"The Earth Will be Mine ..."
- Siva - Veda



There are many mysteries from these ages, one is the star Sirius, the brightest star we can see from earth as it glows bluish-white. But roughly from 1000 B.C.E. to 500 B.C.E. it was described as red. Of course astronomers claimed the ancients were confused or translations off.


The star has a white dwarf companion star which was calculated mathematically by a German astronomer, but the Dogon tribe of Mali in West Africa always knew this. (They also knew Jupiter has four inner moons. Saturn has rings and all the planets as earth follow elliptical orbits around the sun - so much for the power of oxyopia - when man is healthy he sees his universe instead of moping about blindly with instruments and lending philosophical excuses to everything.)


This dwarf is stated by Wolfhard Schlosser, an astronomer, and Werner Bergmann, historian, to have encircled Sirius as a red giant and its outer shell blew off and collapsed to a white dwarf, red being a combined image from two stars. Perhaps this is true, but we may just be seeing Sirius as the ancients knew her as a satellite.


'Sirius' appears on Hatsheput's architect, Senmut's. ceiling tomb. We assume the so-called star system shown here to have changed since we cannot name them today, but these may not be 'stars'. The Dogon describe what we believe is the Sirius of the heavens both past and present. Sirius and her companion have not changed.


The red star though was not Sirius.


But a satellite or disc object which when Marduk and Ishtar had control of it, the people were in homage to it.

O Ishtar, queen of all peoples...
Thou art the light of heaven and earth...
At the thought of thy name the heaven and the earth quake...
And the spirits of the earth falter.
Monkind payeth homage unto thy mighty name.
for thou art great, and thou art exalted.
All mankind, the whole human race,
boweth down before thy power...
How long will thou tony, O lady ofheoven and eorth...?
How long will thou lany. O lady of all fights and of the battle?
O thou glorious one, that... art raised on high, that art firmly established,
O valiant Ishlar, great in thy might!
Bright torch of heaven and earth, light of all dwellings.
Terrible in the fight, one who cannot be opposed, strong in the bottle!
O whirlwind, thot roarest against the foe and cuttest off the mighty!
O furious Ishtar, summoner of armies

This is the "Prayer of the Rising of the Hand" which the ancients knew was the hand of the gods who controlled the disc, and from the sound of this, it seems they very much wanted it on their side.


The star Sirius could shine down, and "roarest against the foe as the whirlwind." I find one of the 'answers' of the star rather interesting:

If men would worship me with a sacrifice in which I were invoked by my own name then I should come lo the faithful at the appointed time.

What sort of sacrifices could draw the gods down, much less a star? I think we will delve into this when we discuss Exodus.

Sirius is a very intriguing star in relation to the Nile for the calendar year began at inundation at the rising of Sirius when it was seen rising in the east above the horizon after its conjunction with the sun. That is Egypt today and has been since roughly this particular time in history. Back to Senmut's tomb. Orion appears west of Sirius instead of east, but again, is it Orion and is this Sirius?


After this change in constellation, the Nile acted erratically as today; she overflows too much, or not enough, her soil is stripped, she can no longer be predicted. A civilization as Egypt would never have arisen or maintained its remarkable stability with such a river. The inundation did not even occur at times for several years, with famine arid pestilence. Sixteen cubits was considered the optimum rise of the Nile at Memphis yet she seldom had the stability she once had. Food sources were thrown asunder; the body relies on constant nutritional regimen and the people were soon thrown into a panic.


We always see the same pattern of mortality and degradation whenever the diet starts becoming lax and the state of people today is good evidence of this as there has been a collective degeneration as the health of man is lowered cell by cell through the centuries until total upheaval. Like a giant cancer each generation eats off the other. The disc these people relied upon was becoming lost to them and society suffered from biological shock:

The nobles are in mourning; the common people exult; every city says, 'Come, let us put down the mighty among us." The country is in revolution turning like the potter's wheel. Thieves become owners of goods and the rich ore robbed. The townspeople ore put to the corn-mills, and those who are clad in fine linen are beaten. Ladies who had never seen the light go out of doors. The land is full of factions; the man who goes to till the soil carries a shield...

Who were the mighty?


Another interesting line is the ladies now come out of doors. These women practiced purdah and avoided the sun even before when the disc accompanied it, so they definitely did not have the olive green skin but now were strangely attracted to the sun. an excellent example of autocytolysic attraction which the writer thought unusual enough to record it. It also points to the fact the white factions had control of Egypt. Like the moth, they were lured by its hypnotic rays as their genetically unstable bodies were drawn to it.


Even with a protecting disc there would still be those who had chemistries unable to stand it as those of light skins would be doomed to the darkness of night. Today, we yet like the sun for all the wrong reasons. We can easily deduct their lack of zinc in particular as their bodies degraded with each generation. It reads in every bit of Egyptian art. Skin was less able to defray the sun's rays and oil as 'anointing' became even more precious than food itself. Oil was part of the wages paid to workers and at the time of Rameses III some even went on strike because they did not get it and to strike against Rameses III was quite 'chancy' in those days!


Hair soon started falling out in men and women and if we go by the heavy wigs and bald headed statues and reliefs, Egypt was less and less the healthy land she once was as zinc loss and thyroid stress reactions occurred, a classic example. We have scenes from the tombs of nearly red-skinned peoples, as many Amerindians, appearing as if they were burned, a direct result of a hyperthyroid condition. This made these people, as are many Middle Eastern people, extraordinarily high strung and nervous.


The men are skinny while the women are slim to fat, but not obese, as whites and blacks tend to be, but there is some steatopygia shown among some Nubian queens, a hormonal imbalance of the pituitary and thyroid and as Nubia was hit very hard by these wars we may be seeing a result. Today, steatopygia is very common in white women, although they often blame the blacks for it. Women of Egypt found body hair prevalent and the bronze razors she used have been found.


Zinc is drawn from the headhair and with other toxins, escapes through the body pores. Make-up became heavy and overdone. In the first Dynasties, the lower lid was green, the upper black. The upper lid needs heavier make-up as it catches light more and has the heaviest zinc concentration, and radiations of all forms are attracted to zinc. We will see later how they distracted the radiation by still feeding the eye the zinc it needed. In the later ages, both lids were outlined in black.


These people were in all effects experiencing the pains of the Fall all over again, just as the gods taught the women to wear make-up at that time. The same environmental pressures were unleashed upon them. Hair became gray as nutrients from their weakened food supplies were inefficient and positive ions created metabolic chaos. They knew the new echelon of "gods' and 'goddesses' caused it and the following sounds as with many.


Someone is trying to escape them, which sounds like someone waiting for the plane to Lisbon out of CASABLANCA... (!):

O Iw, ferryman of the Field of Offerings, bring this to me, for it is I who go and it is I who come, even ! a son of the Day-bark whom it bore in face of the earth in an unblemished birth by which the Two Lands live, upon that right side of Osiris. I am the herald of the year, O Osiris; behold, I have come on business of your father Geb; in peace are the affairs of the year. I have gone down with the Two Enneads into the cool waters, I am the plumb-line of the Two Enneads by means of which the Field of Offerings was founded.


I found the gods standing wrapped in their garments with their while sandals on their feet; they threw off their sandals on the ground and discarded their garments; 'We were not happy until you came down', said they. I speak to you, I have mode you enduring; "Causeway of Happiness" is the name of this causeway north of the Field of Offerings.'

Sounds like an airstrip, the "Causeway of Happiness," which the scribe yearns to be leaving on.


Note the gods took off their sandals, just as Moses did in the Bible, which would be a terribly good thing to do if these aircrafts were using electromagnetic power as this would ground static electricity from the body. You might say we could even judge the good gods from the bad here. The good ones did not use the Elixir which was fuel oil. When is the last time you removed your shoes at the airport? But the good gods used the power of the earth and heavens, to ascend, clean energy.


Another interesting passage is the following:

Behold. I have come; behold, I have come; behold, I have gone up on high, but 1 have not come of myself: there was brought a message which come for me. I have passed by my house of Danger, the striking power of the Great Lake has missed me, my fore for the Great Ferry-boot has not been token, the Castle of the Mace of the Great Ones will not oppose me on the Street of Stars. Behold, I have reached the height of heaven, I have seen the Viper in the Night-bark, and it is I who row in it; I have recognized the Uraeus in die Day-bark, and it is I who baled it out; the sun-folk have testified concerning me, the hailstorms of the sky have token me, and they raise me up to Ra.

What is the "striking power" of the Lake? Since water attracts radiation is it because of the zinc in it? What is the "Castle of the Mace," but rather, what is it from it that will oppose him as he tries to reach the heavens? A missile?


Not much like the "mace" they speak of in its hieroglyphic symbol Not much like the 'maces' we know of. Getting out of Egypt was probably a very tricky thing to do at this time when it fell to Siva. They knew their afflictions were caused "by a god or goddess, by oil kinds of whdw.'' 6


Was "whdw" radiation? It is believed to be pus created from sores. Radiation poisoning? That will cause pus-filled lesions.


There was also an inhibition against touching anyone affected by the "whdw" whether, man or woman, just as Moses would forbid it. Radiation? It certainly sounds like it!


The following is a plea to Ptah whom the man believes is punishing him, again a clear tribute to Siva's clever plans to impugn the old gods and win the people:

I am a man who swore falsely by Ptoh, Lord of Truth;
And he caused me to behold darkness by day.
I will declare his might to him that knows him not
and to him that knows him.
To small and great.
Be ye aware of Ptah, Lord of Truth.
Lo. he will not overlook the deed of any man.
Refrain ye from uttering the name of Ptah. falsely;
Lo, he that utteresth it falsely,
Lo. he falleth.
He caused me to be as the dogs of the street,
I being in his hand:
He caused men and gods to mark me,
I being as a man that has wrought abomination against his Lord,

Righteous was Ptah, Lord of Truth, toward me, When he chastised me.
Be merciful to me; look upon me, that thou mayest be merciful.

We have a people very much trying to retain their original genetic forms despite the disasters about them and we are relegating magic and religion to a people who were using quite logical means to exist.


They became religious and magic began when later peoples could no longer decipher the texts. Sekhmet, the 'lady of pestilence' had a firm grasp on the people. Another scribe declared:

I am the abomination that came forth out of Buto. O Meskhenet. that come forth out of Heliopolis; O men, O gods, O dead, be ye far from me, I am the abomination'. I will go up to heaven and see what is done there, for nothing is done in Abydos to expel afflictions coursed by a god or goddess...'

Another interesting one reads from the London Papyrus:

Recede thou who comest on the arrows: the gods who rule ot Heliopolis keep thee off10

The capital city, Heliopolis, (also called On in the Bible, Anu in Sumerian) was the new home of the next ruling gods. Was one of the passages just mentioned of an officer who says he will go up to the heavens to see what he can do about the 'abomination'?


The Japanese even have a similar story when the new 'sun' comes. Note the similarities to Egyptian:

Thereupon they gave birth to the deity of the sun, whose light shone wondrously, illuminating everything within the country, hanogi and Izanomi were delighted and sent this deity up to heaven, where she was given charge of the affairs of heaven itself. Since at this time the distance between heaven and earth was not great, the deity of the sun was able to ascend by means of the heavenly pillar. This deity was called O-Hirume-no-mikoto. (The chorocler pronounced rume in O-Hirume is the same as that for rei, a character which also suggests the female gender. Thus it is entirely natural that this character should have been used in the name for a female
deity.) Another name for the deity of the sun, a female god, was Atnoterasu O-mikami.11

As at the Fall, women were receiving the brunt of these disasters as their biology is more delicate. Nonetheless, we know Siva was well trained in weaponry as the following Veda passages attest to:

The great seer Gautama had a son who was called Sorodvat, for, you know, great king, he was born with arrows. He did not hove as much spirit in the study of the Veda as he had in the study of weaponry, scourge of our foes. Just as the scholars of the Brahmin acquire the Vedas by mortifying themselves, so he mortified himself to acquire all weapons.

Women again started giving forth birth in pain as their nutritional status lowered; zinc levels lowered and infertility became a problem.


The sesame seeds, nuts and lettuce they relied upon for heavy amounts of zinc were depleting in strength and is one reason eye diseases are prevalent in the Middle East today. Births became painful as B-complex vitamins were lost and E dropped considerably as zinc needs these to metabolize and vice versa. Menstruation was more painful as the generations passed. Men too found sterility a major problem.


In fact, we see all the full blown problems from our own slow, but steady, wasting of the soil which just in the past few years has dropped zinc content of grains by 30%.


Infertility is a major problem with these people but ours has been a steady decline and this hit the Egyptians practically overnight. Whereas before a Egyptian woman would merely feel the need to prepare for birth, very calm as in a bowel movement, she now moaned in agony. Instead of squatting with good muscle tone, she now needed flat stones or bricks to kneel against to allow more room as her legs were too weak.


This evolved the birth chair, in use until the 1700's by Europeans and the Kursi el-wilada in Egypt by women yet today. She could, however, no longer receive the baby into her own hands which is important for electromagnetic bonding. Also, the ancient Egyptian women had very long legs, thighs very long, important in this procedure and the first to shorten when poor thyroid's dwarf the body appendages. All the physiological and psychological problems began as she lost control of her body and mind.


Gestation lengthened as it did when Sophia had a ten month pregnancy and she too was given medicines to induce labor. The problem is that once any nutrient is lowered, the whole gamut of the body's chemistry is off. This is putting a burden on the entire endocrine system in particular. The hypothalamus triggers the pituitary with thyroid releasing hormone (TRH) to bring forth thyroid stimulating hormone which it cannot do if undernourished.


I don't believe amenorrhea, that is hypothalamic amenorrhea, was a problem of the Egyptians so much as menorrhagia. common of a hyperthyroid whereas hypothyroids are mostly amenorrheic (although sugar can cause menorrhagia as well, but no sugar here in Egypt(?)). I judge this mainly on the redness of their skin, and acomia.


If you recall the interesting examination of an Egyptian woman who had not had a period. Are we to assume, given the above hyperthyroid symptoms, to suppose she suffered from amenorrhea, or was menopause new and mysterious to these people? From a paleopathologists and paleositologists view, this could prove most enlightening and profound. Given the Egyptian diet, high in vitamin E, zinc, C, B-complex, menopause could only be a nutrient lack where the ovaries and uterus cannot replenish themselves and literally wear out.


Let us look again at the Papyrus Ebers:

When thou examines a woman who has lived many years without her menstruation having appeared: she vomits something like foam and her body is as though a fire were under it. but she recovers after vomiting; then say thou to her: This is a rising of Blood to the womb.


So soon as she has spoken the Magic Formula, and has had coitus, make thou for her:

Berry-of-the-uon-tree   1/32
Caraway   1/64
Incense    1/16
uoh-grain  1/16

Put Cow's Milk to the Fire with Thigh-tallow. Add Milk there to and let her lake for four days.13

The body on fire is certainly a reference to a pathogen and it seems as if menstruation were never or rarely encountered before as they would not be treating it as an illness! Caraway is used, a known naturopathic remedy for female problems, as, already stated, an antispasmodic.

Anu (Rama) did try to help his people who were only too aware what was happening for they knew the good gods from the bad:

Withdraw, ye disease demons. The wind shall not reach me, those those who pass by may pass by Jo work disaster against me. I am Horus who posses by the diseased ones of Sekhmet, Horus, Horus, healthy despite Sekhmet. I am the unique one, son of Bastet. I die not through thee.

Again, the reference to the goddess Sekhmet. As with Solomon, these demons came on the wind, they were radiation waves sent by the satellites or the result of warfare. Another passage, in part read, "Horus, Horus, healthy despite Sekhmet, is around all my flesh for life. 5

When medicine was applied to an ailing body the following was said over it:

I have come forth from Heliopolis with the Great Ones from the temple, the Lords of Protection, the Rulers of Eternity; they protect me.
I have come forth from Sais. with the Mother of the Gods and thy have granted me their protection...

The people always recognized Helioplis as the home of the gods and from whence their powers emanated, or should we say the equipment that was stationed there as a base.

With the arrested zinc, eye problems were numerous as the sun's positive ions wrought havoc and with this loss of pinocytosis they looked devotingly to the "Eye of Horus," Horus, who had taken command with his father and believed in its power to restore:

Tin's Eye of Horus created by the spirits of Heliopolis, which Thoth has brought from Hermopolis - from the great hall in Heliopolis. - in Pe, - in Dep, - sayest thou lo ii; "Welcome thou splendid Eye of Horus, - thou content of the Eye of Horus -brought lo drive out the evil of the God, the evil of the Goddess, the demon male and female, the dead, mate and female, the enemy, male and female, who have insinuated themselves into the eyes of the sick under my fingers. - Protection, behind me protection, come, protection!"

The Eye draws its strength from Heliopolis, home base of their operations and is brought from its housing there.


We also see other cities may have the same operations. All of these middle eastern cities from Jerusalem to Nippur had space-ports of greater or lesser extent and the local people assumed they were part of one large operation of which they were until the times of trouble. But the fact here is that the benevolent "Eye of Horus" could eradicate the powers of the God and Goddess. Bear note of this. The good 'spirits' in this case are the Gods and Goddesses, but the bad. only one God and Goddess. As we shall see, these people are telling us more than we suspect.

Most anthropology books tell us that northern climates produce taller people. This is bunkum, as Egyptians were six feet and over in the early dynasties and researchers judge height by today's standards which is all hyperplastic tissue, almost mutant-type growth from their poor diets. Fifty years ago this was not so much the case.

The eye problems, however, reveal to us more than anything as to what was occurring. Since the visible and invisible radiations were changed, the 'eye' transmitted different impulses through the body. We know that different electrical and magnetic fields can either decrease or increase fatty acids, cholesterol, accumulation of fats and gonadal development. If we are to go by their cataract problems, we have arrived at their troubles.


The latter is caused predominantly by excess cholesterol. Again, for a people on a low fat, vegetable and grain diet something drastic had to bring this on. Cholesterol narrows the blood vessels to the eyes.


Today we suffer too from environmental problems aggravated by our sugar and fatty diets which have increased our cholesterol, as xanthelasma shows in many people. But cataractogenesis has occurred in laboratory animals when exposed to high levels of microwaves and low level effects in man are suspected. But here in Egypt, we have a problem where diet is no part of it.


I am also going to throw in the possibility that some of these people suffered from microwave exposure from surveillance craft and equipment as many of our military personnel do. and. if any of these people were directly involved in repair and handling radar equipment. One eye problem the Ebers Papyrus writes of is Leukoma.


This is scaring of the corneal tissue with white growths on the eye. Like cataracts, it can be radiation caused. However, a lack of zinc, vitamin C, B-complex, brings infection or growths here, highly unlikely on the standard Egyptian diet.


The Ebers also mentions hydrophthalmos which is a distention of the eyeball due to an accumulation of fluid within, a form of glaucoma caused today by poor nutrient absorption by the tissues as adrenals become exhausted. We can admit the soils would have been gradually stripped of their nutrients in war-torn Egypt, but it still would have taken (being they were so rich anyway) 20 - 25 years to bring them to the poor levels of today.


The people were superiorly nourished and would not have had such disastrous diseases all at once if theirs were a nutrition problem. They were also more genetically sound. What they were getting was a double dose of diminishing food quality and radiation. Hydrophthalmos from a increased water tissue level could result from radiation as it does in rats exposed to high electric fields.

The Ebers Papyrus is a conglomeration of ancient medical treatises of unknown source, but the mystery here is how a low cholesterol diet could cause cataracts and xanthelasma. The diets were becoming poorer anyway, so cholesterol would definitely not be a problem! I can't help but think cataracts, leukoma, and xanthelasma was radiation caused. Much later, when diets became heavily dependent on milk, meat, beer and wine, we could expect this, but these people were still influenced by the strict food and moral customs of the Neteru, so well exacted to some extants in the Torah.


It must also be stated that a B2 loss can bring on cataracts as it does to us from too much milk sugar and also low tryptophan and vitamin E, but here again, even if they stayed with their normal diets, as they seem to have done, we would see these symptoms only in later generations.


Blepharitis would be expected, as stated in Ebers. as this is a nutritional lack of zinc and vitamin C and was common then as now in Egypt as the ancients found their food strengths weakened. This ulcerative (or nonulcerative) inflammation of the eyelid edges, irritates hair follicles and glands there, and is bacterial, caused by staphylococci, the eyes tender and sore and as all bacterial pathogens, often caused by poor diet.


Tumors and cysts of the Meibomian gland between the tarsi and conjuctiva of the eyelids occur mainly through faulty diet and/or gestation problems and hence chalazion is listed in Ebers as well. Egypt still had. according to Herodotus, the most healthy people in the world at that time and he elaborated on it immensely when comparing other countries.


So up until roughly 400 B.C.E.. Egypt still surpassed the world (known to Herodotus) in health standards, not as good as their halcyon days, but still on top. I will buy. with reservations, the nutritional disorders of Ectropion.


Entropion, (these two disorders are eversions of eyelids, what we call old age wrinkles today, but environmental and diet.) Zanthelasm granulation, pinquecula, Pterygium Staphyloma and Trichiasis, all Egyptian eye maladies listed in Ebers, but not cataracts, leukoma, hydrophthalmos, all rumored tissue which had to come from radiation. (The big question about the Ebers is where do ancient and then later dynasty ailments enter? 1 am inclined not to believe there are later entries as we delve further into the text.)


Trichiasis, described in Ebers is a congenital disorder usually from poor maternal diet. I could not see cataracts developing with these people even as their diets were lowered in vitamins E and B2 or any nutrient nor any eye disease from bacteria even in the worst of their times, for grains were still whole and they had richer grains than we today as far as purity and content.


We know radiation exposure of 200 rads or more can cause problems months to several years later with problems in the posterior subscapular region which becomes clouded with opacities. More than 600 rads creates cataracts of the posterior lens and I believe this occurred to our friend who "swore falsely by Piah."


Whatever happened to him was fast. Period. When these people said they were 'blinded by the gods.' they meant it. They were too healthy to have such a spontaneous tragedy as we see today where people are now waking up blind many times. Going by their diets there was no reason for any disease in Egypt, so why do we have a medical treatise of same?


