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Extraterrestrial nuclear strike

by the evil Anu-Yahweh


The sacred city of Enki desolated

The Hebrew People:

A great threat
(Agenda 21)


On the 16th day of July of 1945 the first testing of a nuclear weapon was carried out in a southern zone of the Unite States.


The Trinity test, the nickname given to the atomic device, took place in a remote part of Alamogordo in the middle of the of the desert Jornada del Muerto in the state of New Mexico.


The device exploded in the desert with an energy equivalent to 19 kilotons and left a crater in the bed of the desert with a depth of three meters and a width of 330 meters.


The explosive force of the bomb sent a powerful shock wave which could be felt even at a distance of more than 150 kilometers away, the shining flashes emitted from the blast illuminated the landscape and the mushroom cloud reached some 12 kilometers.


In that historic moment the ominous atomic era had begun.

However, the Trinity test would pale in comparison to the bloodcurdling horror which was to follow only a month later. In the month of August of the same year, two bombs of the same kind, baptized Little Boy and Fat Man by the United States Army, were detonated over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


The atomic explosions that they produced reached 16 and 25 kilotons respectively.


The force of the blasts razed the cities, the consuming fire scorched the earth, the sound of the impact made the landscape tremble and the radioactive fallout would claim the lives of tens of thousands of people and many more would fall victim to illnesses attributed to radiation poisoning.


In those fateful days the world experienced the horrors of nuclear war for 'the first time'.

Since then the nations of earth entered in a state of paranoia and the whole world felt that the feared doomsday was drawing nearer. The threat of nuclear war had already become a reality.


The 20th century was a bloody and warlike epoch, a true stain in the history of modern mankind, and now in the 21th century the threat of atomic destruction is still very much alive.


Many men, alarmed by the growing tendency towards nuclear armament, predict a gloomy future for humanity and fear an imminent apocalyptic scenario protagonized by atomic weapons of mass destruction.


Many believe that the final day of judgment is nigh. However, many people forget that the course of history is cyclic.


Even if human civilization were to be destroyed by atomic weapons in this century at a not so distant date, it wouldn't be for the first time.


Perhaps what I have just said will be a surprise for many readers. However, there was already a doomsday that shook the foundations of the civilized world at the end of the third millennium BCE more than some 4000 years ago.

The doomsday of the third millennium consisted in a terrifying atomic military showdown which would devastate the kingdoms of Mesopotamia and the Middle East. Such event has been forgotten by modern historians, but it was documented in the historical records of that time.


The most famous of them is the Book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible in which the event appears as the well-known account of Sodom and Gomorrah.


However, very few people know that in reality the aforementioned biblical story is based on a much more ancient Mesopotamian history.

The destruction of the cities by supernatural means was recorded in a Sumero-Akkadian text called the Erra Epos and in a group of Sumerian registers known as the Lamentations of Sumer more than a millennium before the composition of the Hebrew Bible.


Similar to the biblical account, those Mesopotamian texts recount how a handful of cities in the Middle East was annihilated by the mysterious weapons of the gods and many more places were desolated by the deadly pollution that they produced.


Seen from a modern perspective, the ancient documents record the first nuclear war in the history of the earth.

The Hebrew account of Sodom and Gomorrah and the Mesopotamian paleo-apocalyptic texts on which the biblical event is based bear witness to a nuclear conflict between different factions of alien beings wherein weapons of mass destruction of an extraterrestrial origin were unleashed.

At the end of the third millennium the Enkite gods headed by Marduk found themselves in a face-off with the Anuist gods in a violent rivalry for supremacy in the region of Mesopotamia.


Unable to break the deadlock in the struggle, the crazed Anuist gods decided to resort to atomic weapons for the advancement of their military campaign.


In the end those ruthless evildoers would end up razing to the ground a group of Enkite cities in the lands of the Middle East with seven immense weapons and the consequential radioactive fallout would bring about the sudden and mysterious demise of the last kingdom of the Sumerian civilization around the year 2000 BCE.



The Ancient Nuclear War according to the Ancient Records

The most well-known record of the ancient nuclear war is undoubtedly the story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in the biblical Genesis.


According to the Hebrew account, the so-called god of justice Yahweh sees that the sins and the abominations of the inhabitants of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah have already reached an extreme and so he decides to destroy them.


The nature of their crimes is not detailed explicitly, but it is implied that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah had already reached a state of total depravity.


This can be inferred by the episode just before the destruction in which the supposed patriarch Abraham begs his god to have mercy and not destroy the cities for the love of the righteous and then receives the answer that there are not even ten righteous men in Sodom and Gomorrah.


We already know that only a handful of people can be considered 'righteous' or 'holy' before the so-called moral standard of that heartless tyrant.

The story continues...


Supposedly Yahweh sends two heavenly beings or angels so that they guide Abraham and save the family of Lot, the nephew of Abraham and a member of the Chosen People of Yahweh, before the divine destruction begins.


