by Dr. Malachi York
"The Nubian Prophet"

from BeyondTheIllusion Website


Introduction: The mission (Ninqi, Nergal, & Ninti)

The Anunnaki is an ancient Sumerian term which was given to the beings who came down to earth and pro-created (BARA) homo sapiens.

  • Anunnaki translates as “those who Anu sent from heaven to earth”

  • They were also called NEPHILIM meaning “To fall down to Earth, to land”

  • ELOHEEM in the bible meaning “These Beings”.

  • In ashuric/syriac (arabic) they are called Jabaariyn meaning “the mighty ones”

  • In Aramic (hebrew) Gibborim meaning “The Mighty or Majestic ones”

  • They are also called NETERU which is an Egyptian term for Anunnaki

They are an elite race of beings who came from the 8th planet RIZQ in the 19th Galaxy ILLYUWN.


They travel through this galaxy by way of a planet ship named Nibiru: The Mother ship.


Nibiru was originally on a 25,920 year orbit called AAMS which was the distance from RIZQ to the planet Earth. Since the Anunnaki relocated to ORION it would now take them 3,600 years to travel to earth. This new orbit is called a SHAR.

The Anunnaki were sent out on a mission to find different minerals; gold, plutonium, uranium, etc. They mined several planets in our solar systems including Mars (Lahmu) and Earth (Tiamat). 900 of these Anunnaki were involved in the gold mission. 600 in all came to earth in groups of 50’s in small passenger crafts called SHAM.


And the rest, 300, the IGIGI stayed in and manned the craft MURDOQ or Nibiru also called MERKABAH. The Anunnaki were acting as intermediaries between earth and Nibiru. They stayed in Earth’s orbit because they were to deliver the process gold to the spaceships that would be stored on the dark side of Sheshqi (the moon) and Lahmu (mars).


This is where they constructed and loaded 30 mile long cylinder shaped crafts and transported gold and other resources back to their home planet RIZQ.



First landing: Mars

On July 20, 1976 A.D., Viking 1 took a photograph of an odd looking plateau in the plains of Cydonia on its 35th orbit of Mars.


Frame 35ª72 showed what looked like a mile wide human face The “Face On Mars.” Nasa kept this quiet and wrote it off as “an oddity of light and shading.” Viking 2 landed September 3, 1976 A.D. 1,800 miles away from Viking 1. Space engineers Vincent Diperto and Greg Molenar, later checked into the Viking’s photo file, they discovered that 35 days later, on a different orbit and sun angle the Viking had caught the Martian “Sphinx” on Frame 70ª13.


The engineers enhanced the photo’s and came to the conclusion that the face was of artificial intelligence and that there was a huge 5 sided pyramid lying nearby. Richard C. Hoagland, a NASA scientist, made a claim that a place on Mars named Cydonia has the ruins of an entire Martian city full of pyramids, which are geometrically aligned with the face and the larger 5 sided pyramid.

The face on Mars is no fluke of nature. The Anunnaki set up cities bases on mars 450,000 years ago before coming to earth. This face was an ancient marker for incoming extra-terrestrials to know about the project of homo-erectus to homo-sapiens.


These cities are remnants of an ancient “Egyptian” civilization.



Tiamat - Home

After colonizing Mars, The Anunnaki came to this planet then called KI, TAMTU, GAEA, TIAMAT.


They broke up into two groups of 300 each. 300 Anunnaki  went north west and set up TILMUN : the city of ENLIL, also called NIPPUR, or KADESH - The holy pace, for they could not live with Enki and his disagreeable ways, so they stayed in touch with supreme beings: The Etherians.


The Other 300 Anunnaki  broke up into 7 tribes and ENQI ruled them all from his kingdom called NOD (NUD). First the ship crashed down in the Arabian sea and moved to Iraq, and set up a home away from home in order to mine and they called that place ERIDU. ENQI was the ruler of QI (earth), that was a title belonging to NUDDIMUD. He, Enki named the city after his name; hence the city of NOD (NUD).


