"The clever plans of the Gods are like the center of heaven ..."
-The Babylonian Theodicy




With Rama, the people had lived without rule, the families standing or falling on their own merits.


Miscreants were none as they were ousted promptly away, off Nibiru lands. They seemed to maintain a military defensive around the globe for they knew only the weak seek domination when they are not human enough to live by their own laurels.


The people needed no rules for they lived by instinctual merit,

"all people, relying on King Dharma, lived happily like souls that rely on their own bodies that are favored with auspicious marks and deeds."

Siva hated this for he wanted people like himself who had to have rules written for they are easily mastered, being genetically weak and easily swayed, and he sought to stop Rama.


The very curious, abrupt change of religion from Ra to Amen-Ra has always been a mystery, but it certainly seems as none now.


The priests of Ra and Amen-Ra battled back and forth and those adhering to the Nibiru philosophy had to go undercover as the new regime pressured them. The disc was now stretching only to the borders of Egypt instead of the entire world. Now, history would leave Egypt, enter religion, for now instead of 'in the beginning was the Cosmic Egg, the Golden Embryo,' was now the one true God.


Familial rule was exchanged for despotism. He parted the water. He made heaven and earth, He made man. Unfortunately, He did no such thing. In the earlier Egyptian texts you see the difference so plainly, for the Gods did the work, Ra was the officiator. he was the "Great Grandfather," not a pompous god. who helped his children and did not frighten them. What Indra had done at the First Fall.


Siva now paralleled to the creation of the world. It is never hard to see where the passion of Rama and the megalomania of India and Siva appear. Hidden from the people, because of his deformity, added to Siva's magnificence.


Perhaps partly blind, red or white skinned, a fibroma growing from his skull, possibly a rudimentary tail and talips equinas, all of which would not have been corrected surgically as they did not believe in cutting tissue, for one must, as the Veda said, conquer weakness through "austerities."


He took the name "Amen" the "hidden one," as translated in Sumerian to add to his mystery.

"He about whom they ask, 'Where is he?', or they say of him, the terrible one, 'He "does not exist,' he who diminishes the flourishing wealth of the enemy as gambling does - believe in him! He, my people, is Indra...

He without whom people do not conquer, he whom they call on for help when they are fighting, who became the image of everything, who shakes the unshakable - he, my people, is Indra.


He who killed with his weapon all those who had committed a great sin, even when they did not know it, he who does not pardon the arrogant man for his arrogance, who is the slayer of the Dasyus, he, my people, is Indra... who gave birth lo the sun and the dawn and led out the waters, he, my people, is Indra."2

In Egypt he was known as the "King of Kings," and the "King of the Gods."3


The center of his worship was the "City of Amen," "No-Amen" of Nahum.


The city abounded in great wealth as the 'priests' instigated the raids to Syria and Nubia. When the bounty ended the people were heavily faxed and after the end of the rule of the Pharaohs the Priest Kings took over. The priests of Ra remained loyal and produced the "Book of Pylons" which the opposition did not except as it made Osiris supreme.


Osiris kept his green skin in Egypt while the new Gods were of red and white. Ram-headed Gods appeared in profusion.

"Hail thou whose skin is hidden, whose form is secret, thou lord of the two-horns."

According to the Veda, Siva once went to a river with other gods and people curiously sought to see him and he was quite perturbed and restricted the area, making the mountain off limits, however this could be any of the Gods who did want people next to dangerous radioactive areas.


The following sounds as such,

"from then on, Kaunteya. people have been unable to look at this mountain, let alone ascend it. A man who has not done austerities cannot set eyes on this great mountain, or climb it, Kaunteya: therefore control your speech. Here oil the Gods used to offer up grand sacrifices, and to this day their traces can be found, Bharata.


This durva grass has the shape Kusa, and the ground is covered with it. And, lord of your people, these many trees are shaped like sacrificial poles. The Gods and seers still live here today, Bharata, and in the evenings and mornings their fire of sacrifice con be seen."

It sounds as if out of Exodus when the Lord forbade the people to approach.


It is also interesting that surely, traces of their ship's landing's and taking offs are still imprinted in rocks, as here the durva grass was in a particular shape from them. The "sacrifices" sound like the spurt and flame of the ships. Also, the Veda tells, us, ail the family members were surplaced by the new ruling family and why these histories are often difficult to discern.