The evil Yahweh and his servant Abraham enter in conspiracy and Yahweh promises him that the will make him the father of a great lineage and of a grand and powerful nation.


After his intimate talk with his god, Abraham and the two angels arrive at Sodom and pull Lot and his family out of the city seemingly in a supernatural way. Then, by the so-called great mercy of Yahweh, the destruction of the supposedly degenerate cities is postponed to the next day and the servants of Yahweh flee to the city of Zoar in the distance.


Tomorrow arrives and the sun rises over the earth. The hour of the great judgment by fire draws near.

Yahweh, the so-called great judge of justice, rises against the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah making fire and brimstone come down from above. The cities are utterly destroyed along with all their unfortunate residents, the plains are burned and the earth is scorched. The cities are wiped off the map in an instant.


Meanwhile, in the distance the wife of Lot turns around and looks back.


The poor woman is consumed by the substance emitted from the blasts and is transformed into a statue of salt. When Abraham looks back at the cities, he sees that a column of smoke is rising from the earth like the smoke of an oven.


The destruction of the cities is so great that the daughters of Lot believe that the whole of human civilization has been destroyed and they themselves are the only females left on earth.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the razing of Sodom and Gomorrah in the biblical account bears a striking resemblance with a series of nuclear strikes.

  • First, we see that the cities are scorched by a consuming explosion whose blast resembles sulfur.


  • Second, we read that the people who are in the vicinity of the blast such as the wife of Lot are vitrified or vaporized by the deadly aerial contamination of the explosions.


  • Third, the column of smoke which Abraham witnesses after the explosions is very akin to the mushroom cloud of an atomic bomb.

However, Mesopotamian texts such as the Erra Epos and the Lamentations of Sumer, both much more ancient than the account of Sodom and Gomorrah by centuries, recount the event in much more detail.


In the Sumero-Akkadian version there is no room for doubt that what happened was a nuclear strike of extraterrestrial origin.

In the Erra Epos, a Babylonian text from the beginning of the first millennium which recounts an even older Sumerian story, we encounter a fierce conflict between the Enkite gods of the lineage of Marduk and the warlike and ruthless gods of the council of Anu.


According to the interpretation of Zecharia Sitchin, this divine showdown would take place around the year 2024 BCE (Sitchin, 2010). i


The outcome of the story is very apocalyptic and is very similar to the event which occurred in the account of Sodom and Gomorrah. In the end the enemies of Marduk seek to deprive him of his beloved territories and decide to raze certain Mardukite cities in the Middle East with forbidden weapons known as the sebitti or 'the seven terrific'.


According to the same author, the sebitti symbolize seven devastating nuclear devices (Sitchin, 2010). ii


The seven terrific were called,

  1. the unrivaled

  2. the burning flame

  3. that which crumbles with fear

  4. the mountain melter

  5. the wind that finds the ends of the earth

  6. the unforgiving above or below

  7. the vaporizer of the living respectively

Those weapons of mass destruction would soon be unleashed against the cities of Marduk in the great ancient nuclear war of Mesopotamia or the final doomsday.

The Lamentations of Sumer, a group of very ancient historical texts which recount the pitiful and heartbreaking desolation of the cities of the Mesopotamian lands around the year 2000 BCE, describe the effects of the destruction in even more detail than the equivalent biblical account.

  • First, the Lamentations make it clear that the destruction was not by any natural calamity but rather a great storm decreed by Anu.


  • Second, the texts detail that the great storm of Anu was the result of an enormous explosion described as a malefic blast that was the forerunner of a malignant storm.


  • Third, the cruel punishment that Anu decreed is described as a razing storm joined by a scorching heat. Here we see that the storm of Anu doesn't refer to a meteorological tempest but rather to a column of fire that scorches everything that it touches.


  • Fourth, the same scary phenomenon not only burned the earth but also deprived the earth of the shining sun of the day and made the stars of the night invisible. The smoke of the storm of fire reached up to the sky and blocked out the solar light completely, something that wouldn't happen with a normal storm.


  • Fifth, in the following days an evil wind seized the inhabitants, made their faces turn pale, made them cough up blood and polluted the water of the rivers making it bitter and deadly.


  • Sixth, the texts recount that after the razing of the cities the agricultural fields and the prairies were contaminated and gave bad weeds and shriveled plants.

All these descriptions are identical to the devastating effects of an atomic explosion.


Certain areas in the Middle East were destroyed by atomic weapons of an extraterrestrial origin in a brutal war between the gods of the faction of Marduk and the enemy gods of the clique of the evil Anu.


This history of the nuclear conflict between opposing extraterrestrial factions around the time of the sudden disappearance of the Sumerian civilization would later be retold in form of the biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah in which the Hebrew god Yahweh would play the destructive role of Anu, his Mesopotamian precursor.

Behold an excerpt of the literature of the Lamentations which describes how the Sumerian cities were desolated by the effects of the nuclear strikes.


