the skin more responsive to sensations.


Black people, as other dark skinned peoples, only get 'the beat' when on unwholesome foods. Some Arab friends of ours once remarked that they would play their music tapes for us but feared we might not find the music stimulating enough, thinking we liked rock.


Correcting him on that issue, he said with great relief,

"Allah, be praised."

Nonetheless, our blind minstrels were blind because of acute or progressive radiation.


However, there is one area, already lightly covered, which points to the same problems. The endocrine system has been disrupted, the thyroid and pituitary in particular. There is no one walking the earth today who is not either hyper or hypo-thyroid, and the same weaknesses apply to every other endocrine organ to some extent or the other.


They all go hand and hand, and acromegaly and dwarfism is most indicated in the Egyptian peoples. Again, we can rule out diet as the major fault, and rely on radiation as the culprit. We have already seen Akhenaten and his problem, and many peoples like himself came to worship the disc and sun as hypercalcemia demanded more exposure to the sun to soak in as much vitamin D as possible.


As a son of Indra, he was suffering as they since the Fall, but without the negative ions of the disc he could not take the sun for long and like his ancestors was used to the environment of the hollow earth.


A very revealing passage from an Assyrian sovereign to Akhenaten tells us that the sun was not well loved by all despite the latter's photophilia, and that at least somebody was quite aware this king was quite mad and knew not the sun's injurious ways:

"Why are my messengers kept standing in the open sun? They will die in the open sun. If it does the king good to stand in the open sun, then let the king stand there and die in the open sun. Then will there be profit for the king! But really, why should they die in the open sun?... They will be killed in the open sun!" 2

These were terribly bold words to say to the 'sun' king Akhenaten.


The sovereign makes such remonstrations against the sun that it seems to be overstated as if the sun had become very evil, which perhaps it did, with a malfunctioning disc as Akhenaten seems to have lost control over it. Nonetheless, as to our blindness, acromegaly or any severe pituitary malfunction reduces visual fields and Akhenaten was no different than his blind father as the Veda tells us Indra came to be.


The story of Oedipus, clearly the tale of Akhenaten's reign, tells of his eventual blindness. Statuary and reliefs of Akhenaten show the typical inflamed, squinting eyes. The older he became, the more prognathous his face, the bigger and more inverted his lips with a craving for heavy, fatted foods and drink. The fat to help metabolize what little vitamin A he had and the alcohol to do the same with the little iron he had. Because of his photophilia, it is easy to assume he was of light skin.


Sooner or later he would have started to brown as the adrenal cortex is not receiving enough stimuli from the pituitary and whatever copper/zinc/iron levels he had, reacting to the heavy CO2 and ionization, would mean progressive skin changes.


His father was red skinned so his offspring would be varying shades of lightness which would have transformed to darker in an unnatural environment. Here is where white was not a last state and where biochemistry can go in the reverse depending on the organism and surroundings, but it is still a degeneration. (See why I told you no one walks the earth in perfection?)


From an olive skin the degeneration is green/red/brown/yellow/white, but if there are light offspring, it goes the other way if diet is wrong and going by what Akhenaton devoured in his bas reliefs, this would have led to his further degeneration to other colors. Under the despoiled environment, olive skinned people, if they could not help themselves, just eventually 'whitened out' and died.


Today, whites with Addison or Cushings disease, or those on refined sugar, often turn brown or copper colors because of faulty endocrine function. Akhenaten also showed the classic open mouth in his later years from hyperglossia just as his father did. Many people today have progressive acromegaly for if you look around you, you will see the 'cod-fish' open mouth in many. In a few more generations Neanderthal shall return.


Nonetheless, going by the Ebers (The Papyrus Ebers) and Egyptian art, many had an 'atut,' or thyroid, problem, if you recall the Ebers. It would be interesting to know, however, if his acromegaly was hastened by radiation rather than just environment alone.


As we have learned, he was the head of the flying corps there and in charge of the disc, which seems to have been the reason for everyone's downfall due to his inefficiency.


If I were, however, to make but one comment on him it would be this, confirming his lineage. Look at the picture (plate no. 19) here, if man wants to look at a true son of God, here he is, the very stigma of Satan himself revealed in this unfortunate face, which is only an endocrine problem and nothing more, despite man's religious fear of him that resides in the very core of his blackest dreams.


It is sad, he was a true Nibiruian, but circumstances led his family astray as his father seems to have been at one time one of the noblest soldiers of these lineages, The Nibiruian family gave them every chance, but their corrupted biochemistries led them to other paths.

The thyroid absorbs more radiation than any other body organ because radionuclides concentrate on energy producing areas most and affects children more because they are so small making cells a prime target for radiation. Fallout from the Marshall Islands increased thyroid cancer incidences and other thyroid abnormalities as well as leukemia.


They have found that here, genetic defects are appearing in the second generations. Retardation and stunted growth has been observed as well. The same problems have been witnessed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Just x-rays taken of the mother when pregnant have produced leukemia and childhood cancers through to adult. Ebers again points to an astounding number of pituitary disorders and particularly acromegaly-induced galactorrhea which is excessive milk flow. If you think I am speaking only of women I am not. "Man's Milk" was used in treatments in Ebers and in acromegaly men often experience it.


Egyptian artwork is rampant with breasted men. When we speak of pituitary disruption as this, we are again discussing androgyny. Akhenaten had very feminine features, even a gynic pelvis, broader than most women today! (plate no. 20) As you can see in this picture, estrogen influx is heavy, having occurred at conception. Androgyny was the stigma of their lineages.


The same gender aberrated people are seen in other Egyptian, as well as the Veda and Sumerian, scripts.


Hermaphrodites were common as we have seen as Tern was said to have onanisted and created Shu and Tefnut, which is not impossible, and there are cases on record. "Now a myth of this character can only be the product of a people at a low level of civilization" committed Budge. Other writers have elaborated it into^some philosophical meaning as one author declares it is symbolic blastogenesis.


There has been a mistranslation, again translation is in the eyes of the beholder, for the god is often said to give birth from his mouth but the translation can mean vulva, but the translator could not harbor the idea of an Egyptian god putting his own semen in his vulva not realizing the problem. The mouth lends to it a philosophical bend while we lose the medical implications here.


The more we understand, the more we can come to know what was happening in these times.


There was nothing ignorant about Egyptian civilization, they were only relating what they knew and we have been too blind to interpret it. But, when you see thyroid problems, tumors, insanity, galactorrhea, dwarfism, etc., etc., there was definitely a serious calamity.


Since Velikovsky, it has been popular to blame the events of Exodus and the plagues, etc., on volcanic eruption.


The finding of the collapsed volcano Santorini in Greece has some historians stating \t was from this eruption between 1450 and 1200 B.C.E. that darkened Egyptian skies. Again, you would not find such serious pathologies among a people on as healthy a diet as they. With the severe volcanic eruptions we have seen in this century, no one was as badly affected and we are physically at the low end compared to Egyptians, even in their worst of times.

The Veda is very clear that they knew the differences between comets, meteors and "celestial chariots" and stated very succinctly that the noise and commotion was from the battles of the gods and if there were any environmental upheavals, it was a result of that. Not rain gods or lightening gods or other translated gibberish, but a devastating war.

The people of Ra seemed to know what to do to avoid the problems while those of Indra did not fare so well. The taboo on fish and water for instance. Both strontium-90 and cesium-137 were no doubt contained in the fish (the former hits the skeleton and the latter resides in the flesh). Tritium from fusion explosions is taken up by water and evenly distributed throughout the body, hence their sudden rise to build pools for water. They certainly did not swim in them.


This is easily deducted for Egyptian remains show a lack of a torus auditivus, a bony swelling in the external ear canal, caused by swimming and has been found in all peoples ancient and modern and reflects why man should not be in the water unless protected. One study on ancient Egyptians found none until the time of the Greeks and Romans.


It was remarkable that a river community did not swim; pictures show workers in the water no higher than knee-deep. But here we equate 20th century thinking to Egyptian and it will not work. It was thought the temperature of the Nile might have prevented this as there is a difference between Polynesian and Melanesian ratios but we do not know if the swellings are deep or superficial in the ancient Egyptians, so the study is inconclusive.


The Egyptians did not jump into the water no doubt because they knew our ears are not aquatic and drainage cannot occur. They also probably knew the water and all in it seeps into your system. But it also proves that these pools they built were not for recreation but for drinking water and irrigation, cleaning, etc.


Remember how Indra's wife made him bring in clean water?


All this is also a strike against the aquatic ape evolutionary theory as apes developing exostoses as this from swimming could not evolve at all for when the ears are infected, or their acuteness lost, it makes you a prime target for prey and your perception of things is very much off,

It is no wonder the 'anointing of oil' came to be an Egyptian hallmark. We know it repels radiation and if they lost the power of the disc, it does protect one from harmful rays of the sun. This covering of the body with oil is seen in many cultures. The Hawaiians, whose customs were so very Egyptian, retained the daily ritual with coconut oil.


When the missionaries came they made them stop the practice and many Hawaiians died of skin cancer, leprosy, and other infections as the sun lowers immunity. Another gift of Christianity to the Hawaiians.

If you look closely at the picture of the blind musicians you will notice bulbous bellies and on the harpist, decidedly enlarged mammary glands. I cannot help but think what we have is acromegaly represented here. Also, there is an enlargement of the noses and the harpist has a hawk nose, definitely not Egyptian, more like the nomadic tribes as the Hyskos.


We are either seeing miscegenation here or the resulting environment, but most likely both. It would be interesting to know if they are bald because of this malady or shaved.

Another telltale sign is the variety of dwarfs and other hypopituitary syndromes seen. Thyroid problems trigger these disorders or vice versa. Look at the picture, (plate no. 21)


This is Seneb with his wife and offspring who sit at his feet. This is from Seneb's tomb and is dated at the 6th Dynasty. As you can see Seneb is a dwarf, a chondrodystrophic dwarf to be exact, that is his limbs are short but his trunk and head are normal. I thought perhaps it might be achondroplasia, but his nose bridge is not flat nor is his forehead bulging. Chondrodystrophia is a pituitary disorder. What is a pituitary disorder this severe doing in the 6th dynasty? (This date is, according to traditional Egyptology, which is very shaky, 2323-2150 B.C.E.)


The worse I would expect, and even this is too severe, is Schuller-Christian disease - a short stature.


On the alible diet Egyptians had, there is no reason for any of the above. If the dating on Seneb is right, then these events leading up to Exodus occurred long before the traditional time. What we are seeing of Egyptian art and history is the remnants of a dying people. I believe the interpretations of dating are way off the mark.


If Velikovsky and others want to attribute earthquakes to Exodus, they are welcome to it, but I see these events thousands of years before, perhaps at the time of Seneb. As we have seen most of the principal characters of this drama were all contemporaneous with one another. In other words, Heliopolis fell over 5000 years ago, Exodus anywhere from (going by the Veda, roughly fifteen years) 10-50 years later.


If volcanoes boomed and banged in 1450 B.C.E. or so, I totally agree, as the Veda's tell us the gods tripped them off with their warfare for these battles went on for many, many years. We also have to contend with the fact that our idea of a year and the Egyptians were two different thoughts entirely. If an Egyptian said someone lived 80 years, since their years might have been reckoned longer, they may have been speaking of someone who lived 160 or 1600 years or more by our reasoning.


A year to us is the earth's complete rotation around the sun but their bodies were not atuned to decay as most organic matter is. A year was based on their own bodily universe which, if they were "master's of their senses," was longer.


We are at the mercy of time because we are influenced by entropy and like unintelligent organic and inorganic matter, we too decay. They may not have even registered time as we, as years were only counted when a Pharaoh came to power until his end at reign or death. Time was not recorded.


There are many mysteries as to the dating and to the people themselves, as when Hatsheput recorded the expulsion of the Hyskos some two generations later from her supposed lifetime, which makes no sense. But if we go by her being a daughter of India she had been alive and well for thousands of years. We are very wrong if we judge Egyptian time with our reasoning for we are prisoners of the forces of nature, they were not.


They did not even accept death. I wish before historians compose these studies, that they would obtain at least a minimum of five years study in the biological sciences and forensic pathology. History is too vital to man's future to start playing games with it. If we know our past, our future is secure. We are at the most sensitive time of man's history with nuclear war staring us in the face. Unless we come to know ourselves biologically, and realize the primrose path we have been led on, we will make the same mistakes the gods themselves made, nuclear war.

If you will notice the skin tones of Seneb and his wife. He has retained a better copper/zinc/iron balance than she, which is logical - just look at the two light-skinned children at her feet for menstruation and childbirth has put too much of a strain on an already weakened system.


With olive skin she would better absorb the sun's rays but skin tones have now changed, ultraviolet light is not well absorbed and vitamin D cannot metabolize well. Seneb's mother was probably light skinned and the reason for his handicap from her own lack of vitamin's A and D, causing the fetus to develop poorly. His father was probably very dark skinned, if not olive skinned.


This white skin would bring forth bowed legs, narrow rib cages and decayed teeth which is common in whites today, and this progression shows up in the mummy record. Also, the high protruding breast of Egyptian women as today, which are too large and unhealthy, definitely not suited to breastfeeding. This is from a loss of vitamin D metabolism as it synthesizes estrogen.


Breasts must be low and small so that the mother can, without effort, hold the baby to her breast which was important to Egyptian women who sat on their forelegs. This posture, as in eating, kept the heart at ease by not having to concentrate on feeding blood to the extremities, thereby a stronger, richer supply of milk was given. Big breasted women never made good mothers and men's abnormal fascination with the female breast is just pent up frustrations and thwarted brain nerve and tissue misalignment which was missed during maturation if they were not breastfed as babies.


Egyptian women breastfed their babies, even the queens, until degeneration set in and mastauxe brought galactorrhea, mastitis, tumors, etc. and the small, healthy breasts of Egyptian women were no more.


Buxom movie starlette's may turn the heads of men, but they only reveal the fact of degeneration. If the males were themselves healthy, they would be quite disgusted by them, Many Islamic and Hebraic peoples coming here are indeed so, but then the males there are breastfed. The same thing happened in Sumer as Egypt, large breasts developed and transparent gowns were worn by the women like the unchasteness of western women today, showing only their scopophiliac abilities to the harm of themselves and the male populace.


Exposing the body in erotic suggestiveness, whether it is wearing shorts or bare arms, is only the body trying to destroy itself and those who look, through iconolagny, for every move is a cellular disaster. Westerners are not atuned to this because of their lack of sense response. The process has been the same in every major civilization, a biological harbinger of disaster.


This is why there are no true Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks or Romans today.

If you will now look at our next case of dwarfism (plate no. 22). This is very classic, and indicative of severe pathocrine affects right from the womb. It is not achondroplasiabut chondrodystrophia with oxycephalia. The latter is also called a "steeple skull," which this unfortunate person has, where there is premature closure of the coronal and sagittal sutures.


Parrot-like noses are very common as we have here with poor, development of maxillary, zygomatic and malar bones, giving a child-like quality. Syndactylism often is present but we cannot tell this here. We see oxycephalia in mild and severe forms today, and it is genetic or induced and can be congenital or delayed. The induced can be from poor maternal nutrition as we see today and from drugs and poor living habits.


Dwarfism and shorter people are becoming more common. However, I cannot attribute these reasons of oxycephalia because of Egyptian diet and living standards, nor to any exploding volcano. Only severe radiation damage would have heralded this andIor the result of positive ionization. An interesting find was made in 1985 of a mummified baby in a basement, of all places, in Marseille, France.


If you will look at the picture (plate no. 23) it looks very much like our dwarf, steeple skull and all. There has been much speculation, some believe he is the child of a Viking warrior while one Dr. Louis DeCarlo, an Egyptologist, believes he is a descendant of the Pharaonic lines. He makes no mention on the pathocrine disorder which is very evident.


Even the arms show a decided atrophy. The baby also shows another peculiarity, he has blue eyes, which is why he is believed by some to be of Viking descent. He is believed to have been taken to France by those who were with Napoleon in Egypt.


As for his blue eyes, it could be from the embalming, or the fact that we should expect to find blue eyes among the very white skinned Egyptians that lived there as the lineages of Indra, and others, degenerated. When we remember that few of our traits are 'racial,' blue eyes can appear from many degenerative processes. Others believe he is straight from outer space, which indirectly he is, but his home, like everyone else's, was earth. This malformed little body is but another piece of evidence as to what happened, and that not all of them survived to adulthood.

We are now going to delve deeper into Egyptian physiology and pathology which I feel will convince the reader that the Egyptians were a very genetically strong people whose fall was not self-induced. We really know nothing of pre-Dynastic Egypt other than what little comes to us of the days of Ra and Osiris through later generations.


Egypt as we know it just sprung up, which would fit in here with its takeover. For all we know, they wore clothing similar to ours today before the fall. Does this sound ridiculous? I don't think so, for remember, almost everything we see of Egypt in her art and literature is mostly of later generations and what they think of the past is reflected in their own lifestyles.


The Veda has already told us this and how the effeminate clothing was despised by men. We are going to have to explore an area that may shed an entire new light on a civilization that is really showing its decline. Every bit of the Egyptian BOOK OF THE DEAD reflects the fact that it is derived from a better time and the writers are merely trying to recall those ideas and keep them alive.


One thing for instance, that has always puzzled everyone, is that the Great Pyramid has no hieroglyphics. It is a functional structure, with no occult and mystery symbols in it. Surely this reflects the mentality of the people who built it and the degeneration mentally of those who came later who covered their tombs with symbols.


Then again, we have to remember symbols may mean more than we think, and merely reflect a dire situation the people were thrown into. We still do not know the powers from a standpoint of physics and other disciplines, that may apply to the use of imagery and symbol. However, it seems these were not needed by those who built the Great Pyramid.


There was no religious connotation here as things later came to be, all seemed more practical. If they had such a command of themselves and the universe as the texts tell us, religious ritual was ridiculous to them. These symbols and imageries merely became religious when man forgot the scientific meanings behind them. They respected the forces that gave them life, but knew if they lost the mastery of their senses these forces would just as soon take it back.


The Great Pyramid is too scientifically structured to have been built by a people hampered by religious zeal. This is a structure built by genius and geniuses can never come from a religious people for they are too busy praying as to why they are so faulted to ever be cognizant of the forces around them to help their morbid situation. Structures, artwork, dress, always reflect the biological state of a people.


The Great Pyramid tells us then a great deal and so does their dress which quite frankly, does not match the ingenuity of the pyramids, but does tell us exactly what was happening to them. The kilts progressed to skirts and then to long robes as years passed to the costume displayed today in the Middle East, a reflection of a hyperthyroid people.


These people are not adapted to the environment and never will be, despite what evolutionists say, if they continue as they have (heavy smoking, sugar and alcohol consumption, etc.), and have only adopted a very appropriate costume to the demands of the environment.


Hyperthyroid peoples are heat intolerant. Hypothyroid Caucasians (when not on refined sugar) are actually better adapted and can tolerate the heat and have always laughed at the Jong robes of the men. However, those who don shorts in the summer tell us how hyperthyroid some are as well. When the bloodlines of the Nibiru radiated to the four corners of the earth, many groups in Europe yet retained the pants for men and skirts for women.


Crusaders who often carried these close lineages, found the men of Constantinople very effeminate and disgusting in their robes, perfumes and jewelry. But they had retained a better metabolism and pants were not a problem for them, although it should be stated that the climate they came from and their many hypothyroid conditions made pants more practical.


If Europe had had the same climate, no doubt all of America today would be no different than Middle Easterners, in fact the long robes were worn quite up till late times by many Europeans. It should be stated also that many Arabs and Hebrew peoples wore pants, even under the long robes, and what we are actually seeing is the same mosaic of biochemistries.


Even in the Orient there were some men who donned only pants while others the robes. There seemed to be a rivalry between those men who would and those who wouldn't! As we saw, the problem of gender identification was most acute among all these people, so something was occurring.


As Zephaniah 1:8 stated:

"And it shall come to pass in the day of the Lord's sacrifice, that I will punish the princes, and the king's children, and all such as are clothed with strange apparel."

The clothing that we see in Egyptian portrayals is definitely not what it used to be.


A very curious discovery was made in 1937 in France; the carvings at Lussac-Ies-Chateaux depicted, to the astonishment of Stephane Lwoff, men, women and children dressed in trousers and skirts, shoes and hats as those today. The carvings date back 15,000 years! This is so astounding that a civilization, as has been so suspected, existed similar to our own thousands of years ago.


Trousers on men has curiously been found on finger-painted textiles from the 'Ain Ghazal site in the Middle East dated at 7250 - 6200 B.C.E. (see Archaeology - Nov/Dec - 1987). This all lends credence to my suspicions that Egyptian dress reveals a decline in biological homeostasis. The Veda's too convinced me that, as the Pandava's admitted themselves, dress for men had to change not because they particularly liked it, but out of dire necessity.

Clothes tell us everything about a person. Clothes do not make the man, man makes the clothes. His clothing is but a reflection of his internal health. When we see men donning kilts and full skirts in Egyptian pictures it reveals very much.


Man has one million more red blood cells per centimeter of blood than woman. He also has a blood which is of a higher specific gravity which is why men are more suited to flying and space flight. Their metabolism is more adaptable, whereas a gynic relies on familiar surroundings and being sedentary. Testosterone, as we have seen, is a man's best friend as it transports oxygen to red blood cells and increases hemoglobin synthesis and is the principle reason for the high cell rate compared to women.


It has been used successfully in treating aplastic anemia and chronic renal disease (just as in the Ebers!) The mean normal testicular production of testosterone is 7,Omg.Iday, however this is on Caucasian men, and random, for 'normal' is very hard to find nowadays as nearly all men have estrogen as well, its affects being if it is endogenous or exdogenous. Testosterone affects muscle and bone tissue and the terrific oxygen turnover (is supposed to, but due to poor diet and genetics it is getting less and less; enter the computer age) gives him a brain capable of spontaneous deduction and mental logic, genius in other words.


However, diets low in zinc and vitamin E make a man weak and helpless and unable to cope with his world as testosterone thrives on these two elements. It is no wonder teen suicides are highest amongst boys for just when their minds and bodies expect this biological spurt, they are left wondering what life is all about and that tired out, 20th century cliche', I have to find myself."


