It is the information of Solomon and his temple that lends credence to the use of EMR. It must be remembered, that Jerusalem, like On and Jericho, was a major Nibiruian spaceport. Jerusalem had the same temples, or Edins.


One look at the construction of the temple as given in the Bible and the significance of the materials alone, gives us many clues. The temple was just as we use today for magnetically shielded rooms, where a non-conducting metal must be used with wood underneath while metals as copper or aluminum pick up the eddy-fields and keep magnetism from harming the subjects. If it could be afforded, gold and silver would he better.


Depending on the fields, a very thin sheet of metal can be used or very thick if one is trying to fight low frequency fields such as ac power lines. The temple was comprised of cedar, no stone could be seen, the most purifying of woods that rids the air of molds and insects and positive ions.


Gold was predominant along the beams, doorframes, walls and doors. The portico was solid gold. Palm trees and chain designs, flowers and gourds decorated throughout, as they borrowed from nature's geometric designs which defray resonances that are harmful. It is significant that no iron tools were allowed to be used as it would upset the electromagnetic fields and draw the "spirits" in.


An inner sanctuary held the ark. Cherubim protected the area, fifteen feet high they were, of cedar overlaid with gold, with each wing five feet long and one touching the wings of the other.


We know the wings of birds defray harmful electromagnetic waves so their use of these angelic shapes was more to achieve an effect, with the human body in a position that does it as well. It was no wonder the ark was set between the cherubim as that would have helped protect it as between those protecting wings of Isis, who was always portrayed with wings hovering around the baby Horus, even if in reality she used her hair which can defray radiation also.


Everything was of gold, the altar, the table for the bread, lamp-stands, basin, wick trimmers, sprinkling-bowls, dishes and censers, gold sockets for the doors. Anything that would attract harmful radiations was not used nor eaten from.

Various attendants as the Levites handled the daily duties to the arks upkeep and when the Gods came down they made things in readiness.


And when,

"the temple of the Lord was filled with a cloud, arid the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled the temple of Cod."

(I Kngs. 8:I-11)

Interestingly, Solomon stood on a bronze platform when the Lord descended.


He had better, or the electromagnetic charges they used would have harmed him were he not grounded. The offerings were consumed after the fire came down and smoke filled the temple. The temple seems merely as a transmission and receiving station and literally as a field commissary to feed the gods as they flew back and forth from their missions as the food seems to have been spirited up by the smoke. (Either this, or they beamed down a la Star Trek.)

Solomon still had to build a palace or home for himself and family. It too was of cedar with a colonnade seventy-five feet long, with a throne hall and Hall of Justice, there to serve and protect the people.

"Then the king made a great throne inlaid with ivory and overlaid with fine gold. The throne had six steps, one at either end of each step. Nothing like it had ever been mode for any other kingdom. King Solomon's goblets were gold, and all the household articles in the Palace of the Forest of Lebanon were pure gold. "

Little was made of silver because silver was considered of little value in Solomon's days.

"The king made silver as common in Jerusalem as stones, and cedar as plentiful as sycamore-fig trees in the foothills."

(I Kgs. 10:14-21)

Egyptians too regarded silver as just a common metal. Solomon, (or shall we say specifically, Enlil) like the Nibiru, had vast stables for 12,000 horses and I,400 chariots.


And, like the Nibiru, he was a renaissance man who was well studied in all the sciences; his hallmark as leader and judge. It was. however, his fight with demons that interests us here. It was his dealing with them that tells us much more as to what was occurring here. Solomon was widely known as a magician and astrologer.


A part of the Esoteric texts, "TESTAMENT OF SOLOMON" gives us an idea of whom he sought to help:

"He came from a virgin... sought her, he and Phersalo and Souel (sic - Soul) and his armies which had been sent out. Solomon also sent his army of demons to seek the virgin."

The 'virgin' was of course his mother trapped in On and as the Veda relates he was definitely fighting 'demons.' In this testament we are treated to the devices used by everyone to wreak havoc among the people and our demons of yore appear through the use of EMR.


Solomon was attributed with the use of roots and stones as healing agencies:

Now so great was the prudence and wisdom which God grouted Solomon that he surpassed the ancients, and even the Egyptians, who are said to excel oil men in understanding, were not only, when compared with him, a little inferior but proved lo fall far short of the king in sagacity...


He also composed a thousand and five books of odes and songs, and three thousand books of parables and similitude, for he spoke a parable about every kind of tree from the hyssop to the cedar, and in like manner about birds and oil kinds of terrestrial creatures and those that swim and those that fly.


There was no form of nature with which he was not acquainted or which he passed over without examining, but he studied them all philosophically and revealed the most complete knowledge of their several properties. And God granted him knowledge of the art used against demons for the benefit and healing of men. He also composed incantations by which illnesses ore relieved, and left behind forms of exorcisms with which those possessed by demons drive them out, never to return.


And this kind of cure is of very great power among us to this day, for I have seen a certain Eleazar, a countryman of mine, in the presence of Vespasian, his sons, tribunes and a number of other soldiers, free men possessed by demons, and this was the manner of the cure; he put lo the nose of the possessed man o ring which had under its seal one of the roots prescribed by Solomon, and then, as the man smelled it, drew out the demon through his nostrils, and, when the man at once fell down, adjured the demon never to come bock into him, speaking Solomon's name and reciting the incantations which he had composed.


Then wishing to convince the bystanders and prove to them that he had this power, Eleazar placed a cup or footbasin full of water a little way off and commanded the demon, as it went out of the man, lo overturn it and make known to the spectators that he had left the man.


And when this was done, the understanding and wisdom of Solomon were clearly revealed, on account of which we have been induced lo speak of these things, in order that all men may know the greatness of his nature and how God favored him, and that no one under the sun may be ignorant of the king's surpassing virtue of every kind.

He surpassed the Egyptians which was not hard to do as a Nibiruian.


There is no magic here only common natural sense, it is only magic to those who have lost touch with the powers of Nature. The ring of Solomon must have had electromagnetic properties and its use against the demons in these texts is well known and it is said he could even speak to animals with it. To cut the temple stones, the "stone-cutting worm" or 'shamir' was used which was either of flint or diamond as iron could not be used.


This was stolen by one Ashmedai who visited earth to debate in the temples and who harassed the construction of the temple. Solomon had a well tapped into one of the mountains to obtain the valued pure water which he knew Ashmedai would drink from. Knowing his weakness. Solomon gave one Benaiah ben Jehoiadah a chain engraved with the divine name, a ring with the same, a bundle of wool and a shin of wine. The man drilled a hole and stuffed the wool to cut off the water and filled the well with the wine.


Ashmedai fell asleep and was bound by the chain and the ring had some powers that stripped him of his vital force after awakening from his drunken stupor. Solomon laughed at him saying his powers must be weak if, as the captain of the demons, he is so easily trapped.


Ashmedai challenged him to some sort of test of strength and he transported Solomon via some sort of molecular transmission out of Jerusalem and made himself king. According to the tale, Naamah found the ring in a fish's belly for Ashmedai had thrown it into the sea.


Placing it on his finger he was transported back to Jerusalem and he did not even need Scotty to beam him up!

Solomon is the recipient of the BOOK OF MYSTERIES, those mysterious Tablets of Wisdom we see in all the texts of this time containing no doubt scientific data. If the Nibiru were fighting such a conflict of mental warfare, these science dictates would be vital should they lose mental control themselves. These books have become mysterious for man could not in ages past decipher them for he had lost his sense of technology.


The "Book of Recipes" was, according to Rabbinic tradition, hidden by Hezekiah.


Theodoret (385 C.E-458?) wrote of the existence of Solomon's medical books and of his being the ground source of all medical knowledge. We saw in the Veda how Enlil was well trained in the use of herbs. By the 12th century, Arabia's rise to intellectual prowess was for their scientific and magical acumen gleaned from 49 books, it is said, in part written by King Solomon who supposedly unlocked the magical arts.

Solomon's fall has always been attributed to his magic and idolatry which is partly right for he could not countermeasure Siva and his power. Solomon. Abraham and Daniel were well known exorcists, but actually were just good at eradicating these radiations from the bodies and minds of the people. As to the demons overturning the water-bowel, I will delve into that a little later.


As to drawing the demon through the nose, he just used the power of his ring to attract the radiations that settled in the iron filled organ of Jacobson, which remember, was in quite a hit better shape in people of these times. The root used could have been any type of several mucilaginous, expectorant herbs such as bayberry. sage, hyssops - these last two most popular - to expel the poison through mucous.


His own special root, "Solomon's Seol" (Convallaria polygonatum) was used most to 'seal' up these problems as it is excellent to purge poisons. Injected into the nose as a wash, the 'demons' will leave for certain as it heals lesions, especially oropharyngeal lesions and/or petechiae which are quite common, latent symptoms of acute radiation exposure.

"Among the Egyptians there is a book called THE SEVEN HEAVENS attributed to Solomon, against the demons; but it is not true that it is by Solomon because these bottles were brought from Jerusalem long ago to our Egyptian priests. That is what the language used to denote them makes one suppose; for the term 'bottles of Solomon' is a Hebraic expression...


After these writings had spread everywhere, being still incomplete, they were corrupted. It is he (Solomon) that invented them (the talismanic bottles), as I said above. But Solomon only wrote a single work concerning the seven bottles; and people composed commentaries at different epochs to explain the things that his work contained.


Now in these commentaries there was some fraud: but all of them, or almost all, ore in agreement on the work of the bottles directed against the demons. These bottles acted in the same way as the prayer and the nine letters written by Solomon; the demons cannot resist them...


The seven bottles in which Solomon shut up the demons were mode of electrum. We must believe, in this respect, the Jewish writings conceiving the demons. The altered book which we possess, and which is entitled THE SEVEN HEAVENS, contains, in summary, the following: The angel ordered Solomon to make these bottles.


The book odds that Solomon made the seven bottles, according lo the number of the seven planets, in conformity to the divine prescriptions...


The wise Solomon knows also how to evoke the demons; he gives a formula of conjuration, and he indicated the electrum, that is, the bottles of electrum, on the surface of which he inscribed this formula."

There is no one thing about Solomon more spoken of than these bottles or "Jinn Jars" as they came to be known.


The above was written in 300 C.E. in Egypt, by alchemist Zosimus of Panapolis. These tablets were indeed written before Solomon and if we go by the Veda, given to him by his fathers. In them were data to combat the EMR and what gives this all away is the jars were made of electrum, a combination of gold and silver, which were distributed all around the country and used by everyone. These bottles were also later used as Aramaic Incantation Bowels resembling soup tureens.


Placed upside down, they were placed in the four corners of the house, revealing the old saying there is a devil in every comer. Also found in cemeteries they were thought to trap demons. Inside were eastern Aramaic inscriptions sometimes with a picture of a demon bound in chains. In the TESTIMONY OF TRUTH, a gnostic text, we get a further inkling of what was really occurring:

When he had finished building, he imprisoned the demons in the temple. He placed them into seven waterpots. They remained a long time in the waterpots abandoned there. When the Romans went up to Jerusalem they discovered the waterpots, and immediately the demons ran out of the waterpots as those who escape from prison. And the waterpots remained pure thereafter. And since those days they dwell with men who are in ignorance, and they have remained upon the earth.

If you are involved with radioactivity and the study of it, you know exactly what is occurring here. Today for instance, to counter gamma rays (the photons of electromagnetic radiation) to protect the operator, radium is kept in lead outer containers or they are screened by lead sheets.


These containers, like Solomon's jars, merely attract or deflect the radiation. And, as every scientist knows, if the radium is exposed you have all manner of "deadly demons" traveling about. Electrum would have done the same thing to attract and diffuse the emanations but they must have had radium or even distilled water inside which would have done the same thing.


This is why a waterbowel was placed near the man with the nose trouble for the radiations were attracted to the water once he managed to leach them from the man's system. (Water is itself a para-magnetic property and would have drawn it.)


Static electricity would have also been drawn to the electrum. of which they had considerably much as with the ark. just as the bells for instance, at the bottoms of the priests garments drew it there and away from the body. Even the pomegranates of Aarons' robe emitted sparks as electricity was drawn to them. Man today scoffs at their use of these symbols such as the lion and cherubim, but they are original earth forms and like all natural bodies their shapes have different radiating and absorption properties.


The figure of the jars were much like a human shape, small at the top, wide in the middle and tapers down to its toes. No wonder the demons ran out of the jars when the Romans later discovered them and why many archaeologists today come down with peculiar illnesses for the radiations were drawn to them because of their shape and contents.


Uncovering the 'jinn' is a great superstition among many peoples, and you could definitely say they are with mankind forever as radiation waste always is. We have had an entire history go whizzing past our eyes because of our blindness.


One thing quickly learned with an eclectic knowledge is that philosophy is a rose-colored name for stupidity.


Beautiful words and glittering prose pacify a weak mind that cannot help itself from the Psalms of David to Emily Dickenson where we have an endless supply of people who lament life's tragedies instead of grabbing the bull (or should we say goat!) by the horns and doing something about it.


God helps those who help themselves, another Biblical contradiction after pages of telling man he is a sinner, but the line does tell us only man can help himself and we cannot expect any God or Gods to do it. If he cannot see the situation for himself he will never understand it. The Nibiruians had one basic attribute - awareness.


Even the great Confucius said this was the key to life.


There is no awareness down on your hands and knees in subjugation, even the Hebrews in their early days refused to get on their hands and knees to their God because he happened to be their father-literally. Let us now dive headlong into the TESTAMENT OF SOLOMON and see for ourselves what happened during and after the building of the temple. Since it is admitted the books have been tampered with, so obvious with the Bible, we have to separate the fact from the fiction:

Once upon a time, when the Temple of the city of Jerusalem was being built and the artisans were working on it, Ornias the demon came as the sun was setting and took half the wages and provisions of the master workman's little boy. Also, each day the demon was sucking the thumb of the boy's right hand. So the little boy, who was much loved by me, grew thin.

The boy said, "I beg yon, King, listen to what is happening to me. After we are dismissed from work on the Temple of God, when the sun has set and I am resting, an evil spirit comes and makes off with half my pay and half my provisions. Also he grabs my right hand and sucks my thumb. You can see that when my soul is in distress, by body grows thinner every day.

This little helper of Solomon's tells us much as to what was happening for we know hallucinations can be easily induced by EMR. Brain areas such as the temporal cortex, amygdala and hippocampus have generated everything from images of butterflies to hearing symphonies. Microptic hallucinations, also known as Lilliputian hallucinations, can make people see small animals, people, objects, etc., often found in delirium tremens.


This little boy was seeing something, or someone, either induced by direct mental impregnation by radio waves and/or by the effects of radiation poisoning. Evidence of the latter, although not unknown in EMR, comes from his complaint that his body grows thinner, a symptom of an acute rather than chronic radiation poison.


Our own use of electricity has ruined the magnetic waves of the earth and we have the addition of poor food to hasten our problems of mental fatigue today; it is no wonder mental problems and depression are so rampant. Our radios and televisions have added immensely to the problem as well as our appliances. Radiowave density is 100-200 million times that of the sun's natural rays. Abnormal sun spot activity has been proven to effect the earth's populace as famines and wars follow these patterns.


A Russian team exposed rats to microwaves for only brief periods and they released stress hormones. Cell damage, adrenal cortex exhaustion, have been reported in other groups.


J.J. Noval in 1976 at the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory at Pensacola, Florida exposed rats to very weak electric fields, five thousandths of a volt per centimeter and discovered the rats brain stem levels of acetylcholine increased, subliminally activating distress signals while the animal was unaware, just as it seems to have been done here.


We have just this same atmosphere in your average office with artificial lighting, computers, typewriters, etc. Employees receive an electric field of between a hundredth and a tenth of a volt per centimeter and a magnetic field between a hundredth and a tenth of a gauss which affects all metabolic processes.


Depletions of B2, B6, copper, manganese, molybdenum, iron, nickel as well as liver dysfunction is well known. If B vitamins are disrupted; depression, confusion, forgetfulness are quite common, as well as hallucinations. Complacency is then easily induced either naturally or produced through abnormal means as generated into someone, as with our little friend of Solomon's.


Further in the text it sounds as if this were the first case for archangel Michael, who, as that ever ready trouble-shooter who must have been one of the officers or a father, gives Solomon the special ring. As we saw in the Veda, spooks and apparitions were induced by the oppressors that were very realistic, more so than they would be in a drug induced or other chemical reaction. Schizophrenia is either a genetic flaw or brought about by poor diet where the neural circuitry upsets the electrical response between synapses, producing visual hallucinations.


It is common today because of our very poor eating habits and is also triggered by birth trauma and both these problems were not too common in these days which is why I believe we cannot attribute these mental disorders to insanity as many historians do. If I did not see the accompanying physical disorders, as the little boy losing weight, I might be tempted to say it was as well.

Another interesting line is that the demon comes out at night only, as most demons were said to do. and hence our relationship between them and darkness. If someone were inducing these delusions through EMR control, night would be the perfect time as the magnetic forces of earth are lowered as the sun's electromagnetic properties are reduced.


Ever notice how much better your radio sounds at night and how you are able to pick up broadcasts from far away?

When I, Solomon, heard these things, I went into the Temple of God and, praising him day and night, begged with all my soul that the demon might be delivered into my hands and that I might have authority over him.