It is a translation by the renowned sumerologist Samuel Noah Kramer.

On the land fell a calamity, one unknown to man; one that had never been seen before, one which could not be withstood.


A great storm from heaven. A land-annihilating storm. An evil wind, like a rushing torrent. A battling storm joined by a scorching heat.


By day it deprived the land of the bright sun, in the evening the stars did not shine. The people, terrified, could hardly breathe; the evil wind clutched them, it does not grant them another day.


Mouths were drenched with blood, heads wallowed in blood. The face was made pale by the Evil Wind. It caused cities to be desolated, houses to become desolate; stalls to become desolate, the sheepfolds to be emptied.


Sumeria's rivers it made flow with water that is bitter; its cultivated fields grow weeds, its pastures grow withering plants.

The ruthless nuclear strike was ordered by Anu, the same degenerate being who in the Bible would supposedly wipe out Sodom and Gomorrah for their unforgivable sins.


The Anuists were great enemies of Marduk and therefore wanted to bring ruin upon his kingdom in the Middle East.


On that fateful day, they took possession of the seven terrific weapons and flew over the Mardukite cities and the surrounding mountains. Once over their targets, the Anuists launched the seven nuclear devices and detonated them over the regions which would later come to be known as Sodom and Gomorrah in the Hebrew tradition.

Those cities loyal to Marduk were annihilated by the scorching storm of fire and sulfur that would follow the tumultuous explosions and many of their unfortunate inhabitants would be consumed by the deadly flames of the thunderous blasts.


A dark smoke rose up into the air and the sky blackened. In the following days a nuclear winter would block out the solar light and the stars of the night would no longer be visible.


In the following months the deadly radioactive fallout would spread throughout the lands of Mesopotamia like a wind of death and reach even the cities of the Enkite gods in the east. The radioactive wind would poison the residents of the cities desolating them completely. People would fall like flies when they breathed in the polluted air and drank the radioactive water.


The vegetation of the fields would shrivel up and the harvests would no longer bear any fruit. In the end the unprecedented destruction inflicted by the Mesopotamian nuclear war would bring about the sudden and mysterious demise of the Sumerian civilization.


The divine conflict between the Mardukites and the Anuistas had now evolved from a small family rivalry among brothers and cousins into an outright war.

The calamity that fell over Mesopotamia was so great that even the gods of Sumer had to evacuate themselves from their beloved cities. The evil wind drew near to the eastern regions and the radioactivity poisoned all that got in its way.


The cities became desolate...


The Lamentations recount that Enki and the gods of his lineage left behind their terrestrial sanctuaries, took refuge in the mountains and in the end fled to the sky.

So, all the important gods were evacuated from Uruk, they kept themselves far from her, they hid themselves in the mountains, they escaped to the faraway plains.

(Lament of Uruk)

The father Enki kept himself away from the city as if it were an alien city. For his desolated city, he wept bitter tears. The great lady of the city (Ninki), flying like a bird, left the city.

(Lament of Erid˙)

Here we see that the radioactive fallout even effected the gods.


Unfortunately, they found themselves forced to abandon their abodes on earth in order to avoid the deadly wind. Our Enkite gods boarded their spacecrafts, flew up to the top of the sky like birds and returned to space. Their evacuation was complete.

The ancient nuclear war would mark the beginning of a new age in the history of the world.


With their bastions in Mesopotamia weakened, the Enkites would end up losing their hegemony in the Middle East and give up more and more terrain to the Anuists.


The noble kingdoms of Babylonia and Egypt would keep themselves faithful to their great god Marduk and remain as powerful bastions of the Enkist spiritual current for many centuries.


However, the Anuists had already taken advantage of the opportunity to establish themselves on earth.


The henchmen of Anu took over many regions of the Middle East and managed to infiltrate many governments. Thus was the beginning of the Age of Ares, an astrological era characterized by strife, warlikeness and violence.


The Anuists would continue their fierce onslaughts against the Enkites and in the end triumph over our gods in the battle. A moment of unbearable sadness and anguish for humanity had arrived.

Some of our gods were captured and bound by the evil Anuist invaders.


They were enchained and imprisoned in dark dungeons in the depths of what was called the underworld. Unfortunately, they become prisoners of war. In their infernal cells our gods no longer had their freedom of movement on a physical level, although they still were able to move to other places temporarily in their astral bodies.


Let's remember that the psychic abilities of the gods are much more developed than ours.


After the battle our gods were taken to the jails of the Anuists and there the henchmen of Anu would exploit them transferring their energies to the energetical vortex of their lord the evil Anu-Yahweh.


From that would arise the idea of the enchained rebellious angels in the infernal abyss in the apocalyptic literature of the New Testament and of the Judaism of the Second Temple period (Revelation 20:2-3; Jude 1:6; 2 Peter 2:4; Enoch 10:4-6; Enoch 10:12-13).