This city is the one that Cain of the bible went to. We asked the question : If Adam, Eve, and Cain were the only beings on the planet after Able’s death, then where the people of NOD come from?


Enki is the son of Anu and brother of ENLIL: Nunamnir which is his name.


Contact: The Sumerians!

The Sumerians were the first to record the presence of the Anunnaki.


These Anunnaki or Rizqians gave them advanced information on the creation of the solar system and all the planets in and out of this solar system. They also taught them how to build great cities, farming and how to build craft that fly in air. They had information about the solar system that scientist today are only now beginning to figure out.


The ancient Sumerians also had records of Primitive beings “lulu Amelu” who evoluted.


They spoke of conflicts between the Anunnaki about the mining, which led to the breeding or cloning from these evoluted beings on earth with the Shaggies also known as Enkiduites who were beings covered in fur from other galaxies (your “Big Foot”); and then even the splicing of genes of one of the Anunnaki called NINTI to put a divine intellect in the beings called Adamites.



The Conflict

The 300 Anunnaki ruled by Enki were divided into 7 tribes, or 7 lands:

1. Sippar

2. Kish

3. Kutha

4. Shuruppak

5. Uruk

6. Isin

7. Eridu

And their capital was Nod. Remember that they original purpose here was to mine for gold.


The Anunnaki  that were mining the gold consisted of two groups; 3 tribes making up the higher classes ruled by the Elohim NUSKU, who bore the title Gabriel and 4 tribes making up the lower classes ruled by the Elohim Anunnaki KALKAL also called the Angelic being ARIEL.

After surveyors went out and surveyed Monodappa and Raphali, south Africa, and found out that there was a lot of gold there, The Anunnaki  who were working in the mines did not want to work themselves.


Instead they wanted to make a being to do their work for them. It was because of their royal birth and the laziness of these Anunnaki  that the lower class, ruled by KALKAL, became dissatisfied and began to rebel against the higher class of Anunnaki, which in turn lead to a revolt led by KALKAL.


By this time Anu had given his son ENLIL orders to go to QI as a Yahuwa (YAHWEH), to see the works that his brother ENQI was doing; only to find QI (Earth) in chaos.


Enlil then sent war to his father Anu, by way of his messenger NUSKU, that there was a revolt and Anu sent word telling ENLIL to take over ruler-ship of QI. ENQI said “NO”: when asked to step down and bow to his brother and let his brother rule.


Enqi disagreed with his fathers wishes and said “I Am the oldest”. The Anunnaki feared there was going to be a war between the two brothers and their people, which would have destroyed the planet Earth. Enqi suggested that a being be created that would be the Abd meaning “servants” of the Anunnaki  and work the mines for them . The other Anunnaki  agreed.


And thus began the breeding of ADAM (Zakar) and HAWWAH (Nekaybaw), who were the first homo-sapiens.



Let us make man

The Anunnaki decided to create what was called AMELU in Aramic (hebrew) meaning “Worker” (Genesis 2:5 and 3:19) to do the work for them. Man or Adamites were not created from nothing, instead the Anunnaki  took a being that was already on the earth who had come about by way of the process of evolution. This being was “Genus Homo” or Ape-man/Ape-woman.


Binding upon it the image - the inner genetic makeup - of the Anunnakqi themselves. They upgraded Genus Homo and “jumped the gun” on evolution and brought man - Homo Sapiens - into existence. This is why scientist can’t explain why homo sapiens has only been around for 49,000 years.


We, homo sapiens were not a process of evolution but a solution to a problem as mentioned in Genesis 2:5,

“....And ther was no MAN to till the ground..”

The word being used in hebrew for man is ADAM pronounced Aw-Dawm, this Adam was not a single person but rather what are called Adamah “Those who are of the ground” - a tribe of human beings called Adamites as found in Genesis 5:2

“Male and Female created he them, and blessed them and called THEIR name Adam, in the day when they were created.”

