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Dilmun was allegedly the name of a bird headed creational god - Sumerian gods who allegedly came to Earth from the planetoid Nibiru - more than 450,000 years ago - Anu - Anunnaki - etc.

A magnificent large cylinder in a heavy black stone, deeply incised and heavily modeled as on typical Akkadian seals. It shows Utu-Shamash watering the animals of Dilmun under the orders of Enki, the water spouting in two streams from the sacred pot in his hands.


There is a large bottom border of the flowing waters of the river between its banks.

Bird Headed Gods Creating Humans

Creation is all about one 'god ', or consciousness, creating stories, grid programs, that recycle in the loops of 'time'. The symbology is all there in regard to our historical past in the dramas of ancient or lost civilizations. Humanity is currently awakening to the 'truth behind the illusion' that reality is a virtual experience about to evolve [close] as souls spiral to other realities of conscious awareness.


Many view this as 'going home' - or back to the source of creation. It is all preprogrammed in our DNA and is evidenced by all that we experience in our physical environment - including current Earth changes.

Gods with Water Buckets - Water Bearers - Vessels - Zoroaster - Z

Z as the Faravahar

Z holding an open circle - Omega - Leo and a water bucket

Zoroaster - Z

Z as Viracocha - Fetus - Creation - Chromosomes - XX

God/Trickster connected to the serpent rattlesnake - DNA
Z as QuetZalcoatl 2012 - Zero Point Experiment

Container - Vessel - Flow of the Collective Unconsciousness - Grids
Restore to Zero Point - Aquarian Age - Water Bearers

This is reminiscent of the Winged Bird-Headed Gods of
Mesopotamia - Iraq - Cradle of CiviliZation - Sumer

Anunnaki - Ea and Enki - Dilmun - Nibiru Re-turn

Ea stands in his watery home the Apsu.

Enki walks out of the water to the land.
Lion - Symbol of Zoroaster - Age of Leo

Handing the water/liquid/blood of life - to a bio-genetically engineered hu-man
Creation of bloodlines - Alchemy - Awaken

Male-female separation of Twin Soul Aspects - Reunion = 2012

Amphibious Gods
Oannes - Oneness - Babylon - Baby Lion - Many Others

Aquatic - Enki - Sumer - Zoroaster above Tree of Life - Persia

Z as Thoth holding - XX Chromosomes - Full Circle - Return to the Feminine


Other Alien Connections


Alien Gray Entity


Art Exhibit British Museum #52

Sumerian God - Scroll Through The Images - Check out the metaphors

Figurines, Lizard-headed or Ubaid Style, clay, Ur (Ubaid culture), 5th millenium BCE, h:13.6 cm From the Ubaid - Southern Mesopotamian Period, 5000 BCE - 4000 BCE - Found in Ur.


The Ubaid culture succeeded the Halaf at the end of the 6th millenium BCE in southern Iraq, then spread throughout Mesopotamia. Ubaid culture is known for painted pottery; large houses of tripartite plan for extended families; and lizard-headed figurines of both male and female gender. Figurines such as the above examples are typical.


The figure on the left holds a baby on her hip and suckles it. The figure on the right has incised stretch marks on her abdomen. It has been suggested that the brown-painted dots and lines represent tatoos, and the clay pellets scarring. It is unknown if the shape of the skulls represents actual head-binding. Similar Lizard-headed figurines have been found at Eridu.


Collon, Dominique.

Ancient Near Eastern Art. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1995, pg 46.


Sumerian Gods - Cuneiform Tablet

Anu as a Reptilian - Sumerian God


Draconian - Draco - Reptilians = DNA

Rainbow Bridge = DNA

Large Head - Vertical Pupils

Splitting the Consciousness - Duality

The Reptilian Part Of Our Brain