His 'self left when his mother stopped breastfeeding him and serving him healthy foods to keep pace with his growth. Next step, drugs and alcohol because testosterone decreases, amino acids then catabolize which means man is left with a life he cannot understand. Protein synthesis is stepped up by it and a long life guaranteed by testosterone, giving both equal command of body and mind.


Robbed of testosterone, males will turn to crime, sports, drugs, alcoholism, and moral promiscuity to try and prove to their minds what their bodies lack. Testosterone binds nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and calcium, all conducive to healthy cells. It healthfully distributes cholesterol and retards fat. One look at the average overweight male tells you how much they lack. It has been often stated that Amerindians and Oriental males have exognenous testosterone and are thus gender aberrations or immature because they lack body hair.


Egyptians lacked body hair as well and some Caucasian males do also. So, I do not believe this statement is correct as Amerindians and Orientals have a muscle mass far stronger and less 'rubbery' than most Caucasian males (Oh, yes, racism has entered the hallowed halls of endocrinology).


Hirutism is caused by unbound, exogenous testosterone, hair the result of the testosterone unable to do its job of purifying the blood and keep replacing injured and dead cells as rapidly as it does. In some Caucasians, hypogonadism is common with hair loss attending but also feminization accompanies. Whites, on the whole, suffer from too much testosterone because it is exogenous and cannot affect prostate, testis, etc.


Again from heavy sugar diets and their vitamin A problems. (In fairness, it should be stated that a very andric man can show hirutism (the same for a gynic woman), but from a poor liver. The liver stimulates vitamin D which testosterone and estrogen needs.) Too much body hair results and they always have a catabolic attitude to life, that means a macho attitude with destructive tendencies, drinking, sports, erotism, etc.


Testosterone cannot bind to the nucleus of cells, only the periphery, which causes irrational behavior.

The problem with testosterone is that it is episodic. It is also believed to be only diurnal, which would be a shame as cells turn over so greatly at night, and for it to lower then would be disastrous to cells. It rises during exercise and aggressive acts. Here is the catch, why should it rise at this time? This is also the reason insufficient males must do these things as it is the only time they can get a rise of testosterone in their anemic systems to feel really 'macho.'


Among western scientists it has been a 'mystery' why testosterone is not stable, but if they would only study sitology and history, poor nutrition and living habits has caused hemiterata through weakened germ plasms until it has manifested as it has today with severe gender aberrations - erotism dominates his life. Add poor diets and it is no wonder we are seeing such a rise in immorality.


However, as we have seen, even the women are not alone for they have a serious androgyny problem. If an ancient Egyptian could see how many women don men's clothing today, he or she would literally die of fright.

In the following we have an interesting line:

"O Osiris the King, lake the Eye of Horus which he has made hale-a kilt (called) 'Horus is high. ?
The plea to Osiris seems to be that the Eye has been too highly charged and the rays are too dominant.

A kilt is then worn to combat it, jokingly called "Horus is high" for when the Eye is up, the kilt must be worn.

Another passage reads:

O Hpt, tinny, Zmnnw, I am pure, I have taken my god's kilt, and I establish myself there as a god like them.

The problem with testosterone is that it needs radiating heat to function and remain stable and endogenous or else the brain nerve cells will seek stimulus from injurious means.


If a man is healthy and genetically sound, he will refrain from loose clothing as robes and prefer closer fitting clothes as pants and shirts. Since he is pouring out more radiant heat than a woman, he will need to keep his body from being influenced by the environment and from losing his own homeostasis. In other words, keeping his own universe, the body, from entrophy.


Closer fitting clothing will do this. As the testis are reactive to heat (if a man is low in zinc and vitamin E, heat is more spermicidal) testosterone will then react and do its job more efficiently, to his physical and mental well being. In Egypt, the use of the kilt and skirt tells us that hyperthyroid problems were causing heat intolerance and they could not function with their normal wearing apparel. Long skirts, however, were not as close fitting as the kilts and allowed air flow through them letting perspiration to cool them.


Robes were a later addition, but they all spelled the same two things, one or the other, or both, hyperthyroidism and androgyny. Pants were introduced to the Romans by the Teutons as Germany had received, like the British Isles, a heavy flow of refugees from Egypt and those already there, however the Romans, who were highly androgynous, preferred puttees, (fancy bloomer-like drawers!), Amerindians and their many tribes had very similar compunctions as to the proper masculine dress.


Some preferred the bare body while others covered it in buckskin shirt and pants. Some long hair, some short. In India, there was death by hanging to those wearing clothing of the opposite gender.


And in the Laws of Moses the following from Deut. 22:3,

"A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this. "

Obviously, in Moses day, clothing was more distinctive between the genders.


Robes could not have been worn by his male followers. If the Lord was upset back then, he must be fit to be tied by now! One look at what is allowed in the churches and synagogues, particularly in America, is enough to give one apoplexy. Pants on women entering the church is the grossest and vilest affront to morality and health, not to mention they crop off their hair having no feminine instincts against this. Or, you have those who dress like men all week but then put on the proper clothing to meet their 'god'.


It is disgusting how religious TV programs show women (it is bad enough they show women anyway - purdah ladies, heaven loves purdah!) with pants and the woman host of one is obese and short haired. She broke every law Moses had. One of the most demeaning actions against femininity is when western women tourists appear in the Middle East with pants on.


They insult every true gynic and to think they have the nerve to step on consecrated ground in their androgynous ways! They are now having to put up signs in many tourist areas that women are not allowed unless they are wearing dresses. Even in the poorest countries of the world, where missionaries, and their laughable counterpart, the Peace Corps, have not infiltrated too badly, women still wear dresses, but that will soon end thanks to the latter two.


Middle Eastern peoples and others in the world who have not become demented are very insulted as they yet have stable biological systems which when they see someone so aberrated, they cannot register appropriately, and their system becomes autocytolysic to it and it does a great deal of injury to their cellular structures.


Women with testosterone feel no compunction about donning pants.


Like men, they feel the need to keep the testosterone flowing. Their own genitals are full of testosterone and need to expend the heat that only pants can do. A healthy woman is a rarity indeed today, but in the Middle East and Orient and scattered areas of the world, they are yet, and quite sensitive to their feminine instincts and body awareness. Woman does not need to expend a heavy heat load as a man does.


Flowing skirts keep her body temperature stable and the flow of air keeps bacteria from forming and estrogen, which cannot tolerate intense heat nor cold, flowing freely and healthfully. Because a woman has a more delicate skin she is constantly fighting bacteria of which she is most susceptible to in her delicate condition.


How smart she is, and how protective her husband is is the mark of her long life and healthy offspring. Mycoplasmas, which are free-living microorganisms, are her biggest problem, which, unlike bacteria, are so small they cannot be seen even under a lighted microscope and unfortunately cause everything from kidney stones to premature labor as well as pelvic inflammations which pants wearing can attract and the uncovering of the body.


Women through history up until the 19th century were much smarter than by today's standards in that they covered their bodies from top to bottom. If they had refrained from the tight corsets they would have been the picture of health. Ruffled sleeves, Ieg-o-mutton sleeves, kept her body temperature on her arms and hands at a constant degree.


Ruffles at the hands, which are more susceptible to cold and the gigot sleeve with a pointed cuff covered the hand. High neck collars of all periods protected the delicate thyroid from radiation and ionization of which it is always susceptible.


Men also wore high collars and uniforms with military flair. If you were to put a uniform from the Napoleonic period or the Confederacy on men today you would soon see the difference in manhood. Men in those days of purer foodstuffs, had squarer, straighter backs and necks. It is no wonder men today laugh at the uniforms then.


The laugh is on them for they are revealing their own biological ineptness.


Men so degraded prefer the 'freer' look of open collars, as their spines are so misaligned, and with such poor musculature, they have to adapt to a degenerative look, at the same time suscepting their thyroid to ionization and other radiations. I believe it was Harvard, but a recent study at a major university revealed that neckties obstructed the blood-flow through the jugular and carotid veins.


This is very serious as cells are very stressed and brain activity is lessened. (Ever notice how when men are stressed or doing mental labor, they always loosen their tie?)


But the report failed to state why.


The sternocleidomastoid muscles are very strong in men, as are the veins and arteries, but if the muscles are weak, as well as the back and arm muscles, men loose the ability to sit and stand erect as they should; thus any tie is going to impede further blood-flow.


As an 'army brat' I have always known you could always pick out military men, particularly those who were born to it, as they have been trained since youth to stand as men. However, if it is not natural to them it is very hard even with training. This military training is laughed at today, but it is most important that men in responsible positions such as soldiers, doctors, police, etc., retain good posture to keep blood and testosterone flowing as evenly as possible to the brain as they have to react fast and correctly.


Discipline either comes naturally, but if not, it is a bother to the person. It is like the difference between a Thoroughbred and a donkey.


Inanna said it best when she tried to uplift the falling states of man:

To hold high your head on the lofty dais, you are fit,
To sit on the lapis lazuli throne, you ore fit,
To cover you head with the crown, you are fit.
To gird yourself in the garment of kingship, you ore fit,
To carry the mace and the weapon, you are fit, ...
To guide straight the long bow and the arrow, you are fit...

If you will look again at our lady from Sumer (plate no. 7) which is strange because the rest of the women at this time period of 5,000 years ago wore tight costumes, either long or short, as Egyptian women.


She looks like she stepped out of the Renaissance, and if you will notice the peculiar gear on her back and the helmet like hat it is for this reason she is believed to have a life-support system on - the celestial clothing? Is she one of the Nibiruian peoples?


It appears that the hose running down her back may be some sort of oxygen apparatus and I agree with Sitichin wholeheartedly on this, (see -'The 12th Planet') What really interests me is that she has the classic mesocephalic face, it is very feminine. Compare this again with the picture (plate no. 8).


Here we have a woman with very strange headgear on, the statue found in Spain, date unknown, but note her face with the high cheekbones as our Sumerian lady has.


Both have the small 'Egyptian' straight nose, quite unlike the Sumerian nose which was big and aquiline, like nomadic tribes. Our Spanish lady has the "lotus eyes" spoken of so highly in the Veda's. The bodice on the Sumerian figurine is tight as it should be (but the bust is too tight) and the neck well covered, quite unlike Sumerian and Egyptian dress.


Priestess' dress and behavior usually tried to follow that of the Goddesses. The priestesses of Isis even shaved all their body hair, a reflection of the influence of the Nibiruians upon some of the peoples as opposed to the hairy legged Sheba from the line of Indra.


Why is there such a drastic discrepancy between the costumes of the priestess' and those of the common woman? Are we seeing traces of leftover behavior patterns as they digress from the norm?


In Sumer, just as we should expect from a morally degenerating society, comes the following, its contemporary reflections very alarming, between an andric to a gynic:

"You (can keep on) wearing the large garments,

(But) I will cut down (even) my loin-cloth." 13

This is the mini-skirt controversy over 3,000 years ago!


Today the emphasis is on pants (but mini-skirts are returning naturally) and if you do not wear them, you are very 'weird.' (Look who is calling someone else 'weird?!)


This is what we expect, however, when women become more androgynous and loose their sense of body awareness and chastity. How can they do otherwise when testosterone confuses them so?


Every feminine sensibility is dulled or lost. The pattern was the same in every civilization of the past. Men who found the lewd women attractive only reflected their own androgyny when they cannot deal with gynics anymore and scopophilia comes naturally. Up until World War I men, for the most part, would not look at andric women and virgins were highly thought of, now men actively court these biological mishaps and as we have venereal disease, broken families, and a myriad other ailments of the state of man and women emerges; nature is getting revenge.


Even Draupadi would chide her husband's oppositions when they began wearing earrings and she was relieved her brothers had not degraded to feminine fashion even if it had to be out of necessity to fight the radiation.


Of course, though, the. people of Indra soon came to enjoy the new styles and dress as their own androgyny problems melted into the new clothing styles:

The team of horses on the course, the Maruts, the sons of Rudra, workers of marvels adorned themselves like women and made the two world-halves grow strong. Trembling, the heroes drink to ecstasy in the rites.

They have grown to greatness; the Rudras have made a mansion in heaven. Singing their song and creating the power of Indra, they whose mother is the dappled cow have put on glory. When the handsome ones whose mother is a cow adorn themselves with their ornaments, they put shining things on their bodies. They drive away every attacker. Butter flows all along their path.

I know military historians have always found it embarrassing that such feminine attire was found on supposedly such mighty warriors.


Somehow, it did not connect, but when you stop to think that the earrings were usually of copper and that the heavy helmets were also, it is not so strange as the head attracts so much radiation that the copper would have defrayed it.


It was always wondered why they wore such bulky, heavy armor to fight in, but I do not believe they were always doing that much fighting, but rather, protecting themselves in their make-shift uniforms.


The remark that they "adorned themselves like women" is an excellent reference that this type dress was not the normal male attire.


The copper would keep outside EMR from affecting the brain. The sudden rise of the Bronze Age (Bronze is copper and zinc, the combination detracts many radiations) may be indicative of what manner of war they fought.


Our armed forces are trying to produce a suit which will defray radiations also. They are also devising a helmet and suit (plate no. 24) that will have electrodes that will react with the magnetic fields of the brain to allow the commander to know the state of the soldier and thus direct him. Our friend in the picture here looks a little familiar with his heavy helmet and backpack which is a life supporting system.


Other intriguing photos are (plates no. 25 and 26). I have always found the large crested helmets over the saggital crest interesting for if it had a copper base it would defray the radiations attracted most to that part of the head just as the heavy armbands around the biceps does. When we want to test a high electrical count on linemen, a detector is placed in an armband or on the head. If you will notice too, the ears on this gentleman and the Goddess Minerva.


Are they representations of our "conch earred" friends, although the latter probably had more Spock-type ears?

In the following we have an interesting line:

"You mount up to the sky, you are far from the earth, far from wife and kilt." 15

This was a plea of someone who hoped to "ascend on the smoke of the great censing," I which does not take too much imagination to see what that was.


Whoever it was, was glad to be rid of the kilt and his wife as well, the latter for a reason best known to himself. The kilts, the heavy armor, the heavy use of jewelry which is used theraputically and to defray radiation is then understandable now when you think that they had to use whatever was at their disposal, whether they liked it or not.

Nonetheless, people who are "masters of their senses" usually have sense enough to cover as much of their body as possible because at anytime positive ionization, not to mention bacteria, has always been a problem even in the 'Golden Age.'


It is well known that radiations are most attracted to the head, throat and pelvic areas of male and female. The Egyptians seem to have not gone outdoors without their elaborate wigs, both men and women. It has always been a puzzle why they did this, even Herodotus remarked on it.


He reported that they shaved their heads from youth but also stated that Egypt had less bald heads than any other and Ebers, as we saw, has hair growth curatives. Natural hair peeks out under the heavy wool wigs of many Egyptian artworks. In other representations, the men of the earlier dynasties have very short hair, very cleancut, while the women have long, straight hair.


The wigs were tied under the neck and the men seem to bemoan the fact they had to wear them. I believe it is obvious why they started using wigs because of the hair loss from the radiation of the sun and fallout. But, they also hid their own hair with wigs, helmets, etc., to guard against alopecia. Radiation is very attracted to hair and if you are ever severely radiated you will be totally shaved of all body hair if you do not lose it directly.


This also reminds me of the bald priests and the precautions taken with the ark. It is also why body hair is a definite sign of body deterioration as it attracts more radiation from the environment to break cells down further. The (SAR) specific absorption rate of the head if 350 MH2 while the whole body resonant frequency is 80 MHZ .


In the neck there is an absorption rate greater than the entire body, with three resonating zones, because of the thyroid. It is no wonder our Sumerian lady wears such a high collar. Women who have retained a thyroid sensitivity prefer a high collar, as do men. It has always been questioned if perhaps we were originally bald. I do not believe so.


We are a (supposed to be) highly intelligent organism which means our brains are only fully functional when blood flow and heat are at a peak. We are only now realizing the relationships between heat and neuro-electrical systems of the brain.


For years science has figured wrongly that because technology is not thoroughly developed in the hotter areas of the world it is because heat slows the thought processes.


They forget that when the greatest civilizations in the world blossomed in very hot climates, they were still in the cold caves of Europe. As we will find, there is another reason why these people lost their abilities at technology, and a combination of miscegenation and refined foods has lowered them more from what they once were.


There is too much emphasis on technology today, but there is not too much brainwork in a being that would burn a fuel oil (like their Anunnaki ancestors?) rather than use a cleaner and less caustic energy and a ton of other mistakes that has brought this planet down to its knees. Nonetheless, 85% of our body heat is lost through the top of the head.


"Heating helmets" may be the norm with students and surgeons to boost their skills in the future as tests by one Dr. Peter Hancock, biologist at Thomas College, Waterville, Maine found that it enhanced thought processes in subjects.


However, if people still had healthy heads of hair, this would not be needed as it keeps the heat from leaving. Men should show a crop of thick hair, the so called 'lion's mane' valued by the Egyptians and other peoples, especially by the gods of the Veda. Since man has a better and heavier blood flow and internal heat, the more hair he has, the more intelligent he is apt to be. It is no wonder men panic when they start losing their hair so early.


Every lost hair is that much less electrical conductivity of the brain. Hair in women and children need not be as thick, or strong, but more elastic and soft. We see a great deal of thick head hair on women now that androgyny has blown full force as they develop male characteristics. Women have to grow a long head of hair so her babe in arms can grasp it, which means thick hair is out of the question as it would be unmanageable while curly hair attracts too much bacteria.


It is interesting that even a slight curl to the hair of a man or woman was considered obscene and unhealthy by many through the ages probably for this reason and the fact it shows a lack of copper which can cause an overactive libido. Mongoloids have naturally straight hair as they do not have as much a problem with copper metabolism.


Another factor is that because of its shape, curly hair will definitely attract radiation more and also attract, as stated, bacteria and also parasites.


A lack of copper also means a lack of zinc which means the gonads are suffering and the organism will have to compensate through immorality to fill a false desire from poor neurological junctions that result from the deficiency. Roman men valued and wore with pride their close, little Deb curls, but as we are finding, to our dismay, 90% of Romans practiced pederasty in the empire's last days.

It is very interesting that the Egyptian's wigs were wool.


Why not natural hair or some other animal hair as camel or horse, even lion? Is it because wool contains lanolin, an oil that will reduce radiation waves by dissolving its energy just as it does for this grazing animal? Wool is also flame retardant. The scarves, and heavy veiling they wore would have been enough for the women under ordinary conditions.


They need not have worn these very cumbersome wigs which on the wealthy women went past their waists as it would have done naturally. These people were also hiding the fact they were suffering from alopecia from radiation and hyperthyroid problems of which the latter, hair loss is very common. It is very unlikely that a people who were consuming all the healthful foods they were, which was definitely conducive to healthy hair, would have been balding. Balding today is a nutritional and living habit disorder.


You can also throw in a little radiation to boot.


But, a look at say 150 years ago, head hair was much thicker before our heavy influx of refined foods with a loss in B-complex and zinc. With the salacity revolution, just as anyone could predict holistically, came a heavy loss of hair as they lose nutrients from overindulgence. Hair is always a good barometer as to the health of a peoples, but the patterns of history are always the same.


There was never anything mysterious about Nostradamus; as a 'master of his senses' he merely read the stars, environment and the ignorant organisms that abound within who cannot fight entropy, and the results are always like a broken record. Disaster.

That Egyptian men in particular could feel their gynandromorph problems I believe cannot be doubted. They seemed aware that they were prone to gynic tendencies and frailty. Others merely suffered a hyperthyroid condition which rose their surface skin temperature, but not their basal metabolic rate, and hence many donned feminine costumes, not by choice.


One thing we do know from experiments, that disrupted thyroids in man and animals cause gestation formation to go awry as nerve cells fail to reach normal size and synapse with others, also dendrites become less extensive. And one very important detail; DNA synthesis is very much impaired. This means so much. If this is lost or dulled, the life of an organism is lessened, and recovery (even from death?) is harder or not at all. We have here, definitely, the Fall all over again.


There is a delay in maturation of electrical activity which means a decreased intelligence and response of senses to the environment. Protein turnover is delayed as well as every other chemical process. As regards our problem here, this means male sperm cells are not strong enough to keep estrogen from the female from penetrating the egg as electrical conductivity in conception is so important.


Gynandromorphy slowly takes over.

It is very relevant that Pharaoh Chephren (plate no. 27), whom I believe to be a remarkable physical representation of these lineages, has no mammilla.


The picture from which I study shows none, but if there is a trace, as there is in some artwork, it is surely rudimentary, while others show very pronounced mammilla, sometimes to extremes. If this is rudimentary, or missing, it is an excellent example of the strength of the blood lines and how in this genetic upheaval prominent favorable traits of the Nibiru remained, although he has not the pointed helix's.


It is remarkable that the Priests heads retain many more Nibiruian traits, and have pronounced, almost sharp, pointed ears with their mesocephalic faces, also notice the eyes, (see plate 28) The picture last shown (plate no. 29) shows remarkably good features as well. Also, note too on Chephren, at the fourth coastal cartilage, a strip of muscle extending to the mammilla area, an extraordinarily strong and prominent axillary tail.


This is so rare, I do not know what to do with it!


His entire thoracic area is unique and well-developed. This gentleman never suffered from colon trouble, hemorrhoids or constipation! One thing this does mean is that he had an exceptionally strong axillary artery, with the lower branch very strong, making for very sturdy pectoralis major and minor muscles. This means he could, with little effort, pick up a very heavy object with little trouble and little muscle mass as a weight lifter would need today who compensates with more muscle instead of direct energy as here. By this, the body does not have to expend much blood to muscle tissue and keeps the blood flow to the brain complete.


This can be a problem with weight liners if they are not compensating their diet with good nutrition. This tells us that Chephfren was yet in a stable, or near so, oxygenInitrogen environment. I am always asked what I think about Arnold Schwarzenegger, the best example of body building ability.


Bhima of the Veda always reminds me of him for they valued a man who had a strong body but they also valued a man of standard strength, the former for brute strength, the latter for agility, as Draupadi herself was proud of all her brother's talents. As to what Arnold does is healthy or not, I think it is marvelous because men have been cheated by poor gestation and nutrition and should try to cultivate the powers they are capable of having.