Then it happened that while I was praying to the God of heaven and earth, there was granted me from the Lord Sabooth through the archangel Michael a ring which had a seal engraved on precious stone.


He said to me,

"Solomon, Son of David, take the gift which the Lord God, the highest Sabaoth, has sent to you; with it you shall imprison all the demons, both female and male, and with their help you shall build Jerusalem when you bear this seol of God."

Sabaoth, translates into the "lord of the armies" which in this case, help came from Rama.


Many of these stones no doubt had a de-magnetizing affect to defuse the emissions and he distributed them among the peoples. Placed in rings it would help keep the body's field from being disrupted.


Our wearing of wedding bands on the 'ring-finger' has significance for the nerves from this finger radiate to the heart and whatever type metal we wear affects this organ which is itself, as stated earlier, highly magnetic.

Now I became so joyful that I continually sang hymns of praise to the God of Heaven and earth and glorified him. The next day, I ordered the child to come to me and I gave the seal lo him.


Then I said to him,

"At the moment the demon appears to you, fling this ring into his chest and say to him. 'Come! Solomon summons you!' and come running back to me as fast as you can before he says anything that would frighten you."

Now it happened that at his usual time the pesky demon Ornias came like a flaming fire to take the little boy's pay, as was his custom.


According to Solomon's instructions to him, the little boy .flung the ring into the chest of the demon and said to him, "Come! Solomon summons you!" and stoned lo lake off running to Solomon as fast as he could go. But the demon screamed and said to the little boy,

"Why have you done this? Remove the ring and give it back to Solomon, and I shall give you all the silver and gold of the earth."

Bui the little boy replied,

"As the Lord God of Israel lives, I will never withstand you if I do not deliver you lo Solomon."

Then the little boy went and spoke lo Solomon,

"King Solomon, ! brought the demon to you just as you commanded me; observe how he is standing bound in front of the gales outside, crying out with a great voice lo give me all the silver and gold of the earth so that I would not deliver him to you."

Excusing the flowery parlance, we can see that the stone or seal when cast at the apparition may have weakened it and having taken it to Solomon he then can diffuse it and exorcise the 'demon.'

"When I heard these things, I, Solomon, got up from my throne and saw the demon shuddering and trembling with fear. I said to him.

"Who are you? What is your name?" the demon replied, "I am called Ornias."

I said lo him,

"Tell me, in which sign of the zodiac do you reside?"

The demon replied,

"In Aquarius; I strangle those who reside in Aquarius because of their passion for women whose zodiacal sign is Virgo. Moreover, while in o trance I undergo three transformations. Sometimes I am o man who craves the bodies of effeminate boys and when I touch them, they suffer great pain.


Sometimes I become o creature with wings flying up lo the heavenly regions. Finally, I assume the appearance of o lion. In addition, I am descended from on archangel of the power of God, but I am thwarted by Ouriel, the archangel."

When I, Solomon, heard the archangel's name mentioned, I honored and glorified the God of heaven and earth.


After I sealed the demon with my seal, I ordered him into the stone quarry to cut for the Temple stones which had been transported by way of the Arabian Sea and dumped along the seashore. But being terrified to touch iron, he said to me,

"I beg you, King Solomon, let me have o measure of freedom, and I shall bring up oil the demons."

If the myriad radiations from the planets affect us, (and I cannot understand why anyone with even a modicum of biological knowledge would deny it as even a toaster's radiation is felt in the Van Allen Belt) then what we have here is an attraction to individual people drawing these purposely sent radiations to themselves by their own bio-electrical configurations.


People for instance born under Aquarius have water retention problems if they allow their systems to fall under these emanations for their blood cell metabolism level here was weakened at birth. When electrolyte transmission is lowered from ionized sodium (salt) in blood, tissue fluid and cells are weak and the body's electrical flows will show it and one is susceptible to cosmic influence.


Much as at Passover, for whatever Moses was using separated the peoples for yeast mold draws on the blood tissues, completely changing the electrical circuitry, but more on that later. This is why people often feel drowsy after meals of milk and yeasted bread, combined or with just yeast, as alcohol is produced which drains the system, thus with a loss of B vitamins as the little bugaboos in the yeast must feed on your stomach contents.


Notice that the temple stones came from the Arabian Sea: Arabia was part of the Nibiruian Empire at this time, as it always was. which is why Islamic traditions reflect much of these ancient times and the tales of the Arabian Nights are just beginning to be earnestly investigated for their Ancient Astronaut connotations.

Solomon then had trouble with a female demon:

Next I asked her how she came into being. She said, "I was generated from on unexpected voice which is called a voice of the echo of o black heaven, emitted in matter."

I said to her, "By what heavenly body do you travel?" She replied, "By the full moon, because by the moon I pass over more things."


Then I said, "What angel thwarts you?" She responded, "One that is also in you, King!" Now because I thought these remarks were meonl in ridicule, I commanded a soldier to strike her. But she cried out in a loud voice and said. "I say to yon. King, by God's wisdom I have been entrusted lo your power."

Ononshelis, as this she-demon was called, was stated to have had "asses legs," a condition that is predominant in these histories. The straight (they used to call them piano stool legs), uncontoured leg with hair is more prevalent today as androgyny takes firmer hold as are bowed, high-calfed legs with the android hips.


Her "many sided character" reflected the mental instability of the androgenic women from the two different gender hormones fighting within the brain.


There is reference to men who think of her as being a woman but she is not fully, "frequently, I also associate with men who think of me as o woman, especially with those whose skin is honey-colored," which is very relevant for it is in the lighter skinned peoples where androgyny is most prevalent and western culture is certainly a tribute to this.


So also, another reflection of her legs, "her body was that of a woman with o fair complexion, but her legs were those of o mule."

Again, note the reference to the activity more prevalent at night or specifically at full moon. The moons gravitational pull on our oceans and body fluids of all organisms is well documented but still not accepted by many.


Particular emanations could be enhanced by this added force field. When bodies are bioelectrically disturbed by poor nutrition for instance, they react more adversely to the pull and fall prey to accidents, violence and disease and as mentioned those in the magnetic studies today are trying to reach doctors about these hazards.


Interestingly, "Black Heaven," translated, means 'lead,' which we know retards radiation.

"The demon staled, "I am the renowned Asmodens: I cause the wickedness of men to spread throughout the world. I am always hatching plots against newlyweds; I mar the beauty of virgins and cause their hearts to grow cold. "

I said to him, "Is this all that you do?" He spoke again: "I spread madness about women through the stars and I have often committed a rash of murders. "
Then I adjured him by the name of the Lord Sobooth, "Asmodeus, fear God, and tell me by which angel you are thwarted."


The demon said,

"Raphael, the one who stands before God: but also a liver and a gall of o fish smoking on coals of charcoal drives me away."

I asked him again, saying,

"Do not hide anything from me, for I am Solomon, Son of David. Tell me the name of the fish you fear. "

He replied,

"It is called the sheatfish. It is found in the rivers of Assyria and it is hatched only there; I am also found in those ports."

Now, if you laughed at this, shame on you; if you scoffed at this you just showed how unstudied you are (I am speaking to the academics!)


The smoking of liver and the gall of a fish produce something very interesting as pertains to this. Gall is the secretion of the liver which is stored as bile in the gall bladder. Bile is one of many enzymes present in the liver and gall and as a catalyst produces chemical changes in substances without being changed itself and can thus break down foods. It also helps convert vitamin D from the sun, thus it neutralizes ultraviolet rays.


Enzymes are activated by temperatures and salts of metals (mercury, copper, etc.) as well, thus burning bile of liver would activate it's ability to diffuse radiation just as proper body heat controlled by the liver, keeps us healthy.


People burn under the sun when eating" refined sugar because the pancreas and liver cannot metabolize it properly, offsetting their body heat, making vitamin D conversion difficult. They also mentioned here the "sheatfish," which is the catfish, a logical choice, for it is classed as a mammal (gives birth to live young) and as a scavenger; its bile is very rich.


Surely, Solomon knew how he could not be everywhere at once, and if the people could use these devices they could alleviate much of the trouble with these smoke screens which would be most effective, especially at dusk, when the EMR radiations would be highest.


The reference to the women and newlyweds is most interesting as they are not ovulating spontaneously but randomly, upset by the radiation.


Menstruation erupted and the women were probably of a murderous bent from the anxiety of the chemical imbalances and which does mar beauty and ages us.

"I said to him, "Is there not something else about you, Asmodeus?" He said to me, "the power of God which binds me with unbendable bonds by his seal knows that what I have related to you is true. I beg you, King Solomon, do not condemn me to water."

But I smiled and replied,

"As the Lord, the God of my fathers lives, you shall have irons to wear and you shall mold clay for all the vessels of the Temple, eliminating the cost of the mold,"

Then I ordered ten water jars to be made available and I commanded him to be encircled by them. Though he complained bitterly, the demon carried out the things which he had been commanded. Asmodeus did this because he also had knowledge of the future.


So I, Solomon, glorified God, who gave me this authority; then, taking the liver and the gall of the fish, along with a branch of storax, I tit a fire under Asmodeus because he was powerful, and his voice was thwarted, as well as o tooth full of venom."

The storax is a member of the lotus family, a balm derived from an Asiatic tree (Liquidambar orientalis).


If used in the smokescreen it would have acted to keep the charcoal from affecting the lungs of those around as storax is a decongestant. They certainly thought of everything; notice how when they had to use harmful substances they balance them out with something beneficial. Again, the reference to iron which draws the effects of EMR to it and neutralizes some kinds, but not all.


Even Mesopotamian art shows their demons bound in irons and Lilith is usually found in that predicament also. Water again is a para-magnetic substance, drawing radiation to it and clay is an excellent medium to draw radiation as it is itself very radioactive, stable, and can get rid of the harm. Clay has a negative electrical charge that attracts positive ones and in tests, clay does retard radium and other radiations to whatever it is applied to or actually draws it from a room.


Clay's official designation is Bentonite.

"Nevertheless, I, Solomon, persisted in interrogating him, saying, If you wish to obtain a release, inform me about heavenly things."

Beelzeboul replied,

"Listen, King, if you burn oil of myrrh, frankincense, and bulbs of the sea along with spikenard and saffron, and light seven lamps during an earthquake, you will strengthen your house. And if, being ritually clean. you light them at the crock of dawn, just before the sun comes up, you will see the heavenly dragons and the way they wriggle along and pull the choriol of the sun.' When I, Solomon, heard these things I rebuked him and said, "Be silent and continue culling marble just as I ordered you."

Much revelation here! If their smoke screens contained these elements they certainly knew what they were doing.


Myrrh, is gotten from the myrrh tree and is used, among many things, as an antiseptic which in burning cleanses the air, and is an expectorant as well. Bulbs of the sea. of all the insights we have, is the best evidence as to just what was transpiring. These are balls of hair-like texture, often washed ashore long the Mediterranean, it is common seaweed or kelp (also known as seawrack) which is a member of the brown seaweeds of the order Laminariales and like all seaweeds are packed with potassium and iodine.


And, most importantly, sodium alginate, which binds radionuclides and which we use today for radiation poison. The latter elements are the key. With radiation exposure these taken orally or rubbed in the skin or even burned in the air. protects the thyroid immensely. Spikenard too is a main key. Its major use is as a balsamic, that is for skin eruptions, lesions.


The word for leprosy in the Bible alludes to epidemics of skin ailments not viral, the like of which no other age has seen in such profusion and can be attributed to these radiations. Saffron like Spikenard induces sweating, thus as a diaphoretic it would have been quite effective in leaching from the system the poisons collected there. We will see saffron used in Egypt later.

Thus far, we have seen ritual washing to the bizarre use of herbs, all contributing to the fact that there was more than religious pursuits involved. The fact is these people were not suffering from mental delusions but by mania intentionally set.

"Now when I had worshiped the God of Israel I ordered another demon to come forward. Tin's lime o three-headed dragon with an awful skin appeared before me.


I asked him, "Who are you?" He said. "I am a three-pronged spirit, one who overpowers by means of three deeds. In the wombs of women, I blind children. I also turn their ears around backward and make them dumb and deaf. Finally, I strike men against the body and I make them foil down, foam at the mouth, and grind their teeth."

Another glittering example leading us to what was occurring through EMR.


This reminds one of the passages of the Veda at the first Fall. Congenital blindness, deafness, cardiovascular system and brain problems are common of babies born of women who have thyroid problems. The severity depends on the biological strengths and weaknesses of the mother and what she ingests at various times during gestation.


As pertains to the above the first six weeks in gestation is most crucial. If these people were suffering from radiation bombardments, which they seem to be, the thyroid is the first affected. Cancerous thyroids have accompanied our western states years after bomb-testing in Nevada. Radioactive iodine in foods is rapidly absorbed but if iodine from a clean source is available, no harm is done. They were probably eating the 'bulbs of the sea' as well. Most people today are very deficient in iodine, another reason cancer rates are up.


The women here were producing blind and deaf children because development was being checked during gestation as something was causing the thyroid hormone, thyroxin, to go awry. Congenital nystagmus was probably common as well. Hearing and visual problems usually go hand in hand. (Ask someone myoptic how their hearing is altered when they remove their glasses for spatial orientation is affected.)


Oscillopsia, a visual hallucination from violent vertigo accompanied by nausea, vomiting and a staggering walk are probably what is causing the men to fall down, and can make one foam at the mouth and certainly grind their teeth. Again, something has affected their metabolism, reminding one of Meniere's syndrome, making a strong comeback today as sugar leaches B-vitamins, copper, etc. and thereby affects the thyroid causing vertigo and tinnitus as well.


Radiation exposure could certainly bring it on as well, and it can be congenital. It should be mentioned that many of the people could probably see these radiations as some people can today, and which the people of the Veda could as well, for their eyesight was much keener then, making all this even worse.

If these 'vessels' which they entrapped the emanations with were broken, as the Romans seem to have done, they certainly could have opened a Pandora's box which seems to have the same basis:

"So I said lo him, "Tell me by what angel you are thwarted." He replied, "By lameth," Then I ordered him to be cast into a broad, flat bowl, and ten receptacles of seawater to be poured over it. I fortified the top side all around with marble and I unfolded and spread asphalt, pitch, and hemp rope around over the mouth of vessel. When I had sealed it with the ring. I ordered it to be stored away in the Temple of God."

This passage is self-explanatory but the manner in which Solomon binds the spirit is revealing.


Iameth means "I heal," which indeed Solomon did by sealing the poison. Marble, asphalt (the latter used in radiation storage) and pitch are excellent sealants for contamination and whatever encompassed the ring which was probably of lead, copper or electrum. (The ring, as implied here, may not have been a piece of jewelry.)


Seawater. containing zinc and salt, would have bound the radiation.

"Then I commanded another demon to appear before me. There came to me thirty-six heavenly bodies, their heads like formless dogs. But there were among them those who were in the form of humans, or of bulls, or of dragons with faces like the birds, or the beasts, or the sphinx.


When I, Solomon, saw these beings, I asked them, saying, "Well, who ore you?"


All at once, with one voice, they said, "We are thirty-six heavenly bodies, the world rulers of the darkness of this age. (Thirty-six was the number of the rulers of Egypt, the Gods. A.N.) But you, King, are not able lo harm us or to lock us up, but since God gave you authority over all the spirits of the air, the earth, and the regions beneath the earth, we have also taken our place before you like the other spirits."

Then I, Solomon, summoned the first spirit and said la him, "Who are you?" He replied, "I am the first deacon of the zodiac and I am called Ruax. I cause heads of men to suffer pain and I cause their temples to throb. Should I hear only. 'Michael, imprison Ruax' I retreat immediately."

The second said, I am called Barsafael. I cause men who reside in my time period to have pains on the sides of their heads. Should I hear, 'Gabriel, imprison Barsafael,' I retreat immediately.

The third said, "I am called Artosael. I do much damage to the eyes. Should I hear, "Ouriel, imprison Arlosael,' I retreat immediately."

The fourth said, "I am called Orapel. I attack throats, resulting in sore throats and mucus. Should I hear, 'Raphael, imprison Oropel, I retreat immediately. "

The fifth said, "I am called Karioxanondalon. I cause ears to have obstructions. If I should hear, "Ourouel, imprison Karioxanondalon. 'I retreat immediately."

The sixth said, "I am called Spendonael. I produce tumors of the parotid gland and tetanic, recurvation. If I hear, 'Sabael, imprison Spendonael,' I retreat immediately."

The seventh said. "I am called Sphandor. I weaken the strength of the shoulders and deaden the nerves of the hand, and I make limbs paralyze. If I hear, 'Arael. imprison Sphandor,' I retreat immediately."

The eighth said, "I am called Belbel. I pervert the hearts and minds of men... If I hear. 'Karael, imprison Belbel,' I retreat immediately."

The ninth said, "I am called Kourtael. I send forth colics into the bowels. If I should hear, 'loath, imprison Kourtael,' I retreat immediately."

The tenth said, "I am called Metathiax. I cause pains in the kidneys. If I hear, 'Adonoel, imprison Metathiax.' I retreat immediately."

The eleventh said, "I am called Katanikotael. I unleash fights and feuds in homes. If anyone wishes to make peace, let him write on seven laurel leaves the names of those who thwart me; Angel, Eae, leo, Sabaoth, imprison Katanikotael.' and when he has soaked the laurel leaves in water, let him sprinkle his house with water and I retreat immediately."