We must remember that the Egyptians we speak of were those of the Nibiruian Empire, not the nomadic tribes of conquest who later took over the kingdom when magic and superstition prevailed. The mummies from the early dynasties did not die from any disease and that is a forensic fact. We really do not know what they died of, unlike the later ages when disease was rampant. The Ebers is an excellent record of a people on the line of extinction not because of diet nor poor living habits as we see today.

Pterygium is another disorder, a thickening of bulbar conjuctiva from the inner canthus to the cornea with the apex toward the pupil, and I am inclined to think it was radiation caused. The translator of one edition of the Ebers. a physician. Cyril Bryan, laughs at many of the prescribed remedies. (I stopped laughing many pages ago).


Let us see what the big laugh is he got over the remedy to cure pterygium:



Red-lead   1
Powdered-wood-from-Arabia   1
Iron-from-Apollonopolis-parva   1
Calamine    1
Egg-of-an-Ostrich   1
Saltpetre-from-Upper-Egypt   1
Sulphur   1
Honey   1


Make into one and apply to the Eyes

Prior to this remedy another was given, calling for a poultice of honeycomb followed by one of Beetle-wax, but if these do not work, excrement of the henut bird mixed with sea salt and incense.


If the latter is not successful Lizard's dung. Collyrium, Soda-from-Upper-Egypt and honey. Another is Black Knife stone and Crocodile earth with honey and incense.


These latter remedies seem to me to come after the first stated, a follow up; the translation is off. The Ebers Papyrus I use here was translated fr am the German by a 1930's English M.D. who is using standard western medical procedure as the text itself was so translated. This cannot be done. What we have here is an extreme holistic attempt at a prevention and a cure.


(This is why I argue that Egyptologists must study at leave five years minimum of the biological sciences in all fields, or as this person has done, they will transpose 20th century thought into ancient psychologies and teachings. How wrong this is and why we really do not learn anything from history when the evidence from all sides is not laid out. You have puzzle pieces that do not fit and history repeating itself with each generation.)


The first remedy is to prevent Pterygium and this is an excellent attempt to keep out radiation. Lead, as alcohol in Egypt, was considered a poison, so its use here is one of desperation. In the early dynasties, black oxide of copper, malachite and chrysolite were used for eye make-up. Whereas in later dynasties, magnetic oxide of iron, oxide of iron, oxide of maganese and sulphide of antimony were used.


This is intriguing for black oxide, malachite and chrysolite all contain copper which would have protected the vulnerable eyelids from any manner of radiation. If you will recall the use of ochre on ancient early man (The Changelings - Chapter Three), we have to be careful. Were they using hematite (iron) or ochre (copper)? Ochre is often confused with hematite.


If they used hematite, they may have been trying to fill their systems with iron. If ochre, as our Egyptians here, they wanted to protect against radiations. Magnetic iron, or iron in any form, was not used in any manner until after roughly 1500 B.C.E. (by traditional history), some 300 years after Tutankhamuns time.


Later, we see galena or lead sulphide and lead carbonate in use with lead poisoning attending. In fact, it was one of the reasons that brought Egypt to a final close as people did not know how to use it. I do not believe the translation is right here on "iron - from-Apollonopolis-parva."


They might have meant ochre. Or, it might have been an iron type that is heavy with clay, then it would have been understandable. Lead, however, is the key in this prescription, well known to distract radiation. There is no magic here as historians tell us; again the blindness of non-holistic research, with an interpretation of a people they can never come to know.


As zinc is so susceptible to radiation and ionization (your eyelids have concentrations of zinc), lead eyepaint would be sensible if they would buffet it with a purgative to constantly rid this from the system. Surely, they would have equated lead poisoning with it if there were affects'. I do not believe these people were that ignorant and from these ingredients it proves it. Today, gas fumes, pollution, food is loaded with it and if you are holistically minded, as our Egyptians were, you take garlic, pectin, vitamin E and C to flush this corrosive and cytocidal agent from your system.


Bryan did admit lead sulphite as a white powder is antiseptic but not black. But our recipe here is a prevention against radiation while the others were for the ill-effects. For an Egyptian to use lead was surprising and proves the dire circumstances these people were in. Is there any coincidence that Thutmosis III and his armies brought lead from the Mediterranean where the largest mines were? Egyptians made many lead "curse slates" which were placed in enemies graves to 'summon' evil spirits, but I doubt they were the enemy, but their own people to ward off radiation.


I think upon looking at the Ebers Papyrus regimens, a holistic practioner vs. a western doctor, would shed an entire new light on Egyptian medicine as I am attempting here.


As far as this remedy is concerned, I have never found anything more conducive to trying to solve a problem and keep from injuring cells at the same time which is more than I can say for modern medicine. If they were going to place red-lead on their eyes they certainly will absorb it as well which means you are going to have cell injury at the extreme, (today many people have visual disturbances, mental problems, delusions, paralysis, irritability, kidney failure while women can also abort) so what to do? Compensate.


Meet the ill effects and conquer them, that was the Egyptian psyche.


(Bryan, like most doctors, puts no faith in skin absorption of medicine, yet some are discovering today the power of it, now that we know what the ancients knew, that skin is an organ and breathes and absorbs everything around it - a word of warning to those in the industrial and automobile corporations, not that that matters to them.)


We know calcium helps rid the body of many poisons, lead at the forefront, and protects cells from toxin absorption, and what better way than with the thickest and strongest egg in the world, the Ostrich.


Look at what else they used, saltpeter! Nothing but old potassium nitrate! No better thing to use than nitrate which will dilate constricted blood vessels, as the lead affects them, reducing blood pressure which would rise from saturnism which depresses the motor centers of the spinal cord.


Thus, no convulsions or spasms as lead poisoning causes. The potassium, calcium and magnesium (from the egg also) would keep these ions in proper balance to keep the muscles, especially the heart, from injury and nerve impulses would be strong. The wood would act as a fiber, the cellulose in it, would help stave off the lead as well. The iron would keep the red blood cells carrying oxygen to tissues and help in immunity. (It must be stated the sun's positive rays lower immunity which is why summer colds and flu are always around.) Sulphur!


I tell you these people knew what they were doing! Sulphur has to work with nitrogen to synthesize body proteins as cystine, cysteine, etc.


If you raise the nitrate in a body you must the sulphur, or injury to cells occur. (Do you still believe Egypt developed from a pack of wandering nomads?!) Honey has so many wonderful elements from vitamin A to zinc, it would take several pages but it was wisely used here as a binder. The Brahmans of Bengal applied honey to the head. lips, eyelids and earlobes of brides to ward off evil spirits, so it certainly has other protective elements from ionization as it would in the hive. Calamine! Calamine is a zinc oxide and what better agent to help an eyelid along that is losing it and. the silicate in it would retard radiation!


This tells us the Egyptians were quite aware of the heavy radiation from the sun and whatever else, and their eye application was a guard and remedy all in one in the best tradition of holistic medicine. At first reading, the average person finds it all so silly as have many since the Ebers Papyrus was first translated. Now, does it sound funny to you as it did to Bryan?


We are truly missing a great deal of the real events of these ages past if we lose holistic thought. Let us go back to the other remedies which seem a little 'bizarre.' Once Pterygium had taken affect, the growth had to be eradicated. Honeycomb is antiseptic as would be beetle-wax, however Bryan says these were no doubt useless! Yet we know bees can only live in a sterile environment and honey prohibits bacteria.


Don't get too upset by the excrement, the latter does have many healthful benefits. However, today, grandma's old remedies which included dung for sores and cuts cannot be used safely because of the tetanus therein.


Why would a remedy used successfully for millennia, go bad on us? Well, the medical community has been the first to, shall I say, pooh-pooh this, and claim grannies and the ancients were full of it (sorry!), but as usual in their shortsightedness, they forgot our cattle are loaded with imitation grains and drugs to make them fat which makes them unhealthy, thus, tetanus.


TB and a score of other illnesses ravage our cattle (which we eat!). The ox was once used from stem to stern for everything and today they are so sickly even the calves take several minutes to stand whereas in the wilderness, and the good ole' days, they were up and nursing a few moments after falling or a wolf would get them.


Dung was once used as fuel and medicine but you couldn't today any more than one could use human excrement still used in those parts of the world westernization has not touched. Healthy excrement must fall to create a healthy earth or pestilence abounds. Give me back the days of healthy guano and I'll throw old Salks polio vaccine right in your face!


Whatever henut bird had in his excrement must have been beneficial for these people or these remedies would never have been used. Nevertheless, a septic was used, sea-salt; this, like lead and alcohol, were not used by the ancients (the Bible's 'salt of the earth', plays upon man's weakness to take something he craves from a poor genetic make-up to keep him at death's door. Now he had a catchy phrase to fit the ailment! The body has no need for chloride).


Animals in the wild and many tribal peoples have been found to exist totally without salt. Interestingly, the Bedouin tribes of North Africa, in that heavy heat, do not use salt and have no word for it. Sodium which we need comes from meat, fruit and vegetables.


The kidney, especially, cannot tolerate chloride and this kills the evolutionary theory that our kidneys and blood are atavisms of the ancient sea we supposedly crawled from. If we did crawl from it, we had high blood pressure, no hair, loss of immunity, acne, and were emotionally erratic! The sea-salt in this poultice, as salt does, helped to draw the poison from the tumor.


The incense must be a flower essence of some sort and as I do not know what it is I cannot elaborate, but only say like all flower remedies the essences are very healing. I would hazard a guess this could have been pennyroyal (Hesleoma Pulegioides) which as a poultice is used for bruises, cuts. etc. The European variety is Mentha Pulegioides which would have been in Egypt as well. Nonetheless, the use of flower essences is dated back to very ancient times and flourished as an art in Egypt.


I will not venture the medical properties of lizard's dung as I am sure it was of benefit or the" Egyptians would not use it. Soda draws poisons out and may have not only worked in the tumor but kept any side effects of the dung away. Black knife stone I have no idea and whatever the value of crocodile earth was. We must remember that some of these names, such as their use of Ass's Tooth, may have been names of herbs such as we have Hound's Tooth, Mouse Ear (they used Mouse Tail, or was it just an herb?). Birds tongue, etc.


So we cannot take these all literally: crocodile earth may have been an herb or some special clay which is excellent for healing and as those of us who use it know certain clays have different properties. This was all crushed in the Egg-of-a-Vulture which would be as the Ostrich egg, imparting calcium and magnesium to the mixture and as all good cooks and herbalists know, what you use is most important to the ingredients.


We are seeing so much in these curatives and preventatives. If you will recall back to the time of the Fall of Heliopolis, we saw a great deal of radiation problems from whatever type warfare commenced upon these people and they purged themselves with hyssops, saffron, etc.


Today we use aluminum hydroxide gel to prevent uptake of radiation by the gut or ferrous ferrocyanide. The first is adding insult to injury as aluminum is a pure toxin to the system (and is accredited in part to Alzheimer's disease and other mentally debilitating diseases), the second does the same; cyanide added with iron in a small enough dose, yet it still destroys cells.


The Bible is a virtual handbook against the deadly results of radiation poison as is the Ebers Papyrus, however, the latter is telling us of a problem with ionization as well, as the red-lead preventative reveals. The episodes with the Ark tell us the extremes these people went to to prevent exposure, although it did have its mishaps as with Aarons' sons and others. The last thing you want to do with Cell-destroying radiation is destroy more cells once the damage is done and keep as much damage as possible to cell nuclei, which our modern remedies do not do.


The Pterygium regimen tells us these people were at a great impasse and with an almost impossible situation which they made the best of. Few people were able to escape the Anunnaki when they took Heliopolis; all were no doubt permanently trapped. They were in very trying times. These preventatives show us they were quite aware of the harmful affects of the lead, yet they knew they had to protect themselves also.


Egyptians knew everything in the universe was there for the use of humans, they need only the intelligence to know when and how to use it. It is as today's "natural foods" controversy; everything is natural that is whole and unbroken as nature produced it, yet not everything is good for us that is whole nor to our advantage as discussed earlier in the book.


Arsenic and cyanide are natural and under some circumstances have a use. but as with Belladonna it must be used holistically.


Lead is another. It cannot be used by the body yet in this case it had its benefits but the after effects had to be dealt with. With aluminum hydroxide and ferrous ferrocyanide, they are harmful if no other purgative and nutritional antidotes follow, and like man-made medicines, will destroy the cell nucleus or seriously damage it. This is why the red-lead preventative is so revealing.


Taking it as it is, cell membranes will be injured. The Egyptians were however, able to hold on for many generations, a credit to their holistic knowledge, which cannot be said today with the morbidity of our generations. They had the will to live and meet their situation face to face. This also tells us of something quite lost in western medicine. Daily, thousands of toxic drugs are prescribed and common horse sense would tell one that substances unnatural to man's body will draw on its nutrient strength and corrode and kill cells, yet they give no nutritional advice.

Here, the Egyptians, 5,000 years ago, were way ahead of us!


The Egyptians would laugh today at western medicine which does not seek the cause but only masks the problem with medicine with the megalomaniac penchant for names two inches long. That's power over the common people with money in the hand, Hippocrates would not approve of their policy as he stressed that food was medicine, medicine, food. If things are so dire that unnatural substances must be used you have to have brains enough to know how. Instead of people laughing at the Egyptians, they should be taking the hint.


Frankly, I can think of no disease which could not be cured with natural substances. One thing I am sure of, we are seeing an abundance of eye trouble in Egypt here because of radiation and the disc which the Anunnaki failed to control. We also know from Ebers that beer was used, sweet and bitter along with the medicines. Alcohol, as I have well stated, was a total taboo, yet here we see it. Alcohol was known then as now as a good stimulant to make nutrients absorb quickly and completely into the system.


However, like narcotics as refined sugar, it too was kept under lock and key. considered the last resort. We also see flat beer and Refuse-of-Beer (the settlings or dregs) being used in abdominal problems as a purge. Egyptians were adamant about fresh foods and drank only water. Fruits were fresh like their meat and they avoided alcohol like the plague and kept dried fruit and meat only for emergencies as they did certain amounts of grain.


There is a great deal of media hype on the healthfulness of wine, the Wine Institute claiming its benefits with a booklet, "Wine in Civilization" and even Jane Brody, the New York Times columnist, who claims to know something about healthful cooking (she uses sugar and salt) was a spokeswoman at a symposium put on of course, by the Institute. If these people would look back at their 'civilization' instead of their pocket books and duping the public, they would see why wine was used, not as a food, but in ampelotherapy.


Oh, yes, as I have stated it helps nutrients absorb, the Egyptian and Hebrews knew this. It is unbelievable how people can convince themselves though that something bad is good. The ancients knew as we know now that just a drop of alcohol destroys brain cells which can never be replaced. The body, when fed properly and genetically sound, can digest food better and as quickly as alcohol which only is a crutch for a bad metabolism.


You can rob Peter to pay Paul only so long. It was a noxious drug to Egyptians and used only when a body had itself lost the chemicals to absorb quickly and thoroughly and like lead it needed a purgative with it, or the brain would suffer permanent damage. People such as those of the Institute are quick to point out the fast absorption rate of nutrients - yes. but its too fast.


Alcohol is immediately absorbed through the tongue, gums, sublingual and submandibular glands before you even swallow and thus food cannot go through the proper digestion stages. For instance, niacin in wine is absorbed so quickly, you cannot use it! The food you ate at the swanky dinner was even affected by it, and to think you sat there like a real connoisseur, sniffing the 'bouquet,' and all along you were just a donkey in a horse-harness.


The brain is received of it immediately as it has a higher water content and blood supply, thus tens of thousands of precious brain cells were killed, not damaged, but killed. The amount of liquor can be only a teaspoonful to do great harm because of its potency. Your brain demands a steady supply of oxygen but the blood cells clump together and the blood thickens, slowing oxygen to the brain.


The problem is what is happening to the brain is soon to occur to the eyes, stomach, liver, kidney, nerves and many other organs. It is not a stimulant, but like sugar, a narcotic. The stomach pumps an extra flow of mucus to the stomach to curb its irritation, so any reference to food absorption is strictly out of the question and just another ploy of money hungry profiteers. Both beer and wine hinder digestion and destroys the alkalinity of blood and opens one to more disease.


The only nutrients it does assist are minerals. If you stick to Jane Brody's diets you will need wine, but oh, how you will suffer for it!


The Ebers Papyus is very explicit on the use of beer. In a chapter on the Heart and Circulatory Ailments (once again, how could they develop these problems on their special diets except in the later dynasties?) one remedy calls for milk, honey and water. The milk was usually mother's milk whose properties to stimulate the heart are well-known among naturopaths.


Honey (which in itself has heart and longevity properties, known through millennia), in this case, helped weak hearts and circulatory systems mainly as it assisted in calcium retention from the milk, which, if mother's, has twice the calcium of cow's and also vitamin C which strengthens the heart and aids as an antibiotic. The water was a purer type than that used today. The interesting part here is that if this did not "drive out" the disease, onions, sweet beer, and datemeal had to be used.


This was a last resort for whatever type heart ailment this was which did not respond to an easier curative. If they were not so afraid of beer, would it not have come first?


Think how many times in your youth cough syrup was given with no protecrorant to its alcoholic content. In just the last few years, alcohol has been taken from most cough syrups. Here is a serious heart ailment and they are thinking twice before giving them the heavy stuff! But look! When I first saw this curative, I just about fell over.


Dates have an enormous amount of potassium which relaxes the heart muscles aiding the heartbeat. The calcium in the date would act with the potassium to assist contractions. If I had someone with a serious heart ailment standing before me and the first curative failed I would think that calcium and potassium would help it, but oh, how to get it in the blood stream fast and with the best absorption and without harming the blood cells? Alcohol.


But I must warn my patient that I can minimize most effectively the injury to every organ in his body but I can do nothing about his brain cells, although they are.dying anyway as we spoke from the lack of oxygenated blood to the brain. I must warn him how the oral cavity will absorb the alcohol and carry it to the inferior alveolar nerves to his trigeminal nerve with much cell destruction and the many cells of the pons region will die too.


You are up the Nile without a paddle. If we can minimize damage to the brain and other areas, all will not be lost. Your patient says you are crazy. No, I reply, I just don't want to be sued for so many shekels and lose my hand or be brought up before Pharaoh which is what happened to doctors who failed then.


What will you do? ONIONS! Onions?


My patient tells me I am crazy and a physician today would laugh, but while they have been for ages letting mothers give their children alcohol-laden cough syrup they would have done well to research ancient medical treatise.


(Not that alcohol is needed for coughs-unbeknownst to the medical establishment, there is a myriad of excellent herbs and spices to alleviate coughs and the common cold is curable with heavy doses of vitamin C and zinc which can kill the germ in the system within hours when properly administered.)


A Russian electrobiologist, one Professor Gurwitch. found onions and garlic, so often used in Egypt, emit a peculiar type of ultra-violet radiation called mitogenetic radiation, which stimulates cell growth and activity and actually rejuvenates cells! In other words, our clever Egyptian physicians have buffeted the alcohol's abusive properties with onions by stabilizing the cells and then taking advantage of alcohol's fast absorption properties!


I know of no better tribute to Egyptian instinctiveness and eclectic knowledge. If these people started as nomads on the desert, I am the Queen of Sheba! Now if you want to go ahead and have wine with your meals, go ahead, with onions, but you still are destroying brain cells. These beer and wine regimens were used once only and not repeated! Bryan thought all this ridiculous and ineffective "since they were to be taken for one day only."


Onions actually make the mucus of the stomach strong enough so it does not have to thicken, with that there is no reason more than one dose was needed.

The Ebers Papyrus scares me a little. It is basically a treatise on severe ailments of the eyes, alimentary tract, nervous system and circulatory system with tumors, hair loss, ear, nose and mouth trouble and gynecological disorders in a people who had no weakness for them. I am sure that what we are seeing is the result of radiation disease by the fact the Ebers is believed to have been written in 3400 B.C.E and the mummies we have of these times do not show diseased states.

In one other heart ailment regimen, a last resort of figs- 1/8 part- (the Egyptians were sticklers for the correct numerical weight of these curatives), fresh lead-earth, 1/16 part. Cake 1/32 part, and water 5/6 part lead. It has. as stated, no nutritive value, but in a body whose lymphs are heavy in radioactive material, would not lead attract absorption?


This was like the Sweet Beer regimen, a last effort. If they were as cognizant of the effects alcohol has on tissue cells, they would not be quick to use it on tumor cells which indeed they did not. For one symptom of an obstruction of the abdomen, the ingredients were cooked in beer and strained, the alcohol would be gone and the healthy grains of the beer retained.


In another, Refuse-of Beer (dregs, super-saturated with minerals as Austrians know; the good old fashion 'Easter Beer') was dissolved in Flat Beer and used as a purge which black beer will certainly do, again you have the non-alcoholic affects. In another, Sweet Beer and wine is applied as a poultice with Bread of the Zizyphus-Lotus. watermelon and Cat's dung.


The Ebers Papyrus has suffered from an unsuitable translation of meaning because the medical world has laughed at the so-called bizarre remedies and this is sad because it shows us how wantonly sad sitology is needed to be taught to our medical people. We are also missing one of the gravest and most horrid events of mankind unfolded as they are in the Ebers.


The Ebers I seriously believe is a chronicle and armamentarium against radioactive poisons and shows both preventatives and cures. In the chapter on tumors, as all the chapters, biohistorians should be asking how do a people on a grain, vegetable, low fat diet with plenty of fiber, develop a collection of tumors as illustrated here, much less the other problems of eyes and heart while the digestive disorders are out of the question with obstructions so bad they cannot "leap the Nile" as lines read, stomach swollen and chest asthmatic. (Remember "leaping the ocean" from the Veda?)


What is truly astounding is that we see the same herbs and foods, etc., used today in holistic practice both preventatives and cures for fallout, x-ray, etc. How could a people high in B-coniplex, vitamin E and C. fall victims to sterility and infertility with a sudden rise of fertility cults? Is this our Nibiruian peoples or the Hyskos and other nomads who engulfed the kingdom with their poor genetic strains?


