The Egyptian calendar was based on the star Sirius, not the sun, moon or any planets, and if I am right in my research, as pointed out already, the star Sirius was no such thing, but a satellite.


It was said to change the water levels of the Nile and kept the people alive but there has been a confusion of the Egyptian Sothis for the star Sirius. In the 1880's, Sir Gaston Maspero, director of the French archaeological digs in Egypt found a hieroglyphic inscription at Sakkara which showed a pyramid with an obelisk on the top of it supporting the so-called solar disc.


Was this one of the satellites or some other artificial body? We now know that a much more vast empire existed in Egypt, for aerial and satellite pictures show cities and miles of roadways under the sands, and archaeologists are now wondering how in these desert wastes civilizations so immense could have prospered so. But Egypt was not as we know it now, it is a mere wasteland of what it once was.

We must bear in mind the terrible mental strains these people were going through as bioclimatology changed and the resulting behavior changes. This would have been catastrophic on a people so genetically stable which is hard for a catabolic species as we to understand. We only know death is our end. they harbored no such ideas.


It is interesting that the older texts of Egypt are more solid in their psychological content while you see a progressive recession of stability as the years go by. I firmly believe the first texts were codes and private reflections to be read by their Nibiru relations which is why later ages applied mysticism to them.


How would later generations of Americans read a computer read-out if our civilization suddenly ended?


Early Egyptian texts tell us the Gods are their relations, and they mean it, while later texts merely seem to reflect the fact they still are, but the facts have weakened as the ages clouded remembrances.


A people so biologically pristine seem to have been suddenly cast into perdition, so reads these many passages. These were a biogenetic people of whom immortality was a natural pathway, and they panicked as they saw their bioplasms destroyed.


A very great anger is reflected by them in their literature that I am still wondering as to why and how historians have ignored it. Especially, when their vindictiveness is directed right at the Gods themselves! I think most historians are suffering from the best cases of hypokinesia I have ever seen!

One thing that first strikes one is their remonstrations against sweat. Again, we are back to the original Fall:

You shall have no putrefaction, O King; you shall have no sweat. O King; you shall have no efflux, O King; you shall have no dust, O King.

Another is even more revealing:

O king, I have come and I bring to you the Eye of Horus. You provide your face with it, that it may cleanse you, its perfume being on you. The perfume of the Eye of Horus is on this King, it removes your efflux and protects you from the sweat of the hand of Seth.

I would like to equate this with a Sumerian passage:

After he had appointed the days to Shamash,

And had established the precincts of night and day,

Taking the spittle of Tiamal Markuk created...
He formed the clouds and filled them with water.

Tire raising of winds, the bringing of rain and cold,

Making the mist smoke, piling up her poison...

Here we are again, back to Eden, a 'carbon' copy literally, as CO2 abounds, this is the "poison."


Very few clouds had covered earth, as this causes a reaction called "condensation nuclei," and it is why our Egyptians cursed the dust and rotting of skin. All clouds consist of minute water droplets. If air is pure the water vapor does not condense into sizable droplets. The air was then, as now, full1 of dust, smoke and also, unfortunately in this case, sea spray.


Salt carries radiation from water, creating more problems. Dust carries debris and pathogens and is one reason anything organic or inorganic, decays; no wonder the King was having such a time. These people would have been ultra-sensitive to any environmental change. This may have been one of the reasons Egyptians stored their clothing away in cabinets and never hung it up as they considered it a filthy habit.


The people really did not know how to cope all at once with this.


Sweating was unknown to them, now endocrine imbalances brought it again. People who had died outright at the first outbursts of war were hastily buried in the sand, within large vases or reed sarcophagi, which is why historians have been deluded into thinking Egypt evolved from a group of nomads who somehow miraculously aspire to learn the art of mummification.


Many people just panicked as flesh rapidly decayed, but they soon learned to be defensive and the extraordinary development of mummification proves their ingenuity.


As for our King from the Pyramid Text just quoted, we really do not know how old it is. He may have been one of the enlightened ones.


The "perfume" of the eye was the protecting rays the scribe hoped the Eye would provide. The following plea for help again is a reference to the clouds:

"Mount up to me in your name of Ra, that you may dispel the cloudness of the sky until Harakhti shows himself that he may hear my fame and my praise in the mouths of the two Enneads. 'How beautiful you are!' is what my mother says; 'My heir!' is what Osiris says.

Egyptians were very alarmed by storms which make no sense being an outdoor, natural loving people.


The next is rather revealing:

My mouth is pure, the Two Enneads cense me, and pure indeed is this tongue which is in my mouth. What I detest is feces, I reject urine, I detest my own detestableness. What I detest is these two, and I will never eat the detestableness of these two, just as Seth rejected the poison.


O you two Companions who cross the sky, who are Ro and Thoth, take me with you, that I may eat of what you eat, that I may drink of what you drink, that I may live on what you live on, that I may sit on what you sit on, that I may be strong through that whereby you are strong, that I may sail in that in which you sail.


My booth is plaited with rushes, my drink-supply is in the Field of Offerings, my food-offerings are among you, you gods, my water is wine like that of Ra, and I go round the sky like Ra, I traverse the sky like Thoth.

I cannot help but think they knew that because their skin was turning yellow and white they were feeling the surge of bilrubin enter into their bloodstream instead of exiting from its source.


Apparently, they could not keep nutrients endogenous to the blood cell nuclei, thus bilrubin had to refilter fecal matter, as it does in lighter skinned people. The writer thus hopes he does not have to "eat" his fecal matter. The writer prays he will again return to his purer state as so many would in these candid declarations.

Many people were outright vehement against the new Gods:

"I will not be held back, nor will obstacles be set against me, for I am one of you, you gods.

And the following most profound passage:

I am at the head of the Followers of Ra, I am not at the head of the gods who make disturbance.'

Somehow, that one is my favorite! In the next passage, it is obvious this person declines the leadership of the new God and prefers Ra also as he is of the old regime of On as one of the "Onites":

An Onite character is in me, O God; your Onite character is in me, O God, an Onite character is in me, O Ra; your Onite character is in me, O Ra. My mother is an Onite, my father is an Onile, and I myself am an Onite, BORN in On when Ra was ruler of the Two Enneads and the ruler of the plebs was Nefertem...

Note the reference to the "Two Enneads," as parallels the two families of the Veda. In the following, the writer is aware of the duplicity of the new 'godlike' order who are pestering Ra and his people:

Thou tumest aside the godlike followers who sail after the sacred boat, in order that they may return again unto the mighty ones according to thy word.

Another revelation is:

"I am he who is not driven back among the gods."

Does is not seem funny that people are so indignant at gods? Why did they not fear their wrath as they would later do?


The next one is the icing on the cake for he identifies the bull from the lion; the Anunnaki from the Nibiru:

I shall not be driven back by the Bull which causeth men to tremble, but I shall come daily into the house of the double Lion-god, and I shall come forth therefrom into the house of Isis.


I shall behold sacred things which are hidden, there shall be done unto me holy hidden rites, I shall see what is there; my words shall make full the majesty of Shu, and they shall drive away evil Hap.


I, even I, ant Horus who dwell in splendors. I have gained power over his crown, I have gained power over his radiance, and I have traveled over the remotest parts of heaven. Horus is upon his throne, Horus is upon his seat. My face is like unto that of a divine hawk. I am one who hath been armed by his lord. I have come forth from Tattu.


I have seen Osiris, I have risen up on either side of him. Nut hath shrouded me. The gods behold me, and I have beheld the gods. The eye of Horus hath consumed me. who dwell in darkness. The gods stretch forth their arms unto me. I rise up.


I get the mastery, and I drive back evil which opposeth me. The gods open unto me the holy way, they see my face, and they hear my words which I utter in their presence. O ye gods of the underworld who set yourselves up against me, and who resist the mighty ones, the stars which never set have led me on my way.


I have passed along the holy paths of the hemtet chamber unto your lord, the exceedingly mighty and terrible Soul.

The "stars which never set" - satellites or ships?


The Eye has now turned against them and when was the last time a god armed you to fight the foe?

"May it come to pass that the Evil One shall fall when he layeth a snare to destroy me, and may the joints of his neck and of his back be cut in sunder," reads another passage from the BOOK OF THE DEAD which is very severe language to use to a god.

More enlightening is the following:

The King has cleared the night, the King has dispatched the hours: the Powers appear and ennoble the King as Babi. The King is the son of one who is unknown: she bore the King to Him whose face is yellow, Lord of the night skies. Humble yourselves, you lords; hide yourselves, you common folk, from before the King, for the King is Babi. Lord of the night sky, Bull of the baboons, who lives on those who do not know him.