The twelfth said, "I am called Saphthoroel. I put dissensions into the minds of men and I delight when I cause them to stumble. If anyone writes down these words, 'lae, leo, sons of Sabaath,' and wears them around his neck, I retreat immediately. "

The thirteenth said, "I am called Phobothel. I cause loosening of the tendons. If I hear, 'Adonai,' I retreat immediately."

The fourteenth said, "I am called Lerael. I bring on chills and shivering and sore throat. If I hear, 'lax, do not stand fast, do not be fervent, because Solomon is fairer than eleven fathers,' I retreat immediately."

The fifteenth said, "I am called Soubelti. I unleash shivering and numbness. If I hear only, 'Rizoel, imprison Soubelti,' I retreat immediately."

The sixteenth said, "I am called Katrax. I inflict incurable fevers on men. If anyone wants to regain health, let him pulverize coriander and rub it on his lips, saying, 'I adjure you by Zeus, retreat from the image of God.' and I retreat immediately. "

The seventeenth said, "I am called leropa. I sit an the stomach of a man and cause convulsions in the bath; and an the street I find the man and make him fall to the ground. Whoever says into the right ear of the afflicted far the third time, 'Iouda Zizabou. you see, makes me retreat."

The eighteenth said, "I am called Modebet. I separate wife from husband. If anyone writes the names of the eight fathers and places them in the doorways, I retreat immediately."

The nineteenth said, "I am called Mardero. I inflict incurable fevers; write my name in same such ways in the house, and I retreat immediately. "

The twentieth said, "I am called Rhyx Nathalha. I locate myself in the knees of men. If anyone writes an a piece of papyrus. 'Phounebiel. I retreat immediately. "

The twenty-first said, "I am called Rhyx Alath. I produce the croup in infants. If anyone writes, 'Raideris.' and carries it. I retreat immediately.

The twenty-second said. "I am called Rhyx Audameoth. I inflict heart pain. If anyone writes, Raiouath,' I retreat immediately."

The twenty-third said, "I am called Rhyx Manlhado. I cause the kidneys to suffer pain. If anyone writes, "laath. Ouriel.' I retreat immediately."

The twenty-fourth said, "I am called Rhyx Aktanme. I cause the ribs to suffer pain. If anyone writes on a piece of wood from a ship which has run aground, "Marmaraoth of mist,; I retreat immediately."

The twenty-fifth said, "I am called Rhyx Anatreth. I send gas and burning up into the bowels. If I hear, 'Arara, Amra,' I retreat immediately."

The twenty-sixth said. "I am called Rhyx, the Enautha. I make off with minds and alter hearts. If anyone writes, 'Kalazael.' I retreat immediately."

The twenty-seventh said, "I am called Rhyx Axesbulh. I cause men to suffer from diarrhea and hemorrhoids. If anyone adjures me in pure wine and lied it to the one who is suffering, I retreat immediately."

The twenty-eighth said, "I am called Rhyx Bapax. I unleash insomnia. If any one writes, "Kak; Phedismas,' and wears it dawn from the temples. I retreat immediately."

The twenty-ninth said. "I am called Rhyx Anoster. I unleash hysteria and cause pains in the bladder. If anyone mashes up the seeds of Laurel inta pure ail and massages the body with it, saying, 'I adjure you by Mamiaraath,' I retreat immediately."

The thirtieth said, "I am called Rhyx Physikarelh. . I bring on long-term illnesses. If anyone puts salt into alive ail and massages his sickly body with it saying, "Cherubim, saraphim, help me,' I retreat immediately. "

The thirty-first said, "I am called Rhyx Aleurelh. In the case of swallowing fish banes, if anyone puts a bane from his fish into the breast of the one who is suffering, I retreat immediately."

The Thirty-second said, "I am called Rhyx Ichthuon. I detach tendons. If I hear, 'Adanai, malthe,' I retreat immediately. "

The thirty-third said, "I am called Rhyx Achaneoth. I cause sore throat and tonsillitis. If anyone writes on ivy leaves, 'Leikaurgas,' heaping them up in a pile, I retreat immediately."

The thirty-fourth said, "I am called Rhyx Authath. I cause jealousies and squabbles between these who lave each other. But the letters Alpha and Beta, written dawn, Thwart me."

The thirty-fifth said, "I am called Rhyx Phtheneaih. I cast the evil eye on every man. But the much-suffering eye, when inscribed, thwarts me."

The thirty-sixth said, "I am called Rhyx Mianeth, I hald a grudge against the body; I demolish houses; I cause the flesh to rot. If anyone writes on the front entrance of his house as follows, 'Melta Ardad Anaalh.' I flee from the place."

When I, Salomon, heard these things, I glorified the God of heaven and earth and I ordered them la bear water. Then I prayed to God that the thirty-six demons who continually plague humanity go to the Temple of God.

Once one gets past the obvious Christian influence here you have a fourteen karat gold list of pathologies expected from heavy radiation exposure.


It is reminiscent of the "Ebers Papyrus," the medical treatise of Egypt written during the Old Kingdom, which we will cover later. Modern historians find only mere primitive witchcraft and superstition, but they fail to match forensically the pathologies, and thus take the incidents totally as corruptions and myth. The writings were esoteric to those who used them and when the Kingdoms fell apart these 'unusual' medical treatises were not understood by the new regimes.


For instance, one part of the "Ebers" says to cure one inflicted by a 'demon' was to select a large beetle, cut off its head and wings and boil the remainder, then dip it in oil and apply to whatever part of the body has been affected. Following this the head and wings of the beetle should be warmed in snake fat and drunk by the patient.


Now, this usually brings on a few chuckles, but there were no demons in early Egyptology, their Gods were flesh and blood, as in Sumerian, where any evil in man was self-induced.


This they knew; religion was not a crutch to them. The term 'spirits' and 'demons' seems to have been corrupted from what these Egyptian and Sumerians experienced as abnormal, purposely sent intrusions, inflicted into the normal behavior patterns of man and environment. Demonology was a mental state created by those who lost the meaning of nature and science; the two were combined to the benefit or ruination of man.


Modern translators have no idea what 'spirit' really is from these times only what the concept means in their own religious influences for it should be mentioned even the Egyptians could not read their own peoples texts years later. Even Aesculapius, whose fame as a healer and advocate of dietary, herbs and bathing treatments, has remedies that appear to quell the effects of radiation. It seems everyone knew the Gods were responsible and by the time of Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.E.) supernatural still had no part of their reasoning and would never have entered had not the Christians come upon the scene who merely picked up on histories they could not understand.


Let us return to our Egyptian remedy and see if it is so ridiculous or if man has just forgotten how to use nature to his own benefit.


Chitin, the covering on many insects, is an indigestible matter which would make good roughage except for the fact it acts like glass and injures the stomach lining. Beetles, like locust, are not banned in Moses" Laws, to eat, but should have been, however, they may have been using their other benefits as well. The Egyptians in this text knew their benefits and just used homeopathic medicine, like helps like.


Chitin. the hard shell, performs a very special duty for a small body as an insect has, for it would be very harmfully affected if it did not have a hard cover to protect against the sun's radiation which also bounces off the ground bathing the little fellow in radiation. Boiling chitin down and taking the matter and putting it in oil, and rubbing it over the body would serve as a liquid form of chitin. its molecular structure acted as a buffer then to protect the individual.


Ants use the beetle of the genus Cremastochilus, which exudes a sweet substance, to protect them in areas where they are exposed to more sun than usual.


What of the head and wings?


All insects are unusually rich in lysine, an amino-acid which the body cannot produce and vital to cell regeneration so its obvious use here is logical for the head and wings would contain generous supplies. Snake fat has much the reasoning as chitin as they have properties conducive to such a low built animal but the fat would have buffered the wings and head which would have been hard on the stomach lining and could also have been used with the chitin to buffer that if taken orally.


Chitin would also have been excellent as a chelating substance to rid radiation in the stomach and intestines with the fat. Fat of a snake is mostly unsaturated, so Moses or the Egyptians would not have restricted it. Fat, I should mention will attract radiation from the system. These may seem to be bizarre remedies but are more helpful and less harmful that modern day medicines, which do damage to the patient.


Moses may not have exempted the eating of beetles and locusts, for their lysine retarded mutations. The mold and fungus from the insects are a great hazard but balanced against radiation trauma you would eat bugs too, but they always had garlic to purge that. The Bible in this respect seems to reflect dietary measures to quell a very bad situation.

In 1300 B.C.E., the daughters of the King of Argos were punished by the gods and they ran through the woods mooing like cows.


Melampus, the healer of ancient Greece, who had helped Hercules who suffered from psychological trauma (a book in itself there), was called for. He did three things which would have eliminated the poison from these girls systems and is another classic example, not of mania, but of people 'struck down by the Gods.' Today, with gastrointestinal absorption of radiation, laxatives are used, very harmful chemical substances such as aluminum hydroxide gel, which prevents radiation uptake of the gut just as the heavily fatted snake fat would have done. Prussian blue (ferric ferrocyanide) is also used today.


To excrete already ingested nuclides and prevent bone absorption, chelating agents as DTPA are used but chitin does the same. These remedies, unlike the ancient, do not promote the body to return to its natural state and do additional harm. Melainpus was smart, he used a very purgative laxative from a plant called white hellebore.


Next, he had other children chase the girls until they were exhausted, bringing them to perspire, further ridding their systems of contamination. Lastly, he did exactly what is done today, they were bathed in water, here in the fountain of Arcadia, again the reason for the ritual washings in these times.


The mooing stopped and the girls were cured. No one has to tell me these so-called spells and concoctions were ridiculous, for they were nothing of the sort, but those that interpret them as such, are!

Our passages from Solomon are a step by step example of the maturation of radiation effects from mild to acute exposure. Depending on the manner the waves were obtained and the exposure, ailments would vary. For instance, in walkie-talkie users, microwave exposure is heaviest in the head region, up to 1500 microwatts per square centimeter on the nose alone. If these people were being mentally bombarded, the head would be first as these texts seem to relate their physical pathologies are a follow up to their mental tamperings through EMR.


Microwave sickness is very obvious here and correlates studies done by the Russians of the USSR Institute of Labor, Hygiene and Occupational Diseases as well as studies by our government. Project Pandora, tested lethal doses our ambassadors had received at a Moscow Embassy which showed blood abnormalities and chromosomal counts.


Ambassador Walter Stoessel in 1976 developed a blood ailment similar to leukemia with headaches and bleeding eyes. Two predecessors died of cancer.

Ruax, the first demon, is our lead in and source, for the name means 'lord' and is shown in Manilius' list of demons as "Sro, the ram," in other words, Siva.


The first symptoms of radiation exposure is head pain for blood pressure becomes elevated, the sympathetic nervous system is then affected, bringing stress as eye pain and conjunctivitis actinic and dizziness follows. Mastoiditis thus sets in affecting the paranasal sinuses and the pains in the sides of the head are expected with ear problems.


Accumulated mucous obstructs throat passages. Neoplasms are most predominant in the thyroid, salivary glands, lungs, bone and female breast tissue with radiation exposure. The parotid glands are thus most affected (note the so-called 'primitive' reference to a gland we are just beginning to understand today!) and as one of the salivary glands which helps to lubricate food, we are now learning how important this gland is in breaking down food in the mouth and as a major part of our immune system.


Tumors are common in thyroid and parotid glands then with exposure. Reducing the salivary glands ability as an antiseptic to destroy germs such as Clostridium tetani, produces tetanus and Clostridium botulinum which produces botulism. Both produce paralysis.


Botulism affects first the sixth cranial nerve, weakening the lateral rectus muscle, traveling to peripheral muscles. Tetanus is caused not only by injury but ingestion also. We all ingest Clostridium bacillus of some form and mild forms of illness show themselves in nearly everyone, but tetanus vaccine would not be needed if we were a healthier people.


Vaccine is only a crutch and a failure of the organisms natural immunity when they forget to observe nature's laws. Salk's polio vaccine is only a tribute to our ignorance. Tetanus dorsalis is the tetanic or the bending of the back of the body as described. Tetanus lateralis would make the body bend sideways as the muscles stiffened.


I firmly do not believe diet is a cause of these ailments which I will later elaborate on in the study of Egypt. There is all the signs of thyroid dysfunction, the primary organ affected in radiation poison, and as I have stated each stage of its debilitating progress is listed here.


Muscular fatigue and cold, stiff extremities, resembling severe fibrositis along with a laxness of ligament capsules and tendons will inhibit movement as it affects the neck and shoulders first and travels to the extremities.

"I cause loosening of the tendons," and "make man fall lo the ground."

Acroparalysis would not have been uncommon.


We have symptoms of both hyper and hypothyroidism, a Pandora's Box of ailments, for this is radiation poison, for their diets would never have brought such severe ailments on and if anyone has ever read these ancient texts, the people speak as if these ailments were not commonplace, but entirely new.

Hyperdefication follows next as proximal muscles weaken, this is the "colic into the bowels." The parathyroids are affected as well, whose major function is the release of parathyroid hormone (PTH) which defends against hypocalcemia, which if not functioning would bring the loss of calcium to the kidneys, which conserves the mineral, thus being deposited metastably, lodging in synovial tissues especially, hence further stiffening of joints.


Calcific tendonitis, chondrocalcinosis, nephrocalcinosis and pulmonary calcification are resulting manifestations. With osteopenia could come bone cysts with erosion of the distal ends of the clavicles and distal phalangeal tufts. Hear again, the weakness of the shoulders and paralysis of hands. All this is affecting the body's bone marrow to manufacture red and white blood cells.


Red blood cells are thus inhibited from transporting oxygen for metabolism, thus lowering body temperature, hence we have our chills. Loss of white blood cells is harmful to the immune system and the affected person is susceptible to respiratory viruses especially, so, the development of sore throats.

There are dramatic results in the brain wave patterns from this decrease in body temperature. Our brains are so finely tuned that just one or two degrees below normal greatly reduces our brains responses to body movements and thought processes. In mild to severe thyroid dysfunction, we run the gamut of neurosis, delusions, introversion, memory failure, anxiety, paranoia, depression; any responsibilities such as family or work cannot be dealt with and a breakdown of the family results.


One of the problems thyroid dysfunction brings is it inhibits the B-complex nutrients causing confusion and visual and auditory hallucinations, schizophrenia, maniacal behavior and epilepsy, all symptoms pertinent to our problems here. Many of the voices and bizarre images may have been the result of the EMR emissions affecting these areas of the body's metabolisms, thus the mind follows by hallucinating these 'demons.'


Each symptom described would bring a different illusion, hence no doubt the different names applied to each 'demon.'


Pain from joint tetany induced the adrenals to release more epinephrine, over stimulating the heart which brings sweats and fevers and much anxiety. The fevers would be "incurable" for they are caused by organ dysfunction rather than a virus, just as we know those with severe thyroid problems have trouble with body temperature on a constant basis.

One look at the violence in the Bible, there are few books that can surpass it.

tells us we have mobs of psychotic fighters who go to extremes to satisfy a lust they cannot control. Today, all of the above symptoms reign but are further agitated by poor diets, genetics and environment. We have numerous games as football, hockey, boxing, etc. where the opponent is purposely injured for no reason but brute vanity.


He has to hurt someone to feel good about himself, the first signs of the degrading man. If you asked these people to do this for their country they would shout 'war monger' because men who must prove their strength through violence are cowards. Sports such as fencing, sailing, equitation, weight lifting, hiking, hunting, fishing, these demand the integration of mind and body as the brain is trained to prevent injury to the body and makes man able to better handle himself in all situations and if the need arises to quickly and cleanly dispatch an enemy.


Also, pitting people unrelated in games brings forth unwarranted racial and caste aggression.


Ever notice at little league games how the parents pit their children against one another? When close relatives play in a normal family (try to find one today) there is more of sportsmanship for only ability in executing the maneuvers is enjoyed not in whose the better man.

"Fights and feuds in homes" are a direct cause of thyroid disruption, so common today, and the "dissensions into the minds," an obvious outcome.


An interesting line is "convulsions in the bath," more direct evidence of lowered body temperature for people with poor thyroids try to warm their bodies in very hot water (the fad of hot tubs caught on so well because so much of our population are hypothyroid sufferers) but it does not work because the system cannot register it completely, (hypothyroidism is another reason we cannot fight off illness) and convulsions come anyway.


Sweating from heated water only brings a further loss of nutrients just as sweating does, which would hasten these convulsions, especially as potassium and other electrolytes are lost.

The use of coriander on the lips is a correlation between the stomach problems from diarrhea as the lips are an anatomical parallel to the intestines and stomach as the nerves feed to these organs from here. Coriander is excellent for stomach upsets. The lips are thin and absorb more readily than say your hands. Other areas such as the backs of the ears absorb medicine better in some individuals than ingesting it, called today 'patches,' but practiced for centuries.


As vulnerable as the face is. it is open to many pathogens and absorbs radiation readily. A woman's face is particularly susceptible as is the skin of her entire body, and I have often wondered if the practice of veiling did not start because of this.


We can also certainly see why the gods promoted the use of make-up for women, and why later it was said to be the work of the devil by the Christians who forever have their stories confused. Woman's vanity and degradation from androgyny later warped its use instead of using it for the sound biological wisdom it imparts, however, to use most make-ups today is like sticking your head in a barrel of toxic waste but there are excellent natural make-ups available which bear no resemblance to what the money-makers try to sell you. We will alter discuss the Egyptians use of it.