Somehow after reading Ebers I cannot believe the Nibiru allowed themselves to fall that far in morbidity. Radiation weakens sperm and eggs and as lax as the Anunnaki were, and other peoples, we could expect that they would be affected. Suddenly, we will have an outbreak of teratology with dwarfs becoming very numerous and as we will see, many other pathologies.

We should now look at the section devoted to tumors. The thyroid is the main organ most disrupted in radiation exposure and hence affects the entire endocrine system. If we look at the Papyrus Ebers carefully, the antidotes can tell us just the kind of radiation was received. It is interesting that a chapter on growths is preceded by severe stomach ailments, just what we would expect, if they translated correctly.

What is truly revealing is the following:

When thou examinest a person who has a hardening, his stomach hurts him, his face is pale, his heart thumps; when thou examinest him and findest his heart and stomach burning and his body swollen, then it is the sexen-illness in the Depths and the fire is consuming him.


Make him a remedy that quenches the fire and empties his bowels by drinking Sweet-Bear-that-has-stood-in-dry-Dough. This to be eaten and drunk for Four days. Look every morning for six days following at what falls from his rectum.


If excrement fall out of him like little black lumps, then say to him:

'The body-fire has fallen from the stomach. The asi-disease in the body has diminished.'

If thou examinest him after this has come to pass and something steps forth from his rectum like the white of beans and drops shoot forth out of him like nesu-of-tepaut, then thou say est:

"What was in his abdomen has fallen down."

Make for him this remedy so that his face may cool. Stand the cauldron over fire, make a mixture in it and cook it in the usual way

To Drive Away the Hardening in the Abdomen:

Bread-of-the Zizyphus-Lotus   1
Watermelon   1
Cat's dung   1
Sweet Beer   1
Wine   1

Make into one and apply as a poultice.18

This 'sexen-illness' sounds so very much like fulminating enterocolitis that I was dumbfounded to see it.


This is from severe radiation exposure as we see in medical radiation therapy and radiation accidents today. The hardening is hyperemia, edema and ulceration which would make your face pale too because, as with this patient, you are very constipated. Cell replication has been interfered with and damage has occurred to mesothelial cells of the small submucosal arterioles but it has not approached the fibrosis stage as yet however; mucosal thickening has caused constipation, a later stage usually, with diarrhea in the first.


The bowels here had to be emptied by the flat sweet beer (usually honey-brewed) and dough.


The darkened stool could be either the beer and bread combination, or if they used figs to sweeten, or 1 am inclined to think the remainder of a bloodied colon excrement making its exit. The trauma is over followed by the digested dough and the remainder of the mucosa (the drops of the nesu-of-tepaut) that "shoots forth".


If you will notice they were quite aware that the intestine is the last to empty and when that all looked good the patient was over the worst and a poultice made to further drive any other poisons away and this is the most interesting aspect here. If this were enterocolitis, the radiation was very fast and heavy, well over mid-lethal range (300 rads).


The doctor was smart and knew this patient needed to further rid his system of the poison which he could not do until he purged him with sweet beer and dough as his fever still lingered. The gut thus emptied, he now had to heighten the patients calcium and reduce bone absorption of the radiation. This is very tricky business.


Calcium in severe radiation is a blessing. It decreases cell-wall permeability and does not let viruses or toxins enter. In a radiation case this is imperative and a high dose must be had. I do not think there is a better remedy and a better indication of what had occurred to this patient. The problem was unique in this case in that the stomach and intestines were rid of the radiation but the nerve plexus' had to be rid of the poison next. Today we do this with ammonium chloride, but chloride injures the cells more.


There are many forms of radiation for which a different curative is given today, as ferris ferrocyanide for cesium 137: DTPA for plutonium and americium. which are fission products. What hit our friend? Going by this remedy, strontium 90 from fallout; this person may have gotten caught within an actual blast. Why do I think this?


Because a heavy influx of calcium must be taken and an acidification of the blood at the same time. Cesium and plutonium, usually need only a strong purging and/or something to retard uptake by the gut as hydroxide gel. With Strontium, the damage is done, the cells have to be protected more thoroughly. But where is calcium listed in the remedy you ask? There is no milk listed.


I think this fact is the most tell-tale sign. In all of Ebers. milk is a common curative, but for digestive purposes, as milk is an excellent stomach pacifier as a chelating agent. Of other ailments and tumors it mysteriously disappears. Why? In radiation fallout, women's breasts and cows udders are the first tissues affected, along with foods, which passes to the milk.


In Ebers, mother's milk was used and sometimes cows and it would be the last thing to use in treating someone with radiation sickness as it would lay down in the bones. Today, we are trying to get people away from milk for many reasons and this is one. Since the first nuclear tests of the I950's. Strontium 90 is in everyone's bones and can never be gotten rid of and adding to it by the drinking of milk has increased our levels of anemia, leukemia, sarcoma, and many other cancers.


Another extraordinary revelation is that at this time many fish eating Egyptians suddenly stopped and it quickly became a taboo, yet Christians later picked up the fish as their symbol and ate it liberally because Christ did so (or did he?).


Fish, like milk, is highly toxic during fallout and depending on what fell at this time, it is still in all sealife and will transmute to other forms through the ages with its half-lives. Today, we recommend, holistically. for Strontium 90 fallout protection, rather high doses of vitamin E. C. garlic, kelp, apple pectin, calcium, lecithin, brewers yeast (optional).


B-complex. L-cysteine and L-inethianine. selenium, oxy-5000 and a multi-mineral complex and only yogurt and soured forms of dairy products. It is interesting that the purge given the patient consisted of a great deal of the above: the B-complex in the beer and dough. Beer was usually made from barley and the dough was either all barley and/or wheat. They made dark, black beer or sweet which is all the better here as this means honey. Both barley and honey are perhaps the best blood purifiers in natures kingdom.


Barley originated in North Africa and Southeast Asia and was said with wheat to have been introduced by Osiris. It was originally used as money, so valuable was it. Its most valuable asset, and revealing here, is that it purifies the lymphatic system and liver, the body's two most vital blood cell rejuvenators. Barley was the prominent food of the gladiators who were called 'hordearii' - "barleyeaters" - who needed all the strength they could get.


Today, we know it only from the malt produced for beer in our methomaniacal society. However, let us return to the poultice. Assuming this was placed on the abdomen it could not have been better placed since the 'fire' was here and from here the nerves and vessels had to start sending an antidote. If this person had suffered fulminating enterocolitis, alcohol could not have been given orally as the impact to the stomach cells would have been too stressful, yet the antidote had to be given speedily and what better way than through absorption cutaneous?


The beer and wine were the catalyst, the cats dung I cannot elaborate any farther in this excrementitiously panacea; like other animal excreta it is used often in Ebers, its acids would have served the purpose of ammonium chloride today. It may have also, I believe, acted as the onions to cushion the stomach cells. What of the calcium. Watermelon!


A four inch by eight inch wedge has 63 mg. Milk has about 250 mg. in a glassful. The latter they could not use. Dates also have a very high content, why not use those? Watermelon would have been higher in pectin which eliminates toxins (that is why an apple a day keeps the doctor away of in this case the 'sexen disease'). But its most important element is beta carotene, 520 units in a wedge so described, while dates have only 100 in a cupfull.


Beta carotene is by far the best cancer fighter and antitoxin we know of along with E, C and garlic. We are just now learning of its cancer cell fighting powers. Watermelon has also an extremely high content of potassium, 600mg to the same size piece, and its combination with calcium's cell protecting powers as a catalyst, we can see further why this poultice was used. We know just with tests on Drosophila (flies) how vital the potassium/calcium voltage channels to electrically stimulate pupal growth are when they come together, and is same with all living things to keep the current of ATP stimulating cell life.


Potassium stimulates the liver, heart muscles and also reduces unstable alkalinity of the body, here again a natural substitute for ammonium chloride. Watermelon also contains cucurbacitron, an enzyme which helps curb high blood pressure which our friend most certainly would have suffered from. Not as high in calcium as milk, but now the need to get a fast absorbing material to every inch of the body with wine and beer alcohol. How to take advantage though of every ounce of nutrients and enhance their affects for a person near death. The lotus!


Actually, we have alchemy represented at its finest, the taking of a minute portion of nutrients and using a strong catalyst to more than triple its cellular strength. Its use as a synergist with herbs to boost their strength, effect and assimilation, is ancient and quite true which is why from Egypt to Japan the lotus was a symbol of strength.


The heart, liver and spleen, the latter two the main instruments of blood purification, and the heart are strengthened in their functions by the lotus to expel toxins (yes. we are finding the heart does more than just pump blood!) and enhance cells. It is believed to be. with the rose, one of the prima) flowers.

We should make a comment on wine and further state that in the Old Kingdom it was not. as with beer, drunk by anyone until the time when endocrine changes occurred and miscegenation changed their systems and wrought biological havoc as degeneration followed upon a people already in an environmental crisis. They became as whites.

and indeed we see in Egyptian art the slow and steady pathological changes from their olive green to red and yellow to a final ebony and white caste of peoples. But again, was the majority the intruders we see. or a mixture? Most likely the latter, for not all the people of the Nibiruian lines could escape and melted into the gene pools. They would be a mosaic of biological puzzles, drug and alcoholic infested.


They were a mixture of hypo and hyperthyroid sufferers, and some in between, as people today, and with this came a natural admixture of ethics and religious ideals which all converged upon them in disorder and mania. Soon, they suffered carbon dioxide narcosis from the lack of purer oxygen and nitrogen wrought by the positive ions.


Sports, dancing and other oxygen consuming activities, which had never been popular, came into being as with later Greece and Rome the greatest proponents, and an excellent example of negative environmental feedback as it tricks the organism to succumb to it.


Calcium, one of the main nutrients lost in sports activity, is an excellent example of this as it cannot metabolize when oxygen is lost from cells and CO2 brought in, so, the many muscular and bone ailments sports people suffer is a direct relation to this positive ion/CO2/oxygen environmental merry-go-round. (Everytime you cheer your favorite sports figure, or go out jogging, strike another one up for the parade of biological patsies).


These people had lost their CO2 plasma combining powers for their endocrine systems could no longer metabolize properly. Even in their 'perfect' environment, some CO2 existed in very small amounts. But it is the skin color that best tells us what happened to these people and it has been a mystery to discerning Egyptologists for ages.


At the first impact we see just what we should in Egyptian art. the very red skin from heavy histamine release and later as thyroxine was poorly metabolized, brown and then yellow skins, the women always lighter than the men as they do not produce as much.


Then we see lighter and lighter, and then white skins. Then we have no Egypt and no Egyptians. They merely died out or assimilated into other groups. It is odd. too, to see suddenly in the royal lines, light skin, the Rameses' with near white (although they are sometimes shown sculpted in green stone) while the general populace have red. Tutankhamun and his brother Smekhare have very red skin, which is odd if these people were all of the same breeding lineages. Or were they?


The new gods of Marduk (Siva) would not have been dark skinned, few of his family would have been.


With a loss of thyroid strength, they could not utilize all their nutrients with an increased blood pressure and depression of ciliary activity from positive ions: all this made them take the use of grapes as wine for more than ampelotherapy and turn it against themselves as they drunk their race and every living cell of them into nonexistence. Indra knew this when he helped Noah sew his vineyards to keep his 'mammals' in perpetual breeding until they met a climatic end.


Prophylactic behavior completely left Egyptians and wine and beer parties were about all their lives comprised, for the amount of holidays and feasting comprised many days out of a month.


There is, however, such a change in moralities one cannot help but think this was the families of Indra as they encroached, and we have a panorama of them depicted in lifestyles we would expect from a white-skinned people with their biochemical confusions. Parties consisted of nude, both male and female dancers and musicians.


Dancing and playing of instruments was forbidden to women before, now the androgynous women popped into the scene and all changed overnight. Banquets were called a "house of Beer" and the pathetic status symbol of American youth today that they "parried rill I puked". so often on T-shirts, is actually reflected in an art relief (PLATE NO. 9) of a very unlady-like Egyptian woman doing just that.


Priests and teachers were at an end of what to do with their youth and the following sounds so modern in its scope and so reflective of high school and college life today (the latter go to college for a higher learning and the only high they get is with drugs and alcohol. Alcoholism and drugs is so prevalent in schools that it is a national disgrace):

"I am told: thou dost forsake books Thou dost abandon thyself lo pleasure, Thou dost wander from street to street:
Every evening the smell of beer, -
The smell of beer scares away men (from thee),
It destroys thy soul.
Thou on as a broken oor,
Thot can guide lo neither side,
Thou ore as a temple without its gods,
A house without bread.
Thou on caught as thou dost climb upon the walls.
And dost break the plank.
The people flee from thee,
And thou dost strike and wound them.
Oh that thou didst understand that wine is on abomination.

And that thou wouldest abjure the shedeh drink.

Thai thou didst not set thy heart on cool drinks.

And that thou wouldest forget the T'enreku.
Now thou on instructed how to sing to the flute.

To recite (?) lo the pipe (?). To intone lo the lyre.
To sing to the harp."

Grapes eaten by themselves have too much oxalic acid that binds calcium and why the American Wine Association is fooling themselves again for every cell is suffering from calcium loss with each sip and with the addition of alcohol you might as well sip arsenic.


At the "Peace Offerings" of the Laws of Moses (Lev 7:11-36-17:1-7) where the gods are actually fed, no yeast and no fermented drinks are offered to the Lord who is leery of fat. yeast and "anything inceremonially unclean". touching his meat.


One thing we can deduce here is that the Lord was not Indra or Siva! Compare this to the "Burnt Offerings" (Num 28:1-8) where fermented drink, "a quarter of a h'm" is used with each lamb and poured out at the morning or evening tribute as "on aroma pleasing to the Lord', but here they were trying to use burnt animal flesh as an arial or thermal marker and alcohol intensified it.


Egyptians would probably laugh today to think mankind has actually turned obvious scientific procedure into religious ritual.


Catholics have in particular played Siva's hand with their long robes and foolish ritual of wine at mass, the blood of Christ (!). Every sip and you shake hands with the 'devil' as they would call him. It went from a locked up. dangerous drug, to people actually worshipping it as the blood of a deviant. It takes all kinds I suppose.

Another telltale remedy is the following; note the reference to "leaping the Nile":

When Thou Examinest the obstruction in his abdomen and thou findest that he is not in a condition to leap the Nile, his stomach is swollen and his chest asthmatic, then say thou to him: 'It is the Blood that has got itself fixed and does not circulate." Do thou cause on emptying by means of a medicinal remedy.


Make him therefore:

Wormwood   1/8
Elderberries  1/16
sebesten      1/8
sosa-chips    1/8

Cook in Beer-thot-has-been-brewed-from-many-in-gredients. strain into one, thoroughly, and let the Patient drink.

This remedy drives Out blood through his mouth or rectum which resembles Hog's Blood when-it-is cooked. Either make him a poultice to cool hint in front, or thou dost not prepare him this remedy, but makes! for him the following really excellent ointment composed of:

Saffron seeds Coriander


Crush and apply as a poultice. 21

I do not know what 'sebesten' or 'sasa-chips' are, but I do know that Elderberries and Wormwood are very potent herbs and to be used with caution.


Something has caused a lack of hematopoiesis and pathogens have entered his body causing chest congestion. We see this in radiation poisoning as the body's immune system cannot fight virus and bacteria and antimicrobial drugs are given to remove pathogens from the gastrointestinal tract.


What strikes me here, is the power of the herbs used to purge and the prophylactic given afterwards. If you will notice the dosage, specifically given, only one eighth for Wormwood and even less for Elderberries. Wormwood is very good for the liver and can even expel worms, so it is an excellent antiseptic and its use here would be superb.


However, too much can irritate the stomach and cause tachycardia. One wonders why hyssops was not used, a much safer herb, but Ebers never mentions once this important plant as the Bible does but it is not so much a wild plant but one that is cultivated and if the events occurred as I believe, we may be seeing a lack of it for the reasons gardens could not be tended as before. (In Europe and Asia it must be cultivated, however in America it grows wild-another mystery, how did it get to the Middle East?)


The most intriguing aspect of saffron here is that it actually cleans and activates meridian channels (the electrical charges of the body that acupuncturists use and without these channels you would be dead, despite what western medicine says. They have electrocardiographs and electroencephalography and they still deny it!).


Another drawback is that Wormwood is narcotic and given the above with this it must be heavily diluted. Elderberries are diaphoretic, which you would want to have to induce sweating, and is also used as a purgative and hydrogogue that evacuates the bowels of water. When it works, it is powerful with projectile vomiting and diarrhea and so the "hogs blood" is the berries.


The most expensive spice in the world, saffron is also the richest source of B-2. The clincher here is that it aids digestion of fatty meats such as our ox fat to be absorbed! It is the follow-up prophylactic that is interesting. Saffron, a native of Egypt, is a diuretic and laxative and sudorific. Coriander is very good as a stomachic and heart strengthener. I always find it enlightening how they use remedies as this to help prevent a further attack for myrrh is an excellent expectorant for any chest infection from a cold to TB.


This lung trouble is so reminiscent of lung damage by radiation today. It is rather hard to tell the doses received as to whether the injury was immediate or progressive. Breaks in DNA and chromosomes are either immediate or later as a single strand of DNA is repaired with possible error, however double-strands do not repair and it is lethal to the cell if a chromosomal break is associated with it.


Cells can undergo up to three mitoses (so they say) before they die. Instant cell death does occur in classes of lymphocytes with radiation, which is enough for me, for the entire system starts to decay.


Alveolar type II (surfactant producing) cells, capillary endothelial cells (heart, lymph, lungs) and bronchial epithelial cells are all very affected by radiation, yet there can be a 4-16 week lull before manifestations and symptoms as congestion and the rest, as in our friend, arises. And just as with him. and as the physician tells us. the blood is "fixed" and "does not circulate"; in modern terms, an increase in erythrocyte sedimentation and leukocytosis! The blood flow to ventilated alveoli is off, hence his asthma-like condition as CO cannot transfer properly!


Hypoxia sets in and no wonder he cannot jump the Nile! The haste to help someone in this condition is that if gone untreated they can have a strong cough which will actually bust the ribs. No wonder these herbs were used: coriander helped the heart restrain the blocked flow. In cardiac radiation, injury as this would bring an arteriosclerosis and infarctions.


Today, lung radiation injury is tricky. Corticosteroids are given but are very dangerous. Antibiotics have been without real success and anticoagulation only experimental, without clear effectiveness. The aager tree I do not know. With ox fat, though fat was forbidden, we can assume any ill-effects from were buffeted by the saffron and coriander. Today, as then, there is always the problem of granulocytopenia with transfusions given, and at the worst, bone marrow transplants. But transfusions are hard on the liver and spleen at a time you would not want this and bone marrow transplants are hard overall on the system.


Did not our 'barbaric' physician not curb and cure this in two strokes?


In the first regimen, the purge took the poison away and the B-complex of the beer "brewed from many ingredients" which surely was wheat and/or barley and honey, helped further clean and repair cell tissue. The sasa-chips or sebesten no doubt kept the mucus of the stomach lining from disintegrating. The follow-up was cutaneously absorbed to make sure the entire system was cleaned.

We have two other ailments very revealing as well:

When thou examinest a person who is suffering in his abdomen and findest something in his backbone like the trouble in the knife-grinder's disease, then thou sayest: 'This is the uxedu that has spread to his back. He is ill. I will make him the Back-remedy. Il goes into him as if it had hopped in.


Make for him a pot-yeast and then make him the following remedy:

Spring Plant
Mason's Clay

Crush, cook in yeast-of-Sweet Beer, and smear on for four days in order to heal him at once.

Whatever the "uxedu disease" was, Ave can hazard a good guess for as indicated the patient already had it and it spread to his back. Today, we see symptoms as this in the pericardium (the double membranous sac that covers the heart and great blood vessels) when heavy radiation is therapeutically given, or with radiation injury.


The "knife-grinders" disease parallels well with the pain felt by patients today, stated as being knife-like, sharp and painful! And, we have here just what we could expect, the pain travels from the chest to the shoulder, neck and back as the nerves and vessels from the heart reach to the esophagus, trachea and bronchi.


The stomach is thus affected as the heart weakens and peristalsis lessens (this is why beer-bellied men usually have heart trouble of some sort-poor diet affects the heart and then stomach, or vice versa). The spinal chord we are finding is very susceptible to radiation with manifestations months or years later. Our friend's back trouble was also no doubt the hyaline thickening of the white matter in the chord affecting the walls of blood vessels and thus affecting the lumen. Here is where the interesting part enters.


Today, damage to the nervous system by radiation can really only be helped by surgery (what else!).


The Egyptian remedy "goes into him as if it had hopped in", is this a reference to the biochemical attraction of the body to the treatment? When was the last time your body did this in the doctor's office when he scratched out your prescription? The only thing hopping there was the money in his pocket from you. Let us see if an Egyptian armamentarium matches that of today.


If radiation had settled in the heart, all of the main arteries from the heart would affect those particular parts of the body, the arms, spine, legs and indeed we do have other such ailments in these chapters. Common sense would tell you to put the poultice on the back or front, more likely the latter, so the aorta and inferior vena cava could absorb it, as well as the spinal cord and surrounding veins.


We have here an interesting case where only the pericardium is affected, not the actual heart muscles. He is not like our friend who could not jump the Nile, where breathing problems had arisen, but this is the onset of it as it traveled from his heart region to the back and he is in a better circumstance and does not need stomach purging, merely an arrest of the poison. A poultice would work better.


Our friend who could not jump the Nile suffered intestinal and/or liver radiation, whereas this gentleman was affected in the heart with a follow-up stomach ailment, the reverse. Purging, then would be secondary. Well, let's look. Number one, he used peppermint (I cannot find what Spring Plant is) - which is a superb heart and stomach strengthener and system purifier.


Acanthus too, has nearly the same properties. Look, however, at the use of clay, as we use today as a chelating agent to purge internally for radiation poison! It actually draws it out like a magnet! And. we can understand his comment that it literally "hopped in" as clay is a very active agent. Clay is the best agent to use in radiation poison, being a highly stable radiation itself.