The Veda placed great store in a strong and intelligent man. Not knowing Arnold, I cannot answer on the latter grounds, other than for the fact he had the good sense to build himself up and is not a football player or into some other body destroying sport. Weight lifting actually strengthens the mind as testosterone levels heighten, but they must also keep nutrition levels high also.


AH of the Egyptian male physiques are extraordinary, with very sturdy, but not overly bulging muscles, which may be attributed to the fact that they did not have to struggle against a poor environment. Egyptian men, and in the Veda as well, were very proud of the fact they could handle the strongest of bows and swords.


Handling a sword was a major prerequisite for the gods as learning to soar in their "celestial chariots," for it taught discipline of the body and mind, and emphasized that a man must also equate these abilities with a sound education in the arts and sciences, as they are all related.

The axillary region is emphasized in most Egyptian artworks. The lymphatic system, as in Chephfren, would be very strong and his resistance to disease exceptional. We may have solved the enigma as to why men have mammillas. If, in gestation, there is a testosterone blockage by estrogen, the pyramidal axilla would not elongate from the axillary artery and the pectoralis muscles would not prohibit sabaceous glands from forming.


We have the opposite in females, retracted nipples, where an influx of testosterone during development causes deficiency of muscle tissue with flattened erectile tissue.

Occasionally, it is found that the axillary artery has a large branch, (evident in Chephfren) and a man then has a large muscular trunk. This would create a mammilla with no erectile tissue so it would only be rudimentary.


The wild and bizarre stories of men being able to nurse and anthropologists stating all "normal" men can do it, is a morbid farce and the height of ignorance as there is nothing "normal" about a man who can. He is as much a freak as the woman who cannot, or will not, breastfeed. They are all suffering from hormonal imbalances. Even Gray's Anatomy, the old 1901 classic, states the mammilla is inactive in man, but since 1901, man is more androgynous, and we will see more active mammilla in the coming future.


It is now being found in our degenerating times, that 40 - 50% of young men have functional feminized breasts instead of solid muscle; instead, there is the female striated muscle, complete with all the glands. Breast cancer in men is rising as well. If you will notice our Egyptian Triad (plate no. 30), the goddesses beside the king have no nipples which is odd as they are prominent in other Egyptian artworks.


Athelia such as this is congenital and demonstrative of androgyny, showing the goddesses may just be part of Indra's lineage. The 'girls' android pelvis's, high breasts (this is caused by a strong, male-type axillary muscle), big feet and ears are very indicative of androgyny.

Mycerinus is the king in the picture of the Triad. If you look again at this picture, and at Chephren's, we can forensically come to some startling conclusions. There is no evidence of hyperthyroid in Chephren, no common lid lag as in our fat headsman of the village a few chapters back who shows definite lid retraction from the levator palpebrae superioris and a shortening of the nose.


Chephren is a direct offspring of the Nibiru; his statue is of green stone, a reflection no doubt of his skin color of which Egyptians were very cognizant of.


But, look at his opposition, the Triad. Here we see an excellent example of the IndraIpathocrine handicapped lineage. What strikes one first, as a pathologist, is the eyes which show a decided upper lid retraction, there is also slight chemosis, a detail they surely did not miss, a credit to their candidness in art.


This hyperthyroid condition is called in Japanese, 'sanpakui,' in that the whites of the eyes can be seen all around the iris, often with eye protruding from the chemosis or pressure from the thyroid. Nearly all Caucasians are sanpakui; hypothyroidism can cause it as well, while you can see a mixture among Middle Eastern and Oriental peoples, again this is all a result of a combination of poor genetics and diet.


In the Triad, there is a typical shortening of the nose with a rather bulbous, pugged alar, discerning the fact the heart has fat deposits and fluid. Note the lack of high cheek bones (Chephren has them) which denote, by the edema of the eyes, swollen, overworked, parotid, sublingual and submandibular glands. The women show very marked androgynous pelvis' and the breast lines are too high, the shoulders too large.


This could be one of the son's and daughter's of Indra or Siva. Chephren has a slight hypothyroid condition which he seems to have contained with diet.

One thing I am totally convinced of, is that the Sphinx's head is not Chephren's, who is attributed with building the Great Pyramid, and is believed to adorn said Sphinx. It does not take one long to stare at the very hypothyroid features of the Sphinx to realize this. The eyes give it away, showing very marked retraction of Muller's muscle, the wild 'sanpakui' stare of an explosive psychotic-type, so very typical of severe hypothyroidism.


Hyperthyroids can show this also, it depends on foods ingested. I do not know how anyone could equate this statue of Chephren with the Sphinx, but once again Egyptologists are not biochemists and for this reason we have missed a great deal of the puzzles of this history. There is almost complete retraction of the levator palpebrae superioris in the Sphinx.


Chephren has no such features at all, his eyes are very small. Even Mycerinus would make a better candidate for the Sphinx, as he lacks the high cheek bones and squared jaw-line which Chephfren has. And, Mycerinus' forehead is much to low and square, the eyes much too heavy and with pudgy cheeks which are too feminine.


The Sphinx has more feminine features, the ears are very small and short, falling right with the zygomatic arch which is a decided female trait, denoting a sedentary life-style with no need for acute hearing. Even Mycerinus has well-formed, masculine ears, but so does his girlfriends. Men have longer ears, the lobes falling to quite below the zygomatic arch meaning more rational, logical thinking and the ability to perceive more auditory sensations.


The Triads helix's fall too low, right below the eye, while Chephren's fall evenly with the eye. Chephren has earlobes, something most Egyptians did not, as lobeless ears was a Nibiruian trait.


Chephren also has an inward curve of the lobe denoting the attempt of the helix to point during gestation. The Triads ears are very round, but the lack of lobes on their ears tells this also. If you will notice with the Sphinx where the nose bridge starts, the nasion lies very high, whereas it is low and at pupil level in Chephren as in The Triad.


Noses as hinted at on the Sphinx, at this level, are usually Roman or parrot shaped, but can be straight also. If you will notice how far the nose must have fallen despite the small facial area, so it must have been rather large and no doubt made good target practice for the English artillery in the 18th century who shot it off.


All in all, I would say the Sphinx is a woman's head or a very gynandromorph male.


The head is too delicate and babyish, more brachycephalic.

The mysterious aspect of the rock strata of the Sphinx has shown this monument to have three different types. The head has far less erosion than the body which shows signs not of wind and sand erosion (the Sphinx has spent most of its life under the sand, even Herodotus did not mention it because it was covered.) but of water erosion.


Are we seeing the flood here? If so, why doesn't the head show it? The damage you see is from the aforementioned artillerymen. Which leads us to the question as to whose head was the original Sphinx? Chephren's?


Herodotus and other Greek and Roman historians claimed Egypt was 24,000 to 36,000 years old and the Sphinx as well.


If so, Chephren is much older than we suspect. Statues of Chephren were found in the Valley Temple, upside down, all magnificent, and one of Chephren as a Sphinx. It was thus reasoned, presumptuously, that the great Sphinx has to be Chephren.


But there has been three separate repairs on the Sphinx and the bottom already eroded before the later additions were made. The body, and presumably the first head, was constructed from a natural hill. The new head appears to have been placed atop the older matrix.


The "Inventory Steele" found on the Giza Plateau in the 19th century, states Cheops built the temple beside the Sphinx and as Cheops antedates Chephren, the original head was not Chephren. However, if you go by traditional history this is so, but it could have been Chephren, like his brethren, had the possibility of immortality.


However, the head on the Sphinx now is that of a woman. Or, should we say a gynandromorph. We also have a splendid example of the usurpation by Siva and his teratogenic bloodlines. Originally, the Sphinx was called "Harmachis" or Hor-em-akhet," "Horus of the Horizon."


If so, the original head could have been of Horus and if I am right in my genealogy, Horus is the first son of Isis and her brothers, and these events could be much older than suspected and the Sphinx built right after the flood. But, again, Horus is a title, like Indra, Enlil, etc., so the Horus in question could have been someone before the flood when the Sphinx seems to have been built.


We can rightfully surmise when LilithIHatsheputISheba or whoever was installed and replaced Nephthys and Isis, she also came as a rival to Indra's other queens, particularly Queen Tiy. The latter seems to have married Amenophis III who was either a brother of (Siva) or Indra, and she was then given power. Her androgynous character shows quite remarkably as it does through all the ancient texts.


With the change of commands came new power for her and she embraced it and used it to her own whims much against Siva's wishes. Large "marriage seals" with her name and Amenophis III brazenly were placed all around the kingdom as well as sculpture and reliefs with her face. Amenophis III was shown on one relief being conceived by Amen of which he was, Indra his father.


His own offspring showed the same complications of producing mainly girls, but the son claimed as his, Akhenaton, was not. Akhenaten and his mother Tiy, are Hagar and Ishmael of the Bible and recall that in the Veda, she was a common woman whom Indra took up with to bear children against his mother's wishes. After the birth of Siva, she did not want the power to go to him, so the latter is actually the first son of 'God.'


The Egyptian text's tell us the same of Tiy's common background and if we will only look, this puzzle comes together. Thusmosis IV is pictured with his mother Queen Tiy, the only problem here is that there is over a one hundred year discrepancy!


One day they will realize these people lived to tremendous ages. As would be expected, Amenophis III was very androgynous, like his lineages, and was the first known Pharoah to wear female attire and willingly permitted his artists to portray him thusly as Akhenaton would do. Moral aberrations ran rife with this reign and Moses later put many to death and went on a literal bloodbath after Exodus, for this is when Sodom fell as well.

Queen Tiy was what today would be called the liberated woman, lewd, boorish, aggressive and tough as tombstone.


Compare the photos of her (plates nos. 31,32,33,34,35) All the photos here show Tiy as a beautiful woman who could easily have ended her androgynous problem with the right food and environment.


Plates 33 and 35 are beautiful beyond words, the face is mesocephalic, she has the lotus, no lid, eyes of the Gods, small nose, but a hypothyroid condition seems to be in plates 31 and 32; the eyes bulging and swelling, the lips uneven on top and bottom. Plates 31 and 32 are rather hypothyroid appearing and this may be her appearance in the Tuat, the sun and disc making her as in plates 33 and 35.


But she turns very hyperthyroid in plate 34. Obviously, the disc's failure shows here. In plates 31 and 32, she has eyes similar to ours. No wonder they wanted the disc so to help them return to their real selves.


Note how beautifully even the lips are in plate 33, but by 34 the bottom lip protrudes, showing poor digestion as positive ions will cause. Her eyes show edema here and her skin is a very dark brown unlike the light colors of the others. How odd that the first two are similar, but the other three are a far cry from them. The Veda's tell us the gods changed drastically and there is no better proof than in Egyptian artwork.


We see this type of changeover frequently, and it is most curious for often the artwork is so diverse of the people it is supposed to portray. However, if they lost the skills to maintain the atmosphere and keep CO2 levels down, with the powers of the disc, this would throw their endocrine systems into a tail-spin.


Queen Tiy is like all her people who had lived in the Tuat who were thrown into a very different environment then into a war to boot, all reflected in the feces of Tiy. Look at the first and second of these pictures (plates 31 and 32), here is your face on the Sphinx, placed there by Tiy when she claimed supremacy over Siva. This was early in the regime.


The nose has the bulbous alar, which would have changed into more of a parrot-type nose perhaps as it lost its elasticity, the chubby cheeks are as the Sphinx and the eyelid has come down. The lips are hard to tell on the Sphinx for the top has been broken but the lower shows the thin lips of this later stage. As on the Sphinx, the nasion is very high, which, if the bone lost binding calcium, would further lead to a long or parrot-type nose. (Note by the way, the galactorrhea in her other son, Thumosis TV, with very feminine features).


As in the Sphinx there is a small, protruding chin. The figure was once rather excellent, although heavy, the pelvis was well formed and the arms and legs as well, however edema has set in them from androgyny as the legs have no feminine contours, Here we see progressive stages of hypo to hyperthyroidism.

In thyroid problems either the obiscularis oculi muscle descends over the top of the eye (everyone's problem today, more or less) or sinks in tightly behind the orbit, instead of a nice relaxed levator palpebrae superiorus over the eyeball, as in Nefertiti, the lotus eyes of the Gods. I know of no better evidence of their incompetence at keeping biological stability than by these progressive and candid pictures as we see in severe thyroid and pituitary disorders.


The people are literally unrecognizable from their former selves. No one could handle the positive ions of the sun despite Amenophis' III and Akhenaton's attempts to keep the 'eye' going. Whatever testosterone the females had became bound, and whatever estrogen in the men, bound to cell nuclei also. No wonder they are shown as if worshiping the disc, it was their link to their true selves.


But the "flying squad," an exact translation of Akhenaten's command of "celestial chariots," could not handle it. Look at the progressive states of Akhenaten (plate no 36). In youth, the features show a decided bent towards pathocrine disorder as adenohypersthenia began.


When king, (plates no. 19,20,37) the pituitary has released excessive adenohypophyseal growth hormone and subcutaneous tissue collected on the legs, hands and feet, and caused inverted lips. Hirsutism in females becomes common which, if we go by Solomon's remarks of Sheba's hairy legs, then Tiy shows her relatedness or was herself Sheba.


Splanchnomegaly occurs with tegs appearing knocked-kneed, with slight or severe cranial prognathism. The heart is taxed and lifespans start shortening. Studies of positive ionization shows that it can bring a marked reduction of succinic oxidase activity of the adrenals and elevates levels of testosterone and estrogen. In very hot, humid weather or wind storms, females are very irritable and males nervous because of this androgynous part of their chemistries.


As the adrenals, in cases of acromegaly or any pathocrine, are disrupted, it is no coincidence that there was a sudden outcropping of morally aberrated peoples erupting full-blown as at Sodomy.


The people Moses wretched from Heliopolis were the few, healthy fortunate ones, except for the thousands of tag-alongs of which he eliminated quite a few. If one looks at the busts of priests from this period, one notes the very decided features of health they somehow maintained unlike artwork of the royal Pharoanic families and many of the common people.


With a proper diet, living habits, etc. (remember the seclusion of the priests and their families and their complete obstinacy to Amen-Ra) priests managed to escape the direst of effects and like Chephren maintained superb features.


If they had not maintained some sort of regimen, they too would have appeared as Akhenaten; perhaps this is why the sovereign was so upset with him to make his men stand underneath a very poisoned sun.

Note that Akhenaten in his youth had the small, straight, Nibiru nose, but it declined downward, to the 'devil's nose,' in the last busts of him. As the adrenals wasted his estrogen levels rose and even his hands took on a definite feminine look. If anyone wants the true meaning of the Sphinx, it is a silent memorial, and a warning to mankind, to beware the androgynous female for, as we will see, Tiy was a major contributor to man's state today, The false beard of the Sphinx is missing for the British have it in their museum.


Tiy was said to have placed her Sphinx's all over the land as she usurped the masculine lion, the sign of the Nibiru. They are quite clear that the doe or cow symbolized the gynic while the women claiming the lion were to be feared as they were unstable.

One disorder the family suffered from with new births in their newly acquired land was occipitalis. This is not artificially formed, as has been claimed, but a glittering example of what can happen when parents with pathocrine disorders have offspring. The following picture (plate no. 38) is supposedly of the two daughters of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. They are of the former, not the latter, of which I will later prove.


Slow calcification of the skull sutures, because of excessive growth hormone, causes chondrogenesis instead of ossification. This has aggravated the occipitalis and trapezius muscles causing an atrophy of the latter two and hypertrophy of the brain itself, common in acromegaly.


The head then juts forward too far, (females have a normal, common forward tilt of the head although not this severe.) as in Neanderthal man. Royalty was, however, not the only peopleto show this as a skull from Nubia dated 3000 B.C.E. does as well. The Nubians popped up with many unusual physical traits as steatopygia. Another picture (plate no, 39) is of royalty, a princess, perhaps another of Akenaten's daughters.


That this was a congenital disorder from weakened parents I have no doubt, the ear gives it away as the top of the helix is down-placed posteriorously and descends frontally into the lower anti-helix. This is common in First Arch Syndrome where a long occipital is common as well, and where a point appears, as here, on the upper half.


This cranial disorder was so commonplace in Egypt with the new regime that other civilizations that radiated from here emulated this deformity as a proper trait of the gods. Babies with heads as this are found all around the world where it can be artificially induced with boards. The Flathead Indians of North America and the Inca did it most, indicative of their Egyptian origins.


It has always been debated whether this affected behavior patterns. I cannot see how it could not. We are all constructed according to a basic magnetic pull upon the zygote and failure to mature to the proper form is all of our problems yet today.


The cells and bioelectrical flow has to be uniform or the body cannot respond to the world.

It has been stated that Akhenaten reposed in Queen Tiy's tomb which was found in 1907 in the Valley of the Kings. Although the inscriptions stated it was Tiy, they refused to believe it, as one Dr. Smith, anatomy professor, claimed the skeleton was of a male.


Previously two surgeons claimed it was female. Also, that the skull suffered from hydrocephalus, and appeared to be of a man 25 - 26 years old. However, they went by European contemporary ossification standards, which is very wrongly applied here. Not only are we dealing (despite the hyperthyroid) with a superior genetic organism which would prove to show a very lengthened ossification (much more on this later) rate this cannot be compared with European rates as man suffers from precocious puberty because of the poor endocrine functions from environment and food.


Only 10% of metopic sutures today continue into adulthood when it should be 100%, as our brains should be growing until we are forty or fifty. This does not coincide with skeletal growth which ends around 18 - 30 or 35 - 45, if you are on holistic diet.


Obviously, our bodies are outpacing our brains and our lifespans should be considerably longer as puberty should be around 35 - 50 years of age. So, to equate 20th century physiology with Egyptian is pure folly; for goodness sake, our own physiologies are so varied that not everyone has the same amount of vertebrae and a score of other inconsistencies that would fill volumes.


Another guide is the xiphoid bone of the sternum which often ossifies at an early age but in some people today, it fails to. This is relevant, for the sternum is a red blood cell generator and to ossify means it loses this power. Also, the muscles attached lose their power to contract during breathing. If you will look back at the statue of Chephren and the Triad, you will see how strong the linear alba is.


Even in the females, perhaps too much so. Given all this (and I could give more if space permitted!), it was no wonder researchers were stymied at the low age of death for Tiy, who should have stayed back home in the Tuat.


She certainly was not 26 or 26,000 years, but much more. The pertinent part here is the hydrocephalus which is a characteristic of the frontal, not occipital, lobe.


Velikovsky claimed Akhenaten suffered from it which is very peculiar for his frontal cranium is as flat as a pancake, as well as the parietals so his statues and bas reliefs show us.


The disorder does appear on other Egyptian statuary, but only on the frontal lobes and parietals, and if you look back at the last statue of Tiy, her butterfly hat that looks like she walked out of the Renaissance, may be covering this tact. It looks as though the remains then are hers.

That the professor of anatomy figured it was a man's pelvis, and the surgeons a female, is par for the course with an androgynous woman. Women like Tiy, with android hips, would get back gynic hips if they had the proper diet and environment as estrogen would make calcium form the correct hip form; the same with men as Akhenaten who needs to raise his testosterone to obtain andric hips as the calcium is not bound endogenously.


Nowadays, android hips are very common with women, one reason pants sales are so high and Caesarean and drugged births. These pelvis' are a harbinger of evil times for babies brought forth so suffer from anoxia and concussion which kills new cells and means a lifetime of neurosis, anxiety and general poor health.


Tiy was the paragon of androgyny, whom the Nibiru did not want to rule the earth for they cannot contemplate themselves much less the world. It was Tiy's brazen attempts which may have led her to exterminate her own husband and probably kin, Amenophis III.


(Out of fairness, Tiy probably could not help herself, for a beautiful gynic woman, as we saw, was underneath. She may have been led on by others in her family who could not themselves deal with their pathocrines.)

Whenever you see a people who are biologically unsound, you will find the largest and most vulgar statuary and grandiose painting. This typified the new order. The Column of Memnon with not one, but three statues of Amenophis III, his Colonade of the Great Temple of Amen, completed by Ramses II and the latters Colossi at Abu Simbel with the seated statues over 65 feet high!


He too had other gigantic statuary as at Karnak, patron city of Amen and at Thebes and Luxor.

One of the most telltale signs that androgyny had set in as their endocrine systems became grossly altered, is the total obsession with leftIright handedness. In the Tuat, said to be a duplicate of Egypt, things were oh so grand, but now they had many obstacles. Among the general populace deviate behavior was becoming the norm.


Is there little wonder then, when we constantly see repeated in various passages of funeral text the following declaration to the gods of the purity of the deceased:

"I have not committed fornication, nor have I defiled my body ... 7 and,
"I have not lusted, nor love, I committed fornication, nor have I done any other abominable thing.

For a people who once had coition only to create babies, and did not use erotism as a energy outlet, there was indeed something askew in their endocrine system.


The other "abominable thing" was pederasty which was very prevalent. Nonetheless they were aware their gonads were controlling their brains, instead of the other way around, which was leading to their fall. Children were being born now with a mixture of both genders as parents fell under the strain.


One thing for certain, they never lost site of the fact of just whom was their enemy:

Osiris, the scribe Ani, destroyeth every hostile fiend, male and female, whether he passeth through heaven, or appeareth upon earth, or cometh forth upon the water, or passeth along before the starry deities; arid Thoth strengtheneth them...

Whether the opposition was the Iggigi above, the Anunnaki below, or from a station beneath the sea, the people hoped the gods would help them. The following is quite interesting:

He is Isis, and he is found with her hair spread over him. I shake it out over his brow. He was conceived in Isis and begotten in Nephthys; and they cut off from him the things which should be cut off.

I know of no better description of congenital adrenal hyperplasia, Siva's old disorder, causing ambiguous genitilia.


This was a male face with long, growing hair of a female as estrogen was elevated for with bound testosterone men will have hair growing no longer than the nape of the neck (barring other problems). Long hair on males was a stigma of these marked lineages. The quest for gender wholeness was quickly leaving and they were a people in a panic, who had prided themselves on their integrities.


It is no wonder that Egyptian, Sumerian and Veda literature places such emphasis on androgyny and left/right handedness.


One glance at Egyptian artwork tells you this. In the split hemispheres of the brain, the right is considered female and the left male, known in Chinese philosophy as yin and yang, the two principles of life, contraction and expansion which, amazingly, is the chemical behavior of estrogen and testosterone.


