"There are ten who do not know the Law; learn who they are Dhrtarastra; the drunk, careless, insane, tired, angry, hungiy, hasty, timid, greedy and lustful. Therefore the wise man should not incline to these states.
- Veda

"The eating of bread is according to the plan of God."
- The Egyptian Book of the Dead




To the Ancients, what you consumed meant everything about you for it would have a consequence upon you right from conception.


To them food was sacred, and so it is, as this affects our biochemistry. When people leave their biological diets, when those instincts are gone, their very lives are torn from them in ways it would take volumes to describe. Every behavior pattern is altered, every desire for a healthy life is gone.


As one Greek writer commented,

"we can see that those who live in countries where the air is pure and clear have keener minds and a quicker intelligence than those who breathe a thicker, denser air. It also seems that the food which we eat has some effect upon the sharpness of our wits."

This is hard to explain to a people on a western standard of diet, as in America, where food is abundant, giving the illusion of health but malnutrition is wide-spread because we have no quality.


Foods are grown amongst pesticides and other toxic agents and animals filled with drugs to meet a population uncontrolled. Everyone abounds in fat and nervous tension, most are walking beings of empty calories.


This they show with their high rate of broken families, crime and drug rates, poor physical and mental health and amoraliac peoples.

"You are what you eat," usually brings a laugh, but nothing could be more true.

It is very hard to escape from the grips of refined sugar, for instance, because it is a drug and anyone who quits will go through a severe process of anxiety and nervous tension for up to six months as it takes up to two years to totally wrench it from the system.


This is why America abounds in diet centers and weight loss schemes because it only takes one thing people must overcome and quit-sugar-or dieting is a horror because they crave it. They usually then go to their doctors who console them, telling the patient that their fat problem is hereditary and they might as well live with it when all it takes is initiative to get off all refined foods.

Sugar makes all healthful foods taste horrible because it numbs the taste buds. But one of the greatest rewards of returning to a biological diet is that your entire appearance will change, fat will melt away as the body can burn whole food efficiently but die grandest and most staggering revelation is that your mind is opened to a world you never perceived before, as all your cells are fully alive.


It is no mystery why Indra, and later Christ, would tear the people from the belief that food was healthful, and had them believe in faith only, for it is a trick that many have committed through the ages to mask the truth from peoples eyes. Tear people from their biological diets and you strip their minds from reality. The weaker the people, the easier they are fooled.


It is sad western people are slowly finding out how important healthful foods are but it is doubtful they will even catch on firmly for the fast food industry and food monopolies and their greatest supporter, the working mom, are well in the lead and so crime, disease and immorality doth reign, Again, the ancients were right, androgyny is death.


Doctors, shockingly are taught nothing of nutrition and they break the Hippocratic oath the minute they start as he was a proponent of the preventive and curative values of food, having said,

"our food should be our medicine, our medicine should be our food."

The average American meal is 60% starch, 10% lactose and 30% (or more) sucrose, a deadly combination.


Refined sugar, as already stated, is not a complex carbohydrate, that is, it is stripped of its molecular content and the body cannot recognize it or digest it, which means you get energy too fast and no nutrients, empty calories. The body has to spend it's own ' nutrients to digest it, and soon it is quite incapable of coping with disease and life's brunts from its nutrient starved cells.


Complex carbohydrates as fruit, wheat bread and honey have all the nutrients and chemicals needed to digest it right there, a whole food, which makes whole, healthy bodies. Fructose for instance, is better utilized than refined sugar and fat is less likely to develop. In brown rice vs. white, the brown has all the fiber and nutrients to digest it, but white is stripped. The latter invites ailments.


If you had three bowls of rice you could eat all the white and perhaps a bowl and a half of brown, because the latter has fiber which you need and keeps you from eating more than you should. White rice tricks the body into eating more and the body has to use its own nutrients to metabolize it - you lose. The saddest part of blindness is that they actually gave white rice to the starving Africans in the drought there!


Well, there is nothing like finally sinking the ship, one that has been doing so since the arrival of the whites, and now they finish the job. To show how science is blind, one study on sugar and its relation to caries in teeth, went to great lengths in proving its dire effects, then denying it! They pointed out that sugar, as holistic people have always known, promotes growth of Streptococcus which induces cavities.


They then told how dental caries rose in Australian Aborigines, New Zealand Maoris, Eskimos, Ghanaians and Tristan da Cunhans after exposure to western diets and how in an orphanage in New South Wales, Australians lowered caries when sugar consumption was lowered.


In another study they gave sugared chewing gum (!) to children to promote the rise of caries and in another study showed how it had risen in Hawaiian school children.


The South Sea Island and Aborigine peoples once had the most beautiful teeth in the world so you would think after all this research they would put two and two together, but,

"positive proof of the diets role in human caries will not easily be established, and we will mostly have to rely on animal studies and in vitro testing"(!)

And, to top it off, at no time do they advocate stopping consumption of sugar, but actually propose immunizing against cariogenic organisms! Death where is thy sting?!


The study sited also Aristotle's statement that figs adhering to teeth caused caries, so fructose causes it too. They forgot to read their history, for in Aristotle's day, like now, figs were often sweetened in refined sugar. This is the same type reasoning that plans to use aborted fetus' organs in transplants for pancreas tissue to help diabetes which is 90% caused by sugar which raises the poison called insulin we cannot use.


Where does the madness end?