However, the eye region alone draws 500 microwatts per sq. centimeter of microwave to us. which make-up would certainly deter.

The line in reference to the right ear is interesting for the external carotid arteries which have a branch to the thyroid, are on either side of the brain hemispheres and is the main reason lack of blood flow is bringing convulsions and visual hallucinations. The right side may have been dominant in some people here.


Vertebral-basilar ischemia symptoms would have also contributed to man's sudden falling down and why you would have had to have said, "Iouda Zizabou" three times for hearing loss accompanies this!

Damage to arteries always is incurred with thyroid problems. Arteriosclerosis, a common ailment today, is caused by poor diets, high in fats and refined sugars. If blood flow is slowed (bradycardia) or elevated (tachycardia) however, by any agency, heart trouble is not long, behind, hence heart pain. We have already remarked on pulmonary calcification. Hypertension would have been par for the course, contributing to more emotional problems.


The ribs suffered as they are next in the progressions to attract radiation for the sternum is a major blood cell factory, the lungs will then soon deteriorate. The reference to flatulence is a further tell-tale sign for intestinal malabsorption is most common and refers to evidence of fulminating radiation trauma.


Enterocolitis is then not far behind for burning bowels is inflammation of the intestines and colon.


Appendicitis is also common. Candida albicans, which we ingest and inhale daily, is then able to make its home in the body, bringing infection and shortened lifespan for the mucous lining and intrinsic factors are disturbed, another reason the Egyptians did not eat yeast which is loaded with this fungus. Hemorrhoids are a logical conclusion to the heavy diarrhea and also to radiation itself (more later). Insomnia is very typical with radiation poison despite great fatigue. The person is now approaching his death.

Croup may have meant a goiter, common in newborns of hyper or hypothyroid mothers. Croup is a resonant cough and just the same symptoms would have been present in a baby with such a goiter.

Painful bladder is most symptomatic in the progressive stages of acute radiation. Olive oil would have been an excellent lubricate against mild radiation exposure as well as a healing solvent for pruritus and lesions which would have been common and it is also heavy in iodine which would have been a benefit taken through the skin or orally.

The reference to the fish bones is not as silly as it sounds. Rhyx Aleureth refers to "wheal flour." Fish, by custom and caution around the world, has always been eaten with bread to ease the swallowing of any bones that may be lodged. However, swallowing may have been a little harder than usual as esophageal problems are common from radiation exposure, creating anorexia symptoms from lack of muscle control.


Swallowing then would have been a problem for some. If gastrointestinal problems were extant, this would have been the next phase of esogastritis causing irritant gases to produce spasms in the larynx, thus choking and much pain. It is interesting that this line is followed by a reference to sore throat and tonsillitis. If the esophagus was weakened the pectoral muscles would have been affected thus throwing of the trapezius and affecting the function of the spleen.


If bone marrow is damaged, as would have been in radiation exposure, the spleen naturally starts to produce more blood cells but if the trapezius is offset, the spleen cannot contract properly to release blood cells or filter bacteria from the blood; tonsillitis, sore throats, fever would have been common.


Also, the heart would have been affected as the subscapularis was weakened bringing shoulder and chest pains from lack of blood and fluid flow through nerve supply. This is also interesting for the passage refers to putting fish bones (which were often used as very excellent needles) into the breasts.


The subscapularis and the pectoral muscles are just the acupuncture points one would use needles in to strengthen the body areas and ease swallowing and pain.

The evil eye, I believe, sums this up, the EMR use of whatever devise often referred to in all these accounts as the "eye." Its connotation later became that of the 'evil eye' when someone put the kibosh on you as people can use their own bioelectric energies to upset those of others.

We have seen total destruction of this person as epilation, bullea, purpura, blistering, from the lack of circulation, and these leprosy-like symptoms which cause the flesh to literally rot. We have a paroxysm of sequela, not psychotic individuals, but people gripped in the worst form of warfare there is. This was a well directed attack, bound on destroying a people by making them do it themselves when the enemy could not physically penetrate.


One man could have accomplished the entire affair and he seems to as the one true, wrathful God, while the Nibiru fought back with intensity, trying to prepare and help those incapable of dealing with a type of warfare only warped minds would dare conduct.

The Laws of Moses take on another meaning when applied to the above emergency and why many people question these rules.


On the whole, I believe Deuteronomy to be basically a survival manual; in part the soundness of daily living regimens and rules to meet a crisis at hand. Remember, Solomon was behind walls, but Moses was in the desert, with, as we will see. other hazards involved.


For instance, the, "Do not allow a sorceress lo live." (Ex. 22:18) warning.


Obviously, one reason was that they feared androgynous women and astrology was always for the most part a male occupation. Men had always been trained in it as Moses; why then the sudden change?


Perhaps with the mental strain inflicted, and the fact hallucinations were involved, no one could be relied upon in their knowledge of terrestrial or cosmic affects, and charlatans no doubt entered the picture. However, in a succeeding passage God warns them to listen only to him and not other gods, which sounds too dictatorial, yet he says a prophet will arise among them, the Messiah.


Very confusing, the Bible, if you do not stop and think the people were being influenced by many 'Gods.'

Jannes and Jambres were, along with Moses, listed by Apuleius in "Apology-90, "as the Egyptian magicians who helped Solomon with technical problems in fighting 'demons.' In the Koran, Jannes and Jambres may be Harutand Marut.


They may have been adversaries, but they were all related no doubt, the sons of the Ennead or Anunnaki, and why all these people were contemporary and why, as we shall see, David and Solomon came before Moses. Concerning the idols from the temple of Jerusalem as depicted on the walls of Hatsheput at Karnak, none are of the later polluted phallic forms as they would come to be.


(Hatsheput is definitely identified as Sheba who received the spoils of the fall of Jerusalem, here depicted on these walls at Karnak.)


The mural definitely depicts no idol worship of the objects as in later times and are of lions, hawks, ox; all Nibiruian symbols used technically. The ankh sign was found, very peculiar, for someone like Solomon, if one goes by the Bible.


Solomon here stated his wives corrupted him who were from Egypt, but like almonds and other symbols, these were quite Nibiruian. The menorah is shown as well, which is a symbol of the sage plant, an excellent blood purifier and builder. When Thutmosis III raided the temple he did not get the prized breastplate of the high priest but other lesser ones were taken, which is rather interesting.

Jerusalem, or Kadesh, as Egyptians called it. was the Holy City. When Solomon lost the city to Siva and his 'archangels,' morale was certain to be lost. Symbols then became idols as the people could no longer grasped the situation.

It is pertinent that we return to a study of Deuteronomy, which if these timetables hold true and the events therein, will tell us of the problems. If these people were being as mentally and physically destroyed as these texts show from radiation, then a total reconditioning of rules and restrictions was necessary, to inhibit their further fall from grace.


The only problem is that we see a 'Clash of the Titans' effect throughout. In Deut. 5:56-7, the admonition "You shall have no other gods besides me," is a clear indication that something or someone, was confusing the people.


The Hebrews, who would be rescued from Heliopolis, were perfectly aware who the Gods were. With these people so exposed and weakened the last thing they needed was someone claiming they were supreme - follow me or else! If you look at Deuteronomy, it seems different in certain respects and its rules are not so contradictory. It seems as if it is a totally separate part of the Bible, which it is, as we must remember the Bible is a conglomeration of many stories, mostly corrupted from the originals.

If these people were suffering a mental collapse, suggestion would be easy. Through mass hysteria, idols suddenly speaking and moving would have brought a susceptible people to their knees. The warning against making cast-metal gods, is pertinent for they could easily draw EMR radiation to them to cause such an affect.


If statuary were suddenly speaking by another 'god's' name, the sheer mental strategy used would cause these people total confusion and a great change of loyalty.


If the limbic system were being altered, which can be done today, childlike behaviors could easily be provoked, and like children they would be blind to following their new 'father.'


A good case in point is the Asherah poles (Ex. 34:11-16))

"Break down their oilers, smash their sacred stones and cut down their Asherah poles. Do not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is jealous, is a jealous God."

Sounds like old Siva does it not?


He also forgot to add that the reason he wanted the Asherah poles knocked down was that, if we go by the Veda, they were markers the 'good guys' put down to mark where strategic spots were that they wanted the people to avoid. They called them "sacrificial poles," and the Veda states that Rama and others had "left the marks of sanctuaries and sacrificial poles all over the earth with her mines and forests," and you can believe that there is something about these areas that Siva wanted to destroy.


You can bet he was "jealous," he wanted everything that would have benefited all to be destroyed.

In Lev. 20:I-5, we see great evidence of EMR for children were being sacrificed to Molech, and if you will remember the past story of the people who were sacrificing to Siva whom the Pandava stopped. The people have allowed themselves to fall under the spell or were directed to do so by suggestion. It is told in the Bible to kill a person who kills his children in such a horrid manner, for such a person was in many cases no doubt beyond help.


As for the idols gathering radiation, in Deut. 13:12-18. the Lord states that any town having them must be burned to the ground, never to be rebuilt, and the "condemned things" not to be found in anyone's hands which sounds a little suspicious if they were infected by radiation. Or. capable of altering mental processes by tripping certain areas of the brain by their geometric figures and forms which is not hard to do.


Egyptian statuary looks mysterious to us. and often frightening, because they are suggestive and also attract particular waves from the environment. Some were for a good use. others for bad purposes. They were masters at their craft!


The Lord forbids bowing down to the sun, moon and stars (Deut. 17:2-7) which shows the people have lost their powers over nature, and death was to come to them by the Lord's will. Again we have contradiction, for if idol warship is a violation, then we will have to empty every church and temple around the world for the cross of the Christians" especially, is certainly an idol, as well as the numerous statuary employed.


There is a great difference in reverence and respect for something, than to fawning before it by letting it hypnotize you rather than the other way around by making it conducive to bodily health.

The warning to burn sacrifices only in designated places by the Lord is clear that whichever God he is, he is deriving personal benefit from it. The Gods or God, certainly knew how to eat the best, for he had the finest of grains, new wine and oil and the firstborn of the herds and flocks and whatever else. The ridiculous amount of wastage with the animals is most peculiar for a God who was supposedly trying to help his people as thousands of animals were often sacrificed at one time.


There has to be something devious here. In any war, one of the first dirty tricks to play is that by which you can deplete the oppositions food supplies which will bring a people down on their knees quicker than any bullets.


What a wonderful ploy of Siva's here to ruin these people and again if we look to the Veda we may see what they were doing in a passage where Rudra, or Siva, is warned by Rama to stop but "Rudra took the sacrificial ordinal at the sacrifice, lord of men, and declared, "This is my share!"


When the animal was stolen, the Gods said to him.

"O bull of the Bharotas, "Do not threaten another's property, do not destroy all the Laws!" In another line the Gods look down upon the earth and say, "look how the earth, piled up with fire altars of many styles, seems lo sink below Yayati's many acts of sacrifice!"

The Veda tells us exactly, like the Bible, how the gods liked their food, pure and not touched by the unclean, as in these very interesting Veda lines:

An impure man. one with unwashed hands.

Not knowing the Veda, nor wise, may not offer;

For the Gods when they hunger demand one be clean.

And take no food from the unbeliever.

A srotriya priest be engaged for the rite,

Any other will throw the oblation away;
None but on accomplished srotriya, Tarksya,

I say, may offer the agnihortra.

They who faithfully offer into the fire

And devoutly eat the leftover food

Will go lo the fragrant world of the cows

And behold the God who is highest and true.

Just as the priests in the temple, they had their 'srotriya' priest who managed the food service in their commissary, in fact this is almost word for word from the Bible.


The Gods or God were certainly gourmets as in the LAWS REQUIRING DEDICATION, of the Bible, the firstborn of the animals are to be taken, the best of the meat in other words. Firstborn oxen are not to be put to work, for muscles that work produce lactic acid buildup, poisoning the meat for consumption, toughening it and slacking the nutrient content.


Sheared sheep are not allowed as they are then exposed to airborne toxins and radiation (natural or otherwise) and the meat is useless. Defective animals, lame or blind are or course not eaten; the lameness affects all muscular contractions, thus corresponding organs produce faulty meat. Blind animals cannot feed properly and the endocrine system is weak due to lack of light stimuli, thus, poor meat. Yet, this lord is not to receive the meat but "both the ceremonially unclean and the clean may eat it." which makes no sense, unless of course it was Siva.


The only healthful imparting is that he tells them not to eat the blood. One of the most curious and black-hearted orders is Ex. 22:29b, 30 - when the Lord actually asks for the firstborn son and the mother must give them up after seven days! There is certainly no book called 'holy" with this in it. I could write volumes on the mental and physical affects that would disastrously occur to the child as well as the mother.


A baby has to be breast fed for five to six years until the loss of its milk teeth (deciduous teeth); the health benefits of the milk are crucial as well as the stimuli involved and the bonding between mother and child satisfied until the offspring is then confident to start learning to rely on itself. There is no line in the Bible as disturbing as this and it sounds like old Siva is up to his tricks.


Cattle and sheep are to be given the same way which I would not even do to an animal. This is one of the many instances where the Bible can be a very deadly influence.

The Lord has all the same eating patterns of the Egyptians, eating their meat and produce freshly killed and cut and thus the people bringing them their food is all logical here in the field. It was easier for them to have it done this way, with Moses as field commander, to see their mess was well supplied. If we go by gnostic literature and the Veda, there were thousands fighting in the field.


Only the chosen, the Hebrews, rescued from On. as the Levites, were treated to the best of food and shelter, even the first fruits were given them. All this seems to indicate they retrieved very few of their Nibiruian peoples and the majority were the Hyskos who followed Moses in droves from Egypt and who gave him a very hard time with their crude ways.

The "Laws of the Sabbath " are very intriguing, biologically. Putting EMR affects aside, even in 'normal' conditions the sun pelts us with harmful radiation and it is a wise organism which takes of its rays in very small doses.


Also, we should mention the 7-8 day cycle. We learned in the 1970's that the sun is a magnetic sphere divided from pole to pole into different sectors each affecting adjacent sectors, namely the planets opposite each one. Every 7-8 days a new magnetic force affects the earth and the latters field is changed, bringing a day or two of disturbances. Our lunar day and month is based on this field as it emanates from the earth's iron-nickel core, interacting with the charged gas of the ionosphere.


This forms an electrodynamic resonating cavity producing micropopulation in the magnetic field of 25 frequencies per second to I every 10 seconds, concentrating mostly at the 10 hertz range. An electrostatic field of hundreds of thousands of volts per foot ensues, ionizing many of the air gas molecules pulsing at low range. Earth's own generated current and the ionosphere then clash more.


This is healthy for the earth in many respects and the cosmic belt, but not for its organisms who, if not intelligent enough, cannot use them to their benefit. Cell damage is done as free radicals bounce uncontrollably, bringing those nuisances of aging and death. The billions of cells in our bodies each day try to keep the body in perfect and everlasting condition, each cell demanding more of less of important nutrients, the variety of which in harmony brings health to an individual. But nutrition is not enough as sound body wisdom is too. Many animals stay away from areas which emit too much radiation or too little.


Man used to be quite famous for these instincts and the honoring of the Sabbath is not so much for the Lord to get into his good graces, as for yourself. Cells are so busy trying to keep one healthy that they must have one day out of the week to be given a rest and to keep them from the most hazardous time of the week.


If the Lord rested after six days work, as man should do. he just gave himself away - he is flesh and blood too! However, at this time, things were no doubt much more severe for people who still had relatively stable cells. The killing of the man who gathered wood on the Sabbath is a good example.


If Siva took advantage of the 7-8 day heavy influx of electromagnetism and used it accordingly, it would have been especially disastrous to have been out then with the threat of chromosomal mutation which would have been dangerous.

The Jewish Feasts of Sabbath and Passover have always had cosmic importance. Pertinently,' Passover has always been celebrated with the spring equinox with the importance of the sun and moon, but Moses as we shall see, may have taken advantage of this for other reasons. The ancients always planned events and lifestyles around favorable times; the Egyptians were famous for their days of good fortune and bad and what to avoid and how.


Science on the whole laughs at this but those in the fields of magnetic study are not prone to such joviality. Doctors are slowly learning that different medicines work better at different times because of our circadian rhythms, the biological clocks in us, corresponding to the cosmic and terrestrial clocks.


There is an interesting story told by Apion in the first century stating the reason the Jews had the Sabbath (Romans did not observe it) was after they traveled six days they developed buboes in their groins and that the term Sabbath was derived from the Egyptian medical term 'Sabbatosis.' Sabbath is derived from Shabbat, Hebrew for "cessation" or "rest."


The buboe they refer to is an inquinal one. Buboes are inflamed and swollen lymph nodes, the result of toxins building up after an illness or often seen in radiation exposure and are common as well in the axilla area. They may have been referring to a time when excessive radiation caused this development and the need to rest imperative to rid the system of any poisons.


Add to this that the body as a whole needs one day of rest to rejuvenate itself to assist body cells as much as possible, gives credence to a very astute saying of Asher Ginzberg, (1856-1927) "More than the Jews have kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept the Jews," paraphrasing an ancient saying.


