Descendants of
Generation No. 3

1D1. ANU3 (ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka AN, Anum, Alalu, The Old God, The Sky, The Great Father Of The Sky, The Lord Of The Old City, The Lord Of The City Of Erech} ANU was the Great King, the King of the Gods. Whereas the ancestors of ANU were deities, ANU was the first to be considered a god to reign over all the rest. According to Zecharia Sitchin, in his Earth Chronicles series, ANU gained his superiority over the rest of the Anunnaki gods by deposing the ruler Alalu on his home planet, Nibiru, the twelfth planet in the solar system.


At the time, the planet Nibiru was undergoing a period in which its atmosphere was being eroded, and the existence of its people, the Nephilim or Anunnaki, was being threatened. Alalu escaped ANU's wrath, and found refuge on the planet Earth in the same solar system as Nibiru. Alalu discovered that the Earth bore gold that could be used to protect Nibiru's atmosphere. This took place around 450,000 years B.C., according to present-day reckoning. ANU, himself, came to Earth around 416,000 B.C., with his youngest son, EN.LIL.

ANU was the god by whose grace, kingship (aka Anutu, or 'Anu'-ship) flowed to earthly kings. ANU is often believed to have been the original principle, the 'god', of nature. He was once the universe in the form of both the upper and lower regions; and then he was divided in two, the upper region (i.e. heaven) remaining ANU and the lower region (i.e. earth) becoming his 'sister' / consort, ANATU. ANU bore children by both of his sisters, ANTU and KI, and by NIMUL, who was neither an official spouse or a half-sister (and for that reason, the firstborn son was destined not to be the rightful heir).

Child of ANU and NIMUL is:

A.   E.A. / EN.KI4

Children of ANU and KI or ANTU are:


Other Children of ANU (by various consorts) are:

D.   HEA
H.   KU.SU

1D2. ANTU3 (ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Nammu, Anatu, Antum, The Lady Of The Sky, The Primeval Sea} ANTU gave birth to the heaven and earth, according to some traditions. But the Babylonian traditions maintain that ANTU was formed out of ANU. In her association with the Primeval Sea, ANTU is sometimes compared to Istar or Venus; she is sometimes referred to as the 'female fish-god.' ANTU does not exist in the Akkadian mythology; she arose as a distinct contrast/complement to ANU through the mythology of the Semites.

1D3. KI3 (ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Urash, Nin.Hur.Sag, Nin.Khur.Sag, Nin.Ma, Nin.Mah, Nin.Ki, Nin.Tu, The Lady Of The Mountainhead, Queen Of The Mountains, The Exalted Lady} According to some accounts, NIN.HUR.SAG was the daughter of ANU and KI; in others, she was actually KI herself. KI was the embodiment of the archetypal 'earth goddess'.

1D4. ELUM3 (ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Bel, Enu, Mul, Lord Of The City Of Nipur} ELUM married BELAT {aka Beltis}. ELUM was the lord of the surface of the earth and controlled the affairs of humans.

Children of ELUM and BELAT are:

A.  SIN4