All it takes to get a diabetic on the road to recovery, unless you are of those who have mutated genes, is to get them off sugar, salt, alcohol and milk which is hard to do for it takes a good constitution and character to break the habit rather than cannibalize fetus. This is as ridiculous as organ donations.


Personally, I would not want my kidney or heart in someone who was so ignorant they could not take care of their own or someone who is the product of poor gestation, for they are a lost cause as it is. They will only continue the mental degenerations that accompany with their offspring. Nature takes care of all with selective wisdom.

Vitamins were discovered by F. Gowland Hopkins in 1903 as an organic growth factor. This was considered the "golden age" of nutritional research, and unfortunately, we have been going down hill ever since for even at this time science did not fully recognize the value of whole foods. And even today with all the need for organ transplants and with chronic ailments, mental disorders, PMS, ad infinitum, they do not connect that diet may be the cause.


Man cannot even survive today on the foods he eats, how did he do it on the savannah with parasites, bacteria, etc.? And, do not say you get used to it for that is bunkum, for no one ever does but you, must have a body strong enough to fight them. In 1635, an Englishman, Thomas Parr, reputedly 152 years old, which was not uncommon in those days though doubted today, was presented to King Charles I. and a short time later died.


He did not even have calcification of the costal cartilages when an autopsy was performed which is unheard of today. The reason he died was because after partaking of the King's rich food of sugar and wine and other poisons, it quickly lowered his stable whole food system and he soon died. It was declared that the pollution of the city killed him, but it was the food that killed him. He was buried in West Minster Abbey.


This is typical of what happens to people when their diets are changed to pure foods for it is hard for them to go back to an abiological diet. Those I have known who thought a simple little hamburger and fries would not hurt them found they became deathly sick for their cells are so intuned to being chemically sound they cannot tolerate anything else.


Being conceived with unwholesome foods, cells become accustomed to being weak.


If you tell people they can cure most of their ailments through diet, that they do have control of their bodies, they are not wont to believe you, as they have been brought up to doubt themselves and believe that that is just the way things are, God's way, etc.


In 1907 for instance, it was first demonstrated that among other things, polyneuritis could be induced in pigeons fed white rice as thiamine is stripped from it. This is one reason research in blood/brain barriers is often off. This is where nutrients and chemicals reach through the brain which is supposedly capable of shunting out injurious agents but researchers fail to recognize that the human subjects they use lack thiamine which will not allow all agents into the brain.


There is no reason the brain should not, like any other part of the body, receive all vital nutrients, and shun bad.

Our loss of thiamine from refined white bread, has brought a rise in central nervous system ailments as Muscular Dystrophy and if the mother smokes or drinks it is even worse. Refined flour also strips among many nutrients, especially vitamin E.


Experiments on rats induced to get MS were reversed by vitamin E but with no affect on humans. But this is not so surprising as they, like all scientific researchers, forgot, if they ever knew, that it also takes choline and B-vitamins to bind to vitamin E to work.


But doctors will not subscribe to the fact diet offers a cure and parents with their crocodile tears are oblivious to the fact that it was their own ignorance that caused it for it does not come out of thin air. It is really remarkable how ill-studied most doctors are about nutrition. A man who suffered from nasal ulcers told me that his doctor decided to try something "new" and gave him massive doses of vitamin E which will cure it.


But, the ulcer did not go away and he nearly succumbed to severe hemorrhaging, to be expected because the doctor did not know without vitamin K massive doses of E will make you bleed. A doctor several years ago found wheat germ oil cured MS but the medical establishment ignored it.

We have even found that, although often nutrient and stress induced, myopia is also caused by children fussy about their foods and will not prefer protein especially. The body will often react through what we call a pathology just to abstain from something it does not want. Children brought up on healthier foods do just the opposite, if offered junk foods it was found they became myopic!

It is a sad fact, whenever western civilization reaches them, the natives fall fast and hard. They soon lose their pristine qualities to white death - - refined sugar and flour.


S. K. Hutton wrote in his AMONG THE ESKIMOS OF LABRADOR,

"I have seen how the natives degenerate when they take to European food. They lose their natural coating offal to a great extent and need more clothing to withstand the cold; they become less robust, less able to endure fatigue, and their children are puny."

One of the first researchers to really bring this home was Dr. Price who showed how so many 'primitives' degenerated to the state we know them now all over the world.


This makes anthropology terribly flawed and our conception of peoples very blurry.

Because of our great physiological varieties everyone is biochemically different which makes all studies shaky on any subject. In one study, 182 'normal' young men were found to have heart beats that ranged from 45 to 105 beats per minute! And. as any good physiologist knows, organs differ in everyone and all require varying amounts of nutrients. The search for what is considered normal is very hard.

As for the Egyptians, theirs was the most balanced and healthful ever seen on the face of the earth. The "Harris Papyrus" lists in offerings made by Rameses III to the gods, more of food than precious metal or other materials. Egypt abounded in all flora and fauna and the people ate royally. They ate meat which vegetarian mystics seem to relate they did not.


Cattle and fowl topped the list and other domesticated or wild animals as all have varying nutritional benefits. Cattle were fed on grain and grasses only, no drugs were pumped into them to seep into the meat as we do. They also ate their meat fresh off the hoof, there was little or no drying or storage. Meat preparation takes skill and knowledge to prepare it properly but it's high vitamin and mineral content is worth the effort. Wild meat and domesticated, if the animals are fed properly, have more unsaturated fat than saturated, both needed but with a predominance of unsaturated.


This is the worst fault of our meat today with drugs and chemicals as there is more saturated fat, the balance is thus gone.


