by Amitakh Stanford
November 5, 2009

from FlyingBuffaloes7 Website

Many times I have discussed how the Anunnaki Elite are cordoned off from the Earth. This was of their own doing. When they fled the Earth and went into hiding, they unwittingly trapped themselves. The Anunnaki Elite are not confined by space, but instead, in their panicked state, they accidentally trapped themselves in time.

In simple terms, they have trapped themselves in what can best be understood as the “Past”. This “Past”, in terms of time and space, is different from the chronological “past” that one speculates can be traveled to and from within this dimension. In other words, the “Past” in which the Anunnaki Elite currently reside is inaccessible from this dimension.

The Anunnaki Remnants have mistakenly been working on Earth and in the astral dimensions under the premise that the Anunnaki Elite would return one day from their time travels and re-start the Atu-waa.


The Remnants could not re-start the Atu-waa because the Anunnaki Elite had set up a system shrouded in secrecy due to their distrust of others. Critical information, such as the “code” for initiating and re-starting the Atu-waa, was kept in such strict secrecy that none of the Remnants have had access to it.

I have previously written about some of the attempts by the Anunnaki Elite to impress upon the Remnants on how to activate the Atu-waa; every attempt by the Elite has failed. Finally, in 2008, chronological time ran out, and even the Anunnaki Elite can no longer re-start the Atu-waa.

Ironically, the only one on Earth who had access to the Atu-waa “code” was an Attas of the Light who had chanced upon the “code” a long time ago whilst investigating the Anunnaki Elite. This “code” was, in effect, “hard-wired” to this Attas’ subtle bodies. The process of extracting the “code” would have been extremely complex and difficult, and any missteps in the attempted extraction would have obliterated the “code”.


Thus, it was the possession of this “code” that protected this particular Attas from attempted termination by Anunnaki Remnants.

The ruling elite on Earth do not control the overall scheme of things; they are merely taking “orders” from the various groups of Anunnaki Remnants, who control major events from behind the scenes. The Remnants are now beginning to doubt the fabled promise of the return of the Anunnaki Elite to establish their “heaven” on Earth, which would have had a strict hierarchy, with the Elite on top, the Remnants below them, and with humans as their slaves.

With the Remnants’ dreams of a Grand Anunnaki Paradise on Earth shattered, they have turned their primary focus to accepting an alternate dream, which is necessarily a diminished model of the promised Grand Paradise that the Anunnaki Elite could have provided had they not trapped themselves.


The Remnants’ Lesser Paradise was only to have been a stepping stone in the grand scheme of things had the Elite returned. But now, the Lesser Paradise is the ultimate that the Remnants can hope to strive for.

The Lesser Paradise has been in the works for millennia. Much of what appears to be progress in civilization and advancements in philosophy, religion, science, technology etc. have been introduced by the Remnants to tie into their plan of the transient Lesser Paradise.


This plan involves the control, manipulation and enslavement of people.


Humans have been a necessary part of the scheme to build the Lesser Paradise until the Remnants can take total control of the Earth.

As the Lesser Paradise approaches fruition, the Remnants are culling the “undesirables” from the planet. These “undesirables” are not limited to humans. Many animals are also targeted. This culling is being done by many means, but underlying much of the culling is the development of programmed responses to certain types, which makes the culling more invisible and palatable for the masses.


For instance, since the Remnants are apprehensive of various dog breeds such as Staffordshire terriers, Rottweilers, Dobermann pinschers and German shepherds, many incidents involving these breeds have been highly publicized to justify restriction and culling of the breeds.


Animals, like humans, can be programmed genetically and/or environmentally to behave erratically, which can then be used to their detriment by the ruling elite to justify culling of the unwanted ones. This has been done regarding the above-mentioned breeds of dogs.

Humans are also being culled by various means. The bottom line is that the Remnants want a “perfect” breed of slaves among the humans. “Perfection” to the Remnants is that which will best serve their Anunnaki masters. The culling of the humans has begun.

The main targets of the ruling elite’s culling are those that are more difficult to control or deemed to be useless. They can belong to unions, bike gangs, philosophical, political and/or religiously radical organizations, insurgent groups, ethnic or cultural minorities and so on. Whilst they may be unsavory to many, they are not criminals by association, and their membership in a group should not justify their being culled.