The two great opposites that attract, but anything in between causes anxiety as only true opposites understand one another for what the other does is in such complete unrelatedness that it compliments the other and the opposites .thus harmoniously respond to each other. The left is rational, logical assertive, while the right is irrational, illogical and receptive.


Because the left is logical, it can cope scientifically with the world and beyond, the right is less capable and must have close surroundings.


One wants to go where no man has gone before and the other just wants to stay home and see he is strong enough to get the job done! It is remarkable that the Orientals would know this thousands of years ago when they had no split-brain surgery, however, intuition is enough to be cognizant of the fact.


(One of the reasons we find no surgery in Egypt, yet they knew the workings of the organs. The Ebers description of heart function is very unbelievable in its detail.)


The world is all logic and mathematics to a man and that is his intuition and why he can adapt to the world at large. A woman needs no mathematic ability as her world is more closed, the contraction. Her intuition involves that of nurturance while his is the protection of that life. Woman sustains life while man must pick up the pieces if it happens to fall and keep it from doing so.

Western science is not based on whole-brain thinking. Holistic vs. allopathic medicine is a good example of this.


Holistic means a whole thinking process to understand one's world while allopathic is short-sighted. If the corpus callosum were not there, perhaps they would be more holistic, using their intuitive left and logical right side together. Two hemispheres are fine, but why the corpus callosum which does not allow holistic thinking in most of mankind?


It should be that the left hand is dominant in men and the right in woman, with intuition in his left hemisphere and in her right. Intuition should not be second to man and first to woman but available in both for each has his and her own instincts. Logic is then in a man's right and here is his reading and writing abilities but intuition in his left, so he should be reading right to left. Western thinking is right hemisphere dominant.


Left handedness is basically male, which would make sense, to be less a waste of energy; reading then with the right logical hemisphere and letting the intuitive left decipher the messages. In other words, for right handed men the left hemisphere is dormant, whatever logic they have in the right does not respond with the reasoning powers or instincts of the left.


They are good at science, but have no natural or intuitive way to employ it which is why this planet is dying. Words and pictures cannot be properly interpreted.


No wonder Johnny cannot read but Omar, the tent maker's son, can read a blue streak! I have always been curious as to why, for eons, writing whether it is hieroglyphics or Hebraic or Arabic, was read from right to left. The puzzler is why hieroglyphics were basically right to left and then there was a gradual change from left to right at the same time their physical health declined. Men did all of the writing at the pre-Dynasty and Dynasty periods with women as priestess' doing it increasingly during the New Kingdom when men became more gynic and the females took over.


If somatic gestation was being affected, so was the brain. For those men who still retained a good hormonal balance, to be forced to read left to right would be most injurious to developing brain cells and cause much mental anxiety in life. We know reading affects alpha brain waves, so it would be pertinent to the manner in which it is done. It is no wonder that western men in particular are very weak in judgment with their creation of harmful technology rather than a more natural rational approach as they are not working with their logical right and intuitive left and they will only blunder through life.


Western women liberationists berate Islam society for not allowing their women to read when the fact is most are too gynic anyway to read right to left and cannot do it comfortably.


Western men learning Arabic or Hebrew, find they are doing what their brains are structured to do. Men will slant their letters to their intuitive left while women will to their intuitive right.


In Christianity, the Lord is always on the right side, and you can bet Amen was right-handed! In women who are right dominant, the corpus callosum blocks her illogical left and her intuitive right cannot be comprehended. I use "illogical" not in a demeaning sense, for it is just as important as logic in men, for it is a different manner of thinking for it is the contraction vs. the male expansion.


Not many men are left-handed, but would be if they had had the proper early training. Actually, no side should be dominant, but work holistically to the mutual benefit of the whole organism. On that note, there is debate as to whether the corpus callosum is needed. It has been found that particular functions are performed by different areas of the brain hemispheres and whatever weaknesses either has is supplemented by the other.


It seems everyone who tests animals and humans after removal of the corpus callosum has different results. Very surprising, is that monkeys following a colossal section were actually able to process twice as much information as previously! It has been stated that this would indeed create a psychic plus in all realms of perception, cognizance and consciousness.


When Matthew stated,

"Let not the left hand know what thy right doest,"

...he was doing more than quoting one of those nonsensical parables, but keeping man forever in mental bondage for if man every comes to know what his left and right hands are doing, he will awaken life a sleeping lion.


For once, he will perceive his world and his situation. We do not know, as everyone is so different, if cross hemisphere impulses channeled through the corpus callosum is a normal process as it seems a waste of energy and any physiology book worth it's salt will state so. The vastness of human diversity keeps answers like this at bay.


Matthew merely was playing the biological trump card. It is presumed that because of the corpus callosum, we can learn, but cannot recall simultaneously. Again, men build computers to achieve that which he has lost, split second recognition in all that he has learned and the ability to store it indefinitely. Since a man has such a high metabolic rate with more oxygen reaching his brain, he loses when the brain is not even structured correctly and as a worldly organism, unlike sedentary women, his brain should be fast and accurate to meet all situations without undue stress.


The corpus callosum develops approximately in the sixth week of fetal life along with (he other cerebral commissures.


Oddly, until a child is four years old, it remains relatively dormant and the child has equal capacity for language and skill development in either hemisphere. But after this, they suddenly separate. It is then that the right hand becomes dominant after mother influences the male child.


Schools follows suit, and then everyone wonders why he cannot read and they then show him up before the girls who seem to far out class him in reading and spelling when it would be the other way around if he were taught properly. It has been found that when the corpus callosum is removed in some people, they develop a split personality, unable to make correct judgments but this may only reflect the varied biochemical agents and genetic structures.


There are no generalizations to be made in man's biology. Interestingly, there is occasionally agenesis of this organ, giving perhaps credence to its being a worthless appendage or at least having functions other than we know of. It can be partial or whole and can thus be asymptomatic, or with seizures, or mental incompetence.


It would be most interesting to see a child raised in a holistic surrounding with such a structure missing or dormant. It may take on other purposes. It could he another area of the brain with thought processes all its own to contribute to the whole.

In Egyptian art, whether standing or sitting, the males made a point to extend their left leg.


A man dominant in intuition in this area will do it anyway, for like his left hand, this is also his dexterity side. There was no need for them to emphasize this unless they were trying to tell the world something with their artwork. Chephren does not have his left leg forward for there was no need to make the point in this particular stance.


Not so with Mycerinus who is quick to point out his left leg. When a man is left dominant he will 'toe out' with his left leg, a good test for right-handed men who should be left. It should be pointed out also that despite a right or left dominance, a functioning whole brain would, with its different areas of ability, use the hands ambidextrously according to the situation. We have only discussed reading and writing skills.


One odd thing with Chephren is the right hand is poised to write. Or, is it just resting on his knee in a clenched fist which looks as it would to hold a pen? The peculiar part is the script is on his left knee and if one were right handed the tablet should be on the right knee. He seems to be holding a seal rather than a pen.

In much of Egyptian art. there are two right hands or two left, presumably the left to give and the right to receive, this varying of course between the genders which were certainly hormonally incomplete. One of the reasons the corpus callosum developed may have been an attempt to try and correct this gestational imbalance which could be another effect of androgyny.


If you will notice in the Triad, Hathor has her left foot out also (oh! oh!). In paintings of royalty down through the ages, kings are also shown extending their left foot when in judgment of something or someone, contemplating a problem-intuition at work.


The emphasis they put in their statuary is like men today with loud cars and big trucks, sports, etc., trying to prove something they have lost, through brute strength, when the mark of a man is intelligence (loud cars damage ears and sports ruins bodies). Their statuary, as the Sphinx, tells us more than from an artistic viewpoint.

One interesting bas relief from Luxor shows a crown with the serpent running over the coronal suture.


As we know the 'serpent' had electrical properties, much to be respected when of gold. Was this man re-channeling a different electrical impulse to a brain that was harboring a debilitating structure? The corpus callosum may be the dichotomy, of good and evil that often confuses us because we cannot discern our sensory perceptions.


The Veda says the gods could not lie, indeed if they were holistic in their thought processes they could not comprehend someone who did. If they did so, it would no doubt be their end for it would 'misfire,' so to speak, a brain used to comprehending the world honestly with little or no flaws. The body is then deceived, to its biochemical disfavor.


Many people have no conscience, or a partial rendering of it, because the corpus callosum can channel guilt to other areas for diffusion. When we feel guilt from lying, or some misdeed, we have an automatic self-destructive device for it raises ones blood pressure so that body cells are literally destroyed by the millions, never to return. Remember how good you felt when you 'spilled the beans'?


But by then it was too late, even if you do not expire then, you are on the road to destruction.


There are many remonstrations against evil deeds for this reason for Egyptians knew there was no punishment in the afterlife or such nonsense; death was the punishment. If there is one thing about the Egyptians, they were the most cellular conscious people I have ever seen, but they also lived to enormous lifespans, if indeed they died at all.


Man has lost his universal, holistic mind, the wisdom of the ages was no longer his and death his hand maiden. "Moat" as the Egyptians called honor and pride in oneself, is hard to find anymore. The Egyptians, as the Gods of the Veda, believed in the natural laws which must be obeyed or one would suffer the consequences.

"The left hand of Cod" certainly depends on which one you speak of, for it is by no means the sinister side as we have come to know.


Western man reads left to right because of this weakness, but many men who read right to left are right handed so there is more in genetics implied here as well as maturation influences. Actually, it was the Apostles and the Christian Church who demeaned man most from his birth rite. Intuition and instinct is here an area of volatile subject matter.


Every area of the brain is actually composed of several brains intertwined to react to the different situations in life, but they must act all together to allow us to have keen judgment and instinct. The corpus callosum makes this difficult despite its millisecond functioning, it is still slow and information is bound to be lost. Most that is said today about the 'split brain' is media hype.


Einstein stated that intuition was "the really valuable thing," and he relied on it more than most scientists who seem to laugh at it.


Western science has to use reductionism before it proves it is right, but by the time this is done, particularly in the medical fields, it may be too late. All cultures are right in many areas and wrong in others which is expected given our diverse biochemistries. Caucasians seem to be at the very bottom of intuition as they have the lesser ability to properly perceive the world.


Western science is merely a vehicle proving if your instincts were right or not. In other words, a scientists is very unsure of himself as a biological being. No animal in the wild could afford to take the time or it would be dead. Today everyone needs clubs and seminars to 'rap' in, one rat following the other for no one can think for himself. Every nerve and cell in your body feeds information to the brain.


The more damage to them, the less intelligent the organism and the more apt it may fall to disease and stagnation. If you do not have a holistic mind you cannot discern correctly and make quick judgments, one of the greatest failings of western science. Alexander Fleming noticed bacteria killed by dust particles and discovered penicillin.


Common sense would tell one, if it is powerful enough to kill hardy bacteria, what would it do to body cells which are more delicate? It may help you cure your cold (not in the majority of cases) but what did it do to your other body cells?


Anyone who has had penicillin is walking around with many dead cell bodies (especially in the stomach) they will never see again and are then opened to many other diseases. Here is a good example where intuition and logic were totally lacking. He had no foresight. The Egyptians had no use for it as they shunned any fungus forming matter as yeast and used garlic as an antibiotic as well as honey.


If they did use it, it was with the greatest of cautions as they did with yeast.

I disagree that women are more intuitive as men who should be just as so, and with the way women are so androgynous they have lost the good old fashioned horse sense of their great-grandmothers. Schools teach nothing of intuition. Caucasians are expected to be weakest, for how can they trust their bodies when they are so biochemically disturbed?


They go all through life bemoaning the fact the kids are hyper or on drugs and the husband is a drunk and the wife just wants to get away from it all wanting to play like a man at the workplace. Their lives will always be tragedies because their bodies always lie to them.


The more one can learn of the world the more your intuitive processes can cope as you open new instinctive vistas. Schools teach gamic education but not the morals to go with it and cater to the problem rather than curing it. Morals are simply a sound biochemistry, contributing to make a holistic union of body and mind.


Once this is fully and healthfully developed, erotism becomes a procreative matter, not a neurosis as plagues western man in particular. The sciences, music, writing, arts, etc., are all intuitive processes and the better developed the body is in gestation and youth, the better one can appreciate and contend with the world. Your universe is then boundless to you.


People with such talents wish their lives were never over, while others take death in stride as the 'natural' process for they have fallen to entropy from ignorance, while others are cognizant of life and its worth.

Eastern mythology states all of thinking resides in the 'bellie' chakra. Budda's big bellie emphasizes this.


This is poignant for they describe the famous 'solar plexus,' the neuronal fibers found in the celiac plexus (another name for it), which is close to a major artery. From here the splanchnic nerves arise and postganglionic and preganglionic neurons feed impulses from here to the eyes, skin blood vessels and skeletal muscles, but more interestingly, the pineal gland whose intuitive powers have been praised in the Occident for eons but until recently only recognized in western science.


This is where the so called 'gut instincts' come from. Our bodies are constantly feeding information to the brain which must decipher it, the body is thus a whole process, nothing works alone.


Sherlock Holmes was the most famous fictitious type of the cerebral man, whose deductions were purely intuition. Archemides and his "Eureka" was merely the same. Hieroglyphics are pure intuition for they require a totally holistic mind and the genetic types we may never see again to read them. Even their own people could not read them years later. They are mental pictographs meant to be discerned by a particular type of mind,

In the Papyrus of Ani, the deceased worries that when he is revived by the gods, he hopes he again regains "power over the legs," and that,

I have destroyed my defects, I have made an end of my wickedness, I have annihilated the faults which belong to me, I myself am pure, I am mighty.

One very peculiar utterance is that the god Nu is:

uniting the two fighters who live in my body with the enchantment mighty of my utterance...

I suppose there are many ways to take this, but remember the implanted brain and heart scarab may have corrected the problem a person with a corpus callosum might have had.


Being the children of those who stepped off the ark, this had to be a problem since they suffered all the handicaps of pathocrine disturbance. The "two fighters" may have been the two brain hemispheres improperly functioning now that the disc no longer operated. Their alpha waves were certainly disturbed from the positive ions, as they are in us today, and headaches were now coming onto the scene here with increased blood pressures.


Remember Ti'u, the evil headache 'spirit':

Headache roameth over the desert, blowing like the wind,
Flashing like lightning, it is loosed above and below;
It cullelh off him who fearefh not his god like a reed,
Like a stalk of henna it slitleth his thigh
It wasteth the flesh of him who hath no protecting goddess,
Flashing like a heavenly star, it cometh like the dew;
Il standelh hostile against the wayfarer, scorching him like the day,
This man it hath struck and
Like one with heart disease he staggerelh,
Like one bereft of reason he is broken.
Like that which has been cast into the fire he is shriveled,
Like a wild ass... his eyes are full of cloud,
On himself he feedelh, bound in death;
Headache whose course like the dread windstorm none knoweth,

None knoweth its full lime or its bond.

This had to be some headache!


But, also, something very new to these people. You do not find many, if any, headaches when on the diet these people were on as those of us who once suffered found out.


One line from an Egyptian appraisal of the Nile's virtues is very prolific:

If he (me Nile) is sluggish the nostrils are stopped up and all men are brought low;
The Offerings of the gods are diminished, and millions perish from among mankind.24

Did you notice the masculine gender to the Nile?


We often associate water, land to the female gender but at this time land was male. Some people yet today refer to the Fatherland rather than the Motherland. This is very interesting for the earth is not really 'Mother earth' but 'Father earth' as the earth has a negative charge according to electromagnetics.


Women are drawn to it for this reason while men are drawn to the heavens for it is positively charged, just as they are drawn to women. This is however, a wonderful example of positive ionization occurring. Waterfalls, rivers, seasides, wherever water is flowing (even your shower, which is why it feels so exhilarating), gives the spirits a lift as it creates air flowing with negative ions which lowers blood pressure.


So, something was wrong with the Nile that plugged up the sinuses if positive ions flowed. Men were indeed "brought low" for the less oxygen and positive ions destroyed cells. The Nile did not always run so sluggishly or stop at all, if it did, this highly flowering civilization would never have sprouted. Someone saw to it then that the Nile was running smoothly.

The staff, of which great powers were always performed, was always held in the left hand. The Pandava always held their swords in the left and this left-handedness was their hallmark, as opposed to Indra's troupe.


In another line of the Ani Papyrus, it is stated:

I have walked with my legs, and I have gotten the power of the footstep wherewith do walk the shining ones of light...

Did the "shining ones" step forward with their intuitive left? A curious line read:

I know not the names of thy two feet with which thou wouldst walk upon men; tell them unto me."...

'before Amsu' is the name of my right foot,

'Grief of Nephthys' is the name of my left foot.

'Tread thou upon me, for thou knowest me. 26

Why would the left foot be the guilt of Nephthys?


When we recall Nephthys' new name is Nut, courtesy of Tiy, then it is understandable. Recall back to Hathor of the Triad with her left foot forward. You would grieve too, if male, if unconsciously you put your right foot forward as hormonal imbalances changed you. We can probably also take this as Nephthys' real grief if she was a witness to all this change which she no doubt was.


Egypt became a mixture of gender curiosities.


The Goddess Seket was shown with a woman's body and a man's head, wings on the arms and a phallus. The wings always denoted those men in the flying corps of "celestial vehicles." The picture is totally self-explanatory as Tiy and her son took over the "flying squad."

In the Overthrowing of Apep, a Fight between Ra and an enemy, Ra defiles Apep with his left foot. In the "Hall of Maali," the "Staff of Hathor" is the deceased's left foot. In the Vedic scriptures Yudhisthira is always known as the "left-handed archer."


The opposition in the Veda plead not to go to war with the "Great Left-Handed Archer":

"There is no warrior on earth like the Left-handed Archer, the son of Pandu, supreme master of amis. For the celestial chariot of the Gandiva bowman is protected by the Gods. No man can defeat him; don 'l set your heart on war! 21

In the ancient Pyramid Texts, Ra receives the King with his left arm raised. As far as men's handedness and corresponding brain patterns, the following says it all:

You bear up the sky with your right side, possessing life, you live because the gods have ordered that you shall live; so also the King bears up the sky with his right side, possessing life; he lives, he lives, because the gods have ordered that he shall live.

You support the earth with your left side, possessing dominion; you live, you live, because the gods have ordered that you shall live; so also the King supports the earth with his left side, possessing dominion; he lives, he lives, because the gods have ordered that he shall live.

Man will rule the stars again one day when he opens his intuitive left side and will dominate the earth again when he combines his logical right and unless he gets the two working together, he will smother in his ignorance.


One lineage of the male gods are known by a "golden birthmark" on the left side. In one match between the gods, the opposition worries about the "divine missiles":

You shall now see me hurl the divine missile which breaks through the sky like the lightning in a thunderstorm. The Kurus shall behold my gold-backed Gandiva, and all my foes here assembled shall wonder, 'With which hand is he shooting, the right or the left?' 19

The Pandava men were always represented with a dominant left hand, and someone to be reckoned with.


The Veda's, as the Egyptian texts, bemoan the fact that the senses of man have been blunted.


Before, he was master of his fate, such was no longer the case and it was back to Eden, a replay of the First Fall with man the pawn between the intrigues of the gods:

A chariot, king, is a person's body:
The soul is the driver, the senses his horses
Undistracted by his fine horses a driver
Who is skilled rides happily, if they are trained.30

A better description of the consequences of losing the senses was never written.


The following is even more profound, and my personal favorite:

The withdrawal of the senses is no different front death: their total withdrawal would fell even Gods.31

Indeed, it was because of their undoing that we are in our state today.


Duty, honor, morality, learning, were becoming harder to perform. The Codes of Life which need never have been written, now were learned by rote, not by the heart; words come too easy and the person fails to his own incompetence.

The Veda's are a virtual register of the fact men and gods struggle to keep their senses in tack for only then is intuition capable of speaking true to them. Laws, codes, were not needed, and the Pandava feared other factions would subdue the weakened people with their own diabolical reasonings.


Desperately, the people tried to hold on to their sanity for when the voices were heard by EMR attack or their own bodily hallucinations, they knew from whom was the source. Once the endocrine metabolism is disrupted it is very hard to awaken people back as Moses tried to do and the Pandava.


I believe Isis said it all in the following when she and her brothers were first installed after the Flood to help restore their misbegotten relatives to prominence:

"I made virtue and vice to be distinguished by instinct." 32

How quickly this was all destroyed and why man is no longer a "master of his senses."


We are in a repetition of the original Fall and the same patterns have erupted. Once disturbed, (he master regulating endocrine system knows only necrobiosis for these are the organs we rely most on to guide us. Now. we have a God to do this for us, which the Nibiru sought to fight. We have always been under the rule of megalomaniacs in religion, medicine, and the sciences.

The Bible lists a hostile reference to left-handedness 1600 times, calling it the goat side! How profound! And. also, how the Bible completely confused all of this. Apes have been found to be mostly right handed as well as Australopithecus and Neanderthal.


The latter determined to be so from skull fractures and wounds to the left or vulnerable side, this believed to be the first recorded 'murder.'


The hand prints in Cro-Magnon caves, however, are of the left, but here again we have a very unusually well built, tall people. The mentally handicapped are usually left-handed, however, one wonders if they would have been so handicapped had the parents not stopped the proclivity to left hand dominance in boys.


This surely stifles any proclivity to intelligence and can boomerang very hard if the boy is genetically superior, madness can ensue, for many criminals have been found to be left handed. It was stated by the British Medical Journal in 1966, that children who were stutterers were forced to use the right hand rather than their natural left.


Norman Geschwind thought the reason more men than women were left handed was because of testosterone.


Because dyslexia and other learning abilities, as well as autoimmune diseases, are more prominent in left handers. he figured they had too much testosterone and it caused slower growth of the left hemisphere and growth of the thymus. He was right about testosterone causing left handedness, but like all scientists untrained in sitology. he neglected to look at the feed he was giving his mice as it all has sugar in it!


He only got the same affects we get today. Male fetuses with an abundance of unbound testosterone slows cerebral and endocrine growth because of poor maternal diet of refined foods. As in precocious youth, the gonads are overly stimulated before the rest of the body can develop with them.

It is interesting that among Jews, left-handedness is more prominent than among non-Jews. Even more Jewish children were found to have been left handed in youth and forced by the parents to the right as many non-Jews do. Very few people realize the importance of handedness. If they did, intuition in males would be as common as in females.