The Egyptians ate meat in great quantity but in late ages cattle such as the African ox were kept immobile and fattened so the meat was most unhealthy. Animals had to be of the purest, with no defects before it reached Egyptian mouths, very reminiscent of the Hebrew "Schechita", or ritual slaughter, the purest form of animal slaughter, to be discussed later.


Other cattle were the oundjou, a small short horned, and a long horned large variety called the nega.


Oryx, gazelle and antelope were prized game while forbidden foods were pork, goat and some would not eat mutton. The liver and spleen were highly relished as they are very nutritious and primitive people have always found great strength from them as blood builders. They are rich in vitamins A. B-complex, E and iron, copper and zinc.


Wildfowl were eaten, goose cherished most. However, in later ages, if my research is correct, these dietary regimens soon ended with the arrival of the new regime and those that followed them. The national drink then became beer where before alcohol was not permitted by the Pharaohs, with a restraint on grapes of any form.


Butter, goose and calve fat in cooking was widely used, rather than vegetable oils. Fish, quail and ducks were then often eaten raw as well and salted only, the bacteria alone would have been most unhealthful. Roasting and baking meats was the preferred, but frying became popular later, just as unleavened bread was the norm once, then later yeast was used.

It was their use of grain that made them most famous, barley-jot; spelt-fati; and wheat-sout.


Flour was ground for no more than needed. It would have been interesting to know if they ate sprouted grains and used them in baking as the nutrient value raises tremendously. Barley is exceptional and they seemed to use it as much as wheat and it is superb as a blood purifier for the system and the lymphs as well.


Although it does not have as high a nutrient value of wheat it has other chemical properties (food is not just vitamins and minerals, there are other agents there you need also). It also stimulates the liver to discharge toxins and is excellent for gastro-intestinal disorders, cystitis, high blood pressure, diarrhea, colitis, headaches, constipation, neuritis and urethritis.


Wheat is a powerhouse' of nutrients, 50 mg. of calcium (in 100 g.) to barley's 28, 318 mg. of phosphorous to 227 mg; 534 meg of B1 to 470 meg; and 199 meg of B2 to 0.047 in barley.


Egyptians used food as medicine as the "Ebers Papyrus" is written entirely as a food curative and many are yet used today in naturopathy. Most interestingly though, they ate amaranth which is supposed to have been only used by the Aztecs although it does grow in India too so it may be telling us of the common root of all these peoples.


It is mentioned in the Egyptian BOOK OF THE DEAD and was known as the "wonder grain" of the Aztecs for it is almost a perfect 100% complete protein, higher than cow's milk and wheat. Cortez nearly exterminated the Aztecs by destroying their valued grain which I am glad to say is today making a strong comeback.


But it does have one drawback which detracts from it being a complete food, for although it is stated by some health researchers as being as good as meat, they neglect to look into why the Aztecs, who were vegetarians, turned to cannibalism.


Their sacred grain when cooked lost its content of lysine which cannot tolerate heat. So, this is one good example of the benefits of being omnivorous for what you lose in cooking through one agency you can gain back with another food, which is why meat is so beneficial. Nonetheless, Amaranth is a good addition to any diet.


THE BOOK OF THE DEAD states that,

"May be given to me divine wheat for my mouth; may I obtain power through myself over the keeper of my head."

Perhaps if more people ate whole grains today a great many would still be the 'keepers of their heads.'

As for vegetables and fruit, they ate the best, all antitoxic and blood building. Figs were eaten in abundance whose healing properties are well known as they have a high potassium content and are excellent for urinary diseases, bladder and kidney stones as well as having a digestive enzyme in semi-ripe ones to help many disorders in that area.


Their women would not have experienced prolonged or hard labors, if they were not drinking the national drink as beer, as figs are high in calcium also. They would also have not suffered from vaginal spasms, during gametogenesis nor in excess if they were structurally prone to it.


Figs in buttermilk are yet given today for that ailment in areas of India. Figs and honey cure cough, asthma, piles, constipation, cirrhosis of the liver, jaundice, fractured bones and ulcers. With the abundance of figs they had, there was little room for any of these ailments developing.

Watermelon seems to have been their most favored fruit and its most healthful properties are not lauded enough today in western culture. It is excellent for heart conditions, because of its high potassium and calcium value and is excellent for kidney and bladder ailments. In the hot Egyptian sun it quenched thirst and kept any mineral loss from sweat at bay.


It also keeps the bowels moving by supplying moisture because of pectin. It is, also very high in vitamin A which helps heal and nourishes cells and keeps toxins from entering.

Lettuce was one of the most favored of vegetables by both Egyptians and Sumerian peoples. It has a very high vitamin E content which is a natural fighter against free radicals and assists the lymph system, muscles and nerves. All the Gods were said to partake of it, even Seth who was said to have had a garden of it. Egyptians had gardens next to their houses and this was the vegetable grown most.


There could have been little or no gray hair as it also is high in folic acid which works with other nutrients as Paba to convert this.


Folic acid also keeps anemia at bay by metabolizing iron. During pregnancy the folic acid demands are very high. Vitamin E helps fight TB, jaundice and corneal ulcers, prevents tooth decay, gingivitis, enamel loss and protects the tongue neurons. They also ate a great deal of cucumber which helps digestion and high blood pressure.

Leeks and onions were great favorites, again both excellent blood purifiers. A germicidal has been isolated from onions by a Russian biochemist where they believe, sulfur and allyl-prophyl disulphide attacks Streptococci and Staphylococci.