Let's bear in mind that in the religious literature of the monotheistic Judaism of the post-exile epoch, the great gods of the polytheistic Mesopotamian culture in which the Hebrews had found themselves during the exile were belittled and transformed into 'demons' and 'fallen angels'.

Other gods of ours, the great Enki included, managed to escape in time and fled into space. In that moment of complete sadness, our gods saw themselves forced to abandon their pride and retreat from our planet.


They left the earth behind and returned to their original home in the constellation of Orion.


The world fell into the claws of the evil Anuists. However, the withdrawal of the Enkites doesn't mean that they abandoned us. What they did in that very difficult moment was a tactical retreat.


Our gods knew that they couldn't win the war at that time since the Anuists had managed to become very powerful after their underhanded nuclear strikes in the Middle East, and so instead of being captured or massacred on earth they decided to escape and make their way back to their planet of origin in order to rethink their strategy and plan their counterattack.


One day the Enkite warriors will return for a rematch against the wicked Anuists and retake the earth.

It was very painful what happened to our gods when they were taken prisoner by the Anuists and enchained in the infernal abyss. However, according to the Enkite guides, in recent years all of the gods without any exception have managed to escape from the bondage of Anu and regain their liberty. iii


Now all our gods are free and willing to fight in the war for the dominion of the earth.

Now let's go back to the Age of Ares (around 2150 BCE - 1 CE).


After weakening the Enkite gods with the nuclear war, the Anuists took advantage of the opportunity to infiltrate the nations of the earth and establish a lineage of loyal followers.


The evil Anu would decide to create an Anuist people on earth so that it would later carry out his intricate plan to take over the whole world.


Anu established his first bastion of the Anuist current in the lands of Palestine on the Levantine coast just between the great Enkite kingdoms of Egypt and Babylonia. The location of the heart of his earthly kingdom was no coincidence, since the mission of his people would be to infiltrate the neighboring Enkite kingdoms and corrupt them from within.


The Chosen People of Anu would be the western Semites, those who would later be known as the Hebrews, Israelites and Jews.


The Origin of the Hebrew People

The Jews are an enigmatic people. Even their origin as a nation is shrouded in mystery.


The Hebrew Bible, the sacred book of Judaism, claims that the Jewish people have their their roots in the lineage of Abraham, the first patriarch of the Hebrew race supposedly elected by Yahweh to be the father of his Chosen People.


According to the biblical Account, the choosing of Abraham takes place just before the razing of Sodom and Gomorrah, which would place the date of his birth around the final decades of the 22nd century BCE.


In the end Yahweh makes a pact with Abraham and promises him that he will be the father of a great messianic nation which will reign over the whole world.

However, a painstaking study of the story of Abraham will reveal that the well revered father of the Jewish people cannot have been a real person but rather a fictitious patriarch.


The ancestral progenitor of the Jews didn't really exist; the biblical Abraham is nothing more than a Jewish archetype that the Hebrew priesthood invented in the first millennium with the purpose of fabricating an ancestral history for the people of Judaism.


The history of the Jewish people told in the Bible is nothing more than an intricate hoax whose goal is the justification of their new 'Chosen People' theology. Nothing of their history is true and the story of their origin even less.

How can we know that the biblical patriarch Abraham was never a historical person but in fact an archetype invented at a later date?

The answer is simple for anyone who has a sound understanding of ancient history. First, researchers of modern biblical scholarship have reached the conclusion that the Book of Genesis is chock-full of anachronisms.


An anachronism is a historical error that consists in the presentation of something as belonging to a time to which it doesn't really match. What is most odd about the Book of Genesis is the absence of any accurate reference to what was happening historically in the Middle East throughout the second millennium (Grant, 1996). iv


The truth is that many historical and topographical references in the Bible are much more appropriate for the middle of the first millennium, something which is indicative of a later redaction date and proves that the so-called very ancient history of the Jewish people is, in fact, nothing more than a late invention of the first millennium.


For example, the biblical narrator in Genesis claims that Abraham was from the city of Ur of the Chaldees.


However, the term Ur of the Chaldees was appropriate only from the 7th century BCE onwards given that the Chaldees emerged in the region of Ur only in the middle of the first millennium.


In the time in which Abraham was supposed to have lived, Ur was a region inhabited by the Sumerians (Grant, 1996). v


Second, many modern historians have noted that there doesn't exist any records from extra-biblical sources which corroborate the supposed deeds of the Israelite people in the surrounding nations such as Egypt (Romer, 1999). vi


This suggests that the stories of the great Hebrew patriarchs recounted in the Bible are by no means factual but in fact late inventions of the Jewish priesthood whose objective was to falsify a Jewish history with greater antiquity.

It turns out that the story of Abraham as presented in the Bible was false. The biblical Abraham is nothing more than a fictitious Jewish archetype and the story of the choosing of Abraham was in reality an attempt to offer an explanation for the origin of the so-called Chosen People by the Hebrew priesthood.

If the story of Abraham as the great ancestral father of the Jewish people is completely fictitious, then from where did that mysterious people appear and how?

