For the sun has shined upon the earth and darkness is over. There shall be a light that has no end, and they shall not have to count days anymore...
- The Book of Enoch




As I had thought from the descriptions of their physical conditions at the Fall, that there had to be a planetary body or bodies missing and it is certainly substantiated now in these histories.


Only by counteracting the radiations of the sun was unstable carbon lowered. Long lives and healthy births were as we saw, already achieved. The dangerous rays of the sun now had an artificial counterpart to quell its harmful affects. The disc was life, but how dreadfully it would be perverted into an instrument of death.

It was it seems, established at, or near, On and I was amazed to see nearly the same explanation in the Veda as in Egyptian literature:

"It is eternal and knows of no decay. It is self-luminous beyond the moon and the sun arid the flame-crested fire; on the roof beam of heaven it blazes as though lo light up the sun. In it sits the blessed lord, O king, the grandfather of the worlds who, alone, constantly creates the worlds with his divine wizardly."

In Egyptian literature, Ra rides his disc in exactly the same manner.


This was the star of the,

"living god, who journeyeth, and journeyeth and passeth."

The word Ra meant "operative and creative power" and that is exactly what the duty of it meant as one who operated the disc. Ra was known in the Veda as,

"the Father of the Eye, who is wise in his heart, created as butler these two worlds that bend low. As soon as their ends had been made fast in the east, at that moment sky and earth moved far apart." 3

The ions of the disc helped to raise the waters of the heavens and there was little cloud cover, no doubt raining in the evening when the magnetic fields had lifted.

The disc illuminated the Underworld, or Tuat, as well, as,

"the uttermost parts of eternity goeth round about the celestial regions and journeyeth through the Tuat to illumine the two lands which he hath created."

I would like to add that this last passage was written later when Indra again took over for the rest of the line profoundly reads that it was the "God who acted as God," who now did the job.


The Aztec's too spoke of the "Night Sun" that passed through the Underworld. However, I cannot help but think there was a relationship between it and the Nile which it would affect as the sun and moon does with magnetism. The Egyptians believed the northern Nile rose in the First Cataract in the Qerti or "Double Cavern," and the Nile of the south came from other sources from Elephantine to the north of modern Asyut.


This double cavern was two mountains out of which the Nile rose which lay between the Island of Elephantine and Island of Philae. The disc was said to have b^en "forged" at Edfu and "when the doors of the foundry are opened the Disc riseth up."


We see the very peculiar symbol , and and , which looks very much like a ship and the disc with some electromagnetic energy denoted.


One of the first city's to ever exist was said to be on Elephantine from which the 'sun' rose and bestowed life on man. A canal was said to be here as well and opened accordingly to inundate the land. Imhotep was said to have had control of this lock.


Seb was said to have opened the earth and "throws out his one bond lo heaven and his one bond towards the earth.,/6 The disc was said to have passed between two turquoise colored sycamores at Heliopolis as it passed "over the supports of Shu", the four pillars or magnetic forces over the earth, which indicates the disc rose from the fields.


But apparently, at one time, there was another cataract to the Nile and the disc kept the Nile waters flowing evenly.


According to a report in SCIENCE (August 29, 1986), satellite remote sensing detected what looks like a 4500-kilometer long river system that flowed near the Red Sea, across what is today the Nile and through the eastern Sahara desert. The latter receives today but one millimeter of rainfall per year. The Nile is believed to be a part of this great river that died.


Later Shuttle Imaging Radar detected a vast network of river valleys beneath the driest areas of the Sahara where Libya, Egypt and the Sudan meet. A group of researchers dug into the channels and found remains of freshwater clams, old hand axes, reed roots, and campsites said to be a quarter of a million years old. If what I think happened in Egypt at this time, they appear to be that old.


Radiation, as stated, will do this. They are going to be surprised that under these desert wastelands are vast cities as we will see. Already, other satellite photos are showing in areas never dreamt of, remnants of habitable settlements of old.) A river system was said to have flowed into the Hollow Earth.


If this is so, it no doubt once had many of earth's river systems running into it as these were its major sources of water.

There were no doubt many of these satellites, the "day stars" as a hymn to Osiris states that,

"the stars which never set ore under the seat of thy face, and the stars which never rest ore thy habitations; and unto thee offerings are made according to the decree of the god Seb."

The disc is described as having other colors and forms so these were either airships or satellites. The disc was definitely not the sun for they make many allusions to the disc being like the sun and vice versa, as we have already seen.


The following is very enlightening for it tells us what course it travels, north to south, unlike the sun:

"When the creatures were first created, they suffered great hunger, and in his compassion for them the Sun acted like a father. Going his northern course he absorbed with Ms rays the sops of heat; then, on returning to his southern course, the Sun impregnated the earth."

Did it ride on the magnetic pull of the poles?


And, it "impregnated the earth"; it entered it as these histories are telling us. Another Veda text says that,

"the blessed Lord the Sun, who dispels darkness, circumambulates it, pulling all the stars. The shining sun, on reaching Sunset Peak and passing through dusk, then takes the northern course. Having circled the Meru the God Savitar reappears in the east, bent upon the well-being of all creatures. "

An Egyptian history states:

"There is a city in the midst of the waters from which the Nile rises, named Elephantine. It is the Beginning of the Beginning, the Beginning Nome, facing toward Wawot. It is the joining of the land, the primeval hill-lock of earth, the throne of Ra, then he reckons to cost life beside everybody.