Professor Gurwitsch, a Russian electrobiologist discovered that onions and garlic have a peculiar ultra-violet radiation, mitogenetic radiation, called the Gurwitsch rays, that stimulate cell growth and rejuvenate body processes. Onions used as a digestive remedy is well known as well as its prevention against colitis, cholera, small-pox, chicken-pox and measles, whooping cough, tonsillitis and bronchitis.


Nobel Prize winner, Dr. A.I. Virtanen found fourteen new properties in onions.

Garlic by far was their king of foods. Much has been found in tombs at Thebes. They Egyptian name is 'khizan'.; Ramses III had large quantities distributed to the temples, which again may be telling us what was going on in them, for it is excellent at purifying poisoned blood by many things, especially radiation.


It too is a germicidal and has allyl-prophyl disulphide. Its antibacterial properties come from its aliicin content and has properties as in penicillin without the latter's cellular harm. Garlic sterilizes the lungs and other organs and helps lower blood pressure. It was said by Herodotus that during the building of the Cheop's pyramid 1600 silver talents worth of radishes, onions and garlic were used but this may not have been used for that purpose as we will see.


But, the use of garlic in the blistering heat would have kept them cool and fresh because of its vasodilatory effects. It is very affective against TB, asthma, indigestion, paralysis, neuritis, cough, pneumonia, diptheria and is believed to increase longevity. Garlic contains germanium, a mineral that inhibits and cures some cancers. It can also remove toxins as lead, mercury and cadmium which is why it leads me to believe it was not used strictly to help the men build the pyramids.

The bee was sacred to Egyptians because of its delectable product of honey. Wherever people live longest as in Russia and Bulgaria, you will find honey on their tables. It has most remarkable properties. It is believed to not need insulin, as stated as sugar does, as it is not a stripped molecule.


Garlic and honey were at the top of Hippocrates' list for the most healthful foods. Because it is a whole food it prevents many disorders as kidney and liver troubles, colds, improper circulation. In the Ebers Papyrus medical text it is a standard medicine as it is excellent in healing wounds. It helps keep calcium retention by the body. One reason they may have particularly favored it is its rich copper content. They must have eaten pure pollen as well to reach their 110+ years in the late dynasties.


Pollen was found by Russian scientist Dr. Nicolai Tsitsin to extend life in a study of people claiming to be 100 years old. He found they were all mostly beekeepers, though poor, they sold their honey but ate the residue at the bottom, pollen. Neolithic cave paintings show honeycombs being collected.


Pythagoras recommended honey for long life and the Veda speaks of the Gods eating honey to prolong their life, the 'ambrosia'. It draws moisture from harmful organisms by the chemical action of its high potassium. It is the only ancient method of food preservation; salt was a much later addition.


Because it draws this moisture it is the reason if is an excellent antibiotic, which is called hygroscopopreity, which is the reason life is extended as it keeps oxygen from reaching bacteria, the stomach and intestines are then sterile, cells here retain their own oxygen. It also contains aspartic acid which is involved in the rejuvenation process.


Over 2,000 years ago another product of bees was being used, propolis which is a substance collected from the leaves and bark of trees and secreted by their pharyngeal glands. It is a natural antibiotic and has an immediate action and unlike medicine with no side effects. Also, Royal Jelly, the food fed to the queen who lives 20 times longer than working bees, is remarkable too as it is anti-bacteria! and anti-viral. Its pantothenic acid content as well as stress vitamins, the B-complex, creates further resistance to disease.


It has increased the life span of fruit flies, helps bone tissue, heals wounds in half the time, is a preventative to cancer, lowers cholesterol and helps vascular disorders.


Most of man's erotism problems stems from refined sugar which is corrected with honey as it lowers erratic nerve conduction from the brain to body. Honeys do differ in quality as a dark honey can have 10 times the amount of potassium. I have found as a healing agent it does matter what kind one uses and it must be raw and unfiltered. Store varieties are usually diluted while those fresh from the fields are richer.


Often sugar is added to the hives to feed bees in colder climates.

It is not hard to see why Egyptians reached a 100 - 200 year lifespan, even in their latter days, for if they had these foods in predominance, as their tomb paintings relate, their children were conceived and raised on the finest of foodstuffs. Degenerative diseases as we suffer from today should have been absent. Mummies from the oldest dynasties are remarkably sound. As would be expected, the later dynasties have diseases much like today, even arteriosclerosis which our babies born today already have.

The Aryans were said to have brought honey to India and if this is so, Egypt was the home of both beekeeping and Aryans, not Europe, as prejudiced historians claim.


The "Laws of Manu" states no Brahmin may sell honey which may bespeak of their great need for it. Honey is used in India as birth-rites for males which is a nice parallel for it comes from the male germ of the plant, the propagator of life.


The following is then said,

"I give thee honey food so that the gods may protect thee and thou mayest live a hundred autumns in their world," and so many Indians did until roughly 1000 A.D. according to the Ayurveda.

Mohammed cured a man of a stomach ailment with it just as the Koran describes its medicinal values.

It must be remembered their soil was not stripped of nutrients as ours is by pollutants and pesticides. They used the natural form of organic farming which keeps plants healthy and thus do not fall victim to disease and insects just as our bodies do not falter to ailments when nourished properly. Just how long the earth can stand 'westernizing' is hard to say. It is funny how every famine and pestilence in the third world is preceded by the advent of white peoples.