We know by the Veda text Indra turned yellow, and I think we can safely say by this that his son had triumphantly arrived in On!


The people are yet cognizant of the good gods from the bad. Note the reference to the "Bull of the Baoons." recall the latter from the Veda who were a military detachment. Like Yhwh, he was unknown. He would soon change the roles of the gods and the people could not understand why or how the Ennead had gone awry.


Please note, they have altered time:

Hail, Thoth! What is it that hath happened unto the holy children of Nut?


They have done battle, they have upheld strife, they have done evil, they have created the fiends, they have made slaughter, they have caused trouble; in truth, in all their doings the mighty have worked against the weak. Grant, O might of Thoth, that that which the god Tmu hath decreed may be, done!


And thou regardest not evil, not an thou provoked lo anger when they bring their years lo confusion and throng in and push to disturb their months; for in all that they have done unto thee they have worked iniquity in secret. I am the writing palette.


O Thoth. and I have brought unto thee thine ink jar. I am not of those who work iniquity in their secret places: let not evil happen unto me."13

You could almost guess what would happen next when Siva would step in and now promised the world in a neat little package:

Hail, Tmu! What manner of land is this into which I have come? It hath not water, it hath not air: it is deep unfathomable, it is black as the blackest night, and men wander helplessly therein.


In it a man may not live in. quietness of heart; nor may the longings of love be satisfied therein. But let the state of the shining ones be given unto me for water and for air and for the satisfying of the longings of love, and let quietness of heart be given unto me for bread and for ale.


The god Tmu hath decreed that I shall see his face, and that I shall not suffer from the things which pain him.

I doubt if Tmu gave a continental(l)


The Nile that flowed so freely was slowed and negative ions were no more and hearts were sad, literally. The sharav winds yet plague the Middle East with heavy positive ions, causing anxiety, hyperperistalsis and most prominently, dyspnea, which we all suffer from and why our lungs do not take in as much air as they should Opened nostrils and good breathing was wished for so often in Egyptian texts, that it is obvious they were experiencing something away from the norm.


Also note that the god Tmu suffers from some feature distortion which this person is told will not affect him - is this Indra or Siva?

I have come to be a protector unto thee. I waft unto thee air for thy nostrils, and the north wind, which cometh forth from the god Tmy, unto thy nose. I have made whole thy lungs. I have made thee to be like unto a god. Thine enemies have fallen beneath thy feet. Thou hast been made victorious in (?) Nut, and thou art mighty to prevail with the gods. 5


"Beings at peace in the Field of Peace and having air for the nostrils." 6

Serotonin flow is the main trigger for everyone's feelings of helplessness and despair.


Our bodies are constantly suffering from this powerful vasoconstrictor. The gods in the following are known as the "sun-folk":

I have come to you, O Horus, that you may utter to me this great and goodly word which you gave to Osiris, that I may be great my means of it. that I may be mighty by means of it, that I may have power within myself, that my soul may be behind me, that my effectiveness may be upon me, even that which Horns gave lo Osiris, that I may endure in the sky like a mountain, like a support.


May I soar clondwards to the sky like a heron, may I surpass the side-locked ones of the sky, the plumes on my shoulders being like spines. May Orion give me his hand, for Sothis has taken my hand. The earth is hacked up for me, offerings are presented to me, even I for whom the Two Districts shout.


I am more pre-eminent than he who presides over the Two Enneads, I sit on my iron throne, my iron sceptre in my hand; I lift up my hand to the children of their fathers and they stand up: I lay my hand down toward them and they sit down. My face is that of a jackal, my middle is that of the Celestial Serpent, I govern as Sobk who is in Shedet and as Amtbis who is in T'bt.


I summon a thousand, and the sun-folk come to me bowing.


If they say to me:

'Who has done this for you?', I reply: 'It is my mother the great Wild Cow, long of plumes, bright of head-cloth, pendulous of breasts, who has lifted me up to the sky, not hasting left me on earth, among the gods who have power. I see that they are powerful, and I am powerful likewise. I am saved by my father Osiris, the sun-folk have guarded me.

What do you do when you find a person who summarily criticizes one set of gods and longs for another? I think we should stop and listen ...

And, oh, yes, the million dollar question, did they change from their sacred olive-green skin complexions? In the following, the King has kept his primal color, but it is hoped his offspring which he made by the Vulture (mother), will retain the color:

O you who stride out greatly, strewing green-stone, malachite, turquoise of (?) the stars, if you are green, then will the King be green, (even as) a living rush is green a vulture has become pregnant with the King in the night at your horn, O contentious(?) cow. If you are green, then will the King be green, (even as) a living rush is green.

A vulture has become pregnant with the King in the night at your horn, O contentious(?) cow. Your papyrus-plant is the green of the turquoise of the stars, your papyrus-plant is the ^green of the King, (even as) a living rush is green, and the King is green with you.

In the following account, or rather, supplication, seemingly by a primal god trapped in On, his agitation is quite evident:

Hail to you, you waters which Shu brought, which the two sources lifted up, in
which Geb bathed his limbs. Hearts were pervaded with fear, hearts were pervaded
with terror when I was born in the Abyss before the sky existed, before the earth
existed, before that which was to be made firm existed, before turmoil existed,
before that fear which arose on account of the Eye of Horns existed
I am one of this great company which was BORN aforetime in On,

who shall not be arrested because of a king, nor cited to the magistrates;

who shall be neither executed nor found guilty. Such am I;

I shall be neither executed, nor arrested because of a king,

nor cited to the magistrates, my foes shall not be triumphant.

I shall not be poor, my nails shall not grow long, the bones in me shall not be broken.
// I go down into the water, Osiris will lift me up, the Two Enneads will support me,

Ra will put his hand on me wherever the god is.
If I go down into the earth, Geb will left me up, the Two Enneads will support
me, Ra will put his hand on me wherever the god is.

If you noticed the reference to the fingernails, this, like hair, is regulated by the body and does not grow beyond a maximum length when the endocrine system is properly working to rid the system of toxins.


This is an excellent example of body consciousness. In the next installment, we see an unveiling of even more:

I am pure, I am conveyed lo the sky thereby, I remain more than human, I appear in glory for the gods. I have appeared with Ra at his appearing, I have made the third of those two who are with me, One behind me and one before me; one gives water and one gives sand.


I have leant on your arm, O Shu, just as Ra has leant on your arm. These two have found me, having sat down opposite me, even the two spirits, the Ladies of this land. O Nut, be joyful at meeting me, for thy has received me the hem of her petticoat which is under' her dress.


He whom they have fashioned for themselves is myself, and evil has rejected me. Selket has set her hands on me, she has extended her breast to my mouth, Dw-wr has shaved me, Sothis has washed my hands.


It is 'my rebirth today, you gods; I do not now know my first mother whom (once) I knew, it is Nut who has borne me and also Osiris.

Like the Sumerians, who were at this time experiencing more or less the same thing, they knew the "lu-lu's" from the "nam-hi-lus" and this Egyptian was no lu-lu, but was trying to keep himself from becoming one!


As we know, Nut or Nephthys. was now captive herself. The line I find interesting is the reference to the petticoat. The translator says because the person 'receives' the goddess this is surely evidence of erotism (!) Typical historian aphronia!


Number one, what is a petticoat doing in Egypt? The general populace wore shift-tight dresses with little or nothing underneath.


Recall our Sumerian lady (plate no. 7) who is believed to be a goddess, maybe Inanna herself. Apparently, the translator forgot (if indeed he even knew) that the hems of royal ladies dresses were often kissed by the men as they stooped in honor on one knee, rather than the hand, which was considered derogatory. Draupadi, in one scene of the Veda episodes, is commended for concealing her hands upon meeting a royal figurehead.


Hands were always concealed before strangers in respect of the men's automatic response even as recently as the turn of the century in the west and is still done in many other areas of the world. It was also considered healthful as the hand is a magnet for pathogens which is why Orientals bow at the waist, and Amerindians say 'how'.


Of course, the whites always thought that so charmingly barbaric, but look what they do!

O Lord of the horizon, make ready a place for me. for if you foil to make ready a place for me. I will lay a curse on my father Geb. and the earth will speak no more. Geb will be unable to protect himself, and whoever I find in my way, I will devour him piecemeal(?).