Male children would not develop the confused behavioral patterns as they do. All our educational systems seem to do is drown their true natural abilities. Education does not open sensory pathways, but closes them.


Learning is then no longer a discovery of life but something one has to do like a programmed machine, which is another reason Johnny cannot read and tell you when World War I and II was, while I know many college students who do not even know when the Vietnam war was, much less when Pearl Harbor occurred!


Students have to memorize dates and names, with no meaning behind them, and a bell rings and up you go, papers due at a certain time, get ready for tests; none of this is learning which must be in a relaxed surrounding taught by those who care, which is not teachers. People would be surprised how quickly and thoroughly students learn when their own parents teach them.


The family must teach, for the family is a part of the world. They must learn and share together.


Our educational systems erase this pertinent, natural bond.

That the men of the Egyptian and Veda texts objected to their short tunics and long robes is clear now, and the purpose for them becomes even clearer when we study radiation. With the onslaught of both the sun and EMR attacks, the tunic of the Egyptian is a very tell-tale sign of mainly one type, radiofrequency energy.


To go from a people who prided themselves on their chastity and acumen at avoiding the poisons of the environment, to such skimpy dress, was quite a slump. They had to forego chastity, but they still adhered to their mental intuitions. As we know today, clothing will not screen out most radiofrequent energy but actually causes the radiated heat to be contained within the body which loses its ability to dissipate the thermal onslaught.


I think it can be safely stated that Chephren and Mycernius had high levels of testosterone (both would until the positive ions of the sun reawakened their adrenal supply of estrogen) and when you see the gentlemen of these times exposing their bodies thusly in the short tunics it is for this reason. (Why would Egyptians dress so under a blazing Egyptian sun?)


In Mycernius' case, because he is prone to hyperthyroidism, his basal temperature has risen, while Chephren keeps his thighs covered, unlike Mycernius. It all depends on estrogen flow and diet as to how much they exposed.


We are experiencing much the same problems today. Contrary to our governments statements (the same people who say refined sugar is not harmful), our TV sets as well as radio, appliances, etc., are emitting harmful radiation. What they forget to tell you is that while you are sitting in front of the TV, radiation is even more enhanced by your clothing.


It has been found that a man wearing fatigues (which are usually of cotton) has a marked increased rectal temperature in a hot environment. (Like our Egyptians, they are biologically weak.) I think the Egyptian male's tunic tells us everything that was occurring here and their sense enough to combat the situation. From all accounts, at various times these people were definitely land-locked as the gods warred between themselves.


Their land soon became a hazard to all life. Budge was always wondering why, as other Egyptologists, we cannot identify certain animals who seemed to just have gone extinct. They most probably did.

One of the most fascinating observations I have made, is that they cover the thigh in particular, even though the rest of the leg is exposed. Studies have shown that with the thigh, a highly localized radio-frequency absorption causes irreversible cell damage.


But if clothed you say, wouldn't that cause more absorption? It would, but you must remember they also had the sun's positive ions to contend with and other radiations which, particularly in a man whose gonads are external, will do enormous cell damage. In most Egyptian art they went naked from the waist up but could not afford to do so completely with the thigh because of its own high thermal rate (it has a high electromagnetic charge as the heart and brain) which makes it more vulnerable and, unlike the heart and brain, a heavy fat layer that attracts some radiations.


They needed a material which would reduce ion damaging rays and yet be thin enough to draw as little radioactivity as possible. Linen. It is no coincidence that this was the very material used in embalming as it is the purest of fabric, collecting less bacteria as cotton does.


But, it does one thing even better than cotton and that is it conducts body heat more rapidly and so clothing is cooler and in this case it actually reduced thermal rise from radiation or at least made it negligible. In many pictures you see them wearing a transparent cover over their short tunics and even on the upper torso.


Here the heart would be protected as well as it, like the brain, has the highest magnetic charges. If outside they would have to wear a top, indoors they would not have to, where radiation would not have been too severe.

The thigh was well mentioned in all the texts as the source of great strength. Man has a very bulging rectus femoris muscle which hides a very large array of veins and arteries; the descending branch of the lateral femoral circumflex artery and vein, but most important the femoral vein and artery, the latter the most important for it is this main reason unstable radiation is drawn to it.


It is here a very strong pulse can be felt, also at the popliteal artery which is where most Egyptian kilts end. This is the major aorta that leads to the heart and branches throughout the arms; the main arterial system. We can now understand why the gods always tried to break the others thigh.


Break his back, he may die, break the arm the affects are not so severe, but with the thigh, if the artery is damaged more external problems arise and in more severity for more organs depend on it. The liver, the spleen, the colon, the rectum, kidneys, adrenals, not to mention the heart, lumbar and abdominal muscles and lastly the gonads.


In the Veda, Wolf-Belly (Bhima) swears to kill one of Siva's brothers for exposing his thigh to Draupadi during her disgrace in the hall. The gods wrestled with each other constantly to bust the femur.


"Cricket thigh" is a common occurrence in men who play football, basketball, etc., and is very painful and is caused from faulty development in gestation and poor nutrition. Because men have a high metabolic rate, smoking and drinking greatly distracts blood nutrients to these muscles. A non-drinker. Hitler stated the French were poor infantrymen because wine had shrunk their Achilles tendons.


Everyone laughed at this, but it is a biological fact, alcohol shrinks muscle mass in men, particularly the leg muscles. (Gee, I wonder what all the beer was doing to German soldiers?!)

It is so intriguing that they cover the very spots that are most attractive to radiation. Other "hot spots" are the brain for heat flow is so strong, and also the heavy zinc concentration of the eyes. The shape of our heads determines how much radiation we attract in good or bad conditions. The thinner the bone structure, the more blood flow can create heat, but this would attract radiation unless it was testosterone drenched.


A man has a very thick skin cell structure which retards this. Beard hair only attracts more radiation and pathogens as it holds the heat to the face and the parotid glands are affected with no bone to deflect it properly.


Head hair is the most interesting as far as our relationship with electromagnetism. Black or dark brown hair seems to have been the primal, predominant hair color as statuary and paintings show us, and for excellent reasons. Black hair is evident of sound copper/iron/zinc  metabolism (however, in our poisonous environment, lead will cause black hair - we must always be careful in our research).


Don't worry if your hair isn't if you are white, chances are you are really black haired but sucrose in our diets and milk proteins through gestation and maturation will alter it.


One study found that the disorder Kwashiorkor was accompanied by hair turning to lighter shades of brown, red, blonde, gray and found no alteration in zinc and copper levels. As these were Negroes I question this.


They do have elevated zinc but the copper resides in another area of the hair shaft few researchers look at for they treat the hair as in most Caucasians who have no hair medulla and assume all peoples have only a cuticle and cortex as in light-haired peoples. They would not have found an altered level of zinc and copper as the cuticle, the outermost portion, would have been affected first, altering the color, and so the medulla would show no affect of altered levels. Also, the cortex in dark hair contains the pigment granules also, and would lose the color.


The medulla holds as much mineral as it can, assuming the organism will recover, and also the body draws minerals from the hair and nails when needed. We frequently see Negroes or Hispanic children with lighter complexions, even red hair, and society says they are either dying their hair or mixed with white when actually many are suffering from nutrient disorders.


Any protein deficiency in blacks turns their hair red, while blondes suffer from near total exogenous nutrient problems. Copper is most important in black haired animals who will turn gray without it, and same for people.


Negroes will turn gray on a western diet for they have very little endogenous copper, but a great deal of iron in their hair, and stripped of folic acid by a poor diet this will rob the copper from the medulla of the hair shaft. We know copper, iron and zinc are most important in the electromagnetic resonances of the head. Zinc has a very high electrical potential and also provides electrolytic protection against corrosion by other mineral properties.


Iron courses through every cell, hopefully, but it would become necrosis if something were not there to protect it from the incoming oxygen. You might say without iron and zinc we would be a bundle of lumpy flesh for the iron must react with the electromagnetic pull of the earth and cosmos to give us form.


Zinc helps draw in these emanations but also keeps the ferrous material from eroding our cells and keeps their magnetic potential conducting. Indeed, deformed offspring can be produced when the mother is low in zinc because the fetal iron has no proper conduction within the uterus and develops haphazardly.


Caucasians suffer from fertility problems, hard labor and more deformations than any other people because of their iron bonding problems. Black hair however, is a blessing because it would draw electrical properties rather than too much magnetic if copper and zinc is in balance.

Thereby the electrical conduction of the brain is enhanced. When it is remembered bone consists of 50% water (another conductor) and 50% solid matter with that one great conductor, calcium, a few ideas start popping into mind. This may be why more dark haired people seem to be more responsive to nature and may be a link to ESP. It is known that the cerebral hemispheres have blood vessels that have morphologic peculiarities unknown anywhere else in the body.


The choroid plexuses have clefts between the endothelial cells which comprise the capillary walls which conduct a most even flow, more so than anywhere in the body because of these clefts.


Endothelial cells are produced directly from mesoderm which, if a fetus and developing child were properly nourished and instructed, the imagination staggers as to what would develop! More interesting is that, although the capillaries are similar to those elsewhere in the body, these have no fenestrations so nutrient flow is fast-paced to react with outer body stimuli. If you want to get metaphysical about the following you can, as the capillaries within the brain are surrounded by a membrane composed of astrocytes, so named because they look like stars.


They assist central neurons and glial cells. It does not take much imagination to see a mirror image of space here.


The mark of Moses was also the pentagram, which also reflects the total body form. We, in the fields of sitology, have just come to realize how important the glial cells are. Glial means 'glue' and that is just what we thought their only purpose was, to hold cells together, but we are learning quickly of their conduction potentials.


Glial cells, like other neuronic material, are laid down during gestation and seldom if ever divide, which means whatever drugs or hazardous foodstuff is ingested will kill off these cells, which is one reason the Pharonic lines, Islamic, Hindu and other sects did not drink. Myelination is completed in 18 months after birth.


Again, a telltale sign of lighter skinned peoples whose inborn errors of mylenization, because of poor metabolism, causes such disorders as multiple sclerosis and poor reading abilities. This again proves good nutrition and nurturing are of the utmost, and I believe a good deal of extrasensory abilities would be ours if our physical conditions were improved.


Let me stress, therefore, before anyone makes harsh critcisims against ESP, we have to remember that the body is still a mystery, we are neophytes in all the sciences. We are such a morbid species that no sound judgment can be made and anyone claiming such is a fraud themselves and an intellectual weakling.

If the Egyptians were losing zinc causing alopecia and reproductive problems, the covering of the hair with wigs and elaborate headpieces is very clear. Zinc, unfortunately, is very unstable in the presence of unstable radiations and as it conducts, the entire body has radiation spread throughout quickly.


I think we need not wonder at the elaborate golden headpieces of King Tutankhamen, we well as Chephren and Mycerinus, as gold is an excellent conductor and would have replaced lost hair or kept them from it. Silver too is good, but the Egyptians rarely used it. Hair color change and epilation are common in heavy radiation contamination. Thermal damage occurs mostly at the center of the head, affecting the prime target here, the hypothalamus, where crucial body regulatory functions reside.


All the Pharonic headgear is worn very low on the forehead just where emanations would be attracted. The wigs on women were worn low this way also, the famous Egyptian bangs.


Long hair on women creates considerable electrical conduction which is why many women who have retained the instincts refuse to cut it. It actually helps conduct electrical flow to the brain as an antenna of sorts, whether worn up or down, and why through the ages braids and fancy coiffures were used, the longer the hair, the better. It is wise also to wear a hat no matter what hair style one has because of the sun's heavy ionizing rays.


The back of the head too is very well protected by their headgear. Auditory sensation is perceived when the back of the head is exposed to rectangular pulse-modulated microwave energy which is no wonder as the pineal gland has been affected and people report busses, chirps, squeals, clicks or hums. The brain tissue actually expands causing pressure on the hair cells of the organ of Corti.


Unfortunately, very little energy is needed to produce this, which if during the day you "hear" these unusual sounds, you may not be going crackers, but experiencing a growing environmental problem with our over-abundance of electromagnetic radiations.


Definite changes in behavior have been noted. After 20 years of such study, no one really listens to the health implications of this.


Our Egyptians were more responsive to even a slight upheaval in the environment because of their pristine genetic structures and as they were incapable of fighting back the EMR radiations, took very intelligent defensive measures. Their costumes were bizarre and often ridiculous, and before we allow our imaginations to wander into mystical connotations concerning their behaviors, we had better look closer and not place occult meaning to everything.


As it is, man with his higher metabolic thermal rate can, under normal conditions, fight back only stable radiations but if they are in an unstable situation the head and genitals, where zinc is most predominant, will suffer and be most damaged. The heavy eye makeup as stated already was a must as zinc resides abundantly in the eyelids and eyeballs.


Again, eyes do more than just see but also conduct electrical conductions from the environment. The "Evil Eye" may be more than just an old wives tale. Remember the 'whammy' Yudhisthira was afraid he might put into the people of the Underworld with his lotus eyes?


It is known through biomagnetic research that the eyes do emit resonances.


Using the electro-oculogram and the electroretinogram, fields were found to come from the retina. If the fields were strong enough, someone could literally put the kibosh on you by disrupting your own electromagnetic fields! A black or brown iris is pure zinc, blue has very little, but some dark blued eyed people may have quite a bit, for there is always shades of brown in it.

It is not to be wondered why these people went to the extremes that they did. They fought not only the earth's natural ELF waves, but RF and MW range radiations.


Thyroids and parathyroids were being much distressed, the latiers calcium binding powers lessened, which meant a loss of electrical conduction. With this, lifespans lowered and cells could not respond to the earth's emanations, and all their conducting minerals could not repair themselves. Soon a foreign and noxious demon crept upon them - aging.

It is known that the shape of the head is conducive in dealing with the electromagnetic activity of the earth to its best advantage. Looking at the early Dynasties it is easy to see what this was-the mesocephalic face with high cheek bones in both male and female. When the lineages degenerated, they became flat and the faces produced were brachycephalic or dolichocephalic, the latter the worst probably, as radiation is drawn to longitudinal forms as a lack of contours cannot deflect the thermal rise.


It is interesting that this facial-form paralleled the change to white skin.


A flattened occipital is most conducive as a deflector, something seen often in Mongoloid peoples when not induced by cradleboards.


(Many Amerindians have flat occipitals today which cannot be attributed to the cradleboard as anthropologists have stated. If not, this is the best example of Lamarckism I have ever seen!)


The most radiation attractive places on the face is first the eyes, cheekbones, the nose, forehead and last the ears. This means one would need structures well built to deflect radiation and retain a strong nutrient flow whether we are speaking of natural waves, ELF waves, microwaves, fallout, etc.


If the Egyptians were an example of the primal Nibiruian lineage, we are happily gazing at very remarkable features which do not reflect the silly clothing they wear which is why Egyptian art is nothing but a study of a people with pathological conditions.

We should start with the cheekbones. The Egyptians had the classic face. The women had heart-shaped faces with broad ramus; high cheek bones, and little pointed chins. No wonder we see nearly perfect dental examples in the mummies of earlier times. (Even Queen Tiy had perfect teeth.)


The jaws were wide but not too high. The palate cavities were very low and small to retard too much food entering the stomach at one time to avoid undue pressure on the ovaries and uterus (another reason menstruation was uncommon).


Dentists would have had a hard time working on them. Men had a very square and strong mandibles, which they considered the hallmark of their lineages for reasons we shall come to. In both gender's the infra-orbital margin was high placed and the zygomatic bone and molar arch were most prominent.


In Tiy, (later) the Triad and Amenophis III, they have what is called 'chipmunk' cheeks, common among Scandinavian peoples, that is the cheekbones are very flat but poor parotid, sublingual and submandibular glands, enlarge the cheeks and sometime swell the lips, indicating a poor eradication of body poisons.


Often the frenulum liguae has to have a frenotomy to free the tongue as it is too short, often done when a child. This is really the body's defense to get the person to eat less. Most of the lineages of indra have brachycephalic skulls except for Akhenaten, who shows hie opposite with dolichocephalic as Siva probably had, the so-called 'devil's face'.


Both skull types are pathocrine induced, brachycephalic usually hypothyroid and dolichocephalic, hyperthyroid. Mesocephalic skulls are very rare today in the world, most are seen in the Middle East, India, Japan, among Amerindians and Polynesians and certain sects in Europe and the British Isles. It is quickly fading from the poisons of the refined diet.


Akhenaten retained a rather high cheekbone which gave his face a more pronounced 'devilish' look when the jaw line dropped and atrophied. There is actually very little example of high cheek bones amongst the royalty other than Nefertiti (plates NO. 40 and 41). King Ay, King Tutankhamen, King Smekhare and the Ramaseid lines.


The Priest heads we saw have the finest features of non-royalty with the high cheek-bones and square jaws and long, straight noses, another Egyptian hallmark, unlike the parrot nosed nomads. The Priests also have a lack of mammallary papilla and have proportioned body frames, also very rare today.


From a physiological point of view, it is not hard to see why the Priests were the chosen of the gods; they were closest to them biologically, just as it is not hard to look at Akhenaten and others of his lineages and see a direct line to Indra. The Egyptians and later peoples were very aware of this look as a terracotta mask from the Graeco-Roman period testifies (plate no. 42) of a 'devil'.


Note, he does not have pointed ears - this was a later rendition for when the tables turned, only evil gods had pointed ears, when people lost them themselves. The priests do not all exactly have the most rounded helix's in town!

Nonetheless, why high cheekbones? The zygomatic processes helps lift the palatine bone and keep the floor of the brain case from being disturbed by pressure from occlusion. We will discuss this in detail later, however, high cheekbones reflect the fact the parotid glands are healthy and functioning well as a waste filter as the cheek will show an indention inward before the masseter muscle rather than the chipmunk cheeks or the opposite just too flat.


The parotid glands are fed by the carotid artery and drainage is via tributary vessels to the external jugular vein. It is a major part of the gastrointestinal track. It is above the cheekbone that the infra-orbital nerve feeds into the trigeminal nerve which feeds into the Pons of the brain.


A flat zygomatic process and arch does not allow proper electrical conduction to the face as these nerves bend downward. Movement of the zygomaticus minor and major muscles are thus weakened. You will sometimes find actors and others with high cheekbones who have perfect speech patterns because of healthy nerve conduction thanks to these structures if a strong jaw accompanies.


Many peoples of the Middle East and Orient are keen on articulation and are perturbed when in this country as there is a lack of proper speech patterns. There are a number of nerves and arteries in this region and as with all sensory receivers, the more pronounced, the better to pick up environmental stimuli. The temporal artery and deep nerve, the infraorbital, and alveolar nerves, all register radiation from the earth and cosmos and between other organic and inorganic substances.


In fact, the infraorbital may act as an antenna of sorts. This joins to the alar artery of the nose where the cartilage lies, recall how iron deposits are here in some people. The infra-orbital nerve runs back to the trigeminal nerve which runs to the Pons area of the brain.


The trigeminal controls, with the Pons, rhythmic breathing, the facial nerves for speech and mastication, the mandibular and maxilla regions and the cornea. Most taste sensations are taken from the tongue to here.


The nose and its membrane and skin send impulses also. Every taste, odor and what you see that pertains to same (which makes your mouth water when you see something good to eat) is registered on the Pons. If any of this is not in order, the sense of what is good to eat for your body is wrongly chosen and in an allopsychosic people as Caucasians, it is easy to see their dysgenics in action and their poor sense of direction, as smell is most important wherever you are, as is the electromagnetic conduction of the skin.


They seem to be basically anosmatic, which is why they prefer refined foods to make taste more potent in a sensation they find hard conceiving and use much salt and sugar for the same purpose.

The position of these nerves are as important as their structure for if they are high and straight, conduction is good but in orthognathism, flat faced people lose out, another reason white peoples tend to age faster.


The wider the cheekbones, the wider the anterior mandibular and better mastication and speech. The facial vein is a very strong one running from the orgit to right in front of the cheekbone, which if the latter is properly rounded and large, acts as a canal, the vein hugging around it, which would be lax in blood flow if butted against a flat surface.


The problem with the face is that gravity, especially at the jaws, is very hard on the facial muscles and they need good structure to support themselves.


I like to refer to the zygomatic processes as suspension bridges, for that is just what they do to the surrounding tissue. The higher and larger, the better. In a man, who requires a heavier food intake, larger parotid, sublingual and mandibular glands, as well as nerves and arteries, a more robust jaw is needed which means he needs a good, squared jaw, so seldom seen today but well represented in King Ay, Kings Tutankhamen Smekhare, Chephren and the priests.


The jawline then ends in a well-defined mental protuberance. When men with such jawlines are perturbed or perplexed, you often see them clenching their jaws, the masseter compresses and the zygomaticus major stiffens. In the movies you see this entrained in the actors, but as a male trait, what actually is happening is that the parotid is being compressed to release anti-stress components from here to the saliva to retard cell damage and keep the system clean.


This is why acting was once considered a male vocation as they were able to test their powers of reaction and restraint in any situation. It is a male trait seldom seen amongst the orthognathous jaws of Caucasians and other peoples, who may clench their teeth, but the zygomatic muscles are too weak because of atrophied cheekbone structure.

Now, for one of the the most curious aspects of Egyptian physiology. Why did the men wear the false beards? Shaving tools have been found in tombs, so why the false ones? As I have stated, if they were of a purer genetic extraction, body hair was quite absent.


And, as we see a progressive rise of hair and a few mustaches one can assume the lines were slowly degenerating. In a radiation environment, whether natural or induced, hair will always attract it. So, in the beginning, man was quite hairless except for the head hair, which has a heavy zinc, copper and iron base. The false beard then, does not seem to replace something they lost.


Everyone seems to have worn the wigs while the priests shaved all their hair because they were doing more than the proverbial sacrifices to the gods using a great deal of radiation, good little technicians that they were!


The beard, however, was fastened by straps behind the ears although for artistic sake they are often missing. King Tutankhamen has representations of both. They were made of braided material, probably hair of some animal and trimmed with gold or sometimes all gold. This is pertinent. What would behoove them to wear a goatee-type beard resembling a goat's or lions chin whiskers?


Indeed, why do these animals have it, and as man is a composite of all beings, it must have significance.