Everyone feared the "female flying demon" as the women of Indra and Siva became involved and well-known as,

"through the bond of Ba'l, the lord of the earth through the bond of the wife of Hawron, whose utterance is pure, and her seven co-wives and the eight wives of Ba'I..." 6

It was the disc and the loss of it that was the most traumatic for the people, the light shone passed not the boundaries of Egypt,

"here Svamin and the son of Yavakrita set the brahminic boundary which the sun does not transgress."

Egyptian texts also speak of its rays reaching only as far as Egypt's boundaries as in the Hymn to the Aten of Akhenaten. Everyone of Egypt knew the Ennead, as they called them, were being held in On and were also known as the "sun-folk."


Nephthys stays in the "Snii-Mansion" in On, so states one source.

We see some very strange hieroglyphics as in the symbol that means heaven . What in the world in heaven looks like this? I know what it looks like to me. does it look like that to you?!


It has no phonetic value, only descriptive. In one line. Horus protects the domain of northern and southern Egypt while in his . The so-called solar disc is often shown with wings.

implying it can fly anywhere, which according to the Veda, it could. It is also sometimes shown with feet which could mean anything, just at the Veda states that these ships could go in water, on land, or in the air.


I find it terribly hard to fathom that the Egyptians believed the Goddesses swallowed the sun at night. Maybe later generations believed this, but those that were around when the pyramids were being built? I do not think so.


We have the sun represented as thus and the disc as .

The implying that the disc (note the eye) works on some sort of electricity as it leaves from the earth. I have never seen a sun with a dot in the middle. We already saw in the beginning of the book how the famous Boats of Ra made one's hair stand on end.


The disc was said to have given off turquoise light which cannot be our sun, unless our eyes have changed so in their color perception since then. We have to remember that translations of Egyptian texts are often the direct feelings of the interpreter. We are fortunate that the translations done in the 19th and early 20th centuries; before the advent of flying, do not influence many of these candid texts. Today, those against the Ancient Astronaut theory, are translating differently.


Also, too much religious connotations are reflected in many of these translations of both centuries.

One of the intriguing things was that on either side of Ra's boat were "pilot fishes" which were said to guide it, and kept the evil doers away. This is interesting for fish shapes as magnetic devices were often used through the ages, the geometrical design of the fish is itself one of nature's finest for iron particles throughout its body help it find its way in a watery substance, hidden as it is from the sky. and its shape helps the resonances.


Did they use such a device on their ships since they used so much of nature's geometry?

Things had changed so much in Egypt with the loss of the disc. People now treated weather as peculiar incidences. Many peoples fear of lightning does have relevance, and one would think the Egyptians would be quite use to weather phenomenon. But it should be pointed out that lightning strikes the earth constantly and there may have been a time it did not do so in profusion.


It is now believed lightning is the earth's attempt to correct its magnetic fields.


Equating this and Egyptian's abnormal reactions to weather, then the earth has changed dramatically since these times, for whatever reason.1 In other words then, the earth is in its death throws and trying to correct itself.


Volcanoes and earthquakes, which are increasing, would be for the same reason. Lightning does this, not so much to bring nitrogen, but it also, as a negative conductor, keeps the magnetic flow of the earth as normal as possible.


As since ours seems to be off, and if it was caused by a magnetic jerk from these times, no wonder the Egyptians found weather so frightening at this time as did other peoples. We know that storms are really the earth's attempt to remove pollutions in those big storm clouds we see. Lightning also affects our heats since they are also highly electro-magnetic; studies on heart patients revealed more trouble when storms arose.


Life could never have evolved if this were occurring in our so-called primal soup, nor could anyone on the savannah's of Africa evolve. Another problem is that the brain, which has been monitored during storms, has a change in alpha waves showing on the electroencephalogram. Cold fronts, warm fronts and thunderstorms have also been attributed to heart attacks as serotonin levels are altered from the positive ionization.


Positive ions always slow an organisms metabolic rates. The loss of the disc was certainly a traumatic event, and one which we feel today.


With negative ions, as from cascading water or islands such as in Hawaii which has the ocean surrounding, body cells pass through the system unimpeded, making us feel very good but positive charges as from the sun attack blood platelets. Our breathing and general metabolism is hindered. Hawaii ranks first in longevity, and no wonder, the closest we have to Paradise-weather-wise.


Winter brings positive ions and summer negative but if you are on refined diets you will not tolerate well any season, especially summer. If life were to arise, it could do so only in a stable ionized electric field. Constant electric fields in lab animals increased their activity, food and water consumption, body temperature, oxygen consumption, intestinal mobility and inmunobiological reactions, and enzyme activity. Most interestingly, by this they decreased their fertility.