One thing will be certain as the ruling elite aggressively cull the undesirables – once the more offensive ones are eliminated, the less offensive ones will surely be next in being culled.

Nearly all organizations that could pose a danger to the Anunnaki plans have been thoroughly infiltrated and compromised. All that remains in the way of the Anunnaki plans for their Lesser Paradise is to exterminate the few individuals who still hold the principles of liberty dear in their hearts. Many of these individuals have already been identified by agents of the ruling elite, and they will be in the early culling roundups.

What many academics have accepted as human physiological evolution is really the various stages of “design” changes by Anunnaki scientists who were “perfecting” their ultimate slaves. The “perfect” slaves needed to be very utilitarian to their masters, but never a real threat to the Anunnaki authority.


Therefore, the Anunnaki have deliberately “developed” humans to have certain weaknesses built into their genetic patterns to make them more controllable.

The next stage for the human development will involve the insertion of artificial consciousnesses into many people. When this is accomplished, all that will remain of the hybrid humans will be the biological bodies, which will be driven by the Anunnaki-designed, artificial consciousnesses.


Strictly speaking, the future of humans is to become biological robots for the Anunnaki Remnants.

As the artificial consciousnesses invade human bodies, the human consciousnesses will evacuate the bodies, be forcibly removed, or suppressed by the invading artificial consciousnesses. Most of the bodies will be unaware of the change in consciousness, and they will perform nearly as before, but as more obedient slaves to their Anunnaki masters.

Humans have been so brainwashed by Anunnaki deceptions that many have now accepted that the biological bodies are the ultimate expressions of their beings.


So ingrained has this deception become that most human scientists are searching for “life” on other planets, but restricting their definition of “life” to biological life. The adage that “if there is water, there is life” is confounding any advancement of where humans stand in the real scheme of things.


People are so deceived by the Anunnaki lies that they have little chance of breaking through the trap of Matter.

Matter was created by Darkness to entrap spirits. Once spirits were entrapped, Darkness set Its plan into motion by creating many illusions, such as the illusion of motion, the illusion of no-motion, the illusion of chronological time, etc. In the later stages of Darkness’ plan, It created the Anunnaki to act as administrators, chief agents and supervisors of Darkness’ realm.

As the Remnants strive for absolute control of the Earth itself, they will eventually be able to show their true faces and identities to the people of the Earth.


The Remnants are tired of hiding themselves and their families from the rest of the world. To achieve this goal, the Remnants have been programming humans to accept them, whilst planning the eradication of various groups on the planet that would resist the Anunnaki once they expose themselves.

In these current and upcoming stages of the Lesser Paradise, many things are occurring, some of which have been a long time in the planning. Often, the ruling elite play both the good guys and the bad guys to deceive and confuse humans.


For example, on the one hand, some agents of the ruling elite debunk information about UFOs, whilst simultaneously they have other agents declaring UFOs to be genuine. In the midst of all the ruling elite’s agents are the sincere seekers who are misdirected by both the ruling elite’s debunkers and advocates of the UFO phenomenon. Many half truths are circulated regarding UFOs.

One of the more prominent UFO “revelations” is the Roswell Incident.


Whilst there have been UFO crashes on the Earth, the Roswell Incident is not a genuine UFO crash at all. Genuine UFO crashes leave no material debris for scavengers to collect. The alleged Roswell debris, if any exist, are definitely NOT UFO material. Witnesses to the Roswell Incident may have been genuine, but those who were genuine were duped by the ruling elite.

In Roswell, there is a museum that supposedly houses important information about UFOs. Many have been lured to Roswell in the hope of finding real evidence concerning UFOs. Many others have settled in Roswell and are unaware that they are assisting the ruling elite’s team of debunkers and advocates regarding the nature of UFOs.


The overall atmosphere in the town of Roswell is mocking of UFOs and aliens.

The museum in Roswell supposedly has a model of an alien, which does not resemble any known alien on the planet. One is left with the impression that it is a “Grey” alien, but Greys bear no resemblance to what is on display in the town of Roswell, or in the supposed documentaries of recovered bodies from the Roswell Incident. In fact, the supposed aliens from the Roswell materials look much more like human artistry at work than representations of alien races.

The ruling elite are behind the information released regarding the Roswell Incident, but the real story involves other crash sites. The ruling elite have played both sides; they have employed reverse psychology and also debunked the Roswell account by claiming that the saucer story was really just a weather balloon, among many other dubious theories.