The lint-pelican will prophesy, the psdi-pelican will go up. the Great One will arise, the Enneads will speak, the earth being entirely dammed up, the borders will be joined together, the river-banks will unite, the roads will be impassable to travelers, the slopes will be destroyed for those who would go up.

Here, the king gets vehement that the Gods will obstruct his way. I cannot help but think this was some threat sent to whoever was barring the Kings way.


However, what I find intriguing, is the reference to the pelicans who "prophesy" and "go up." It has always been a mystery to Egyptologists their worship of birds. Well, despite their obvious place in the ecology of nature, birds here had a very pertinent place.


We see birds mentioned often in all the texts. We know bird feathers are highly sensitive to microwaves, they are certainly sensors specifically designed by nature to react to magnetic fields. We know pigeons and other migratory birds definitely orientate themselves to these fields.


Pigeons have magnetite in their skulls as some humans do in the Organ of Jacobson, which as stated has atrophied more or less in everyone. The smartest thing these people could have done was to watch the pelicans who soar at very high elevations and in formations. We know they ride on thermals, that is the heat rising from land. If you lived in an area where there was fallout or microwave disturbance, look to the birds, for if they hover over water, as the Nile here, there is a good chance the water is heating up more than usual.


Also, studies have shown that microwaves can affect their behavior. I had a sad experience while traveling on a highway when suddenly a flock of beautiful mallard ducks landed right in the middle of oncoming cars.


It was a mess to say the least, and everyone wondered how the birds could have been so foolish.


I merely pointed to the very heavy powerlines which led into the town which disoriented them. It was an area of heavy microwave transmissions and electricity. If I had been in Egypt in those times I would have run for the hills (I should have anyway, for if the ducks were affected so were we!). However, birds are an excellent observation device to detect the earth's magnetic flows which they fly on.


A passage from one named Syrian, bemoans a great tragedy, probably from this very time, that took his people:

For seven years I lived among the Hapiru-people. Then I released birds to observe their flight and looked into the entrails of lambs and found that after seven years Adad had become favorable to me. So I built boats, made... soldiers board them, approached the country Mukishkhi via the sea and reached shore below Ml. Casius.

This leads us to another obvious ritual of these people often laughed about by historians, the reading of entrails.


This became most important for radiation lays down in the intestines and rather than cutting up people to see how much they had, they used animals instead. After seven years, the entrails were rid of it and the future for this man was favorable. You could 'divine' much in these times if you used your head, someday we might have to too.

I will never forget the TV series "Ancient Lives" with Egyptologist John Romer.


He demonstrated the great "bird cult" of Egypt and showed how they went through the paces. He actually had a live large goose (I believe that was the breed of bird) he was struggling with which he passed through a stone block that led the bird right onto the lake water, adding of course some philosophical reasoning the Egyptians placed on this bizarre ritual.


I just laughed at this otherwise brilliant professor. I cannot remember if he said what the stone was made of, but it was all too obvious what these people were doing.


If you suspected fallout or microwaves, or just a common magnetic jerk, the first thing you would have to do is negatively charge the bird's feathers so they could give you a good response. Let us say the stone was granite, one of the Egyptians favorite minerals.


Among the numerous ingredients in this igneous rock, is quartz magnetite and garnet. The quartz shields against environmental damage as it has pyramidal crystals which have polar axes with the different properties at either end, the piezoelectric effect; it's fields neutralize opposing Fields in favor of the energy radiated from the organism.


The bird feathers in other words, if affected by ionization, were neutralized, demagnetized. A true reading could not be done without this 'ritual'.


If you took an affected bird and just cast him on the lake he would not respond as quickly or at all. but 'deloused' birds exit the stone housing and immediately recognize the problem, if there is one, and will skim over the top of the water and "the psdt-pelican will go up," or down in a crash if there is too much.


The experiment would later turn to ritual and religion, when the people forgot why they did it.


A most insightful passage is the following:

"One snake is enveloped by another when is enveloped the toothless calf which came forth from the pasture, O earth, swallow up what went forth from you: O monster, lie down, crawl away. The Majesty of the Pelican has fallen into the water; O snake, turn round, far Ra sees you.

We know 'snakes' were electrical transmissions and the Pelican has fallen because of them. Another passage reads:

Get back, you hidden snake; hide yourself do not let me see you. Get back, you hidden snake; hide yourself, do not come to the place where I am, that I may not pronounce against you this your name of Nmf son of Nmit. The Majesty of the Pelican falls into the Nile; run away, run away! O monster, lie down! 24

'Water-spirits' soon came into being, a known haunt for them was water which because of the zinc attracts electricity and radiation. It sounded here as if the bird has been infected and has fallen into the water.

The simultaneous turning of birds in flock formation has been studied as a phenomenon believed to be thought transference or the influence of magnetic fields upon their magnetic sensitive feathers. It is believed that their bones, like ours, act as an oscillator with collagen, protein and apatite representing a series of p-n diode junctions with mechanical stress producing a DC signal.


As the lead bird flies, currents flow over the wings, transmitting to the flock. Birds have specialized feathers called filoplumes with free nerve endings in the follicles, which seem to act as an antenna. The Egyptians used these wing antennae on many things as the cherubin's wings on the ark. The bird and water 'ritual' is actually an experiment used today by placing a bird in a Faraday cage to stabilize all forces just as the stone block did.


Then a strong microwave is directed at the animal within the cage, it flies with one side or the other down, opposite to the force, and will hit the ground unable to fly. just as the Egyptians state. The lake was a perfect median which attracts microwaves. By observing which way a bird flew in respect to the lake would tell you much.


There are many instances in the old texts of watching the flight of birds as 'primitives' do yet today. In the "Journey of Wen-Amon to Phoenicia", an envoy of Amen in agitation exclaims:

And the letter scribe of the Prince came out to me, and he said to me: "What's the matter with you?" And I said lo him: "Haven't you seen the birds go down lo Egypt a second time? Look at them - how they travel to the cool pools! But how long shall I be left here! 25

Obviously, he is perturbed because the coast is clear and he cannot go!


In another passage of Egypt:

Cross the lake, O Bringer! Cross the lake, O Bringer! Is it a goose? Then bring it. Is it a duck? Then bring it. Is it a long-horn? Then bring it. May you soar skyward as a h'w bird, may you fly up as a it-lt'w bird and go lo your father who are foremost in Pdw-s.


May there be brought to you this bread of yours which cannot grow moldy and this beer of yours which cannot turn sour. May you eat this your sole bread alone; you will not give it lo whoever comes after yon, for yon have taken it from the knml-bird.

The bread would not be moldy nor the beer sour if there was no radiation around or even positive ionization, one reason we have to add preservatives to food (or if your holistic, a natural preservative!).


One reason the feather of "Maal" was used was. as the scepter and flail, to detect radiation and magnetic fields. It could also be used therapeutically just as in the Amerindian headdress which draws forces to it.


In the BOOK OF THE DEAD the deceased is telling of his virtues and states:

"I have not snared the water-fowl of the gods."

Did the Gods not regard with favor certain birds for this great purpose?


I am always amazed that nearly every animal represented in Egyptian art are the very same found useful today for experiments in radiation and again. I am wondering if their appearances in the literature is not all a code more than symbol. Once you get passed groundless symbolism, these pictographs start making sense and symbols become more concrete.


If an Egyptian gave reference to a cat it was because it served a purpose to him, either in companionship or as a mouse catcher. But I am inclined to think in the context in which this animal is often shown, it was for another reason.


The cat is good to use to see his response to auditory sensation which is pertinent here for they could detect more subtle frequencies. If you will look at the picture (plate no. 15) we see perhaps a warning that transmissions are near this area where a Persea tree grows. The serpent is Apepi and the cat is cutting the force. We should remember that hieroglyphics are pictographs like we use today so that they have universal meaning.


Thousands of years from now if someone digs up the symbol for no smoking they could interpret it as most anything (they will probably say it was a phallic symbol!). They often used the little chick symbol, one of the few animals that has phonetic value, which is why I believe we are seeing a great deal of code blended with phrases.


The chick is used today in research as its threshold is sensitive to effects on their calcium ions; radiation retards cerebral tissue as in the rat.


The chick symbol with the "sickle" through it is a peculiar symbol supposedly meaning "mau" - the chick alone is 'u'. As I stated previously, the symbol may signify something very different. The bee or wasp was an emblem of royalty. These insects have considerable magnetite in their bodies to direct them and may have been used for detection.


Another example of the use of pelicans is the following:

O ttw-snake, ttw snake, where are you going? Attend on me, for I am... your father is dead... The Majesty of the Pelican has fallen into the Nile here. O you who are in..., come here.'

