by Amitakh Stanford
(republished from the Nara site)
14th June 2006
from XeeaTwelve Website


The alien wars are now apparent to those who are familiar with my other postings. Things are now moving rapidly as the alien wars are much more transparent than in the past. Whether directly or indirectly, these alien wars that are being fought on Earth affect the lives of all people on the planet. As I have said many times, humans are pawns in the alien wars. The "unseen" forces behind world affairs are not even suspected by the majority of the people.

Some of the alien battles are contested in physical events that would seem mundane to even the most astute observers. They can occur on television programmes, in sporting events, entertainment events, political gatherings, social affairs, religious celebrations etc. The Reptilians and the Vulturites are in the midst of the equivalent of an endgame situation of a chess match.

One of their most recent clashes involved a very serious battle that took place at the World Cup soccer match in Kaiserslautern, Germany, between Japan and Australia. Oddly, both countries are politically under Vulturite influence for the time being - that is, two Vulturite factions were engaged in the competition. On the physical level, it appeared to be an ordinary, competitive soccer event. On the energy level, it was very different.

The Reptilians chose this particular match to make a stand against the Vulturites. When the Vulturites realized this was going on, they assisted Japan with a questionable goal that kept the Vulturites smug for nearly the entire game. In the last six minutes or so of the match, the Reptilians stepped in to make an emphatic show of power. The Vulturites were helpless as the Reptilian-assisted Australian team slammed in goal after goal after goal within the final six minutes and soared to a stunning, come-from-behind victory. On the physical level, the victory took both Australia and Japan by surprise. Few of the human participants or spectators had any idea of what was going on or how the tide had shifted so suddenly. This does not mean that any more of the upcoming World Cup games are significant to the aliens. They can select any forum for their battlefields.

The Reptilians wanted to show the Vulturites that, without any doubt, they are the power behind world affairs. If they had come in earlier, it would not have been so dramatic and would not have had the same effect. The Vulturites are intimidated by this loss. It is the Reptilians' way of telling the Vulturites that they are about to take over the country of Australia.

It is no co-incidence that simultaneously the opposition party in Australia began steamrolling over the government on the issue of the recently passed Workplace Relations Amendment (WorkChoices) Act 2005. The Vulturites plan to impose draconian measures to quell the civil unrest that is stirring underneath. More and more workers are angrily responding to the new law, which has caused many unjustified sackings of loyal workers. Some people are forced to take pay cuts, lose benefits, and accept worsened working conditions or lose their jobs. Many who are over forty years of age are being told that they are liabilities and are being sacked for that reason alone. The Vulturites are smugly forcing the Australian workers into a corner. This is their plan. The Reptilians have chosen this issue for their knockout counterpunch.

The Reptilians took the opportunity of the recent Australian soccer victory to put forward a major thrust to have the WorkChoices Act repealed if the Labour Party (the opposition party) wins the next federal election. At the same time, the Reptilians are promoting liquor as never before in Australia. Young people are encouraged to see consuming alcohol as the "in" thing to do. The Reptilians have subliminally programmed massive alcohol consumption in the Australian population at large.

Throughout history, aliens have influenced human colonists of new worlds to disadvantage native inhabitants by introducing alcohol to them. Now, the same tactic is being used by the aliens to disadvantage the general populations of the world. Australians, particularly young Australians, are now being encouraged to indulge in alcohol and other drugs frequently and excessively. The pubs and nightclubs are becoming the "in" places for the young people.

The Reptilians are also pushing for new drugs amongst the younger population. Many types of crimes have increased that are directly linked with alcohol and drugs. People are becoming numb to these social problems.

Television is promoting drinking amongst young people. More and more young people are drinking outside in order to be accepted as cool and successful. Holiday travels more frequently include winery stopovers for wine tasting and alcohol promotion. Drinking is becoming a more and more socially accepted activity. The aliens want to weaken the entire human race now through indulgence in alcohol. What the colonists did to the native peoples will soon be happening to humans at large - they will be weakened.

While Australians were celebrating their soccer victory, the Reptilians were subliminally programming them to drink in excess. Television commentators all around the nation were prompting people to celebrate the victory with many drinks.

Those who drink large amounts of caffeine are likewise in danger of falling into similar traps as those who are consuming alcohol. The higher the caffeine content, the more drastic the effects will be. It can cause serious effects on the body, such as weakening the immune system and the mind. All this will make it easier for humans to be controlled, and, ultimately, eliminated. The stronger the coffee, the easier it is for the aliens to hide the programming effects in it.

At this time, the highways in Australia are under severe attack from alien programming to tire people. This will encourage them to stop at the appointed rest areas, where they will be sitting ducks for alien manipulation and swap-overs. Incidentally, many people will increase their consumption of caffeine in order to stay awake while driving long distances, and they will be even more "sedated" by the alien programming.

The migration of people around the country, which is part of the alien agenda, has already started in Australia. People are now programmed or "forced" to move long or short distances due to work or health-related issues. Many are being re-located into certain towns or cities for easier control of the population. It is easier for the aliens to control "civilians" by concentrating them in population centers. The aliens have already mapped out what type of people they want in which areas. The first stage has started. The aliens have already numbered and categorized people.

Bear in mind that the Reptilians and the Vulturites both have their own individual agendas, so the alien plans have various underpinnings. Humans are the pawns.

The Reptilians have patiently waited and watched as the Vulturites carried out dirty international work for them (under the united-alien plan) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, East Timor and other places. Indonesia is in a strategic position in the plan due to its connections with other neighboring countries, especially Australia and Malaysia.

Domestically, the Vulturites have done the dirty job of stripping ordinary Australians of guns and other weapons, and restricting them with mountains of legislation that strip them of rights and liberty. The Reptilians are now stepping in to take over the nation. As with America, within the sleeping population of Australia there exist pockets of courageous, dedicated opponents who, with a little bit of external help, could actually foil the alien plans.

There will be power shifts to and from various countries to suit the aliens. Consciousnesses will be moving around. Many Reptilian consciousnesses currently in Europe, the Middle East (including Israel) and other parts of the world will be re-locating to China before the year is over. America and Israel will decline as the power shifts.

If humans could awaken and see through the alien manipulations, cease fighting one another and work together to resist the aliens, then it would be a different story for the Earth. But, this cannot be because there will always be humans who will betray other humans for self-interest. Besides, people cannot tell who are the aliens in human bodies and who are the humans who are really humans. Therefore, humans can only resist on the individual level as best they can.

Ultimately, there is a twist coming.