Africa got along splendidly for thousands of years until whites introduced them to unnatural foods and now they are as corrupt in their habits as westerners, Africans used to have children well spaced apart, now, they are like whites having children 2-3 years or less apart, and have to resort to abortion and infanticide when nature no longer works.


This has been the worst of culture shock to 'primitive' peoples when the missionaries started spreading Christian ignorance. Up until the turn of the century, most Africans still worshiped the gods as actual people and retained a healthier closeness to the earth. Now they get down on their knees like Christians, with no instincts to help themselves so they must pray like lost children. Recall what Isis said.


There was once more moral decency amongst Africans before the white-men than if you could have collected all the churches in the world. They are now overpopulated and underfed, right where God wants them.


Worldwatch Institute of Washington, D.C. reported because of "parents ignorance" in Asia and Africa, two-thirds of 17 million children die annually from parents not feeding them properly after weaning, They state weaning should be at six to seven months(!) and criticize the African women for doing it 18 months longer or more.


The children then get only adult food, hard to chew, and suffer then nutritionally. These people are third and fourth generation offspring from refined foods eaters, destroying germ plasms. Now they need family planning, sanitation and health care. The Africa of old did well without it and they did not need someone from the Peace Corps telling them, of all people, who were the first farmers, how to cope with the land.


But, the missionaries went in and scared these people half to death, after others had ruined their lifestyles, forcing them into ways of life they could not possibly tolerate physically or mentally. After taking peoples lands and coercing them as with the Amerindians, the one God does start to look good after you have fallen head first into a life of misery.


Sugar has been used by African tribes for hundreds of years but many abstained from it as the Masai, whose young people in the 1920's were smuggling it in to make brew which was forbidden by the chief as they knew sugar and drink depleted their fighting strength.


At this time syphilis was rising quickly as the tribe succumbed to outside influences.

"Yet they were a hardy race before the entrance of the white man... they have become more indolent and have acquired habits of overindulging in sexual excesses which threaten to destroy the race."

How often this is written in studies dating back to these years.

To study a peoples diet is to know everything about them. It is the blueprint of behavior. The brain is influenced directly by diet; one researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Richard Wurtman, has been studying the role of nutrients on the synthesis of neurotransmitters for fifteen years.


However, there have been many more researchers other than he through the years but he made a relevant statement to brain and food.

"It remains peculiar to me that the brain should have evolved in such a way that it is subject to having its function and chemistry depend on whether you had lunch and what you ate. I would not have designed the brain that way myself."

The voice of Christian influenced science. Somehow they believe everyone is held up by the holy ghost alone, they will never believe they can take command of their destinies.


If these gentlemen had their way we would be programmed to push a button and then chemicals would leak into our veins and brains. There is nothing wrong with the brain, it is just that people like this have lost all instinctive behaviors and reasoning powers.


The brain is finely tuned to the environment if we will but listen to it. Our every mood, like and dislike, stems down through the ages as to what our ancestors ate and what we eat today.


Vietnam is a good example of germ plasma weakness and the added addition of poor nutrition. People today scorn that in the years past people often referred to war as glorious, valiant, etc., little realizing what was meant. There was once a glory in it for men to fight for what they believed in, but there was also a different sort of man then. He was the one who was well possessive of all bodily sensitivities and could handle the rigors of war.


Unhappy as it is, it has to be faced in life for the said fact is there is always somebody who wants what you have got. (Did the God's know that!)


Reading the old letters, journals etc., of men in days past, they were confident in war, and of those who fell it was because they had lost the ability to discern the cannonball when it fell, (men get a 'six-sense' about this) to handle their bodies, mathematically calculate without a computer, handle tactics and strategy. But, if you are a military historian, you notice that down through the ages men are less and less capable, and war gets less glorious and they less patriotic, which is not hard to believe when refined foods came onto the forefront in full.


War has always been a gruesome business, men have to literally live with and get used to blood and guts, but the less able biochemically, the more they will fumble through the wars and suffer from stress and anxiety afterwards.


In World War I, in fifteen men, if seven or eight were fit for service that was something, today if they can find four they are having a good day. Men from World War II seemed on the whole to have taken the war much better, although not as good, as those in World War I, mentally. We learned a great deal from Viet Nam and the one great revelation was that most of the men were incompetent to accept war and deal with it.


Viet Nam was no worse than what men in the two previous World Wars had gone through but it seemed that way because they could no longer handle it. Their Coca Cola's, Hershey bars, drink and drugs had finally caught up to them and a lot of them were buried there and others suffer today from a loss of stability as a man to handle this responsibility.


This "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder", as they call it, is nothing but progressive enervation. It comes as a said fact that 10 percent of the men who died in World War I did so of fat embolism syndrome from injuries while it skyrocketed to 65 percent in World War II. What it was in Viet Nam, given their sorry state, can only be guessed.


But war anxieties are caused by very poor diets and most of the men who have fallen in battle have a woman behind them-mom, I refer the reader back to the importance of good diet and testosterone. Many good men have fallen and if you want to see the results of a nation which does not feed its troops properly to keep them fighting fit, visit your local Veterans Hospital.


It is a pitiful sight to see such good men ruined and the horrible price we pay for freedom.

The use of herbs was well known to the Egyptians as the "Ebers" and "Harris Papyrus" attest, just how much we will later see.


By the time of the Greeks they had regained some of this lost art and recognized what we are coming to know full well, that animals make full use of herbs in the wild as we have seen chimpanzees eat them and everyone has seen a dog or cat eat grass as the chlorophyll cleanses their systems when upset from the chlorophyll.