Another poignant line that tells us the kilt was a special garment is the following:

O Osiris the King, take the Eye of Horus which he has made hale-a kilt called 'Horus is high' 28

The plea to Osiris seems to be that the Eye has been too charged or is being used for mischief and the rays are too strong.


A kilt is then worn to combat it, somewhat jokingly called, 'Horus is high", to be worn on such occasion. The kilt's were of linen for it is the purest material and retards many radiations.


How valuable it is seems to be reflected in the following:

I have come into the Island of Fire, I have set Right in it in the place of Wrong, and I am on my way to the linen garments which the uraei guard on the night of the great flood which came forth from the Great One.

It sounds as if he was contaminated by radiation as he landed on the "Island of Fire" in the "place of Wrong."


The snakes guard the linen garments which seem to be at the 'quartermasters'. Also, the reference to the Great Flood which was purposefully caused, or at least could have been prevented. Linen became extremely valuable, as valuable as the oil they rubbed themselves with as we know today it is an excellent pollution deterrent.

But one animal they held in highest respect was the mouse! And here I have my best evidence as to what transpired at this time. As every scientist knows, the little mouse can be easily experimented with, but in radiation experiments he is tops because he has a very similar system to ours for endogenous pyrogen production. As a science researcher, when I look at hieroglyphics I read much more than the phonetic values of them.


For instance, the universal radiation symbol is (see plate 16).

It looks something like the wings of Egyptian symbols. I could also say that it stands for the word radiation, but if I were an Egyptian and wanted to convey more I might right it or like the sickle shape through our bennu bird chick. To give a warning I might use a feather symbol as the Egyptians, and a symbol of pulses or waves as the two together make the sound 'an', meaning, run. (Which is what I would do!)


In English would mean 'r' and meaning 'an' = run: together = RADIATION-RUN!


I have used a code based on my language.


To someone in the know, a feather and an could mean magnetic fields.


Egyptologists have only broken the phonetic code, they have yet to understand the pictographs. While reading this book you are only reading phonetically and there it stops, no actual images are conveyed other than what you imagine. This is one of the great losses of our written, unillustrated word. There is more to understanding than words alone.


A picture is worth a thousand words as it is rightfully said.

I have always wondered if the staff of Aesculapius, the symbol of the medical profession, is not a symbol of radiation. The staff of Aesculapius has its roots back to Sumer, and probably Egypt, if you will look at the picture (plate no. 17) as compared to the modern, which has its roots from the Roman, all similar though. The Sumerian one is supposed to signify the god Ningishzida, the son of Ninazu, Master-physician.


Here we have the snake and staff, the properties of which need no further clarification. The snakes wear the horns, indicative of the Ennead, the discs are in the background. To the Romans, Aesculapius was the god of medicine, the son of Apollo and the nymph Coronis, which is either a son of Indra or Siva, and we know what kind of medicine they were dishing out!


Nevertheless, mice, like the cats, birds and even the rabbits Egyptians show, are all the same animals used in science today for the same things they were using them for back then.


They may have been like Japan whose scientists honor the animals they use in experimentation at shrines. (All they do here is flush them down the toilet).


In 2Kgs. 19:35.36, we have the account in the Bible of an angel of the Lord who put to death 185,000 men in the Assyrian camp of Sennacherib. As we recall from the Veda, many men were killed during sleep. Herodotus reported that in the Egyptian city of Letopolis. the holy animal of the city was a mouse; bronze mice were found and Herodotus reported seeing the statue of a god with a mouse in his hand which commemorated the killing of Sennacherib's army, he having escaped.


Sennacherib's army was smote down by God and the Egyptians celebrating it shows there was validity to the event. Herodotus reported that the story told here was that mice had gnawed their bowstrings and how afterwards the movements of the sun changed. If the little critters chewed on any bowstrings, it was after the men were dead.


If you had radiated an area, the best way to find out if there was enough fallout to harm you would be to let loose mice and observe their reactions before venturing in yourself. Bronze and porcelain mice have been found in tombs and mummified by some. The Egyptians also thought the mice were blind which gives credence to their use as an experimental animal.


They would have been very blind afterwards.

All in all, these people are showing us decided pathological conditions and they would probably agree that their costumes were silly, but they served a purpose just as Arjuna would don the earrings and kilt to fool the enemy and afterwards had to convince his men he was not a eunuch or transvestite as the Veda states, for it was definitely not their proper clothing.

In the following, there is no refuting that the writer knew his position and defied the opposition:

I am the redness which came forth from Isis, I am the blood which issued from Nephthys; I am firmly bound up(?) at the waist(?), and there is nothing which the gods can do to me, for I am the representative of Ra, and I do not die.


Hear, O Geb, chiefest of the gods, and equip me with my shape; hear, O Thoth, in whom is the peace of the gods. Open. O Horus; stand guard. O Seth. that I may rise in the eastern side of the sky like Ra who rises in the eastern side of the sky.

Note the reference to his "shape": many were losing theirs as the atmosphere changed and which we shall cover later in detail. Note the reference to Seth whom he hopes to escape from.


Another passage pertains to clothing:

O Osiris the King, I bring lo you the Eye of Horus which is in Weavingtown, this Ernutet-garment of which the gods are afraid, so that the gods may fear you just as they fear Horus. O Osiris the King, Horus has put his Eye on your brow in its name of Great-of-Magic. O Osiris the King, appear as King of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Perhaps this was a "celestial garment", metallic of some sorts, that repelled the "evil eye". The Egyptians knew who the Gods were, and as they, knew the meaning to their every body cell:

I came into being from unformed mailer, I came into existence as Khepera, I grew incite form of plants. I am hidden in the Tortoise. I am of the atoms of god very...

The 'Tortoise' was always a reference to earth, an old reference to it. found in many cultures.


If man had any respect for himself, it soon ended by the time of Christ, as the following biblical comparison attests to:

"All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, but^ the word of the Lord stands forever."

And this is the word that was preached to you.

Hardly an inspiration where man is nothing, but the Lord is everything, while Egyptians revered the noble blood they came from and their Gods reminded them to hold to their dignity and live! Somehow, the new gods frowned on man trying to attain wisdom. I wonder why(!)?

Many people were abused and literally attacked by the infamous "Watchers", seen in all the archaic texts:

Deliver me from the Watchers who bear slaughtering knives, and who have cruel fingers, and who slay those who are in the following of Osiris. May they never overcome me, may I never fall under their knives.

The text continues of which more detail of these wars can be seen:

That then is this? It is Anubis, and it is Horus in the form of Khenten-maa; or as others say, It is the Divine Rulers who thwart the works of their weapons; it is the chiefs of the sheniu chamber.

"May their knives never get the mastery over me, may I never fall under their instruments of cruelty, for I know their names, and I know the being Matchel who is among them in the house of Osiris, shooting rays of tight from his eye, but he himself is unseen. He goeth round about heaven robed in the flame of his mouth, commanding Hapi, but remaining himself unseen.


May I be strong upon earth before Ra, may I come happily into heaven in the presence of Osiris. Let not your offerings be hurtful to me, O ye who preside over your altars, for I am among those who follow after Neb-er-tcher according to the writings of Khepero. I fly as a hawk, I cackle as a goose; I ever slay, even as the serpent goddess Hehebka."


What then is this? They who preside at the altars are the similtude of the eye of Ra and the similitude of the eye of Horus.


"O Ra-Tmu, lord of the Great House, prince, life, strength and health of all the gods, deliver thou me from the god whose face is like unto that of o dog, whose brows ore as those of a man, and who feedeth upon the dead, who watcheth at the Bight of the Fiery Lake, and who devoureth the bodies of the dead and swalloweth hearts, and who shooteth forth filth, but he himself remaineth unseen."


Who then is this?


"Devourer for millions of years" is his name, and he dwelleth in the Lake of Unt. As concerning the Fiery Lake, it is that which is in Anrutf, hard by the Shenit chamber. The unclean man who would walk thereover doth fall down among the knives; or as others say, His name is "Mathes," and he is the watcher of the door of Amenta; or as others say.


His name is "Heri-sep-f."


"Hail, Lord of terror, chief of the lands of the North and South, lord of the red glow, who prepares! the slaughter-block, and who doest feed upon the inward parts!"


Who then is this? The guardian of the Bight of Amenta.


What then is this? It is the heart of Osiris, which is the devourer of all slaughtered things. The urerit crown hath been given unto him with swellings of the heart as lord of Sutenhenen.