Likewise, they have maintained the Roswell museum, among other things, to give the appearance of authenticity to the supposed Roswell crash. In other words, the ruling elite have their own reasons for carefully controlling and manipulating the Roswell Incident.

Just as the ruling elite control UFO information, they also are simultaneously implementing many stages of their takeover plan.


Presently, one of their more underhanded schemes being played out during their planned recession involves “never-ending” road works around the world. Many of the road works are “graced” with signs that say they are part of the stimulus recovery plans.


These signs say such things as:

  • “American Recovery”

  • “Washington (state) Jobs Now”

  • “Canada’s Economic Action Plan”, etc.

Similar signs appear in Australia, Europe and other regions.

These road works can often involve work on bridges, or be smack bang in the middle of cities and towns. One thing that is consistent with these projects is that there is a lot of digging, a lot of heavy machinery on the roadside, all of which cause major congestion of traffic. Much of the road-construction machinery is idle, and many of the mounds of dirt remain unattended for weeks and even months at a time.


A large amount of the work appears to be make-work, where parts of viable roads have been dug up, and long-term congestion-causing projects are set into motion.

The road works could not have sprung up around the world without a cohesive plan. That is, these projects did not just happen, they were planned. The road works cause a lot of stress and confusion to motorists. It is no surprise that roads around Australia are reporting record-level accidents and fatalities.

In the city of Brisbane, Australia, local residents can hardly keep track of the confounding detours; casual drivers are much more frustrated, confused and nervous about driving through the city. Many of the landmarks are obliterated by huge structural barriers, so motorists in the Brisbane area are absolutely dependent on the temporary road signs for directions, and these signs are generally sparse and often unclear.


The overall impact of driving in Brisbane, and in many other cities around the world, is designed to bring about certain types of emotional responses that are needed for specific programming of the motorists. As people drive through some of these mazes of road works, they are literally speaking, unwitting lab rats for the ruling elite.

The situation described in Brisbane is also evident in Melbourne, Australia, Denver, Colorado in the U.S.A., and many other cities around the world. Another type of road work is the type that goes on for many kilometers at a stretch. These often involve lots of digging up of the roadside and the decommissioning of traffic lanes and many bridges.


These are occurring in Southern California, Colorado, Washington State, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and many other places.

At one of the massive road-work sites south of Denver, Colorado, on I-470, there were many kilometers of lanes ripped up and there were several construction crews working along the road. One of the crews was composed of about twelve workers who were wearing knee-high gum boots. A truck was pouring cement into a wooden-framed form of about four meters square. The workers were standing in the middle of the frame as the concrete was poured around them. They used short, wooden boards to trowel the material as they waded through the freshly poured concrete mixture.


Even third-world countries have stopped using this demeaning, labour-intensive, wasteful method of building roads. It was a shock to see American road-construction workers subjected to such degrading employment.


At this site, there were many idle road-construction machines that could have done the job without inexcusably wasting the crew’s labour, and without shaming the crew into needlessly slogging it out in wet cement.

In the State of Queensland, Australia, the parliament is composed of a single house of representatives, headed by the premier, who is the leader of the majority party. The premier has sole power in the state, and can do whatever he or she dictates. There is no real opposition, and no second house in which there can be meaningful debate of the issues. It is small wonder that other Australian states are trying to remove their senates to follow the Queensland model.

If other states and nations were to adopt the Queensland model of government, very soon, many of the supposed democracies would be lost. It is not difficult to foresee how smoothly the undemocratic One World Government can be brought into being, especially since the ruling elite have programmed the people in so many ways to accept rule by dictate.

The economic recession was planned by the Remnants and implemented by their agents, the ruling elite.


As I have said over the last few years, the 1930s depression will pale as the current Anunnaki recession unfolds into a total economic bust. Despite the stimulus packages, the confused messages that “the recession is over – whoops – it’s not”, and despite attempts by those who might actually be trying to fix the economic mess, the Anunnaki-planned depression will suck the economic energy from the few who might resist the takeover.

Indeed, the horrors that the Anunnaki have planned for humans are unthinkable.


No matter what Darkness and Its agents have in store for this world, all those who have held onto their Wills will eventually be evacuated to their true Home, never to be bothered again by Darkness or Its putrid agents.