When people forget they have a body and believe the mind alone will sustain them and are impervious to holistic nature they forget Sabbath. Romans were no different than people today, material things sustained the body, selfish hedonism the rule. Actually. Sabbath goes back to Mesopotamia where "Shabbattu " of "Shappaltu" meant also to "cease" or "rest."


The Moon-God Sin, forbid evening trading. Many African tribes have restrictions as do Amerindians. However, by the time of the Maccabean uprising in 168 B.C.E., outlandish restrictions were created - no spinning, weaving, cooking, baking, etc. I can perhaps understand the first two but not the last two. But. soldiers would not even fight in self-defense, such had the observance grown to ridiculous proportions. Its early reasons were well founded and meant to do only one thing, keep people indoors and refrain from heavy labor.


Cooking, a necessary living ritual, and other life-sustaining duties were ignorantly forbidden. Eating requires strict rules and content and quality should not be lessened for any reason except emergency, particularly where women and children are concerned.


The refusal to fight is utterly irrational; not killing to save one's life is evident of people who cannot discern just when and what constitutes a sin. Even tying and untying a thread was forbidden in the myriad passages of the Talmud.


Other Talmudic sages argued rightly, "When life is in danger, it is one's duty to violate the Law... You may violate the Sabbath in order that thereby a sick person may live to observe many Sabbaths" and many resumed the healthful benefits of three meals a day and did not listen to the blindness of others. The Bible states no work by man or animal must be done as it relates to outside work. If one neglects Sabbath, entropy has won. and organic life is injured.


Even aromathy was observed when this therapeutic regimen used to be observed, just another part of the duty of Sabbath to restore the body. Interestingly, ancient rabbis did believe the body transformed and rejuvenated itself, which it certainly does, when the correct rest and foods and environment are given it. "The expression on a man's face is different on the Sabbath than on a weekday," they said and many Cabalists believed man acquired an extra-soul or "neshamah yeterah" and "over-soul." and so he certainly does.


Whether you allow your cells or 'soul' to break down or build up is all up to you. Observance of the Sabbath should be as alive today as it was in ancient times for we are collecting just as many toxins in our air. If the Gods observed it, you can bet it was for the reasons I have stated, since the beginning of time, for the earth and sun seem to have to go through these processes.


What day though is correct. Saturday or Sunday? If we go by the ancients, then Saturday with Friday evening the commence. Many peoples still observe Friday as the day of tragedy, the 'devil's day.' for if you look at history most mishaps have occurred on Friday. If Christ has not listened to Siva he would not have probably been crucified on Friday and if he had been the King of the Jews he would have observed that he was most prone to adversity on that day!


I know many old Austrians, my grandfather was one, not Jewish, but like them was observant of Friday, and refused to do any work or go any where. If one looks at the magnet fluxes, they begin to take hold on Friday. I have observed that some animals will cease activities on Friday, maybe they are Jewish! One will find that Jewish ways, like the customs of other peoples, are not really customs, but sound biological observances and reactions to cope with the earth and the body.


Being Jewish or Nibiruian is not a religion, but a state of mind and body. But if the rules have to be read and worshiped over, it is not, for these rules are part of the blood.


It was easy for Christ to influence, or who ever did, the Christians to observe Sunday for they had lost the sensory devices to recognize the dangers, but so have many Jews who rarely observe it anymore, but then many are not really Hebrews, but merely playing the part. It is interesting that Cabalists believed a Divine Presence, the schechinah, would descend from the Seventh Heaven, called the "Sabbath Queen," and all care vanished on that Friday evening. If the disc is true, it no doubt did at one time.

At the end of the 7-8 day cycle, the body is at a disadvantage to its environment.


The Egyptians had a eight day week which is also intriguing. Sabbath begins at no later than 18 minutes before sunset, how astute, when the pull of the gravitation with the suns specter areas makes that night and the following day more susceptible to the hazards. The ancient custom of blowing trumpets to hasten all indoors at the approaching Sabbath has been revived today in modern Israel and so it should be. this is a very mandatory part of healthful living with respect for body and future offspring.


However, not all of Israel observes the trumpets or Sabbath, in fact, most do not, as they forget that "It is a sign between me and the children of Israel for ever," as one of the Gods so said.


But the Lord also said not to mix in marriage which is why not everyone in Israel observes it: too bad so many were influenced in Europe and too bad so many Hyskos abounded here in these ancient times who falsely embraced Hebraism. Kosher meals at Sabbath should reflect a special effort to rebuild the life-sustaining blood but bread is now white and full of yeast when matzah should be a daily affair (I am afraid the Lord is pulling your leg to have it observed only at Passover!).


Yeast especially make us most attractive to radiation as it upsets our electromagnetic flows. Sabbath also brings the family together but here too the reasons are slightly changed. When the Gods were careering about, the temple was a sanctuary in all the cities they founded where the men met. Special meals were served and reverence for one another observed.


They met together in oratory and discussed the issues at hand. Were the 'divine me's' discussed? Need they be?


The Torah would never have to be discussed if people did not have a problem of retaining it in their hearts. In ancient times, the woman was heralded in the home, with the traditional hymn, "Esher Chayil" - "a good woman." But like most women, now that they have bred with white Europeans, Jewish women are very androgynous.


Things have certainly changed when women refrained to enter the temple and stayed at home and saw to it the proper observant meals for Sabbath were cooked. The temple was the domain of those who had attained moral purity, not those seeking it. Egyptian temples were the same, hieroglyphics expound the fact the person is only allowed when perfection has already been attained, not before! I am afraid the Gods would be much saddened by churches today which, like Siva, welcome sinners.


Only people can help themselves, you cannot be little children forever, clinging to your 'father' who art in the heavens looking down and having the biggest laugh this world had every seen. God laughs, the Gods, don't.

Ancient Hebrews were well aware of the therapeutic use of herbs and the smelling of spices at Sabbath. Oils used for the Sabbath lamp were mainly sesame and olive oil. both purifying oils which cleansed the air of any foreign substance. Sesame was used by the Egyptians to prolong life. Flax was used as wicks, again the purest cloth known that inhibits bacterial growth in the lungs.

I cannot for the life of me understand why the aroma of burnt bull or lamb mixed with flour and oil would be pleasing to the Lord. The Feast of Wicks and the Feast of Triumphs each have offerings of meat, meal and oil. Why would they use smoke signals to the Lord? Smoke may be the key. If signals were blocked by the Anunnaki, perhaps the Nibiru could not pick up the actions of their people under normal circumstances and they picked them up by using thermal sensory devices as we use today.


Wine and oil were used as they were in the tabernacle to enhance the heat content, but they could also be used here to diffuse electric fields. The heavy fat and mineral content would have, from the fat and meat, produced a dense smoke. Unlike the seemingly dietary rules in cutting up certain parts of the animal for ingestion, here the entire animal is burned.


Like an Egyptian medical prescription, the amounts used were to be exact,

 "with the bull prepare a groin offering' of three-tenths of an ephah of fine flour mixed with oil, with the ram, two-tenths, and with each of the seven lambs, one-tenth.


Include one male goat as a sin offering to make atonement for you. These are in addition to the monthly and daily burnt offerings with their grain offerings and drink offerings as specified."


"They ore offerings mode to the Lord by fire - a pleasing aroma."

Either the Lord has anosmia or there is indeed a method in his madness here!


Note the use of a male goat for the testosterone would create a very dense smoke, whereas the lambs would have considerable lanolin which would produce another type of heat. No wonder they used so much incense!


But it certainly would have been ingenious to use as a substitute if one were trying to locate the people who had to be constantly on the move in a war situation. The lanolin would also help defray radiation as it does for the sheep and keep the area from catching fire.


In the Feast of Atonement in Leviticus we can learn more of just what transpired:

"the Lord spoke to Moses offer the death of the two sons of Aaron who died when they approached the Lord. The Lord said to Moses; "Tell you brother Aaron not to come whenever he chooses into the Most Holy Place behind the curtain in front of the atonement cover on the ark, or else he will die, because I appear in the cloud over the atonement cover.

"This is how Aaron is to enter the sanctuary oreo; with o young bull for a sin offering and a ram for o burnt offering. He is to put on the sacred linen tunic, with linen undergarments next to his body, he is lo tie the linen sash around him and pull on the linen turban. These ore sacred garments, so he must bathe himself with water before he puts them on. From the Israelite community he is to toke two mole goals for a sin offering and o ram for o burnt offering.

"Aaron is to offer the bull for his own sin offering to make atonement for himself and his household. Then he is to take the two goats and present them before the Lord at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. He is to cost lots for the two goats - one lot for the Lord and the other for the scapegoat.' Aaron shall bring the goat whose lot foils to the Lord and sacrifice it for a sin offering. But the goat chosen by lot as the scapegoat shall be presented olive before the Lord to be used for making atonement by sending it into the desert as o scapegoat.

"Aaron shall bring the bull for his own sin offering to make atonement for himself and his household, and he is to slaughter the bull for his own sin offering. He is to toke o censer full of burning cools from the altar before the Lord and two handfuls of finely ground fragrant incense and take them behind the curtain. He is to put the incense on the fire before the Lord, and the smoke of the incense will conceal the atonement over above the Testimony, so that he will not die. He is to take some of the bull's blood and with his finger sprinkle it on the front of the atonement cover; then he shall sprinkle some of it with his finger seven times before the atonement cover.

"He shall then slaughter the goat for the sin offering for the people and toke its blood behind the curtain and do with it as he did with the bull's blood: He shall sprinkle it on the atonement cover and in front of it. In this way he will make atonement for the Most Holy Place because of the uncleanness and rebellion of the Israelites, whatever their sins have been. He is to do the some for the Tent of Meeting, which is among them in the midst of their uncleanness. No one is to be in the Tent of Meeting from the time Aaron goes in to make atonement in the Most Holy Place until he comes out, having mode atonement for himself, his household and the whole community of Israel.

"Then he shall come out to the altar that is before the Lord and make atonement for it. He shall take some of the bull's blood and some of the goal's blood and put it on oil the horns of the altar. He shall sprinkle some of the blood on it with his finger seven times to cleanse it and to consecrate if from the uncleanness of the Israelites.

"When Aaron has finished making atonement for the Mast Holy Place. the Tent of Meeting and the altar, he shall bring forward the live goat. He is lo lay both hands on the head of the live goat and confess over it all the wickedness and rebellion of the Israelites - all their sins - and put them on the goal's head. He shall send the goal away into the desert in the core of o man appointed for the task. The goat will carry on itself oil their sins lo o solitary place; and the man shall release it in the desert.

Apparently, something had gone wrong with their calculations as to the ship above and the Tabernacle below as Aaron's sons had died before (which we shall go into later), and more precautions had to be observed.


Note the Lord appears as the radiation behind the curtain and warned Aaron to watch it! Do not be alarmed by the use of the blood which everyone is squeamish about, but blood here is doing the same thing it does within you. acts to buffer the effects of magnetism and keeps the area's static electricity stable, which also tells us again they were using electromagnetic power in their ships.


We should not be alarmed by the use of blood in any of these passages for even our Air Force in 1981, considered the use of "psychic shields" for their missile crewmen which would be activated by a drop of blood or a Jock of hair which is making these ancient medical and 'magic' formulas to appear to be not so bizarre after all.


Blood has all the ingredients. I refer you back to the beginning of the book, to defray harmful radiation. There is 'power in the blood' as the old song goes! However, this time they are smarter using a clever devise, the scapegoat, which would later be corrupted as it is here, into the belief the people's sins were taken away, but the only sin here is radiation.


The goat's use here is so obvious, just as we use animals today for radiation testing, as they wanted to avoid any further deaths. They removed him from the Most Holy Place, the Tent of Meeting and the altar, after seeing how he would fare and observed him in the desert in case of overexposure; he was then taken away from the people.


The truth of this really emerges when the man who lead the goat washes his clothes and body as Aaron did to remove any radiation and the animal offering leftovers were burned and the man who did that also had to wash.


Aaron washes before his duties to get rid of any static electricity, but after,

"then Aaron is lo go into the Tent of Meeting and lake off the linen garments he put on before he entered the Most Holy Place, and he is to leave them there. He shall bathe himself with water in o holy place and put on his regular garments. Then he shall come out and sacrifice the burnt offering for himself and the burnt offering for the people, to make atonement for himself and for the people.


He shall also bum the fat of the sin offering on the altar. The man who releases the goal as a scapegoat must wash his clothes and bathe himself with water; afterword he may come into the camp. The bull and the goat for the sin offerings, whose blood was brought into the Most Holy Place to make atonement, must be taken outside the camp; their hides, flesh and offal are to be burned up.


The man who bums them must wash his clothes and bathe himself with water; afterward, he may come into the camp."

This is all so blatantly spelled out I do not know how anyone could believe otherwise.

"On the tenth day of the seventh month you must deny yourselves and not do any work - whether native born or on alien living among you - because on this day atonement wilt be made for you, to cleanse you. Then, before the Lord, you. will be clean from all your sins. It is a sabbath of rest, and you must deny yourselves: it is o lasting ordinance."

(Lev. 16:29-34)

Did this pertain to combating the poisonous environment or is he speaking of some fluctuation in the earth's atmosphere, an unusually hazardous time?


We know Yom Kippur goes back to ancient Babylon, the term kippur means "to purge" or "wipe out," so the observance is archaic, even Canaanites observed it, again a reflection of their relationship to the Hebrews. But at that time they gave no reference to sin atonement with the scapegoat, but literally expelled the goat so the wrath of the Gods would not descend upon them!


Would you not have loved to have seen the original texts the Bible was taken from? Purim also is a Babylonian New Years Festival and relevant here as purim means "lot's" which the Gods under Siva drew to determine the fates of men. More revealing is the Book of Esther where Hebrews are singularly exterminated "from India even unto Ethiopia" by Haman of ha-Rashah, the Wicked who by lots determined who would be obliterated.


The Koran tells us (28:I) Haman was the Pharaoh who enslaved the Hebrews and headed the army! Is this not Siva or one of his kinsmen? The use of fasting, so prevalent in the Bible, may have significance here as well to purge oneself of the toxins.

In the Feast of Tabernacle, we have the same specific rules for a certain amount of grain and only certain animals used, and the number specified for each seven day offering. Since each day does fluctuate in magnetic resonances, this would matter. Just a little signal to those above that those below are still mentally competent.


Even ashes are carried to specific "ceremonially clean" areas, another indication that the waste may be contaminated. Two lambs, a year old, without defect are to be offered every day. One in the morning and one at twilight with a grain offering of an ephah, two quarts of flour mixed with a hin and a quart of olive oil.


Animals without defect had to be used for they would send pathogens through the air if so. Cereal offerings too were burned for the same reason without yeast, which sends harmful toxins, and without honey as it would only scorch.


In Lev. 2:4-10, it sounds more like the feeding of the Gods as Aaron and his sons received what was not burned. Lev. 2:11-13 is definitely a signal burnt offering for salt is added, the chloride in particular would add fuel to the fire, but we have learned since the Chernobyl accident in Russia that salt does have radiation detractors in it.


They may have set up smudge pots to fill the air around the camps with these 'offerings' as well. The Lord is very explicit about adding salt just as he is not to add yeast, both for certain signal offerings and particularly, what they consumed.


The Gods never ate yeast - it is too bad they never told their people not to on a steady basis. The famous Hunza people never eat yeast and live way past 100. It is a terrible drain on the system (more on this later). In the Peace Offerings, we see a combination of burning flesh and cereal for the air purification and the best of the animal flesh goes to Aaron and his sons.


All the fat was removed for burning, the choicest of flesh eaten. These restrictions on meat gives their Egyptian, or rather Nibiruian. heritage away. Meat was also eaten on the first day. never any leftovers. However, with the Freewill Offering meat could be eaten the second day for bacteria starts forming the moment air reaches it, so this is a curious passage and may be a change from the original.


In Lev 7:19-21 more stringent warnings for keeping meat are stressed,

"meat that touches anything ceremonially unclean must not be eaten; it must be burned up. As for other meat, anyone ceremonially clean may eat it. But if anyone who is unclean eats any meat of the fellowship offering belonging to the Lord, that person must be cut off from his people. If anyone touches something unclean - whether human uncleanness or an unclean animal or any unclean, detestable thing - and then eats any of the meat of the fellowship offering belonging to the Lord, that person must be cut off from his people."

Whoever composed the dietary restrictions in Deuteronomy, knew their hygiene, which seems a little out of place if we are to believe people less intelligent than we lived at this time as most people today are not this clean.


The cutting and preparation of meat is very important for bacteria and spoilage cause cellular damage to the ingester and the lack of observance to these rules today shows on everyone's face. Leaving meat for only a few minutes after baking alone starts the process of breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates by the molds and bacteria that consume them which produces hydrogen, ammonia and carbon dioxide.


Hydrogen is not so much a problem but the latter two are introduced as free radicals that bombard and corrode our cellular structures. Of all the elements these two most contribute to our decay. (We can again include the admonition against yeast and alcohol which contributes to these evils also.)


Ammonia is an alkaline gas formed by decomposing nitrogen from the amino acids of the meat. With too much strain from this the liver soon weakens. Faint traces of ammonia are in everyone's blood but the more poorly cooked meat and yeasted foods eaten, the more there is.