Here is where yeast would be used for the B-complex. from the beer also, just as we use in holistic practice in Strontium 90 prevention and radioactive iodine 131 (found also in milk and when your friendly dentist x-rays your teeth and zaps your thyroid-our local dentist has a sign on the wall saying "only kids are afraid of x-rays", but I would add only a fool follows a fool. We are now finding that just a single dose of radiation is often many times more harmful than the same amount over a period of time).


The best agent is the resin use! Whoever composed this remedy knew alcohol from the beer would make resin soluble, otherwise it is not! We use resin today as it acts as an ion-exchange agent, perfect here, to absorb acids from the stomach and here it would have done that but also pulled the radiation from the circulation! No wonder it acted like it hopped in, like clay, it was a magnet, the ions were attracted to the radiation and the skin pores lapped it up like crazy.


Healing would have been almost at once! Radiosensitivity and radioprotection in cancer therapy today have proved unreliable.

There are other symptoms also, resembling these same disorders:

When thou examinest a person with a hardness in his left side, he has feet that he-cannot-walk-with, then say thou: 'He has dug sand-bogs and lifted sand ..."
When thou examinest any person who is suffering in his abdomen, and thou findest after he has leapt the Nile that he is ill in both sides, his body is swollen, when he fakes nourishment his stomach feels uncomfortable at its entrance, then it is the bexetu-illness.

I would love to know what they mean by 'jumping the Nile' if it was anything like the gods were doing in the Veda it is no wonder some may have been affected!


Here, it definitely states he has become ill from doing it! Was he an engineer of some sorts, dealing with radiation?

We must now consider the tumors and other skin symptoms that are accompanied by these disorders in this chapter. We must now also consider the endocrine damage which can now mean many things.


The following is very curious:

When thou examinest a person who is suffering in his abdomen, it breaks often and thou findest something like a projection on his ventral side; both his eyes ore tired and his nose stopped up. Then say thou: 'it is a font! in his excrement. It does not pass through his intestines as waste matter.'


Make him for it:


Thereto add a small vessel with Garlic, along with broken pieces of the same with beer and fat flesh-from-an-Ox.


Let the patient eat and drink this with beer-that-has-been-brewed-from-many-ingredients in order to open his eyes, to open his nose, and to make easy the passing of his excrement.

What we have here is not so much a direct radiation injury but a progressive one which caused a neoplasm to occur, resulting from an endocrine imbalance such as we see in anterior pituitary dysfunction. What makes this so curious is this-look at this picture (plate no. 10).


This is Amenhotep, son of Hapu, Egyptian royalty, a great sage of Thebes who was said to have conversed himself with the gods. I will wager he did looking at this sculpture. Look at another picture (plate no. 11)


Note whatever this is, is much lower. Amenhotep's is approximately at the 5th costal cartilage while this one is much lower. Is this just some accouterment sticking out of the top line of the tunic as you can see?


Look at another picture (plate no. 12).


This corpulent headsman of the village has one too.


It makes no sense as there is not another protuberance in any of the photos showing it to be connected to a cord, etc., underneath the tunic, although plate 11 does look like handles of a knife or some ornamentation. They are often depicted. Others show loops but Amenhotep's appear to be a solid mass of something - a tumor?


Perhaps these abnormalities sparked a later fashion vogue for if someone who spoke with the gods had them, they must be good. Sort of like the infamous 'duling scar.' What concerns me is that these are very much like benign tumors, round or oval, very well-defined. It certainly looks odd on many of the statues we see.


I know this is speculative, but I am not speculative on this Ebers description, of a very common neoplasm with radiation injury. These particular protuberances look very much like lymphendothelioma, that is hypertrophied lymph nodes; myxoma with hyaline cartilage.


Amenhotep's is an intercostal node while the others are thoracic and laterally and ventrally placed as they would be. No doubt this was caused first by an injury to the stomach by radiation which blocked passage of wastes, causing the lymphs to inflame; the eyes weaken and the nose stops up as infection sets in. Again, we have Wormwood used. Unless the stomach is purged, the lymphs cannot function.


Unlike blood, the lymph flows only in one direction and if constricted, white blood cell count is down. If an overload of poison collects in the stomach it cannot rid the system of fats and other foreign matter. All organs are burdened, particularly the liver, which as a detoxification organ, cannot handle more and the eyes are thus affected because of vitamin A loss. Nasal passages fill as the lymph ducts fill with mucous.


Again, the treatment is very indicative of the problem.


This is a serious constipation disorder, as we saw with fulminating encolitis, and it is highly unlikely something this serious would develop with their diets whether we speak of rich or poor. Here again, Wormwood is used as an antiseptic but with the strong B-vitamin complex of the wheat-bread.


Next, we have garlic, much used in the diet and as a curative by all the people as it will purge all poisons out. But there is a method to the madness here and why I state obesity, tumors, constipation, etc. were impossible ailments in Egypt at this time. Selenium is in the wheat, which with the iatters heavy Vitamin E, acts to metabolize fats much better and selenium is also in the garlic in high amounts. (This is another reason people today are so obese on white bread; as our soils are low in selenium.)


You add garlic to this regimen and you have a very high-powered antitoxin, fat and cholesterol fighter to meet the ox-fat, (not needed if from healthy cattle - the fat would retard the radiation) as garlic needs a little fat to metabolize and fat buffers the stomach mucous from the beer (old timers still eat ice cream with beer for the same effect. Their stomach's are in good shape but their minds have had it!)


AH this would have gotten the nutrients working fast and out of the system as quickly as possible as the Wormwood worked. Garlic's high content of sulfur also synthesizes cystine and cysteine and other body proteins. All in all. we have another excellent curative for radiation injury.


Your eyes and nose would soon open and your lymph nodes would sigh and say 'thank you.'

"None of the eight hundred remedies to he found in the Papyrus appear to have actually killed anyone of those whom they were intended lo benefit. This is strange," so sayeth Bryan .

No, this is not strange. What is strange, is that historians as he do not apply a little Sherlock Holmes strategy and figure out what "was going on in these times.


Four-thousand years from now if someone reads some of our western wacky medical treatments they will be able to tell for sure just what kind of people we were and what we suffered from. Before doctors put all their faith in their little plastic coated pills and laugh at old remedies, they had better know what they are talking about. If anyone has ever read Ebers they will be struck how confident the physicians are in their treatments and they, remember, had to answer with a lost hand, arm or head if they failed!


Doctoring then was a serious business and people not fully trained were not allowed to practice and if they failed there was no malpractice insurance, they were just quickly deleted from society for defrauding the public. The work was hard, dangerous and with little pay other than prestige. But these people had a great deal of instincts which is 90% of medicine; they did not need high-tech equipment as they still had the brains enough to read pulses and eyes and the body as a whole against the backdrop of the environment. In very later ages the medical system as we have now, emerged - Specialists.


There was a specialist for everything as we have their 'shingles' preserved.


This was the fall of the holistic human, enter the man who lost the power to treat the body as a whole, so they specialized in one area which is absolutely ridiculous. I do not know how anyone could look at Ebers passages on constipation and indigestion and say. as Bryan did.

"A glance at the Papyrus Ebers dispels once for oil any idea that constipation is a scourge of the modern world brought about by modern conditions of living and eating... Castor Oil figures in not a few of them; unfortunately for the patients, in only one prescription is it the sole ingredient..."

Even in their worst times, remedies as full of ingredients as these were not needed.


Simple honey, hyssops or aloe would have done the trick for constipation, but we have much more telltale signs of something else; there is more than just excrement leaving the body. One other thing, we must remember these remedies were all secret actually, meant for only probably those of the Nibiruian colony and perhaps the lineages of Indra as well.


In fact, one line reads at the end of another fulminating encolitis type condition:

"Make for him the remedy from the Secret Book that is only for the Physician with the exception of thine own daughter..."

This "Secret Book" is mentioned in other areas.


Question - why is a medical treatise, secret? Another query - why only the physician's daughter? We can easily deduce more females born was common in the lines of Indra, but was it becoming so amongst the Nibiruians? Or, were the sons conscripted to service?


The women knew the art of healing with herbs but if we go by Isis she was limited in her healing powers as compared with her brothers or fathers. Nonetheless, when we get down to it Bryan was wrong; all the things causing constipation today, refined foods, poor muscular tone for bowel excretions, (again, poor diet) sedentary life, irregular habits, were all missing in this ultra-kosher, body conscious society of priests and nobility in the early years.


The Egyptians never used what their Oriental counterparts called "poison medicine," unless great caution was taken and the need severe. Some of these poisons were alcohol, Wormwood, opium, castor oil. The first three were all narcotics and each very harmful to cells especially during sickness, so an alternative agency to help it was used just as in the Egyptian. Castor oil is slowly being recognized as caustic, though doctors since the Middle Ages to today prescribe it but have forgotten how to use it.


Note Ebers lack of singular use for it, which Bryan cannot understand! It contains ricinoleic acid which moves the bowels but destroys the stomach, intestine and colon cells. We must stop and think if ancient man depended on this for his days of constipation, there would be very unhealthy cavemen waltzing about, and evolution would never have been born.


Today, we have numerous ulcers and stomach disorders from the use of this through childhood: loosen the stomach fining and you loose the value of pinocytosis and your offspring suffers as well.

In another section, "inner-of-the-Fruit-of-the-Castor-oil-tree" is used instead of the bean to expel roundworms and is used with yeast and water but only taken for one day, as the other regimen, and with the B-complex-filled beer and antiseptic grapes of the wine. How interesting it is that the Egyptians, unlike medicine today, used only the stem berrie, or leaves of the castor, not the seed as we do. (The berrie can be used if the seed is taken out, again very expensive to do. but a purgative should be used, hence the beer.)


You see the latter process is cheaper and faster and is a tribute to western thinking(?). This is another reason they debunk so many natural remedies because they do not know how to process them or what parts of the plants to use. Even ancient Chinese medical treaties warn that the seed^must be used externally, not internally, and only the roots, stems or leaves for that.

"Fortunately," for Egyptian patients, these generations lived a great deal longer with a lifespan in the last years of Egypt of 110+, and before that, they had a civilization that seems to have been remarkably stable, lasting thousands of years before a very unusual abrupt halt, but a great deal longer than this British doctor who hailed from a country that for all its bravado could never think of lasting as long.


"Unfortunately," the British were always too busy burning their stomach linings, kidneys and bladders out with tea and sugar.

The Egyptians had so many gentle herbs for constipation, not that they needed them, for eating wheat bread, figs, barley, dates, etc. are all fiber foods. There was certainly no reason for constipation in Egypt.


Then why do we have the following?:

Another remedy for the body
Leaves-of-the-Castor-oil-plant    1/4
Date-of-the-Male-Palm    5/6
Cyperus-grass     1/16

Stalk-of-the-poppy-plant    1/16
Coriander    1/16
Cold Beer    1/2

Keep moist, strain, and take for four days.

Here we have leaves of the Castor Plant used. As a cathartic, this would have been adequate with the Dates as a buffer.


Castor leaves are not as severe on the stomach as the seeds. It is interesting that dates serve as the protectorant which shows their ingenuity as they strengthen the mucous lining of the stomach and spleen and strengthens the blood against anemia as the castor leaves would have robbed the system a little (not like the seeds!). Anytime castor is used in Chinese remedies it is for very severe ailments, abscesses, infected lymph nodes, etc.


The use of the poppy is very interesting. There are several varieties of poppy both annual and perennial, all with more or less the same properties.


The California Poppy however is more hypnotic, however we speak here of breaking the seed down to reach its narcotic properties. What kind is used here cannot be deciphered although if it follows the Chinese use of it, as it no doubt did, it was of the family Papaneraceas-the-Po-lo-hui (Plume Poppy) and again is used for severe ailments from syphilis to osteomyelitis.


However, one of the poppy's biggest assets is that is enhances the pituitary gland and actually oxygenates cells! There is definitely more here than constipation, and yon have lo take it for four days! One day is enough for constipation with castor leaves - trust me! This is just called "a remedy for the body" but tells us nothing more; is there more secrets to this than we suspect?


Surely, the decipherment is in the ingredients. Anyone well versed on herbology knows this is more than constipation. There is another interesting aspect to poppy seeds - they help metabolize vitamin A.


What vitamin A you say? The dates, which have the precursor called beta carotene, as stated already, the most vital cell enhancer and toxin fighter there is. I will not argue the fact that constipation even for a day robs cells of oxygen, and many die, yet they still used castor leaves, why not Aloe, completely safe and works just as fast and cleanses the system too?


Volatile oils like olive oil and other essential oils were used as medicine, food and to burn as lighting, whereas, castor oil is used as a low temperature lubricant today in planes, as it is not volatile which is the major reason our stomach cells are injured by it as they cannot recognize and burn it as a fuel. It is only cathartic because it strips the food from the gut as it loses its mucous lining.


This is bad in any degree if no protectorant is used and in no ailment should this be done without it. Here the dates coated the stomach mucous as did the wheat and/or barley from the beer. This reminds me so much of what holistic practices proscribe for radiation injury and prevention as distilled water is recommended. Distilled water acts as a magnet to attract and rid the system of radiation, just as our red-lead earth in Ebers did.


Why? Because distilled water is vaporized by heat which condenses the volatile atoms, like castor oil, so your stomach does not burn it but the radiation is drawn to it because it also is not a biological function of your body and the two compliment one another's compositions and are thus attracted! I do not think I have to impress upon the reader that we are indeed looking at a new page of man's history through forensic deduction and that we cannot listen to blind interpretations of these remedies; to do so, we lose perspective of our entire past.


To think a remedy for constipation, supposedly, could be so revealing is a little comical, but it is oddities such as this that tell us the most about environmental conditions. You can also add to this the Cyperus-grass which is high in chlorophyll which is one of the most efficient blood cleaners there are. Coriander also acts as a laxative but one in which no 'gripping' is produced, that is. the stomach mucous is not destroyed.


All this for constipation? Don't believe it!


Another tell-tale remedy is the following:

Remedy to regulate evacuation

Honey   1
sasa-seed   1
Wormwood   1
Elderberry   1
Berries-of-the-uan-tree   1
Kernel-of-the-ut ait-fruit   1
Caraway   1
aaam-seeds   1
Xam-seeds   1
Seo-sall   1

Form into a Suppository and put into the rectum.

For a suppository, this is very potent and either this person was constipated since Noah's ark hit ground or there is really something else wrong!


We have to remember the positive ions these people suffered from decreased ciliary activity and they were experiencing barotaxis, one of the major results of ionization, and not for the better if we go by this. In essence, they would be slow in peristalsis but still not to demand such a severe remedy as this.


Wormwood, an antiseptic, Elderberries we know as a laxative and depurant; Berries-of-uan-tree and Kernel-of-the-ut'ait-fruit I do not know, nor do I know aaam-seeds or Xam-seeds. while Caraway is another purgative. To top all this off. salt, the great taboo of Egypt, yet it does act as a purgative and antiseptic, but hazardously.


Honey, and whatever the unknown ingredients, protected the rectum and other tissues from harm. Again.


Bryan cannot conceive of these ingredients working. He laughs at the remedy of Onions and the Froth of Beer as a purgative, described in another regimen called "A Delightful Remedy Against Death," calling it a, "dawn of history cocktail," saying,

"The remedy still persists in the shape of the life-saver' dispensed at the public bar, but the ingredients are no longer the same and its purgative action has long since disappeared."

Nothing could be better described here to cleanse the system, and to equate it with drinks at the local pub is idiotic in the extreme.


We have already described onions ability to attract radiation from the system as well as being a fat and cholesterol inhibitor. We are also seeing one of the best examples of radiation tonic yet! It may have lost a little in the translation, calling it a "Delightful Remedy," however this did prevent (note it is a prevention, not an after cure as Bryan believes) death, and if you experienced radiation it was also a quick antidote. (What stymies me is why do they think there is a particular kind of death they have to avoid?)


Note the froth of beer is used, not the beer (again, if they were so alcohol-loving, why not the whole thing?). If you have a system full of radiated molecules the froth would act as distilled water! The foam of beer, as connoisseurs well know, is constructed of much larger molecules than the beer itself, and loaded with CO2 (another poison fermented beverages produce), which in this case would be beneficial as the CO2 would attract the radiation in a carbonic anhydrase situation as it mixes with H2O, the same principle as distilled water!


The only problem would be, how to protect the already injured cells from further injury by the CO2 and alcohol and if you have followed this you know, the onions.


The stomach mucous is not stripped and also the radiation of the onions helps to stabilize the cell membranes while the magnetic like affect of the froth draws away the radiation. We should also mention the sulphur in the beer and onions also are agents which protects protein cell structure as well as the B-complex of the beer and all this also strengthens the gonads which in radiation are among the first organs affected.


Sulphur itself is often used as a cleansing agent for blood as well as expelling worms, but is toxic by itself and must be used with other ingredients which your doctor fails to tell you and thus we have many problems with sulfur drugs.

If you wish to deny any of the radiation and EMR theories I have, that is fine, but one thing that cannot be denied is that these people were practicing posology at a rime long before the Ayurveda and the Yellow Emperor texts of medicine were written and gives further weight to their derivation from some more archaic, highly civilized people. It also tells us evolution has no part of man's being, as these remedies cannot be learned by trial and error, though some say we learned by observing animals but this is absurd for our systems vary so.


Evolutionary theory has no room for mistakes and to believe a few individuals hit it right 100% of the time for billions of years to evolve into what we call Homo sapien sapiens (they added the last name on in the last few years - there has always been a comical side to scientists!) is asking too much. One error starts such a snow-balling effect on the body it is just too silly to believe.


This you learn in medicine and how any doctor could espouse evolution is remarkable.


Evolution is merely misdirected 'religious' zealots. It is an excuse when you do not have the mental powers to calculate the answers; something to lean on. Western medicine believes the evils of man rest on the germ theory, little realizing he is passing biological bunkum as it is the evils of man which gives these little beasties free rein.


Smallpox, polio, etc., will always be around, they have their place on this earth too, but when we allow our bodies to become weak we fall to their power. Towards the end of the 19th century, Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard had a heated debate regarding the microbe and the host, Pasteur arguing that disease was caused by the microbe alone, while Bernard intuitively proclaimed that disease was caused by environment and the susceptibility of the host.


On his deathbed, Pasteur admitted Bernard was right stating,

"Alas, Bernard is right, the territory is everything - the microbe is nothing."

He would never have needed his vaccinations for anthrax nor hydrophobia had he studied organic farming and the treatment of farm animals according to their natural biologies for when man fights these, disease is his reward.


Doctors prescribe antibiotics, but the germs become resistant to them, when a man's body is certainly capable of resisting the germ itself which ancient medicine sought by keeping the patient healthy. The body is only weakened further by antibiotics. Antibiotics means "against life," that is, destructive to any living tissue.


This means you! While they are trying to kill the germ organisms in you they are killing your cells as well, which is why many people have cold after cold often. Penicillin was never used in Egypt as it was believed to be as yeast, which they did not use, for it is a fungus which must live off of you.

It was the duty of ancient physicians to give proper dosages of those medicines considered dangerous, castor, lead, alcohol, opium, etc., with an appropriate antidote to match and curb its harmful effects and as is done today in holistic practice through appropriate diet, where autarcesis is the byword. It is still unbelievable that western medical schools do not teach sitology as their mentor Hippocrates did.


No wonder physicians have such a skyrocketing alcoholic and drug rate; someday they will wake up to the fact that the reason they turn to this is they are beating their heads against a wall and fighting against nature, not with it. and when they do this they will behold the beautiful healing powers they are capable of having.


The talent is there, the desire, but the recipe is missing - instinct. But they can bury their mistakes; in Pharonic times, they buried the doctor. Another problem is the drugs today add insult to injury, they harm an already sick body and alternate drugs are needed to counteract their effects!


Says the Ayurveda,

"The whole of suffering which clings lo mind and body has ignorance for its basis and conversely all happiness is founded in clear scientific knowledge."

Whose science should we rely upon, western, that does not seek the source of disease, or the Ayurveda which tells us 120 years is the expected timespan for man? We know by study today that 110 - 150 is the expected normal lifespan, but few will attain it and dying in the 70's or 80's is a far sight shorter.


The American Cancer Society keeps telling us they are nearer to a chemical cure for this wretched disease, yet it rises in some new even worse form all the time and their batting average at 100% cure for anyone is exceptionally poor. A holistic doctor would hang his head in shame at the rates they have.


The only cure is to reach the cause or they will run around like scared little children,

"for a fool this whole world is full of enemies but for an intelligent man this whole Universe is full of experts and tutors.''1*

Cancer is a symptom, telling the person that something he is doing is wrong, so get with it! It is no time to panic and think it popped out of thin air then try and zap it with radiation (of all things!) and some cytocidal chemical.

Having digressed, let us return to the issue at hand. Man could not have scaled any evolutionary ladder by trial and error, cells have no such time, they are too fragile. We are a catagenetic species. Should we not believe what the ancient texts tells us. that medicine was given to man by the gods? Their children could not have learned this by themselves.


That the Ebers was written roughly 3400 B.C.E. places an even lower date for these events, even Exodus would be well before 1500 B.C.E., as espoused by traditional historians. The Ebers is said to have come from Ra himself and it is interesting that in the opening it is dedicated to Isis, known for her powers to heal.


I appreciated reading the comment of Sir Ernest Wallis Budge, the greatest of Egyptian historians, who had very little medical expertise on their use of herbology, yet wrote at the turn of the century:

What the priests had obtained from the gods was not "Magic" or "Natural Magic," but Natural Wisdom, and it was only because those who were treated by the priests did not understand even the rudiments of that wisdom, that they regarded it as "magic" and called it so. 29

Just because western medicine cannot explain or cope with naturopathy they call it 'magic' or bunkum, when it is all very natural, but then becomes supernatural to those who cannot comprehend.


They believe in spirits and spooks themselves for many turn to god and religion, spooks of just another type. One thing about the Egyptians in the early dynasties, their gods were flesh and blood and they imparted flesh and blood ethics to them not hocus pocus and if there was any faith to have, it was in yourself and family. People had to answer for their own mistakes, they could not 'pray' their way out, and forgiveness was impossible for they knew the organism was weak to begin with or never would have 'sinned.'