'Pleasant of Life' is the name of its dwelling. 'The two Caverns' is the name of the water; they are the two breasts which pour fourth oil good things. It is the couch of the Nile, in which he becomes young again..." 9

Apparently there was more to the source of the Nile, and if this is so the disc had to have something to do with it, and the Underworld as well.


The "World of the Sun " is the Underworld according to another Veda text, where "Vsnu once rescued the worlds" and where the "ford of the Sun" is. and where one will "obtain a beautiful appearance."


Another Veda passage says,

"Let the Lord on High lead me to the sun that is in the rock and the darkness, so that I may see the marvel." 11

An Egyptian Hymn to Amen-Ra says:

Beloved art thou as thou passes) through the two lands, as thou sendest forth rays from the two beautiful eyes. The dead are rapturous with delight when thou shinest.


The cattle become languid when thou shinest in full strength; believed art thou when thou art in the southern sky, and thou art esteemed lovely when thou art in the northern sky.


Thy beauties take possession of and cany away all hearts, and love for thee maketh all arms to relax, thy beautiful form maketh the hands to tremble, and all hearts melt at the sight of thee.

It was in the southern sky at midday, but it brought to the people lungs that breathed easier and hearts that became stronger,

"as the divine god of the kas, chief of the pout of the gods, spirit beneficent among the spirits, he draweth from Nu his waters, he bringeth along the wind of eventide an air to his nostrils to the satisfaction of his heart, germinateth his heart, he produceth the light, the divine food, obey him heaven and the star-gods, he maketh to be open the great gales, lord of praises in the southern heaven, adored in the northern heaven, the stars which never diminish are under the seat of his face, his seats are the stars which never rest, cometh to him on offering by the order of Seb the pant of the gods praise him, the star gods of the underworld smell the earth before him, the boundaries of earth bow the back, the limits of heaven make supplication when they see him."

This was a happiness not to last long. It was kept in the "house of the Disc."


In Sumerian, the 'sun' too passed through a gate as "Mankind they beheld the sun in the gale of his going-forth." 15


In Egypt, either Ra or the disc stayed in the "Temple of my Eye." It was called the "living soul of Ra" and "bull of the Mt. of the Sunrise and lion of the Mt. of the Sunset," which denoted the peace pack of both factions of the families.


It was also called the "Eye of Heaven" as it watched over its people.


It would later become under Indra a more omnipotent force and it was from this time the people would come to fear the 'Evil Eye', although this also has a counterpart in physiology to be explored later. Even today, however, caravan camels yet have bright-colored beads between the eyes to protect them from the Evil Eye or fringes from the saddles which seems very reminiscent of the fringes used on the costume the priests wore on their garments before the ark, which, as we will see, does defray static electricity.

Meanwhile, Indra and his people lived in "Amentet" the "hidden place." "Khenti Amentet" or, "he who is the chief of the unseen land". Osiris, with his father Ra, operated the disc. The "sun boat" took large numbers of "souls" to the Tuat which sounds like nothing more than a shuttle service. Hebrew history which was gleaned from their Egyptian roots, said that the Lord would remove the 'sun' and place it in a chamber just as the Egyptians claimed, and that here the Underworld was illuminated by it.


As it was said in the Praises of Ra.

"Praise be to thee. O Ra, exalted Sekhem, Bua-tep governor of his Eye; thou sendest forth light into the hidden place, and thou art indeed the body of Shepi." 16

The Star Sept was wrongly identified as Sothis, because Sept was called the "second suit," which we will discuss again later.


The Goddesses too were involved with the disc and if we can go by the last adventures of theirs as described in the Sumerian texts, it was probably so. The Goddess Hathor was said to have "dwelleth in the spacious Disc as it advanceth to Annu" as she carried "the books of the divine words of the writings of the god Thoth," or should we say stolen, as a Sumerian text also relates.


Hathor was a "Golden One," a female member of the Anunnaki, perhaps Lilith herself.

What powered the disc may be just what powered their ships - crystal, as "Unas hath brought the crystal to the Great Eye which is in the field." 17 How did the sun 'land' in the field? Mighty peculiar 'suns' in those days!


In a Hymn to the Aten, of Akhenaten, it is stated that "thou art beautiful to see, and art great, and art like crystal, and art high above the earth." 18

One thing it did do, is unstop noses! Now that may sound silly to you, but to a pathologist and climatologist, it says a great deal. They always make such statements on this and breathing, that there had to be a time stopped up noses were not the norm, but positive ions were affecting their sinus cavities, of which everyone on the earth today suffers.


The weather patterns certainly changed, and the following relates this either before the advent of the disc or when it was later taken away:

"Then said Horus lo Ra, 'Give me two divine brethren in the city of Pe and two divine brethren in the city of Nekhen, who have sprung from my body and who shall be with me in the guise of everlasting Ridges, and then shall the earth blossom and thunder-clouds and rain be done away.

Even the Japanese CHRONICLE OF GODS AND SOVEREIGNS makes mention of the time the other faction would again have the disc and how close it was to the earth:

Izanagi and Izanami again conferred and said:

"We have already given birth to the Land of Eight Great Islands and have produced mountains, rivers, grasses, and trees. We must now create someone to be ruler of all under heaven."

Thereupon they gave birth to the deity of the sun, whose light shone wondrously, illuminating everything within the country.


Izanagi and Izanami were delighted and sent this deity up to heaven, where she was given charge of the affairs of heaven itself. Since at this time the distance between heaven and earth was not great, the deity of the sun was able to ascend by means of the heavenly pillar.


This deity was called O-Hirume-no-mikoto. Another name for the deity of the sun, a female god, was Amaterasu O-mikami.




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