"Is it not remarkable how dogs cure their own digestive troubles by vomiting and the Egyptian ibis by purging-methods of treatment which our medical practitioners have only discovered in the last few generations?


I have also heard that panthers, in countries where they are trapped with poisoned meat, know of o certain antidote, and if they can discover some of it in time they do not die. And that wild goats in Crete, if they have been wounded by a poisoned arrow, seek out a herb called dittany. As soon as they eat this, the arrow drops out of their body.


Hinds, shortly before they give birth to their young, purge themselves with a certain herb called hartwort."

See, not everyone needs PREVENTION magazine!


When man loses his senses, those areas of the brain that recognize the correct form, color, and smell of food that is good for him are lost, stripped of instinct with only blind chance to guide him.


The gnostics too, as many others, knew man had fallen from his primal senses to properly feed himself, a debate that goes on today:

How is it that when we are drawn to forbidden foods we turn away from the pleasures they afford? Is it not because reason possesses the power to master the appetites? I think it is.


When we crave seafood or fowl or quadrupeds or any sort of food which is forbidden to us according to the Law, it is due to the mastery of reason that we abstain. For the emotions of the appetites are reduced and checked by the temperate intellect, and all the motions of the body are muzzled by reason.

All illnesses are the result of a transgression against nature, what religions refer to as 'sin'. Judaism in its days of glory was the most near perfect to the Nibiruian lines from which they directly stemmed.


Greek genius came mostly from them. Aristotle accompanied his pupil Alexander the Great to Jerusalem where he obtained knowledge of Solomon's writings. Wisdom was considered the "highest good" amongst Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks and Hebrews in their golden days, while only the latter are left, and they have suffered from the effects of miscegenation.


However, the Hebrews were at the front in moral decency as they were perfectionists and criticized the Greeks for performing sports and plays unadorned and other indecencies.


Like the Egyptians, Hebrews taught the seat of intellect was not the brain, but the heart. Science has just pinpointed chemicals released by the heart during emotional upsets, passions, etc., that effect the entire system, as if it were a brain!


We have already mentioned its great electromagnetic resonances and will delve more into them later. Doctors who have transplanted hearts are learning that mental problems are arising from using animal or other's hearts which must be stemming from the individual chemicals everyone's heart has and cellular make-up, but most dismiss this as psychosomatic, but nature never intended one to have anyone's heart but your own.


Hebrews were quite different than their Christian counterparts,

"Honor the physician! His knowledge allows him to walk with raised head, and gains for him the admiration of princes. If you fall ill, cry to the Lord, but also call for the physician, for a sensible man does not neglect the remedies which the earth offers."

In its infancy, a rabbi was both a religious man and a doctor, the two went hand in band, a direct connection to Egypt where the eclectic man was highly valued. Hebrews were quite aware of the part the individual played in his own health.

"The soul is Thine, and the body too is Thy handiwork."

Hebrews believed, as Egyptians and Orientals, of the unity of body and mind.

"No man is free who is not master of himself," said Epictetus.

The Yeshibah, a Talmudic College, applied the natural sciences to scriptural study most wisely.


The Laws of Moses bespeak of the remarkable cognizance of hygiene they had as there has been few cultures with such a command of it. Because of its coming from so distant a past makes it even more striking. Ancient doctors deemed that an illness not patient caused, was then the environment. But physicians in all archaic cultures practiced eugenics and refused treatment to those whom they felt not worthy of help, as they felt they would spread their mental and physical weaknesses.


Before Rome's stagnation it was boasted by Pliny that for six hundred years physicians practiced eugenics. They felt a physician had to be competent enough to discern the ailments mentally induced and those which the patient had no physical control of (thank goodness they are not around today, they would have a field day). This was also one of the main dictums of Aristotle.


But again, man's idea of what was normal or not, left much to be desired. Plato, a firm believer in eugenics, was also, so it is said, morally deviant. (He was of the first advocates for the division between mind and body which is certainly logical given his misconstrued biochemistry.)


This is mainly why Hebrews in particular, emulating Egypt, believed it was up to the family to care for its own and stand or fall on that premise before the judgments of Nature.

Physics was later forbidden by the Council of Tours, and the Dominicans as well forbade studies in medicine, natural philosophy and chemistry. The mental stagnation heralded by Christianity threw the world into the Dark Ages from which it will never recover. It seems history went from one extreme to another, Had he kept his instincts, as well as his technologies, man would have been to the moon long before, now he reaches to the stars for all the wrong reasons.


However, many ancients were aware of the effects of poor genetics but resulted to the worst form of mania, genocide, as they took note that "the unkempt man, glorying in a pedigree of congenital ailment" was undermining their civilization.


Rather than just ignoring them and letting nature take its course, they exterminated them which only blackens the heart. Judging that everyone belonged under a state, amassed within cities, instead of families or tribes, they took nature into their own hands. Like Hitler, they used their inferiors' as slaves, the first road to a people's downfall, as they rely on others to do their work.


They let the lower classes do their dirty work for he "that holdelh the plough", must "maintain the stale of the world."


One great fault of the learned is that they will not get their hands dirty. They abhorred nature and the irony is that you get hit in the face with that same dirt for your ignorance. If you will recall, both Indra and Rama eliminated those they felt a threat to their lineages the former for power the latter out of pity. But man is different, he is not a 'god', pure in his genetic structure.


Only nature can answer for him what has to be done as it did for the Gods as well. Death through ignorance is Nature's waste can.