There was never an Egyptian on his knees to pray and if they spoke telepathically to their kinsmen it was standing, a tradition the Hebrews carried with them. The only spirits they contended with were of the EMR type.

It is too easy for historians to criticize the 'Macbethy' curatives of the Middle Ages as in the following. True, better ingredients could have been gotten from less macawbe sources, but when you think of the toxins they serve us today with, it makes the following look rather good:

For Epilepsy - "Vitriol, calcined until it becomes yellow: saturate with alcohol, add mistletoe, hearts of peonies, elks' hoofs, and the pulverized skull of an executed malefactor: distil all these dry, rectify the distillate over castoreum (species diamoschi dulcis), elephants' lice; then digest in a water-bath for a whole month, after mixing with salt of peony, alcohol, liquor sails perlonmi et corallorum, oil of anisi and succini." 30

This was at the height of the black arts yet the only thing really bizarre here is the pulverized skull of an executed man because quite actually it works!


"Elephants lice" I am not too worried over because I believe this is an herb. But a better drug concoction for epilepsy there never was and it gets to the heart of the problem-magnesium. Epilepsy can be caused from numerous factors but lack of magnesium is at the top of the list cither dietarily or from faulty metabolism and can strike at any age. (Epilepsy is rising tremendously today because of poor diet).


This regimen is aimed right at magnesium which is found adequately in the "pulverized skull" and elks hoof. Sulfate was used (vitriol merely means a metal sulfate) to metabolize the calcium in the skull. Mistletoe is an ages old remedy for epilepsy or any neurological disorder, even St. Vitus' dance, and peony is famous for its anti-epileptic and antispasmodic properties.


It is pertinent that Chinese holistic medicine, as well as many others, consider epilepsy nutritionally caused and even their herbal prescription includes oyster shells which give plenty of magnesium and calcium. They know too that other factors can cause it, whenever wind, mucus and energy are imbalanced they seek to bring it to order.


Another Chinese prescription includes alum, cinnabar and interestingly, magnetite, to get the electromagnetic flow corrected.


This is all crushed and given three times a day the first month, two times daily the second and once the third. Alum is a double sulfate of aluminum and potassium (or ammonia), cinnabar is a mercuric sulfide and these ingredients are a poisonous medium to be given cautiously and with a buffer which is the calcium in the oyster shells or the potassium in the alum. Today^ western medicine is baffled by epilepsy "due to unexplained metabolic disturbance .


Among anticonvulsants given today is phenytoin which undergoes erratic gastrointestinal absorption and binds to ( serum albumin, which is hard on the liver as a result, with drug toxicity once enzyme j saturation occurs. It also brings on phlebitis and affects the nervous system and brings on drowsiness, nystagmus, ataxia and vertigo and hypotension (if you had an epileptic fit you would not care!).


All in all, I would take the Dark Ages cure! Many other disorders can cause epilepsy - rickets, tetanus, hypoglycemia, fever, allergies, arteriosclerosis, causing the electrical conduction of the cells to go askew, and all are caused by nutrient loss that upsets the electrical flow. It is not idiopathic as western medicine has us believe and then blindly they reach into their little bag of tricks and hope it does the best. Our domestic dogs suffer from it a great deal.


My Cocker Spaniel Scarlett, like all the black and tans of her lineage, suffered from it until we took her off of commercial dog food which stripped her of copper and magnesium and being black, she demanded a great deal of copper.


The blonde spaniels seem to have little or no trouble. Holistically, the prescription is vitamins A, D, E, B-complex, pantothenic acid, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, chromium, proteolytic enzyme, zinc, manganese chelate, L-tryptophan, raw thymus and thyroid extract which actually is the same basis of the Dark Age curative!


We are also seeing more epilepsy from the poor birth practices in hospitals where asphyxia is guaranteed. Anytime you have a facial twinge, or tic, or muscle's twitch, a loss of memory, etc., this is a loss of brain/motor impulses which cannot reach injured synapses and are mini-seizures.

The Ebers is a special medical text, it is a compedium of prescriptions directed at the first effects of EMR and warfare at its absolute worst and is the property of someone very much in direct contact with it who had a high knowledge of the human body and its functions.


Let us read the opening:

I came forth from Heliopolis with the priests of het-aat, the Lords of Defence, the Kings of Eternity and of Protection. I came forth from Sais with the Maternal Goddesses who grant me protection. Words were given me by the Lord of the Universe wherewith to drive away the inflictions of oil the gods, and deadly diseases of every sort.

Priests are "Lords of Defence"? I told you they did more than just pray all day!


Are the 'Maternal Goddesses' Nephthys and Isis? The 'Lord of the Universe' is either Ann himself or his brothers who helped them drive away the horrors of war and the results that incurred. Even the Aztecs had the god Nanahuatl, his name meaning literally that he was the god of skin postules or ulcers.


Was the man who composed Ebers a refugee from the homebase of the Nibiru?

We should look at the hieroglyphics denoting "spirits" and see if a 20th century mind can decipher better than a non-technical 19th century one when most of these texts were deciphered.


We run into much of interest right from the beginning. Here are "ancestral spirits" that western science today says are ghosts (although I am not entirely against the idea of ghosts, but this takes a great deal more explanation which will come much later) and spirits and translated as such

Here are our 'beings of light' launching towards the heavens and those of their people, three of them, taken aloft by the consent of a Pharaoh. What the 6th is I do not know, but it resembles the Tet (to be explained later). Nonetheless, this is pure hieroglyphic.


But let us look at the male spirit:   It has no phonetic function here.



Reminds one rather of the devils sickle does it not? Reaping the life out of us all. The walking feet have no phonetic value, pure pictograph. This "sickle" is used anytime destruction is meant. Notice the reaper used for the fields (plate no. 13).

It is very plain and functional, like a half moon.


A handle like would be hard to handle and would need two hands to balance which is bad because as you saw in the picture one is needed to grasp the wheat. So, actually, this should read "sha," or more likely. "Shu", drop the "ma". It then still leaves us as to what the    is.


It is interesting that signifies water or sea, lake, etc.


Why does come under it?


Remembering hieroglyphics at times uses phonetics applied to the actual object, you have both a picture and the sound it may represent at the same time. This is what makes hieroglyphics so misleading as you never know when a picture is meant or just the sound as in "sickle" above.


In another we have -Shma-according to Budge-I say Sha-but note the position of the sickle and Nubis following, very agitated. We may have a pure pictograph here as I believe 90% of hieroglyphics are. Why a symbol of water with a kite (bird) and an object nothing like the sickles used then and a very upset Nubis?


This leads me to two very pertinent facts conducive to the situation here. If radiation contamination such as strontium and/or EMR emissions were being used, "water is the first attracted. Strontium hits water full force and as stated was the reason fish became a taboo. Now. if electromagnetic emissions were being launched, water as a natural conductor would attract the "spirits' and could even be used to bounce particular EMR waves off.


People began fearing the water, becoming almost hydrophobic, which would be odd as water has been part of mans life since creation.


May not , represent a force of some sort? I do not know how Nubis planned to thwart the demon with two sticks in his hand, however they may have had some sort of powers as the staff.


The Egyptians came to fear water knowing it conducted both electromagnetic properties and radiation. Habitual bathing came into vogue as uncontaminated water is an excellent medium to expel it. Before the Christians made a ritualistic farce of water, bathing served a therapeutic service and to Egyptians the only sins washed away were those with a decaying isotope in them!

Be pure in the horizon and gel rid of your impurity in Lakes of Shu.33

Does Shu here have a connotation to the 'sickle' and 'demons'? Where one could relieve himself of the poisons? We will look into this more later, but one other line of an Egyptian passage reads:

O, King, beware of the lake! 34

The Egyptians, and later Hebrews, although both regular bathers, unlike the Christians, placed nothing 'holy' on the practice.


Hebraic legends tell of the 'spirits' that dwelled around the waters as Lilith. Like the Egyptians, they enclosed their water in pools of stone, marble and alabaster, which grounds electrical and magnetic impulses and they would have thought twice about using river or lake water which has an abundance of zinc to attract it.


The Dead Sea and Jordan was taboo to many people until the time of Christ who duped the people into its supposedly healthy waters as racketeers yet do today. By the time of Christ, fact had grown to legend.


We can deduce from the Egyptians fear of water and seafood that radioactivity may have been caused by a fusion explosion and the radionuclide tritium (hydrogen-3) was its by-product. This hydrogen's isotope is then radioactive, thus the water, and is then distributed throughout the body and we can understand the meaning of holy water if they meant that water which comes beneath the uncontaminated earth.


In gnostic literature, the apostles as Christ, would drink only water from the deepest source, sparkling or pure.


Another problem is that the sea is most vulnerable to contamination as fish eggs, larvae, plankton, algae, etc... are concentrated 5 centimeters (2 inches) on the top of the water, the most productive biomass in the world, which means it will carry this radioactivity to other areas of the sea then through breeding and fecal matter. Birds too will eat the fish and spread radioactivity the same way (many exposed animals as migratory birds are doing this now from the Chernobyl accident).


The problem is tritium, like all radionuclides, decays into another form of radiation. By itself, it has a half-life of 12.3 years, but it diffuses into other deadlier agents. If the activities of Egypt hold true, we can understand why Egyptians and other peoples feared the water so. Contamination wise, the waters of the entire world would still be decaying today. Although tritium is said to be a natural isotope of water, it may not be and only a further degeneration.


The 'holiness" of salt in the Bible and its use in Ebers may have a direct connection, as we have found today. Two researchers found that the radioactive cesium isotopes from the Chernobyl accident are similar to sodium.


By pickling a venison leg they contaminated, they found sodium drew the radiation by 90% from the meat. Actually, they just emulated the Ebers! And, we must consider that a great deal of the fruit they used had abundant sodium. I am inclined to think that it was the combinations with chloride that attracted the poison also as it is a binary compound of chlorine, making it highly caustic, a decaying element like radiation, like attracting like, a homeopathic recipe.


This is what makes salt raise our blood pressures and eat at our cells, not the sodium.

We should look at another hieroglyphic  .

I point this out as the praying figure is quite relevant. Kneeling to pray was never done before the gods, a tradition that the Hebrews kept. Only the one true god forced his people to bow to him. Siva. Note they had to scare them with the 'sickle' to do so!

We really start getting into the heart of the matter with the next entry into Ebers:

So many chapters are on this my head, this my neck, these my arms, this my flesh, and these my limbs, to punish the scoffing of the High Ones who cause this disease to enter my flesh by working magic in these my limbs, so that as often as the disease penetrates into this my flesh, this my head, these my arms, into my body, and into these my limbs, Ra has compassion saying: I will protect him from his enemies.


His leader, Hermes, it is who has given him the words, who provides the books, and who bestows upon the learned ones and on the physicians who follow him the glory of unraveling that which is obscure. Whom God loves, he quickens. 1 am one who God loves, therefore he quickens me.

The Egyptians were quite aware of the two factions of gods opposing one another and that the "High Ones" caused the illnesses, unknown before.


Hermes must be one of Anu's brothers and as in the Sumerian and Veda texts, we see reference to the 'books', the information gotten from the gods, and we can fairly assume it dealt with how to cope with the situation as the Ebers does. The third part of the text is even more enlightening:

Words lo be spoken in the preparing of medicines for all parts of the body of a person who is ill. As it is lo be. a thousand limes.


This is the book far the healing of all diseases. May Isis heal me even as she healed Horus of all the pains which his brother Set had inflicted on him when he killed his brother Osiris! Oh Isis. thou great enchantress, heal me. deliver me from all evil, bad, lyphonic things, from demoniacal and deadly diseases and pollutions of all sorts that rush upon me, as thou didst deliver and release thy san Horus!


As I have penetrated into the Fire and have emerged from the water, may I not fall into the snare of the day when I shall say: Little am I and piteous! Oh Ra, thou who hast spoken for thy body! Oh Osiris, thou who prayest for thy manifestation! It is Ra speaketh for his body; it is Osiris prayeth for his manifestation. Deliver me then from all possible evil, from bad, wicked, typhonic things, from demoniacal and deadly fevers of every sort.

So many chapters there are lo say. As it is lo be. a thousand times!

One line I want you to take special heed of,

 "may I not fall into the snare of the day when I shall say: Little am I and piteous!"

This is profound. Compare this to the fallen sinners of later faiths who blame their sinful lives on the foibles of God whom they then turn to. absolving their blame to him.


The Egyptians knew only they could help themselves and were responsible for their lives and dare not call themselves weak and helpless. Like ancient gnostic texts, it was not man per se that went bad but his relatives, the gods: man the unfortunate bystander.


They will not subscribe to this new god who wants them to forego all their knowledge and attributes and place their destinies in his hands. Ra and Osiris have taught them to trust in themselves, believe in their families; they alone hold the future, do not give obedience to someone not of your blood, or shall we say abnormal blood, here.


Osiris did not bow on his knees to his father as we saw Arjuna. who embraced his father as a son should, equals with the noblest of familial respect, as Ra brought his sons up 'in his own image' with all the rights of blood. Ra speaks for his body, Osiris for his. and together they stood firm against all oppressors and the scribe here hopes his family will be able to help themselves in this blackest of times.

It might interest the reader that a native Egyptian found the Ebers Papyrus, between the legs of a mummy in a tomb at El Assassif, near Thebes and then... died.


We will later see why so many who have entered the tombs have died for it.

The remedies in Ebers were from the gods themselves, and indeed two prescriptions are given as being from Isis to her father Ra, and it is another excellent example of radiation contamination. Before we get to this we have to delve into the most telltale of all evidences for radiation injury. Isis suffered a tumor on her left breast which we can assume was obtained in the fight with Seth as she tried to save her brother Osiris.


With radiation, women are hit particularly hard because the mamillary glands attract radiation of any kind more than any other part of the body and in descending order of sensitivity they are 100 with the thyroid next.


Apparently, women were suffering tremendously from breast tumors and appealed to Isis who had had one at one time:

Magic Formula for the Breast

The Breast is the same diseased Breast of Isis who in the city of Xebl bore the gods Su and Tefnut!
She has prepared for it this Magic Formula to be said over eat-plant, Health-corn. over the Fruitful-Part-of Reeds, over the Hair-of-the-abl-plaut, which we bring here to drive out oil kinds of Deadly Diseases, as many as there are. cleansing by a discharge in the Left Side.
Prepare it against all kinds of Deadly Diseases. Neither express, nor rub, nor bleed. Prevent the dryness of the Eyes which ensues.
Speak over Aat-plant, over Health-groins, over the-Fruitful-parl-of reeds, over Hair-of-the-head-of-the-Abt-plant.
Let it pour out on the left side.
Make seven portions and give them.36

Another remedy was to use a plaster for four days with Calamine.


Cow's Brain, and Wasp's dung. I cannot translate the healing powers of the plants listed, but I do know what has happened: radiation dermatitis and multiple epidermoid carcinomas and/or edema with ruptures, oozing bullae, probably the latter, although all are caused by acute radiation and was no doubt from a single, strong dose. You only aggravate the lesions by rubbing them and dry eyes ensue because the body fluids are concentrated and lost in the bullae.


Three excellent ingredients are in the other prescription.


Calamine is a zinc oxide, an astringent and protectorant for the oxide is a negative radical here. As anyone knows who has eaten brains they are very sweet as they should be as they are of a high glucose content and also high in vitamins A and C as well as many minerals as in the wasp's dung. If you eyebrows went up on this they should not as it is an excellent remedy, just as the cow's dung, and is very antiseptic and thus healing and draws poisons out. Cell reformation and protoplasia were utmost here.

If you are not convinced of the unusual events happening over 3,000 years ago. lets us get back to Ra. According the Ebers, Tefnut gave Ra a headache! Tefnut. to all appearances, sounds very much like Lilith or another mischievous daughter of Indra's.


Of course. Bryan laughed at all this. Can we now surmise these "headaches" were the direct result of EMR assault and/or other radiation emissions or fallout? We know the scalp is more sensitive to radiation than the face or eyebrows and the reason many priests are shown bald who came in contact with the ark or similar radiations. (They would have been wise to shave their heads which many probably did.)


It may have been the origin of the skullcap, or kipot. Ancient Japanese 'Dogu' statues seem to depict astronauts in suits and without their helmets have very similar tight caps as our astronauts wear. Ra, however, apparently was a victim of an assault. Isis helped her father with the following remedy:

Another remedy which the goddess Isis prepared for the god Ra to Drive out the pains that ore in his head:


Make into one, mix with Honey, and smear therewith in order to make him well forthwith. When this remedy is used by him against all illnesses in the head and all sufferings and evils of any sort, he will instantly become well.


This is odd if Isis were only going to remedy a tension or anxiety headache, all she needed to do was rub juniper onto his head. There is more here than meets the eye and a very serious headache as opium is used which means Ra was in very much pain, or at least they were using the poppy, not necessarily as we do as a heavy drug.


As a holistic researcher I worry when I see more than two or three ingredients or when a poisonous (not necessarily, if they did not refine the berry) medicine as opium is used.


Wormwood or coriander would have diffused its harmful affects. If Indian and Chinese holistic therapy is derived from the gods as believed, surely Isis would have used acupuncture or pressure or massage therapy, pressing first the "yin-t'ang". "t'an-ch'u" and "t'ai'-uan" points. In a headache situation, heavy herbals are resorted to only when caused by rhinitus, kidney dysfunction, etc., and I doubt Ra was organically disturbed, much less any other Egyptian at this time. Even in the land of opium.


China, it is rarely used medicinally except in dire cases and Ra must have been one of those. In all fairness, it also should be stated, as our Ebers editor failed to realize, that the berry from the poppy is safe and that opium is derived from air-drying the juice from the unripe capsule of the poppy from which alkaloids, morphine, codeine, paverine and heroin are derived, and Isis was merely using the poppy seeds as those of us who eat them know the healthful benefits they have for the heart, stomach, and brain which in Ra's case was in poor condition if EMR was his trouble here.


Sometimes I have to laugh, whenever we see poppy mentioned, everyone jumps to conclusions thinking the ancients were as corrupt as we! We do see opium used to stop a child from crying, "It acts at once!" in one section of Ebers but we cannot jump to conclusions and say they used a hard drug. Whether opium or poppy seed was used, the effect would still be the same as his headache would be deadened although with the former he would run the great risk of cellular damage, however the other ingredients would alleviate it. However,-there is no better remedy for headaches than Juniper which also soothes and strengthens nerves in all of the body and helps the vision.


It is even good for leprosy and palsy. Coriander would have strengthened his heart; wormwood, for swelling as the brains membranes do swell with radiation, and would also act as a catalyst to the linament.


Poppy would have eliminated the pain we know accompanies the scalp in radiation assault from a local dose. It is excellent to use against arthralgia from lead poisoning, so its cleansing effects are potent and in this case, imperative, and I would say the basic reason it was used was to draw the poison out. It also oxygenates cells and enhances vitamin A absorption which was present in the Juniper and honey and would have kept nutrients well circulated, keeping injury to cells at bay.


Poppy's are a protectorant for many eye disorders, again pertinent here. The cerebro-spinal fluid that flows through the cranial bones would have aptly taken the poppy's powers through the system and actually helped open the cranial bones, no doubt compressed by the EMR, and soothed the surrounding tissues and nerves which were no doubt giving Ra one good sized headache. Coriander and Wormwood would have cleansed the system quite efficiently. Honey too acts as a catalyst.


Whatever was done here, someone sure knew their herbs!

There is often a reference to the use of "Excrement of the Gods" which, of course, is ridiculed by Bryan. Petroleum is quoted as in use in Ebers to expel worms which it does, however I believe "Excrement of the Gods" is a slang reference for petroleum. If you will recall back to the Elixir of the Veda and the 'blood' that spilled from their aircraft, I do not think it difficult to equate the meaning here.


Bryan actually believes it is god's guano, but they did use animal, and in fairness we should state they could have been using human dung but in the manner in which it is stated, I think it is a reference to fuel or petroleum products as we use, Vaseline. Petroleum is used holistically for nervous disorders, worms, bowel disorders, but must be used with great caution.


Even Vaseline is very bad for the skin as it does not allow the cells to breath and is used in only rare skin injuries. In the 1930's Vaseline was the rage among actresses and models and today they see the disastrous effects. Again, I hope Bryan never reads a Chinese herbal guide - 'Buddhas nails', Japanese Crowsfoof, etc.!


However, lets look at the remedy for trembling in the fingers.

To Drive Away Tremblings in the Fingers

Fresh lead-Earth
Cook into one and apply as a Poultice.

Whether it was the loss of the disc, positive ions or the radiation, we have something there.


Acute or repeated low level radiation will cause abnormalities and/or loss of the fingernails with even a loss of the finger ridge patterns. If we are speaking of positive ionization, then we are speaking of (in these people who had a copper/zinc/iron balance) hyperthyroidism with an increase in blood pressure, palpitation and trembling a common result.


But one ingredient in this remedy gives this away-lead. This is probably an acute state of injury as cutaneous nerves are injured as excess collagen sets down about the nerves with resulting constriction of them as the collagen contracts. If this is not treated, tumors will develop, just as epidermoid carcinomas, and in the hands this can be sudden or from five to thirty years, depending on exposure. Whatever happened here, the poultice had to drive the poison out and at the same time keep further radiation from entering.


This would have been an excellent precautionary remedy for handlers of such high electrical charged units as the ark. Nonetheless, note again the use of lead with honey as a catalyst to get it quickly into the system and wax to both bind and to drive out impurities.


Caraway is excellent for any bruise or abrasion in a poultice. Figs we have already stated, but zinc, iron and B-vitamins are absorbed more with this fruit, so valuable in radiation injury, and when applied externally as here for it will speed tissue repair. The petroleum would act as the lead, heavier than the radiation and as a cellular purgative, while the figs acted as the buffer as does the honey and caraway.

Another remedy with a list of ingredients that stymies Bryan because of its length, calls for his caustic comment:

It is rather late in the day. but no harm can be caused by proffering the suggestion that had the Diseased Toes been merely washed in Water-from-the Rain-of-the-Heavens and then 'poultices' with fresh Olive Oil, the rest& of the 'drugs' in this cumbersome remedy could have been discarded with advantage.