No ammonia should really be in the blood. Ammoniemia is a common disease in older people when these 'faint' traces collect through life and retard an overtaxed liver. Ammonia is only produced by bacterial action in the intestinal tract, and the many neurological problems in newborns today, are a result of poor dietary observance.


Mental disturbances in motor control are created every time mother fries, roasts or boils your meat, or lets it set without prompt serving or gives you leftovers. - The lifeblood of her family is literally in her hands. Bacteria converts amino acids into very toxic chemicals some of which are mercaptans, one of the prime ingredients of skunk spray, and hydrogen sulfide gas, very toxic.


Many cannot today eat meat not fresh off the hoof, however, kosher meat often does not have such offensive problems. Cold storage only stops a minimal amount of bacterial retardation and oxidation still continues, only slower, but decay is still ail there. Freezing damages tissues with a great loss of nutrients. Fats from cooked meat oxidize the longer they set.


We saw in the last passage that unclean persons could not touch the meat nor if it touches anything unclean. Clean kitchens are a rarity from all the junk foods often prepared in them nowadays; molds abound. In most American homes it is not unusual to find bathrooms kitty-corner to the kitchen which up until the turn of the century, when indoor plumbing started, was considered quite barbaric. The potato chips on the counter are such a carcinogenic from the oxidized fat that molds dive-bomb them like ducks on a June bug.


The milk you spilled left a film of bacteria from the already myriad strains it picked up since leaving the cow. Louis Pasteur aside. He only killed tubercle bacilli; Salmonella.


Streptococcus and Burcella; he could not kill the thousands of other spores it attracts on its way to the market and in your refrigerator. Operating a healthy kitchen is not for a lazy or ignorant woman, which is why they go out to work! The only garments which should be worn when cooking are those of linen or cotton which do not attract so much bacteria, nor allow any of the cook's to get on the foods.


Unbreathable polyester, made for the lazy woman whose area in clothes maintenance are as bad as her cooking, is a magnet to pathogens. The little critters are free to create colonies in the anaerobic cloth and thus spread. The tight cotton blue jeans the androgen wears cling to her body allowing no heat to circulate so she creates a circus of bacteria and molds which is another reason dresses are so beneficial to both her and the ones she loves.


Enterotoxins are a great problem, ruining mucosal cells of the gastrointestinal tract, which causes a variety of stomach ailments in the many so-called flu-like viruses children have to pancreatitis in adults. Food poisoning and disease can be a rapid process or take two hours, or a slow decay of thirty years later.


The fast food burger you bought today that sat on the shelf was like an atomic bomb to your poor stomach and when you add that the meat has no doubt been cooked in lard and eaten with white bread and a soft drink or milk and 'super-saturated' fries, you might just as well have stood in the middle of Hiroshima.


Another reason many people relish heavy fatted food is the sugar they eat decreases the metabolic action of pancreatic juice and saliva. Fats in foods such as meat actually stimulate saliva flow but if gastric juices cannot keep up with the heavy flow, fat and carbohydrates are not properly utilized, more saliva through more fat is needed, the pancreas is then overtaxed.


I am afraid the Lord would lose his mind in the average American fast-food restaurant trying to find someone 'ceremonially clean' much less the food! All this contributes to diabetes, depression, mental disturbances as well as a decrease in immunity.


Mumps, a popular childhood disease, is a direct result of poor nutrition through sugar absorption and the weakening affect of bacterial infested foods while mother stands by wringing her hands wondering why. So, she just goes out the door to work, frustrated at being a housewife and mother, or shall we say failure.

*n Lev. 7:28-36, Aaron and sons receive the best parts, the breast part of the animal, for lactic acid is not built up in white meat.


This is why wild meat such as duck is offensive to many people for the wild; flavor of dark meat is rich in myoglobin for muscles that are always on the move. This is another reason grazing animals, unlike duck, are not forbidden in the dietary laws for they are not on the move all the time, and make haste only when threatened. Wild ducks are constantly on the move while their barnyard chums have plenty of white meat, only dark in the legs.


The birds off limits in the Bible are all very mobile.

There was a restriction not to eat the thigh which is very sound for the sciatic nerve and its high magnetic properties produces a concentration of oxalic acid in this active muscle. The thigh of lamb has 10+ milligrams per 100 grams which is very high. Since the human body cannot use it, it must go to the trouble of extracting it and only calcium will do that which it either robs from the circulating calcium or from your bones.


The kidney and gallbladder are taxed because they must stimulate the calcium to form calcium oxalate crystals which if you have too much oxalate, kidney stones develop. Spinach long regarded as healthful is not because of its high oxalic acid which only retards development in the young and taxes the old. Pepper has often been prohibited by religions for the same reason, oxalic acid.


Coca-cola, coffee and chocolate abound in it. Healthful living is a daily responsibility to keep the body as homeostasic as possible for there will always be times when you need your reserves which may not be there if you have recklessly abused your body.


As to the equation of Jacob's injured sciatic nerve to not eating the thigh, this is just another corruption of these histories although the Veda has a story very similar to the Bible's.

In Lev 17:I-7. the Lord does not want the sacrifices killed in the field but brought to the tabernacle to be slaughtered, the priest handling the job. Here they no doubt practiced "Shechita." ritual slaughter, which I would like to study once again in the area of uric acid, as lactic acid has already been mentioned. This is another poison if not kept to a minimum, overwhelms our systems.


Purines, another off-product, are in many foods, highest in meats with whole grain cereals, beans, peas containing it also, which is why vegetarians cannot say their foods are totally beneficial either. When Amerindians fasted for the hunt, it was to rid them of uric acid both from meat and grains so the animals would not pick up this telltale sign of man. Uric acid is synthesized from these foods as a toxic waste, eliminated by the body.


Our animals today are very heavy in their saturated fat content because of poor feeding and fats interfere with excretion of urates, thus their meat is overloaded, the balance is off. Humans whose diets are too fatty and sugared have excessive uric acid also as it overloads the kidneys causing pathologies. Gout and arthritis are common diseases of increased acid and everyone shows uric acid buildup by their early maturation rates.


Ritual slaughter brings the uric content down to very negligible levels if the animal has been raised properly. Any nitrogenous elements such as creatinine, xanthine, hypoxanthine, form uric acid.


Animals with uric acid in their meat are showing pathogenic signs for they are to have only ruicase, an enzyme present in the liver and kidneys, which oxidizes uric acid into allantoin and carbon dioxide. Allantoin is used to heal wounds. Man is not capable of synthesizing uric acid so he has a brain to keep him from falling to such ruin, but a poison to remind him to get back on the track if he would only read the signs. But animals will skip this process and produce pure uric acid if man leads his cattle to poor eating habits.


Anyone familiar with the pungent smell of goats and dairy cows can tell the farmer has let his herds become stressed and fed poorly. Cows do not like humans milking them and have to be enticed by food which stresses them and add the poor feed and you have those wonderful barnyard smells. Public urinals tell us of the poisons man consumes through poor meat and refined foods.


Most animal feeds are synthetic with urea-carbohydrate formulas instead of natural protein.


Synthetic drugs such as Stilbestrol is used to increase weight and is a cause of leukemia and cysts in animals and man. 98% of all feeds have additives of one description or another. Kidney disease in children (now needing transplants) and bladder stones are all indicative of the parents very poor knowledge of eating habits to quell uric acid and since they themselves had poor organs they are passing these weaknesses down the line and younger people are experiencing them.


This is one reason "Shechira" is so vital to stop the putrefactive bacteria, a fancy name for colon germs, which when the animal is dead these leach through the colon walls into the flesh which is why the animals must be bled instantly. This is bacteria from manure, in other words which you are eating, if Shechita was not done, and another reason colon cancer is so on the rise. You are also then a host for parasites.


A four-once tenderloin has over 3 billion microbes. Beware of very tender meat for it is well over a day old, usually the store variety is 2 - 4 weeks; tenderizing is done by the microbes who break the fibers down.


Better a fresh, tough piece of meat, easily tenderized with the proper seasonings such as papaya, than consume a garden variety of microbes you are going to have to live with for years. Most meat is tough to Americans because of poor dental health and very weak masseter muscles from underdeveloped cranial bones and weak parotid and salivary glands.


Meat has only attained a bad reputation because of man's ignorance. It is the most healthful food but it requires time and knowledge to attain those benefits. It would also be better if we could go back to Long Horn's (some people are) and buffalo, the natural cattle instead of these genetic monstrosities as white-faced, angus, etc.


Vegetarians are slow in movement and thought, the men downright scrawny and the women usually overweight or the other gamut, beanpoles as the men. They are very prone to suggestion because they lack so many nutrients and age very rapidly. Most of the eastern religions that espouse it have their out-of-body experiences mainly because of their lack of B-complex and iron.


Hitler, the most infamous of vegetarians, was such a success because the German people were so malnourished after World War I and the Depression, they were easy prey for anyone with promises. You would be too if you were starving; the power of food is amazing! He promised a chicken in every pot, he just did not tell they may not have a window to throw it out of!

The Sin Offerings make no sound sense unless they were used as the other sacrifices for one cannot rid sins by burning them, but it does have this psychological ploy for the narrow-minded who can also wash their sins away, so they believe, or as the scapegoat. So, this may have been a corruption from its original purpose.


This could have been more of Siva's handiwork for the poor could not afford a lamb, so they gave their precious grain instead. Pigeons were used as well, but if you could not afford them the grain would do! Of course the priests got to eat the dove and some of the cereal, so according to this, God's families were denied their portion very selfishly.


Perhaps they were the Hyskos whom neither God cared about. Only in the courtyard, which always sounds like a dining area, could it be eaten. Perhaps the hordes of Hyskos would have become embittered had they seen the 'chosen' so well-fed.

The Special Offerings in Numbers again makes no sense, particularly that of the murder. Here, a heifer, never worked nor yoked, is led to a valley where no plowing or planting has been done, where the neck of the poor creature is broken in atonement if the culprit is unknown. (Ever notice how the animals are really taking a beating in these times? What wretches!)


There is no sense to this unless one is dealing with a bunch of children. Other rules that seem contradictory are in Lev.22:17-25 where again no animals with defects, "maimed or anything with warts or festering or running sores, are used."


We can assume it will not be eaten by the Lord, but a freewill offering is allowed. Perhaps they were used as scapegoats. The Lord rightfully warns against using animals raised by other peoples, a clear indication and concern for the proper feeding and environment for their animals others were not observing.


Again, the restriction on castrated or animals with "bruised, crushed, torn or cut" testicles for castrated animals have a massive uric and lactic acid buildup, as in eunuchs. which is why the latter are so big from adipose and hyperplastic tissue, as testosterone helps distribute fat cells. Many men today lack testosterone because of poor diets and are out of proportion and overweight.

The Lord was a gourmet for in Lev.22:26-28, he allows calves, lambs or goats to remain with the mother seven days and then are fit for consumption. They were eating veal, the best cut of meat there is for it has virtually no fat! Even today in the U.S., veal is hard to come by as Germans can attest to. Wiener-Snitzel - food of the Gods!, Lev.22:29.30, warns again that food must be eaten the same day while Ex.23:18 warns of no blood sacrifices or ones containing yeast.


Apparently the Hyskos were getting restless by all the blood! It can be easily fathomed that many could not understand what was occurring, or let it go to their very suggestive heads. In Lev 24:I-4, the Lord asks that pressed olive oil be burned continuously in the Tent of Meeting, specifically outside the Curtain of Testimony.


Again, oil is a miscible substance, perfect for purifying the air by cutting down static electricity as it curtails any humidity present which was very dangerous here. The glycerol of the oil performs this function also. If you add alcohol, it becomes water soluble which may be the reason for the wine offerings for whatever reason they wanted it for. Also the iodine from the oil would have benefited.

Lev. 24:5-9. speaks of showbread and presents it as 12 loaves of bread placed on a table of pure gold for the Lord and to be done "Sabbath after Sabbath." Aaron and his sons are to eat of it. On a bas-relief from Karnak, the showbread (also called shew-bread) is in the form of a cone, with the seventh cone reading "white bread" meaning silver.


There are also 30 cones of gold and 24 of malachite, all represented as showbread. Was showbread an instrument, later confused as loaves of bread? I think you can see how easy these translations can be altered, and why we cannot take the writings of the Bible at face value. If they were pyramidal cones this is significant as they may have been electromagnetic conductors, battery like, which were placed on the table.

I cannot understand why the priests were not to shave their heads or faces in Lev 21:5-6 for more radiation would be attracted to the face and they certainly had other ways of distracting it. Priests of Egypt were usually bald and always barefaced.


In Lev 21:16-24, no one mentally or physically deformed, crippled in foot or hand, hunchbacked or dwarfed, or who had eye defects, sores or damaged testicles can approach the altar or sanctuary which is obvious for since they must have had such dangerous articles here, no one who does not have full control of body processes does not of mind either.


They always were cognizant of the fact that a defect somewhere in the body told of overall weakness which is a biological fact. All in all, I do not think the Ennead would have been the type of people who sanctioned charities or helped the diseased or malformed for they knew the people were responsible and were paying for their 'sins' and if they did not heed them, then they would never learn for they were incapable of cognizance. Indra and Siva on the other hand, would have welcomed them for they were pawns in their hands.


Weak bodies, weak minds. Mens sana in corpore sano and mea culpa to the Ennead, but with the Anunnaki, the Lord will do it for you and wondrously wash sins away - you only have to die for it...

The Hebrew term for leprosy encompassed a myriad of skin ailments and did not refer exactly to leprosy, a chronic, communicable disease caused by acid fast Mycobacterium. It is again hard to believe a people on their type of diets were susceptible to such diseases unless other agencies were weakening them.


The Hawaiians never experienced it until the advent of refined foods which lowered immunity to these germs which are always around us. Many animals such as the armadillo of Louisiana have the organism found on them. There are probably a multitude of M. Leprae varieties. This may be another reason the Lord restricted touching the "weasel, the vat, any kind of great lizard, the gecko, the monitor lizard, the skink and the chameleon," (Lev. 11:29-38).


We cannot deny they had outbreaks of leprosy, but the descriptions given seem to point to something else and the outbreaks had to come from a weakening caused by something other than food. In Lev. 14:I-9. this cannot be a description of leprosy where a priest accompanies a man to the outside of the camp with two live birds and cedar wood, scarlet yarn and hyssop.


One of the birds is killed over water in a clay pot, the other bird is dipped in its blood with the yarn, wood and hyssop and then he sprinkled the inflicted with it, thus the patient is cleansed. One just cannot cure leprosy this quickly, but you can rid someone of a minor dose of radiation. The person then had to wash his clothes, and the clincher, shave off all his hair and bathe and has to remain outside the camp for seven days, after which he must shave off all remaining hair and wash his clothes and bathe again.


Then, he is permitted back.


I do believe the translation was a little confused concerning the birds, but all the ingredients are here to rid someone of radiation, the water, clay, hyssop which purges the intestines (David was not kidding when he said to purge him with hyssop to make him clean!), cedar which purifies the blood, shaving all the hair and bathing. The scarlet yarn I cannot figure.

One of the outstanding examples of radiation exposure is that of King Uzziah, who after conquering the Edomites, Philistines. Arabians and Mehunims, entered the temple to burn incense.


He was warned by Azariah and eighty other priests that such a dedication could be made only by them, those related to Aaron in other words, the people of the Ennead:

"It is not right for you, Uzzioh, to burn incense to the Lord. That is for the priests, the descendants of Aaron, who have been consecrated to burn incense. Leave the sanctuary, for you have been unfaithful; and you will not be honored by the Lord God. Uzziah, who had a censer in his hand ready to bum incense, became angry.


While he was raging at the priests in their presence before the incense alter in the Lord's temple, leprosy broke out on his forehead. When Azariah the chief priest and all the other priests looked at him, they saw that he had leprosy on his forehead, so they hurried him out. Indeed, he himself was eager to leave, because the Lord had afflicted him.


King Uzziah had leprosy until the day he died. He lived in o separate house - leprous, and excluded from the temple of the Lord."

(2 Kgs. 15:5a)

We know the Hebrew word for leprosy does not mean that word proper, but any breaking out of the skin.


In fact, the word is used because it is handy as no one has been able to decipher what is really meant but King Uzziah did not have leprosy! It does spell acute radiation exposure, for leprosy does not come on this fast but is a progressive disease which has radiation type lesions and skin necrosis. I will bet old Uzziah was eager to leave!


It sounds like a local injury which in the first transient wave caused burning and itching but could also have been a transepidermal injury with blistering and erythema with ab igne complications. With 500 rads of immediate exposure (500 rads is fatal), which seems possible with the ark, a third degree burn is likely with prompt and intense pain which sounds like the King's problem for they had to hurry him away as his 'leprosy' was immediate.


They secluded him, for injuries such as this bring accompanying epilation and abdominal injury with progressions until death. He must have met a horrible demise. His son Jotham, who then reigned, refused to set foot in the temple. His son Ahaz then ruled next, who cast idols and worshiped Baal and even sacrificed his own sons in the fire.


Seems like the entire family went downhill when grandfather Uzziah stepped foot in the temple! Hezekiah, the next son in the reign, slaughtered I,000 bulls, 10.000 sheep and goats, which tells one whose God he was worshiping and whose army they were feeding, Siva's. By robbing the people of food they certainly were then easy prey to his manipulations.