The story of the choosing of Abraham in the Bible is in reality a fictitious fable which covers up a very sinister real event. In other words, one could say that the story of the choosing of Abraham is an allegorical account that conceals the shocking truth about the authentic origin of the Jewish people.


Sometimes the truth is much more fantastic than even fiction.

The Jews, that mysterious race which infiltrated so many foreign countries and was behind the three great monotheistic religions and many worldwide movements, are the people of Anu.


They are the Chosen People of their sectarian god; yet they are not the Chosen People of the god of mankind.


The Jews were chosen or rather engendered by Anu in order that they take on a mission of world domination. The Jews were created as a nation of henchmen subordinate to Anu and in order to be his representatives on earth.

At an unspecified time after the ancient nuclear war, Anu established his great bastion of his faction in the region of Palestine and founded his cult of worship under the semitic pseudonym El.


His cult would take root in all the Levantine regions and Anu-El would be worshiped as the main god by the western semitic peoples such as,

  • the Phoenicians

  • the Amorites

  • the Canaanites

In the semitic religion of the second millennium, the cult of El was characterized by human sacrifice and ritual infanticide (Olyan, 1988). vii


The same bloodthirsty and ruthless god would later be known by the Greeks as Kronos (Smith, 2002). viii


The same Kronos was known as Saturn in the Latin-speaking world. The perverse and gruesome saturnic cult of Anu-El had already became established in the various semitic regions along the Levantine coast.

Meanwhile, the evil Anu-El would form his Chosen People in their first stage among the western semitic peoples.


The first Proto-Hebrews would be born among the ancient Canaanite people. They would resemble their Levantine semitic neighbors, but their DNA would be modified by the Anuists and they would turn out very different from the other races of mankind.


The Jewish people was created by the Anuists as a new race and into them was implanted the genetic material of their god Anu and also that of another extraterrestrial species known as the Dracos or the Saurians. ix


Therefore, the Jews would turn out with many of the perverse traits of their creator:

  • hatred from the Gentile peoples or non-Jews

  • racial collectivism

  • cunningness

  • deception

  • a superiority complex

  • persecutory delirium

  • amoralism

  • depravity

  • a victim complex

  • hypocrisy

  • materialism

  • greed

  • warmongering

  • blood lust

  • an insatiable thirst for domination

In the end, the original Jews were made in the image and likeness of their degenerate god Anu-El and so they have inherited many of his psychological characteristics.


The DNA of the Dracos that was also added has given the Jewish people a certain perverse, cruel and ruthless mindset


It is for something that the elites of the Jewish rabbinate say that Jewish blood is not the same as Gentile blood and claim that Jews and Gentiles are two different species.

The Jews are genetically programmed to serve Anu and uphold the cause of their race in an ultra-collectivist fashion.


Right from the start of their history, the people of Anu have been experts in the infiltration of foreign governments, sabotage and conspiracy. The elites of society have always operated through covert and conspiratory Jewish brotherhoods.


It is not known for sure when the preferred race of Anu was created by the gods of the Anuist faction in the region of Palestine, but one can infer that such event took place at a time between 2000 and 1800 BCE.


The reason for which we can arrive at such conclusion is because the mysterious invader race known as the Hyksos would appear in history for the first time around the year 1800 BCE.

The Hyksos were a race of warlike barbarians then unknown who all of a sudden appeared out of nowhere and began to war against the Egyptians. This bloodthirsty and cruel people would conquer both Low Egypt and High Egypt and reign over the country from approximately 1720 up until 1570 BCE.


Six invading kings of that same tribe would lord over the land of Egypt for two centuries until their last dynasty was toppled by the Theban resistance. There spread several rumors about the origin of the Hyksos.


Some said that they were Semites while others claimed they were Asiatic nomads. There was even the rumor that they were of Greek roots!


What is certain is that even their origin is shrouded in mystery. However, we know that they bore Canaanite names although later they would adopt Egyptian pseudonyms. The Canaanites were a western semitic people settled in the region of Palestine from which the Hebrews would later derive.


Contrary to what the Jewish pseudo-history claims, in the second millennium BCE the Canaanites and the Hebrews were identical, spoke the same language and belong to the same cultural current (Tubb, 1999; Smith, 2002). x, xi


In the end, the Hyksos were western Semites and 'Proto-Hebrews' created by Anu-El at the beginning of the second millennium BCE and their mission was to infiltrate the kingdoms of Egypt, a noble bastion of the Enkist current, and corrupt them and destroy them from the inside out.


Here we see the first signs of Anuist Proto-Zionism in the history of the world.

Thus has been the modus operandi of the people of Anu since the beginning:

they infiltrate a foreign land, take over the institutions of political power often by surreptitious means, corrupt Gentile culture and civilization and destroy the nations from the inside out.

The evil Anu programmed them to be like that.


The people of Anu have always loathed the peoples of Enki such as the Egyptians, the Babylonians and the other Gentile nations, since that xenophobic hatred is encoded in their DNA from Anu and recorded in their collective conscience.