He is right, not so many ingredients would have been needed for "diseased toes" which is why one should stop and think as to what may be the real problem. People who can build pyramids can certainly handle prescriptions!


Let us look at the poultice in question.

To Heal the Diseased Toes

Dried Myrrh
Poppy-pi ant
Fat of cedar tree
Fresh Olive Oil
Water-from-the-Rain-of-the-Heavens Make into one and Poultice for four days.

I hope you noticed the use of the different parts of the poppy plant.


We have all the same purifying and healing herbs as in other remedies with the addition of aloe, which has in recent years become popular again although its skin healing properties have always been known for thousands of years. We are also finding it is excellent in radiation poisoning. "Diseased toes" do not however, need all these ingredients.


Actually, aloe and/or olive oil would be enough. Things do come to light when another healing property of aloe is known and its healing abilities in this pathology are just beginning to be known, that of cancer and it also stimulates the nervous system. It is interesting that cedar is used for it too stimulates the energy flow. Another interesting item is that we only see feet with bullae and ulcerations from beta radiation in fallout and with a prescription this long I can think of nothing else for we are surely not talking about athlete's foot here!


Corns are treated by berries cooked in cow-fat in another section. I can think of no foot ailments these people could have gotten through diet (gout is out) and aloe only would have healed barefoot sores. Elderberries are excellent on burned skin when mixed with fat or heavy oils as here. If this was a remedy for burned toes I still say no. aloe, cedar or Elderberries alone would have done it.


There is just more here in this lengthy Egyptian armamentarium. The resin used would have stopped bleeding and promoted healing as an antiseptic which tells us we have an ulceration that bleeds-bullae?


This leads us again into the tumors section of Ebers which curiously accompanies the problems of the abdomen already touched upon.


Like the feet, we meet with an unusually long regimen:

When thou weetest a mattery-tumor in the neck of a grown-up man, it forms an elevation, brings forth fleshy masses of mailer and lasts years or months: mailer comes forth therefrom like fluid from a Stickleback-flesh or the Great Scorpion, then say thou: "He has a maiieiy-tumor. I will fight the disease."


Prepare against it the remedy to draw the pustules out of his neck:


Cow's fat
Fresh lead-earth
Cook and poultice the neck therewith.

Upon reading this I was amazed to see a very distinct type of radiation injury we see today in accidents.


What has happened here is edema of the collagen and the nuclei become hyperchromatic and quite enlarged and angular and appear as giant tumor cells. These fibrocytes are quite ugly and with chronic radiation, last for years.


This is another reason Egyptians no doubt went bald as atrophy of cutaneous glands made hair follicles fall out. Transient hair loss is seen with as small a dose as 200 rads: permanent at 800 rads or more. I cannot see an epithlial carcinoma in Egypt from any cause except from a people suddenly confronted by ultraviolet rays from the sun that bore down on them and/or radiation fallout or EMR.


I could not even fathom a bleeding cyst or a hydrocyst or even impetigo simplex. Again. I do not believe even in Egypt*s worst times you would see growths this severe. Apparently, they knew what they were talking about to know it would last for months or years yet the physician is confident he can fight if. I do not know what they mean by 'writing fluid" other than it is probably another slang term. Xet-planf, teun-plant, I do not know.


Verdigris is copper acetates and absorption is more complete and acts as an astringent as lead. iron, and zinc which have played a role in ridding the body of radiation by boosting the copper they were no doubt losing. Whenever we see iron, copper, lead, or sulphur, we should get suspicious.


They have to be handled properly, particularly the latter two, and we can be assured the ailment is serious. Here we have a strong amount of copper used as well as lead, two astringents used, so there is more than just an organically caused tumor here. And. both dispel radiation. Note the use of salt to draw away poisons again, and if we are right, if was radiation.


Cow's fat binds the nutrients and its healing properties are in its high glycerol content which preserves the skin and protects against further radiation as we know fat does, and as an excellent emollient.


Glycerin is very good in preserving body tissue, alive or dead, keep that in mind. It is also soluble in water. This is why fat is good for you if it comes from unsaturated sources. Saturated fat is good at metabolizing nutrients but is not water soluble and can clog glycerins job found only in unsaturated fat.


Moses had considerable method in his madness when he told you not to eat fat if you only remember he was a good Egyptian.

(We may be looking at the restrictions on fat in Deuteronomy and the use of it in Ebers in a wrong way. We must have saturated and unsaturated fats, but a balance with unsaturated fat in predominance which is unlike our livestock today.


Fat is very beneficial if it is from healthy sources as with wild animals, but God's banning of fat may be telling us their cattle were not sound. Also, fat attracts certain radioactivity, so he may have restricted it for that reason.


Also, the meat in the temple was fried and only baked meat and its fat, where little air has oxidized it, is safe. We may be seeing the use of fat in Ebers as it would attract radioactivity in the gut. This may be why Egyptians held cattle sacred for these were the ones kept inside the temple, safe from fallout. Untainted that would be better to use therapeutically, acting as gels we use today, to strip radiation from the gut.


Temple cattle would not have drank contaminated water nor eaten poisoned grains.)

The cow's fat and goose fat used here was no doubt meat ground up or what little fat clung to their animals' tissues, as in wild animals, which have an excellent balance of saturated vs. unsaturated fats.


Caraway is used again as a superb tissue restorer. Not knowing the chemistry of the other plants, all in all I would say this physician knew his Incense-berries, whatever they were!

We have another interesting examination in the following:

When thou examinest a person who .from lime to time has pains tike those who have eaten unclean things, his heart is feeble as if the frailty of old age has overcome him... (uncertain)... then say thou: 'It is an accumulation of morbid juices.' He shall not willfully minimize the danger nor put his trust in feeble remedies. An abscess has formed. There is putrid matter in it and a discharge from the wound. Make him the remedy .for opening it. (no prescription given)

First, this tells us one great point, that they were aware the wrong foods could

cause tumors, but that this is not the case here! (Somehow I feel most gratified!) There is nothing else that could have caused this tumor yet. "on accumulation of morbid juices", has occurred which could be the effect of radiation or the fact positive ionization has caused hyperthyroid symptoms with weight loss (or gain, depending on the person) and palpitations causing his "feeble" heart, making his reactions slow as an old man's as proximal muscle weakness sets in. Note the person is so mentally fatigued he cannot "willfully" help himself, he has lost restraint, command of his instincts.


This is what points out to me that positive ions have converged on a body most unprepared, as alpha waves in the brain change abruptly and one is confused in thought processes as electrical conduction of synapses are lowered.


Yet, he knows enough to mistrust "feeble remedies" but cannot help himself, a good candidate for Siva. At the end of this no remedy is given for which Bryan scoffs at. but I doubt it was overlooked as this was a manual for those who were already well aware of the problems and it is not really a medical treatise per se as it is a hastily written chronicle in a time of urgency.


The priest knew what to do and passed this information along to a cloistered few as it should be remembered everyone suffered from the upheaval and thoughts were confused. I am very suspicious of all the Ebers.


Most of these tumors are on the neck, but read the following:

When thou meetest a growth in the neck of a person with on irritation of the Atut which is in front, and thou findest it as though it were a cover thereon; it is soft under thy fingers and there is something here like corn, then thou sayest: "He has a growth of fat with an irritation of the atut in his neck. I will treat the illness.'


Make thou the remedy against it which will cause its disappearance by soothing means: Saltpetre Teun-plant Wosp s Blood Ox Bile Sea-salt Bean-meal

Crush and poultice therewith for four days.

A growth in the neck... "an irritation of the Ann"... which is in front of the neck. The thyroid?


If this is so, we have again reached a startling revelation. They were indeed suffering from radiation exposure! The "corn" is nodules and can be very small, micro-follicnlar adenomas, with little colloid, to large distended structures-macrofoliicular adenoma. We see a large number of thyroid carcinoma with patients given radiation treatment delivered to the thorax ten to fifteen years earlier for tonsils, adenoids, acne, etc.


At 300-400 rads of thyroidal radiation before five years of age, they normally appear ten to twenty years later. These nodules can be benign or malignant. The thyroid has enlarged here as if it were a "cover" and is soft because of the hyperplasia and the nodules reside therein with a general tissue enlargement.


We have another candid unveiling in the following:

When thou meetest a growth in the neck of a person which has arisen in conjunction with irritation of the Atut in any part of the body of a person wherein there is matter, and thou findest its point high-uplifted like a woman s breast, and the matter moves therein, then say thou: 'He has a growth in his neck in which the matter moves. I will treat the illness.'


Prepare agonist it the following healing remedy:


Mix into one and poultice therewith for four days so that he may become well.

The Atut, or thyroid has been irritated.


How could these people be ignorant of medicine when they knew the source of the growth arises from the Atut? I am more inclined to think this is an anaplastic carcinoma with fibrous stroma, hence its appearance to a woman's breast, although it could also be a benign papillary carcinoma.


Let us review another:

When thou meetest a growth of the Atut which has lasted for many days, there is dirt in it, it forms a faulty swelling and the greater pari of it is hot, then say thou:

'He has a growth of the Atut that has caused on accumulation of mailer. Dirt has formed in it and it is hoi underneath. I will fight the disease. '

Prepare against it the remedy that heals it, that drives it away by means of the following: Dried Blood Caraway Oil Onions Resiii 'On-Acanthus Seezunge-grains Copper Coal Make into a pill.

One thing here that is very surprising is that the heat of the nodule is from the diseased Atut.


The heat came underneath the nodule. Any swelling is usually hot but this physician is precise to state, "the greater port of it is hot", as if to know the difference of nodules which he happens to! You see a thyroid nodule is either cold, meaning a loss or scant thyroid hormone; warm or hot-too much hormone. Today we need a biopsy or ultrasonography to know this!


I question the translation of "dirt" because if this is a thyroid nodule, these type cells could have arisen as in a medullary carcinoma. Also, a blood-borne metastasis could have arisen such as we will soon encounter. That they knew the thyroid as the cause is quite pertinent and if this were merely a swelling of tissue, heat would be all over the growth, not just in a particular part as beneath the nodule where thyroid hormone is having difficulty flowing because of the nodule.

Looking at the poultice remedies, we see garlic whose properties we already know.

The palm juice was most certainly the Date-Palm which is very intriguing here. Studies are showing that it rejuvenates DNA and RNA and may be useful in tissue regeneration and activates the electromagnetic flow to the cells. I need not elaborate on its use here, but whoever made this curative knew the basic nutrients needed in cell enhancement.


Yeast as stated was taboo to Egyptians, yet is in itself an excellent source of iron, zinc, chromium and selenium as well as many other nutrients while selenium acts on vitamin E to improve cell strength by bringing in more oxygen and diffusing CO2 . However, yeast being a fungus, eats its own byproducts and yours too, so when it hits your stomach you lose many nutrients.


Like their other remedies, something had to accompany it to curb its bad effects. Garlic to the rescue again and caraway to some extent. Yeast is full of RNA and DNA with 15% of its weight in nucleic acids, but you will see very little of it in your system and it makes people very drowsy after eating it and the bacteria causes flatulence.


If you will note the use of bean-meal, that is pulverized dried beans, which have twice the amount of B-complex, niacin, folate, calcium (superb in cell restoration) iron, magnesium and potassium. Salt again as a poultice. The sames-plant I do not know, nor aber oil or Xehui-grains. Honey, as stated acts as a catalyst to heighten the affects of the rest. In the first regimen, saltpetre is used, potassium nitrate, which draws the poison but is dangerous to use as nitrate is a salt of nitric acid which is corrosive.


The potassium helps curb its harmful effects (just as alum does: potassium and aluminum) and it is wise to place other cellular protectorants with it. I do not know what the teun-plant is, but this may have done just this. However, Ox-bile is very helpful as it contains lecithin and muscin - the latter contains glycoprotein, a compound of carbohydrate (hexasamine an amino sugar) and protein (if you are disturbed by ox-bile, modern medicine makes a commercial preparation from hog mucosa, the filthiest animal there is, for the treatment of ulcers of the digestive tract!).


Glycoprotein helps the colon and bile kill off many bacteria, it is also in the skin and connective tissue. Lecithin is rich in vitamin E which would help the cells regenerate and keep clotting from forming as it also contains choline and inositol. The wasp's blood I am sure would contain special minerals and constituents to clean as well, considering these insects are flower worshipers.


If you will take notice, these last two prescriptions, as poultices, are for the irritation resulting from a poor thyroid. In the last ailment the growth has climaxed to bloody pustules and for this a a pill is made. Many tumors can be removed by poultices such as with a sage poultice, or a slippery elm, which brings to mind again Isis' breast poultice of fruit, plants and grains.


Poke root, clover and Primrose oil are very good for breast tumors, also. However, this prescription is getting to the heart of the problem and we are hitting home on their entire problem. Look at the last ingredient, copper-coal. Not just copper, but copper coal. Coal makes nutrients and agents absorb faster and rids the system of impurities. This means they needed copper to be absorbed quickly and thoroughly throughout the system. Why? Cadmium. Just like the problem after the Fall from fallout.


Cadmium is a metal alloy, a by-product of zinc smelting and is used industrially and in atomic reactors and is highly poisonous. The earth had traces of it until man used it to burn coal and oil to make ceramics, electrical conductors, electroplating, pigments, plastics, batteries, photographies, rubber and it is killing us day by day as it did eons ago, in fact we are only adding to the radiation left behind by this era of time. It certainly explains why we see so much isotope decay, of which we cannot explain the source of. Cadmium you see robs the system of copper, zinc and iron and also molybdenum.


The problem is, if thyroid hormone is disturbed, all of the body*s metabolic balance is also such as would occur in a radiation situation with the double problem of poor food sources of these minerals to aggravate the problem.


Recall back to Indra and his thyroid imbalances. Brownish to yellowish skinned people reflect the loss of endogenous zinc, which is why they are generally short, with relatively stable copper and iron while Orientals seem to have higher molybdenum levels. Caucasians are lacking in all while blacks have retained too high iron levels and perhaps zinc which off balances copper and molybdenum.


We are really closing in on why we die. Egyptians olive skin turned to the devil's red. and yellow and then and lastly, white and with it we see a lowered rate of lifespans. Immortals turned mortal. Mummies show corrosion on their teeth in ancient times blamed on the grit in the wheat from the stone grinders. Enamel, the hardest substance in the body and it cannot take this?


Rather, their lack of molybdenum caused surface wear and in later times caries. (We see the same thing in hominids). Lose molybdenum and you lose zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese. Molybdenum has two enzymes, xanthine oxidase and aldehyde oxidase. Lose the first and you have stabbed at the heart of immortality. A loss of nitrogen equilibrium and nucleoproteins cannot keep the cell nuclei healthy and regeneration is neglible if impossible.


Nitrogen, a component of all proteins, cannot do its job of tissue rebuilding and the organism slowly dies. Aldehyde oxidase, a flavoprotein. works for cell respiration which is now lost and free radicals bombard and eventually kill the organism. It breeds enough to keep the lineage going until decay converges on the whole.


Ferritin and heme iron is hampered and iron is high in blacks who have a hyperthyroid condition while it scales down to hypothyroid in whites. Whatever color, everyone is not absorbing all nutrients to the full benefit of the cell, with the cell nucleus suffering where a loss of oxygen cannot nourish tissues. It is no wonder alcohol became the national drink of Sumer and Egypt as people try to metabolize what little iron they have.


Everyone on earth is prone to alcoholism because of this and because of our molybdenum poor soils and refined diets, molybdenum is harder to get and alcohol and drug users only multiply. A lowered molybdenum and iron metabolism is also a problem for uric acid (a by-product of nucleic acid) is not excreted through the body thoroughly enough and the kidneys are weakened. (Animals must be killed according to Egyptian/Hebrew method to rid completely the uric acid build-up: even in a 'normal' environment there is always uric acid but you never need more!)


It is no wonder people cannot find their identities as in many their cells cannot even give them the proper biochemical stimulus to cope.


Because of this metabolic mixture, vegetarians came into being as many people are sensitive to the uric acid smell of meat, mostly because the meat was not from a properly slaughtered animal, and these people have systems that have a heavy load of uric acid anyway.


Molybdenum is very high in some people but they have a very low copper: many Caucasians are like this as molybdenum detoxifies copper when other ingredients are missing also. Blond people of northern Europe suffer from this, retaining too much molybdenum.


Once again, the varying psychologies of the world are logical: we all are suffering from a lack of perception and long for a more sublime and meaningful fife; some people are more sensitive to the earth and heavens, yet trapped by their environment.


Mongoloid and negroid peoples are more like this while their Caucasian brethren cannot totally grasp eunoia, but then no one can to its full extent, they can only come close, and yet they continue their wars and hatred. The entire world suffers from this mental blockage and it will most certainly be everyone's end if they do not put religious, political and racial hatred aside and get their heads together and fight the real issues at hand. Everyone has something good to impart: we yet suffer from events in the dark past of man and are only contributing to them by playing into our weaknesses.

Let us return now to the prescription. If they needed more copper, they needed more molybdenum-where? - the Acanthus, which is like buckwheat, in that it is one of the richest sources of this mineral.


The seezunge grains would have it also as well as the blood which would also carry the needed iron. Onions anti-radiation powers we need not mention again. It would have been interesting to know the oil used. If you will recall Acanthus was used as a poultice previously. Whoever composed this did not have a great deal of time and the remedy was bound to work.


Today, we know certain cancers are caused by a lack of copper. We must also mention a lack of molybdenum causes cancer and impotence, both problems which just seemed to spring up in the Middle Kingdom. The impotency problems probably brought forth the infamous cults of the phallus. Phallic symbols became prominent as power symbols to mentally compensate for man's lost energies.

This prescription is a naturopathic wonder. Today cadmium is so prevalent we shall all sooner or later succumb to its effects, however good ones diet. Cigarette smokers throw it into our faces, pesticides, refined foods, soft drinks (Coke adds life?) superphosphated fertilizers, all contribute as well.


When someone has received dangerous levels (what is a safe level?) we provide vitamin E, apple pectin, 3.000-10.000 mg vitamin C, rutin, alfalfa, amino acids, L-methionine, L-lycine, zinc, calcium, lecithin, iron and molybdenum.


All this is in the prescription! Vitamin E in the oil and blood and grains, onions replace the garlic, pectin in the fruit, rutin in the Acanthus, amino acids in the blood, zinc in the nuts and grains as well as fiber, calcium and lecithin in the blood, iron in the blood and nuts and grains, molybdenum in the acanthus, grains and nuts. If you will note the use of blood, a taboo, so these people were indeed desperate, however the coal and onions would buffer against any harmful affects here as far as bacteria.


I can say nothing else here. I am in awe.

This entire chapter reads so clearly of progressive stages of radiation injury from the abdomen to the thyroid and now we come to the area of lymphopathy. Whenever the system cannot release its poisons the lymphs naturally swell and the worse it is. the worse the swelling until hyperplasia sets in. And what we are to look at next are benign and malignant lymphomas.


They localize in three areas, the head, the breasts and scrotum and can get quite large in fact. They have characteristic dome-shapes, firm and of shades of red. blue and brown which is why I brought to your attention earlier of Amenhotep, son of Hapu, and the others whose 'royal pathogens' became fashion, a status symbol.


Today, we see such from radiation, solar irradiation, infection, inoculation, traumas, insect bites and other skin disorders. Here in Egypt, we are only seeing the former.


Let us read some of Ebers entries:

When thou meetest a tumor of the flesh in any part of the body of a person, and thou findest it like hide in his flesh, he is clommy; it goes-and-cames under thy finger except when the finger is kepi slill because the matter escapes through it, then thou sayest: 'It is a tumor of the flesh. I will treat the disease. I will try to heal it with fire like the cautery heals.'

When thou meetest a fat tumor in any part of the body of a person and thou findest that it comes-and-goes under thy fingers while it also trembles when thy bond stands still, then say thou: 'It is a fat tumor. I will treat the disease.' Treat it with the knife as one heals an open wound.

This describes the onset of lymph node histiocytes in the connective tissue, loose and movable which is why the "mailer escapes" about and "trembles".


Today, they zap these off with radiation or heavy drugs when surgery or cauterizing is not enough and you can bet a suitable regimen followed here. In the next observance, the disorder is more severe so we have a new addition to the problem:

When thou meetest a tumor of the Uxedu in the head... (uncertain)... and thou findest that it produces fluid, that it grows tinder thy fingers when they are kept still, and that is is safe even if it is not large, then say than: 'Il is a tumor of the uxedu in the head... (uncertain) ... I will treat the disease.


Treat it with the knife but contrive that thou avoidest the blood vessels. Something flaws thereout like Cake-water. There is a shaggy covering fastened thereto. Let nothing thereof remain behind, let nothing run about. Heal it as one heals on open wound in any part of the body of a person, and heal the vessels.


The pustules that a person gels, let them swell up and drive them away afterwards... (uncertain)...

Bryan was not sure of what they were talking about concerning the Uxedu.


If he had paid attention to all these descriptions he could see the lymphatic systems of these people were suffering but he did not even catch that, nor that the Atut was the thyroid. The Uxedu, as far as I can establish, is one of the major lymphs of the head of which there are several, but the major ones are the posterior auricular or mastoid, the parotid or pre-auricular. the buccal, the internal maxillary and retro-pharyngeal. However, it is the head and not face so only the auricular or parotid seems relevant here.


What gives it away that the Uxedu is the auricular, or one of the other lymph glands, is the line warning, "but continue that than a\>aidest the blood vessels." Indeed, one should as here are the lymphatic vessels, the meningeal and cerebral which lead to the carotid and vertebra! arteries. Cut these and your minus a patient and your hand! (Query, how did these so called 'primitives' know such about physiology?) ir Pharaoh was culling the hands off those who goofed, they had to have had plenty of experience through the ages to attain this knowledge and Pharaoh allowed for no mistakes. (Nomads straight off the desert who learned this as time went by? Bennu-boo-boo!)


The "shaggy covering" is a classic infiltration of the hair follicles and glands as the "cake-water" is hair oil.