The Lord God had ordered a thorough cleansing of all the temples and Hezekiah,

"smashed the scored stones and cut down the Asherah poles. He broke into pieces the sacred snake Moses had made, for up to that time the Israelites hod been burning incense to it."

(2 Kgs. 18:3-7).

You can believe the Hebrews were burning incense to this 'snake' which was probably some sort of cable or a communication devise or wiring, most likely, as the word used here translates to a bronze snake. Siva literally went on a scorched earth policy, destroying all lines of communication and destroying the food.


This is why it is so difficult to read the Bible where people flip from one God to the other and if you add EMR you have your answers.


They certainly did bizarre things as Isaiah in Isa. 20:I-2, where the Lord tells Hezekiah to totally strip and go around in that condition. Either the lord is perverted, which is certainly true in Siva*s case, or having a good laugh or had something else up his sleeve, for why would a man who preached chastity do such a thing? King Hezekiah would have to surrender to the King of Assyria at Lachish and a very peculiar thing occurs for he stripped all the gold off the doors and floor posts of the temple and gave it to his conqueror and then becomes ill.


They had used the gold to defray radiations so did this have something to do with this? Hezekiah is smote with a large boil or carbuncle and a prophet tells him he will soon die. From a boil? Boils are caused from a very poor diet and even in these times to die from something they could have easily cured, especially for a king, is questionable.


This was done with Figs as the Bible states, an excellent healing agent, particularly here, as they are very high in potassium and beta-carotene. The Lord had promised him he would add fifteen more years to his life if he would go to the temple. Hezekiah seems to have been caught in this Clash of the Titans, as one God smotes him and another tells him he will help him if he goes to the temple where God actually turns back the shadow on the sundial; alters time.


King Sennecherib is angered and then attempts to take Jerusalem and Hezekiah seems to be influenced by Siva to thwart them. Sennacherib tries to tell him he is under a spell, "he is misleading you, to lei you die of hunger and thirst." Hezekiah does not know who to turn to and neither do his priests and they all put sackcloth on and enter the temple.


Meanwhile, Isaiah says he will "put such a spirit" on Sennecherib that he will be cut down by the sword.


This says it all, Isaiah, under Siva's power, is now dishing out the same! Sennecherib warns Hezekiah,

"do not let the god you depend on deceive you when he says, 'Jerusalem will not be handed over to the king of Assyrio.' Surely you have heard what the kings of Assyria have done lo all the countries, destroying them completely. And will you be delivered? Did the gods of the nations that were destroyed by my forefathers deliver them: the gods of Gozan, Haron. Reseph and the people of Eden who were in Tel Assar? Where is the king of Hamaih, the king of Arpad, the king of the city of Sephorvoim. or of Hena or Iwah?"

(2 Kgs. 19:9-13)

The same place everyone had gone after Siva got through with them-to their tombs!


Hezekiah prays for help from god, and Siva obliges by having an "angel of the Lord" kill 185,000 of the enemy as they slept.

"When the people got up the next morning - they were oil dead bodies!"

(2 Kgs. 19:35-36).

Sennacherib withdrew of course, and was never heard of again. Hezekiah then pursues a life ruled by God.


This all leads us back to the Veda where these midnight murders are very common where it is obvious some force has been used to kill the men as they sleep. It was used very frequently. In fact, an incident very similar to this is cited as one of the may reasons the Gods of the Veda had "lost hope of victory" and finally abandoned the earth and since this story from the Bible occurs later, after the fall of Jerusalem, one is inclined to believe this was towards the end of the fighting.


The Veda confirms this stating,

"When I heard that Drona's son (Siva-A.N.) and the others had massacred the sleeping Pancalas and Dranpodi's sons and wrought a loathsome feat of infamy - then. Samjayo, I lost hope of victory."

Draupadi's sons were not killed as far as is known but the Pancalas were, a unit of their troops. It was a dastardly deed that no one 'holy' could have committed. The story continues, giving us more light into the Veda version of this affair.

"Ten days did Bhisma do battle, he who knew weapons extremely well. For five days Drona safeguarded the convoy of the Kurus. Kama, tormentor of enemy forces, fought two days, Salya lasted half a day. and so did the bottle of the bludgeons that followed.


And at the end of the same day Krtavorman Hordikyo, the son of Drono, and Krpa Gautama slaughtered the troops of Yudhisthira, who were sleeping unsuspectingly."

Krtavarman must be our "angel of the lord," the little devil! If you can imagine how confused these people were who had to contend with this it is no wonder the biblical histories are so contradictory.


One God tells you to do one thing, and another something completely different. Who's on first?! This dastardly deed was well told of and as stated seemed to have been one of the last straws for the Ennead. We will later see more of the Egyptian version of this and why radiation poison must have been employed.

Things start becoming more clear why Hezekiah (probably his grandfather also) was no doubt realizing the problem, and tried to put a stop to it but was struck down. According to ancient Rabbis he had the "Book of Recipes" the manual Solomon used to suppress his 'demons' (recall a few pages back). Siva would certainly try to retrieve it. The Rabbis stated he hid the book. He probably had the medical books as well.

The Rig Veda is a meshwork of references to weapons of nuclear bent and radiation as we have already seen.


The people are in constant fear of the Gods,

"If we humans have commuted some offense against the race of gods, O Varuna, or through carelessness have violated your laws, do not injure us, O god, for that sin."

You can imagine, just as Indra and Enlil had feared, how the people had to suffer when the gods made war with their particular type of weaponry. Varuna. being a title, makes it hard to decipher if it is Indra.


Siva, Rama or Enlil, however the following sounds like an appeal to Enlil or Rama:

"Let us be under your protection, for you have many heroes, Voruna our leader, and your word reaches far. You sons of Aditi, gods who cannot be deceived, consent to join us." 8

Every ritual and God in the Bible has its counterpart in the Veda's which are much more ancient The Priests of the Veda played their role as keepers of the temple with sacred food therein and were known as the Angirases.

"Now get dressed in your robes, lord of powers and master of the sacrificial food, and offer this sacrifice for us." 9

The people had to constantly discern good gods from bad.


As in the Bible, Siva (Yhwh), inspires worship through fear. In the following, the people plead that the disc not be taken away. We can see how it has caused disease and despair, as would be expected from a biochemical point of view, and the famous medicines to combat it are brought forth:

"Father of the Maruts, send your kindness here.


Do not cut us off from the sight of the sun. Let the hero spare our horses. O Rudra. let us be born again through our children. By those most healing medicines that you give, Rudra, I would attain a hundred winters. Drive hatred far away from ns, and anguish farther away; drive discuses away in all directions. Of what is born, you, Rudra, are the most glorious in glory, the strongest of the strong, with the thunderbolt in your hand. Carry us safely to the farther shore of anguish; ward off all attacks or injury.


We would not wish to anger you, Rudra the bull, by acts of homage or ill praise, or by invoking you together with another god. Raise up our heroes with your healing medicines; I hear that of all healers you ore the best healer." 10

This plea, presumably to Rama, is oft cited.


Only the people resourceful enough to dodge the oppositions madness with medicines were able to survive. In the following Veda plea, Savitr glories in his magnanimity and traps the people:

"This god Savitr, the driver, has risen up many times to good us on - this is his work. Now he apportions lo the gods the jewel, and to those who offer the oblation he gives a shore in happiness."

I do like the rest of this passage - note the reference to his parting waters and stopping time as we saw with Hezekiah and would see again:

"So that all will obey him, the god with broad hands stands upright and stretches out his two onus before him. Even the waters obey his command; even the wind stops in his orbit."

And the obvious line that Rama is losing.

"Even the one who travels with swift horses now unharnesses them: he has stopped even the wanderer from going on. He has put on end to the veracious hunger even of those who eat serpents. Night has come by Savitr's command."

Rama's forces, the 'snakes,' could not penetrate the power of Siva with his electromagnetic prowess.


Savitr is again a title for in the following we see his resemblance to Rama or Enlil, however the people could have been fooled into believing this; note the reference to the light skin, which gives this away as the Ennead were not of that shade.

"Golden-handed Savitr moves busily between the two, between sky and earth. He drives away disease and bids the sun approach; he reaches to the sky through the dark dust. Let the merciful and helpful Asura, the good leader with golden hands, come towards us. Routing the demons and sorcerers, the god to whom we sing has taken his place against the evening.


On your ancient paths, Savitr. that are dustless and well made in the middle realm of space, on those paths that are good to go on come to us today, and protect us, and speak a blessing on us, O god."

There is always confusion, as in the Bible, as to whom to worship to. In the following passage we see now the admiration and fear Rudra would inspire; he is hailed and cursed:

"Where is your merciful hand, Rudra, so healing and cooling, that removes the injury that comes from the gods? Have mercy on me. O bull. I send high praise to the high bull, tawny and white. I bow law in homage to the radiant one. We praise the dreaded name of Rudra." 11

This is most interesting as it parallel's the God of the Bible with his empty promises, for where is his mercy now they plead?


The people are confused for Rama would have given it and would have helped as he did after the Flood, but now, despite their pleas, no help comes from this God who promises fulfillment but just never comes through. Many soon discovered the duplicity of the God but the gods could no longer help as they were forced to leave, having to abandon their people to the mercy of one who used them to his own designs.


The Veda warns in places to be wary of those who say they hear from God or others, claiming to hear 'divine' inspirations, for it is the wrong party they hear from.


This does make sense, for surely the Ennead realized that their people are not in a situation to accept, or receive 'contact,' in whatever manner, which is why this latest craze such as the woman who hears from 'Ramtha' and other "channelers" are either mentally deranged or are actually hearing from these people who only confuse matters.


Giving the events of these times, I doubt the Ennead are in a position to contact us and if they ever do. it will be physically with none of these voices 'heard on high.' They warn constantly about having a sound diet so as not to be influenced and warn us such people are inflicted and being duped.


A good example of a "channeler" is the famous actress whose pathology is quite evident with her pale, freckled skin and red hair - she is hypothyroid.


She will be most likely to hear voices, see visions, on that premise alone. Add a poor diet, and you have double trouble. These people are easily influenced by electromagnetism. or any radiant forces, and are easy subjects we know from EMR experiments to set up for suggestion. If people in space, or from wherever, are taking advantage of this, they can tell them anything.


Whom do we trust today if they could not even trust them in antiquity?


One must remember, that it is the plan of the people who have taken this planet, as we shall see, to keep man subjugated. When our people contact us, if they ever do. it will not be by some mystical declaration, "I am your Space Brother," from some Buck Rogers sounding place. It will be a physical contact. It must be remembered no one can speak through ESP with someone they are not related to, the key to ESP. and any other thought transfer is through mechanical or biological means.


(By the latter I mean they could in their genetic superiority, influence one lower but the one receiving cannot transfer.)

I particularly find interesting the rest of these passages of the young Siva, now in command:

"Praise him, the famous young god who sits on the high seat, the fierce one who attacks like a ferocious wild beast. O Rudra, have mercy on the singer, now that you have been praised. Let your armies strike down someone rather than us... Let the weapon of Rudra veer from us; let the great malevolence of the dreaded god go past us.


Loosen the taut bows for the sake of our generous patrons; O bountiful one, have mercy on our children and grandchildren. O lawny and amazing bull. O god. do not become incensed or kill us. Be there for us, Rudra, and hear our call. Let us speak great words as men of power in the sacrificial gathering. "

Everything seems to be here the light skin, the long hair as we will next see all pointing to the wrong God.

"We bring these thoughts to the mighty Rudra, the god with braided hair, who rules over heroes, so that it will be well with our two-footed and four-footed creatures, and in this village oil will flourish unharmed. Have mercy on us. Rudra, and give us life-force. We wish to bow low in service to you who ride over heroes.


Whatever happiness and health Manu the father won by sacrifice, we wish to gain that with you. to lead us forth. We wish to gain your kindness, Rudra. through sacrifice to the gods, for you are generous. O ruler over heroes, come to our families with kindness. Let us offer the oblation to you with our heroes free from injury. We call down for help the dreaded Rudra who completes the sacrifice, the sage who flies. Let him repel far from us the anger of the gods; it is his kindness that we choose lo have.


Tawny boar of the sky, dreaded form with braided hair, we call you down and bow low. Holding in his hand the healing medicines that we long for. let him grant us protection, shelter, refuge."

Sounds like Set of the Egyptian texts with the reference to a boar.


Like the God of the Bible, he is gained respect only out of fear which is a vast difference to Rama and Enlil who gain it out of familial respect. They had better obey or else he would chastise them or let them wallow in their own misfortunes he brought down upon them.

In the following from the Veda's we have parallel's to Solomon's travails with the demons, from those who fly at night to his combating them with the stone, as the "dog-sorcerers." those of light skin, strike from the forces of Siva.


And here, we have the reference to the sorcerer whom the god of the Bible wished to kill for they may have been something more, people who had more insight, technicians of some sort, who could predict or knew the deeds that were to occur and Siva sought to be rid of them by saying they were cheap magicians, tricksters:

"let me die at once if I am o sorcerer, or if I have burnt up a man s span of life. Let the one who falsely calls me o sorcerer be cut off from ten heroes. The one who calls me a sorcerer, though I am not a sorcerer, or the one who says he is pure, though he is demonic - let Indra strike him with his great weapon.


Let him fall to the lowest depths under all creation. She who ranges about at night like an owl, hiding her body in a hateful disguise, let her fall into the endless pits. Let the pressing-stones slay the demons with their rumblings. Maruts, scatter yourselves among all the peoples. Seek out. grab, and crush the demons who become birds and fly about at night, the ones who have injured the sacrifice of the gods. Roll the stone from the sky. generous Indra. Sharpen it completely when some has sharpened.


From in front, from behind, from below, from above, strike the demons with the mountain. There they go! The dog-sorcerers are flying away. Viciously they wish lo harm Indra. who cannot be harmed.


Indra sharpens his weapon against the slanderers. Now let him loose his boll at the sorcerers. Indra shattered the sorcerers who snatched away the oblation and waylaid him. Indra splits them as an ax splits a tree, bursting apart the demons as if they were clay pots... Do not let the demon of the sorcerers get close to us.


Let the light blot out the fiends who work in couples. Lei the earth protect us from earthly anguish, and the middle realm of space protect us from the anguish of the sky... Let the idol worshipers sink down with broken necks; let them never see the rising sun." 12

Since both sides seem to have used idols for various purposes, it is hard to discern who this last passage refers to.


In part of this passage it is stated, "let the earth protect us from earthly anguish, and the middle realm of space prated us from the anguish of the sky," which seems to be a reference to the bouncing off of electromagnetic resonances from the outer atmosphere which causes havoc with the radiations from the earth.


In the following we have another enigma.

"Those that are in the future they say are in the past; those that are in the past they say are in the future. The things that you and Indra did, Soma, still pull the axle pole of space as though yoked lo it."

Again, a reference to their ability to upset the physical laws of the Universe? Poetical parlance, or factual? So many texts speak of their ability to do so. I am inclined to believe it.


They too revered and feared iron for, depending on its use, it can deflect or attract particular radiations. And. by lowering their resistance through food, Siva was able to make their blood less resistant to magnetic resonances, just as ours is today because of our devolution combined with malnutrition.

Among the Egyptians, Tutankhamen had a single iron dagger with a gold handle and a few small iron objects in his tomb. Amenophis III had a sacred iron knife with iron rings enclosed in gold and Akhenaten received iron rings covered with gold and a dagger with a blade of iron and a handle of precious stones, received from Tushratta of Mitanni.


The Hittites and Assyrians had much iron production, yet the Egyptians had none for obvious reasons; they certainly had the technology. The taboo existed to quite late times when Egyptians hired others to make iron products for them. Ramses II though seems to have had iron aplenty, so there is certainly discrepancies here that warfare of this kind would explain.


Solomon's further restriction of it in building the temple was probably because of the danger of iron filings which fly when iron tools are struck, for the least bit of iron present can be hazardous in such a situation. The Egyptians, however, used it theraputically, for it has been found in the tombs for reasons we will later find. Thutmosis III did something very prolific to our history here.


In the Temple of Amen in Thebes, a meteorite (presumably, so traditional history tells us) was held sacred and after capturing Jerusalem.

Thutmosis III had it made into a statue of Amen and took this through the Beth-Horum pass to the city. He ousted the 'gods' of Solomon and replaced them with his own. How clever that the statue was made of iron, for one could play all manner of deceptions with magnetic resonances and dupe a gullible public by making it speak and seem to move by hitting it with certain waves.

In the Vassal-Treaties of Esarhaddon of Sumer, we see,

"my Anu, king of the gods, rain upon all your houses disease, exhaustion, di'u-disease' sleeplessness, worries, ill health." 14

We have no idea what "di'u-disease" is, but its resemblance to radiation poison cannot be doubted.


The following is more revealing,

"May Sin, the luminary of heaven and earth, clothe you in leprosy and thus not permit you to enter the presence of god and king; roam the open country as a wild ass or gazelle!


May Shamash, the light of heaven and earth, not give you a fair and equitable judgment, may he take away your eyesight; walk about in darkness!


May Zarpanitu, who grants offspring and descendants, eradicate your offspring and descendants from the land. May Belet-ili, the Lady of all creatures, put an end to birth giving in your lands, so that the nurses among you shall miss the cry of babies in the streets.


