Descendants of
Generation No. 2


1A. MUM.MU2 (APSU1) {aka Chaos, Moymis} MUM.MU was the closest entity to AP.SU, apart from TIAMAT, being the firstborn son created when the waters of AP.SU and TIAMAT mingled. Associated by the ancients to the planet, Mercury, MUM.MU was considered the 'emissary of AP.SU.' He is sometimes referred to as the 'god of mists.'

1B. LAH.MU2 (APSU1) {aka Lakhmu, the hairy or muddy one } LAH.MU and his sister, LAHA.MU, were born together. Their names derive from the root, LHM (to wage war). LAH.MU (aka Deity of war) was associated with the planet, Mars.

1C. LAHA.MU2 (APSU1) {aka Lakhamu} LAHA.MU (aka Lady Of Battles) was associated with the planet, Venus.

1D. AN.SHAR2 (APSU1) {aka Sar, Assorus, The Upper Expanse, Foremost Of The Heavens} AN.SHAR and his sister KI.SHAR, were born together. AN.SHAR was associated with the planet, Saturn. AN.SHAR and his sister KI.SHAR bore a son.

Children of AN.SHAR and KI.SHAR are:

1.  ANU3
2.  ANTU
3.  KI
4.  ELUM

1E. KI.SHAR2 (APSU1) KI.SHAR {aka Kisar, Kissare, The Lower Expanse, Foremost of firm lands} was associated with the planet, Jupiter.