Now, the warning not to let any of the poison remain and try to get it all as in the next stage it is traveling to the thorax and extremities which we will next see. Also, the advice to let the poison collect and then attack with vigor.


Lymph nodes are wonderful markers that something is wrong in the body yet we do not always listen to them. This physician does, and knows their behavior patterns as collective sites for bacteria and to get to the-poison while it is thus trapped.


It took great skill to tackle these with vital blood vessels with them: the next paragraph tells us just how much he did know:

When thou meeiest a growth that has arisen in conjunction with the irritation of the Uxedu and thou findest it like beans, discharging abscesses arise in his skin, the inside of his body, then say thou to him: ' He has a growth of the Uxedu which has developed pus. I will treat the disease.' Make thou against it the remedy which frees the pustules and drives out the matter: teun-plant Xelmi-berries Wasp's blood Sea-salt Watermelon hemit-grains powdered amaa-plant bean-meal bullocks fat wax

Cook and poultice therewith in order that he may become well.

The lymphomas have spread now to the extremities and the physician is well aware that the cause emanates from the "uxedu"!, "beons", are the loose postules. I will not emphasize on the prescription as most have been described except Xehui-berries, hemit-grains and powdered amaa-plant which I have no idea of. but you can bet they worked!

If "Uxedu" was the name of a particular lymph gland, then "Metu" had to be the lymph system in general.


Let us look:

When thou meetest a tumor of the Metu on the inner side of any limb, it grows and thou seest that it winds itself like snakes while it forms many prominences and these are like things that ore moved by the wind, then soy thou: 'It is a tumor of the metu.' Do not knock it with a knock again because this pricks the limb through its knocking. Prepare and toke care of the metu in every part of the limb of a person.

Bryan stales that a formula followed but was impossible of being translated.


We now have lymphocytic infiltration of the skin. And I will never cease to be amazed...

"It grows and thou seest that it winds itself like snakes", that is just how we today describe the aggregated papules which are pink to reddish brown as rings, crescents or snake-like configurations! And, probably the most telltale symptom and warning."


"Do not knock it with a knock again because this pricks the limb through its knocking."

These are so sensitive that people usually suffer for years with regression and exacerbation!


It should also be noted that we see this disorder in many photosensitive people who cannot stand ultra-violet light and develop an allergy, pertinent to our disc theory here. Lupus also has a history of people sensitive to light who have infiltration of hair and sweat glands with hypertrichosis of the entire body when exposed to sunlight which we discussed earlier with the "werewolf syndrome.


I do not think it is any coincidence that certain peoples in Ancient Egypt and their ancestors thereafter suffered from this when the powers of the disc were lost. This is also when the werewolf legends commenced. Gypsies, always claiming roots and rightly so to Egypt, (being among the people who left for Europe at this time) thought that these people were very special. I would love to see the magic formula Bryan says is incomprehensible for I would surmise there is a great deal in it.

Our next passage reveals more in the progressive stages of these ailments:

When thou meetest a skin-tumor on the outside part of the body above his genitals, lay thy finger on it and examine his body, palpating with thy fingers. If his bowels move and he vomits at the same time, then say ihou: 'It is a skin-tumor in his body. I will treat the disease by heal to the bladder on the front of his body which causes the tumor to fall to the earth.' When it is so fallen, then make thou for him warm so that it may pierce his body... (uncertain)... Heal it as the cautery heals.'

A tumor has settled in the inguinal region and how astute of this physician to diagnose a benign prostatic hyperplasia, often causing vomiting upon bowel movements because of the pressure on kidneys, bladder and urethra.


I do love the way the bladder is heated to cause the tumor to "fall lo the earth" so that it can "pierce" or pass through his body and then it can be cauterized. This is a form of parapedesis. This is a known disaster today when operations are performed on such infarctions as these because they approach it allopathically rather than using physiatrics to get at the heart of the infection as done here. He drove the poison down to earth and smote it!

Our next passage is pure revelation and nothing comes down more on the tragedy that befell these people:

When thou meeiest a large tumor of the god Xensu in any part of the limb of a person, it is loathsome and suffers many pustules to come forth: something arises therein as thou wind were in it, causing irritation. The tumor calls with a loud voice to thee: "Is it not like the most loathsome of pustules?" It mottles the skin and makes figures. All the limbs are like those which are affected. Then say thou: It is a tumor of the god Xensu. Do thou nothing there against.'

The god Xensu, or whatever radioactivity it or he emitted, hit this person full-blown with a spontaneous hemangiosarcoma as the endothelium literally explodes from the mesoderm as the lyphmphatic system is attacked when gamma or neutron particles hit.


The pustules are now more of a bleeding purpura, excessive drainage is as if "wind' were in it and it is the most "loathsome of pustules" as telangiectasia lymphatica erupts to cause the figures through all the limbs. Look at the admonition "Do thou nothing there against." Does this not remind you or Moses' admonition to leave those bodies exposed to the ark alone?


This patient was beyond hope and that they realized this is extraordinary. It came as the result of some powerful force from the god Xensu who either delivered heavy blows of gamma or X-ray or the more powerful, and rarer, neutron, which I believe happened here because of the hands off warning, just as we have to take precautions today.


This, as in the Bible, reminds me so of procedures taken to help the radioactive person today; first, no uncovered hands or any part of the body, and the attendants have to follow the same decontamination policy even though covered and this is only for the "minor" injuries as gamma or beta.


It is interesting that thus far today there has been no real successes in treating gastrointestinal forms of acute radiation nor in central nervous system/cardiovascular forms either, yet these people seem to know what they were doing and were knowledgeable enough to see the symptoms of one victim not worth treating and a hazard to themselves and everyone else.


We play around with radiation in medicine and industry and do not even know how to treat traumas from it!

The chapter on hair has many prescriptions when it is ridiculous to conceive of acromia or alopecia in a people as the Egyptians under their normal living and dietary patterns. Yet there they are and if radiation and malnutrition were prevalent we can understand this.


The following says it all:

To charm away alopecia

O Shining One. Thou who hoverest above!
O Xare! O Disc of the Sun!
O Protector of the Divine Neb-apt!
To be spoken over
Red-lead Onions Alabaster Honey
Make into one and give against.

"O disc of the Sun," not the sun! The "Divine Neb-apt" which it protects perhaps is the people.


Of course, Bryan reminds us we use the sun for alopecia (which is not successful) and hair tonics but "we have long discarded the red-lead. Onions, alabaster, and honey, as of benefit" little realizing that it was not the sun this person was speaking of.


Whether this is swallowed or pulverized is of no mind, the fact is this person realizes the disc is emitting rays causing his alopecia. Anyone should have looked at this and realized that lead itself causes hair to fall out and surely anyone with such a high civilization noticed this sooner or later. Anyone worth their holistic salt would never prescribe getting into the sun. If anything hats are most beneficial.


This person no doubt had to spend a great deal of time outdoors and the ingredients here were to curb the disc's affects or whatever was the problem with the environment.

There are several skin remedies, one ingredient I cannot help but wonder about is the "stone-from-the-parting-of-the-waters," when the "stone-from-the-shore" would not work. Ostensibly. Ebers was written a long time before Exodus and as we saw in the Veda, parting the waters was a common feat of the gods. What was so special though about the stones from that water? Did they have special magnetic powers?

I believe the next passage quoted from Ebers can give us an idea of just how severe these times were:

To make the flesh grow

Chips-of-verdigris Honey
Crush, and apply as poultice.

After this they actually had a prescription to stop excessive growth, composed of Ostrich-egg- ground down with Tortoise-shell and Thorns-of-the-am-tree, which Bryan doubted its validity to work, naturally.


The point here is when we have tissue regrowth it is not as good as the original, often the cells lack nuclei, but the body does respond to repair and obviously something was causing regrowth to go from very slow to unusually fast here. Were their magnetic flows changing? We know that tissue repair depends on it and tumors can be accelerated by it.


I do not believe we are capable of having totipotent cells as salamanders and newts to actually regrow limbs, however, children may have this power up until puberty which would certainly be a blessing from nature for minds that cannot fully comprehend their environment as yet.


Children have been found to regrow severed fingers. The medical community will not believe researchers on this point. However, if the magnetic flows were altered man would have lost a great deal concerning tissue repair and cell strength as already discussed in the first chapters. But to actually make a prescription to stop growth is very peculiar! If you will note the use of Chips-of-Verdigris, copper again, as in other remedies, which is an electrical conductor.


Were they using this to build tissue conductivity and avoid less affect from the earth's magnetic field? (Were their own copper stores, which they had in abundance, diminishing?)


The oleic acid and glyceryl of the cow-fat is a natural skin ointment to replace the oils lost there. The use of honey as a catalyst to skin regeneration is ancient. Today, they are discovering refined sugar does it; it does, but it also weakens the cell nuclei from further regeneration. In antiquity, honey was used to clear up smallpox with no scars (do that with your sugar gentlemen!).


In Ebers. it is used throughout, even in the eyes with good results. People of northern regions of Europe used cod-liver oil and honey as a salve. But honey has fallen in disuse because like some naturopathic remedies it is messy and requires a little work and there's no money in it and your doctor would rather have time on the golf course with his expensive clubs.


To stop the growth of skin they used calcium from the Ostrich-egg which has a negative charge compared to the positive of copper and would have tended to stop the growth if placed with another agent of negative impulse of which the thorns-of-the-am-tree could have done. Additional calcium and other constituents came from the tortoise-shell.

I cannot get over the faith and obvious success they had in their remedies.


The following is for "itching":

Wild Date-juice
Make into one and apply to the scurvy place.
Look to it because this is the true remedy.
It was found among the proven remedies
in the temple of the god. Osiris.
It is a remedy which drives away the scurf in every
limb of a person.
Yes, it heals at once.
You see.

Whatever this "scurf was it was something the gods also suffered from and I doubt there is any question of its being radiation caused.


And the best evidence of this is the next line which warns that if the latter were accompanied by "blood corrosion". a harsher remedy would be needed. We are speaking of pustules becoming bloody again. I have already mentioned the unique histochemical properties of dates as well as onions.


Cyperus and the incense used I do not know. I admire the confidence of the practioner - "Yes, it heals at once. You see." We must remember that the environmental conditions were different then, especially the magnetic and ionic effects on people, which would matter terribly in the area of cytogenesis. Many people will not respond to natural remedies today merely because their systems are so degraded that drugs which further harm them must be resorted to.


High-tech medicine for very low-genetically built bodies. What they apply to a white person for instance would very often kill an Amerindian or Oriental. Doctors are now becoming aware that there are racial differences in metabolisms when dealing with medicines.


Research done among Caucasians, Orientals and Middle Easterners all found that they responded differently to a high-blood pressure medicine and also that environment is a key as the closer a population was to the equator the more difference in response. Also, they found even among Caucasians in the United Kingdom and Canada all were polymorphic.


They also added that diet "May have been" a factor also (oh. brother!). Never do they mention the synthetic and concocted drugs they give may also be the problem.

"Each time, its a guesstimate of the right dose", said a researcher and "the industry is interested to try to identify whether (genetic variability) affects their drug, so they can give the physician more guidance about attentiveness to prescribing."

Gee, whiz, have we come a long way since, "yes, it heals at once. You see."!


The "industry" is going to make more money out of this when the answers are so simple. Ayurvedic. Oriental and Islamic Tibb medicine never has these problems for they deal with natural curatives and there is no such thing as a "guestimale" which is very unprofessional and an admittance that one has lost the instincts to heal which is 90% of the art.


I do love one response here, "The problem metaboiizer carries no distinguishing marks as he or she walks through a physicians door."" which is totally ridiculous for a good physician can read every mole, crack, color, bump, lump and curve of your face and body as well as iridiology, but this takes strong instinctive reasoning which the western practitioners seem to lack which proves the old saying mens sana corpo sana.


You do not heed the high-tech gear for the external body is a window to the internal. It is unbelievable they take the Hippocratic oath when they do not follow his teachings at all and he received his training from Egyptian priests.


The Ayurveda is quite clear on what a physician should be which hardly lives up to the western practitioner:

"The intelligent physician should endeavor to investigate correctly each disease by the use of three means namely authoritative instruction, direct observation and inference.

"Having considered the disease conditions in oil its correlations and from as many points of view as possible, the physician skillful ot interpretation should thereafter delenm'ne the nature of the disease (diagnosis) and then the line of treatment. The physician who is well versed in differential diagnosis and treatment does not err in the proper discharge of his duties. Such a discerning physician achieves success which results from right understanding. The physician learned though he be who is unable to enter into the innermost soul of the patient by means of the light of knowledge and understanding, is not entitled lo undertake treatment of diseases.

"The physician should first diagnose the disease and then decide the line of treatment and proceed with the treatment in the light of his observations.

"If the physician begins the treatment without diagnosing the disease properly, even though he may be the best therapeutist, his success depends purely on chance.

"But he who knows the differential diagnosis of disease, who is skilled in all kinds of therapeutics and who is well versed in the knowledge of clime, season and dosage achieves success with certainly.

"The physician who without understanding such modifying factors as clime, etc. carries a treatment only by conventional recipes, will err in treatment, for there ore many variable factors to be taken into account, such as age, vitality, physical constitution etc.

"Therefore the intelligent physician having investigated correctly the ten factors viz. physical constitution etc. should carry out treatment in accordance with these factors and never by mere conventional prescriptions."

Well, as you can see "guesstimates" have no place in Ayurveda medicine and a "problem metabolizer" is spotted everytime, that is part of the job. In all holistic sciences, the pulse is a measure also of illness and there are only a few people left in the world today who retain the genetic instincts to read them properly although many are learning this ancient diagnosis lost in man's progressive degeneration replaced by high-tech medicine.


Pulse diagnosis is 4,000+ years old. All organs and their states of health can be read by the electrical impulses against the physicians own such as a 'slippery' pulse can mean mucous, a menstrual period, joint problems, etc., all by using the different bioelectrical energies of each finger upon the pulse: it is truly an art form of the highest magnitude but incomprehensible to many because of overall akatamathesia.

A harsher prescription to try if the itching did not stop was a poultice of Elderberries, linseed. Wormwood, natron, man's semen, yeast of wine and wild date juice, warmed and applied. Elderberries. Wormwood, yeast, date juice we have described. Linseed is a well known poultice for healing.


Natron has properties to be discussed in the chapter on mummies. Do not get excited and wrinkle your nose at the semen-of-a-man. they probably meant urine and the translator just jumped the gun like they do with poppyseeds as Egyptians were like Hebrews, terribly against the practice of masturbation, its affects already discussed elsewhere.


Urine is a very good agent to use an an antibacterial which is hard to believe in our refined food culture where our public restrooms tell us just how unhealthy everyone is. the mark of a decaying society. Urine should have no acid or ammonia smell if it is healthy and should actually be aromatic and completely sterile. If not, the body organs are not doing their job of breaking down toxins and waste.


It is the urea in urine that is so beneficial and is yet used holistically in crystal form where great success has been obtained from infections to cancer.


The same with fecal matter which is why it too was used in Egypt from both man and animal. Urine was used here as a buffer against the Wormwood, natron and yeast. It contains creatine phosphate and in the blood acts to balance alkaline and acid to create a buffer. (However, during exercise, creatine raises in volume to too high a level and alkaline and acid are lost. Another hit against exercise!)


Here it is used to balance the levels in the Wormwood, wine and natron and keep them at safe levels and kill the yeast and other bacteria. If this did not work, they got to the heart of it and gave an enema of which ingredients were milk and sea salt, incense, another of urea, onions and oil and another of honey, milk, olive oil, copperrust and collyrium.


This is a pretty harsh enema, meant to do the job fast and at the same time transfuse the ingredients through the system. Again note the use of copper, rust this time to reactivate a weakened bioelectrical system. Now, this is odd for copper will not rust in a pollutant-free environment and in fact actually forms a corrosion-resisting film to protect from further attack. It is virtually corrosion free in a dry environment as Egypt.


What happened? Even in pure humid air? Does anything come to mind?

I do not know how Bryan could except "scurf as a plain old itch when he read the next lines stating that the scurf was complicated by "Hordening in ail the limbs of a person".


Hardened limbs from an itch? I think we are seeing here the result of positive ionization as they became hyperthyroid with increased basal metabolism and muscle weakness. The heat wrought skin was the warning, the hardening, the sequela. The remedy was "Pieces-of-excrement, cot's dung, dog's dung, and berries of the Xet-plant" and added the physician "xft dries out oil the scurf.

I would like to return to the eyes again to put a finishing touch on the Ebers, although I wish I had the space to review the entire treatise.


Again, the following gives us a glimpse of the events transpiring:

Another to Drive out cataract in the eyes
Come. Verdigris!
Come, Verdigris!
Come. Thou Fresh One!
Come, Efflux from the Eye of the god Horus!
It comes, That which issues forth from the Eye of Turn!
Come. Juice that gushes from Osiris!
He comes to him. he drives away from him Water, Matter,
Blood, Inflammation of the Eyes.

Motley-discharge, Blindness, Dripping Eyes.

This the God of Fever works oil Deadly Arts, the uxedu of every kind, and oil things evil of these eyes. So many there ore of them

Words lo be spoken over Verdigris mixed with Beetle-wax. And Cyperus thereto and carefully apply to the Eye.

Apparently, whatever Horus' Eye gives out it stamps out the evil from Turn and if the Eye is the disc or another form of satellite we can understand the urgency. The uxedu is mentioned again "of every kind" I believe should read "everyone" or perhaps a reference to it being in any part of the lymph system which is vulnerable.


The entire reference is to some force the God of Fever is attacking them with, and as radiation is a rise of thermal radiation, this is a good way of putting it. "So many there are of them" tells us there are different forms of radiation affecting the eyes which are suffering a gamut of symptoms here, all pointing to acute radiation whereas cataracts are often a delayed affect often not manifesting until years later.


You can also imagine that the different wavelengths now emanating from the sun, being new to them, affected them terribly. No longer did the "turquoise" light fill the land.


One of the many problems encountered if the magnetic field is disturbed, as well as ionization, is the blood flow and strength of cells are considerably weakened and they would experience a drop in body temperature and although most Middle Eastern people today seem to be rather hyperthyroid with an increased basal metabolism, compared to lighter skinned peoples, they have like everyone suffered a considerable drop in temperature.


The warmer an environment, the better the thyroid functions, but a corresponding body temperature must go with it.


That is why the average 98.6 person who is totally free of a refined foods system feels most comfortable in 90 degree weather. Most likely the Nibiru had an average temperature of 105-110 degrees. One of the reasons we get cancer is that the body depends on a very warm internal environment and neoplasms are destroyed by heat.

One deduction we can come to is that if the environmental pressures were affecting the bioelectric flows of their blood and nerve conductions were upset, we can understand why physiologies changed so. particularly the ears. The auricular-temporal nerve activates the blood flow of the upper pinna (ear) and supplies the formation of the skin covering the helix and tragus. If this is depressed in gestation the true ear cannot form and that is the 'conch' ear.


I cannot myself understand the auricularis nerve, as it leads to nothing, it is as if it were a remnant of something else. It is strong in some people, while absent in others. It leads to the very top of the head and would have supplied nerve and blood to the horns as well as the Egyptians tell us the male Gods possessed.


The Veda tells us this also, emphasizing more on their conch-shaped ears. This nerve would then have served a double function, but if the genetic pattern were lost it would affect everything along the auricularis. Today, semi-pointed helix's can be seen but they are predominantly caused by the mother consuming too much protein and salt, but one can see where, in a very few, there is no lobule and other facial features present that are telltale signs that if the environment were different, and the mother on a pure food diet, the ears would have been quite different. The Egyptians show us in their art people with very long, large ears, often with no lobules, the first sign of a genetic connection.


There is also a particular form of mandible which must accompany this, to be later discussed. All in all. our genetic structures are trapped by an earth not fully recovered. Because of this man has dormant dreams of halcyon days and believes a better day will come. H can do nothing but dream for when his body fails, his mind does, and vice versa.


Poets and philosophers write and lament about mans predicament-its time we stopped crying and did something about it.

Again, note the use of Verdigris; Cyperus for the chlorophyll. The Beetle-wax like all waxes of insect origin, very antiseptic, and in this case would stop the dripping blood as is used during surgery today. So, they not only stop the discharge but used a metal protectorant over it and also stimulated nerve and skin growth. So much for devils and spells. It should be mentioned that high voltage electrical injury frequently causes cataracts which are prominent in Ebers lists of ailments.


For all it seems the Ebers appears to be on the whole a manual for priests/physicians who had to contend with injuries from the ark devices and other equipment. However, in this particular ailment, cataracts cannot be meant as they do not have a mattery discharge rather a complete atrophy of.


Copper is a wonderful antiseptic but as used here is also a ground positive ion much as is used in iontotherapy today. I believe what is here is either a prelude to, or Graves disease fullblown. This thyroid condition produces chemosis, corneal ulcers and dilatation of bulbar vessels which would cause the bloody discharges. However, this is progressive and the complaint given is immediate.


I think again we are seeing another attack by the wrath of the gods as bleeding from body orifices, the eyes in particular and conjunctivitis, is common in acute radiation of 300 rads or over. Recovery is weeks or months later. By this I mean the immediate symptoms alleviate but the body progressively breaks down as DNA and RNA is weakened.


In a next passage, conjunctivitis is surely meant and again we are given a glimpse of the prevailing dire circumstance in war-torn Egypt:

Another to drive out the white growth in the eyes
There is Shouting in the Southern Sky in the Darkness
There if an Uproar in the Northern Sky.
The Hail of Pillars falls into the Waters.
The Ship-fold of the Sun-god beat their oars so that
the heads at his side foil into the water.
Who leads hither what he finds?
I lead forth what I find.
I lead forth your heads.
I lift up your necks.
I fasten what has been cut from you in its place.

I lead you forth to drive away the God of Fevers

and oil possible Deadly Arts. So many there are.
A formula to repeat over the Brain - of-a-Tortoise

that is mixed in Honey, and then laid on the eyes.

One line here is so revealing, "The Hall of Pillars". and that because of its fall, the "God of Fevers" and the "Deadly Arts" are menacing them.