May Adad, the canal inspector of heaven and earth, put an end to vegetation in your land, may he avoid your meadows and hit your land with a severe destructive downpour, may locusts, which diminish the produce of the land, devour your crops, let there be no sound of the grinding stone or the oven in your house, let barley rations to be ground disappear for you, so that they grind your bones, the bones of your sons and daughters instead of barley rations, and not even the first joint of your finger should be able to dip into the dough, may the (?) eat the dough from your troughs.


Mother shall bar the door to her daughter, may you eat in your hunger the flesh of your children, may, through want and famine, one man eat the other's flesh...


May Gula, the great physician, put illness and weariness into your hearts, cut unhealing sore in your body, so that you bathe in your own blood as if in water. May the Seven gads, the warrior gods, cause your downfall with their fierce weapons."

The "unhealing sore" and "bathing in one's blood" is cancer, and these passages reflect more attacks by the gods, I particularly found interesting the reference to the god who has care of the canals who will strike, if you will recall the Egyptian passages to those who had control of it.


And, the hallmark of these passages, the skin soon changes:

"Just as the... is... alive, so may, while your are alive your flesh, the flesh of your women, you sons and daughters... be... May they blacken your flesh/skin, the flesh/skin of your women, your brothers, your sons, and daughters with... pitch and naphtha...


May your flesh, the flesh of your women, your bothers, your sons and daughters be used up like the flesh of a chameleon...


Just as a honeycomb is pierced through and through with holes, so may holes be pierced through and through in your flesh, the flesh of your women, your brothers, your sons and daughters while you are alive."

This is a reference to either the loss of the disc and/or the results of radiation poison. It was hoped in these passages that the people would, by the "great gods of heaven and earth," come to detest oil and water, the very things that would have helped them.

One of the best Sumerian examples of a man struck down by the 'wrath of God' is the story of Ludlul Bel Nemeqi, who, "Will Praise the Lord of Wisdom."

In this tale he is in a panic as the gods have changed,

"The lord... the confusion... And the warrior Enlil..., his... My god has forsaken me and disappeared, My goddess has cut me off and stayed removed from me. The benevolent spirit who was always beside me has departed ..."


He is then struck down and "daily there is inflammation. I cannot stop going to the diviner and dream interpreter... When I lie down at night my dream is terrifying."

He is thusly attacked with EMR and cannot understand why the gods have forsaken him.


He reached them through some sort of mental telepathy before, by standing to "pray" as Hebrews did, but now they do not respond.

"Even though I staid praying they... against me. They gather together telling things that ought not be said."

"They then plant very hideous notions in him."

Thus the first,

"I have made him want to end his life."

The second says.

"I made him vacate his post. Likewise the third, I shall take over his position."

"Their hearts rage against me and they are ablaze like fire... I, whose lips always prattled, have become like a mute. My hearty shout is reduced to silence, my proud head is bowed to the ground. "

They accomplish their deed by removing him from command, taking his physical and mental prowess, and we see a man very much falling from the evils of EMR:

"My arms, though once strong, are... I, who used to walk like a proud man, have learned lo slip by unnoticed... If I walk the street, fingers are pointed at me; If I enter the palace, eyes blink. My own town looks on me as an enemy;... I moan like a dove all day long... My eyes are... through constant weeping, my lower eyelids are swollen from ceaseless tears..."

A year passes and he is still suffering and he cannot figure why the people are now subservient to this new god,

"when starving they become like corpses, when full they oppose their god. In good limes they speak of scaling heaven, when they are troubled they talk of going down to hell. I am perplexed at these things: I have not been able to understand their significance."

Nor many today, but the atmosphere was changing, biochemistries could not except what was occurring and minds were blurred, losing the ability to cope.

"As for me, exhausted, a windstorm is driving me on! Debilitating Disease is let loose upon me: An Evil Wind has blown from the horizon, headache has sprung up from the surface of the underworld, an evil cough has left its Apsu, the Irresistible Demon has left Ekur, The Lamashtu-demon came down from the Mountain, cramp set out with... flood, Weakness breaks through the ground along with the plants.


They all joined in and came on me together, they struck my head, they enveloped my skull; my face is gloomy, my eyes flow. They have wrenched my neck muscles and made my neck limp, they struck my chest, beat my breast, they affected my flesh and made me shake, in my epigastrium they kindled a fire, they churned up my bowels,... they... my causing the discharge of phlegm, they tired out my lungs.


They tired out my limbs and made my fat quake. My upright stance they knocked down like a wail, my robust figure they laid down like a rush,... the alu-demon has clothed himself in my body as with a garment; sleep covers me like a net, my eyes stare straight ahead, but cannot see, my ears are open, but cannot hear. Feebleness has overcome my whole body, an attack of illness has fallen upon my flesh.


Stiffness has taken over my arms, weakness has come upon my knees, my feel forget their motion. A stroke has got me; I choke like someone prostate. Death has approached and has covered my face. If someone is concerned about me. I am not even able to answer the one who inquires. My... weep, but I cannot control myself.


A snare is laid on my mouth. And a bolt keeps my lips barred. My "gale" is barred, my "drinking place" blocked, my hunger is... my windpipe constricted. I eat grain as though it were a vile thing... Through not eating, my looks have become strange. My flesh is flaccid, and my blood has ebbed away. My bones look separated, and are covered only with my skin.


My flesh is inflamed, and the... disease has afflicted me. I have taken to a bed of bondage; going out is a pain... a whip full of needles has struck me... all day long the tormentor torments me, and at night he does no! let me breathe easily for a minute. Through twisting my joints are parted, my limbs are splayed and knocked apart.


I spend the night in my dung like an ox, and wallowed in my excrement like a sheep. My symptoms are beyond the exorcist, and my omens have confused the diviner. The exorcists could not diagnose the nature of my sickness...

How similar this all sounds to Solomon's problems with the people and as we shall see in Egyptian maladies.


His mind clouded, he drifts to paranoia. Edema of the glottis has made the submucosa of his larynx inflame, causing loss of voice and a feeling of suffocation, his head to the ground as he stated. His heart is weak as the cardiovascular and central nervous system is attacked. His eyes and lower eyelids are swollen from acute circumscribed edema.


He is most stymied by the turn of events as the gods change to a singular god, "where have humans learned the way of a god?" he says. He also states that his friends will have their "Sun God" for "mercy," which he seems not to care about, who in its case would be Markuk or Siva. Siva had to quell their ambitions of "scaling the heavens" as he would do many times. His headache and coughing worsens as oropharyngeal lesions set in and the "exorcist" cannot help him.


The mucosa of his cranial sinuses are creating imbalances as they fill with fluid; he has difficulty with his cervical muscles. The central nervous system has weakened so that ataxia has set in. In an effort to expel the poison, diarrhea has set in. His vision is blurred, and ears deafened by mastoid inflammation. Oliguria, because of water retention in tissues and diarrhea, has caused fat deposits.


Swallowing is difficult, his "drinking place blocked." as the lesions increase. It seems word for word with Solomon's passages we covered. His flesh is burned, inflamed, atrophy of the skin, all delayed radiation effects. We also see him susceptible to weather patterns and ionization as he weakens which is reminiscent of Egyptian complaints of the congested nose.


However, when he was about to succumb, a "remarkable priest came," and poured water over him and his "illness was over" after the priest "recited the life-restoring incantation, and massaged my body."


And sounding like the man with the nose problem in Solomon's time, the priest "drove away the Evil Wind to the horizon, to the surface of the underworld he took the Headache," and sent his cough to the "Apsu," his eyes no longer cloudy, his ears and throat passages opened.


His "gullet, which was swollen so that it could not take in food," improved, and most interesting, the priest trimmed his fingernails, "as if expelling a tabooed woman," Fingers and fingernails would be objects of much attention in Egyptian passages - why?


Because they contain a great deal of zinc, or at least healthy ones do, but that attracts unstable radiation as lakes and seas do. In radiation injury, the fingernails should be cut immediately. "He drove out their fatigue and made their... good." At the end, he said it was Marduk who helped him, but this is unlikely. We must remember the corruption of the translations and the fact the man battled himself with his loyalties.


At the end of the passages, it is said that it was Marduk who made the enemy "drop his weapon."



"the Babylonians saw how Marduk restores to health."

But even more importantly,

"Marduk can even restore to life someone already in the grave... Humanity, all of it, gives praise to Marduk!"

No, this cannot be Marduk, (Siva) though they all had the knowledge to restore life to the dead. Unfortunately, humanity praises the one who gives death... Amen.

The altering of minds with EMR is a new ploy governments around the world and even private citizens, sorry to say. have used with these resonating devices. All the texts give us a clear indication of microwave sickness and fallout. The bizarre images these people saw were often just microwave madness. The brilliant lights and visions often reported today, and presumably back then, is so reminiscent of the "phosphene effect," where 60hz and 8700 gauss magnetic bars held at the temples create light sensations in an absolutely dark room or a brightly lit one.


A severe lack of iron or B-complex can cause this, as well as hypnosis or drugs as the minds electromagnetic charges are disturbed. Again, vegetarians are prone to these and out-of-body experiences, and women in particular, vegetarian or not, as their systems are much weaker from menstruation. When these experiences, or rather pathologies, occur, they are actually perceiving a static magnetic field and patterns of all geometric shapes can be seen.


Even blind people can be made to see them but what people think is euphoric, is the mind enable to make sense of the fields and correct the vision. If we were to see every field that bombards us every second we would lose our minds because we could not cope in our environment. Today, we have problems with people experiencing buzzing or clicking at the back of the head or other unusual auditory sounds from microwaves. It is feared behavior is altered as well, as the brain tissues always swell.


That the sensation is at the rear of the head may be because the pineal gland, rich in iron, magnesium, nitrogen and chlorophyll, is most affected as it seems to be highly magnetic. And a chemical here, porphyrin, is most sensitive to causing mental destruction. Studies altering animal behavior are numerous with EMR and other radiations.


Automatic drive is changed and their behavior attitudes towards everything from feeding to mating patterns confused.


Studies of electromagnetic fields on human brain tissue using EMR, induced significant changes in the ionic electrochemistry of the brain and influencing, of course, hormonal patterns as well. Letting children sit before TV sets will contribute to a precocious puberty.

It has been suggested that any EMR wave, whether accidental or induced, (the latter used at a prime area of the brain to influence the subject) may become stored as energy within the cells themselves.


Chemical oscillations, from any stimuli, among globular proteins and surrounding ions and water, create a weak polar ground state. Calcium, as an electrical conductor throughout the body, sends the message to every cell. We are entering another reason for the feasibility of genetic memory. These chemical reactions cause 'vibrations,' each different, depending on the stimuli, like a tape recording (actually our cells are nothing more than mini tape recorders).


Ostensibly, like any other physical inheritance, these 'recordings' can be passed on as well.


Other chemical, visual or auditory stimuli, can trip them. Calcium seems to be the chemical that triggers these 'memories' of past events, and if, as it appears, that this is a chemical basic to memory, genetic memory is then true. Reincarnation is merely peoples picking up their ancestors thoughts, from places they visited to books they read or conversations they had.


I have often wondered why many people when they are weaned from refined foods that strips calcium, they often begin receiving memories of past events they misleadingly take for reincarnation.


Nonetheless, EMR as well as many of our ancestors past encounters, may be firmly planted in our heads and we must be clever enough to decipher them. Many a religious fanatic could be tripped by memories of these times, as well as causing many mental problems. Our brains are very susceptible while in the womb, not as safe as we once thought, for the slightest jar or wrong move the mother makes (another reason she has no business on the job while pregnant, or exercising) the fetus is apt to suffer a concussion and the vibrations of this alone can be felt for a lifetime as well as accompanying mental pathologies.


It is much like in surgery today. Researchers are trying to convince surgeons they must be quiet during surgery and not act like an imbecile out of MASH, as the patient's subconscious picks up everything said.


Patients have been lost merely because a careless surgeon implanted a suggestion as "I don't think he'll make it," into the patient.


Even someone yelling or just speaking mildly can be picked up by a fetus, and it is believed the ovum can as well as it is the matrix. Often schizophrenics who hear someone bellowing at them is merely when the father yelled at the mother while the fetus was developing.

In EMR. the microwave produces a thermoelastic expansion of brain tissue which causes an acoustic pressure wave detected by the hair cells in the organ of Corti in the cochlea. Studies have shown that stress reactions in those areas expand to high levels, with different behavioral responses as depression, fatigue, nausea, headaches. Many people can perceive microwaves to the point of suffering which is ridiculed at by some researchers, but they fail to realize many people are susceptible if they are weak in blood constituents.


Everyone today is bothered to some extent as we all have experienced ringing in the ears, etc.

I constantly get the impression that the Ennead have the powers to use their own minds to communicate without electronic gadgetry, or even use extrasensory weapons. Whereas the Anunnaki must have high-tech equipment to achieve what they lost in physical sensories. And here, like today, is where a great deal of their trouble began.


The Ennead used crystal, a stable element, not harmful to lifeforms for it is the matrix from which they developed. The Anunnaki used fuel which the Pandava tried to always destroy, as well as their microwave resonances.


The Pandava were it seems, excellent 'magicians,' well versed in what we today call the paranormal, but science is finding is nothing more than a sound knowledge of the forces of the universe. Probably one of the most remarkable findings today is the so called, "psychic generators," a true phenomenon. Patents have been granted in both the U.S. and Europe.


It is also known as psionics and research has been done by such universities as Yale and Columbia, and companies as Dow Chemical as well as the Soviet Academy of Science, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell at his Institute of Noetic Science and by Mankind Unlimited of Washington, D.C. when it was charted by Dr. Werner Von Braun.


It is based on the energy that surrounds every atom of the universe. (The ancients tell us nothing is dead, not even a rock.) Many psychics use them, as the electromagnetic energies of the mind can literally be fed into the machine which transmits the waves as a substitute for what the body can no longer do.


Psychokinesis can even be done with it. We are delving here into what physicists are coming to acknowledge, that ESP and even voodoo are quite possible if one can merely "tune in' to the forces emanating from another object or being, just as we tune in a radio station.


One of the miraculous things that can be accomplished is to improve crops for if insects are a problem, insecticide is placed on a leaf on (he collector plate of the machine, and within 48 hours the insects are dead or leave! The machines are said to account for the levitation that was reported in these ancient times, It all operates on Einstein's theory that matter and energy are the same, and as pointed out, cells receive and emit these vibrations continuously, it is called life and it comes in many forms from rock to hair.


Everything you touch you imprint with your own force, and the longer you have it the more vibrant the force which is why a good psychic can read the emotional state of someone from a personal object.


There is no magic, no trick, it is all very natural, not supernatural. We can now understand how the 'witchdoctor' can take someone's hair or some personal object and by concentrating on it, can do what he pleases.


The bad part of all this is (hat these devices are not toys and a great many people are getting their hands on them and these are not stable waves, but radioactivity, unlike the natural emanations of the Ennead or your friendly neighborhood witchdoctor.


Even Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger were said to have been shielded from mind inducing microwaves. A photograph can even be used to influence someone, the machine merely picks up on the persons' wavelength which is why many primitives' peoples will not have their picture taken as it steals your soul. Actually, some of your 'soul' has been stolen as the camera 'steals' your emanations and transposes them as energy on the film.


In Europe, radionics are used for medical diagnosis and treatments, although illegal here because logic does not reign here. A picture of the patient miles away is put with the medicine and they are treated.


Even a picture of a fetus can be gotten from miles away! One Indian doctor tells how with an electric motor he radiates gem colors (he works in gem therapy) on a patients photograph and they travel to the sick person who can be as far away as the U.S. He says to his critics, "strike, but hear!''16


He has great success with it and is very well known for his studies in magnetism as well.

I would just like to take a moment and discuss the temple again which seems to have influenced many African peoples to build their homes round and as ancestors of the Nibiru they seem to have picked up many traits, or shall we say inherited them, as well.


It is most intriguing that many Indian tribes based their lodges on the temple and one former newspaper publisher, John Loughran, searching for symbolism of Freemasonry among Amerindians, found it among the Anasazi where he found the furniture and fixtures laid out as in this secret order and their temple was round.


Whitemen have always played at being Masons for they have no conception what it really is, or was, except in Medieval Europe. Here, the last true remnants of them dwelled and all were expert alchemists, scientists of the highest extreme, instead of little boys going through secret motions like something out of Captain Video.


It is so Christian influenced, if they were to see what really went on and what manner of men these really were, they would all fall in a dead faint.


It seems the Masons had their roots in Egypt among those of the Nibiru who tried to keep their traditions by passing them on to their sons. Later perverted by Christians, in their naivete, they practiced what they thought went on in these brotherhoods, but the latter is the first criteria, everyone had to be related.


Nonetheless, it seems even King Arthur's round table was, according to historian Norma Lorre Goodrich in her latest book of that name, not a table but a round temple Arthur bad and that there were two Camelots. one in Scotland (where else?) and one in northwestern England. Who, then, was Arthur? If all the mystery is true of him. he could have been a descendant of the Nibiru from outposts that were here in these times. I am afraid that would take another book!

Apparently, these temples of the gods were even in Japan, or perhaps they carried the memory of them there, where food was prepared at the "Yosa Shrine" and then sent to the inner shrine at Ise from the "sacred kitchen."


The food was called "mike" meaning "food for the gods" and "primordial forces." Here too, special priests attended to the food, the descendants of Ame-no-Koyane, just as the Levites.


Note the "Ame-no." Rather close!

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