What then is this? It is the heart of Osiris, which is the devourer of all slaughtered things. The urerit crown hath been given unto him with swellings of the heart as lord ofSuten-henen.

What then is this? He to whom hath been given the urerit crown with swellings of the heart as lord of Suien-henen is Osiris. He was bidden to rule among the gods on the day of the union of earth with earth in the presence of Neb-er-tchcr.

What then is this? He that was bidden to rule among the gods is Horns the son of Isis, who was appointed to rule in the place of his father Osiris. As lo the day of the union of earth with earth, it is the mingling of earth with earth in the coffin of Osiris, the South that liveth in Suten-henen, the giver of meat and drink, the destroyer of wrong, and the guide of the everlasting paths.

Who then is this? It is Ra himself

"Deliver thou me from the great god who carrieth away souls, and who devoureth filth and eateth dirt, the guardian of the darkness who himself liveth in the light. They who ore in misery fear him"...

How much is here!


First, we see that already some people have been duped into believing a religious context is attributed to the new order as in the line.

"It is Anubis, and it is Horus in the form of Khenlen-moo; or as others say, It is the Divine Rulers...".

The gods shoot forth 'rays' and 'filth' from the eyes yet they are 'unseen'.


Look at from whom he wishes to be saved, a dog-faced god. who is obviously white or yellow skinned, the flat face so typical and with eyes that are more frontally centered rather than the lotus eyes of the gods. As to the brows, those we will later study, but they too fit the features.


What is the Bight? That it is in the 'Fiery Lake' may mean radiation. What is the 'Shenit chamber!? Is the Bight of Amenta the same 'Bight' as in the Fiery Lake?


Is this not Siva, the guardian of the darkness who now rules in the light? Those in misery had definite reasons to fear him.

And to, Osiris Ani, triumphant in peace, the triumphant one, saith:


"Homage to thee, O thou who risest in thy horizon as Ro, thou art stablished by a law which changeth not nor can it be altered. Thou passest over the sky. and every face watcheth thee and thy course, for thou hast been hidden from their gaze. Thou dast show thyself at dawn and at eventide day by day.

Is this a speech about the sun they see very little of now that the atmosphere is changing, or the disc? Peculiar sun that shows at dawn and then at eventide only.

When the disc became inoperative, the people reacted just as we would were the sun to go out. For one thing, their food resources changed and as we see in pictographs. a great deal of foodstuffs cannot be identified. I have wondered if the disc did not make food more nutritious for one of the curious things discovered today is that to meet the optimum daily requirements of all nutrients the average person would have to consume fifty pounds of food!


This makes no sense, however, we do know that through organic gardening and farming holistically. the nutrient content of food rises dramatically as soils are more healthy with no insect problems, but still we would have to eat 20 pounds of food a day to even come close to the minimum requirements. Perhaps this is why we see animals consuming clay, mud, dirt, etc., to do as we do with vitamins to get their requirements.


Food was holy to the Egyptians for they knew its quality meant life or death; it was the nucleus of life.

Everything soon changed in their lives for all that was conducive to living without degeneration, was ending:

May I sec my forms: may I be able lo understand thy will.


Grant that I may come forth, that I may gel power aver my legs, and that I may be like unto Neb-er-tcher upon his throne. May the gods of the underworld fear me. and may they fight for me in their habitations. Grant thou that I may pass on my way with the godlike ones who rise up.


May I be set up upon my resting-place like unto the Lord of Life; may I be joined unto Isis, the divine Lady. May the gods make me strong against him that would do. harm unto me, and may no one come to see me fall, helpless. May I pass over the paths, may I come into the furthermost pans of heaven.

The "forms' of the gods were not very easy to detect anymore.


Even the powerful legs the Egyptian men prided themselves on were withering away which could be expected in a positive ion environment; cellular strength was waning. As in the Veda, the men knew where to strike at the "Achilles heel' of the other, namely their thigh, which will be covered in detail later.

The Nile now overflowed, the sun's rays beat down unmercifully and depression and confusion gripped the populace. The air they breathed was no longer healthful from the ionization and CO2 that had to accumulate and why today the gas-volume to pulmonary capillary flow in us is never equal; the inspired air is not distributed evenly in the lung capillaries in the alveoli. In the approximate pint of air we breath, it barely covers all the lung space and this 'dead air* does not even enter the body tissues.


This is a result of the body's desire to shunt off as much CO2 as possible. We feel better when we breathe deeply, but too much and we tire out.


The mitochondria of cells, the 'power plant', traps oxygen by the formation of high energy chemical bonds of ATP, the life of every cell, and when we breathe deeply we help bring more oxygen, but exhaling loses what the cell has stored and our euphoria, as in exercise, is short-lived.


This is one reason people become addicted to exercise, jogging, etc., as the body is being fooled and if you have not retained other cerebral powers you will not recognize it as destructive which is why athletes burn themselves out, and dancers whose exuberance is pure autocytolysis in action.


Eastern religions advise activities as yoga or isometric exercises to stimulate glands and lymph nodes, rather than all the foolishness with aerobics and sports that occurs in western culture, but these people have retained very old, responsive instincts, unlike their western brethren.

I cannot help but equate "Ka", the famous word meaning "double," with the disc. The Ka helped enliven the "ba" which seems to parallel ATP, the energy of body cells. The "Ka" sign was used by men in both the Veda and Egyptian texts, the upraised arms, as if beckoning the powers of the cosmos.

In a chapter from the BOOK OF THE DEAD, the following sounds more as a preparation for a surgery, rather than a discourse on the man's supposed death; or perhaps this is an awakening from that state:

.... "who is ceremonially clean and pure, who hath not eaten the flesh of animals or fish, and who hath not had intercourse with women"... "And behold, thou shall make a scarab of green stone, with a rim of gold, and this shall be placed in the heart of a man, and it shall perform for him the 'Opening of the Mouth.' And thou shalt anoint it with ants unguent, and thou shall recite over il the following "words of power. "... "my heart, my mother; my heart, my mother! My heart whereby I come into being...

He then recited that he hopes the "Guardian", who sounds so like the Veda "Placer" which we saw caused so much trouble, will weigh his heart well at the "Balance" upon death.


Budge states it is curious that he calls the scarab his "double" or "ka". Scarab's have curiously been found embedded in the hearts of many mummies. It is very interesting that no meat or coition was advised before whatever they were doing, if this was surgery it is something most surgeons today should warn of, but never do.


It is the stone itself that is interesting. It is a basalt which is greenish to black color, which is porphyritic and usually has quartz which would induce an electrical charge. They were also made of malachite, a basis of carbonate of copper, with the same electrical properties. Both types of stone absorb as well as radiate electrical energy.


These were given to the dead to protect against the 'fiends'. Malachite has qualities which protect living chromosomes and a sarcophagus made of such would be helpful to preserve cells. The question is, was the "Eye" affecting some implant they put in these people? Or, were scarabs an imitation of a similar item?


The Veda certainly tells us they implanted something into the hearts of men so the "Placer" could take control.


To control the heart is to control the entire electromagnetic force of the body as that and the brain emit the most. These scarab 'pacemakers' could have lowered or increased blood pressure and respiratory rates, and this could be why we see so much reference to breathing and stuffed noses for sinus conditions often accompany high-blood pressure.


The heart and its functions were well known by the Egyptians, despite modern commentary to the contrary, as they treated it more than just a pump as science is finding it is today. The Egyptians knew it for being a filter of poisons and had hormones, which it distributed.


For instance, they knew what we are learning today, that a "moroseness of the heart" (Ebers medical Papyrus), or a sad heart, is from a collection of fluids and air from "the stress; Egyptians here said, "air and water." They also knew that the heart carries bilrubin when ill.


Nonetheless, the gold often placed around the beetle would have greatly enhanced its electrical conduction. But why the particular dung-beetle shape? There have been many reasons as to why they chose this form, from its inability to become squashed, equating this with immortality, to its rolling dung as it does to lay eggs, indicative of rebirth from the tomb. So say scholarly Egyptologists.


One thing they have not considered is that in all of Coleoptera the dung beetle is unique in its puzzle like shape because, as a desert insect, it must have a chitin shell which is geometrically shaped to absorb and reflect the various forms of radiation on the desert sands. If you wanted to shape a stone to obtain the best electrical conductivity from, you would choose the most life-giving, the shape of the dung beetle who lives quite well despite his wretched environment.