When the first attempt to bring ruin upon the region of Egypt failed and the Hyksos or 'Proto-Hebrews' were cast out of the country after two centuries of dominion, Anu sketched a new action plan.


Around the 14th century BCE the infamous monotheistic pharaoh Akhenaton made his appearance in history and would try to suppress the traditional Egyptian polytheism and replace the cult of Amon-Ra (Marduk) with a cult to a one solar deity called Atonism.


Akhenaton was a Draco-Human hybrid, a true reptilian, hired by Anu. xii


During his reign Akhenaton would become ever more fanatical.


He proclaimed that Aton was not only the supreme god but also the only god and he declared himself the only mediator between the people and the one true god. Then Akhenaton ordered the vandalism of the temples of Amon-Ra, forbade images of traditional Egyptian deities and blot out all references to a plurality of gods in the inscriptions of his time.

Who does the intolerant behavior of that tyrannical monotheistic 'pharaoh' remind you of?

The deeds of Akhenaton are signed by Anu and are precursory of what would happen later in Palestine under the Hebrew priesthood.


Akhenaton was an Anuist deceiver of Draconian blood who tried to corrupt the spiritual current of the great Enkist bastion of Egypt. Fortunately his so-called monotheistic 'reforms' would barely last for 20 years and the cult of Amon-Ra would be restored by Tutankhamen in Thebes.


So the second attempt of the people of Anu would fail thanks to the great spirit of resistance of the Egyptian people.

Later, at the beginning of the first millennium, the same people of Anu would begin to split from the Canaanite people to which they belonged previously in order to form a new ignominious movement.


This time they would call themselves Hebrews and they would become bitter enemies with their Levantine semitic cousins who didn't sympathize with their movement such as the Moabites, the Philistines and even with the Canaanites.


The story of the supposed Exodus out of Egypt is pure fiction.


Nothing of what is told in the story of Moses really took place. Like many of the accounts of the Pentateuch, the story of the Exodus is jam-packed with anachronisms and all the archaeologist evidence with regards to the topic has turned out negative in spite of more than a century of archaeological and egyptological research (Meyers, 2005). xiii


In the end, the story of the Exodus was not a factual event but rather a pseudo-historical tale of anti-Egyptian propaganda fabricated by the elites of the Anuist Jewish priesthood.


The main objectives of this ignominious biblical lie were the slander of the main enemies of the people of Anu and the justification of the Hebrews as the Chosen People of 'god'. In reality, the Hebrews separated from the Canaanite culture at the beginning of the first millennium and some centuries later their priesthood would invent radical jehovitic monotheism.


This time the monotheism of Anu took root with great success.

The seeds of the deceptive religion of Anu had already been sown in the land of Palestine. The supposed sacred book of the pseudo-history of the Hebrew people would be fabricated around 550 BCE and the cult of Yahweh, the new Hebrew epithet of Anu-El, would be established in the Jewish capital of Jerusalem.


The new monotheism of the Jewish people would become ever so more violent and all the bordering nations who refused to accept the Hebrew god Yahweh-El-Anu would be vituperated and demonized by the priesthood of Anu.


The Jews would always mock the Enkite gods of the kingdom of Babylonia in their slanderous writings and would propose the genocide of all the polytheistic peoples around them. Judaism has been a gruesome, brutal, warlike and degenerate religion from its beginning.


Therefore, the more civilized Gentile nations were able to see through the perverse craziness of Judaism for what it was.


The elite of the priesthood of Anu would have to conspire again in order to spread their deceptive Anuist current among the Gentile peoples.

In the first century CE the kingdom of Babylonia had already fallen and the land of Israel was already subjected to the Roman Empire. The Greek influence was also very present in the regions of Levant. The Hebrew army was already weakened and the country was on the verge of its demise.


Already accustomed to infiltrating foreign nations and parasiting them from the inside, the elite of the people of Anu would devise an enormous sinister plot in order to take over the great Gentile nations.


An enigmatic Jewish Pharisee with Roman citizenship known as Paul of Tarsus would appear in Palestine in the middle of the 1st century and would claim to have received a prophetic vision from a certain Jesus of Nazareth on the road to Damascus.


This so-called apostle of the Gentiles who had never even known the mythical Nazarene in person claimed to be a messenger of the truth and founded a new Jewish sect oriented towards the Gentiles.


That new sect would later be known as Christianity.


It is interesting to note that the supposed great hero of Christendom, the apostle Paul, was a direct disciple and employee of a certain Gamaliel, one of the highest members of the infamous Great Sanhedrin, the assembly of the elite of Jewry in ancient Israel.


It is interesting to note also that even after creating the new Christian sect Paul of Tarsus would continue to practice the Judaism of his ancestors.