However, blood potassium, blood sodium, and glycolysis lowered which resulted in tumor development which is our problem today. (Remember, though, these animals, like all lab animals, were on abiological diets.)


Animals given the choice of electric free and electric stimulated areas, chose to sleep in the former and play in the latter.


Bees placed under a heavy DC field (the others put under AC), as under a high tension power line, became so aggressive they killed one another and their offspring!


Taste, smell, hearing and touch was altered in people placed in an alternating electric field of 100,000 v/m with nervous pain lingering for several hours. Even tetanus was induced in a turtles' heart through electrical transmission.


Retardation of embryonic stages of Drosophila were seen up to the 13th generation which shows the impact of these waves. Microwave affects cytochrome oxydase activity which affects the hypothalamus and thalamus to react to pain and emotions.


The loss of the disc would have brought adverse charges in the earth's electromagnetic fields, and thus those within it, Negative ions are destroyed by smoking and frying food, fire in other words, so we can eliminate our ancestors evolving from eating their fireside dinners. Egypt could not have remained too stable for long had they been using fire for light or cooking with it.

People who were particularly stable in their genetic make-up, would be hit hard by any change. EEG readings after negative ionization showed in one study advanced alpha rhythms from the occipital to the forebrain which creates idea conception. The brain thus relaxed during frequency stabilization improved ability, while the two brain hemisphere's synchronized with a more stable personality.


This may be why we see the elaborate headpieces on Egyptians to keep these resonances going.


This may also account for their confusion so evident in their texts from the change of the gods. The disc must have contained countermeasures to the positive rays of the sun. From the Syrian city of Ugarit we have a poem dedicated to the Goddess Anat, who massacred the people and changed the two dawns and the position of the stars in the sky.


Were they speaking of the times at the Fall and after the deluge or that the disc no longer shown in the sky?


A Talmud tractate says that seven days before the Flood, God altered the order of nature and made the sun rise in the west and set in the east, but here was another time. We can see, however, that if these people were affected all over the world, why legends say great empires once risen, fell abruptly, as the people would have suddenly lost all this if they were biochemically geared for another form of environment.

The natural satellites in the sky may have been the reason the stars as described from these times do not match now. They may have also helped retard harmful effects from other celestial bodies which may have given weight to the zodiac which then formed the animal and other figures we know it by.


Seneca described this great change of configurations of the zodiac and described the loss of the polar star in the Great Bear. How could it happen so fast? The constellation "bears" a little resemblance today, but is it the movement of the earth that has changed it or what?

It seems unbelievable that the earth and sky could have changed that much, for the time since Seneca is really only yesterday.

To those familiar with Akhenaten's HYMN TO THE ATEN, does not the following sound so familiar from the Veda concerning the disc: (Note it is here referred to as a bird as the wings often seen on the disc in Egyptian hieroglyphics):

"Thou on the seer, thou art illustrious, the God Lord of birds!
Thou art the Lord, of the aspect of fire, thou art our ultimate redemption,
Rippling with power, kindly, and never cheerless,
Thou ore thriving and irresistible.
Of thy heat that never lackest in fame we hear,
All that is future and oil that has befallen.
Superbly thou shinest upon all that moves and stands.
Eclipsing the splendor of the sun.
Thou art the finisher of all that is. the lasting and the brief.
Just as the wrathful sun may burn the creatures,
Thus dost thou devour them like the fire of sacrifice.
And terrible at the Dissolution dost thou rise firelike.
Destroying and ending the revolution of the Eon.
To thee, Lord of the birds, do we come for refuge.
To thee, most august One without darkness, roaming the clouds,
Approaching thee. Bird Gantda of great strength.
That art the here and the yonder, boon-granting, of invincible valor!''12

This was said beforehand to be the "bright-shining Bird' of which the Gods "took refuge" saying.

"Fire, deign to grow no more! Would that thou do not seek to burn us. For this huge mass of thine creeps fierily onward!"

This bird that shines is nothing more than a satellite of some sorts.


In Akhenaten's hymn, the God Shu lives in the disc. How could a God live in a burning sun? It means just what is said, it is a vehicle. In another line from his famous hymn it is stated that the sun "shinest as the Aten by day," implying that the sun has a companion.

The disc seems to rise with the sun and may have drawn some of its power from it. Our most recent satellite, Landsat-5, orbits the earth in sun-synchrony, near polar paths every 100 minutes, and then repeats its ground coverage every 16 days at 700 Km altitude.


To an oxyopiac people, this would be just another star.

Whatever happened, to the Egyptians and their peoples around the world, it's loss forever changed the face of the earth.




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