Man commits genocide when he fears himself. Civilizations fall of their own accord. When Egypt allowed herself to fall in degeneration, Rome found her easy prey. When people cannot discern those who are a threat, however, they soon become like them and are drowned in the depravity. Great civilizations, as early Egypt, built a wall about them and allowed no one in and relied on no one, being self-sufficient, the mark of a successful people. If attacked, they fought, but did not seek other lands for they kept populations down.


Spartans adhered to the "Laws of Lycurgus" where Lampito of Aristophanes was the epitome of feminine beauty and self-control and nursing was imperative. But like most dynasties, she was the model of perfection to only a small majority who could understand her. Emulation is never perfection though, you are the archetype or you are not.


Moses' laws were meant to awaken dormant instincts, if you have to read them everyday you are only play acting. Sparta, like Rome, soon fell because of her shaky foundation:

"no Aesculapius can cure the moral taint."

How true that is whether we want to except it or not.


The Egyptians and early Hebrews celebrated the family as did others as Zeno who said that any intelligent man would avoid all public affairs which have no bearing to the family. Politics was once a morbid position for it composed people whose families had broken apart, no longer able to singly challenge and cope with the world.


Plato said that the ideal city should only be where the gods and the sons of the gods could live, unfortunately he was of the wrong lineage! But at least they were aware of the noble pedigree from which they had sprung, but the proprieties of the Nibiru were getting harder to find.

At the floor of these collapsed civilizations, was their food. In America, the last blood-check in 1985 found pesticides in 99% of 3000 people. The U.S. spends $1359 (as of 1985) per man, woman and child in health care, the second highest in the world (Sweden is 1st) with longevity for males ranking 19th in the world and females 14th.


We spend more on health than any other nation for it is 10.6% of the gross national product. Japan has the highest longevity (they also have the largest brain/body ratio if you wish to take score) and spends less than half the amount the U.S. does. However, offspring from Japanese moving to America are much taller than their parents, overdeveloped, with body hair developing as in whites and suffering the same degenerative diseases.

When a group of Indian boys were taken by the whites in the 19th century and educated, when returned to their tribe the chiefs complained they had lost all instincts and could not hunt or subsist in the forest. Most of us can discern six or seven colors of the rainbow, but Australian Aborigines see only three or four now that they have changed, for refined foods hit these people exceptionally hard.

When Christianity became firmly implanted, regular bathing, a ritual with the ultra-sanitary Hebrews, came to an end and it was not until 1850 that science discovered the benefit of cleanliness by removal of germs something the ancients knew instinctively. The French were the slowest to convert, even by 1900 baths were rare and most women died without ever having one.


Even in French convents it was forbidden to bathe. Christian mentality and rationality was that the body was in the hands of God which was a wonderful excuse for laziness, which brought bubonic plague and pestilence countless times to Europe. It was not until after 1850 that doctors and the public became possessed by the thought of disease germs and what they can do.


Puerperal Fever was finally halted in hospitals when physicians were alerted to the fact you have to wash your hands after assisting in a birth or operating before going to another patient! This is all called iatrongenic diseases, that is disease fostered by man's ignorance, his lack of comprehending his environment. Heraclitus (6th century B.C.E.) was wrong when he said you have to be sick to appreciate health.


Any illness from a minor cold, which can cause heart lesions, to leukemia is an impairment to an organism's development, homeostasis and procreative powers, hi the early dynasties of Egypt they were quite aware of the functioning of the brain but the Greeks did not even have a word for it.

One of the basic problems of early man and evolution was his lack of dietary preparation, which alone is a big strike against the theory. We find the effects of fire with nearly all hominids with bone middens of beaver, rhinoceros, wild dog, rabbit, deer, etc.


But the problems were they were all cooking meat over an open-, flame. Broiling or frying meat, especially above 118 degrees, destroys the natural enzymes of this foods, which burden the pancreas, lymph, parotid, salivary glands, stomach and intestines because they have to be overworked supplying protease for the proteins, lipase for fats and mylase and bicarbonate that supplies alkalinity to the small intestines which is then lost.


This taxes the blood robbing it of vitamins and minerals. You will then never digest the complete complement of your food. The pancreas is the first organ that greets ingested foods and anything harmful and unnatural will overload it and enzymes to break down protein cannot work. This is why we see such an influx of animal remains, 70% are deer at the site of Peking Man at Zhoukoudian; ancient man was starving for protein while 40% of those under 14 died at this site.


This would also put him on the track to diabetes.


He would also be very heavy, for lipase production would decrease which metabolizes fat with an influx of free fatty acids which promotes arteriosclerosis. This overall causes a loss of amino acids and a loss of immune system resistance, a harbinger of arthritis. The beetle brows certainly reveal it for this is the neurophysiological area for pancreas problems. The bony mass also creates pressure on the supraorbital artery and vein which affects the sinus cavities causing an imbalance of movement and coordination.


The nasal septum would be malformed and you would have the habitual runny nose of an ape. Because nose and month share the same air passage, his sense of smell would be restricted as to what is wholesome; raw meat would have been as appealing as cooked, raw eggs as delectable as feces which the apes and early man are known to have eaten. The supraorbital ridge has other problems.


We have the ability to move our eyebrows, up and down which activates the supraorbital vein when the body needs extra spurts of blood to certain areas to defray damage. When you are surprised or startled, your eyebrows instinctively go up to enhance your brain power with more oxygen and nutrients. Apes and primitive man do not have this, and we cannot expect any higher forms to develop because of this. But back to our gourmet in the cave. It is not to say that some foods should not be eaten raw most have to be cooked, but if he wanted properly cooked meat it had better have been baked which goes for his tubers and vegetables also.