If you had a heart implant scarab, at your death, the tissues would still be receiving the electrical properties of the scarab and tissue cells would retain a weak energy charge as the heart would not lose its energies completely.


This will make more sense when we study mummification in the chapter, "The Resurrection".

If I die, my double will have power, far I am the third of those two gods who ascend to the sky as a pair of falcons, and I ascend on their wings; who descent to the earth as a pair of serpents, and I descend an their coils...

In the Fifth Hour of the BOOK OF THE DEAD, the God Khepera holds a conversation with a beetle.


In the Sixth Hour, the serpent makes the beetle move. We know beetles, like termites, are sensitive to geomagnetic fields. The Egyptians usually pictured the disc and the beetle together and philosophical historians state Egyptians thought the beetle pushed the sun like their dung balls!


People could have started using these implants to assist their own obstructed magnetic fields generated by the body, as we use pacemakers today for hearts. We also have a device, an electrode for the head, which tries to correct the disrupted electrical waves in the brains of alcoholics and drug addicts.

A most unusual discovery was made recently by archaeologists from the University of Craiova in Romania in digs near the Valley of the Kings; the mummified remains of a child buried nearly thirty feet underground, he was roughly five years old when he died.


The unusual thing was that he appears to have had an artificial heart! It was sewn in with cat-gut with a precision unbelievable to have existed so far back in time. The arteries and veins were still intact, but the big amazement was that there was an implant of some sort which was of green metal and plastic!


Replied Ahmed El Mansuor, science writer for the Cairo Daily,

"For years there have been theories that aliens may have visited ancient Egypt and instructed them in science and mathematics. Now for the first time, same of our top archaeologists ore beginning to believe these rumors... These scientists ore stunned, they're baffled..."

Was this 'green' metal copied by later generations into the malachite scarabs? Why would a five-year old boy need an entirely new heart given the Egyptian diet? If it was placed there after death, the heart removed, why bother to surgically stitch it with cat-gut?


Does the following Memphite passages lend any insight?:

There come into being as the heart and there came into being as the tongue something in the form of Alum. The mighty Great One is Ptah, who transmitted life to all gods, as well as to their ka's, through this heart, by which Horus became Ptah, and through this tongue, by which Thoth became Ptah.


Thus it happened that the heart and tongue gained control over every other member of the body, by teaching that he is in every body and every mouth of all gods, all men, all cattle, all creeping things and everything that lives, by thinking and commanding everything that he wishes.

The "Placer"?


Now, many would conform to the new order whether they liked it or not. Ptah was the Indra version of Thoth. messenger and no doubt brother of Ra. The Atum is the disc. Note this semblance in tone to the Biblical Genesis.


Let us observe a little more of this text which blankets the truth quite nicely as the new Lord rewrites history for himself:

The sight of the eyes, the hearing of the ears, and the smelling the air by the nose, they report to the heart. Il is this which causes every completed concept to came forth, and it is the tongue which announces what the heart thinks.

Thus oil the gods were formed and his Ennead was completed. Indeed, all the divine order really come into being through what the heart thought and the tongue commanded. Thus the ka-spirits were mode and the hemsut-spirits were appointed, they who make all provisions and all nourishment, by this speech. Thus justice was given to him who does what is liked, and injustice to him who does what is disliked.


Thus life was given to him who has peace and death was given to him who has sin. Thus were made all work and all crafts, the action of the arms, the movement of the legs, and the activity of every member, in conformance with this command which the heart thought, which come forth through the tongue, and which gives value lo everything.


Thus it happened that it was said of Ptah:

"He who made all and brought the gods into being."

He is indeed Fa-tenen. who brought forth the gods, far everything came forth from him. nourishment and provisions, the offerings of the gods, and every good thing.


Thus it was discovered and understood that his strength was satisfied, after he had made everything, as well as all the divine order. He had formed the gods, he had made cities, he had founded names. he had put the gods in their shrines, he had established their offerings, he had founded their shrines, he had made their bodies like that with which their hearts were satisfied.


So the gods entered into their bodies of every kind of wood, of every kind of stone, of every kind of clay, or anything which might grow upon him, in which they had taken form. So all the gods, as well as their ka's gathered themselves to him, content and associated with the Lard of the Two Lands.

So reminiscent of the Bible, we have the same God who makes no compunctions about letting the people live as wretches then telling them they never were treated so well by such a loving God!


Did Siva dupe some of the people into letting pacemakers of some sort become installed as in the Veda?


I cannot impress enough upon the fact that if this is true, a great deal of unwanted engrams are genetically implanted in us as well and many may harbor reminiscences of these times. I also want to impress upon the fact that the biblical opening of Genesis does not pertain to the very primal beginning, but is a totally confused jumble of the Fall of On, blended with the original Fall.


This Memphite Theology is over 2,000 years older than the Bible.


We see all the megalomania, all the pomposity of the God of the Bible, of which our history has had a long line of in the way of Napoleons and Hitlers.

Horus has caused that you enclose for yourself all the gods within your embrace, for Horus has loved his father in you, Horus will not allow you to be troubled, Horus will not be for removed from you, Horus has protected his father in you, you being olive as a living beetle, that you may be permanent in Mendes.


Isis and Nephthys have wailed for you in Asyul because their Lord is in you in your name of 'Lord of Asyul' because their god is in you in your name of "Canal of the God'...40

If these scarabs were religious metals they sure had powers surpassing the St. Christopher's!

Next, we see the Ka and food represented together. The Ka surely was only able to respond for those who ate the purest of foods and retained the proper dietary habits which certainly would be picked up by any sensor device as the body emits different electromagnetic resonances depending on the type food within.

"Thou on glorious by reason of thy splendors, and thou makes! strong thy ka with hu and tchefou foods."

"May I by myself, get power over the guardian of my head."

Is this a reference to a cranial implant?


Merenptah has a posterior cranial abnormality discovered in 1912 which belies reasoning with X-ray today. But, did this tchefau food have properties we cannot fathom today?

"Hail to you, O ye lords of kas, I have come in peace into your fields lo receive tchefou food."

We should remember that many of their animal representations are unrecognizable today, perhaps they became extinct. In the papyrus of Nesi-Khensu, it is inferred that food was created in the Beginning but the tchefau food is made by Ra.


Is this some type of manna? The Goddess Henen-su in the Papyrus of Nu is stated to have "established his head for him" along with meat and drink, she also offered tchefau or tchefaut food as well.


"Tcheftchef" means "to shed light" and "tchefetch", "the pupil of the eye", the sign of the snake and disc given in both as in the Eye of Ra or Horus.


Was this the manna supplied in Exodus as well?

That which is abominable, that which is abominable, have I not eaten; and that which is foul have I not swallowed. That which my Ka doth abominate hath not entered into my body.


I have lived according to the knowledge of the glorious gods. I live and I get strength from their bread, I get strength when I eat it beneath the shade of the tree of Hotfaqj', my lady. I make an offering, and I make bread in Tottu, and oblivions in Annu.

The tchefau food was said to have been produced on an olive tree, called the Baqet, which grew in Annu (On).


In other Egyptian texts this olive tree is said to have received the radiations from the eye, producing the divine substance. What could be in olive oil that would make it divine if the Lord above was causing the rays to evaporate the water in the fruit, creating an oil? Well, it all comes clear when you see one main ingredient everyone of this time badly needed for the fish were no longer good to them nor sea-plants, and that was the iodine this oil contains.


Olive oil tends to resist most harmful rays and they soon applied it bodily as well. If this is what Moses received from God in the desert, it was just as needed there. Moses warned it could not be kept past evening as it would go rancid, what every cook knows about oil.


Those who did, had maggot infested manna. (Perhaps, then, manna of the Bible was not from insects as believed.)


One text tells how the gods lived upon a "wood, or plant of life," produced by the Eye of Horus which was grown near the great Lake in Sekhet-hetep which they gathered around. The 'bread' which they fed themselves on was made by the Eye of Horus that shone on the olive tree. Ra declares in the Pyramid Texts, that the "blessed' are fed upon light.

Only certain animals were consumed and were now keenly observed for telltale physical traits that would tell of corresponding internal problems. The Apis bull which was given for sacrifices, had twenty-nine distinct marks. He was treated royally, washed in hot baths and his body anointed and he even slept in beds.


Recall from the Ebers and the Bible, how important fat and blood was to them with radiation poison. Apis was not allowed to drink the waters of the Nile, very indicative here!