As it is the lion the Nibiru most identified with, having, like themselves, the high cheek bones, long straight nose, pointed ears, which typified the " kings face", as it is yet known in Chinese physiognomy and so very rare, it is to this we must look. Obviously, from all we have yet examined, if an Egyptian was wearing something it was for a good reason.


Well, they shunned facial hair, so a natural goatee is certainly out. One source states that the men of the Old Kingdom hated them but wore them only in public. This is good for us as it tells us it had a therapeutic use and was hated by the people who first felt the effects of the change in environment. Why the false goatee then? What was it they lost or were attempting to protect?


The lion has a thick black mane which, like a man's is heavy in copper, zinc and iron (and like man fades in old age if he is a poor hunter) and serves the same purpose of electromagnetic conduction to assist in environmental awareness. It is no wonder the lion was always a Nibiru symbol, the Lion of Judah as he would become and the Rampant Lion of Scotland and of the Orient.


It is often taunted by historians that the lion seen in ancient art is exaggerated, as the mane is too full and the muscles too strong, but this lion is now unfortunately extinct, and those today are a mere reflection, like ail of us, of what we once were.


A lion has powerful hyoid bones at the base of the tongue by which they make their hauntingly sonorous roars, and which perceives stimuli from the electrical conduction of the chin whiskers and mane. The Veda's constantly tell us that the Pandava men, when perturbed, roar like lions, that one comes to wonder if it wasn't just exaggeration. In the lion, the hyoids are small resonating bones, in man one large bone at the base of the tongue.


The odd thing about the Egyptians beards is that they are worn right under the chin, not directly on it. This is highly relevant for the hyoid bone is right below the chin and the cornua just below the angle of the jaw. The hyoid, like the pineal, is an organ of mystery and another reflection of our degeneration. Like the lion we start out in life with it in several sections, but ossification begins, like the pineal (the pineal does not actually harden, but fills with calcium which retards its function) in the 8th month of gestation and continues in the cornua to the end of fetal life and continues throughout life.


The lateral surfaces after middle life are joined to the greater cornua. In fact in some infants it has been found that the bones, like the lion, remain separate and develop their own separate ligaments as well as synovial membranes!


In some older people, two centers for the body have been found. There are many ligaments attached to it and on the lesser cornua, the stylo-hyoid ligaments in animals are distinct bones, as in the lion, but in man these ligaments ossify which means like the above, we are degenerating. What should remain distinct, and does in rare individuals, corrodes. The hyoid has numerous muscle attachments, particularly the thyro-hyoid and the thyrohyoidean membrane, very important here. If that atrophies, so will these structures and is the reason for the ossification.


Also, the lingual artery is here. It is most important, something geneticists and physiologists forget, that position and form of arteries, muscles, vein, organs, is just as important as function, as the latter cannot be achieved properly if the package they are in is poorly constructed.


The hyoid seems to be the meeting place of several important organs. The lingual artery arises from the external carotid, which if neither are functioning properly or poorly placed, causes a poor posture, again this is why men complain of stiff collars while their ancestors could cope better. They knew the fancy uniforms complimented their physiques but men today are so dysgenic they go for the sloppy look which is only a reflection of poor construction and poor oxygen transfer, thus poor intelligence.


The lingual artery extends to the tip of the tongue, to the ranine artery, and again let me stress the value of proper food stimuli, the poorer the conduction here, the more one will favor refined foods to bring an enhancement of flavor to compensate for poor perception.


The ranine also feeds the submandibular and sublingual glands. The pharynx is fed by this artery, as well as the thyroid, and feeds the muscles attached to the hyoid. One reason Indra and hyperthyroid peoples salivated so, described in the Egyptian texts, is that the lingual artery supplies mucous membranes to the mouth, epiglottis and tonsils, and if the thyroid is affected, this occurs.


It has been found that some individuals have two or three branches more of this artery in the tongue. (See Gray's Anatomy.)


But we should take note here as this was in 1901 England, when refined foods were just being used to full hilt by all of the populace. Gestation stagnation was just really beginning in full swing. Extra branches in the tongue would make taste perception better and the ability to distinguish good from bad.

Ankyglossia, for instance, is very common nowadays, a direct result of the poorer thyroids around.

One can see that there is a direct relation between the thyroid and gastrointestinal tract as the sublingual and mandibular glands are involved and these arteries. The ranine also feeds the facial vein which feeds the parotid gland. In affect, if the hyoid ossifies from its separate sections, these very important structures, the carotid, thyroid, and lingual arteries are going to be restricted in their function and we will surely see agenesis which means gradual morbidity, These organs are also reliant on the sterno-mastoid, digastric and omo-hyoid muscles for proper construction and flow of fluids.


By looking at all this we can discern why the Nibiru men were constantly referred to as lion-necked and lion or bull shouldered. If you look at a lion whose mane has been cut, or who has lost his hair, you will astonishingly discover his neck is rather small considering his muscular shoulders.


But this is good, as in men who have the same traits, as the carotid, jugular and other arteries and veins are not struggling to pump blood to and fro from the brain from a too muscular or heavy body as we see in football players or wrestlers for instance. As a hunter, the lion, like man, needs a constant and quick flow of oxygen and nutrients to the brain.


We are always seeing in the Veda's, Egyptian, Sumerian and Oriental texts, references to the Lion's Face. That is, a very rare and unusual type of face today. It is mesocephalic, as stated, with a heavy head of thick hair with the famous hair roeche or cow's lick, or hair lock of the Egyptians, where a tuft of hair curves and hangs down towards either the right or left side of the face like a lion's, already touched upon in the early chapters.


Also, the chin was indented in men. Only King Ay, Tutankhamen, Smekhare, and possibly Chephren and one or two of the priests pictures show this, while those of the Indra line had mostly the feminine smooth chin.


The indented male chin has always been a mystery, but if you look at embryology and its relation to the hyoid and thyroid, we can glimpse the reason men with the indented chin often have the strong mandible to match. This embryoligic process is very important. The mandibular arch joins with processes on either side to form the mandible; therein is a cartilaginous rod called the "cartilage of Meckel".


Here is where our first major concern starts. If the mother is healthy and strong enough to sustain the gene and if enough testosterone is present, the mesenchyme (part of the mesoderm, the primary germ layer of the embryo) develops blood and blood vessels, the lymphatic system and the reticuloendothelial system.


The latter is most vital, where develops the cells that fight bacteria and virus and aids repair of cells, all most important in man, and if the above system is not placed in order during gestation the man will suffer numerous illness and disease and never have a body that will come up to his mental expectations. He will drive himself to self-destructive activities.


Women are not the stronger gender when she develops the grossly emasculated beings called men so numerous today, however, man is being put down and belittled because of androgynous women. He suffers everything from Addison's disease, Hodgkins disease, coronary problems, cerebral hemorrhages, heart disease, hernia, meningitis, ad infinitum, because of very poor gestation. A strong male can only be born from a healthy gynic. It is no wonder ten in fifteen men arc considered unfit for military service (it was seven in fifteen during World War I).


The mesoderm and its development, nonetheless, is the major contributor to development of the jaw, zygomatic processes, hearing, speech, glands and endocrine system.


Meckel's cartilage in the jaw is the foundation of this growth, which in a male will, hopefully, create a hyaline cartilage as found in the alar cartilage and septum of the nose, the larynx and trachea. Hyaline cartilage, unlike the endochondral ossification that is in nearly everyone, is covered by perichondrium, a membrane of fibrous tissue.


This will constitute great discussions in just awhile as it, like in some peoples noses, retains a great deal of iron particles. In the male, a division occurs at the junction of this cartilage in the jaw, which hopefully, will reflect itself on the outer layer of skin on the chin, as the contours are thus capable of drawing in a great deal of electromagnetic emanations.


When this junction occurs, the mandibular condyles also form a strong hyaline cartilage and the male jaw becomes very strong. Females do not need any of this particular process; the jaws ossify as in most males today.

What this does to produce a better awareness of one's environment is beyond measure. The face is really a system of electromagnetic reception and broadcast, Meckel's cartilage does not form the 'normal' adult's mandible, but does in some rare individuals today. Because Meckel's develops from a membrane, this is why it is so vulnerable to dietary and environmental conditions.


The zygomatic processes then would also be receptacles of iron deposits. We can also see here the development of the conch ear. I have only seen a few individuals myself who have muted examples of all these traits which environment and diet have not affected, the genetic strain is still strong enough. The proximal end of this cartilage joins the periotic capsule; this is important as the ossicles of the middle ear, the malleus and the incus, develops here.


From these, the external auditory meatus develops, forming a cleft from the hypomandibular. If underdeveloped, the pinna will be round, but as in animals, if strong, the ears are quite pointed (but in captivity can change) as the cleft develops.


The tensor tympani is a muscle attached to the malleus which greatly determines this, a division of the trigeminal nerve while another muscle, the stapedius, also contributes and is fed from the facial nerve. Again, when a man contracts his masseter muscles it stimulates auditory impulses to register more clearly.


Males, according to the Veda, had a larger, more pointed ear, as compared to the cat-like ears of females.


Again, what this would imply to extrasensory abilities is beyond measure. There would not be a computer left in the country. In many people, the helix of the ear has an area below it, a small tubercle called, fittingly, the tubercle of Darwin, which appears at the sixth month of gestation and has been equated with our evolution from apes as they have it as well.


Unfortunately, if Darwin had not dropped out of medical school and had done his research well, he would have discovered the tubercle is a thwarted attempt, like the notched helix, to develop outwardly.


The pinnae develop from one single piece and the ear-lobe is not even considered a part of it, but some unusual rudiment. The lobe merely consists of the cells which failed to unite with the rest of the ear and develop the helix outward.


The lobe serves no acoustic importance. It is to be wondered also why the ear yet retains muscles which have no function, the extrinsic, which in some individuals can yet move, the Attolens, Attrakens and Retra hens auriculum and intrinsic. All in all, if ossification of the hyoid, which constricts blood flow, occurs early in life or late, these already malformed structures only worsen.


There is already ossification during gestation which is why the thyroid is underdeveloped and vice versa; the thyroid affects all the body structures if bad.

The ears and jaw depends on a rich supply of blood, particularly the helix of the ear and the mental protuberance (chin) and nose, as each one has a heavy influx of iron deposits. This leads us to another aspect of the ear. Is it just a hearing device?


AEF stands for auditory evoked field, a field first observed in 1978 and the place where it is strongest is in the parietal region of the head just where the tip of the ears are, that is if they were pointed our round helix's fall right below it!


If they had perichondrium for cartilage with all the iron particles therein, plus this resonance from the head, they could have heard a gnat sneeze! Blood must course through all the channels of our outer ear, which unfortunately does not. The fields were also observed at the temples, but it staggers the imagination as to just how well we could hear if our ears were pointed as with animals and our very ancient ancestors.


Ear canals and structures today ossify too soon, particularly in Caucasians because of the problem with UV light and vitamin A; another reason their music must be loud. The older one becomes, the larger, ape-like ears you develop, as this cartilage decays. Blood is sometimes found today in perichondrium tissue instead of just cartilage, once attributed only to the insane, with usually attending tumors.


Even soda is found in the pinnae of many people instead of a rich supply of copper and iron.


The internal carotid, the jugular, the trigeminal nerve, all effect the hearing, the voice, smell, eyesight, and all contribute to an organisms relation to its environment. It is no wonder man, if developed properly as was stated, was once capable of achieving immortality, for he was eclectic in all thought processes.

The larynx and trachea are comprised of hyaline cartilage which, if it is not ossified, will develop into a pleasant, harmonious voice in females, and a deep resonant voice in males. Nibiru women were known for their pleasant, sweet voices unlike the nasal twange of androgynous women which at menopause gives way to a husky voice when they loose what little estrogen they have.


In men, the pomum Adami or thyroid cartilage (Adam's apple) is only occasionally found now to be separated from the integument by a bursa which is interesting because this is another synovial membrane, independent of itself (like the separated hyoid cartilage sometimes yet encountered), and this reduces friction between the thyroid gland and other organs here.


The more resonant and deep a man's voice, the better the thyroid cartilage is and the stronger that organ is.


Such a 'lion's voice' is not too common anymore. The problem is ossification commences in the hyaline processes of thyroid cartilage and in the larynx around twelve years of age, or even earlier (it was at 25 in 1901-(see Gray's Anatomy).


The corniculur cartilage ossifies completely by 30-35 years.

In gross anatomy, we find two very odd structures rarely encountered today. The Musculus Tririceo-glossus which was diseased in 8 of 22 subjects in 1866, being another muscle in the posterior thyro-hyoid ligament which passes up to the tongue with the hyo-glossus muscles, sometimes on both sides. This would have created a stronger conduction of vessels and arteries as well as a stronger neck region.


Remember, when you lift, you are using the organs of your throat as well, which is why a man is more powerfully built in the neck area with a thick thyroid cartilage to defray the weight, which is also why a gynic woman was not built to lift more than five pounds; when they do, it is one of the reasons women have more trouble than men with thyroid problems by five to one.


Nonetheless, need we wonder why the lion gods used their heavy 'roars' whenever they were in a position that necessitated the use of auditory waves? Whoever is in the way is always subdued. Bhima raises his voice in a Hon roar when he was lost in one story and although he shook up the wildlife, he found his bearings; Rama taught Arjuna during his lesson in weaponry the power of the voice; how to use sound to its best advantage.


Using auditory waves is not new to science and was seemingly what tore the walls of Jericho down. The power of the voice can be hypnotic as we learned from Hitler. We are just learning how whales and dolphins may use intense sonar blasts to actually stun prey. It has also been found their brain structure is quite different because of this, the cells in an area called 'nuclic' are more orderly in rows or columns. It has also been found in bats.


Bats also have a special auditory 'nuclic' to receive echoes. It would be interesting to know what those conch ears of the gods were capable of, given all this, the perfect sound receiver was in those little points.


Men through the ages have sent shivers down the spines of their opponents with drums and bagpipes, those "Ladies from Hell", and if you have ever heard a lions roar you know how unnerving it can be. People literally go dead in their tracks. Lions will often sneak upon you, but in many circumstances will try and roar you down first.


If our Nibiruian and Egyptian peoples had the structures I have described, which we only see as rudimentary today, they indeed had the 'lion's roar.'

Now, the false beard we left a few pages ago. Like the nose, which has the alar artery supplying blood to the tip, Meckel's ganglion which is the nerve conduction from the jaw to the eyes and palate, transmits and gives strength from the iron therein in some people.


In the jaw then, we have an even more difficult system than we ever believed. The chin is called the 'mental' for in Latin it means the mind, mentum. Why would anyone recognize the chin as the mind? An intuition as to what it really does? If Egyptians had the indented chin, they too had a heavy iron deposit with also zinc and copper, for they both are always there too.


The beards of Chephren and Mycernius covers their entire chins and thyroid region, however the latter affect may be for artists convenience, so we will concentrate on the chin. If anyone ever looks at the vast arterial system of the head of a full term fetus, one wonders why so much of it has atrophied. An indented symphysis of the mandible (an indented chin) means hyaline cartilage is there, thus a better arterial and vein distribution to feed the membranes containing aforementioned minerals.


The mental foramen contributes to this as well, also the mental nerves which branch down to the tip of the chin.


Here again we are back to the trigeminal nerve which has branches to the eyes, the nose, tongue, and mandible and maxillary and forehead. The Egyptians covered every area except the nose; which would of course have been impractical. The mental protuberance is well covered because they had a jointed and membranous symphysis, and as it is arterially fed, considerable radiation would be attracted to the zinc and iron deposits here.


It is well called the mind, although today we do not see in cadavers the strong nerve processes of the trigeminal nerve as we see in anatomical prints up until the turn of the century. Even the prints of Andrea Vesalius in the 16th century, show a much more plentiful nerve center here and in the nasal region, which one anatomist relegates to the amateurish study of this great anatomist claiming there are many "gross errors."


These are not mistakes. Gray's Anatomy, shows a lesser, but even stronger, nerve and arterial complex than seen today.


As diet degrades through the years, germ plasms are weakening with each generation. The weak only beget weaker, We have very few, if no, geniuses as we had in the past because of this. People differ so in physiologies that to claim all men are equal is blindness. The chin was called the mental because it derives a great deal of electromagnetic resonances which affects the trigeminal nerve and the vast plexes that are in there (in some people).


The trigeminal nerve is the largest cranial nerve and the leading nerve to the Pons area of the brain, partly sensory and partly motor. One reason the "lion walk", the gods of the Veda have, went with the "lion face", was that this nerve directly affects the spinal nerves and gives a smooth, long gate to men who possess all these features.

We often see the lacrimal nerve missing today which cleanses the eyes and keeps them disinfected within, fighting disease and toxins entering the body, so, the temporal nerve in back of the superior maxillary takes over which cannot do the job as thoroughly. Men who can move one eyebrow up while the other is down, reflects a strong trigeminal nerve conduction.


Of the twelve pairs of cranial nerves, the trigeminal, or fifth, is the most vital along with the vagus which regulates the heart, pancreas and digestive tract. This is one reason the elaborate helmets such as on Chephren and King Tutankhamen have the elongated sides down to the breast region where these nerves branch off from the lungs and go deeper to the stomach.


Find such a man who has been described with all these attributes, and you will quickly dispel all questions about extransensory perception. Yoga comes close when they are able to control and lower their heartbeats by controlling the vagus nerve. But someone so endowed with a perfect nerve, arterial and venal system as this would respond to his environment in ways unbelievable.


The Egyptians tried desperately not to lose all this, which is evident by their costumes.

The eyes were most regal on most Egyptian faces although many people today are frightened of those such as we see on noble King Ay (plate no. 43) and find great beauty in those of Queen Nefertiti. Both are actually representative of the same thing. Their eyelids have a great deal of zinc in them which under normal circumstances would be good.


In many Egyptian faces, however, one can see the classic thyroid troubled eyes, with the sankapui look worsening through the ages as the upper lid retracts or falls. The gods were always stated to have lotus eyes which implies the eyes curved up at the upper margin. I have never seen such eyes, but many people do have remnants of them. The mongoloid and Negroid peoples come closest and some pockets of Europeans.


As the eyelids contain considerable zinc, it would only be a natural response to the positive ions of the sun to develop an epicanthic fold or heavy eyelids. The epicanthic fold is the body's attempt to cover the eye-lid and cause as less zinc loss from the environment as possible. Heavy eyelids, common in whites, who have Nibiru traits, do the same; also, the skin above the lid comes down often and they often have surgery thinking they need correcting, but it is a healthy response to the environment.


One sad thing is western conscious Japanese women, somehow believing Americans must be emulated, are actually payingto get the 'dog' look as the ancients called it (Amerindians called the whites dogs too).


They are actually paying up to $1000 for destroying what nature did to help them.


Eight thousand operations are performed a year, but doubled a decade ago, to have surgeons rid them of the epicanthic fold. Zinc is also an antiseptic which aids the open eye from all manner of toxins and bacteria and filters this through the meibomian and lacrimal glands. Many Negroid people yet retain the slightly slanting eye, a strong reflection back to the primal eye, revealing their Egyptian origins, as it does in many Caucasians with their heavy eyelids.


But one of the most baffling mysteries of Egyptian art was their portraying the eyes as being at the sides of the face. A "lows eye" would make peripheral vision much better.


One interesting part of the Veda was when the kings of On, when having to watch the dicing,

"all (lie kings looked at Yudhisthira, their faces turned sideways."

This is intriguing when you consider Egyptian art and that the Pandava were noted through the Veda for their superb sensory attributes, unlike the 'dog-eyes' of the Indra lineages.


'Dog-eyes' being of course, forward setting eyes. It is also interesting that most of the Egyptian royalty retained this while the nobility and lower classes had more of the real 'god-like' eyes.


Vision is much restrained when peripheral vision is gone, even those with slightly slanting eyes today have a good field of vision. It must be remembered such vision would also alleviate turning the neck which constricts the carotid and jugular veins thereby shunting oxygen, losing a great many cells in the process, especially to the brain. Animals move their heads very slightly, if at all, using their keen vision and those twitching ears, as in horses and cattle.


The older breeds of dogs such as the Pharoah hound, and their offshoot the Doberman, have the slanting eyes unlike a cocker spaniel who can have a great many eye problems if the diverted body chemistries cannot be handled. The only way primitive man could have made it in evolutionary terms is with slanting eyes. One area where the apes surpass us is that they have retained a fuller iris and pupil with little sclera (the white of the eye).


Some people have very enlarged iris' and pupils, and babies have a good example of what we lose as we age. The iris has one main purpose, to allow light in to ignite the electric carrying abilities of vitamin A and other nutrients throughout the system. It has retracted in size because of the positive ionization and other damaging rays of the sun, only to have people, especially those with blue eyes, become photophilic as the eyes need other rays of the sun to compensate for the vitamin D they need only to lose more A.


Blue eyed people suffer the worse, as the bilrubin in their blood turns blue in the iris as it reacts to the sun, trying as it does to refilter lost nutrients but only deflects most rays, good or bad, Bine eyes can also become bluer from too much cholesterol. (Hitler would have had a difficult time convincing me blue eyes and blonde hair was superior!)


Everyone suffers from iridoleptynis, if we go by the Veda which states the goddesses had "cow's eyes" and Draupadi "doe eyes", all implying they had very little or no sclera. In wild dogs and wolves, it is very little compared to domestic dogs. The primal iris had to be brown or black for these colors have a heavy concentration of zinc and vitamin A, giving excellent eyesight.

But would an environment heavy in positive ionization and UV light not to mention C02, spontaneously change the eyes? Yes. A change in the orientation of proteins has been found in cataract and radiation studies. But what would happen to a lotus eyed god?


Depending on the metabolic strength of the person, mitosis will be interrupted in the eye as elsewhere, which means constituents as visual purple in the eye is lost. Our babies are the best example of this who lose the large iris the older they get. As radiation travels straight to the iris the lens capsule is affected. If zinc is still plentiful and vitamin A, cataracts and other eye disorders are unlikely, but epithelial cell function will be lax.


The membranes of the eyes are then at a loss to secrete and absorb fluids, and will try to contract any cells from the stimuli. Literally overnight, the iris and pupil would atrophy as these cells recede from a different stimulus.