If I may leave diplomacy to one side and tell the truth exactly as it is, I can only say that Paul of Tarsus, the Jewish Pharisee, was a huge deceiver of the Gentile peoples, a salesman of lies, a wolf in sheep's clothing and an employee of the Proto-Zionist Jewish conspirators of the Sanhedrin.


He was a henchman of Anu and his twisted clique.


The bizarre teachings of his new sect would be pure poison for his Gentile victims.

  • First, they would teach an anti-life and self-destructive philosophy of,

    • total pacifism

    • undue altruism

    • blind obedience

    • obscurantism

    • abnegation of the ego

    • love for enemies and even for those who oppress us

    • the relinquishment of any type of ancestral spiritual knowledge

    • the strange humiliation of oneself as a lost sinner

    • an unhealthy preoccupation with guilt and shame

    • fatalistic dependence

    • an irrational fear towards otherworldly concepts such as the devil, hell and final judgment

    Christianity would end up turning millions of Gentiles into docile and submissive slaves with no fighting spirit and easy to dominate.


  • Second, the expansion of the judeo-christian monotheistic theology would export the cult of Yahweh (El, Anu, Kronos, Saturn) to all the European nations and therefore a countless number of Gentiles would fall under the dominion of the god of the Jews.


    This would give the people of Anu a great deal of power, since later they would begin to manipulate whole nations via their new poisonous religion:

    • Judaism 2.0 supposedly from the very Nazarene himself and only for the Gentiles.

And who was the so-called Messiah and savior of mankind introduced by Paul the Pharisee?

The mythical biblical Nazarene known as Jesus and later as Jesus Christ was nothing more than a fictitious character. Just like Abraham and Moses, Jesus was purely a Jewish archetype invented by the Anuist conspirators.


The would-be universal savior of humanity is just a deceptive thought-form of Anu.


In esoteric terms, a thought-form is an unreal, illusory and phantasmagoric entity projected from the mind of a magician and gifted with even a physical consistency and its own personality. In other words, it is a programmed apparition created through magical energy.


The concept of thought-forms is very antique and goes back to the ancient East where it was known as Tulpa in Tibetan and Nirmita in Sanskrit.


The Anuists keep the whole world deceived and take hold of the spiritual energy of their naive religious followers by way of their thought-forms such as the fictitious Jesus Christ. Each time a Christian prays to the Nazarene the spiritual energy of his prayers are swallowed by the energetical vortex of Anu and the black magic of the Anuists is strengthened.


The Anuists feed themselves with that energy on a spiritual level.


Many initiated Jews and followers of Zionism pretend to hold a lot of inordinate spite for Jesus Christ as a heretic and traitor of Judaism; however, all of that is only an act of theater...


They know that the Nazarene worshiped by Christians is nothing more than a fictitious archetype and they understand that the supposed Messiah of the Gentiles is in fact a thought-form with which they can take over the minds of their christianized enemies.


The hostility that they show towards their own thought-form is nothing more than a way to stir up conflicts among the peoples and confuse them even more.

Back to the main topic, in the following centuries the new Christian sect engineered by the elite of the Anuist Jewry and sold to the naive Gentiles by the Jewish Pharisee Paul of Tarsus would spread throughout all the Mediterranean world. In the beginning it was rejected by most of the Gentiles in the great European nations and was even persecuted in the territories of the Roman Empire.


However, in the fourth century the evil Anuists made a deal with the elite of the Empire (or perhaps the Roman state had already fallen under the control of the Anuists for quite some time) and the following emperors would impose the religion of Anu as the official cult of the state.


From then on the Anuists would establish a very powerful second bastion in Rome:

the Vatican.

More or less that the same time, the Anuists would found a third dogmatic and intolerant monotheistic religion in the lands of the Arabs:


Anu would send the same filthy archangel Gabriel, a deceitful extraterrestrial of the Anuist faction known as Jibril in Arabic, so that he would reveal to Mohammad the new 'truth' of 'god' and create a new abrahamic religion...


Islam would embrace the teaching of the 'holy war' against the 'infidels' and the converted Arabs would brandish their swords and destroy all the peoples who refused to believe in the new religion of Anu.


The Anuists had created a new culture of powerful warriors willing to fight for their cause.

Meanwhile, in Europe the Papacy of the Anuist Vatican was destroying all the ancestral spiritual traditions of the Gentile peoples and annihilating all the rebels via their perverse and wicked inquisition.


In the end the initiated Jews, the people of Anu, would infiltrate many European organizations feigning their conversion to Catholicism.


The Vatican has always been a mysterious organization with ties to the secret societies of Jewish occultism. In a nutshell, the Anuist Jews subdued (or in this case subJewed) the European nations by their Zionist Trojan Horse known as Christianity and destroyed the ancestral cultures of Middle East through their weapon called Islam.

The people of Anu managed to monopolize political and intellectual power over the Old World (Europe) via their Catholic religion. However, that means would not serve them forever. The strategy of the Anuists is always evolving and adapting to the circumstances of the epoch.


