by Dr. Michael Salla

July 13, 2023

from Exopoltics Website







Paul Wallis spent 33 years in Christian Ministry where he became a Church Doctor and Archdeacon in the Anglican Church.


He has authored four books understanding the extent to which Christian, Hebrew and other world religions are influenced by ancient contact with extraterrestrial life.


In his latest book, 'The Eden Conspiracy' (2023) he presents new analyses and evidence proving that extraterrestrials from different star systems, including Pleiades made contact and shared advanced technologies.

Wallis shares his deep knowledge of the Christian bible where multiple passages reveal the extent to which extraterrestrials, including the Anunnaki, influenced the ancient world, and shared secrets of their advanced technologies.


He explains how contemporary investigations into the UAP phenomenon are a stepping stone to eventual disclosure of extraterrestrial visitors that date back to biblical times...