The conjuctiva suffers more pathology than any other part of the eye as it cannot seem to handle all the bacteria and lets many pathogens enter the eye. The iris is a heat generating unit as is the pupil which like all black bodies attracts radiations, thereby distracting bacteria, but unfortunately this is why unstable radiation is also attracted to it. In many Egyptian artwork, the eyes are vacant, no iris or pupil.


The Veda says that thoughts can kill, as one Brahmin did who sought reprisal in a story by sending an "injurious thought", and the person fell dead to the ground. Again, our evil eye might have been stronger in people with such eyes and why we tend to disbelief such things today.


Yudhisthira as stated covered his eyes, "lest I burn these folk down", by accident upon looking at them. Homer said we would go mad if we saw the gods, perhaps he was right!

However, one reason some primitive tribes are oxyopic, is because they have large iris', allowing the minutest stars to penetrate as well as having oxyosmia which is why smell and eyesight, as well as hearing acumen, always blend together. If any of these receptors are thrown off, or are weak in any way, the organism will never fully comprehend its world.

The bust of King Ay seems to have the same affect Yudhisthira had on some people with his very lotus eyes with no descending lid nor eyes showing underneath to emphasize his large iris'.


Siva, or Yhwh of the Bible, had to hide his 'dog-eyes' which, if the people saw them, would have given him away. Another trait the Pandava's had was that their eyes would appear red. When we say someone is mad their eyes burned red.


Why? I believe this implies the Pandava had a tapetum as animals do which makes their eyes shine red in the dark and allows them to see. This implies a strong visual purple and Vitamin A content and vision would be as good in the light as the dark. Interestingly, reports of Bigfoot, state he has eyes that glow in the dark, which would mean he had a tapetum.


When looking through a retinoscope, the color of the macula lutea of the retina in man is reddish yellow (here is where vision is acute), so why do we not have good night vision? We know people with brown eyes react faster because of the good nutrient flow, but perhaps other constituents deprive them of a tapetum developing. (You know, for an organism that is supposed to have become brilliant from evolutionary prowess, we lack everything it would take to get us there!)


We are also told in the Veda that the gods did not blink as much as man does, or did not blink at all, which may be because their eyes were so big like an animals who seldom blink.


If the gods did possess such eyes with a tapetum this is telling us their mental processes were just as acute as they had to have a great deal of visual purple which only vitamin A can create for when the light hits the eyes this substance breaks down to send an impulse to the brain each time. The worse the vitamin A metabolism, the worse the vision, and the eyes deteriorate in time and so does the brain from being overtaxed.


Zinc too is here and both these contribute to the electrical conductivity and nerve conductions of the eyes which had to be super-sensory in these people as compared to us. Hence, they did not need to blink as much. We blink constantly to keep as much vitamin A as possible. We know peripheral vision is greatly reduced with a lack of vitamin A.

One odd thing between man and animals is that when the latter are injected with retinoic acid in large doses, there is no storage as the molecules are rapidly utilized.


Why, we do not know.


I question why man stores vitamin A (but not its precursor, beta-carotene) which is used only when needed. Why do the animals use it immediately? If we used it immediately we would see a decided change in our neurological systems and reproductive organs, as well as growth and vision. Storing it does no good when we constantly need it, which leads me to believe the gods did have a tapetum as implied.


Vitamin A, in large doses as with copper, are injurious to us. Constant rhodogenesis would thus be a boon to us. As far as reproduction problems, one study has found that seratonin abounds in the retinas of rabbits, fish, birds, reptiles and cats. This is interesting, for serotonin, as a vasoconstrictor in the rabbits eyes, makes the cells fade when a rabbit is under ultraviolet radiation, thereby holding the vitamin A content.


This gives this animal a better grip on reproduction stability (they only breed prolifically when domesticated, another hint that diet and environment, as with people, is throwing them off) as prolactin is released from the precurser of serotonin, tryptophan. (Prolactin is what makes a woman infertile while breastfeeding.)


Ovulation will run unstable if diet or living habits are disturbed. As vitamin A controls nerve conduction and gonadal control, the sun is thus proven again a hazard to women causing leukkorhea and ovulation.


Rabbits are like cats, they normally ovulate with male stimulation but not in domestication which, like women, makes them become almost constantly gamically receptive like our anthropologists try to tell us is 'normal' for women.


If the Egyptians worshiped the cat and rabbit for their reproductive control, it was a trait they themselves soon lost under a new sun.

Again, we should return to the power of the 'evil eye', or at least the ability of the eye to transmit, which it can do as we know. We all have had the feeling of someone staring at us only to turn around and see we were right. If we have the ability to perceive this on a small scale, what could these people do? It is an interesting speculation to think that if the optic nerve were so strong, it could send as well as receive the impulses to the thalamus which is the prime seat for all sensory stimuli except olfactory.


Hypnotic control would be very easy. The gods did not blink much then because their electrical conduction was so well.


To test yourself, see how many times you blink in a minute. If more than three, you have a poor nervous system. A lion can see prey just under a mile, which man can scarcely do, but the 'lion headed' gods may have easily done so.


Their visual field had to be more than the 210 degrees of 'normal' humans with their lotus eyes and the shapes of their faces, Some people can see better than 20I20. At the turn of the century, a young boy was found to be able to read page numbers off the cornea of his eye from a book a person was holding next to him. It was a well-documented case of the ability to read numbers tenth of a millimeter high!


Surely, the gods could see macroscopically as well as microscopically, as some people have claimed to see atoms and particles, and as the ancients knew atoms, did they not see them somehow?


This would also contribute to the ability to see bacteria and different waves of light and radiation, etc. We do know stress can affect eyesight and much of the poor eyesight of school children is because growing eyes are not ready for such strain, still developing. Reading should not be taught until at least 10-12 years of age and was done so in many places until the turn of the century.


General Patton could not read until 12 and became a veracious reader. Tragedy or stresses always affect the eyes and some people have been known to go temporarily blind, or even permanently, when the mind cannot accept what is seen. There are people on record being myopic, when convinced that the reason they could not see was that they believed the eye chart was blurring developed telescopic eyes.


Some people can still look point blank at the sun with no trouble. But one day educators will learn that you cannot teach anyone anything, you can only help them discover their bodies potentials and the learning process then follows naturally.

The sun should really appear white to a person with normal eye refraction. Even at sunset, barring atmospheric conditions, it is white and should be seen as such. Spots seen after looking at the sun or a bright object is not a chemical change in the eye, but poor eyesight.


Stars do not twinkle (Mozart was definitely flawed!) except for atmospheric conditions as pollution, but is also a failure of mind and eye.


Anyone who looks through telescopes has discovered the power of the eye to refract the light better at the side of the pupil, a good indicator we could, with better eyesight, get rid of many telescopes and see the rings of Saturn with no difficulty as many primitive tribes do who have rod shaped cones throughout the retina no doubt.

If the eyesight of the gods was so acute, so was their hearing, as some people today can hear the radar squeaks of bats after it registers from their throat and interestingly these people are asthmatic. Probably because during attacks the throat nerves and arteries are thrown into a better alignment to channel better hearing to the brain.


The vagus, for instance, would affect the vestibulocochlear nerve.


Unfortunately, the heart is ill-affected, bats or no. Nine out of ten people have vision problems today, and it usually occurs before forty, but as diets worsen, children under six are seen now with glasses. It is a shame we hurry children into growing up when their bodies are not developed fully enough to allow something as strenuous as reading to be done, which leaches vitamin A from the growing eyes.

Reading was not always considered the most intelligent thing one could do if we go by the ancient texts, which tell us the gods often read merely by placing their hands on a text.


Bunkum? I do not know.


It does lead me to another factor. If their nerve conduction was so good, and if their nutrient flow also, it may answer the question of " laying on of the hands." It is being used again by a small faction of people whom some hospitals have recognized.


Like the Kirlian effect, it is frowned on by some scientists, but let me add those untrained in biology. (You know, the ones who specialize in one area and presume they know everything about the universe?) The Kirlian glow about the body is the electrical pulse of the body which glows even after death until the energy of the last decayed atom goes out.


Laying on of the hands is imparting this energy through the medium of the hands and is the electromagnetic charge of the body which can help people whose charges have weakened. People with this ability have been found to have a good flow of iron as well as calcium, both conductors. If anyone had a superior flow of zinc they would be even better, and copper as well.


There is no mystery to it, just having a good, healthy body.


However, the 'gods' must have had a high blood zinc content which is highest in electropotential voluntary muscles such as the eyelids, mouth, fingers; legs have the most as well as feet and hands. There is 12% zinc in serum, 3% in leukocytes and 8,5% in erythrocytes. The latter is most enlightening.


These are the mature red blood cells which number roughly 5,000,000 per (5,500,000 in males, 4,500,000 females.) but their zinc content is lost through carbonic anhydrase activity, that is, this enzyme is the result of zinc which catalyzes with O and CO2 and forms carbonic acid.


Here is another telltale hint to the condition of man. With a nitrogen and oxygen balance, zinc would not turn to an acid. Life would be much longer and narrow minded scientists who make money at seeking out the paranormal fakes (not that there isn't any) would do better to concentrate on other things. The energy flow through the body would be one-hundred fold. Enzymes would have more special powers.


The ability to read a book by placing the hand atop it would not be so ridiculous, just a matter of reading every atom in it through electrical transfer much as an electric eye we use today. X-ray, for instance, would not be needed to read a person's illness.


I read with great interest, a study of electron transfer of heme protein in oxidative phosphorylation and photo-synthesis which involved long distances in vivo. They expected the electron exchanging sites to be weak because of the distance, but the redox reactions were very fast. It was found in one experiment that a zincIiron hybrid conducted electrons at a specific room temperature to form a high-spin ferrlheme.


I wondered, if CO2 were not so prevalent and nitrogen so weak, how much faster and endogenous would zinc and iron be in us?


Because of this, mutagenesis occurs and this would answer a great deal of why teratology took hold in Egypt quite suddenly and, oh yes, death. Skin changes of color can be attributed as well. There is indeed much to think on here.

If you ever noticed, Egyptians are always holding something in their hands. Like the eyes and chin, hands attract radiation also. What is it they hold in their hands as with Mycernius, who holds two rounded cylinders and the women the ankh? They also needed to boost their failing energies and if these were of gold or silver, these would have worked. Many objects they had were of lapis lazuli, in jewelry as well as eye paint. It is called Iazurite and is isometric, composed of sodium, calcium and aluminum sulfa-chlorosilicate which is all very pertinent here.


These all have braelectric potentials, but they certainly could not cover their bodies entirely with it.


It is enough to see they realized this would deter radiation from the most vulnerable areas. Lapis lazuli is also well-known to stimulate the thyroid. Studies have shown that calcium can retard ELF fields to some extent. But lapis lazuli was actually 'sacred' to them. This is so fascinating given the situation here in Egypt.


You see without the X-H bond of sulfa-chlorosilicate, the aluminum, sodium and calcium would not react to absorption very well as they, like so many minerals, are unstable in an atmosphere of CO2.


They could not activate O2 , so oxygen atoms would not form. How did they know to use such a mineral that would not lose its radiation barriers in an unstable atmosphere?


One other thing, it is a very rare mineral, found in Austria, Sweden, Brazil and Georgia. How did it get to Egypt in the vast quantities in which it was used?


One thing we have to face is that given our atmosphere, gold and silver does not have the therapeutic values it once did as well as other minerals as the electrical conductions are poorer. Perhaps this is why we only see the beauty of them, never realizing their healing properties, although they are still there but much weaker. Silver is making a comeback as a anti-bacterial agent used profusely up until the turn of the century having lost out to the drug companies.

The use of jewelry was always relegated to females. But there are two kinds of females, those who merely see the dollar and prestige value, and those who use it theraputically and as a preventative.


Diamonds help curb leukorrhea, fatigue, and pearls neurological problems for instance. All stones and metals emit different energy wavelengths and many people are actually wearing stones that can make them ill.


The wearing of jewelry by the men was indeed a shock to many of the people of this age, as the Veda attests to, for it is a feminine trait for men are more self-assured biologically whereas women, having a lesser red blood cell count, means electrical conductivity can be enhanced by the minerals. Men started using them as protection and theraputically when they could no longer cope with the environment which was anything but normal.


As in the Veda, men in Egypt and Mesopotamia wore upper arm bracelets of copper and bronze, as well as the heavy helmets.


Copper in itself is an excellent shielding from radiations of many sorts, a faraday cage effect. Internally, electrical conductivity is low in a man compared to externally where it is highly intensified in the head, fingertips, feet and upper arms. In modern day practice, to reduce physiological effects of conductivity among electricians, an arm band is used with an underside that channels the electricity of the man to a live electrode attached to there, thereby receiving the electric influx from the power line.


Readouts are thus taken to assure he does not get too close to a hazardous area. You could do the same thing with just copper if the person was sensitive to these waves, which these people surely must have been. Electrodes would not be needed, only your body fields if zinc and calcium are conducted efficiently. Soldiers in the ancient times normally wore these armbands in the field.


Going by the wars as presented in these archaic texts, just what was going on? Were these armbands used to detect areas of heavy electrical waves?


In Sakra, celestial hall of the Veda, a temple very similar to Solomon's,

"with the resplendence of fire", dispelled "old age, grief and fatigue, free of disease with celestial trees" (electrical wiring?-A.N.), where "Partha, the lord of the Gods sits with Saci-the great Indrani" and "wearing cut indescribably form, with diadem and upper-arm bracelets of copper."

Old age and grief would certainly dispel if they used temples of copper and gold lining, as radiations would be dispelled much the same as we relax, when riding in cars, for you are away from your wooden house where you are constantly bombarded by all manner of forces but the car is steel and is a perfect faraday cage.


Bacteria would also be eliminated in such an atmosphere of negative ions. Earrings were certainly a great comedown for the men.


I think Draupadi said it best of all when she had to bemoan the fact that Bhima had to wear them when forced into a precarious situation,

"Dhanamjaya, thot bull among men of whom the enemies always lived in fear, wears a disguise that is despised by the world. At the sound of his bowstring and palms the enemies trembled . . . He, the great-spirited man who possessed all celestial weapons, treasury of all sciences, now wears earrings..." 52

We know ionizing radiation as ELF, centers on the middle of the head following the coronal suture to the occipital region.


Here, acoustic pressure waves occur in the hair cells of the organ of Corti by bone conduction. Very little energy is needed here to largely increase brain temperature. If they did not use something to deflect this, they could have had problems. If EMR were used, the sounds alone would liave driven them insane depending on the intensify and, behavioral changes occur which can be quite noted.


They would have, with rectangular pulse - modulated microwave energy (200-3000 MHz), experienced clicks and buzzes, etc.. from the back of the head. Fighting men could certainly not stand this.


When one remembers that they were pressed for equipment and materiel, the use of their wives and sweethearts jewelry might have been demeaning, but they had no other recourse. And what the gods did would later be taken as the fashion of the gods. Again, gold or silver and certain jewels, would have defrayed this, depending on their shapes.

I do not think it too hard to imagine what the other fancy accoutrements the Pharoahs and others wore were for. For instance the crook and flail. The flail often stated as being a sign of their iron rule.


Being of gold may give us a hint of what they were doing and why we cannot rely on our time honored traditions that because someone is sitting on a throne like seat it means they are conveying royal protocol of some sort. Like the clothing, it is a remnant of more concrete actions just as with many religious ceremonies. If these people fooled the general populace with their so-called pomp and circumstance, they only succeeded in pulling the wool over very gullible eyes and minds. The flail interests me first as the strips were of gold leaf (gold remember is very malleable).


Pierre and Marie Curie conducted a similar experiment to test for radioactivity, using a charged gold-leaf electroscope.


This is even more relevant. In the time of the Curies, this consisted of two narrow strips of gold-leaf, like on our flail, hanging together in a glass jar. When charged, they stood apart because of mutual repulsion.


To charge it, direct current is used, or as in a Lauritsen electroscope, a metalized quartz fiber. Note how you always see Pharaoh with the crook and flail against one another! The crook is often of iron and gold and would act as the conductor! Like the Curies, he merely watched the drop of the gold leaves to determine the amount of radiation in the air as they did!


Quartz crystal could also have been in the crook. The crook was actually a miniaturized staff!

There are three basic headgear patterns (plate no. 44). The first reminds me of the basics of an electron tube with the head acting as the heater (the head releases 85% of body heat) for kinetic energy excitation which would have created electrons. It may have benefited the wearer for this reason, thereby being therapeutic.


Any metal could be used.


The second shows the uraceus also, whose power we need not go into. The helmet probably served the same function. It is the peculiar spiral that is interesting. It looks so much like an apparabolic spiral, or better known as Fermat's spiral, the windings get closer as it approaches the pole. It is basically a law of optics. I cannot help but think it has something to do with the rays from the disc or sun as involved here.


The Fermat principle states that light will pass more quickly on a curved refractory surface, the more windings the better, depending on the surface of course. The light is then aplanatic, concentrated to the destination, here the helmet's own curved surface.

However, a popular fourth type always showed bullocks horns on helmets. This is the only time the Anunnaki had a reason for these particular cattle horns! I think it is safe to say the Nibiru men had bullock type horns, the Anunnaki misshapen ram type. Here we have a matured bull's horns. We are going to ask and answer several questions here. It has always been wondered why animals have horns or antlers.


When one considers their mineral content against the background of earth's electromagnetic forces, then it isn't a mystery. First, horns are on goats, bison, cattle, antelope and are never shed (except for the antelope).


Antlers are in the Cerridae family -deer, elk, caribou, moose. Horns are comprised of keratin and have marrow and are nourished by internal blood vessels. Keratin, or scleroprotein, comprisesc also nails, claws, hoofs, scales, hair and feathers of beast and man. Keratin is of a highly polymerized protein structure which means it is a source of heat and energy and is actually, like fingernails, an outgrowth of the skin and is thus an electrical conducting medium, like skin.


Horns are actually a magnified protuberance to gather radiation as the skin and hair does.


An animal, such as a bison, would find this invaluable in orientating itself, being alert to weather, prey, etc. If man had bullocks horns as the ancients tell us, he too would have found them invaluable. As a physiologist, as I have stated, 1 always have wondered why man has an auriculotemporal nerve and superficial vessels which lead to nothing.


This nerve does play an important part in the neck and jaw, lower ears and facial muscles, but why is it so high up on the head? It is an oddity for it reaches to something no longer there and the nerve can be exceedingly large.


On animals, horns literally act as antennae as on insects. Antlers are comprised of calcium and phosphorus, true bone, and I need not explain again the electrical capacity of these two minerals.


When bucks fight it out, the one who best metabolizes calcium thus capable of producing the better offspring, wins. When bucks are growing their antlers, they are sensitive and hide themselves because they have lost a sixth sense so to speak, which makes them more vulnerable. In the Egyptian headpiece here, they have drawn on nature for shape and added better conducting materials.


Cattle and antelope are more open air animals while deer, forest, so each would require a different structure. The veins of horns and antlers keep the electrical conduction going. They are similar to our horn electromagnetic antennae which are circular or rectangular, and like horns, provide unidirectional pattern coverage.


In fact, we are back to our pointed pinna again, Ears on animals do the same thing, and as most wild animals have pointed ears, their thick nerve and vessel construction is acting as antennae as well as auditory devices. Note how animals constantly twitch their ears, not so much for sound always, but to detect subtle forces.


Our helical antenna like ears do not pick up half the sounds they could, nor any force fields at all.


The ear is fed primarily by the carotid artery and is supposed to be very well supplied with blood. In Chinese acupuncture, the helix is the seat of the hypothalamus which controls sympathetic and parasympathetic activities and hormonal control. I do not think I would get much argument that a pointed ear would stimulate all the ear's internal organs to better reception.

One point that should be brought up is that of the otolith's which are within the inner ear chamber, the utriculus, and are pebble-like concretions of calcium carbonate resting on hair cells. As our head's move, the neuronal system is sent impulses of the head's relation to gravity. This tells us the ears play more than an auditory role for if the highly blood fed tissue and nerves are picking up fields, the electrical content of the calcium of the otolith's and the zinc of the hair inside are as well.


Unfortunately, in man, these otolith's are very small and weak compared to our pointed eared animal friends. However, the importance here of the ear and these inner structures on the statokinetic reflexes of the body is most important.


Let's take the lion (and why the Nibiru were said to have had a lion's walk). The labyrinth of the ear reflects movements of the neck. If the lion is perceiving his environment well, there is no need to move the neck; the extensor tone of all the limbs increase and he walks as stealth as a cat should.


The mind is properly receiving and the body complies, the brain is being fed oxygen properly and he is acute to all stimuli. Bio-mechanics at its finest. If an antelope leaps to his side, no need to look all around saying hey, where'd he go!" your senses perceive and you just take off. In labyrinthectomy, the head and limbs goes limp. In blind flying, it was found that the pilot alone could not make it without instruments as they could not rely on their otoliths to function.


Astronauts did the same (and these are the people that need the computers - what happens when they do not work? The gods were right, only the beings of genetic perfection were allowed the gift of heaven).


The problem was not so visual here, as many animals fly at night as bats who rely on echolocation.


But look at their big, pointed ears. Take those away and you have your blind pilots and astronauts. Man could navigate in any situation as well if he had not lost his sonar devices of pointed pinnae and better internal structure as the otolith's. Man will someday learn his computers and technology is merely a substitute for what he has lost from nature. He cannot rely on equipment to always save him.

The Egyptians and Chinese were always famous for their long ears.


The philosopher Lao-Tse was said to have had seven inch long ears. They said the longer the ears, the higher the spirit could fly, and that is no joke. These extraordinarily long ears we see in Egyptian art are but a reflection of a mutated ear that very much wanted to be pointed.

Let us look at our next figure (plate no. 45). Note the tail. Well, thank goodness, there is nothing in any ancient texts (not yet at least) that says the "normal" gods had tails. For an upright species it would be awkward anyway because you could not sit. Note he is wearing the special headgear and carries a staff and another object which is no doubt a sensor device.


It is the tail that is interesting. They are shown so often in Egyptian art but have forever remained a mystery. Many African tribes kept the custom going, as well as Amerindians, and I must say the bussel is a remnant of it as well. Even Thoth is shown wearing a tall as well as Anubis as they tended the dead. Why do animals have tails?