If he did not have a GE electric on the old savannah he was not going anywhere! If he was cooking over a spit, every time the fat hit the fire a cancer causing substance is formed which rises up to the meat and if he was eating as much meat as his middens reveal he was in a great deal of trouble. Baking meat keeps fat from oxidizing, thereby you can partake of all the health benefits of meat and fats.


Because of the lack of air in ovens, heat over 188 degrees has little affect on it so the oils do not become rancid and causes the many chemical reactions in meat. In many areas of the Middle East most cooking is still baked in the best oven in the world, outdoor clay baked.


The only compensation the hominids had was they had access to the purest of wild meats, low in saturated fats, but they ruined it over those spit fires. But cooking any meat is risky and care has to be taken even with baking, as heterocylic amines, which form during cooking of meat cause tumors in animals who are deficient in a high-fiber diet. If the hominids were not consuming whole grains he would soon run into trouble.


Tubers with their fiber would not be enough because of their fat content which adds to the problem of elimination if other foods are not eaten with it.


Most foods have to be cooked, such as legumes spoken of so often in the ancient texts, a member of the bean family (Leguminosae) supplies much high amino acids but at the same time contains trypsin inhibitors (inhibits protein digestion) which only cooking can destroy. Lectins (Hemagglutinins) are proteins within the bean that agglutinate red blood cells and combine with cells lining the walls of the small intestine interfering with nutrient absorption leading to growth depression and eventual death if not cooked out.


Growth depression is what we see in the apes. They look old because they are so poor dietarily. He too eats legumes which may be why we see him eating herbs to counteract its toxic effects.


They eat insects, ants, eggs and meat but he must eat dirt as well, like his gorilla, fece-eating friends, to enhance his nutrients. One researcher claimed that the eating of these beans evolved hominids to large brain growth so they could invent the digging stick to be able to get at the roots and tubers to further supplement his diet.


This is totally absurd for no one has yet dug up a cooking skillet, and if not, evolution is ridiculous. Other protease inhibitors which need cooking out are in these roots and tubers such 'as yams and sweet potatoes which also contain glycosides which release hydrocyanic acid which can only be detoxified if sufficient amounts of folic acid and B vitamins are present which are then leached from the body. This is why the apes are so parasite infested.

Trypsin inhibitors have probably brought more nations to their knees combined with alcohol and sugar. Trypsin catalyzes the hydrolysis of peptide bonds by digesting proteins but when blocked, amino acids, the vital agents for growth and repair, are torn down. Protoplasm cannot endure without it.


The Aztecs because of their vegetarianism, lacked B12 , thus trypsin, which brings on mental delusion and lead them to sacrificial cannibalism, the latter showing very clearly in hominid remains. Hitler was famous for mania as well, the most notorious vegetarian of history, who suffered from a decided lack of B, , as well as other nutrients as cobalt like most vegetarians. All in all, the key to lire is to know how to prepare foods and what to eat with others, but man courts disaster when he does not know how.


Whenever Bg is lacking in the system and zinc, mosquitoes attack like crazy.


Down through the ages when we began refining food and losing these vital nutrients malaria broke out and killed many as it still does. They are finding today that most malarial immunizations become inactive to the disease itself which has become immune to it. Immunization will not cure the problem but diet will. Insects will not waste their time on a healthy organism as their alkaline blood will defray the intruders.


I live in Minnesota where mosquitoes are the state bird, attacking in swarms. When I changed to a whole food diet my picnics changed to more pleasant times.

In many parts of the world, the lack of folic acid and B6 is the prime cause of sickle-cell anemia. These are crescent-shaped erythrocytes which deter mosquitoes from giving malaria to many populations of Africans and Mediterranean peoples. Evolutionists tell us this is an adaptive feature. How silly, for what a price to pay!


Because the cells are sickled they do not carry oxygen, causing bleeding joints, abdominal pain, under-development and deformation of bone with damage to brain, liver and kidneys with many deaths. Even a mild case of this anemia, as with any anemia, is disastrous to the individual as well as the total gene pool, especially to females.


This is evolutionary? It is like robbing Peter to pay Paul. These people are stuck with a horrible 'genetic' mishap which no one, so they say, can help, but here doctors listen to the evolutionists and pass the medical dollar when it has been successfully treated through nutrition.


During World War II our government struggled with malaria in the Pacific. If they only had changed their diets from those horrible K-rations it would have never started. The same problem occurred, as you could guess, in Viet Nam.

Recently, apes at Gombe National Park in Tanzania have been observed swallowing without chewing the leaves of the Aspilia tree and with a "grimace" so say observers. They know instinctively that the residue called thiarubrine-A on the leaves helps fight their myriad forms of bacteria and parasites as do the local natives who use it.


The female chimps use it more than the males and the Gombe chimps swallow it at dawn while the Mahale Mountain National Park chimps use it anytime.


We are not sure however, if it is just for medical purposes they use it for they seem to eat more after eating it. Also, they rupture parts of the colon as it exits through feces. Is it being used as a gluttony drug?


We know primates eat many other plants and at various times under the sun when the latters rays have not excited the toxins in them. Well, we are not too much different than the apes for, a drug has just been invented that allows you to drink as much as you like at a party without becoming drunk.


If this is all the mentality we can muster over 4 million years of evolution it is not much of a compliment to nature.




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