In modern times the people of Anu would sketch their blueprints for a new covert project in order to expand their monopoly on power and would conspire in order to infiltrate the governments of the New World (the Americas) via various secret societies.


The next and final stage of their millennial conspiracy would be the infamous New World Order.

The New World Order is comprised of a network of surreptitious brotherhoods headed by the descendants of the same Anuist lineage created in Palestine almost four millennia ago.


The so-called Illuminati of the present are the sons of the millennial Zionism.


Contrary to some popular myths that assume that the Illuminati are henchmen of the biblical Satan, a mere fictitious character invented to sow the seeds of fear and paranoia, the elites of the Order of the Illuminati are indeed Zionist Jews loyal to Yahweh (Anu, El, Saturn) and the New World Order is the inheritance which their evil god promised for them in the moment of their election.


It is curious that in the Bible Yahweh promises the fictitious Jewish archetype Abraham that he will make him the father of many great nations and then the Hebrew prophets prophesize that the people of Israel will inherit the whole world and will reign over all the nations.


In reality, the Hebrew Bible is nothing more than an encoded blueprint of Zionism for the initiated Jews and a means of deception in order to keep the non-initiates enslaved.


What is certain is that the New World Order belongs to Yahweh and his Jewish (Anuist) Chosen People...




The story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Hebrew Bible is a late recast of a group of more ancient Mesopotamian historical records which includes the Babylonian Erra Epos and the Lamentations of Sumer.


The original texts recount a fierce conflict among the gods and then bear witness to a great catastrophe that would bring about the sudden demise of the Sumerian civilization and force the Enkite gods to evacuate themselves from the earth.

The devastating conflict recounted in the ancient texts was in fact an ancient nuclear war which broke out between two opposing factions of advanced extraterrestrials.


The Anuistas would resort to atomic weapons of mass destruction in order to defeat the Enkites and make them retreat from the earth.


The 'evil wind', an ancient reference to the radioactive fallout caused by the atomic bombs, would desolate the cities of our gods and weaken their dominion over the region of Mesopotamia.

Immediately the extraterrestrials of the faction of Anu would invade the earth and take over some areas of the planet. They would war ruthlessly with the Enkites and sow chaos in the Middle East.


Anu would establish a bastion of his Anuist cult in the region of Palestine under the semitic pseudonym El. Meanwhile, his powerful celestial henchmen allied with the infamous Dracos would crush the Enkite resistance and take many of our gods as prisoners.


From there arises the idea of the rebellious angels enchained in the abyss of the underworld in the apocalyptic literature of the Judaism of the Second Temple period and the later New Testament. Fortunately other gods of ours, Enki included, managed to escape in time and retreated from the earth returning to their home in the constellation of Orion in order to prepare their future counterattack.

The story of Abraham in Genesis is nothing more than a late pseudo-historical tale whose purpose has been the justification of the Jews as the Chosen People of 'god'.


Abraham is a fictitious archetypal character and the account of his election is an allegory which conceals a very sinister real event.


In reality Yahweh (Anu) didn't choose any Abraham; he created a new hybrid race in Palestine via genetic engineering on the basis of his own genetic material and that of the Dracos so that they would be his Chosen People.


He entrusted to his people a special mission:

the systematic destruction of all the Enkite Gentile civilizations and the domination on the world = Zionism.

From this new Anuist race would appear the enigmatic Hyksos around 1800 BCE and they would attempt to wreak ruin upon the Enkite kingdom of Egypt.


The the Anuist 'Pharaoh' Akhenaton would come onto the scene and try to corrupt the ancestral Egyptian religion in order to replace it with the trash of Anu. Egypt would remain strong.


Later at the beginning of the first millennium BCE the same Anuist lineage would organize itself again and form the Hebrew people, the self-proclaimed 'Chosen People', and the Hebrews would wage war with all the neighboring polytheistic nations.

In the 1st century CE the elite of the people of Anu would devise the most intricate plot in history.


They would create two more religions based on their monotheistic Judaism, two Jewish cults very poisonous and self-destructive, in order to sell it to the Gentiles in Europe and the Middle East. It would be the Jewish Trojan Horse.


Jewish Christianity would be established in Europe and Jewish Islam would take over the minds of the Arab people. Then the Zionist Jews, the ultimate puppeteers, would infiltrate the christianized foreign societies and in the end expand their dominion over the Gentile peoples.

In recent times the same people would take over many of the governments of the world with the help of their evil god Anu-Yahweh and establish their New World Order.


Now the followers of Anu are the most powerful, almost have a monopoly on the world's political power and manage much of the wealth.


Now the Anuist Zionists are enjoying the promise which their demonic god Anu-Yahweh made to the archetypal Jewish father Abraham and to the prophets of the Bible:

he is handing over to them power over all the nations and making them the masters of the whole world.

In the end, the judeo-christian Bible is, in reality, a covert outline for millennial Zionism.


Jewish Zionism is sponsored by Anu-Yahweh, the enslaver of mankind and the cosmic enemy of Enki.



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