There has been much mystery and comment concerning these "pillars", always miserably philosophical.


Although we have discussed the magnetic corners of the earth and heavens I would like to point out again that they were quite aware that the heavens and sky were two divergent areas which is very extraordinary for a people of whom traditional history tells us never got off the ground!


Yet, pet,

was heaven, that above the sky, while Nut
was the sky. The day was
and the night

They believed the sky rested on a support and that the sun rose over Mt. Bakhau and set on Manu (recall Manu of the Veda). The intriguing part is that they said a rectangular piece of iron, the formed the sky and each corner rested on a pillar, the hieroglyphic

The four pillars of heaven were directed by the gods from the scepters in their hands. Heaven could be lifted up by the pillars as storm and rain could be brought from them by the will of the gods. This is so very intriguing, for as stated earlier, science in the 1940's discovered that the earth's magnetic field extends approximately 4,000 miles above the earth in a cube about it! The four corners!


This is going to lead us into many areas and so is the following. The Egyptians revered three regions, the Heavens, the sky and as we have seen the Tuat. or Underworld. I cannot help but equate all this with cosmic-ray magnetism, once thought to be of not much importance but in the 1950*s its intensity from the outer heavens is now well known. The sky is the ionospheric magnetism with the electrified non-conducting air near the earth. The Tuat, is inner earth, the area where the geomagnetic, pulsating, living planet emits its electrical life-force to all that live upon it.


Magnetic properties fall into three categories, ferromagnetic, the strongest; paramagnetic, not as strong: and diamagnetic. even less. This is actually described in the BOOK OF THE DEAD where these three states never diminished or decayed (they hoped!) and were called Akhemu-sehu, Akhemu-Betesh, and Akhemu-Sesh-emau. There is a parallel here with that which abides in each of our cells, iron the strongest, nickel, lesser and cobalt, the least, whether this is to our advantage does not seem too likely as we are affected too much by the forces.


Everyone has such a diverse combination of minerals, it is no wonder no one can perceive the world in harmony. Cells and the properties therein are a cooperative effort which when the balance is disturbed the organism as a whole suffers.


Lighter skinned peoples are so anemic of heme-binding iron, however, they have to be excused for not being able to comprehend the world in a holistic manner; they would naturally have an inability to react to the earth and cosmic fields whereas others may be affected too much to the point of mental and physical confusion. If cells are deficient, then the organism misses that much receptivity.


It has been found that the alar region of the nose in some people contains a significant amount of iron.


A small organ, now called rudimentary, the Organ of Jacobson, also has iron in it, a blind tubular sac which develops in the medial wall of the nasal cavity. Again, is it rudimentary only because diet and living habits are so poor? People that have it yet have a good sense of direction and do not need a compass.


Cells have been found to have, as well, quite interestingly, non-living matter, to generate an electrical field. A negative end in the bottom of cells and a positive at the top and as such is in human body cells and animals. It is believed to have something to do with ESP and the transmitting of these electromagnetic waves between people. The vehicles we send into space have no more than 50 watts of transmitting power and our brains 25 watts, yet we deny ESP in ourselves!


It would seem logical that the more similar the emanations the more related people could 'tune in' to one another.


Carl Sagan and Martin Gardner criticize research of paranormal. Without stepping on any toes, they should be the last to criticize anyone for they are a 'pair-of-abnormal' themselves, as their white skin betrays their own body impairments. (I could care less whether Uri Geller is a fake or not. I am only interested as a pathologist and physiologist as to what the body is capable of doing when its molecular structure is stable.)


If people are going to criticize this type of research they had better come to terms with themselves as to their own personal soundness and be cognizant of it so not to influence their research. I am as white as a sheet, but I have studied enough into molecular biology to, I hope, transcend my weaknesses. No one on this earth is 100% sound given our environment, but we can certainly come to terms with the situation for whether you believe in this history or not, biologically the problems are still real.

Most animals have shown an awareness of earth's magnetic fields. Worms were found to follow magnetic lines and repeat them within an angular tolerance of 15 degrees. All embryos have a polarity reacting throughout gestation and its entire life. In a latest study, male, red-spotted newts were taken from a local pond, 20km east of a laboratory. Here they were placed either north-south or east-west of the geomagnetic axis.


The water in their tank was increased to 33 degrees and 34.5 degrees and maintained which caused a uniinodal magnetic orientation in them. If they inverted the field, the newts were confused but those whose fields were not, orientated in the home direction. Thereby proving if an organism is unnaturally diverted their entire system is confused.


It has been discovered in man and animals that this field is negatively charged at the forehead and positive at the occipital, down the spine and then gradually becoming negative along arms and legs. The latter is one of the main reasons dwarfs appear whose heads are relatively normal for something caused a misalignment of energy.


In Egypt at this time a great deal of teratology in this form erupted and why many show rather bulging frontal heads as well. If the environment is altered in its magnetic pulls embryos will definitely be also.


I think the sudden appearance of dwarfs is a sound indicator of a dramatic change in their entire endocrine system which could not have come from dietary causes. The negative charge at the front of the forehead is the region of the frontal lobe and pituitary which will receive the first brunt of any abnormal negative or positive radiations.


The pineal body at the rear will likewise receive any type radiation there, your 'third eye', which is why you can sense someone looking at you from behind, you merely pick up that persons emanations. It is an advantage to an organism if it moves its neck as little as possible, this is another sense to keep you from doing so. (Turning the neck constricts the blood flow to the brain which stresses the cells.)


But, how often our senses are not strong enough and we inadvertently turn around and say "hi, so and so", when we should recognize them without turning.

One of the most startling discoveries was that hydrogen protons the world over actually align themselves to the geomagnetic field, and what major element comprises living tissue but hydrogen! The protons round each hydrogen atom spin as a magnet and we believe orientate every living thing. Before Europeans sailed the Pacific, Polynesians had already explored Hawaii, Easter Island and New Zealand making voyages up to 2.000 miles long by merely, it is said, watching the stars and sun. but these people retained a great deal of natural intuition, a good biochemical relation to their world.


Their brown skin and black hair reveals the fact they have an excellent copper/iron balance. Like many mongoloid peoples they have straight hair although this is changing as they lose their copper balance from refined foods, and many have developed the splayed, what is called a 'negro' type nose and kinky hair.


They are very tall as compared to Orientals because of the strong equatorial magnetic flow through the Pacific and have retained a good zinc balance while Orientals do not get enough calcium, nor enough protein foods.


One basic problem with Caucasians is that in having a poor iron absorption they are not getting enough oxygen to the cells and hence to the brain, so despite their technological abilities, they do not know how to develop them in relation to their environment. Most of their developments in science are autocytolysic to the detriment of the entire world.


The problem is that only a few people have the "intelligence", and influence the lesser classes who are so ignorant, like rats they will dance to any pipers tune. (Remember what happened to the rats, they ended up in the river!) For all his intelligence, Einstein was not too logical to let a very immature species have secrets he should have kept to himself.


Putting power like this in the hands of scientists and political figures (a deadly duet, both horns on the same evil goat) is like putting a luger in the hands of Bonzo the Chimp.

Another problem is that cobalt needs iron to metabolize and is vital to B12 production. Cobalt above all keeps red blood cells healthy and for this reason people can be better adapted to just about any climate or sea level. This is why many Peruvian Indians can live so high in the mountains while whites choke and gasp for air, and develop polycythemia, because they haven't enough heme iron to counterbalance it.


Dr. Price found them in the 1930's. before whites influenced these descendants of the Incas, with beautiful teeth, strong bodies well adapted to the high altitudes where the rate of oxygen is half at 10.000 feet, No people could adapt to this unless they were flexible in their metabolisms. These people much resembled Hawaiians whose cobalt levels are very good.


Price found those Indians influenced by the white diet most degraded morally and intellectually compared to those untouched:

"Many of these young men had really noble countenances such as would rate them as leaders in modern science and culture."

These people were said to be offsprings of the gods themselves and related to the Hebrews, the Druids.


Indians and Amerindians, Japanese, Chinese, and Polynesian peoples and if their metabolic rates are any indication, it is definitely true because they can adapt themselves to nearly every situation.


Without B12, folic acid and nucleic acid cannot function and cells further break down. No animal can synthesize without cobalt and needs other animal sources to get both B12 and cobalt which is why vegetarians lose out here.


Plants have little B1 but since they do not need it (it is a by-product) they do not carry any other enzymes to convert this so whomever consumes them, loses out. Nickel is a mineral we are just discovering to be pertinent to cells where it is concentrated in DNA and RNA. and thought to stabilize nucleic acids and activate enzymes. Nonetheless, if you have an animal deficient of the very nutrients that strengthen it's magnetic field it too will be that much less able to respond to its environment.


The Veda would say that you were not a 'master of your senses' and expounds the fact that man has lost his natural instincts and insight:

If one of the five senses of mortal man springs a leak then his knowledge seeps away through it, like water from the bottom of a water bag.
Our theories of life merely reflect our own biological strengths and weaknesses and researchers in any field must remember this. I cannot help but point out that since the magnetic polarity of our bodies is at the top of our head and to our extremities this emanates from the skull, ribs, spine, pelvis and long bones where red and white blood cells are formed using the very minerals conducive to biomagnetic radiation.


Our very skeletal system is a sensor device, an antenna to the environment.


And, if we are poor conductors and receivers, we cannot possibly understand our world. Today, doctors are looking into the phenomenon of laying on of the hands and are finding that some people do have the ability to run their hands slightly above a person and ease pain. (Just as Anubis is shown doing above the 'dead'.)


The reason being that they have a unusually strong biomagnetic resonation in their hands and. can readjust the polarity misalignment in peoples whose problem this is. Magnetic therapy is the same principle but may not be as healing as body magnetism.

We are a conglomeration of these mutually respectful organelles, yet where do they and how do they come to life?


When we consume food we fuel each cell to continue its life. Yet, it still does not explain what the force is that gives it life. We fuel a car up but it is lifeless unless we give it the electrical stimulus that starts the motor which then feeds off the fuel to get it going until we stop it and it dies. Conception is just as this. Two cells come together, themselves alive from the nutrients given them, yet to come together they have to be able to spark the union to create life, they pass on what they inherited from the first primal bang.


Yet, without the proper nutrients, cells are stunted and the fetus cannot grow properly. We literally pass on whatever was emanating in the universe from the very beginning of time which means the body can only be healthy when it receives the same properties that was its genesis. Magnetism plays a great role here and may be the force that gives us our shape and form, this neuroepidermal conjunction already spoken of in regenerative tissues.


But magnetism is only a part-diet, ionization, cosmic influences with forces we are just now beginning to understand and finding new ones it seems everyday, as well as water, gravity, etc., etc.


If the Tuat is the source of the earth's magnetism we have a story by which an entire book could be created. We know that through paleomagnetic research that magnetic material collected in the oceans bottoms 30.000 years ago and that since this time the magnetic intensity has been unchanged, except for irregularities as the global jerks.


This leads us to the Flood.


Beforehand, there were major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and the flood's recession took much of this material to the ocean's bottoms.


So, was this flood 30.000 or 10.000 years ago? This in itself could have tripped a reversal in the earth's polarity. Someone or something had to reverse this situation which would have killed every living thing or we would not be here today.


This was done as the Egyptians tell us and the sun now rises where you see it once again. When this had happened the magnetic inner core of the earth, the nucleus, was thrown more into the outer and the balance was off. Is it just myth that the Egyptian texts tell us that when Ra took command of the earth after the flood, later to give it to his son.


Osiris, a mutual peace treaty was created between the Nibiruians and the Anunnaki to keep the Tuat in working order so that the Boat of Ra could pass through and out each day? If this 'boat' were an artificial satellite, the disc, this would lend much credence to its existence and why it passed to the interior. Within the earth it would collect the additional electromagnetic stimuli much as our satellites do from the sun. This leads us to the theory of the hollow earth again, the great "bugaboo' of science.


Why anyone would deny it is beyond me for we have never been to the center of the earth and we only guess as to its make-up. It could have a nougat center for all we know! But this is what they call science, they ridicule everyone else when they cannot prove it themselves. I am going to throw the stories about the Underworld in for what they are worth as they cannot be proved or disproved.


Adolf Hitler was a big proponent of the hollow-earth theory and was said to have been influenced by the beings who live there. It could be the earth was hollow from the very beginning. Centrifugal force, it is believed, created a sun within our earth just as the sun itself was created by rapidly revolving particles conglomerated into an energy mass feeding upon its own resources.


If this sun ended, as it might have done at the Fall or at the time of the Flood, an artificial satellite, the Boat of Ra, may have substituted. If you will recall, the people who suffered heavily from pathocrine disorders as Indra and his people feared the bright sun and its effects upon them because their skin was white or red and their eyes blue and their skins allowed UV light to destroy their vitamin A content. Their eyesight was poor, and a dimly lit world was more to their liking.


The doomed had to leave the face of the earth or they would die. Here they might be able to keep a brown or red skin but could probably never return to olive green. I had doubts myself about the hollow earth until I became a forensic researcher. I have none now. The Boats of Ra served two purposes.


They substituted the planetary body that once rose with the sun. and like the sun had a relationship to keeping the magnetic flows of earth in order. Another, or the same, replaced that lost within the earth and it traveled north to south and in its passages above earth it reacted with the sun to keep its hazardous rays at bay.


 This is an excellent example of holistic thinking to compensate when another area has been lost. Unfortunately, it also became an instrument of war when the Anunnaki manipulated it. The Nibiruians seem to be the only ones mentally competent to operate it.


Esoteric texts of the hollow earth say there is a sun there yet. The "Four Pillars of Shu" could only take hold because of some electrical force which you must have to generate a magnetic field. Was this the sun within the hollow earth? The Underworld had a gate of Tchesert which was called the "Gale of the Pillars of Shu."


Does this mean that this satellite emerged mainly from here?


In the Papyrus of Unas it tells of the "iron floor" of heaven and by climbing on a mountain they could reach it. All the gods of these histories make their headquarters on mountains from which the 'celestial chariots' leave. Interestingly. Mt. Sinai for instance, is rich in copper with limestone tablelands, the perfect electrical conduction site and it is no wonder it was a spaceport used by Moses and Yahweh as airlift would be easier as they used the pull of cosmic magnification with the electrical stimulation of the copper which draws its source from deep within the electrical pulse of earth.


Gravity is then better challenged as copper cannot be magnetized.


The Tuat was said to be within a valley, a large chain of mountains which, incidentally is described by a man who journeyed there in the 19th century and follows the Egyptian story. The Muslims have a conception of hell where at a great divide one can converse between those within. The hollow earth is believed to be entered into at the North Pole and from which a sun once emerged.


Admiral Byrd saw this opening and remarked,

"I'd like lo see the land beyond the Pole. That land beyond the Pole is the center of the great unknown."

Byrd knew the tales abounding and in his historic flight he saw the land and fresh water lakes inside the earth's interior and before any more communiqués were given.


Washington shut him up. Byrd even saw a huge animal of some description often said to have been a woolly mammoth, yet Byrd heartily believed that UFO's and a vast civilization were within.


His nephew is now trying to uphold his uncle's findings today. Both Alaska and Canada have always had a preponderance of UFO sightings. Nearly every culture has a belief in the people who live below. Scandinavians believe in Ultima Thule, a beautiful land to the north which is not Greenland. This partition between heaven and hell in Egyptian texts has no connotation between that of Christian teachings that seems to have degraded it. but is another area of the earth where another race lives.


The Buddhists believe in it as well where people dwell, with Shamballah as its capital, and where dwells the ruler known as the King of the World.


Nicholas Roerich, noted Russian author, artist and explorer claimed that Lahsa, capital of Tibet, was connected by a tunnel to Shamballah, the world of "Agharta," just as the Veda tells us this King is from. The Dalai Lama of Tibet is said to have been influenced by the people through there. The vast tunnel networks of Brazil and elsewhere throughout the world are said to lead there.

Legends say this vast underground area has a valley with a mighty river flowing there and Egyptian texts tell us that through the Tuat a river runs as well which is the counterpart of the celestial Nile. The latter is nothing but the stratosphere and its water vapor that is lower than in the high troposphere as well as myriad gases that determine radiation balances on earth and controls the temperature and transpiration on earth.


According to Egyptian history, the Tuat has gargantuan beasts and devils but did not fear them along punishment grounds for sins.


Were these the same animals Byrd saw?


In Egypt, the Gods of the Underworld were well represented and every name and city had representations of those from there, the best known of course was Siva, or Amen; also known as Amentet, "The hidden place" and "Khenti Ameniel" or "he who is chief of the unseen land" (Next time you say Amen, just remember the source).


Derogatory connotations to the Tuat did not come until Amen's usurpation. Before then, Amen was a sublicate to Ra and Osiris. It was here in "Beautiful Amentet, wherein the gods live upon cakes and ale" indicative of their overindulgent and methomanic ways they would soon bring to the top of the world. Ever see a skinny priest? Amen lives yet.

When we see we can rightly assume this was either an exit or entrance of the disc as it passed through the Tuat and its mountain opening. It has never made sense before in the Egyptian texts that the 'sun' (it is not the sun but the disc as I have already shown as a O is not a ® which designated the sun.) rose and set between two mountains.


Surely, if the Egyptians knew the curvature of the earth and its magnetic field they knew the difference between the disc and the sun. It is also silly they would build something as advanced as the pyramids if they believed the sun was a deity. In later times the responsibility we saw was transferred temporarily from Osiris-Amenti to his son. Horus was known as Heru-khuti and maneuvered the disc from the north to the southern sky. The Tuat was a most vital pail of earth and the Nibiru succeeded since the Flood to keep the Anunnaki and others from dominating it.


From here the pulse of the earth beat to feed the veins of her living crust. The Tuat was the nucleus of the celestial cell called earth.


In a passage quoting the bravado of Amen-Ra, the latter brags that he has made,

"the uttermost parts of eternity goeth round about the celestial regions and journeyeth through the Tuat to illumine the two lands which he hath created."

This cannot mean Upper and Lower Egypt for it is inferred that one of the lands is in the Tuat.


It also must be remembered Upper and Lower Egypt was not divided but as one until the Fall. There are many references to the disc illuminating Egypt but there is also those referring to the two earths. When this occurred this was the "day of the unison of the two earths" and "the completing of the two earths."


At the fail, Horus and Set came to a weak and brief peace treaty:

"When Horus and Set were dividing the country they took up their places one on one side of the boundary and the other on the other, and they agreed that the country of An should form the frontier of the country on one side of it. and that it should be the frontier of the other also."

It was then that the terrible hatred of Set by the Egyptians began whereas before Set, like Marduk (Siva), was revered as one of the soldiers of Ra which was his problem - he wanted to be general!

If you will recall earlier, the Egyptians tell us the Nile did not have its source from the Kagera headstream as traditionally believed. They keep telling us that the Nile's inundation was controlled from the Island of Elephantine which it was stated, was the very first city. This cataract ran a little to the north of present day Asyut but the river rose in the First Cataract in the Qerti or "Double Cavern."


Our double cavern of the Hollow Earth from the valley within? The god Khnemu was the keeper of the lock who drew the waters at the proper time.


When Siva took over he used his powers over this to impress the people in his despotic manner:

"I am Khnemu the Creator. My bonds rest upon thee to protect thy person, and to make sound thy body. I gave thee thine heart... I am he who created himself. I am the primeval watery abyss, and I am Nile who riseth at his will to give health far me to those who toil. I am the guide and director of all men. the Almighty, the father of the gods, Shu, the mighty possessor of the earth." 46

Before, the lock was just that, now in his Hitlertarian manner the people were lead to believe their entire existence rested on him. In a passage from the "The Coming Forth By Day."


Ani says to Ra:

"thou turnest thy face towards the Underworld, and thou makest the earth to shine like fine copper."

Is this a reference to the disc entering the Tuat?


There is an interesting hieroglyphic (plate no. 14) of two seated lions, sitting back to back with the disc rising between the mountains. It is called the "Lion Gods of Yesterday and Today." Budge described this as the passage of the sun into the earth but is it not the disc? The lions represent the Nibiru (later the Judah of Hebrew).


The God Seb opened the gates of heaven so Ra could light the world, but not the sun. but the disc. There was no god who literally lifted up the sun and guided it. surely the Egyptians had more brains than that. The double lion merely represented the one time mutual familial bonds during the peace, weak as it was.


Budge could not figure out the following which is interesting and is a good warning to Egyptologists of being too quick to apply 20th century rational to their readings:

In another passage (Tela, line 218) we read of the "star NEKHEKH of Naut" (or Nut). (). i.e. the "star Nekhekh in the Night-sky"; on the other hand too much stress must not be laid upon the determinative, because in the word (), which seems lo mean the "firmament strewn with the stars, "the determinative is that of the Day-sky."

Stars in the daytime? Not likely, but flying vehicles and satellites, yes.


Even Budge at the turn of the century often questions many translations. Despite the fact they read them verbatim, they just did not make sense to a non-technical age. This is a good lesson for us now: we have to be careful and believe what these texts tell us. as bizarre as we find them. For the first time in our history Egypt is making sense, but if we allow 20th century blindness, we are missing a vital link to our past.

The Tuat had to be important to everyone for here they could escape the radiation and it is no wonder underground passages are found scattered all over the earth. The Tuat was a haven for those suffering and all tried to keep the peace for there seems to have been many warring factions according to the Veda.


In the BOOK OF THE DEAD the deceased prays that he might once again,

"snuff the air, and la have dominion over the waters in the Underworld."

As we saw in the Veda, the waters were therapeutic to them and as here mentioned, the only ones uncontaminated, the true 'holy water." It is no wonder our physician of the Ebers was so agitated, there was a great deal going on at the Fall of Heliopolis:

There is a Shouting in the Southern Sky in the Darkness. There is an Uproar in the Northern Sky. The Hall of Pillars falls into the Waters.

Another interesting allusion is made to the fact that there is a place in the Delta called Aaru where the gods came forth and into.


It seems going by the Egyptian. Veda and even the Bible, where Saul's witch described the gods coming from the earth, that these openings were scattered around the globe where it seems every culture tells the same tale.

Well, if anything, we found out what the "whdw" was!





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