Thus this quote is referring to the primitive workers “Lulu Amelu” that were created to take over the mining on Qi.

The chief scientist Enqi and the chief medical officer Ninti of the Anunnaki used genetic manipulation and In-vitro fertilization, which is fertilization of a biological entity or process developed or maintained in a controlled, non-living environment, as a laboratory vessel; or in glass tubes as depicted on the seal of an ancient Sumerian cylinder.


This was done in a laboratory called SHIMTI meaning “House where the wind of life is breathed in”.



Why The Gold?

It all started when the Anunnaq, Eloheem (Rizqians) needed to protect the dwindling Atmosphere of their Planet Rizq. The rays from the 3 suns Utu, Shamash, and Apsu were depleting their ozone layer. Rizq was the heart and center of this Tri-solar system and was thus most effected.


There was a conflict in Illyuwn between a Reptilian called Tarnush, also known as Zuen, and Murdow: son of Enqi and Ninqi, who is also the grandson of Anu who put him first in command. Zuen Or Humbaba ranked second after Murdoq, but didn’t agree with his being head of all the Eloheem (Rizqians) and felt it should have been him. This disagreement lead to a war involving the Planet Rizq.


Out of revenge, Tarnush attacked the planet Rizq with a shield depleter which was a bomb that caused the natural atmosphere to dwindle away.

They needed to build a protection, a dome of gold dust particles suspended in the atmosphere to protect the planet from the damaging Ultraviolet rays. Having no protection they had to flee their planet to Orion. Murdoq was given a beam of Light Ray Gun, who hadn’t been converted from a disagreeable being to an agreeable being as of yet and was the “warrior-type” needed to fight and defeat Tarnush.


He was successful and Tarnush and 1/3 of the planet that supported him were cast out from the planet Rizq never to return. They took residence in the planet Titan. Astronomers log Titan as a moon of Saturn however, this is incorrect. Titan is really a planet, a solid body, that is located near Saturn.

With this victory Murdoq went on in search of planets that could supply the gold needed to protect the planet Rizq. As they passed through the milky way they discovered gold particles in the Asteroid belt, which is what let them know gold was present on the Planet QI (Earth). Once useful minerals were found on the planet Earth, the mining began.


Bases were set up on the planet Lahmu (Mars) and on the dark side of the moon called Kingu. Once the gold was mined from the planet it was taken to the “dark-side” of the moon in cylindrical crafts and then the larger cylinder crafts built on the moon, transported the gold to the mother-plane Nibiru.


Nibiru is a planet ship now twice the size of the earth and was built by the Rizqians for this purpose.



Does Agreeable and Disagreeable Mean Good and Bad Amongst The Anunnaki ?

Yaanuwn Answered: No, The Anunnaki  have 180 degrees of Agreeable or disagreeable on the outside of them.


For every Disagreeable Anunnaki  there is an Agreeable counterpart and vice versa. They live together and overcome the disagreeable from outside. If 180 deg. of agreeable conquers the 180 deg. of disagreeable then they have 360 deg. of agreeable.


Then they will meet a counterpart that is 360 deg. of disagreeable and will have to conquer that and go on to become 720 degrees of agreeable and start their journey to become etherians who are pure Energy.


The “evolution” of the Anunnaki  is different from humans. To go from the highest level, An Etherian to Anunnaki  to Rizqiyian which is the lowest end. If The 360 deg. are conquered here, the Anunnaki  becomes an Etherian again.


If the 360 deg of disagreeable conquers the being rules with the Luciferians.

Humans have 360 deg. of what is called WILL. When 180 deg of agreeable overcomes the 180 deg. of disagreeable, that person takes step towards becoming an Eloheem and even an Etherian but on a lower level because he only has 360 deg not 720 deg. like the Anunnaki . A human goes from an infant, a weak stage, to an Adult then an old man, back to a weak stage again.


Both cycles go full circle in which you either spiral up or down.