The Nile was supposed to have been the heart of Egypt, it watered the crops and supplied the people, so why could not a bull drink from it? Radiation? They had their own pools of spring water for the same reasons. The priests who inspected Apis drew its tongue out to inspect it (like when you say 'Ahh, for the doctor) which reveals the condition of the vagus nerve to test for digestive disorders. Even the hair of the tail was inspected, which would have revealed neurological disorders.

As to the burning of trees to obtain food from the Lord, in Jeremiah 11:14, we have the following:

The Lord called you a thriving olive tree with fruit beautiful in form. But with the roar of a mighty storm he will set it on fire, and its branches will be broken.

As in Moses' burning bush, the Gods played with fire in setting volatile oils aflame.


Myrhh is another highly combustible tree which could have been used for it is an excellent expectorant for the lungs, also a vulnerary. The chosen seemed to have gotten the choicest of foods, if the gods had a hand it it.


The gods also had their own special herds as well,

"I have not slaughtered the cattle which are set apart for the gods."

But if there is one factor the people bitterly bemoaned, and so very sadly, was the fact that their genetic matrix was changing, their divine blood was slowly deteriorating,

"I am formed out of the atoms of oil the gods," as was cried in the Papyrus of Ani, and oh yes, they knew all about atoms.

The Greek philosopher Democritus revived it and it was a long time dormant until rediscovered in the 19th century, although Oriental mystics knew of atoms instinctfully, as did the Egyptians.


Some people can actually see them as well as particles and neutrinos, but again the keen eyesight is from those who have the proper diet and genes. Both Ra and Nut were acclaimed the foundation from which they sprung, Nut in one hymn, described as the "genetrix of the gods".


They knew when their body chemistries changed, so would their mental powers and thus morals as well would decline. Instincts would now lose to the religious word. No longer would they be able to respond appropriately to the world and people about them.


Their tomb inscriptions are nothing but pleas and reminders that the one within lived a good life despite the problems, and they are still basically good despite their pathologies of which they were victims of:

Homage to you, O ye lords of right and truth, and ye holy ones who stand behind Osiris, who utterly do away with sins and crime, and ye who are in the following of the goddess Helep-se-khus, grant that I may come unto you. Destroy ye all the faults which are within me, even as ye did for the seven Shining Ones who are among the followers of their lord Sgpa. Anubis appointed their place on the day when was said, Come therefore thither.

You know something was indeed wrong when robust acacia trees would not survive in the hot climate they loved and notice copper mining was halted, the very metal which would protect them.

Thou keepest the secret things of the avenger of the god whom thou guardest, and his name is Amen. He maketh it to come to pass that the persea trees grow not, that the acacia trees bring not forth, and that copper is not begotten in the mountain.

Temples, it seems, had no religious context to them, merely a place where pure food could be had, for Egyptians knew food was life in all aspects of their being:

"I eat not that which I abominate, I eat not that which I loathe; that which I abominate I abominate, and I feed not upon filth. There are food offerings and meat for those who shall not be destroyed thereby."

The temples of Egypt, like those of the Bible, held only religious appeal when the people could no longer explain the actions.


Bless their hearts, though, they knew that food was their power and strength and that they could not subsist interminably on what the new gods forced them too-blind faith.


Others gave further clues as to their defiance as one writer declared.

"I am a shining one clothed in power, mightier than any other shining one," and, "I have not entered into the house of destruction: I have not been brought to naught, I have not known decay. I am Ra who come forth from Nu, the divine Soul, the creator of his own limbs. Sin is an abomination unto me, and I look not thereon; I cry not out against right and truth, but I have my being therein."

I wish space permitted more of these remonstrations.

In the following, we derive an idea of what the deceased looked like and his pride of having those primal looks that were now being destroyed in the new regime which seemed to direct assaults mainly at ending these lineages:

The Chapter of driving back slaughter in Sutenhenen.


Saith Osiris: "O land of the sceptre! O white crown of the divine Form! O holy resting place! I am the Child. I am the Child. I am the Child. I am the Child. Hail, thou goddess Aburt! Thou sayest daily, 'The slaughter block is made ready as thou knewest, and thou who wert mighty hast been brought lo decay.'


I establish those who praise me. I am the holy one within the tamarisk tree, more beautiful in brightness then yesterday. "To be said four times. "I am Ra who establish those who praise him. I am the knot within the tamarisk tree, more beautiful in brightness than the disc of yesterday. . . . going forth on this day.


My hair is the hair of Nu. My face is the face of Ra. Mine eyes are the eyes of Halhor. Mine ears are the ears of Ap-ual. My nose is the nose of Khent-sheps. My lips are the lips of Anpu. My teeth are the teeth of Khepera. My neck is the neck of Isis, the divine lady. My hands are the hands of Khnemu. the lord of Tatlu.


My fore-arms are the fore-arms of Neith, the lady of Sais. My backbone is the backbone of Sut. My privy^member is the privy member of Osiris.


My reins are the reins of the lords of Kher-aba.

He seems to have retained the olive-skin and black hair of the gods, his eyes are, if they are like the representations of Hathor, still slanted, with dark brown or black iris'.


The interesting one is Ap-uat, a God, who is represented by Anubis and bull horns in pictographs; the man in other words has retained his pointed helix's and horns. Khent-sheps I cannot identify. Anpu is another name for Anubis whose Hps are thin, like a dogs, meaning in a man the digestive tract is good.


Khepera is another primal deity so his teeth may or may not be sound, but there is often references in these texts that the deceased hopes his teeth will be white like the Gods who seemed to have very brilliant white teeth.


The reference to Isis' neck will be studied in the chapter on the Ennead. Whether having hands like Khnemu is good or not I do not know for he is a ram-headed God. and this may be a reference to the fact this person's hands were hypertrophying from a pituitary problem. Sut is represented by the symbol which is supposed to mean a plant of the South or a King of the South.


But other representations of plants are more graphically depicted; it appears to be more as a staff, nonetheless if a man has a back this straight he is in good health!


Actually, this entire text may just be a code to tell us the physical shape of the man for he has admitted he has a problem with his hands. I would not think having weak arms as a woman, Neith, would be advantageous, nor anything a man would want to admit to. His "privy member" is a reference of course to the obvious and since Osiris died this may be a reference that radiation has affected him, and made him impotent, hence, the slang reference to Osiris.


The "reins" I have no idea of. Obviously, he was feeling the effects of something as he continues:

My breast is the breast of the awful and terrible One. My belly and my backbone are the belly and backbone of Sekliet. My buttocks are the buttocks of the eye of Horus.


My hips and thighs are the hips and thighs of Nut. My feet are the feet of Ptah. My fingers and leg-bones are the fingers and leg-bones of the living uraei. There is no member of my body which is not the member of some god.

We are seeing much here that plagued Akhenaten and others also.


He definitely has an overactive thyroid, with acromegaly or like symptoms. Galactorrea has set in his breast as it did in the "terrible One." His hips are like a woman's as fat deposits accumulate as in Akhenaten.


The reference to his fingers and leg bones, like the "living uraei", is a direct result of the electrical potential of the bones being affected from the radiation and he is suffering from a tingling sensation and wobble, which may be telling us the uraei was a wire device of some sort. If his teeth have gone bad it is because teeth are separating as the alveoli expands. His muscles will soon atrophy in time.


The hands are like the ram-headed god, large and fleshy. Hypogonadism has set in as well. With all of the features he listed, and certainly with acral enlargement, he was looking a great deal like the gods themselves who were suffering as their art shows us.


But the one ailment is the reference to his buttocks. Afflictions in the 'hinder parts' are so numerous in these texts and, they are always wrought by the Gods, caused by the Eye!


Let us read a reference to this from the Pyramid Texts:

The King has came to you, you falcons, for your Horus-mansions are barred la the King. His m'rk is on his hinder pans, of the hide of a baboon; the King opens the double doors, the King attains the limit of the horizon, the King has laid his nisd't there on the ground, and the King becomes the Great One who is in Shedel.

The protection of the heavy stone temples was forbidden to the King.


The translator guesses that 'm'rk' is a kilt or girdle of some kind. But he is very wrong. This was a blemish on the king's gluteus maximus, that caused it to resemble a baboon's rather unsightly posterior. Msd't is supposed to be also a tail or piece of clothing but I think the blemish is to blame.


Other passages are even more revealing:

If Nephthys comes with this her evil coming, let there be said to her this her name of 'Imitation woman who has no vagina'.


'Go to the Mansions of Seiket, to that place where you were beaten on your hinder-parts!'


If the slayers come with those who are among the old ones, let there be said to them this their name of 'Blind of...'


