by Amitakh Stanford
October 2, 2005

from XeeaTwelve Website

Many can accept the concept of "God" or a Supreme Intelligence, but they are stifled when they try to comprehend alien beings.


This is partially because of religious and other forms of programming and indoctrination. Many think so narrowly that they believe that the human race is the only intelligence in all Creation.

If people can come to terms with the concept that an Unmanifested Intelligence or Supreme Force is responsible for all Creation, then surely they should be able to accept that the Force would be able to emanate Its own physical agents. These agents could then be placed in diverse locations. If that be the case, then the concept of aliens as agents of the Force, apart from the human race, is very plausible.

In fact, many different races of aliens have been on Earth for a long, long time.


Most of these occupy wilderness spaces or reside beneath the Earth's surface or in the deep seas. In my recent sojourns, I have noticed that many aliens of different races who reside in the wilderness areas are less hidden than before.

Many have wondered why the Earth's ruling elite are so concerned with reserving vast land and water parks since the ruling elite seem not to care about the environment at all. For instance, countries like the United States and Australia are very resistant to the Kyoto accords. China and the United States are currently "persuading" Australia to drastically increase its uranium production, which could hardly be a sign of environmental concern.


Alternative energy sources such as solar power are not readily promoted or really encouraged by most governments. Although there are some lip-service rebates available in some cases, these are really nominal when considering the whole issue.

Many have laboured over why Teddy Roosevelt and other members of the ruling elite have so passionately pursued massive reserve areas. In many of these wilderness areas the ruling elite have closed roads and severely restricted human access. The ruling elite have also introduced non-native predators and venomous species into some of the reserves.


Are they really trying to protect the flora and fauna in the areas they set aside? Some have speculated that the ruling elite will erect resorts in the wilderness areas for the upper classes. This is not the real reason for the vast reserves.

The answer is simple once one has accepted that there are aliens on the planet at this time who are influencing the decisions of the ruling elite. It is then easy to see that the reserves are for privacy-seeking aliens. They want their existence and activities to remain secret. The Earth's ruling elite are using the parks to hide the aliens.

There are many areas on the planet that have "geo-thermal" hot springs. Some of these are not natural at all. The heated, odoriferous waters from the non-natural ones, such as the one in the hills near Salmon, Idaho, come from alien sewage systems.


Can you imagine the sick joke that the aliens are playing on humans who frequent these waters for bathing and health reasons?

There is a "green" movement to save the Earth. Many of those in the movement are sincere. However, they are being exploited by the ruling elite and their movement has been usurped. Others have tried to save the Earth by sending healing energy to it. Again, many of the people involved in the movement are sincere, but they have also been exploited and misguided to do the bidding of the ruling elite.


Ironically, when mass "healings" are organized and performed, the energy released does NOT benefit the Earth - it is snapped up by the agents of Darkness for their nefarious purposes.

The Earth is dying! But the consciousness of the Earth lives on.


A long, long time ago, the consciousness of the Earth was trapped by Darkness in Its Virtual Reality and forced to maintain the planet and all its systems according to the will of Darkness.


As an integral part of the Divine 'Rescue Mission,' the Divine has rescued the consciousness of the Earth - it has been liberated from Darkness!

The physical Earth is now in a rapid state of decay and is running on its programmed systems. This is why it cannot rejuvenate the way it did in the past. The Earth cannot be revived. For all intents and purposes, the Earth is now just a "shell" that is running on old programs.

As time goes on and the Earth continues to deteriorate, clean drinking water will become more and more scarce. There are many reasons for this, including the symbolic release of the element Water - which will soon be a full liberation from Darkness.


By then, the balance that the Four Elements have helped to maintain will have gone haywire.

Darkness is powerless to continue Its imprisonment of the Four Elements or the consciousness of the Earth, and cannot replace Its slaves to do Its will. In other words, the Virtual Reality of Darkness is collapsing. All those who use physical shells (celestial bodies, humans, animals, plants, minerals etc.) will feel the effects of the breakdown of the Virtual Reality. This process is unavoidable as the Virtual Reality is dismantled.

The Virtual Reality is an illusion maintained by motion. When motion ceases, the illusion falls.


The key to breaking the illusion is to stop the motion. Motion was invented by Darkness to trap True-Light beings, who supply the energy for It to sustain Its pseudo-creation, the Virtual Reality.

Those who can see beyond the physical factor of impermanence will rejoice at the breaking down of this Virtual Prison. It is the most joyous thing that has ever happened for those who truly seek Love, Truth and Purity.