They are sure good at batting flies, but there has to be more to them as this for animals have a muscular twitch that can combat them as well. They have tails for the same reasons they have horns and antlers. The tail is just a section of the spine, and the spine, like all bone, is comprised of that famous electrical conductor, calcium.


Tails are thus another sensory device. As stated, it has been found that calcium responds to electromagnetic fields. Also, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), does as well, which means considerable electrical binding and reactions to the organism is going on, which isn't exactly good as the brain especially will suffer if the system is in an unstable environment.


Wouldn't it be nice though to have an appendage that could warn you ahead of time, to guide your actions? This is a tail in animals. But what in man? The nose and long fingers, something no other animal has, save the apes (sans the nose).


This is why people often accent their speech with their hands. We already stated how the nose has iron deposits, well it has of course bone as well, and the shape of that nasal bone says a lot about you as well as the alar cartilage. Before we get to that, lets just say that the use of a tail merely reflected another sensory organ they lost and they borrowed from nature the animals ability to judge forces. It would also accentuate the electrical conduction of the spine.


If the top end of the tail was of gold or silver, attached at the end of the sacral plexus, it would have been almost as good as the real thing acting like an electrode.

Now to noses; if there is one thing about Egyptian noses, it is that they reflect the true, healthy nose; there is hardly an acuiline nose among them. The nose says just about all, for it is the appendage that regulates just how much oxygen is reaching the brain. If the nasal bone is curved or pinched, just that less amount of oxygen is reaching the system which is a lot to cover.


It is the Egyptian nose whereby we can tell how much we have degenerated. Chephren has a very excellent nose, whereas Mycerinus' is pugged and the enlarged alar reveals circulation and excretory systems are in disorder. (Actually, in the Triad, Mycerinus's face does not match his body; the latter should be more squat and heavier.)


We see such a diversity of noses around the world, it is really amazing and most are not even conducive to the health of the individual.


The blood has to receive a steady flow of air, with both passages open together. The idea is to have as straight a nasal bone as possible so the air goes into the septal cartilage, hits the anterior of the ethmoid bone and swings down to the nasopharnyx. If the nasal bone is curved up or down, the air passage falls short either up or down on the ethmoid bone and does not reach the nasopharnyx as it should, it stops short.


This is very common in orthognathism, common in whiles, while Negroids have a pinched nasal region.


This is a "autocytolysic" process. Animals do not suffer from mucous accumulation as we because their nasal apertures are so good. Also, as in whites especially, a decided lack of vitamin A causes a formation of mucous and in anyone lax in nutrients. Proboscis picking is a hallmark of a people on refined foods! The shape of the nose by far is the telltale sign of its ability to bar as much bacteria and toxins as possible.


A pugged nose only allows more, a hooked nose only causes bacteria to become trapped deeper inside. If you have crusted mucous, you have a bad nose or the opposite, one that runs. If you have a straight, healthy looking nose and still have it, you are lacking vitamin A.


But, here is another problem, our Egyptian noses were built for an atmosphere more predominant in nitrogen, so if you have the straight nose and have problems such as running or even gustatory rhinitus, take heart, your genes are still as good as gold! And, a hooked nose could be a cause and effect and advantageous - but stay on a good diet!


One of the biggest farces of evolution is the apes nose which is a perfect bacteria receptacle. It invites it like a drain in a bathtub. Apes, are. of all the animals, the least healthy, even in their own habitat, and more susceptible than man to diseases, particularly respiratory.


When Jane Goodall started getting a troop of chimpanzees to eat bananas she did not (and probably still doesn't) realize she got them away from their usual high potassium and vitamin C foods and when polio hit a nearby village (for the same reason, only they were on white man's food) it nearly wiped all of her jungle friends out. (And it is people like this that are telling us evolution is fact!)


Baboons are better biomechanically structured in this respect, for they have a snout like a dog and are a much brighter and keener animal. The Chimp, like the gorilla, is a natural monstrosity, a fluke of nature. Nothing could evolve from such a bacteriogenic animal. The Egyptians considered the baboon far superior. On man, the nasal opening should not be seen when looking head onward, but down placed on the sides.


Can you imagine a female Australopithecus, fighting all the elements and with a nose that collect pathogens? From this we expect evolution? We need holistic anthropology very badly.

The nose is one of the most commonly malformed structures fixed by surgeons. Everything from congenital occlusion of both nostrils to no nose at all, only bone, or vice versa. Here, if there is structural problems, the sense of taste is dulled and another reason food preference conducive to the good health of the body is lost.


We see a great deal of pinched nasal bones today causing the mouth to open, a direct result of a lack of B-complex during gestation. A good nose tells you how much oxygen your cells are receiving, any lack, even minutely, means dead cells. Proponents of the "crying is good for you " leagues do not stop to realize that one is expending too much oxygen which is why you heave and sob.


Laughter is not really the best medicine for you are losing too much oxygen and. like crying, takes away from the even flow of air the body depends on. The Gods of the Veda were said not to have laughed and thus frowned on apneic disturbances.


They might have beamed a big smile, but that was about it. Even though Rama was pleased to see his son in the heavens after a long sojourn, his eyes beamed, but he had only a "semblance of a smile" after embracing him. Man is fortunate that he is the only animal with a nose (save the Probosis monkey, but that hardly constitutes a well-cartilaged nose) but it is not always a well one.


I do not agree that climate is 100% the reason for the shape of the nose. It is often stated by anthropologists that the large Semetic nose of desert peoples is a response to the dry air. If that is so, please show me such a nose among the Egyptians! But this may be telling us something more about what occurred here. Egypt may not have been the desert country we think it was at this time.


So what happened? That we will come to.


The nose is very precisely structured and prepares the air to be pure and free of too much dry heat or cold which damages lungs both at the anterior and at the turbinates deep inside. In return, the turbinates receive the incoming air and thus prevent a loss of body heat and moisture. The nose must keep bacteria at a minimum, or the intestinal tract is rampant with more than it can handle (which is why Semetic peoples have slightly inverted lips) which means your system has to fight back even more instead of using the energy to better purposes. (Aging anyone?)


If mucous forms too thickly, the bacteria only accumulates, bad breath and body order prevails, especially when diets are too full of junk foods which cause a lack of the nutrients that keep the system functioning.


Apes are notorious for colds and flu for this reason with their poor noses, and man as well, for the cold is often an attempt to rid the body of accumulated poisons. Sinus trouble disappears on a healthy diet.

It is often said that a large nose is indicative of gamic problems which can be very truthful. The lining of the nose is filled with large quantities of blood which, like the genitals and breast, enlarge during excitement causing what is commonly known as the "honeymoon nose" in newly married people (and unfortunately in those not!) as the nose engorges and clogs, purely from overindulgence and poor diet, not so much from the act itself.


However, large noses are also a reflection of hormonal problems.


Other type noses, like the W.C. Fields kind, reveal that drinking is prevalent as the alar region, which has a rich blood supply, causes a "grog blossom" nose, often with lipoma nasal. Menopausal and menstruating women, also show an enlarged nose, as do many pregnant women today from impurities in the diet. Poor digestion, exposure to cold, also contributes, as well as a poor heart.


Another problem is deviated seprums which close one or both sides of the nostril and are most common today. It is very important which side of the brain is receiving oxygen; in yoga, students open the right nostril before eating while fluids are taken by an open left. But it is most important both nostrils are open all the time. The science of breathing is well known in all Vedic treatises. If one nostril is closed for a few hours it usually means an illness is eminent. Mental imbalances by improperly designed noses are well-known by rhinologists.


Many people who have nose surgery feel like a different person afterwards. Or vice versa, a trauma to the nose actually can cause mental disturbances because of the poor oxygen circulation. There is indeed then the ideal nose from which only healthy people can evolve, and you won't find it with Lucy on the African savanna, but we do get a glimpse of the primal nose in Egyptians.


Man has only five million olfactory cells as compared to the German sheepdog with 220 million.


The average person can detect 10,000 different smells, however some perfume experts can detect 30,000 which shows you how plastic this sense can be if we train it properly. It all goes back to molecules as puzzle parts which fit into corresponding receptors in the nose and tongue and why someone hooked on refined sugar sickens at the site of fresh, unsugared fruit, wheat bread or honey.


They cannot taste it because sugar has dulled the full impact of their receptor cells as it has deadened electrical conductivity. Man has invented over 20 chemical substitutes for honey only because he cannot perceive the real thing. He is not natural, so why should his food be?

The Gods in the ancient texts are so perfect they cannot lie, as one god said to the other,

"my lord, I cannot tell a lie, for it is not in me".54

This is not exaggeration, just a reflection of a being so highly biologically intuned that no other course but honesty can befit him. Morality is merely sound homeostasic metabolism. To do otherwise would be like putting an AC plug into a DC hole.


There is no God to get you for your indiscretions, only your own self-destructive body, for you are responsible. Confession just won't fix it. These were a naturally eugenic people where eunoia was their primal hallmark,

"being masters of their senses, they are in control; being pure, they suffer Hide illness; having little fear of repression, they find no obstacles." 55

As time passed because of the change of environment, the senses could no longer always be trusted, which is man's basic failing. Dysgenics begins and he devolves and no longer trusts himself and nature, and attacks both with a mad passion in his paranoia,

"By repressing the senses, by truthfulness and self-control, he attains to the place of Brahman, which is the yonder, good brahmin." 56

By surprising senses that had failed him however, he soon mistrusted them all causing him to be destructive to himself and world. Man's warped senses cannot respond to all he was originally created for.


Even in the Veda's there is the argument over the natural-nuture theory:

Eyes, ears, the nose, and skin and tongue,
These are the seats of human perception;
When the Thirst is quenched the senses are happy;
One should, carefree and happy, goad them on.

Not so, say others: a person's act, If well employed, takes on form as it should: By the act of the father and mother begotten The child grows normally by eating food.

"The intuitions of the mind" could no longer be "shaped in the heart," 58 so states another line. If you noticed the reference to skin being an organ of perception, western science has just come to realize this.

One thing was certain, everyone was changing and women were beginning to give birth to malformed offspring. And one thing that all the texts point out is that four classes, or what we call races today, began.


To them, the four different peoples were merely pathological conditions resulting from the holocaust, distorted reflections of the original form. Nothing could make more sense than this to someone who studies holistic medicine where 'genetically caused' means not always a locked in error.


It surely is not denied a great many diseases are from mutations - but are we capable of reversing many of them naturally, that is the question, for we have done so with many so-called 'genetic disorders.'


We just may be too ignorant to figure it all out rather than attacking the gene by splicing and all this other mania which will not cure the problem, but only mask it. We constantly see so called 'mutations' revert back to their normal matrix when diet and living habits are changed. Scientists want to manipulate genes when the answers are so simple, we merely need the right ingredients, not an entire new recipe!


They forget that altering genes does not change the mind which has to regulate the body and until they do this, which is impossible, their problems will never leave for the body must act as a whole, one little gene change is not enough. Biochemistry through sitology can work miracles if we could only get everyone off the genetic engineering and evolution madness for the latter idiocy spawned the other, and people are dying for it.


The ironic fact is that the evolutionists and molecular geneticists are actually no different than the religions which they despise. Both parties worship something they think they are eternally locked to, the evolutionists merely traded God for a gene.


The myriad religious groups of the world theorize on man's sinful ways but like geneticists, they alter the outer shell but the center is still the same. They only pull a blanket over their eyes to the real issues and make up the rules as they go along. Get to the heart of the problem children, then the pieces will fall into place and like the little Drosophila flies everyone mutates, after a few generations they return to their original form; thus shall we.

The Egyptians recognized four classes, themselves, the Aamu, the Nehesu, and the Themehu. And what made them? The Eye.


It supposedly fell on the God' Khepera's genitals, so later ages degraded the story, from which mankind was created, but this is surely an allusion to just that fact. Radiation was altering the germ plasm. The Aamu were the Semetic tribes as described in the "Book of Pylons."


The Themehu were the Libyans. The most interesting, and perhaps disturbing because white Egyptologists took the translation wrongly, was the Nehesu, or Negroes.

"Horus says, "I masturbated for you, and I have been content at the millions who have come forth from me in your name of Nehesu; Horus "hath created you, and it is he who hath created you, aid it is he who hath protected their souls." 59

All of mankind was said to have been made from the eye - "Ye are the tears made by my Eye in your name of 'Men'."60.


Budge, as many historians, implies however, that the nasty habit of onanism stems from Negroes. Actually, the line was read most incorrectly as the passage has no phallic symbol whatsoever, and how they entered that particular 'word' is beyond me.


But it downgrades Negroes once again, only this time to the rear of the chariot. The Nibiru were the root of the Negro peoples and instead of that ugly word, it should be, "came forth," or "created you." It is really rather laughable historians say this about African tribes many of whom rightly make onanism a capital offense for it is a contributor to disease and birth defects, while most westerners will only laugh at this.


Most doctors today do not frown on it as they used to in times past.

If you will notice, no white skinned people are spoken of, for good reason, as they were from the Tuat, no one had deteriorated to that capacity as yet. Aamu were brown skinned, Libyans, yellow to brown and of course Egyptians were of olive. In one Egyptian passage we see one of the gods is definitely dark-skinned, just as Arjuna, speaking of himself in the Veda, told of his skin turning black.


I cannot help but think the following Egyptian passage is about him:

O King, Hail to you, you Chaos-god! The traveling of the Great Black One is traveled for you, you stop with the stopping of the Eldest God, there is cessed for you the censing of Ki-smk in On. Be alive, alive! Have dominion, dominion! Life is raised up behind you, so live! 61

The Gods were much saddened when their people suffered so and had a difficult time keeping the Anunnaki from harassing them.


The original Aryans were not white, that is very clear in the Veda. And of course, Horus did not cause this but certainly tried to stop it. (Remember, Horus is a title.)

We find many, many Egyptian traditions in African societies, where food taboos and ritual have not changed since these days.


Many tribes in old photos from the 19th century show 'Negroes,' with no inverted lips or prognathous jaws, but the same tribes after the arrival of the blessed missionaries have the stereotyped looks appear from the refined foods. Like all of us, their looks are only trying to get back to the original matrix.


The Falashas, black Jews, direct descendants of the Nibiru, are very black but dietary restrictions have reduced and often eliminated the 'negro' look. If we go by the story in the Veda of Savitri, the Gods elicited the help of their Nehesu peoples.


Savitri is dying and,

"a person in a yellow robe and a turban, a handsome man resplendent like the sun, smoothly block and red-eyed" appeared and helped Savitri and his wife who said, "I know that thou art a God, for thy form is not human. Tell me, if it pleases thee, who art thou, God, and what dost thou seek here?"

The Pandavas were not doing so well themselves nor were their own people who marched with them.


We saw in the Tuat how they had changed in skin tones. In the chapter "The Secession with Markandeya," probably one of the most frightening of passages as pertains to our situation today, the sage tells of the past events since the Fall and how, as the Gods cannot seem to stop it, the pattern of abiological life repeats and repeats through the ages until total destruction.


Read for yourself as the sage unfolds a future I hope is not ours, but the connotations cannot be denied:

Wondrous looking huge clouds rise up in the sky, like herds of elephants, in the finely of garlands of lightning, some darkling like blue lotuses, others like while lotuses or fibers, others yellow or turmeric-ochre, the color of spiders and of red lotus petals, and vermillion; some are shaped like grand cities, others like elephant herds, still others black as collyrium, others in crocodile shapes - clad in garlands of lightning, the clouds rise up.


In their terrifying shapes, with their horrible echoing blasts, the clouds cover the entire expanse of the sky, great king, ihey fill up all of\earth and her mountains, mines arid forests, and flood her with rains.


At the command of Paramesthin, the terrible thundering clouds inundate everything. Showering their masses of water and filling up the earth, they douse the evil, gruesome, panic-spreading fire that had been raging.

For twelve years during that upheaval the clouds, at the impulse of the Large Spirit, fill earth with their showers, till the ocean rises above its tide line, Bharata, mountains are sapped and collapse, arid earth itself collapses. Then sudden winds whirl around the skies and under their hurricane gusts the clouds are torn to shreds. And the self-existent God, O Bharata, overlord of men, drinks up these winds and lies sleeping on the Lotus of the Beginning.

In this desolate mass of nothing but ocean, with all standing and moving creatures dead, with the hosts of Gods and Asuras dead, empty of Yakasa aixd Raksasa, without men, without beasts and trees, in this world without sky, king, I alone wander about with grave concern. And as I roam on, this desolate total ocean, without seeing a single creature, I become terribly afraid, I go to all lengths and swim, king, and despite my fatigue find nowhere a resting place as I keep going.


Then one day I see in the flood of the water a tall wide banyan tree...

What he sees, is a child who will trigger the whole process again:

"His skin the color of cornflowers, his chest marked with the Srivatsa curl, he appears to me like the abode of Laksmi herself..." 64

Laksmi is hell, the curled hair indicative of extremely poor metabolism, the babies skin is white... you can decide the rest for yourself. Notice how a great war caused a green house affect, followed by a flood and extinction of life forms, just as had happened twice before at the Fall and the flood. It is only Christian propaganda and Anglo-Saxon folly that the only good people of the world are white.


In the ancient texts the Anunnaki are white, and we know where they came from. Even Amen-Ra was having his skin troubles - "lord of transformations, whose skins (complexions) are manifold." 65

Quite revealing is the following:

As you rise today, O sun, you who are honored as a friend, climbing to the highest sky, make me free of heartache and yellow pallor.
Let us place my yellow pallor among parrots and thrushes, or let us place my yellow pallor among other yellow birds in yellow trees.
This Aditya has risen with all his dominating force, hurtling my hateful enemy down into my hands. Let me not fall into my enemy's hands! 66

Giving the context of the times, and this man's desperation to not look like a parrot, we can deduce he has jaundice for the sun triggered it as they would have suffered from a lack of vitamin E and A as whites who turn yellow from excess bilrubin.


Everyone was having trouble with skin changes, even Draupadi was changing.

"She was dark, with eyes like lotus petals, her hair glossy black and curling - a lovely Goddess who had chosen a human form." 67

She probably did not exactly feel lovely considering she also was experiencing curling hair which was a loss of copper binding which is why everyone's skin was altering.


She certainly did not aspire to be 'human' on purpose! But what must be pointed out here is that the 'races' today are as before the Flood, pathological conditions from the primal genetic stock. The same occurred before as endocrine changes altered the biochemistries.


If all this is true, then our races are merely pathocrine disorders which explains the great diversity which makes no sense from an evolutionary point of view. Biochemistry certainly holds this up when equated with pathology which we shall explore later. Once you have seen curly hair relax, brown hair turn black, bulbous noses atrophy, the mental retarded improve, and many other 'racial' and 'genetic' disorders corrected, some flags start going up.


I think we are all ugly ducklings waiting to return to swans. Man however, was literally now made into the image of God, a very biological disaster, a person so malformed he could not even be seen as the people would have known Siva with his 'third eye,' his fibromas and his light skin.


They would soon also be just as him.

"Let us make man in our own image" occurred from history's biggest biological blunder.

By far, however, the people who received the most abuse in all the literatures were the red headed people which is very indicative as we know red headed people are always affected by poor thyroids.


It was an old story, the genetic weakness sprang from Indra, carried through Siva and other offspring. It can be acquired mainly by a lack of B-complex, and minerals as copper. Mankind was already unstable as it were since the Flood, and the descent from the already tainted bloodlines.


The Fall of On merely re-did the damage the Nibiru had tired to correct. Any physical difference from the primal "molds" was considered taboo. Any red or reddish brown animal or red-haired men were said to be the doing of Set and related to those dire bloodlines. Diodorus stated the Egyptians sacrificed red and fair haired men. So much for the Aryan myth.


But these people merely reflected a biological response to the changed environment and perhaps were struck harder because their chemistries were very sound. It must be remembered at the time of Diodorus the food regimens to regulate these handicaps were over, more or less, only myth prevailed and Set a legend of the facts.


Red was to them as us, associated with the devil, evil. Black-haired Egyptians knew it was a genetic error of some sort, but in later times failed to understand this.

Without the correct diets these people would follow their programmed biochemical pathways and the Egyptians described them as crude, with red faces as well as hair, violent and commonly drunkards which are all just symptoms of severe thyroid problems which all people have to certain extents. Auburn haired people can suffer the same symptoms in lesser degrees, all depending on the diet.


Egyptians certainly knew all the symptoms as the following attests, whether they were aware of the reasons or not:

The Marks of the Followers of Seth:

The god in him is Seih... he is a man of the people - He dies by a death of... fallings... sinews... He is one dissolute of heart on the day of judgment... discontent in his heart. If he drinks beer he drinks it to engender strife and turmoil. The redness of the white of his eye is this god. He is one who drinks what he detests.


He is beloved of women through the greatness of his loving them. Though he is a royal kinsman he has the personality of a mart of the people... He will not descend unto the west, but is placed on the desert as a prey to rapacious birds...


He drinks beer so as to engender turmoil aid disputes... He will take up weapons of warfare - He will not distinguish the married woman from... As to any max who opposes him he pushes... Massacre arises in him and he is placed in the Neterworld

Uncanny how they knew the red hair stemmed from the line of Seth (of Set) one of the sons of Amen-Ra.


At least some of the Egyptians were yet aware of the traits that personified the degenerate gods. This reminds one of Cain (Siva), who had a loss of muscle strength, (according to Hebrew accounts of Cain) unsteady step because of a laxity of joint capsules which developed into osteoporosis; obstinate and self-centered; drink is to their liking due to their poor metabolism as there is a low voltage of alpha brain waves from the poor thyroid.


Morals are low because his brain chemistry cannot react with his body which is only looking for a way to die either through impetuousness and bellicose ways or erotism. You can read something of all mankind in these passages for it does not take much to upset the endocrine system, but it creates an avalanche of problems.

Gnostic texts tell us,

"Indeed, every act of sexual intercourse which has occurred between those unlike one another is adultery." 68

The people always knew the evils of miscegenation.


The Egyptians longed for their "World Soul" to return, when they were still biologically pure. Genealogies became a passion with them and later with Hebrews and Arabs, all striving to return to their true bloodlines. If there were no Golden Age, these people would never have bemoaned the fact that life just was not as it should be.


The truth lie in Egypt, whose texts tell us the story of a people caught between the vices of war and corruptness where peace and virtue once dwelt.


It is in these reflections by which we shall see the shadowy face of man's descent.




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