'Go to...' 57

We know what Tiy, masquerading as Nephthys would do to mankind with the Eye and this was no doubt a reference to what we shall encounter later.


The best statement here is the "Imitation woman", a better reference to an androgynous woman there never was, who has no respect for the organs nature gave her. She knew not rather to be man or woman and flew the skies and grasped the crown without regard for her physical frailties.


The Mansions of Seiket must be where radiation is abounding if he wishes the Goddess to go there.


The "slayers" are with the ones of old who are blind, perhaps a reference to those who lost their sight at the first Fall and gave Devasena such trouble.

Imperishable Stars. I have found you knit together, your face is that of a jackal, your hinder-parts are the Celestial Serpent; she freshens your heart in your body in the house of her father Anubis. Be purified and sit at the head of these who are greater than you, sit on your iron throne, on the seat of the Foremost of the Westerners...

This is a very relevant passage for the "Celestial Serpent" has affected the "hinder parts".


But, to be purified, he must sit on an "iron throne." This is revealing for in magnetic therapy, magnetics are applied to the posterior to make the tissues revitalize by stimulating the spine and tissues. Bleeding, as with hemorrhoids, is the loss of magnetic resonances of the body to hold the tissue together from poor diet, etc.


Iron is mentioned very, very frequently in Egyptian texts, but only with Tutankhamen has any been found but this may be quite revealing as we will see. In their protective temples however, they were halfway immune.


Ra himself was said to have sat on an iron throne. The loadstone was called the "banes of Horus" and iron the "bones of Seth". But back to the hinder parts. Apparently, they were suffering from anorectal abscesses and fistulas.


These can be very painful with severe throbbing and can be just beneath the anal skin or the ischiorectal fossa, between the internal and external sphincters, above the levator ani, or below the pelvic peritoneum.


In other words, OUCH! No wonder everyone was sitting on iron! The cause of hemorrhoids and such disorders just described?


Basically, TB, Crohn's disease, carcinoma and very poor diets, none of which the Egyptians suffered from until quite late times. But today, there is one other major cause - radiation therapy. There is too much heat within the intestines and that is the problem here. Remember the passage about the King having a hinder part like a baboon?


Then you have got the picture.


When the King laid his 'msdt' on the ground it was pus and blood. The 'tail' may have referred to the fistula itself which is tubelike and it sounds to me as if he were having a fistulotomy! Having laid that on the ground he would indeed become a "Great One". But what attracted me to all this is a very strange parallel in Jewish lore. Despite their much healthier diet through the ages, they suffer from hemorrhoids more than any other peoples.


If some of these peoples were as involved with hazardous things as the ark and in these unhealthy surroundings of fallout, this would be very logical, No genetic etiology has thus far been found for hemorrhoids, but diet causes them most unless, as the anorectal and fistulas, by radiation.


The Lord warns the people to obey him as:

The Lord will strike you with the Egyptian inflammation, with hemorrhoids, boil-scars, and itch, from which you shall never recover.

The Lord will strike you with madness, blindness, and dismay. You shall grope at noon as a blind man gropes in the dark; you shall not prosper in your ventures, but shall be constantly abused and robbed, with none to give help.

The 'Egyptian inflammation' was, as it always had been, radiation burns; 'boil-scars', 'itches' and 'hemorrhoids.'


The latter word is actually from the Hebrew 'opoilim", meaning 'swellings'! As far back as 1305 there is medical reference to it, trying to explain its causes, namely being sedentary, stress and because of Psalm 78:66,

"He smote his enemies in the hinderparts, he put them to a perpetual reproach."

An old Jewish saying is,

"A Jew's inheritance is a golden vein (hemorrhoids)" and "What is the Jew's inheritance? Sore troubles and hemorrhoids!"

Well, if it was their inheritance, and if I am right in my history, this means the Jews were of the Nibiruan lines that were trapped in On and came in contact with much to cause this.


The big question is, could it have become genetic? Yes, the cells could have mutated from the radiation and passed on. They certainly would not have become a definite inheritance of the Jews if they kept to the laws of Moses and ate strictly kosher food, no salt, sugar, fats which is very rarely done today.


Yeast is suspected as causing Crohn's disease as Candida Albicans puts too much strain on the intestines and I am sure there is a connection to hemorrhoids as well.


To the Jews I say, stick with your first Lord, for your second one is leading you on - no yeast, anytime! You will never have a 'golden vein' again! We have seen the trouble in The Papyrus Ebers described and anorectal disease is also described in the Chester Beatty Papyrus which is completely devoted to it and if the time had permitted that text is just as relevant than the Ebers.


There is a statue, which was termed erotic, of a woman in the genupectoral position with a man inspecting her from behind, as there were an entire group of specialists called "shepherds of the anus."

I would like to return to the references to iron in Egyptian texts. We must regard the fact that magnetized iron has very therapeutic effects and that the many bizarre items the Egyptians held in their hands are for that reason. Even the crook and flail, the crook at least, had to impart benefits as it was often of iron.


The staff was no doubt of iron as well. Experiments have shown that an iron rod held in the left hand will actually stimulate heart action. When a carbon rod is held in the right hand and magnetic in the left, the field is strengthened as we see in the Pharaoh's famous crossing of crook and flail which could also detect radiation.


This very action has cured neurasthenia and weak hearts. When one remembers our body cells are predominantly iron, magnetic therapy makes sense for we react with the earth which is a large magnet itself. Light-skinned peoples cannot appreciate this because of their exogenous iron problem and why they are ill more than any other people. This is also why these people find things as being supernatural and unreal for they cannot explain what they cannot relate to.


The Egyptians, as well as the Greeks and Chinese, knew the value of magnetic iron,

"awake, O King, raise yourself, receive your head, gather your bones together, shake off your dust, and sit on your iron throne".

We know mental problems often respond to magnetic therapy and at this time, did they have problems! Osteoblasts and osteoclasts can respond and bones strengthen.


Poliomyelitis has even been improved.

. ... the night-demon will not bend over you, your heart will not be token away, your heart will not be carried off. You ore o great one with intact Wrrt-crown; may you provide yourself with your iron members, Cross the sky to the Field of Rushes, make your abode in the Field of Offerings among the Imperishable Stars, the followers of Osiris.

Raise yourself, loose your bonds; throw off your dust, sit on this your iron throne, be purified with your four nmst-jars and your four bt-jars which have come forth to you from the Castle of the God that you may be divine, they being filled lo the brim from the Canal of the god, which Horus of Nekhen gave to you.

Concerning the jars that came from the 'Castle of the God', were these similar to the protective 'jinn jars' we have seen? Cleopatra was said to have worn a tiara of iron.


Unfortunately, it does not keep asps away!


An interesting reference to the iron sceptre is as follows:

O Osiris the King, toke the water which is in the Eye of Horns. O King, fill your hand with the hrs-sceptre, provide yourself with the hrs-sceptre, that it may equip you as a god. Do not let go of it! Beware lest you let go of it! - a hrs-sceptre.

And, as the staff, it was always usually with the 'Eye',
O Osiris the King, make the Eye of Horus come back to you - a ht-sht-sceptre.65

This may be another indicator that the staff, as with Moses', operated when a ship or satellite was above.


To close this chapter, let us return to the Papyrus of Ani,

"Thoth shieldedth my body altogether, and I am like unto Ra every day. None shall seize me by mine arms; none shall drag me away by my hand. And there shall do me hurt neither men, nor gods, nor sainted dead, nor they who have perished, not any one of those of olden times, nor any mortal, nor human being, I come forth and advance, and my name is unknown, I am yesterday, and my name is 'Seer of millions of years'. I travel, I travel along the path of Horus the Judge."

Note the difference expressed between mortals and humans as we have seen often.


Like Sumerians, they knew of the "lulu's" and "Nam-lulu's", those who were of greater part Nibiruan blood and those not. These are the people whose stories are conveyed in the Egyptian texts and whose lives became utter despair and abandonment:

The god Thoth is established in the bows of thy boat to destroy utterly all thy foes. Those who dwell in the underworld come forth to meet thee, bowing in homage as they come towards thee, and to behold thy beautiful Image.


And I have come before thee that I may be with thee to behold thy Disc every day. May I not be shut in the tomb, may I not be turned back, may the limbs of my body be made new again when I view thy beauties, even as do all thy favored ones, because I am one of those who worshiped thee whilst thy lived upon earth.


May I come in unto the land of eternity, may I come even unto the everlasting land, for behold, O my lord, this hast thou ordained for me.



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